My Fair Lady

Reviewed by: sukting

July 18, 2005

Rating: one

How long
16 episodes

This is a Korean version of a Japanese drama. How do the Korean counterparts fare in here? Are they better than the Japanese cast? The result is seen as below. Many thanks to Josephyne for lending me the vcds - if not, I will be wasting a lot of my precious time.


7 years ago, Min Jin is a bespectacled country girl and just completed her high school education. She dreams of having a bright future. She is sold by her father to a bar as a waitress. She will gain her freedom after 100 days to repay her father's gambling debt. The female boss wants her to earn more money by being a bargirl but she refuses. She likes money but doesn't want to betray herself.

Whenever there is a shooting star, she will make a wish to be rich. She likes the shining places but hates stars because they are not money. She likes diamonds, clothes, cars and houses. At the same time, Yong Hao is looking at stars too. He likes stars. Although gold and diamonds are shiny, they can't be discovered in the dark. Stars will be shiny everywhere.

4 months later, Min Jin is going to regain her freedom and agrees to be a bargirl but she has to get the money first. She takes the money and runs away with her father. She will never be a bargirl and only wants the money to leave this place. Although her father is caught, she still has money and isn't upset. She feels nothing for her father as he only knows how to ask her for money. The feeling is good with the money.

She comes to Seoul and does a makeover. She goes for laser surgery to have perfect vision and changes into a princess, hoping that a prince will appear soon. Since the prince hasn't looked for her, she will make the first approach. All the guys are fascinated by her beauty on the street. 3 years later, the witty Min Jin becomes a beautiful air stewardess and gets nearer to her target.

Yong Hao is in Sydney and is a member of the astronomy association. He finds a new star and is prepared to give it to his girlfriend, You Shan. Min Jin sees Xian Zhu in the first class cabin but he doesn't seem to be a rich man. But upon knowing that he is a doctor, her eyes open widely. (Actually this is a misunderstanding because the man only borrows the medical book from the doctor sitting next to him to read.) When her job ends, she goes for further match-making sessions.

Her first impression will be the cars they drive and the watches they wear. She can disregard how they look. Yong Hao comes to the venue - as a delivery man to send the cakes. Although he is handsome, she has ignored him. Her companions can't stand the anxious way she woos men. She pretends to overturn a glass of hot water and then applies ice on their hands. She always says that she will place their numbers at the top of her list in the handphone. She will not waste time upon finding a prey and goes out with them.

The 'doctor' Xian Zhu invites Min Jin for a 4 people date without his wife, Hui Zhen's knowledge. Yong Hao is dragged along. He is never enthusiastic. Can this kind of arrangement bring him money? Min Jin's meetings never stop because she wants to look for the ripest fruit. There is a rich guy, Dong Kui who has been wooing her for 2 years. He is the assistant manager of a company. He buys a large diamond ring and proposes to her. She isn't prepared for it but the ring's attraction is too much. She still wishes to consider - what happens if she meets a richer guy than him?

Dong Kui is Xian Zhu's boss. He is unhappy that Xian Zhu rushes back to Seoul using company funds so he wants to deduct from Xian Zhu's salary to pay the balance. Xian Zhu grumbles but dares not go against him. He pours his woes to Yong Hao. Dong Kui gives Min Jin a week to consider his wedding proposal.

This night is the last day and she has to make her choice after the date. Her colleagues don't understand why she rejects Dong Kui. Is she looking for true love? She isn't - she is looking for a sailing club member who is among the top 30 in Asia. She does have a big appetite. If she meets one, she will use all methods to melt him but she hasn't found the person yet. This night, she meets doctors so she is fully dressed in white. What a smart choice! Mrs Shen hopes that Yong Hao will be able to find a girlfriend so she spends money to dress him up but he feels bored by her action.

Yong Hao has something urgent so he leaves the venue. He comes face to face with Min Jin who is late. He stops to look at her - with a glance that he is looking at the person he loves most. Min Jin resembles his ex girlfriend, You Shan. You Shan died because of a car accident so Yong Hao can't take the blow. He resigns from his Algeria job to return to Korea. Both look at each other and feel that something will happen between them. Min Jin suddenly sees the sailing club's badge on his pocket. He must be the one she is looking for. Min Jin starts using her same tactics again. It is unoriginal but Yong Hao falls for her.

She gets more and more excited upon seeing the badge. She finally gets a rich man now so how can she let him off? Both exchange telephone numbers and Yong Hao feels that he is in a dream. She sees him walking into a big house and Min Jin is firmer with her decision now. But this is not his home. It is his debtor, Mr Wang's home. He is here to beg him to give him another week's grant for the rent payment. Earlier, Mr Wang is in his shop, demanding for payment and drops his badge there. It gets hooked on his jacket unknowingly. Min Jin calls Yong Hao, telling him that she will miss her sleep upon thinking of him.

Actually, he can't sleep too and they meet together again. He arranges to meet her at the park but it is closed at night. Both climb over the fence. Her voice and movements resemble You Shan. Yong Hao can't stop asking her whether Min Jin is her real name. Both throw coins into the wishing pool. She smiles - if a coin can make a wish come through, it is really earning a lot of money. Her coin accidentally hits the 'on' button and the foundation starts working. It gives a romantic scene.

They are discovered by the authorities and leave in haste. Min Jin keeps on sending electrical messages to him - both of them are linked by a line to run in the same direction. She hints that they have a future together. Their clothes are wet so they change them. He has a serious look - let's remove them. She is shy and replies that she will do it herself. Please don't be mistaken - they are removing the eggshells. Yong Hao wants to tell her the truth that he is only a deliveryman but he is afraid that she will leave him. So he decides to keep the truth from her.

They have the same age and common interests so they get along well. Min Jin suddenly reveals her love for him. He wants to tell the truth but she interrupts him, not wanting him to interrupt her declaration. Yong Hao tells her that he isn't the type she thinks. She thinks she knows that he isn't a doctor because of the high pay. He can buy a few hospitals. How can she not know it? But she replies that she doesn't go out with him because he is a doctor. Even though he is poor, he is still him.

Yong Hao likes her even more now. He decides to bring her home. She starts dreaming again. This is faster than she expects and she looks forward to it. So when Dong Kui asks about her decision over the phone, she rejects him. Dong Kui curses and swears - who is the jerk better than him? He suddenly sees the two together and tails them. Min Jin praises Yong Hao for not depending on his family for success and reveals that she has just rejected Dong Kui's proposal outside the bakery - which is Yong Hao's home.

Yong Hao is thick skinned to bring her to the house. He searches for the house key at the gate. Both go in and he is in cold sweat on how to open the house door. Dong Kui suddenly appears as he can't accept her decision. Yong Hao heaves in relief as both leave. Mr Wang opens the door and wonders if he is mad to ask him for more orders at such a late hour. He leaves in guilt.

Dong Kui stops his sports car in front of the office building. Min Jin will not change her mind even though he does this. He asks whether Yong Hao is richer than him. She admits it. And later, her companions are surprised that she rejects a matchmaking session the first time. Min Jin pursues Yong Hao tightly and he is trapped. In order not to let her suspect him, he still continues acting as a doctor.

Mr Wang comes at this time to the shop and he pretends to ask a nurse to give him CPR. Mr Wang sees through his tactic and cites that he is mad to woo a woman using this method. Mrs Shen is hurt by his remark and cries. If not for her late husband owing him money, they will not be in this state. Mr Wang grabs the earnings for the day and leaves with a smile. In the meantime, Min Jin leaves the office by the back door upon seeing Dong Kui. Her colleagues find him pitiful still waiting for her.

Mrs Shen learns that Yong Hao has a girlfriend now and is glad. Min Jin thinks that a relationship exists not because of love but because of money. She teaches her counterparts - the judgment time is 0.46 sec. the next week will be a success period. They must win the trust certificate so she can get it in 2 days. Xian Zhu is Yong Hao's good buddy and the guys reveal their real identities to Min Jin's colleagues.

They frown as they know that Dong Kui is famous as the 'axe' and the 'hell messenger'. This is getting serious if things go on like this. Yong Hao is not only penniless but owes a big sum of money. Every cent is needed to pay the debt. How can he go one dates then? To match his status, Min Jin wears a dress suitable for sailing to give him the hint. He knows that she wants to go out at sea and brings her on a swan boat - this makes her angry because they have to step on the pedals to make it move. He is puzzled - she wants the biggest and fastest boat so this is it.

She suppresses her anger - is he joking with her. He is so humerous. Yong Hao brings out his favourite toys and she gets excited as she has the same too. Both play their childhood games and are childish adults. Both spend a happy day together. Yong Hao suddenly asks her if he can give her a ring to replace the one that she is going to return to Dong Kui. Her eyes turn bigger, hoping for a big African diamond. She is so lucky. But she drops from heaven to hell when he only buys a small ring from the roadside.

Although she curses him in secret, she still pretends a smile when putting it on. She must keep her cool - maybe he is testing her. The romantic day is ending so she kisses him. Yong Hao feels on cloud nine after the kiss. Min Jin also smiles as this is her first kiss. Upon reaching home, she is still dreamy and Xiu Yuan shocked that she is so experienced but yet this is her first kiss. She thinks that Yong Hao is a special man who is different from the rich guys that she has seen.

Yong Hao is also dreamy as she is also special to him. She can turn desperate to hope and also sadness to joy. Min Jin's heart is still beating and this is the first time she feels this way. Probably she really loves him. Yong Hao has thought that he will never love again but she melts him. Their friends have wanted to tell the truth but stop upon seeing their reaction. Min Jin even adds that she even thinks that it is alright even if Yong Hao isn't rich as she might love him.

Dong Kui wants to have a showdown with Yong Hao for grabbing his girlfriend. He finds out that Yong Hao isn't rich at all. He sees him delivering new year cakes to Mr Wang and follows him to the bakery. He then sits happily in his sports car to laugh. Yong Hao calls her out, deciding to tell her the truth. Dong Kui tells her earlier before he can do it. Isn't it too early to return the ring to him? If she leaves now, she can't return to him later. He is real and the ring is real while the ring she is wearing now is a fake and Yong Hao is also a fake. She doesn't believe him but becomes doubtful.

Yong Hao waits for her, wanting to continue his dream and life. Dong Kui tells her where Yong Hao stays. She comes and has to accept the truth. Yong Hao still lies to her that he is in the ER while he is baking a cake. Yong Hao gets so frantic and drops onto the floor, pouring flour onto himself. Min Jin leaves in sadness - her dream is ruined.

Yong Hao wants to explain but she doesn't want to listen to him and slaps this cheat. He is hurt - so she only likes a rich him. She leaves and wants to throw the ring away but it still stays in her home. She cries in grief. Min Jin adjusts her feelings quickly and woos Dong Kui again. Dong Kui is sure that Min Jin will date him. To his surprise, she replies that she has another important date and refuses to meet him. He is angered and returns home late.

