Medical Brothers

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December 02, 2004

Rating: three

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I have always wished to watch this serial as I have never seen Dong Gan acting as a doctor. This is also his first time pairing up with Yeon Ae. I missed a few episodes because the Singapore television station never promoted it! Thus, I translated many parts of the story from Mr Yin Cheng Yi's book.


Xiu Yong rushes to the hospital from the airport. He twists his mouth, releasing a look of arrogance but yet unable to hide his handsome face. He follows an ambulance to the hospital and shakes his head upon seeing Xiang Xian wanting to do an x-ray on a patient in the ER. He immediately uses a small hammer and plunges it into her chest. All are stunned but unable to stop him. When he sees the patient opening the eyes, he smiles haughtily and moves a few rounds with the hammer.

Xiang Xian is angry and pulls his windbreaker. Xiu Yong pulls his hand away - he likes neatness and dislikes others to mess his clothes. Dong Shu is delighted to see Xiu Yong back and helps him with the operation. Xiang Xian is stunned when Xiu Yong diagnoses that the patient has a chest breathing problem. He makes a quick guess - if he is from chest surgery like him, even if he is not the chief, he might be a doctor-in-charge - that will be 2 levels above him?..

Yu Qing is also surprised to see Xiu Yong hitting so fast and accurately. Xiu Yong completes the CTD surgery smoothly. Jian Rong is overjoyed to see him. Xiu Yong is the younger grandson of the hospital director. How does he manage to keep the news from the rest? Jun Qi and Min Zhu rush to ER to see him.

This hospital is famous for chest surgery. Jun Qi and Xiu Yong are equipped with the best skills despite their young age. But it seems the adopted son, Xiu Yong gets more attention as he likes to treat patients like a death gamble. The hospital director, Guang Lin is proud of them although his only son died young. Min Zhu is unhappy that he never gives her a call before coming. Xiu Yong senses this and commands Jun Qi to finish his work as he wants to catch up with her.

Jun Qi is stunned - having an outstanding younger brother gives him a lot of pressure. Xiu Yong's arrogance is overbearing. This is one more thing that he takes it hard - Xiu Yong treats all patients as his toys or as experiment exhibits. However, his medical skills can't be ignored or denied. Although Xiu Yong is not a doctor for a long time, he saves many lives.

Xiu Yong is puzzled when Min Zhu passes her car keys to him and puts his luggage on the ground. She tells him to drive home and returns to her hostel. He is appalled - doesn't she miss him after he goes overseas for 1 year? She gets angry - who is too much - he left and returns without informing her. But she still gives in to him.

After reaching home, he sees her going to drive away and thus leaves a gift on her car cover. She has no choice but to get out to see what it is. He fiercely hugs and kisses her, subduing her. His eyes fill with amusement while she becomes shy. After opening the box, she discovers a stethoscope which she wishes to have and mentioned to him a long time ago. She is touched that he still remembers it.

Xiu Yong goes to the hospital without Jun Qi. He likes the hospital surrounding and doesn't wish to rest. When he appears in his doctor's gown, he is like a signboard, attracting everyone's attention when going down the escalator. He is used to get women's attention. When he dresses as a doctor, he looks capable and his golden-rimmed glasses are unable to hide his hawk eyes. Although he just smiles coldly at the nurses, it is enough to enchant them for the whole day.

Xiu Yong is eager to try out a heart transplant. Min Zhu mentions a patient who is having lung cancer. Jun Qi doesn't operate as his left lung is infected and his right lung is removed. But Xiu Yong wishes to operate on him and looks at the record of the patient that he handled on the day before. He shakes his head - if he handles it and not Jun Qi, he believes he will do a better job in reducing the chance of getting a relapse.

Xiu Yong seeks Cai Wan's help in doing the anesthetic. Cai Wan finds his method unbelievable but agrees to help him. He jokes Xiu Yong should learn chest operations instead of heart transplants in America. Jun Qi opposes - if that is so easy, why will he use medicine to nurse him instead? Even if the operation is a success, the patient might not wake up. The brothers argue as Xiu Yong has not done it before but Jun Qi is beginning to feel that he opposes because he is jealous of him.

Xiu Yong is bent of doing it and Jun Qi is worried. The nurses feel relaxed with Xiu Yong in the operation theatre. All are amazed with his skills and he walks out, dancing. Cai Wan says the interns present are fortunate to learn under Xiu Yong. Xiu Yong is in good spirits and gives Ren Yu a lift in his car. Both go to the discotheque and later into a hotel room. Look forward to the steamy bed scene??.

Min Zhu is delighted that the operation is a success but is down when finding Xiu Yong not in his office. She apologises to Jun Qi for going to Xiu Yong for a second opinion. He doesn't mind it and attends a gathering reluctantly under Guang Lin's command. He doesn't like bribery and walks to the balcony to have a breath of fresh air. Xing Jiu finds him there and Jun Qi complains. When he sees Cheng Piao stuffing cheques to others, he wants to leave. Xing Jiu reminds him to please Guang Lin.

Although it is confirmed that the hospital will be Jun Qi's in future, Mrs Jin is still worried. Guang Lin even thinks that Xiu Yong should come instead of him. Jun Qi leaves - he will rather spend time with his son, Min Yu who lost his mother right after birth. Xiu Yong asks him why he doesn't fight for more patients. Jun Qi looks at him - should they use money to ?buy? patients?

Jun Qi declines his invitation to drink beer together as he needs to attend a meeting to discuss the cause of his patient's death. Xiu Yong smiles wickedly - under his hands, all survive so far so he should not be the one to be nervous. Jun Qi is embarrassed when Guang Lin reprimands him for using the wrong procedure. Xiu Yong then explains that the patient can be saved using a new method which impresses all.

Min Zhu looks at Jun Qi and feels sympathy for him. Xiu Yong could have saved him from embarrassment but he likes to be in the limelight. Jun Qi asks Rong Jing out for a drink. He is unhappy but doesn't blame Xiu Yong. The meeting is about knowledge - Xiu Yong is his younger brother - will he be against him? Jun Qi isn't petty and is proud to have a capable brother but he doesn't like the way Xiu Yong treats his patients as solving puzzles or games. He is worried over his attitude. Jun Qi's high school classmate, attorney Li Ying Bian wishes Jun Qi to operate on his wife and urges Jun Qi to remarry because of Min Yu.

Min Zhu mentions about Mrs Li's case to Xiu Yong. At first, he is angry with her for ignoring him over the matter. Xiu Yong feels there is the need - what happens if the ultrasound can't detect anything? He charges into the operation theatre in the midst when Jun Qi is doing. He sighs upon seeing Jun Qi cutting the first blade - this is such a waste of time and the interns should help him.

Jian Rong is guilty of only doing 2 thesis when Xiu Yong chides him for being lazy. Jun Qi feels the pressure when Xiu Yong is present. Xiu Yong changes the utensils he uses to save time. Seeing him making so much noise, Jun Qi tells him to leave. Xiu Yong freezes - he comes to help as he is worried. Now why is Jun Qi so fierce to him - he stares at him. Cai Wan scolds them for quarrelling. They now quarrel over the utensils to use and Min Zhu panicks.

Jun Qi cites again - is he doing the operation or Xiu Yong? Xiu Yong storms to leave. Suddenly Mrs Li's? condition turns fatal and dies. Min Zhu is angry with Xiu Yong for neglecting the patient to leave without waiting for Xiang Xian to replace him. Even if Jun Qi is affected, the situation isn't that bad if he does the stitching properly. Xiu Yong isn't remorseful and thinks that Min Zhu will forgive him later.

Jun Qi is remorseful after the funeral and recalls Ying Bian's cries - he feels like forgiving him but wants to kill Jun Qi upon seeing his own children losing their mother. Jun Qi can't bring himself to continue other operations and Guang Lin scolds him for neglecting others. Jun Qi loses his self-confidence completely and doesn't wish to be a doctor again. He could not save his own wife and now he causes another man to lose his wife. He is not fit to be a doctor. This reminds Guang Lin of his son who killed himself.

