Miss Mermaid

Reviewed by: sukting

April 13, 2007

Rating: four


A rivalry between two mothers and also their two daughters over the same men. The feud can’t be resolved. Is there a final solution to this?


Jin Ye abandons Kong Ai and Ya Li Yin to marry Xiu Qing when Ya Li Yin was 6 years old. Kong Ai is so shocked that she gives birth to an autistic son. (The scriptwriter has not done enough reading up – this has something to do with the parents’ genetic make-up.) Ya Li Yin’s brother lost his way and was frozen to death on the street when he was 13. Kong Ai becomes so Ya Li Yin wants revenge.

11 years later, she becomes a famous scriptwriter in MBC. Her senior, the only son from Global Holdings likes her but she rejects his marriage proposal as her mind is only on revenge. His mother is very mad with her for causing her son to become ill over the unrequited love. Li Ying tries to get an interview with Ya Li Yin but to no avail as she doesn’t bother to answer her calls. Upon knowing that Li Ying is getting engaged, Ya Li Yin gets her reporter friend, Sheng Mei to find out who her fiancé is.

Li Ying pesters Zhou Wang to buy flowers for her. She expects roses but he follows Ya Li Yin to buy carnations to anger her instead. Carnations are meant for mothers and not lovers. To save 3000 won for a meal, Zhou Wang offers to wash dishes but he ends up breaking them before entering the kitchen to pay more in the end. Ma Lin is unhappy that Li Ying gets a good catch. Thus she pretends to be drunk so that Zhou Wang carries her on his back home.

Li Ying nearly wants to kill her as she knows Ma Lin holds her liquor well. Zhou Wang carries old Mrs Li for 5 rounds in the living room to make her happy so she insists that Mr Li does that to Mrs Li. Poor Mr Li has a nose bleed just carrying her for two rounds! That is sure funny! Xiu Qing wants to take a break to attend Li Ying’s engagement. Knowing this, Ya Li Yin insists that she acts in her new serial. The story is very similar to Xiu Qing’s past of breaking up her family so she gets annoyed. Xiu Qing doesn’t get to meet Ya Li Yin at all but Ya Li Yin is smart to trick her to sign a contract with her.

Jin Ye and Xiu Qing try in vain to get Mr Li to dance with Mrs Li. Mrs Li becomes so upset that she dreams of doing that. But their romance is ruined by two thieves who try to ransack the house. Mr Li wakes up and yells in pain because Mrs Li mistakens him as the robber and pulls his hair! Ma Lin tails him Ma Jun when he goes match making. She also steals his car keys to drive his car away when he isn’t looking.

Ya Li Yin finds out more about Zhou Wang through Sun Daily website. She calls up his telephone line (given by Sheng Ying) and pretends casually to look for a reporter to help her in her script writing. Ya Li Yin dresses well for their first meeting. Zhou Wang is amazed to find such a young scriptwriter. Zhou Wang offers his help and they have an enjoyable time. Ya Li Yin prefers to walk home alone.

Zhou Wang dreams of her getting abducted and quickly calls her the next day to ensure that she is fine. How sweet he is! (Life is entangled between them since then.) Ya Li Yin is touched and decides to love him truly if she gets to stop his engagement with Li Ying. Their second meeting is at the hospital interviewing the family of victims caused by a gas leak accident.

Zhou Wang gives her a reporter’s notebook and Ya Li Yin uses it to take notes. Ya Li Yin is impressed by his professionalism. She has lunch with him in the park. She makes rice rolls early morning and he enjoys the taste. To him, it is even better than restaurant food. Upon knowing she is going for another interviewing session at 3am at the temporary workers’ meeting area, he is concerned and offers to drive her there, forgoing his sleep! Many women will melt by his thoughtful act.

Ma Lin asks Zhou Wang what will be the best birthday present to get for Ma Jun. Zhou Wang suggests giving him a treat but the best is to cook for him. Li Ying accuses her of trying to seduce Zhou Wang. Both women pull each other’s hair in the café after slapping each other. Li Ying has a nose bleed and faints after Ma Lin hits her on her nose! An eye-opening experience to see how they fight.

Jin Ye and Zhou Wang have a drink at night. Later, Zhou Wang asks Mrs Li for an alarm clock so that he can wake up to fetch Ya Li Yin. Mr Li is confused as his job doesn’t require him to wake up at dawn like junior reporters. Old Mrs Li is pleased with her only grandson – sensible to treat his job seriously and makes right decisions. She has once chided the Lis for not having more children but it seems that concentrating on one’s upbringing and mannerism is enough.

Now is Zhou Wang’s turn to get impressed by the way Ya Li Yin interviews the middle-man to get job assignments for workers. Suddenly she has a nose bleed (It is amusing that both sisters suffer the same fate on the same day.) Zhou Wang quickly gets her into his car and watches how she sleeps. Ya Li Yin mentions about Xiu Qing initially rejecting her role to cause her stress as she needs to contact other artistes to suit her. Zhou Wang is silent, not knowing what to comment as he is her future son-in-law.

Ma Jun waits in the boutique, wanting to fetch Mrs Ma home. He is attracted to Ya Li Yin who comes and smells a rose. You will laugh when he can’t smiling to think of her at home. He even offers to give Ma Lin pocket money if she does the same but Ma Lin’s act is sure uncultured to send frowns to his face instead!

Zhou Wang gets ladies’ undergarments (a sure luminous trouser design) for Mr Li to pass to Mrs Li. Li Ying’s friend thinks he is getting for Li Ying. Mr Li thinks that they are for males wears them when he accidentally wets his pants as he drinks tea. The two Mrs Li nearly uproot the house upon thinking he has another woman but laugh non-stop as Zhou Wang clears the air. All should not miss this one!

Ma Jun deliberates adjusts the time on Ma Lin’s clock from 7 am to 11.30am, tricking her that she is late for work. She only gives him a sweets-made necklace when giving him a birthday treat. Ma Jun has to appease her to wear it till he finishes his meal! Ya Li Yin develops his photo to draw a sketch of him at home. Zhou Wang feels a sense of loss when Ya Li Yin informs him that her script is ready.

He doesn’t like the feeling that they are meeting for the last time. He welcomes her to ask him questions again anytime. Ya Li Yin mentions that she will break off with her boyfriend if he sends her flowers. It is an unmanly act to see men walking with flowers on the street. He is pleasantly surprised to get the framed sketch with the photo and can’t resist looking at it when at home.

The two Mrs Lis discover it and praise the artist for doing well. Mrs Li is disturbed to know that a woman does that and Zhou Wang seems to be at ease when mentioning her. What does this imply? But old Mrs Li think that should be fine since Ya Li Yin knows that Zhou Wang is getting engaged soon. Zhou Wang mentions about Ya Li Yin’s dream of seeing a lake and later watching how an ancient bamboo bridge turns into a stone bridge. Old Mrs Li thinks that this is a good sign of getting rich.

Sheng Ying worries Ya Li Yin will be late to stop the engagement from taking place. Ya Li Yin thinks this is even better. The Yin family will be disgraced if the marriage is called off in the end after publication. Ya Li Yin insists that Xiu Qing can’t delete her lines when the cast rehearse. Xiu Qing finds it humiliating to get reprimanded in front of others as she has 30 years of acting experience.

The haughty Li Ying writes an article to strike back but…using Sheng Ying’s name. She doesn’t want this thing to affect Xiu Qing if she writes it. Ya Li Yin tells Sheng Ying to publish it after Sheng Ying faxes it to her. Both women want to see the public (including Zhou Wang’s) response.

Zhou Wang gives Li Ying an ice cream cake instead of flowers. When she still insists for them, he asks someone to send over. (See how much Ya Li Yin has influenced him.) Li Ying is angry and she demands him to take them home. A mild mannered Zhou Wang can tell his maid to throw it away upon leaving it at the doorstep angrily! Mr Li sees it and passes to Mrs Li. Mrs Li is thrilled, thinking that Mr Li gets it specially for her. Zhou Wang tries so hard not to laugh when Mr Li tells him to keep it a secret from her.

Xiu Qing omits saying the lines when filming so Ya Li Yin complains to the deputy director to add pressure on her. Xiu Qing vows to seek revenge. Ya Li Yin gets so exhausted over this affair that she feels a sharp pain in her heart. Zhou Wang wants to pass her some extra reporter diaries so he calls her. Upon hearing her sickly voice, he is concerned and comes immediately. She assures him that this is an old ailment and the doctors find nothing wrong with her. This happens when she writes sad scenes.

It is strange that she can’t cry anymore. When mentioning about her brother’s death, the pain returns. Zhou Wang immediately sits beside her to offer her consolation. She feels better and reveals how her parents’ divorce affects her. She doesn’t know how a father should love his daughter. She has no elder brother or father to lean on. He assures her that she can call him anytime as he can treat her like a younger sister. (There is really chemistry between the two.)

Zhou Wang is impressed by the trailer and strikes an agreement with Ya Li Yin. If the viewership is over 30%, she gives him a treat. If it’s 35%, he will be the one giving the treat. He tells Li Ying that there are certain things which he will not do after making up his mind. He never likes holding flowers so he has not given her even though they know for a long time. But he might give when she is old. She has to accept that.

Xiu Qing sees the flowers in Zhou Wang’s home and spills the beans. The two Mrs Lis think that Mr Li is too much. The whole family nearly sprawls on the ground, laughing upon seeing Mr Li asking someone to deliver flowers to Mrs Li. The flower stand is as big as those given to company openings! Their names are even on it and Mr Li even tells Zhou Wang to take photos of it as evidence.

Ma Lin sends Mrs Li’s clothes to the Lis’ residence. The elders take a liking to her immediately as she is cheerful and sweet-talks well. They even wish that Zhou Wang has a brother to marry her and Mrs Li wishes to dress her up like how Mrs Ma does! The atmosphere is different with Ma Lin around as Zhou Wang is serious at home. Li Ying hates her for stealing the glamour and even leaves midway when the three young people are having fun at the karaoke. Ma Lin is pleased that she manages to spite her.

This makes Zhou Wang unhappy with her again. Li Ying admits that she doesn’t like Ma Lin to be with Zhou Wang (that is a very valid reason given because Ma Lin likes to hook his elbow, treating him like her boyfriend.) and he must promise not to see her alone. (Well, she hasn’t known yet that he has met Ya Li Yin alone more than once yet. Otherwise…..)

Zhou Wang reads Li Ying’s article and gets cross. He tells Sheng Mei that she is too much but frowns upon knowing that it is Li Ying’s doing. He tells her to use her own name to publish the next time. He finds the article too harsh and it will reflect badly on Sun Daily. (But we soon know that this is not the only reason.) She isn’t supposed to write a critical report without asking the other artistes but she thinks she should trust her own mother. The two quarrel again.

Mrs Ma manages to get hold of Ya Li Yin’s yoga class address and tells Ma Jun to woo her by attending regularly. She tells Ya Li Yin to take care of him like a younger brother as he is 6 months younger than her. Ma Jun is attracted to see her in the yoga robe and how she ties the belt for him.

Zhou Wang is also concerned about Ya Li Yin’s response but she isn’t at home when he calls her. He meets her the next day. See how he leads her out of the chocolate shop by holding her arm unknowingly. She tells him that she knows his identity from a friend and accepts his apology as Sun Daily’s boss’s son. But she isn’t going to lodge a complaint as she knows she can’t please everyone. Zhou Wang is attracted to her when she does Salsa dancing with her male friend in a pub to distress before the showing of the debut episode. (We see another side of Ya Li Yin – sexy and wild in a spaghetti top)

He discovers her talents in many areas – script writing, drawing, cooking and dancing. She jokes she will not dare to meet him again if the debut turns to be a flop. She is afraid that Kong Ai will discover that she has drunk wine but she has no chewing gum. Zhou Wang stops the car specially to get some for her. You will laugh when he asks for her autograph like a fan, writing her name to add hers on his notebook as remembrance. He is the first one to get her true name autograph as she signs off as ‘Yin Xia’ for others.

Zhou Wang can’t contain his smile when the two Mrs Lis get excited when it is shown. Mrs Ma can’t wait for more to come as Xiu Qing is acting as Kong Ai’s role. (Actually she should have taken her own role but it will be too obvious.) The debut episode has a 21% rating - higher than the other stations. Zhou Wang congratulates Ya Li Yin and misses her cooking. He recalls the enjoyable time when tasting sushi while she teases him for being greedy. She worries for the next day’s rating but he gives her encouragement.

Li Ying meets BBC director and Zhou Wang isn’t happy to hear how they criticize Ya Li Yin. Why? They comment that she is too young and her script lacks depth. They even predict that her third work will be a flop. Zhou Wang finds Li Ying too easily swayed by her own feelings. She hasn’t even met Ya Li Yin – how well does she know her then?

A new reporter informs Zhou Wang what he has collected on a murder but Zhou Wang isn’t pleased. He has never been angrier – he doesn’t know the details! How can this be considered a report?! (You have not seen him so fierce before besides the way he handles the flower basket.) But after putting down the phone, he quickly checks out the serial’s rating. Upon knowing that it has risen to 27%, he is pleased and sends Ya Li Yin a sms to congratulate her. (His expression changes within seconds!)

Xiu Qing and Ya Li Yin meet Director An for a meal. Ya Li Yin criticizes her for using nail polish which is noticeable under the transparent gloves in a cooking scene. Xiu Qing gets so mad that she smashes Director An’s handphone after telling Ya Li she hopes that her future work will disappear from her sight. She and Jin Ye start to realize that they make a wrong choice to shoot this drama as it dwells on their past. Everywhere they go, everyone comments on the drama. Their guilt causes them to have sleepless nights. (That is a big highlight as it shows the conflict well.)

Before engagement, Old Mrs Li is hospitalized. They have to postpone it so Li Ying isn’t happy. Jin Ye starts to think that Yin Xia is Ya Li Yin. After the postponement, the feelings are not the same any more and Zhou Wang gets depressed. He is worried when Li Ying starts drinking when he visits her so he hugs her to tell her that he will do his best to make her happy.

Sheng Ying informs Ya Li Yin that Li Ying pens another article to attack her this time using her own name. Xiu Qing suffers from gastric pains lately so Li Ying wants to seek redress for her. Ya Li Yin is prepared for it. She is tired in the script writing – it is not easy to portray Xiu Qing as Kong Ai and finding reasons to explain the stand. DBC approaches Ya Li Yin to join their station but she declines their offer. She remembers Sheng Ying’s mentioning of the undergarments and gets some for Kong Ai. Zhou Wang is also here to get some for Old Mrs Li.

They meet and he smiles upon seeing how she is choosing a pen to write. She decides to let MBC give it to her as her reward. Li Ying’s friend sees them and informs her. Li Ying scolds Ma Lin as she thinks she is the one but then discovers her mistake. Both guess that Zhou Wang has another woman. Ya Li Yin treats Zhou Wang to noodles. He teases her for reading ‘R-rated’ books upon knowing that she buys some books.

He soon discovers that she reads children stories besides travel prologues. She doesn’t have a happy childhood so she wants to know more. Ma Lin calls him and he replies that he is with a client but the witty Ma Lin suspects that something is amiss. Shou Wang wants to call Ya Li Yin by her name so she should also call him his name. She obliges and jokes he should not mention his fiancée or she will get jealous.

Single scriptwriters have no life as they put their energy into their work. He asks her if she has suitors and she replies that she wants someone healthy. This hints that she is still available and he is delighted. He reveals to her that his engagement is postponed but he is getting married in autumn. Li Ying isn’t happy when he walks far from her to answer Ya Li Yin’s call on an article. Why is he so secretive?

Director An asks Ya Li Yin if she can delete the part on Xiu Qing wearing a wig when her character is down and out after a salon ruins her hairstyle due to a blackout. She refuses. All see Li Ying’s article that criticises Ya Li Yin to be incapable and bullies senior artistes on an ugly story about adultery. Zhou Wang is concerned when he calls Ya Li Yin but she doesn’t answer. Ya Li Yin reveals that she is hurt by it so she sings to him in the karaoke. Even though she grows up without a father, she will not hurt others like this.

Zhou Wang is hesitant to let her know Li Ying is his fiancée but she knows that Li Ying is Xiu Qing’s daughter. It is natural she will protect her mother. Zhou Wang is willing to drink wine to apologise to her. The ratings soar to 32% the next day. Li Ying urges Zhou Wang to quit smoking as a gift to her before marriage. But he describes this is the same as the women applying make-up. He feels good to distress – what a lame excuse! ( I wonder if he will kick the habit if Ya Li Yin is the one to tell him to do that….)

Zhou Wang doesn’t want Li Ying not to write such articles again – Sun Daily isn’t a weapon for her in seeking revenge to hurt others. He tells her that the two Mrs Lis are attracted by the story but she insists that they are Xiu Qing’s fans. Li Ying isn’t happy with his response. Zhou Wang gives the undergarments to Old Mrs Li upon her discharge. He can’t hide his smile upon seeing the two Mrs Lis being eager to follow the serial closely. Mrs Li hears his funny handphone ringtone – ‘cute person answers the call now’.

Zhou Wang teaches her how to download it – it is so hilarious when Mrs Li changes Mr Li’s ringtone to ‘the hateful person answers the call now’ and it rings at work during his meeting. All try so hard not to laugh when he denies that Zhou Wang will do such a thing and they guess it must be Mrs Li’s doing.

Zhou Wang passes a CD shop after work and buys a CD that has the song Ya Li Yin sings to him. He recalls their happy moments together. Ma Jun is unhappy that Ma Lin drives his car out secretly and Mrs Ma’s car can’t be started, causing him to be late for work. Ma Lin and Zhou Wang arrive at Li Ying’s home together. The two are concerned upon knowing that Ma Lin has sent Ma Jun’s car for repairs after an accident. Ma Jun has loved this imported car like a girlfriend more than his life.