Where is she then? You will never believe it. Min Jin is so thick skinned to cook a meal for Dong Kui's parents at his home. His parents like her cooking and Dong Kui's unhappy expression turns into a joyful one when he returns. When being asked why she likes him, her reply is his wealth and also he is genuine to her. He has a wonderful time. Her initial mention of leaving him gives him a hard blow but he believes she will return so he is persistent. He takes out the ring and she is about to accept it when he suddenly takes it back. Don't treat him like this again so it is better to give her only later.

He wants to go to her home for coffee but she keeps pushing it off. He drops her at their usual place - a private apartment. She goes to take her bicycle. Why? She isn't staying there but is renting a small room at an old block. She has spent all her earnings on clothes and shoes. So she will normally cycle back from there. However, Yong Hao learns her secret now.

Yong Hao can't forget her and brings along You Shan's photo. He wants to tell her that he loves her not because of her looks but she doesn't listen. She hasn't wronged him for being poor. Yong Hao follows her in another cab but she even has to pay the cab fare for him. This nearly makes her burst like a balloon. He wants to return the money but she takes that she is donating money to the poor so he should forget her.

Yong Hao is angry - does she think that he is a beggar? Mr Wang comes again and Yong Hao is in a bad temper. Min Jin's colleague, Xiu Yuan is secretly concerned about him as he likes the gentle and kind Yong Hao. Mrs Shen thinks that she is Min Jin and praises her for being a fair lady and he feels shy. Xiu Yuan even helps to pay their debts. She is interested in him and knows his qualities but he only treats her as a friend. Yong Hao decides to give up - nothing is useful and only money is useful so he hates it.

Min Jin is chosen as the airline as the best smiling air stewardess. Mr Wen is impressed as she is prettier than the photograph and wants to meet her father in a week's time. He later meets Mr Wang to request him to make Dong Kui as the general manager. Mr Cui thinks that he isn't qualified and rejects his suggestion. Yong Hao wonders why Mr Cui is so particular to chase him for money as he is so loaded. He replies that he asks for money because it is money and he owes him money. Regardless of the sum, it is still money.

Xiu Yuan doesn't regard money important and he finally gets along well with her. Min Jin still goes out with other guys although she is with Dong Kui. She still wants to choose a best man. Dong Kui invites her to officiate a ceremony. She is late and the other VIPS leave angrily as they have important affairs to attend to. Dong Kui still waits patiently for her. Min Jin is happy when Dong Kui specially prepares a star route for her. She imagines herself to be a celebrity. How nice to have money! Yong Hao sees a graceful Min Jin as Xian Zhu brings him to the exhibition and he can't keep his cool but she doesn't see him at all.

Min Jin suddenly sees him and has mixed feelings. Although she hates him for cheating her, she still thinks of him. Dong Kui arranges a surprise engagement by inviting all their colleagues. She is taken aback but can't say no and has to smile forcefully. Dong Kui deliberately gets Yong Hao to prepare their engagement cake. He is hurt and looks at her. She doesn't feel good too but what can she do? She can't let a rich man go to be with a poor man. Dong Kui helps her to wear the diamond ring. Yong Hao has to see this in grief to wish her well. Dong Kui wants to go to her home to celebrate but they go out for dancing instead.

When Dong Kui asks what she wants, she wants a starfish and thinks that he can't do this. Dong Kui asks Yong Hao along just to watch this act. He warns him not to pester Min Jin. From now on, they are engaged so they can kiss together. Min Jin hears this and leaves in haste. Mr Xia appears after looking at the advertisement. Dong Kui decides to visit Min Jin since she is at home. Min Jin overturns her bowl of noodles upon hearing it and arranges him to meet her at the usual place.

Dong Kui wants to show her the starfish necklace. Min Jin is shocked to see Mr Xia and wants him to pretend not to know her. Yong Hao is ready with the starfish and walks to her. Min Jin is nervous, not knowing what to do when Dong Kui is around. Her cover is nearly blown but Yong Hao drags him away. He places the starfish near her bicycle. He can't give her money but he can give her love.

Dong Kui gives Min Jin a star necklace. He has the money to buy anything she wants. He wants to give her the best as her fiancé. She sees the starfish in the fishbowl and likes it. She recalls the guys' words. The necklace cost 2 houses to get from Hong Kong while Yong Xu pays 50 000 won at a small town's fish market to get her as an engagement present. In comparison, she likes the real starfish more but she can't give a rich Dong Kui up. Yong Hao receives the astronomy association's letter to invite him to continue in Algeria. He is tempted. Xian Zhu knows that he is trying to escape from Min Jin. Is he still in love with the materialistic Min Jin? The game is over.

Mr Wang asks how long Yong Hao is in business. He replies that he is only here for a year. He happens to see the letter and is enraged, demanding Mrs Shen to see him. So her son is thinking of leaving and not paying him the loan. What is he up to? Mrs Shen begs him to let Yong Hao off to do what he wants. Just hate her alone. Mr Cui doesn't wish her to mention matters that happen 30 years ago.

Xiu Yuan arranges to watch stars with Yong Hao on her birthday and she is happy. Min Jin accidentally spills the bowl to put the starfish and asks Yong Hao for help. He rushes to help her to make Xiu Yuan unhappy. Yong Hao gets seawater from the fish shop and comes to her place. He wonders why there are only shoes and dresses in her home. He sees the necklace and reminds her to buy food for the starfish.

Because of the starfish, both are together again. He tells her to buy squids to cut into small pieces to feed them. Unfortunately, Dong Kui sees this and gives him a punch. Both land up in the police station. Min Jin is threatened by Dong Kui to give a false statement that Yong Hao pretends to be a rich man to marry Min Jin so Yong Hao is detained. He recalls his past. His girlfriend, Yu Xuan wanted to break off with him. Later, she regretted and drove 5 h back to meet him again. But she died in a car accident.

Xian Zhu and Hui Zhen ask her for help. She finds out that his ex girlfriend looks exactly like her. Hui Zhen knows Yong Hao well because they graduate in the same year although they belong to different faculty in the university. Yong Hao is caught and Min Jin doesn't feel good about it too so she withdraws the complaint. Although she helps him, he doesn't appreciate it as he doesn't wish her to pity him.

He is enraged - he isn't angry to get caught or humiliated by Dong Kui. Because he has no more dignity in front of her but he is angry that she is insincere to him. Does she have a real heart? Mrs Shen doesn't wish to implicate Yong Hao so she asks him to leave Seoul but he can't bear to leave her alone. To make him happy, she sells the shop. Hui Zhen thinks that Min Jin is innocent and frank but Xian Zhu laughs at it.

Dong Kui's parents insist of meeting Min Jin's father so she has no choice but to tell Mr Xia to act rich. Dong Kui gets nervous over the meeting. Min Jin wears the star necklace and brings the starfish to the staircase. She hopes that someone will take it away but she takes it back when it rains. Min Jin has no feelings for Mr Xia - it is better not to have him. Yong Hao gives her a slap. Min Jin looks at him in shock - she can't understand him. He has longed for fatherly love as his father is dead.

Dong Kui's family and Min Jin wait for Mr Xia's arrival. She lies that he is sick and Mr Wen chides Dong Kui for being insensitive not to send him to hospital but he turns up, well-dressed. Mr Xia puts up an act by giving Mr Wen a golden pipe. He even memorizes the facts that Min Jin has given him well. Yong Hao acts as the driver. Yong Hao explains to Min Jin to make her understand him. But she says that she hasn't misunderstood him for being poor.

Yong Hao mentions about his Australian girlfriend and she doesn't take it seriously. People do resemble each other in looks. But she doesn't think that looking exactly is possible. Today is Xiu Yuan's birthday and waits for Yong Hao to come anxiously. Yong Hao asks why Min Jin only think of the rich and the poor - aren't there others present? He knows that she is acting as she isn't the usual self. She is only acting to look for the rich. Many think that she has loved many times and see many men but he knows that she is still pure after her first kiss. Many think she likes expensive objects because they don't know her.

They do not get to see how she reacts with the toys. The joyful expression is the real her. Yong Hao is sad - will she love him if he isn't poor? He is poor now but he will overcome this. He wants to start all over with her again. He can do it because he really loves her. Min Jin is untouched - she doesn't want love but marriage. If marriage is a deal, she hopes it to be expensive and unattainable. She wants the marriage to be happy forever and she can't get it from him.

It is raining but Yong Hao isn't here yet. Xiu Yuan stands in the rain and her blood turns cold. Maybe Yong Hao is right. Min Jin suddenly feels tired. If this isn't acting, why does she feel sad? Yong Hao brings a broken heart back home. There is nothing in the shop so he decides to leave. Mr Xia likes Yong Hao and tells Min Jin to cherish him. He teases them of taking a photo together. When she denies, he realizes that it can be his other elder daughter being adopted to Australia when she was nine months old. Min Jin learns that You Shan is her twin elder sister and is shocked that she didn't know her existence for 27 years.

Zhi Yin is a two timer - asking Tai Cheng and also Qing Xi out at different times of the day. Yong Hao comes to the airport to leave the sad place. He wants to forget everything to start all over again. Min Jin feels that she should tell Yong Hao about it. Upon knowing that he is at the airport, she realizes how reluctant she is to see him leave. Yong Hao looks around at the checkpoint. The person he desires to see doesn't turn up at all. The plane takes off and Min Jin is at the waving gallery.

But please remember that she is an air stewardess. She applies to work on shifts to Sydney to replace a sick Xiu Yan. Yong Hao's friends want to keep You Shan's photos for him but he tells them to burn them. Min Jin can't find him at his workplace so she leaves him a note. She hopes to find him on the street. He is right in front but she misses him but he sees her on the bus. He runs to her - is that real? Is she here?

They stand on the Sydney bridge and look at each other - just like how they did the first time. She regains her cool and asks why he is running. He answers - does she chase him all the way here? He tries to forget her but why does she come? She puts a forced front - she is here because of work and everyone will tour here. Can't she come? Yong Hao has dignity too - so she can tour the place slowly then.

She softens - does he run because of her? He replies that's because he wants to throw her into the river. She seriously wants to apologise to him but he doesn't accept it. She reveals that You Shan is her elder sister. Yong Hao is shocked. She wants to know more about her but he replies that she is not like Min Jin. He requests her to keep him company for a day. He has never done this with You Shan and this is his biggest regret. Both sit far from each other. The captain deliberately sways the boat to push them together.

