Lovers in Prague

Reviewed by: sukting

October 27, 2006

Rating: three

How long
18 episodes

This is the second prologue after 'Lovers in Paris'. Can it surpass the first one? The answer is seen below. This is the most awaited drama of 2005 as many are eager to see how Jun Do Yun and Kim Joo Hyuk fare after their break from television for 3 years.


Zai Xi is returning to Korea soon. Kui is wheelchair bounded but helps her in her packing. He is like an elder brother to her as they grow up together. Zai Xi's father is Korea's president and he brings Zai Xi up single-handedly. She has never worried him.

He gives awards to the outstanding people. When seeing a guy, Shang Xuan on stage with bandages on his face and arm, he is surprised. He asks him how he is going to find a girlfriend with this face. He replies that his girlfriend is Korea. Zheng Han finds him special. Another recipient is totally different. He has a very handsome face. Unlike Shang Xuan, he looks firm. His ambitious glare shows that he is extraordinary. Ying You gets into the foreign ministry after passing his law exam. He explains that his girlfriend works there. Zheng Han finds him outstanding too. (Soon, the two guys become love rivals.)

Shang Xuan's colleagues celebrate for him and Da Hao coaxes him to tell Hui Zhu of the good news. He has borrowed a loan from the bank to send her to Prague to learn the piano to help her realize her dream. He jumps upon knowing that she wants a breakup and isn't returning to Korea. She is now pregnant and removes the ring he gives her from her finger.

She knows that he as a cop will not give up easily and decides to hide somewhere. Zai Xi is returning her apartment to her landlord soon 10 days later and Hui Zhu moves in. Zai Xi looks at the photo taken 5 years ago and sighs, looking at the t-shirt on her hand. It has the printing Prague.

Zai Xi is the diplomat representative for Korea in Prague and attends a gathering for all diplomats. She jokes to reporters that many guys do not dare to woo her after knowing that she is the president's daughter. She is wearing a long yellow gown and sitting on a friend's, Peter's car. She sighs – this is crazy – she has to find a partner for a short marathon contest.

She can't blame others. When You Ji – a Japanese diplomat asks her if she becomes a diplomat because of Zheng Han, she can't control herself. It is not the first time they pit against each other and she falls into her trap. (So we must never make an empty promise when angry.) She sees Shang Xuan wronging a woman to steal his wallet. Shang Xuan is wearing a faded shirt with old track shoes. She checks it and sees his cop identification. She is normally nice to everyone but dislike this chap for being rude. So she doesn't feel like helping him when he wants to look for Hui Zhu.

He eyes her with suspicion – thinking that she is a prostitute upon seeing her giving Peter a goodbye kiss. Doesn't she think of her parents? Zai Xi realizes that he doesn't know her identity. (I can't believe that a cop is so ignorant – can this be true?) He raises his eyebrows when she replies that her father is actually proud of her! Seeing him hungry, she brings him to a café and he finally apologises to her as he is short-tempered because he is troubled. She finally softens. He takes off his jacket and the t-shirt he wears has the same design as the one she keeps at home.

Ying You looks at Zai Xi's photo – she is smiling in the t-shirt. How is she now? Yuan Zhe tells him that Zai Xi is returning next week but he can't wait anymore. He must see her now or he will get mad. Zai Xi returns to work and is surprised to see Shang Xuan there. He finally knows what she is working as. He wants her to look for Hui Zhu for him. She replies impatiently – isn't searching for someone his strength?

This reminds her that he as a cop should run fast too. She smiles slyly and agrees to help him to want him run in exchange. They search everywhere but can't find her at all. Shang Xuan can forget about her temporary when he quarrels with Zai Xi. Zai Xi never knows that Hui Zhu is staying right with her as Hui Zhu tells her that her name is Clara. (This is too coincidental.)The two women seldom meet but they cook and make facials for each other. They do not ask much about each other's personal affairs.

Zai Xi never asks why she is pregnant while Hui Zhu only knows that a man is making Zai Xi happy lately. Ying You is surprised to see Hui Zhu at her apartment. When knowing that Zai Xi has another man, he leaves in haste and can't believe this is happening. He goes to a café and recalls how they meet in the past. Can they part so easily?

Zai Xi sees Shang Xuan's big feet and recalls a belief that bigfooters are normally thieves. She suddenly feels warm in her heart upon recalling how lost he looks when he first arrived with only a few notes in his wallet with a crumbled Hui Zhu's old address paper. She recalls Hui Zhu's words – is he the man who makes her happy? She hopes to make him feel this way too.

She then asks if the person is a lawbreaker. When Shang Xuan stops walking, she jokes that she must be his runaway lover. When seeing him turning pale, she regrets saying that. She brings him to a wishing wall pasted with messages. The movie 'Roman Holiday' once has this scene – a movie fanatic wrote a wish to meet her idol and the fellow actually came to Prague the next day. Thus many started following this method. Shang Xuan then asks if her wish has come true and she replies no sadly.

He pretends not to see it and pastes his note there. She reminds him of the marathon contest the next day. Yin Kui calls her to find out why she isn't around as the marathon is going to start an hour later. She has managed to get hold of Hui Zhu's friend's telephone number. Shang Xuan is distracted even though Zai Xi gives him a pair of sports shoes that she has gotten for him.

After arresting the drug traffickers, he has arrived in Prague without buying a new pair of shoes. He then recalls the marathon. Suddenly the woman asks to meet Shang Xuan now. Shang Xuan doesn't want to go for the marathon now and he flies into a temper when she refuses to stop the car. Zai Xi refuses – how can she allow others to belittle the Koreans? She is angry with him for not keeping his promise.

The shoes are not for him to escape so he can choose to walk barefooted. (She is sure angry with him to say that.) Shang Xuan removes them immediately and throws them back to her, wearing back his old pair. She stares at him and her eyes turn red. But she still leaves her handphone with him so that he can contact the person directly before leaving. She arrives at the venue – she should hate him but why is she worried if he can't find the person? You Ji sneers at Zai Xi – looks like she has the excuse of not having a partner.

Kui comes to Zai Xi's side and is worried to see her applying a plaster on her heel before wearing her shoes. He offers to take part and the two women are shocked to see him preparing to do warm-up. There is no rule that the wheelchair bound can't take part. He is not joking as it will be humiliating if they have no representative. If Shang Xuan appears in front of him, he will beat him like a dog…just then Shang Xuan replies that he is willing to get punished - only after the marathon.

Seeing that Zai Xi's shoelace is loose, he ties for her. Zai Xi has mixed feelings – gratitude, blissful, shock…Upon seeing how the women run, Shang Xuan shakes his head. He is surprised to see her heel bleeding upon removing her shoe but she refuses to stop. But her heart beats rapidly when he holds her leg. Seeing her grabbing back her sock to wear when You Ji runs far, Shang Xuan promises to run fast.

He suddenly tells her to hold tight. He suddenly carries her over his shoulder. She is shocked – is he mad?! He tells her not to struggle or he will get very tired. Then he hits her buttock softly to stop her from talking. The spectators cheer while she really feels like crying – how can this man do this to her? (This scene is unexpected – you have to watch it yourself.)

Ying You gets into the Prague ambassador's office. This uncle is his father's friend but he is warmer to him than his own father. He is touched as he doesn't have this feeling for a long time. Kui comes and Ying You introduces himself. His hand is stretched out but Kui isn't prepared to shake his hand, making him embarrassed. His expression is cold – so Ying You knows Zai Xi?

Kui knows him because he treats Zai Xi to beer when she cries for Ying You. 5 years ago, Ying You only said that he would give her a call the next day. But he made her wait for 5 years. He did not make the promise when he left. But Ying You still hopes that she is the same as 5 years ago. Kui recognizes him although the burned photo only shows half his face. Kui sees that Ying You has no explanation and tells him to leave Zai Xi – she has only starting to lead a normal life now.

Shang Xuan helps Zai Xi to apply medicine. Seeing her still looking at him, he jokingly asks if she thinks he becomes better looking now. Her expression has betrayed her – there are full of hearts in her eyes. He jokes that he isn't a normal cop but has gotten a medal from the president. Zai Xi has heard Zheng Han mentioning about it and looks at him.

Zai Xi then jokes that she doesn't think highly of the medal or the president. Shang Xuan says she is wrong as he is with good ties with the president as he is concerned with his love life. (He is partly correct in a way.) Zai Xi tries hard to control herself not to laugh. Both have a celebration after winning the marathon. Zai Xi then asks Shang Xuan why he lies that Hui Zhu is a crime suspect. Shang Xuan has not lied – Hui Zhu might have deceived him and he still hopes for the best.

