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Number of Episodes:20


Language: Korean

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Reviewed by: sukting December 01, 2007

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Foreword This is the final trilogy of the lovers series. This is a drama that brings Suh Jin and Jung Eun together. Will you discover sparks between them as they act? Story Kang Zai goes around intimidating stockholders of Bai En Construction Company so that President Jiang can have a legitimate channel for his business. He uses the golf post and also photos to blackmail them. It is quite funny when he can still keep a straight face when...

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Reviewed by: BiInLurve January 22, 2007

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

SBS Drama - 2006 The story of "Lovers" revolves around the lives of Ha Kang Jae and Yoon Mi Joo. Kang Jae and Mi Joo are two people from very different worlds who fall in love with each other. Mi Joo is a simple and kind-hearted soul who teaches Kang Jae to be a "better person". Ironically he leaves his love-time love to be with Mi Joo. Kang Jae to Mi...

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05-19-2008 04:13 AM


i love the flow of the story...especially when the characters was making fun of themselves...hahahaha...;)


04-29-2008 10:29 AM


like it very much that i even tried to finish watching all of 20 episodes with eng subs in 3 days only. was really hooked and i liked it


02-09-2008 07:33 PM


i haven't seen this one yet


12-23-2007 06:28 PM


I love this drama.Ha kang Jae played and very good part as a ganster boss. Yoon Min-Joo played a very good plastic surgeon doctor. I really think this 2 make a very good couple in real-life. Dsalvad1


12-17-2007 11:48 AM


Loved, loved, loved this drama. Lee Seo-jin is one of my favorite Korean actors. He is the epitome of masculine!! And I even liked the female lead - she was pretty funny at times. A great story and a good ending and lots of great character development and an interesting and captivating plot. Definitely give this one 6 out of 5!!!

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