My Girl

Reviewed by: sukting

April 27, 2007

Rating: four

This drama is done by the 3 Li musketeers – Lee Dong Wook, Lee Dae Hae and Lee Joon Ki. It made them famous. Do you wish to find out why?


Yu Ling is a tour guide. She tries to stall the plane from taking off so that the tourists can reach on time. Zhen Kui hurries on the way. She pretends to look for her lover on the plane and Gong Can becomes her target. She clings to his seat, pretending to faint.

He sees through her scheme and seeing how tightly she clings to it, he uses his pen to pry her fingers open to loosen her grip! (He is harsh to her.) She gets mad but is relieved when the tourists get on the plane but still pretends to lose consciousness to be carried out.

Kong Can is back from a business trip and rushes to see Mr Xue. He has tried various ways in vain to look for his cousin to fulfill his grandfather’s dying wish. His secretary, Yin gives photos of the past and he wants her to check on everyone in the photo for news. His uncle and aunt died in a Japan earthquake after Mr Xue chased them out from the family. Their only daughter, his cousin is missing till now.

Kong Can reaches Jiju island to receive the China counterparts personally while Yu Ling is running away from Mr Zhu’s debtors. Mr Zhu is an impulsive gambler to make her pay for him. She pretends to faint in front of Gong Can’s car. (This act is so pretentious but I don’t know how Gong Can gets tricked.)Gong Can sends her to hospital and is puzzled that she is only suffering from minor scratches not by the accident but by the trip over the garden wall. Yet she has not opened her eyes.

Still, he leaves his name card as he needs to meet his clients urgently. The nurses comment that he is the L’Avenuel Hotel director and the card is golden. Yu Ling immediately opens her eyes and snatches the card from the nurses. (She is very practical or…rather greedy) She thinks of the hotel and his charming smile with all bowing to him – on how much money she can extort from him.

Gong Can calls the hospital after work to find out how she is. He is surprised to know that she has left. He opens her handbag which is still with him to see her box of name cards and know that she is a tourist guide. Gong Can is enraged upon knowing that none of his staff knows Mandarin – how is he going to do business like that? Yu Ling comes and he stares at her. He has worried for nothing since the report says that she is fine. She asks for compensation – lying that she doesn‘t know how much she should get as this is the first time she meets an accident. (She meets a tough opponent this time.)

Gong Can’s reply – this is also his first time so he will consult his lawyer for advice! She is annoyed with him for being stingy. Gong Can smiles coldly after she leaves but when looking at her name card, he runs to her immediately after knowing that she is a translator for Japanese and Mandarin. She mumbles that he should stay in the bungalow and not the hotel when they receive the guests.

She doesn’t dare to eat when talking to them over a meal with Gong Can. But when Gong Can approves, she bites bread with glee, causing the whole table to laugh. Shi Xuan sends flowers to Gong Can after her tennis winning match in Moscow to share her joy with him. He sees her kissing the necklace on television and recalls the past on how he gives it to her. She has described it as the key to his heart.

Mdm Zhang mentions about her to Mdm Pei – he must be upset till now since Shi Xuan ditches him for her career. Mdm Pei replies no as he is too busy with work and describes Mdm Zhang’s son, Zheng Yu as a good for nothing. Sure enough, now he is running away from his one night lover’s boyfriend. The China associates like Yu Ling and are disappointed when she doesn’t join them anymore.

After they leave, she sneaks into the bungalow to sleep. She feels bad so she keeps it clean. But upon seeing many oranges in the garden, she plucks and sells them! Gong Can happens to pass by and damages her stall. He pays for them and she surrenders the fruits to him in guilt. When Mdm Pei reminds him to bring some home for Mr Xue, he comes to the orchard and sees her there!

Knowing that she is an intruder, he gives chase. She sprains her ankle but pretends to pass by. But the leaf on her hair gives her away. He is about to call the police when she gives up all the money – including the bills hidden in her sock. He is amused to know that she makes jam out of some oranges to sell as well. He commands her to leave but sees her notes of calculation for the air ticket cost.

Upon seeing her staggering out, he sends her to the clinic. But upon knowing that the China associates still want her, he gets her back to work. He sighs and puts his hand near his forehead – he is very reluctant to pay her the money although he earns money from the deal.

Yu Ling meets her debtors and gets bullied. Zheng Yu flees back to Jiju island and helps her from danger. (Sad to say, I don’t find him suave in any way although he delivers powerful blows.) They become good friends. Seeing him hurting his hand, she puts a plaster over his hand. After entertaining the guests, Yu Ling chooses to spend her night at the hotel lobby. Gong Can sees her there but ignores her.

Upon realizing that her handphone’s battery is flat, she requests to recharge it in Gong Can’s room. She doesn’t wish to look for her natural mother since her adopted father raises her up. She has been to Hong Kong, Japan and also China. Does Gong Can think that she is deceiving him? It doesn’t seem so to him now. Gong Can is dismayed when she pretends to fall asleep on the sofa.

She fantasies him to cover his jacket over her to adjust her head, touch her face and put his jacket on her. But in reality, he knocks her hard, trying to wake her up! (He is definitely not the kind of gentleman you have in mind.) She is thick-skinned to stick to the sofa and he has no choice, only to tell her to leave by 6am the next day. Mdm Zhang requests Gong Can to look for Zheng Yu and he has to get Yu Ling to look for him. (She pretends to sleep but upon hearing that he will pay her handsomely, she opens her eyes.)

She leaves midway to meet Mr Zhu to give him the money to buy the air ticket and get away from Jiju as Gong Can finds Zheng Yu. Zheng Yu teases Gong Can for having a new love after seeing Yu Ling’s notes of apology on the jam in the fridge. Shi Xuan misses Gong Can and recalls – is this the key to open his heart but when? He has smiled to tell her to keep it well.

Gong Can is rushing to Japan to meet one earthquake survivor. Yu Ling is mad with Gong Can for throwing the bills at her when she asks for the money. So she shouts at the airport that he can leave her and their unborn baby behind. Poor chap – he is labeled as an irresponsible lover, inviting stares from all on the plane but he can’t explain himself.

Yu Ling comes to Seoul with Zheng Yu and he returns home reluctantly. He writes his name on a plaster to stick on her hand. She finds Zhen Xin and works in a small eatery. Gong Can is disappointed when he gets no news. The survivor’s daughter is also missing in the earthquake and recognises Mr Zhu who stays nearby. Yin sees that Gong Can is very upset but he can’t give up because this implies giving up Mr Xue. Yu Ling apologises to Gong Can when he is back. She pretends to be teary in front of her debtors to bid him goodbye. He has to remember all her good points despite her wrongdoings.

Her debtors feel sorry for her for getting pregnant and let her off. Yin sees her when fetching Gong Can at the airport and comments how she resembles Gong Can’s aunt. Gong Can is certainly displeased when his aunt is compared with a schemer. Gong Can is devastated when Mr Xue is dying. The debtors come to Gong Can for money but he tells them off. He walks out of his office, touching his forehead.

He recalls Yu Ling’s words and forces a troubled smile. This woman still knows that she is in the wrong and is sure daring to deceive the underworld. She is definitely an inborn liar. He suddenly stops walking and recalls what Zheng Yu and Yin mention to him. He should have brought an imposter back just to make Mr Xue happy. He has no choice but to approach Yu Ling to lie to Mr Xue to be his cousin.

Yu Ling refuses to help to lie to an old man. Gong Can is desperate as he really needs her. He runs to her and grabs her arm to beg her – can’t she do it? She agrees to consider. Gong Can returns sadly to Mr Xue, begging him to wait. Yu Ling is scared when her debtors go to Zhen Xin. She agrees then – if only he doesn’t sue her for fraud. He then makes up a background to tell her to familiarize with it.

You will laugh when she wants to spice up some more but he doesn’t want to endanger Mr Xue’s life. She must be a pianist to reduce his guilt. He is puzzled when she follows him – Yin knows her intention. She needs money to buy clothes and shoes in cashier’s order so that she can change to cash. His reaction – thanks for telling him. She can return the things to him when all is over! (She surely meets her match this time.) She stammers – aren’t they for her? Why is he petty?

He admits that he is petty and she must remember to return him. Zheng Yu comes to the hotel and is disappointed that she forgets his name. She is apologetic as she loses the plaster that he writes on before she goes on the bus after leaving the airport. Knowing that she has no handphone, he gives his to her.

Seeing him together with Mdm Zhang in the hotel, Yu Ling thinks that he is a gigolo! This hotel is set up by the guys’ grandfathers. Mdm Zhang laments that it will be good if both can manage the hotel together. Gong Can replies that it is so obvious that Zheng Yu pushes the work to him so that he can escape.

Zhen Xin demands to know how Yu Ling repays her debts and gets nice clothes. Yu Ling never returns Zheng Yu’s calls when Mdm Zhang’s name is reflected on it. Gong Can asks Zheng Yu who is the woman this time. He replies that she is a strange woman who is different every time he sees her. He warns Zheng Yu that this woman has too many faces but he replies that is why he wants to know her. He finally sends an sms over and is disappointed when she doesn’t want to keep contact with him.

He is amused when she tells him to be faithful to the woman since the car is from her. She has no money to keep a gigolo. He explains that Mdm Zhang is his mother. She blushes and he hints that he doesn’t need to work that hard since he is rich. They win a handphone through the meal and he passes it to her. The waitresses lament that he is a handsome romantic to pretend to win the gift to give to his girlfriend.

Zheng Yu sees her distracted and a car nearly knocks her down. He quickly hugs her to the side of the road. (But comparing to how Xiang Zhe shields Shan Mei from getting wet from a car, the romantic level here is low.) They see Shi Xuan from the big screen – he mentions that she is always appearing like that makes a guy feel in agony. The guy is ditched because of tennis. Now getting his heart is more difficult than getting the trophy but she doesn’t know that. Shi Xuan succeeds and Gong Can watches it on television.

He recalls how he prepares a bottle of wine for her but she wants to drink it only after her success, Yu Ling thinks Gong Can should support Shi Xuan but Zheng Yu feels if those in love suddenly gets forgotten needs to wake her up. Mr Xue’s life is in danger so Yu Ling rushes to hospital. She is stunned to see many people parking their expensive cars by the roadside.

All shareholders are here to visit Mr Xue. She nearly drops her jaw upon knowing that Gong Can’s grandfather is the Chairman. This is not a joking matter. Gong Can asks if she is scared to do it after knowing his identity. It can’t be revealed but even so, he is the one to start it. But she knows that he will be forgiven but not her. He has thought of her not to worry about the consequences but she has never lied to her family before. She walks out but recalls his words of mentioning Mr Xue’s dying wish.

The doctor tells Gong Can to prepare for the worst and he is shattered. He is about to say that his cousin is dead when she walks in. Gong Can finally breaks down when the old man closes his eyes after seeing Yu Ling. Yu Lin also sheds a tear but taps his shoulder – the respirator should show a straight line but his heart is still pumping. That means that Mr Xue is sleeping. (That is surely one of the most hilarious scenes.) Gong Can is relieved although shy to cry in front of her.

Yu Ling knows that he must have a shock so he can have a good rest. He thanks and also apologises to her. He is so relieved that that he sleeps. When he wakes up in the morning, he sees her sleeping near Mr Xue sofa. So he takes off his coat to let her sleep comfortably. Mr Xue is out of danger. Cheng Zhi tells Mdm Pei that he is here to repay debts and not working as a chauffeur.

Yu Ling tries in vain to avoid from the crowd. Gong Can shakes his head, not wanting her to say anything but to signal her to leave but Mr Xue wakes up and she can’t leave anymore. He frowns when Mdm Pei even tells him to bring her home. He allows her to be his secretary. If Mr Xue recovers, he will promote her. When Yu Ling comes to his home, she is startled by its size and is reminded by Cheng Zhi that a fake is really a fake. He notices that she resembles Gong Can’s aunt but not herself when younger.

Cheng Zhi has served Mr Xue for 20 years and all have treated him as part of his family. Gong Can says that there isn’t much time to prepare her room but it is like a princess room indeed. She is so happy that she jumps on the bed to trip and fall. (This is another funny scene.) He rushes in to check if she is fine. She finally sits up and hits him on his nose. He jokes that she must be punished for attacking her superior on the first day of work. Shi Xuan returns to Korea but Gong Can still treats Yu Ling to a meal at the eatery.

She calls him brother to get immersed into the role. Others talk of Shi Xuan’s success and Gong Can is already sore over it. Clouds cast on his face when Yu Ling talks further on how Shi Xuan ditches him. He replies that he still has good appetite and sleep. Shi Xuan calls to tell that she is back but he will not keep his promise to meet her. He drives Yu Ling home and his handphone keeps ringing. (He is cold only on the exterior but can’t hide his emotions from Yu Ling.)

He sees Shi Xuan. Shi Xuan congratulates on his promotion. He should congratulate her for achieving her dream but he can only say that his companion is waiting. Yu Ling is angry that Gong Can comes to a polish place with another person but to an eatery with her. Shi Xuan begs him to forgive her to make him wait for 2 years but she works hard to return. It is 2 years to her but to him, it is the time needed to let her go. He has forgotten her. (How sad he sounds!)