Jun Qi is bent on leaving the hospital. He gets himself drunk by the sea. He recalled how his wife bled to death after giving birth to Min Yu. The way Mrs Li dies triggers his sad memories. Now he is on the verge of collapsing. Maybe death can solve the problem but what will happen to Min Yu? He himself lost his father when young and doesn't wish this to happen again to Min Yu.

It rains and he gets into his car, driving aimlessly. He nearly knocks a woman with a baby down. She begs him to send them to the hospital. He helps her and seeing that she is too nervous, he tells her not to hug the baby tight otherwise she will raise the temperature further. When they reach there, the hospital staff will use ice to bring it down. He advises her not to worry. His authoritative voice calms Ji Na.

She looks at him - is he a doctor? He also realizes that he makes his own diagnosis. He explains helplessly to himself that he has a child to convince himself that he is no longer a doctor. Jun Qi's smile gives her strength and he opens the door for them upon arrival. When she wants to thank him, she finds him standing in the rain and leaves. She remembers his looks and wonders why he looks hesitant.

Jun Qi asks Rong Jing out. Rong Jing quickly meets him in the bar. He is worried - Jun Qi doesn't look like a doctor in charge now. A patron has a heart attack that reminds Jun Qi of the past and he runs away. Xiu Yong wants to be the first doctor to carry out the heart transplant but the hospital doesn't support him. Jun Qi is missing for a few days. But will the worrying bring him back? Xiu Yong smiles wickedly.

Guang Lin appoints Xiu Yong to be the chest surgical unit chief. Xing Jiu opposes to it but Guang Lin feels that having 2 chiefs isn't a problem. He knows his grandsons well. Although he is related to Jun Qi, everyone knows that he isn't concerned with the management so he has decided to let Xiu Yong manage the accounts affairs. Xiu Yong doesn't understand why Jun Qi escapes because of a failure.

Xiu Yong praises Ren Yu for being leggy to flirt with her. He gives an evil smile again. But when he faces a patient, he becomes serious and listens attentively. Da Guang pharmacy tries to bribe him in vain. Min Zhu is worried for Jun Qi and makes mistakes. Sheng Huan covers up for her but Zhi Hong reprimands her. A child having a heart impaired problem is admitted. Cai Wan knows that Xiu Yong isn't as kindhearted as Jun Qi to operate for free but he is the only hope to cure him. Min Zhu has no choice but to approach him.

After getting her call, Xiu Yong smiles in victory. He misses her sweet voice and he rushes to look for her. He tries to kiss her but she avoids him. She shows him the x-ray. He smiles - why use this excuse? He stands behind her and the smile on his face fades completely. He touches his glasses and is attracted. There is glow on his face. He has only seen this case in a book and not in real life. He wants to know why the child doesn't seek treatment at the chest unit. She tells him that the child is having financial difficulties.

Xiu Yong goes to the management unit to waive the cost in vain. The parents can ask for public financial aid but that will take for a long time and the child can't wait anymore. He tells Guang Lin that he will be responsible for the operation if it fails. This operation can bring publicity if it is successful. But Guang Lin rejects him. Xiu Yong stands outside the ER, looking at the child. His arrogant face has the regretful look.

Cheng Piao informs Xing Jiu of the news. He calls Da Guang's boss and Wen Hao. Wen Hao is a good friend of the boss and they hope to gain if Xiu Yong uses their medicine which is not affirmed safe as yet. Xiu Yong agrees but he decides not to use their medicine - he only wants to use their funds to finance the child. Shu Xian is the child's doctor and wonders why he still hasn't married Min Zhu.

He replies her he hasn't asked her to wait. Shu Xian decides to tell Min Zhu not to wait - 10 years is too long for her. The smile from Xiu Yong's face vanishes completely - what is she trying to do? She reminds him 'there isn't a younger brother who excels the elder?. She knows it doesn't apply on Xiu Yong but no matter how highly skilled he is, many will still miss Jun Qi. She has never seen such a younger brother who is so unconcerned. Xiu Yong is furious as she adds - if she were him, she will search for Jun Qi.

Cai Wan tells Min Zhu that Xiu Yong dances and sings all day long because of the coming operation. She knows that Xiu Yong will stop at nothing just to get the job done. She is upset when Cai Wan gives her the hint that he is being bribed. The operation is a success but she doesn't feel like cooking for him. She flares up - does he know that all call him a lunatic who loves to operate on others? Is this what a good doctor should do? He turns gloomy and ignores her.

When he gets home, he is frustrated when Mrs Jin also questions on why he doesn't ask about Jun Qi. He has tried his best to be a part of this family since he is adopted. He sneaks out in his car, wondering where Min Zhu is when she has not returned. She sees that he doesn't step down from his car and wants her to approach him. She walks straight home and he anxiously gets down. She forces herself to reject him.

Many will think that he is fooling with his life but he is sincere to Min Zhu. When he mentioned to her that he is an orphan, he can still remember her tears in his heart. He is often attracted by her. He knows why she is angry but he can't tolerate her to do that because of others. She should be siding with him. When he is about to leave, she comes out and his smile returns to his face. He decides to teach her a lesson so he drives away. She feels lost upon seeing him leaving.

Ji Na saves Jun Qi from a snow storm and tries in vain to help him to retrieve his memory. He stays with her at the church. Xiang Xian is appalled when Xiu Yong thinks that a patient is beyond cure although he manages to revive the patient's heartbeat. Min Zhu sees Xiu Yong quarreling with Yu Qing over it and is upset that Xiu Yong gives up so easily. He smiles at her and wants her to be happy but she is too troubled over the incident. She is more upset when a dying patient begs her to let him die.

Ying Qi meets Xiu Yong and exclaims he has become more handsome. Xiu Yong is upset that Min Zhu doesn't wish him to console her. Ying Qi looks secretly at Xiu Yong - is he having any problem with Min Zhu and that is why they don't marry? He sulks and she doesn't probe further. Mrs Jin is angry to see them back together. Ying Qi should return and not to see Xiu Yong straight away. She knows Ying Qi likes Xiu Yong but he is still her adopted elder brother. How can she date him?

Min Zhu's patient dies when the nurse accidentally gives him a drug overdose. His family thinks that she makes the mistake and they lock her up. Sheng Huan is worried and comes. Xiu Yong also hurries there. Sheng Huan has been secretly in love with Min Zhu. They manage to get her out but she wants to be alone. Xiu Yong leaves reluctantly although it is unbearable for him to see her tears. Cai Huan doesn't understand why Min Zhu doesn't deny it is not her fault. Rong Jing feels that it is hard to draw the line. He is worried that she might have to quit and face the family members herself. If that happens, her future is ruined.

Zhi Hong tries to defend her in front of Guang Lin in vain. Others find it unbelievable that Xiu Yong can still smile when Min Zhu is being sued. Xing Jiu shakes his head upon seeing him so immature as many others will be implicated. Xiu Yong's expression turns serious upon realizing Guang Lin knows about it.

Lan Xi finds out the medical record for Xiu Yong, hoping that he will help Min Zhu. After looking at it, Guang Lin decides to ask Min Zhu back. Xiu Yong manages to stop her from taking her luggage away. He can't let her leave him. Even though the incident is settled, she is unhappy. She does harbour the thought of killing the patient to end his suffering - how can she be fit to be a doctor? Xiu Yong is stunned to see her blaming herself for it. Her crying pricks his heart. He hugs her to console her.

Jun Qi thanks Ji Na for helping him. They nearly have a car accident and he recalls the past giving her a lift to the hospital. He can't accept this fact. Jun Qi sees that the injured is trapped in the car and helps him out carefully. Ji Na senses that he is different now - he is like the first time she meets him. She can tell that others trust him - just like the day the excited her regarding him as her saviour. Jun Qi quickly gives one victim the CPR to revive her. He displays his medical knowledge to the paramedics and sees them leaving. Ji Na knows he remembers everything and puts on his coat over him again.

He looks at her and is grateful that she doesn't ask him anything. He is still confused and doesn't know what he should do. He has the dream of saving lives and leaves the hospital. But today's motion makes him realize what he actually wants. Although the church gives him peace, the hospital is where he can achieve his ambition. He should return there to fulfill his dream.

