Lovers in Paris

Reviewed by: sukting

August 24, 2005

Rating: four

How long
20 episodes

How does Shin Yang fare after his long break from the television screen? How does Dong Gun look as a drummer? Many thanks to Li Xin for lending me her discs.

Story - an extraordinary long review as I include the drama script adaptation and my thoughts. It is really a masterpiece which is very detailed and equally wacky. You may skip it if you are uninterested to read it.

Tai Ling throws money into the wishing pool, hoping to get more money and wanting to meet a rich man. Qi Zhu meets Vincent, keeps winning money but throws the money into the pool when all people grab the bills. Although the sore loser Michael is willing to discuss about the deal, Qi Zhu isn't willing and leaves. Vincent observes and gets interested to know more about Qi Zhu. Qi Zhu wants Cheng Jun to find a maid for him.

Tai Ling is at a loss to pay her rent and gets the job. Cheng Jun warns her not to leave fingerprints around as Qi Zhu likes cleanliness. This woman doesn't pay attention and starts to play with the remote to open the curtains or to switch on the television. Cheng Jun also gives her Qi Zhu's diet list. Tai Ling shops for Qi Zhu - to find that the items are costly.

Cheng Jun tells Qi Zhu that they should set off but he snaps that he has a watch. He is simply too angry. He uses the binoculars to look at cars. It is said that the foreigners like ancient and bright coloured cars but he disagrees. Why give him last year's survey results?

His employees should not try to be clever and should do research to keep their jobs. He demands all managers to see him. It is so disgraceful to see only 5 company cars in the 30 minutes he stands here.

It is so hilarious that Qi Zhu finds post-its everywhere at home. There is a note on the fridge and he reads it when drinking the orange juice. The expiry date is due but since he says that she should not throw things easily, she leaves it there. Poor man to spit it into the sink but he has already taken a sip! He frowns when she changes his bed curtains to lace ones.

He gets more annoyed when she changes his coffee which comes in with free cups so he dumps all into the dustbin. She even changes the toilet paper to scented ones. (I laugh when he sniffs it to see if it has the aloe vera smell.) She accidentally breaks his picture frame taken with his nephew. Knowing that it is expensive, she wishes him to get it on his own and deduct it from her pay.

Qi Zhu dumps all her post-its into a drawer. He wonders why he doesn't throw them away. He hasn't seen her before and only knows her name. This is so different from his style. Is he really doing this? He has no answer.

Tai Ling can't afford the rent and goes to her god-sister and street peddler, Liang Mei. Tai Ling has not seen Qi Zhu but knows that he is rich to give tips. Tai Ling is his 4th housekeeper and thinks that she is doing a good job. (How she messes and changes everything according to her likes, many will dismiss her.)

But no, he is not happy with her for not separating his coloured shirts or putting back his television remote control properly. He tells Cheng Jun to get him a new capable maid.

Cheng Jun has a headache as it isn't easy to get someone who can cook. Qi Zhu reads her note to suggest moving his fish tank near to the window to enjoy afternoon sunlight. He looks at it on his table and starts pondering.But he becomes firm after recalling how his shirts are being placed. He hates untidiness and decides to dismiss her.

Tai Ling drinks Qi Zhu's expensive wine and looks through Qi Zhu's dvd collection. Cheng Jun demands to know why she is still here and tells her that she will get fired soon. (She certainly deserves to get fired - see how she enjoys and helps herself to all his things at his home.)

Michael thinks that Tai Ling is a hooker. Qi Zhu parks his car and damages her stall when she is away. She demands him to pay for her damages but he reminds her that it is illegal to set up a roadside stall. He only agrees to pay about half. She is a temperamental Jiang Ling woman. He will pay her if she sends him home as he just drinks a little wine. She even thinks that he is wearing imitation goods and the car is not his. The texture is so different - are they from the roadside stall?

Qi Zhu is surprised when the car is parked in front of his house and she claims to stay here! He demands to know how she has the key. Who gives his house key easily to her? He feels his fury turing the surrounding air cold. He snatches the note from her. So she is the maid. He tells her to sit down. He isn't mad.

Can't she differentiate white from blue shirts? And to place the remote at the original place? The flowers are not suitable for his taste too. The cheap coffee and lace curtains - does she intend to make him into a little princess? It is not up to her to change the employer's taste. (She is too much and too stubborn. Does she have the right to do that - no wonder he is angry.)

She is shocked that he is her employer. To put it short - she is fired. He pays for the damages and she accepts only the money enough for Liang Mei's stall. He will not charge her for trespassing but tells her to leave the house key. Qi Zhu reads Tai Ling's note for him. The difference in temperature is large the next day. So he must remember to wear another coat.

The short note pricks his heart - this is strange. This feeling is like losing something and he can't wipe his memory of seeing her hurt eyes when she leaves his home. He can't explain it but he dislikes it. He tries hard to concentrate at work the next day.

She leaves her handbag at his house while trying to get her recorder back. But how is she going to face him again?
Qi Zhu sees her handbag in his car and tosses it to the back. Vincent decides to sign the car rental deal. There is finally a smile on Qi Zhu's face. Cheng Jun shows him Vincent's wife's particulars.

She is from Jiang Ling and Qi Zhu recalls Tai Ling's words. He wants Tai Ling's particulars. He will bring flowers along - their Korean flower - vincent's wife might like her. Tai Ling is in class. When asked to describe a person, she thinks of Qi Zhu - he wears specs, dislikes flowers, lace curtains and her.

Tai Ling throws the coin into the wishing pool - she doesn't mind going back to the nasty man's home to work again. But when she sees him there, she regrets. Tai Ling asks if he tails her. But does he look as if he is so free? Both settle another work contract.

He smiles when she recalls dreamily how she likes watching dvds and reading books at his home with the free air-con. She has no concept of spending money. He even asks her if she wants more money and she wants him to pay her rent. She suddenly says that the tie doesn't suit him but he stresses that it is expensive.

Tai Ling is at first excited - she is like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.But later, she feels like mud after trying over 10 over dresses. Even so, Qi Zhu is sitting expressionless aside to indicate that he doesn't like them and tells her to keep changing.

He isn't satisfied till she appears in a pink gown. (In the novel, he puts down his magazine to look at her with his pair of big eyes.) She doesn't have the comical look anymore. She is very pretty - is she the same woman? She is tired and doesn't look at him but outside the window.

The expression matches so well in the pink dress. He feels that he is suffocating. Her hair is pinned up nicely, showing her slender neck and her chest. His mind starts to wonder and he stops in time. Luckily, she hasn't discovered his reaction.

So startled that he puts down the handphone to look at her. He decides on this one. She is shocked - this dress that reveals all her shoulders? Isn't this improper? It isn't the style she likes but it is the one he likes. His firm voice shows that he doesn't accept anything else.

(I wonder if he is taking revenge for making him suffer earlier. But her colour matches with his tie colour and they really look like a pair.)She smiles forcefully and heaves a sigh of relief. (That expression is classic!)

She takes her handbag to cover her revealing cleavage in his limo. He takes it away from her - he will be uninterested even if she is naked.

She admits she owes her landlady a lot of money. But his deal involves lots of money and he can even get her a house if it is successful. He takes out a box to show a beautiful necklace, ear rings and a bracelet. She stares at him - is he bragging about them? He borrows them and she mustn't lose it.

He gets her to lean near him to put on her and he finds that it suits her. She gets excited to see the television in his limo and starts to drink a cold drink. (This woman can't stop her itchy fingers again.)

She asks the driver if he wants a drink but she doesn't know that the glass is soundproof. Qi Zhu has enough of her nonsense and tells her to sit back. Vincent's wife is happy to know Tai Ling comes from her hometown and they are from the same high school.(Notice that Qi Zhu looks gently at Tai Ling when she talks? His dimple is obvious! but for another motive - he is happy that his chances of winning the deal gets higher.)

Qi Zhu really knows how to talk - commenting that Vincent has a middle-aged and also a young high school wife. Vincent's wife wonders why Qi Zhu is still single as Tai Ling is so pretty. Qi Zhu suddenly grabs Tai Ling's hand - to be an entrepreneur's wife, she has a lot of duties to learn before she can deny it.

They look at the old couple dancing and Qi Zhu dances with Tai Ling. (It is more like he forces her to dance with him. But what if she doesn't know how to dance to disgrace him? )In the novel, it is stated that Qi Zhu isn't a simple person. Before she knows it, she realises that he is already holding his hand dancing in the hall.

she forces herself to concentrate but can't breathe smoothly. He praises her for dancing well and tells her to breathe - what if she faints just from a dance! His way of whispering into her ear leaves her flattered. He puts his hand on her lower back and she gets annoyed.

He is not fooling around as they are looking at them. He looks at her tenderly and she gets soft too. She treasures this chance although it seems unreal. (I must praise the cameraman for shooting this dancing scene so beautifully and the two leads have practiced a long time for it!)

Tai Ling gets unusually quiet, gentle and beautiful during the dance. Tai Ling recalls what happens earlier and her face turns red. She notices he seems very experienced in telling lies. She feels cold and he puts his jacket over her. He sends her home and opens the car door for her (how does he become so gentleman suddenly?)

He frowns upon seeing how dark the place is.She is dismayed when the house key isn't around and waits in the cold. Qi Zhu discovers that her handbag is still in his car and turns back. (She is so careless!)

He brings her to his home. She is delighted to see he follows her advice to place the tank near the window. Cheng Jun is shocked to see her when she is about to leave. What is wrong of her to be Qi Zhu's guest? Qi Zhu pays her the money and she looks at him get his words that she mustn't be late for work the next day.

Cheng Jun gives him a birthday cake on Sheng Ying's command. He also gives Qi Zhu a birthday present - a bottle of wine. Sheng Ying will feel better if someone eats with him so Qi Zhu asks Tai Ling to stay back to make her happy. It will be wasteful to throw away the big cake.

She is so hungry that she almost finishes it! Qi Zhu stares at her. She is too tense to eat earlier but promises to buy another. She sings him a birthday song (he finally smiles as she sounds terrible) but stops when he tells her to stay overnight. Does he need to say twice?

Upon seeing her shocked, he has the urge to knock his own head. When does he get so impulsive to behave so oddly?His heart is trapped by her singing. So she is no. ? to stay overnight and he replies no. 1. Other women will not eat like this in front of him. (How can this man still keep a straight face when telling the jokes?)

Is he having designs on her? He asks her if she has a mirror at home and she can look into it! She protests weakly but smiles. She makes so much noise and he is distracted to look up for his laptop to tell her to shoot. Is the session a trial for her? He answers yes. Why bring her to an important function? He wants to save money on the flowers. She represents flowers which he dislikes.

She looks at the new photo frame and he will deduct from her salary. He plays ice hockey during his university days and she thinks his nephew is more like his younger brother. Qi Zhu is scared that she might break the frame again so he keeps it into a glass cupboard.

Tai Ling asks - what makes him unhappy? He stops work - she isn't clumsy now. She is very alert and talkative - how does he get so much as a car salesman? He doesn't correct her to say that he is the CEO. Are his results impressive? He is humble that it is just satisfactory.

He starts to look at books and sees her sitting on the couch reading a book. This is strange - he wishes her to shut up earlier when she opens her mouth. Now when she is quiet, he starts to feel the silence unbearable.

He asks why she is in Paris - she is here to learn movies as the person she loves likes old movies like Qi Zhu. the person she loves most? Qi Zhu feels like being struck and stares at her.

The person cries when watching tragedies. She denies being ditched to come alone. How can it be since she is so special? He smiles - she is indeed to eat rudely in front of him. He enjoys listening to her description of movie scenes and puts a blanket on her when she sleeps.

The next day, he opens the closet and sees a note - she has picked a dark grey suit to fit his tie. He smiles and she is taken aback but closes her eyes. What a joke - he tells her to open her eyes 30 seconds later to ask him why he wakes up so early which she does! She comments that the colours match and he replies that it is expensive.

She grumbles - everything is expensive in his home but why is he acting cool to hide the fact that he likes it! She is shocked that she leaves her clothes in his car with the necklace still on her and she has to turn up for her classes in that gown. (This scene is sure funny.)

Liang Mei steals the necklace to wear it. Qi Zhu feels his suit pocket to find a photo that shows his feet - Tai Ling comments that he is the first person to own it and thanks him for letting her stay overnight. Tai Ling sells the gown to pay for her fees but Xiu He stops the deal to sell it at a better price.

She is about to ask him the cost of the necklace but is alarmed to find it missing. Xiu He remembers her but she forgets him. He has helped her to fix her bicycle some time ago but she still cries then.

Liang Mei insists of wearing it to a pub and Tai Ling is dismayed to see Xiu He as the drummer. Even more dismayed when Qi Zhu comes and Liang Mei still refuses to return it. Qi Zhu demands Tai Ling to bring something else to work and not flowers. (Definitely he wants the necklace back.) Xiu He drags Tai Ling to join them for a broadway performance. She protests initially but gets fascinated.

Qi Zhu scolds Cheng Jun - who will be interested in buying their cars if the model reveals her shapely legs? He demands them to reshoot the commercial. Qi Zhu is fascinated upon seeing Tai Ling so excited by the performance. But he tells Xiu He to send her home. Tai Ling is surprised that he knows her address.

The home has a blackout so he fixes the water pipe and lights for her. He is shocked that she is Qi Zhu's maid. What is the story behind the gown?

Qi Zhu will be unhappy if he knows that she sells it but she is unwilling to tell Xiu He the story. Xiu He is surprised that she is the first woman that Qi Zhu will buy the dress for while Sheng Ying is the one buying clothes for him. Now Tai Ling wishes to know who she is.

Sheng Ying comes to Paris. Qi Zhu recalls the past - she wants a divorce and refuses to change her mind. She is the only failure in his life. He doesn't know what love is and doesn't love her. He is a good boss but not a good husband. He tries in vain to salvage - can't they go on as normal? Why is love special? He will never understand.

Xiu He is worried that Qi Zhu tells his mother and grandfather that he has given up designing in the U.S. to come to Paris. This means that they have to return to Seoul soon. He tells Xiu He to look at the car designs. He gives comments but still refuses to work. He even coaxes Qi Zhu to have a ball game with him.

Qi Zhu is about to remove his jacket when Cheng Jun reminds Qi Zhu about meeting Vincent. Xiu He complains about him being nasty to stop the game. Qi Zhu's innocent face when having the ball turns back into the CEO look. Cheng Jun smiles - this is his first rule as a secretary.

Vincent also wants Tai Ling to join them. Qi Zhu comes to Tai Ling's home to give her a shock - he has a very capable secretary. He returns her bag and clothes. She returns the necklace and he sees the movie posters.

He wishes her to go to Venice for the important deal just like the last time. She jokes that she wants the necklace and it is fine with him. If she rejects, he will ask her to reconsider. Xiu He meets her and she reveals that she is not in a good mood. He is 26 but Qi Zhu is 33. Why is Qi Zhu so cold - Xiu He's reply it is because he is an adult. He has no father while Qi Zhu has no mother.

Xiu He's parents divorce but he keeps in contact with his father. He is brought up by Qi Zhu. He learns how to study, fight or woo girls from him. He helps to change him into a man. The car is popular now so Qi Zhu wants Cheng Jun to work hard to promote their new brand. Sheng Ying arrives to look for him.

Tai Ling finds the jewelry set and another beautiful gown. (Don't tell me he remembers her size after getting the first gown?) The note says that she can only consider till today. She likes it but shakes her head to put it back.

She keeps looking at it when she works. (Hard to reject the temptation, right?) She recalls the night so soon she is in front of the mirror - looking stunningly pretty again. She is about to take a photo of herself when Sheng Ying comes with Qi Zhu.

Upon seeing Tai Ling, she decides to stay in the hotel but Qi Zhu dissuades her. Tai Ling is displeased Qi Zhu wants her to serve her. Tai Ling overhears him replying that Sheng Ying should not feel bad since she is his domestic helper. She gets angry and demands for more payment as it is exceeding her working time. He agrees and doesn't answer her when he is going to fetch her the next day.

She is angry with herself - she wants to refuse the tip but accepts it. When she wants to declare her day off, it becomes when he will fetch her. Qi Zhu knows what Sheng Ying is thinking and assures her that he only wants to make use of Tai Ling for a deal. He drives Tai Ling to Venice. He is not used to say thank you or sorry but he thanks her for helping him

She replies that he doesn't have to force himself as she is doing it for her senior. She doesn't want tips anymore. Can't he smile for once? What lesson makes him to snore in class to make him like this? A probation or group lesson? He smiles finally. Sheng Ying is impressed with Xiu He who is capable in everything but he rejects working under Qi Zhu all the time.

Moreover Qi Hui doesn't side with him and he still calls Sheng Ying '€˜aunt- Qi Zhu makes Tai Ling hook his elbow and heaves a sigh of relief when Tai Ling nearly overturns her glass of wine. Xiu He finds it strange that Qi Zhu only brings Tai Ling along and Cheng Jun isn't with him. He suddenly loses his appetite - is he in love with Tai Ling? Sheng Ying and Xiu He are now in Venice to give him a surprise.

Tai Ling's high heels are hurting her. Michael calls her a hooker. Tai Ling remembers him as the man on the street and becomes terrified. Qi Zhu appears to give him a punch on the face. If he has something against him, just confront him then. Qi Zhu has to reveal that he has told a lie of Tai Ling being his fiancé and will give up the deal automatically.

Tai Ling leaves with him in tears. If they just leave now, all will think that they are lying. But she is true to Vincent's wife. He is mad with her - to be a hooker besides selling cigarettes on the street. This causes him to lose his deal. She is angry and gets off the car. He is silent and she returns the necklace to leave. He returns to his car and drives away quickly.

She walks all the way back to return to Vincent's house. Sheng Ying and Xiu He notice that Qi Zhu's face is totally black upon arrival. Xiu He is concerned to see him alone and asks where Tai Ling is. Qi Zhu wants to return to Paris immediately and Zheng Ying offers to drive for him as he looks tired.

Xiu He is angry with his uncle for leaving Tai Ling - her French is terrible so where can she be? He looks for her. Tai Ling stops near the railway track, using her thin scarf to cover herself from the cold.

She takes out the camera to take photos of her shoes - they have suffered because they have a lousy mistress but they should be contented to step on Venice. Sheng Ying looks at Qi Zhu's face - he concentrates on driving and has not said anything.

Xiu He hurries to cover Tai Ling with his jacket when she is asleep. She nearly cries as she is happy to see him but she refuses to tell him what happens. She hides her feet from him but can't hide her face as her tears have ruined the mascara. Qi Zhu recalls what happens earlier. Her reaction imprints on his mind. It seems he is wrong.

Sheng Ying admits that she is here to see Qi Zhu. She finally realizes that she loves him and doesn't wish to leave him alone here. She may be his first failure in life but 2 years is enough.

Qi Zhu isn't happy - does his father want her to say this? Her answer - will she waste 13 hours on the plane? She doesn't know what happens but he should admit his mistake. He decides to send her to the airport but she stops him - she can tell that he is hesitating if he should turn back. She knows that no one can force him to do things that he dislikes. He is normally swift in completing tasks.

But this is why she makes decisions for him now as he is normally decisive. This is the first time he behaves like a human with feelings. Tai Ling doesn't wish to look at gowns again. She is disappointed to see Xiu He coming to her home instead of Qi Zhu. She wants to return to Korea and he gets nervous - because of her lover?

The man is closer than a lover and he gets jealous. Xiu He notices that she has a fever. Vincent's wife calls Qi Zhu to sign the contract and finally knows the
misunderstanding.Tai Ling has given her her school badge to replace the one that she has lost.

Qi Zhu regrets over his action. Xiu He takes care of Tai Ling and looks at her gown. He wants her to box any other fellow who bullies her again. The movers start packing Qi Zhu's things. He looks at Tai Ling's messages and packs into a box. Xiu He demands to know why Qi Zhu makes Tai Ling suffer. His expression changes after seeing the feet photo with her messages.

He finds Qi Zhu behaving strangely so he comes to tell him that he should not have done it. Qi Zhu is down when he looks at his goldfish.Why is he so worked up during the gathering? He should know that Michael is always against him. But he has handled worse situations before. He could have used more lies to cover up. But why can't he tolerate upon seeing Michael holding Tai Ling's hand? It is also ungentleman of him to hit someone too. Why say harsh words to her too?

He thinks of her humiliation and suddenly the fire of rage rises. A corner of his heart starts to jump alive. He touches his chest and suddenly opens his eyes wide. Because she has done something bad? Even so, does this concern him? He doesn't know how to make himself better.

Qi Zhu runs to her home and tells Cheng Jun that he will go directly to the airport later. He doesn't even see that she walks in front of his car and he looks in the opposite direction. He is anxious when he knocks on the door and gets no answer. Tai Ling starts recording and wants the person to wait for her at home to pass the Paris smell to him. You will tear your hair - both are on the same plane but in different cabins.

She forgets her luggage and sees Qi Zhu guarding it. He brings it to her - is she staying for good? He is being transferred to Seoul. He has a cautious smile - so different from the past. He wants to talk to her but she insists of leaving although he holds her wrist. His car arrives and he lets her go reluctantly. He will wait for her the next day at the park. She vows she will not turn up but feels her wrist. Qi Zhu decides to return to work a week later.

Cheng Jun is overjoyed - will he have a holiday? But he wants Cheng Jun to be familiarized with the surrounding. He visits his elder sister. He hides outside the shop to make a call - why is she standing in the middle of the boutique to attract men?

He becomes so playful to kiss the glass in front of her like a child! She notices that he has grown thinner. He holds her's hand and gives her a brooch. He then gives her another lipstick in another hand. When she asks if he has a girlfriend, he suddenly thinks of Tai Ling and not Sheng Ying. Mr Han goes to Japan with Mr Cui.

Qi Zhu never expects him to receive him at the airport as he knows that he is busy. Qi Hui still makes sure that there is no dust on Xiu He's things to prepare for his return. Tai Ling is shocked that Bi Bao rents out their home. But how does he get a car?

She is startled to find that they stay at the attic house. She looks at her late father's photo on his death anniversary - she has fulfilled his wish to go there on his behalf and shows him the photos. So all her recorded messages are for him too.

Qi Zhu looks at his feet photo - will Tai Ling come? He becomes unsure with anything connected with her.It is easier to deal with work than people.

Jian tells Tai Ling that Bi Bao has used his uncle's photographic camera to shoot porno movies. She gets very mad. Qi Zhu is happy to see his ice hockey stick again. His sister asks if he is in love but he admits that he makes a mistake. Why doesn't she ask about Xiu He? She knows that he will be back soon to follow his uncle - in his likes and dislikes.

Qi Zhu says seriously - that is because Xiu He has a secret. Qi Zhu isn't his uncle but his natural mother! (This joke is sure funny.) Qi Zhu is back in Xiu He's room and he calls him. Liang Mei sees Xiu He but he only asks how Tai Ling is. Qi Zhu unpacks his things and sees his feet photo. Tai Ling is surprised Qi Zhu is still at the park after an hour even after she sends Jian to school.

He believes she will come despite denial. They recall their quarrel - I am puzzled why the two of them choose to meet under the hot sun. Tai Ling laments that she is thirsty while Qi Zhu mentions that his legs are tired from the wait. (How funny their exchange is!)

Both are in a café - he asks if she is back because of the incident. Tai Ling puts down her glass fiercely - she is hurt by him but that is definitely not the reason. He confesses that he wants to make up to her. The deal is sealed due to her.

What does she need beside the necklace? She asks if he manages to sell 50 cars. It is even more than 100 - she gets more annoyed - that means he earns a lot. Money is not the issue but she wants an apology. She has thought that he will do that. He says that this includes the apology. She is frustrated as he looks so arrogant - his action doesn't show his gratitude or remorsefulness. Why doesn't he try doing that?

If that includes his pride, this doesn't work on her. Is she trying to lecture him - Qi Zhu gets angry. When she is about to leave, he says sorry unknowingly. He will not say this easily and is shocked by himself. Upon seeing her shocked look, he knows that it worths it.

He has looked for her, thinking that he should say something to her. He also thanks her for coming. So does she accept it? She smiles and nods at his sincere apology.
She turns but recalls that she forgets her backpack again. She knocks into a waitress and causes her to spill a drink on a woman's dress.

The woman's boyfriend, Cheng Hao is angry with her for doing this to his '€˜babe- He claims that it is too expensive for her to pay. Tai Ling frowns - how can he still call his girlfriend babe at her age?!

Qi Zhu frowns and comes over to touch Tai Ling's shoulder - Cheng Hao has scared his '€˜babe- (The most unexpected reaction that I have come across.) He can buy another dress. Tai Ling is tongue-tied - babe?! Qi Zhu turns to her - is his '€˜babe- scared? He will handle it for her as her 'oppa'.

Tai Ling nearly faints - has he been drugged by the coffee he drinks earlier?! Seeing her confused, Qi Zhu gives a strange smile. Qi Zhu sees that Cheng Hao has the '€˜GD Motors- pin and asks him to talk outside.

Cheng Hao takes off his jacket and is about to fight when Qi Zhu pulls his tie. He talks to him and pats his face. Then Qi Zhu tells his '€˜babe- to leave with him. Cheng Hao returns, frightened - his girlfriend demands to know why he becomes like this in a few seconds. She is shocked to know that he is his company CEO. So is he fired?

No, he gives him leave 3 days leave and money to buy her a new dress. Tai Ling is confused - what has happened? Qi Zhu tells her that he apologises to Cheng Hao since there is a need to do it. She thanks him and he asks what she is doing with the student lunchbox - does she long to return to primary school? ( I really laugh at this line.) It belongs to Jian. Tai Ling is back for her father's first death anniversary.

He was a movie director and stayed in Paris for a week. That is why she goes there to learn movies. She takes a bus home although he offers to send her. He suddenly feels lost - will this be the last time they meet?

She nods and he must be relieved. He agrees and she is grateful to him for giving nice memories. He tells her to take care and must learn to remember her things till someone takes care of her. She laughs upon recalling him calling her babe. He is so tall and yet he says this in front of strangers naturally. He is sure thickskinned.

Debtors take away the camera because Bi Bao owes them money and drives the car away too. Bi Bao wants Tai Ling to take care of Jian and pay the house rent. She replies that she is returning to Paris but softens when Jian cries, thinking that she is leaving him. Qi Zhu works at home but still thinks of Tai Ling.

