Medical Centre

Reviewed by: sukting

December 18, 2003

Rating: three-point-five

How long
40 episodes

A serial on doctors working in the hospital. I find it so difficult to write a review on it as there are many characters and each episode is a different story. I hope it doesn’t sound confusing to readers. It does show a true picture of how doctors work. Not as classy as TVB's ‘Healing Hands’ but it is very realistic. That is why it received good comments from the Korean audience.

The serial is about doctors belonging to 2 units. Cheng Jie, Xu Ri, Ming Hao, Shi Zhen and Xiu An are in the Chest Surgical Unit. Professor Li is the head. Jia Yan, Xi Jiu, Ying Jie, Qiang Tan, Zhi Tai and Dr Gao are in General Surgery. Professor Xu is the chief. Two nurses, Mei Ni and Jing Xian work closely with them. It shows how close their working relationships are and as expected, romance is developed as the subplot here.


1. Jin Cheng Jie – Gan Yu Cheng
He is a very experienced SMO in the Chest Surgical Unit and always cares for his patients. He hates Xian Ri for causing his younger sister’s death 3 years ago. It is quite tragic when she was sent to hospital and he tried in vain to save her life. When Xian Ri enters the room, he watches him with disgust. He treats him coldly even though he is a successful doctor like him.

He cares a lot for his patients. Afraid that the housemen will injure them as they may not know the right way of injecting needles into their arms, he wants all the professionals to do that for them. His colleagues complain of not having enough sleep. One has not even rested after a long operation of 18 hours.

As a result of his insistence, one colleague died. He was too tired and when he was drawing blood from a patient, he injured his finger with the needle and a deadly Hepatitis B virus attacked him. Cheng Jie feels remorseful and now understands how Xian Ri felt then. Their relationship improves from then on.

Cheng Jie requests to operate on his ex-colleague, Professor Sun, but he has disagreements with Xian Ri over it. Professor Sun leaves the hospital and becomes a vagrant. Cheng Jie produced evidence of his negligence in an operation when he was being sued by the patient’s family. Now, he is dying from lung cancer but Cheng Jie tries hard to prolong his life to make amends. This scene is quite touching. Professor Sun refuses to forgive him but gives in when Cheng Jie begs for the chance.

A mother and daughter are sent to the hospital. The woman can’t survive for long as a knife has damaged her spleen while the daughter needs to be on medication for life. He pities them and has no appetite when going for dinner with Jia Yan in a lavish restaurant. The mother’s condition keeps weighing on his mind. He quickly rushes back to hospital – Xu Ri manages to save the mother but she still dies after a few days.

When Jia Yan is ill and faints in the operation room after an operation, he is concerned but upon seeing her with Xian Ri, he turns completely cold, chiding her for spreading germs to patients! Her birthday is approaching. This romantic doctor actually draws a beautiful sketch of her and gets her a present. However, he has no chance to give it to her as he is suddenly asked to perform an operation. He calls her but is dismayed to hear Xian Ri’s voice. He is so angry that he keeps all the gifts inside his drawer.

Cheng Jie gets to know that Jia Yan still keeps in touch with his ex-girlfriend. He is taken aback but goes calmly to Jiju island on leave. Although they have parted for 5 years, he still misses her very much. He meets his ex-classmate there and you’ll be baffled to know that this talented man also plays the guitar well too! His spirits are lifted when he returns and his ex contacts him. However she is only back to tell him that she is getting married. Cheng Jie is so upset that he gets drunk.

However, he gets back to work again on the next day. He even brings his colleagues to Jiju island upon seeing the poor medical facilities. Upon his stay, he realizes why his senior doesn’t practice medicine. He is suffering from a heart ailment. He is waiting to join his daughter and wife who died in a car accident. Cheng Jie has a hard time persuading him to return with him. When his senior’s neighbour injures her head, his senior flies back with them to pick up the surgical knife again. He has a relapse and Cheng Jie operates on him. His senior survives and decides to be a doctor again.

When Jia Yan is in trouble, he realizes that he loves her. Both start dating. He manages to change her into a more caring and gentle person. Cheng Jie is attached to a 16-year-old patient after treating her for years and is very upset when she dies.

On another occasion, Cheng Jie and Jia Yan are about to go for dinner together when he gets Ying Jie’s call for an urgent operation. He tells her to wait for him at the restaurant. He gives her his handphone to keep in contact when her own hand phone has no battery. The patient is a criminal who tries to get away. Cheng Jie is determined to save him as this is still a life despite the cop’s protest.

Cheng Jie stays after the operation to make sure that he is okay. He only remembers the date when he walks to the car park after that. He apologises to Jia Yan. Luckily she has eaten, otherwise he will be more apologetic. Unfortunately their conversation is stopped when he has finished using up the coins. She wonders whether he has had his dinner. The poor man hasn’t!

The cop quarrels with Cheng Jie again. Cheng Jie declares that even the killer kills 10 people, he will still save him. The cop changes his mind upon seeing how dedicated Cheng Jie is. Jia Yan returns Cheng Jie his handphone after recharging it for him, sending tongues wagging that both are dating.

Jia Yan decides to stay with a patient through the night so Cheng Jie hopes to go Dong Hai with her to watch the sunrise. He wakes Jia Yan up near supper time but it is time for her to check on the patient. He decides to stay back too as it is only 5 hours to morning time. They watch the sunrise from the hospital’s rooftop – how unromantic. But to them, it is still the same as long as they are together.

A patient tries to kill herself in a car accident. She threatens to end her life again once she is discharged. Cheng Jie is furious with her. He relates his own experience of losing his younger sister in a car accident. She had tried so hard to be a good wife and a future mother but her life ended in tragedy. Seeing how this patient wishes to end her own life makes him very upset.

Later she goes missing and Cheng Jie finds her at the rooftop. His blood runs cold and manages to hold her back. However, he is relieved that she is just waving goodbye to another dying patient who is discharged. She has straightened her thoughts and is determined to stay alive.

Jia Yan asks Cheng Jie if his mother gives him pressure to marry. He replies that his mother’s main aim is to take care of grandchildren so she nags at both brothers daily. He hasn’t thought of marriage yet. Jia Yan is disappointed.

Cheng Jie asks Jia Yan out for dinner. Xian Ri suddenly asks him to drink beer with him. He agrees to it and Jia Yan is annoyed that he forgets their date so quickly. Marriage to him is a difficult task since he often forgets the dates. Cheng Jie hasn’t but he knows that Xian Ri seldom asks him out. He must have something to tell him. He also jokes that he will not propose or marry her to annoy her.

Cheng Jie wakes Jia Yan to pick her to work. He gives her abalone porridge to eat in his car. Both agree that they are comfortable in this moment but when they are at work, they are thrown into another environment when patients die. Professor Li persuades Cheng Jie to marry immediately to concentrate on his career.

Ying Jie guesses Cheng Jie’s intention and forces Jia Yan to go for a meal with him although she is concerned over a patient’s condition. He tells them to go somewhere near the hospital. Cheng Jie proposes to her. Although she is touched, she rejects him because she loves her job too much.

An old patient is suffering from a fatal chest ailment and he only trusts Cheng Jie as he has seen him for years. Cheng Jie decides to operate on him. Xian Ri tries to talk him out of it to consider from the doctor’s stand as it is too risky. Professor Li also gives him the same advice. Cheng Jie is very annoyed with the old patient’s son for only asking for money and chases him away. The old man later sees Cheng Jie smoking at the staircase and scolds him. How can Cheng Jie stay in Chest Surgery for this behaviour?

When the old patient sneaks out of the hospital for food, he gets worried and furious. The hawker comments that he has such a capable son when the old man jokes that Cheng Jie is his son. But upon seeing how contented the old man is to have a delicious meal, he tells the hawker to give ‘his father’ a warm drink.

Cheng Jie discharges him and is anxious when he is late to meet him for fishing on Saturday. Jia Yan allows him to miss their date. At first, he walks away. Later he runs back to give her a light hug, telling her that she is always the most important to him. How sweet he is! Both men have an enjoyable time. Ying Jie comes to console Cheng Jie when he knows that the old patient may die anytime.

Cheng Jie confesses that he has treated the old patient like their late father. He only learns to love him after his death and regrets it. Now it is like seeing him standing there but he can do nothing. Ying Jie coaxes him to go for a drink. Jia Yan drags Jing Xian to join them. Ying Jie comments that no one is more suitable than Cheng Jie to be the doctor since he is so passionate. But Cheng Jie wonders whether he is too idealistic to care so much for all.