Jun Qi returns. Although he knows nothing about management and is uninterested, he decides to start from scratch. From this incident, he knows more about the job now. Guang Lin is contented to see the change in him as he considers him as his successor. Blood is still thicker than water and the medical staff is closer to Jun Qi than Xiu Yong. Xiu Yong can only place his displeasure in his heart.

Jun Qi sees Xiang Xian trying to save a dying heart patient with Min Zhu. Although all don't hold high hopes, he still tries to save him. Xiu Yong is angry with him for wasting time and kicks on the stretcher before leaving. Min Zhu frowns - although she doesn't see the need to save the patient, she feels that Xiu Yong isn't showing respect fro his brother and senior. A miracle happens, the patient survives.

Jun Qi recalls how he flees in the past in the snow. He has not considered the success chances and only wants to save a life. He knows as long as he tries his best, he has done his job as a doctor. The board holds a meeting on a patient who is suspected of having cancer cells spreading to other organs. Xiu Yong suggests operating while Jun Qi opposes as he doesn't want the patient to suffer in his remaining days. Xiu Yong is angry and quarrels with him when Jun Qi thinks that he only wants to kill someone to experiment.

To his dismay, Min Zhu and the others support Jun Qi. He chides all deciding on a life through voting and leaves in anger. Jun Qi reconsiders Xiu Yong's words - maybe Xiu Yong is right as he is more traditional. Yu Qing worships him like an idol because she feels that Xiu Yong is toying with someone's life. She is going to join the chest surgical unit soon and invites Jun Qi for a gathering.

Xiu Yong gets drunk and looks for Min Zhu. The two are in bed again. Xiu Yong pushes Xiang Xian to operate on a dying patient and he dies. Jun Qi is delighted to see Ji Na in hospital. A boy is sick and she is with him. The boy has heart disease but he has no insurance. Jun Qi considers being the guarantor to allow him to have the operation. Zhi Hong is angry that his subordinate, Chang Jun is hit and wants Xiu Yong to punish Jian Rong. After knowing Chang Jun hit Xiang Xian first, Zhi Hong he gives Chang Jun a kick.

Before leaving, Zhi Hong warns Xiu Yong not to be too conceited. Xiu Yong is so angry that he throws his cup on the floor. When he and the others meet the Internal surgery doctors, all greet Min Zhu and the rest except Xiu Yong. She gets angry with him for putting her into a fix. Xiu Yong later quarrels with Xing Jiu over the switch of a tube and Xing Jiu blurts out that he is their enemy's son.

Upon seeing his darkened face, Xing Jiu regrets revealing the 25 year old secret. Jun Qi worries for Xiang Xian. He is too softhearted and lets people with financial difficulties stay in the hospital. One runs away, leaving him to pay his bills for him. Jun Qi wants to alert him. Min Zhu gives Xiu Yong the same cold treatment when he pretends to be nice to her in front of Tai Xi. He assists Cai Wan to save a patient. When he is proud to think that it is a success and is about to leave, the condition becomes critical and he dies.

Guang Lin is stern at the board meeting - how did he die? Xiu Yong also wishes to know the reason as he has never experienced failure before but the family refuses an autopsy. Guang Lin looks sternly at him - does that mean that the operation ends but he doesn't even know what goes wrong? Xiu Yong's face colour changes - he has never been ridiculed in front of the other doctors and he feels shamed. Guang Lin points at him - doesn't he know the procedures and is still so irresponsible?

Jun Qi tries to explain for Xiu Yong but Guang Lin doesn't accept. If they can't find out the reason, there is nothing to be proud about. Min Zhu asks if something goes wrong with the blood transfusion. Wen Hao denies the possibility but Xiu Yong investigates. He discovers they give him ?A? blood type to the ?O? blood type patient. No wonder he dies - Xiu Yong trusts the blood bank too much. Even if the patient might still die when they wait for the switch, he should have checked. He can't tolerate this mistake and blames himself. The truth is uncovered and all are shocked.

Rong Jin and Shu Xian find this unbelievable. Cai Wan knows how horrifying Xiu Yong can be and guesses the worst will happen to the culprit, Fang Ying Zhe. But he has an influential father who has a 20 year friendship with Wen Hao and Guang Lin, Guang Lin only gives him 10 days' leave and even asks Xiu Yong to forget the whole thing. Wen Hao has wanted to dismiss Ying Zhe too but he has no choice.

This is Yu Qing's first day at work at Chest Surgical Unit and she can't take her eyes off Jun Qi. Xiu Yong frowns upon seeing her in a mini-skirt and comments that she should wear a dress. She looks so unprofessional to him. She is unrepentant and this annoys him. Jun Qi apologsies to Zhi Hong over the doctors? dispute. Jun Qi is going to operate and upon seeing Ji Na planting a kiss on the boy's forehead to calm him, the gesture touches him. He assures her everything will be fine and suppresses his urge to touch her shoulder. He tells her to trust him and his warmth gives her assurance.

Sheng Huan invites Min Zhu to join the chest surgical unit for a dinner gathering. Yu Qing quickly sits beside Jun Qi at the restaurant. Jian Rong finds her act too open and says a frog like her leaps too high because she wears a green dress! Zhi Hong is about to pour wine for Jun Qi when she seizes the chance to do for him. Xiu Yong refuses to accept Zhi Hong's toast and this offends him.

Only when he sees Min Zhu coming in, then all sees the smile on his face for the first time of the day. The two men then reconcile. Min Zhu is about to sit beside Ren Yu when Ren Yu says the seat is for Xiu Yong. Xiu Yong quickly gets her to sit between Yu Qing and Jun Qi. He then gives her a toast and wants her to drink with him. This tells all that they have an intimate relationship but she is uneasy that he is so insensitive to her. Thus she leaves quietly.

Jun Qi chases after her and knows how she feels. He tells her Xiu Yong does love her but she feels that he is torturing her for 10 years. Jun Qi joins the others and Xiu Yong suddenly appears to kiss her forcefully. She tells him to leave her alone. He gets angry so he gets on Ren Yu's car to kiss her wildly. Only when he sees her upset expression, he gets conceited. Min Zhu takes a lift from Sheng Huan home and is in tears.

Ying Qi complains Xiu Yong has too many female juniors when they call him at home during his gathering with others. Guang Lin thinks he will settle down after marriage. Ying Qi offers to marry him - although Mrs Jin opposes, Guang Lin is okay with it. Ying Qi pesters Xiu Yong when he returns to ask about his junior - is she ugly since she has a sweet voice? He laughs and follows her upstairs.

Guang Lin discusses with Mrs Jin. The hospital needs Xiu Yong and it is not easy to find a son-in-law as good as him. The pair don't seem to dislike each other. But she cites that she has done her best to bring him up and has suppressed her hatred to drive him out of the house. She can't trust Xiu Yong as his late father forced Jun Qi's father to kill himself. They don't realise that Xiu Yong overhears them and is affected by it.

After the gathering, Jun Qi returns to the hospital unknowingly. Even the nurses observe that he is distracted and guesses that he is drunk. He gets into the boy's room and sees Ji Na asleep, holding the boy's hand tightly. He is about to leave when her sweater drops to the floor. He puts it on her and upon seeing her sleeping face, he is struck. He returns to office and looks at his late wife's photo. He has thought that he will never meet a perfect woman and his heart is dead. But now, he is getting attracted to Jin Na.

After a few days, the boy is discharged and Jun Qi notices that Ji Na looks very tired. He has wanted to have a meal with them but he has to work. Ji Na doesn't wish to take up too much of his time. Shu Xian sees that Jun Qi smiles with an unusual gentle expression - is he in love with Ji Na? She mentions this to Rong Jing. She only finds Jin Na too young at 24 years old. Although she is very pretty, she should not have such a big child. Even Shu Xian is confused.

Rong Jing laughs at her. Jun Qi should have a child - he never knows that he is so capable. But he is more concerned that he is too softhearted but Shu Xian argues that Jun Qi is changing. This is a good thing as Guang Lin likes Xiu Yong more in the past. Guang Lin feels strange that Xiu Yong lets the Fang matter off - given his character, he shouldn't react this way as Jun Qi will do this. Xing Jiu finds his heart cold - these days Xiu Yong smiles at him and calls him uncle intimately. If not for him being sure that Xiu Yong is adopted, he will think that Xiu Yong resembles Guang Lin more than Jun Qi.