The company employees, upon knowing that Qi Zhu is back, rumour that he has loitered in Paris for 2 years and buys a degree for his girlfriend, P. Qi Zhu jokes - how do they know that? Cheng Jun wishes to know who is it and how much has he spent? Qi Jun asks - is he too free to resign and stay at home? Qi Jun wishes him to check if Xiu He is back as he can't get him.

Qi Zhu wants Cheng Jun to pretend to be his brother-in-law to buy a car. They then look at other types - Qi Zhu wants to check on the employees- attitudes towards customers even though he is starting work 2 days later.

Tai Ling comes to know why she is responsible for Bi Bao's deed as she wants the camera back. The staff tells her to look for the CEO. Qi Zhu and Cheng Jun are stunned - isn't the CEO here? Is she really going to deal with the CEO? He shakes his head - it is about time to give training to the front line staff.

She is too troubled - how will he agree to see her? It is good enough to have Qi Zhu to accompany her to help her in the talking. Qi Zhu feels that he should have gone for staff training for this day. She wants him to be confident since he dresses so well.

Cheng Jun pulls Qi Zhu - is he following her? What happens if the staff recognizes him? Only the directors know who he is and Cheng Jun can pretend not to know him. Cheng Jun is amused that his boss can be so playful at this time.The security guard is about to greet him when he signals him to stop. He is surprised but Qi Zhu has a cheeky smile.

The staff is unable to help and Tai Ling knocks her elbow into Qi Zhu's chest. He decides not to talk since the staff doesn't want to listen to him. Tai Ling stares at him. Why is he not speaking up at this time when he likes to ask questions all along?

He replies that she only wants him to accompany her and the staff isn't wrong. Qi Zhu admits that he knows the CEO and agrees to bring her to see him. Laugh when he writes his handphone number on her arm despite her protests that it is unhygienic as he doesn't have his namecard as yet. Qi Zhu returns and wants to talk to the staff - he is polite to knock on the door but the staff is impatient.

Qi Zhu wants to look for Director Jin. The staff is rude - so what? But he is speechless when Director Jin welcomes Qi Zhu as the CEO. Qi Hui knows that Qi Zhu is troubled. Whenever he complains that he is hungry, he is troubled. But he insists that he is really hungry. Bi Bao sells the house and Tai Ling carries the cherry tree home that she grows with her father.

Xiu He is dismayed to know that Tai Ling isn't returning to Paris. He offers to send her luggage home after getting her address from Liang Mei. He gets so curious to see the things in the bag. There is a soft toy and a French dictionary. He sees a note on how much she misses kimchi and laughs. His smile freezes upon seeing that she adds a line - '€˜this man watches old movies alone at night - is he a romantic or he misses his first love?- He is amused that Jian talks exactly like Tai Ling when meeting him.

Jian isn't impressed with Xiu He as a drummer as entertainers earn little and are stubborn. Their family is like this so they are poor. Xiu He stays at her home so she must be responsible. Why doesn't she look for a handsome man like him? He misses her so he returns but he notices she looks wan. He has not even gone to see Qi Zhu. She has seen him but he warns her not to tell his family.

Tai Ling sees the dress and recalls the night. Qi Zhu also thinks of her and Xiu He is now hiding at a corner to peep at Qi Hui. Qi Zhu starts work and Mr Han wants him to meet Senator Min. His daughter just returns after her education overseas. Qi Zhu tells him not to waste time.

All friends refuse to help Tai Ling and she has to call Yun Er, her ex-classmate whom she hates so much. Yun Er only agrees to meet her after her manicure. Tai Ling finally looks at Qi Zhu's number and calls him.

He has thought she manages it on her own. Now he isn't free - can she look for him at 6pm? Xiu He asks who is the jerk to help her but she doesn't tell him. Tai Ling who is late for 10 minutes due to traffic jam. Qi Zhu waits for her and now wears the GD Motor pin.

She marvels at the conference room's size. She has never expected this and feels the pressure. Seeing Qi Zhu sitting there looks special. This strict and boring place lowers her spirits even further and she chooses to sit by the corner. (Jung Eun is a complete failure as she is too cheerful in the scene.)

So he holds a high post to have his office on the higher floor. He maintains that finding people isn't his forte but she only wants him to extend the loan period and not to place the camera for audition.

She will look for a job to pay for it. Qi Zhu is curious why she chooses a long path. He has wanted to give her share as her part of the deal but she isn't agreeable. Why not get the CEO to talk to her? Qi Zhu wants to know what she wants to say - he is the jerk - the CEO! She laughs - is he bragging as he is only a few years older than her? He can at most be a manager or a representative.

The funniest moment comes - He walks to her. They sit face to face earlier and he holds her hand to lead her out, refusing to let her go. The staff's reaction is sure classic but what shocks her are the words coming from their mouths. Those who walk past greet him as CEO!

Is he really the CEO of Korea's top car company? I burst when he asks if they need to walk another round! He can even bring her to the thrid or foourth level if she wants to. She shakes her hand and is terrified - there is no need. Her face turns white as she nearly suffocates.

Cheng Jun informs that Xiu He is back. Qi Zhu wonders why he doesn't tell him and decides to look for him at Zong Gen's bar. Tai Ling does not dare to say that he is staying with her.

Cheng Jun leaves her a particulars form under Qi Zhu's instructions. Tai Ling chides herself to be so stupid not to know that he is CEO after seeing his lavish lifestyle. You will laugh in the next scene where all the self-claimed CEOs from small companies meeteach other.

Qi Zhu discovers that he leaves his handphone on his car after learning that Xiu He isn't here. Cheng Jun tells him that Tai Ling hasn't accepted the form. THe turns into a stone - why is she still like this? Tai Ling takes photos and writes well. So Cheng Jun can let her be a reporter which he believes suits her.

Tai Ling meets Yun Er and her friends. I don't understand why she prefers to borrow money from this snob instead of approaching Qi Zhu. Qi Zhu sees Tai Ling with them. He recalls Cheng Jun's words - so this is the reason.

Upon seeing her a mismatch in the group, his heart suddenly feels a prick. Her friends recognize him but Tai Ling is too stunned. Yun Er is sarcastic - why not find a boyfriend and she feels inferior? Qi Zhu is an unreachable star to Tai Ling. Qi Zhu touches his chin and looks at them with a straight face.

Yun Er's voice sounds so unreal to him. Tai Ling gets nervous and wants to leave because Jian is alone at home. Upon hearing the word 'boyfriend', this guy comes to her aid timely, holds her shoulder and holds her hand.

He apologises for being late. He drags her to sit down with him. Why not introduce him to her friends? Yun Er is jealous - does he really know her? His reply - he not only knows her, he knows her very well. Doesn't his babe mention to them about him?

Yun Er asks what relationship they have. qi Zhu turns to Tai Ling - why not tell them about him? Has she pretended that she is still unattached? Because of this, he doesn't feel secure letting her out alone.

He hugs her close to him - he is her boyfriend! Tai Ling's jaw drops. (This classical scene so funny that I laugh whenever I watch it.) She whispers - why is he doing this? His soft reply - why doesn't she leave behind the thing he wants? Qi Zhu seems to enjoy the attention or act and fondles her hair freely.

I can never stop laughing at this - he becomes so gentle but hugs her even closer to his chest - has she eaten? It will hurt her empty stomach if she drinks wine now. But what - she has already drunk a bottle! He touches her face openly - why is it hot and he feels her forehead!

We can see that Tai Ling is totally captivated by Qi Zhu while Yun Er nearly bursts to pieces out of jealousy. Really - you must watch it! He asks if she is okay. Tai Ling's mind begins to spin and feels like asking him - if this happens to you, will you be okay?

Why is she in cold sweat then? Is she really alright? HEr mind is fluttered - what is he thinking of but she has a strange feeling. It is like being protected but she gets frightened upon meeting Yun Er's fierce eyes.

In the meantime, Jian complains that Xiu He doesn't know how to draw a car as the sides are uneven. (He doesn't know that he is facing an expert car designer.) Jian is talking like an old man. Xiu He is worried that she isn't back and waits at the bus stop. It is so troublesome for her not having a handphone.

When all are out from the bar, Tai Ling is distracted to walk in another direction. Qi Zhu stops her - where is his babe going since her oppa's car is here? Tai Ling has found it comical to hear him saying 'oppa' in the cafe but she is not in the mood now.

Is it that Qi Zhu can't understand her feelings now or he is totally immersed in the role as Tai Ling's boyfriend?
All marvel at his shiny car but Tai Ling wishes to leave as fast as possible. Yun Er shames her in front of others on her borrowing her money and keeping from her boyfriend.

Qi Zhu finds her voice irritating - just like a mosquito asking for trouble.He calls her a nasty woman in a fierce tone. (which I completely agree.) She wears expensive stuff but her behaviour needs to be refined.

Does Tai Ling have other friends? Even if she doesn't have, she doesn't have to befriend this kind of people. (I applaud at his answer.) We can see that he is really angry to speed off after getting Tai Ling into this car.

She tells him not to worry as Xiu He can survive anywhere. He knows and asks why she doesn't fill up the particulars form. He can arrange a job for her in his own or other companies. That is why she doesn't want to trouble him. (I like her sticking to her principles.) Qi Zhu explains - isn't she clear that he is the one who troubles her all along? He gives her time to reconsider.

Xiu He is unhappy to see them together and hides aside. It is so dark and Qi Zhu is willing to walk her back home. She is touched - it is not Venus and he treats her like a flower. Does he know that women wish this to happen? She is like a drying flower in the midst of a lavishing crowd.

Suddenly a prince charming calls her name, touches her hair and feels her shoulder. It is complete if he sends her to the door but she decides to walk alone. Xiu He is tormented upon seeing that.

Tai Ling smiles when she thinks of what happens earlier. She tells Xiu He - losing the camera will lose the family memory. Qi Zhu solves her problem quickly so she approaches him. Qi Zhu is like Xiu He's idol in the past but now he dislikes him for solving his 'woman's' problem. Why doesn't she trust him but approach Qi Zhu instead?

It is strange that Qi Zhu wants to breathe some fresh air in the garden. qi Hui asks - is he in love? He repeats Tai Ling's words to Qi Hui. The man is too perfect so she rejects him. Qi Hui shakes her head - Tai Ling has found him too perfect to be unattainable.

Does she fall in love the same way? No, Mr Han hates the man and he never gets the chance. Qi Zhu looks at the debt documents that Bi Bao has signed.

Cheng Jun carries the filming equipment over. Director Jin has told him that Qi Zhu will know what it is when he sends it over. Qi Zhu wants to have his own privacy and doesn't tell him what is inside. Cheng Jun believes that he will know one day and he has informed Cheng Hao about Tai Ling's case. He is curious why Qi Zhu is handling the client's case personally. Qi Zhu smiles.

Tai Ling decides to sell her air ticket to pay the debt and is shocked to see Qi Zhu by the roadside. He is here to see her. They sit in the garden - this man likes cleanliness so much to brush the dust away with his handkerchief to sit on it.

He can't open his canned drink so he takes her drink to return her the flawed one. Tai Ling's smile freezes as she thinks he opens the drink is for her! He is really not a gentleman here. It must have been an imitation and she should get a new one. She refuses as it is expensive. He is amazed to see her using her might to lift the puller.

His company is busy and there is a vacancy. He agrees to return the equipment 3 months later when he gets the car back and after her salary deduction. She finally agrees as she like the job and finds it shameful for his help but he likes her frankness.

It is hard for her to say that but she agrees to work for him. They click their cans together. Qi Zhu's smile is strange again - she has thought of him hard to get along but now she feels comfortable with him. She takes a photo of the air ticket before selling it back to the airline.

Qi Hui is curious to know that Qi Zhu goes personally to rope a new female staff to work for him. She must be very capable (actually Tai Ling is far from it and Qi Zhu has fallen for her unknowingly to do this.) Mr Han has arranged the meeting with his future in-laws.

Qi Zhu can act that he doesn't know about it but he turns up. He is already so busy and has no time for this trival matter. He is still calm to see that Yun Er is his match.
He doesn't show this openly - he is already in a bad mood before coming and now he feels worse. Why is she the one?

Since it is a meeting between them, they should talk in private. She looks forward to their date but....he brings her to the office'€¦'€¦to continue his work for hours! She threatens to tell her father - he doesn't even mind if she tells both parents. This is his intention.

Yun's mind has the flashback on the club meeting when Mrs Min tells her that her match is Qi Zhu. She is angry that Tai Ling has such a good man to herself. So she is very delighted to defeat her in this round.

Yun Er doesn't want him to hurt her since they are getting engaged. He asks how old she is. Not being in love before to get engaged to him - isn't it a pity? He is at a losing end as he has even divorced. Cheng Jun brings Tai Ling in and Yun Er is angry when Tai Ling gives Qi Zhu her particulars form. Yun Er snatches it from her. Qi Zhu snatches it back - it concerns his family and it has nothing to do with her.

He even grabs Tai Ling's hand to go to the garden rooftop with him. He never expects her to be so fast so he has to save her from being boxed by Yun Er. Tai Ling isn't grateful to him as she is stronger than her. He tells her that he has gone for marriage arrangement but she is down. Yun Er sneers at her later.

Xiu He likes whatever Qi Zhu likes - even in women. He is unhappy to know that she is going to work for Qi Zhu. Bi Bao cheats an actress of her money and she demands for payment after trashing things at her home with her lover. Xiu He throws eggs at them and hits the guy. She has no more chance to return to Paris after selling the ticket. She cries over it and Xiu He wipes her tears. She remembers that he fixes her bicycle for her in Paris. She gets so drunk that she sleeps on his back home.

Qi Zhu opens the chest and sees Tai Ling's childhood photo with her father. He smiles at it and quickly closes it when Cheng Jun is back. Cheng Jun asks why Qi Zhu is so nice to Tai Ling - he guesses that the chest belongs to her. Qi Zhu asks - is that so? No one has asked him before so now he will start thinking about it. Xiu He sleeps at Tai Ling's home and Jian complains that he is rebellious.

Director Cui arranges all to meet Qi Zhu at the staff canteen. He often does that to improve working links with the staff. Director Jin reports to Qi Zhu that it isn't against the rule to get the camera back since the down payment is done and Qi Zhu pays for the rest of the loan. Qi Zhu notices that all workers look uneasy. All know that Qi Zhu is the only son of the chairman and will have indigestion. They have to relax. It is rumoured that the CEO needs to be hit and is sweet-tongued.

He also leads a wealthy life because of a rich father. Is it nice to say nasty words like that? Now lunching with them is a down-to-earth 2nd generation of the rich - isn't it too pretentious? He leaves after saying that.

Qi Zhu notices that Director Cui still combs his hair the same way and is always up to evil ideas. He covers up his abilities and is thick skinned to stay. He has all the qualities which Qi Zhu dislikes but Mr Han disagrees with him. Qi Zhu wants Cheng Jun to check on Director Cui's details. (Qi Zhu is so sharp to notice so many minor details in a day - it will be dreadful if all of us have a boss like this.)

Liang Mei comes to see Tai Ling. Bi Bao gives Jian money reluctantly. Jian gives him back, seeing how desperate he is. Liang Mei knows Tai Ling likes Qi Zhu and it seems that he likes her too to give her a job. Qi Zhu is surprised to see Xiu He coming into his car, asking for money. He smiles - is he robbing? It is like he will kill if he doesn't give him. Qi Zhu tells him to stay at home then. He refuses as Mr Han will force him to work. Qi Zhu doesn't mind what he does but doesn't wish him to leave his sight.

Tai Ling refuses to meet Yun Er but she threatens to make her lose her job. Qi Hui knows that he is back and Xiu He is touched to know that she waits for him daily.

Zong Gen asks when Qi Zhu's girlfriend is coming. Xiu He asks who she is and he replies with a smile that he meets Tai Ling. It stabs Xiu He's heart and he drinks endlessly.

Yun Er requests Mr Han to let her work in GD Motors to get close to Qi Zhu.Xiu He tells Qi Zhu that he loves a woman - will he support him? Qi Zhu nods but Xiu He worries as their tastes are always the same. Qi Zhu agrees jokingly but he feels strange. Xiu He has never kept anything from him but why this time?

Yun Er comes - Qi Zhu has the time to drink wine but no time to date her? He gives a direct yes answer. The guys are surprised to see Tai Ling. She is baffled but pretends that Xiu He is just back, blinking to him to act with her. (Her acting is sure fake!)Qi Zhu looks at them doubtfully. Yun Er is angry that she ignores her totally.

Qi Zhu stands up and drags her away. The women are not that close to sit and talk. Yun Er demands her to let go of Qi Zhu's hand but he puts his hand around her shoulder instead to walk away together! Xiu He tells Qi Zhu to send Tai Ling right to the doorstep while Yun Er laments that she doesn't drive to get here.

Yun Er is proud so Xiu He is uninterested to know who she is. Qi Zhu notices they are close - she denies knowing Xiu He well but he refers to Yun Er. Qi Zhu notices that she is jealous over his coming engagement. He smiles when she replies that she has no experience. He comments that she acts well - but Xiu He is more obvious. But it is not her fault and Xiu He must have asked her to do it.

Xiu He doesn't return with Tai Ling as he doesn't want Qi Zhu to know he stays here. It is up to her when she wants to tell Qi Zhu. Tai Ling is shocked to see Yun Er at the lift area on her first day of work. Qi Zhu's presence is exaggerating - the security guards pave the way for him to get in before others. He shows displeasure when Yun Er calls him and ignores her. Tai Ling imitates the way she calls his name unhappily.

Qi Zhu notices her and tells her to work hard. Tai Ling replies the same in joy. Cheng Hao has a headache - one has the Chairman's support while another has the help from Qi Zhu. What should he do? Tai Ling drops all the files at the ground floor and Qi Zhu helps her to pick them up despite her trying to stop him. He looks so gentle to smile at her and put the pen in her mouth.

In another minute, Qi Zhu supervises the work and stands at the rooftop with a serious look. Cheng Jun tries in vain to stop Yun Er from bothering Qi Zhu at work. Qi Zhu gets her a book on car parts for her to look at it. Yun Er ruins Tai Ling's work when she is out for lunch.

Sheng Ying wants to meet Qi Zhu but Mr Han refuses to let her in. She is shocked to know that Qi Zhu is getting married soon. The news is like a bombshell and she can't stay anymore. She returns to CSV and gulps a huge glass of cold water. Qi Zhu comes to explain he will not remarry.

He will rather to be with the third woman for the rest of his life. The first is Sheng Ying. The second is unwilling. So he wants to gamble with 3 - his favourite number. She wants to know how is Tai Ling? He is afraid that Mr Han will hurt Sheng Ying so he rushes here.

So they can have a meal next time - he avoids answering her. Tai Ling is excited to watch free movies with Liang Mei. Qi Zhu jokes that Sheng Ying can be his third woman but she jokes that she has no confidence to live with him again. Qi Zhu knocks into tai Ling and is startled. Although Qi Zhu is joking, Sheng Ying gathers that his third woman will be Tai Ling.

Tai Ling thinks Sheng Ying is her girlfriend and Liang Mei tells her to give up. Cheng Jun tells Xiu He to be careful on the motorcycle that Qi Zhu gets for him. If he gets hurt, Qi Zhu will disallow him even on a bicycle.

Tai Ling is framed by Yun Er for missing Director Jin's name in the company magazine. Qi Zhu overhears Cheng Hao scolding her. Xiu He waits for her and she wants him to leave as she needs to work.

She has printed the names out and intends to paste on each magazine using the glue. Qi Zhu comes and she is taken aback - why doesn't he make noise? Qi Zhu finds it a stupid way but reprinting will waste a lot of money. She wants him to leave but he sits down beside her. This is his company and where does she want him to go? How can he help her? Cutting or pasting?

She wants him to be precise in the cutting of the names but he says it should be fine if she says that Mr Han wants it simple. Here's the addition again. She bursts into laughter upon seeing him clumsy with the ruler. Not long after, her smile vanishes. His way of using the scissors is sure unbearable.

She grabs his hand and shows him how to do it properly.
The two have fun working and laughing together. Xiu He is startled to see them together when he brings food for her on the new motorcycle. He has wanted to show it to her.

What he can't stand she holds Qi Zhu's hand. What are they doing? Qi Zhu doesn't know why he comes but comments that Tai Ling has another backup. Tai Ling begs to Xiu He to help and she will give them a treat.

He puts the meal package down. Qi Zhu sees that Xiu He is as considerate as before as he has not thought of that. Both start to help themselves to the food. She feeds the rice rolls into Qi Zhu's mouth and passes the soup to him. They exclaim the food is delicious - both look like a couple to Xiu He. Xiu He loses his appetite completely and gets jealous. Xiu He comments Qi Zhu isn't as busy as he thinks as a CEO. If not, why is he here?

Qi Zhu smiles - so he shouldn't spread the news for him and does Xiu He take meals regularly? Xiu He replies that his woman treats him well and he stays with her too. So what has Xiu He done for her? Nothing, as she doesn't accept his help.

Tai Ling nearly chokes upon hearing that. Sheng Ying calls Qi Zhu, lying that she hasn't brought her money to pay for the wine she is drinking. Qi Zhu knows that she needs someone to talk too so he leaves to meet her.

Tai Ling asks if Sheng Ying is Qi Zhu's girlfriend but Xiu He refuses to tell her. Why is she only asking Qi Zhu but not him for help? Tai Ling apologises for making him feel bad and accidentally cuts her finger. Xiu He hurries over - why is she not doing well in anything at all? How can he feel safe leaving her alone?

Bi Bao is now at the police station with the actress suing him. Tai Ling will not settle for him. Xiu He tells her that she can lean beside him to cry as long as she wants. She actually cries over the suit.

Sheng Ying jokes that she is prettier after her divorce. Zhong Gen comments that Qi Zhu gets more handsome too. Sheng Ying learns Tai Ling is working for Qi Zhu to pay off her debt. He smiles - is that really the truth that he wants her to work to pay off her debt? Even a 5 year oldwill not beleive it. Sheng Ying looks suspiciously at him - she never knows he has the expression of being in love. He touches his face - why is she looking at him?

He looks happy and smiles so often now. Does he - Qi Zhu doesn't realize that. He already shows it at CSV earlier. He may deny but it is so obvious. Sheng Ying is jealous - no - it hurts her pride. He tells her to stop having the wrong idea.

Loving someone is blissful - she also finds it special when meeting her in the day. Xiu He hopes Qi Zhu can help Tai Ling. Qi Zhu asks but does she want it? He is puzzled why Xiu He wants him to help.

But about the job - Qi Zhu thinks it is different. Xiu He is wrong to think that he can help but he is powerless. He gets so frustrated to speed on the motorcycle and the police cars follow him. He feels so uesless. Tai Ling continues to work while Qi Zhu returns home.

Qi Zhu looks at the photo taken with Xiu He and returns to office to see her sleeping early next day. He suddenly feels unbearable. It is dawn and it is cold. He puts his business jacket over her and tells the cleaner to leave so that she can sleep. But she wakes up to wears it.

Tai Ling becomes sleepy the next day and her hair isn't combed to look like a beehive. She is too shy to see Qi Zhu in this state and tries to use the commercial board to hide herself from Qi Zhu in vain. (Actually she can just turn back and run quickly to hide in the toilet.)

This scene is so classically comical - he sees her feet when she lifts it and shoves it aside to look at her with a straight face but says nothing. Cheng Jun smiles in amusement. (How can Shin Yang handle it with a straight face?! This is so hilarious. Even watching '€˜n- times, I still laugh non-stop.)

The next minute, Qi Zhu is at a departmental store buying a comb and getting cosmetics even though it isn't opened. He feels uneasy to look around at this palce which he has never been before. He starts to think of what Tai Ling needs - yes, a comb. When the beautican asks if he wants foundation or the cosmetics, he feels giddy.

Doesn't women only need to comb and wash their face - then apply a layer of skin product to leave for work? Women are sure a bother. At first, he wants all the colours of the foundation. The salesgirl's eyes open wide - all?!

She guesses that his girlfriend works overtime. She packs everything to ask happily. Grilfriend? He becomes confused - is there a boundary for that? then she is considered his. When seeing her with a red lipstick, he can't imagine her - a tomboy with that colour. He answers yes and decides pink colours suit Tai Ling best.

Cheng Hao and Yun Er complain that her work is untidy. Yun Er decides to show Qi Zhu her work and apply to interview him. Tai Ling is only allowed to return home to wash and change during lunch time. Yun Er notices the jacket and demands to know if she brings a man into the company.

(The answer is so obvious - who else will place a handkerchief on the top suit pocket except Qi Zhu?!) She shakes her head upon seeing Tai Ling not even putting on her lipstick and has not combed her messy hair.

Qi Zhu sends an email, wanting to have coffee with Tai Ling at the rooftop and it is cold. (I wonder how both know each other's msn address as they have not communicated before?!)

She replies - why drink tea with an empty stomach and it is only May - how can it be cold? She sees the jacket and jumps so she comes up. She is amused to see the cosmetics. He wants the jacket back as the company air-con is too cold. She quickly returns it to him. (This is only an excuse to see her. If it is cold, Yun Er will be frozen to death in her dressing. )Why doesn't he wake her up?

He doesn't answer but only passes her the comb - her look is unsightly. Why buy so many cosmetics? He cites that the company wants the staff to be in their best outlook. (This is also a lame excuse - I doubt he will care how Yun Er looks. Will he bother to spend time to shop for her since he is so busy?)

She combs and applies the lipstick but puts it in down to grab the sandwich. Who cares about beauty now?(She is very frank - not pretentious to see what she needs, past caring her outlook.)She will turn her face aside to eat it.

He says there is no need and it can't be worse than now. She complains of not having fruit juice to go along with it. (But Qi Zhu has improved in his considerate sense, isn't it?) She cites that it is tough to work to support the family. His smile disappears as she maintains that nothing has happened the last night since she is so busy with work. Seing her gulping the food, he starts to feel a pinch in his heart.

He regrets not getting her a drink. And yes, he wil ltell the compnay lawyer to help her out. Even though Xiu He doesn't ask him , he will help her to settle the issue. No matter how hard her life is, she is still so positive and energetic. He is subdued by her as it isn't easy.

Qi Zhu returns and is displeased to see Yun Er sitting on his table. Isn't there a chair in here? We can see that he is so stern to her - unlike the easygoing self with Tai Ling. And I am puzzled why she hasn't noticed his jacket?! She passes him the magazine but he ignores her. She wants to have sandwiches with him but he concludes that the promotion department is too free. He has already eaten and wants Cheng Jun to contact the Lawyer Jin for him. He will be busy after 30 seconds.

