Mom Has Grown Horns

Reviewed by: sukting

June 26, 2011

Rating: three

How long
66 episodes

This is a drama about a family and their daily lives and the obstacles that each of them faces. How do they overcome the differences?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Luo Yi Shi – Baek Ii Sub
He is Han Zi's husband. He is a very understanding person who is warm. He is the twin elder brother of Er Shi. He owns a laundry and is very patient. That is why his children prefer to approach him for advice instead of going to Han Zi. He first learns of Zhong Yuan's existence and keeps from Han Zi. Unlike his children, he approves of Han Zi moving out for a while. He even helps her to move out and pays the rent.

However, he can't help missing her and often visits her apartment. When Han Zi ‘dates' Er Shi, he insists of tagging along. He is overjoyed when she decides to come back home. He has been counting the days that she will return.

2. Luo Er Shi – Kang Boo Ja
She is Yi Shi's younger twin sister, born 20 minutes after him. She is a divorcee who lives with En Shi in the house next to him. she feels lonely when En Shi is often not at home while her son chooses to stay in the U.S. with her ex-husband. She still hates him for being with another woman but softens when he returns to Korea, not knowing that he wants to get her to sell their land in order to pay off his debts.

She enjoys meddling in Yi Shi's family affairs, Mei Yan finds her more approachable than Han Zi and goes to her when she is unwell. When she drinks, she cries non-stop. She is a talented tailor who also helps out with alterations at the laundry. Her feelings for her ex-husband rekindles upon knowing that his mistress has left him and he is returning to Korea soon.

3. Luo Zhong Fu – Lee Soon Jae
He is the patriarch of the Luo family and is a widowerer. He is wise and is also a caring person. Knowing that Han Zi is unwilling to take care of her unborn grandson, he is willing to look after him. He is overjoyed with the addition of his first great-grandson. He knows what Ying Zi has done all these years. He cares about her like his own daughter and allows her to move out like Yi Shi. He later finds a woman that he loves but can be so shy to ask the photographer to stop hanging their photo outside his shop as he fears that someone will say things bad about him.

4. Luo Ying Xiu – Shin Eun Gyung
She is the oldest child and is a divorce attorney at age 36. She handles divorces till she fears marriage. In reality, she has been dating another lawyer from her firm, a divorced father who is 2 years older than her. Laugh when she escapes from Zhong Yuan's apartment without her shoes when Jing Hua and Suo Er come as Zhong Yuan do not want them to see her. This makes her feel like a mistress.

Knowing that her family is very conservative, she keeps from them. She finds nothing wrong giving her family money but Han Zi feels that this is an insensitive act. Ying Xiu is her family's pride and joy. But her family finds her too blunt and stubborn at times.

But at the bottom of her heart, she yearns for a family and finally gets married as she is pregnant. She faces fierce opposition from her family and Jing Hua but she handles it tactly. Her family has thought that she is a third party so she has to explain to them. Suo Er is the toughest nut to crack but Ying Xiu showers her with concern and care to win her over slowly. She even becomes close to her and accepts her family too. I really like her acting – she is so natural and confident.

5. Luo Ying Yi – Kim Jung Hyun
He is the second child and only son at age 34. He doesn't do well in school and fails to get into college like his sisters. He is friendly and outgoing but hot-tempered and irresponsible. Ying Yi falls in love with Mei Yan, and she becomes pregnant. Ying Yi does not dare to take responsibility to hide at home. Mei Yan appears at his home, 8 months pregnant and causes a commotion.

Han Zi is not happy about this sudden change in her life and she finds the gossiping about her out-of-wedlock grandson humiliating. But she soon learns to accept the situation and comes to feel that it is for the best. Mei Yan becomes a good daughter-in-law and becomes part of the family, sharing her burden. She also teaches Ying Yi to be more sensible. Ying Yi only has Mei Yan in mind after marriage and totally ignores Han Zi's feelings.

Soon, they have a son, naming Yan Cheng to get married later. Despite their chaotic beginnings, both are a happy couple. He always feels that Han Zi looks down on him and grumbles about Han Zi not looking after Mei Yan. Ying Yi works in the laundry with his father. Mei Yan gets pregnant soon again and he is happy to have 2 children.