Jun Qi senses that Min Zhu is unwell and advises her to rest. Yu Qing is unhappy to see him tapping Min Zhu's shoulder and goes to him. She asks him about their relationship and is relieved to know she is not his girlfriend. Xiu Yong learns that Ying Zhe isn't qualified to work if not for Guang Lin. He doesn't understand why Xing Jiu wants to bribe Ying Zhe's father and looks for the old man. He gets no answer.

Xiu Yong is happy that he finds a heart donor. Jun Qi opposes to it as they are not ready and things may go wrong. But Xiu Yong insists on it and wants Cai Wan to help him. Xiu Yong brings the heart back but he is involved in a car accident. He doesn't notice that the ice bag is torn so the heart can't be used upon arrival. Jun Qi has already taken out the whole heart and can't operate on it. Xiu Yong is remorseful over it. Jun Qi also feels upset as he has the same experience as the patient's parents when young.

Jun Qi goes to see him but he is indifferent. Xiu Yong sleeps on the same bed with Min Zhu again. She is tired of him and leaves early for work. Xiu Yong walks into Jun Qi's father's room to check for evidence of the past. He lures Ying Qi out to get medicine for him and looks through the photo album. He sees Jun Qi's father's last letter to Mrs Jin and a photo of Wen Hao.

Jun Qi visits Father Gao and Father Gao jokes that he should not visit him empty handed. Jun Qi opens the car rear and Father Gao is shocked to see it completely filled with presents. He has specially brought the things that Jin Na often buys for him. He tells Jun Qi that another child is sick. This child is 6 months old. Although Jun Qi doesn't wish to probe into her matters and she is quiet, how can she deal with 3 children? He is stunned when he reaches the place and sees many children. He realizes that it is an orphanage. He can't be so stupid to think that she is their mother. He then realizes that they address her as ?mother? because she is one to them. She smiles upon seeing him. Every time she needs help, he is here.

He removes his jacket and sits beside them. He pulls up his sleeves and brings down the baby's fever. She heaves a sigh of relief when he assures her that the baby is fine. Jun Qi is touched at the gentle way she talks to the children. She has to take care of so many - is she tired? He sees a glow in her - it must be her self-sacrificing love for them. He asks her why she doesn't tell him. At her age, how can she have such a big son? She is tired but they need her - just like how the hospital needs him.

Xiu Yong is still puzzled over the past and brings Ying Qi out for a dance. He tries to seduce her - wanting to create discord among her and her family. Wen Hao is unhappy that he has worked for 30 years and yet Jun Qi is the hospital director successor. He has wanted the post - how can Jun Qi be his boss? Xing Jiu is troubled as he knows Jun Qi will never work with him.

Wen Hao tells Xiu Yong the past. His mother died when Wen Hao and Jun Qi's father operated on her. Both were only interns and Guang Lin thought her condition wasn't serious but there was a tumour in her. When they found Xiu Yong at the orphanage, Xiu Yong's father was already missing. He did not see him again after Xing Jiu and Ying Zhe's father met him. Xiu Yong is unable to forgive them - he decides to ruin the hospital and the family.

Jun Qi never expects to be at the orphanage soon again. He sees Ji Na asleep and doesn't wish to wake her up. She opens her eyes and meets his gentle eyes. Both have a walk and he is concerned upon seeing her weary. One child has a toothache and she can't sleep well. Although it is a Sunday, he manages to get Rong Jing to do the extraction. During the meal with the two men, she suddenly carries the boy and walks away. Jun Qi is concerned - what is wrong?

Rong Jing quickly holds him back. Is he going to follow her to the ladies? Jun Qi blushes - he doesn't know how to observe people. Rong Jing laughs - it is not that he isn't observant. It is that he is completely attracted by Ji Na. Rong Jing starts to think that Shu Xian is right. Jun Qi can't sit still now - how can this be - he is older than her by so many years. He will not take advantage of her. Rong Jing has his worries too - the age factor is there and she is too pretty.

But he is glad that Jun Qi is sincere to her. Rong Jing shakes his head when he realizes that Jun Qi hasn't told Ji Na that he is single now. Ji Na observes Jun Qi closely in the car. She has heard nurses mentioning how gentle he is and many like him. She gathers that his wife is dead and pities him. He has given her help unconditionally and both smile at each other. She requests to see Min Yu the next time.

This is not the first time Min Zhu hears Xiu Yong blowing this tune over the saxophone at the beach but she senses something amiss today. Xiu Yong seems to be upset over something when playing squash with her earlier but he has no intention to let her know his story. Wen Hao suspects something wrong too when Xiu Yong tells him that he decides to forget the past since it is not easy to attain this position today. Min Zhu's patient is in danger and she wants Yu Qing to get Jun Qi. Without her notifying, he comes quickly.

But Yu Qing has other plans as she doesn't wish the two together. She pages Xiu Yong instead and brings him there. Min Zhu is angry that Yu Qing doesn't follow her instructions. Yu Qing avoids her glares in embarrassment and Xiu Yong is angry too. Guang Lin wants him to operate on the mayor's son. Xiu Yong eyes the x-rays coldly as the situation is similar to his late mother's case. Is the rich's life more valuable? He will make them pay for this. The operation is a success and Guang Lin is happy.

Xiu Yong suddenly announces that he wishes to marry Ying Qi and this shocks all. Jun Qi gets so furious that he slaps him. Xiu Yong brings Ying Qi to the family bungalow - pondering whether he should implicate her into his revenge plan. She admits that she likes him all along and is delighted that he isn't joking with her. He only plants a brotherly kiss on her forehead and it pricks him when she asks what he should do to Min Zhu. He decides to give her up since he has been selfish all along.

Jun Qi objects to the marriage strongly and Guang Lin is helpless over it. Jun Qi doesn't understand why Xiu Yong must do this because he knows Xiu Yong likes Min Zhu all along. Ying Qi breaks the sad news to Min Zhu and she takes it hard although she doesn't show it. She is unable to hide her sadness in front of Jun Qi. Xiu Yong sees her walking like a helpless soul in the foyer but he suppresses his urge to console her. When he walks into his office, he is shocked to see Jun Qi waiting for him.

He finds it unbelievable - what turns Xiu Yong to become like this without any symptoms at all? He replies that is because they have no blood relations at all. Xiu Yong hardens his heart to say that. Jun Qi knocks off early to keep Min Zhu company. She tells Jun Qi how hard she has tried to be a stupid woman - she gives up other chances to wait for him. Now, she is really tired and cries.

Yu Qing comes to the restaurant to see them together. After she leaves, Yu Qing hastily plants a kiss on Jun Qi's lips. He is unprepared and she says that she does this to let him know how she feels. Father Gao gets a mine worker to seek treatment and requests Jun Qi to charge a lower operation fee. Jun Qi volunteers to give the other workers free treatment. Yu Qing goes to the mine work site with the nurses and sees Ji Na with Father Gao. She walks in and blames Jun Qi for not telling her.

Jun Qi frowns and demands to know from Dong Shu why they are together. Dong Shu replies unwillingly that Yu Qing is beside her upon getting his call so she comes in. Jun Qi has a headache upon seeing her. The nurses want to laugh but upon seeing Jun Qi's stern reaction, they stop. After the whole day, Jun Qi chides Ji Na softly for not returning with Father Gao as she might be too tired. Jin Na has been out in the cold breeze the whole day but she feels the warmth in his tone.

Yu Qing becomes alert and looks at them. She follows him the whole day but has not heard him speaking in this tone to others. She minds the gentle look he gives to Ji Na. Jun Qi also discovers his odd gesture upon seeing her reaction so he makes an introduction to them. Father Gao then introduces Ji Na as Jun Qi's girlfriend to Yu Qing. Yu Qing is stunned. But she still smiles - there is no fun if there is no competition. She has thought of Min Zhu as her only opponent and never expects Ji Na to be another one.

Ji Na is grateful to Yu Qing for doing volunteer work too. Jun Qi is about to take off his doctor robe and Yu Qing immediately does it for him. He isn't used to her daring action. He invites all for a drink but it is too late. Jun Qi has no transport back as he comes to the site in Father Gao's car so Yu Qing offers him a lift. He declines and tells her to bring the nurses back instead.