They have dinner together and Li Ying brings out the rice rolls that she has prepared. Ma Lin grumbles they are oily and tasteless. Zhou Wang recalls the tasty rice rolls Ya Li Yin has prepared. He feels Li Ying’s cooking is not up to Ya Li Yin’s standard. Ma Jun jumps upon knowing his car is ruined. He even drives Mrs Ma’s car away to ignore Ma Lin when they are going for work and she has to run after them.

Li Ying and Zhou Wang go for ice cream. He gets some for Ya Li Yin, remembering her taste. He feels a prick in his heart when she describes that she needs it during hot weather as there is no air-con in her room.
He reminds her of the treat she owes him and she reminds him likewise if the viewership soars to 32%. Xiu Qing imagines her co-star to be Ya Li Yin in slapping scenes. The poor co-star grumbles she hits too hard. (She sure brings her moods into her job.) Xiu Qing refuses to put on the wig and Ya Li Yin refuses to change the script. They insist both to see each other first, putting Director An into a fix.

Ma Lin is too tired and sleeps on Li Ying’s bed, covering the blanket over her face. Zhou Wang comes in and thinking that she is Li Ying, he tickles her foot! Imagine his shock when he sees Li Ying coming in from a shower! Li Ying chases him away, angry that he can’t recognise her foot! It doesn’t matter to Zhou Wang as he only treats Ma Lin like a younger sister. But Li Ying will not be happy if a guy tickles her foot. When Ma Lin reaches home, she even pastes a post-it over Li Ying’s image when she takes out a photo of the three which is taken. She has liked Zhou Wang for a long time.

Li Ying apologises to Zhou Wang when both go swimming. She is puzzled to see him with a DV camera. He intends to take photos of her foot to prove that he loves her to put them on his work desk. She gets scared as her feet are ugly. She jumps into the pool when he wants to take a photo of her palm instead! Ma Jun falls for Ya Li Yin upon knowing how well she beats the drums. He was in a band during his university days but he was better off playing the brass.

Xiu Qing nearly comes into blows with Ya Li Yin over the wig affair. She has been in elegant roles all along and insists of showing her own hair. But she has to succumb to pressure in the end. The part where she reaches home to cry in front of the mirror is real indeed. She puts herself in bad light for rejection. The quarrelling scene – is like Thailand cockfights although they don’t pull each other’s hair.

Sheng Ying interviews Ya Li Yin with Jin Ye. (The two women act not to know each other.) She reveals her real name to make Jin Ye drop his tea in shock. He wonders if she is his daughter as she is also 29. But why does she look so different and doesn’t seem to recognise him? He seeks out the address but doesn’t dare to see them. Ya Li Yin returns home to cut his namecard to pieces.

Mr Li never celebrates Mrs Li’s birthday. She is so upset that she gets drunk. Mr Li and Zhou Wang are also forced to drink by their colleagues to get drunk too. Mr Li asks Mrs Li to scrub his back in his sleep and she uses a REAL scrub to scrub his legs to leave bruises. Zhou Wang sings a birthday song to Mrs Li – he manages to their room to leave the cake there. Mr Li finally gives in to bring Mrs Li to the amusement park the next day. Laugh when she is so adventurous while he is so timid.

Li Ying sees Zhou Wang’s portrait on his table. She is angry when he refuses to tell her who does the sketch and tells him that he can’t meet her unless he tells the truth. Sigh - Who is so stupid to do that? Ya Li Yin makes a count – Zhou Wang hasn’t called her after giving the ice-cream so she cooks up an excuse to ask him about army life to meet him. (She is scheming indeed.)

Li Ying is unhappy that everything goes wrong so she asks Ma Lin out. She regrets getting engaged to Zhou Wang without going through the courtship stage. Both get drunk so Ma Jun has to pay their bill and send them home. (This is a bit ridiculous – why do so many people get drunk in 2 episodes?) The two Mrs Lis see Ya Li Yin at Mrs Ma’s boutique. Mrs Li finds her pretty but the old Mrs Li detects she has a solemn look. They meet again at the Chinese physician clinic – the two realise why since Kong Ai is blind.

Jin Ye requests to meet Ya Li Yin. She obliges and snaps to him that her father is dead since she was 6 years old. Jin Ye confirms the truth and is unhappy to hear Xiu Qing criticising Ya Li Yin over the phone to her friend. He also tears up the article that Li Ying plans to attack on Ya Li Yin.

Zhou Wang and Ya Li Yin can be so playful to record each other’s conversation with colleagues over the handphones. She suddenly puts her hand on his hand – he also puts another hand on hers. He is concerned over her health and wishes her to take care after finishing the script for this serial. But soon he feels guilty for having a crush on Ya Li Yin.

Ma Jun can’t handle the two women so he asks Zhou Wang to bring Li Ying home. Ma Lin can be so drunk that she lands on Zhou Wang’s back when he wants to carry Li Ying! Zhou Wang can’t erase Ya Li Yin from his mind but he assures Li Ying he will not do anything to upset her anymore. The two Mrs Lis love the serial and cry over the development – how sad for Xiu Qing’s character to end up in divorce. But Xiu Qing dreads to think of the day she appears with the wig.

The Mrs Lis decide that the wig looks awful on Xiu Qing indeed. Jin Ye goes to Ya Li Yin’s home and realizes that Kong Ai is blind. Ya Li Yin yells at him for not knowing that Kong Ai was 5 months pregnant when he divorced her. On the last day Ya Li Yin saw him, Jin Ye had bought her her favourite sweets. Since then, she hates the sight of them. His presence cause the two to get so agitated that they faint.

After their discharge from hospital, Ya Li Yin returns Jin Ye the money. She did not want to see him again after relating their sad life – why her face was changed and how her younger brother died. Jin Ye broke down with guilt upon seeing his photograph and Ya Li Yin refuses to let him keep it. Ma Lin dances sexily on stage in a pub and Ma Jun has a hard time dragging her down.

Zhou Wang is about to tell Ya Li Yin that he wishes to stop seeing her. Upon knowing what he is going to say, she immediately requests him to come over to her home to help her fix her printer cartridge. He stops talking when seeing the blind Kong Ai. He accompanies Ya Li Yin to the supermarket to get groceries and both even have ice-cream together. He then decides to take care of her upon seeing her plight.

Ma Lin and Li Ying tail Ma Jun as they suspect he is wooing a woman but they can find nothing. Mr Li and Mrs Li become closer after their outing. Li Ying is dismayed Jin Ye is collecting possible comments on the drama. Mrs Ma is glad they seek their revenge. Jin Ye has begged Xiu Qing to give birth to a son in vain and now he has killed his own son. She is pleasantly surprised when Ya Li Yin gives her a sketch as a gift.

Ma Jun starts to get distracted when Ya Li Yin goes to the fitness shop at a different slot. Sun Daily is talking about interviewing Ya Li Yin because of the serial’s success. Jin Ye can’t stop smiling when hearing his colleagues commenting how old and ugly she must be to come up with such a good script. Xiu Qing tears the script upon knowing that she has to wear the wig again.

Jin Ye tells her the truth and she is stunned. He even tells her to give in even if Ya Li Yin tells her to shave her hair. (He is too guilty-stricken towards her.) She realizes why there is hostility in her eyes. Mr Li preserves a pen for Zhou Wang as he requests for Ya Li Yin. Mr Li gets the truth on how his legs are scratched through a hypotheist friend. He gets mad with Mrs Li. Ya Li Yin promises Kong Ai not to have any involvement with the Yins after the serial.

A policeman tells Zhou Wang the fish gall’s juice is good for nourishment. What comes to his mind is how Ya Li Yin has a nose bled the last time. He coaxes her to drink it. She forces down her throat with a frown. He is nice to accompany her home before taking the cab. Mr Li has offered him a lift in his car to work so he leaves his car at home. He learns Kong Ai can’t recover from her blindness after her son’s death.

Xiu Qing tells Ya Li Yin that she is willing to work with her and Ya Li Yin feigns not knowing her identity before asking her to act in her drama. Xiu Qing is afraid that she might harm Li Ying so she hopes the sisters will not get to meet each other. Li Ying tenders her resignation and Zhou Wang buys her a puppy to keep her company. Ma Lin is offended when she calls it Ma Xiao Li.

Ma Jun is pleased to see Mrs Ma’s sketch and falls deeply for Ya Li Yin. Mrs Ma places it in her room. It is the eve before the engagement and Ya Li Yin wants Zhou Wang to sing for her. She touches his face before kissing him as a farewell gift. She wishes that he isn’t the one to pick up her call at work to know her. (She sure knows how to act pitiful.)His family notices that he doesn’t look thrilled over his big day but attributes it to him not resting well as he still needs to work on the eve.

Zhou Wang can’t erase Ya Li Yin from his mind during the engagement. Ma Lin notices that he is distracted although she is disappointed over it. Li Ying accidentally drops the champagne bottle during the ceremony so the older Lis aren’t pleased. Zhou Wang’s family thinks that it is a bad omen upon knowing that the dog dies on the engagement day. They notice that he isn’t happy after the engagement.

Zhou Wang can’t suppress his feelings and asks Ya Li Yin out. He is shattered to know from her that she only kisses him out of the spur of the moment. He tells her not to do that to hurt another man. He gets so furious that he smashes the sketch glass to pieces upon reaching home. Still when he is with Li Ying eating noodles, it still upsets him when he recalls how she teaches him to eat tasty noodles.

Li Ying isn’t happy that Zhou Wang has forgotten that the coming Saturday is their 5th anniversary of knowing each other. He has not thought what he likes for her to give him but she definitely doesn’t want to get a dog again. Mrs Ma plans an outing to stay at a villa to bring Ma Jun and Ya Li Yin together. Ma Jun tries his best to impress her by cooking a meal with her.

Ya Li Yin tears the positive newspaper report that Jin Ye writes for her. She doesn’t need that and tells Sheng Ying not to do it for her again. Director An is unable to get a replacement to do the Latin dance so Ya Li Yin is doing it herself for the scene. She wins the crowd’s approval. Xiu Qing is amazed by her skillfulness but this gives her the feeling that she sees a worm when eating a delicious apple.

The elders settle the date of the wedding. Ya Li Yin looks through Xiu Qing’s magazine interview – it has the engagement photo in it. Ya Li Yin calls Zhou Wang after a few drinks with her friends. She discloses to him that she only hurts him the last time as she doesn’t wish him to break up with his fiancée. She has tried in vain to suppress her feelings. So is Zhou Wang – he is in tears when hugging her. He doesn’t mind getting hurt but what happens to Li Ying? Still, he decides to handle the matter.

Sheng Ying starts to feel sorry for Li Ying when seeing her singing happily at the karaoke with other colleagues. Zhou Wang wants the breakup on the 5th year anniversary – by returning to Li Ying all her presents and putting the blame on himself. She is heartbroken that he is so harsh to her – so he is in love with the woman who gives her the sketch. She throws the box on the ground with rage.

But later she pleads to meet Ya Li Yin together to tell her to back out. She is willing to change for the better as she has taken him for granted. But Zhou Wang has his mind set to marry Ya Li Yin in future. He decides to tell the elders. Ya Li Yin feels bad for implicating Jin Ye’s family but revenge clouds her mind. The two Mrs Lis enjoy singing karaoke and meet Ma Lin there. They have a wonderful time together.

Li Ying becomes ill and her parents know about it. Zhou Wang is remorseful to cause distress to Li Ying but is firm to marry Ya Li Yin although he doesn’t disclose to them who she is. Ya Li Yin does not affirm with Xiu Qing if she is marrying the Global Holdings’ young master and treats her coldly. Mr Li and Mrs Li meet Ma Lin and Mrs Ma at the karaoke. Mr Li is attracted to Mrs Ma’s singing and Mrs Li gets jealous.

Ya Li Yin brings Ma Jun to buy perfume as Ma Lin’s birthday present. He buys a bouquet of flowers for Kong Ai, citing that he buys one too for Mrs Ma. Mr Li requests Mrs Li to keep her hair longer like Mrs Ma to look younger. Both quarrel in the end. Ma Jun wants to introduce his colleague to Ma Lin as her future boyfriend but she recognizes him as a womanizer.

Li Ying tells Ma Lin that she is sick to forget her birthday while Mrs Ma wonders why she isn’t at her boutique for the wedding gown. Ya Li Yin knows Zhou Wang is miserable over the breakup although he doesn’t voice it out. Sheng Ying has no courage to call Li Ying to find out how she is after seeing Jin Ye in a bad mood. Zhou Wang is about to visit Ya Li Yin at night when Li Ying stops him.

Xiu Qing gets private investigators to take photos of the wrong woman. Ya Li Yin brings lunchboxes for Zhou Wang the next day and both have lunch at the park. Zhou Wang doesn’t wish her to work so hard but she likes cooking. The private investigators show Xiu Qing the photos and she is shocked to know that the culprit is Ya Li Yin. Both women end up slapping each other and Ya Li Yin isn’t repentant of what she has done. She is fearless of Jin Ye or Li Ying to get retribution.

She insists that she has no father or younger sister and she knows Zhou Wang through work. (This is true in a way although under deliberate arrangement.) Xiu Qing wonders how to tell this to Jin Ye as she is sure that Ya Li Yin makes the first initiative to seduce him. Jin Ye and Xiu Qing confront Ya Li Yin. Jin Ye is shocked when Ya Li Yin slaps Xiu Qing in front of him so he slaps her.

She admits getting back at them but still denies that she starts the initiative to know Zhou Wang. Both feel terrified when she breaks a glass and threatens to slash her wrist. Xiu Qing gets to know what happens to her mother and brother so she feels bad for her. (It is very disrespectful to slap an elder and it is baffling to see her doing that twice to Xiu Qing.)

Zhou Wang gives Ya Li Yin a toy bear and she loves it. He feels that his heart is pricked when she describes how she works hard to neglect buying things for herself. He tells her to let him know what else she needs so that he can get for her but she is contented. He asks her to give him more time to sort things out with Li Ying’s family. She informs him of the coming dance scene and he promises to watch it.

Zhou Wang takes photos of her and later with her in a garden. (He is very traditional – always letting Ya Li Yin to hook his arm instead of him putting his arm over her shoulder. No wonder he never gives Li Ying flowers.) Ya Li Yin jokes that he should not have asked two women to take their photos as they comment him to be handsome or they will not take for them.

Li Ying sees the photos and slaps Zhou Wang. Despite of Xiu Qing and Jin Ye talking to Zhou Wang, he refuses to change his mind. Both do not dare to tell him that both are sisters. Ya Li Yin teaches Ma Jun to make a video of Ma Lin to give to her as a gift after she gets married. Ma Jun films Ma Lin when she is sleeping but is discovered. She gets angry that she deletes everything. Mrs Ma thinks that it is a good gift.

Ya Li Yin tells Kong Ai about it and decides to send her to stay with Sheng Ying for a few days. Ma Lin notices that Li Ying is pale and wan. She suspects of her breaking up with Zhou Wang and informs Mrs Ma. Ma Jun displays Ya Li Yin’s photo on his notebook desktop. Xiu Qing gets very remorseful meeting Kong Ai. Kong Ai is calm and doesn’t wish to see her again. She is brave now and isn’t going to move to Sheng Ying’s place to avoid her.

Zhou Wang surprises his parents by announcing that he isn’t going to marry Li Ying. His family opposes firmly after the two Mrs Lis see Li Ying’s pathetic state. They promise to help her change Zhou Wang’s mind. Zhou Wang brings sushi for Ya Li Yin for lunch while she brings him soup. Although he is busy with work, he decides to meet her at least twice weekly for lunch and will buy whatever food she likes.

Mrs Ma can’t get any news from Xiu Qing what happens to Li Ying and she has no idea what Ya Li Yin has done. Ma Jun is too nervous to declare his feelings for Ya Li Yin and ends up eating 2 bowls of ice jellies. He is upset when she rejects his marriage proposal. Mrs Ma is puzzled as she doesn’t know that Ya Li Yin already has another man in mind for marriage. Ya Li Yin recalls Ma Jun’s words before sleeping.

Zhou Wang smiles when watching the dancing scene. He jokes that Ya Li Yin will face more fans now. Unknown to them, Xiu Qing is also watching this scene and knows that she can only try to ask Ya Li Yin to give up since Zhou Wang refuses to give in. Mrs Li tries in vain to ask Ya Li Yin to meet her. Zhou Wang knows that she will tell her to leave him and he will only arrange that when Mrs Li is ready to accept her. He is sure that he only treats Li Ying like a younger sister all along.

Zhou Wang brings Ya Li Yin to a sushi shop and she enjoys the food. She exclaims that it is expensive and she can make it at home but he wishes to get for her. This shop is also the shop that he always brings Li Ying here in the past. (What a place to choose even though the food is nice!) Li Ying is furious that they are together and comes but both have left. She tells Zhou Wang that she is going to get herself drunk.

Sure enough, he can’t get her after that and he requests Ma Lin to contact her. Ma Lin is delighted that she gets a chance since they are in cold war. Li Ying gets so drunk that she meets an accident. The Ma siblings send her to hospital and Mrs Ma learns from Xiu Qing that Ya Li Yin is the third party. Mr Li is so angry with Zhou Wang that he ignores him at work.