Zai Xi sees the ring that Hui Zhu keeps and realizes who she is. The design is the same one Shang Xuan is wearing. Hui Zhu is from an orphanage and she is going to give birth. How is Zai Xi going to tell Shang Xuan now? Shang Xuan gets impatient when she gets evasive to leave a note for him. Zai Xi hides at a corner when the two meet. Hui Zhu confesses that she falls for a richer womanizer and lets him down. If he is here for the loan, she can't pay him back now but she will pay him with interest later.

Shang Xuan gives her a slap and is very upset. Da Hao has already warned him that Hui Zhu might have another man. Why doesn't he feel insecure and suspect her? Why is he so overconfident? She has not loved him before and has only accepted his love for granted. Zai Xi is hesitant – how can she reduce Shang Xuan's hurt to the minimum? Shang Xuan suddenly wants to have a meal with her.

Zai Xi's heart beats fast – is this a date? Both start joking again. He plays with a puppet clumsily but she is already an expert at it. They return to the wall and he sees a note by Zai Xi – please let him be happy and smile when he sees her. Shang Xuan writes another note – he isn't there in loneliness and is letting Hui Zhu go. He attaches it to the wall with his ring.

Zai Xi bades him goodbye as she is meeting someone. She has an unsure expression that he hasn't seen before – so she isn't sure if the person is coming? Her expression becomes stony when Ying You comes. He is here for his promise but she decides to leave. Why is she evasive now? Shang Xuan wants him to let go of her and they recognize each other.

When Ying You asks why he is with 'their Zai Xi', Shang Xuan realizes their relationship. Zai Xi has hoped for this day but not this kind of meeting. Why doesn't he tell her that they have ended 5 years ago to make her feel better? He is going to propose to her now. She has wondered if he has broken his arm or leg for not seeing her but he is so healthy. Why hasn't he come?! She can never forgive him.

Shang Xuan presumes that she will not return and is about to walk away. He feels bad upon seeing her swollen eyes although she says that it is rude not to make a final farewell. She gives him a puppet as a present. He thanks her for everything and kisses her cheek. So does she for the race. Both say 'I love you' to each other in Czech. They feel lost when parting. Zai Xi knows that she has treated him like a boyfriend.

Ying You passes a photo to her and she does the same. But she has 4 photos. It even shows an empty wall – that means that her heart is the same. He regrets his choice and offers to wait for her this time. But 5 years is already too long for her and she will not wait anymore.

Shang Xuan passes the ministry of foreign affairs and misses Zai Xi. Zai Xi is now back in Korea. She is in the car with Dong Nan as her bodyguard. Her life is the same and she feels secure with the quiet but responsible Dong Nan. It is comical when he runs after her with her handbag and also to remind her that she is wearing slippers and not her court shoes which are still in the car!

Ying You tries to hold her hand to pull her into the lift. He has waited her for 97 days. She leaves a lipstick print on his collar. He can continue waiting then. He doesn't mind it and touches it. Hui Zhu also returns. She wants money and also a baby's position in the family. This baby is her only hope and future.

Ying You asks Zai Xi how to say 'I love you' in Czech. This reminds her of Shang Xuan. Ying You sees her in a daze and knows who she is thinking off. He also loses his appetite. Zai Xi wants to see if she can meet Shang Xuan again through coincidence. If they contact to meet, it is unfair to Ying You. The two finally meet again and she passes her international driving license to Shang Xuan.

Seeing Zai Xi inattentive at work, Kui asks what is wrong with her. She runs out at 12pm and simply neglects Ying You. She instructs Dong Nan to drive to the restaurant near the police station.
They decide to have lunch first. When Dong Nan hears her lying to Shang Xuan that she comes here just to taste the food, he closes his eyes. Zai Xi really lets him down for neglecting her safety to run around. The three have a meal with Da Hao. Dong Nan just had his lunch and his eyes stare at Shang Xuan who pushes a big bowl of mixed rice to him.

He nearly gasps when Zai Xi introducing him as her younger brother. She rushes to pay the bill but he passes her a summon. He even jokes that the photo of her in the past looks so different from now. Has she undergone plastic surgery? He will only return to her after she pays the fine. Ying You comes but Shang Xuan isn't scared to meet his eyes or identity. Zai Xi suddenly feels that Shang Xuan can be lean on like a tree. Ying You has thought that he will never get to come into contact with a normal policeman.

But he can see that Shang Xuan has guts and he really envies him. Upon knowing that Zai Xi eats 2 meals just to meet Shang Xuan, Ying You is jealous. They don't deny that she is pretty to them. Zai Xi wonders what they say about her and Ying You notices that she smiles after knowing that Shang Xuan says that she is pretty. He passes some gastric pills to her before leaving in disappointment.

Meantime, Shang Xuan nearly laughs till his stomach bursts upon recalling how Zai Xi pretends to meet him coincidentally. Da Hao encourages him – so what if his love rival is a public prosecutor – just seize her from him! Hui Zhu spends money with a credit card – she has given up love and trust for money. Shang Xuan is tired after questioning suspects. Suddenly Zai Xi appears to give him energy but he still pretends to be cold – why is she here? She is here to pay the fine. (She goes all out to get her man.)

So she is here specially to see him? She replies that he should be gentleman enough to ask her out for coffee. His colleagues cheer for him and he sighs. But a cold voice is heard to dampen their spirits. Hui Zhu is here and Shang Xuan can't be with Zai Xi. The policemen feel sorry for Zai Xi. Hui Zhu returns the money to Shang Xuan. He doesn't expect her to return to him and only wishes to hear her saying 'thank you' but never wishes her to be so heartless. He breaks a glass and cuts his hand before going out. She weeps, touching his blood on the table.

Zai Xi comes to Kui who treats her to beer again. She decides to give up now. But when in Ying You's car the next day, she gets off his car when seeing Shang Xuan by the roadside. He is now at the Foreign affairs Department. Is her here because of the sports shoes? When seeing her in Ying You's car, he gets mad. But when seeing her coming out, he runs to her but she passes him. He follows her to see what she is up to. She talks to the air – so they meet again by chance? She rehearses her expressions like an actress.

Shang Xuan tries so hard not to laugh and continues looking. Then she walks to Shang Xuan's car to find him no longer there. His voice is heard behind her and she blushes. She drinks with him to get drunk and Dong Nan has to help her into her car. The CEO isn't here to see Hui Zhu again but Hui Zhu is no easy woman. She will not let it pass like this.

Zai Xi is back to work the next day, entertaining Czech guests. Ying You is here to meet his father, Mr Chi. Mr Chi allows him to bring Zai Xi to see him. He opposes to them together in the past as Zheng Han was only a running candidate for presidency then. Ying You dislikes him and vows that he will not resign as he depends on his own ability to be a public prosecutor. Mr Chi's son isn't him but Sheng Yu.

Ying You meets Hui Zhu outside who claims to be Mr Chi's woman. He feels the ground spinning to see a baby in the nanny's arms. Zai Xi's younger brother, Jian Xi sees someone scolding his father on the street and goes to punch them. Shang Xuan suddenly asks Zai Xi in a mocking tone if her father is the president and if she has 3 younger brothers. Jian Xi is only a high school student.

Seeing the nervous Xiao Jin (who is Jian Xi's bodyguard) beside them, Zai Xi thinks it is nice to have two more responsible younger brothers (their bodyguards) and nods. Shang Xuan releases Jian Xi after giving him a warning so Zai Xi treats him to supper. Knowing that he is angry but hungry, she tempts him with food – he can help her or help to feed her. (She definitely goes thousands extra miles to get her man.)The other colleagues look in shock and he blushes.

All police officers join them and Shang Xuan suddenly realises that he has not feel happy for a long time. When seeing how she dances and sings well, Da Hao and others are so attracted that they forget their surnames. When knowing that she is a civil servant like them, they praise her. Upon knowing that she is a diplomat, they lose their souls. (I don't think their reaction can surpass Xiang Zhe's colleagues' reaction in 'All About Eve' though.) They push Shang Xuan to sing too – he stares at her on tv – what should he do? How can he master his guts to love her?

Shang Xuan feels more inferior when sending her to Kui's home. She doesn't dare to bring him to the presidential home. Kui stays in a high-class condominium and is puzzled when Zai Xi blames him. Zai Xi prepares for the banquet in the hotel when she sees Shang Xuan walking past. He pretends not to see her to meet Hui Zhu. She wants a status but Mr Chi only wants the baby. He wants to prove through DNA.

They meet and Shang Xuan is outside, knocking hard but he can't come in. Ying You and Zai Xi come. Zai Xi wants to go after Shang Xuan but Ying You holds her hand. When seeing this, Shang Xuan returns. Hui Zhu decides to talk to Shang Xuan and he gives the envelope back to her. Don't make herself feel better by making him feel worse. He wants her to live with her guilt till her death. (He is harsh this time.)