Qi Zhu gets Lawyer Jin and Cheng Jun to bail Bi Bao out. Xiu He stays with Zong Gen. Qi Zhu wants to produce their own cars instead of relying on exports. Director Cui opposes to it but he is bent to continue it. Cheng Jun checks that Director Cui is good in chess but he might not be at the chess club just to play chess.

Lawyer Jin gathers that Tai Ling is very important to Qi Zhu since Qi Zhu personally asks him to help. Qi Zhu smiles - she is someone he wants to help very much.

Bi Bao ruins the borrowed car in an accident and Tai Ling can't return it. Bi Bao spends all the money on his movie. Lawyer Jin mentions the case to Mr Han after thinking that Yun Er is Tai Ling. She scolds Tai Ling for being so shameless to make use of their company law consultant to solve the issue for her?

Tai Ling comes to Qi Zhu's office - he wants her to close the door if she wants to shout as he doesn't want the secretary to hear her. She wants to talk to him if he isn't busy but he replies that he is busy. She decides to talk later but he stops her - why is she so fluttered?

She is about to deal with him but discovers that she should not get so agitated. He asks - does she want to have tea? She is surprised - isn't he busy? He is busy but also amused - is she so easily deceived? Or she believes everything he says?

They go to a sushi restaurant. Why doesn't she eat? Because he doesn't bring her out for tea? They will still serve coffee after the meal. She doesn't touch anything and he gets concerned. What makes her to be like this and she will fall sick. She asks - how does he know her uncle's case? If she wants to thank him, he will take that he has heard it so she can give him a treat now. He will choose the expensive plates to eat.

He gets frantic when she is not here to thank him. She is angry with him for helping without telling her. She has her own privacy but why he often shames her.

She shakes off his hand when he tries to console her. She apologises to only thank him rudely. He repeats her words - what causes her to be like this to fall asleep in class - P.E. or army training? She finally wipes her tears and smiles. Does it matter that Yun Er and Mr Han know it? She learns that Xiu He is the one who helps her. She confronts him and she doesn't have the courage to face Qi Zhu if Mr Han blames him.

Xiu He is hurt - has Tai Ling looked at him before - how does he feel approaching others to help her? He takes her hand to feel his heart - she is in there regardless of who she likes. (I simply love this scene!) She leaves the comb in haste and Xiu He keeps it. She imitates playing games from a loving couple. She imagines doing it with Xiu He who will play along with her. But with Qi Zhu, he will say that she is mad!

Tai Ling bows with the others to Qi Zhu at work. He approaches the lift but suddenly turns back to talk to Tai Ling. What happens to her face? Does she have a sleepless night to have dry and coarse skin? She maintains that it is like that all along. He doesn't agree with it and she blushes - this is so embarrassing of him to say that in front of so many people. He smiles to her before getting into the lift. (This scene is cute!)

Qi Zhu discovers from Cheng Jun that Director Cui has met 14 small shareholders. He meets them in the chess club but doesn't dare to have meals with them openly to invite gossips. Qi Zhu touches his chin - it is time to check his personal account. Mr Han wants to see Qi Zhu - Qi Zhu recalls Tai Ling's words. Mr Han scolds Director Jin for helping Tai Ling and why does Xiu He quit his studies to hide in Paris?

Yun Er finds nothing wrong with Tai Ling's face and wonders why Qi Zhu makes a fuss. Tai Ling gets a new handphone and is shocked to see the nickname '€˜lover- It is Xiu He's gift. (He finally makes the first move.)

News fly that the uneducated Tai Ling and the arrogant Yun Er get in through connections. They are near the lift and Qi Zhu is in the lift which stops at their level. (We can see Yun Er's delightful reflection but not for long.) He looks up and is happy when he sees Tai Ling. He is about to look for her so he pulls her into the lift and tells the rest to take the next one!

Xiu He learns that both are not in their offices when he comes. Qi Zhu smiles and only releases Tai Ling's hand at the rooftop - she denies meeting Xiu He during working hours. She quickly hides the handphone in her pocket. Why is Qi Zhu always making fun of her at the lift? She decides to walk by the stairs next time. He shakes his head - her legs will become fat if she does that.

She smiles and she is already fat and he decides to pull up her pants up to her knee to check. She tries to stop him in vain and he laughs that it is fat indeed. Qi Zhu suddenly asks - is his eye-sight so bad to see Xiu He? Tai Ling replies no. Xiu He asks what Qi Zhu is doing and this is what Qi Zhu wants to ask. Xiu He doesn't wish to waste his life anymore although he is afraid of Mr Han.

Xiu He finds Tai Ling too much not to meet him but Qi Zhu feels he shouldn't be here just to see Tai Ling. He explains that it is ladies- first. She decides that she will have indigestion after a meal with the guys and wants to flee, saying that she is busy.

Both pull her by the hands at both sides to force her to
sit down at the same time. (Tai Ling's expression is scared than being flattered to be liked by them.)Xiu He asks if Qi Zhu makes his employees work like a machine by skipping meals. Qi Zhu denies and tells Tai Ling not to make him a nasty boss.

Qi Zhu takes the order without asking them again - just like in Paris. Qi Zhu is puzzled why Xiu He keeps saying that he wants a change. Tai Ling doesn't want it but Qi Zhu welcomes it as he senses that he is lonely. But has he thought too much as Tai Ling hasn't detected it?

Qi Zhu wants to know how they know each other. She tells him that she knows him through selling the gown and apologises. He doesn't take it to heart. He has given it to her and even if she returns to him, he can't wear it. (But we can see that he is still unhappy over it. Luckily she doesn't sell both gowns - if not,- )

Qi Zhu wants to know if she works well but she complains his future wife tortures her. He asks - will she come for his engagement event? She will go if there is steak but not if beef soup is given.

Yun Er poisons Tai Ling with words in front of Mr Han. Both return and see Mr Han at the lobby. She tries to hide by running away and Qi Zhu drags her to greet Mr Han. Mr Han is displeased - how can he simply find a temporary staff to have lunch? He walks away and Qi Zhu tries to console Tai Ling. Tai Ling wants him to enter the lift first but he asks where he should go and drags her along.

Tai Ling grumbles when all push her to get coffee. Qi Zhu takes a cup and she laments she doesn't have coins now. He puts the coins on the plate. After seeing that it only costs 200 won, he takes back a coin - even brothers have be to clear on debts. She calls him a petty man so he gives the coin back.

Mr Han wants to see Qi Zhu immediately for lunch. Tai Ling is angry that all leave without letting her to join them for lunch. Some wonder why the CEO finds Tai Ling special and they can't stand it.

Qi Zhu isn't happy to see Yun Er with Mr Han and he sits beside Yun Er reluctantly - even though she serves him wine as they are setting the engagement date. He stops her from putting the napkin on his lap and tells her to leave the table. How much money he owes Senator Min? Why is he treating him like a tool?

Mr Han wants Qi Zhu to dismiss Tai Ling. If he does it personally, he will cause her more harm. Will she leave after getting a car or house? Qi Zhu explains that they are not that kind of relationship.

Mr Han's first step is trying to dismiss Director Jin. Qi Zhu and touches his chin again nervously. He is angry that Yun Er takes his car keys and knows that she is the informer. He grabs it back and she makes him angrier when she mentions that Mr Han wants them to have fun together. He pushes her away and drives off.

Qi Zhu sees Sheng Ying and notices Liang Mei is hired. Qi Zhu is too troubled. Sheng Ying is puzzled as he only comes after informing her and not today. What torments Sheng Ying when she is with him - he wants to know now. Why ask her as he never asks when they divorce? Has she cried when that happens?

She is startled - does the words come from the same man she knows? She asks if he is in love. He asks - what is love - to have a meal and send her home? Still helping her even though she is unwilling? Afraid that she will get hurt seriously but still wants to leave her a minor wound?
And is very cautious in protecting her? If this is love, he is in love. (How sad he sounds!)

Being in love actually should not give any wound but this man doesn't even know how to cause one when being with her. Sheng Ying finds him too much - she actually wants this treatment that he doesn't give her and wants to know who his beloved is. Qi Zhu wants to know what changes Xiu He. He refuses to tell him but wants him to carry his luggage some other day.

Tai Ling feels awkward when the three go out together. You will laugh to see how uneasy Qi Zhu is to change into the white public clothes in the public sauna. He is curious what detergent they use and Xiu He asks if he wants him to take off his clothes for him! Tai Ling believes Xiu He has taken an hour to persuade Qi Zhu to wear the clothes.

The heat is so unbearable that when he is out, he doesn't see that the food stall is in front of him and he wonders how to wear in these clothes to elsewhere to get eggs to eat. Tai Ling cracks the egg for him. (Has anyone wondered why Tai Ling's head is so hard?)

Qi Zhu gets tense upon seeing someone lying beside her and chases him away so that he can sit beside her. She laughs. Does he mean to say - please let out the place meant for my babe? He becomes shy. She is happy when he introduces her to Mr Han on that day.

Qi Zhu drives home but Xiu He stands outside Tai Ling's home. Qi Zhu looks through Tai Ling's messages in the box and sees his feet photo. Qi Zhu is shocked to learn from Cheng Jun that Director Jin is asked to resign.

Qi Zhu walks in for the meeting with a stern face. He doesn't feel there is anything wrong with the car designs but with the funds to bring in more local cars. Director Cui has not answered him - he is still checking. Qi Zhu has already given him the plans - has he treated them as waste papers?

Director Cui thinks that it is too hasty to make the decision within a month. Qi Zhu is annoyed when Mr Han supports Director Cui. The staff informs Tai Ling that her debt is cleared and she is taken aback. The filming equipment is now with Qi Zhu. He has cleared her debt for her. Qi Zhu is in a bad mood and goes shooting with Director Cui. Qi Zhu has noticed that more than 10% of their company shares are with Director Cui with another 5% under another person's name. This causes a problem.

He will disallow others to sell more shares to him. He reminds him - the left hand is only a helper while the right hand has the power to fire the shot. The real person in power is not his father but him so he has shook the wrong hand.(What a description!) If he stops, he will take that nothing has happened.

In the past, he fires empty shots but now is different with real bullets. And yes, he shoots all the plates down accurately.Director Cui turns pale as he has not shot any and qi Zhu's words terrifies him too.

Qi Zhu asks Cheng Jun if he resembles Al Pacino. Cheng Jun asks if he has seen Director Cui's face turning white and when he has learned shooting. You will laugh at his answer - he learns it at Zhong Gen's bar! Xiu He peeps aside at his mother and wonders why Director Cui comes. Qi Zhu has become a man and Qi Hui is unhappy that he is so rude to mention the CEO's name.

She wants him not to bother Qi Zhu - don't ever think that Mr Han will be his shield forever. Xiu He refuses to return home. He can't be tied down by the company like Qi Zhu. Qi Hui shakes her head - he resembles his father. Xiu He mentions that he knows a woman who smiles but is sad underneath. He likes her - she is most beautiful in his eyes.

Tai Ling is angry with Qi Zhu for clearing her debt. Qi Zhu brings Tai Ling to the pool. He comes here when he is down. He can only help her using money as he is so much like his father. Many women have said that he makes them angry. Before she can say thanks, he provokes her. Because she is angry, she can't say thank you anymore. She will pay him back and he wants to have a drink with her like a friend. He wonders why women only say that he is bad.

He thinks carefully and discovers that he has not tried drinking with her alone. She suddenly turns feminine and pretty under the lights beside the pool's waves. He calls her seriously as Jiang Tai Ling. He will not call her that anymore and she needs not address him as CEO politely. He wants her to leave the company as she is fired.

She finds it too sudden. He doesn't want to see her and dislikes her to be beside him. He tells her not to cry as he hates that. He can dismiss an employee any time.

She says that she doesn't know how to swim and jumps into the pool. Qi Zhu gets worried and dives in wanting to save her. He gets anxious and his heart feels a punch upon seeing her lifeless at the bottom of the pool. He touches her hand but she pushes it away to leave.

He is angry - why is she doing this? She lies to him as she swims well. But he also lies to her but she will still resign. The next day, Qi Zhu ignores Tai Ling when she tenders her resignation. Qi Zhu passes the equipment to Cheng Jun to give to Tai Ling.

Tai Ling receives the equipment in joy but reluctance. Cheng Jun notices Qi Zhu's unwilling expression is the same as Tai Ling. He offers to help her to the lobby. Tai Ling is grateful to Qi Zhu and wants Cheng Jun to pass the message to Qi Zhu to make the industry flourish. Cheng Jun laughs - she says too much and he can't remember. Qi Zhu watches her leave reluctantly from upstairs.

Sheng Ying rejects hiring her and actually the recruitment due date is later - is it because she is jealous of her as Qi Zhu's girlfriend? She can't answer.

Sheng Ying invites Qi Zhu to join her for lunch and he drives there seeing Tai Ling. He can't bear to leave her and follows her from the MTR to the park. (His eyes talk although he says nothing when he can't take his eyes off her on the train when he observes her secretly.)

His handphone rings but he switches it off, rejecting Sheng Ying's call. Tai Ling takes out her recorder - she has not gained or lost anything. She takes a photo of herself but is shocked to see Qi Zhu's face in it behind her. When she turns around, he has left.

Qi Zhu has no appetite and lies that he has something on to be late. It sounds like an excuse to Sheng Ying and even if she asks, he will give the same answer. Qi Zhu looks at Sheng Ying with disapproval upon knowing that she rejects giving Tai Ling a job. She admits that she is jealous of her ex-husband's sweetheart. Xiu He deliberately brings Qi Zhu to Tai Ling's home to collect his belongings, claiming her to be his woman.

Qi Zhu turns around to see Tai Ling. She thinks he is here because he looks into her particulars. She is shocked to see Xiu He coming out of the house and Jian can't bear to see him leave. It is a big blow to Qi Zhu but he asks calmly if Xiu He stays here all along. She admits it and he is speechless. It seems that Xiu He doesn't want Qi Zhu to interfere with what he is doing and he only needs to provide him money.

Qi Zhu stops the car. What is Xiu He's reason to ask him here? Why hide from him all along and only tells him today? Xiu He asks what makes him think that his act is deliberate? Qi Zhu gets off the car to cool off. Tai Ling sits beside the camera. Xiu He takes Tai Ling's comb to look at it. He gets involved in a fight when youngsters sneer at him for keeping it and is detained in the cell.

Tai Ling is shocked to see that when she wants to make things clear to Xiu He. Qi Zhu plays on the drums but can't help feeling down. Cheng Jun comes to Qi Zhu's office but he stops and senses that he is troubled even he only shows him his back. He knows that he is worried for Tai Ling (but he doesn't know that he is disturbed that Xiu He likes Tai Ling.)

Qi Zhu is back to his working self although these weighs on his mind and he can't concentrate earlier. Director Cui wants to give him some documents for approval.

Qi Zhu asks if there are new funds for the new cars. Director Cui reminds him that he has said that it is hard '€“Qi Zhu snaps - what is the point of Director Cui in the office to do simple tasks? He feels Director Cui should be able to handle it to be beside Mr Han for 20 over years.

Qi Zhu is a hard man to deal with so he must gather the funds quickly. Xiu He wants Qi Zhu to handle the fighting case for him. Qi Zhu tells him to stop torturing himself to worry him and Qi Hui. Tai Ling hides aside upon seeing them together.

Doesn't Xiu He know that this will worry his mother since high school, he is back with bruises? She even thinks that he is being bullied in school and keeps giving others red packets. That is why the classmates hate him more for being rich. But he isn't exactly a Han family member.

Qi Zhu is the legend - he is handsome and rich. He is also first in sports and studies to be popular with girls. Xiu He regrets going to the same school for 3 years. (This is sad as Qi Zhu gives him too much pressure.)

Xiu He comes to her home and cites that he forgets to bring his heart along. Jian nearly vomits upon hearing that. But he can't force her to like him. He vows that he only likes her - her voice, fingers, smell, shadow and even forgetfulness. He likes everything about her. (touching, right?)

She returns him the handphone - he can sell it to her. She tells him about her dismissal so he needs not call her. Qi Zhu sees Qi Hui outside the home. She tells him not to show his disgust on the face even though he is unhappy because Yun Er is here. Qi Zhu refuses to sit with them because he wants to rest in his room. Mr Han laments that he is always out to leave his office empty so it is understandable that he is tired.

Qi Zhu doesn't even have appetite for dinner and learns that they have chosen next Friday for the engagement. Yun Er is rich but she still wants him. Her mother is an ex-actress and has her out of wedlock.

What is the benefit of them together? It will benefit both Mr Han and Qi Zhu in their careers. He should accept her if he doesn't want to lose his company position. qi Zhu feels sick by the thought. Marry her?! It is hard to say 2 years back but now he knows that this is a wrong choice.

Tai Ling applies for many jobs but ends up doing temporary jobs. Her dance senses are zero but she manages to give Xiu He an MP3 player for her hard work. Cheng Jun shakes his head upon seeing her getting fired several times. He tells Qi Zhu the sad news and he touches his chin, can't help worrying for her.

Xiu He finally visits his mother. He tells her don't be shocked to find him elsewhere and she is shocked to see him home. He kneels for Mr Han's forgiveness. Qi Zhu knows that Xiu He's heart isn't back so he should not feel tormented. It is not Qi Zhu's misery but his own misery although Qi Zhu doesn't know the reason.

Qi Zhu lies on the bed and recalls what Tai Ling tells him at the pool and how shocked she is to see Xiu He earlier. He takes his car key and is about to go out when Xiu He wants to borrow his car to give Tai Ling something. He is not in the right mood to ride the motorcycle and Qi Zhu gives him his car key reluctantly.

Tai Ling uses the cosmetics that Qi Zhu gives her. Qi Zhu doesn't call her. He said that his babe touches his heart. This joke makes her think that it is for real. Xiu He leaves the handphone outside the door and Liang Mei brings in. Xiu He sms her - it is only a handphone so she can just use it. She washes cars at the garage and Yun Er comes to sneer at her again. Yun Er invites her to her engagement and this hurts her. She realises that she loves Qi Zhu now but what can she do?

The engagement party is going to start. Qi Hui is worried - Qi Zhu hasn't said anything since morning and she has a bad phemominum. She also dislikes Yun Er too as she isn't Qi Zhu's type to like. Why hasn't Qi Zhu appear and what is he thinking?

Xiu He opens the jewel box that contains the rings. Qi Zhu is so moody that he doesn't fix the tie and looks into the mirror. He decides not to be a puppet the second time.He is very unhappy over the last engagement with Sheng Ying by his parents.But he doesn't feel as troubled as now.

Does he look comical - why is he here? Xiu He comments that he looks handsome with a tie. Cheng Jun tells him all are very anxious for him to be out.He starts to put on the tie - the public will still see him but he is not the same guy in the past.

When Qi Zhu appears, all cameras start snapping. Qi Zhu announces he wants to end this session. He is GD Motors- CEO and has divorced once. Marrying him will get a life that all will envy. Besides that, how much Yun Er knows? To save the trouble of weeping daily after this, she should cry now over a nice break. He apologises as he only wishes to be a good son. He walks out, making all reporters running after him.

All video cameras are all now on Yun Er. (Bravo! This man doesn't care the consequences caused by his outburst. I must salute him for his courage! Nothing matters to him more than getting his true love - unlike Cheng Jun who forces himself to go through the engagement ceremony with You Li under media pressure.)

Xiu He demands to know where he is going but Qi Zhu doesn't say. Why not back off a day earlier? Qi Zhu knows Mr Han will not give up. Cheng Jun has been puzzled why Qi Zhu is so obedient. Xiu He knows Qi Zhu will not accept Cheng Jun's call although he wishes to try.

Sure enough, Qi Zhu removes the handphone battery and throws the handphone at the back of his car. He also thrusts the flower on his suit jacket and the tie aside. Tai Ling is angry when a car charges into the garage and the driver doesn't lower the car window. When it is lowered, she is speechless when Qi Zhu asks how much he should pay her.

Why is he here? He remembers that the car is dirty in the midst of the event so he can't carry on with it. She is upset - is he joking with her? It is like he just discovers that the dish on the menu is not steak but beef soup. (He borrows her phrase.) He eats hungrily. Why is she looking at him and not eating? She has a full stomach of questions. Why does he look for her on this day since he dismisses her?

He has to do it - he will not let his father hurt her if Mr Han dismisses her. It is the same injury to her as she is being dismissed. Tai Ling decides to leave. He tells her to let him have a meal - she can stay like a shadow beside him. He doesn't want to be alone - whenever he is upset, he is hungry. He coaxes her to eat with him.

He has cancelled the engagement to come here. She eats with him. He decides to send her home to be her perfect man - he will appear to hold her shoulder, touch her hair and send her right to the doorstep. (He repeats her phrases.) But they have to go for a stroll before that as a date.

They are at the same spot and he takes out his handkerchief. He drags her to sit on it and opens the can drink for her. She is stunned over the change. He cites that he has not been back since the last time to hire her.

She smiles - he is concerned to make her cry after firing her so why lie to her? She shows the photo - if this happens next time, get someone else to tail her and not personally. He looks at it - since it is unclear, he will confiscate it. (What an excuse to keep it!) He puts it inside his pocket as he wants to keep the smile of hers.

She tries to grab it in vain and moans - this is the only photo she has. He acts cool - he dislikes others to keep his photograph. She gives him her pay. If he doesn't accept it, she will stuff into his pocket. He gets her to do it. (Another excuse to get close to her.) He rejects the engagement because he is frightened but helpless. So he chooses the most despicable way. After that, he thinks of where to go and thinks of her.

Xiu He is now in Qi Zhu's bedroom. He finds Tai Ling's messages to Qi Zhu. Yun Er refuses to break off the engagement although Xiu He tries to return the rings. Qi Zhu must be the one to return them. Yun Er wants to know where Tai Ling stays but he refuses to tell her. He warns her not to hurt Tai Ling as she doesn't look as strong as she seems so Yun Er knows that he likes her.

Qi Zhu sends Tai Ling home and opens the car door - it is complete for her. He asks if he can stay overnight. Mr Han is looking for him now. She says no but it doesn't matter to him to sleep on the rooftop table. But he will get bald if he drenches in the rain. He complains she is too much - she stays overnight at his Paris home. She eats his cake and promises to give him one. (So funny that he becomes so childish!) He will not take it against her for breaking her promise - just let him sleep for the night will do.

She is afraid that the place is unsuitable for him. (He is actually jealous that Xiu He stays here before and wants to do the same.) He looks around and comments that it looks fine. Jian knows he implies that it is old - he is so frank. The place is hot and she switches on the fan for him. This man is too used to having air-con - she fixes it in his direction. It is faulty and he wonders when she is going to buy a new one. The toilet is also faulty - now his heart aches upon seeing where she stays.

Xiu He is dismayed to see Qi Zhu's car outside Tai Ling's home. Xiu He tells Tai Ling Qi Zhu's habits. He dislikes big pillows and drinks a glass of water every morning. Tai Ling wonders why Qi Zhu refuses to let her see him when he changes his clothes but laughs upon seeing Qi Zhu in Bi Bao's sports attire. He doesn't look like a prince but a pauper now.

Tai Ling opens the sliding door and peeps at Qi Zhu sleeping. She changes another pillow for him. He thanks her - other places will not be as comfortable. Qi Zhu finally takes off his spectacles to sleep as warmth enters his heart when Tai Ling bades him goodnight.

Xiu He leans against Qi Zhu's car. He listens to music in his MP3 player throughout the night. He looks so upset. Xiu He reads the newspaper headline on Qi Zhu backing off the engagement.

Tai Ling wakes up to know Qi Zhu has left. Qi Zhu sees the newspaper on the windscreen. He becomes wary - who knows that he is here? He comes to office - he has tried hiding in different places the last day but someone still discovers him. Xiu He brings Qi Zhu's clothes to his office and wants him to return the rings. Everyone is exhausted or affected - the family, the reporters, their business associates - but the culprit who causes the trouble looks okay.

Qi Zhu thanks him for the newspaper - is he worried for him or Tai Ling? His answer is both. qi Zhu senses that his tone is cold. Qi Zhu asks what motive Mr Han has - the past marriage with Sheng Ying - once is enough for him. Why do it again and how does he want him to understand the situation?

Qi Zhu apologises for implicating Director Jin each time - he has tried in vain to stop the reporters from publishing the news. He consoles Qi Zhu - all parents will give in to their children in the end. Yun Er notices that Qi Zhu sleeps well and complains that she can't sleep for the night. He thrusts the ring box at her - they should not force each other. The commotion should signify an ending to all ties.

She disagrees - this is a start for her. She wears the ring and knows that he does all for Tai Ling. She reminds him that Tai Ling isn't suitable as his partner but he answers Yun Er is even more unsuitable. He walks away- .but slower than her because she doesn't want to see his shadow anymore. She keeps the ring temporarily.

Sheng Ying is relieved to get Qi Zhu. She nearly faints after reading the news and is unable to get him the whole day. She wonders why he sounds so different. He will only continue their conversation if she talks about something else. So he is in a worse mood that she imagines.

When she asks where he goes, he replies that he goes to the first person's place comes to his mind. Sheng Ying is bitter - she is definitely not the one but he doesn't tell her who she is. Sheng Ying wants to meet Tai Ling. Qi Zhu tells Qi Hui not to look stony - it scares him. It is his fault and she should scold him like his father or nephew.

She looks at him in tears and she hopes that Mr Han and her will die to let both men do what they want. He wonders - what upsets her to think of death? She sobs for really letting him down. Tai Ling has thought that Sheng Ying is Qi Zhu's lover but she admits being his ex-wife. She offers to let her work for her. She denies that Qi Zhu wants her to help and it is her own decision. Liang Mei is shocked to know that.

Tai Ling's colleagues discuss - why does Qi Zhu getting engaged to a person of a lower status? He is richer but she is illegitimate. Tai Ling tries to cover up Qi Zhu's newspaper photo and lies he isn't handsome but they lament that he is. Xiu He is angry - is Tai Ling stupid to believe that Qi Zhu has no place to stay? Qi Zhu's employees are more than 20,000 in Korea alone and his signature changes the tax Korea receives.

Tai Ling explains that Qi Zhu needs a place to rest his heart as a comfort zone and that is her home. That is why he is unhappy. He listens to the 20 songs in the MP3 player 6 times the last time. He will not tolerate this anymore but she apologises. Mrs Yin meets Mr Han, threatens to bring forward the marriage. Yun Er shows the ring to Tai Ling - don't come to meet Qi Zhu. But Tai Ling vows to come whenever she wants.