When he is away, Xian Ri tries to save the old patient who is sent to hospital after he quarrelled with his son. Cheng Jie rushes back and he decides to operate as he can’t bear to see him die. Xian Ri tries in vain to talk him out and does the explaining to the old man’s son. He still dies in the end and the old man’s son regrets his action. Cheng Jie later cries bitterly over the loss. Jia Yan has to console him.

Cheng Jie goes with Jia Yan and Ying Jie to attend a medical seminar. He buys a bottle of red wine, hoping to have a romantic night with her. To his dismay, Ying Jie has arranged for them to have a meal with their teacher. Ying Jie passes Cheng Jie a bouquet of flowers to appease Jia Yan's anger after the meal. He doesn’t dare to do it personally and leaves it outside the door. He tells Shi Zhen to call back the hospital to find out his patient’s condition. It is his normal practice to find out how patients are although he is away.

Jia Yan is annoyed with him and Ying Jie tells him to spend time with her in the afternoon. Both go on a romantic walk. Jia Yan knows that it is definitely Ying Jie’s idea but she is happy. Cheng Jie promises to work harder.

In the next minute, he gets angry with Xian Ri for keeping his patient’s serious condition from him. So angry that he drives back immediately with Jia Yan! He sternly tells Jia Yan to get out while he talks to him alone. Although the result will still be the same, he has the right to know as the doctor in charge. Is it because of Jia Yan? He hopes to use his own ways when with her. Jia Yan is overjoyed when knowing it.

Cheng Jie invites Professor Li to have dinner with him the next day with Jia Yan. It was his first day when he was given the chance to be in charge of an operation. A 70-year-old woman who suffers from a heart disease wants Cheng Jie to operate on her quickly. Jia Yan is amused to see someone who is so eager for an operation. Both are puzzled as her father was a soldier – she should know that the medical insurance was covered. Why wait till now to seek treatment?

Professor Li finds it questionable on whether the hospital is able to get back the payment. The administrative side has blamed his unit for spending so much money. He tells Zhi Zhen to check on her. Why does she choose a private hospital? Cheng Jie and the others find it too risky to operate on her as there will be implications arising due to her age. She is enraged and throws a cup of water at Cheng Jie. She later tells him that she wants to be alive to see her long lost son in North Korea for the last time.

Knowing his problem, Xian Ri jokes that he should cherish him as a friend. He has checked through the patient’s records and finds it okay to have the operation. He will raise it for him the next day. Cheng Jie thanks him. Both are shocked when Shi Zhen discovers that the old patient used another person’s identity and she is just a farmer. She is too ashamed and wants to leave.

Cheng Jie is in a dilemma. He still wants to save her but how can he keep it a secret? Jia Yan reminds him that the next day is the day he is born as a doctor so he just follows what he thinks is right. At this time, the old woman is in danger and Cheng Jie wants Shi Zhen to check for an empty ER. He hesitates but gives in when Professor Li approves. All doctors smile in relief.

Cheng Jie thanks Jia Yan for being with him. He is only capable of blowing up matters and doesn’t know how to solve it. She is his compass. She wants him not to look for her only when he needs her. Why not put her by his side to look at her daily? He smiles and gives her a ring. She wears it.

This doctor reminds you of Paul in Healing Hands. Overly devoted to his job and isn’t romantic with sweet words. But he has a flair in art and also music. Many will like his warm smiles as he has two deep dimples! But he is surely very fierce and stern when he is angry! Gan Yu Cheng really acts very well in here from the indecisive man in love to a doctor who is very firm in his belief in saving others.

2. Zheng Jia Yan – Li Shen Yan
Being the only female SMO in General Surgical Unit, she is skilful but she doesn’t know how to talk to the patients or their families tactfully. Cheng Jie dislikes her attitude and often quarrels with her. She starts to wonder why at times he treats the patients better than her.

She can be petty. Upon hearing that Zhi Tai saying that her department has lunatics, she is offended. She makes him run up the stairs in 5 minutes. The poor man has a hard time. She is angry when patients look down on female doctors. Regarding the woman/girl case, she feels that she has done her best in saving patients from death. What is wrong to have a proper meal? Cheng Jie is appalled that she is so unfeeling. His mind is just not focused as he worries for his patient. All do not know how to console the little girl when her mother dies. Jia Yan makes her realize that she has to fend on her own.

Jia Yan is not totally unfeeling .She sympathises with a married couple. The husband contracts AIDS and his wife is pregnant. She gives them her full encouragement. Jia Yan gets worried after the ex-lovers meet up but Cheng Jie doesn’t reply her calls. However a shock is in store for her at home – he is lying on Jing Xian’s bed! She gets so angry with them.

A male patient looks down on her and demands Dr Gao to recheck his wound after she operates on him. She starts having nightmares of having exams when she is sleeping. Cheng Jie and Xian Ri are puzzled by her dreams. Later they realize that she has given herself too much pressure in order to be at par with her male classmates.

Both guys decide to keep an eye on her. The male patient blames Jia Yan when his wound starts to rot. It is not her fault as this man drinks liquor secretly. Jia Yan tries to tolerate his behaviour but nearly slaps him. Xian Ri manages to stop her in time and Cheng Jie consoles her. Both become a couple after that.

Cheng Jie is tired after a long operation. He tells Jia Yan that he was once upset when Ying Jie seldom replied to his letter when he was in the army. Ying Jie told him to spare a thought for his army mates whose families don’t write to them so he wanted him to write less often to him. At this time, I am tongue tied to see Cheng Jie doing something that I never dream of.

He suddenly sleeps on her lap! Poor Jia Yan is so terrified to look around to see whether others are present! Cheng Jie is too sleepy – normally after a long operation, he doesn’t even feel like lifting a finger! Xian Ri walks in and sees this. But he still smiles and leaves, telling her to let Cheng Jie rest.

A patient is having stomach cancer but is getting married soon. Jia Yan finds her pitiful. Xian Ri describes her as a creature having a shell but the inner part is soft. Xiu An sees them talking intimately. She knows that Xian Ri has once liked Jia Yan but she can’t help treating her like a love rival.

Another patient is suffering from kidney failure but his younger brother refuses to donate a kidney to him. Jia Yan changes his mind and both brothers reconcile. She asks Cheng Jie whether he will donate his kidney if she is the one who is ill. Cheng Jie assures her that he will but he has to know her blood group!

Jia Yan wakes up early to have a jog with Cheng Jie. He invites her to a musical. She is late for work when she returns to sleep again. Jia Yan is reprimanded so she decides to stay to look after a patient. Cheng Jie gets worried as he knows that she hasn’t eaten. He insists on her joining him. She gives in. The patient’s condition suddenly turns critical and the nurses can’t get her. Xian Ri saves him on her behalf. Jia Yan sees the wide spread that Cheng Jie has gotten for her and remembers that she leaves the pager in her car.

She runs back and sees the message on her pager that she returns to the hospital. Cheng Jie is now alone and realizes how she feels waiting for him on other occasions. Xian Ri confesses that he is upset that she likes Cheng Jie. Professor Xu blames Jia Yan but later reflects that it happened during mealtime when reminded by Dr Gao. He later persuades her to give up the job as it might affect her love life.

Jia Yan wants to go for the concert with Cheng Jie the next day. She also decides to quit but Cheng Jie looks at her suspiciously. Later, both of their pagers beep and they find ER has paged them. Her passion for work still stays as both rush to work again.

She may seem sharp and unapproachable because she doesn’t know how to express herself. However, after being with Cheng Jie, she is a changed person and is more understanding. Li is a good actress in showing the change and the professionalism on how to shine among a group of male colleagues.

3. Piao Xian Ri – Jin Xiang Qing (as Huang Sheng Zhen in ‘Invitation’)
He is Cheng Jie’s ex-brother-in-law. He treats his job seriously as a chest surgery SMO after his drunken driving caused his wife’s death. He rushed to ER only to know that she was dead. He initially opposes to Cheng Jie operating on Professor Sun because even bypass will not prolong his life longer. After knowing his story, he is willing to pass this patient to him. He wants to woo Jia Yan, but gives up upon knowing how Cheng Jie and she love each other deeply.

He is nice to a little girl when she falls for wanting to visit her mother. He personally places her back on the bed and even coaxes her to be obedient when Jia Yan transfers her to another room. Knowing that the girl will run into financial difficulties, he requests for public help and the reporters come to take photographs of her.