When reaching the police station, he sees Zai Xi dancing at the car park. Ying You is the one who arranges Hui Zhu's meeting with Mr Chi. Zai Xi asks him why he did not go to Prague 5 years ago. He doesn't want to say but wants her to trust him. Ying You and Shang Xuan work together for a case. Zai Xi gets so nervous that she goes into the toilet for 10 times during this time. (She is overacting till this extent.)

Seeing Zai Xi smiling when Shang Xuan arrives, Kui knows and gives his seat to him during lunch. Shang Xuan isn't happy to see her having dinner with Ying You at night and flies into a temper when she comes to have cup noodles with him after that. Why does she like having two meals? Zai Xi gets the order she is going to be sent to Washington. Yuan Zhe has wanted to marry Yan Jing there and loses the chance to her. He gets upset and is sarcastic to say that she depends on Zheng Han. He has thought of her to be different.

She tells her superior that she isn't going even though she scores well to forgo the good chance. She consoles Yuan Zhe as she has never wanted to depend on Zheng Han. Yuan Zhe knows that he has wronged her. Hui Zhu has not thrown the bird nest Shang Xuan has made for her. He has told her to put her valuables in it to give to her lover. Mr Chi gives 2 choices. Either he or she will bring up the child. She shivers although he will not change his mind. (She has made a miscalculation – women are nothing to him and a son doesn't help to strengthen her position but to put her at a disadvantage instead.)

Shang Xuan wants Zai Xi to keep a distance from him. She agrees to wait for him and leaves a smiling cartoon on his car window. Mr Chi and Zheng Han cross swords with each other. Mr Chi wants to be the next president but Zheng Han reminds him that he is still on the post for the next 3 years. Mr Chi then meets Zai Xi – she resembles her father to thank him to be against Zheng Han all the time to alert him. (Father and daughter work well as a team.)

Zai Xi wants Dong Nan to send her to Ying You's place. Dong Nan has been other important figures' bodyguards but none of them is like her to treat him like a younger brother. Ying You is initially delighted but is shattered when she asks what Mr Chi is up to. He has wanted to find a woman who loves him not because of Mr Chi's status. So he chooses to study law instead of economics.

He has tolerated to see her smiling at others and also her father to finish his term. But to her, both of them are too similar in character. She doesn't want to listen to him. Ying You tells Mr Chi that too – Mr Chi is angry that he isn't treating the marriage plan like business. Mr Chi regards him as fish in a tank to be unable to move out to the sea for own survival. (He is right because Ying You is labeled as his son.)

Zai Xi is happy that Shang Xuan is still wearing her shoes although they are getting old. Shang Xuan's notebook drops to the floor and both look at it. He has placed the colourful stick-ons onto it. He blushes when she stretches for it. Isn't he the first to break the rules? She returns it to him. Hui Zhu's baby is 100 years old and she has no family. So she asks Ying You along. He agrees. But he is angry when she says that her baby is an orphan. Can she bother if he can make Zai Xi happy? She blushes at her own reckless act.

Kui gives the marathon photos to Shang Xuan. He likes taking photos before a car accident. The culprit left after knocking him down – can Shang Xuan arrest him? Shang Xuan becomes a cop because of these jerks as he loses his parents in one night too. Kui hasn't given the photos to Zai Xi because he wants to make sure that they love each other. He develops all in double and Shang Xuan can pass to her. Don't let her loiter outside the gents. (Kui knows her too well to wait outside there for her man.)

Zai Xi finds an envelope on her table. She sees the photos and a note telling her that he is going to the arts museum's gents. (That is sure a funny remark.) She doesn't even notice that Kui has arrived. He requests her to act in a play. She wants free tickets and Kui reminds her to give one to Jian Xi. Shang Xuan encourages Da Hao to woo his aunt, Guang Zi. Guang Zi is his aunt but is 3 years younger than Shang Xuan. They accidentally spray a lady's perfume on him to cause Zai Xi to have the wrong idea.

He manages to clear the air. She weeps when seeing how an MP chases out a helpless girl, Yan Xiu and her grandmother from their home. Zai Xi still lies to Shang Xuan that her father is a farmer. Hui Zhu's baby is taken back by Mr Chi. She is back to square one and goes to Shang Xuan for consolation. They are together for a night but they don't do anything at all. Ying You knows that Zai Xi is unhappy about it and tells Shang Xuan off. Shang Xuan tells Zai Xi that they should not have started to break her heart.

But the play makes them reconcile. Shang Xuan pities Yan Xiu to give her a play ticket. She doesn't get along well with Jian Xi who also goes along. When Ying You requests Shang Xuan to look for Hui Zhu, Shang Xuan thinks that he is the one to get her pregnant to give him a punch on his face but he is shocked to know that Mr Chi is responsible.

Zai Xi is disappointed when Shang Xuan doesn't turn up for the play. She is puzzled to know that both guys have fought to leave bruises on each other's faces. She is surprised to know that he is drunk outside Yan Xiu's home. She helps him home with Dong Nan's help. They play with the puppet when he wakes up. He tells Hui Zhu that he no longer has her in his heart.

Shang Xuan gives Ying You Hui Zhu's address – he finally knows that he is concerned about her. Ying You vows to get Zai Xi back from him. Hui Zhu then hints to Zai Xi that she doesn't know Shang Xuan as well as her. Now Zai Xi feels like asking Shang Xuan how he feels for Hui Zhu. She goes to Kui's home to cook supper for Shang Xuan and his colleagues.

Zheng Han's political situation is in danger but he tides through it. Sheng Yu looks down on Hui Zhu and belittles her but he himself isn't Mr Chi's favourite because he can only come up with schemes like his mother. He doesn't have the wits like Ying You. (Can you accept Andy's debut to be an evil one?)

Ying You always does things against Mr Chi but he still trusts him most. But Sheng Yu is only prepared to see his downfall. Mr Chi is angry to know that Hui Zhu knows Ying You and warns her to avoid him. Hui Zhu then lies to Shang Xuan that Zai Xi has another man but Shang Xuan reminds her that he has another woman in the past too. So she should not return to him regardless of any reason.

He knows that this upsets her but he is only concerned about Zai Xi now. She keeps lying on Kui's home to be hers. Hui Zhu comes to pester them. Now Shang Xuan gets afraid – he doesn't know Hui Zhu well despite their 4 years together. Zai Xi isn't happy but she still persuades Shang Xuan to look for her.

An ambassador's home is ransacked and Shang Xuan is following on the case. Ying You doesn't wish to see him if not for the case. He is concerned about him and worries for his safety. Is he mad to treat his love rival like this? Yuan Zhe looks down on Shang Xuan and informs Ying You that Zai Xi is going to be Yan Jing's bridesmaid. Kui tells Zai Xi that it is about time for her to own up to Shang Xuan.

Zai Xi talks about the problems and decides to revive Kui's withering flowers. She takes them to Shang Xuan, citing that they are ill but he tells her that the nature is like this. He brings her to a florist to affirm the answer and she blushes. Both buy lemongrass home. Hui Zhu recalls Zai Xi's words, telling her that she doesn't like her to be with Shang Xuan. She is about to swallow the sleeping pills to commit suicide when the photographer calls her to collect the baby's 100 day photo.

Jian Xi finds Yan Xiu special as she works part time as a construction worker. The two couples shoot the wedding photos. Yuan Zhe and Yan Jing's wedding is a grand affair while Ying You and Zai Xi assist them. Ying You brings Zai Xi to his craving studio. He has made wooden furniture to woo her – the dressing table, wardrobe cupboard and chairs as her dowry. But she rejects him before crying aloud. Guang Zi wants Shang Xuan to get the money back from Hui Zhu.

He burns the t-shirt Hui Zhu gives her with the other photos of her. When he meets Ying You, he realizes that both guys choose the same umbrella - just like the same woman. Shang Xuan passes the umbrella to Zai Xi and she is touched. She is surprised when Ying You also passes another umbrella of the same design to her – warning her that it might rain when she goes out later. She uses Ying You's umbrella but later puts it on Ying You's bicycle. She doesn't need it anymore as his rain has stopped.

Mr Chi isn't happy that Zai Xi is going steady with Shang Xuan. His face darkens when seeing another photo of the two with Hui Zhu. Ying You agrees to help Hui Zhu to be the pianist at his father's hotel. She really misses her son too much. She has given the name 'En Yu' to him. Shang Xuan waits anxiously for his date and brings her to a buffet café. Shang Xuan thinks of a clue to break the case and informs Da Hao. He has found a suspect wear the same shirt as the criminal. This person is the ambassador's son tutor and he has seen the shirt at his lover's home.