Jin Ye and Xiu Qing come to beg Kong Ai and Ya Li Yin to let Zhou Wang and Li Ying off. Ya Li Yin refuses as she recalls the slap. Kong Ai doesn’t wish to see them anymore too. Zhou Wang pushes Ya Li Yin on the swing and is alarmed to see her sobbing. She recalls being alone in the playground after her parents’ divorce. Zhou Wang hugs her and promises to do that for her more often. (A very touching scene.)

Kong Ai is shocked to know from Mrs Ma that Zhou Wang isn’t an ordinary reporter but is the Sun Daily’s boss’s only son. If she marries him, she will face lots of difficulties. Ya Li Yin has wanted to seek revenge all along. By being a scriptwriter, she can manipulate Xiu Qing’s career. By hurting Li Ying, Li Ying will hate her parents in future. It doesn’t matter to her if she doesn’t love Zhou Wang. Kong Ai cries over it.

Zhou Wang visits Li Ying at the hospital and Xiu Qing blames him for the ordeal. But still, he is firm in his decision. Li Ying nearly bursts upon knowing that Ya Li Yin is poor and comes from a single parent home. What does he see in her? Li Ying shows Ma Lin the photos and Ma Lin recalls her as Yin Xia – the scriptwriter who quarreled with her mother. She vows to seek revenge. In the meantime, Zhou Wang and Ya Li Yin have an enjoyable moment trekking.

Mrs Ma points out to Xiu Qing that she is in the wrong and confesses that she is interested to get Ma Jun to marry Ya Li Yin. Xiu Qing laughs bitterly at Ya Li Yin’s ability to attract two men. Mrs Ma persuades Kong Ai to talk to Ya Li Yin into marrying Ma Jun. Ya Li Yin insists she is not marrying for love but for motive. Li Ying tells Zhou Wang that she could have given up if he falls for Ma Lin. But since the person is Yin Xia, the person she detest, she will never give in. Mr Li arranges Li Ying to stay in with them. (This is sure a surprise – how can he think of such a way?)

By forcing them to meet daily, he hopes both will get married. Zhou Wang is dismayed to know that but he still goes to meet Ya Li Yin at night. He hopes that she can wait for him and he will never give her up. Li Ying has a sleepless night and is disappointed that Zhou Wang avoids meeting her by going out early in the morning. She faints and the Lis send her to the hospital. Even so, Zhou Wang doesn’t change his mind.

Jin Ye is willing to give an apartment to Kong Ai in exchange for Li Ying’s happiness but Kong Ai turns him down. She and Ya Li Yin have suffered too much as Jin Ye is too selfish. He has ditched them after knowing that Xiu Qing is pregnant with Li Ying. If he doesn’t marry her, her acting career will be ruined. Ya Li Yin accepts a new assignment from Director An. This drama helps Xiu Qing to clinch the popular artiste award but she isn’t happy over it.

Ma Lin can’t sleep and gets Ma Jun to fix the tent again. He is angered as he suffers a bruised knee and a sleepless night after doing it for her. He is still down after Ya Li Yin’s rejection. Sheng Mei is shocked to know that Li Ying has known the truth. How will she react upon knowing that Ya Li Yin is her elder sister in future? Zhou Wang tells Mr Li how much he loves Ya Li Yin. If he marries Li Ying, he will make her into another unhappy Mrs Li. Mr Li softens and agrees to meet Ya Li Yin before making up his mind.

Xiu Qing comes to beg Ya Li Yin again. Ya Li Yin confesses she will not start if Kong Ai can see. She threatens to call Li Ying if she comes to harass them again. Ma Lin thinks Li Ying looks feminine after being hospitalized and she pretends to faint. Li Ying insists of staying with the Lis after her discharge.

Zhou Wang is pleasantly surprised when Ya Li Yin sends sushi to him. His colleagues ask if it is done by Mrs Li or Li Ying. He doesn’t tell it but smiles. He tells Ya Li Yin about meeting Mr Li and she agrees. He gives Ya Li Ying a crystal handphone accessory and she loves it to put it on her handphone. But she disapproves of him spending too much money on it although he wants to pamper her once in a while.

Mrs Ma tells Ma Jun about the past and he pities the two sisters. Ma Lin has thought of Ya Li Yin to be fierce but she recalls who she is to treat her well. She is won over and even wishes to be her sister, thinking that Li Ying isn’t as pretty and gentle as her. No wonder Zhou Wang falls for her. Even if Li Ying can’t marry Zhou Wang, she doesn’t mind continuing her friendship with Zhou Wang. Mrs Ma hesitates tells the Lis of Ya Li Yin’s real identity as she is concerned that Ya Li Yin might hate her for doing that.

Zhou Wang arranges Mr Li to meet Ya Li Yin. Mr Li is initially cold but after knowing that she is the famous scriptwriter, his attitude changes to chide Zhou Wang not to get her interviewed! When asked who gives her the name, Ya Li Yin frowns but admits that her father is the one. Mr Li nearly gets her drunk and Zhou Wang is alarmed to see Ya Li Yin getting tipsy.

Mr Li notices that Ya Li Yin is an only child like Zhou Wang. (Of course, he misses the expression on her face when she denies having any sibling.) You will be amused – when Mr Li asks why she likes Zhou Wang, in her heart, she is seeking revenge and Jin Ye is his subordinate. But what comes out from her mouth is she likes him and needs him. She even comments Xiu Qing for acting well! She maintains a clear mind after drinking so much! After Mr Li is gone, she is so drunk that she falls into Zhou Wang’s arms.

Zhou Wang literally carries her to her home (in his arms and not on his back like the way he treats Li Ying. It is obvious that he treats them differently.) He is so concerned that she has a headache that he charges out to get her medicine. It is funny that she can still remember that he hasn’t taken his dinner and can tell Kong Ai to cook for him! Zhou Wang returns home and ignores Li Ying to upset her.

The next early morning, he hurries to bring soup to her. He knows that Kong Ai doesn’t have food in the fridge. Kong Ai senses he truly loves Ya Li Yin but has wished he has no connections with Xiu Qing at all as she finds him a nice guy. Kong Ai recalls how Zhou Wang requests her to sleep beside Ya Li Yin for the night and how she wants him to cook for him. This shows they truly love each other but can they be happy?

Mr Li recalls the night – the two really behave like a pair of lovebirds – taking food for each other. He deliberately gets her to drink more to see if she will behave oddly. Strangely, she is still as elegant even though she drinks a lot. Ya Li Yin is definitely more compatible than Li Ying for Zhou Wang. He even thinks she is younger than Li Ying! Sheng Mei starts to pity the fragile Li Ying so she informs Ya Li Yin.

The two Mrs Lis are dismayed when Mr Li has no way to break them up. Although their impression of Ya Li Yin improves slightly after knowing that she is the scriptwriter of their favourite drama, they do not know how to face Li Ying. Li Ying comes to Zhou Wang’s workplace to force her to have dinner with her…at the roadside stall. It is only now that she realizes he likes simplicity but it is too late.

Zhou Wang is relieved that Ya Li Yin is better after a day’s rest. He believes that his parents will side them soon. He promises to bring her home one day. Seeing that Zhou Wang doesn’t change his mind, the elders have to talk to his in-laws on his behalf to break off the engagement. (He can sure count on his parents to talk to her parents while the old Mrs Li to talk to Li Ying. If not, he has to face the music.) Li Ying has no choice but to move back home. Xiu Qing finds it hard to accept this and Jin Ye considers quitting.

Ma Jun deletes Ya Li Yin’s screensaver from his laptop. The two Mrs Lis allow Zhou Wang to bring Ya Li Yin home (I can’t imagine them to do this because they just made Li Ying move out the previous day.) They behave like excited fans. But they are dismayed when they recognise her. No wonder all her serials are filled with tears. They feel that the whole home is darkened by her sadness upon her arrival, They also see that she is wearing cheap clothes, unlike Li Ying who dresses elegantly.

They prefer to have a cheerful daughter-in-law. After knowing that her parents are divorced and Kong Ai is blind due to her brother’s death, they attribute to her bad luck. Zhou Wang is dismayed that they oppose but Mr Li still supports him as he feels that no one is perfect. But to the two women, Zhou Wang is born with good looks and upbringing to be a perfect man so Ya Li Yin is not good enough for him.

Ya Li Yin can detect their coldness and thus tells Zhou Wang that she will not arrange him to meet Kong Ai soon. Li Ying is delighted when Zhou Wang asks her out but he is only here to wish that she will recover to find a better man soon. She curses that his relationship with Ya Li Yin will not work out. She gets drunk daily and refuses to eat. (I begin to pity her too upon seeing her so skinny and pale.)

Xiu Qing tells Mrs Ma all hopes are dashed. So is Mrs Ma – in wanting to have Ya Li Yin as her daughter-in-law. Mr Li decides to meet Kong Ai and Ya Li Yin begs her not to tell him about her parentage. Kong Ai hopes that the marriage plans will fail as Ya Li Yin is the third party. Mr Li ponders over her words on the way back. He gives Zhou Wang the approval to propose to Ya Li Yin.

He finds Kong Ai magnanimous to be self-sacrificing – definitely talking with more elegance than Mrs Li. Mrs Li is so angry that she decides to be sick to avoid Ya Li Yin when the day comes. Xiu Qing begs Ya Li Yin not to reveal their past to the Lis. She agrees. Li Ying becomes so upset that she drenches herself in the rain, running around like a mad woman. Ma Lin has to use all her might to bring her to her home. (This scene is a tragic one.) Even the fried chicken that Ma Lin brings fails to tempt her to eat.

Zhou Wang comes to Ya Li Yin’s home for a formal visit with orchids. (Hugh? I thought he and Ya Li Yin don’t like flowers? But to impress Kong Ai, he brought them to her.) Kong Ai tries dissuading him by citing that Ya Li Yin has lots of flaws in vain. She is surprised that Mr Li actually wants Zhou Wang to come right after their meeting. Zhou Wang mentions how unhappy his grandparents and parents are in their marriages so he has yearned to marry his true love. Kong Ai sighs and has to give in.

Because of Kong Ai’s disability, Ya Li Yin becomes a good cook and Zhou Wang enjoys her cooking. Kong Ai gives her approval to let them date to see if they are matching before the coming next month marriage. Kong Ai enjoys the scent from the flowers. Ya Li Yin is uneasy with them – she thinks she is a poisonous flower only letting off poisonous gases. Sure enough, that night, she dreams of going to Sheng Mei’s place and Sheng Mei doesn’t see her as she has turned into a snake!

Ma Jun is alarmed to see Li Ying and Ma Lin drenched. He informs Xiu Qing to let Li Ying stay for the night. He cooks noodles for Li Ying to cheer her up. When she reaches home, she coops up in her room, watching the engagement vcd, missing Zhou Wang. Ya Li Yin feels that she is evil. Sheng Mei tells her to hide overseas for a while as she will settle for her. But it is too late as she starts to fall for Zhou Wang.

Zhou Wang and Ya Li Yin visit the cd shop and she gets him a cd. Knowing that she has not been to the amusement park for a long time, he brings her there. It reminds her of the painful memories of seeing other children with their fathers. She is in tears when Zhou Wang takes photos of her. Zhou Wang hurries to hug her close to him to give her consolation to dry her tears. Mrs Li has to agree unwillingly to meet Kong Ai.

Mr Li uses his influence to stop the press from publicizing the breakup. Li Ying still keeps her old handphone number, hoping that Zhou Wang will call her. Mrs Li has an unpleasant meeting with Kong Ai. She still doesn’t understand why Zhou Wang chooses to give up Li Ying who is more compatible with him in age and background. Can you believe that she is so upset that they are marrying in 2 weeks’ time that she cries during breakfast while Mr Li even wishes that Zhou Wang marries Ya Li Yin on the same week?

Ya Li Ying feels bad when Ma Lin tells her about Li Ying’s terrible state so she goes to beat the drums. Moreover, Kong Ai warns her that Mrs Li isn’t happy with the coming marriage. Zhou Wang is surprised that she is so talented as he himself has almost forgotten how to play the piano although Mrs Li taught him. He tells Ya Li Yin how he breaks the frame in anger but the sketch is still a complete one. Zhou Wang tells Ya Li Yin his birthday date but she doesn’t tell him until much coaxing.

He is surprised to know that it is on the coming Saturday. No wonder he has the urge to know. Recalling that she wishes to eat homemade soup, he gets his maid to buy the ingredients so that he can cook for her. (I don’t think he has ever done it for Li Ying.) Ma Lin wants Ma Jun to do foot reflexology for her and it is amusing to see him putting on gloves. But he refuses to continue as her feet stink. Ya Li Yin begs Kong Ai in tears to choose an auspicious date for her wedding. She hopes that Li Ying will find a good match soon.

The date Kong Ai consults the fortune teller is Zhou Wang’s birthday. Mr Li treats Mrs Li to a meal to make her feel better. But he doesn’t feel better upon knowing from Jin Ye that Li Ying is still sore over it. The two Mrs Lis are curious to learn from the maid that Zhou Wang is going to cook – what is he up to? Ya Li Yin prepares the soup and Sheng Mei drops by. Upon learning that Zhou Wang is coming, she immediately drives away and Zhou Wang arrives after her. (That is sure a close shave.)

Zhou Wang tastes the soup. He returns to prepare it himself. Mr Li and the old Mrs Li stay up to wait for it. Mrs Li doubts he will cook well as this is his debut try and he only refers to the recipe. Zhou Wang still thinks that Ya Li Yin cooks better. All are amazed that he does well and learns that Ya Li Yin can also make handmade dumplings. This is the simple life that Mr Li longs for to eat as a family at the table.

Mrs Ma tries to persuade Ma Jun to look for a girlfriend. He refuses – when he was nine, he broke his leg. When he was nineteen, he lost his father. When he is twenty-nine, Ya Li Yin rejects him. He prefers to wait for another year. Li Ying and Ma Lin go to a pub to get drunk. Ma Jun carries Li Ying on his back, pushing Ma Lin to walk on her own home! When seeing Zhou Wang trying the cooking the second time, the old Mrs Li shakes her head – when has he treated Li Ying so well? She pities Li Ying.

Xiu Qing is angry to know that Zhou Wang is marrying Ya Li Yin within 2 weeks after chasing Li Ying out from his home. Mr Li brings Ya Li Yin home for dinner. The two Mrs Lis are displeased with her sweet words in impressing Mr Li. Mrs Li is more offended when he compares Ya Li Yin’s long hair to her short hair. Kong Ai is disturbed Li Ying is going through a bad patch. In fact, it is so bad that she puts on a hideous lipstick colour that Mrs Li doesn’t recognize her in the shades and wig. Upon knowing Zhou Wang is getting married, she cries in public and Ma Lin has to drag her home.

Mrs Li is angered when learned from the old Mrs Li that Zhou Wang spends hours in the kitchen cooking for Ya Li Yin’s birthday. He only gives her a cake and Li Ying a dog on their birthdays. He has really changed so much. Zhou Wang brings Ya Li Yin to their family villa. Ya Li Yin is touched to know that Zhou Wang cooks for her and touches the cuts he gets from chopping the fruits. She reminds him that mothers suffer most on their birthdays so they have to treat them better.

Zhou Wang gives her an enlarged photo of them together. He is keeping another copy. Li Ying dreams of an angel showing her a crystal ball of her getting married to Zhou Wang. She gets excited to get fatter. She eats ice cream early in the morning and asks Xiu Qing to get her wedding gown ready soon. Seeing her like this, Jin Ye goes to Ya Li Yin. Ya Li Yin refuses to leave Zhou Wang so he drives them towards the sea.

Ya Li Yin manages to stop the car on time and is utterly disappointed in Jin Ye. Jin Ye finally realizes how powerful Ya Li Yin is and Xiu Qing asks him not to provoke her further. Li Ying waits for the angel to come at night and Ma Lin nearly goes crazy when she calls her at 2 am to chat with her for 2 hours. Ya Li Yin is touched when Mrs Ma still offers to make the gown for her.

Sheng Mei hears Li Ying’s cheerful voice and tapes it down for Ya Li Yin to listen. Ya Li Yin tells Sheng Mei she is happy over her new found happiness but is afraid it will be seized from her soon. Zhou Wang buys a pearl ring for Kong Ai. They meet Xiu Qing and Xiu Qing is thankful Li Ying has gone to the toilet. If she sees this, she will go mad. (But I think she is already mad.) Zhou Wang brings Ya Li Yin and Kong Ai to a restaurant. He thanks Kong Ai for giving Ya Li Yin to him but feels apologetic for taking her away.

Xiu Qing tells Jin Ye what has happened. She is sore that Zhou Wang hasn’t bought her anything in the past and yet he gives a ring to Kong Ai. Zhou Wang requests Ma Lin to take care of Li Ying. Li Ying imagines how she goes snowing with Zhou Wang and wears her woolen clothes. She mixes vegetables with the rice in the rice cooker. Xiu Qing cries, not knowing what to do. (Simple – they talk about sending her for treatment for a long time but I don’t understand why they don’t do that instead of leading her on.)

Mr Li buys a wig. The night before, Mrs Li makes him a laughing stock by putting a wig to make him a laughing stock to his mother maid when walking out. He in turn stuffs it with clothes into Mrs Li’s dress to make her look like a pregnant woman. Mr Li brings Ya Li Yin home and is displeased that the two Mrs Lis only prepare noodles for dinner. He insists of eating out to offend the two.

Li Ying has her bath and suddenly runs out to take a cab, shouting all the way to Zhou Wang’s home. Her parents manage to stop her on time and send her to the mental institution. Mrs Li only tells Ya Li Yin to prepare 3 hannocks and she feels that it isn’t enough. Zhou Wang decides to ask his mother on her behalf for more presents. Both rush to her home to catch the last episode and Kong Ai is pleased.
Ma Jun is shocked that Ma Lin has become friends with Ya Li Yin. Ma Lin inspires to be a good scriptwriter like Ya Li Yin. She mistakens that Ya Li Yin comes from a rich family and Ma Jun shakes his head at her wrong guess. Without hardship, Ya Li Yin might not write so well. When moving some things into the guest room, the two Mrs Lis feel bad as they are reminded of Li Ying.