Although the mother who is stabbed isn’t his patient, he tries his best to save her when Cheng Jie isn’t around. When Cheng Jie is back, he is so displeased that he scolds him for neglecting his own patients to care for others. He is actually nice to make sure that Cheng Jie’s presents are still intact when the cleaners clean Cheng Jie’s office. Upon seeing that Jia Yan is celebrating her birthday alone, he keeps her company.

But this man can be ignorant at times. Seeing that she calls Cheng Jie and gets no answer during their dinner, he keeps her handphone, trying to make her forget about her disappointment. After the drink, Jia Yan insists on going home alone and Xian Ri forgets to give her the handphone back. That is why he happens to receive Cheng Jie’s call. However, he can see how tormented Jia Yan is when Cheng Jie doesn’t show his love for her. So he takes the initiative to cheer her up whenever she is down.

Xian Ri playfully pulls Xiu An’s hair to wake her up upon seeing her sleepy. Later, he tells Cheng Jie that saving patients give him satisfaction. Xiu An follows Xian Ri for snow skiing. She envies him for being so calm although he has an operation the next day. He wishes to relax his mind. Xian Ri receives his father’s call. His father wants him to be a hospital director to have a more carefree life. He quarrels with him and hangs up the phone.

Xian Ri comes from a very rich family. His father wants to plan everything for him – even his marriage. But Xian Ri isn’t restricted by rules. He defied his father’s wish to learn medicine and also marry Cheng Jie’s sister, who comes from a common background. He dislikes doing nothing and loves the hospital very much as he finds life meaningful here.

Xiu An gives him a CD on fatherly love. This song has improved her ties with her father. Xian Ri plays basketball with Cheng Jie and tells him about his predicament. Cheng Jie understands and consoles him. After listening to it, Xian Ri realizes that his father really cares for him and even lends the CD to another patient to help her too. However, he likes the CD so much that he wants it back after she has listened to it!

Professor Li wants to transfer Xian Ri to a new hospital in Jiang Min. Xian Ri protests as he gets along so well with colleagues and the patients. Professor Li is very angry with him, thinking that he stays just for his own benefit. Xian Ri needs to take care of a patient so he tells Cheng Jie that he can’t go for beer with him. Xiu An replaces him to give him a break. But he still returns to check on his condition after Cheng Jie coaxes him to drink a small cup to relax upon seeing him so unhappy over his transfer.

Xian Ri is worried that the patient might smell him drinking liquor and thus asks Jia Yan to check for him. She gets close to him. Xiu An thinks that she kissed him when watching both from the upper level! The patient’s family thanks him and Professor Li starts to change his impression of Xian Ri.

Cheng Jie gives Xian Ri a chance to operate on a heart patient. He jokes that he will not learn much from tapes so why not he becomes his disciple? Later, Cheng Jie discovers that the patient’s condition is too serious so he decides to treat him. Xian Ri is angered and both quarrel. Later, it is proven that Cheng Jie is still the more skilful person to do the job and Xian Ri is impressed.

Xian Ri feels miserable upon seeing Cheng Jie and Jia Yan so much in love. He jokes with Xiu An to bet on who will fall in love first Xiu An is upset over it. Xian Ri teaches the firefighters on how to treat burns. Xiu An feeds him with sushi after the talk and he feels awkward about it.

A girl dying of heart disease tells Xian Ri that her birthday is approaching. Ming Hao smells a fish as he remembers that her birthday is in winter and not now! Still, Xian Ri buys her a teddy bear. When he discovers that she has given it to her idol to cheer her up, he isn’t angry but tells her gently that it is wrong to lie.

There is a 3-day-2-night medical seminar. Xian Ri wants to go with Ming Hao as both are interested in life sciences. However, when he hears that Jia Yan wishes to go with Cheng Jie, he gives up his chance and takes care of Cheng Jie’s patient on his behalf. Before they set off, the patient’s condition worsens but Xian Ri keeps it from him. Xiu An can see that he is actually distressed to see the couple together.

Later, the patient’s condition worsens but Xian Ri still tells Xiu An not to tell Cheng Jie anything as he can’t change anything even if he is back. Xiu An is worried when Ming Hao says that Xian Ri might be responsible if anything happens even though he isn’t the doctor in charge. So she tells Shi Zhen everything when he calls back. The patient survives and Xian Ri is very angry with her. Doesn’t she trust him?

She can’t take it anymore. She doesn’t understand why he makes himself so tired looking after the patient for the whole night and refuses to rest. She finally reveals her feelings. Doesn’t he know that she likes him and why must he do everything for Jia Yan? Xian Ri is taken aback. He tries to avoid her but she hugs him from behind, refusing to let him go. He rejects her and she asks if Jia Yan is the reason. He avoids answering and walks away.

Xiu An tries asking for chances to do operations with him but he declines. He simply feels neutral to her. Xian Ri is unwell as he has a flu. He wants to go to Professor Xu’s operation celebration but is advised by Professor Li to stay at home after work. The incapable Shi Zhen can’t handle a patient and calls him back. He rushes back to hospital to nurse the patient and teaches Shi Zhen the procedures. When he returns home, he sees Xiu An waiting for him. Seeing her crying, he brings her into his flat and places a hand over her shoulder. This is the ending – I scream at it – does it imply that he accepts her???

Xian Ri is a nice guy like Cheng Jie. Despite being rich, he is nice to all colleagues and patients. He always like joking with others and is very easy-going. But under the exterior, he is still nursing a broken heart. I feel so sorry for him for losing his wife and this nice guy doesn’t deserve to be unsuccessful in his love life. Xiang Qing acts well as a good-natured and approachable doctor.

4. Min Jing Xian – Han Gao En
She is the staff nurse head who is very helpful to all the doctors. She is a good translator for doctors as she speaks English well. She senses that Xiu An is forgetful when excited so she assists her to calm her down. She is a close friend of Jia Yan and both are them are housemates. Once, she is so happy when Cheng Jie wants to leave with her after work. She is disappointed upon knowing that he wants to check on Jia Yan as she hasn’t answered his call.

On the day when Cheng Jie meets his ex, she sees him alone. She has wanted to dine with him but is so disappointed to see his ex. You will pity this poor woman when she still stands by the glass panel to see what they are doing. Later, it rains and Cheng Jie is so devastated over the bad news that his ex is marrying someone else that he stands in the heavy rain. She is so shocked to see him looking so dejected.

She tries to cheer him up by bringing him to the discotheque but Cheng Jie ends up smoking alone and becoming drunk in the end. She has no choice but to bring him home. She can’t help but touche his face upon seeing how peaceful he sleeps. Jia Yan returns home at this time to see this and returns to hospital angrily. Jing Xian tries in vain to explain to her that both have done nothing at all.

One patient declares in front of the doctors that Jing Xian is a loose woman. In actual fact, she gave him a slap for trying to force her to drink with him the other night. News start to circulate that Jing Xian is having a life of indulgence. Cheng Jie is angered and tells his colleagues to stop gossiping about her. Even Professor Li gets the wrong impression. Although Jing Xian’s hair is light brown due to the chlorine water because she often swims, he tells her to dye it black and even comments that her make-up is too thick. All her other colleagues isolate her and don’t sit with her during meals.

The patient tries to take liberties with her again. Ying Jie is annoyed and threatens to discharge the patient due to poor conduct. He later confronts Jing Xian, telling her to change her lifestyle. Jing Xian bursts into tears. She has been a nurse for 10 years and often suffers under the different doctors. So she tries to relax by going dancing or occasional drinking with them. Is this wrong – then why do doctors do it too?

Ying Jie is speechless upon knowing her better and sees her in tears with a student patient later. She can take it no more when she can’t find his blood vessel. He then helps her out as he feels remorseful. However, she is still mad at him and often gives him the cold shoulder. Jing Xian sees that Ming Hao’s elder brother looks truly happy after going through a lot of setbacks in life. Ying Jie hears her and asks her to comment on his own expression too! She only smiles at him, showing that she has forgiven him.

At first, I thought she was Jin Gui Li (the actress who was paired with Song Seung Hun in ‘Popcorn’). She is quite expressive although she may look haggard in some scenes when her hair isn’t properly combed. Many will be impressed by her fluent English.

5. Zhao Xiu An – Jin Min Shan
This is a houseman who is bespectacled and childish who is in Chest Surgery. She behaves like a fanatic upon seeing her favourite baseball player – even to ask for his autograph in the ER! Cheng Jie has to remind her that she is at work. She can be overconfident to pass her own judgments to declare the cause of the little girl’s illness. Xian Ri and Jia Yan disapprove of her act. Xian Ri only tells her off gently while Jia Yan is harsher to say that giving the wrong diagnosis without checking brings disgrace to herself!