He suddenly sees Father Gao feeling Ji Na's forehead and she looks sick. He rushes to her and feels that she has a fever. He gets worried and puts on his coat over her tightly. Yu Qing becomes very jealous upon seeing him treating her like a jewel. Jun Qi decides that she should not eat medicine with an empty stomach. He sees Ji Na shivering and he puts his hand over her shoulder to prevent the wind from blowing on her. He looks as if he is hugging her to sit into Father Gao's car.

Yu Qing suddenly says that she will give him a house call the next day. She sounds like she is intimate with him. Jun Qi is puzzled but still drives away. Xiu Yong catches Cheng Piao stealing anesthetic pills on the spot. He gets them for his dying mother and he is surprised that Xiu Yong lets him off. His condition is that he must check something for him. Xiu Yong senses that Min Zhu is sick and is concerned. But he still says that he has never said that he wanted to marry her. Her heart is dead and she leaves.

Xiu Yong checks Cheng Piao's findings. Besides Xiang Xian's record of helping a poor patient, Min Zhu also becomes the guarantor for an old woman so that she can seek treatment. She suddenly sweats profusely and faints outside the ward after taking care of her after work. Xiu Yong finds it weird to see Shu Xian and Cai Wan together. They inform him that Min Zhu has hepatitis A and he rushes to the ICU.

Xiu Yong is shocked to see her pale and Jun Qi is frowning beside her with Lan Xi. The illness can be fatal to kill her in 10 days. Xiu Yong feels his whole body turning cold - she might be infected somewhere and is unaware of it. Moreover she works too hard lately and she is too upset. This worsens her condition and she nearly has no hope. The reading is 1300 when the normal should be below 75. Xiu Yong 's face turns white and sits beside her to blame himself.

He has discovered something wrong all along but why hasn't he forced her to do a check up? He recalls her words - is this the ending she wanted? He walks out. Lan Xi suddenly runs after him and he hurries back to touch her pulse. He nearly can't detect anything. He forces himself to be steady to see whether her eyes respond to the light. She is half-conscious now and her heart stops. No??he can't let her die in front of him. Xiu Yong gives her CPR. Yu Qing and Xiang Xian arrive and prepare the injection.

Yu Qing is taken aback to see him applying so much force. If in the past, he will let them take over. Now their Chief Jin is exhausted and sweat is forming over his whole forehead. But he refuses to let others take over. She recalls how both of them have quarreled before and this difference is too great - she doesn't expect this. Xiu Yong stares at the machine - he only trusts himself now. Although the ringing is non-stop, he never gives up any moment. Xiang Xian notices that the heart beat gets irregular.

Xiu Yong uses the joule machine to add to 150 joule. Jun Qi and Cai Wan arrive and are relieved that she survives. Xiu Yong stops and his body is covered with cold sweat. The sudden release makes him giddy. Zhi Hong decides to give Min Zhu a blood test. He is troubled as Shen Huan is also injured and hospitalized. Jun Qi is about to read the report when Xiu Yong snatches it from his hands. When he sees the figures, his whole face turns pale and his mind is a complete blank.

He closes his eyes in despair and his grip is loosened. Jun Qi also turns pale - the reading is 3000 now. Xiu Yong's expression turns worse upon seeing her x-ray. Water starts to accumulate in her lungs. Cai Wan laments - how can she be getting worse in 2 days? Jun Qi feels the sorrow - will they lose her soon? Xiu Yong lowers his head in pain - fear is surrounding him now. Zhi Hong consoles all to be positive.

Xiu Yong is unused to show his moods in front of others. But when he thinks that he might be unable to see Min Zhu in future, he can't hide it. Zhi Hong is alarmed that he can still keep his cool to operate on others. Xiu Yong likes to stay in the hospital than the home but he flees from ICU just now. He concentrates in the operation theatre - he can't imagine life without her. Cai Wan wants the music off - he hates the song? don't worry be happy? now. It just doesn't fit his mood after what happens to Min Zhu. When Xiu Yong arrives, the quiet atmosphere reminds him of ICU.

Xiu Yong starts to feel difficulty in breathing and the fear nearly causes him to lose his senses. He keeps reminding himself that the patient isn't Min Zhu. He insists the nurse to play the music. Xiu Yong leaves after the operation - it is useless for him to stay since Jun Qi is with Min Zhu. He gets into her office and looks at her doctor robe and her nametag. He sits on her cold chair. He weeps and he takes off his spectacles. He can't let others see him like this.

He can't let her go like this without letting her know that he still loves her. He blows his saxophone the whole night and returns early the next day. Ying Qi comes to ask why he hasn't answered her calls. He lies that he thinks of her all the time and misses his sleep. She is delighted and asks if they should rent her friend's apartment. This woman is too thick-skinned. Xiu Yong is disgusted as they have not even chosen a marriage date. She protests that her home will not provide anything so they must be prepared.

Xiu Yong cuts her out - can't she trust him? He has no mood to deal with her and flags a cab for her to leave him. Although he can't do anything for Min Zhu now, he doesn't wish to be away from her for too long. Xiu Yong sees a tired Jun Qi sitting by Min Zhu's bed. He is so frightened that she will never open her pretty eyes again. If not for the machines, he will suspect that she isn't breathing anymore. He needs to hold her hand to reassure himself that she is still alive by feeling her warmth.

Will she stay beside her if he holds her tightly? He has never begged her and he guesses as expected - she has not listened to him. Jun Qi has been beside her for a few days and Xiu Yong knows that he will not fall asleep completely. So he forces himself to leave as he doesn't wish others to know about it. He walks out quietly. Jun Qi doesn't dare to leave even though he is tired. What happens if an emergency appears? Few doctors in charge will work in the night.

Rong Jing is also worried but he can do nothing. He wants to check the orphans? teeth and forces Jun Qi to leave with him. They will not know how long this will take and the hospital will inform them through their handphones if anything happens. He coaxes Jun Qi that he might feel better after seeing Ji Na. They only see Sister Maria and she says that she goes out. Sister Maria jokes that they only look at pretty women.

Rong Jing jokes that Jun Qi is uneasy without seeing Ji Na. She tells them that Ji Na goes to the church because a child is rejected from being adopted. It reminds her of her past. Ji Na's mother is also unwed and abandons her outside the church. He consoles her when she cries. Xiu Yong keeps Min Zhu company upon knowing that Jun Qi is not there. He touches her sunken cheeks. He is nearly swallowed by fear. He prays for her the first time. Sheng Huan happens to know Min Zhu's illness and comes despite his discomfort. He leaves quietly upon seeing this. Xiu Yong nearly prays hysterically - she must not die - he will change for her and agree to anything. But why is she still so stubborn???

Jun Qi sees him the next day and throws the records at him - he doesn't know that Xiu Yong always come secretly and thinks that he doesn't appear at all so he is angry with him. Xiu Yong still smiles but is stern upon seeing the figures. What can he do if her condition is still like this? Jun Qi decides to forbid Xiu Yong to enter the ICU. How can he still smile at patients struggling for their lives? Xiu Yong replies that he doesn't want to treat this seriously. Jun Qi is mad with him.

Yu Qing asks Jun Qi whether Min Zhu is so important to him to worth his efforts to take care of her daily. Jun Qi is angry with her - what's wrong to be concerned? She thinks that he is too much - he should not go so often and should leave this to her lover or family to do it. Jun Qi becomes solemn - Yu Qing is too much. He says directly that she is rude to him.

She declares that this is her way of showing guts for love. He has a headache now but Yu Qing may be right. He has lost the courage to pursue love after his wife's death. He isn't daring enough to woo Ji Na. He has a shock when Mrs Jin brings Min Yu to ICU. He swallows a peanut and Jun Qi immediately presses his stomach so that he can spit the peanut out. He is so relieved and hugs him. Mrs Jin is unhappy when Jun Qi chides her for not taking cake of Min Yu well.

He looks for Ji Na. Ever since he met her, he has become long-winded. But when she only answers him yes or no, he will talk more. She smiles as she likes to listen more. They go to the jetty and she doesn't ask him much. She understands the pain and loneliness that he has been through. He gives her a kiss on her lips. He doesn't hug her but she leans close to him. It is now that he hugs her tightly and rests his head by her hair.