She begs – he can hate her but can’t forget her. Yu Ling sees her hugging him in the lift and gasps – so he is the one?! Shi Xuan has not said that he should wait for her so he can’t forgive her. When she leaves, he tells Yu Ling to come out. Why doesn’t he tell her earlier? This will not help – does she think that she is his sister? She realizes that she must remember her role and apologises.

Laugh when she slips in the bathroom when she has a bath. Gong Can comes again and although she pleads not to walk in, he gasps in horror and closes the door. Then he uses a blanket to cover her. (This is another hilarious scene.) Yu Ling has to wear a neckbrace. He covers her with his leather jacket. She is worried if he has seen her. He answers yes as she worries him that she might drown herself. She is annoyed that she doesn’t lie. If only he can lie like her but he can’t. He says that her figure is not bad…but later comments her to be ordinary! (He can be very sarcastic.)

She then imagines that Mr Xue will give all his wealth to her. But later he decides to give Seoul Hotel to Gong Can but Jiju’s branch to her. Although she is an imposter, he can look on the account that she makes him happy. Perhaps he gives her the Jiju bungalow instead. Gong Can gives Yu Ling a day off and she visits Zhen Xin, wanting to visit 63building later.

Shi Xuan holds a press conference at the hotel so business becomes good. The reporters ask about her necklace but Gong Can ignores her. Gong Can only gives 50,000 won as Yu Ling’s salary. Gong Can is forced to have dinner with the hotel CEO, Shi Xuan and her secretary, Jin. Shi Xuan hints that she is always here because of him but he only replies coldly that they know each other all along.

Yu Ling is furious over the miserable pay and comes to Gong Can. At first, Shi Xuan is hostile to her, thinking that she is her love rival but later she is happy that she is only his cousin. Shi Xuan is furious again when seeing that Yu Ling has her necklace imitation which Zhen Xin buys. Gong Can isn’t angry as it is all over the streets and Shi Xuan has no right to claim his heart back.

He goes to 63bulding with Yu Ling. She panics when he refuses to eat something simple as claimed by his company policy and even pushes her to buy the tickets. Shi Xuan gets drunk so Jin calls Gong Can. He fetches Shi Xuan back to her hotel room and feels the bristles on her right hand. He also sees his photos attached to her diary. The gates to 63building are closed so Zheng Yu brings Yu Ling to watch the scenery from the park. He tries to find out who she likes but she only claims to like snowman.

Gong Can watches how Shi Xuan sleeps and asks why she drinks so much. It has been long since she doesn’t see him flaring up. She will leave Korea to make him feel better and he agrees. He then discovers that he has left his handphone in his car and misses Yu Ling’s calls. But when he gets home, he is hesitant to apologise to her and she gets mad with him. Mr Xue is discharged and wants Yu Ling to sit beside him during the meal. She stares at Gong Can who doesn’t help her in her lying.

She is stunned when Me Xue tells Yu Ling to go to the temple for her mother’s death anniversary. Although she died in Japan, they keep her tablet there. She nearly faints – how can she lie to the dead? Gong Can’s reaction – she can’t be considered as Mr Xue’s kin if she can’t do this. Both go together and she apologises for being an imposter but she will treat Mr Xue well. Gong Can smiles at this.

She asks when his parents passed away. He replies sadly – 2 years ago when they were on the way to the airport to celebrate their wedding anniversary overseas in a car accident. That is why Mr Xue is ill and the hotel management wasn’t smooth going too. The linked misfortune made him weary. It still pains him when thinking of the sad days. (This is very similar to Zhen Xian’s case in ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’.)

Shi Xuan has seen this weary side of Gong Can so she chooses to leave quietly. She is scared that he will blame her so she doesn’t contact him. Fans mob her at the airport. She faints after spraining her wrist when running back to retrieve her necklace which chain breaks. Yu Ling is hungry and wants food. Gong Can looks around for a hotel and loses his way. The oil tank in the car is empty to make matters worse. Both quarrel when he can’t call as it is out of signal. They find a small village and Gong Can nearly faints when she claims to be a villager’s friend.

Both attend a villager’s birthday celebration and have a free meal. Gong Can wears an old-fashioned sports suit and looks like a village guy. So is Yu Ling. She tries snatching food from him for acting to be noble. He is too hungry and decides to eat the humble pie. Imagine her shock when he playfully tells others that they are lovers! All sing for celebration. Yu Ling steals a photo shot of him from her handphone. She intends to blackmail him but is captivated by his glamourous smile instead. (He is sure charming in here.)

Yu Ling is forced to sing a song and Gong Can can’t help smiling. But he nearly swears at her when she pushes him to sing. He flees like the speed of a bullet to hide at a corner. A villager wakes him up at midnight. Yu Ling is nearly frozen and cold. She cries – it must be her retribution to be greedy. If she dies, please help her to tell the others that she lets them down. He carries her on his back to see the village physician, puffing. He demands her to stop talking as he is tired carrying her all the way.

The physician declares her for eating too much and tells Gong Can to massage her arms and legs to keep her warm. He can’t help laughing when the acupuncture cures her. His worried expression turns to amusement – she really knows how to cheat and eat. It is good that guilt makes her to be like this – this shows that her conscience is stronger than he thinks.

Yu Ling imagines smacking his head through the shadow but is later in shock when their shadows come together. They see the plane and he wonders if Shi Xuan is already on her way, The villagers thank them for making them happy. Yu Ling wonders what nice present Gong Can gives to the nice people. He provides them with a big karaoke set with a big television.

They reach the resting station. It is time to feed her timely otherwise history will repeat. (He sounds very funny.) He gives in to her, agreeing to visit 63building after knowing that she has not been on a school trip before as she is on the run all the time. But upon seeing news that Shi Xuan is hospitalized, Gong Can calls Jin why not contact him earlier – how is she now?

His expression turns solemn and anxious now, passing 63building without knowing. Yu Ling has not seen him so worried before. (It is strange that both women fall sick on the same day.) Shi Xuan takes the necklace and wants to leave Korea since Gong Can is not coming for her. Gong Can stops his car and recalls Jin’s words. Shi Xuan dives into the crowd to get the necklace to injure her left hand tendon.

Yu Ling encourages him to approach Shi Xuan and not lie to himself anymore. Gong Can gets out of the car to see her injured wrist. She is in tears – she will recover since he is back. Both embrace each other. Yu Ling feels that her heart is stabbed and leaves them. Gong Can nearly drives off but smiles when she runs after him to get her bag. Shi Xuan doesn’t feel secure over this. Zheng Yu dozes off at the shareholders meeting. He is now the overseas promotion development director…only in name.

Gong Can jokes that he has been to many hotels overseas to make notes. Mdm Zhang isn’t happy – if the total management belongs to Gong Can, how can half be Zheng Yu’s? Zheng Yu becomes cold upon seeing Shi Xuan. Gong Can is busy looking through documents so Shi Xuan goes to the check up with Jin. She can’t participate in competitions but is glad to win her love back. Jin tells her that the necklace can’t be repaired so she orders a replacement.

She tells Shi Xuan not to think too much – maybe a new one is better. Both guys play squash. Gong Can doesn’t want Zheng Yu to be too cold to Shi Xuan. Gong Can gets nervous when Zheng Yu asks Yu Ling out. He disallows her to drink more than 2 glasses of beer as Zheng Yu is a womanizer. You will laugh when he insists that this is this family rule! The guys play billiard and she is annoyed.

Why ask her to come when she can’t play or drink? They decide to gamble but Yu Ling wins their money as she is an expert. Gong Can goes to meet Shi Xuan. She can’t appear anywhere as she is a popular figure. Shi Xuan misses the days with the guys. Now it is hard for them to date so Gong Can makes her go on disguise. He sees her necklace – since it is broken and fixed, his heart needs time to mend.

Yu Ling brings Zheng Yu to a roadside stall. He enjoys the food and shows her his namecard. Her eyes go big when knowing he is a director like Gong Can. But he jokes that he only goes overseas to develop women. He is destined to be a playboy. He asks if she is thinking of a man and she gets worked up. He wonders who he is. Cheng Zhi and Mdm Pei watch a movie to cry together.

Mr Xue wants Gong Can to celebrate Yu Ling’s birthday at home. Gong Can manages to make it a home affair instead of a public affair. Zhen Kui meets Mr Zhu who becomes a beggar. Mr Xue plays chess with Gong Can and he nearly faints when the old man wants to contact Mr Zhu. Mr Zhu gambles away all the money but wants to find a job now.

Mr Xue wants to keep Yu Ling by his side but knows that she misses her family. Zhen Xin forbids Zhen Kui to tell Yu Ling about Mr Zhu. Yu Ling blames Gong Can for not lying properly and he admits that his brain isn’t functioning as fast as hers. On the birthday dinner, Mr Xue gives her a pair of pearl earrings, Mdm Pei a brooch, Mdm Zhang a handbag and Cheng Zhi a scarf. All blame Gong Can for not getting anything but she thanks him for giving her a family. (See how awkward he looks when all attack him.)

Mr Xue doesn’t welcome Shi Xuan when she comes – so are the rest. Yu Ling coaxes them to let her in. Shi Xuan gets her a gold watch. Mr Xue allows her to go out with Shi Xuan. She brings Gong Can and Shi Xuan to the eatery. Crowds ask for her autographs. The women flee – what if this is reported in the news? Gong Can will be in trouble. They exchange clothes and Gong Can is angry to see Yu Ling limping to his car. Why let him worry again? Yu Ling takes a cab home instead of taking a lift in his car.

Shi Xuan knows she has a bad fall. Yu Ling meets Zheng Yu and likes the snowman he makes. He gives himself to her as the birthday present and she is shocked to push it down. She wonders how the guys can be friends. Then Gong Can wants to see her. He pulls up her slack to see her bruised knee cap – how can she be ok? He applies medicine for her and her heart flutters. He thanks her for the day. He will give her a real present on her real birthday. It saddens him to know that she doesn’t know her actual birthday.

She treats each snowing day as her birthday. He touches her head – he will not forget it. Gong Can feels guilty now. He gets the Japanese PI to check again. Mdm Zhang wants Zheng Yu to go dating or she will keep his car. Zheng Yu sees Yin with the PI and thinks that she is dating. But he is shocked that Gong Can is still looking for his cousin and Yu Ling is an imposter. Gong Can is sure terrific.

Shi Xuan invites Yu Ling to her celebration event. Mr Xue wants Zheng Yu to bring Yu Ling to the event as her partner. Zheng Yu is about to blurt the truth when he is attracted by her who is dressed up. Zheng Yu then guesses Gong Can’s intentions for doing this. Yu Ling apologises for rejecting Zheng Yu. Shi Xuan is surprised they come together so he jokes that he is Yu Ling’s black knight.

Gong Can jokes that he is old and dislikes attending such events. Yu Ling doesn’t feel comfortable wearing high heels and hide at the staircase. One heel drops down the stairs. Gong Can arrives and picks for her. He jokes that she isn’t the Yu Ling he knows from her dressing. This venue is more tiring than his hotel meeting room. He stretches his hand to help her up.

She hesitates – will people ask if they go in together? He is sure that no one will ask. He is about to touch her head but retracts his hand. He can’t do this since she has tied her hair nicely. (How loving these two look!) He is about to hold her hand to lead her in when Shi Xuan comes to hook his arm so she has to follow them. Zheng Yu decides to bring Yu Ling home upon seeing her so upset.

All kiss each other’s lovers in a game - including Gong Can and Shi Xuan. Yu Ling realises that she likes Gong Can. She nearly trips and Zheng Yu holds her. He knows that they are not related and she is badly shaken. Zheng Yu tells Gong Can to care for his sick cousin. Upon hearing this, Gong Can leaves in haste. Shi Xuan is angry that she invites Yu Ling but she ruins her evening.

Gong Can hurries out to see Yu Ling and tapes her shoulder. She lies that she must have eaten too much. He puts his coat over her and tells her not to uses this excuse to leave but he will drive her home. He says happy birthday to her, recalling that it is her birthday on her IC. She wants him not to treat her too well – what if she likes him? He is stunned. She quickly adds that what she means is to be his cousin.

He doesn’t think that he treats her that well. Shi Xuan also wants to leave so Yu Ling leaves them. Zheng Yu treats Yu Ling to a meal and promises not to tell the others. He will not say or Gong Can will know she likes him but she denies that. The next few days when Gong Can returns from work, she hurries to avoid him or pretends to sleep. Mdm Pei finds her queer.

Gong Can watches a musical with Shi Xuan but his mind isn’t there. He touches his forehead and recalls what Yu Ling says to him. Shi Xuan knows that he is distracted and he admits that something is on his mind. Shi Xuan feels insecure now. (He is very dashing in this scene.) Yu Ling isn’t his true sister but cousin – are they in love? The next day, Gong Can sees a pair acting out the whole scenario.