Ya Li Yin doesn’t attend the celebration of the serial but stays home to be with Sheng Mei and Kong Ai. A drunk Xiu Qing comes. She begs Ya Li Yin not to tell the truth what happens or she will ruin Li Ying. She regrets loving the wrong man to cause Li Ying to become like this. She will rather stay single. Now what is she going to do? Kong Ai and Ya Li Yin are badly affected by it.

Ya Li Yin goes to the hospital, trying to affirm the truth. She is shocked to find Li Ying really there. She decides to part with Zhou Wang, hoping that he can help her recover. But this is so unfair to him. Sheng Mei feels sad for her as she needs to confess that she has a reason to get close to him. Ya Li Yin cries when telling Kong Ai about it and Kong Ai passes the pearl ring to return to him.

Mrs Ma has seen this coming as the Lis will know of Jin Ye’s identity when the families exchange the family scroll. She tells Ma Jun the good news, hoping that he will woo her again. She also hopes that Ya Li Yin can help Ma Lin to find a new job as she loses her job at the station. Li Ying’s parents are worried when she isn’t getting better. Mrs Ma wants Ma Lin to break the sad news to Zhou Wang. She changes her mind to tell when Mr Li invites her home to have dinner with the elders.

Zhou Wang is worried when Ya Li Yin doesn’t listen to his calls. Thinking that she is sick, he rushes over to find that she isn’t at home. He finally gets her when he attends the company outing. She bursts into tears and hangs up upon hearing his warm voice. Feeling insecure, he rushes to her home again and insists to see her or he will not leave. Seeing her solemn face, he guesses that something is wrong but she denies.

He sees that she is quite restless. He is worried indeed when he senses that she has a slight fever. He wants her to bring her handphone everywhere she goes so that he feels rest assured by her voice. He requests her to hug him as he is afraid that he can’t let go if he is the one to make the initiative. She bursts into tears when he wishes that he could have taken her home.
Mrs Ma informs Xiu Qing of Ya Li Yin’s decision and she is delighted. That indicates that Zhou Wang will return to Li Ying to help her recover then. You will burst when Jin Ye even visits Ya Li Yin to confirm this! How unfair he is too both daughters! Ma Jun yells when Ma Lin throws his sports outfit belt away.

Ya Li Yin tells Zhou Wang that she wants a breakup and confesses that she wants to get rich by marrying him. She has planned to know him from day 1 – to have an informer to tell her when and where he will receive her call. This is her despicable side that he has never seen. Zhou Wang is confused and upset – she has made him depressed for a long time earlier. Why do this to him again – has he done anything wrong to make her say that she doesn’t love him with the same reason?
Seeing her bursting into tears, he gathers that it might be something else. When both are in the car, he tries to hold her hand but she withdraws her hand. Upon seeing the ring being placed back in the car, he will not accept this reason and will still meet her the next day. Ya Li Yin decides to leave for Paris a day later. Zhou Wang tells Mr Li that he intends to move out since the two Mrs Lis don’t like Ya Li Yin. Mr Li agrees reluctantly. Xiu Qing is willing to give anything to Kong Ai and Ya Li Yin as long as Li Ying can recover.
The two Mrs Lis are displeased with Ya Li Yin so Mrs Li asks Ya Li Yin out. She is shocked to know the reason and confirms this with Xiu Qing. Mr Li also finds it knotty to handle. Li Ying has been well protected by her parents since young so this setback is too big for her. Ma Lin also tells Zhou Wang about Li Ying but he sets up his mind to look for a condo to move out with Ya Li Yin the next day. His doctor friend has told him that Li Ying should be able to recover within a month.

He also insists of printing the wedding cards. Ya Li Yin is reluctant when both go shopping for groceries. To her, this is their last time together. She intends to stay in Paris till he gets together with Li Ying to forget about her completely. Unlike the two Mrs Lis, Mr Li finds Ya Li Yin pitiful and asks her out the next day. If Zhou Wang knows that she leaves without telling him, he might be the one to go mad. She bursts in front of Mr Li – just like in front of Mrs Li as she feels she is a sinner. Mr Li has to keep it from Zhou Wang.

Zhou Wang visits Kong Ai. Sheng Mei calls Kong Ai to find out Ya Li Yin’s departure time and he learns that Ya Li Yin is at the airport. He rushes there to stop her on time….by detaining her luggage to bring it home! The Lis and Li Ying’s parents are angry he still decides not to visit Li Ying. Ya Li Yin arranges to meet Zhou Wang the next day. You will laugh – he asks if she has changing clothes. She asks for her luggage but he will only return if she promises him not to do this again.

Mrs Ma tells Ma Jun that Ya Li Yin needs some time to settle her entanglement with Zhou Wang. Xiu Qing is angry with Mrs Ma for going against her, wanting to get Ya Li Yin to help Ma Lin to become a scriptwriter. She is afraid that Ma Lin will get to know Ya Li Yin’s identity but Mrs Ma ignores her. Sheng Mei tenders her resignation letter. Zhou Wang has lunch at Ya Li Yin’s home. She confesses that Sheng Mei is her accomplice but he still doesn’t believe her.
But after relating the incident in detail (by omitting the part she knows he has a fiancée all along), he feels hurt and leaves. Ya Li Yin is in a bad mood so she goes on several times on the ferris wheel. She gets a fever and contacts Sheng Mei. Sheng Mei gets her call when with Zhou Wang. Zhou Wang affirms the truth. Although he feels disappointed, he doesn’t see why Sheng Mei should resign because of this.

Li Ying’s attitude towards Jin Ye is still negative. Jin Ye knows she can’t face the fact that Zhou Wang is leaving her for good. Ma Lin is annoyed with Ma Jun for not sharing his newly bought MP3 player with her. Seeing that Ya Li Yin is truly ill, Sheng Mei sends her to the hospital and she needs to be hospitalized. She is upset when recalling how Zhou Wang takes care of her because of her nose bleed.
Ya Li Yin calls Zhou Wang’s name in her sleep. Zhou Wang decides to forgive Ya Li Yin. He knows that she initially has a motive to get close to him but knows her feelings for him are real. He can’t get Ya Li Yin at her home so he goes to Sheng Mei’s home. He is anxious upon knowing that she is hospitalized as she is too tired. Sheng Mei refuses to tell him which hospital she is in but he manages to find her.

Upon seeing her lying pale on the bed, he touches her forehead and is shocked that she is running a high fever. (You will melt at his gentle gesture.) Although she is cold to him, he still insists of getting her a nurse to take care of her before getting to work. Mrs Li is still angry with Ya Li Yin, thinking that she is only pretending to break up. Mr Li thinks Zhou Wang is also at fault and she should not only blame others.

Zhou Wang visits Ya Li Yin and she pays him the bill for hiring the nurse. He tries touching her hand but she retracts again. See how she hurts him repeatedly even though he cuts the fruits for her personally in the ward. He forgives her for the things done but she is adamant to cut ties from him. She goes to his home, telling the two Mrs Lis about her motive when she gets her suitcase. Zhou Wang tries in vain to explain to the elders. Even the open-minded Mr Li can’t accept this – it must have a good start and ending.

Mrs Ma complains to Jin Ye about Xiu Qing meeting Kong Ai to mention about him as her husband to hurt her feelings. She also snaps at him as Ma Lin is sincere about learning from Ya Li Yin and he should not stop her. He keeps mum, knowing that he is wrong. Xiu Qing is angry and asks her out to scold her – only to get snub back for treating her like a servant when both are younger and insensitive to others. (I enjoy this scene when Mrs Ma gets so fed up to give both a piece of her mind.)

Zhou Wang brings Ya Li Yin to the bungalow. He believes that Li Ying will recover soon and he dislikes her to push him to Li Ying. How is he going to do when she isn’t beside him? Why has she not considered for him at all? He doesn’t want her to leave him and places the ring on her finger. She is in tears when hugging him back. Upon reaching home, she puts the ring back into the box and decides to go to Paris.
Ma Lin pities Li Ying so she allows her to apply the dark lipstick on her lips to make her happy. She is shocked to know that Zhou Wang has visited her. The two Mrs Lis feel that Ya Li Yin is scheming to tell Zhou Wang to marry her so they plan to force him to visit Li Ying. Zhou Wang attends his senior’s wedding. He imagines dreamily it to be his own wedding when witnessing the ceremony. He calls Ya Li Yin to meet her at night. She bursts into tears as she is already on the plane.

Mrs Ma asks Ya Li Yin to help Ma Lin. She tells Mrs Ma to tell Ma Lin to attend the scriptwriting class as she will learn more there. But she can assist her in looking through her writing. The two Mrs Lis are about to tell Kong Ai to stop the marriage plans when they learn that she is already on the plane. They realize that they have wronged her. They decide to keep it from Zhou Wang who will know about it in the evening.

Zhou Wang recalls how Ya Li Yin wishes to read children tales so he gets a book on mermaid for her. He looks forward to meet her in the evening but Sheng Mei comes instead. He is worried – is she ill again? All should see how his smile and face colour fades completely when knowing that Ya Li Yin has left. He can’t get her on her handphone and Sheng Mei leaves the ring with a letter to him.

He gets so upset and becomes drunk. How can she treat him like this? The bartender finds Ma Lin’s number and calls her. She arrives with Ma Jun to send him home. Xiu Qing hopes that Kong Ai will accept her money to make her feel better but she rejects her. Xiu Qing has hoped that Zhou Wang will visit Li Ying immediately after the breakup. Mrs Ma tells her Zhou Wang is drunk the previous night. She hopes that Ma Lin will get a chance to marry Zhou Wang since she is interested in him and the elders like her so much. (Zhou Wang is such a good catch to be missed to be well liked by the 3 women.)

Zhou Wang is sad to know that Ya Li Yin will only return if he marries Li Ying. Zhou Wang still gets drunk for a few days. Mr Li knows he needs time. He doesn’t agree with Mrs Li for looking down on Ya Li Yin when she comments how small her home is. Zhou Wang visits Li Ying at the hospital. He is shocked to see the bad state she is in. He decides to marry her – to the joy of both families.
However, he becomes a very unhappy bridegroom-to-be when Li Ying is discharged. Ma Jun waits eagerly for Ya Li Yin’s return as Mrs Ma designs Li Ying’s wedding gown. He also informs Sheng Mei who notifies Ya Li Yin to return. Jin Ye has a nightmare, dreaming of getting drunk with Zhou Wang and telling him that Ya Li Yin is also his daughter. He starts to feel that he is unfair to the couple.
Ma Jun learns of Ma Lin’s sacking and is angry that Mrs Ma pampers her so much. Both siblings get into cold war. The exchanging of gifts ceremony ends but Zhou Wang has to listen to the recorder to Ya Li Yin’s voice before he can sleep at night daily. He and Li Ying go to the bookshop. He sees a girl choosing a book that Ya Li Ying has read and recalls the past. He is stunned to see Ya Li Yin browsing the books there and becomes distracted later.

Li Ying still hates Ya Li Yin and Ya Li Yin is unhappy to see the wedding gown in Mrs Ma’s shop. Ma Jun is delighted that she is back. Zhou Wang calls Ya Li Yin but both hang up, not knowing what to say to each other. Jin Ye hopes Ya Li Yin can marry her ex-boyfriend but she decides to stay single all her life.
Mrs Li recalls that Mr Li is attracted by Mrs Ma who wears a long scarf so she tries on it herself. But he cites that she looks ugly with her short neck. Enraged, she ties their legs together with it. They can’t untie the knot and has to crawl out when there is a fire in the maid’s room. Zhou Wang manages to put out the fire and the old Mrs Li is so amused to see their state and has to cut the scarf with a pair of scissors.

Mrs Ma feels that the Yins are wrong to keep the Lis in the dark. What will be their reaction if they find out the truth after the wedding? It is very unfair to them. She is about to tell the two Mrs Lis as they collect the clothes from her shop when Xiu Qing comes. She has no choice but to send them the sms – the first to say that Jin Ye has remarried and the second to say that the two young women are sisters.

Mrs Li tries to find out from Kong Ai but gets no answer. Then they find out from Mrs Ma after discovering that Zhou Wang is equally ignorant. Badly shaken and they pity the women despite disliking Ya Li Yin’s revengeful nature, they also inform Mr Li. Mr Li is angry with Jin Ye for being unfaithful to Kong Ai and also deceiving their family. He decides to call off the marriage.

Jin Ye gets mad and slaps Ya Li Yin, thinking that she is the culprit. Kong Ai drives him out of their flat. But upon knowing that the wedding is cancelled, Xiu Qing faints and Li Ying sends her to hospital. Only upon calling Jin Ye to inform him of it, Li Ying learns about the wedding cancellation. She asks the two Mrs Lis the reason. The two find it hard to tell her so they tell her to ask her own parents.

Mrs Li asks Zhou Wang out to disclose the truth. Who is willing to let their daughter marry him from now on – she frowns although she does pity Ya Li Yin and her mother. Jin Ye tells Xiu Qing that Ya Li Yin is the culprit but she thinks that he doesn’t know his daughter well. She recalls Mrs Ma’s evasive behaviour and suspects her. (No wonder Ya Li Yin only has hatred towards her father.)
Both old women end up fighting. It is hell-raising to see both pulling each other’s hair and Xiu Qing has a bruised nose. Ma Lin is shocked to learn the truth. Jin Ye is taken aback to see Xiu Qing‘s state and to learn that he has wronged Ya Li Yin. Li Ying doesn’t return home and asks Ma Lin to contact Zhou Wang for her. She wants to know from him why the wedding is cancelled.

Ma Lin tells her the truth. Li Ying runs away before she can tell that Kong Ai is blind. Li Ying affirms the truth with her parents. The shock is too big and she ends up having a twisted mouth due to poor blood circulation to be hospitalized. Xiu Qing apologises to Mrs Li for what happens and Mrs Li recommends her to send Li Ying to a Chinese physician.

Li Ying’s condition hasn’t improved. She attributes it to retribution as she writes negative reports on Ya Li Yin in the past, not knowing that she is her elder sister. Xiu Qing lies that she doesn’t have Ya Li Yin’s number when Li Ying wants to contact her. The Li elders decide to arrange Ma Lin to marry Zhou Wang as they like her cheerful nature. (It seems that they just choose any woman that comes to their mind now.)

Jin Ye becomes drunk and comes to Mrs Ma’s home, wanting to scold her. Ma Jun asks which daughter he loves more. He is displeased that he prefers Li Ying as she is adorable but Ya Li Yin is pitiful. He gets irritated upon knowing he slaps Ya Li Yin. Jin Ye doesn’t have the courage to ask for her forgiveness. (He is definitely a coward.) Half-drunk, Ma Jun comes to Ya Li Yin, wanting to console her and requesting Kong Ai to allow him to take care of them. (It is funny that both men become drunk on the same night.)

Mrs Ma shakes her head at his imprudence – why does he let Ya Li Yin see how he makes a fool of himself? Mrs Ma apologises to Ya Li Yin over Ma Jun’s behaviour. She also tells what happens between her and Xiu Qing. She hides in Kong Ai’s room when Xiu Qing arrives. Xiu Qing requests Ya Li Yin to change her handphone number. Mrs Ma can’t stand Xiu Qing bad-mouthing her so she fight with her again.

Jin Ye resigns and wishes to migrate overseas. Xiu Qing doesn’t want to give up her career and suggests that Ya Li Yin should be the one to do so. She believes that Li Ying doesn’t hate Ya Li Yin by calling her elder sister. But still she doesn’t want them to meet otherwise she will know her past. Zhou Wang is unable to contact Ya Li Yin so he comes personally to meet her outside her home.

He initially hates her for leaving and ignores his love for her. Now he understands and forgives her. She knows that his parents can’t forgive her but is glad that he forgives her. He believes that he will marry soon. Both are in tears when they part. Ma Lin is overjoyed when Mrs Li invites the siblings over for dinner to thank them for sending Zhou Wang back the other day. (We know that this is only an excuse.) Mrs Ma is pleased that all is going on fine. Mr Li isn’t happy when Mrs Li excludes inviting Mrs Ma.

She has to invite her reluctantly again. The two families have a happy dinner – which excludes Zhou Wang. Sheng Mei tells Ya Li Yin about Jin Ye’s resignation. Li Ying learns the whole story from Ma Lin. She feels that she owes Ya Li Yin and Kong Ai too much. No wonder Ya Li Yin refers them as the characters in her drama. If she is Ya Li Yin, she will go more extreme than her. Li Ying can part with Zhou Wang but she definitely can’t bring herself to grab someone’s husband.

She has thought that Jin Ye divorced because he married too young. She can’t accept what her parents have done. On what grounds can Jin Ye criticize Zhou Wang since he is doing the same? Isn’t Ya Li Yin also Jin Ye’s daughter? How can he be so unfair to slap her since he is in the wrong to abandon them? And Xiu Qing to seduce Jin Ye to have her out of wedlock. She moves out to stay with the Mas.

Mrs Li is angry with Mr Li to want to change his ties to pass to Zhou Wang after listening to Mrs Ma’s professional advice. Zhou Wang leaves to the elders to make his marriage plans. Li Ying assures Zhou Wang that she is able to accept the setback. She feels remorseful to Ya Li Yin for grabbing her happiness away. Isn’t it possible for Zhou Wang to marry her? Although he denies the possibility, his heart is shaken.