Both take a photo for remembrance. He wants to give her a treat but she insists paying on her own. How can he afford it? What has he done for You Shan? Why are the sisters different? He feels that You Shan is pure. She becomes angry - is he implying that she is dirty? His reply is she uses her heart, not money to love. Her reaction is if their love is pure, why cause her death? If he gets rich by analyzing stars, she will not be dead. Can he deny that it is because of money? That is because he is avoiding the issue. He is too selfish. She leaves in disappointment. Her words cause him to reconsider again.

Jing Xi lies to Dong Kui that Min Jin is sick when he calls her because she is not back yet. He gets worried and anxious. He entrusts her to take care of Min Jin. The other air stewardesses exclaim that he is attractive. Yong Hao returns to find the note and realizes that she comes specially to visit him. Jing Xi is alarmed to see Yong Hao waiting for Min Jin at the hotel lobby - are they together for the whole day? She wonders why Min Jin isn't back because she can't keep from Dong Kui for long.

Min Jin starts to regret her action and wants to tell him her true feelings. So they can't find each other as she waits outside his room. He is touched to find her sleeping in his room. Min Jin gives him an air ticket to return with her but he is in a dilemma. Min Jin is late for duty and has to suspend from her job - not being allowed to wear the uniform back home.

But she doesn't bother about herself and still waits for Yong Hao. The plane takes off but he is still not there because he chooses to escape again as he is afraid of getting hurt. Xiu Yuan knows about Yong Hao's departure and cries as he hasn't told her. She feels worse upon knowing Min Jin's assignment. Min Jin is unhappy when back and doesn't look at Dong Kui who receives her at the airport. He is puzzled to see her not in uniform when back. Jing Xi explains that she returns not as air stewardess but as passenger as she is being punished for quarreling with a passenger - which is obviously a lie.

Dong Kui tries to reason for Min Jin and is stunned to know that she stays overnight. He flares up upon recalling the lie given and overhearing Xian Zhu's gang saying that Yong Hao is in Sydney. The old men almost have equal shares. Mr Wen is angry - Mr Wang is the chairman but does he imply that he can't decide success because he is single? Why does he keep on stressing that his successor must be capable and have natural talents and Dong Kui lacks both?

Mr Wang frowns when seeing the bakery being sold. Does Yong Hao really escape overseas? How can he allow his mother to wash the dishes? He wants to meet Yong Hao soon. Dong Kui mentions to Min Jin about his friend seeing her with Yong Hao but she denies. He is so mad that he drives his sports car fast and has to stop it right on the expressway. Mr Xia asks Min Jin about Yu Xuan and is sad that she is dead.

Min Jin has made a big mistake and she might lose her job. She has to stop her duties temporary. She regrets her choice for being stupid. Her colleague tells her that Yong Hao tries to look for her at her hotel. She is angry and tells her not to talk about him again. Xiu Yuan knows she goes to Sydney to meet Yong Hao but she denies to have anything to do with him. Xiu Yuan tells Min Jin that she likes Yong Hao and wants her to keep a distance from him. This makes Min Jin upset. Min Jin loses her job but she tries to find out more about Yong Hao through Hui Zhen. She can see that Min Jin likes him and consoles her.

Yong Hao seems to hear her call and returns. He decides to be brave and become rich. Yong Hao looks for Mr Wang who is the company boss. He wants to use his body to repay the debt. Mr Wang tells him to jump down from his garden wall but tells him to come down later. Min Jin is dismissed but Dong Kui is happy. Now they can bring forward their plans to get married. He brings her to a musical but when switching off her handphone for her, Dong Kui finds the photo of the two together.

He feels cheated and hates Yong Hao, driving away in a rage and destroying everything in his office. She wants to continue lying but he already knows her reason to stay out overnight in Sydney. She walks home in despair and sees Yong Hao. Yong Hao waits for Min Jin to be back. He wants her to give him more time to become a rich man.

She hugs him and cries. Her actions are worth the effort. Min Jin suddenly becomes cold again. Why not forget everything? He should not tell her what he wants to say in Sydney. She is so unlucky - she loses her love, her job and also her home. Her apartment is on fire - she realizes that her starfish is still in there. You will laugh at the cause of the fire. Mr Xia irons the cuttlefish and forgets to switch it off when he goes out. This causes a short circuit! Yong Hao braves through the fire to get it back. But Min Jin doesn't give him face - what she means is the bracelet and her precious stone necklace. Yong Hao goes in to get these two things for her and she is touched. All her things are destroyed and she cries as she has nowhere to stay.

She refuses to go to his home so he makes her stay with Mei Zhen and Xian Zhu. Xian Zhu tells Yong Hao not to scare him anymore - he suddenly leaves and now suddenly this happens. His heart can't take it. Yong Hao is troubled when he loses contact with his mother. Dong Kui looks at Min Jin's number in his handphone and throws it aside. Min Jin sighs upon seeing the starfish. Yong Hao finally sees Mrs Shen - she is taken aback by his return but rejects renting Mr Wang's room.

Mr Wang wants Yong Hao to use his effort to work in Dong Kui's company within a week's time. To make money, Yong Hao has no choice but to beg Dong Kui to accept him. Dong Kui jumps - he wants to work under him and draw a salary?? Dong Kui is filled with jealousy and dislikes him - what should he do? He will recruit him if he allows him to give him a beating. That is because he has taken the woman he loves most away from him. And himself will not touch her hand easily.

Yong Hao's friends are appalled to see both in a lift but Xian Zhu is the only one not surprised. He only finds it absurd. Dong Kui hits him badly in the car park till he can't stand up. What has he to compete with him? He will torture him to make him retreat and leave. Mr Wen keeps meeting Mr Wang because the successor issue can't be delayed any longer. Both men can retire early when it is settled. Mr Wang wants to hand over to someone he can trust. Mr Wen knows that Dong Kui isn't perfect but a post can change a person. Does anyone being GM can be capable - Mr Wang doesn't look impressed. Mr Wen is disturbed to know that he has someone else in mind.

Mr Wen scolds Dong Kui for appearing in untidy clothes after the beating. Both make wild guesses - Mr Wang might have an illegitimate son. They must have the whole company and not part of it then. Min Jin finds the cheap ring among the rubble. Xiu Yan and the others are shocked to find her place burned. Min Jin comes to Mr Xia's rented home to find a injured Yong Hao. He rents it with Mr Xia because he has no money so he has half the family rights. Min Jin knows that Mr Xia has no money at all.

She applies medicine on him and she reluctantly admits that she goes to Sydney because of him while he praises her cooking. Yong Hao finds it too painful to sleep and covers her with a blanket while she returns him her pillow. She puts the ring into the starfish dish. Xian Zhu chides Yong Hao for not treating Xiu Yuan well. He apologises to her for making her wait on her birthday. She wants him to inform her of whatever he does next time. He is shocked to know about Min Jin's retrenchment.

Dong Kui worries how Min Jin is and asks Jing Xi. Maybe his fierce expression scares her but he still loves her. Jing Xi reveals to Yong Hao that the two might cancel their engagement. He is in a fix - should he back out to give her happiness? He informs Dong Kui about his story with You Shan. If Dong Kui loves her, he should trust her. Yong Hao informs Mr Wang that he has the job. So Mrs Shen doesn't owe him anything but Yong Hao is the one to owe him.

He requests Mr Wang to let Min Jin return to work as an ambassador. Mr Wang then tells Mr Wen to arrange a worker image workshop. Dong Kui apologises to Min Jin for not understanding the pain she is going through. He gets her new clothes. Yong Hao also buys a cheap blouse from the roadside stall. He feels inferior upon seeing her home with the clothes. So he lies that the blouse is for himself and puts it on. (This is so hilarious.) Min Jin happens to see his note on putting it on before she gets new ones and smiles at it. She sneaks into his room to get it.

Yong Hao comes to Suny. His friends sigh and all want to lend him money. They are taken aback when he tells them that he is joining them. The airline head tells Min Jin to prepare to be the speaker for Suny Computer Entertainment and she is overjoyed. This job can give her a better chance to return to her job. So Dong Kui does it for her. She hugs him in the office and cites she knows that he makes this arrangement so that it doesn't hurt her pride. He is so rich and also magnanimous. In reality, Dong Kui doesn't know that she is coming and he not only unseats the chairs that Yong Hao places in the hall, he doesn't even inform his staff of her coming. Yong Hao has to do the promotion to get all of them to attend.

I am so amused by Dong Kui's expression. At first, he is confused by her hugging. Later, he smiles to tell her to wait for him and runs out to tell his secretary to tell the rest. But what can she do in 5 minutes? And Min Jin isn't late as the speaker. She is shocked by the number and thanks Dong Kui. The 2 guys look at her in a foolish way and imitate her actions - I shall leave you to find out. Dong Kui gives her the payment after the talk as Mr Wen insists it. He can't send her home because he has to attend a business deal.

The airline head is pleased that the Suny chairman is satisfied with Min Jin's performance. Hopefully, she will be freed from the punishment soon. She wears the blouse that Yong Hao buys for her and cooks dinner. She wants to give him a surprise by shocking him but ends up getting shocked because he is with Xiu Yuan. They pretend to meet 'accidentally' on the street. Xiu Yuan wants to visit Yong Hao's home so he brings her to Xian Zhu's home instead.

Mr Xia praises Min Jin for being pretty in the blouse but she is angered, citing that it is lousy as it is too cheap. Xiu Yuan asks if she can always come to Yong Hao's home. Yong Hao agrees reluctantly. Min Jin changes her clothes but refuses to sell the starfish necklace. Xiu Yuan wants Yong Hao to send her home next time but he quickly runs home. Min Jin grumbles when Mr Xia looks for work at night - how can he leave her alone with Yong Hao? But he feels safe. Yong Hao eats the food she prepares to make her happy.

But he eats too much and doesn't feel well. So she does massage that she learns from her airline to make her feel better. He notices that the way she presents is so different from being materialistic. She still thinks that Dong Kui makes her job possible because of his status. Yong Hao finds a thrown away fridge and carries it back home with Min Jin. She is embarrassed but still helps him. He imagines - if only he can bring back a television set to save on resources!

Mr Wang frowns upon knowing that Yong Hao only moves chairs. He tells him to work in the customer service lint to listen to customer complaints. But he must keep it a secret. Yong Hao grumbles - since Mr Wang is giving him a lift, why not drop him at the company entrance? Mr Wang reminds him of his servant status. Dong Kui laughs when Yong Hao makes the request. Does he understand computer games? Does he have experience? He tells him to go to Xian Zhu's department.

Xian Zhu is unprepared when Mr Wang approaches him to help Yong Hao. Isn't he a debtor and why the change now? He knows that Xian Zhu is a good senior and can help to improve the products to teach Yong Hao the basics. Mr Wang wants it to be a secret. Xian Zhu is strict with Yong Hao - does he think that he can idle here - he must get the software ready. Xiu Yuan visits Mrs Shen at work. She finds Xiu Yuan's number in Yong Hao's handphone and thus wants her to pass it to him since he needs it at work.