It dawns on him – is he like a lecher in her eyes? He has thought to be her real cousin and leans against his car in shock – he doesn’t mean it! He forces her to have a talk with him. He will watch himself then. True enough, he becomes distant from her and she feels lost. Zhen Kui has to pretend to be Mr Zhu again when Mr Xue calls once more. Gong Can decides to provide Mr Zhu a job and lodging.

Shi Xuan vents her anger on tennis, recalling how troubled Gong Can is during the musical. He not only has the usual gesture of touching his forehead but he also moves his finger at his lips, leaving a faint smile. She holds her necklace and accepts an interview. Then the newspaper reports that she is in love – she asks Gong Can if she should publicize their romance. He disagrees as she should concentrate on her competitions although he doesn’t mind having more business.

Zhen Kui and Zhen Xin want to look at Gong Can’s photo but Yu Ling doesn’t show them. They wonder what if she gets fired. Can she appear on his wedding so people will question over her upbringing? Yu Ling overhears a Japanese man in the lift saying that he is going to kill someone so she alerts Gong Can and Yin. Yu Ling imagines a spy scenario, only to discover that he is a film director writing on a script.

Gong Can is amused – x-files? 007? He is so exhausted that he sleeps in the cab. He pushes her head aside – don’t look at him as he is shy. He is becoming like her to sleep anywhere. Indeed, he is so tired that the cab driver has to go 2 rounds because she can’t bear to wake him up even though they reach home! Zheng Yu sees this and deliberately sms her to tell her that her expression is too obvious. She should hide it.

Yu Ling wakes Gong Can up reluctantly. She tells him that she doesn’t want to stay anymore. He is taken aback and wants her to stay as she has nowhere to go. She lies that Mr Zhu is back and she is joining him. Mr Zhu gets involved in a fight and is jailed. Yu Ling sees him and is touched he gets a decent job now.

Gong Can listens to the radio station when he drives. He smiles – that is Yu Ling’s song for the villagers. (See how soft he becomes now.) He is concerned when she isn’t back at 12.30. She is trying to settle the case out of court in vain. She sees him working at home but hesitates to tell him. She only has little money
but can’t touch the presents. Zheng Yu asks if Gong Can does this for Mr Xue. She replies she does this to get a job. Why not Zheng Yu lend her the money to her then?

She is annoyed when he is only joking. The guys play squash again. Gong Can is surprised that Zheng Yu gets so angry for being rejected. He mumbles that is because his love rival is too good. Yu Ling damages the man’s car screen before fleeing. Mdm Zhang and Mdm Pei go for an art exhibition. Mdm Pei is surprised that Cheng Zhi is a well accomplished artist. He has organized many exhibitions besides being a carving expert. He is appealing to her now.

Gong Can sees snow and recalls Yu Ling’s birthday to get her a crystal ornament. He tells her to dress up nicely as he packs the gift ready, smiling. He grumbles that she takes a long time to dress up. Then he hears of Mr Zhu wanting money. He turns to see the birthday gifts missing. Yu Ling steps out of the toilet to see a stern Gong Can. What does she mean by going to Japan?

Now go out to tell him how she is going to lie again. He is truly furious with her. She admits impulsively that she is a cheat from the start. He has temporarily forgotten to believe her. She can’t stay on anymore so she will stay with Zhen Xin. She cries and leaves. So she is fired and Gong Can keeps the present. Mr Zhu learns about it so he leaves the money to take up a new job on boat. Yin tells Gong Can the truth.

Gong Can discovers that he has wronged her and feels his forehead again when driving. He comes to the jetty to see Yu Ling crying. She can’t find Mr Zhu as there are too many ships. Gong Can hugs her to console her. She still decides to stay with Zhen Xin and closes her handphone on Gong Can’s photo to hum the song. Zheng Yu comes to the eatery – is Gong Can that good? She mumbles that she goes to him because of financial difficulties. He really treats her well as a younger cousin.

He sees her being tormented and refusing to return to the Xues to avoid Gong Can. She should not show her beauty in front of him. Gong Can calls Yu Ling so Zheng Yu hands the handphone to the eatery owner to tell Gong Can the address to pick her up. Gong Can runs out of his office upon knowing this. Shi Xuan sees him charging out but is unable to follow because she still has one more interview. (Gong Can doesn’t know that Yu Ling has entered his heart unknowingly. This scene is terrific.)

Gong Can sees her drunk and keeps telling others that he is her cousin. Zheng Yu stays out to hear it and he is hurt. Gong Can is shocked to see her missing after paying the bill. She is so drunk that she wants to get the star from a Christmas tree up a ladder. Gong Can feels his blood running cold and tells her not to move. She asks if she can give to him. Will he get it if she throws to him? She slips but he catches her in time. The nuns scold him for allowing her to do that.

Gong Can covers Yu Ling with his coat in his car but seeing her drunk, he gets medicine from the clinic. She is so drunk to lock the car door! He almost calls the insurance company to unlock his car when she runs out vomiting and cleaning her mouth with his coat! He gets mad – is she doing this deliberately to shy him in public? Zhen Kui hears the commotion and recognizes them. He then says that he is the one to impersonate Mr Zhu. They get a lift home.

Zhen Kui wonders why his personality is so different from Yu Ling tells him. She has described him to be a horrible jerk. He gets furious and sways his car to a side. When hearing she says that he is fat, he sways in another direction. Zhen Kui then jokes – why not seduce him but she says no way. Gong Can gets so mad that he throws her hard on the floor mattress.

Please note his expression when knowing that Zhen Xin is on a tour and he doesn’t feel safe to keep Yu Ling with Zhen Kui. He decides to sleep for the night on the salon chair. Zhen Xi returns and looks at him dreamily – who is he? His facial feature is a delicate art. Yu Ling sees the star – is she mad? Yu Ling wakes Gong Can but he is so shocked to meet Zhen Xin’s eyes that he falls off the chair! (That is sure unexpected as we have never seen him to make mistakes in public before.)

Yin comes to the salon to look for Gong Can. Gong Can asks Yu Ling why she drinks so much. She says that she has not asked him to pick her up and why must he tell Yin to bring his clothes over. He gets angry and throws his coat at her – how can it be him to dirty his clothes as she claims? Laugh when he feigns not knowing anything when she feels her body feeling painful everywhere. Zhen Kui is stunned by Yin’s beauty. Yu Ling uses the money to redeem the things.

Zheng Yu wonders why Gong Can doesn’t stay at home although he catches flu. He still goes to work but has a headache. Yu Ling can’t recall why she picks the star but not giving it to Gong Can. She sees Zheng Yu’s name on the handphone and recalls what she says to him to blush. Zheng Yu wants her not to get drunk. He asks how Gong Can catches a cold. He can’t go to hospital and the flu can’t drag for too long.

Gong Can lies to Mr Xue that Yu Ling is away to look after her sick friend for a few days. The elders say that Gong Can should have a jab at the hospital if he is ill. Mdm Pei blurts that he hates injections since young and Yu Ling enjoys using a chopstick to pock fun at him. Gong Can still coughs when he is doing his work in his room. Yu Ling brings egg wine to cure him. He is puzzled – why is she treating him so well? She is apologetic that he catches a cold due to the overnight stay.

He finds the drink tasty. She mumbles that he should not get sick again. He thanks her and says that she can fix him another drink again if it really works the next time. He then looks at the ornament – it is a pity that he can only give it away if it snows. How troublesome this is! After sending his clients away the next day, he asks Yin if it will snow the next day. If not, she can check from the weather station.

Zhen Kui approaches Yin. Mr Xue dislikes the publicity Shi Xuan gets and wants her to be discrete. She puts flowers in Gong Can’s room and sees the ornament. She is delighted – has he bought it for her? Yin tells Gong Can that there is a 90% possibility that it will snow. He mumbles to himself – so there is 10% of not snowing? He must give it out. During breakfast, Yu Ling asks if Gong Can recovers and he nods to agree to meet her at night. He finds her eating too much like his dog.

She gets irritated and compares him to be a chicken. He gets offended and takes his newspaper away…with the ornament to forget his handphone. Yu Ling vows to take revenge. Sure enough, it gives a funny chicken ringtone when he chairs a meeting! All will crack up when he doesn’t even know that it comes from his handphone and Yin has to whisper into his ear to tell him that! He opens the cover to see her photo digging fun at him. The others try so hard not to laugh as they continue their session. (His expression is classic!)

Mdm Pei and Cheng Zhi are ridiculed by Mdm Zhang when they watch a performance. Shi Xuan visits Gong Can with coffee. She keeps looking at him but is displeased that he has a date with Yu Ling. Seeing that it isn’t snowing, he agrees to let her join them. Shi Xuan gets angry upon seeing the photo – even more so when Gong Can disallows her to delete it. He even comments that it is funny. Seeing him still putting the ornament at his car rear, she sulks.

Yu Ling jumps upon seeing them together – how to tell like this? She laments that he should treat her well but he cites that he treats her too well. Shi Xuan comments that they look alike but they are not happy. Jin fetches Shi Xuan back home while Gong Can repeats Zhen Kui’s words on her ugly comments on him. She is uneasy when he isn’t scared easily now. She then hits a middle-aged woman’s buttocks and the woman thinks that Gong Can is the culprit to do the same to him. He fumes but upon seeing her wanting to do the same to an ugly girl, he gives up on her. (This is sure a good joke to see how she manipulates him.)

Yu Ling is about to tell him about her leaving home when it starts snowing. He gives the ornament to her as a birthday present. He has gotten it for a long time so she is delighted. She still reveals that she is leaving soon. The work conditions are good but she is afraid that the lie will be uncovered. Gong Can is taken aback - isn’t she doing fine now? Both get very upset.

He suggests giving her the Jiju bungalow if she stays longer. She still sets up her mind to leave although she is shaken. Zheng Yu runs after a reporter who takes Shi Xuan’s photos. Gong Can looks at them – she is with other celebrities but none has him. He is too busy to be with her these days. Shi Xuan suggests telling the public their relationship but he says that this doesn’t matter to him.

Shi Xuan asks if he is doing this for Yu Ling. Yes, as long as she is there, their dating remains a secret. Zheng Yu is impatient with Shi Xuan - can’t she wait as an anxious woman like her should not leave Gong Can for 2 years. Shi Xuan is only appeased when Yu Ling assures her that she is leaving soon. Zheng Yu drives to see Yu Ling on the street to tease her. He stops upon seeing her tears. He brings her to his dreamland – a playground where she can cry aloud.

Shi Xuan brings Gong Can coffee again and she jokes that she will only divulge the details she shares with Yu Ling only if he gives her a treat. Yu Ling calls and he agrees to meet her. Shi Xuan comments that he will be upset to know that Yu Ling is returning to her foster father. Ties are still important to her since she has to return sooner or later. He then sits on his chair and touches his forehead again.

Yu Ling is impatient – he always makes her wait for him. He looks at her photo in his handphone – to let her go or not? There is an internal struggle in his heart. They meet at the lift area and he decides to let her go. It is not that he dislikes her but he is poisoned to end here. She gives a farewell meal at the eatery. See how ungentlemanly he is to tell her to barbecue the oysters on her own to tease her! He goes through reports at home while Yu Ling decides to take the ornament with her when she moves away.

Shi Xuan looks at the blur photo she has taken with Gong Can years ago. Both have no time to take this kind of photos lately. (I thought they have plenty of chances to do that? He spends a lot of time with Yu Ling – his heart has changed.) Zheng Yu gets drunk as he is upset over Yu Ling. Cheng Zhi feels bad of making Mdm Pei a laughing stock and leaves home.

Mr Xue knows something is between them. Yu Ling tapes Mdm Pei’s video to show Cheng Zhi to lure him back. But Pei leaves instead. Gong Can forces Yu Ling to make the two reconcile and gives a faint smile – now she has to prolong her stay. The family has a meal so Yu Ling pushes Gong Can to say it but he keeps quiet. The two decide to get married and wants the ‘cousins’ to do a good job.

Yu Ling is helpless – hasn’t she reminded Gong Can to say it? He feigns not to know to miss the chance and cites that she can’t blame him. Since she is responsible, she should stick to the end. He drives off and smiles – he lies without a frown and this really resembles her. Is he poisoned? The pair thanks Yu Ling to be their matchmaker and Mr Xue comments that the family is livelier after her arrival.

Yin asks Gong Can – is something wonderful happening? He is smiling so often today. (She is a very observant assistant.) Shi Xuan learns the good news and Gong Can owes this to Yu Ling to make her sulk. (A tornado is coming soon and he doesn’t notice it.) Shi Xuan gets angry that Yu Ling will stay till the wedding and why lie to her that she is leaving soon?

Gong Can’s smile vanishes completely and demands to see her in his office to know the details. (All should see how stern he turns in a minute!) He cites that it is a problem between them and has nothing to do with Yu Ling. She forces him to tell her what the problem is. He feels that only time can settle this. If she wants all to know, then publisize. She feels insecure about his heart now. He admits that he is trying. So is that in future. Shi Xuan hugs him. Mdm Pei and Yu Ling are here to see him for lunch and see this.