Ying You is sad to see the umbrella. He leaves a note, telling Zai Xi that he is used to buy two cups of coffee. Zai Xi is glad that Shang Xuan breaks the case but is reluctant as he needs to return to the police station soon. Ying You has a meal with them, pronouncing that the love war is still on. Shang Xuan knows that there is a gap between them but he believes in love. He declares Zai Xi to be his.

She is so touched that she cries while he learns that she is the youngest person who passes the exam to be a diplomat. Seeing her swollen eyes the next day, Shang Xuan teases her – hasn't he wiped her tears the night before? It looks as if he has bullied her. Upon seeing her coughing, he decides to go morning jogs with her daily. Ying You sees the balloons that Zai Xi ties at the rooftop to cheer him up but can he still be happy?

Sheng Yu is angry to know that Hui Zhu is working as a pianist at their hotel. Hui Zhu doesn't mind this – this is how Mr Chi gets attracted to her after seeing her playing the piano. Seeing how Ying You disagrees with him, he deliberately tells him off for being unable to handle his own woman. To his dismay, Mr Chi isn't angry but doubles Hui Zhu's salary. Zai Xi feels the warmth from the green tea that Shang Xuan prepares for her after jogging. He has plucked the leaves from his home garden.

When she stays to work overtime, he calls her when he is half drunk. She must be home before 12 and can't get sick for more than 2 weeks. She can't go to dangerous places too and must stand in the middle of the crowd for celebration events or he will arrest her. (When a person gets drunk, he will sprout nonsense.) She replies that she has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Ying You sees her smiling when talking over the telephone so he feels happy. But upon knowing who the caller is, he becomes moody. She decides to explore the places at night to do a report so Shang Xuan offers to bring her around. Dong Nan has a headache when they go without him. The two have a nice time, taking shots of the scenery. Ying You avoids looking at Zai Xi the next day.

It is rumored that she dumps a rich man to woo a policeman. Now his ex announces that she uses her president's daughter identity to force her to leave him. Zai Xi is too shocked by the news that she drops the ink roll that she intends to change for the photocopier. The white floor becomes dark. Kui tells her to get prepared. Sure enough, she isn't spared during lunch time.

Colleagues start to gossip about Ying You's status. He is Tai Cheng's Holdings successor but why must he slog so hard as a public prosecutor? And why does the president's daughter possess all the men she meets? Ying You walks to the women – have they seen her doing that? When asked what it is going to do with him, his cold reply is – he is the rich man so he is closer than them to the person involved! Zai Xi starts to pity him and he requests her not to meet Shang Xuan but to date him.

Guang Zi demands Hui Zhu to return the loan and she gives her the bank account book. Seeing her pitiful flight, her heart softens. Ying You tells Sheng Xuan that he can't give Zai Xi up. He tells Ying You to try all his might as he will do the same to guard her too. Zheng Han wishes Zai Xi to attend a function held by the Swiss ambassador. She is hesitant as she doesn't wish to attract attention. She confesses to Zheng Han that she loves a policeman but he doesn't mind it. He even asks when she will introduce him to him.

Zai Xi returns to her room, looking at the congratulation card that her mother gives to her for passing her diplomat exam. She must do what is right and must be brave for love. Zai Xi asks Shang Xuan what if she is the daughter of an important political figure – such as the president? His reply – can tell him to run for governor post first. But he is a civil servant and will not be swayed by feelings. (He takes it as a joke.)

Shang Xuan is shocked to know that he is to be in charge of security at the ambassador's fashion show event. Why do this since he isn't a bodyguard? And forcing him to wear a suit to appear? He replies – what danger can there be since all are wearing their traditional clothes? Will they seize each other's clothes and fight? Guang Zi opens a boutique and clothes aren't dangerous. The other policemen can't stop laughing upon hearing his reply. But he has to give in when his superior threatens to send him to Jiju.

This is his first time in formal wear and he feels uncomfortable. Why this hotel again? It brings him ugly memories on how he is chased out for trying to return Hui Zhu's envelope of money to her. He sees Zai Xi in traditional dressing and gets attracted – she looks so pretty. She is here to host the event on her mother's behalf. He is stunned when she walks to the centre of the stage – so she is really the president's daughter! His face turns pale and ignores her after the event.

He rejects her calls and drives. He stops on the midst as a policeman tells him that this road only leads to the presidential home. He shouts – why can't he go since the woman he knows stays there? Zai Xi's car approaches and she comes out, crying. So she really stays here. He feels that he has lost everything and leaves. He doesn't turn up next morning for their jog and she isn't happy even though Dong Nan passes her positive reports on how the event is a success.

Shang Xuan shouts at Zai Xi when she visits him at the police station. She feels like hugging him upon seeing him so upset. Shang Xuan is proud of his father for being a gardener to learn from him while she is equally proud of Zheng Han. He chides her for not telling him earlier. She doesn't see the difference – is this that important? She can stay outside the toilet to wait for him and eat 2 meals just to meet him. She can be with him for morning jogs and she falls in love. Can't he love her? (She is only a normal woman.)

He likes her but he will be under pressure and feel inferior. He should have studied harder and saved more money for promotion. So they should not meet again. He is about to drive when he recalls Zai Xi's reminder not to drive when in a bad mood. So he lets Da Hao do it. Kui tells Ying You about Sheng Xuan knowing of Zai Xi's status. He himself needs adjustment although he has been friends with her for 20 years. He sees Ying You's expression – it is exactly the same expression he has when knowing that he can't walk again when he was 20 years old.

What happened 5 years ago – Mr Chi told him not to meet Zai Xi. Sheng Yu told Ying You that Mr Chi is checking on Zai Xi. Zai Xi is meeting the French diplomat's wife and is surprised that she adopts a Korean girl as her daughter, Julie but she hates Korea because she is abandoned. When all step out of the arts museum, Ying You manages to stop a photographer from taking Zai Xi's photos. He knows that the fellow is Mr Chi's man. He charges into Mr Chi's office.

He wants to marry Zai Xi but he hopes Mr Chi will deal with Sheng Xuan to make him leave Zai Xi. Doesn't Mr Chi dislike Ying You to dirty his hands? He can continue to pretend to be kind and innocent in front of Zai Xi then. (He also turns evil now.) But Mr Chi tells him to get out, wanting to meet Zai Xi. Zai Xi is rude to him, telling him that Zheng Han will do more things to touch the crowd.

Guang Zi gets all the money back from Hui Zhu but she feels sad for Shang Xuan. She arranges her new lodging but she must not meet Shang Xuan again. Shang Xuan is out to catch a criminal and meets Zai Xi. She throws a wrapper on the floor and wants him to arrest her. If not, he must treat her to a drink. She hasn't slept well and has waited near the river for him for 2 days in the cold – does he know that? She wants him to look for Julie's natural mother and she forces him to meet her at the river the next day.

He tells her – he can't even call her name – how to love her? She weeps – she is brave and he isn't brave so she has to give him up. Zheng Han has a headache when Zai Xi decides to move into Shang Xuan's apartment. He opposes it as he doesn't want Jian Xi and his wife to be ridiculed. She still keeps Shang Xuan's old sports shoes and the puppet. She sneaks out of home with her luggage. (This is the most daring act as this woman breaks all the rules of how a traditional woman should be.)

Guang Zi and Shang Xuan have a shock when they see her. Guang Zi jokes that Shang Xuan must have made her pregnant to leave home. (This is the same as cohabiting although Guang zi stays with them.) Shang Xuan is helpless when Guang Zi brings her luggage into the house. She still has no idea who Zai Xi is. Zai Xi feels shy when Guang Zi keeps looking at her stomach.

She knows her nephew well so he will not do such a thing. Zai Xi is educated and can come here to indicate that she has placed her future into his hands. She is sure cute and Guang Zi is happy. Shang Xuan wants to force her to return home but she refuses. He avoids her and her calls so she comes to appear before him everyday. Then he will think of catching her in his arms. Shang Xuan is determined to send her home the next day. He tosses and turns till daytime and only sleeps a while reaching dawn.

Then it strikes on him that Zai Xi is sleeping next door. He starts to comb his hair and smiles to himself unwillingly – what is he doing now? (See how he changes in a night!) Zai Xi is stuck in the toilet without the toilet paper. Shang Xuan has to control laughing when passing to her. He then prepares breakfast – he does this on most mornings but he feels a bit weird today.

He is unused to this but he doesn't think she will make many changes to his life. He prepares more dishes and he isn't aware that he puts in more concentration in his cooking today. Zai Xi is surprised to see him wearing the apron. He doesn't show any expression – what is the surprise about? This is his daily life. Guang Zi teases him for trying to drive Zai Xi away but yet prepares an elaborate breakfast.