Mrs Ma is dismayed to know that Ya Li Yin decides to remain single and has not considered marrying Ma Jun. She gets Kong Ai to do the talking in vain. Mrs Ma is delighted when the two Mrs Lis ask for Ma Lin’s hand in marriage. (She is overly eager to have her.) A drunk Jin Ye allows a reporter into his home and blurts the past. Xiu Qing is annoyed with him for only being able to bring trouble to her.
Li Ying has a stomach upset and her heart flutters when Ma Jun tends to her. She is surprised that the Lis approach Ma Lin as she prefers Ya Li Yin to marry Zhou Wang. Ya Li Yin goes to the countryside to make an interview. The heater at her home breaks down so Mrs Ma brings Kong Ai home. Li Ying nearly blurts her identity, wanting to repent her mistakes to her. Ma Jun consoles her when she bursts into tears. She finds her pitiful and doesn’t know how to face her.
Xiu Qing doesn’t have the courage to face Li Ying. Zhou Wang is neutral when his family suggests getting the Mas to celebrate Christmas together. Li Ying helps Kong Ai to the toilet during midnight and Kong Ai has a good impression of her. Mr Li knows Zhou Wang isn’t ready for marriage as yet but he still advises him of the joy of having a family. Mrs Li is still annoyed with Mr Li for comparing her with Mrs Ma.

The two Mrs Lis feel sorry for Ya Li Yin as they don’t understand why Jin Ye can desert his ex-wife. They believe that he will have his just desserts. Although they will not see Ya Li Yin, they decide to give her support by watching her dramas. Ya Li Yin isn’t happy to know that Kong Ai stays over at Mrs Ma’s home. She only wants to treat the Mas as normal friends. Mrs Ma tells Ma Jun to be patient for Ya Li Yin. Sure enough, this coward, Jin Ye hides himself in a hotel and Xiu Qing has to come to fetch him home.

Zhou Wang recalls the past when in the chocolate shop. He passes them to Sheng Mei to transfer to Ya Li Yin but doesn’t want her to reveal that they are from him. Ma Lin brings Li Ying to Ya Li Yin. Both burst into tears and have a happy reunion. Li Ying apologises for her past mistakes. She also cries upon seeing their brother’s photo and both decide to tell everyone proudly they are sisters. Kong Ai is delighted that both sisters get along well. Li Ying decides to visit them more often.

Ya Li Yin is worried upon knowing that the truth will be out but Li Ying knows they have to face it sooner or later. Li Ying has envied Ma Lin for boasting Ya Li Yin bringing her to taste nice porridge and now she does the same to her. Ya Li Yin sighs – Li Ying is so different from her parents and she is braver than Jin Ye. Li Ying is hostile to Xiu Qing when she wants to bring her home. She goes to Paris for holiday instead.

Ya Li Yin isn’t prepared to accept Ma Jun. Ya Li Yin recommends Ma Lin to Director An. He is concerned after knowing the sisters’ identities. He also realizes the reason why she gets Xiu Qing to act in her drama and Xiu Qing has not appeared in the television station lately. Zhou Wang dreams of asking Sheng Mei if he still has a chance with Ya Li Yin.

He has been to the bookshop and imagines his future children reading the books. But instead of thinking of his future wife, he will think of Ya Li Yin. Later he awakes after dreaming that he misses her so much to knock on her door. After that, he can’t sleep for the night. The two Mrs Lis are angry with Mr Li for ignoring their efforts in decorating the Christmas tree. The old Mrs Li has to sing as her punishment.

Ya Li Yin has a heated argument with Kong Ai after she presses her to marry Ma Jun. She has no confidence left after her parents’ failed marriage and has wanted to abandon Kong Ai when younger. Kong Ai learns knitting at a shop but it catches fire so she dies. Zhou Wang goes to Japan for a job assignment, not knowing of it. Ya Li Yin gets hysterical over her death. The Mas help her with the funeral. The Lis discuss on the gas explosion case, not knowing that Kong Ai is the victim. (I am baffled that they are ignorant although they own a newspaper!)

Director An comes to the wake after Ma Lin informs him. He doesn’t inform the television station as Ya Li Yin wants a quiet funeral. Ya Li Yin chases Jin Ye away as he is responsible for Kong Ai’s death. Kong Ai is unable to find her way out since she is blind. Jin Ye follows the funeral team in his car. Xiu Qing feels remorseful as she is unable to get her forgiveness before her death.

Sheng Mei brings Ya Li Yin to her home although Ma Jun wishes her to move in with them. Zhou Wang gets frantic when he learns the news. Remorse fills his chest upon realizing it is the news that he learns before boarding the plane. He goes to Ya Li Yin’s home along with his luggage, not to find her there. (He is too worried to go home first.) He dumps his luggage at home and runs out again in his car.

He parks his car near her home, falling asleep and dreaming of her killing herself in her home. Worried, he and Sheng Mei get a locksmith to pry open the door – only to discover that she isn’t there. Relieved, he now has an extra key to her home. He waits patiently there, hoping that she will return. The elders suspect him not having a wink at all – has he been gambling all night? No – he has been to different hotels, police stations and also hospitals to find Ya Li Yin in vain.

Xiu Qing wonders how Li Ying is doing – will she get married soon? Will people forget about her ugly affair? Jin Ye is angry with her still treating Ya Li Yin like an outsider. Xiu Qing is angry with Sheng Mei for being Ya Li Yin’s accomplice but Jin Ye doesn’t blame her. (These two are selfish by nature.) Li Ying meets up with Zhou Wang. She hopes that Zhou Wang will win Ya Li Yin’s heart. She moves home but is fed up with them for being unconcerned to Ya Li Yin.
Director An is pleased with Ma Lin’s work and will shoot it soon. Ma Jun is surprised to know that Ma Lin’s work is accepted and is concerned that she is still out at the emporium late at night. All will be touched although he chides her over the phone. Li Ying knows Ya Li Yin must be very distressed on her own. Sure enough, she thinks of killing herself in a car to be with Kong Ai but she dreams of her telling her to hang on. She appears at Zhou Wang’s doorstep. She will live on for his sake if he doesn’t leave her. Zhou Wang’s heart nearly tears apart when seeing the wounds on her hand and head. He sends her to hospital and is distressed to know that the injuries are caused by a car accident.

He stays by her bedside, kissing her hand till she wakes up. Li Ying hesitates to visit Ya Li Yin and meets Sheng Mei. She doesn’t blame her for keeping it from her. Ya Li Yin finds no reason to survive without Zhou Wang by her side. Mrs Ma is disappointed that the future marriages of her children don’t work out. Xiu Qing will not like Ma Jun to be a son-in-law as he obeys his mother too much.

Ma Jun gets drunk over it and Li Ying feels sorry for him after knowing his feelings for Ya Li Yin. The Lis are angered when Zhou Wang announces that he is marrying Ya Li Yin on the next Saturday. Even old Mrs Li’s ploy of feigning to faint by the news doesn’t change his mind. Laugh when he doesn’t suspect anything amiss even though he sends her to the hospital as the doctor declares her to be fine.

Mr Li commands Zhou Wang to bring Ya Li Yin home. The 3 elders fail to change their minds. The two Mrs Lis dislike Ya Li Yin to bring bad luck into their family while Mr Li dislikes her to bring disgrace to them. Zhou Wang declares that he is able to survive but Ya Li Yin can’t survive if there is a breakup. Thus there is no way to tell them to break up. Li Ying and Ma Lin prepare for her marriage happily.

Mrs Ma and Xiu Qing fight again when they quarrel over their children. However, Mrs Ma is delighted when Ma Lin’s script is chosen to shoot a sitcom. She decides to design Ya Li Yin’s wedding gown to show her gratitude. It doesn’t matter to Ma Lin that Zhou Wang marries Ya Li Yin as her concentration is on her work. Xiu Qing and Jin Ye are dismayed when Li Ying is neutral to Zhou Wang’s coming marriage.

Jin Ye is shocked when it doesn’t cross Ya Li Yin’s mind to get him to bring her into the wedding hall. She doesn’t even want him to appear in front of her again. She decides to give her bouquet of flowers to Sheng Mei. Mrs Ma is equally shocked when Ya Li Yin asks her to represent Kong Ai. Li Ying decides not to appear at Ya Li Ying’s wedding to embarrass the Lis.

Mrs Li disallows Ya Li Yin to stay with them but gives in to make her stay with them for a year after seeing her tears. The old Mrs Li is angry with her for giving in so easily. Their original maid, Mrs Dong returns. The old Mrs Li has a stomach upset so she doesn’t attend the wedding. Xiu Qing is hospitalized because of her weak heart. Ma Lin finds Director An nice looking but Mrs Ma thinks he looks like a mouse. Still, she allows him to shoot scenes outside her shop.

Jin Ye secretly watches the wedding couple walking in. In Ya Li Yin’s eyes, she sees Kong Ai although Mrs Ma is there. Director An sits beside Ma Lin. The bouquet lands in Ma Lin’s hands when Ya Li Yin tries to throw to Sheng Mei. Jin Ye gets drunk and painfully thinks how lonely Ya Li Yin is with no family around. The couple goes to Switzerland for their honeymoon.

Zhou Wang has skin allergy and is hospitalized on the first day when he feels giddy. The Lis feel Ya Li Yin brings them bad luck. Li Ying gets along well with Ma Jun as both exchange presents and wash dishes when Ma Lin is out with Director An. Ma Lin feels sorry for Director An after knowing he is separated from his wife. Mrs Ma quarrels with Xiu Qing again when she pretends not to know her at the beauty salon. Ma Lin makes hot red date tea for Director An daily when they start filming.

Li Ying takes care of Ma Jun when he has a high fever. Ya Li Yin and Zhou Wang make a wish – wanting to see the ice angel together again with their children when they reach 60 years old. Ma Lin introduces her friend, Zhen Jing to attend the yoga class to know Ma Jun. Zhen Jing isn’t discouraged to see Ma Jun and Li Ying together. Ya Li Yin and Zhou Wang are back from their honeymoon.

The old Mrs Li accepts their bows reluctantly as they do it in their traditional clothes. The Lis are surprised that Ya Li Yin has booked the traditional food that the wives should bring home from a respectful hotel. The two Mrs Lis are unhappy to see Ya Li Yin feeding Zhou Wang with grapes openly. Mr Li envies them, though as Mrs Li never does this. Mrs Dong prides herself to be the housekeeper and wants Ya Li Yin to obey her. She is angry with her when she doesn’t listen to her command to wash vegetables.

Ma Jun feels a sense of loss when Li Ying returns home. Li Ying gets intimate with Ma Jun upon knowing Zhen Jing’s intention. Ya Li Yin receives Mr Li and Zhou Wang when they return from work in the garden. Mr Li envies them. Later, Mrs Li also cleans the grapes and puts into Mr Li’s mouth. The elders get another shock when Zhou Wang does the same to Ya Li Yin. Mrs Li is angry that Mr Li doesn’t follow suit and Mr Li pleads with Zhou Wang not to be too intimate with his wife as Mrs Li tends to make comparisons.

Mrs Dong scolds Ya Li Yin for rejecting organic food that the elders have while Mrs Li tells Ya Li Yin to listen to Mrs Dong as an elder. Ya Li Yin tries in vain to convince her the importance of rice. To her dismay, Mrs Li finds Ya Li Yin defiant to want her not to bother on what the young will eat in future. Xiu Qing and Jin Ye are thrilled when Li Ying’s ex-classmate, Xian Bin is finishing his national service and is still interested in Li Ying. Xian Bin’s father is a famous architect and they hope she will marry a rich guy.
Mr Li gets interested in the breakfast that Ya Li Yin prepares for Zhou Wang. You will laugh when he wants some from them – not minding that Zhou Wang has eaten some rice! He gives Ya Li Yin pocket money to prepare for him. He doesn’t like the tasteless food that Mrs Li tells Mrs Dong to prepare for him. Both then chide each other for not giving due respect.

Jin Ye and Xiu Qing are excited when Xian Bin visits them but Li Ying isn’t at home. Mrs Dong is angry with Ya Li Yin wanting her to wash dishes on 3 days and criticizing her cooking with msg. She complains to Mrs Li and Mrs Li is angered when Ya Li Yin wants to pay Mrs Dong her salary instead. Is Ya Li Yin trying to take over her position? She boils when Zhou Wang offers to wash the dishes instead on one night.

Ma Jun and Li Ying are not bothered by their family’s setting up of their future marriage partners. Ma Jun gets worried upon seeing Director An with Ma Lin together. Is he going to woo his sister? Director An smiles when seeing the flask Ma Lin leaves in his car and washes it. Li Ying decides not to give Zhen Jing any chance to get Ma Jun. Ma Jun brings Li Ying to the skiing ground. Both take photos together.

Mrs Ma sees that Ya Li Yin needs to adapt to gain the liking of the Li elders. Li Ying becomes upset when Ma Lin asks her to give Zhen Jing a chance to know Ma Jun. Ma Jun gets angry with Ma Lin for spilling hot soup over Li Ying’s hand. He hits hard on her back and she is angry that he is so unfair to her. This reminds her of how Ma Jun tells her to walk while he carries Li Ying to the car when both are drunk the last time. Director An returns the flask to Ma Lin and invites her to observe him to make the clips. She is delighted to find sweets and chocolates inside the flask.

He is upset when his ex-wife calls him to sign the divorce papers. Ma Lin cheers him up and he promises to give her a treat when the ratings soar. Jin Ye requests Mrs Ma to pass Chinese medicine to Ya Li Yin but she rejects them. She will not even accept a peanut from him and she is firm not to let him visit his grandchild in future. Xiu Qing tells him not to try again.

Ya Li Yin tells Mr Li that she wants to give in to the two Mrs Lis for a month to follow the breakfast menu. Mr Li accepts this reluctantly. Li Ying is always outside to avoid Xian Bin. She thinks she can never be blissful after her parents’ deed and wants to search for her own love. Ya Li Yin enjoys being with Li Ying and regrets not cooking for her when she is single. Now her husband’s family still doesn’t accept her. The women ignore her when she wishes to visit the hair salon with them and blame her for Mr Li’s misfortune when he needs to wear a neck brace after an accident.

Ma Jun feels sad when Li Ying mentions that she only has an elder sister. He sends an email to her – telling her she can treat the Mas as her siblings. He wants her to join the exercise class again, ignoring Zhen Jing totally. Ma Lin asks Zhen Jing to come home since there is no progress. Zhen Jing is annoyed when Li Ying turns up for the class and Ma Jun showers his attention on her – asking if her wound has recovered.

Ya Li Yin feels anemic during midnight so Zhou Wang wants Mrs Dong to brew beef soup. He is enraged to know that Ya Li Yin is made to wash dishes like a maid but Ya Li Yin dissuades him from speaking up for her. He gets angrier upon knowing that the soup isn’t prepared for her when he calls her. Jin Ye is unhappy upon seeing Li Ying coming out from Ma Jun’s car. What if Xian Bin gets the wrong idea? Li Ying is sick of her parents who keep asking her to accept Xian Bin.
The old Mrs Li can’t stand seeing Ya Li Yin around so she goes to stay with her younger sister. (This selfish woman leaves Mrs Li to fend for herself.) She is annoyed when Ya Li Yin doesn’t keep her back. Ma Lin wins the bet with Ma Jun as her debut drama is shown and snatches the car keys from him. Ma Jun gets more annoyed when she gets many congratulations calls. Mr Li envies Zhou Wang when seeing Ya Li Yin bringing breakfast to his bed. The food is made up of love and caution.

Mr and Mrs Li visit the old Mrs Li while Ya Li Yin and Zhou Wang stay at home to do housework. Zhen Jing comes to the Mas’ home. Mrs Ma will see how Ma Jun responses. Ma Jun is only in a hurry to watch a movie with Li Ying in Mrs Ma’s car, leaving the women to talk to each other. Upon seeing Xiu Qing outside, Li Ying tells Ma Jun to drop her at the roadside. Xiu Qing doesn’t recognize the car and thus thinks that she is out with another man.

Ya Li Yin cooks a delicious dinner. Mr Li enjoys it but Mrs Li says nothing although she admits secretly that her cooking is good. Ya Li Yin is tired so she falls asleep in the library. Zhou Wang carries her back to their room, much to Mrs Li’s displeasure. Ma Lin’s serial is well received, getting 20% viewership and all are happy for her. Ma Lin returns the car keys to Ma Jun after he writes an essay praising her.

Mrs Ma gives Director An a treat over the success. She notices he doesn’t wear his wedding ring and wonders if he flirts with actresses. Ma Lin tries to cover up and tells his troubles to Ya Li Yin. Ya Li Yin tells Ma Lin her mistakes and wants her to try doing some housework since she has not tasted hardship before. Director An requests to work with Ma Lin for sitcoms. Li Ying quarrels with Xiu Qing, thinking she isn’t a good mother. Since she isn’t working now, she doesn’t help out with the housework.

Ya Li Yin requests to have a better relationship with Mrs Li but she tells her to move out. Zhen Jing gets Ma Jun to send her home and boasts to Li Ying about it. Zhou Wang is touched when Ya Li Yin puts warm food in a flask for him although she doesn’t leave him any note when he returns home at dawn. He realizes the benefit of getting married. Mr Li envies him and shakes his head upon seeing Mrs Li who still sleeps.

Ya Li Yin is appalled when Mr Li wants her to prepare breakfast for him. This angers Mrs Li as Zhou Wang chooses to eat fruits too. Ya Li Yin is touched when Zhou Wang washes to keep the flask and even leaves her a note. He feels hungry the last night and nearly wants to have supper at a roadside stall. But she wears on his mind so he rushes home. He is touched that she prepares food for him. Ya Li Yin visits the old Mrs Li, taking her pyjamas there but her response is still cold to her.