She works very hard to prove herself but she still makes a lot of mistakes. So she wonders whether she can be a good doctor like Jia Yan. Once, she gives the patient the wrong drug and nearly causes him to go into a coma. Cheng Jie discovers in time and reprimands her.

Xian Ri tells her not to be discouraged as it is all right for interns to make mistakes. Xiu An still wishes to improve herself and reads medical books throughout the night. Ying Jie advises her not to work too hard. He knows that she is physically weak and reminds her to take care. Xiu An starts to fall for Xian Ri after knowing his sentimental side.

Xiu An is upset upon knowing that Xian Ri is leaving the hospital. You will be amused that she is supposed to film the progress of Xian Ri’s operation in the theatre but she ends up filming his face most of the time. She has a drink with Ying Jie and both confess to loving someone in secret. They then meet Professor Li on the street and she requests that he keep Xian Ri. The old man finally agrees and she is overjoyed.

Xiu An wears contact lenses when Xian Ri says she looks prettier without glasses. Zhi Tai comments that she looks scarier with her big eyes. Later, her lenses makes her feel uncomfortable in the operation room. Xian Ri gets so furious with her that he chases her out from there. She becomes so upset that she wears her glasses again and listens to all conversations that she has taped with him.

Xiu An’s father arranges her to go for matchmaking. All tell her to try her best, including Xian Ri! Xiu An has menstrual cramps when assisting the doctors. Jia Yan forces her to rest. She is angry that Cheng Jie and Xian Ri can still be cheerful after the 4 hour surgery. Can’t they take care of the only female in Chest Surgery? Both guys are confused as she hasn’t told them what they have done wrong.

Despite being unwell, Xiu An still goes to treat a patient in ER but gets a scolding from the patient’s kin. Jia Yan forces her to go out. She still sleeps near the patient’s bed as she is concerned. She reminds her of her late mother. Professor Li decides to give her a day off for her matchmaking session. Many are stunned by her pretty look and tell her to enjoy herself. Later, she returns to hospital upon knowing that the patient is in danger and is relieved that Xian Ri saves her.

Xiu An measures her fat index and the answer is nil. Mei Ni envies her. Xian Ri passes by and comments that he likes chubby women. Zhi Tai is later alarmed to see her eating ice cream non-stop! He tells her not to ruin her figure. Xian Ri jokes that she gets prettier because she has a lover. She declares her love for him to get rejected. Shi Zhen scolds her for not bandaging the patient’s wound properly when she becomes distracted at work. Xian Ri then asks if work is too hard on her. He apologises for not letting her know earlier and hopes to return to the past. She finds it hard to face him. Why doesn’t he try to like her?

When he gives another negative answer, she leaves for 3 days mysteriously on a trip and apologises on her return. All her colleagues only chide her in a soft tone. Xiu An even tricks Zhi Tai that Mei Ni is angry to make fun of him. But she is only putting a forced front. Xi Jiu mentions that a wound is cut on the surface but love stabs the heart. A suicide patient behaves exactly like her too.

Jia Yan wants Xiu An to give Xian Ri more time as he suffers a terrible setback in his love life. She begs a second chance from Xian Ri. She has thought that the trip could change her but she can’t. Xian Ri warns her that he will not change his mind. Xian Ri requests Qiang Tan to take care of her as he is more suitable. He agrees but requests Xian Ri not to upset her again.

Min Shan seems to be very inexperienced in acting. At first, I couldn’t tolerate her – she exaggerates and behaves like a nuisance. Later, she improves slightly but I still don’t like her. Maybe because she thinks so highly of herself that Xian Ri will buy gifts for her and ignores Qiang Tan totally. Please give the first man a break – he has suffered enough and simply can’t accept her. While the other loves her so much but she breaks his heart repeatedly!

6. Jiang Zhi Tai – Piao Guang Xian
This simple minded man works in General Surgery. Seeing that Zhi Tai is so gullible, Ying Jie loves to make fun of him. The real SMO, Xi Jiu comes back from trekking and Ying Jie’s lie to him of being the SMO is uncovered. Zhi Tai feels so cheated that he cries in front of Xi Jiu and the man has to pacify him.

One scene is so comical when Zhi Tai has his sweet revenge. A pregnant lady has injured her ankle and Ying Jie nurses the wound. The woman screams when Zhi Tai takes over so he scolds him for not being gentle enough. But the fault doesn’t lie with Zhi Tai – the woman is in labour! She feels so painful and starts to pull Ying Jie’s hair! It is so hilarious. Zhi Tai tells the woman to try harder – not just in pushing the baby out but also in using more strength to pull Ying Jie’s hair!

He has one weakness – he is scared of blood after seeing it for too long. He wonders why the rest still look steady after hours. Ying Jie replies that they are not vampires – of course they are afraid of it but they still have to overcome it. Xi Jiu is alarmed in knowing that Zhi Tai doesn’t know much about the patient because he has not expected to be included in the chief’s team. Xi Jiu himself reads the particulars till daytime and tells him to do the same.

Zhi Tai only feels sleepy after a patient’s death. Others are alarmed to see him so unfeeling. Xiu An is angry with him but Mei Ni understands that he is just too tired and she will get food for him. Jing Xian is unaware that he is not upset at all and tells him about her first experience to cry over a dead patient.

He is at first interested in Jing Xian but later finds Mei Ni more suitable for him. Ying Jie and Xi Jiu are approached for artificial semination. They push Zhi Tai to do the job. Can you believe that he falls sleep again after watching a tape in the room? After 2 unsuccessful tries, Mei Ni gives him a photograph of her in the swimming costume which was taken in their previous date. He is successful this time and thanks her. Both go steady and go through all odds before Dr Gao gives his approval.

Guang Xian is cute – he is a born comedian. I find him not losing out to Cha Tai Hyun in funny scenes. He will be won over by his 'blurness' and stupidity. One highlight will be how he tries to hide from Dr Gao the fact that he is dating Mei Ni. The couple creates many hilarious scenes and you will definitely laugh when you watch them.

7. Gao Mei Ni – Jin Xiao Zhen
She is a nurse who initially looks down on doctors. She expects treats from the male doctors. She has a doting father but she doesn’t appreciate his efforts. He is strict to want her to be back by 10pm nightly. So she bargains to extend it to 11pm. She thinks that she will have fun with Jing Xian – who is reputed to be a night-lover. However, she is so disappointed that she is brought to the gym for a workout instead!

She has always disliked Zhi Tai. One day, she wakes a sleepy him in the middle of the night to tend to a patient. Upon seeing his sleepy expression and hearing his husky voice, she starts to fall for him!!

Mei Ni fails the nurse test the second time as she is too nervous. Jing Xian isn’t satisfied with her scoring 90 over in another test. Nurses should get 100 to pass as they can’t afford to make mistakes. One teacher patient is an attention seeker. Mei Ni tells her to wait to confirm her medicine contents as Zhi Tai is treating another patient. Zhi Tai tells her to call Ying Jie for help when he can’t deal with her.

The teacher patient wants an experienced nurse to look after her. Mei Ni is unhappy. Although she only works for 1 year, she is also learning. Don’t tell her that a person can teach well in the first place! Mei Ni cries and Zhi Tai consoles her. There is an emergency case and Cheng Jie rushes in time to save him. He praises Mei Ni for alerting him. When they walk out, they see Zhi Tai dozing at the nurse station.

Zhi Tai begs Mei Ni not to disturb him again. She has disrupted his sleep for a few nights. But she still has to call him for assistance later. He is mad and scolds her. The teacher patient threatens to discharge herself upon knowing that she has to go for an operation. Jia Yan tells her to trust all doctors while Cheng Jie praises Mei Ni for handling the case professionally.

Poor Mei Ni – she gets scolded that night and cries 3 times. She wonders why she works in vain. Zhi Tai later finds her coughing and having a fever. He chides her for not telling and carries her on his back for treatment.

The teacher patient visits her with flowers. She decides to have the operation and apologises for her behaviour. Both hold hands to promise to shine on their jobs. Mei Ni is so bored and walks out to see how the hospital functions without her. Xiu An jokes that she also wants to lie in bed. Zhi Tai thanks her for waking him up early in the morning to do his rounds.

Zhi Tai apologises to a patient for not finding her blood vessel to insert the needle. Mei Ni covers up his mistake, saying that she has given the wrong needle which is too thick. He later jokes that if he opens a hospital, he will hire her as the head nurse. She is overjoyed.