He decides to let her stay so he will move out. Dong Nan is in the garden, watching like a hawk. Yes, these are the eyes from a bodyguard. Shang Xuan should have detected this earlier if he is more alert. (He sure fails as a cop.) He is too troubled to smile now. Dong Nan has tried suppressing all along.

Kui tells Zai Xi that he gets calls from her family and she should not move into Shang Xuan's home. She still wants to stay with Shang Xuan but Zheng Han tells her to return home. Ying You gets mad upon knowing that to drop the two cans of coffee he is holding. (This is a normal reaction as no man can accept this. Zai Xi isn't forthcoming – she is too willful.) Zai Xi has said that he resembles Mr Chi so he will be like him then. Shang Xuan has no courage to tell Zai Xi that Julie's mother is poor.

Zai Xi rushes to the bookshop after work to buy recipe books. But she turns out burning the baked bread instead of the surprise that she wants for Shang Xuan. She gets engrossed in the book again. This time, she is successful. Shang Xuan frowns upon seeing the messy kitchen. Seeing her with flour on her face and clothes, he tries so hard not to laugh. She is such a lousy cook.

He is touched to see the heart-shaped bread and bear shaped bread – they look cute. But he only tells her to tidy the kitchen within 5 minutes. Guang Zi will not be returning tonight and he is alone with her. He nearly can't breathe now. She deliberately raises the television volume to lure him out of his room. He then realizes that he is too much after seeing her swollen eyes.

Ying You drinks wine desperately at the hotel with Hui Zhu playing the piano. He has no hope now. He blames her for leaving Shang Xuan to give him the chance to go to Prague to look for Zai Xi. How can he do for the 5 years? Every month, he buys the air ticket but throws it away. What can he do now?

Shang Xuan wakes up early to prepare breakfast and comes to the garden to sweep the dry leaves. When seeing Zai Xi walking out, he laughs aloud. She is wearing glasses and the myopic degree is very high – till he gets giddy. She tries to hide her face but he decides to make fun of her – who is she – has she seen Zai Xi before? She has lost her contact lenses. He tells him that he has found Julie's mother.

She frowns – how can there be such a mother in this world. He thinks she isn't qualified to say that. Isn't she worried for her father to make him a criminal? He is very right to say that. Zheng Han recalls how Zai Xi's grandfather opposes to him marrying Mrs Yin. Now he can understand him. Now he hasn't known Shang Xuan and he starts to dislike him.

Ying You comes to see Zheng Han and Zheng Han has a good impression of him. If not of him being Mr Chi's son to arrange this meeting….., he recalls Ying You's words and realizes that he is in love with Zai Xi. Ying You wants Zheng Han to pay back – he knows Zai Xi in Prague 5 years ago. Zheng Han was preparing for the presidential election. Mr Chi was against him so he dropped Zai Xi to protect his father. Zheng Han became the president 2 years later. Because of Mr Chi, he can't hold his head high in front of Zai Xi. He hopes he will give him a chance.

Zheng Han is silent – he knows Mr Chi well. If Ying You is true to Zai Xi, Mr Chi will hinder them but Zheng Han really owes him but he can't get Zai Xi to return the debt. But he is touched that Ying You is her for the woman he loves for 5 years. Zai Xi is anxious – why is Ying You here? Ying You tells her that he will know it soon. She finds a chill but needs to meet the French diplomat's wife now.

A customer tries to get fresh with Hui Zhu and she breaks his head with a wine bottle, hurting her own hand. Luckily the injured doesn't wish to blow up the matter. When reaching the hotel and seeing the birthday cake, Shang Xuan realizes that it is her birthday. Zai Xi sees them together and is shaken. She has another shock to see Ying You outside Shang Xuan's home. Shang Xuan rushes here – Ying You vows to take her away since she is shivering in the cold and locked outside his home.

Shang Xuan insists that he is the one to send her away if he wishes. Ying You tells him that he decides to be despicable and this is their last day together. Shang Xuan has sleepless nights since she moves in. He can't control his feelings anymore and kisses her. Ying You still refuses to give up after Zai Xi's advice.
Shang Xuan is asked to look for a diamond ring for a rich woman. He can still smile over his uphill task and it becomes broader when Zai Xi calls him.Julie is returning to France and meets her natural mother. Jian Xi is bored in school and Yan Xiu returns him the handphone he leaves in the MTV she has worked. Jian Xi asks her who Zai Xi's boyfriend is. Shang Xuan is upset when Zai Xi is moving out.

She gives him love vouchers – must accept apologises without conditions attached, must hug when feeling down, must say I love you daily, can't let her wait too long…..He pretends to get cross. He uses a marker to do something. She yells but later cracks up when seeing that he circles the word 'love' for all. (His responses are always out of the blue.)

When they step out, they jump as they are sent to see Zheng Han. Zheng Han stares at him – has he kept the medal he gave him? He replies that he has kept in the shelf and sweat forms on his forehead. (It is amusing to see how a suave cop becomes so terrified.) Zheng Han trusts Zai Xi that nothing has happened between them during the few days. He asks him here to see if he deserves his daughter.

So they are going to be a pair even though he opposes? Shang Xuan will reduce the frequencies but will make up the number after Zheng Han approves. Zai Xi is braver than him as a cop. He hopes to be qualified so he has no reason to escape. After seeing her, he builds a kingdom in his heart and the president is Zai Xi. (This is one of the mushiest – not touching declaration that I have heard so far.) Zheng Han can't agree but he will take note of their development. Zai Xi is worried – what has Zheng Han said to him? What else can he say except to punch her when she leaves home again?

She heaves a sigh of relief – he looks so pale earlier. What is there to worry about – hasn't he told her that he is close to the president? Both start to joke with each other again. Shang Xuan decides to bring Zai Xi to his parents' grave. She feels apologetic as she wears a pink, elaborative dress. She thanks them for educating him well and sending him to her. She will make him blissful.

Zheng Han's face turns pale when Mr Chi tells him that Zai Xi has stayed with Ying You in a hotel in Prague. Zai Xi stays with Shang Xuan the whole night in a tent and Zheng Han is angry with her. Zai Xi thanks Ying You for not returning to her within the 5 years. Ying You gets angry for being ridiculed. How can she compare him to his father? She doesn't want to see him again – so is Ying You to Mr Chi. (This woman is partly at fault to be so liberal. How will Sheng Xuan react when he knows this too? )

Zai Xi cries when Shang Xuan leaves a sms, saying that he thinks of her when passing the foreign embassy. He sits on the bench and looks handsome in a black leather jacket with khaki pants. She tries to act normal in front of him but is unable to hide from him as he is a cop. He hugs her – is she in some kind of trouble? It must be a tough problem but he hopes his hug can make her feel better. She buries her face into his chest. He gives her a whistle and she can blow it when she misses him.

Hui Zhu gets the baby's family photo. Mr Chi returns the baby to her if she can return to Shang Xuan. Ying You, Zai Xi and Mr Chi are on the street. Ying You blames Mr Chi for killing him twice and he throws himself to a coming car. He has loved Zai Xi all along. (This is an act of a coward.) The operation takes 12 hours. Zai Xi regrets not listening to his explanation.

Dong Nan is worried and Kui brings her clothes. Hui Zhu learns the news and realizes that she is deceived. She knows Ying You and Zai Xi's connection and what Mr Chi has done. He can be so harsh to his own son and even though she returns to Shang Xuan, her son will not be returned to her. She warns Zai Xi not to hurt Shang Xuan. Shang Xuan is worried when he gets no call from Zai Xi at all. He suppresses his urge – how nice if he can see her face right at the doorstep at home…

He lets her see a bandage, lying that he is injured when on duty. She weeps – has he gone for stitches? When she removes it carefully, she sees the words 'I miss you'. She suddenly weeps instead of laughing and he panicks. He knows he is childish but she has to bear with it. How can she think of weird ideas – it seems that she is sure different to pass the diplomat entrance exam. She smiles but has no heart to tell him what has happened. (I think he springs more surprises than her.)
Ying You wakes up but he can't hear at all. The doctors analyse that this might be temporary but it might be a brain injury. Kui tells Shang Xuan what happens and Shang Xuan learns the rest of the history from Hui Zhu. His blood runs cold – since she knows, will Zai Xi also know? But now she can't return to him because of this. Ying You ignores Zai Xi when she comes. Shang Xuan feels like a knife passing through him – no wonder Ying You says that he loves her more than him. (I doubt it – it is not giving up his life for her is able to prove that.)

Shang Xuan brings her for a manicure session and leaves a love voucher – say miss him daily. He sends a sms that says the line 4 times – indicating 4 days. Shang Xuan can't believe his eyes – he has heard of Ying You losing his sense of hearing but now he sees him using the handphone to make a call! He has wanted to return to the police station after meeting Zai Xi. But he comes to the hospital to visit him. He is stunned.