Mrs Wen lets the couple choose an auspicious day to marry before autumn. Min Jin isn't prepared for it so it seems that only Dong Kui is eager. Min Jin notices that the security guard working at Dong Kui's company is expressionless. Dong Kui gives her a new handphone and tells Yong Hao to knock off but he is busy to learn new things. Mr Wen brings the couple to see Mr Wang. Dong Kui wants Min Jin to resign -she is puzzled - why help her out in the first place to contradict himself? He lies that he wants to introduce her to his colleagues.

Min Jin and Dong Kui recognize the house upon arrival. That is the same house that Yogn Hao boasts to be his during their first encounter. Mr Wang sees her and recalls Yong Hao saying that she helps to bring him back. Mr Wen then mentions that it is coincidental that Mr Wang requests for the workshop and his future daughter-in-law is the speaker. Min Jin then realizes that it is not Dong Kui who helps her. Mr Wang can't be their wedding witness as he is single.

Yong Hao plays the fighter plane games for 3 hours attentively. When he is engrossed, no one can stop him. Xiu Yuan asks him to go to the swimming pool - she even gets a new costume for herself. Laugh when the guys turn up in traditional swimming trunks while the women are so sexy.

Dong Kui is amused to go to many different places a day. No wonder many say marriage is enough for a day. Min Jin learns that Mr Wang is the Wens' company partner. Although Mr Wen manages it, Mr Wang has more shares. Min Jin sees a new television set and steps on it to hurry Yong Hao in coming. She feels shy when passersby look at her elegant dressing and yet she is doing this. It is like a snobbish rich person who is harbouring over unwanted goods.

Xiu Yuan tries to impress Yong Hao in making a nice paper umbrella for his fruit punch. She expects him to give her a real one soon. He rushes to Min Jin after getting her call. Now their home has everything and he adjusts their antenna on the rooftop. To his alarm, her colleagues come to visit her and he has to hide there. Xiu Yuan peeps around in the house and is angered to see Yong Hao's trousers in a room. After they leave, Yong Hao tells Min Jin to join him to look at the stars.

She tells him that she is getting married before her 28th birthday. She has to do it before 28 otherwise the value will dip. Min Jin writes her resignation letter on Yong Hao's luggage box. He is frustrated with her - why give it up since she is happy with it? She tells him to take the starfish back and Xiu Yuan comes at this time to leave after seeing them. She pretends not to know they stay together by running away and deliberately waits for Yong Hao to catch up with her.(She is getting cunning now.)

Dong Kui demands to know what relationship Yong Hao has with Mr Wang. Why does he go to his house and to the company? He learns that Mr Wang is his old customer. Min Jin is about to hand in her resignation letter now. Dong Kui is happy to get her full service and whatever he has is also hers. All staff go for a water life saving course and Min Jin recalls the past. The airline head regards her as their best staff but still accepts her resignation letter. She later dashes in to save a person from drowning and all cheer for her. The paramedic even praises her for showing him the most perfect saving technique. Her expression is down when she admits that she isn't a staff anymore.

Later, she runs after the airline head and he gives her the letter back. Has he mistakened her? She is in tears and shakes her head. The saving incident makes her return to her air stewardess post upon immediate effect. The airline head reminds her to thank Mr Wang for his recommendation. She looks at the starfish in Yong Hao's room - is it him to help her? Min Jin asks Mr Wang how he knows her? He confirms her guess. Xiu Yuan is angry to see Yong Hao with Min Jin so Min Jin moves out.

Yong Hao finds the ring with the starfish. He goes to her burnt flat. What is wrong with her to move out in the middle of the night? He already has no more pride in front of her so she needs not feel inferior and forces her to return with him. She tells him that she knows that he helps her now. Why keep it from her? he replies that that is because she never asks him but what's the point since she resigns! She reveals that she still keeps her job and he is delighted, citing that it is the right choice.

She jokes that she doesn't feel like a princess. After work, she longs to sit on a rocking chair and looks at wall papers to feel like a princess. She tells Dong Kui that she really wants a job. She confirms her New York assignment. Dong Kui asks the airline security guard to smile but he doesn't. He wonders why he resembles the one at his company - are they twins? Yong Hao begs Dong Kui to transfer him to customer service but he refuses. He recalls Yong Hao's words.

Later, he finds Yong Hao in the customer service staff uniform - who allows him to wear that? He commands him to leave. Dong Kui follows him to see where he goes after work. Min Jin is going to New York and Yong Hao squats at a corner to talk to her. Dong Kui's eyes open bigger upon seeing Mr Wang walking into Yong Hao's house. He chides Yong Hao for being useless for being unable to get into customer service. Yong Hao gets him a drink and promises to work hard.

Mr Wang gives him the last chance to get in within a week. Yong Hao must also be on good working relationship with Dong Kui because he is the power centre and his boss. He scolds Yong Hao for allowing Mrs Shen to stay in the restaurant quarters. Mr Wang visits her and tells her that she doesn't owe hi many more since Yong Hao is working for him. Mrs Shen is angry when he wants her to hand over Yong Hao to him. She must consider it but she is uneasy as he is a cruel man who values money more than anyone.

Dong Kui is shocked to know who the future successor is and wants Yong Hao to leave the office automatically. You will laugh upon seeing how intimate Yong Hao is to Dong Kui by clinging to his shoulder, trying to treat him like his older brother. But he ignores him, forcing him to write a resume and resignation letters. Dong Kui has a condition - he must sell 100 sets of games at original price. If he can't make it, he has to leave.

Mr Wang knows it from Xian Zhu. Their company product is too famous and is authorized to special dealers. No one will believe Yong Hao for pedaling it on the street and selling at the same price. Mr Wang decides to observe how he comes up with an unexpected tactic to sell t hem. Mr Xia sells ear wax diggers well by promoting love relationship. All buy from him because normal pedaling goods don't cost more than 10 000 won. Yong Hao is desperate - how is he going to sell then?

He is so tired that he doesn't listen to Xiu Yuan's calls. Min Jin doesn't want to be treated like a sinner by her but she wants her to move out after returning to Korea. Yong Hao sleeps at the burned apartment. He is late for work and a boy asks Dong Kui to fix his game set. Dong Kui has boasted to be the assistant GM but he doesn't know how to fix it. The boy asks innocently - is it because he damages it so he doesn't fix it? Dong Kui holds such a high post so why can't he do it?

The boy cries as the expiry date is over and the technician announces that it is beyond repair. He refuses a new set because he only wants his own. Yong Hao refers to the new one to see how to fix it successfully. Both play the game set at his home. Dong Kui gives a wicked grin upon seeing the 99 sets still lying around. The boy suddenly faints and Min Jin returns. She suspects that he has diabetics but there is no needle in his tube. They send him to hospital and Yong Hao is scared that Dong Kui is coming. He pleads with Min Jin to leave but she is past caring over it to take care of the boy. Dong Kui discovers the fact that they stay together and is hurt.

He always feels that there is lack of chemistry between them. There are a few days left to get married so she must watch herself. Yong Hao hands in the resignation letter reluctantly as the due date is up. Mr Wang jumps upon knowing it. Boss Zheng comes to sign a major contract with them. He owns a big arcade and comes to give Yong Hao a big reward for saving his son. He buys 200 sets of computer games from him! The expressions on both guys' faces are sure classic. Dong Kui stares at Yong Hao but he smiles happily.

Mr Wang gets the news - he scolds - is Xian Zhu joking with him?? Now Yong Hao cancels his resignation and he smiles. Boss Zheng is moved by the concerned way Min Jin looks at his son too. Min Jin is touched t o see the princess stickers being fixed in her apartment. Yong Hao has thought that computer games are deprived of feelings but he notices that the boy puts his feelings into it. Now he will be serious in work. She is unwilling to leave and both can't sleep at night.

She brings the blouse, the doll (Yong Hao gets for her upon knowing that they love the same cartoon) and the starfish. She takes the television away because she finds it. Upon reaching there, she sees the rocking chair and is touched. That is her dream coming true. Min Jin withdraws the money to buy a new television set for Yong Hao. She knows that her father hasn't given a cent for the rental so this covers the cost. Min Jin tries on the wedding gown with Dong Kui.

Xiu Yuan frowns upon seeing Min Jin's lipstick when mopping the floor, She doesn't want to see a trance of her left so she also throws the television set away. Dong Kui can't wait to see Min Jin in the wedding gown and suggests her moving out soon as he is looking for a new apartment. Xiu Yuan informs Dong Kui about Mr Xia selling utensils at the MTR station. He runs into a rage upon knowing that Min Jin's home has been burned earlier to know where they stay.

He is about to knock on their door upon hearing to their conversation. Mr Xia wonders why Yong Hao pastes the cartoon characters on the walls and assembles the rocking chair. He is very talented and they seem happy together. Dong Kui is angry upon hearing it. Mr Wang gives Yong Hao the receipt to clear his debt. He gives him another challenge - to go into sales planning unit. He lies that he wants to buy the company and wants Yong Hao to be his spy (how stupid he can be not to know who he is now.)

Dong Kui changes the setting in Min Jin's apartment. He is not happy with the design and wants to make her happy in their new home. He lets her think for the night in the grand apartment. If she makes the wrong choice, he will make Yong Hao's life miserable. He wants him to go to Jiju island for 2 years to stay away from her. Yong Hao sees the rocking chair outside her apartment and knows what happens when the design is completely different now. If she is unmarried, her dream will not come true.

Mr Wang is furious with Yong Hao's leaving. Dong Kui gives Min Jin a new handphone to cut all ties from Yong Hao. He throws her old one into the dustbin and Yong Hao can't get her anymore. Min Jin returns the starfish to Yong Hao. Xiu Yuan transfers to work as a land crew at Jiju office to be close to Yong Hao. She sees Min Jin's note to meet Yong Hao and night and stops him from meeting her. Dong Kui teases the security guard again and Xiu Yuan rejects to go to Seoul for the couple's photo taking session.

She prefers to stay to celebrate Yong Hao's birthday in Jiju island. Her two colleagues feel bad because the 4 are so close as sisters but yet Xiu Yuan refuses to be the bridesmaid. Min Jin is mad after waiting for Yong Hao for the night at the fountain. Why doesn't he keep the television set and turn up? She visits him to tell him that and he is confused. She finally knows that she loves him and declares it. She will not have the courage when wearing the wedding dress. Xiu Yuan gets the birthday celebration ready but Yong Hao rushes to the airport to wish her well.