Mrs Li approaches Mrs Ma to get Ya Li Yin to move out. She causes her to quarrel with Mr Li and the old Mrs Li dreads to see her moody face. Jin Ye suspects that Li Ying has a boyfriend. Ma Jun and Li Ying realizes they like each other when they shop together. Mrs Li keeps forcing Ya Li Yin to move out when telling her that she always has nothing to tell her friends. She becomes so stressed that she has a nose bleed.

Old Mrs Li’s mouth water upon knowing that Ya Li Yin makes different dishes daily. But she is firm not to return. Ma Lin tells Li Ying to avoid meeting Ma Jun to give Zhen Jing more chances. Ma Jun tells Li Ying his feelings but both worry that their parents will not accept. Director An is pleased with Ma Lin’s script but Ma Lin gets very worried to become drunk. She is afraid of not working up to his expectations because Ya Li Yin is the one to edit her scripts. Xian Bin’s mother asks Xiu Qing to help Li Ying change her mind.

Zhou Wang pesters Ya Li Yin to take her bath while he cooks the dishes. Mrs Li scolds Ya Li Yin but he carries her upstairs to upset her furthermore. Mrs Li gets so mad that she becomes drunk. Can you imagine her calling her a 9-tail fox although she pities her background? Ma Jun’s impression of Zhen Jing turns bad when seeing her sleeping on Ma Lin’s bed when she is too tired.

Zhou Wang and Ya Li Yin play hide-and-seek in their room. (They are so childish at this age.) This awakens the old couple, thinking that they are fighting. Mrs Li frowns but Mr Li envies them – this is the kind of romantic life he longs to have. Mrs Li gets angry with Mr Li buying a suit for Ya Li Yin from Mrs Ma’s shop but she gets nothing. Mr Li points out she never prepares breakfast for him since marriage.
Li Ying only agrees to marry Ma Jun if he gains 2 kilos. He is overjoyed and gets lovers’ rings. But she doesn’t want to wear it now as their parents will question. Her parents notice that she is happier and thinks that she has accepted Xian Bin. Ma Lin has an enjoyable time with Director An at the cinema. He encourages her to write drama scripts when she is more confident.

Zhen Jing cooks ginseng chicken soup and Mrs Ma likes it. Ma Jun gulps it down but regrets upon knowing it. He feels uneasy when Ma Lin arranges them to have dinner together and Zhen Jing clings to him. He is more uncomfortable when Zhen Jing’s mother views him as her future son-in-law. Zhou Wang learns from Ya Li Yin that Li Ying likes Ma Jun. He frowns as their parents will not be able to accept them.

Mrs Li gets so angry with Mr Li that she visits the old Mrs Li. On another day, she blames Ya Li Yin for not preparing her dinner when she is back late. On another day, she scolds her for cooking a dish with garlic as she is going out. Mr Li is happy without Mrs Li at home but his mother tells him to care more about his wife’s feelings. Mrs Li tries giving Ya Li Yin a hard time by inviting her rich friends over, citing that they want to try out her cooking skills.
After preparing a whole table of food, they sneer at her for not tasting expensive food before. Ya Li Yin can’t take it anymore and bursts that she dislikes Mrs Li. Mrs Li tells her to move out but she refuses. Since she is their daughter-in-law, they must stay together and even if they throw her luggage out, she will return.

She tells Li what happens. She decides to show Mrs Li her flaws after seeing that her good side doesn’t win her over. She tells the men not to get involved if both quarrel. Both obey her.

Mr Li is angry with Mrs Li and both quarrel again. How can she ask them to move out in this winter weather? Ya Li Yin tells Xian Bin that Li Ying doesn’t love him and he backs off. Xiu Qing is angry with her for doing this. So does Zhen Jing when Ma Jun tells her that he loves someone else. Ma Jun wonders how to tell his mother about him going steady with Li Ying. Director An sees them dating together.
Ya Li Yin deliberately cooks rice and fish as breakfast for the men. Mrs Li longs to eat it but refuses to admit it. Ya Li Yin tells Mrs Li to teach her sewing which she knows none of that. Mrs Li is annoyed when she wants her to show her how to do it. She tells the old Mrs Li about it, wanting her to sew the trousers for Zhou Wang. The old Mrs Li teaches her to pretend to be sick. Mrs Li refuses to eat anything set for her.

Ya Li Yin tells her not to regret. Mrs Li gets hungry at night and is angry to find no food in the fridge. She can only have instant oats and hides in the toilet to eat. Ma Jun and Li Ying wear the lovers’ rings. Mrs Ma is angry and gives him a slap. She demands him to date Zhen Jing but he refuses. Ya Li Yin hides the food away and Mrs Li has no choice but to drink the porridge that she has prepared.
Ma Lin prepares nice food for Director An. Li Ying’s parents also give Ma Jun the cold shoulder. Xiu Qing jumps to see the lovers’ ring on his hand. Ya Li Yin tells Mrs Li to remove the little dried fish’s intestines while she cleans the house. Mrs Li has to give in although she has never done it before since she has eaten her food to obey her orders. Later, she tells her to fold the clothes while she does the cooking. The old Mrs Li has to think of a way to fix Ya Li Yin before returning home.

The two Mrs Lis are annoyed when Ya Li Yin wants to follow them for lunch. But both like the BBQ food that she recommends. Mrs Ma tells Zhen Jing she can never accept any other person except her to be her daughter-in-law. Director An has his meal with the food Ma Lin prepares. Mrs Ma intends to talk to Li Ying alone but Xiu Qing tails her to the café. Both old women end up fighting.
Jin Ye is relieved that Ya Li Yin is doing fine. Ma Jun explains to Jin Ye about his love for Li Ying. He will move out of home if Mrs Ma disallows. Jin Ye gives his approval. Mrs Li is angry when Ya Li Yin gets Zhou Wang to wash the dishes after dinner. Mr Li finds nothing wrong with it. Ya Li Yin explains her point – she is tired tidying the whole house. Mrs Li has not done it before and doesn’t know how tired this is. Will Mrs Li allow her daughter to do so much work if she has one? Mrs Li is tongue-tied.

Ya Li Yin reflects that she has said sorry to her too many times although she has done nothing wrong. From now onwards, she will reason out with her over her actions. Mrs Li doesn’t like Mr Li to sing praises on Mrs Ma’s elegance so she forces him to keep a young photo of her in his wallet. Zhou Wang gets drunk upon getting home and requests Mrs Li to treat his wife better. You will laugh when he even tells his wife not to cook organic food anymore to force her to eat rice with them!

She is annoyed that Ya Li Yin badmouths her. Ya Li Yin tries in vain to make Mrs Ma accept Li Ying. Ma Jun and Li Ying sneak out at midnight as he cooks instant noodles for her to eat in the park. Ma Lin is furious they keep it from her and Ma Jun even hits her shoulder hard. Mrs Ma is also unhappy to know that. Xiu Qing tries in vain to get Li Ying to remove her ring while Ma Lin removes Ma Jun’s ring when he is sleeping. Ya Li Yin tells the driver to return home before she completes shopping. Mrs Li grumbles when they have to walk home, carrying the heavy groceries on the way. She is angered when Ya Li Yin wants her to peel the cabbages’ layers to make kimchi dumplings. Mrs Li refuses to do it initially.

However, she gives in after Ya Li Yin explains her stand. Ya Li Yin has hoped to treat Mrs Li like her own mother since Kong Ai isn’t around. The men are so happy to see them making the dumplings together that they take photos of them. Ma Lin isn’t happy that Director An knows that her brother dates Li Ying before she knows it. The old Mrs Li isn’t happy to know that Mrs Li decides to treat Ya Li Yin better too.

The old Mrs Li tells the rest not to meddle in the dispute she has with Ya Li Yin. Zhou Wang wonders what can make Ya Li Yin happy. She doesn’t want to tell him the way so he has a wonderful idea – to wear her nightgown to sleep! It is hilarious when he pretends to be a woman to get raped. The old Mrs Li moves home and picks on her. Mrs Ma brings Zhen Jing and Ma Jun out for shopping.

She makes Ma Jun buy a brooch for her. Ma Jun is enraged upon knowing that Ma Lin has thrown his ring away so he slaps her. Director An thinks that she is in the wrong and coaxes her to return it to him. You will laugh upon knowing where she hides it. She puts in on her toe! Ma Jun is delighted to get it back. Mrs Ma keeps slapping Ma Jun to force Li Ying to remove her ring.

Li Ying wants a breakup but Ma Jun refuses. The old Mrs Li is angry that the others eat better food that Ya Li Yin prepares while she is eating tasteless food that Mrs Dong prepares. She leaves the table. Even though Mrs Li tries to pacify her, she isn’t appeased. Ya Li Yin even points out her flaws to make her more unhappy. She is fuming mad upon seeing how Ya Li Yin makes Mrs Li taste the soup and even records her favourite programme for her.

Zhou Wang pretends to be drunk and wants Ya Li Yin out of the house to drive him back. He brings her out for a spin. Ya Li Yin confesses she cries a lot initially when married to him but now she doesn’t cry anymore since she is on better terms with Mrs Li and Zhou Wang loves her so much. Ya Li Yin commands Mrs Dong to clean the house while she will prepare the dinner. Mrs Dong is angered that she becomes so forceful. Ya Li Yin and Mrs Li watch a drama till both fall asleep together.

The men are delighted and both sleep alone in their rooms. The old Mrs Li isn’t happy to see them so close together. Li Ying leaves home to avoid Ma Jun. Ma Lin brings supper to Director An upon knowing that he works late. Zhen Jing starts to lose confidence in winning Ma Jun over. Ma Lin can’t accept Li Ying as her sister-in-law since they fight so much. Ya Li Yin is worried when Li Ying doesn’t answer her calls and learns the news from Ma Lin. Mrs Dong tries asking Ya Li Yin to reveal her recipe but fails. Mrs Dong decides to show off her cooking skills by preparing many dishes.

But Ya Li Yin brings Mrs Li out to have dinner with Mr Li, wasting her efforts. In the end, the two old women have to help themselves to the food. The old Mrs Li is angry that Mrs Dong only prepares the food that she likes. She has indigestion in the end. Ma Jun gets drunk and comes to the Yins, wanting to see Li Ying. He refuses to leave till Mrs Ma pulls him home. Ma Jun becomes frustrated so he moves out.

He soon stays at a cheap hotel. Mrs Ma is sure that he will not hold out for long as she controls his pay. However, he falls ill when missing Li Ying. He pleads Ya Li Yin to tell him her whereabouts. He finds her at the skiing resort and she takes care of him throughout the night. Mrs Li wishes Mr Li to carry her again when she pretends to fall asleep when watching television. To her annoyance, he sees through her ploy and leaves her sleeping on the hard ground!

Ya Li Yin is concerned when the old Mrs Li vomits in the toilet. The old Mrs Li rejects her and only wants Mrs Li to tend to her. The old Mrs Li is angry to see the two couples feeding each other food during breakfast. Mrs Ma overhears Xiu Qing commenting that Ma Jun is a mother’s boy with no mind of his own. The two women start to fight with each other. They are more enraged when knowing that both are together for the night. Mrs Ma disallows her son to return home.
Ya Li Yin takes photos for Mrs Li but never asks the old Mrs Li since she has told her not to probe into her affairs. The old Mrs Li thinks she should so it as a matter of courtesy. Ya Li Yin later collects the photos and tells the photo studio to enlarge Mrs Li’s photo. Ya Li Yin and Mrs Li go for noodles before going home. The old Mrs Li is annoyed that they have not asked her.

Ya Li Yin is glad to know that Li Ying is coping well. Li Ying prepares sushi breakfast for Ma Jun and he likes her cooking. Zhou Wang wants Ya Li Yin to close her eyes so that he can feed her red wine from his mouth. She feels shy and runs away from him. Both cause so much commotion that the old Mrs Li scolds him. She nearly bursts when Zhou Wang never offers her any even though he knows that she likes wine. Unlike other moments, Mrs Li finds them romantic upon knowing that.

Mr Li is troubled when Mrs Li doesn’t talk to him. Zhou Wang teaches him the wine feeding way to appease her. Ya Li Yin enlarges the photo to sketch Mrs Li. Mrs Li is delighted to get this special present and puts it in her room. The old Mrs Li is angry when Ya Li Yin suggests her to get an artist to draw her portrait. Mrs Li walks out with Ya Li Yin to wait for both men to return home. Li Ying takes up cooking classes. The old Mrs Li is angry with Mrs Li for giving Ya Li Yin a jewel ring.

Ma Lin is angry with Li Ying’s doing and gets drunk. She is worried that Ma Jun will forget her as a younger sister. Director An suggests her to treat him as an elder brother since he also longs to have a younger sister. Xiu Qing is angry when Li Ying goes out early dawn to meet Ma Jun. She has no choice but to agree to their marriage. Mrs Ma still refuses to forgive Ma Jun.

The couple soon finds that renting an apartment can be costly. Ma Jun finds the wedding gown expensive so he steals one from Mrs Ma’s shop. He tells her to deduct from his pay. She is enraged with his act. Mrs Ma is disappointed to know that the tv station has no single directors to match Ma Lin. The old Mrs Li starts to agree that Ya Li Yin cooks well but refuses to admit it.

Xiu Qing knows that Mrs Ma isn’t against Li Ying but against her so she eats the humble pie. Mrs Ma is at the upper hand so she allows the two to get married. Ma Lin refuses Ma Jun’s request to call Li Ying as her sister-in-law instead of her name as she isn’t used to it. Zhou Wang isn’t happy when Ya Li Yin neglects him because of work. He is having a fever and she is remorseful for not knowing it.
The old Mrs Li notices that Mrs Li is energetic after the incense therapy so she tries on herself. But she causes a burn on her leg instead to have a fright. Still, she refuses to let Ya Li Yin treat her. Xiu Qing wants the couple to stay with them after marriage for a year and Ma Jun agrees. Mrs Ma is displeased that Xiu Qing makes such a request and insists that they stay with her. Ma Lin also thinks that Ma Jun is wrong.

Mrs Li is unhappy with Mr Li for showing too much attention to a female artist in Mrs Ma’s shop. Ya Li Yin teaches her not to give in to go out with her male primary school classmate. She listens to Mrs Li’s woes on how Mr Li always looking down on her and how the old Mrs Li always sides him. Mrs Li promises to help Ya Li Yin if Zhou Wang treats her unfairly. Mr Li is at a loss when Mrs Li ignores him at home. Ya Li Yin brings Mrs Li to the bookshop to buy some comics.
She is impressed with Ya Li Yin for hitting the drums well. Xiu Qing tries in vain to change Mrs Ma’s mind to make the couple stay out. She is more angered when she asks her for money to pay for the wedding gown. She is still angry with Ma Jun for stealing it. Ya Li Yin knows she is in the wrong so she meets Zhou Wang at his workplace. Both have a nice dinner together.

Director An is amused to know that Ma Lin sleeps late at home. Ma Lin invites Director An to her home to have breakfast with her. Ya Li Yin tells Zhou Wang to buy a bouquet of flowers for Mrs Li. He can get the old Mrs Li presents the next time. Mrs Li is delighted and regrets not treating Ya Li Yin better earlier. The old Mrs Li is angry that he hasn’t bought any for her.

She complains about it over breakfast to make Mr Li feel remorseful. Ya Li Yin learns from Sheng Mei about the female artist’s bad reputation and informs Mr Li. Mr Li changes his mind of having a meal with her. Ma Lin is annoyed for being unable to change Li Ying’s mind to marry Ma Jun. Ya Li Yin dreams of Kong Ai and weeps even though she looks well to her.

Xiu Qing meets Ya Li Yin and is glad that she bears no grudges against her and Jin Ye. She also thanks her for treating Li Ying well. Xiu Qing gets drunk and tells Ma Jun to return the gown to his mother. Mrs Li is happy with Ya Li Yin and regrets not letting Zhou Wang marry her earlier. She starts to learn how to wash dishes but she still fails to changes the old Mrs Li’s mind towards Ya Li Yin.

Li Ying and Ma Jun leave home to force their mothers to reconcile before they marry. It is amusing to see Ma Jun cry over it. Ma Lin tries on the wedding gown. She likes it so much that she decides to don it whenever she writes scripts. Mr Li is bored at home with his mother when Zhou Wang and Ya Li Yin bring Mrs Li out for a sauna. They even switch off their handphones to reject his calls.

The two move home after their mothers agree to the wedding. Mrs Ma designs a new gown for Li Ying and is happy to know that she is thrifty. The old Mrs Li vents her anger on Ya Li Yin after she eats her ginseng unknowingly as it is brought to her by Zhou Wang. She is still sore over the flowers incident. She is also angry with Mrs Dong to cook only her favourite food. Ya Li Yin tells Mrs Li not to give in to Mr Li easily.

Zhou Wang has intended to approach his grandmother but changes his mind to tease Ya Li Yin to make her happy instead. Mr Li is angry when Mrs Li still treats him coldly even though he buys wine home. Ma Lin starts to feel the pressure when Director An approaches her to come up with another serial. She deliberately makes Li Ying buy expensive things for her.

Ma Jun is annoyed when Ma Lin wants him to cook instant noodles for her in the park – like the way he does for Li Ying. Although he and Li Ying watch her swallowing the soup, both can’t help feeling worried if Ma Lin doesn’t get married. Ma Lin has her dinner when Director An asks her out for dinner with Director Shen. She pretends that she is still hungry. (This must be her retribution for ill-treating Ma Jun.)