Shang Xuan has called the investigation unit for Mr Chi's details. Shang Xuan hides at a corner and is confused – what does he mean he wants to know before the whole world knows? And the caller needs 3 weeks? Shang Xuan tells Hui Zhu what he has seen and she is stunned too. So is he lying? Shang Xuan knows that it is because of Zai Xi. Hui Zhu holds him back but he ignores her.

The truth is – Ying You truly can't hear when he first wakes up. After a few days, he can hear some noises but he chooses not to tell anyone. He doesn't want to lie deliberately but he feels troublesome. The quiet moments are better. He feels that he is despicable and weeps too. Shang Xuan has a meal with Zai Xi. He takes off her high heels and puts his shoes on her feet.

She can kick the soccer ball now. Hui Zhu knows that Shang Xuan will not return to her but she can't see him hurt so she tells Guang Zi about Zai Xi's identity. Shang Xuan visits Ying You and he still lies. Mr Chi also comes and he sneers at him for making use of his life to keep Zai Xi back. Mr Chi has seen through his scheme. He tells Ying You that the investigation starts and the only way out is marriage.

He is a businessman so they need to consolidate their position. Shang Xuan's colleagues pity him – he found the diamond ring but the woman isn't grateful to blow the matter up to the press. Ying You resigns and all his things are taken away. Jian Xi gives Yan Xiu an mp3 player. She gets him to donate blood as a first date. Guang Zi asks Zai Xi if Mr Chi will harm Shang Xuan.

She asks him what she can do to save him but Zai Xi is helpless. (I can't believe this – a president or his daughter can't handle a businessman at all?) Ying You escapes from hospital. She sees the air tickets and his blood-stained clothes. He ruins everything in the studio. She decides not to meet both men – she can't go to Ying You as Shang Xuan is her complete whole. Ying You stares at her for bring so ruthless to him. He yells that he wants to see her unhappy all her life so she must marry him.

This is not the Ying You she knows and she runs out. She applies for leave. Shang Xuan chooses a square-shaped diamond ring. He can't get Zai Xi here to take the measurement as he wants to give her a surprise so he walks out without it. Shang Xuan is at first polite but later he nearly flares up at the rich woman who maligns him. He wakes up earlier than normal.

This happens when he is nervous or insecure. He feels that something bad is going to happen. The feeling comes on the days when he is injured on the line of duty and on the day his parents died in the car accident. Sure enough, when he returns to work, he learns that his superior has resigned to protect him. He never knows that it ends to this stage. He decides not to implicate him – he should be the one to resign.

Hui Zhu recalls Mr Chi's glare when reading Shang Xuan's negative news. Zai Xi is shaken to know that he has resigned. Hui Zhu tells her to leave Shang Xuan to avoid giving him more trouble. He hears someone blowing the whistle and thinks he is dreaming but he then realises that she comes and hugs her. Both have a drink and he makes a ring tab for her.

Will she marry him? He is only joking with her. She recalls what Ying You and Hui Zhu have told her. They go to a temple and he gives her a maple leaf. She decides to return to Ying You and he can't believe this. He learns to say 'I love you' in Czech and she bursts into tears before running away.

Mr Chi tells Huui Zhu to drive a car to somewhere as written on a map. He can't trust his own children. Children will betray their parents but parents will never abandon their children. He uses her son to threaten her. She has no other choice. Ying You receives the diamond ring he has ordered for Zai Xi but she will not be happy when wearing it. Ying You has asked his senior to check on Mr Chi.

Sure enough, the result is his father bribing others. He has used illegal funds but it isn't easy to collect evidence. Zai Xi tells Ying You that she will hate him as long as she lives. She doesn't want to see his smile and luckily his wound is more serious than Shang Xuan. These words are like bullets hitting his chest and he feels like dying to make her so vicious.

She will marry him but they can't be happy. She hopes to be unlucky till the day she dies to repay the debt. She has no courage to jump in front of a running car. She will persuade her father but Ying You will handle the wedding on his own then. Shang Xuan has searched for her in vain. He has the ring ready in his pocket. Her size is the same as his smallest finger.

She comes to Kui's apartment and gets drunk, using the wine ring tab to make for herself again. When she returns home, Shang Xuan has left a thermo flask and a letter for her. It contains the green tea. He also leaves a note for her – hope it can keep her warm and she is his president in his palace. The day is too long for him. She holds the letter to her chest. He finally sees her near the river the next day and begs her not to joke that she is marrying Ying You. Hasn't he said she belongs to him? She reminds him to look for a job.

She has hugged the flask to cry for the whole night. She feels his warmth through his sports shoes too. She has finished drinking the tea. Da Hao has followed the rich woman for a week. Her accounts are clean but it is strange that she can go to all high class places. A general – her husband can't earn so much. Shang Xuan requests to get his job back. Da Hao is here for this purpose.

They check on how the woman loses the ring. If they know where this ring is bought, they will get some evidence. Ying You is looking at Mr Chi's criminal evidence from a cd. He also has a necklace meant for Zai Xi and a dew pictures. Shang Xuan scolds him for being despicable – he has waited for him to tell the truth but he is a coward. Shang Xuan blurs that he knows his secret.

But Ying You smiles bitterly – he can only hear with one ear (he is partially deaf but he hasn't told anyone) and Zai Xi returns to him not because of his disability. Shang Xuan nearly wants to punch him when he tells him to attend his wedding. Mr Chi is happy when the wedding is to be held at his hotel and he will make it into a grand affair. Hui Zhu drives the car to the car park of a building. What is Mr Chi up to?

Shang Xuan insists of waiting in the cold for Zai Xi in the garden till she arrives. She is afraid that he will catch a cold and comes. He is about to talk to her when Da Hao informs him that the ring is bought through illegal means. Zheng Han isn't happy to read the negative reports on Shang Xuan. Zheng Han is worried but he trusts Zai Xi. He can't guarantee on others but Zai Xi is right in judging people all along.

She drops a bombshell when telling him that she wants to marry Ying You. He doesn't approve it – he can accept a lousy daughter but not an unfortunate one. Kui tells Zai Xi about his ex-girlfriend. He woke up 2 weeks after his accident and Zai Xi has told him to let her go. After Zai Xi leaves, he also cries. Feeling painful now is better than regretting in future.

She tells Shang Xuan that the pain she causes Ying You is worse than the handicap. She apologises for hurting Shang Xuan. He is upset – if that is the case, why enter his heart? Can she live without him? He nearly suffocates when losing her. He throws the ring on the table – she can decide what to do with it as it is meaningless to him now. News of the wedding spread around.

Shang Xuan is still checking on the diamond ring case. None of the goldsmith shops he goes have clues on this design. He goes to the last shop – it is from there! It was sold in spring and he nearly wishes to kiss the staff when telling Da Hao the good news. Da Hao brings his handcuffs and police identification pass to him. Shang Xuan's guess is right – the gold clubs and expensive vouchers are gifts for the rich woman.

That is why there are no records - this is a new bribery style. They arrest the woman and his name is cleared. Kui tells Shang Xuan about the wedding rehearsal and tells him to go but he is uninterested. Ying You is distracted looking at Zai Xi – she is too pretty in the wedding gown. He places a necklace on her neck that fits it. She is expressionless when he adds that the green diamond indicates that all vanishes but his love for her will never fade.

He wants to kiss her but she avoids him. So what if this is a wedding gift for her? She is upset upon seeing his bitter shadow. She removes the gloves and the necklace – she has worn Shang Xuan's ring. She is glad that he can't hear her. This is the end. He closes his eyes when she returns the necklace to him. The staff says that the evening gown has arrived and she doesn't answer.

Ying You tells her to answer the staff – he can hear so can she. She is delighted – but also shocked. He thanks her for bearing with him till this day and he can let her go. (I find this ridiculous – this is like 'Lovers in Paris' – all the villains can't be persistent to give up in the end.) He sees the ring on her hand – he is late again – her hand has no space for his ring. Both weep when facing each other. Shang Xuan is one day earlier – he can't wait anymore as she belongs to him.

Ying You demands to know why he is here even though he is so brave. Shang Xuan replies that he has endured for too long and she is his life. They stare each other and Zai Xi gasps. Ying You sighs and thanks him for coming to let him end everything. He also thanks him for not telling Zai Xi the truth. Now he knows that she doesn't even pity him.

It is their big day but Ying You sits alone in the hotel room wearing the bridegroom suit. Zai Xi will not come. Mr Chi feels humiliated. Ying You knows that only this method can make him give her up. Ying You gets slapped and cameras start clicking. He tells Mr Chi to give up as he has the evidence.