Jun Qi parks his car near Xiu Yong's sports car. He hasn't returned for a few days - did he stay in hospital? He also notices that Xiu Yong is thinner now. They are delighted that her condition becomes normal and when Xiu Yong asks her to open her eyes, she does it! But she looks at Jun Qi instead of him. It doesn't matter to him as long as she opens her eyes. He fights hard to stop his tears from flowing down his cheek. He can't suppress his smile forming when he is alone in his office.

Ji Na gets along well with Min Yu. Sister Maria teases Jun Qi that happiness is written on his face. But he gets nervous - she is too good till he feels that he isn't fit for her but he is in love with her. He is always polite and gentle but it is seldom to see him at a loss. Ji Na knows what he means and says that she likes him. He is moved and hugs her in his arms. Xiu Yong visits Min Zhu when she is better but she ignores him. He jokes she should not be upset as he is going to be busy. She tells him not to come again. In the past, he will be angry even though the woman is Min Zhu. But now, he is indifferent. She should take off the patient's clothes to stop him. He wants her to recover quickly. Jun Qi respects her decision.

Jun Qi brings a brain tumour patient to stay in the hospital. Wen Hao eyes him as a potential heart patient to save Director Zhang's son. Min Zhu resigns and Xing Jiu informs Jun Qi about it, hoping that he can persuade her to change her mind. He goes to her home - to see her packing up to go to Seoul soon to join her family. Xiu Yong also comes and knows that she is leaving at 3 pm the next day. He doesn't tell her to stay. Once she is discharged, Xiu Yong arrives. What else does she want? Is she trying to provoke him again? There is no exception for him to stop women - he feels so tired.

Ying Qi asks him if he loves her. He becomes impatient. What to do even though they love each other? People are still selfish. He kisses her fiercely but let go quickly. He decides to make Min Zhu stay. Jun Qi is also unhappy and asks Ji Na out. He notices that she is very weak and jokes she gets better after seeing him. He holds her hand - it should be the reverse - he feels better after seeing her. Both are about to kiss each other when Sister Maria appears. She reminds Ji Na to take her medicine. She feels strange that although Ji Na often has flu, it takes her a long time to recover this time. Jun Qi gets nervous - why doesn't she tell him. He quickly adds a sweater over her and wants her to walk in with him.

Min Zhu is about to get into the customs when Xiu Yong holds her elbow tightly. He nearly can't get her. He is glad to see her - now he is not going to let her go. His tone is soft although he is still strong. He begs her to give him a month to settle Ying Qi's problem. She wants him not to touch her when she gets to work. He finds a pang of sadness upon seeing her face. How can she ask him to do this?

Jun Qi's patient dies and Min Zhu decides to have a heart transplant on a young married woman. Xiu Yong wants to do it before her on Director Zhang's son. Jun Qi suddenly feels insecure and senses that a tragedy might happen so he calls Sister Maria, wanting to talk to Ji Na. He is puzzled when she and Father Gao are not in the church. Are they out together?

Min Zhu is uneasy when Xiu Yong opens the car door for her - the first time. He returns to the restaurant to look for his handphone. Min Zhu then sees photos of Wen Hao's bribery. The first heart transplant by Xiu Yong is a success. During the press conference, Xiu Yong reveals the truth and Guang Lin faints. The whole family doesn't understand Xiu Yong's purpose. He isn't a person to talk about morals - Jun Qi suspects him of stirring up trouble. Jun Qi takes over Guang Lin's post while Wen Hao is being investigated. He starts to miss Ji Na - he has not seen her for a long time.

She is often not in the church and avoids seeing him. He understands that they are different but he loves her deeply. Why things turn out to be like this? When he learns that she is hospitalized, he rushes to see her. He is worried sick upon seeing her pale face. Why has this happened? He often thinks that it is just normal flu but has never suspected it to be a heart disease. Her heart is expanding and is in critical condition. Even talking tires her easily and there is water accumulated in her lungs.

When he knows that this is the real reason of her neglecting him, his heart nearly breaks into pieces. She knows that she is dying and when Jun Qi comes, she fights hard not to cry - she doesn't want him to be upset over her. But when he leaves, she bursts into tears. Xiu Yong tells Min Zhu that he has told Ying Qi about it. Seeing that she is engrossed in a wedding scene on television, he leans close to her from the back but she avoids his hands. He sits beside her and suggests getting married. He puts a ring on her finger.

Jun Qi stands in Xiu Yong's office, Xiu Yong realizes that he resembles Guang Lin looking from the back. He scolds Xiu Yong - Ying Qi tries to kill herself by swallowing all the sleeping pills she can find at home. Luckily she is saved but Jun Qi decides not to probe further if Xiu Yong decides to return to Min Zhu. Min Zhu returns the ring - Xiu Yong is too impulsive to propose to two women in a month. She has thought that Ying Qi might cry over it but never expects her wanting to die over it. Xiu Yong is furious.

Min Zhu is suspicious of Xiu Yong and Cheng Piao. Both try to hide the negatives of Wen Hao's evidence from her. Xiu Yong resigns and Guang Lin dies. Jun Qi sends Ying Qi to study abroad. Min Zhu tells Jun Qi Xiu Yong's deed a few days later because she is afraid that he can't withstand two shocks together. She never expects that Jun Qi is so furious that he still insists of Xiu Yong leaving. Min Zhu wants to know why Xiu Yong does it in order to wear the ring again.

Ji Na's condition worsens - only a heart transplant can save her. She doesn't know what to do except to pretend to sleep whenever Jun Qi comes to visit her. She weeps when he leaves. Jun Qi just drives Xiu Yong away and cites he will never see him again .But now he has to ask him back because of her. Xiu Yong admires him for doing that. If he is Jun Qi, he will still protect his pride. Jun Qi is the reverse - he can even give her his heart. Xiu Yong looks at him - Jun Qi has taken care of Min Zhu for days and now he can repay him. Min Zhu is delighted to see him back.

She shakes her head and smiles upon seeing him waving to the nurses. This man will never change. He suddenly opens the office door for her. He hugs her shoulder and walks with her. Xiu Yong can see that Jun Qi loves Ji Na very much from his concerned expression. Xiu Yong suddenly feels sick after an operation. He does a check up at his senior's hospital. He is shocked to know that he has lung cancer. He feels the pain all over his body - that means that the cancer cells might have spread to other organs and he is dying. He suddenly attacks Min Zhu in bed when he feels the pain again. She is shocked but hugs him from the back in bed. She is unaware that he is in tears.

Jin Na sneaks back to the orphanage. She doesn't want to die in hospital to waste her time. Jun Qi is unable to persuade her so he gets a day off to keep her company. He wants to put the ring on her finger. She asks whether he can get one more day's leave so that she can keep him company longer. Jun Qi cries - he can't bear to let her die. She hugs him to console him. Min Zhu knows the bad news from the senior that Xiu Yong is having the final stage cancer. She cries daily and Xiu Yong is away from work for days.

She goes to the bungalow and he is there with the wine bottles and anesthetic. He quickly hides the medicine but realizes that she knows about it. He rejects treatment and Min Zhu reminds him that he is still a doctor. She wants to marry him and he agrees in tears. The next day, he is going to marry her in church but the pain comes again when he is driving there. He still regards her as his woman regardless of this wedding. He turns back. Min Zhu gets frantic when he isn't there. The colleagues start questioning.

Jun Qi tries contacting him in vain and wishes to tell Min Zhu to stop waiting. All think that he is wild to reject her but don't dare to say this in front of her. She breaks the sad news to Jun Qi and he finds it hard to accept it. Min Zhu looks at the wedding gown at home - where is Xiu Yong now? Cheng Huan is touched upon seeing how deeply she is in love with Xiu Yong. He is worried about her and waits downstairs.