Ma Jun’s colleagues get him to see a Chinese physician to strengthen his body. Xiu Qing meets him there and she tells Mrs Ma of her suspicion of him to be impotent. The tension between the Li couple becomes so strained that Mrs Li gives Mr Li a bruised nose. The blood stains are left on the bed and both do not know how to operate the washing machine. They have to resort to handwash it during midnight. Both try to cover up and Zhou Wang suspects that one of them wet the bed. (Do have a good laugh at this one!)

He approaches Mr Li and he lies that Mrs Li does it. Ya Li Yin decides to give up her career to take care of Mrs Li. She wants Zhou Wang to call Mrs Li daily. Upon seeing that Mrs Li have a good appetite, this worries them more. Ya Li Yin even beats the drums in the studio to make her happy. The young couple frowns upon thinking that her illness has worsen.

When Mrs Li accidentally cuts her finger with the nail clipper, Ya Li Yin weeps and blurts what Zhou Wang has told her. Although angry with Mr Li for maligning her, she is touched upon knowing that Ya Li Yin treats her like her own mother. She gets cakes for her when she is doing scriptwriting. Ya Li Yin is moved to tears when tasting them. The old Mrs Li is unhappy that she is treating Ya Li Yin like her daughter now. Zhou Wang feels bad as he hasn’t gotten his wife anything when he returns home late.

Ma Lin scolds Ma Jun and Li Ying for eating the samples from stalls to save money. He deliberately wears Ma Lin’s shoes in his room to enlarge them. The Chinese herbs that Ma Jun orders arrive and he puts him into the microwave without removing the wrapper. It nearly explodes but he still licks the juice from the packet! (I can’t stop laughing at this scene.)

Zhou Wang is baffled upon knowing the truth from Mr Li. Mrs Li finds it hard to raise her head in front of Ya Li Yin. She is angry that Mr Li doesn’t know how to please her with little gestures. Mrs Ma learns that Ya Li Yin’s ex-boyfriend is getting married soon from a customer but he takes a long time to get over the past. She is surprised that many get to know the past. She and Xiu Qing decide to keep this under wraps.

Ma Jun and Li Ying plan to go to Paris for their honeymoon but Mrs Ma insisted them to have it at Jiju island. Ya Li Yin tells them to give in to her. Ma Lin is overjoyed when her second serial’s rating reached 22%. It is exchange of the gifts day. Jin Ye discovers Ya Li Yin is watching secretly from the opposite street. Xiu Qing is displeased Mrs Ma only gets Li Ying cheap imitation jewels while she gets a lot of things for Ma Jun. Ma Lin finds it corny when the young couple is intimate with each other.

Mrs Dong wants Ya Li Yin to apologise to the old Mrs Li so that she will change her mind on traveling. But she refuses. Ya Li Yin cooks a good meal for Li Ying at the bungalow. Mr Li returns from his business trip and gets a poster of Mrs Li’s favourite actor. He also claims to like another actress to get a poster of her too. Mrs Li gets angry with him. Ma Lin is touched when Director An gets her a doll.

Mrs Ma is going to Jiju island to support a fashion designer’s exhibition and Ma Lin also wants to tag along. Li Ying is unhappy that their honeymoon is going to be ruined. The old Mrs Li returns home but ignores Ya Li Yin. Li Ying and Ma Jun get married. Ya Li Yin attends their wedding but ignores Jin Ye. Li Ying’s friends pinpoint at Ma Lin for wearing a blouse that resembles the same colour as the wedding dress. They are dismayed when Ma Lin gets the bouquet again – just like at Ya Li Yin’s wedding.

Mr Li is angry with Mrs Li for wanting to meet her male primary school classmate so he tears up the actor’s poster. She even says that she is past caring who he is going to meet. Jin Ye doesn’t make his finances check before renting a place for publication and hiring staff. Ma Lin dreams of catching a fish in her dream so she sells her dream of pregnancy to Li Ying. Li Ying’s parents are dismayed when she only calls them late after reaching Jiju island. Mrs Ma prevents Ma Lin from disturbing the couple.

Ma Jun jokes that it is their first night so he carries Li Ying two levels up after getting out of the lift. Ma Lin is dismayed to see him doing that when waiting outside their hotel room. Zhou Wang knows that Ya Li Yin will be upset to see Jin Ye leading Li Ying into the hall so he goes to cheer her up. He becomes jealous to see her interviewing a man for her script. It is not that he can’t support her. She insists of working – she will be jealous if he interviews a woman. He protests that it is his job but later laughs when she says that she will only interview old men in future.

Ma Lin informs Ma Jun and Li Ying that they will be doing catwalk in a modeling show. Both get excited and hope that it will be an unforgettable memory for them. Their first night is ruined when the fashion designer gets drunk and sleeps in their suite by mistake. Mr Li and Mrs Li are still having a cold war. Li Ying’s parents come over to watch the show. Ma Lin starts to envy them. It turns out to be a success.

Mrs Ma and the old couple decide to move to another hotel to give the young couple more privacy despite Ma Lin’s protest. But she likes the new place. To her dismay, she takes the wrong luggage. It is sure unthinkable of her to borrow Li Ying’s clothing instead! (I don’t understand how Mrs Ma can agree to this as she comes with her.) Li Ying is so mad with her that she has a sleepless night.

Director An recalls how adorable Ma Lin looks when getting the doll and smiles before he sleeps. Ma Jun tries his best to appease Li Ying and both decide not to return her luggage to her when it is returned. Mr Li is jealous when seeing Mrs Li happy after attending her primary school gathering. Ya Li Yin tells him to cherish Mrs Li more. When listening to the old Mrs Li playing the piece ’mother of mine’, she bursts into tears when reminded of Kong Ai.

She wonders how life will be when the old Mrs Li leaves them. She starts to pity her when she still insists of having a tasteless breakfast and refuses to share their food. Mrs Dong has the habit of preparing the same food for a few days and she gets sick of it. Ya Li Yin writes a letter to her and apologises for not thinking from her point of view. The old Mrs Li starts to view her differently.
Ma Jun and Li Ying have a quarrel when she ignores him to watch a drama. Li Ying goes to her parents and the elders try to settle in vain. Ma Lin sneaks back to the hotel upon knowing her luggage is returned. She even sleeps on the bed since both are not back. Director An envies Director Shen for getting Ya Li Yin’s script and asks Ma Lin when hers is ready. Zhou Wang injures his finger and Ya Li Yin scrubs his back for him. Mrs Li envies them for being close.
Mr Li asks the home driver to send Mrs Li to the bungalow after work. The Jiju island driver supposed to ferry the young couple around gets to know about the quarrel and talks to Ma Jun. Ya Li Yin also talks to Li Ying. The two reconcile by kneeling and hugging each other. Ma Lin is amused to see this. The old Mrs Li shows concern to Ya Li Yin during dinner and Mrs Dong is unhappy that she starts to side her.

The old Mrs Li gets touched when Ya Li Yin admits to be in the wrong in the letter that she deliberately makes her angry in the past. She allows Ya Li Yin to cook for her and Mrs Dong is displeased that she has to do the other housework for her. Ya Li Yin is happy to see that the old Mrs Li gobbling the food with pleasure. Seeing that Ya Li Yin is busy with work, Zhou Wang has a bath on his own.

Mr Li knows that he is in the wrong and kneels to Mrs Li to apologise to her. Both reconcile and he brings her to Mrs Ma’s boutique. Ma Lin has problems writing the script but her work becomes smooth when she wears the wedding gown. Ma Jun and Li Ying have a wonderful time. One villager frowns after looking at their palms but refrain from telling them anything. Director An feels down after a drink with Director Shen and calls Ma Lin. Ma Lin gets worried and runs out to meet him.

She offers to drive him home since he gets a bit tipsy. He requests her to write a good script otherwise it will waste his efforts in grooming her. The young couple returns and all feel happy for them. Ya Li Yin feels bad as Zhou Wang jokes he can’t live without her. Mrs Li agrees with Ya Li Yin they should not give in to Mrs Dong in the past. The two Mrs Li enjoy seeing Mrs Dong’s angry face when doing housework.

Ya Li Yin is unsatisfied with Mrs Dong for not cleaning properly and cleans the house again. The old Mrs Li looks forward to read Ya Li Yin’s letters daily. She is touched when Ya Li Yin starts to think of her to get her red paste burns. She starts to regard her as her granddaughter in law and praises her to her friend who calls her. Mr Li recalls how upset Mrs Li is when he gives her the flowers that Zhou Wang leaves at the staircase in the past. He gets her a new bouquet of roses and reconcile with each other to bring her to Mrs Ma’s boutique. Li Ying starts to help out at Jin Ye’s publishing company.

Ma Jun gets annoyed with Ma Lin for ordering Li Ying to clean the dishes after every meal. He bursts when she gets Li Ying to wash the strawberries with a toothbrush. Li Ying has a fright when Ma Lin wears the wedding gown. However, she is happy to know about the contents of the dream of getting a child.

Ya Li Yin smiles when the old Mrs Li writes to her to ask why she hasn’t written to her. She now looks forward to read her letters daily. Mrs Dong visits her grandson who is ill. Mr Li decides that Ya Li Yin should take a break since she hasn’t stopped doing housework since the first day of marriage. Director An agrees to buy chocolates for Ma Lin if she does well for the next script. Zhou Wang is pleased to know that Ya Lin and the old Mrs Li have reconciled.

Ya Li Yin is pleased when Li Ying and Ma Jun visit her after their honeymoon. Mr Li is happy that Mrs Li polishes his shoes for him and gives her pocket money. Ya Li Yin buys her a piggy bank for her to save it up. The old Mrs Li is touched when Ya Li Yin writes in her letter to let her know that she loves her. She invites her to sing the song ‘mother of mine’ when she plays the piano. Ya Li Yin bursts into tears when thinking of Kong Ai. Mrs Li’s eyes also get watery when she hugs her to console her. The Ma’s servant applies for leave and Ma Jun is dismayed that Mrs Ma wants Li Ying to do the housework alone.

Director Shen is dismayed that his sitcom is going to air daily. Ya Li Yin feels pressurized to come up with the script. Ma Lin starts to make life difficult for Li Ying – she criticizes her for being rude when calling them to have breakfast together. Li Ying then snaps that she is too as she has not regarded her as a sister-in-law too. Ma Lin has stomachache after breakfast and wants Li Ying to get her medicine and cook porridge for her. She then criticized her cooking and complains to Mrs Ma. (This sister in law is very scary.)

The old Mrs Li is on very good terms with Ya Li Yin to go marketing together. Xiu Qing envies them – she regrets not giving birth to another child – if she has a son, she can go marketing with her daughter-in-law too. Mrs Ma is pleased when Ma Lin cooks her a meal. Zhou Wang pinches Ya Li Yin too hard on her arm. She becomes so mad with him that she sleeps in the study for the night.

Mrs Li isn’t happy with Ya Li Yin’s act and tells the couple that this should not happen again. Mrs Dong is annoyed that Ya Li Yin criticizes her way of cooking and the two Mrs Li side with her. Unknown to her, both decide not to give in to her. They even learn from Ya Li Yin how to cook meals so as to supervise her. Zhou Wang is unhappy that Ya Li Yin doesn’t know that he sleeps outside the study. He only smiles when Ya Li Yin sends him an apology email. Ya Li Yin is dismayed when the producer wants her to write the story in haste to be shown daily. The two Mrs Lis advise her not to give in.

Mrs Dong threatens to leave and to her dismay, the old Mrs Li allows that! She has to return home. Ma Jun is touched when Li Ying gets him dinner when he gets home. Zhou Wang pretends to be angry when back and forces Ya Li Yin to drink wine mouth to mouth with him as punishment. Mr Li carries Mrs Li on his back to make her happy. Mrs Ma is pleased with Li Ying’s performance and Xiu Qing is glad. Ma Lin invites Director An to her home as she is afraid to face the delivery man alone who will send Xiu Qing’s dishwater over. Li Ying reminds her to be discrete and both end up quarreling.

Director An is invited to the Mas’ home for dinner and Ma Lin brags to him how she cuts her finger when preparing a dish. In reality, she doesn’t help much and Li Ying is annoyed with her. Ma Jun mentions that Director An must be blissful in marriage but is shocked when Li Ying tells him later that he has a divorce. Jin Ye plans to invite Zhou Wang and Ya Li Yin to his shop opening. Xiu Qing reminds him that Ya Li Yin only improves her relationship with her and Li Ying but not with him.

Sure enough, she refuses to go. Ya Li Yin decides to sign the contract with the tv station so the two Mrs Lis have a small celebration for her. Zhou Wang initially thinks that she is pregnant and is later angry with her for not consulting him over her job. Ma Jun informs Mrs Ma that Director An is divorced and tells her to watch Ma Lin from getting too close to him.

The two Mrs Lis are out when Mrs Dong comes. She cooks up an excuse that she is looking for her telephone book to find out if they are still looking for a maid. Upon knowing that the two Mrs Lis are learning to cook, she laughs haughtily that they can never learn but she is dismayed that Ya Li Yin never attempts to ask her to return. Xiu Qing is angry with Ma Lin for not helping Li Ying to do the grocery shopping. Mrs Ma allows Li Ying to return home to have a meal with her parents.

The women are too bored at home. Thus they hide in Mrs Dong’s bedroom to make the men look for them. But the two return to their husbands at midnight to leave the old Mrs Li to sleep alone. The old Mrs Li isn’t happy with their betrayal. But she is delighted when seeing Ya Li Yin dozing off during meals and dislike having rice. This shows signs of pregnancy. Mrs Li gets her a pregnancy kit and the result shows positive.

The two Mrs Lis are delighted but decide to bring her to the hospital for a confirmed check-up. The two men buy flowers for the old Mrs Li and she is happy. Ma Lin is angry with Li Ying not cooking dinner for her as she wants to go to Jin Ye’s shop opening. Xiu Qing is displeased when Li Ying cannot come and both women quarrel. Mrs Ma still sides with Ma Lin and tells Li Ying to give in to Ma Lin.
Mrs Dong is hired back but she can’t return till a week later as her daughter-in-law has scalded her hand. The men are delighted to know that Ya Li Yin is pregnant and both end up dancing with the two Mrs Lis. Mr Li starts to find Mrs Li attractive after she cooks in the kitchen and brings her out for walks. She is touched when he calls her his beloved.

Ma Lin tells Li Ying that she behaves differently now because of scriptwriting. Both reconcile and Li Ying offers to polish her shoes for her. Ma Lin thinks she is easily deceived. Ma Jun is angry to know what has happened and slaps her. Li Ying cries as she thinks Ma Jun is too harsh on Ma Lin when Xiu Qing calls her. Feeling worried, she comes over but Li Ying forces her to return home.

Ma Lin skips her dinner to be with Director An. They have a quarrel with a couple and she suddenly faints due to hunger. Ya Li Yin tells Li Ying to give in to Ma Lin. She tells her she is pregnant. Li Ying is overjoyed and reveals she suspects that she is pregnant too but still needs to confirm. Mrs Ma gives Li Ying chances to improve her cooking skills as she knows that she is trying very hard and doesn’t pick on her.

The two Mrs Lis are ill after preparing breakfast for a few days. Concerned, Mr Li cooks for them and Ya Li Yin! All are surprised that he does well for his first try. Li Ying feels unwell and lies on the bed. Xiu Qing offers to send her maid over but Mrs Ma refuses – saying that she has to adapt to their home life soon. Xiu Qing is annoyed that she has high demands on Li Ying but spoils Ma Lin. How she changes quickly – upon knowing that Li Ying might be pregnant, she tells her to rest and even cooks for her!

Ya Li Yin’s ex marries Xiu Zhen but can’t forget her. His mother has hoped that Ya Li Yin can meet him to change his mind about separation but both have divorce within 4 months. Ya Li Yin starts to feel guilty. The two men buy iron tablets for Ya Li Yin. Mrs Li notices that Mr Li has become observant and caring now. Xiu Zhen meets Zhou Wang to tell him about their past and demands to see Ya Li Yin. Zhou Wang forbids that as she is pregnant now but can’t help feeling troubled by her past.

Mrs Dong is pleased that the two old Mrs Li are ill just after a few days – that implies that they can’t do without her. The two old women have learned a lot from Ya Li Yin and start to find her flaws. Mrs Dong is displeased when they pick on her. Ya Li Yin notices Zhou Wang behaves differently when back. Seeing that Ma Jun gets excited over Li Ying going to have a baby soon, Ma Lin shakes her head when he presses her to get a dog from her friend because Li Ying likes it.
Mrs Li reminds Zhou Wang that he should get a gift for Ya Li Yin since it is the day that they meet. He feels remorseful when Ya Li Yin gives him a signature chop for him to engrave. She gets it as the writers’ award. He brings her to the shopping complex to get her a new one. Ya Li Yin does not dare to look at him initially as she has an evil motive then. However, he assures her that it is the final result that matters. They both have a romantic moment at the beach.
Unknown to them, Xiu Zhen is watching from far. Xiu Zhen even makes acquaintance with the two Mrs Lis. They find her cold and wonder if she is married although she doesn’t look like a single. (Their instinct is correct.) They try out many dishes to make Ya Li Yin happy. Li Ying goes to the Chinese physician, wanting to have herbs but he declares that he can’t feel her pulse. Xiu Qing brings her to the hospital and finds that she isn’t pregnant indeed. Li Ying is very disappointed – so is Mrs Ma upon knowing it.