Yun Er asks - what else does Tai Ling know about Qi Zhu besides him being the CEO of GD Motors and is divorced once? A man who drives an expensive car? Qi Zhu walks past and hears them. He stops aside to listen. I applaud at her answer - although Qi Zhu has everything, he has nothing. He may not have tried saving money in a piggy bank, eating roadside food or crying in front of others.

Qi Zhu's expression looks lonely and desperate - how well she knows him! He has lots of memories but no recollections. Besides the CEO status, he has not considered any other identities. He might not even know how his shadow looks because he never lowers his head to walk. Yun Er can't reply her at all. Tai Ling is shocked to see him outside. Isn't she looking for him and why she takes so long to chat with Yun Er?

She wonders if he hears her and grumbles of him. He asks if she has said nasty things about him to Yun Er. She denies and returns the money. He asks if she makes a trip just to do this. At first she denies but admits it - she is worried for him as he leaves without eating breakfast.

So she uses this excuse but he looks well and she worries for nothing. He also admits that he deliberately leaves the money so that she can come again. although he has just seen her in the morning, he longs to stay with her for a longer time. Both smile at each other.

Cheng Jun guards outside Qi Zhu's office - the secretary asks if Qi Zhu escapes because of Tai Ling. Cheng Jun scolds her - she should be ignorant of certain things. (I never see him so fierce - cheers for this man to support the couple!) Mr Han wants to see Qi Zhu and walks past Cheng Jun into the room and sees the couple.

He is angry - he has chosen another engagement date. Qi Zhu ponders for a while and runs down the stairs, looking for Tai Ling. He sees her approaching the entrance and grabs her elbow. She begs him not to do it as everyone is looking. He grabs her hand to follow him. Mr Han tells Xiu He to see him instead of going to Qi Zhu. Qi Zhu drags Tai Ling in - he wants Mr Han to accept the woman he likes.

He has thought that he only likes her for a short while but he wants to continue loving her. He has never been in love so he wants to try with Tai Ling. He holds Tai Ling's hand firmly and tells her not to be afraid. He knows that Mr Han will not agree to it but he will continue seeing her. (How sweet he is!)

Tai Ling know that Qi Zhu is engaged but Qi Zhu maintains his stand not to get engaged. Mr Han still insists on it. Qi Zhu finds Mr Han too much. Even if she is pregnant, Mr Han will take care of the child and make her leave his son. She can quote a price and Tai Ling weeps. She wants to leave but Qi Zhu still holds her hand. He knows that she is not Mr Han's match. There is no way Mr Han can torture her like this.

If there is something about Qi Zhu resembling him, it will be him guarding her forever. Tai Ling is the first person he wants to see when he is supposed to have his engagement.The one day stay at her home is supposed to be uncomfortable but he feels like owning the world as she is with him. So there is no way he can give up.

Qi Zhu leads her out and discovers that she nearly trips after her knees go weak due to the humiliation. Xiu He overhears everything. He is down but wants Qi Zhu to take care of Tai Ling. Qi Zhu looks at her worriedly in the car.

Xiu He refuses to work in the company. Mr Han knows he also knows Tai Ling. Xiu He describes Tai Ling as a sweet girl but doesn't want Mr Han to give in to Qi Zhu.

Xiu He sees that Qi Zhu uses new car designs and employees praise him. Tai Ling gets off the car sadly. Qi Zhu asks - is she angry? What does he hope her to say? He apologises to take matters into his own hands to let her meet his father. Why let her hear what she dreads to hear? Because he doesn't want to get engaged. Why use her as a shield? She can pretend that she is pregnant to get money and he can get away from it if he discusses with her. She refuses to listen to him.

He holds her shoulders - this is from the bottom of his heart. Tai Ling is his ideal partner to love. He doesn't know how others will express but he can only do this as he is too stupid. She cries. Qi Hui is surprised to know what Qi Zhu has done and Mr Han wants her to change his mind. This shows his sincerity but Mrs Min is going to reveal his secret. Does she want the 33 year old effort to be fruitless?

Qi Zhu demands to know what happens but Mr Han chides him for being arrogant. Qi Zhu doesn't want to be unfilial but is consoled that Qi Hui supports him. She senses that his smile is differnt from usual. Does the woman he loves like to smile? Tai Ling also likes to cry and he makes her cry today. She is the most beautiful woman in his eyes. Qi Hui recalls Xiu He saying the same thing. The two resemble each other to admire the same person.

Xiu He decides to stay out for the night because he is too upset. Tai Ling tapes her messages again - she knows who she likes but what is she going to do to prevent hurting the 2 men? She will rather suffer on her own. Tai Ling's whole family is at public bath so she asks Qi Zhu to come to her home. He smiles - is this her invitation?

He puts his work aside although he is busy when she wants to cook him lunch - he wants New Year cakes. Tai Ling covers the plates with a newspaper to keep it warm. You will laugh - he asks her twice if her uncle is at home over the phone and when he arrives.It is obvious that he wants no disturbance from him and he only wants to enjoy some quiet moments with Tai Ling alone.

He comes with a new fan as he doesn't know where to get a new toilet. This saves him money for buying flowers and she laments that he should get her a fridge. She has wanted to fix him ice coffee in vain the last time. He takes it seriously - what else does she need? She stops him - that is only a joke. He is also joking too and smiles.

He tries the cakes - it is tasty but too spicy. She likes spicy food but he doesn't. Tai Ling tries to keep it - so she should eat alone and why is he helping himself to it?

He complains - is this her way to treat a guest? Why take it away when he is enjoying it - he snatches the dish back and comments on how it is so tasty.They have tea and she will pretend not to hear what is said the last time. He must have felt uncomfortable staying with her the last night. He asks - so- .can't he like her?

She says no - he will try to accept everything at first but will later reject it. He disagrees with her theory - so she asks him to see how she lives? Yes, he has seen it. It seems that after her dismissal, she is too free to be bothered over the trivial affairs. This doesn't bother her in the past. She insists that she is bothered.

Qi Zhu shakes his head - why lie to him? She should come up with something more convincing. She is at her wits- end. Qi Zhu wants her to listen to him - it is hard for him to like someone. He wants to try so she should follow what he says. He will often appear so she mustn't say he gives her a shock. (The quote taken from the first time he looks for her.)They will have meals or car spins together like other couples. She thinks it is too elaborative but he insists because he detects she likes it.

He will always call her and sends her sms. He will learn it now. He will also wait patiently for her to return home at her door step. (All women will melt at his words.) She tries to dissuade him as he is too busy. He wants her to resign from her garage job. It is too tiring for her. She reveals that she is going to work for Sheng Ying at CSV. He is puzzled to know that - he notices that she has a better life now. Qi Zhu is displeased to see Yun Er's name on his handphone and offs it.

Yun Er tells Tai Ling to give up. She loves Qi Zhu and she will try her best to make him love her. Qi Zhu wants to talk to Sheng Ying for 30 minutes. She notices that he calls her more often than they are together. But he doesn't look well - he wants to know what Tai Ling will be doing and why she allows her to work here. She confesses that she feels insecure that he is attracted by another woman and wants to observe her.

She wants to know why Tai Ling is so attractive to him that she lacks. He wishes her to give Tai Ling simple tasks not to make her too tired. (How considerate he is to her!) Zong Gen has never seen a guy fighting with others over a comb. Qi Zhu sees it and asks why he hasn't returned home. Xiu He tells him not to get surprised as someone drops it but he picks it. Qi Zhu wants to talk to him but he refuses.

Xiu He sees Tai Ling drinking alone again and returns her the comb - so he follows her that day. He doesn't want to be her friend. He knows where her heart is but hopes she changes her mind before leaving. She is lucky to know 2 capable men. Qi Zhu comes into Xiu He's room and wonders why he doesn't tell him that he meets her. Qi Zhu truly loves Tai Ling and he knows how Xiu He thinks too.

Why does she reject both of them? Xiu He raises his hopes after knowing that Qi Zhu is rejected. Laugh at their remarks - she is so ugly and careless with a loud voice. She is not only forgetful but also a great liar. They know her so well and so they are rivals. Qi Zhu jokes - how can Xiu He be his match? Xiu He protests - although Qi Zhu is richer, he is more handsome. Moreover, he has not tried loving before but he is an expert.

Cheng Jun is sorry for being unable to stop Mr Han as his secretary the other day but Qi Zhu praises him for doing well. Mr Han will know it some day. Cheng Jun wants to talk to him but Qi Zhu stops him - if it is something too complicated, he will not wish to listen as he will have a headache after the company meeting later. Cheng Jun is talking as his confidante - he can go to him anytime as he supports him.

He has observed all the way from Paris to here. Qi Zhu has not seen himself in the mirror - he has changed into another man. Qi Zhu touches his face. That is why he approves everything. Cheng Jun will help him to watch out for Director Cui while Qi Zhu has to monitor Yun Er. They are puzzled why Mr Han bow low to Mrs Min. Yun Er charges in and Qi Zhu is angry that she doesn't knock on the door. Cheng Jun tries to save him by telling him that the meeting will start in 5 minutes.

She asks him why he keeps creating trouble and he asks the same question. Even asking her mother to help - how old is she? She asks back the same thing - how old is he and what does he want to do with her? She will persist to the end even if she needs to dig to the other end of the world.

He tells her to continue digging but she must be clear to get a well or a grave. (I love this answer!)Qi Zhu walks out for the meeting - although it is only 2 minutes away, he treasures the wasted 3 minutes on Yun Er.

They intend to set up a new department. He will not delay a day and chides Director Cui for putting his plan on hold. Cheng Jun is asked to make an appointment for Qi Zhu with the bank but leaves his schedule free from 1-3pm so as to have a lunch date. He also wants two police guards to be outside his office to disallow Yun Er to go in. Cheng Jun can't help grinning at his request but agrees with him. Qi Zhu recalls Tai Ling's words and smiles, looking at the photo she has taken for both of them.

Sheng Ying finds it interesting - an ex-wife accepting her ex-husband's sweetheart as an employee. But she might give her a hard time. Tai Ling is uneasy - has she offended her? Both are silent but a male's voice startle them.

Qi Zhu finds the joke too much and Sheng Ying's cold attitude suddenly turns warm. She thinks that he is asking her out for lunch. (We can practically melt at the rare, gentle way he looks at Tai Ling and how she fails to avoid looking into his eyes.) But why has he not called her? His eyes are only fixed on Tai Ling to say next time and puts Tai Ling's working hair band on Liang Mei's head to hold Tai Ling's hand to lead her out!

How obvious he wants to make it known that he is dating her! He wants to be firm and confident. He wants to start being in love from today. He is clumsy but he will try. She replies - it is not an exam and he should use his heart to feel it.

He will still try but doesn't know how a newcomer can do well. But he believes she will trust him and follow him. She suddenly says no - how far can they go in her uniform? He is not sure if working hard will do as his heart beats fast. Will his first date be successful?

Tai Ling wonders why he keeps holding her hand but she likes it. Even though the crowd causes them to break free, he quickly grabs her hand. The warmth makes her forget to lose her temper at him.

He brings her into a departmental store but refuses to let go of her hand. He is afraid that they will miss each other in the crowd and that is what lovers do. She knows it but protests that her palms are sweaty but he only brushes it on his jacket and holds her again. She sighs and gives as she knows that he will never release her.

Why are they in a crowded place? He picks a piggy bank and wants to try saving some money. She laughs - he has heard her then and suggests to him to buy a red one.

He takes out his wallet with his left hand with difficulty - you will laugh - he refuses to let go of her hand because of special reasons. She has to dig into the compartment to take the bill for him when he wants to pull it out using his mouth. (Eyes go large upon seeing the number of cards he has.) Xiu He asks why Sheng Ying looks like a girl who has just lost her candy. She feels weird and is helpless, not knowing what to do when Qi Zhu dates in love in front of her. She wants to pour her woes so she asks Xiu He to come.

Why should she be angry as she wants the divorce and to be Qi Zhu's friend? Xiu He leaves as he loses his appetite. Tai Ling puts in the change in the piggy bank after eating the new year cakes with him. Now it is a bit tough - he will try to create memories and will cry when there is a need to. Just like this - he suddenly hugs her and pretends to cry. She is amused - can't he stop as others are looking?

So she must not do anything to cause him to weep - she vows that she will never do it. Why is he acting like a child now? Doesn't she like it? She is younger than him by 7 years and is still a child or baby. She blushes - why call her a babe again? He tells his babe to have ice cream and play with him. Why are there so many choices? He is about to order all when she reminds him that he will suffer from a stomachache. He orders a largest cup that has the same flavour as hers.

But can this happen when his cup is as large as the ice cream tub itself?! He asks if his performance is fine and she nods. So can they sit comfortably by not holding hands? His answer is no. Qi Zhu tells him of the men's war and she replies she likes handsome men. He asks her to look into the mirror as they agree that she is ugly. She is angry and lets go of his hand - how can they talk behind her back? His reply is how to say she is pretty when this is not the truth. He holds her hand again and she laments - if so, why still hold?

He sends her home and opens the car door for her to maek the date complete. He leaves the piggy bank with her so that she can save the money he gives her to buy new year cakes. It is very big so saving up needs a long time and this implies that they will meet often too.

Xiu He wants to take her away at this time because he misses her. Both men look at each other, making the atmosphere tense. Qi Zhu drives away unhappily when she says that she asks Xiu He to come. Xiu He tells her not to lie anymore. The MP3 player now has 40 songs because he takes longer time to wait for her now. She apologises for making him losing his smiles - he is changed now. He leaves the MP3 player behind.

Xiu He doesn't know why he feels sorry to both of them. Qi Zhu ponders over it in the lift. Director Cui sees Qi Hui and regrets what he has done. Xiu He wants to know why he is always looking for his mother but he wants to know if he should work for Mr Han. Now the one holding the power is Qi Zhu and he loses power. Power can let Xiu He have everything and he should not stay in Qi Zhu's shadow.

Xiu He thinks Director Cui shouldn't stay in Mr Han's shadow. Cheng Jun reminds Qi Zhu about his meeting with Japanese clients. Qi Zhu frowns upon knowing Director Cui handles them for a month to strengthen his position. Cheng Jun asks - so they are working with them? Qi Zhu is the one in power and it is time to knock off from work. Cheng Jun asks if he knows Japanese but Qi Zhu isn't a superman. He learns the language at home. He looks at the photo taken with Xiu He and describes him in Japanese.

Xiu He asks if Qi Zhu seeks help from others. He answers no as yes for giving instructions is clearer. Xiu He's confidence is crushed. Xiu He wonders if his CEO position doesn't require him to ask favours from others. He is the reverse - always asking favours from others. Probably yes - so he knows he is forever no match for him.

Yun Er thinks the elders are going to discuss about marriage - she takes over Tai Ling's duties. Qi Zhu doesn't think it is necessary for her to report to him. If she is free, she should think over - why is she still unclear of the situation? He has adjusted everything and she should do it now. Needless to say, it is impossible for him to lunch with her or them.

Yun Er comes to Tai Ling's workplace for interviews. Tai Ling tells her to watch children's movies since she is so immature. (That's a good one!) Xiu He will come often and Liang Mei finds it hard to resist Xiu He although she tells herself to give up on him. Tai Ling listens to the songs on the MP3 player and returns it to him. She doesn't want to give him any more false hopes. Yun Er sees together and gives an evil grin.

Qi Hui also tells Yun Er to give up. Mrs Min laments that they are at the losing end although all rumour that Mr Han is at a losing end to marry his son to someone of a lower status. That happens long ago and Senator Min still wants to threaten him with the documents - this will endanger GD Motors- survival. Qi Hui refuses to give in and leaves. Mr Han still gives in to them.

The Japanese mention they get advantages from Director Cui and Qi Zhu is unhappy they don't want to rush things right on their first meeting. The Japanese like Korean women so Qi Zhu knows how Director Cui entertains them. He will not force them today but their stay finances come from him so they must remember that. He might not work with such carefree people. Director Jin translates for him and the Japanese clients have a shock. Director Cui says Qi Zhu is wrong to offend the long-time Japanese clients.

Qi Zhu knows that he benefits from it but can't eat the same food all along. They can try French cuisine. He gets Cheng Jun to call France. Qi Zhu has tried memorizing the line '€˜Korean women are pretty- over the night. Sheng Ying is now downstairs but will not dare to charge in because of Mr Han. So Qi Zhu goes to meet her - she is sad over yesterday. To think that he will come to CSV in future not because of her but because of another woman.He wants her to be carefree all along and she shouldn't change that.

She admits maintaining links with him to give herself a chance. He tells her it is time to change the last 4 numbers that she has on her handphone that are the same as Qi Zhu's. Zong Gen is glad when Xiu He still masters his drawing skills. Why is he hesitant to join a band that pays well? Xiu He wants him a car from Mr Han.

Qi Zhu refuses to give in to Mr Han and is surprised that Xiu He wants a car. Why doesn't call him directly? Xiu He has not wanted to trouble him again and has a bigger favour to ask from Qi Zhu. That is why he calls Mr Han. Qi Zhu gets for him and wonders why he changes so much. Xiu He drives recklessly.

Qi Zhu buys a new handphone for Tai Ling and checks on the use. Liang Mei gives him Tai Ling's handphone number. Qi Zhu notices it is the same as Xiu He's number for the last 4 digits. Qi Zhu asks Cheng Jun for coins - the poor guy digs everywhere for it. Tai Ling gets Qi Zhu's sms - the adults must have only one friend. If so, press 1. Tai Ling asks for other options. His return sms only says 1.

She tells him to sms properly - what is the meaning of a reduced face? He presses the wrong character '€˜jian- - means meet in Chinese but he keys in wrongly. He has tried his best and it shouldn't matter since she understands.

She explains that the handphone is from Xiu He when he stares at it and he knows it - it is hard to reject him. The piggy bank is skinny lately as she forgets to feed it. He takes out a bag of coins - this is the feed and she should not make it hungry. She laughs at his answer.

He looks like a proud prince but she starts to love him now. He doesn't know how to love but he tries hard to make their hearts come closer. She only feels that he gets cuter every minute as she imagines how he tries sending her sms with his clumsy fingers.

Zong Gen looks at Xiu He's new car and is interested to know Liang Mei.(sorry to disappoint all fans but it stops here with 0 romance between them.) Xiu He is upset to know Tai Ling is dating and beats his drums at home. Qi Zhu looks at the photo when working at home.

Qi Zhu gets a drink and sees Xiu He walking out with the ice hockey stick. Xiu He recalls how Qi Zhu teaches him how to play it. Qi Zhu even pushes him into the goalpost - he vows to win him in future. Cheng Jun takes a photo of them to celebrate him being an adult on his birthday. Qi Zhu recalls it too.

Will Xiu He have everything like Qi Zhu - money, power and status when he works for Mr Han in the designing department? And not to beg others anymore? Mr Han hasn't given him that - Qi Zhu has worked hard for it. Xiu He has not expected this answer - doesn't he has them all along?

Qi Zhu walks out - isn't it cold to be at the venue for the whole night? He should ask him along next time. Mr Han maintains that he treats both guys equally so Xiu He can try out. Qi Hui thinks that it is nice to send the two out daily but Xiu He dislikes it.

She should not adjust Qi Zhu's jacket, tell him to drive carefully and take his meals. Tai Ling sends sms to Qi Zhu asking if he has eaten but he only answers yes. (He is still new in sending sms and doesn't know what signals stand for a smiling face.) His reply '€˜sandwich- disappears so he calls her instead. She insists him to send through sms and not to break the rule but he often types sandwich wrongly. She wants practice makes perfect and he calls her babe again. Liang Mei laments that all lovers are the same - even the rich will manage to raise the goosepimples.

You will laugh upon seeing Qi Zhu getting so frustrated, practicing the word '€˜sandwich- that he slams the phone. Cheng Jun gives out an invitation card - why Zheng He doesn't arrange to meet at the ice hockey ground but meet at a pub. Qi Zhu is uninterested. Cheng Jun coaxes him - he will still have to meet them regarding their new car promotion. Zheng He is selling new cars too - is Cheng Jun going as their junior?

Laugh at Cheng Jun's hesitance - it is a meeting for the rich even for the alumni. Qi Zhu doesn't find it worthy to change them for Cheng Jun so he wants Cheng Jun to come along.These spineless fellows only know how to ask their parents for money. How can they be compared to Cheng Jun? He pat his shoulder to give him assurance. Cheng Jun's eyes lit up and has confidence now. Upon seeing this, Qi Zhu nods his head with satisfaction.(Qi Zhu is really nice to treat him like a brother.)

They walk out together and Yun Er comes to Qi Zhu's office to see the card. Liang Mei looks at Xiu He's photo and Tai Ling applies makeup for her to cheer her up. Yun Er calls Tai Ling and Xiu He to the venue. Zheng He sneers at Cheng Jun for being Qi Zhu's follower.

Cheng Jun replies that Zheng He is only looking for a sidekick for his company but this isn't so in GD Motors. (It is obvious that this nice guy is fed up with him too.)Zheng He tells Cheng Jun to approach him for help since promotion for new cars are not doing well. Qi Zhu doesn't like it but he keeps quiet. (This is in the serial but in the novel, he tells Zheng He that he hopes that he can be successful this time as he never knows tthat Zheng He's hobby is keeping inferior cars!)

This is wacky - Qi Zhu suddenly senses a pair of sharp eyes and a pretty dress swaying nearby. He grasps and feels the air around him turning cold. He asks Cheng Jun if he drinks too much.

Cheng Jun laughs - how can it be as he only drinks 2 cocktails? Then why does he see Yun Er here? Cheng Jun is startled too - what background has Yun Er in searching people successfully. Looks like he as the secretary has to learn from her.

She announces that they are choosing another date for marriage. Qi Zhu frowns and suppresses the urge to throw her out. He says nothing although his face turns green. Tai Ling wets Zheng He with his drink. He wants her to accompany him. She rejects and he is attracted. (Why is she always connected to this kind of sticky situation?)

Yun Er lies Qi Zhu is nice to her and Qi Zhu sees Tai Ling. But he is expressionless and seems to look like a statue. Tai Ling knows that he is furious - is he so because she comes uninvited or because she dresses poorly?

Zheng He describes his boring day being brightened up and starts touching her shoulders. (This man doesn't know he is courting his own death. Cheng Jun is looking at Qi Zhu worriedly.) He wants to have fun with her. Qi Zhu tells him coldly to remove his hands off her when he is polite. Zheng He finds it odd as Qi Zhu never bothers over this kind of trival matters.

When Zheng He tells him to be concerned about his fiancée, Qi Zhu gives him a punch on his face. (This scene is splendid in depicting his anger.)He has already told him to take off his dirty hands from his woman. The two nearly fight - Qi Zhu is conceited although furious and I crack up at his answer.

Zheng He is not his match for the past 33 years and can never defeat him after 60 years! Qi Zhu even wants to break his fingers but lets him off because of Tai Ling. (Just imagine how violent he becomes if he does that.) Qi Zhu warns Zheng He to be careful not to meet him alone again and drags Tai Ling out.

Cheng Jun stops Yun Er from following them - she has already been disgraced. What more does she want?
Qi Zhu asks Tai Ling why she stays to be humiliated. Is she a fool not to fend on her own? She is normally eloquent but why she doesn't resist this time? He feels that his head can explode any moment.

The jerk is so rude to her but she says nothing. She just needs to '€˜take your hand off me- She wants to shout but Zheng He is Qi Zhu's friend. Qi Zhu replies he doesn't have such a friend. He doesn't want her to endure for his sake as he should be the one doing it. Why doesn't Tai Ling just say that Qi Zhu is her man and lover?

Tai Ling cries - what can she say in her casual dressing? She doesn't want to shame him in public just for her dignity. What a romantic scene - Qi Zhu kisses her forcefully to remove her tears! Xiu He is demoralized while Yun Er is jealous. Xiu He drives angrily while the pair is at the swimming pool again.

Qi Zhu is scared that she will want him to swim again. She has caused him to drink a lot of water on that day. He doesn't want her to do it again - he knows what she thinks but only wants her to follow him.

She will have more sad incidents to face. But he promises not to let her cry again. Tai Ling is tearing and he frowns - how can she cause him to lose face to cry immediately when he says that? She doesn't know how painful it will be but she will face it so he must keep his promise.

Xiu He hurts his fist when he hits the mirror. Qi Zhu is concerned - how can he be so careless? He replies he is already careful enough but it happens. Qi Zhu is about to examine for him but he retracts. Both are at the ice hockey ground - is Xiu He okay after drinking and injured? Here comes a fierce and exciting match. Qi Zhu wins but Xiu He insists on playing. He starts to knock Qi Zhu to the side and scores a goal.

Both are at par now because Xiu He wants to win. He wants Qi Zhu to let him have Tai Ling since he has everything. Qi Zhu has a heavy burden to face unlike him who is carefree. Qi Zhu apologises - he seems to have a lot but if giving up all can give him one, he will make Tai Ling his only choice.

He will accede to any of Xiu He's request except this one. Qi zhu now knows how to love and no one can survive without a heart - Tai Ling is his heart. That implies even losing Xiu He. Xiu He cries with his wounded hand - it seems that his whole sky has collapsed. This is so sad. Qi Zhu stands alone at the place.

The poster turns to '€˜gone with the wind- and Tai Ling's face turns red recalling the kiss. The only kiss that they share but lasts so long. Mr Han's secretary brings her to see Mr Han and Cheng Jun sees her at the lobby. Mr Han is unhappy with Tai Ling's background - her family shoots low rated movies. She defends her father who dies in the filming studio. She leaves with tears in her eyes. Yun Er finds Tai Ling too greedy to hurt 2 men and she will control Xiu He's fury.

Tai Ling is about to walk out when she gets Qi Zhu's call. He demands to know where she is and why her voice is so strange. She sees him at the second storey but lies she is still at the cinema, hiding at a corner from him as he looks down now. He starts blaming the audience - how can so many of them watch a movie to make his girlfriend so tired? She weeps and asks if he manages to sell a hundred cars to earn a million.

He laughs - she has taken him as a student. He is distracted the whole day at work. So business isn't that good and shall they have dinner? She lies she has eaten and quickly hangs up. He is puzzled and is unhappy to see Yun Er in his office. Where has Cheng Jun gone - he has not let others enter his office easily. If she doesn't want to be a stranger, she has to watch herself.

How unexpected - she kisses him and he pulls her away. (Normally women lost out but in this case, Qi Zhu is being taken advantage.) Does she only know low tactics? She answers yes. Is it wrong to love him? His unfeeling reply is yes as she makes him miserable. He tells her to reserve her emotions for someone else.

