My Husband Got a Family

Reviewed by: sukting

September 01, 2013

Rating: three-point-five

Year produced

How long
58 episodes

It centers on a successful TV drama producer named Yun Xi as her husband, Terry, who was put up for international adoption, reunites with his biological parents. She faces the unexpected burden of having to build a relationship with her new-found in-laws.

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Kim Nam-joo as Che Yun Xi
She is a TV drama producer who marries an orphaned doctor. She has the dream that many envy ― accomplished husband minus the in-laws. Yun Xi has been afraid of having in-laws, specifically a mother-in-law. Her father dies when she is young and she supports herself through school.

Because of this, she looks for a guy who isn't closely connected to his family. If she couldn't find such a guy, she will stay single. Finally, she meets Terry. Her marital bliss is shattered when Gui Nan finds his birth parents and they happen to be her next-door neighbours with whom she bickers on a daily basis. She also has not one, but three sisters-in-law.

There is the usual array of aunts and grandmothers-in-law. Yun Xi realizes she has married more than she has bargained for. Once again, the stage is set for a butting of the heads between daughter, sister and mother-in-law. She will not tolerate oever any unfairness. She often voices her views to Qing Ai and that displeases her but she later learns how to treat her well. When any of her in-laws are being treated unfairy, she stands up for them.

She learns of what Yang Shun has done to Gui Nan. She finds it very difficult to forgive her but chooses to keep from the rest. She has felt puzzled over why Yang Shun is nice to her to assist her to get her overseas scholarship but is hostile to her after Gui Nan finds his family. She only learns of the reason then.

She insists of having her own career despite being pregnant. She suffers from a big blow when her pregnancy has to be terminated due to abnormal functioning of her womb. Her in-laws give her emotional support. She decides to adopt Zhi Huan when she visits him at the orphanage and a parent chides him for not smiling as she is taking photos of him with her son to show evidence to his teachers that he is doing volunteering work. She demands the woman to apologise to Zhi Huan.

Yun Xi realizes that she has treated him as her son. Her motherly instinct grows. Although unsure if she can do as well as Gui Nan's adoptive mother, she will try her best. She later becomes pregnant after Zhi Huan stays with her. Nam Joo definitely shines in her role as the romantic wife, caring daughter-in-law but festy sister.

2. Yoo Jun-sang as Terry Jiang / Fang Gui Nan
Terry is a doctor with a sweet personality, but, most importantly, he has adopted parents from America. Terry has no recollections of his real parents and was adopted by the Korean couple in America as a young child. He returns to Korea with her to work as a surgeon. He doesn't know how to sweettalk and his superior is displeased with him for not blending into their culture.

But strange enough, he is very romantic to his wife. Too much that when he holds another wedding for Yun Xi after her miscarriage, he even sings for her. His future brothers-in-law find it too mushy. Bin, a professional singer has to force himself to perform for them. When Mo Shu chides him for not showing concern to his sisters, he feels bad and tries to make amends later.

He is very cheerful and has a positive outlook towards life. His secret hideout at the basement triggers off his memory. He remembers how cold Yang Shi is to him when he drops his toy and falls down but refuses to help him up. Sure enough, he finds the toy that he hides in a hole in the basement.

Gui Nan is stuck between Qing Ai and Yun Xi after reuniting with his family 30 years later. He vaguely remembers how Yang Shi abandons him on the bus. His memory has not failed him as it is indeed the truth but it is not her intention as she suffers from her third miscarriage on the same day. She has forgotten about him when she gets off the bus.

He forgives her but things get out of hand when all the elders learn about it. He has the intention of adopting Zhi Huan all along as he feels for him. When Yun Xi quarrels with Qing Ai, he will side with Qing Ai but also secretly cooperates with Chang Shou to side with Qing Ai so that both women will not feel loss. Father and son will pretend to quarrel but they will talk behind their backs to lament how hard they are to please. His acting in other scenes are good but his smiles can be forced and too cheesy at times.

3. Yoon Yeo-jeong as Yan Qing
Ai Qing Ai has lived with heavy guilt ever since she lost Gui Nan at a traditional market 30 years ago. She gives birth to Ya Shu on the same day. Because of that traumatic incident, Qing Ai has suffered abuse from her mother-in-law, Mo Li. Nevertheless, Qing Ai still hasn't given up hope on finding Gui Nan one day.