In coincidence, Xian Zhu and Mei Zhen are here to celebrate their wedding anniversary and he brings them back. Xiu Yuan gets a holiday resort for them. The 3 wait for 2 hours for Min Jin at the wedding studio and the women are surprised that Dong Kui isn't angry. The three on their handphones to let Yong Hao's other friends to wish him happy birthday and he nearly cries. The couple takes the wedding shots and she looks like a princess. Xiu Yuan calls her to inform her and she coldly wants her to wish him happy birthday. Xiu Yuan gets the fireworks ready to give Yong Hao a surprise. Dong Kui makes the same arrangement in Seoul. Yong Hao realizes that both love each other.

Dong Kui is nice to treat the 3 women to spa so Min Jin's friends exclaim him to be accommodating and thoughtful for her. They envy her and he is happy to be praised. Now, he really feels that she is his bride. She decides to cook a meal for him and hope that he doesn't mind it to be simple. Of course, he doesn't and looks forward to it the next day. Xiu Yuan's friends hope that she can be an air stewardess again by visiting her but she wants to stay beside Yong Hao.

By sending the couple off, Xiu Yuan is hurt after knowing that exact story of Yong Hao meeting Min Jin. She rejects his offer to give her a treat. She is angry that Min Jin keeps on looking for Yong Hao. She overturns the table of food that Min Jin has prepared for Dong Kui. They still put on an act when he comes to pull him to a restaurant but Xiu Yuan is moody by getting drunk. Mr Wang learns that Yong Hao is in Jiju island because of Min Jin under Dong Kui's command. Mr Wang gives Mrs Shen Yong Hao's house keys and tells her to stay with Yong Hao.

Mr Wang calls Yong Hao and he is shocked - is he too scared to hear his voice because he does too many wrongs? Yong Hao shivers - how is he going to see him now? Sigh - he is so stupid not to know that the old man is on Jiju island. He begs for forgiveness and Mr Wang tells him to kill himself by backing out of the deal. Mr Wang doesn't allow Yong Hao to sink in despair forever. Mrs Shen is the woman he loves. He was poor and worked hard, neglecting her. He earns a lot but loses her. Mrs Shen only wants a quiet life so she married Mr Shen. Although Mr Shen died, he still loses the most precious thing to him.

He wants to train him hard to be his successor. He doesn't wish Yong Hao to be like him - to give up his lover. Yong Ha ponders his words. Min Jin wears the necklace to make Dong Kui happy and to forget Yong Hao. The security guard still doesn't smile at Dong Kui after opening the car door for him. Xiu Yuan returns to Jiju island to find Yong Hao missing. He can't give up the woman he loves so he returns to Seoul. He looks for Min Jin to find her with Dong Kui. He is disappointed.

Min Jin serves Dong Kui for a day to drive him to the park for a picnic. Both play happily together. He treats her like a princess while she tries her best to love him. Min Jin drives Dong Kui home but he nearly has a heart attack when she drives too fast. This is the first time she drives after getting her license. He thanks her for the day. She refuses to let him send her home because this defeats the purpose.

Xiu Yuan's heart is cold - Yong Hao is still not hers. She informs Dong Kui of the news - she doesn't want them to be together. Dong Kui drives out again upon knowing that Yong Hao is meeting Min Jin. He is stunned to see both on the bridge. Yong Hao finds Min Jin but she avoids him. She still insists of marrying Dong Kui. Dong Kui beats Yong Hao up, reminding him of his poverty. Yong Hao wants to protect Min Jin but Xiu Yuan is determined to ruin her. She sends anonymous letters to Dong Kui's father to let him know what a woman she exactly is. Dong Kui tells Min Jin that he has seen Yong Hao and will not let him see her. She quickly says that she only loves Dong Kui.

From Xiu Yuan's hint through a fax, Mr Wen discovers Min Jin's lowly status upon seeing him pedaling at that MTR station. He immediately opposes to both getting married. Yong Hao doesn't wish to be trampled by Dong Kui forever .He wishes Mr Wang to transfer him back to Seoul to give him strength to defeat Dong Kui. But Mr Wang tells him to settle in Jiju island. If he can't finish his work, he can't return formerly. Mr Wang only helps him once for the initial stage.

Dong Kui orders Yong Hao to return but he insists of signing the deal first. The marriage is off so Mr Wang announces that he wants Yong Hao and Dong Kui to challenge for the successor's position. Mr Wang doesn't like the way the Wens handle his company. He has wanted to make others happy with the computer games but they are only interested in making profits.

Yong Hao has an innocent dream to create miracles. Dong Kui nearly goes mad now, wanting to strike at Yong Hao again. But he retaliates - he can't call a hooligan the assistant GM now. They are fighting for the post and love. Zhu Mei trains hard in her singing to impress Qing Xi but she touches Zhou instead.

Xiu Yuan knows that Yong Hao is returning to Seoul. She is upset and kneels to beg him but he insists of leaving. The worst part is he goes to buy the air ticket and meets her there. Mr Wen gives Min Jin a sum of money to leave his son. She cries as her dream is ruined. She meets Yong Hao and avoids him. He pulls her back - he vows never to let her cry again. He brings her to the beach to make her happy.

Min Jin cries not because she can't marry Dong Kui. She cries because of her stupidity for wanting to be a princess. He then learns about her sad past. She only dreams of marrying the rich but has not expected the rich to look down on her. She looks at her starfish. What should she do now? Yong Hao wants her to call him anytime so that he can be with her. They start to date before and after work like a couple.

Mr Xia tries to beg Mr Wen because of Min Jin. Min Jin doesn't want Mr Xia to kneel to Mr Wen although he offers to die on her behalf. She feels humiliated and speaks up. She will never marry Dong Kui not because of his objection but because she is unwilling. Mr Xia is pleased with her but she can't do this to her next father-in-law. She should develop feelings with Yong Hao. Min Jin returns everything to Dong Kui. He assures her that he will persuade his father but she decides to break off with him. Mr Xia wants Min Jin to get along with Yong Hao. The first man to move her is definitely the best.

Mr Wen is furious to see the wedding photos and wants the negatives back soon. Dong Kui insists of holding the marriage plans to get slapped. He looks at the starfish necklace. Min Jin sees Dong Kui's car and doesn't wish to see him. Yong Hao brings her to stay over at Xian Zhu's place for the night. Mr Xia wonders if he should leave Seoul to give Min Jin a better life. She looks at the starfish.

Yong Hao asks Zhi Yin to get Xiu Yuan to return to Seoul. Dong Kui nearly punches Yong Hao - is he the one to expose Min Jin's background? Where has he hidden her? He refuses to tell him. Min Jin decides to leave Seoul. She requests to be a regular land crew staff in New York. The airline head agrees to it reluctantly. Xiu Yuan returns because she can't forget Yong Hao. Her colleagues want her to thank Yong Hao for helping her. Xiu Yuan even calls Min Jin up to let her know that she is the culprit.

Wanting others suffer will let herself suffer too. Min Jin is angry with her for being so despicable. Isn't she afraid that she will take Yong Hao away? Xiu Yuan believes that Yong Hao will be her man forever. She only wants to cause Min Jin pain. When Min Jin is around, he will not look at Xiu Yuan. Dong Kui's love turns to hatred. He takes everything back, including Min Jin's apartment. Both hurt each other's pride. Xiu Yuan begs Yong Hao to give her a chance but he decides not to. She confesses to everything - throwing away the television set that Min Jin gets for him, the note to meet him and also sending the fax to Mr Wen. He tells her to hate him instead.

Yong Hao gets his first month's pay and Mr Wang shakes his head upon seeing that he hasn't prepared anything for Mrs Shen. He takes a bulk of his pay, telling him that he still has a 3 billion won debt to clear. Don't think that he is his successor but he is still his servant. But he still leaves him money to buy a dress for Mrs Shen. Mrs Shen smiles upon knowing it.

Yong Hao wants to give Min Jin a treat. Too bad, her handphone is now with Dong Kui and his burning eyes look at the smiling Yong Hao in the MMS. He tells his parents that he must marry Min Jin otherwise he will go overseas for his studies. Min Jin and Yong Hao eat the cheap but tasty food at the roadside stall. She starts to feel that happiness can't be bought with money. Yong Hao wants to buy clothes for her. Although they come from the cheap store, she feels contented. Is the thought better than money? Min Jin informs him about her decision to go overseas. He only takes it as a joke.

Min Jin is contented for the day so she pleases him for the night to watch stars with him. But he knows that she dislikes stars. He doesn't wish to force her. But she wants to give him joy before she leaves. She goes to get him drinks and he forgets to bring his handphone so he leaves a message on her handphone using the motel's telephone. Min Jin thinks that they should not be in love but he knows she is lying. Doesn't she understand how the first time is to both of them? They hug each other and they sleep in bed together.

Dong Kui still can't forget her and drives to look for them. He is tormented to see them together at dawn. Min Jin wants to go somewhere far and Yong Hao thinks the star galaxy is the best place. He draws an air ticket on the restaurant napkin and she keeps it. This is his promise and it will never be overdue. Dong Kui is angry upon seeing Yong Hao - a regular worker at the shareholder's meeting. He gets him to work in the warehouse as his office and he should stay in a rubbish dump. Yong Hao is fed up, saying the same to him.

Dong Kui threatens Yong Hao - very soon he will know the pain of loving the wrong person. He nearly explodes upon knowing that Min Jin's coming departure from Qing Xi. He vows to make her stay. Yong Hao discovers Min Jin's planned ticket to New York to realize that she isn't joking. Dong Kui laughs upon switching on Min Jin's handphone to see that he leaves 20 messages within an hour. He looks for her anxiously but Dong Kui tells him to give up.

Dong Kui believes that she doesn't love Yong Hao and it is impossible. It is just like one assignment and she will still return home. She will stay because of Dong Kui. Then Yong Hao will know how weak he is. Xiu Yuan joins in Min Jin's farewell party. She is in a dilemma - she wants her to leave but is also afraid that she will leave. Xiu Yuan suddenly asks - what will Min Jin do if Yong Hao wants to join her? She will not let him know it. Yong Hao confronts Min Jin and tries to dissuade her in vain.

Under Dong Kui's deliberate arrangement, Mr Xia 'loses' his starfish necklace. Min Jin doesn't know what to do. Min Jin falls into his trap and he is proud of it. When she calls him, he pretends to be busy but still meets her. He forces her to marry him but she is determined to use her earnings in New York to pay him back. He gives her 3 ways - to marry him, to return the jewel of to pay him the price before leaving or to return the jewels. She is firm to leave. He is sarcastic - she can ask Yong Hao for the money before going.

Yong Hao manages to touch her to leave for New York together. Mr Wang scolds Mr Wen for being unfair to Yong Hao to make him work in the warehouse. Where is fair competition then? His accountant is also at his home now checking the accounts and Mr Wang wants him to explain the forged accounts. Yong Hao is now on the street to do the survey. Min Jin entrusts Mei Zhen to take care of the starfish for him. Mr Wang decides to make the Wens leave the company by holding the shareholder meeting soon.