Does he love Tai Ling so much? Qi Zhu gets tense - what does that mean? She tells him to ask Mr Han father and Qi Zhu is puzzled when Cheng Jun asks if he has seen Tai Ling. How does he get to see her here? Qi Zhu walks out upon realizing what has happened. Director Cui mentions about Qi Zhu's hostility towards the Japanese clients but Mr Han wants Qi Zhu to try new ways.

Director Cui is upset that he doesn't get support. Mr Han is displeased with Tai Ling to complain to Qi Zhu. Qi Zhu gets mad - she tries to keep it from him in the dark.Why doesn't Mr Han listen to him and talk to him directly? If not, just give in to him. If Mr Han keeps hurting her, Qi Zhu will not tolerate anymore. Director Cui comments Qi Zhu resembles his father but Mr Han tells him to shut up.

Qi Zhu comes to CSV to see Tai Ling with Xiu He. He is about to call her but closes his handphone. Xiu He wants to woo her with the car and with a job. Xiu He brings her to the ice hockey ground and comments that he loses all along but has a draw with Qi Zhu this time. But he is still unable to win him. She talks about her experience earlier - she has endured because of Qi Zhu. She apologises - her heart is now with Qi Zhu so she hopes he will remain as Qi Zhu's nephew.

She has chosen an extraordinary man and she has to watch her step. But Xiu He will still go closer to her. She wishes to return alone and both cry upon thinking of the past. Xiu He is burning with rage upon thinking of Qi Zhu. Mrs Min and Yun Er gives Qi Hui her traditional Korean dress. She ignores them. Yun Er starts to feel like giving up. Mr Han's secretary gives Bi Bao money to shoot a movie but his condition is to make Tai Ling return to Paris.

Jian sees Mrs Min slapping Tai Ling. Tai Ling walks out and Jian hits Qi Zhu for allowing that to happen and refuses to talk to Qi Zhu. Tai Ling wonders why he is here as the working hours are not over. He looks restless - is it because he can't sell many cars?

Can't he make her happy today? Qi Zhu sits near the piano in a restaurant. He admits not singing well and those who refuse to listen may leave. Tai Ling stands up but he tells her to sit down. He announces publicly that he is in love and hopes to make her happy by singing.

Qi Zhu plays the tune '€˜little bee- as a warm up but sings well while playing the piano. (Director Yin from '€˜All About Eve- has a strong rival! I am amazed by Qi Zhu's wonderful voice too but wonders if Shin Yang is the one playing the piano, unlike Sang Woo who was just pretending in '€˜Staircase to Heaven- )

At first, all are talking but they stop as tehy are attracted by the piano piece. Qi Zhu's eyes never leave Tai Ling - he does this public performance because of her. All clap after he finishes singing and Tai Ling is impressed. Her restless expression turns energetic again. It seems that he is successful again.

How can he brag and lie so well to say he doesn't know how to sing! She admits she is happier now. His expression turns stern - when is she going to tell him who looks for her? What has his father said? Tell him now as he doesn't want her to handle alone.

She lies he wants them to continue dating. She meets Xiu He and hurts him. But she is cheerful now - he requests her to stay with him. (Definitely not that kind of cohabiting relationship Zai Min wants with Shui Jin in '€˜Memories of Bali- but to marry him.)

He doesn't wish her to suffer anymore. Does he hope she says yes but no, she loses out as a woman. She should suffer longer. His answer is another hilarious one - if she suffers too long, she will burn out just like the clay pot rice. She can still joke that she likes clay pot rice.

Xiu He refuses to let Qi Zhu into his room although he hasn't slept. He shaves off his goatee. But his shiny eyes have turned cold. Both guys start dressing themselves for work - in front of their king-sized mirrors.

Xiu He looks glamourous in the white suit, well shaven with a shorter haircut. But he feels uncomfortable in them.(So different from the past and I like his new look.) He thrusts his musical instrument aside. Qi Zhu is stunned - Xiu He really knows how to scare others.

He tells Qi Zhu not to get shocked - he wants to work now. Is he doing for the reason that Qi Zhu thinks? He answers probably and Qi Hui is stunned too. Tai Ling forces the truth out of Bi Bao. Xiu He wants to start from where Qi Zhu starts but how can this be as he is already CEO from then till now! Qi Zhu decides to put him into the designing unit. Whatever the reason, Xiu He has the ability and Qi Zhu welcomes him.

Xiu He has learned from him - to choose one, he must give up another. Director Cui describes Xiu He having hunger but he denies. Yun Er is surprised to see him. His leader asks if Xiu He loves car designing more than women but he answers love and cars are no. 1 to him. Tai Ling returns the money to Mr Han. She will pay him back that money that her uncle spends on the sunglasses.

Qi Zhu is surprised to see her here when he comes with Xiu He. Mr Han wants her to sit but Qi Zhu wants her to leave. She listens to Qi Zhu and Mr Han throws money at her. Both guys nearly bark at the old man! Qi Zhu talks to Mr Han. Xiu He is adamant to send her home but is that what Qi Zhu can do? He hurries to the lift and Mr Han cites Qi Zhu chosing the right scheming woman to think that he gives too little money.

Qi Zhu also agrees - Mr Han should give her everything so that he can give up on her. Mr Han throws something at Qi Zhu but he dodges to make him break his precious vase. Xiu He panicks when he can't find Tai Ling and is relieved that she is behind him. She asks where his goatee goes and he changes to a rich man. Why is she still okay after the humiliation? She has expected that so it is enough for only Qi Zhu to be beside her. She returns the handphone to him - because the last 4 numbers are the same.

So everything is back to him - his heart and his things. But he hasn't kept anything because hers aren't with him in the first place. (How sad he sounds!) He holds the handphone in his hand tightly. Qi Zhu demands to know why he can't be with Tai Ling. He will try to settle for Mr Han and Mr Han is shocked when he calls Senator Min in front of him. Xiu He is angry with Qi Zhu for not sending Tai Ling back personally. He will not do this if he is him. He should decide on his own instead of asking onlookers questions.

Qi Zhu agrees to marry Yun Er but wants them to tell him the money or personal debt to clear. Only after that, he will get married. If they don't say it, they can forget about it. He wants to prepare his wedding with the woman he loves. Qi Zhu calls Tai Ling and is surprised to hear Xiu He's voice. Xiu He tells him that he will throw this old one so Qi Zhu can get her a new one. Qi Zhu drives away quickly to see her.

Senator Min praises Mr Han for having a clever son. Since the marriage is off, they should reveal the secret. Mr Han is not intimidated. Qi Zhu asks if Tai Ling calls him in the office but Cheng Jun says no. The meeting is going to start 30 minutes later but Qi Zhu can't get back on time. He wants to do something most important in his life. He drives fast to the bus stop after asking Liang Mei.

He stops the car in front of Tai Ling but she is too tired to face him. She is disgraced in front of Mr Han. She will call him later and he is helpless. He drives beside her and shouts her name from the car. He really makes her shy in front of the crowd. (The same thing Cheng Jun does in '€˜Staircase to Heaven- but it is so hilarious.) He stops beside it after forcing her to get down in vain. He discards his car aside to get on the bus with her! Luckily no one steals it- .She has to pay the bus fare for him as he has no spare coins.

He must tell her today although he understands her feelings. She is puzzled - why is he so childish as all are looking at them? That is why he wants her to get off. She refuses as she has paid twice the fare. An old woman laments that she is tired and Tai Ling pushes him. He gets too angry - only to be reminded to give up his seat to her. But how is he going to tell in front of so many people? She will wait all the way to her home. He has a headache - how can there be a weird person like her?

The bus is crowded and others start pushing him. When he finally sits beside her, she gets off. He suggests to be together. She doesn't need to feel complicated and they can settle it today. She can answer through MCQ - no.1, yes, no.2, no but he will try his best to make her say '€˜yes- and no.3, consider for a day. But he will still want her to marry him immediately. (This CEO doesn't allow choices at all judging from the conditions listed.) She is completely stunned by his marriage proposal.

People start to look at them and she chooses 4. He is alarmed - there is no 4! She answers yes, to get engaged. She suffers so much and needs dowry. (His expression is sure classically confused but what a way to propose marriage at this place?!) His heart finally calms down -she has given him a confirmed answer.

The crowd pretends to look in another direction but still listens eagerly. He is overjoyed - getting engaged will be far from getting married but it doesn't matter to him. He is really scared what happens earlier will turn her cold against him. So she isn't afraid now? So she has to keep the promise and not regret it?

But she can never meet his standards so he has to adjust to her standard. A big crowd appears - all said that he just has to give in and she will give in to him after marriage. He agrees so how does he do it? She wants his wallet and sees this CEO has little money. So they can use the 10,000 won for their date today. He exclaims - how to date with so little money? He accidentally breaks a woman's eggs and has to pay 2000 won. He is unhappy - is she blackmailing him?

She tells him not to count repeatedly - can the bills increase - he has only 8 bills. They go to a vending machine and get instant drinks instead of going into a coffee house. He wants to get her a cheaper hot drink. She presses a more expensive cold drink when he isn't looking. He wants to save money by sharing the drink with her. So funny to see him begging for it and becoming a miser now.

He has only 2500 won left and they are now hungry to eat sweets. She takes 2 cuttlefish and Qi Zhu has to pay for her as she runs away. Xiu He thinks of how the two '€˜betray- him to be together and looks at the handphone. How sad - he uses the handphone and calls himself - the caller's name in his handphone is '€˜the adorable Tai Ling- Cheng Jun wonders what Qi Zhu is up to not to return to work the whole day - even to keep from him as secretary. Qi Zhu changes ever since he is in love.

This ignorant Cheng Jun asks if he knows Tai Ling who is so much better than Yun Er. He even asks Xiu He to support his uncle since Mr Han objects to it and he is always on Qi Zhu's side. Cheng Jun reminds him not to get close to Director Cui as he has too much of their company shares. Xiu He stays back at work to come up with a new design but feels the pain in his right hand.

He looks at his MP3 player and plays music from it. Tai Ling is reluctant to leave Qi Zhu when he sends her back.She reminds Qi Zhu to open the car door for her next time - normally a man will do it without being reminded. Can she leave after listening to a song for 5 minutes? It must be hard on him to be so thrifty today. No, it is fun to him to have 100 won left so that their piggy bank will not be hungry.

He reminds them of their engagement repeatedly. (I really laugh - normally it is a woman who is frightened for her man to have a change of heart but in this case, Qi Zhu feels insecure. He is afraid that she will change her mind.) and she will not forget it. Qi Zhu wishes Qi Hui to meet Tai Ling. He is sure she will like her. Qi Zhu has done the most important thing in his life and wishes to share with him. But Xiu He refuses to listen to him - he is still designing with an injured hand to show how urgent the order is. Qi Zhu leaves his room but Xiu He throws the sketchbook aside - he has just drawn Tai Ling.

Tai Ling wonders if her wish in Paris comes true. Xiu He wants Qi Zhu to introduce him to others in the meeting. He declares his ability will not lose to others although he is in due to connections. He has a different stand from his uncle so they need not care about him. Director Cui gives an evil smile. Qi Zhu will decide on the final design of the new car. Xiu He thinks the design is too traditional. Director Jin comments that Xiu He is a young Qi Zhu - similar in character.

Qi Zhu asks - why doesn't Xiu He come earlier since he has the urge to work? Qi Zhu warns him - if he only knows how to sneer at others as his weapon and ability, he will fire him. His own nephew is supposed to help him and not be against him. Xiu He snares that he is not in the position to decide what he should do - when he loses him to choose Tai Ling, he loses him. Qi Zhu doesn't understand him enough - he will know soon what weapon he has. Yun Er overhears them.

CSV plans a pajamas party. Yun Er sees Sheng Ying and she sneers at Yun Er for nearly getting engaged to Qi Zhu. Does Yun Er want her to fire Tai Ling because the two are together? Tai Ling finds it absurd that Yun Er comes - it is rare that the 3 are together and Qi Zhu is so lucky. His ex-wife, woman who he breaks the engagement with and his present girlfriend meet together. Tai Ling needs not be grateful to Sheng Ying. She is still angry now and doesn't know if they will be friends or enemies if she marries Qi Zhu.

Yun Er should think - a perfect man like Qi Zhu only likes Tai Ling. He is rich and nice-looking. Besides being knowledgeable, he has strong fists and sings well. This is something that Yun Er doesn't know. Tai Ling is mesmerized by him and doesn't want Mrs Min to come to her home again. Yun Er warns her not to fight for a hopeless case. Tai Ling throws a coin in the fountain to wish for a normal love relationship.

Qi Zhu is not in the mood to talk about the meeting that he misses and wants him to take care of Xiu He. Director Cui says Xiu He is too anxious to prove himself - he should let others believe in him. This is Qi Zhu's winning formula and Xiu He is far from him. Qi Hui tells Xiu He to come over and she is worried.

Mr Han never regrets not having a son - it is like the day when she is only 17. He doesn't want Qi Zhu to be tormented so he arranges the marriage. Qi Hui wants to tell the truth to prevent Mr Han from giving in to Senator Min. Qi Hui wants Mr Han to accept Tai Ling but he tells her that both men love the same woman. Blood is thicker than water. He has not thought that Qi Zhu isn't his son. He vows to keep the secret - so she should continue to treat her son like her brother.

She is relieved that Xiu He has not heard them. Qi Hui cries and Xiu He gets worried. She wants to make a suit for him - just like what she does for Qi Zhu. He rejects as he doesn't want to imitate his uncle anymore. Xiu He can never bring her to see the woman he loves as she is being snatched away. He coaxes her to see Tai Ling. Liang Mei blames Tai Ling for being stupid. She should have told Qi Zhu to propose romantically - how can he just do it at the bus stop? (She may be right but Tai Ling is the cause.)

Qi Zhu wants Tai Ling to meet his sister. Her colleagues try to make her prettier. Qi Zhu waits for her and is attracted when he sees her coming down the escalator. He smiles and leads her away. She brings him to the cosmetic department and is alarmed that he is using the same tactic to save time - to buy each one again. He doesn't know what his sister likes so she chooses on her own. Qi Hui is cold to Tai Ling but observes a change - he gets food for her and he announces that he wants a grand engagement fast.

He has told Mr Han on a few occasions but he pretends not to hear it. So he requests her to help. Qi Zhu walks aside to listen to a call. Qi Hui wants her to reject Qi Zhu's proposal because of her lowly status. She will persuade him on her side. Qi Zhu tells Qi Hui to treat Tai Ling better - Mr Han already makes her feel insecure. He grabs Tai Ling's hand in front of Qi Hui. Qi Hui is unhappy to see this.

Tai Ling pulls her hand out from him uneasily and he is concerned - is she unwell? Both women pretend to be friendly to each other. Tai Ling tells Qi Zhu to send Qi Hui home since she doesn't drive. (You will hate her for breaking them up.) Tai Ling beats a dummy doll in anger. Why is it so hard to be with him? Mrs Min tells the truth to Yun Er - Qi Hui bore Qi Zhu out of weblock and it is so unfair that Qi Zhu has everything. If Xiu He knows the truth, he will be angry till he bursts.

If all know a person who doesn't know who his father is is the CEO, how will they think? Mr Min spends so much time to cover it up. This is also Yun Er's weapon so she will definitely get married to Qi Zhu. Qi Hui doesn't approve of Qi Zhu to be with Tai Ling. Xiu He loses his appetite upon hearing that. Qi Zhu doesn't know what happens but hopes that the two will meet again but she is indifferent.

Qi Zhu tells Xiu He that he is getting engaged soon. Xiu He regrets not drinking wine so that he will not get to hear this. Qi Zhu is too greedy - he will never give up. How can they give in to each other? Xiu He is warm unlike a level-headed Qi Zhu. Qi Zhu is upset both are making his life difficult. How is he going to treat him after marriage? Qi Zhu is so tired guarding his beloved against so many people.

Xiu He suggests him to give up but Qi Zhu will not give up or regret it. Xiu He replies - don't force him then. Xiu He asks Tai Ling why she does this. She loves Qi Zhu but since Qi Hui objects, none will approve of them together. Tai Ling believes she can do it. Xiu He hurts himself impulsively on the hand and only regrets after feeling the pain. Her reply - it is better than not trying at all.

Both of them have no sweet memories but why is he here to upset her? He also asks himself - this scene is very sad - this is the first time he touches her face filled with tears. She looks like this the first time he sees her but he has no handkerchief to wipe off her tears now. He can only tell her not to cry but will not wish her well. He lies he will not harbour hopes anymore. Zong Gen fails to cheer him up. He is helplessly in love but can only watch her secretly. Zong Gen lets Xiu He stay in a hotel. He recalls the past sadly.

Qi Zhu calls Tai Ling and is concerned about her. Qi Zhu is in Xiu He's room, looking at Tai Ling's sketch. Xiu He asks himself - why doesn't Tai Ling notice him first when he fixes her bicycle. She will belong to him and not to Qi Zhu. Qi Zhu comes to the hotel and sees him at the reception area. Tai Ling returns all the things to her colleagues. Sheng Ying is down upon knowing their coming engagement. Xiu He tells Tai Ling not to give him any burden. He dresses half-casually - with a short leather jacket to work.

Sheng Ying wants Tai Ling to pass something to Qi Zhu as Mr Han will not like to see her. Tai Ling never knows that Mr Han dislikes so many people. She also leaves a note for Qi Zhu allowing them to date. I think that Mr Han is stupid to tell Yun Er the truth. He accepts her as his daughter-in-law and hopes this secret will be under wraps forever. So she must endure what Qi Zhu might do now.

How can Xiu He feel good after a hangover? Qi Zhu thrusts the designs to Xiu He - are they too traditional? Doesn't Qi Zhu read the sales report? The expected 3% buyers to be maintained dips so they must make simpler and faster designs. Qi Zhu wants him to do research. Designers don't just analyse reports. They must be imaginative. It may dip now but what happens 5 years later?

Is the Korean economy turning bad? He tells Xiu He not to look for short cuts but to be creative. The 3% population will grow in generations even though the country goes bankrupt. Xiu He replies - just like how Qi Zhu does now. The women enter Qi Zhu's office and Qi Zhu is so delighted to see Tai Ling that he stands up.

But upon seeing Yun Er, his reaction changes 180 degrees. Sheng Ying tells Tai Ling to come with a cake and a present - Tai Ling wonders - is it Qi Zhu's birthday? Qi Zhu jokes that he is popular with women. Tai Ling replies this is nothing compared to the three of them meeting up earlier.

Qi Zhu opens it - it has a champagne with a letter.
Qi Zhu tells Yun Er to get out but she says his face is different. He tells her to move - it might be he can't sleep the last night so his face is slightly swollen. Tai Ling asks - what is there to look for as the man is already attached? Qi Zhu looks at Sheng Ying's note - she gives him his engagement present and also adds his fiancée. But why the things he is unable to do in the past with her can be done with the woman in front of him now?

This makes her angry but she still congratulates him. Qi Zhu can sense her bitterness through the words. Tai Ling wishes to reconsider whether if she should quit. Can she be a movie star? He shakes his head - doesn't she see her mirror reflection? He gives her a new handphone - it is so hard to get her without one. But this is not free and she has to agree to his wish.

She is frightened that he might raise an unreasonable request. He smiles upon seeing her so wary. He wants to joke with her but bears with it. He has no time and his office is unsuitable.He wants her not to let him marry other women. She tells him not to worry - he has no chance even for men!

Tai Ling teaches Qi Zhu how to send icons. He laughs - it is easier reassembling car parts. Tai Ling asks if he fares badly in school. She feels his temples but releases when Xiu He comes. The three have a meal together and Xiu He finds it tough to call Tai Ling '€˜aunt- Qi Zhu wants this to start now. Tai Ling nearly chokes and Xiu He stops when he is about to give her a glass of water. Qi Zhu hopes he will only see her unwilling expression the last time today. They will be busy the next day.

This scene is also wacky. Tai Ling looks at the many gowns at the bridal studio and opens her mouth wide.
He tells her to close her mouth and she is trying. She wants to choose the lace one she likes. He objects - they are not here to choose the window curtains. He gives XXX to voice his disapproval. She wears a peach gown - that is the style he likes and she finds it good too. He asks her to turn to the back - why doesn't the designer fix another hole? She protests as she doesn't want to be sexier.

She tells him to close his mouth upon seeing him distracted by her beauty. He gives the same reply - he is also trying. Now is Qi Zhu's turn. (I never know that guys have so many suits and it is funny that he tries more suits than Tai Ling who only tries a gown. To balance the number that she tries in Paris?)

He hides behind the curtain like a child. He is not working at the nightclub so the suit is out. He tries on many ones - actually they suit him well and he amuses us by wearing the tiara. He tries a white suit and she finally says okay. (It is like his normal business suit with a blue pocket handkerchief but minus the tie.)

Xiu He listens to the MP3 player again in despair. The two are in a jewelry shop - Tai Ling wonders if the rings are expensive. Qi Zhu doesn't know as he has not bought it before and asks for the biggest ring.

Tai Ling immediately says no. If not, give him a smaller but most expensive. She also objects and only wants normal gold rings. If he makes her angry, she will sell to buy wine to drink. The staff takes out the ring that Qi Zhu has already prepared. Qi Zhu asks - will she really do it? He pretends to return the ring but she snatches it. How can he change his mind? Are they really getting engaged?

His family should see her normal self now. Qi Zhu asks if she is really ready. She is prepared to get scolded but he will accompany her. Mr Han gives Bi Bao money to shoot a movie. Xiu He sees the two going into the building together. They plan to get engaged this weekend. Mr Han allows them to go ahead but Qi Hui still objects. Qi Zhu smells a fish and isn't that happy as expected.

Yun Er wants Xiu He to support her to break the two up. He doesn't want to join forces with her. Xiu He is concerned when Bi Bao leaves Jian alone again. Xiu He carries him on the back. Loving someone makes his heart ache. Qi Zhu carries Xiu He when he is young because Qi Hui will not carry him. Tai Ling sees Xiu He after Qi Zhu sends her back. Bi Bao reads the report on Tai Ling's coming engagement. Jian takes the photo excitedly with Tai Ling. But he likes Xiu He and not Qi Zhu.

On the big day, Xiu He comments that Tai Ling is pretty. Qi Zhu keeps fidgeting. Cheng Jun asks why his face is red as this is not the first time he gets engaged. (I have thought that the suit she chooses is too plain looking but when he adds the pink rose ornament near the suit pocket, he looks so different. Tai Ling does have fashion taste.)

Qi Zhu replies he is still nervous even though he has the experience. Qi Zhu asks - is he a bad man? Xiu He replies yes so he must be nice to Tai Ling or he will vomit blood to death. He loves 2 people deeply and gets hurt so Qi Zhu must be blissful.

Tai Ling is nervous to walk around and knocks into Qi Zhu. He puts on the same necklace - she must not lose it as he borrows it. He nearly doesn't have the strength to stand. He leads her out to exchange rings and watches. Xiu He watches sadly when both cross their elbows to drink the champagne. Bi Bao comes secretly and Xiu He can't bear it any longer when they cut the cake so he walks out. Yun Er arrives with Mrs Min but doesn't stop them although she touches her ring.

When reporters ask, Tai Ling admits she is once Qi Zhu's maid. He never owes her salary to make him happy. She attracts him by the beautiful way she eats the cake. This is the secrets that only they themselves know.

She is an ordinary woman in love. Her beloved is rich, tall, sings well and has two dimples when smiling. She likes his dimples very much. This is only part of him. Both smile sweetly as Qi Zhu shows his deep dimples to express his joy. Director Cui tells Xiu He - this is his elder brother's engagement party. So he must smile. Qi Zhu has taken everything from him all the while. Upon knowing that Qi Hui is pregnant, he tells Mr Han the news, hoping for a chance but fails.

Director Cui waits for this day for long. He believes that Xiu He becomes equally ugly too. Xiu He has no power, mother and woman. Xiu He can confirm the truth from Senator Min, Xiu He is so badly shaken that he doesn't send the couple off and ignores Qi Hui. Qi Zhu brings Tai Ling to her father's grave. He apolgises for not seeking his approval to be his son-in-law. Tai Ling is too pretty today and he holds her hand, promising not to let her go or shed a tear. He is happy to tell him that.

She weeps now and hopes that none will be hurt because of them. Xiu He uses the golf club to smash things in Senator Min's office to force the truth out of him. Senator Min begs him to consider for Qi Zhu as he still needs Mr Han's funds for political support. Qi Zhu's father is already dead. Tai Ling coaxes Qi Zhu to take photos with her. He rents bicycles because he has wished to ride with her since they meet in Paris. They enjoy their short
'€˜honeymoon- feeling contented when sitting on a swing.

Xiu He comes to the spot where Qi Hui sends her beloved away. He remembers the past - asking why he should call Qi Zhu uncle instead of brother. He replies not to make Qi Hui angry.He knows now that Qi Hui only gives all her love to Qi Zhu while he is neglected. Qi Zhu is the offspring of the man she loves while Xiu He is from the man she hates. why is she so selfish?!

He hides aside when Qi Hui comes again - she relates that Qi Zhu is just like him - loving without regrets. Although she feels bad, both are her children. Since one suffers, it might be better if both suffer. (This is some kind of stupid theory.) Xiu He cries secretly aside - I feel like slapping his mother!

Tai Ling cooks while Qi Zhu works. He tells his subordinate - there is no use to have ideas without funds. He has given him the rule book but has he read it? He tells Tai Ling to read his sms to him as he is tired. She reads the congratulation message from Sheng Ying. Tai Ling wonders why such an attractive woman parts with him. Qi Zhu doesn't know how to love someone in the past but he should be an expert now.

Tai Ling exclaims - what? She is still doing the cooking alone and he helps her now. Xiu He walks in the rain and trips. Qi Hui marries unwillingly and bears Xiu He. Whenever she sees him, he reminds her of his father to upset him. (Poor chap - what wrong has he done? No wonder he is so bitter for revenge because of this selfish mother who doesn't even look at him. ) Xiu He ignores her when he gets home and faints.

Qi Zhu covers Tai Ling's eyes and she is touched to see a heart-shaped candle-lit dinner arranged. To make his, his arms nearly break. She starts asking questions - what does he read? Books on cars and he is never free. What will he bring to a deserted island? His laptop, car and the finance report for the last 6 months. If strikes lottery, what will he do? He never buys it but he will donate the sum if he wins. If a day has 25 hours, what will he do in the last hour? Continue reading unfinished working documents. If he meets someone he doesn't like, he will bring him to the firing squad to shoot him.