6. Luo Ying Mei – Lee Yoo Ri
She is the youngest child at age 28. She is smart, sweet and well-mannered. She works in the publicity department for a floor manufacturing company. She has been dating Zhen Xian for two years, and believes that he is just a poor student. She has thought that they they may need to rent a small room and live on her salary . When they start talking about marriage, Ying Mei discovers that he is very wealthy and is the son of her company's president.

When she tells Han Zi about him being poor before knowing this, she objects. But when Han Zi later learns that he is more well-to-do than she thought, she immediately warms to him. Ying Mei accuses her of being shallow, and Han Zi admits so. She protests that there is nothing wrong with not wanting her kids to suffer, having been poor herself. But after knowing how wealthy he is, she also objects. Now she fears that Ying Mei will have a hard time.

Ying Mei feels cheated about being lied to. En Ya finds her for not being good enough – she doesn't know how to swim or play any musical instrument. Neither is she able to cook. Ying Mei decides to break up with Zhen Xian. Both are upset by the end of their romance, and she weeps daily. When Zhen Xian starves himself in protest for four days, En Ya finally gives in.

Their parents have some difficulties with their class differences. While their fathers are easy-going, their mothers are at odds. En Ya feels that she is being charitable by allowing this marriage. She looks down on Han Zi, who has her own pride and pays the bill on her own. She isn't intimidated by her in-law's wealth but feels the pinch as it is enough for her to spend for the month for the first household.

Before the wedding, En Ya buys her a lot of expensive clothes. Without asking Ying Mei's opinion, she tries to cut Youngmi's hair short. Ying Mei has to ask Zhen Xian to rescue her. Ying Mei is so stressed out that she collapses from stress-induced stomach cramps right after she takes her vows, and is forced to skip her honeymoon. This puts En Ya to shame when guests witness this.

After the wedding, she is continually taught by En Ya on classical music and manners. She also learns swimming from Zhen Xian. She puts up with it as she loves Zhen Xian. She even cuts her hair shorter to please her too. She only knows how to cry daily but later she speaks up her mind. At first, she has thought of En Ya disliking to have babies now so she is on the pill. After knowing that she likes children, she tries hard to conceive in order to please her.

Somehow, I feel that she looks down on her family after mariage. She often rushes home after a little while once getting En Ya's call and often pushes the fault to others. Can't Zhen Xian find an excuse for it? As if she is the only one living in this world and all have to accommodate to her.

7. Jin Han Zi – Kim Hye Ja
She is a childhood friend of Er Shi to end up marrying Yi Shi. Having married into a modest family, she works very hard all her life to toil at home. While she appreciates Yi Shi for being caring, she has become weary of her life and begins to wonder what it all means. Does it pay to look after her children all this while?

She has wanted to have more time for herself. More so when Ying Yi takes her for granted to wish her to take care of Yan Cheng to let Mei Yan work. Han Zi loves to read and finally decides that this is her limit. This is enough. Her children give her headaches with their messy love lives so she wants to stay alone and move out for a year. Mysterified by her decision, Ying Xiu opposes strongly to this but she gets the consent from Zhong Fu and Yi Shi.

She is angry that Ying Xiu treats her like a maid and even forgets her birthday. Actually, all have forgotten and they have to make up for it. Han Zi enjoys the quiet moments alone at her small apartment and her family is dismayed when she declines to return after 4 months. Can you believe tht she can chase her children away when they come to visit her? She even finds them disturbing her now.

That is the kind of freedom she longs and she intends to take a break of a few days yearly when she moves back. Feeling bad that Mei Yan nearly has a miscarriage, she moves back home. I don't find her acting fantastic – she appears sickly at most times and seems breathless every minute. I find her fake – always grumbling and always wanting to rule her children's lives. She doesn't seem happy with anything. How did she win the Daesang award? I really have no clue.

8. Chui En Shi – Kim Ji Yoo
She is only one month older than Ying Mei and is close to her. Zhen Xian gets her help to patch up with Ying Mei. She stays with Er Shi when her parents divorce and keeps contact with her brother in America. Er Shi is concerned about him but often pushes her to make the call to find out how he is.

She is an illustrator for children's books. Her mother finds creepy when she sleeps in the day and loves outrageous hairstyles. En Shi seems to be able to tell fortunes through dreams. Whatever she fantazies, they come true in real life. That is why Er Shi prefers her to close her mouth and says nothing.