Yu Ling isn’t happy to see the two so intimate over the meal. Zheng Yu detects it while Mr Xue insists that Yu Ling should stay for the wedding .Gong Can tells Zheng Yu that he has recovered from flu. Shi Xuan tells Yu Ling that she doesn’t require her assurance anymore. She hooks Gong Can’s arm while Zheng Yu holds Yu Ling’s hand. Yu Ling decides to concentrate on her job. Her resolution is to be as rich as Gong Can. Zheng Yu’s friend sees that he is upset over Yu Ling so he calls her over to keep him company.

Both are happy playing arcade games together. Gong Can asks why she is so late to return home. She tells him off for being strict. The next day, Gong Can parks his car near her and smiles upon seeing her at the bus stop. She is buying buns for Mr Xue and he comes with her. The next scene is funny – Yu Ling argues that she wears the B size bra while the stallholder knows she fits the A size. Gong Can is impatient and tells her to listen to the expert. The stallholder says Gong Can knows her size best as the newly-wed bridegroom! Yu Ling screams – how does he know? Has he seen it?

He replies – yes – oh – he should lie that he has not seen her figure. (How can he still keep a straight face when saying that?!) He worries that his car is towed away but she is sure that that will not happen. but alas – his nightmare comes true and they have to take a bus home. She mumbles – so he knows how hard it is to get the buns. He tells her to order next time and he will pay the bill.

She exclaims that he resembles her now to be able to sleep or eat everywhere like her sibling. He denies as he doesn’t like it. (Everyone can see that he dislikes to be referred as her cousin now.) Yin gets his instruction that they can’t keep Yu Ling if they manage to find his cousin. Zhen Kui decides to become a model to impress Yin. Mr Xue asks if Yu Ling has a boyfriend but she denies. He then gives her photos to choose and Gong Can gets jealous.

The family tastes the oranges and the others exclaim that they are sweet but fewer. They wonder who take them away. Gong Can tries so hard not to laugh. Mr Xue wants to pair Zheng Yu and Yu Ling. Gong Can protests that she is not his type. Mr Xue gets angry – does he imply that she isn’t pretty enough? How can he say that as her cousin? Gong Can looks at her and has to agree. (This part is very hilarious.) Mr Xue is adamant to pair them up so that she stays beside him forever – can’t the cousins outstanding in looks?

You will laugh at another joke – Mdm Pei agrees and comments that luckily Gong Can resembles her father in looks…if he takes after Mr Xue,…..Mr Xue sees a pair of musical tickets that Mdm Pei is holding. He gives one to Yu Ling, lying to go with Gong Can. Mr Xue then gives the other to Gong Can to pass to Zheng Yu. He does it reluctantly – if Zheng Yu doesn’t go, he is going against Mr Xue.

Gong Can suddenly taps his shoulder – is he very demanding on women? He trusts him. (Now he is afraid that Yu Ling will fall for Zheng Yu.) Yu Ling gets dressed up and Gong Can finds her too glaring in looks. Cheng Zhi complains that he has no dress sense to force him say that Yu Ling is pretty coldly. But he still comments that she isn’t pretty when only both are together. Yu Ling gives the ticket to Shi Xuan.

Shi Xuan goes to find Zheng Yu there. Both realize their intentions but Zheng Yu will not push Gong Can into Shi Xuan’s arms. Both wonder what the ‘cousins’ are doing now. True enough, they ask each other why they are back so early. They decide to stay out longer or Mr Xue will be disappointed. Yu Ling grumbles that he is boring but Gong Can melts her heart as she makes him happy when he is bored.

He finally keeps his promise to bring her to 63building. Seeing her excited makes him elated too. Yin finds the photo and it contains two little girls besides Mr Zhu in it. Laugh when Gong Can gets tricked again to hold his breath in the lift to make a wish come true! Later, she deceives him again by saying that walking on the white lines of the zebra crossing brings him bad luck.

He holds her hands when she nearly trips. Then she runs off, wanting to buy sweet potatoes and suddenly goes missing. He feels insecure, closes his eyes to count to 5 before opening his eyes to see her watching lights being lit up happily. He wonders if he has gone mad. She coaxes him to give her loose change to buy sweet potatoes but he refuses to give her the money. He jumps later upon seeing her buying later – she is out to cheat him again. She buys sweet potatoes for all and starts eating in the car.

He vows not to get deceived again. When he turns around, he is shocked to see her choked. He immediately runs out of the car to get her water…only to see her eating again! He threatens to reduce her salary if she does it again. Still, he gets her water as he is afraid that she might really get choked. Gong Can looks at the photos of the two girls that has Mr Zhu in it.

Mr Xue is hospitalized for a checkup while Cheng Zhi visits his friend. Mdm Pei isn’t returning home so she wants Gong Can to knock off early to keep Yu Ling company. We see the change in him - Gong Can packs sushi for 3 people, knowing that she is a big eater! He gets worked up when Zheng Yu and Yu Ling ask him out to watch a movie together. They want him to give the treat as they are jobless. He gets jealous upon seeing them ordering the popcorn and drinks.

He feels that he can burst any minute and knocks his head hard with his fist. This is the busiest moment at work and he is overly exhausted to support them. She sits between the men and Gong Can can’t take it anymore that he nearly wants to leave. In the midst, Yu Ling gets sleepy and her head is about to lean on Gong Can’s shoulder. Gong Can is about to adjust his position to allow her to rest on him when Zheng Yu pulls her head over to his shoulder. (Good grief – this is sure a bloody battle between the two.)

Shi Xuan is surprised to learn from Yin that Gong Can knocks off early without telling her. She calls him but he doesn’t answer even after seeing her number! Yu Ling nearly takes Gong Can’s drink and he tells her to clean her saliva. (This is so different from how romantic Xin is to Cai Jing in ‘Goong’ when watching a musical together.) When the movie ends, people squeeze their way out, almost causing Yu Ling to get tripped. Gong Can quickly clasps his hands over her shoulders to protect her. Yu Ling smiles sweetly at this. (This is such a sweet gesture – many women will get swept off their feet upon seeing this.)

He gets Shi Xuan’s call and has to allow Zheng Yu to send Yu Ling home. Yu Ling tricks Zheng Yu into eating the green chilli. It is like lying not to be in love but actually in love. She can try to keep her feelings under control. Zheng Yu desires to get along with her and plants a kiss on her forehead. She quickly rejects his lift to get home on a cab. Shi Xuan is glad that Zheng Yu treats Yu Ling well.

Gong Can replies coldly that it is natural for him to treat his sister better than other women. He is certainly unhappy when Shi Xuan adds that Zheng Yu treats her differently from others. He looks at the watch and decides that it is late. Shi Xuan suggests revealing their relationship but he doesn’t think she should leave the tennis court because of him. Gong Can gets bored watching television programmes at home alone to wait for her return. Yu Ling is terrified to be with him alone as she is tempted to kiss him.

The siblings have gone to Jiju so she can’t join them. She visualizes the scenario. She wears the man’s shirt and trousers to speak the following line – she will be responsible since this has happened. He should not use a blanket to cover himself to cry. (How odd for the reverse to happen in her imagination!) Gong Can brings the sushi for her. He hears her pushing the furniture to place against the door. He gets very angry – what has she seen him to be? What will he do to her?

She suggests locking each other’s door as she isn’t sure if she will move over to his room. Zheng Yu gets drunk over this. Yin encourages Zhen Kui to learn skateboarding. Mr Xue is discharged and tells Cheng Zhi to get the Japan air tickets ready. Yu Ling is stuck when he, Mdm Pei and Cheng Zhi are coming along – they even get the luggage ready to give her a surprise.

She tries calling Gong Can but he chooses not to answer her during the meeting because he is still offended over what happens the last night. She finally gets him and he rushes to the airport. He has suggested joining them but Mr Xue tells him to join them when his work is done. Yu Ling runs out of ideas so she deliberately stalls them by tripping down the stairs. Thus Gong Can rushes to the hospital instead to see her in a necklace with an injured leg and plastered forehead.

When Mdm Pei returns home to take care of Mr Xue, Cheng Zhi can’t reduce Mr Xue’s guilt of causing Yu Ling’s injury. Gong Can demands to know how this happens – how can she do this? She always makes him feel ashamed, angry or troubled. He is going mad, asking anxiously if she is really okay. She smiles and even asks for sushi but he tells her to forget about it to taste the hospital’s bland food since she is injured.
Gong Can goes to the rooftop, feeling guilty over it. He returns with sushi, seeing her sleeping so he covers her with a blanket. Zheng Yu runs there upon knowing the news. He is just on time to see Gong Can fondling Yu Ling’s hair and touching her face. He retracts his hand but still pulls the blanket over her gently again to sit beside her. Zheng Yu is angry - so he is interested in her.

Yu Ling is disappointed to know that the sushi is from Zheng Yu since Mdm Pei sees him there a moment ago. (She is a moron – she should know that it is from Gong Can from the carrier – it is the same shop that he gets sushi for her earlier.) Gong Can meets Zheng Yu in office and both have a drink. Mdm Zhang is not happy that Zheng Yu has visited Yu Ling. Yu Ling is discharged and Mdm Pei gives her the oranges.

Yu Ling is so bigmouthed to say that they taste good as organic food. Gong Can stares at her when others ask how she knows about that. She then lies that Gong Can has shown her the Jiju bungalow photos. Mr Xue wants the whole family to go there but Gong Can manages to find an excuse to disallow him to go because of his health. He will bring her there alone.

Yu Ling is sorry for her mistake. Gong Can knows the bungalow housekeeper is Mr Xue’s man and they can’t bribe him. But they still have to go there. She gets excited, treating this as outstation but he shakes his head. His busy schedule has not allowed business trips lately but he has to go. Zheng Yu is angry that they are leaving together. He recalls how he meets Yu Ling there to fall for her later.

Shi Xuan regrets being unable to join the cousins. Gong Can is about to leave when a reporter spots them. Yu Ling waits for him at the airport. The reporter keeps asking about Gong Can’s identity. Shi Xuan doesn’t want the reporters to guess. Even if they don’t reveal, they will investigate. Gong Can knows he is late. He stares at Shi Xuan and she suggests delaying his trip. He sighs and allows the reporters to come in.

He apologises to Yu Ling to cancel it. But she decides to go alone. Zheng Yu learns about the press conference and is shocked – what will happen to Yu Ling? He rushes there and she lies that she has left but he sees that she is still there. She is silly to endure this and bursts into tears. Zheng Yu consoles her. Gong Can fails to get her and he calls Zhen Kui. Upon hearing her drunken voice, he knows she is with the siblings. He follows her upon seeing her hitting the signboard.

This doesn’t reduce her anger. She is about to give him a punch when she trips. He holds her in his arms. When she trips again, he accidentally kisses her! He is so startled that he drops her to the ground. She is too ashamed to face him so she closes her eyes. Initially he is anxious but he sees through her act soon. He thinks she might as well stay in this position so he leaves. Later, all accuse him of ignoring his girlfriend.

He sighs and has to carry her on his back to his car. He threatens her – he will kill her if she opens her eyes. He throws her so hard in the car rear that her head nearly hits the car door. They reach home and he demands her to walk in as he will not carry her in. She runs in and he smiles. Mdm Pei notices that her face is red but Gong Can is sure that she will be alright in her room.

How to face him in future? When he knocks on her door, he apologises for missing their date as he has no choice. But she is also in the wrong to get drunk. Does she do this deliberately? She shouts no and he mumbles why she acts sick. But seeing her red cheeks and feeling her forehead, he realizes that she is really having a fever. She gets shy and hides under the blanket. He smiles and leaves the room.

He prints out the recipe to make the egg wine for her. All will laugh upon seeing how he beats the eggs awkwardly. He passes the cup to her and she wonders why the wine colour is different. He replies he uses whisky. She should not leave any drop left. She says he must treat her well or she still delivers punches at him. (This scene is quite cute.) He sees the ornament – why is the light off? She replies that the battery has run flat. They forgive each other.

The proud Gong Can states that he only makes a mistake but she makes at least 4 mistakes. Zheng Yu vents his frustration in squash. How does he reduce to this state? Both step out of the bedroom early morning. Gong Can feels her forehead. You will laugh at his response – she looks good and he doesn’t give the wine to her in vain! Yu Ling is about to buy the batteries when she sees newspapers publishing news of Shi Xuan’s romance with a rich young 3rd generation hotelier. So this is the reason.

Jin suggests Shi Xuan to marry Gong Can soon. She decides to propose to him after her Australian open win. Gong Can reads the newspaper with a grim expression. He asks if they have made mistakes in the printing. He finds the words too mushy and childish. Although she cites love is childish, he disagrees. Many see them together with her hooking his arm and he is not used to it. Shi Xuan tells him to accept it.