Tai Ling finds his answers boring and so is his question - does she like a jeep or car? When is his luckiest moment? It is now. Since the day he knows her, this is the moment. She gets touched.

Xiu He wakes up to find Qi Hui beside him. In the past, he will feel that he owns the world with her concern but now, he knows that she marries his father so that Qi Zhu will not get hurt to make him own everything. Qi Hui chooses to sacrifice herself to marry someone she dieslikes. So he becomes nothing to her.

He returns to work and questions Director Cui's motive. The old man wants the company. Why make use of him as he has nothing? He likes his anger and jealousy. He is uninterested to leave everything to Qi Zhu but he wants to ruin him - to make him suffer. (Xiu He is going to be extreme now.)

Director Cui wants him to rope supporters. Xiu He doesn't want him to give him orders. Cheng Jun is uneasy to see them together. Qi Zhu returns with Tai Ling to work but Mr Han still can't accept her. Qi Zhu sees Xiu He sitting on his chair in his office. It is cosy with a good spring. Xiu He is bitter - he will leave as it is never his seat.

He has called him uncle for 26 years but feels strange now. He vows to work harder since he is not in love. Cheng Jun tries to find out why Xiu He and Director Cui are together in vain.

Xiu He decides to work with Yun Er and doesn't want to see Tai Ling. So does Qi Hui.(Hey, who is wrong all along?!) Mr Han wants his secretary to watch Tai Ling's action at work. She gets so mad that she uses the mop to dirty his shoes. Mr Han arranges to have a meal with Tai Ling over the weekend. Zheng He'€™news of unable to secure funds for his new car project is trapped is in the papers. Qi Zhu wonders why he looks oily even on photos. Does Cheng Jun look for Zheng He?

Cheng Jun notices that Qi Zhu is too relaxed but he tells Cheng Jun not to be bought over by Zheng He at a low price. Cheng Jun finds a new house for the couple. Qi Zhu wants to move out - not to be independent but he knows his family can't accept Tai Ling. Qi Zhu asks why Xiu He eats alone in the staff canteen. He replies he is different from him. Qi Zhu doesn't have to act like a kind uncle.

Qi Zhu gets so angry that he hits him on the lips - is he acting like a man and why does he become unreasonable? Xiu He laughs haughtily - their blood type is different. No matter what it is, he will not hit Qi Zhu's face. He has wanted to get punched and thanks Qi Zhu for it. In secret, he thanks Qi Zhu for giving him a reason for the ugly affair. Qi Zhu regrets hitting him now.

Qi Zhu brings Tai Ling to their soon-to-be home. He hits a person but feels the pain to be upset. She asks for a dance. He rejects as he only wants to dance with a woman whose inner beauty surpasses the exterior. How does he know? He can see that - she doesn't wish to show her wound to him to increase his worry to cry alone. She also knows to treat his wound through a dance. She hugs him as a wound needs a bandage.

He buries his head close to her chest. He has thought of her to be too skinny and small but he feels the warmth. He closes his eyes and smiles and she pats his back. Men have their weak side and they will look for their women for consolation. Now he has found her - she is his fortune.

Xiu He knows of Zheng He's news and wants Director Cui to help him. He has the sword but wants Director Cui to use it. Xiu He wants Qi Zhu to lose his job. Qi Zhu is furious that the bank is putting GD Motors fund plan on hold to talk to Zheng He. He and Cheng Jun join Zheng He and the bank manager for golf. Qi Zhu is back to his arrogant working self again.

He comments that Zheng He should not suspect his golf club but his own ability for being unable to play the game well. Qi Zhu uses Cheng Jun's golf club which he claims to cause 45000 won. It doesn't matter to Qi Zhu what cheap club he uses as long as he is the one to hit. (The two men's clubs cost 10 times more.)

Qi Zhu wins the two men again. (How can this man be so good in everything?!) Zheng He comments that Qi Zhu must have be playing all along and not working. He nearly vomits blood at Qi Zhu's reply - his last playing is before he leaves Korea and since back, he has not been playing the game!

Qi Zhu isn't good in golf but he knows inexperienced players should play from the safe zone while the lousy ones often try their best to display their ability to save just a hit to get trapped. So the manager should know what to do now. The men are annoyed but can say nothing. Qi Zhu leaves and asks Cheng Jun whether the club costs 45000 won. Cheng Jun shakes his head - it is only 25000 won and he doesn't wish to disgrace himself. Qi Zhu thinks it doesn't matter because they win over the men who are using the best clubs. They must have the bravery for survival.

Qi Zhu brings Tai Ling home and she is speechless at the huge size. She opens her mouth wide and he comments that this will not help her to be a queen. She feels disturbed when Xiu He calls her '€˜aunt- She sees the bruise and realizes that Qi Zhu hits him. Mr Han wants her to come to know their family better.

Qi Hui tells Tai Ling to bring the food she cooks back as it is unsuitable for their taste. Qi Zhu is so angry that he wants to bring her upstairs but Tai Ling helps in the kitchen. Qi Hui tells her that there will not be a next time she comes here so she needs not remember the rules. (She is sure nasty to her.)

Xiu He is unable to endure it and Tai Ling should do things according to her likes. Xiu He wants Director Cui to find more of Senator Min's deeds so that they can blackmail him. Tai Ling gets tense when she talks too much and Mr Han doesn't like it. The two elders pick on her. Mr Han wants her to quit her job and moves out to spend the money that he gives Bi Bao.

Bi Bao is here to return the money but he loses it. Qi Zhu suspects that Mr Han frames Bi Bao. He feels the anguish upon seeing her thin and pathetic frame. He blames himself - why does he bring her home?

Tai Ling is upset to see that they are humiliated. If Mr Han wants to give the money, give to her as part of the family. There is no way she can repay him or move out but she will work hard. This is a tiring dinner but she will come in future if Mr Han invites her. Qi Zhu is angry - what Mr Han means not to let her tell others that she doesn't get the expected treatment - is to humiliate her. He will move out the next day. Qi Zhu goes after her.

Tai Ling is angry Bi Bao should move back now but he refuses. She is sorry to him instead as Mr Han will find all ways to make him accept the money. Qi Zhu regrets bringing her here - she asks - can she borrow his car?

He is alarmed when she drives fast. He quickly fasterns teh seatbelt on her. She yells and now there are few cars on the road so she vents her frustrations. She is like a fish which is happy to see water.

Upon seeing how cars flash by, Qi Zhu is so frightened that he closes his eyes and clings to the side. They nearly have accidents on the way...if this goes on, even though they might not get him, he will be scared to death. Suddenly the car stops.

He opens his eyes and sees her puffing at the wheel. She smiles and it seems that she is happy now. He decides - after marriage, he must get her a container truck which is not prone to accidents. If not, it will be dangerous judging from the way she drives. He steps out, feeling goggy - it seems that he hasn't recovered from the jerks.

Xiu He runs on the street. Tai Ling asks if she looks fine today - she has no money to buy a new dress to upset him.

He replies that she is pretty enough and she can scold or hit him if she is upset. She smiles and hopes that he will not be angry with her uncle. Her uncle and his father are good men. Can she sign another contract to be his maid? Qi Zhu moves into his new apartment and she helps with the decoration. She is puzzled why the things are not in the right space they should be but he deliberately says that to make her work.

Sheng Ying notices that Tai Ling's ring is bigger that the one she gets in the past. Tai Ling decides to continue working as she has nothing in the past. Yun Er recommends Tai Ling to work under her. Tai Ling gives milk to Mr Han's secretary for tailing Qi Zhu for so long and he can come up when he is hungry.

Qi Zhu asks which jerk has she invited to his home. She replies that she is too pretty to attract others and he tells her to look into the mirror again. Yun Er comes and Tai Ling denies inviting her. So isn't it rude of her for intrusion? Yun Er wants to interview on their love journey after their engagement. - the glass shoes will break soon. Tai Ling says that she is fibre glass which will not break even if the truck runs over!

Mr Han wants Tai Ling to work at GD Motors to stop disgracing them. He doesn't want Qi Zhu to feel awkward. She is so daring and she will not like her. Xiu He is cold to Tai Ling again - she needs not tell him why she is here. Cheng Jun wants to take the afternoon off and will not switch on his handphone. He is secretive and will not tell Qi Zhu what he is doing until he is back.

Qi Zhu's every day is enjoyable and Cheng Jun teases him since he sees his lover's face daily. Tai Ling thinks over - if she returns to work, she sees Mr Han often and can also work overtime with Qi Zhu to be office lovers. Zheng He invites Cheng Jun to work for him - Qi Zhu is too strict and must be stingy in giving his salary to let him have such a cheap golf club.

Cheng Jun works for Qi Zhu for a long time and knows the company well. So he claims that Zheng He is stingy to bring him to a Chinese restaurant - he should bring him to a high class hotel so he might consider. Qi Zhu trusts Cheng Jun besides his own family. Upon thinking that Zheng He is so desperate to buy over his man, he laughs.

Xiu He meets Zheng He to make the funds go to him. Qi Zhu chooses a design which looks well for the new car - it is Xiu He's work. Director Cui is too carefree now and Qi Zhu wants to get the loan fast.

Qi Zhu knows of the meeting - so has Zheng He given Cheng Jun a red packet to poison him to death? Zheng He wants to give him twice his annual pay but he refuses. Cheng Jun doesn't tell him that he sees Director Cui with Xiu He. Xiu He forces Senator Min to help Zheng He. Xiu He feels empty and rests his head on Qi Hui's lap for 10 minutes - why does she hate him much to give everything to Qi Zhu? Qi Zhu returns home to take something. Xiu He tells Qi Hui not to regret as half the fault is hers.

Qi Zhu takes the CD ROM and puts the photo taken with Xiu He in his suitcase. He welcomes him to visit his new home anytime and Xiu He asks if Tai Ling often goes too. Tai Ling keeps watching movies - before meeting Qi Zhu, her life is like an action movie but now it is a romantic movie. Maybe to him it is a horror movie. She hopes that her name will always be beside his. Tai Ling helps Bi Bao to shoot the movie.

Sheng Ying accepts Tai Ling's resignation. She has motives for hiring her but agrees that Tai Ling is a good woman. Tai Ling visits Qi Hui - Qi Hui is like this because of Xiu He. Xiu He has told her that he is in love so she disappoints her. Qi Zhu learns that the bank gives the loan to Zheng He and is enraged. What has Director Cui been doing then? If the bank they often patronizes doesn't approve the loan, other banks will not approve too. Director Cui reminds him of the golf incident which triggers the effect.

Qi Zhu goes to the bank and Xiu He watches from above. Director Cui congratulates him on his win. So there is such a day for Qi Zhu. His anxious shadow looks sympathetic. Qi Zhu is angry the bank betrays their trust. GD Motors never lose out to J Motors. The manager keeps stressing that he is doing according to rules. Qi Zhu finds it questionable but will not allow Cheng Jun to approach Zheng He.

It is obvious that Zheng He has approached someone in their own company. Cheng Jun guesses it might be Director Cui since he is always against Qi Zhu but Qi Zhu doubts - can he be so capable to do it? He wants a detailed check. Tai Ling watches a movie while ironing Qi Zhu's shirt and tries to imitate an actress by wearing it. Xiu He comes and frowns. He pins her against the wall - he will not let her go - especially in front of Qi Zhu. She breaks a vase in the struggle.

He will not allow anyone to take her away. Qi Zhu returns home and he releases her to open the door. Qi Zhu senses a change in her and is surprised to see Xiu He. She wants to pick up the broken pieces but Qi Zhu will do it later, afraid that she might hurt herself. Qi Zhu tells him what happens at work and everyone looks suspicious. He needs trust now and not suspicion.

Tai Ling only likes Xiu He as a friend or nephew. The couple will not submit to him. He doesn't need any friend and wants to win her back. So he is lying to her all along. To him, losing love means losing everything. Qi Zhu will never understand how he feels. Qi Zhu picks up the broken glass and comes to bring her to work on the first day. Is she touched? She leans close to him - can he just hug her - how long will she need to see him after yesterday night? It will take her some time to reach the office to see him. He is amused. What is she doing that early morning to let neighbours laugh at her?

She hooks his arm to walk together. She denies something happens the last night and he only mentions that they are having some trouble in the company. Mr Han tells his secretary not to tail the couple anymore. Han demands to know why the funds are cancelled and this happens only 10 years later. How are they going to explain to shareholders although their foundation is strong? Does Qi Zhu only wake up when GD Motors rumour to be bankrupt? Mr Han wants him to beg the bank manager in order to make things work.

Yun Er gives Tai Ling a lot of work to do. Mr Han wants Yun Er to tell the truth to Tai Ling - she will leave Qi Zhu to prevent him from getting hurt. Tai Ling comes to the designing unit for an interview and Xiu He takes over since his leader is busy. Anyway, he is the new car's designer. Tai Ling tries in vain to interview him as he keeps asking her about her ignoring him so she leaves. Tai Ling sits alone at the rooftop, wondering why he says that Qi Zhu will be defeated one day.

Qi Zhu gets her a rose drink instead of flowers. He leans close to sense her smell - he prefers her shampoo fragrance to the drink. (They are really cute.) She mentions interviewing Xiu He so Qi Zhu wants her to interview him as the CEO next time. He gets Cheng Jun's call to meet the bank manager so Tai Ling wishes him luck for the war. He tells her to return to work - if not, she will grow bald under the hot sun while she tells him to work hard. Qi Zhu maintains her smiles and not to worry facing other matters.

Qi Zhu will not let go anything suspicious and asks the bank manager. Qi Zhu is not seeking for his help. This can't be J Motors behind it so he is going to borrow funds from other banks. The manager tells him to curb his temper. People start calling them regarding the loan affair. Qi Zhu knows that culprit is the clearest about it - he asks Zheng He. Zheng He is practicing - Qi Zhu comments that it is essential for his poor standard. He wants to buy the 45000 won golf club but Qi Zhu reveals that it is only 25000. He wants to know who helps Zheng He. He will return Zheng He his share soon as he doesn't like to owe debts.

Is his insistence and analysis wrong this time - Qi Zhu wonders. Director Cui is delighted that Senator Min covers everything up nicely. Xiu He doesn't have to feel guilty. Some female colleagues think that Tai Ling seduces Qi Zhu and Xiu He defends her. Tai Ling stays because of love and sacrifice. Xiu He comes to give Tai Ling the interview details. Yun Er wants her to work overnight to hand in tomorrow.

Tai Ling sends Qi Zhu a sms - has he won? He replies that he is wounded. She wants to heal his wound like the last time. Both go cycling. Does he get hurt on the head or chest? He forgets after seeing her. How is her first day at work? She is of course happy to be with him. They discuss on whether a woman will fall off the bicycle although her boyfriend is supporting her. She thinks not as he helps her. Qi Zhu thinks yes as this helps her to learn. They bet - the loser has to accede to 3 wishes at the count of 3. Qi Zhu wins and she claims that the man must be the brother.

Is this really his first wish? She removes her jacket and you will think.....ha....wrong! It turns out to be his report to be typed on his laptop and he is impatient with her always changing the phrases. It might as well he types on his own. He regrets wasting a wish. You will laugh upon seeing how Tai Ling removes her outer jacket to give you the wrong idea what she is going to do.

What is his second wish? She can't understand - how can this be his second wish? He wants her to eat a cake. The third is she finishes it and stay for the night. He will not repeat twice - just like the same way he talks in Paris. She asks the same question - so she is no. ? woman. He replies the second one.

Is he hoping that she will reject him? She laughs - fat hope - she has waited it for long and he can't go back on his word. Qi Zhu can't help smiling. She offers to let him rest on her shoulder as he looks tired. He wants her stomach instead to sleep on her lap. (This reminds me of Xiu He doing the same with Qi Hui. They are undoubtedly brothers.) She touches his face and he holds her hand to kiss it.

Additions from the novel - he asks if he has analysed wrongly or he is over confident. She points out that he is too direct. Others are different from him. Has he hurt anyone? But he should not worry too much if he believes that he is right. Upon seeing him sleeping with a frown, she knows that he is very troubled but doesn't know how to help him as she ins't capable.

When he sits to work, he sees their engagement photo. She leaves another note - is his table too empty? Qi Zhu overturns every sofa in the home but can't find the television remote control. He is about to get cold water from the fridge when he finds it right there. She has confessed to him earlier that she forgets where she places it. (Same old mistake committed in Korea.)

Qi Zhu writes a note to put back in the fridge - so she is fired and he draws a smiling face. Tai Ling discovers and tears the note. Qi Zhu is going to face the 5 shareholders now. Qi Zhu wants the shareholder to raise questions after Xiu He explains the working of the new car. But all only want to know the company's future and refuses.

Qi Zhu has no time but Cheng Jun forces him to have 2 bites before the meeting. He feels that his stomach is uncomfortable. He looks at Cheng Jun and he gets the hint - the bank manager isn't here although they reserve a seat for him. Qi Zhu starts to feel hopeless.

Qi Zhu dismisses the rumours. He hopes to settle everything before the shareholder meeting. Tai Ling knows Qi Zhu is very troubled. This is the first time she sees how he works - she isn't disappointed but knows she will not nag at him unnecessarily. She has thought being CEO is magnificent but never expects to be so tiring. She wants to make him happy. If he doesn't wish her to sing a song, she can dance.

But will she make him angry instead of happy? It is her turn to give him consolation to remove his weariness at CSV for the pyjamas party. He is in tears after hearing her sad song. But she suddenly goes wild to make him smile again and he wants an encore.

Sheng Ying comments that she is adorable. Although she isn't attached, she will try to be blissful. He persuades her to find someone. She will try it after forgetting him completely. He thanks her but cites her singing is so terrible when sending her home.

But why is he the happiest? Why does she still call him CEO Han? She should call him elder brother. But he doesn't want it anymore when she calls him repeatedly. It sounds so weird. This is her greatest joy to see his dimples which is more expensive than diamonds. Xiu He sees them together and leaves. Why can't she smile like this to him for once and he will stop? He has sunk too deeply and she can save him. She asks what he wants as he makes her uneasy. He shows her the CD ROM.

She doesn't even know what the thing is - she is so stupid. When she runs after him, he has left. Xiu He gives it to Zheng He and Zheng He wonders what makes him to go bankrupt with Qi Zhu. He replies it is because of a woman. Qi Hui wants Xiu He to stop thinking of Tai Ling - so she knows it. Qi Hui dislikes him in the past and will dislike him more for his wrongdoing. But Qi Hui is no better - how does she tide over? Sales of the cars dip and Zheng He sends invitations to Xiu He and Qi Zhu.

Qi Zhu goes to the rooftop for a breather but he sees Yun Er so he walks away. His eyes are only for Tai Ling but Yun Er says that he is too much. He doesn't want to talk to her but why should he ask Senator Min for help? She replies that they are engaged - he touches her hand and ring but removes it to throw away!

He has said endless times but this woman refuses to listen so he can't stand it anymore. Her eyes become watery - that is the only thing that she can brag about. He shows his ring - this is his only engagement ring. Does it bother her to keep saying it now?

Why is he so open instead of being evasive? Cheng Jun and Qi Zhu don't understand it but rush to CSV. Tai Ling is shocked to know the truth from Yun Er. The guys jump upon seeing Xiu He's design at the conference. Yun Er wants Tai Ling to back off the engagement or she will tell Qi Zhu the truth. Qi Zhu will turn mad to know his parentage, also affecting his company position and future if the public knows it.

Qi Zhu demands to know what happens - he refrains from hitting Zheng He and vows to seek redress. Reporters guess because the information is leaked to make Qi Zhu so angry.

Xiu He slaps Yun Er upon seeing the women together. Xiu He replies that it is the truth and both have no courage to tell Qi Zhu. Qi Zhu wants to see all from the designing unit. He is surprised to see the two in the lift but why is Tai Ling crying? He asks Xiu He with a doubtful look. Xiu He replies not all Cinderellas with prince charmings should be happy all the time. Qi Zhu talks to him about the leakage. They have to find out how it happens. They can't demand for special rights and can only give J Motors a warning.

The best way is to change the design while Director Cui is to find out the culprit. Qi Zhu feels like killing the culprits so he needs to work late now. Xiu He tears his designs. Qi Zhu sees Tai Ling closing her eyes and thinks she is tired. She wants to stay beside him despite him asking her to return home. He knows that she is bored when he is working. What happens if she runs away and not get married?

He will lock her to play with her for 10 days till she is sick of it to agree to marry him. Then she will run away quickly but Qi Zhu has a capable secretary who can track down people easily. Cheng Jun contacts J Motors manufacturers to meet Qi Zhu. Yun Er reminds her to take the ring off early. Tai Ling recalls Xiu He holding the CD. She walks out and Qi Zhu happens to see her but she doesn't see him.

She knows that Xiu He regrets now but will he do it if she doesn't stop him? She is unable to sleep wel lfor days seeing how tired Qi Zhu is over the case. Xiu He isn't joking to ruin Qi Zhu to get her. She finds him scary and Qi Zhu overhears them.

Mr Han wants Tai Ling to leave Qi Zhu. Qi Zhu is badly affected by Xiu He's action, recalling his words at the ice jockey ground. Qi Zhu wants to buy over J Motor manufacturers so Cheng Jun helps to spread news to J Motors, informing them to see him.

Since someone is not afraid to provoke him, Qi Zhu will take up the challenge. Enduring in silence will not work in the business world. J Motors can counterattack or admit defeat. All feel honoured to meet Qi Zhu. He will make use of their ability to work together and will not delay payment like J Motors.

He looks extremely authoritative although he claims that he needs their help. It seems that no one can say no to him. After seeing 4 manufacturers, he wants Cheng Jun to give him a 5 minute break. Cheng Jun wonders why is Qi Zhu unhappy although all go on smoothly?

Qi Zhu informs all that 2 banks want to finance them - Director Cui jumps - how can he as the fund director not know it? Qi Zhu implies he is busy over other matters so he gets someone else to help. Director Jin reports that GD changing banks makes a turn - many banks come to approach them. He looks at Director Cui and also Xiu He.

Both look tense to him - are they in cahoots together? Qi Zhu will take that the leakage incident has not happened. This will incur a loss to put everything on hold and this is the culprit's motive. So he will proceed with B group's plan to compete with J Motors. Hasn't Director Cui failed to find the culprit? Qi Zhu believes the culprit will regret for the rest of his life so he lets him off as the best punishment. Xiu He doesn't dare to face Qi Zhu now. He stays at his desk and Qi Zhu asks why he hasn't knocked off. Qi Zhu confesses that he feels the pain after hitting him.

So is Xiu He when he does the same. Tai Ling sms to Qi Zhu - he jokes he is with a woman. He returns home to see his home filled with candles. She wears the dress with the necklace. What company is this to make the employees slog? He replies the jerk is the CEO. She wants a dance, just like in Paris. Has she ever told him that she loves him? He kisses her and they go cycling again.

He gives her a coin to throw into the fountain. She is surprised that he has coins now - he keeps them ever since they have the piggy bank. Why she stops - too touched? She prays that he will believe her words and not get hurt. She lies that her wish is to get a rich man. Qi Zhu frowns - he can't satisfy her? Her appetite grows and becomes daring. She forces him to take a photo with her. He refuses but gives in later.

She tells him to get ice-cream. When he walks away, she cries. He wonders where she is when back. He listens to her message on tape. He can't find her now, right? She wants to call off their engagement - she is tired and they hurt everyone. She leaves because of herself and thinks he will be okay soon. Qi Zhu is worried not being able to find Tai Ling at her home and at his home. He is depressed to find her ring in front of their engagement photo instead.

Mr Han tells Xiu He not to take it to heart over what has happened. He is puzzled why Xiu He apologises to him. Tai Ling tells Mr Han that she agrees to break the engagement. Xiu He asks why but Tai Ling asks isn't this what he wants? Xiu He regrets now. She tells Yun Er that both of them can't forget each other till death.

Qi Zhu will not be hers even though he is dead so she has to bear with him and guards the secret forever. Qi Zhu comes, looking like a devil from hell with his pale face. He grips her hand tight but she shakes him off. Yun Er comments that it is not his style to pester a woman who wants to leave him. Qi Zhu still drags Tai Ling out.

Doesn't he see the ring? He demands to know what happens - she must be clear and don't make him confused. She can't face Mr Han and Qi Hui - he asks - because of Xiu He's change? Tai Ling isn't someone to give up easily.

He knows it yesterday and she should not e responsible. Does he judge her wrongly? Yes, Xiu He is the reason who vows never to stop as long as she is beside Qi Zhu. Qi Zhu can overcome it but how can she feel fortunate to see both injured? He refuses to break off but there is no turning back for her since she initiates it.

Qi Zhu runs after her - there must be a reason. Although she lies that she doesn't like him anymore, he doesn't believe it. She gets worked up - must they quarrel when they part? He still refuses to part. If he insists on it, she will hide in a place without him but she doesn't want to do that. She wants to face him with a smiling face after she feels better. It is so common for couple to part.

She walks away - How can she say this to him? What if he is dead? She will still do it and it is none of her concern and is right to leave him if that happens. Qi Zhu is startled and Xiu He sees it too. Both men look at each other. (This is really the most heartbreaking scene for all fans.They should show how Tai Ling cries at a corner as indicated in the novel.)

Sheng Ying looks at Qi Zhu's number in her handphone. She recalls he has asked - is he that bad not to know what women needs? He can live with her again since he isn't attached. Sheng Ying can bite her lips to imply that she regrets. She regrets lots of things lately. Tai Ling asks how Qi Zhu reacts when Sheng Ying wants a divorce. Qi Zhu will ask repeatedly for things not understandable to him.

This means that Tai Ling has a lot of explaining to do. She asks how they can have a clean break. Sheng Ying is shocked. No one will believe that Qi Zhu is ditched twice. She doesn't cry as she isn'€˜t the one being ditched. He might be crying now. (To think that the joke they mention after buying the piggy bank comes true and she breaks her promise.) Xiu He wants to be alone and tells Yun Er not to disturb him.

A remarkable scene - Qi Zhu gives Qi Hui a shock. He has no recollection how he reaches here. He looks pale and sits restlessly on the chair. He is too badly affected by Tai Ling's choice. She asks if he is sick.

The novel's excellent description - where is he ill - he touches his forehead. There is no fever and all limbs can move normally. But he feels that he is dying. His hand slowly slides towards his chest - here it is. His heart feels that it is dying and his whole body is aching. And the pain increases now. He knows where goes wrong but how does he deal with it?