Things are not so smooth for Ying Xiu when she has to deal with Suo Er who is a rude and manipulative child. En Shi has an apparition where Suo Er attacks Ying Xiu's face and tries to scratch her eyes out. She also dreams that Ying Mei has a hard time with En Ya but keeps it from Han Zi. But sometimes, her dreams do not depict reality. She dreams of her father getting ill but in actual fact, he is still well. That worries Er Shi for a while but this also shows her true feelings.

9. Zhang Mei Yan – Kim Na Woon
She is Ying Yi's wife at age 39. She falls in love with Ying Yi and forces the family to take notice of her when she is pregnant. Ying Xiu feels uneasy when her sister-in-law is older than her. After giving birth to a son, Yan Cheng, Mei Yan becomes a part of the household very soon. She can be picky and all find her a bit difficult to get along. Soon, she adapts to the family culture fast but still yearns to continue to work as a cashier at the supermarket.

She loves Ying Yi but often scolds him like a big sister. Thus, Han Zi wants her to show him more respect. Mei Yan has a cheerful and talkative personality. She is sad when she is reminded of her sorrowful childhood. She has run away from home and misses her mother. Han Zi has not been approving of her initially but later accepts her. She consoles Mei Yan after knowing that she is sad over her mother's death.

She doesn't know why Han Zi has to move out at this critical stage when she is pregnant with the second child. Han Zi has maintained that those are the days that she puts up with Yi Shi's mother too. But her case is different as Yan Cheng is not even a year old.

Still, she takes on the task at home. She does the housework and also cooks for the family. Yi Shi helps to babysit Yan Cheng. Still, her mother's death is a big blow to her and she nearly has a miscarriage. Ying Yi finds Han Zi very selfish and quarrels with her. Han Zi is actually concerned and moves back.

10. Li Zhong Yuan – Ryu Jin
He is Ying Xiu's boyfriend and is a lawyer at Ying Xiu's firm. Unlike Ying Xiu, he deals with properties. He lives in the same apartment building as her. Ying Xiu has rented it to tell her family that she needs a quiet place for her work but this is the place for them to date.

He has tried to keep his marriage together despite his wife's extramarital affair. Zhong Yuan wants to stay together for the sake of Suo Er, but finally agreed to a divorce.He has no more affections for her. Disgusted with marriage in general due to his bad experience he likes Ying Xiu who is not interested in marriage, either. He is a better cook than her and is amused over it.

But they soon realize that they are in love with each other, and decide that they want to marry each other after all. Their first obstacle is Jing Hua. Zhong Yuan and Jing Hua agree to keep her affair a secret from their parents. But now Jing Hua wants him back, and uses Suo Er as an excuse to invade his life. Both also interrupts his dates with Ying Xiu. She even lies to both their parents that it is he who cheated on her, and begs them to help her reunite with him.

Tired of being falsely accused of infidelity and frequently blamed by Mrs Li, Zhong Yuan finally tells the truth to their parents, that it is Jing Hua who cheats. His parents support him and he finally gets married to Ying Xiu. Mrs Li has thought of Ying Xiu to be a loose woman as Jing Hua tells her a tall story but changes her mind after meeting her. Her parents are won over later by his good looks, well manners and caring nature. He also gets along well with his in-laws.

Upon knowing that Han Zi moves out, he gets Suo Er to visit her more often so that she will not feel lonely. He even helps her to buy a computer and teaches her how to surf the net. He fights hard to get Suo Er's custody upon knowing Jing Hua's intention to remarry. He can't bear to let Suo Er go to a faraway country. He is overjoyed when Suo Er agrees to stay and they wait together patiently for Ying Xiu's baby's arrival.

Ryu Jin is brilliant. Zhong Yuan seems anti-social at first but in reality, he cares a lot for those around him. He is very sensitive to their feelings and changes Ying Xiu to a better person too.

11. Li Suo Er – Jo Soo Min
She is Zhong Yuan and Jing Hua's 9-year-old daughter. She is more manipulative than her mother. When knowing that Ying Xiu is at Zhong Yuan's place, she insists to stay over and watch her dvds till late at night. She also lies on the sofa to pretend to sleep. Zhong Yuan will not give in and will carry her to pass her to Jing Hua to bring her home.