Mei Ni gets food for Zhi Tai during his shift. He asks her out. However, he is so frightened that he might bump into places that other colleagues go for holiday too that he keeps changing his plans. Mei Ni is fed up with him and he finally decides to ask her to go to a remote swimming pool which is just opened. To their dismay, they are discovered by Xi Jiu! This scene is hilarious when both try to hold their breath under water and Xi Jiu times them to see how long they need to breathe fresh air to show him their faces!

Zhi Tai and Mei Ni decide to be at loggerheads at work so that Dr Gao will not discover their romance. In the end, they really quarrel as they pick on each other’s faults. However, they make up when he hugs her. Mei Ni has not wanted him to run so many times to the nurse station but he says that he wants to see her more often. Very romantic! Later she chides him for being so timid to reveal their relationship. In a fit of anger, he uses a permanent marker to write on a white board in the storeroom to declare his love for her!

He only regrets his act when he can’t clear the words without the thinner. Knowing that Xiu An is going there to obtain medicine, he lies that there are ghosts. She still sees the words and uses a red marker to go over the words to scare him back!

Zhi Tai lies to Xi Jiu that his mother is visiting him for time off. He complains but the usually heartless Xi Jiu chides him for being inconsiderate to let his mother wait outside for long. His mother must have taken a long time to come to see him. He approves his time off but is enraged to see him with Mei Ni. Mei Ni tries hard to get Dr Gao’s approval by arranging them to celebrate Mrs Gao’s birthday and finally succeeds in the end.

Xiao Zhen is quite okay in her acting. At first, Mei Ni is made so detestable for looking down on doctors. But after working long, she grows to like her job and understand the doctors’ difficulties.

8. Jin Ying Jie – Piao Zhe (as Jin Xian Da in ‘All About Eve)
He is Cheng Jie’s elder brother and works in the same hospital but in different units as their interests are different. However, he isn’t hostile to Xian Ri for causing their sister’s death as he feels that he has suffered enough. He isn’t as successful as Cheng Jie to be the SMO as he only works as a MO in General Surgery for 3 years here. He enjoys making fun of interns.

He boasts that he is the SMO to deceive Zhi Tai. Do laugh at the scene when he wants Zhi Tai to take a test to see his heartbeat rate! The poor man removes his shirt and has to run continuously on a machine to please him. He is a soft-hearted man. One baseball player patient begs him to give him a last chance to play a game. He allows it despite Jia Yan’s protests but still makes sure that a doctor follows him to the stadium.

Ying Jie stops Jia Yan from telling a student patient’s parents that their son is badly beaten up in school. He can see that the problem is difficult to solve. At night, he sees the teenager having nightmares from the ordeal. He wipes off his sweat from his forehead and tells him in a calm voice not to feel frightened.

Ying Jie is a righteous person. Upon realizing that he has wronged Jing Xian, he tries his best to help her. His colleagues ask him to join them for lunch but he sits with Jing Xian instead. He even talks to Jia Yan on her behalf – Jia Yan has influenced others to isolate from Jing Xian over Cheng Jie. He reminds her of her past of doing the same during her university days. Jia Yan forgives Jing Xian after that.

Ying Jie sees that the student patient is in low spirits and tells him about his past. He has killed someone about his age – when the operation failed. He has not wished to pick up the surgical knife again. Luckily his teacher (who works in the same hospital now) helps him so he wants to help others. The patient wishes to be his friend but finds this age gap too wide – Ying Jie is twice his age at 36 years old. Ying Jie assures him that it is not a problem since he will call him ‘big brother’. The youngster insists on calling his name but his wound hurts. Ying Jie laughs, saying that this must be his retribution.

Ying Jie brings him out for a celebration of their new built friendship. The school bully later seeks revenge on the youngster and beats him badly again. Ying Jie is worried and gets Jia Yan to operate on him. He doesn’t wish to see a young life end again. Ying Jie is troubled when Xi Jiu gives him the cold shoulder.

Professor Xu chooses him to hold the scalpel for an operation instead of Xi Jiu. Ying Jie has wanted him to transfer the chance to Xi Jiu. But Professor Xu says that Xi Jiu must be mad to get jealous over such a thing.

Ying Jie goes jogging in the snow. He meets Jing Xian. Jing Xian says that he hurts her every time she meets him. She rejects his invitation to go for coffee. Ying Jie jokes that even if she agrees to it, she still has to pay for it as he doesn’t have money with him. Upon seeing that she is nice to Cheng Jie upon returning to the hospital, he gets jealous and vents his anger on Zhi Tai for waking up late.

Ying Jie is patient with the interns. He tells Zhi Tai and Mei Ni to work harder since they don’t know simple procedures. He asks Jia Yan why she likes Cheng Jie as he is curious. Jia Yan guesses that he likes Jing Xian. They are compatible so why he is scared of her? Is he jealous? Ying Jie becomes hot tempered and decides to quit smoking. Even Xi Jiu guesses his feelings correctly and teases him.

Ying Jie has trouble explaining the procedures to an American patient in English and he goes to Jing Xian for help. He holds her hand but she brushes it off although she agrees to be the translator. It still puzzles me on how a nurse can speak better English than the doctors! Ying Jie drags her to a corner to ask her whether she detests him. His first romance ends in disaster so he doesn’t get touched easily. She doesn’t think that he is taking her seriously but avoids answering that it is because of Cheng Jie.

Ying Jie buys a new handphone and gives Jing Xian the number. She throws the paper away. Zhi Tai is displeased with him to be his love rival. So he copies the numbers down and pastes on advertisements. In the end, others call him except Jing Xian and he gets so frustrated!

A female patient is attracted to Ying Jie. This is not the first time. He treats them all the same regardless of sex. Dr Gao reminds him that the patient looks at Ying Jie the same way his wife looks at him. Ying Jie jokes with him that Mrs Gao also looks at him the same way, making Dr Gao annoyed that he doesn’t take his reminder seriously. Soon, Ying Jie knows that trouble is appearing at his door.

This woman asks him whether it affects her looks when she is under anesthetic. Ying Jie says no while Jing Xian asks him whether he has the habit of looking at patients. He replies he only answers not to hurt their emotions. Later he gets a fruit basket from the woman and she tells every single patient to brag about his medical skills. Later he starts feeling frightened that she gets hold of his handphone number. She starts calling him when he doesn’t visit her. She insists that he comes to her several times at night. Ying Jie is angered as this interrupts his sleep. He is relieved when she is discharged in the end.

Jing Xian finds there is nothing wrong with Mei Ni liking Zhi Tai as it is common for doctors to like nurses. Ying Jie overhears her and says that he will remember it. A reporter follows the General surgery unit for 1 week to find out more about their work. She wishes to keep her laptop at their hostel but Ying Jie tells her to keep it at the nurse station because of the thefts. He finds her familiar looking but she denies seeing him before. Xi Jiu sneers at him for using such an old fashioned method to get close to her. Cheng Jie comes to gives him the clothes he gets from home.

He gets to know the reporter and is puzzled why she chooses to follow Ying Jie around instead of other doctors. She tests Ying Jie’s memory and is amazed that he remembers the patients’ details. He has noted down their problems after getting close to them. Two female patients even thank him before they are discharged. The reporter watches with a strange expression.

Shi Zhen hopes to get interviewed. He tells her to be careful of weird people in General Surgery. Ying Jie is annoyed with him. Knowing that Xi Jiu is unable to persuade the x-ray department to do an urgent x-ray because of his poor attitude, he manages to talk to the SMO to delay his operation for 2 hours. The reporter notes it down. Ying Jie has lunch with her and Xi Jiu. On their way back, they manage to save a youth from a car accident. Professor Xu and Xi Jiu see that the reporter is overly concerned. Xi Jiu feels sorry to know that her brother died in this hospital too. Ying Jie gives her a handkerchief to wipe her tears.

Ying Jie has asked Qiang Tan to pass the patients’ particulars to Ming Hao. Shi Zhen snatches it away and says that he will do it. But Ming Hao doesn’t get it and Shi Zhen starts to say that Ming Hao is shifting his responsibility as SMO. If he can’t handle it, he should approach Ying Jie himself. Ming Hao suppresses his anger but Ying Jie reprimands him frankly for being detestable.

The reporter then asks Shi Zhen why Ying Jie is so cheerful although he is an MO only for 3 years and is so much older than the rest. Shi Zhen thinks Ying Jie isn’t qualified to be a doctor. He caused a person’s death because he fell out of love on the same day. Ying Jie takes leave to pay respects to this late patient. He is shocked that the reporter is the deceased’s sister. Till now, she still hates him for creating the mistake.