Mr Wang returns Yong Hao's salary to Mrs Shen. He keeps Yong Hao to find out what kind of person he is and wishes to have a son like him. They clear their misunderstanding and Mrs Shen even pours wine for him. Mr Wen is so angry with the outcome that he drives when he is drunk. Mr Wang tells his driver to send Mrs Shen back home while he takes a walk.

Yong Hao is at his wits' end on how to raise money to pay Dong Kui when he gets Mr Wang's call. Mr Wang wants him to work hard and he can agree to anything he raises today. Yong Hao is overjoyed and decides to visit him. Mr Wang meets Mr Xia on the way and Mr Xia wishes to talk to him about the necklace issue too. Both walk on the pedestrian crossing but Mr Wen knocks them down.

This makes him sober and he becomes frightened. Dong Kui tries to help his father by pretending to be a passerby to call the ambulance. Yong Hao rushes to hospital upon knowing that they are seriously injured but he can't get Min Jin as she has no handphone now. Dong Kui calls her, wanting to tell her what happens to her father but she hangs up to annoy him.

Min Jin waits for Yong Hao anxiously at the airport but he isn't there. Dong Kui pretends to be kind to take care of Mr Xia and finds out that she is leaving on the morning flight. Yong Hao looks at his watch desperately - Mr Wang is close to him and how can he leave? Time waits for no one and it takes off. Does this imply that they will part again? Dong Kui comes to the airport and the plane has left. He is still unable to make her stay. Actually, Min Jin is still in Seoul. How can she leave without Yong Hao? She leaves a message for him - telling him that she will wait for him at the airport till he comes. Dong Kui discovers her and tells her to thank him for saving her father.

Min Jin can't believe this when he says that she can't escape from him. Min Jin is cold to him and he threatens her. If she continues to be like this, He will be harsh to her. Yong Hao finally listens to the message at 10.30 when Mrs Shen brings his handphone to hospital. He heaves a sigh of relief to know that she is staying. Yong Hao meets her at the hospital. Dong Kui drags her away, claiming to be a life saviour. Yong Hao suspects something amiss about the accident. He confronts Dong Kui - why is he at the scene? Is he covering up anything?

Yong Hao apologises to Min Jin - he should be at the airport - what should they do now? She decides to stay with him. He will leave when Mr Wang wakes but she thinks he should not give up everything because of her. But Min Jin is his everything so he must leave with her. She is touched and becomes firm to stay. Mr Xia loses his memory temporary (sigh - why this tactic again? Are Korean producers running out of stories to tell?) so Mr Wen worries day and night. Dong Kui suggests marrying Min Jin to shut him up.

Mrs Shen gives Yong Hao all the money Mr Wang gives her. Mr Wen gives them 6 weeks to come up with a new game and compare company sales reports. Dong Kui despises Xian Zhu and his team so they decide to help Yong Hao. It is a war between them and Dong Kui now.

Dong Kui's parents change their attitudes towards Min Jin. She feels odd and suspects a motive behind it. She sees a fountain pen left by Mr Wen among Mr Xia's belongings. She finds it familiar looking. She comes to Mr Wang and talks about how she looks for a man to give her happiness. But this changes after seeing Yong Hao. He has little but he gives her everything. So she wants to be the woman to be able to help him. So Mr Wang must wake up to give Yong Hao strength. Mr Wang finally wakes up.

Dong Kui brings the starfish necklace and the ring to a goldsmith to change the exterior design. Xian Zhu talks Mr Wang even though he is in a coma to want him to wake up to help Yong Hao. Dong Kui overhears him and he is embarrassed. Dong Kui vows to make them vanish in 6 weeks to be jobless. Min Jin conveys Mr Wang's message to his subordinates to help Yong Hao in full force. Xian Zhu apologises to Yong Hao for helping Mr Wang secretly but he doesn't mind it. Mr Wang's assistants transfer him to stay in his villa, lying that he wants to be there before his death. Dong Kui watches this happily.

Yong Hao gives Min Jin all the money he has to pay Dong Kui but he doesn't accept it. She stuffs the envelope into his hands. Min Jin wants Dong Kui to bring her to meet Mr Wen to thank them for visiting Mr Xia. So she gets to see the same fountain pen and realizes who the real culprit is. She rejects the wedding proposal quickly and nearly blurts out the secret. She rejects all future good will from them. Dong Kui suspects that she knows about it and is angered when she mentions that they use money to hurt her. Mr Wen tries to bribe her with money to leave him while Dong Kui wants her to pay for the damages.

Mr Wang wakes up but in order not to blow things up, he still pretends to be in a coma. Min Jin asks him for advice. Xiu Yuan is upset upon knowing that Min Jin is still in Seoul. She knows that both must be together - how can they do this to her? To break them up - Dong Kui tells Xiu Yuan that both will be in New York if not for the accident. They decide to help each other.

Without Mr Wang's help, Dong Kui bullies Yong Hao at work. Zhu Mei and Tai Cheng try to take a peek at Dong Kui's new invention but fails. Yong Hao's morale becomes low. Min Jin advises him - if he doesn't act like a man now, she will leave him. He starts to gain confidence again. Min Jin even volunteers to be his secretary. He smiles and vows not to lose.

Mr Xia is discharged and Min Jin brings him home. She suddenly goes missing and Dong Kui demands to know where Yong Hao keeps her. Yong Hao points out that Min Jin changes because of Dong Kui so he will not tell him. Dong Kui vows to pay back the agony that they cause back to him. He will force Yong Hao to see how they marry together. Dong Kui asks Xiu Yuan for Min Jin's number but she has no information as she uses a new handphone and has applied for unpaid leave. Mr Wang gives Min Jin a name card of a company which will help them to produce the chip in adding special effects to their game.

Dong Kui collects the jewels and the goldsmith jokes that his wife will ask whether he gets a new set. He shows it to her, wanting to start again and express his wish to cancel the previous debt. Despite of her refusing to keep, he forces her to keep it and presses her to marry him. Dong Kui is happy that he is going to succeed. The two start to invent new computer games. Who will be the last winner? Dong Kui makes use of Xiu Yuan as his spy. She hates the couple upon seeing them so close together. Min Jin suspects Xiu Yuan's motive but he agrees to let her help him. Yong Hao hopes that Xiu Yuan can understand Min Jin but she can't wait to kill her but has to hide under her sweet smile.

Because of Xiu Yuan's betrayal, Yong Hao's plan is snatched by Dong Kui to sign the contract before him. He blames himself. Min Jin spurs up his confidence - how can he give up so easily and how can she depend on him? Xiu Yuan pretends to be concerned to give Yong Hao a call. Min Jin gives her a scolding. Yong Hao chides her for being too harsh and Min Jin is jealous. Why is he siding Xiu Yuan? The two quarrel. Mr Wang can't help Yong Hao anymore as he must be trained.

Min Jin's companions discover that she wants love and not money now. They are shocked - why is she smiling like Yong Hao now? She smiles like a fool now. Yong Hao finally has the energy now. If he works hard, there is hope. The two smile together. Later in the day, all receive an MMS from Xian Zhu who is standing at the top of the company building. All rush to find that it is a hoax. Zhu Mei perms her hair midway while Qing Xi still has noodles stains near his mouth and Tai Cheng has comics with him. They are still innocent so they should be able to come up with new ideas soon.

Yong Hao relaxes and treats his job like playing computer games. All of them go to a holiday resort. It is only possible to invent a new game when he is relaxed. Xiu Yuan's call suddenly makes Min Jin suspect that the leaking of information might be due to Xiu Yuan. Dong Kui wonders why the team is not in the company and decides to check it out.

Actually Xiu Yuan isn't feeling good about it too. But she is willing to do anything for Yong Hao. The evil Dong Kui tells her that this is the only way to get the best result so this foolish woman continues to be made use by him. The two are still enjoying their sweet holiday. She asks - can he remember what he has done on their first date? He recalls the swan boat and grins. This gives her a new idea - why doesn't he think of a new game related to the use of the whole body?

Dong Kui finds Min Jin and wants her to call him at night to talk about something important. At night, she looks at the jewels and also the pen. Dong Kui really loves her very much. Min Jin returns them to him - she has no right or reason to own them. She will return the value of lost ones to him. She can't be with him anymore because she loves Yong Hao. Dong Kui holds her back - he doesn't care who she loves but he loves her. This is enough to keep her beside him.

Min Jin is unmoved - he should let her go if he loves her. Dong Kui suddenly drives fast. Now, she must say that she loves him. She is unmoved and insists that she loves Yong Hao. Dong Kui nearly becomes mad to want to drive into the sea to die with her. Luckily, he regains his senses and stops it. Min Jin is badly shaken and cries when she sees Yong Hao. The couple sees the security guard at work and wonders why he still doesn't smile. Yong Hao takes the pen unintentionally and Dong Kui happens to see him with it when borrowing it to sign a contract. He becomes frightened.

The police narrows down their investigations and this makes him more nervous. He worries when the truth is out, he can't get Min Jin forever. Dong Kui doesn't want to get trapped so he wants Xiu Yuan to help her. The guilt ridden Xiu Yuan rejects him. Dong Kui tells her that the two have been to bed and she is overcome by jealousy to agree to help him. Xiu Yuan asks Yong Hao out and this makes Min Jin jealous.

Dong Kui goes a step forward to sign the contract with the software company to get the chip and let Yong Hao's effort go futile again. Yong Hao is angry with him for being despicable twice. Why does he use money to settle everything? Dong Kui is icy - this is ability. Yong Hao feels like punching this shameless jerk. Dong Kui challenges him to do it but Yong Hao doesn't wish to dirty his hands. He will defeat him one day. To give him a fatal blow is to outshine him in the game design.

Min Jin doesn't hate Dong Kui but pities him instead. Yong Hao makes the first move to apologise to Xiu Yuan at night. He must be clear to her about his feelings earlier. It is natural for her to get angry but she will meet someone better than him one day. She requests him to hug her for the last time. He agrees to it in guilt. She doesn't wish to leave his warm arms but he doesn't belong to her. So she leaves in sadness.

The despicable Dong Kui hides the chip in Yong Hao's office - pretending to be Yong Hao stealing it. Xian Zhu urges him to escape as being in the cell can be long and they will not complete their project on time. Yong Hao falls into the trap and the only person who can prove his innocence is Xiu Yuan, who is with him at that moment. To get him, she lies and he becomes a fugitive.