He frowns to know that Yu Ling is with Zheng Yu. He wants to meet them for dinner but Zheng Yu refuses. Yu Ling sees the news on television and weeps. Zheng Yu uses his warm hands to cover her ears. When having dinner with Gong Can and Shi Xuan, he knows both have no intention for marriage now. He implies they should find a day to get hitched. When walking out, Zheng Yu asks if it is going to snow.

There is a faint smile on Gong Can’s icy face. If so, he will be in trouble to take care of a person. Zheng Yu’s smile freezes. Yu Ling has said her snowman will think of her if it snows. Sure enough, he sees Gong Can’s smile and he gets troubled. Gong Can comes to the shop but forgets the battery size so he gets everything. Mr Xue isn’t happy over the news. He is afraid that Yu Ling will be hurt. Gong Can promises to be careful to prevent the public from knowing.

Mr Xue intends to introduce her to the shareholders and Gong Can’s heart nearly stops. He protests and Mr Xue becomes furious – who dares to go against him as she is his blood kin? Yu Ling looks at the ornament. Gong Can hesitates to knock on her door. He touches his face – now he has to send her away so he tells Yin to find a job for her in Osaka. She must do this before the anniversary. As long as she goes there, Mr Xue can’t stop her. She can’t be his cousin forever.

Yin sees a pang of regret on his face. In the past, he has no choice because of Mr Xue. What about his own stand now? Gong Can has no time to think of it now. Mdm Zhang says that Mdm Pei is fat in her wedding gown. In Korea, pink gowns are considered for remarriages but Mdm Zhang says she should wear that since she marries late. But she is beautiful in Cheng Zhi’s eyes.

Jin overhears the An siblings’ conversation to know that Yu Ling is an imposter. Shi Xuan demands to know the truth from Gong Can. He tells the truth reluctantly and she is angry that he keeps it from her. He maintains that it is his decision and she should not find fault with Yu Ling. Shi Xuan criticizes Yu Ling for having a gambler father and has terrible upbringing as she is homeless.

Gong Can becomes stern – no matter how and where she comes from, she is a good girl to him. Even if the person to say this is Shi Xuan, he can’t accept this. (Cheers for this guy who protects his beloved!) Yu Ling will return to Japan as planned. He wants to care for her and be warm before she leaves. He requests Shi Xuan to keep it from his family and she agrees since Yu Ling is leaving soon.

Yin settles everything and Gong Can decides to tell her everything after dinner. She has gone through many partings but this time is special as she has started to have feelings for everyone. His family is too nice to her to become her family too. He lies that this full course meal is to thank her for helping in Mdm Pei’s wedding. It suddenly snows – he asks what if they tell Mr Xue the truth? It is hard to treat her as a sister now and he is getting angrier per day. (He is hinting his feelings to her.)

She gives him a lying coin – this is to stop the truth from being uncovered when told. He is amused and keeps it. She sleeps in his car upon getting home. He ponders – it is her birthday so he refrains from telling her. Both fall asleep in the car. Zheng Yu is so upset to see that to drive away in tears and gets drunk again. Gong Can faces the batteries in his bedroom. He must tell her the next day.

Yin flies over to Japan to meet two other earthquarke survivors. Gong Can hardens his heart, wanting to set things right to make himself feel better. Shi Xuan gives lover cups to Mdm Pei and Cheng Zhi but is unhappy that Yu Ling gives them a pair before her. Mdm Pei tells her about Mr Xue’s decision and she blurts about Yu Ling’s poor upbringing.

Gong Can rushes home and stares at Shi Xuan. He has to tell the sad story of how Yu Ling has been through. Mr Xue doesn’t want to send her away now and she must keep him company and learn well to marry her off. He will take good care of her. He tells the others not to let her know about it. Gong Can can’t control his temper and flares up at Shi Xuan.

Shi Xuan finds it absurd – how to make a formal introduction of Yu Ling to the shareholders? He snaps at her – he could have ended this perfectly if not for her. Shi Xuan has made a big mistake. Gong Can drives off and Yu Ling is puzzled why he is so hostile. Shi Xuan mentions about meeting the shareholders and Yu Ling realizes that Gong Can has not told her that.

Zheng Yu brings her to the sauna to cheer her up. All will have a good laugh when she claims him to be her elder sister. He charges out within 15 seconds when the men stare at him. She has no courage to tell Gong Can that she loves him and she knows that she has to leave soon. Zheng Yu returns to the company and asks why Gong Can looks so serious. He really doesn’t know what to do now.

Zheng Yu admits liking Yu Ling so he hopes that things will stay the same. He wishes Gong Can to keep her as his cousin. Gong Can gets confused. Yin calls Gong Can to affirm his cousin’s death. Gong Can sees that his family is happy with Yu Ling. Mr Xue asks repeatedly if he thinks that Yu Ling is pretty. He answers sadly that she is. Mr Xue feels blissful with her around. So is he.

Yu Ling decides to leave – is it so hard for Gong Can to tell her that? He holds the coin (He is tormented by the fact that he discovers that he loves her.) – he asks if she can stay beside him forever to be his cousin, lying that he is willing to do that to make everyone blissful. Yu Ling gets angry and demands to be a director like him – since Zheng Yu isn’t working too. He nearly tears his hair – Zheng Yu’s case is different as his family holds shares. He mumbles that she is thick-skinned to do this deliberately.

He decides not to tell her that his cousin is dead to give her any extra burden. Both guys play squash. Gong Can declares that only the winner has the say. He tells Zheng Yu not to make life difficult for Yu Ling since she doesn’t love him but he insists of doing that. Gong Can frowns to see Zheng Yu at his home. Yu Ling asks if Gong Can really wants to marry her off? Gong Can preserves his cool but runs into a rage after entering his room to loosen his tie – get married to Zheng Yu? That is out of the question!

Zheng Yu has to win Mr Xue to get Yu Ling through a chess game. Gong Can gets nervous when Mdm Pei tells him that – will she use marriage as a bet? Yu Ling doesn’t mind as she can still get money from either side. Gong Can can’t suppress his worry any more to step into the study to see how the game goes. He tells Mr Xue the way to win and he nearly explodes when Mr Xue puts the chess pieces back after a pretended sneeze. (This scene is hilarious between the men – you have to watch it yourself.)

Gong Can then asks if this hurts Yu Ling hurts her self-esteem as she collects the money from Zheng Yu. She should pass him half the amount but she refuses since he is already so rich. He tries to snatch the money from her cheekily and Zheng Yu isn’t happy to see both acting like a couple together. Mr Xue asks Zheng Yu – is Yu Ling pretty? He answers yes and she is his type! Gong Can uses the spoon to hit his own chest as he starts feeling terrible now. Zheng Yu still wants to woo Yu Ling.

Gong Can has indigestion and Yu Ling uses a traditional way to treat him by tying a string around his finger. His tone is bitter as he describes her liking Zheng Yu so much. She then asks if the two should marry and pricks his finger hard with the needle. Implicating Zheng Yu is the worst way so she will not do it. He is relieved – does she want him to tell Zheng Yu then? He can be her elder brother without others around. He pats her head – doesn’t he do it well now? He promises not to upset her anymore but she can’t.

Shi Xuan decides not to have any more interviews because Gong Can is angry with her. (It is too late for her to realize this.) She is going to Australia for competition soon and wishes to win to make him happy. He describes her as a person who shines without him. She is afraid and asks if he is still angry. He tells her not to get distracted now and they can talk about it when she is back.

Mr Xue can walk slowly now and wants Yu Ling to play squash with Zheng Yu. Gong Can brings her to the sports shop unwillingly. He keeps asking – so she likes Zheng Yu? (He is going to freak out any minute upon thinking that she is going to belong to someone else soon.) She asks if he is jealous when he angrily puts the sports shoes back on the shelf. She wants modern wear but he chooses traditional ones for her. (He tries to make her as unattractive as possible.)

He later chooses a racket for her, patting it on her head to test is while she uses a squash ball to hit his head too. (The two really have fun with each other.) Mdm Zhang sees Yu Ling with Zheng Yu so she warns her not to be close to her son. Gong Can sees them and quickly comes over. Mdm Zhang takes that she comes to meet Gong Can but it is still not right to let her loiter here alone.

Gong Can doesn’t see why she can’t since this is his workplace and her grandfather’s hotel. He holds her hand to lead her out and she knocks over a glass of water on her dress. Mdm Zhang becomes sarcastic – this kind of woman can be his cousin to protect her till this extent. Gong Can knows Yu Ling too well the water act is deliberate. Yu Ling does it since Mdm Zhang is so revengeful. He can’t help grinning over it.

Yu Ling walks around in his office and Gong Can is distracted. To her, a career minded person should be able to concentrate at all time. She sees the photo – so he is still looking for his cousin? Why lie to her that he still wants her to be his sister? She believes that he can find her with his capability. Zheng Yu sees Yin meeting the PI and learns that Gong Can’s cousin is dead.

Yu Ling wishes to wave to Gong Can from 63building to see each other. Worries can be forgotten at the highest point. Gong Can cites that he will not hold his breath in the lift anymore since it is not working. She is curious to know what his dream is – to be CEO? They pick on each other again and Zheng Yu stares at them as he steps out of the lift. Gong Can asks if Zheng Yu is genuine to Yu Ling.

If so, he has to persuade his mother. Zheng Yu is too eager to consider that. Gong Can has already mentioned that he doesn’t want Yu Ling to get hurt. Zheng Yu maintains that this will not happen and Gong Can worries over nothing. He will pacify his mother before proposing to Yu Ling 2 days later. Gong Can becomes troubled and deletes Yu Ling’s photo from his handphone.

Mr Xue decides to work n Mdm Zhang so Mdm Pei becomes his representative. Shi Xuan only manages to get into the 16th position in the tournament and wonders why Gong Can hasn’t called her. Jin notices that their cold war hasn’t ended. Shi Xuan requests for a 4 people dining session but Zheng Yu refuses as this will upset someone. (He is very thoughtful for Yu Ling.)

Mdm Pei asks Yu Ling to get her wedding jewelry and Gong Can offers to send her there. Zheng Yu buys a ring and both arrive after him. The shop assistant finds them compatible in looks and asks if they are lovers. Gong Can denies but Yu Ling admits to be his girlfriend in order to get a free pair of 14k lovers rings. Gong Can is alarmed - what is she doing? She tries on their fingers and Zheng Yu nearly blows up to pieces when the assistant wishes the two to come again when they get married.

Outside the shop, Yu Ling wants the ring as her bonus but Gong Can stretches his hand high up in the air, refusing to give to her. It is his and he runs away. (We never know that he has such a playful side.) Zheng Yu becomes mad and agrees impulsively to Shi Xuan’s suggestion. When Zheng Yu comes after the two, Gong Can passes the ring to Yu Ling.

Zheng Yu presses Shi Xuan to propose to Gong Can on the spot. Yu Ling decides to leave early to pass the jewelry to Mdm Pei as she can’t take it anymore. Zheng Yu wants Gong Can to listen to Shi Xuan before leaving with Yu Ling. Yu Ling is mad with Zheng Yu for testing her feelings earlier. Zheng Yu promises to give her everything if she comes to him but she refuses to cheat his feelings. She is shocked to see his tears when he professes that his feelings for her is real. (Jun Ki sure looks like a woman when he cries.)

Shi Xuan cites that she understands that Gong Can is too busy to contact her but he claims that he doesn’t do it as his eyes can’t see her anymore and he is sorry. She has thought of this to happen but pleads for a chance. He doesn’t want to torment her beside him. He is harsh to push her aside but he has no choice. Zheng Yu tells Yu Ling that Gong Can’s cousin is dead, giving her a shock.

Upon knowing that Mdm Zhang can’t accept Yu Ling because of her upbringing, Mr Xue blames himself for causing her parents’ death and has a heart attack. Yu Ling decides to leave the Xues impulsively to have her normal life back. Gong Can gets fed up too – lying causes him to be in hell and he is also exhausted treating her like a sister. He nearly goes mad a few hundred times per day.

Mdm Pei calls Gong Can as Mr Xue is hospitalized. Mr Xue thinks he is dying and wants Gong Can to pay his debt. Zheng Yu is angry with Mdm Zhang and if she does it again, the next person to collapse will be him. The ‘cousins’ look at each other. Yin asks how to handle Yu Ling’s case and Gong Can wishes to delay it but she reminds him that the anniversary day is approaching in a few days’ time.

Gong Can drives and recalls Yu Ling’s words so he drives to 63building. She is there too and calls him when he is in the lift. She asks him to wave to her with both hands so that she can see him in his office and he does this unknowingly when she is in the lift. She decides to stay till he finds his cousin. She lies that she really likes it and jokes that he should give her a raise and must buy her sweet potatoes when he is out.

She hangs up and says that she loves him secretly in tears. Gong Can reaches but she gets down in the lift. He sighs – he is tricked again. He gets home before him and asks if she really goes to 63building. She replies yes but he still doesn’t believe her. Still, he hands her the sweet potatoes and wants her to eat slowly. She calls him brother to get more immersed into the role.