Ying Jie is silent throughout and cries after she leaves. Zhi Tai and Qiang Tan are curious to know what the reporter has written so they read her articles in the laptop. They laugh when she mentions that Xi Jiu looks like he is in his 40s because of stress. But upon reading the article that she is going to disclose to the press about Ying Jie’s blunder, they quickly print out the article to let Cheng Jie read about it.

Cheng Jie approaches the reporter. He finds her too emotional. The operation was not entirely Ying Jie’s fault. Why must she hit on Ying Jie after he tries so hard to stand up again? As his younger brother and also colleague, Cheng Jie can see that it is difficult for Ying Jie to pick up the broken pieces again. Ying Jie made a mistake by looking at the reverse of the x-ray. It was hard to save her brother anyway as one lung was damaged. But Ying Jie is definitely not the kind who is easily swayed by emotions. It was really an emergency. Ying Jie was so badly affected by the rumours and that he wanted to give up.

Ying Jie later tells the reporter that she can publish it if she wants to but now his main concern is just to take care of patients. After recollecting the days with him, she thinks that both doctors are right and deletes the file. All are relieved to see Ying Jie back again.

If you like Piao Zhe is ‘All About Eve’, you will also like him here. This actor is excellent and he is willing to give up his clean shaven looks in some scenes to show how busy doctors are. He is not only thinner in physique but is also full of warmth too. He is jovial, cheeky and is such a nice older brother to all. Who will expect him to have such a sad past? Upon seeing how hopeless Cheng Jie is, he teaches him how to woo Jia Yan. That is why the couple respects him and is very close to him.

9. Jiang Xi Jiu– the actor as Pei Ren Xiu in ‘All About Eve’
He is one of General Surgical Unit’s SMO. This fellow also likes to make fun of the interns like Cheng Jie. You will laugh at the ridiculous tasks that he often asks Zhi Tai to do. However, it is strange that he is very wary and fearful of Jia Yan and Cheng Jie. He is also afraid of Ying Jie when he is angry. He gets very annoyed whenever Ying Jie wakes him up and orders him to brush his teeth. This poor man wonders who is the actual SMO – him or Ying Jie???

He provides laughs but he is also a serious doctor at work. Xi Jiu is unhappy that Professor Xu gets Ying Jie to hold an important operation. He himself has no chance to do it. Although Zhi Tai says that he asked for it, the other doctors find him pitiful. He is so sore over it that he avoids talking to Ying Jie. He even tries asking Dr Gao to train him but he refuses. Both men end up quarrelling in the operation theatre.

Later, Xi Jiu straightens his thoughts and patches up with Ying Jie again. A funny occasion is when he goes for a match-making session. The interns happen to visit the same restaurant and they squeeze him dry for a treat. He has no choice to show how generous he is!

Ying Jie wonders why Xi Jiu detests their junior, Shi Zhen and is yet afraid of him. He later finds out that he was boxed by him in the toilet during their school days. He later reveals this secret to Zhi Tai and he hates him for it! Jia Yan reads Cheng Jie’s thesis that is translated to English and comments that he has done a great job. She remarks that Xi Jiu’s grammar is terrible!

All staff love talking to Ming Hao’s niece. She says that Mei Ni is the prettiest woman and she is flattered. Zhi Tai and Ying Jie ask her who she thinks is the most handsome. To their dismay, she chooses Xi Jiu! All feel gross by her choice and simply ignore him when he walks near them!

A boy who is badly beaten is sent to hospital. All are amused when they realise he behaves exactly the same as Xi Jiu in gestures. The boy steals Xi Jiu’s handphone to call his mother. Xi Jiu finds out that he has been badly beaten by his father and is enraged to see the man hitting the boy with his belt right in the hospital.

So he hits the father and both are sent to the police station. Ying Jie is worried and follows suit. Xi Jiu is taken aback when the boy still protects his father. Professor Xu can’t tolerate his behaviour and tells the rest to ignore him. They feel sorry for him and tell him to call the boy’s mother for help. Xi Jiu manages to persuade the boy to bring his father to justice and is touched when the boy is reunited with his mother.

10. Gao Da Shi – the actor as Shen Qi Zhong in ‘All About Eve’
He is a very experienced doctor. He is very firm with his only daughter. Knowing that she is very rebellious, he doesn’t want her to go astray and imposes very strict rules on her. He has a shock when Mei Ni tells him that she likes Zhi Tai. Finding it unbelievable, he talks to Zhi Tai after his shift. He finds the guy so ordinary and questions her taste!

Dr Gao has an American patient but finds it difficult to explain to her that the lump in her breast is malignant in English. He expects Zhi Tai to do a good job in the translation. But it shocks the old man that he has to write every single word in his notebook to think of the phrase to translate! That means his English isn’t as good as he claims to be.

It is Mrs Gao’s birthday but Dr Gao is dragged by his junior to drink with him. He is persuaded to join the new-built hospital to be the director. He ponders over it. After a few cups, he becomes drunk. Mrs Gao is angry when he keeps her, Mei Ni and Zhi Tai waiting. Mei Ni brings Zhi Tai to celebrate the occasion with her mother. Mei Ni calls Dr Gao and he rushes there with flowers. He gets Zhi Tai to get to the bar where he leaves the present. That doesn’t appease Mrs Gao’s anger and she leaves without it. He has done two things which she detests. One is to drink while another is complaining of not becoming a doctor.

Zhi Tai has a talk with him. Dr Gao reveals that he doesn’t wish Mei Ni to marry a doctor because he himself spends very little time with his wife. He was in the operation theatre even when Mei Ni was born. Mei Ni doesn’t think that Mrs Gao complains about it. In fact, she is very proud of him. Dr Gao gets drunk and quarrels with the shop owner. Both end up in the police station and Mrs Gao bails him out.

She forbids him to return him and tells him to read all the love letters which he sent to her when they were dating. Zhi Tai reads them to him and he is touched upon knowing that Dr Gao is so dedicated to his job. The next day, Dr Gao feels uncomfortable as he doesn’t get to eat the food that his wife usually prepares for him after hangovers. Later, he is shocked that Mrs Gao comes to visit him as a patient. She jokes that she is here to meet him under this identity since he is so busy at work.

Dr Gao gets worried when she mentions that she has abdominal pains whenever she is angry with him. He gets so anxious that he accompanies her to have an X–ray. He finds that she has stomach ulcer. He feels remorseful for causing the pain but she feels honoured to be treated by her own husband. Actually, she is no longer angry with him and brings his favourite food along to see him. Dr Gao rushes back to office to get her the present. It is a red handbag that she has wished to buy all along.

11. Li Ming Hao (the doctor treating Xian Cheng in 'I love Patzzi)
He is such a sweet SMO in Chest Surgery that all wish to know. He is bespectacled, gentle and very caring. Sometimes, I find him to soft-hearted to tell patients about them having incurable disease. He blames Cheng Jie for causing their colleague’s death. He is the first to break into tears upon knowing his death in the operation room before Cheng Jie. Later, his mother is ill and hospitalized. He is worried but still tries to calm her by putting her trust in Jia Yan.

He is a caring senior. Upon hearing insults hurled by a patient’s kin at Xiu An, he quickly comes to her aid. He checks that her procedures are correct and explains calmly to the man. Whenever he sees Xi Jiu hitting Zhi Tai on the head, he will chide Xi Jiu not to ill-treat him.

Ming Hao requests Shi Zhen to look after a patient on his behalf as he is rushing to do another urgent operation. Shi Zhen refuses and he becomes very furious with him. He can’t take it from him anymore. He drags Shi Zhen to the staircase and demands for the respect that he deserves. Ming Hao is 2 years in seniority and has the right to give him orders. Shi Zhen talks back at him but yet when Professor Li comes, Shi Zhen softens to greet him before leaving.

Ming Hao controls his urge to tell him about Shi Zhen’s attitude when he sings Shi Zhen’s praises. However when he leaves, the mild tempered man uses his fist to hit the wall to vent his anger! Later at night, his patient’s condition worsens. Shi Zhen operates on him and lies to Mei Ni that he will inform Ming Hao about it. But after the operation, he returns to the resting room and doesn’t tell him when he is sleeping. Poor Ming Hao has to take the blame when Shi Zhen lies that he has told Ming Hao but he has forgotten about it.

The angery Ming Hao goes to the staircase again to calm himself down. Ying Jie and Xi Jiu feel that it is very unfair to him. They start to feel the pressure of being threatened by the jerk. Xi Jiu even blames Ming Hao for suffering silently. A&E needs more people and Ming Hao requests Xiu An to stay there instead of continuing in chest surgery. She requests for the change and he agrees to consider, trying his best to help.