After Jing Hua needs to go oversseas with her parents to look for a prospective husband, she moves in to stay with Ying Xiu. She creates lots of problems for them for being defiant. She doesn't want another sibling to share Zhong Yuan's love. Even Mrs Li finds her a terror when looking after her. She can miss her lessons to worry the adults.

Zhong Yuan gives in to her but Ying Xiu teaches her what is appropriate. Suo Er later becomes close to Ying Xiu's family. She is glad to have Han Zi's consolation when finding out that Jing Hua doesn't want her. She buys a book as Han Zi's birthday present and she is overjoyed.

Unlike Jing Hua who will tell her to prepare her own food, Ying Xiu will cook for her when she is hungry. Ying Xiu also gets her to perm her hair but Jing Hua doesn't even notice her change. She starts to appreciate her. When seeing Yan Cheng, she doesn't feel anything special but is just curious how a baby is like. Jing Hua disappoints her for not telling her about her remarriage.

Suo Er is at first torn between her parents as both want her to stay with them. She knows that her mother will never change to leave her at home alone to be out with her friends. Thus, she decides to stay with Ying Xiu and Zhong Yuan, to their delight.

12. Liu Jing Hua – Yang Jung Ah
She is Zhong Yuan's ex-wife. She cheats on her husband but puts the blame on him for neglecting her and divorces him. Soon, she regrets it and tries to reunite with him by using Suo Er as a bait. She thinks that Zhong Yuan still loves her. Even if he doesn't, his relationship with Ying Xiu will not last long since they have a daughter. She also seeks to get Mrs Li to help her.

She is a very manipulative, selfish, and dishonest person. She lies to Suo Er that Ying Xiu is the third party in their marriage to make Suo Er resent her. She wins Suo Er's custody but doesn't take care of her well. She only wants to make use of her.

Zhong Yuan reveals to Jing Hua's parents about her infidelity. Jing Hua tries to commit suicide by crashing her car, and ends up with a broken arm. While in the hospital, Zhong Yuan visits her and she tells him that the only reason she wants to reunite with him is because her remarriage are not as good as him. She also finds him very good-looking and earns well. She admits that she doesn't love him but will not give him up.

Jing Hua not only refuses to go away but also moves into the same apartment building as Zhong Yuan and Ying Xiu live. She continues to sabotage them, turning up at their doorstep at the wrong time. she even accuses Ying Xiu of ruining her chance. Her hopes are dashed upon knowing Ying Xiu's pregnancy.

After Zhong Yuan's remarriage, her parents urge her to marry another man – a divorcee who is richer than Zhong Yuan. The man has his own children and his family doesn't really like Jing Hua. This despicable woman is so afraid that Suo Er might get to know of her wedding to oppose to it that she brings forward her wedding for a week. This man doesn't like other children so Jing Hua's mother persuades Zhong Yuan to keep Suo Er with him.

Zhong Yuan has to break the sad news to Suo Er and this makes her badly affected by it. When they are getting used to this life, Jing Hua suddenly appears again. Despite her husband's family's opposition, she doesn't want to look irresponsible to Suo Er and wants her to go to Hawaii with her. But Suo Er has changed and doesn't want to be with her anymore so she has to return to Hawaii alone.

13. Mrs Li – Jung Jae Soon
Zhong Yuan's parents like Ying Xiu immediately after meeting her. Mrs Li likes her honesty to admit that she has no confidence in looking after Suo Er. Mr Li likes her because she looks nothing like Jing Hua. Mr Li is an expatriate who often flies overseas, leaving Mrs Li to take care of her children. Her daughter marries well but Zhong Yuan gives her headaches.

She also dislikes Jing Hua but knows that she has a hard time bringing up Suo Er. She gives her advice and asks her to let go. Knowing that Han Zi has reservations, she meets Han Zi. Han Zi realizes that Mrs Li is warm and kind. So she will be a wonderful mother-in-law for Ying Xiu.

After getting fed up by Ying Mei's stuck-up mother-in-law En Ya, Han Zi is grateful to Mrs Li for being willing to accept Ying Xiu's shortcomings. She finally consents to the marriage. Both women are so close that they often go out for meals and chats together.

14. Jin Zhen Xian – Ki Tae Young
Unlike his mother, Zhen Xian is not impressed by wealth or power. He falls in love with Ying Mei because she is not vain and proud like his mother. He pretends to be a poor doctorate student who takes buses when dating her. He hid the fact that he is wealthy from Ying Mei because he does not want any woman to like him for his money.