He sees Xiu Yong's car driving to hospital and informs her. Xiu Yong has wanted to look for Min Zhu but the pain returns so he has to get the anesthetic again in his office. But she happens to see him in agony. She hugs him and Jun Qi comes to see them. Xiu Yong closes his eyes but he can tell that Jun Qi is looking at him. Why does Min Zhu ask Jun Qi here? He doesn't want his sympathy. Jun Qi has mixed feelings - he loves and hates him. Jun Qi wants to talk to him about accepting treatment.

He flares up at Min Zhu - why doesn't she tell all to come to see him like this? He does something wrong and now his retribution is here. Jun Qi leaves as he doesn't wish to aggravate his condition and Xiu Yong should be fine with Min Zhu taking care of him. When Min Zhu returns, she sees him crying. He wants to live on and both hug each other tightly. Both are in bed and she gets him his coat. He puts on the ring on her finger. It doesn't matter to her whether they have a wedding. Tonight is their first night and she is his bride. Jun Qi and Min Zhu meet Xiu Yong's senior and learns that Xiu Yong has rejected taking other tests.

Jun Qi is disturbed over it - he might have known the result and nothing can be changed. He understands but Xiu Yong is so selfish, calm and smart and calculative. Hwo can he beso stupid at this critical moment? Min Zhu sobs upon knowing how he describes Xiu Yong. How can he misunderstand him? Min Zhu tells Jun Qi about Xiu Yong's past. Jun Qi sees Ji Na walking in the rain. Her lips are turning purple and he cries. After knowing the story, he realizes how people can act all these years. How can he accuse Xiu Yong then? What is Xiu Yong thinking when he agrees to help Ji Na? Why is God going to take the two away from him? She hugs him - maybe it is better for him not to see her to get so sad.

Jun Qi comes daily. Jin Na wants him to return and not to come again. He doesn't wish her to leave him. She lies that his presence makes her uncomfortable. Her own words hurt him and herself. Sister Maria reminds him - it is better to leave her here - what happens if she sneaks away again? He gives her a cross to pass to Ji Na. Sister Maria reprimands him for crying in front of Ji Na.

Ji Na feels bad for making Jun Qi sending away another woman he loves again. Sister Maria tells her that Jun Qi is so upset because Xiu Yong is also dying. She is shocked - no wonder he is so sad. She decides to leave. Xiu Yong wakes up in cold sweat. He has dreamed of being dead and Min Zhu crying over him. He calls the hospital to find out how his patients are doing and learns that Jin Na leaves. He is appalled - how can Jun Qi allow this? He walks out from the hotel room.

Min Zhu leaves the anesthetic with him and decides to apply for leave to be with him. She finishes her work and only now she gets his message - he wants to go on tour and wishes to see her by six if she can make it. She only has 10 minutes left. She can't find him anymore. Xiu Yong sees Ji Na at the train station. Jun Qi is shocked that Xiu Yong goes on tour but assures Min Zhu that he should be fine. He is stunned when learning from Sister Maria that Ji Na is missing too. The two enjoy their holiday.

Xiu Yong doesn't pretend to be in pain and he can take care of Ji Na. She holds his hand and this gives him peace. He gets touched - she is so sick and still consoles him? No wonder Jun Qi loves her so much. It reminds him that he should call Min Zhu. He informs her that Ji Na is with him. Both go to a church and when they part, they know that the final day has come.

Xiu Yong returns to hospital wearing the white robe. He likes it very much and goes to meet Min Zhu. She notices a change in him - he wants to be the normal Xiu Yong. He will still treat his patients and be as proud as before. He will remember his doctor post till the last day to face death. Jun Qi doesn't blame Xiu Yong for not bringing Ji Na back because she might sneak away again. She wants to be at home but she doesn't wish to return to him. He reads her letter - she wants him to forget her so that he can pursue another love. She never complains for not living exceeding 30 years old but is glad to live 20 years.

Xiu Yong gets thinner and the attacks are more frequent but he still works. Mrs Jin visits him at the hotel and asks him to move back home. He refuses - it is not that he doesn't regard her as his mother but he knows that she fights hard to suppress her hatred to bring him back for adoption. He assures her that he doesn't blame her and even asks for her forgiveness.

Jin Na is sent to hospital and Jun Qi is with her in the ambulance. He never expects her to be in Si Chuan - which is such a faraway place from him. He is depressed that he is losing her. Xiu Yong looks at them and suddenly goes for a blood test. Xiu Yong announces that there will be a 32 year old male heart donor who commits suicide and is brain dead. He has signed the organ donation form. He goes to Min Zhu's home and lies on her lap. She senses that he behaves oddly.

All along he is so arrogant and stubborn, why is he like a child to stick to her today? He thanks her for being like the sea to endure all his faults. He stops his tears and hugs her. After Min Zhu sleeps, Xiu Yong drinks with Jun Qi. He claims that Jun Qi looks handsome when drinking. Jun Qi notices something amiss when Xiu Yong keeps staring at him. He is amused - isn't Xiu Yong the one and not him? Xiu Yong claims that Jun Qi is still unique although he might not be as handsome as him.

Jun Qi smiles - it is normal for brothers to quarrel and fight with each other to patch up later. Xiu Yong says this time they will not quarrel again. Jun Qi says this will depend whether who takes the surgical knife first. Xiu Yong suddenly teaches Jun Qi the techniques of doing a heart transplant. Jun Qi stares at him - he has warned him earlier and now they are not in ER but he starts giving orders again. Xiu Yong hopes Jun Qi remembers his words and will not get frantic.

Jun Qi is amused - it sounds that he is operating and not Xiu Yong. Xiu Yong wonders how the scene will be when Jun Qi is doing operations alone in future. Jun Qi understands Xiu Yong now and fights back his tears. Xiu Yong describes the hospital and the operation room more comfortable than his home or room. Jun Qi adds that he is the most outstanding doctor. But Xiu Yong thinks Jun Qi is the best, regardless of character, blood ties or talent. Can he hug him again? Both men give each other a big hug.

Xiu Yong gets admitted into his senior's hospital. He calls Jun Qi to explain his disappearance. He feels sad for Jun Qi when he reveals that he is donating his heart for Ji Na. He can sense that Jun Qi becomes frantic over the phone. He tells him his heart might stop in one or two months? time but it will live longer in Ji Na. He can stay beside everyone then. Jun Qi roars at him - cancer patients can't donate their organs. Xiu Yong nearly turns him mad when Xiu Yong replies - that is why he has to open up to see if it is safe! How can he do this experiment to risk his life? Xiu Yong replies he is using his life as a stake the last time.

Min Zhu arrives to realize that he is dead. How can he expect her to forgive him? But she knows that he is saving a patient with his life. He is her husband so she will help him. Jun Qi is torn - he is so upset that he nearly faints. Why is Xiu Yong so impulsive and stupid? And why hasn't he noticed that Xiu Yong behaves weirdly too? He knows that he should fulfill his wish but how can Xiu Yong expect him to do it? Jun Qi holds the surgical knife with trembling hands to remove Xiu Yong's heart and Min Zhu closes her eyes in anguish. She charges out of the ER. Jun Qi recalls Xiu Yong's words and he cries with Xiu Yong's heart in the helicopter. Jian Rong and the others cry with him.

When he arrives at the hospital, he removes Ji Na's heart. Now it is time to bring Xiu Yong back. He holds back his tears. All are silent to hear his sobs and the tickling sounds from the machines. He must make both return to him as he can't tolerate the pain of failure. The operation is a success - maybe it is done by Xiu Yong. The doctor in charge is still him. Unlike other operations, this time, all cry aloud. Knowing that Xiu Yong loves the sea, Min Zhu and Jun Qi come to the sea. He is still the most outstanding doctor till the end. He uses his heart to save his last patient. He scatters the ashes while Min Zhu sees him doing it in tears.

Introduction on characters

1. Jin Xiu Yong - Jang Dong Gan
Xiu Yong is in charge of Chest Surgery unit. He is also an attention seeker - we should see his bright yellow BMW convertible. He doesn't believe in religion but only trusts his medical skills. He is proud because he never fails in any operation. He is very talented - I also think that he is superior in skills than Jun Qi. If not, why must he show him pointers before he dies?

He is also impulsive and thoughtless. He is curious and loves to dissect people. However, he still has medical conscience to reject bribes. Min Zhu's sickness and his illness change him completely and he even gives up his life for Ji Na. He isn't gentle to women but Min Zhu, Ren Yu and Ying Qi are crazy over him.