A child having a heart disease is going to have the operation in the hospital under government financial aid. Ming Hao is shocked that the patient is his niece and he gets to see his elder brother. Ming Hao’s father was also a doctor. He has pinned all his hopes on both sons. However, his elder brother stopped his medical studies after his first year. He even left home to pursue his love for music. After he left home, Ming Hao’s father became a drunkard and was killed in a car accident. Ming Hao last saw his elder brother at the funeral and had not contacted him.

Xi Jiu wonders why Ming Hao keeps it from him although they have both known each other for 7 years. Others guess that there are problems between them. His niece is undernourished and suffering from pneumonia so they can’t operate on her immediately. Professor Li can see that Ming Hao is worried over his niece’s condition although he says nothing. He assures him that she is okay.

All doctors encourage Ming Hao’s brother to play the guitar to cheer the patients. Ming Hao is furious with his brother. How can he fail his duties as a father, a singer and also in life??? He feels so humiliated when Shen Zhen pays the groceries when he doesn’t have enough money. Ming Hao confides to Xian Ri his past. The doctor’s occupation suits his own personality but he is unable to make his father happy because he misses his brother too much. That is why he can’t bring himself to forgive his elder brother. His brother sees that his daughter gets along with all staff but is afraid of Ming Hao. He tells her to know him better.

Ming Hao’s brother collapses after giving a concert to raise funds to help children with heart problems. Ming Hao is worried when he learns from Jia Yan that he has vomited blood. He stays with his niece and assures that her father is okay. Then he sees the photo that both brothers have taken with their father and he is in tears. Upon knowing that his brother has stomach cancer, he can’t bring himself to tell him the news. So he requests Xian Ri to break the news to him.

Ming Hao’s brother sees Ming Hao in the white robe and this reminds him of their father. He only becomes mature after becoming a father himself. He talks about their childhood days. Ming Hao saw his elder brother performing on stage during high school and he requested Ming Hao to keep it from their father. If he tells the truth, he could have given up music then. He regrets his decision and breaks his guitar.

Ming Hao hugs him. He has forgiven him long ago and even gets him a new guitar and places the photograph in it. Ming Hao was unable to tell their father about the performance incident because he could sense a delightful flow in him then. Now he could tell his mother proudly that he is bringing his brother and niece home after the successful operations on the both.

When Xiu An leaves for a few days without applying for leave and comes back, Shi Zhen scolds her but Ming Hao thinks that it is natural. Many interns do escape for a few days as they can’t take the pressure. When Shi Zhen wants to make her pay for it, she still smiles and welcomes the challenge. Ming Hao smiles and says that she is normal again, unlike her moody self a few days ago. He doesn’t know that she is upset for being rejected by Xian Ri but senses the change in her.

On the way to Professor Xu’s operation celebration, he sees Cheng Jie waiting for Jia Yan on the corridor and teases him. He later coaxes them with the other staff to sing a duet at the karaoke lounge. We can to see the lively side of him here.

Ming Hao is really a very nice guy to all. But I don’t like the way that he gives in to Shi Zhen to cover his mistakes. He should let the two professors know the sufferings that all have gone through. He has been forced to take the rap and sacrifice so many chances because of this jerk!

12. Jiang Shi Zhen
He is a new MO who just joined the hospital. He is very unpopular with all because he comes from a very rich family. He is not only selfish but also very nasty. I dislike him to do all things behind Ming Hao’s back and framing him if anything happens in the end. He was from the same medical school with Ying Jie, Ming Hao and Xi Jiu. But he went America to pursue his Masters. The three are his seniors but he doesn’t treat them with due respect! He is the bitter enemy of ALL young doctors too.

Seeing that Jing Xian hasn’t taken lunch, Ying Jie coaxes her to eat. She tells him to leave her alone. Shi Zhen remarks that he still can’t coax women after all these years and he can’t be bothered to teach him!

A patient can’t pay the bills and Cheng Jie requests approval from the admin. Shi Zhen overhears it and persuades to have the waiving successfully. Dr Gao is angry with Shi Zhen for rejecting to accept a patient from them. He scolds Xi Jiu for being frightened of a junior. Upon knowing about the bill case, he starts to think better of him and Xi Jiu nearly goes mad!

Cheng Jie is furious when a patient under the charge of Xiu An and Shi Zhen is given the wrong dosage. He scolds Shi Zhen as he knows that Xiu An is always responsible. He tells him off by trying to shift the blame on Xiu An. Shi Zhen then vents his anger on Xiu An, calling her incompetent. She cries and all console her.

All are happy for Xiu An to have her day off except Shi Zhen. He is angry that he has to cover her duties. He lends Jing Xian a pen to dot down details. He refuses to get it back as this is a present for her as he may have to trouble her later on. If she feels bad, she can go for a meal with him. Ying Jie is jealous and confronts him, warning him not to touch her. He is already disgusted with him for talking intimately with another female doctor earlier on. He knows that he is a flirt. If he hurts her, he will make him regret joining this hospital! Shi Zhen says no one dares to confront him except him but Ying Jie is forever not his match.

Shi Zhen is angry with Xiu An for making demands to remain in Chest Surgery and scolds her. There is a shortage in A & E so why must she be transferred out. She can’t be a chest specialist because she is a woman. She cries when Xian Ri also tells her to follow the rules. She vows to stay even if Shi Zhen is there.

Shi Zhen attends a seminar with Jia Yan, Cheng Jie and Ying Jie. The three are displeased with him forcing Ming Hao to give up his chance. Shi Zhen wants to have a meal with some business associates in selling medical products. He tells Cheng Jie to join them as they want to meet him. Cheng Jie declines as he has another appointment. Shi Zhen says that there is no harm to his reputation even if he goes.

I really laugh at this part. Cheng Jie snaps that Shi Zhen is here because he wants to be better than him and Xian Ri. He doesn’t see this meal has anything to do with the seminar. Shi Zhen is embarrassed after being reprimanded and walks away. Jia Yan is very amused – Shi Zhen looks confident but whenever something bad happens right to him in front of Cheng Jie, he will retreat like a tortoise into the shell. If she has time, she will try to analyse him more. Cheng Jie replies that he doesn’t know how to judge people.

After knowing Cheng Jie’s patient’s condition, he and Ying Jie can’t get him because he goes out with Jia Yan. When both are back, he says that they shouldn’t have gone away. The three are fed up with him – must they report to him wherever they go?

During his primary school days, Shi Zhen nearly caused a female classmate to go insane by locking her up in a room. He has all along forgotten about it until another classmate comes to see him. She swallowed rubber pieces just to get admitted. Both have a shock when they receive parcels of dolls with broken heads. The classmate tells him that the other classmates who made fun of the girl were killed after the girl threw herself off a building. They are the only people left.

Shi Zhen calls up the old school and finds out that actually the girl was actually killed in a car accident. The other classmates are still alive. This patient is suffering from mental disorder and has illusions of seeing the girl jumping to her death. She sent the parcels to them. He still returns to the school with her and kneels to beg for the girl’s forgiveness in tears. In her mind, she seems to see him hugging the girl and she faints. Shi Zhen quietly carries her back to the hospital for treatment.

Shi Zhen has appendicitis but he thinks that he has gastric pains. He only gets medicine on his own and continues his work. He faints in the operating theatre. Dr Gao is supposed to operate on him but he wants to spend his wife’s birthday with her. So the scalpels fall into Ying Jie and Xi Jiu’s hands. You will laugh non-stop upon seeing how happy both guys are to seek their revenge!

After the operation, Xi Jiu tells Shi Zhen to refrain from food for 13 days. He chides him for taking medicine on his own and not consulting him. He is so happy that Shi Zhen is his patient. So is Ying Jie although he says that Xi Jiu is nasty to Shi Zhen! When Ying Jie visits him, Shi Zhen chides him for being so rough with him. So is the nurse in injecting the needle – the nurse even comments that he must have wasted his money on a trip that he can’t go. Ying Jie playfully tells him to listen to the doctor. He says that Shi Zhen deserves such treatment since he is famous for his bad attitude to patients.

Xiu An and Ming Hao happen to see Shi Zhen on the corridor. They ask over his wellbeing but he isn’t happy because none of the colleagues have visited him for the last 4 days. They reply that they are busy. Ming Hao even handles 2 major operations in one day. Later, he hits him hard on the wound and Shi Zhen screams aloud – doesn’t he know that he is a patient now and it is painful? Xiu An tries hard not to laugh as Ming Hao quotes Shi Zhen’s words that he always tells his patients at this time –‘it is just a small operation – how can it be painful?’ This really shows how unpopular he is with all!

