My Girl

Reviewed by: il_mare

March 28, 2006

Rating: four

SBS Wed/Thurs drama (2005) - 16 episodes
Aired in Korea: Dec. 14, 2005 - Feb. 2, 2006 on SBS Wednesday & Thursday nights at 9:55.

Seol Gong-chan (28): Lee Dong Wook (Letters to the Parents/Hanoi Bride/Loving you)
Joo Yoo-rin (25): Lee Da Hae (Green Rose/Sweet 18)
Seo Jung-woong (28): Lee Joon Ki
Kim Seo-hyun (tennis star, 26): Park Si Yeon
Ahn Jin-kyu (24): Jo Kye Hyung
Ahn Jin-shim (25): Hwang Bo Ra (Secret Lovers)
Yoon Jin-kyung (29): Lee Eon Jeong
Chairman Seol Woong (Gong-chan's grandfather, 72): Byun Hee Bong (Second Proposal)
Jang Hyung-ja (Jung-woong's mom, 53): Kim Yong Rim (Wife)
Gong-chan's maternal aunt: Choi Ran (Farewell to Tears)
Chairman's assistant: Ahn Suk Hwan (Bizarre Bunch)

Screenwriters: Hong Jung Eun & Hong Mi Ran
Director: Jeon Ki Sang (Papa/Bodyguard)
Asst. Director: Park Soo Chul (Stained Glass)

Joo Yu-rin is a tour guide, and leads her tough life by lying her way through difficult situations. Her father is a hopeless gambler who constantly lands her in trouble, but she loves her father dearly and is always there to rescue him from his troubles.

Seol Gong Chan is the grandson of a rich old man who owns a chain of hotels. The old man is very ill and his death wish is to find and reconcile with his daughter and granddaugther whom he had disowned because of his daughter's choice of marriage.

Seo Jung Woo is the family friend of Gong Chan who is not interested in the hotel business and is a playboy.

I know I have hit a winner when the following happens:

1) I am not a fan or hardly know any of the leading actors/actress
2) I am re-watching my favorite scenes over and over again
3) It bothers me whether the leads end up together.

Prior to catching this kdrama, the only familiar face was Lee Dae Hee. And I was not a fan of either "Green Rose" and "Sweet 18". I was fast forwarding almost the entire "Green Rose", and I did not even finish "Sweet 18", which possess both a key problem I had with these 2 kdrama; the story did not have characters I cared about. I think I have finally pin point which are the kdramas I chose to write reviews about!

Produced by the same team that gave us "Sassy Girl Chun Hyang", and attracted by the presence of Lee Jung Ki (because of "King and Clown") and Park Shi Yeon (being Eric's official girlfriend after Kim Hee Sun), I decided to give "My Girl" a try.

I was really pleasantly surprised by Lee Dae Hee's wacky's performance as the ever cheerful, resilient and resourceful tour guide, CYL. She shares similar characteristics as Chun Hyang by the way she is always capable of turning the worst situations around and escape unscathed. And I was so happy to find yet another k-heart throb - Lee Dong Wok. He reminds me so much of Lee Byun Hyun in the little gestures he does when he holds his forehead with his long lanky hand. And his cool and aloof style matched with Lee Dae Hee's wacky CYJ, the audience is in for an interesting pairing.

The kdrama captivated me from Episode 1-5, then it sort of dragged from there till episode 13. So unlike Chun Hyang it was not good in it's pacing. But it completely redeemed itself in the last 4 episodes and bought me over.

Despite Lee Jung Ki's recent shot to stardom with "King and Clown", I did not find his role appealing in "My Girl". I felt he looked to kiddy for Lee Dae Hee, and his transformation from a complete playboy to his eventual devotion to YL did not look convincing to me.

There is air of aristocracy about Lee Dong Wok, a sort of refine air which I have not manage to find in other k-hunks which stuck a cord with me. His sensitivity and gentleness as Gong Chan seemed to flow so effortlessly in the entire drama.

Lee Dae Hee was so good as YL, although overacting at some times, but cute nonetheless, and thank goodness not annoying. But my favourite scene from her was when she cried at the airport. It was really a heartbreaking scene. Both LDW and LDH pierced my heart with their break-up and wrenched my gut with their scenes at the airport.

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