He feels tormented - he never knows a breakup can make him suffer so much. Tai Ling wants to break their engagement - so he is punished for hurting others so he has to face this hard blow for once. He can deal with any difficult company problem.Tai Ling - whom he loves deeply - pushes him into the endless pit with her two words - break up.

He is confident in everything. But he doesn't know what to do for this case. He finally breaks down. He feels like being stabbed in the heart and it is so painful. (This is a must watch scene for all fans. Few serials make me cry but this scene leaves me teary eyed. Two friends watching with me even forgot that they were watching a serial and wanted to console him!)

Tai Ling also cries at home. She is scared seeing Qi Zhu leaving so she often refuses him to send her home. She keeps the photo, not knowing that Qi Zhu is hiding at a corner. Qi Zhu drives out to see Xiu He on the way. Both stop and Qi Zhu hits him. Qi Zhu has endured his doing but why is he here to see Tai Ling. What is he trying to do? Does he hate him so much to want everything because of Tai Ling? Then ruin him by hitting him. Why doesn't he retaliate? Xiu He is provoked and reveals the truth.

Qi Zhu is stunned to know that they share the same mother. Xiu He cries - he is angry - if they start at the same time, he will have the same as Qi Zhu. Qi Hui and Tai Ling will treat him better. Qi Zhu will take that he hasn't been here and walks away. Qi Zhu observes Qi Hui working and returns home to look at the photo taken with Xiu He. Xiu He likes smiling but Qi Zhu causes him and Tai Ling to cry.

Xiu He realizes that Qi Zhu is right - hurting him is the same as hurting himself. He is like a jerk. Qi Zhu finds it hard to adjust to the change. Cheng Jun informs Qi Jun that J Motors are trying to defect to them. Zheng He will have trouble now. Tai Ling hides aside from Qi Zhu when he walks to the lift. Qi Zhu learns that Xiu He is on sick leave. Tai Ling sits at the rooftop and Qi Zhu sees her.

He stops her - he is tired so she must not stand up to leave immediately. He will not request to see her face and will just sit beside her. He notices that she cries - since she is so upset, why talk mention about leaving him? She should avoid him as far as possible and not just saying that alone. Moreover, he hasn't consent to the breakup. He will not let her go. He only calls her name and she is crying. How can they part like this? Still, he reminds her to take her meals regularly.

Qi Hui informs Qi Zhu that Xiu He is having a fever. Thus she is wan. He observes her closely - he has inherited almost all her features - why is he immune to it? Why doesn't herealise her love for him?

Qi Zhu suddenly holds her hand and tells her to take good care of him. He also notices now that their fingers are alike too. Qi Hui senses a change in him for not talking much.He walks out and senses his tear on his hand. He decides that everything remains the same - both are still close as before.

Xiu He returns to work, noticing that Qi Zhu is pale - as if all the burden just adds on him. Qi Zhu wants the same to happen as before and they are still close. Director Cui sneers at Xiu He for hiding behind Qi Zhu but he tells him not to torture Qi Zhu. Otherwise he will ruin both of them since they are in cahoots together. Blood is still thicker than water. Qi Zhu calls Yun Er and Tai Ling transfers the call to her unhappily.

Yun Er becomes cocky and Tai Ling gets the call that the engagement photos are ready. They have already sent them to Qi Zhu's home. Yin Er thinks that Qi Zhu wants her now but Qi Zhu asks - is Senator Min busy?

He wants Senator Min to know - his tactics will not work on him. How greedy must he be to get a good life through blackmail? It is not important how he knows it but important that he already knows it.

They are dealing with him now - not Mr Han or Qi Hui. He doesn't want to face them and will use lowly means to counterattack. If Senator Min still wants to retain his seat, don't appear in front of him. The same applies to Yun Er. (I never get to see him so worked up before.)

Yun Er shivers and walks a few steps backwards - his eyes are like knives that can pierce her heart. She doesn't dare to look into his face. It is well-known that Qi Zhu will not show mercy to his enemies.

Yun Er vows to reveal to the press after seeing that Xiu He also knows it. Qi Zhu asks if Xiu He is better. He replies that it is because his fists are too strong but Qi Zhu disallows him to fall sick just like this.

Xiu He informs him that Tai Ling also knows the secret. Qi Zhu then realises why she reacts this way and rushes home. Although Xiu He is disappointed, he still smiles and is relieved that he is forgiven since they are family.

Tai Ling watches the engagement video and weeps. She packs everything to leave and Qi Zhu asks her why she hasn't told him. She only thinks of of escaping. Why face it alone? That is his problem and he will handle it. He will not be bothered by it.

She worries not that he will know but others will know. If she is beside him, Yun Er will tell all. That doesn't matter to him. Is this why she wants a breakup? If all can't accept him, he will give up everything.

She asks - how to survive when that happens? He knows nothing except cars. Is he going to wait on tables like her? All his employees depend on him. He can't give up easily so he should give her up. If she causes him to lose everything, she can never be blissful. Xiu He comes but she is going to faint now as she has enough of him. Tai Ling thinks of the past with Qi Zhu and cries. Qi Zhu takes out Tai Ling's ring and looks at their engagement photo. He thinks of the past too.

Xiu He has a car accident when he is distracted to pick up his MP3 player when he drops it under the car seat. He still holds it when he faints. The two rush to the hospital. Tai Ling is very frightened - Xiu He looks so sad and yet she chases him away. He must have been badly affected to drive recklessly. I seems that he doesn't wish to wake up although everything is normal.

Qi Zhu holds Xiu He's hand - why is this fellow's hand so cold? Can't he be careful? This never happens when he is on a motorcycle but why does this happen on a 4 wheel vehicle? He has a lot to tell him as an elder brother.

He knows that Xiu He is stubborn but he pleads with him to wake up. He finally cries the second time. (Another heartbreaking moment for all.) Tai Ling weeps beside him and she cries harder when the nurse gives her the MP3 player. Xiu He has wanted to say sorry but why she doesn't give him the time.

He loves in pain but also forgets that is the same for her. He also wishes her to be happy and he hopes to delete all unhappy memories that he gives her. They are relieved but shocked that he only remembers Qi Hui. When Qi Zhu is about to ask the doctor, Director Cui wants a directors meeting to dismiss Qi Zhu.

Qi Hui approaches Director Cui. He comments that her 2 sons are ambitious. Xiu He will work with him but not Qi Zhu. Qi Hui can't accept Director Cui to make him miserable. But don't transfer his hatred to her son, Qi Zhu but he refuses. She wants to protect Qi Zhu at all costs. Director Cui has caused her to lose Qi Zhu to treat him as her younger brother and the man she loves.

If Director Cui has closed his mouth, her life will not be sad and she will not have the agony of being unable to acknowledge her own son. He is not fit to say he loves her.Just don't let her cry anymore.

Tai Ling shows Xiu He all the ice hockey stuffs and photos but shows no reaction. Qi Zhu looks out of the window. Cheng Jun will think that he has a plan he is resting as in the past. But this time round, Qi Zhu faces many difficulties - first the breakup and then Xiu He's accident. Will these people defeat him this time?

He worries for him - Qi Zhu has always won so will the same happen again?

Qi Zhu wants to deal with Director Cui the hard way but Cheng Jun fears that they will lose. Director Cui already has 15% of their shares. Qi Zhu has tried seeing the other shareholders and using other methods but to no avail. He suppresses his anger and looks through the other documents. Tai Ling joins Qi Zhu at the rooftop.

If he continues to sit here, employees will worry. She assures him that all will be fine but she is helpless. Qi Zhu is never worried about the company as there is always a way out.

The real thing that makes him suffer is her. She suddenly sits so far away from him. Don't say sorry and sit so distant away. Can't she look and talk into his face? Xiu He becomes like this because of her so she is frightened that she leaves a white patch in his memory. Yun Er looks at Qi Zhu's '€˜supposedly engagement- ring and looks at her finger. Qi Zhu has made a mistake and she isn't sure if she hates or loves him.

Yun Er wants to see the couple cry. Before Qi Zhu walks into the conference room, Tai Ling comments that his tie looks nice. He replies that it is expensive. (Same quote again.) She adjusts for him and he wants her to make a fair report. Qi Zhu tells Director Cui to make the statement since he wants the meeting.

The shareholders question about his parentage and want him to resign. Director Cui suddenly announces that the accusation is false and the funds issue will be settled.

Director Cui gives him his resignation letter and now Qi Zhu can control the gun with his right hand to manage the company. Qi Zhu asks why he does this - isn't this his motive all along to overthrow him? He suddenly feels that he is too old - what he wants can't be achieved.

He only wants a woman all along and hopes that Xiu He can remember soon. Except his ugly matters. Qi Zhu is in tears - because of him, he works hard at full force and he likes the feeling. He hopes he can take care.

Qi Zhu is back in office and Tai Ling is relieved - but why doesn't he smile? Another episode hasn't ended - what should they do? He hopes that she will not torture him anymore. She evades the question and visits Xiu He with him. She brings his drum sticks and Qi Zhu hopes that Xiu He can at least remember Tai Ling. But maybe he wishes to forget her most. He calls them '€˜uncle- and '€˜aunt- He can't even remember that he can ride the motorcycle or beat the drums.

Xiu He promises to get well to see them getting married. But after they leave, he is back to old self - he actually remembers everything. Have they forgiven him? He doesn't know when he can call them again. Tai Ling can't face Xiu He to be with Qi Zhu. He hugs her - how is he going to live on without her? She apologises for letting him down and leaves in tears. Tai Ling continues to put coins into the piggy bank and looks at the photo. She writes the line - his love is enough to fill her heart.

When Qi Zhu gets a drink from the fridge, he takes out the remote and looks at the photo on the fridge. He drives out and Tai Ling just arrives to his home. They just don't get to meet each other as he waits outside her home, playing the tape again. Director Jin tells Qi Zhu that they have completed the model but he isn't happy with it - they should come out with the sample now.

Tai Ling is not at work. Yun Er resigns but Qi Zhu says that she needs not do that if she doesn't want to see him but Yun Er knows that she will not give up if she stays. She has not liked a person so much before. She doesn't know why but she doesn't want to wait for unrequited love. (Has he thought that luckily Yun Er backs off - if she cries or attempt suicide, it is hard to handle?)

He replies that she is wrong - he has thought sincerely that she can find her true love one day. To be madly in love aren't many but she chooses the wrong choice. He hopes she will not hurt herself. Qi Zhu calls Tai Ling, wanting to know why she doesn't go to work. She is going to Paris alone to continue her studies. Bi Bao feels bad for implicating her. Jian will make sure that her things are not up for auction or be detained.

Tai Ling hasn't told both guys that she is leaving. Qi Zhu still calls her and she calls Cheng Jun to give her camera to him the next day. Why tomorrow? She refuses to tell him. Cheng Jun realizes - is she going off without telling Qi Zhu? She thanks him for helping her in the past and leaves. He gets anxious - why is Qi Zhu so busy to pick up his call? He waits outside her home and she hides somewhere. He leaves messages on her phone - where is she? She doesn't reply for work and isn't at home.

She offs her phone and doesn't call him back. She packs the dress. She looks at the piggy bank and records a message, hoping that he can find his memory soon. Xiu He gets on his motorcycle and visits Qi Hui secretly. Qi Hui hopes Xiu He will remember after seeing his baby clothes that she designs for him. He has left when she walks out. His flowers and note to her thanks her for giving him an elder brother.

Cheng Jun asks anxiously when Qi Zhu is back why he doesn't answer his calls. He has no mood to discuss company affairs. Qi Hui tells Qi Zhu that Xiu He remembers everything and he is shocked. Another shock in stall for him is Tai Ling is leaving. He immediately rushes to the airport - her note to him '€˜to CEO Han who has memories but no recollections, her camera is for him. He will have lots of new memories and hopes that he will leave his smiles. As it is so in her memory.- Tai Ling carries the piggy bank with her.

Now Tai Ling is scared to leave - will she survive well without Qi Zhu? Qi Zhu runs up the escalator and searches everywhere. Does he know that their hearts are crying together? Is love like this but she has learned that loving too much leads to drying of tears. He moves her heart more than she expects to be. To fall for him makes her happy. She looks at their photo and weeps. Qi Zhu finally sees Tai Ling.

Does she leave and doesn't intend to face him anymore? She is upset to get caught - why can't his secretary keep it a secret? He asks if she is mad to do this. As he doesn't allow her to leave, she wants to leave secretly. Is it wrong of him to keep the woman he loves by his side? Xiu He already leaves quietly and what is he going to do if she is also gone? He tells her that Xiu He has lied to both of them.

She can't believe it and so does he - she wants to desert him to go to Paris. Must she go? She cries - all her feelings are in the note. He wipes off her tears and hugs her. He knows it and he says all that to make her stay. So will he let her leave? He will. They are still in love. Does she want to hear something else - he lets her go as he loves her. (Frankly speaking - we curse and swear when we watch this.)

She thanks him for sending her off and he doesn't want her to stay in any remote area to prevent him from finding her. She replies that he has a capable secretary but he decides to look for her personally. There are tears in his eyes when she tells him to make sure that it is the same person he sees when there. He envies the piggy bank which can go to Paris. She will remember to give it a coin daily and think of him too.

She promises not to let it go hungry and doesn't look back when she walks into the customs. Qi Zhu weeps at this time with Tai Ling. He knows she needs time to forgive herself for saying harsh words to Xiu He. She has said that it is none of her concern and she doesn't want to see him again before the accident.

She is so clumsy to drop it on the way to the customs. (She only wants to escape since she can't face Xiu He and obey's Mr Han's 'blackmail' instructions.I really yell at her for upsetting Qi Zhu to make him cry twice - at Qi Hui's boutique and here!)

Yun Er throws Qi Zhu's '€˜supposed engagement- ring into the river so that she can find someone else. Both guys know the truth and Mr Han blames himself for causing agony to Qi Hui. Now both guys are her sons and she must treat them well. Xiu He isn't easy to be controlled while Qi Zhu will still work well. They are still strong.

Qi Zhu looks at Tai Ling's ring and records his message - he learns 2 things from her. One is how to love and another is how to part with someone he loves. But he is too stupid to know only how to love. So if he sees her in future, he only wants to learn how to love with Tai Ling. He starts taking photos of himself with her camera. 2 years later, Qi Zhu officiates in showing the new car model by GD to the public.

Directors Jin and Cui smile upon seeing that. Xiu He calls Qi Zhu - is he well or sick? He wastes his effort as Qi Zhu hasn't been to see Tai Ling yet. Qi Zhu can tell her that he is well. They finally address each other as brothers. Qi Zhu thanks Qi Hui to give him life. Xiu He sees a girl tripping and he fixes her bicycle for her. He is now beating drums at the bar near the beach and invites her to come.

Qi Zhu looks at the new car and Sheng Ying is glad his dream comes true. Now she is rushing to meet another man. She repeats all his words of being in love. He is glad that she isn't alone now and he is going to Paris. She will recall how she meets him the first time but now, he is more forthcoming. She wishes him luck and he tells Cheng Jun that he might stay one or two years. He is there to look for his babe.

Cheng Jun says Tai Ling's usual phrase - work hard! Tai Ling's French improves and Qi Zhu works as a car mechanic. He suppresses his urge to use his contacts to search for her as he has promised to do it himself.(Hey - I thought his face is so famous in Paris? How does he hide from the world?!) He finally knows how his shadow looks like when at work. He starts to have memories. Both miss each other and are at the fountain.

He throws a coin and sees Tai Ling finally. He has wished someone will have sandwiches with him. If she hasn't been his maid, will they meet? They will still meet somewhere. They finally sit together. Here comes the most confusing part which all have questions.

Some years back, Tai Ling comes to Paris, searching for her dream. Qi Zhu is behind her, explaining his car deal to another customer. She never knows that he is her final love. A bespectacled girl resembling Tai Ling writes her story in '€˜Qi Zhu's apartment in Seoul-

She is careless to break her boss's spectacle frame and fixes it back. The girl reads a report on GD's CEO marrying Tai Ling to tie the knot in Paris. - nd Qi Zhu- returns and reads the news. He finds the broken spectacles. So the same thing happens again-

Ending from the novel - so much better and more logical than the serial!!

Qi Zhu arrives 5 minutes earlier with Cheng Jun to read a report on the new cars' sales. He is pleased to know that the sales turn good - even Westerners like them. He tells Cheng Jun to cancel all his afternoon meetings to meet an important client. Cheng Jun shows him Xiu He's postcard.

He is now in Spain, learning how to play a guitar. His greatest love is still music. Cheng Jun begs for a holiday and twists his mouth even though he approves. Qi Zhu always pushes him to visit Xiu He. Qi Zhu's car is nearly trapped in the traffic and he drives into a small lane.

Tai Ling gets nervous - she is going to shoot a new movie soon as her graduation project. A man ruins her camea with his car and she jumps to demand payment from his office. She gets into his car and they reach Effel Tower.

Qi Zhu asks her how to pay her. He smiles - he has a terrible maid, Tai Ling who only knows how to make new year cakes. She can't differentiate his shirt colours and is very naggy. He nearly goes mad becasue of this so does she want to sign a contract and he will give a good salary.

She laughs - is it easy to make meals for a man who doesn't like sweet or hot stuff? She nearly goes crazy going through his clothes so no contract for her. She finds the spot because Qi Zhu has told her that few cars will drive in. Why does he ruin it and how is she going to tell her classmates?

Upon hearing that, he smiles and his dimples appear again. This is more attractive than diamonds to her and she softens. But she pretends to be serious - she will follow him everywhere today and there is no way he can shake her off to get the damages.

He tells her to follow him her whole life. He smiles and drives faster. Today is an important day and needs to do something special. Both are in the car on a sunny day in Paris, enjoying the view.

What I don't understand

1. How Qi Zhu's father died and why Mr Han hates him so much? How does Director Cui know of Qi Hui's pregnancy first and not Mr Han? Is he Qi Zhu's father's friend or probably the person to kill him?!

2. Why Director Cui and Yun Er work so hard to achieve their aim and give up so easily in the end? Because of love or because they know they can never make their dream come true?

3. Mr Han leaving Qi Zhu to face the pressure alone when the company runs into trouble. Because he knows that Qi Zhu can solve the crisis in the end?

4. Qi Hui to hate Xiu He so much from her unhappy marriage - then why marry in the first place? Looks like Mr Han doesn't force her into it as he loves his only daughter.

5. How to keep Qi Hui's first pregnancy under wraps - sending her overseas with Mrs Han?

6. How Xiu He can remember so clearly of the past but Qi Zhu has no memory of it? Qi Zhu is 7 years older and should remember better!

7. Why Yun Er and Mrs Min don't stop the engagement party from taking place?

8. Why does Mr Han reveal Qi Zhu's parentage to Yun Er even though he dislikes her? Isn't letting her parents know bad enough? Does he want her to blackmail him in future? What drastic result will occur if their marriage fails like the last time with Sheng Ying and she reveals it to the public?

9. Why does Qi Zhu let Tai Ling leave and he doesn't visit her for 2 years - doesn't he miss her? Isn't he stupid to work as a car mechanic while searching for her? What happens if someone recognises him - they will think that GD Motors has folded up!!

10. Will Mr Han be so stupid to be threatened by Mr Min or Director Cui? As an influential man, he should have something against them to prevent them from sprouting nonsense.

11. So what if the public knows the truth? I don't see much damage done. Yes, Qi Hui will be caught for being an unwed mother but Qi Zhu is her own flesh and blood. He is still the rightful heir to GD Motors - even as Mr Han's grandson, his status stays. If he is adopted, people will have more to gossip or comment.

12. Why Xiu He gives up on Tai Ling after seeing the pair part? Isn't this what he wants? He could have made use his amnesia to keep Tai Ling by his side after the accident. Why is it more enjoyable for him to see both part but not having her?? Isn't this strange?

13. If Qi Zhu has been the CEO of GD Motors all along, how can the staff not know him although he has been away for only 2 years? Does he only work in the office in the past and no one can see him at all?

14. A friend notices that Qi Zhu doesn't place the pin on his suit jacket anymore after 2 episodes. I guess there is no need for that anymore since all know that he is the CEO.

15. Why doesn't Qi Zhu get a similar pink gown that Tai Ling wears as their engagement outfit for their first dance? It gives us Tai Ling's prettiest moment and it is also most memorable to both of them, isn't it?

Introduction on characters

1. Han Qi Zhu - Park Sin Yang
Qi Zhu is GD Motors CEO. Being groomed to be the successor, he is arrogant, unapproachable, confident, sarcastic and cold because he has never asked someone for help. Seeing how strict he is to his subordinates is eye-opening - he is fantastic in chairing meetings. Just sitting there can feel the pressure when he shoots questions. His business rivals have no chance to win him - he can solve whatever crisis that comes. He also has a head of business - Director Cui, Zheng He and Xiu He are simply no match for him at all.

He never apologise or say mushy words. But Tai Ling melts him - he becomes warm, learns to love, joke and care deeply. He has changed so much because of her. When Sheng Ying and Tai Ling break up with him, he doesn't know what to do. It is easy to let go Sheng Ying. But with Tai Ling, he is at a loss and refuses to give up easily. This is contradictory - three women love him deeply but two of them ditch him.

Qi Zhu doesn't know women well even after his divorce. Whatever he isn't sure of, he will order everything. (Remember the ice-cream and cosmetics he gets for Tai Ling or for his sister?) He hates lace clothes - although he is a genius in car assembling, he lacks skills in sending sms. But his talent in playing the piano and singing makes up for the deficit. This character is more realistic than other prince charmings in other serials because he has so many flaws. Wearing different glasses at different moments, sometimes he comes across as gentle and easy going but other times, he looks distant and unapproachable as a boss.

We are deceived by his refined and bespectacled outlook. He is an all-rounded sportsman - in swimming (when he dives into the pool to save Tai Ling in anxiety), air rifle shooting (accuracy at 100% to hit all the plates), golf (still in top form despite not playing it for long), jogging (on the treadmill in the gym) and ice hockey (even the younger Xiu He isn't his match.). This might have resulted in him having strong fists to protect Tai Ling from being harassed by Michael, Zheng He and Xiu He.

I love this character so much - mainly because Shin Yang is the actor! I am totally captivated by his performance. This role is one of my top favourites. It isn't easy to execute this role but he moves with ease. Shin Yang is definitely the best well-accomplished Korean actor that I have come across so far.He can convey feelings beneath spectacles with his expressive eyes.

He may be not a typical picture perfect guy but he is a firm man of charisma and maturity. He can deliver all the jokes and corny lines with a straight, earnest face but yet sends all sprawling to the ground with laughter.

The way he expresses Qi Zhu's love in a realistic way and his sorrow without crying aloud demonstrates how an outstanding actor should act. The Qi Zhu he creates is not a perfect prince charming as in other serials but is a human with flesh and blood. Plus his dimpled smile - he can be a comedian and also handle sad/serious scenes well. Simply irresistible - I crave for more but why doesn't he act in any serial in 2005?!

2. Yin Xiu He - Lee Dong Gun
Xiu He is supposedly to be Qi Zhu's nephew but he is his half-brother. Xiu He's existence reminds Qi Hui of her unhappy marriage so she ignores him. Qi Zhu gives him too much pressure - he is too perfect and successful so Xiu He is overshadowed. This results him having the same likes and dislikes as a follower. Xiu He tolerates everything about him getting the attraction but when it comes to love, he changes his stand. Upon knowing the truth, he vows to get the rightful treatment he deserves.

His hatred as a love rival and brother is too great till he wants to ruin Qi Zhu. Many detest the hateful deeds but who has the heart to blame him? It is not Tai Ling's looks (although she looks older) - both have the same loneliness on their first meet. Both look cheerful but they have troubles to share. Dong Gun acts fairly natural but he can be better in crying scenes. The transformation is well-explained. From the sweet and understanding rugged drummer to the icy and unreasonable well-dressed car designer, he becomes real. Although he is charming now, the warmth disappears completely from his eyes. Great job by Dong Gun!

3. Jin Cheng Jun - Yoon Young Joon - he acts as Choi Jin Sil's brother in 'Since I met you'
He is Qi Zhu's warm and capable assistant. But it is puzzling that he can find out everything on Director Cui but doesn't know that Xiu He is in cahoots with him. Tai Ling should thank him - if not for him as the '€˜matchmaker- to hire her as Qi Zhu's maid, they will not have been together.

He is also Qi Zhu's junior from the same university but he comes from an average family. Qi Zhu may seem harsh to him but in reality, he treats him as a younger brother and confidante. Remember how hesitant he is to join Zheng He's gathering but Qi Zhu insists of bringing him along? So there is no amount of money that Zheng He can buy him over. Noting the change in Qi Zhu to turn from a cold to a warm man, he supports Qi Zhu to be with Tai Ling and helps them as much as possible.

4. Jiang Jian - Kim Young Chan
I really adore this little boy. He resembles like a pleasant boy I know in looks. He faces all the harsh facts of life but has a strong backbone, unlike his father. He is as sensible as an adult to talk like one and tries to protect Tai Ling from humiliation and harm.

5. Jiang Bi Bao - Sung Dong Il
Tai Ling's irresponsible uncle to owe debts to land the family to stay at the attic house. He is a 3rd rated movie director who likes to shoot porno movies. He loves money and this disgraces Tai Ling continuously when he accepts it from Mr Han. Luckily Jian is completely different from him.

6. Zhong Gen - Kim Hyun Bum - this actor acts as Shui Jin's brother in '€˜Memories of Bali-
Xiu He's and Qi Zhu's friend to own a bar. He is close to both guys and knowing Xiu He's interest, he allows him to be a drummer for him. He is also Xiu He's pal to listen to his troubles.

7. Yuan Zheng He - Lee Se Chang
He is Qi Zhu's university classmate who looks young but detestable with his philandering ways and snobbish behaviour. The way he greases his hair and talking mannerisms sickens me. Cheng Jun and Tai Ling suffer but Qi Zhu will never tolerate this. Qi Zhu is sure right - he is forever his sore loser - in sports and business. He is Qi Zhu's loser for 33 years and will sure continue to be after 60 years!

8. Piao Cheng Hao
He is the editor of GD Motors company magazine. He is a bootlicker to treat Yun Er better than Tai Ling after knowing her identity. Many will thank him for teaching Qi Zhu the phrase '€˜babe- and how to be the hero to rescue her from embarrassment for addressing her this way.