Shang Xuan wonders why he must meet Zai Xi by the electrical appliance store. Is she going to marry him? He smiles non-stop but both freeze upon seeing the news on television. Shang Xuan recalls Ying You's words – is he referring to this? Zai Xi nearly collapses. She wants to go to the hotel but he tells her not to cause commotion there. He gets into Dong Nan's car and speeds off.

Ying You knows his studio is ransacked when he returns. All drawers are thrown on the floor and some people attack him. He can't believe this – they are by Mr Chi? How can he do this? Shang Xuan comes on time and they change their target. One stabs Shang Xuan's stomach when he tries to protect Ying You. (Is Zai Xi a jinx to cause the two men almost die for her?)

Zai Xi knows Ying You's thoughts to kill Mr Chi's desire. He has no other choice but how can he pull all the pressure on himself? She can't erase the thought of seeing his face on television. He looks as if he has given up everything and looking lost in the crowd. She is nearly mad. She can't ask Zheng Han for forgiveness. The president's stand will be different from hers.

Ying You calls her and she nearly loses her soul after hearing it to rush to hospital. How can Shang Xuan – the man who jokes 3 hours ago be in ER now? Kui tells her that he loses a lot of blood. Kui holds her hand to console her but she nearly faints. Is he all right? Ying You yells at Mr Chi – how can he do this to his own son just to destroy the evidence?

Shang Xuan hasn't wake up after 3 days. The operation is a success but the wound is too deep. The doctors have to know if there are other implications when he opens his eyes. His body is full of bandages and a tube sends the blood to his hand. She pleads with him to open his eyes. (This reminds me what happens to Xiu He in 'Lovers in Paris'.) Hui Zhu's son is finally returned to her. The night before, Ying You has asked her to tell him everything. He can't hide the ugly facts from the public as a public prosecutor.

Zai Xi helps to wipe Shang Xuan's face. His face has lots of scars caused by the attack. She leans close to him to listen to his heartbeat. Hui Zhu hopes he can wake up soon. Zai Xi thanks Ying You for the wedding and she will remember all her life. But he says it is best for her to forget him. Da Hao is surprised when Hui Zhu comes to surrender – she has helped Mr Chi to bribe a person so she owns up.

Mr Chi is arrested. Shang Xuan is still unconscious and Zai Xi sings the song – what should she do? This is the song both have shared in Prague. She looks at the ring – has this happened because she is wearing it alone? Can't he wake up to wear for her? She kisses the ring. Just then, he opens his eyes. She laughs and cries at the same time, kissing his hand.

He jokes that she is too noisy – doesn't he need a quiet area now? Of course he feels painful because she keeps swinging his hand. He tells her to go home or he will lose his life if she keeps swinging like this. She insists of staying – she will not even leave him half a step. Once he is out of her sight, he gets hurt. He reminds her to call the doctor for him. He is discharged a few days later.

He and Da Hao arrest those hooligans who attack him and Ying You. Hui Zhu has a light sentence. She resigns her job and becomes a teacher at a piano school to have more time with her son. Mr Chi is under investigation while Sheng You goes abroad for studies in Germany. (Sheng You is very lucky because he isn't involved in any ugly deals.) The two guys meet and Shang Xuan will give her Ying You's share so she gets love from two men to become the most blissful person in the world.

Shang Xuan sits on the sofa and Zai Xi keeps pulling his tie to smile. He is going to meet the president – his father-in-law and is nervous but she keeps joking with him. Shang Xuan notices that Zheng Han is composed and he is relieved. Zheng Han tells Zai Xi that Shang Xuan is worse in the past. He gives a 90 degree bow then and he can't even see his face.

Shang Xuan's face turns red. If not Zheng Han smiling at him casually, he could have fainted. Zheng Han asks if his president is forever Zai Xi. He replies that there isn't any other candidate as he pays taxes yearly to be a lawful citizen. Zai Xi is blindfolded to be brought to a place. She comes to the De Shou palace wall. There are many small notes on the wall, saying 'I love you' in all languages. (No wonder this invited so many complaints – it isn't their home wall. The film crew has gone too far.)

She is so touched – how can this man think of such an idea? He has nothing and isn't handsome. He loves a woman who teaches him the most beautiful sentence in the world. He proposes to her with the puppet – will she marry him? He opens his arms and hugs her. Their wedding is a simple one to have their honeymoon at Jiju island. They do not wish to take up too much time as they are civil servants.

No one will taste barbecue meat like them on a honeymoon. Shang Xuan sighs – he has to wash the dishes and also do the cooking. This Zai Xi can't even fry an egg. She doesn't even know how much water to add for instant noodles. But seeing how she mops the floor in her apron makes him feel like hugging her. She is the kind who will break 2 bowls out of 5 – he has nothing to say.

They pass a porcelain shop and she wants to buy a bowl with a bear design. He says no – he has broken too many cups. She even burns a flask. The day before, she killed a plant. Shang Xuan watches a television programme but feels lost without Zai Xi at home. He misses her – she is in Prague for her work. He has no holiday so has to wait for her to return. They have conflicts when together but when she breaks a cup to hurt her hand, it is like hurting him in all areas of his body.

He can't take it anymore and decides to go to Prague. (He is becoming impulsive like her.) She finishes her work and wants to be in Seoul immediately. Why is his handphone off all the time? She is worried and misses him too. What is he doing now? She comes to the wishing wall and she recalls the past. He suddenly appears in front of her like in a dream. She is so frightened that she nearly trips.

She is shocked – so is she touched? It is their first year wedding anniversary and he misses her too much. He places a flower – the same one his mother likes to put on her ear. She realizes that this is not a dream. She yells at him – this is not the hill behind their home. The Prague air ticket is so expensive and he can see her the next day. Why must he be here? He even stays in the hotel – how much has he spent from his miserable salary? What is he going to do with no baby's milk powder money? Shang Xuan is pleasantly surprised to know that she is pregnant and carries her.

Introduction on characters

1. Cui Shang Xuan- Kim Joo Hyuk
Shang Xuan is a cop but he is also a sensitive and thoughtful man. He will do anything for happiness of both an old flame and a new found love. He can be so kind not to ask Hui Zhu for the loan she owes him to cause himself to be in debt. He is sure of who he likes and is unmoved with Hui Zhu tries to return to him.

He is observant in solving cases but I wonder why he isn't promoted? At first, he is hesitant to woo the president's daughter but Zai Xi gives him courage so he changes completely. He is not handsome but he makes a devoted husband. Joo Hyuk acts quite well – on the serious and comical side of Shang Xuan. He deserves to win the acting award.

2. Chi Ying You – Kim Min Joon
He is a successful public prosecutor but no matter what he does, Mr Chi's influence still haunts him. He has no desire to take up the family business so he doesn't take up economics but law. He makes a big sacrifice for love but unfortunately, this sacrifice is in vain. The timing is just not right for him so he is quite pitiful.

Have fun at his helplessness when he can't stop Zai Xi from going to Shang Xuan. Many will think that he should win her easily but he is simply no match for Shang Xuan even though he holds a high post. Min Joon only gives a satisfactory performance.

3. Yin Kui – Yoon Young Joon
He is Zai Xi's senior, colleague and also close friend who is wheelchair-bounded after a car accident. He is stronger than anyone in character after the mishap. The others go to him for advice when they need it.

4. Lin Da Hao – Kim Seung Ok
He is Shang Xuan's senior and also prospective uncle-in-law. He is also a dedicated cop and he is more daring than Shang Xuan. He encourages him to woo Zai Xi despite knowing that her ex-boyfriend is a public prosecutor and later her status.

5. Lin Yuan Zhe
He is Zai Xi's colleague who is very ambitious and is also a snob. He only becomes friends with the rich or the influential. He looks down on Shang Xuan who is only a normal cop.

6. Yin Zheng Han – Lee Jung Kil
He is the president but he tries to give his children a normal life. He can condone Zai Xi's outrage doings but cohabitation is a firm no. Still, he trusts her foresight in choosing the right husband.

7. Chi Sheng Yu – Andy Lee Sun Ho (Shinhwa member)
He is Sheng Yu's younger brother who has no caliber and has to seek to bootlicking to get Mr Chi's attention. He is eyeing his business all along. He is responsible to force Hui Zhu to give up her baby and also create discord between Ying You and Mr Chi. He takes over Mr Chi's ruthless nature but you also feel sorry for him whenever he can't do things right. Why? Mr Chi will start throwing things like darts at him and he has to take cover.

Can you accept Andy in a villain role? Although he isn't that exactly fantastic, he is quite impressive as a newcomer. He only needs to act more vicious.