Ying Mei is speechless when Zhen Xian drives his expensive car to pick her up to meet his parents for the first time. This first meeting is a disaster when En Ya looks down on her and Zheng Kui is unprepared that he is dating his employee. Although he obeys En Ya all along, he goes against her for the first time so that he can marry Ying Mei. He is lucky when Zheng Kui supports his decision and he tries to make Ying Mei as happy as he can. He still continues his studies after marriage but he is also eager to be a father.

15. Jin Zheng Kui – Kim Yong Gun
He is a former government official from a modest background. Married into a rich family, he quits his job and owns a floor manufacturing business. Still, En Ya looks down on him. She keeps citing that he can't be this successful without her and marrying him is a big mistake. He loves En Ya but is tired of her difficult and childish personality. He finds her fake to put on a mask daily to face others.

He knows Ying Mei well and she can be a good wife to Zhen Xian. That is why he approves of their marriage and even allows Ying Mei to continue to work after that. Although Yi Shi accidentally breaks a glass during their first meeting, he doesn't mind it and chats happily with him to make him feel at ease. Zheng Kui can bear with her for many years but seeing how she ill-treats Ying Mei, he finds her too much and loses his temper. He also finds his pride hurt whenever with her.

Thus, he moves into the hotel and enjoys his freedom. He also intends to get a divorce. He only returns home when Ying Mei begs him. Zheng Kui shows his true colours so that En Ya will finally obey him now. He hints to her not to make decisions in ordering food when meeting Ying Mei's parents for a meal. He doesn't want her to take matters into her own hands again. He can even get her to kneel in front of him now – but only in their room and not in public to save her pride.

16. Gao En Ya – Jang Mi Hee
She is the daughter of a wealthy and prestigious family. So En Ya is stubborn, arrogant and a control freak. She is not wicked but she insists of her family members to give in to her all the time. She does not know how to be considerate to others. So she finds Ying Mei not good enough for her son and finds fault with her. Being an accomplished pianist herself, she has to give up due to finger injuries so she pins her hopes on her.

Her first second meeting with her future-in-laws see her clashing with Han Zi. Han Zi has her last laugh on that day when En Ya's high heel breaks and she has to stagger back into the house. Zheng Kui doesn't understand why she is so picky and unfriendly to her in-laws.

En Ya doesn't like others to call her to be old. Both fall out when she keeps belittling him. Zheng Kui finally calls her a nasty woman before stomping out. She is still arrogant and says that she forgives him now, not expecting him to pass her the divorce papers later. She has to eat the humble pie to get him to return home with Ying Mei's help but it takes some time before they can share the same bed together again.

17. An Ying Shu – Jo Yang Ja
She is Zhong Fu's girlfriend and works in a cosmetic shop. She is only 5 years older than the twins. She has not thought of marrying Zhong Fu but the twins have a good impression of her. Han Zi even arranges a meal session for the siblings to meet her. Only San Shi opposes as he finds it ridiculous for his father to get married at such an old age. But his elder siblings snap at him as he has no say since he doesn't stay with them for so long.

18. Liu Dong Jian – Jung Tae Woo
He is En Shi's boyfriend who is a reporter. He is childish but helps her in her career and she is overjoyed when her books receive good responses. En Shi has not thought of accepting him as he is younger than her but gives in later. Dong Jian is very persistent. When En Shi tells him to get food for her family, he insists to turn up at the laundry so that everyone can see him. He also turns up when meeting Zhen Xian and Ying Mei together for meals with En Shi.

The two sleep together in a hotel and Er Shi nearly bashes him to death after knowing it. That brings forward their engagement date. He is eager to marry her but hides it in order to make her anxious.

19. Mr Cui – Im Chae Moo
This man doesn't know what he wants all his life. That is why the Luos do not welcome him when he returns to Korea. Zhong Fu never forgives him over their divorce. He calls him the sinful person. His only purpose is getting money so En Shi tells him not to hurt Er Shi anymore.

20. Li San Shi – Kim Sang Jong
He is born 15 years after the twins. He is a renowned surgeon. The twins make great efforts to contribute to his upbringing when their mother die young. They even skimp on new clothes and milk for their children so they can pay for San Shi's tuition. San Shi is a very selfish person so they do not really welcome him.