I have the feeling that Healing Hands 2 producer Chek Kei Yee might have borrowed ideas from this serial. You will find Shi Zhen strikingly similar to M.C. in character – except that he is nastier! And this actor really shines although he only appears for about 10 episodes because he is simply so good to make all hate him so much with his snobbish behaviour! Thumbs up for his excellent acting!

13. Lu Qiang Tan
He is bespectacled and very plain looking. He is the MO there for only 1 year. But he is very nice to Zhi Tai, showing him the ropes to prevent being scolded by Xi Jiu. On one occasion, Xi Jiu gives him so many duties that he can’t cope with it. With lack of sleep and doesn’t even have time to shave himself, he leaves in a huff after quarrelling with Xi Jiu. He writes a resignation letter impulsively and storms out of the hospital. The other doctors are calm, knowing that he complains but will still come back. It is common with the new doctors as they need time to adapt. Sure enough after a few days with nothing to do outside and with a good rest, he returns, looking refreshed.

He likes Xiu An but keeps silent upon knowing that she likes Xian Ri. He is always there to console her when she is down. He buys a necklace for her but she thinks that it is from Xian Ri so she wears it. Xian Ri tells her to accept Qiang Tan but she refuses. When he mentions that Qiang Tan understands her well by buying the necklace and the hairband that suit her, Xiu An gets very angry. She returns all the things to him.

He is very upset. He is watching her secretly just like the way she watches Xian Ri. Doesn’t she understand his feelings and still say harsh things to him. She walks away to get scolded by Zhi Tai later. Qiang Tan is already ill and should be resting in bed. Upon knowing that Xiu An is looking for him, he gets up despite Zhi Tai’s protests. Zhi Tai knows his feelings towards Xiu An all along and has thought that he will be better after seeing her. To his dismay, he looks worse than before when he is back. He demands to know what wicked words she has told him to upset him so much? She is silent.

Professor Xu sees that he is very unwell and decides to give him a week’s leave. Some envy him while some say that it isn’t that worth the time to enjoy himself as he is sick. However missing Xiu An, he comes back in a day. All are amused. Professor Xu jokes that he can’t complain anymore since he gives up his choice. This is the first time that he sees someone shorten his leave. Dr Gao then adds that he has seen one who delays in coming back. You will laugh when all look at Xi Jiu!

Dr Gao then requests Professor Xu to give the chance to Zhi Tai. All start to joke that they have see mothers-in-laws treating their sons-in-laws well. They never expect father-in-laws to do the same! Qiang Tan doesn’t mind it as Xiu An starts to treat him better. Qiang Tan sings a sentimental song at Professor’s celebration and it reminds Xiu An about her unrequited love. This scene shows how inconsiderate she is. She runs out and despite being upset, he encourages her to look for Xian Ri.

Later, Xiu An cries when Xian Ri isn’t at home. He rushes there with an umbrella in the rain and is upset to see Shi Zhen going in his flat with his hand over her shoulder. He puts the umbrella aside and cries in the rain. How sad – I simply loathe this arrangement!

This actor isn’t good. Most of the time we don’t see him curing patients but pining for love instead. Actually, he should be portrayed like Shi Zhen or Ming Hao. Although both don’t have that many scenes as him, they have managed to let audience feel their strong presence while he is easily forgettable.

14. Professor Li
He is the head of the chest surgical unit. He is old but is very experienced. He has not thought much about the treatment cost issues. The administrative department forces him to look into it when the operations incur very high charges. That is why he tries to dissuade Cheng Jie from operating and seek medication cure instead. But Cheng Jie manages to instil the importance of human lives. Certain operations are unavoidable as patients may not live long.

It is so hilarious – even he is captivated like others by a famous singer’s voice that he also visits him when he does the rounds! Jia Yan isn’t influenced and she is the only one treating him like a normal patient for his stomach ulcer. However, he is not as observant as others to know what a snob Shi Zhen is. That is why all give up telling him about Shi Zhen’s ill deeds when he jumps to his defence every time.

15. Professor Xu
He has a moustache, looks stern and is bad-tempered. But he is a very kind senior. When he knows of Jia Yan’s relationship with Cheng Jie, he tries to tell Jia Yan what she is going to face with a future family and work. It is quit unexpected that the last episode has him as the star! But he has pointed a lot of things that doctors should learn and face.

He believes that doctors should not use force like a barbarian. That is why he is so angry with Xi Jiu for assaulting a patient’s parent without checking the facts. After knowing that Xi Jiu is protecting the boy patient from being ill-treated by his father, he still doesn’t approve of his act as other ways can be done.

Professor Xu is successful in a kidney transplant operation. The hospital decides to hold a celebration for him. Shi Zhen tells all about Professor Xu going to be the director of another hospital. All are surprised. Professor Li demands to know why he is kept in the dark. He isn’t jealous but quarrels with him for not going. Professor Xu thinks that only those who are too old to cure the sick will get the post. Professor Li is very angry and quarrels with him.

All are at the conference hall except Professor Xu. All can’t get him and Zhi Tai rushes to the movie room. Sure enough, Professor Xu is there watching ‘Crouching tiger, hidden dragon’. He tells all at the hall later that not only swordsmen will appear in movies. He has wanted to be the top all along and is still learning to challenge himself. He tells them that he is staying and all are taken aback.

Professor Li flares up again. Does Professor Xu think that he is still young and is drunk to make the decision after watching the movie? The new ones can replace them after they retire. Can he cope using new equipment and the internet? They are old and are far behind. Moreover, not everyone can be the director. He has known Professor Xu since they were 20 years old and gives in to him all the time. They decide not to go for the celebration at the karaoke after the bitter quarrel.

Ming Hao and Qiang Tan are uneasy upon knowing that their heads are not going. Dr Gao still insists that all must be present. Professor Li has a drink with Professor Xu. He has watched the movie too but everyone views it differently. He brings him to see the others. Professor Xu is still angry with Dr Gao to address as Professor all the time. But he is nice to Qiang Tan – he tells him that he can sing openly for once instead of hiding in the toilet to sing! He even knows that he sings sentimental songs well and wants him to sing!

Professor Xu gives Zhi Tai his scalpel for handling his first operation as a gift for helping him. Zhi Tai is overjoyed to receive this special present. He tells Professor Xu that he is upset when patients die – that means that they have no more time. Professor Xu replies that doctors’ time are given by patients. It is a long process for him to start from interns to specialists to SMO till his position. The opposite of success is not failure but to give up. He must try to fulfil every single wish made. Zhi Tai learns a lot from him.

Favourite character
Surprised that it is the supporting role of Ming Hao? I find his role very down-to-earth despite only showing his inner feelings towards his brother in one episode. Cheng Jie and Xian Ri are close seconds. Jia Yan and Ying Jie will be the third. This is my first time when I am unsure of who to vote for as all are good.

Most hated character
Xiu An, very immature and insensitive. It is hard to deal with a love refusal but must she harp on it as if it is the end of the world? Can’t she be like Jing Xian to get over it with a better way? Surprisingly, I don't dislike Shi Zhen that much although he comes up with so many horrible acts. He is genuine in his feelings in a way to let others detest him.

Most comical character
Xi Jiu wins hands down because he can think of the nastiest method to dig fun at others. Zhi Tai and Ying Jie are second because they are not that ruthless in tricks.

I am not familiar with the cast as they lack popularity. They look very common. Some may ask why lesser known (or even unknown) artistes were used but I didn’t mind. Doctors are ordinary people like us. We may never get to see charming doctors like Paul in ‘Healing Hands’ or Zhang Xian Yu in ‘Sunflower’ but the cast offers fine acting. All are good but the younger artistes as young doctors lack depth and look like impulsive youngsters.

I only dislike the cliffhanger ending. Why is there no mention of the relationships? Are Ying Jie with Jing Xian and Xiu An really with Xian Ri finally? The only consolation is that Jia Yan is with Cheng Jie while Zhi Tai is with Mei Ni. Is there going to be a sequel? I am definitely looking forward to it.

You might need time to adjust to see the comical Shen Qi Zhong in ‘All about Eve’ to be so serious in here. All will welcome a change in a slimmer and more refreshed ‘Xian Da’. Some stories are predictable on cancer patients dying. But others explore the interpersonal relationships. We get to see popular artistes as guest stars, e.g. Kim Hyun Joo and Wen Gen Ying (the child actress as En Xi in ‘Endless Love’). On the whole, it is highly recommended as the cast are so natural that you will like the characters.

Sukting's Ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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