Dong Gan gives a powerful performance. He delivers the arrogance and coldness well. I admire him in delivering the scene on how Xiu Yong sheds his aloofness to show concern and fear of losing the sick Min Zhu. Many will adore his bespectacled appearance as this makes him look so scholarly. His outlook is almost the same as Director Yin but his behaviour is totally different. Moreover, he looks so much younger. He is unusually aggressive towards women here. I like this change - this shows his versatility in acting.

2. Jin Jun Qi - Sun Chang Min
Jun Qi is in charge of External Surgery Department. Many have said that he is gentle in looks and mannerisms so he looks more like a scholar than a doctor. However, no one will argue whether he is a good doctor. All doctors respect him. He is humble but the experience that he shows gives an air of authority. He prefers using traditional methods and is unwilling to risk patients? lives. However, Xiu Yong instils new knowledge in him and he doesn't mind his brother for being better than him.

Patients like to hear his assuring voice and look into his caring eyes for strength. But of course, the main reason still depends on his good medical skills. He is quiet and has a mild temperament. This attracts Jin Na and Yu Qing. Especially the latter, who just refuses to give him up. He is Min Zhu's senior and has been on good terms with her since their study days. He always takes good care of her. He feels that a doctor's job is to save lies and should have nothing to do with business management. He dislikes bribery.

I like this role very much and I realize why Sun is reputed to be a great actor. His charm oozes throughout the serial with Dong Gan. He acts very well in here as the gentle, calm and caring doctor. This is so different from the way he acts in ?Revenge and Passion? as a threatening and scary Xian Xiu.

3. Jin Guang Lin
He is the hospital director and also the men's grandfather. Nothing matters to him more than the hospital's reputation. He wants to be famous by arranging major operations but yet afraid that they might end in failure. You can't blame Xiu Yong for despising him. To think that he wants to keep Xiu Yong by agreeing to engage Ying Qi to him - this thought make me sick.

4. Lu Xiang Xian
He works in Chest Surgery and is too softhearted. The two brothers try very hard to change him.

5. Cui Jian Rong
Xiang Xian's close friend and he learns very hard under the two brothers.

6. Jiang Rong Jing
He is in charge of Dentistry and is Jun Qi's close friend. If not for him, Ji Na will not proceed so fast with Jun Qi. Both should thank this matchmaker.

7. Zheng Zhi Hong
He is in charge of Internal Surgery unit. He is stern but he cares for Sheng Huan and Min Zhu as their head.

8. Li Wen Hao
He is in charge of the Diagnosis Unit. He is ambitious to climb to the top. But his wish never comes true.

9. Yang Cai Wan
He is the head of the Anesthetic Unit. He is often the mediator between the two brothers.

10. Han Xing Jiu
Jun Qi's scheming uncle who works in the hospital management department.

11. Lu Cheng Piao
He is working in the hospital management department. He is a filial son. Unable to see his mother in agony, he steals the medicine from there.

12. Jin Min Yu
Jun Qi's adorable son. He brings joy to others.

13. Piao Tai Xi
He is head of chemotherapy unit. Xiu Yong often comes to him for advice or to hide from others.

14. Zhang Sheng Huan
Min Zhu's colleague who loves her secretly. He buries his feelings as he knows she will never love him.

15. Father Gao
He is in charge of the orphanage and tries to bring Jun Qi to be with Ji Na.

16. Wu Ren Huan
He is in cahoots with Ren Hao in the crime. He is the organ donation unit. He is uneasy even though Xiu Yong pays him the money to do the job. Unable to hide his conscience, he spills the beans to Min Zhu.

17. Che Min Zhu - Lee Yeon Ae
She is the most gentle and beautiful doctor from Internal Surgery. I don't really like her to be so submissive to Xiu Yong. No wonder he gets more and more arrogant. What she does is only to cry all the time like a soap opera queen in Qiong Yao dramas. She is simply too weak. Yeon Ae's sad expression here is the same as in other serials. Strangely, I find her matching better with Chang Min than with Dong Gan. The feeling is just not right to see both as a couple.

18. Lei Ji Na
She is an orphan and is brought up by Father Gao and Sister Maria. She helps to look after the orphans. She may be young but after being through a lot in life, she is mature and is self-sacrificing. This actress may be too pale and thin but she complements well with Chang Min. It is said that he is more than 10 years older than her but they look compatible together.

19. Xu Lan Xi
A nurse in the hospital. She is a great helper to all the doctors.

20. Cui Ren Yu
Xiu Yong's secretary. He has a one night stand with her and she is hot!

21. Wu Shu Xian
She works with the children and is a very caring doctor. She is the first to detect that Jun Qi is in love.

22. Jin Ying Qi
Jun Qi's younger sister who is all along interested in Xiu Yong. She is very unrealistic. She knows all along that Xiu Yong loves Min Zhu deeply. How can she convince herself to believe that he is truly in love with her and will marry her? This woman is plain stupid to tell Min Zhu to give up.

23. Xu Yu Qing
A trainee doctor who is interested in Jun Qi. I laugh at how frank she is although she fails in all her attempts. She must have given Jun Qi the courage to love Ji Na so Jun Qi must also thank her for it.

24. Mrs Jin/Han Dong Shu
Jun Qi's mother who has to take care of Min Yu after bringing up the three children. Ying Qi opposes her to be with Xiu Yong and even Guang Lin gives his consent. What position does she have in the family?

25. Sister Maria
I don't like this nun because she doesn't behave like one. She is a nosey parker and nags non-stop. Can you believe that she goes to beep at Ji Na and Jun Qi when they are kissing? This is sure unexpected!

Favourite character
Jun Qi for his understanding and Xiu Yong is the close second. He is nasty but he tries to save lives.

Most hated character
Guang Lin - he is a selfish person.

Interesting scenes

Scenes of Xiu Yong and Jun Qi appearing. Both are charming looking with different appeal. One is cool and arrogant while another is gentle and warm. They look refreshing and dashing in the white doctor robes.

How Xiu Yong seeks revenge. You will shiver upon seeing the crooked and chilly smile on his lips.

Xiu Yong playing squash - all must not miss him in top form for playing the sport well. Yeon Ae is only standing there and not doing anything. Er?.is it because she doesn't play squash?

All scenes of Jun Qi with Ji Na. The scenes where he shows his anxiety towards her and how shy he becomes are very realistic. The way that he touches her forehead tenderly when she is asleep or protecting her from the cold like a jewel shows how caring he is.

All scenes of Xiu Yong treating the 3 women. They are giddy over him and obey him without questioning. How well he knows Min Zhu to toy with her is a classic. No wonder she still gives in to him finally.

The scenes where all think they will lose Min Zhu. Xiu Yong shows his despair well.

The difference between Xiu Yong and Jun Qi in doing operations. Xiu Yong must play the music ?Don't worry, be happy? while Jun Qi prefers to work in silence. Still, both guys are serious in their work.

Yu Qing cornering Jun Qi like a prey. She is like a tiger while he is a helpless prey, not knowing what to do or say to her every time.

Xiu Yong bids goodbye to all. It shows how reluctant he is.

The last scene of Jun Qi doing the heart transplant from Xiu Yong to Ji Na. It is very heartbreaking.

The cast and supporting cast do a great job. They look and also behave like doctors. My top vote goes to Dong Gan - he manages to save this serial with his charm. My second goes to Chang Min - he holds the forte well as a commanding hospital director or chief too. Both guys do their part well as passionate lovers too. The actresses only deliver a lukewarm performance. How can they be indifferent to the guys? wooing? Another interesting thing is I get to see Jun Qi and some doctors? names and titles in traditional Chinese characters! What an important discovery - is it because they are the only ones to know how to write them?

As usual, this drama has an attractive start but a terrible ending. The last few episodes are so slow-moving and predictable. I would not have continued watching were if not for the splendid performances by the actors. Korean producers, please don't torture me and spare me the agony. I am immune after the overdose of the ?cancer? anesthetic . Also, we know that cancer patients can't donate their organs. Why come up with such a lame excuse? This is a medical drama and we are not trying to create a miracle like this in here!

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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