The next day, Mdm Pei tells Yu Ling to wake Gong Can up. She only touches the side of the bed to tell him to wake up. He leans from behind – what is she doing? She pounces on the bed to pretend to test the spring. Cheng Zhi gets her to adjust Gong Can’s tie. Her heart pumps fast as she is so close to him. Laugh when she gets so nervous to tighten the knot to escape in haste as Gong Can nearly suffocates and stares at her!

She observes how the siblings behave and imagines how to treat him like an elder brother. But she shakes her head as he will surely push her aside. Gong Can frowns when Shi Xuan comes to look for him at his office. She is at first insecure but now she demands to know why his back is always facing her as he loses patience on her. She is dejected when walking out to meet Zheng Yu’s eyes.

Both guys have a meal and Gong Can announces the breakup. Zheng Yu has thought of him to be persistent so Zheng Yu should have hit him earlier. Both hit each other playfully. Gong Can mentions about Yu Ling’s joke and Zheng Yu laughs – how can a fool believe? Gong Can agrees the person is foolish. He has thought of someone by counting to 5 and she suddenly appears. What should he do? He is becoming mad.

Gong Can laughs upon seeing how Zheng Yu believes Yu Ling’s joke of holding his breath in the lift. Zheng Yu confesses doing it as he has the wish to propose to Yu Ling the next day. Mdm Pei makes a love cake but she quarrels with Cheng Zhi over the house but they reconcile later. Yu Ling is hungry so she eats the cake. Gong Can ignores her when back. He mumbles – why must she be Yu Ling? Will she accept foolishly? He touches his forehead again and feigns to be unfeeling when she gives him part of the cake.

Mdm Pei and Cheng Zhi are returning to eat the cake. Yu Ling panicks – how to bake it? Gong Can grumbles that she should find out first if she is supposed to eat and how can she finish a whole cake? Don’t try to frame him as he only eats a mouthful. Seeing how clumsy she is to divide the egg yolk and white, he sets to do everything for her! You can’t believe that this is his first try!

Yu Ling marvels at how he uses his brain and he replies that he isn’t as useless as her since she is so clumsy. She protests that she should get married. He doubts – can she? She can’t do anything properly and should wait till 33 years old! She should listen to a brother’s advice and anyone who proposes to her, she must consider and makes the right choice. (This scene is fantastic – all should not miss it!)

They put the heart shapes together and the couple likes the taste. Both watch nervously and secretly to be relieved later. Gong Can finds it hard to suppress his feelings now. Zhen Kui gets a good commercial deal. Laugh when the director squashes the orange that Yin gives him and he uses a needle to sew it up to keep! The elders are happy with Zheng Yu’s planned proposal. Yin notifies Gong Can about Zheng Yu’s booking of the whole Sky Bar. He sits at his table, touching his chin to call Yu Ling.

He is alarmed to know that she is at a beauty salon with Mdm Pei – a place which she never steps into in the past. Mdm Pei tells him to return home early. He rushes home to know of the proposal and frowns. The elders even want him to bring her to Zheng Yu, by lying to bring her out for a meal. He is stunned by her beauty and gets very troubled when driving, lying that he has a headache. (How sad - he finds himself tormented and is in a dilemma now.)

When both are at the lift area, he holds her hand to tell her to go up on her own since he still has something to do. He is in despair to see the lift doors close before him. She learns of Zheng Yu’s intention and rejects him. Zheng Yu urges her to accept him. She says no as she will get to face Gong Can daily then. He is enraged – can’t she see him at all? Gong Can stays in his car and closes his eyes.

Yu Ling leaves in haste and confronts Gong Can. He apologises for the act. She reveals that she can never get along with Zheng Yu because he knows she is an imposter. Gong Can is startled by this. Shi Xuan sees them together and then both walk in different directions. Zheng Yu jokes that Gong Can should not see him now after he gets ditched. Gong Can asks Zheng Yu – why not tell him that he knows the truth? He replies – isn’t Yu Ling his cousin forever? Should he pretend that he isn’t her brother or he loves Yu Ling?

Gong Can stares at him and Zheng Yu says Gong Can can’t love Yu Ling. Shi Xuan overhears them and is badly shaken. Gong Can gets home wearily and decides to be the managing director of Jiju branch. He will stay for 3 years. His family approves but why is he leaving on the anniversary day itself? He doesn’t see why he should stay since the elders are around. All don’t know what he thinks but know the relationships among the two pairs don’t go smoothly since Shi Xuan and Zheng Yu have stopped coming to their home.

Yu Ling asks if Gong Can’s leaving is due to her but he denies. He can’t waste time because of her. She weeps as Gong Can hurries his work and isn’t at home on most days. He even sleeps in the office and just slips into a simple jacket in the morning to work without the tie as he is too busy. The siblings are excited that Yu Ling is going to be a princess soon.

Yu Ling is shocked to know that Shi Xuan has parted with Gong Can. No wonder Shi Xuan is hostile to her. Yu Ling guesses it must be the breakup to cause the work transfer and working continuously. Yin is going to Jiju with him and mentions Gong Can likes snowing these days to ask her often when to see it. Yu Ling does not expect this – how can this be? She tries in vain to hide from Zheng Yu. Zheng Yu mentions Gong Can’s words of counting to 5. She is terrified when the lift goes from the 5th floor to the 1st. Sure indeed, the lift door opens and Gong Can is there! He sees them together and Yu Ling runs out to cry.

She recalls how he says about remembering her birthday on snowing days and how hard he tries to suppress his feelings. She sits at the staircase and Gong Can comes over to pat her head. Why does she run away earlier – she lies that she is mad. He tells her not to escape on anniversary day to feign hurt again. There is no turning back as his cousin is dead. He is surprised that Yu Ling already knows. (He is the only one kept in the dark by the two. How ignorant he is!)

She understands and will help him. He never expects this to happen. Seeing her holding her breath in the lift, he smiles again. Suddenly she breaks wind and accuses him of doing it! She teaches him to be thick-skinned and flexible. He smiles and doesn’t get angry. He becomes sleepy in the cab and she pleads him not to open his eyes. He must treat her as Yu Ling and not his cousin on snowing days.

Gong Can feels troubled and Zheng Yu vents his frustrations in games again. Gong Can is going to the airport and might not be free to return on weekends. He pats Yu Ling’s head and leaves reluctantly. He reaches the airport but the flight delays due to snowing. He touches the snow and takes out the coin. Mdm Pei laments that the snowing is only out for a while. Gong Can drops the coin.

Yu Ling is about to walk up the hotel staircase alone when Gong Can grabs her arm. It is snowing and he can’t lie anymore. He hugs her, much to the annoyance of Zheng Yu and Shi Xuan. They are alarmed by their act – what are they doing? Gong Can leads Yu Ling away and she wonders how to tell the rest. With no tactic and running away like this – isn’t lying her strength? Why tell her to lie since he is responsible?

Gong Can runs out of ideas and stammers to Mr Xue that he has taken her away. Yu Ling lies that Mr Zhu is disappointed over what happens. Mr Xue understands as he has not consulted him. He then wants to meet Mr Zhu on another day. All guess that Mr Zhu must be unwilling to give Yu Ling to them. Mdm Zhang feels that the Xues do not regard Yu Ling to them to avoid making a formal introduction.

Zheng Yu obtains his MBA but he wants to learn something else with Yu Ling. Shi Xuan is fuming mad – how can Gong Can having a marriage agreement with her be with Yu Ling now? How can he take her away? Now reporters know they have parted and Jin suggests that they leave quickly but she is adamant to confirm the truth. Gong Can is unwilling to give Yu Ling half of the hotel and treating her like his sister. Who mentions about thinking of her on snowy days first? (He sure knows how to talk his way out of it.)

Yu Ling denies – she only wants him to give her money on snowy days. He believes there is no need to say he loves her since she knows. He tells her to plan the escape route as an expert. She boasts of having men from different countries. He says fine – she can use the phonecard while he uses his own credit card!(This is sure a good one!) Mdm Zhang agrees to let Zheng Yu be with Yu Ling as long as they prove her identity.

Yu Ling doesn’t know how to give the star to Gong Can as it is in a bad shape. So she sends a sms to him to make him smile. Shi Xuan pays Mr Zhu the money and doesn’t want him to tell any one. Yin passes Mr Zhu but doesn’t notice that it is him. Shi Xuan frowns and touches the necklace. Jin reminds her that Gong Can will never find his cousin then. Shi Xuan is tormented but refuses to tell.

The siblings wonder if tragedy strikes if Yu Ling is his cousin. Zhen Kui imagines Mr Xue says Gong Can is the one being adopted and they can continue their relationship. Zhen Xin imagines that Yu Ling has cancer and dies. Zhen Kui imagines that Gong Chan will forget the agony after losing his memory after a car accident. (These two jokers really….) Yu Ling tries to find out the truth in vain from Mr Zhu as she is suspicious he has money to give her a big treat.

Gong Can wonders why there is no news of Mr Zhu. He should give him a ring now. Zheng Yu becomes thinner – he has given everything to Yu Ling but now has to let her go. The guys are at the squash ground – not to play the game but Gong Can lets him hit himas both throw the rackets on the floor. Gong Can apologises to Zheng Yu – not because of Yu Ling but to keep from him from the start.

He feels painful as both walk out. Zheng Yu tells Mdm Zhang that he is going alone to New York. Mdm Zhang says she must be blind not to notice him. The two women are at the jewelry shop. Mdm Zhang tries to find out in vain about the young from Mdm Pei. The shop assistant mentions about the two coming to get Mdm Pei’s gift. They look like lovers than cousins to him and he has given the lovers’ rings.

Both become uneasy – this joke is too serious. Yu Ling wants to calculate the expenses to spend at Jiju. He reminds her to pay him back through the cashier’s order. She gets so mad that she steps on her coat – so she should not return to him. Gong Can smiles while Yin grins too. (Very funny scene.) Zhen Kui tries to protect Yin from the crowd when both are in a lift. Shi Xuan is annoyed when overhearing that the two are going to Jiju together. Yu Ling is happy to see the snow – the last she sees in Seoul.

Both walk in the snow and he holds her hand – what if someone from the company sees them? He is past caring over it. Shi Xuan sees them from her car. Gong Can learns better than Zheng Yu in the past. Zheng Yu is the monitor while he is the school director! Shi Xuan snaps the necklace and tells Mr Xue about the truth. Yu Ling looks at the ornament happily at home but she accidentally breaks it.

Gong Can hears the noise and comes over. Yu Ling is affected when she gets a cut on the finger. Mr Xue flares up. Shi Xuan insists they must not be together although she is wrong to lie to him. Yin passes Mr Zhu again without noticing. Gong Can puts the plaster on Yu Ling’s finger and promises to get her a new one. But wait – isn’t snowing just over? But he can still get it but she assures him she is fine. Yin confesses the truth to Mr Xue but reminds him Yu Ling makes him happy. Mr Xue doesn’t want her to tell anyone.

Cheng Zhi brings him home and he lets her go to Jiju. Mr Xue wants to meet Han Ya first and Cheng Zhi settles for him. Yu Ling packs her things and Gong Can goes out with her to have a drink the last night. She is going to be jobless but she can work for him again. He only agrees to bring her over 10 days later. This reminds her of what Mr Zhu deceives her of taking her out of the orphanage 10 days later too. She cries and luckily Mr Zhu comes to take her away. He promises never to let her wait.

He recalls how Zheng Yu pulls her head over in the cinema and she leans on him softly. He then pushes her head harder to lean on his shoulder. He has let her down in the past. Gong Can is troubled when there is no news. What should he do? He must look for Han Ya as she is alive. Mr Xue meets Han Ya. Mdm Pei packs food for Yu Ling to bring to Mr Zhu and Yu Ling feels bad. She will feel lost without Yu Ling around.

After seeing Han Ya, Mr Xue feels that she doesn’t look like his daughter. Cheng Zhi asks what they should do to Yu Ling. Mr Xue doesn’t want him to tell anyone about it, especially Gong Can. Yu Ling is puzzled why Mr Xue doesn’t wear a scarf under the cold weather. He tells her that he knows everything. Gong Can is distracted during the meeting and looks at the star sms to brighten his day. Mr Xue knows the two save his life but he doesn’t want her to be with Gong Can. So she leaves today as planned – not to Jiju but to somewhere further and don’t appear before them again.

He loves her so much and doesn’t know how to face her. Mdm Pei is shocked by the truth and faints. Shi Xuan is going to England and tells Gong Can that she loves him too much but he pushes her into hell by rejecting her. She holds the necklace in her hand. Zheng Yu sees her in tears while Gong Can recalls her words – he is lost in his own world of lies to live. He will send Yu Ling to the airport.

Zheng Yu refuses to join him as he is also lost in love – he might end up like Shi Xuan. He tells him not to let go of her or he will get her. Gong Can is sure that this will not happen. Mr Xue gives Yu Ling the money but she gives him back. She requests Gong Can to give her a lift the last time and she will not see him again. Mr Xue allows it and she pretends to be cheerful in front of him to bade all farewell.