Mr Wen brings the competition forward to a week instead of a month and the staff votes will be included. Xian Zhu is taken aback - how are they going to win then? He now thinks differently of Min Jin who helps Yong Hao so much and she offers to talk to Xiu Yuan when they are beside the security guard. He hears them and makes a call. All the stewardesses are annoyed with their security guard who insists of checking their passes. Can't he recognize them since they are always together? He still checks one by one slowly.

He comes to Xiu Yuan as the last. Min Jin comes to her on time in a cab. The security guard then calls his elder brother, telling him that he manages to stall Min Jin. Min Jin demands to know why Xiu Yuan lies. She doesn't answer her - she will not do it if not for her. Mr Wang is back home but decides to show himself only on the judgment day. He frowns upon knowing that Yong Hao is on the run.

Dong Kui manages to get the pen back so he is now free. Yong Hao misses Min Jin on the run. He needs her understanding and support now. Min Jin feels the most important way is to find Xiu Yuan to point out Dong Kui as the culprit. She looks for her again but how will she help as she hates her so much? Min Jin reminds her how much misery she causes to Yong Hao. She tells Min Jin that she is tormented to see them together so she will so anything. So Min Jin must leave Yong Hao.

Min Jin will never leave Yong Hao. Her last weapon is the truth of the accident to exchange with Dong Kui. But she is upset when the only evidence - the pen is missing. Min Jin wants to settle with Dong Kui but he takes out the pen. She is still no match for him. He reminds her of their wedding the next day. He will do anything for her if she marries him. She doesn't admit defeat to him. She even splashes a glass of water onto his face but he still smiles.

Yong Hao looks for Xiu Yuan. He is hurt by her doing. It doesn't matter if he doesn't return to her but she wants them to break up. The two support each other. Xiu Yuan's friends advise her to give up. Dong Kui discovers that the two are going to meet so he wants the policemen to tail them. Luckily, Min Jin finds the policemen following her so she changes her plan. Dong Kui waits at her door - does she want Yong Hao to hide forever? She should leave Seoul if she can't marry him and not see Yong Hao forever. He will then let him off. Yong Hao senses something amiss when Min Jin doesn't turn up.

Is loving Yong Hao bringing him and others misfortune? Min Jin finally decides to leave but she wants to have 5 days to herself. Dong Kui drops the complaint and Min Jin promises to keep her part of the deal. Is she right to do this? Min Jin also gets the chip back for Yong Hao. Yong Hao is happy - now he can deal with Dong Kui openly. She has only 5 days with him now and she wants to spend it wisely. It is Min Jin's birthday 5 days later and Xiu Yuan is back to Seoul after an assignment.

She looks troubled and her companions are still angry with her stubbornness. They want to break ties with her. She starts to wonder - is she wrong? It is time for them to part. Dong Kui reminds her - she celebrates it with him for the past 2 years so she must remember her promise. This time, he gets her an air ticket. Mei Zhen wants Xian Zhu to persuade Yong Hao to get married so that he will not visit them too often. Yong Hao buys a touching present for Min Jin. Xiu Yuan finds out that Min Jin is leaving Korea and not contacting anyone. She feels remorseful.

The game design has ended and Yong Hao is delighted. All get Min Jin a birthday cake and she cries. Are the tears of joy or sorrow? Yong Hao suddenly gives her a beautiful necklace. He proposes to her but she runs away. Is she too touched? She gives a sad smile. He brings her to the rooftop of the tallest company building to watch the stars on the red carpet, eating a princess ice cream. She is shocked to see another security guard looking the same. The light from the stars lights up the candles. He only uses one candle because they live again after meeting so both are only one year old.

The 3 security guards are triplets and choose the same job. They plan the birthday for her and even dance today to make her laugh. She confesses that it is the most memorable birthday. He promises to give her a surprise yearly. But she has no more time for him. She rejects his marriage proposal. But she will agree to it if he defeats Dong Kui the next day. Dong Kui tells Yong Hao he can never win him.

But he is willing to lose if he gives Min Jin up. Both guys refuse to give her up. Dong Kui mentions that it is him to cause her misfortune. Yong Hao meets Xiu Yuan who is about to tell him the truth. Will Yong Hao love her in the next lifetime? He tells her that he only loves Min Jin. His words hurt her so she decides to keep the news from him. Min Jin packs her luggage and all the things triggers memories.

Yong Hao wears a wedding suit and he wants to bring her bride to the galaxy. This is only his dream and he wakes up. Dong Kui tries his last effort to make Min Jin stay. He will wait for her if she tells him. Yong Hao tells Min Jin about it and seeing her with the napkin ticket. She hopes this dream can come true. All have not heard of Mr Wang's news. Mr Wen claims that the winner will market the winning product as the main product and be the successor while the loser has to leave the company.

The verdict for the game selection is going to be announced. Yong Hao wants her to kiss him to give him the confidence. Min Jin suddenly hugs him and this is the last hug. He laughs at it as an extra tip. They hug for a minute and it is like forever to them. Xiu Yuan considers for a night and begs Dong Kui to make Min Jin stay. She returns to her kind self again. Dong Kui rejects - he will rather die than to see them together. He wants all to be unfortunate.

The Wens are overjoyed when they are in lead for their game 'Pirate King�. After 4 hours, they will win. Yong Hao's team is at a losing end when Min Jin suddenly reminds them to get their colleagues' families to try out their game, 'Eye Joy' which is suitable for both adults and children. Their votes increase. Xiu Yuan wants to resign because she can't face the 3 women but her colleagues stop her. They even cite that the airline head is so angry with her decision that he returns the resignation letter so they tear for her.

Mr Wang arrives and is happy to know that they are improving. The ending is going to be announced and Min Jin is leaving but Xiu Yuan stops her. Yong Hao will not survive if she leaves. Can she survive too? Xiu Yuan admits her wrong but Min Jin says the wrong part is she loves him. She manages to lock Xiu Yuan up in a room before leaving. Xian Zhu is nervous as the results also include online votes. Xian Cheng promises to marry Zhu Mei if they win.

Min Jin's tears wet the napkin when she is going to board the plane. She makes a wish for Yong Hao at the airport. She hopes he can win and she throws the coin into the wishing pool. Her wish comes true - Mr Wang appears in Mr Wen's office. Does Mr Wen decide the successor before he wakes up? He looks better than he expects. Why has he no conscience? Mr Wang plays the recorder which records the Wens' voices before they leave the scene - citing clearly that Mr Wen is involved in the car accident because of drunken driving. Mr Wang keeps a recorder with him and this is the secret of his success to tape conversations.

He wants them to leave the company otherwise he will reveal the forged account incident. Yong Hao's team wins and Yong Hao is surprised to see Mr Wang at the shareholder meeting. He sits beside him. Dong Kui is shocked when Mr Wen announces that he is leaving the company while Dong Kui has to step down from his assistant GM post for losing. So Yong Hao becomes the successor and he will forsee the product's marketing. Yong Hao admits that he owes his success to Dong Kui.

Dong Kui allows Yong Hao to sneer at him. But Yong Hao tells him that he uses a real starfish to win Min Jin's heart. Because of Dong Kui's lies, Yong Hao understands his love for Min Jin. And because of Dong Kui's wild ways, he can be together with Min Jin. Dong Kui admits defeat. Min Jin is reluctant to board the plane and hopes that Yong Hao will appear. But she never expects to see Dong Kui on the plane.

Does she love Yong Hao so much? She really goes on the plane. How he wishes that she isn't here and this will lessen his agony. Now he knows that Min Jin can do anything for Yong Hao. He loses to Yong Hao and to her. Their love wins him and Xiu Yuan tells Yong Hao to go to the airport. Dong Kui books the plane for Min Jin. She can release her sorrow alone and cry there if she loses the man she loves. This is Dong Kui's last present for her. He confesses all his crimes and apologises to her. He does them because he loves her and wants to give her happiness. He tells her that she need not leave.

But she thinks she should keep her deal. They separate but the love between them will not vanish. Dong Kui commands her to leave. This is what he learns from her. Although she leaves, he will still love her. He is lucky to be allowed to love her. Min Jin gives him a last hug. Yong Hao looks for her at the airport. How can she leave like this? She returns and he hugs her. What is in her luggage? He grins upon seeing the toys. She is already an adult but she still plays with them?

She takes out the napkin. Can she go to the galaxy? He helps her to wear the necklace and they hug together. 11 months later, Mr Wang announces that Yong Hao keeps his promise so his debt is cleared. Yong Hao jokes that he should write a statement to prove it - which is what he learns from him. Yong Hao decides to leave the company management to experts because he isn't suitable. He wants to continue his astronomy research and Mr Wang doesn't stop him. Min Jin will support him since he earns little.

Mr Wang reminds him to thank Min Jin for it. They allow Dong Kui to return to the company to help out. Both get married in Algeria - just like the way in his dream. A kiss seals their promise. Min Jin finally goes to the galaxy - this shows how magnificent love is.

Introduction on characters

1. Xia Min Jin - Kim Hee Sun
She has a poor and hard life so she dreams of marrying the rich. She spends all her money on clothes but she is innocent by nature. She is also a professional air stewardess who loves her job in life saving. Yong Hao moves her with his sincerity and she gives up all her dreams to lead a simple life with him. Sad to say, Hee Sun's expressions are still limited although she improves slightly in her acting. Her dressing and hairstyles (sometimes permed, sometimes rebounded) are classy, though.

2. Shen Yong Hao - Gao Xiu
He is a timid person who doesn't pursue his dream when he has setbacks. We can see how he escapes from reality repeatedly. But Mr Wang gives him the strength while Min Jin gives him the motivation to improve himself. He is an expert in astronomy and a good carpenter but later becomes an expert in playing computer games. He is creative to come up with new ideas so Mr Wang regards him as his successor. Gao Xiu also gives in a lukewarm performance with his bland acting.

3. Wen Dong Kui - Sun Chang Min
He is the assistant GM of Suny Electronics Entertainment. He is arrogant, ruthless, rude and also boorish (in my opinion). He is famous being the axe for not showing mercy to others. Although he truly likes Min Jin, he forces her repeatedly to marry him by using despicable means. Love becomes hatred when he keeps devising plans to harm Yong Hao to keep her with him.

Unlike other serials where he shines, Chang Min also does a terrible job in here. He has bloated up to be a fat Jackie Chan. I don't know whether there is something wrong with his acting or because the character is one dimensional. His exaggerated expressions in expressing anger certainly don't go well with me.

4. Lin Xian Zhu - Quan Hai Xiao
He still wants to have fun even though he is married with a wonderful wife. He is the department head of the software unit. But after Min Jin's group date, he stops completely to be devoted to his wife upon seeing how snobbish she is. He is talented and on very good terms with Mr Wang. So he helps Yong Hao secretly and also openly. But Yong Hao gives him too many surprises to turn up at his house suddenly that he is neutral to all his other actions.