9. Mr Han - Kim Sung Won
I can never understand this man. He is as unfair as Qi Hui to treat Xiu He badly although he wants Xiu He to work in the company too. He looks down on Tai Ling and always belittles her with money or harsh remarks despite of her attempts to please him. His telling Yun Er instead of Tai Ling about Qi Zhu's parentage is a big mistake. Can this be protecting Qi Zhu or harming him? Luckily the woman doesn't seek revenge on them later. He is so stern looking and unapproachable. No wonder Qi Zhu often quarrels with him and moves out. He will never be happy with Tai Ling staying with him.

10. Director Cui Yuan Zai - Park Young Ji
He is in charge of funds in GD Motors. He has hoped to marry Qi Hui after reporting her pregnancy to Mr Han. But even his right hand man position can't make him the son-in-law (maybe Mr Han wants someone of the same status and not below.) and Mr Han makes Qi Zhu his son instead. Unable to stand Qi Zhu's high handed policy (both don't see eye to eye with each other), he wants the company as revenge.

11. Director Jin Chuang Ji
He is in charge of Personnel and that makes Tai Ling the company employee. Qi Zhu always feels bad implicating him but he doesn't mind it. He is a great help in business as he knows Japanese well.

12. Senator Min - Kim Sung Soon
He is hungry for power in the cabinet and since Mr Han is rich and he knows Qi Zhu's secret, he blackmails Mr Han. This forces Mr Han to arrange Qi Zhu to marry Yun Er.(But it looks like the old man doesn't mind it either because she is at least from a reputable family- not like Tai Ling.) His plan backfires when Xiu He blackmails him instead and Qi Zhu warns him to stay away if he wants to keep his post.

13. Jiang Tai Ling - Kim Jung Eun
Tai Ling is a film director's daughter. She is careless to knock into people to wet their clothes. She likes lace clothes, writes notes on post-its and takes photos well. She is also talkative, has itchy fingers and does things her own way. I will say that she fails in her maid job and she improves little even after their engagement. She dances well but is messy in dropping/forgetting things. She is firm not to accept favours easily. With Qi Zhu's wealth, he can get her a house but he understands her well so he doesn't insist on it.

She creates lots of jokes. Her cheerful personality is contagious to make the two men fall for her. Her dedicated love to Qi Zhu touches all. She is firm not to let others step on her but she is willing to endure for him. That includes leaving him for the sake of his future.

I dislike her to wear polka dot clothes - they are definitely unsuitable but yet she turns up in them for major events. Whose idea is this?! The way she ties her hair too to meet Qi Zhu's family is really untidy. Why doesn't she do her hair properly as in Paris?

Her acting is convincing - not afraid of making herself ugly or digging at herself at funny scenes but her expressions can be over rubbery. She is no longer young but pretends to be - this is too hard on her. Why is she so different from '€œAll About Eve- What has she done to her face?! Her good looks disappear completely - her chin is sharp while her double-eyelids seem fake. Even her eyes lose the sparkle.

14. Bai Sheng Ying - Kim Suh Hyung
A rare case of a magnamious ex-wife who hires her ex-husband's sweetheart to work for her. She is the manager of CSV - a movie chain. This is more realistic than other actresses- roles. She is very understanding to do that despite her jealousy.

She is pretty, mature and respecting elders (she is tolerant of Mr Han's cold way towards her.) That is why Qi Zhu is close to her even after divorce. She longs to be loved by him but he never gives her that but gives Tai Ling instead. How sad it is!

She can be so unselfish to treat Tai Ling well and be stern to Yun Er. Suh Hyung gives a remarkable performance. But I feel Sheng Ying should be independent and strong to fight for her chance. The Sheng Ying in the novel is tough - she can be hostile and aggressive to Tai Ling at times - not as nice and accomodating as in the serial.

Doesn't she get upset when Qi Zhu requests her to give Tai Ling simple tasks and even dates her in front of her?! I thought she regrets her choice to get divorced (She keeps the same numbers as his handphone or remembers his birthday) and still loves Qi Zhu! If she joins in the love war, that will be more interesting!

15. Min Yun Er - Oh Joo Eun
She is Tai Ling's high school classmate. Tai Ling's father could have given his only daughter the best to get into a prestigious school. Upon knowing that Tai Ling works in GD Motors, she also abuses her power to work in there but she never gets the chance to be in the same lift as Qi Zhu!

She is arrogant and spoilt. When she can't get Qi Zhu, she finds all ways to humiliate Tai Ling in public or split them up. But it ends up Qi Zhu always saving Tai Ling and pulling her hand to lead her away. Many simply like that!

Joo Eun is a complete failure. There is a restrict number of expressions she gives. Moreover, she is too bony. By right, she should improve like Jung Eun when pairing with a powerful Shin Yang along the way. But alas, she shows no improvement and is easily forgotten for her role. Out of the four leads, she is the weakest in acting.

Jung Hye Young is the person I have in mind for the role. She carries herself so well as the destructive Mei Lan in 'Phoenix' and she will defintely do a good job here if given the chance. She will match Shin Yang better in looks too. A pity she isn't selected.

16. Li Liang Mei - Jo Eun Ji
Tai Ling's younger god sister who is in love with Xiu He and works at CSV with Tai Ling. She is loud but also helpful. But sometimes, she also gives Tai Ling trouble.

17. Han Qi Hui - Jung Ae Ri
She is Mr Han's only daughter and owns a boutique. It is not said who her men are to cause her to have 2 sons. I have the wrong impression that Director Cui is Qi Zhu's father but it turns out not. It never shows Xiu He's father's face too. She is very unfair to her sons - treating the elder one well by her lover while the younger one badly because of her unhappy marriage.

Her thinking is weird - knowing both sons love Tai Ling, she tortures Tai Ling instead - wanting her to leave them. She knows that this causes agony to her 2 sons but it seems that she likes this punishment. It is her own fault but she wants Tai Ling to atone for her mistake. What kind of mother is this?!

18. Mrs Min/Zhao Mei Zi - Suh Kwon Sook
She is Yun Er's mother. Probably another failed outcome from plastic surgery as we can see that she is expressionless. That is why she often ends up being wicked and rich mothers in dramas. How coincidental! If you remember her, she is the boutique owner who sells the dress to Xiang Zhe and thinks it is for Yong Xi, not knowing that it is for Shan Mei. I really laugh upon recalling how desperate she tries to persuade her to buy a dress for business sake but yet so conceited in here to her!

Most favourite character
Who else but Qi Zhu? He is accommodating and adjusts to Tai Ling's standards. He also becomes more approachable and nicer to other people. The second is Xiu He for willing to make sacrifices for Tai Ling - even by eating the humble pie to ask for help. The third is Cheng Jun for being a thoughtful guy.

Most hated character
Who else but Mr Han to humiliate Tai Ling so often? The second is a draw between Mrs Min and Yun Er. Both women are irritating, snobbish and inconsiderate.


The starting guitar music is 'Wings' - I think the male singers fare better in their singing. Jo Sung Mo sang '€˜Returning to You' and 'Only You'. They became popular ringtones. He has won the highest recognition in music '€˜golden record' award thrice. Lee Min Young sang 'You Don't Have to Say Anymore'. '€˜Can I Love You' is initially from a popular duo €˜glass box - which is an old song in the 90s. Shin Yang gave another different version of it. '€˜Is That You' is by Park Se Joon.

It is a pity that Dong Gun's song 'Lie' is not in the album. I feel that he sang quite well when I heard him live. It is sung by Kang In Han instead. Jung Eun's interpretation of 'My heart belongs to you' is another old song from Jang We Li is in it. Her singing is good as the pace is initially slow but it turns to a fast tune later. But when it comes to the feelings injected, Shin Yang cuts an edge above her.

'Pure love' is by Mying In Hee while '€˜Romantic Love' is by Cha Eun Ting. 'Tonight' is sung by Yun Yoo Jin from (Space A). I bought the ost at S$10 at a store during a special offer. The most romantic music is of course 'Moon River' - a perfect one to fit the dance - either by the violin or saxaphone. The ost came in two parts. Another part has all the dialogues between the three leads in the form of 3 MVS and the same songs having the remix versions.

Favourite scenes

- Almost all on Qi Zhu and Tai Ling - I am very biased but I can't help it!

- the first dance in Paris - romantic and sweet.

- Qi Zhu letting Tai Ling stay at his Paris home.

- Tai Ling keeps forgetting to take her things away from Qi Zhu in Paris and when she is first back.

- The couple's meeting at the café and this is the first time he calls her '€˜babe-

- Their meeting at the pub with Yun Er. That is really the biggest joke of the century.

- Xiu He feeling dejected for always asking Qi Zhu to help Tai Ling. His jealousy is so obvious when he sees both of them together.

- Qi Zhu leading Tai Ling to walk out to show that he is the CEO to make others greet him when Tai Ling doesn't believe that he is the CEO.

- Tai Ling picking up her files at the entrance. Qi Zhu helps her and is past caring how others view when she tries to stop him. After seeing how occupied her hands are, he puts her pen in her mouth and smiles gently at her. She has entered his heart unknowingly.

- Qi Zhu's appointments with Sheng Ying. How tactless of him to upset her repeatedly with his words that shows his affections for Tai Ling!

- Scenes of Tai Ling having meals with the guys. They never make her comfortable. The highlight is on one occasion when they pull her to sit down as she tries to leave!

- Qi Zhu mentions about wishing his third woman to be his last. Tai Ling is depressed, thinking Sheng Ying is his woman. Qi Zhu is so distracted that he keeps blocking Tai Ling's way!

- Qi Zhu stays back to help Tai Ling to amend the mistake in the magazine. They seem to have so much fun. Xiu He is unhappy to see them because they look like a couple feeding on his food! Tension is there but the two can be so ignorant. Qi Zhu is caring to cover her with his jacket when she sleeps later.

- Tai Ling looks terribly messy after the staying over the night with her hair. She fails to hide from Qi Zhu and he buys her cosmetics. Sure comical act!

- scenes of Tai Ling with Qi Zhu at the rooftop - sometimes happy, sometimes sad.

- all scenes of Xiu He telling Tai Ling how he loves her but can't give her up. From gently to aggressively.

- Tai Ling imagining playing the love game with the 2 guys and how different they will be in answering.

- The two guys commenting how ugly and terrible Tai Ling is but they can't help falling for her.

- Xiu He fighting with others over Tai Ling's comb. He drives recklessly to vent his frustrations. It is sad to see him hurting himself by hitting the mirror. He simply can't tolerate this anymore.

- Qi Zhu's supposed engagement to Yun Er to end abruptly to shock all.

- Qi Zhu's staying over at Tai Ling's place. Another wacky encounter.

- All quarrels between the guys over her. The must-watch scene is the ice hockey match. Thrilling and spectacular! But sigh - Xiu He is always the unlucky guy to get beaten up.

- Qi Zhu bringing Tai Ling to see Mr Han telling him that he wants to try to be in love. She tries in vain to shake off his hand as he is very firm to start his romance for the first time.

- Qi Zhu eating New Year cakes in Tai Ling's house. In the past, he is particular and will yell - how can you keep them warm just by covering with newspaper?! He can't even sit in her untidy Paris room in the past to talk to her. But here, he helps himself to the food eagerly. What a transformation in him!

- the couple going shopping for a big piggy bank and Qi Zhu pretending to cry by hugging her. This couple is cute when they hold hands when doing everything together - even eating ice-cream.

- Xiu He starting work on the first day. He is so different - cold, aloof although dashing.

- The more Yun Er tells Qi Zhu not to hold Tai Ling's hand, the more he will do it - either to lead her out or to touch her shoulder. Or as if he is afraid that she will get hurt further by Yun Er to push her into his car to get away in a hurry. This guy is so rebellious!

- Qi Zhu learning how to send sms. Everything is simple to him but he is stuck in this.

- Qi Zhu collecting coins to give to Tai Ling for the piggy bank. At first, he pesters Cheng Jun for them and even goes to collect a bag of money from the bank. But later, he keeps his own to give to her.

- Qi Zhu punching Zheng He - angrier than when Michael tries to get fresh with her as she is his woman now. But later, he can be so gentle and warm to give a long kiss!

- The wedding proposal at the bus stop. So unexpected!

- the '€˜painful- meal sessions that Tai Ling has with Qi Hui or Qi Zhu's family. She is clearly a misfit.

- Qi Zhu's encounters with Tai Ling at the lift area. The security guards make his entrance a loud one to get in with Cheng Jun. (Most women wish to be Cheng Jun at this moment.) Even Yun Er doesn't get this special privilege to be with him as his future fiance. Qi Zhu tells Tai Ling to work hard (although not naming her) or later even comes up to her, asking why her face is coarse!

- Xiu He from bad to worse. How nasty and scary he becomes when he pins Tai Ling against the wall.

- The way both choose their engagement gowns and the rings. Sure funny.

- The engagement and their short honeymoon. A big scale event!

- The two singing to cheer each other up. I like Qi Zhu's singing more as the lyrics are more touching.

- Qi Zhu making the 3 wishes. Also something out of the blue.

- Qi Zhu throwing away Yun Er's ring to tell her that the ring he wears will be the only one he dons.

- Tai Ling calling off their engagement. Qi Zhu is struck and helpless when she threatens to go overseas if he continues to pester her. How sad when she goes off in tears.

- Qi Zhu begging Xiu He to wake up in tears, not as his uncle but as his brother. It is so sad.

- Qi Zhu's chairing of meetings, encounters with Zheng He, Director Cui or the bank manager and the J Motors manufacturers. He has the means to be arrogant - others can't match his sharp tongue or question his ability at all because he is simply too good and acts like a boss.

Why don't I include the touching parting scene at the airport where both shed tears to upset each other? Because Qi Zhu should have let her stay and Tai Ling breaks her promise to make him cry! Urgh!!

My top favourite scene is when Qi Zhu reveals the breakup to Qi Hui. He is very depressed and the pain is unbearable. Although it lasts less than 5 minutes, it shows Qi Zhu's rare side of not knowing what to do. He is no longer the cool, shrewd, confident and capable CEO. He is a just normal guy lost in love - equally vulnerable, tired, helpless and weak. With watery eyes, this is enough to break or touch hearts of many. Thumbs up for Shin Yang's brilliant acting!

Famous Quotes from:

Qi Zhu
1. I am the one who pulls the trigger.
2. babe'-
3. Haven't you looked into the mirror?

Tai Ling
1. Work hard (Jia You!)
2. Why am I always a temporary staff or get my job through connections?

Xiu He
1. You have stolen my heart. Touch it - although you don't have me, you'€™re in there.
2. I like everything about you your clumsiness, smiles, touches,'€¦-

The wardrobe

SBS is biased to dress actors better than actresses. This serial is no exceptional. Jung Eun's image is '€˜cute over the top- as she isn't young. Joo Eun is so skinny in spaghetti strapped colourful dresses. In contrast, Shin Yang's suits match the ties and handkerchiefs to give a powerful image. It is surprising that many large/polka dot ties fit him perfectly! Dong Gun's half casual suits - sometimes demi, some in a long coat makes him look outstanding too. But they deserve it for acting better than their female counterparts'€¦-

Interesting facts

I have watched Shin Yang acted in 'Fascinate My Heart'. Jun Wei attracted 4 women there while Qi Zhu attracted 3 here. His love rival there is Han Jae Suk. In here, his fierce competitor becomes Lee Dong Gun. Both younger actors do not just resemble each other in looks (Especially the eyes) but their hair is also longer (although Jae Suk's outlook is more like Ekin). Is this too much of a coincidence?! By right, his earnest acting should have won recognition but viewers simply ignored him to make his popular come late.

Shin Yang was quite hesitant to take up this role after his stint in '€˜Fascinate My Heart' 6 years ago. He was more comfortable in shooting movies. But the success proved that a Cinderella story can be so touching through a serial. He only thought that he got a good assignment. When the serial got a viewership of the highest point at 56.3%, he then believed how a popular serial could turn others lure for more.

The ending of this serial earned 57.4%. This won 'Jewel in the Palace' where the viewership was 55.5%. Out of the 50 most watched serials in history, it garnered the 11th position. It was also said to break records in Taiwan although I don't have the figures.

The commerical watching was 25.5% which was more than the usual 8.3%. It also boasted the tourism in Paris and many Koreans also plan to be students there.

The cast faced difficulty when filming in Seoul. The streets were very crowded and once a drunkard nearly attacked Jung Eun. Both declined to act intimate in front of the camera unless it really helped in the story. Their stand was proven correct - lovers need not '€˜show- that they are in love to prove it.

All know that Shin Yang love making furniture through his Russia stay and owned a shop. He made chairs and also a cradle for his daughter. Chairs represent comfort, stability, blissful and love. As promised, he gave a set to Jung Eun as a present - which looked exactly the same in the serial.

The unbeatable pair was chosen as '€˜The Most Similar in Character' award in an online contest. In 2004, Shin Yang was chosen as '€The Best Bridegroom', 'Most Popular Boss', '€˜The Best Woman's Pillar', 'The Actor with the Most Charming Smile' awards - getting the most votes in these categories.

Other awards included 'Teen Idol of the Year', Korea Visual Arts Festival 'photogenic', 'Brand Olympic' and 'Brand Male Actor Division' awards. Shin Yang told all that the 60 ties and 50 business suits in the serial were specially tailored so that he could keep changing them.

Jung Eun found it so stressful to film this serial till her skin swelled and she often felt dizzy. She sent her blood samples to Korea and U.S. but they could not give her any answer. Zhao Cheng Mo suddenly appeared and sang '€˜coming to your side' during the celebration event to give her a surprise.

The song 'Returning to you' was a selling point after the scene where Qi Zhu sang to Tai Ling was shown. It was even hotter than popular singers' songs. It made his singer dream came true. When the Taiwanese reporters requested him to sing, Shin Yang obliged and sang. His low but attractive voice made all clap for him. Jung Eun was too shy and sang off-key but they didn't blame her.

Shin Yang sang the same song during the meeting fan session while they sang '€˜the moon represents my heart' as a return gift. Jung Eun tried foot reflexology but it gave her so much pain that her tears formed but she was delighted when weariness disappeared. Shin Yang ordered pearl milk tea and enjoyed the drink.

Jung Eun was glad that she was made to say unpolished French in the serial but there were tons of complains for Shin Yang to speak fluent French. Although he learned it as a second language in Russia, the pressure was still there. Were they approached by the opposite sex in Paris? Jung Eun complained that the crew only told her that she attracted eyes when returned. Shin Yang laughed - he chose not to tell her from Qi Zhu's point of view for being jealous!

If given the chance to choose the two guys, who would she select? Jung Eun said it was tough as they were both rich and perfect prince charmings. Seeing her hesitant, Shin Yang dug fun at her - after talking so long, will she choose him? She laughed and said she would as she met Qi Zhu first.

Shin Yang described himself not as romantic as Qi Zhu. To get used to the life in Paris and to make him perfect like a fairy tale character, this posed difficulty. He hoped to reach his standard soon. Jung Eun said she was not as forgetful and untidy as Tai Ling. The only similarity was both loved writing. Shin Yang told her to cut the act as he didn't see any difference, making all reporters laugh.

The serial's motorcycle, drums and ice hockey suddenly became a big craze. '€˜My sister-in-law at 19' borrowed the hockey idea from here. Qi Zhu's many phrases - '€˜babe'€ - became popular and Shin Yang also became an idol overnight. Many fans who liked Bae Yong Jun, Kwon Sang Woo and Jang Dong Gun '€˜defected' to like him instead. The press also described him as Yong Jun's fiercest competitor. But Shin Yang said humbly that he wasn't as '€˜hot' as Yong Jun.

Shin Yang fooled all of us with his bespectacled outlook. He knows ballet, gymnastics, Taiji, ice hockey, jazz, snow skiing, swimming, tennis and likes listening to music. As long as the sport is interesting, he will be eager to try it out. No wonder all kinds of sports don't pose any difficulty to him.

Cha Tae Hyun felt so ashamed when his serial '€˜the first love- ended abruptly from 20 to 18 episodes. After watching this serial and how Shin Yang and Jung Eun acted, he found that his serial was more of primary school material. The same Cinderella story provided different acting for a different effect.

Shin Yang was the spokesman for GM Daewoo Motors, LG credit cards and WOO MI construction. He earned 2c billion 700 won within 2 months to become the most expensive spokesman in history.

Many were doubtful on how he could manage the fencing scenes. All were taken aback when he needed no takes or lessons at all - he had learned the sport in Russia's Scheheplin theatre college. They praised him for having professional standard. Many started buying the suits Shin Yang wore in the serial.

Shin Yang learned Japanese so as to break into the Japanese market when the serial was shown in Jan 2005. He went with Jung Eun to Taiwan to promote the serial for 5 days. Crazy fans kept knocking on the car doors at the airport upon arrival. He and Jung Eun were so nice and obliging to shake their hands or sign autographs. They loved the scenery and the food there. Not just the women desired to hug him, even reporters also longed to do that. Both were delighted when presented figurines of them from the serial.

Shin Yang talked about his stay in Russia. It was a poor country but he still went there to learn acting. He learned Russian, gain friendship and respect his lecturers. It also shaped his love for art and wife. When he first knew his wife, Baek Hye Jin, he had already won the best actor award while she was a law student in DongKuk University. (That makes him her senior since both came from the same university.)

She is 13 years his junior and they were engaged when she was still studying to get married right after her graduation in 2002. They only knew each other for 5 months and since the first day he saw her at a gym, he knew she was for him. They have a daughter, Seung Chae. It was said that she was the little girl whom Tai Ling went after in the park. Like Qi Zhu, both went through all obstacles to get married too. He was always eager to return home after shooting to be with them.

Can you believe that Dong Gun doesn't keep in touch with Jung Eun at all after filming the serial? He doesn't even know her handphone number and they are like strangers! This is so different from the warm way Xiu He treats Tai Ling. He describes himself being shy and conservative and he only makes attempts to contact actors, not actresses whom he has worked before!

Dong Gun is 12 years Shin Yang's junior and he was a newcomer. He also didn't have as much experience as Jung Eun in acting. Although Xiu He didn't win Tai Ling's heart, it won the hearts of many female fans. He had no time to think of pressure as he was too focused on his role. When the serial ended, he quickly '€˜came out' of his role. The past isn't important but the future to improve is most important.

It was rumoured that the producers were pleased with all except Shin Yang. They were not happy with him giving suggestions and changing lines - feeling that he overstepped their authority. They wanted Qi Zhu to lose everything to Xiu He to be a mechanic in Paris. After seeing Tai Ling the last time, he kills himself!! Another arrangement was to make this whole thing only a dream. Either one will not convince us. I believe not just Shin Yang will oppose to this - all of us will definitely object if that happens!

Shin Yang voiced his disapproval as Qi Zhu isn't a weak man. Plus the audience's objection, the ending was changed. Nevertheless, they shot the scene according to the original script before their return from Paris. I might be too sensitive but I have the feeling that Shin Yang didn't look happy in the last scenes. Don't his changes make this serial so enjoyable for all of us? (Who knows - maybe all the jokes are from him!) The producers should be acceptable to pointers offered by a great actor. Now I wonder if there is truly disagreement between them as Shin Yang didn't act in any other SBS serial after this.

Dong Gun came to Singapore for a mini concert. Many found him fickle-minded to cancel promotional events in the last minute as he claimed to wish to spend more time to prepare for the rehearsals. We had to buy tickets to the concert in order to meet him. My 3 friends and I managed to get the S$20 tickets at a $$10 discount.

But he only sang 2 songs 'I love you so' and 'Lie' - the latter song from '€˜Lovers In Paris'. His voice was fine but we must complain that he kept too low a profile - to wear dark coloured clothes and we could not see him clearly. This is so disappointing.
Jung Eun admitted that she had plastic surgery as a present from her mother for getting into the university. I wonder if she is showing the failing effects of it. She looks so stunning in 'All About Eve' but it seems that her eyelids were so fake in here.

In SBS's 2004 television awards, Shin Yang won the best actor while Jung Eun won the best actress awards. They also won the best screen couple award. Dong Gun won the special programme award. The three were selected among the 10 popular star list.

Dong Gun made a speech there when receiving the award. From the day he started filming, he faced a lot of difficulties. A person gave him help and he is grateful to her. The love he gave her was shown in his acting.all know who she is, isn't it?

This serial won the best serial and best actress awards in 2005 Asia television awards.If you wonder why Shin Yang didn't win, that's because SBS didn't nominate him or Dong Gun.So did the Baksung awards when this serial won the best actress, best script and best drama.

The novel writer might have Shin Yang or Suh Jin in mind as Qi Zhu even before the serial was shot. I can't remember who else have dimples besides them.


This couple is initially a complete mismatch. Qi Zhu is strict, quiet, careful, neat and mature. Tai Ling is talkative, cheerful, careless, untidy, forgetful and childish. But they complement each other to be a perfect couple of the century! Qi Zhu gives in to her to do all sorts of unbelievable acts while she tries hard to win his family's approval. See how much they have influenced each other? There is no way that Xiu He or Yun Er can come between them as they are made for each other.

The things to link them together are small but yet significant. The post-its, comb, the photos, SMS and the engagement rings (which simply make the other 2 women jealous) - they give a simple but warm feel.

How can they cook up a story that the men are half-brothers? This is complete insanity. Qi Hui tries to be fair to them (on her wishing part) but to hurt both as a result. It will be acceptable if Mr Han evades tax, commits a murder or Qi Zhu is adopted. (Just like Lo Kar Leung in '€˜Golden Faith'. That will not be so bad - but as Qi Hui's lovechild, my reaction is ??!!!

The others do unnecessary worrying that Qi Zhu might not be able to take the harsh reality. They have underestimated him - he is a strong man. He faces it bravely but is frustrated with the Mins threatening his family. The only thing that gives him a hard blow to upset him terribly is Tai Ling leaving him but still, he adjusts his feelings easily to concentrate on his career while trying to persuade her to change her mind.

I could have like it better to give a full 5* if the producers don't stir so much trouble above. Many grumble about the ending because they don't get to see a wedding. But the newspaper report is a hint - probably they have overspent on the engagement and have no more money for an elaborative wedding. They may want to tell that this fairytale can happen to anyone at any time. But I admit the ending can be just giving us what we want!

The two actors saved this serial. The actresses are still not up to mark. Will there be a sequel to it? How does Qi Zhu manage to woo Tai Ling back in Paris? Many will be curious to know - can give us more of this cute couple?? And please give Xiu He a woman (but not Yun Er, ok?) - he needs one to heal his wound to love again.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5) (I have wished to give a 4.5 but the supporting cast isn't that good this time.)

On story : ****1/2 (Scale of 5) (It could have scored a perfect 5 if not for the lousy arrangement.)

On songs : **** (Scale of 5)

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