Er Shi cares for him like her own son. Despite their sacrifies, San Shi is not very grateful or considerate towards his older siblings. He hardly visits them and looks down on them. Thus, Han Zi can be nasty to him at times. Er Shi also throws sarcastic remarks to him now. But her attitude changes when he turns up for their mother's death anniversary.

San Shi marries into a wealthy family and is henpecked by his wife. He is now staying in Boston. Sometimes, he feels guilty towards his siblings and finds it hard to deal with Zhen Ya's disdain of his family. Still, he supports Zhen Ya and his family gets impatient with him. The final straw comes when Zhen Ya discovers that he has a personal bank account. They quarrel over this and he returns to Korea, pouring his woes to his family.

21. Han Zhen Ya – Ha Yu Mi
She is San Shi's wife who feels that her in-laws are inferior. She shows them no consideration and gives away unwanted things to them as presents. The sisters do not bother to use them and even feel like returning them to her. They also treat her as transparent whenever she comes. She only shows her interest upon knowing that Ying Mei is going to marry a rich man. The siblings have no intention of helping her to salvage her marriage for her and want her to talk to San Shi herself.

22. Bei Mei Li - Lee So Won
She is Ying Xiu's friend who is married and moves to Boston. The Luo family knows her well. Mei Li encourages her to marry Zhong Yuan to set up her own family. Ying Xiu knows that she is critically ill and intends to visit her. But it is too late when Mei Li dies before they can meet. Ying Xiu gets the news before she sets off and is badly affected.

Most favourite character
Zhong Yuan, as much as he claims that he prefers single life, he is responsible to marry Ying Xiu. He is also a good son, father and son-in-law. He is so intelligent – knowing that Yi Shi is easier to please, He plays chess with him to win him over in his first visit. Zhong Fu is also pleased with his manners so both men coax Han Zi to accept him as part of their family.

Most hated character
Jing Hua, she only thinks of herself and lets others pick up the broken pieces for her. She makes everyone miserable and none can put up with her. No one can communicate with her and Zhong Yuan only ends up quarreling with her whenever they meet. You will blow up when seeing her. Luckily, Suo Er realizes her mistake and isn't like Jing Hua anymore.

Interesting facts

The ratings went from 24 to 41%. The drama was extended from 50 to 66 episodes. At 2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards, it won Daesang (Grand Prize) for Kim Hye Ja and Best TV Drama Award. As for 2008 KBS Drama Awards, it won Daesang for Kim Hye Ja too and also Best Supporting Actor Award went to Kim Yong Gun.


I will prefer ‘Family of honour' to this drama. The story is better developed there with an outstanding cast. The highlight of this drama is not on Han Zi and her family. It is on Zheng Kui and En Ya. It is like Shakesphere's taming of the shrew. I never grow sick looking at how they try to win one another. Seeing how Zhong Fu falling in love is also another wonderful thing. This old couple can be so cute together too.

Another highlight will be how Ying Xiu battles her wits with Suo Er. Suo Er is not an easy person to handle. It is tougher than her managing the court cases. Being impatient with children, she learns things the hard way to get along with her. The hardest part is to spar with Jing Hua. She is with Zhong Yuan after their divorce but she still considers her a third party. What a joke!

It is left unfinished when Han Zi returns home. It only mentions that they are happy together as a family. It is not said if Ying Mei gets pregnant later. It is not mentioned of the gender of Mei Yan or Ying Xiu's babies. I find Han Zi very petty, irresponsible and selfish. She is just like what Ying Yi has mentioned. So I feel that she should not have slapped Ying Yi and the poor man has to apologise to her due to Yi Shi.

I doubt anyone can know why she has to move out for a year. This is absurd. A year is simply too long. No normal husband or father-in-law will allow it. It is reasonable for her to feel tired and lose her temper. She can have her ‘holiday' some other time – why must have it when Mei Yan is pregnant again? If she really wants the best for her children, will she be only considering for herself?!

And leaving the job to Er Shi? No wonder Er Shi also doesn't understand her at all as her childhood friend and sister-in-law. But perhaps everyone is selfish by nature as they have their own troubles and thoughts. Han Zi looks sorry when she returns home – not because she is happy to accept her unborn grandson but sorry that her ‘holiday' ends abruptly. What kind of grandmother is this?

However, the drama has many heartwarming scenes that many may like. It is still worth watching after all.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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