Xiu Qing learns what has happened and learns that Ya Li Yin has no intention to tell her in-laws as yet. Seeing that Li Ying isn’t pregnant after 9 months, Mrs Ma presses the couple to have a checkup. Having heard that the women take more time for the result to be out, Ma Jun lies that Li Ying has taken hers although he has taken his. Mrs Ma is angry with them for lying.

Ma Lin buys crabs with Director An and they enjoy each other’s company. Li Ying and Ma Jun feel that they look like a couple when seeing both at the cinema. They question Ma Lin but she denies their relationship. Ma Jun brings Director An home and Ma Lin runs upstairs upon seeing him as she is in the wedding dress. Director An can’t stop smiling when recalling this.

Jin Ye has problems selling his books and keeps demanding Xiu Qing to give him money to put up a full page advertisement in the newspaper. (This man sure has no backbone.) Xiu Qing is at her wits end and asks Ya Li Yin for help. Ya Li Yin can only give some books to her friends to help him out. Li Ying also thinks that the book isn’t well-written.

Xiu Zhen calls Zhou Wang and laments that his voice is attractive. No wonder Ya Li Yin chooses him over her ex-husband. Zhou Wang feels she is going to harass his family soon. Ya Li Yin is going to give birth soon but manages to complete the script. She gives birth to a daughter, Mei Wang after praying to Kong Ai for help. Xiu Zhen sends a flower basket to Ya Li Yin but Zhou Wang keeps the card.

Director Shen is pleased with Ya Li Yin’s story. Mrs Ma brings Li Ying for a checkup. Li Ying faints upon learning that both her fallopian tubes are blocked. The whole family dotes on Mei Wang but Ya Li Yin can’t help feeling insecure. Zhou Wang demands to know what Xiu Zhen is up to. She admits she is attracted to him. Jin Ye doesn’t dare to see Ya Li Yin although he prepares a flower basket. The book sales fail and he has to move into a smaller house.

Xiu Qing is so depressed by Li Ying’s news that she wants to bring her home. She wonders if this is her retribution. Ya Li Yin feels sorry for Li Ying. Mrs Ma insists that she only has a daughter-in-law and wants Li Ying to try for a child regardless of the cost. Ma Jun is touched by her words. But she still fails after 4 tries. Ma Lin learns that Director An has a divorce because his ex-wife refuses to have children. She now realizes that both like each other and encourages Director An to face her mother.

Jin Ye is determined to make a comeback but Xiu Qing refuses to finance him anymore. Ya Li Yin also refuses to let him see Mei Wang but Zhou Wang gives him a photo of her. Mrs Li recalls that Mr Li does not treat Zhou Wang as well because he seldom gives his son gifts but yet he buys dresses for the little girl.

Director Ma and Ma Lin eat instant noodles in the park. Li Ying sees them and lures Ma Jun away. She then affirms the truth from Ma Lin so she decides to ask Director An out. Ma Lin ends up fighting with her. Mrs Ma gets into poor health upon knowing it. Li Ying’s pregnancy failure almost exhausts her fortune. What’s more with this blow? Ma Jun nearly cuts Ma Lin’s hair over it. The whole family opposes to Ma Lin loving a divorcee who is so many years older than her.

The old Mrs Li learns from her friend that Zhou Wang meets a woman at midnight. Mrs Li trusts him to meet a woman because of work so she will not ask him. Zhou Wang decides to tell her not to bother him again. Xiu Zhen tells Ya Li Yin that she has been meeting Zhou Wang all along. Ya Li Yin confesses that she is also in the wrong and she is afraid that her in-laws will know of her past. Ya Li Yin decides to give Xiu Qing a role to act but she needs to reconsider because her own reputation might ruin the rating.

Xiu Zhen asks Mrs Li out but her ex-mother-in-law sees this and stops her. Still, she finds a chance to go to the Lis to tell Mrs Li that Ya Li Yin is the cause of her divorce. Mrs Ma, Ma Jun and Li Ying request Director An to think over. He agrees. Jin Ye is so thick-skinned to ask Xiu Qing for more money for his printing agency. He will treat it as his alimony before their divorce. (This man is too cheap!!)

Ya Li Yin is also unable to talk Ma Lin out of it despite Mrs Ma’s request. Mrs Li tells the old Mrs Li about Ya Li Yin’s past and her attitude towards her changes. Xiu Zhen tells Ya Li Yin frankly that she likes Zhou Wang and Ya Li Yin also learns that she has met Mrs Li. She confesses the truth to all of them. Although they do not mind, she can’t face them – especially upon knowing that Zhou Wang sees Xiu Zhen secretly. Zhou Wang can’t part with her but she is adamant to leave.

Mrs Ma brings Ma Lin to Jiju island so that she can’t contact Director An. But she finally gives in to them. Zhou Wang hopes Ya Li Yin gives him more time to consider but she refuses. She even tells Mr Li her plans to divorce. She straightens her thoughts and brings Mei Wang to see Xiu Qing and Jin Ye. Upon knowing that she will still visit them in future, Jin Ye buys a pram. Xiu Qing wants Li Ying to leave Ma Jun but she refuses. Mrs Lee is angry to know from Mr Li that Xiu Zhen is interested in Zhou Wang.

Xiu Zhen visits Mrs Li and gives her a cake. Mrs Li is annoyed when she brings the cake to the kitchen although she rejects her. When she needs to answer a call, Xiu Zhen offers to carry Mei Wang. Upon seeing this, Ya Li Yin is furious and brings Mei Wang to Jin Ye, requesting to stay with them and blurts that she wants a divorce. Xiu Zhen is happy that her ploy works. She even tells Ya Li Yin not to regret her choice of having a divorce. Ya Li Yin starts to feel that Xiu Zhen is better for Zhou Wang and decides to move out. The Lis are angry with her decision.

Xiu Qing and Jin Ye are delighted to take care of Mei Wang. Mrs Ma tells Xiu Qing how upset she is to see so many wrinkles on Director An’s face. She ignores him when he visits her. Xiu Qing is grateful to Mrs Ma for telling Li Ying not to try for test-tube babies. She has straightened her thought to let them adopt a child since an operation can only ensure 50% of her success.

Ya Li Yin persuades Mrs Ma to accept Director An and Ma Lin. She decides to let them stay with her temporarily since Director An has given almost all his money to his ex-wife and the rental of his apartment is high. Ya Li Yin moves out and the two Mrs Lis try in vain to keep Mei Wang with them. Mr Li is angry that Zhou Wang is so magnanimous to give his daughter away. He has wished Ya Li Yin to visit her often.

Mrs Li regrets getting so well with Ya Li Yin as they have develop feelings. Even Mrs Dong is reluctant to see her leave. All guess that Ya Li Yin might return to her ex. Zhou Wang knows if he looks for another future partner, he can never accept Xiu Zhen or he will let Ya Li Yin down. He requests to be posted overseas to work soon. Xiu Qing is glad that Ya Li Yin regards her as family to give her a meat role in her new drama. She and JinYe take care of Mei Wang when she works.

The young couple cries when they part. Li Ying and Ma Lin find themselves no match in arguing with Xiu Zhen over Zhou Wang – Zhou Wang is indeed very attractive to be missed. Zhou Wang gets annoyed with Xiu Zhen for wanting to be with him. He asks for her IC – just to insult her that she is out of her mind. She gets so angry that she splashes water at his face.

Ma Lin marries Director An and she becomes pregnant soon. All laugh when Director An calls Ma Jun as elder brother. Li Ying truly believes the two times Ma Lin receives the bouquet of flowers and about the fish dream is for herself. Zhou Wang goes overseas to study. Ya Li Lin goes for an interview of a company manager at Wei Shan. She later discovers that she is pregnant and misses Zhou Wang.

Mrs Li dreams of a snake biting Zhou Wang’s leg. Mr Li also dreams of many pigs running after Zhou Wang. Mrs Dong is sure that it is a pregnancy dream for a boy. All wonder if he has known a new girlfriend overseas but soon denies the possibility. They then realize that Ya Li Yin might be the one but they have no news of her. Zhou Wang dreams of a pale Ya Li Yin visiting him.

He flies back immediately upon learning the news but is disappointed that Jin Ye and Xiu Qing do not have her news although the serial she writes is shown now. The two Mrs Li go to the temple at Wei Shan , praying for a son for Zhou Wang. Zhou Wang suspects that Ya Li Yin stays at Wei Shan so he goes there. He looks for Xiu Zhen, hoping to have news of Ya Li Yin. (This is such a stupid idea. The two women are at loggerheads with each other. How can they meet?)
He gets annoyed when she suggests that Ya Li Yin might have cohabited with her ex since she doesn’t see their marriage news in the papers. Xiu Zhen sends him out, wanting to check her department store sales. Ya Li Yin is here buying shoes to see them together. She gets knocked down by a car and is in danger. She is saved and delivers a son. She later reconciles with Zhou Wang and they have a happy family.

Introduction on characters

1. Yin Ya Li Yin – Jang Suh Hee
Ya Li Yin is Jin Ye’s daughter from his first marriage. When she was in the second year of university, she was too tired doing odd jobs. She was knocked down by a car and was disfigured. She recovered and becomes a famous scriptwriter using a penname, Yin Xia in the television station.

Although a rich senior likes her, she turns him down after 8 years of courtship as hatred is in her heart. She vows to seek revenge on Jin Ye as nothing else matters to her. She is a professional at work. After her scheme lands Li Ying into depression, she regrets her act. After many obstacles, she marries Zhou Wang but has to work doubly hard before they can accept her again as she lies too many times in the past.

2. Yin Li Ying – Woo Wee Jin
Li Ying is a reporter from the entertainment news unit in Sun Daily. She is haughty and arrogant but laugh when she always takes the initiative to talk to Zhou Wang after every quarrel. She knows of Ya Li Yin’s existence but both have not met before. Being pampered, she can’t accept the breakup so she suffers from depression. After her close-to-be mental breakdown, she becomes caring to others and is more sensible.

3. Piao Sheng Ying
She is Li Ying’s colleague and Ya Li Yin’s close friend. She dislikes Li Ying for throwing her weight around. She pities her plight so she tries to create chances for Ya Li Yin to know Zhou Wang. But being an accomplice in her scheme, she also feels remorseful so she quits to join another news agency.

4. Ma Ma Lin – Lee Jae Eun
She is Ma Jun’s sister and Li Ying’s ex-classmate from mass communication faculty since the university days. Li Ying likes to call her nickname, potato. She thinks Li Ying’s good luck to get a job is through Zhou Wang’s connection while she has to slog at the television station. She loafs on her job and is also childish to pester Ma Jun to make her a tent when she can’t sleep.

Actually she still misses the happy times to go camping with her father in the past to do that. Her mother pampers her rotten but she learns scriptwriter from Ya Li Yin and finally proves her worth to Ma Jun. She also goes through all odds to marry Director An.

5. Han Kong Ai – Jung Young Sook
She is Li Yin’s kind and gentle mother but she is blind. She was formerly from the English faculty but had to quite her studies when her parents died to marry Jin Ye. Her ex-husband abandons her to marry Xiu Qing. She gets worried when Li Yin will not stop seeking revenge.

6. Shen Xiu Qing- Han Hye Sook
She is a famous actress and is Li Ying’s mother. She is also Kong Ai’s junior from the dancing faculty. She is haughty and arrogant. So Mrs Ma is always at loggerheads with her. However, they bury the hatchet in the end when they become in-laws.

7. Mrs Ma – Sa Mi Ja
She is the siblings’ mother and owns a boutique. She is also Xiu Qing’s and Kong Ai’s high school classmate so she knows the feud between them. Her poor family stays with Kong Ai’s family and she is grateful to Kong Ai for giving her old clothes to her. Thus she tries to make up to her and Ya Li Yin by making clothes for them. Ya Li Yin is initially wary of her but later is touched by her warmth.

Ma Jun has hoped that she will not work so hard after Mr Ma’s death but she is a workaholic. She is jealous of Xiu Qing’s success so she hopes to find better matches for her children too. After knowing Ya Li Yin’s ploy to want Xiu Qing to act in her serial, she can’t wait to see how she faints of shock to know Ya Li Yin’s identity. She thinks Kong Ai has suffered long enough. But she also cares for her children – wanting them to marry Zhou Wang and Ya Li Yin. When her plan fails, she becomes open to their choices.

8. Mrs Li – Kim Yon Rim
She is a simple housewife who marries before completing her singing college studies. She also looks down on the poor. I really laugh when her mother-in-law is the one to give her dressing tips – it should be the other way round! The jokes that she creates with Mr Li are sure classics. Sometimes I marvel – the couple can be so childish but how can they give birth to Zhou Wang who is so mature?!

9. Old Mrs Li - Go Doo Sum
She is Zhou Wang’s grandmother and marries his grandfather in the midst of her university music studies. Once Zhou Wang shows her how to watch serials on the internet, she knows how to do it in the next second. She also learns some English from him But being the traditional woman, she also can’t accept either sister to marry Zhou Wang because of Jin Ye’s past.

10. Li Zhou Wang – Kim Sung Taek
His father owns the news agency, Sun Daily but he doesn’t get any special privilege. He works in the main news section and covers important news. This job tests a lot of his strength and ability as he is often outdoors. Despite his status, he is humble and gets along well with everyone. This actor resembles Miu Kiu Wai in looks and I certainly do not mind to see more of him.

11. Ma Ma Jun – Jung Bo Suk
He is Ma Ling’s elder brother. He has no fashion sense so Mrs Ma chooses all his clothes for him. He is an accountant and works in Pricewater House. He is mature and sensible, unlike his sister. However, he can be a mother’s boy to obey her wishes. He turns down every match his mother proposes as he doesn’t like them. He dotes on Ma Lin – the siblings are very close.

12. Mr Li – Kim Byung Gi
He owns a newspaper agency and plays golf often. He is very open-minded to suggestions.

13. Yin Jin Ye – Park Gean Hyung
He is the father of the sisters and is the editor in the news agency. Many will hate him for his infidelity and his asking of Xiu Qing to provide money when he lacks it.

14. Bai Xiu Zhen
She is Ya Li Yin’s love rival to ask for Zhou Wang’s attention. She hates her for wrecking her marriage so she sets her mind to tell everyone about her ugly past.

15. Director An Ying Shan
This poor man is always sandwiched between Ya Li Yin and Xiu Qing when they quarrel. He grooms Ma Lin to be a scriptwriter but never expects her to become his wife one day.

Most favourite character
Zhou Wang, although he can be aggressive at times when angered, he is a devoted man.

Most hated character
Xiu Zhen, this woman goes all out to make others miserable.

Interesting facts

This was the only serial that made my parents to sit down with me to watch together besides ‘Jewel in the palace.’ They had tons of complains for Chang Jin’s encounter. But strangely, they were attracted to this drama. My father even told me to tape it for him whenever he went out. Needless to say, my VCR never stopped working as I could only watch it at night as it was shown in the evenings.

The part of Ya Li Yin’s brother born being autistic due to depression invited lots of complaints to MBC website. Thousands threaten to boycott the serial for the lacking facts while some threw hurting insults to the scriptwriter and MBC had to delete them. Some dislike a woman to be arranged to be so revengeful. The scriptwriter claimed to spend 1 year writing the story but how can she neglect this important fact?

This is Suh Hee’s first lead role. She has accumulated lots of experience to act well. She graduates from HyungLee U’s dance major and is an expert in Latin dancing. Thus there was a dance scene that enchanted many. Even those who danced with her were attracted and had full of praises for her. Within a night, she became a celebrity – she had combined beauty, character, and wisdom to win many hearts of the guys.

Sung Taek was only a ‘green leaf’ in the serial and wasn’t as dashing as many actors but he is mature and attractive. It is his image to melt Li Yin’s heart to make the fairytale end well. He was a newcomer then and also enjoyed fame overnight with his good acting. Many called him the mermaid prince.

It garnered 30% from the start. When the debut continued, it rose to 42.6%. Because of the success, the debut kept continuing to shoot 9 times! Thus it filmed 246 episodes in all for a year. A long drama tested one person’s patience but unlike other draggy dramas, viewers never got tired or enough of it.

Many called it the Korean Qiong Yao Version of ‘Qing Shen Shen, Yu Meng Meng’. But the story was quite filling and became more exciting towards the end. Li Yin’s marriage was the legend and no one can guess the ending. It can be considered an encyclopedia to show the doors to manners and cooking. It is like a play to present luxury scenes and started the fashion topic. Many were attracted to the wedding clothes that the leads wore and many couples ordered them for their weddings.

It snatched 9 awards - almost all the awards at MBC television awards. Suh Hee obtained the best honour in acting, best actress, most popular actress and best lead actress awards. Sung Taek got the best newcomer. Both also got the best couple award. Wee Jin obtained the outstanding actress award. Bo Suk got the special acting award. It was also best drama. Until now, no one can beat it in the number of awards it won.


It also touches a lot of friends, working and family relationships. The plot can be slow moving at certain parts but provides a lot of entertainment and plot twisters. However, there are parts I can’t comprehend. The first will be the biased views towards divorcees and children coming from single-parent homes.

Secondly, I find nothing wrong with Zhou Wang liking both sisters to marry either one of them. It is not as if that he has committed a crime. Thirdly, it is true that Ya Li Yin has made used of her ex. But it is the man’s fault for wrecking his own marriage. What has the past caused her to be a sinner in everyone’s eyes?

I can’t agree with the director’s perspectives in these aspects but I must admit that most stories are down to earth – especially on how Ya Li Yin tries to get along with her in-laws to win them over and how she forgives Jin Ye finally. The persistence that the young show to pursue their happiness in their marriage partners is realistic. The cast gives a wonderful performance and you will not be disappointed with their acting at all. It is rare that a long drama maintains a high standard throughout.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)
On story : **** (Scale of 5)

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