Lovers in Paris

Reviewed by: Quinn

September 04, 2005

Rating: five


Gi Jun (Park Shin Yang) is the president of his father's business, a car company. So he's pretty rich. He stayed in Paris for a while, trying to seal a contract with a client. At this time Tae Young (Kim Jeong Eun) is also in Paris. She is a student who is learning French but is also working a job to pay off her rent.

So we open with Tae Young's alarm ringing. Tae Young still being sleepy didn't bother much and just slapped it. After a while she realised she was late for work and jumped up to get ready. She passed by a fountain, threw in a coin and made a wish. When she got to work, she was 5 minutes late and was fired. About now, she has no job and has a huge amount of money due for her rent. When she heard someone needed a maid who knew how to cook Korean food, she took it. That is when Gi Jun and Tae Young know each other but haven't really met.

The Beginning Words

To start off, this is a movie straight from the heart. I loved watching it. I know I know, 2 people who are pretty old, what could be so great? The 2 are so talented it's almost too good to be true. Whoever picked out these 2 from a crowd certainly has a good eye and I mean it deeply. Watching Park Shin Yang and Kim Jeong Eun on the screen playing the role of Tae Young and Gi Ju really was an amazing experience. I loved every minute of it.

So to start off, this is the best movie I've seen in a long time. A mix of times when it's really sweet and just plain good. Then there are those moments that make you laugh super hard or just make you have a good laugh. And then there are those places in the movie that make you go "what the...". I think I love this movie like crazy and I'm almost too sure others will love it as well.

Next point. Time to discuss the characters.

Park Shin Yang I found he was really a huge highlight of this movie. He is a really great and beautiful actor. Not to mention his feelings were acted so well. He really did know how to show his stuff on the screen where it's important. He played Mr.Funny well, with his straight yet sincere face, which i adore. When he had a million of thoughts running through his head and you know he's serious, it was easy to tell. His scenes with KJE were so cute! It is something to look forward to and expect a laugh. For once in my life, I saw a series that didn't revolve so much around one lead more than the other.

Kim Jeong Eun playing the female lead, Tae Young, was not bad. I would say quite good! I loved her attitude and personality straight out. Her mumbling and the fact that her her words won't come out sent me smiling. Her strong personality of being able to overcome everything was something I admired. The scene in which Gi Ju and Tae Young went together to go biking, and she wanted him to go buy her ice-cream was good. When he came back he couldn't find her anywhere but still waited. He finally found her tape recorder and listened to it. That created the first tears I cried in the movie and they weren't the last tears to fall. Yeah, there were more. It's funny how I knew it would come and I've seen a lot of Korean series which usually end up like this, but I still cried. I loved how the story didn't get so dragging. They didn't make Gi Ju give up by letting a few more years drop by. It was a waste of time. But they let him stand up and hope. KJE has never failed to deliver any feelings towards any scene, at all. A very talented lady! She made me laugh at her, she made me laugh with her, she made me mad for her when a girl kept interfering with her loved one, and she made me pity her. But overall, she made me cry above all the reasons I really shouldn't. I knew it was coming, I predicted it all, I thought she was so naive falling for it therefore not really feeling sorry if she did have to end up leaving him, but in the end I cried.

Lee Dong Gun as Soo Hyuk. I couldn't be happier. He has such an adorable face and had such a self-confidence to be the guy that knows he's good-looking. In the beginning he was adorable. Funny, made himself comfortable and at home, and joked around a lot. You could tell he was one of those bad boy types. I still had a good laugh from him. His big drastic change over time was pretty special. He was always drinking and being all depressed. It was pretty sad they had to make his character that way, after a while it was too much space of the tape of him. He stopped smiling and when he did, you could tell he was hurting behing the smile. I could see it so he's good. I pitied him, always having to see every time Tae Young and Gi Jun was together which made him hurt even more than ever. And yes I cried when he got in the car. I knew he was going to crash but I still cried anyways.

Side Note: Lee Dong Gun's wardrobe was very cool. They created the image of Soo Hyuk very well.

Oh Joo-eun playing an enemy of Tae Young, the character who we all were supposed to hate. The one who constantly tried to break up the happy and in-love couple. She didn't have many expressions on her faces but one. The one expression of a sneer was good. I found her annoying so good job to Oh Joo-eun!

Suh Kwon Sook playing the evil Mrs.Moon. She very good at being mean, or acting mean I should say. Her face is built for the role. She was perfect.

Kim Seo-hyeong (the ex-wife of Gi Jun) was excellent. A person that stood her ground and was very strong. She was smart and beautiful. I like her. KSH was a good choice.

Jo Eun-ji (the best friend of Tae Young) I loved her funny appeal. The way she talked and acted was so natural. It looked like she was having a good time. She did create the "best friend" image so good job to her!

Wrapping up.

So maybe the story won't interest you in being an audience to this series, but the scenes of PSY and KJE as a couple will give you some reasons. Also, the ending might be complicated for some to understand so watch closely. The ending might not have been a happy fairy tale ending but it was different. And no other korean series has ever attempted to do it. It might not satisfy your thirst to see how the couple turned out, but you have to give them some credit for thinking outside the box. The ending is special.

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