Mr Zhu is going with Yu Ling at a different airport. Gong Can gathers that he might take more than 10 days to fetch her back but she assures him that it is fine. He gives her a hug – he will think of her. He leaves so that she can meet her father. She immediately goes to another airport. When seeing him turning away, she cries aloud to bade him goodbye. (It is quite a sad scene.)

Mr Xue looks at the family photo and sighs. Gong Can is angry when he calls to get no answer. He senses something amiss and wants to go to Jiju island. Yin tells her that Mr Xue seems to know something and she is at Ren Chuan airport. Gong Can rushes there. When writing the embarkment form, she thinks of the past and cries aloud. Mr Zhu blames himself. Gong Can is too late when both get into the customs.

He begs her not to leave – he should have gone with her. He should leave or die with dignity. He panicks – is his passport in the office? Yin tells him that Mr Xue wants him back. He returns home and all look at him in silence. Mr Xue tells him about their agreement and he takes that this has not happened before. Gong Can kneels and cries bitterly. There is no affinity between them. Since she is here to save him, he wants her away. He has no confidence to stay alive when seeing her. Mr Xue faints and all are shocked.

Two years later, it is snowing again. Gong Can wants to meet Zheng Yu after work. Zheng Yu is now the director and grumbles that he is given too much work. The girl they are meeting is resembling Gong Can now. It is Mdm Pei’s daughter , Yi Ling. Shi Xuan is also back. She still stays in the hotel to find out how things are. Zheng Yu sees that it is snowing and wonders where Yu Ling now. Gong Can wishes her happy birthday. He doesn’t notice Yu Ling by the roadside with the tourists.

Gong Can chooses a soft toy and gets to see another snow ornament. Gong Can is only back from Jiju for a few days – why is he going to Japan soon? He wants to go there since he is responsible for the building of the branch. He is still looking for Yu Ling. Mr Xue can walk with a walking stick. Gong Can takes out the ornament and places on his table. He has bought many to put inside a transparent cabinet. He gets one whenever it snows. Mdm Pei wonders what it means. Cheng Zhi knows this has to do with Yu Ling.

Mr Xue wishes Yu Ling happy birthday but it is not to her anymore. He has gotten a Christmas tree and taken the star out. She doesn’t want it to be out initially to dirty it but gives in. Gong Can keeps looking at the star mms. He looks through the list to find out where she is. Zheng Yu is amazed that he packs so fast to go to the airport soon. He wants to tour there as it is snowing now but Zheng Yu knows that he is looking for Yu Ling there. It isn’t his tactic to go without planning but the situation has changed.

Zheng Yu wishes to go with him to look for her – maybe he gets her first. Zheng Yu gets Yin’s call to remind him of work so he pleads to change another secretary. But he stresses that Yin is very capable. Mr Xue is meeting Han Ya now. Cheng Zhi asks how long he wishes to keep from Gong Can – till his wedding day to stop him from looking for Yu Ling.

Zhen Xin opens a beauty salon while Zhen Kui becomes a famous model. Things still stay the same between him and Yin. He nearly bursts when seeing Zheng Yu touching her hair but Yin will not give in to postpone the afternoon meeting. It is still better for her to stay with the playboy than to accompany Gong Can to Japan. Yin says that Zheng Yu isn’t her type – she likes guys who are tall, kind and simple. He smiles – is it him?! Mdm Pei and Mdm Zhang are embarrassed when Gong Can misses 3 matchmaking sessions while Zheng Yu turns up but often ends up talking with other women.

The matchmaker thinks that both might be gays since they are so close. They are now at a bar – both are 30 years old. If Zheng Yu finds Yu Ling, he will fight for his chance to show her how handsome he is now. It doesn’t matter to him who finds her as long as she appears. He is worried that she might be having a tough life now. Yu Ling looks at the Christmas tree. Shi Xuan knows Gong Can isn’t working at the hotel and asks to meet him. She wants to apologise to him over the matter. He tells her not to ponder over the past as she shines everywhere she goes. Is he still thinking of Yu Ling?

Yu Ling isn’t his past. She insists that she can’t be his future too but Gong Can ignores her. Shi Xuan admits that she is really bad. Gong Can will return home once a month and he doesn’t mention about marriage. All give up on him. Yu Ling’s travel bus stops beside Zheng Yu’s car. Zheng Yu finds an excuse to laze by sending Gong Can to the airport. Gong Can sees the label ‘mukgu’ and recalls that Yu Ling likes the dog design. How can choose that as the name? He then looks twice and hasn’t seen Yu Ling on it.

Yu Ling is at the airport. You will jump when they miss each other again. Zheng Yu sees Yu Ling when driving away and stops his car in shock. He chases after her. Gong Can lends a lady his pen and teaches a tourist to write the embarkment form. She replies he will have lots of luck (this is Yu Ling’s usual phrase – how can he not suspect it?!) The tourists start to pass the pen all among them and he smiles reluctantly.

The tourist flag really has Yu Ling’s style. Yin hopes he can find Yu Ling. Gong Can realizes that the tourists have taken his pen but still has to get on the plane. Gong Can sees Zheng Yu and asks him why he is back. He stops and has to see Yu Ling go off. He asks Gong Can what if he finds Yu Ling first. He says that this will not happen as he will find her first. Sure enough, she vanishes and he jumps. He must find her but he can’t recall the telephone number.

Gong Can tells the lady to return the pen to him. They praise the tourist guide who sings well and keeps saying good luck to them. Gong Can’s heart misses a beat when he gets the card. Yu Ling sees a name to join a team of 10 to make it 11. He is paying double for a single room. She waits for him and hides from Gong Can in vain with the poster. He grabs her arm – is she joking with him? She asks causally if he is back from a business trip. She says they are not in this kind of relationship anymore and breaks his heart.

Whom she is waiting is him. Why does he want to tour Seoul? Is he out to make things tough for him? he says no and will not let her go. Mdm Pei is surprised to know that Han Ya is found. Mr Xue knows that Gong Can will leave after knowing this and he doesn’t want to see Yu Ling anymore. Mdm Pei knows the two are very stubborn. Gong Can gets on the bus and jumps off upon knowing that she isn’t the tour guide as she is only receiving the tourists. He gets into her car to throw his luggage in the back seat.

He is penniless as he just returns from Japan. She tells him that he can use his credit card to rent a cab. This man uses drastic measures to be as unreasonable as Yu Ling in the past – he breaks his card into two! His hanpdhone battery is flat too so she must be responsible for him. She is adamant to leave – why is she so heartless? Who lets her off at Jiju villa and how can she leave him behind like this with no money?

He grins in the car. He isn’t working now to get drunk and tour around. (What a surprise - he throws tantrums like a kid.) She thinks he is lying and he asks how she is doing. She is working now and he is relieved. At least she is stronger than him. She still asks – is he getting along well? She has taught him to lie with a straight face. She has to send him back home. He is badly affected after seeing her and he feels giddy. She should treat him to a meal to decide what to do later. He closes his eyes to sleep in her car.

Zheng Yu tells his subordinate to find out where Yu Ling is. Yin notices his cheerfulness but he knows that Yin supports Gong Can. So if he finds Yu Ling, she can’t tell Gong Can as he wants to hide her. Is this an order? No, this is a request. He hopes that he can get Yu Ling’s eyes on him since Gong Can isn’t around. (He wants to be selfish but too bad Gong Can is a step ahead of her.)

Gong Can has not found Han Ya and Yu Ling presumes that Mr Xue is still upset. She wants to keep her promise to Mr Xue but Gong Can reminds her that he has a promise with her too. Even though he gets her later than the 10 days, he is here. She wants to bade him goodbye but he forbids her to say that. She gives him money to take a cab home. But he isn’t that easily appeased by the 10,000won to repay the debt. She is still as thick-skinned as in the past. She holds his hand to bid him goodbye.

He starts to become a bully – hasn’t he carried her on his back in the hills for 1 km? That wears him out. Now he isn’t feeling well in the stomach and she has to answer for it. He then grins in the car again but later he pretends to look sick. (Oh gosh – he really learns all the bad traits from her.) She gets anxious and wants to feel if his fingers are cold. He pulls his hand away from her – hasn’t she said that she should be carefree now? He lies that everywhere is painful.

She exclaims that there is only one way. She brings him to the Chinese physician and his face turns pale upon seeing the needles. When the physician takes out more than one needle, he struggles in fear and closes his eyes. This gives her the chance to drive away, leaving his luggage behind. She weeps as this is not her real intention. He has to work hard. Gong Can is angry that she ditches him. His handphone battery is really flat. When seeing that the cost is high for the cab, he panicks and has to drop off in the middle of the road. (He has never been in such a situation before.)

He has only a few coins left – what should he do? Where is he now? He looks at the directory and has to take a bus. Luckily there are enough coins to get to the tour agency. So not being in charge of the tour group is a lie. He then lodges a complaint to the manager. Yu Ling is happily receiving tourists at the airport when the manager appears with Gong Can – how can she desert a customer?

He tries to get close to her with our tourists but she avoids him. He wants 1000won to buy a drink but she finishes her whole cup and refusing to give him any money. Laugh at how desperate he is to want to drink the remaining drops as he is too thirsty! Zheng Yu comes to the tour agency and rushes to the itinerary area. He goes to get a bouquet of flowers – he is still first before Gong Can. See how he succeeds!

All tourists go for karaoke. She claims that Gong Can is once her brother and he says that she is the younger sister who leaves home. All are alarmed and she is so rebellious to break his heart despite his continuous begging! Doesn’t she know what he expects from her? They suddenly guess that he is a gangster to want to extort money from her and he is a gigolo. She asks why he is affecting her livelihood.

What does she want him to do as she never tells him anything? He can only pester her since she doesn’t allow him to say anything. Han Ya will be arriving late. Mr Xue wishes to see the person who finds Han Ya. He doesn’t want to see the liar Shi Xuan and Cheng Zhi reminds him that he is also a liar to keep from Gong Can. Mr Xue insists that he has a reason and Cheng Zhi says so do the children too.

Gong Can sits far from Yu Ling and the tourists want Yu Ling to sing. She forces Gong Can to sing and he runs away again. But he goes up on stage and chooses a song. The lyrics voice his thoughts. He has something to say and can’t express himself. Please give him a chance to go it – even though it might be only once. Has she ever loved him? if so, please give him time. But she doesn’t even look at him – only staying beside him and makes him tough. He just wants to say he loves her and he can’t give her up.

This time round she is the one who walks out. Gong Can stops her – he will look for her wherever she goes. She has no urge to escape anymore as her love had ended so he should not come for her again. Zheng Yu hears the words when he comes – so he is late again. Gong Can reaches home to find his family having a meal with Han Ya. He is angry that they keep it from her. He tells Mr Xue that he has found Yu Ling and there is no way to let her go this time – just like how Mr Xue has found Han Ya by chance.

Yu Ling wants to throw the star but Gong Can stops her. He wants a biggest and most expensive ring for her. He forces it on her finger. If she dares to remove it or slip away, he will sue her. She tries in vain to tell him that everything has ended but he brings her to the church – so that she can stop lying. He can’t guarantee that things will go easy for her but he has found Han Ya.

His eyes only have her. Can she only look at him, trust him and follow him? Since she doesn’t answer, he takes that she has agreed. If she agrees totally, she can go to Japan with him. Zheng Yu works late to forget his troubles but he weeps – this is the end for him. Gong Can tells his family his decision – it is Mr Xue to force him to desert his family. Mr Xue wants to end their ties and Mdm Pei chides him for being reckless.

The guys play squash and Zheng Yu tells him not to let Yu Ling go. If not, his giving up for them will be in vain. Mr Xue wants Cheng Zhi to find Yu Ling as he doesn’t want Gong Can to leave him. Gong Can calls Yu Ling when she is working – he is now at 63building and she must be here after work. Since he is jobless, she must work hard. She smiles.

The siblings grumble that Yu Ling should still contact them despite from hiding from Gong Can. Mr Zhu brings Yu Ling’s testimonials to Shi Xuan, hoping to look for a better job for her. Shi Xuan then discovers that the imposter granddaughter’s father is the real granddaughter’s benefactor. How can Yu Ling be his daughter? Isn’t this a big joke? But it seems that both do not know what each other is doing.

Yu Ling wants to return the ring to Gong Can but gets Mr Xue’s call. Gong Can doesn’t want her to be late – because he is very tired. Mr Xue wants Yu Ling to leave Gong Can and wants her to tell Gong Can not to wait anymore. Gong Can calls again but she removes the battery. He senses something amiss. Yu Ling meets Shi Xuan. She asks Yu Ling if she is the mastermind as she is facing the blame alone.
Yu Ling gets everyone to meet together. Gong Can is lukewarm when getting Shi Xuan’s call but gets alert when it concerns Yu Ling. He quickly drives to the hotel. He is anxious to ask Shi Xuan what is going on as he walks in with her. Gong Can recognizes Mr Zhu as the man in the photo. Yu Ling wants Mr Zhu to be silent all the time as she decides to lie that she is a money-digger. She lies that she knows the truth only when she lives in with the Xues but keeps it from them to have a good life.