5. Cui Xiu Yuan - Piao Han Bie
She is very sneaky, demanding and irritating. You will feel suffocated to be her boyfriend. She tracks Yong Hao like a suspect or a criminal, wanting him to report to her wherever he is and whatever he does. This character is unlikeable to be so silly to believe Dong Kui to be his accomplice to harm Yong Hao repeatedly. She also sets to come between Yong Hao and Min Jin to break them up. This actress is still raw in her acting to look bored most of the time although she is pretty.

6. Lin Qing Xi
Min Jin's loyal friend who stands by her side all the time. She even covers up for Min Jing to lie to Dong Kui with her background or when she is meeting Yong Hao.

7. Mr Wang Bing Zhu (as Xiu Zhen's father in 'Mr Duke)
He is a rich old bachelor. Although he may seem nasty to Yong Hao to make him slog very hard to pay his loan, he treats him like his own son. He gives him a lot of chances to prove his ability, making him Dong Kui's fierce competitor in work and love.

8. Mrs Shen/ Wu Lan Shu (as Duo Li's mother in 'Loving You')
She is Yong Hao's mother who treats him very well and can endure any suffering to make him happy.

9. Mr Xia - (as Ren He's uncle in 'All In')
He is a gambler to cause Min Jin to work to pay for his debt but he actually misses her to look for her many years later. Although he disapproves of her lies, he puts up a performance to be her 'captain' father. Both are on better terms when he becomes a peddler.

10. Min Hui Zhen
She is Xian Zhu's understanding and caring wife. Why must he go for matchmaking sessions - to have fun or to find a suitable match for Yong Hao?

11. Che Zhu Mei
She is initially in love with Zhi Yin but later falls for Tai Cheng who is nice.

12. Yin Qing Xi
He is nice looking but doesn't look for qualities beneath the exterior. So he is unmoved by Zhu Mei.

13. Li Zhi Yin
She is a 'playgirl' to date Tai Cheng and Zhi Yin at the same time but she is a loyal friend.

14. Zhou Tai Cheng
He is often overshadowed by the other guys because he is very plain looking. While helping her to woo Qing Xi, he falls for her.

15. The security guards
They are triplets but they have the same mannerisms - accept no nonsense and don't smile at all during their duties. However, they know that Yong Hao and Min Jin are a pair so they try their best to create chances for them without their knowledge. They seldom talk but they are so cute.

Favourite character
None, all are irritating.

Most hated character
Dong Kui - he is not just a snob, he likes to belittle others too. He should be punished severely for covering up for his father - how can he be given the chance to manage the company again?

Interesting facts

The SBS station wanted to rope in Bae Yong Jun to star in this serial. However, he wasn't enthusiastic as he wanted to star in movies. Many teased him for being able to say no to No. 1 Korean's beauty, Kim Hee Sun. Next was actor Zheng You Cheng. A later on-line contest to match her got Gao Xiu.

Hee Sun watched the Japanese version a few years ago when she was in Japan. She found it entertaining and even bought the DVD version home. She watched it repeatedly too. So she hoped the Korean version will do well too. The character, Min Jin is a gold digger but Hee Sun tries to clear the air by saying that it doesn't criticize the Korean air stewardesses who work so hard.

Gao was 24 while Hee Sun was 26 then. They went to Australia to shoot many scenes. Hee Sun went to Korean Airlines Training Centre to learn how to be an air stewardess. After the training, her smiles and the polite way of treating guests won approval during the 2 hours. Although she bowed and complained that it was tiring, many knew that she tried her best.

She had always wanted to be an air stewardess in a serial as she had tried acting as a factory worker (in 'Goodbye, My Love') a shoe designer(in 'tomato') and a doctor(in 'sunflower'). Her dream finally came true. She found affinity for it as many of her friends were in this line. They helped her when she asked them questions. Her company had confidence in her - in Korea, the football representative was Ahn Jung Huan, the singer was BOA and the actress was definitely her.

Many fashion companies also sponsored her clothes in here. That is why you will get to see different clothes for every episode since she portrayed as twins of different personalities. Many companies would let the cast wear them in the serial but in this case, many even gave her money. One even decided to give her 1 billion won. It was expected because they believed that her serial would bring at least 30% viewership. If that happened, the impact of her clothes would be great. Hee Sun and the crew even required to visit many countries for the shooting. Thus this gave a boost in the fashion industry.

The serial was shown on 13 Aug 2003. Hee Sun and Gao Xiu became so popular that the SBS website had to close down. About 40,000 were online at the same time but the service could only allow 30,000 users. This was the first time to happen in history after it was set up. The next day, SK Telecoms placed the trailers online and viewers reached 1280. It became the highest record. A normal serial would be 200-300 but this number is four times the number.

Many thought Hee Sun IS Min Jin. Both are 27. Min Jin's words - women reaching 27 will lose their value' is like how she hoped to get married before 30 years old. Both are cheerful and also sensitive. Both are like vixens to charm men too. The way she attracts them reminds viewers how she caused news upon working with every actor too. Her dream man is to have both Dong Kui's and Yong Hao's qualities.

Many started to ask where to get her handbag, clothes and rings. Women adore the white dress she dons for the first 2 episodes. The sailor dress in the second episode was well liked by girls. The most attractive items were the big loyalty-like earrings and her fox tail backpack. The design reminds one of ballet shoe laces. The earrings were from Italy but not too expensive. So the sales were good after this serial was shown. Some wondered if Hee Sun also sources branded items like Min Jin but she denies. Most clothes were from her sponsors, Joinus or So Basic.

Gao Xiu's necklace was also a sorted item. He named it after him and it wasn't out but orders kept coming in. They estimated 200 billion earnings for it. When asked what he wanted for his dream girl, he wanted a traditional woman. Hee Sun smiled - that is her dream but is tough for artistes to make it come true.

Hee Sun has a daughter - is it for real? Actually she is a new 19 year old actress, Piao Han Bie. She resembled Jeon Ji Hyun in looks and both chatted non-stop over the net. Many commented that even 6 hours weren't enough for them. In here, she acted as her colleague and love rival - another kind air stewardess, Xiu Yan who is in love with Yong Hao.

The cast spent 2.5 months in Algeria. To fit with the terrible weather, Hee Sun only slept 3 hours a day. She had no time to eat properly. Although her mother bought her a lot of food to replenish her energy, her appetite turned poor and luckily she didn't fall sick.

The crew found a romantic spot in Sydney - Darling Harbour for the kissing scene. Hee Sun was very experienced in kissing scenes and took initiative to lead Gao Xiu into the role.

This serial had 16.6% viewership which was 2.7% higher than Ahn Jae Wok's latest serial 'the fair lady and the thief' last episode when shown in August. Jae Wok's serial managed 14.7% in the last episode. It even threatened KBC 'Zhang Xi Bin' serial too when it reached 20.1% while the latter only got 19.6%.

This made her and the crew elated. From episode 8 onwards, SK June Service and SBS website showed the second version. One was according to the real version to have the lovers together in the end. The other was another unexpected ending (So sorry that I didn't know what as I didn't visit the website). Whether they were good or bad was up to the viewers to comment. This set a new record for the television station.

They declared it to be better than Nanako's Japanese version but it turned out that many still think the Japanese version was better. Although the official website received news that many loved her change, others commented that her acting skills never improved during the 3 years. Hee Sun even hoped that she could get married in the end. She could not contain her disappointment as she regarded this the best since her comeback after making movies for 4 years. The high expectations from audience from many countries also gave her a lot of pressure.

There was a scene shot in the garden of Hee Sun with Chang Min. Many passersby found them compatible in looks. Some quickly used their DV to shoot it. However, the two were professional to be unaffected by the commotion caused and still continued acting. Of course, the happy scene was ruined when Gao Xiu came to steal the bride.

Remember the scene of the fountain in the Seoul Children's Park? They started shooting from 3 am to 7am. Hee Sun was soaked in water for 4 hours. Moreover it rained and she had flu. But she only rested a while to continue shooting. She lost her voice and finally ate eggs to release her voice. The quarreling scene with Gao Xiu was under the hot sun and the crew was worried that she might faint. But Han Bie fainted instead. He joked that she must be a superwoman.

Was he her boyfriend in real life? Many thought they developed their love relationship in Australia. Initially, Hee Sun was easygoing while Gao Siu was shy. This caused their connection to be awkward in the beginning. But ever since they caught flu, they were close to each other.

It was also said that Hee Sun was interested in a foreign brand watch. The director was happy and met her. Although the watch was too expensive to give her for free, he said the price was negotiable. She was happy with the deal and requested to buy another male watch. No one thought that it was Gao Xiu. Actually, it was only a gift for a friend.

This serial was sold to 30 provinces in China once it was out in Korea. SBS spent 5000 million to buy the script rights from Japan. They sold it at 5 billion won back to Japan. If the viewership was more than 20%, the price could raise higher.

Before the screening of the first episode, many friends gave her calls or emails to encourage her. Dong Gan once worked with her on a movie while Byun Hyun was her 'husband' in commercials. Zheng Jun Hao was her co-star in 'Goodbye, my love' while Jae Wook also worked in this serial and 'sunflower'. Gao Xiao Ying, reputed to be her closest work rival, was actually close to her and cheered for her.

After working with Jae Wook in 'Goodbye, my love' in 1999, Hee Sun had not acted in serials for 4 years. She rejected the meat roles in 'A joyful girl's success' and 'Winter Sonata'. (I wondered if she regretted it as both serials shot Jang Na Ra and Choi Ji Woo to bigger fame.) Thus many focused their attention on this serial. SBS had lost to MBC in recent works and thus they hoped that she could create a miracle. Thus they placed in thrice the amount in the investment.


Don't watch - please don't watch it. It is far behind in comparison to the Japanese version. The ending/acting is terrible and the story is very much the same. It is a torture for me. How can the ratings soar - I simply have no answers for it! No doubt Hee Sun looks glamorous but she is more suitable to be a model than an actress. She isn't as nasty as Nanako as in the Japanese version - what is holding her back?

This results in the actors being influenced (or maybe affected is a better phrase) to give less than desired performances. Maybe the characters are too one-dimensional and you don't feel for them at all. There are no ups and downs - just a flat pace through out. You will not lose out if you miss certain episodes. Some parts make no sense - since they suspect Xiu Yan, why always give her the benefit of the doubt?

What is left when villains either don't look or behave like one (Chang Min simply shows veins and wrinkles while Han Bie is too gentle to be nasty to harm Min Jin)?! The leads are also too stupid (Yong Hao is simply beyond cure while Min Jin is easily deceived). I simply give up on this serial. The only saving grace is the song but it is wasted in this serial.

Sukting's ratings :

On song : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On acting : * (Scale of 5)

On story : * (Scale of 5)

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