8. An Dong Nan – Ha Jung Woo
He is Zai Xi's bodyguard but she often gives him headaches by staying out of his sight. It must be a great test on his stamina as he has to follow her around. He could have revealed to Shang Xuan about her identity but he keeps mum, seeing how much both are in love.

9. Chi Jing Huan – Jung Dong Hwan
He is Tai Cheng Holdings boss – a very high-handed and cold-blooded one. He fathers 3 sons – all from different mothers. But he only values Ying You as he is most capable and treats Sheng Yu like dirt. I don't understand why Zheng Han and Zai Xi are afraid of him. He isn't the president and nor is he an underworld boss. He ruins Ying You's future by separating him from Zai Xi. He has given him many chances but Ying You's keeping of his unlawful evidence is the last straw for him to instruct killers to seek it out.

10. Yin Jian Xi – Jang Geun Suk
He is Zai Xi's younger brother who is rebellious and immature. But he changes upon knowing Yan Xiu.

11. Yin Zai Xi – Jun Do Yun
She is the president's daughter and is a diplomat. She knows many languages and is competent on her job. But when it comes to love and cooking, she can be a failure. You will be amused to see her getting so uptight over Shang Xuan. She nearly makes his heart stop beating when showing her face at the police station frequently. The way that she declares her love for him – can be frank but those without a strong heart will be unable to take it. Ying You's supporters will swear at her for being so harsh to him.

This character is like Tai Ling in 'Lovers in Paris' in creating humour. But it is pure stupidity to me at times. Will a president's daughter do something so silly to move in with her man to disgrace the family? How can her family face pressure from the public if they know it? She has not spared a thought for them.
Do Yun is okay but like Jung Eun – both of them can be unsuitable at their age to play innocent women.

12. Jiang Hui Zhu – Yoon Se Ah
Hui Zhu is Shang Xuan's ex-girlfriend. She breaks off with him, hurting him for the sake of money and status. Who will not feel disgusted as Ying You is her baby's elder brother? But alas, she makes the biggest mistake of her life to use her son as the wrong gambling stake to get threatened instead. She repents and tries to return to Shang Xuan but it is also too late for her. She can only put her attention on her son.

13. Shen Guang Zi – Kim Na Woon
She is Guang Zi's aunt. Although she is younger than him, she is more mature in observation. She tries to bring him and Zai Xi together and also pities Hui Zhu for her plight. But knowing that Hui Zhu will pester Shang Xuan, she is firm not to let him hinder his future again.

14. Li Yan Xiu – Kwak Ji Min
She is deserted by her parents so she stays with her grandmother. She

15. The police chief
He is Shang Xuan's superior and treats his subordinates like younger brothers. All adore him – that is why they jump upon knowing that he resigns for Shang Xuan's sake. That is despite having two children who still needs his salary as one of them is going to university. Luckily, both manage to keep their jobs.

Most favourite character
Shang Xuan – he is warm and also caring towards others – sometimes risking his own life. Who isn't touched when he dashes to protect ying You, his love rival?

Most hated character
Mr Chi, being influential doesn't imply that he can rule their lives. He wants all to follow his plan to live but I guess only Sheng Yu doesn't mind that since he needs him for survival.

Interesting facts

It was shown at the same time MBC shows 'Xin Chun' – a period drama. KBS was showing Genghis Khan. It was the only modern romantic comedy drama shown. 'Lovers in Prague' had the same working crew. All had hoped to have Park Shin Yang and Kim Jung Eun together again. But it became Jun do Yun, Kim Joo Hyuk and. The first two had been away from the television scene for a long time. The director hoped to make a popular couple combination after Park and Kim.

The marathon scene took long to complete the shooting.the two leads ran 4km in all. Both joked that they wre lucky to keep fit all the time or they could have fainted.

Andy was initially given the role of Jian Xi but he wanted something different from his normal goodie roles. when all criticized his unclear Korean dictation, he worked hard to improve himself.

Many were disappointed over the arrangement. The ending of 'Lovers in Paris' seemed to hint a development. It started a trend of future dramas being shot overseas. But some thought Deon had more luring power than Jung Eun so they needed not worry about the result. Changing from Paris to another romantic Prague is essential. The scriptwriter, Kim Eun Suk even went there before writing the story.

To her, it was still a development from 'Lovers in Paris' – it was a bit similar to the movie 'Roman Holiday'. But she wanted the gap to be as extreme as possible. Many will deem it unrealistic but a drama is a drama. Thus they shot more scenes here than in Paris. She decided the third and final lover drama as 'Lovers in Rome' – to make the 3 part Europe stories end. (This is similar to Director Yin Tai Hu's season prologue – 'Tale of Autumn', 'Winter Sonata', 'Summer Scent' and 'Spring Waltz')

The ending had Kim Joo Hyuk trying to be romantic. He pasted notes of 'I love you' of all languages on the walls of 536 year-old De Shou Palace wall. Many Korean viewers were not happy to see their heritage cultural place being tarnished. So what if they are shooting a great drama? This doesn't imply that they should cause damage. They demanded SBS and the cast to make a public apology.

The story had Deon acting as the president's daughter, Zai Xi working as a diplomat in Prague. Czech and Japanese were difficult languages to master and she took private lessons to master. The Czech ambassador to Seoul also watched the drama. Although he doesn't know Korean, he made correct guesses all the way. The Czech embassy was involved in the drama project and now there are many tourists going there for holiday.

Zai Xi and Shang Xuan met and fell in love. They took part in the marathon to uphold the Koreans' honour. But they never expect the romantic act caused them to get scolded by their own fellow natives.

The ratings rose when it was shown. The first episode of Do Yun speaking in fluent Japanese and Czech had 20.7% rating and became the top. The 10th episode of her being bold and wooing Shang Xuan garnered 25%. A few episodes went up to 35%. The long awaited ending was 31%. But because the negligence of the cast on the love messages pasting affair, viewers complaints rocked the scene. It paled slightly as compared to 'Lovers in Paris' which rose to 50% for some episodes.

Andy had stayed in the U.S. for too long. His Korean dictation was not as accurate as the rest. He became very worried so he placed a pen in his mouth daily when reading newspapers. He wanted to be recognized for his efforts. Sheng Yu is a cool and unfeeling person. This was so different from his usual cheerful roles when he had to conceal Sheng Yu's agony. He had too much to learn. He had initially thought that acting wasn't so tough but this serial changed his mind.

He had to stay focus when eyeing others and let his feelings flow smoothly. He was scolded by the director daily. Although his role was minor, he was expected to reveal Sheng Yu's feelings openly within a short time. The longer he acted, the more flaws he discovered about himself. This made him stronger – in the past, he was only an extra in serials but this was his debut meat role so he wanted to give in his best.

To be convincing, he cut his hair short. (just like Eric for 'the Phoenix') This was his own choice. All said he was hardworking. Whenever he was free, he would accept training or observe how the veterans acted. Many were touched by his diligence. Some thought he could have demanded to be a lead like other Shinhwa members so they asked him if he was unhappy over it. Andy was very satisfied as he knew his limitations. He only wished the audience to know him but he smiled shyly to comment that he was more comfortable taking up cheerful roles.

In the 2005 SBS television awards, Jun Do Yun got the highest award. The top excellence award went to Kim Joo Hyuk. Both also got the top 10 stars awards together with Kim Min Joon. Joo Hyuk became the new-found Korean hunk for many and also got the Baksung awards.


'Lovers in Paris' is a Cinderella-like story where a poor female student gets hitched to a member of the elite society. This time, the situation is reversed when an ordinary policeman falls for the president's daughter. What's more getting married to her! It is a grown-up romantic drama - not for the gushy teenage girl but for the independent career woman who tries to keep a professional image (in vain of course) despite her heart pounding whenever Mr Right appears.

It is not a rollercoaster ride of fun although serendipity plays a big part in this drama. As the undaunted heroine who risks a national scandal by leaving home to be with her man, Do Yun foots the bill. There is a glow about her that makes you believe she is basking in love, yet she also makes you laugh whenever she gets busted while pretending to play hard to get. Joo Hyuk is the perfect foil to her softness, exuding uber-sexuality despite his small eyes and aloof exterior.
Being romantic is fine but going overboard is too extreme. The love struggle between the three isn't as engaging as expected. The main attraction is Kui who is so positive towards life despite his handicap. He really knocks sense into everyone's head when they need his advice. He is a pillar of strength that all should learn, not like the rest who only knows how to evade problems.

It is a story of people hurt by love but to fall in love again. But the kissing and love scenes look awkward and stiff as the three leads are mature. Still, it has very little to offer due to its predictable plot so it is considered far below the standard of 'Lovers in Paris'.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***(Scale of 5)

On story : ***(Scale of 5)

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