Gong Can is badly shaken and doesn’t believe her. She insists that this is the truth and he sits still on the staircase. Mdm Zhang informs Zheng Yu about it – he also finds this impossible. Shi Xuan suspects that Yu Ling is prepared to get scolded and this isn’t true. Gong Can looks at the ornaments in the shelf and it is still snowing. The siblings worry that Yu Ling can’t take it although Gong Can is able to withstand it.

Gong Can waits outside her home – he will not be bothered even if it is the truth. He will take that he gets deceived again. She gets impatient when he wishes her happy birthday again – how can he believe a liar again? He doesn’t want her to hurt herself. She begs him to let her go. He is hurt and leaves. She is touched to see the ornaments that he brings to her home.

Shi Xuan knows that her love is defeated. Zheng Yu knows that Gong Can should not leave for Japan alone. Since Zheng Yu doesn’t believe, it is the same to Gong Can. The two switch roles to lie now. She lies to protect him while he leaves to prevent her from getting hurt. He is only pretending to believe her.
Shi Xuan has thought to lose to Yu Ling but she loses to love. All see Mr Xue – they are not taken in by Yu Ling’s lies. Yu Ling hugs the star to cry – she hopes that Gong Can will be happy in future.

Gong Can is still determined to leave. Mr Xue asks if he is really hard on him – Gong Can will only return when he can face him. Gong Can really resembles Mr Xue and his aunt. Mr Xue tells Yu Ling about how others feel – he also knows that she is lying so he agrees to let Gong Can be with Yu Ling. He tells her to go after Gong Can. He can’t stop affinity from happening.

Yu Ling recalls that Gong Can has mentioned that they should go high up to escape so she rushes to 63 building. Gong Can sees that 2 children drop a coin and he clenches it in his hand. He then looks into the telescope with the children as this reminds him of the past. They finally see each other to hug in joy. She will stop lying from now on as she loves him. He kisses her in the lift passionately (That is romantic!)

The real granddaughter is Chun Xiang – she comes to visit the family with her attorney husband, Meng Long. The two pick on each other’s fault and all have to stop them. Yu Ling is threatened upon seeing how beautiful Han Ya is. Gong Can assures her she is still the most beautiful to him because she is his woman.

Introduction on characters

1. Xue Gong Can : Lee Dong Wook
He is the only heir of the owner of L’Avenuel Hotel. to be its managing director. He is the prince charming that all adore – rich, brilliant (in managing the business), smart (to come up one lie after another – he must have learned the ropes from Yu Ling), caring (careful he is to prevent Yu Ling from getting hurt) and responsible(after his parents’ death and Mr Xue’s sickness, he shoulders the challenge to work well.)

However his weakness is being too filial and inflexible. He can be very calm in making decisions for the hotel but he follows the rules strictly. However, he transforms completely when it comes to love – to defy Mr Xue’s wishes and to leave the family because of Yu Ling.

This is the second time I see Dong Wook act since ‘Loving You’. He has improved tremendously from being the second fiddle to become the lead here. Dong Wook definitely acts as good as he looks. He displays his charm right from episode 1. Some emotional scenes are too tough for him to handle but at least he tries his best. Dong Wook's Gong Can deteriorates from a straight as an arrow dull workaholic to irresponsible, footloose rogue very convincingly.
2. Zhu Yu Ling : Lee Da Hae
She is a tour guide who knows many languages. But her talent in this area is underused. She is often seen running away from her debtors. What she has made use of is her eloquence in lying. Gong Can has made use of her ‘talent’ to hire her and she certainly needs lots of wits to stay on the job.

This is Da Hae’s third drama that I have watched after ‘Bride at 18’ and ‘Green Rose’. Both dramas made her to be very matured, scheming or sadistic. I do welcome this change in taking up a comic role. This gives a very refreshing feeling as it is a big challenge for her.

Da Hae's tortured liar Yu Ling would be considered the straight character amidst her wacky 'real' family and the wacky character amidst her straight 'bogus' family. It's an odd line to walk, but somehow Da Hae pulls it off without losing the audiences' attention. However, there is a flaw. She ties her hair like Zhen Shu in ‘Bride at 18’ but she ties too hard to act cute. Although she is only 22, she has a very mature face that is less convincing than Na Ra or Eun Hye.

3. Xu Zheng Min : Lee Joon Ki
Zheng Min also comes from a rich family. Getting whatever he wants, he likes to enjoy himself to get indulged in different women. He also changes his philandering ways after knowing Yu Ling. He works hard in the company to take over Gong Can’s work when he is away.

I find Joon Ki not manly looking enough. If not for his deep voice and height, I could have mistaken him as a woman. His crying scenes are splendid. But he is overshadowed by Dong Wook as his role is destined to be a loser right from the start.

4. Jin Shi Xuan : Park Si Yeon
She is a successful tennis player and is very career-minded to leave Gong Can in Korea alone to face his famous crisis to pursue her own dream. Although she tries hard to amend their ties when back, things are no longer the same when he showers his affections on Yu Ling instead. Bitter by failure in career and also love, she seeks to break them up but later discover her mistake to patch things up.

Si Yeon’s acting can be unbearable at moments as she has very limited facial expressions. The way she reads the lines is like memorising from a script. I feel nothing for her role at all. Moreover, there is no chemistry between her and Dong Wook at all as a couple. I am still clueless how she can win the
newcomer award with such less than desired acting.

5.Zhen Kui : Jo Kye Hyung
He is Zhen Xin’s younger brother who initially helps Yu Ling to be a coach driver. In order to become as successful as Yin, he works hard to become a successful model.

6. An Zhen Xin : Hwang Bo Ra
She is Yu Ling’s friend who is a hairdresser and is close to Yu Ling like a sister.

7. Yin Jing Zhen : Lee Eon Jeong
She is Gong Can’s capable assistant. All will get the wrong idea that she is interested in her boss since she is so close to him. She detects how Gong Can develops his love for Yu Ling and tries hard to keep under wraps. Eon Jeong looks cold and plain but she is definitely attractive in my eyes. She portrays her role well as a trusting subordinate – but I don’t understand how she is slower than Jin in getting Han Ya’s details – this certainly doesn’t make sense at all.

8. Chairman Xue : Byun Hee Bong
This old man is very strict with his only grandson but he dotes on his ‘granddaughter’, Yu Ling. After staying with her for some time, he is unwilling to return her to her father. Upon knowing the truth, he can’t face her anymore – especially when knowing that Gong Can is in love with her – he opposes to them together. He hopes to find a better catch for him but he gives in as he has wants to keep him by his side.

It is amusing when he keeps forcing others to agree with him that Yu Ling is pretty. He will never accept no for an answer. This veteran actor is really great in looking stern and also approachable at the same time.

9. Mdm Zhang : Kim Yong Rim
She is Zheng Yu’s mother who pins high hopes on her son. It is understandable that she doesn’t want Gong Can to have full control of the hotel so she creates a director position for Zheng Yu to sustain their family position. But he disgraces her repeatedly to doze off during hotel meetings or disappear from work to romance other women. Feeling that Yu Ling comes from a questionable and low background, she disallows them to date each other. Both often have arguments over this.

10. Mdm Pei: Choi Ran
She is Gong Can’s aunt and I am puzzled why she stays with the Xues all along. Doesn’t she have her own family? She aspires to be an artist and is annoyed whenever Cheng Zhi disturbs her from drawing. Her impression of him changes overnight upon knowing that he is a famous artist and both finally get married.

11. Zhang Cheng Zhi : Ahn Suk Hwan
It seems that he is a servant in the Xue family but he is only staying as he is indebted to Mr Xue. He is firm in his principles and has little money. He initially wants to have his own cottage after marriage but stays on with the Xues later as he knows that Mr Xue is lonely.

12. Zhu Tai Rong
He is Yu Ling’s father who can be irresponsible to make her pay for his gambling debts. But he truly cares for her and wants her to get the best. That is why he tries to turn over a new leaf.

13. Secretary Jin
Although she is Shi Xuan’s manager in name, she is like an elder sister to her to provide her with all the help or support that she needs – be it be public or personal life.

Favourite character
Gong Can, he changes like a chameleon. He is very serious at work when chairing meetings. At home, he becomes an ordinary man who respects the elders. When coming to love, he can joke and also be caring although he doesn’t say much. Many will sure find him irresistible and charming.

Most hated character
Shi Xuan, Gong Can has told her repeatedly to give up on him but she is too stubborn to face this fact. Thanks to her – Gong Can and Yu Ling have to pin each other for 2 years due to her rash act.

The songs are well-written although I do not know who the artistes are. The music is fast paced. However, some are very familiar to ‘Staircase to heaven’ – especially Track 5 which is like a reprise of ‘Eve Maria’. I like the songs ‘alone’ by Lim Jae Wan (which is more touching than the female version) and ‘never say goodbye’. If I remember correctly, the latter was translated in Mandarin for S.H.E. to sing.

‘My girl’ by Park Yong Suk sounds like a nice Hawaiian song. ‘Happy happy’ is completely out because it is too cutie for me. Da Hae’s first try in singing is only passable – so is Dong Wook.

Interesting facts

Although Dong Wook was famous after acting ‘My Girl’, he thought his influence was less than 10%. Dae Hae and Joon Ki were more able to attract the audience than me. (Probably he was just being humble.) Yu Ling loves Gong Can in the drama but Dae Hae preferred Zheng Yu because he is more approachable and humourous. She had more scenes with Dong Wook and he treats her like a younger sister.

Shi Yeon was glad that she took up some China drama assignments before taking up ‘My girl’. This gave her more confidence in acting. (I still think that she has not given in her best in this drama.)

When Joon Ki first started filming this drama, he complained to Dae Hae that he disliked his outlook and did think of going through plastic surgery. Da Hae found him his single eye-lids and sharp chin attractive so she advised him against doing it. A good thing he listened to her words….

How did Joon Ki find Zheng Yu? Zheng Yu is a person who finds life short so he wants to enjoy life. He wants to attempt everything till the end of his life. But after meeting Yu Ling, his mind changes. He welcomes the change to allow him to have multi-facets in his acting. He admits that his views towards life also changes after taking up this role.

He was excited when recalling how Zheng Yu saves Yu Ling at Jiju island. Zheng Yu appears as a hero. He designed the powerful punches that thrilled him. Dae Hae thought his driving skills were more amazing. When he drove the sports car, she felt that the speed was going too fast and they could end up in the sea any minute. Many had thought of him to be girlish due to his looks but he was actually tough in reality.

Dae Hae decided to take up Mandarin classes after her Taiwan visit. Many coaxed her to sing the song in the drama which she did with a dance during the press conference. The part where Yu Ling slipped in the bathroom gave all a deep impression. She only had a towel and a pair of shorts on her. Although she worried, many male counterparts were happy when observing the shoot.

Lee Da Hae was nominated for best actress award and Lee Joon Ki for ‘queen of the tears’ award. (This is dramatic but many do not mind for fun’s sake.) In the end, Lee Da Hae got the top ten star award while Park Shi Yeon won the newcomer award in SBS 2006 television awards. This comes as a surprise to me as I feel the actors deserve recognition for their hard work – why aren’t they even nominated for best actor?!


Cinderella stories will forever remain popular. This drama proves this fact when all gained popularity after it was shown. Who doesn’t like the arrangement of the female lead who is wooed by 2 eligible, considerate and rich bachelors? The only difference is she is not only poor but is also an inborn liar.

Gong Can isn’t bothered by his employee’s qualifications. He provides lodging and also clothes for Yu Ling. He is even willing to give Yu Ling his home Jiju bungalow to her. Later, he is touched by her and protects his love to become her boyfriend. Can you find this kind of employer in reality?

In sometimes ridiculous over the top sequences, My Girl, still manages to not take it overboard keeping its characters grounded in the world they inhabit. The comedy is rather cheesy at times but is still fairly entertaining. Even amidst the comedy, the serious dramatic moments are never a jolt.

At the heart of the series is this notion of lying to ones self in order to survive. For Yu Ling, lying is second nature, something Gong Can has not needed to do because everything was provided for him. Add forbidden emotions to the mix and lying and telling the truth respectively becomes more difficult than they realize. Well, we soon learn that everyone lies in the drama as the plot thickens. Some for other people while some for their own selfish needs.
The difficulty lies in how to make a perfect lie – Yu Ling has to lie repeatedly to cover another one. It soon escalates to a level that she discovers that she can’t handle. Even with Gong Can’s aid to conceal under wraps for a while, the lie is still revealed in the end. Thus, there is no such thing as expert liars.
Dong Wook and Da Hae have done their part well – to bring life to the roles. Do have fun watching them in the comical scenes. They behave like a pair of lovers in the drama indeed. You will enjoy the drama as much as I do if you can ignore the unbelievable parts of the plot.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **** (Scale of 5)

On songs : **** (Scale of 5)

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