Yun Xi gets a phone call from her landlord. Her landlord asks for an additional 100 million won to extend her lease. She goes to her mom's house and asks her mother for the money that she and her husband deposited, but Wan Xi invests all of their money in Shi Zhong's business.

Yun Xi can't extend her lease and must move out. She and Terry look for a new place and they are introduced to a house located on the second floor of a building. The building is owned by Qing Ai and Chang Shou. Yun Xi experiences the biggest crisis in her life to get along with her as she is conservative to not letting Gui Nan sharing housework chores and she comments on her dressing. Both settle plenty of differences before they can get along well. She and Yang Shi are on better terms as she gives a big sum of money for Ya Shu's wedding but she can't forgive her completely.

4. Jang Yong as Fang Chang Shou
Strangely, Yun Xi gets along better with Chang Shou than with Qing Ai although he is her father-in-law. He opens a bakery that sells red bean bread. He is quiet and honest but he doesn't voice his thoughts easily. Like Qing Ai, he has zero instinct too when meeting Terry in the public bath and rejects his kind offer to scrub his back for him. He often recalls what happens between them when they grow a cherry tree together. Gui Nan has liked eating his bread when young so this becomes his speciality.

He is in tears when both father and son finally confirm each other's identity at the orphanage after their DNA test. He blames Qing Ai over the loss of their son in the past and feels remorseful for not treating her well to make up to her later. All will sprawl on the floor when he brings her to a coffee club to drink coffee. He is past caring how others see them although all other customers are youngsters.

Chang Shou adores all his daughters. He will wait for them when they return home late. The whole family has ignored Ya Shu when young so he tries to make up to her after Gui Nan's return. Laugh when he opposes to Zai Yong wooing her to chide him for bullying his daughter and the poor man is so scared of him. He is strictest with Mo Shu as she is very defiant. When she isn't back for the night to be with Shi Guang, he threatens to shave her.

5. Kang Boo-ja as Quan Mo Li
She is Qing Ai's mother in law and takes care of her own health well. She is forthcoming but is understanding when she grows old. Thanks to Yun Xi, she begins to accept new things. She regrets ill-treating Qing Ai in the past and treats her well now.

Knowing that she has caused Ya Shu to be uncertain of herself to live under the displeasure of her family, she also opposes initially to Ya Shu marrying Zai Yong. She doesn't want her to suffer after knowing how Zai Yong's family have treated her. It is a pity that she is unwell to attend Ya Shu's wedding.

5. Yang Hee-kyung as Yan Shun
Ai She is Qing Ai's youngest sister who is pampered by their father. She is plump but alert. She loves to sing but is ashamed of her looks so she doesn't dare to go on television. Mo Shu offers her a slimming package from her beauty clinic but she rejects it as she must support all documents to be open to the public. So she prefers to stay the way she is.

She is jealous of Bao Ai who often gets suitors and quarrels with her to stay with Yun Xi for a while. During her stay, all have thought that she is Mo Li's daughter when they go out together. All need to take some time to coax her to return home. All find her getting too emotional to cry at Ya Shu's wedding.

6. Yoo Ji-in as Yan Bao Ai
She is Qing Ai's younger sister who is working as a boutique assistant. She is divorced and doesn't stay with her children. She stays with Shun Ai and both take care of each other. They join the same singing class to enjoy themselves.

7. Kim Young-ran as Han Wan Xi
She is Yun Xi's mother who has plenty of hatred. She ends her troubled life with her mother-in-law but never ends with her disputes with her daughter-in-law. That is why she locks her out from her facebook as she prefers to keep to herself. She pampers Shi Zhong too much. She always expects Zhi Ying to wait on her after work.She feels guilty over Yun Xi's abortion as she might have given her too much pressure to strive hard on her own during her teen years.

8. Kim Yong-hee as Che Shi Zhong
Being the eldest son, he is very pampered and doesn't have a mind of his own. He often gets cheated when doing business and is very timid. Yun Xi keeps clearing the mess for him. He often dreams of getting rich in a night but Zhi Ying brings him to reality to start their own small eatery to work hard to pay Yun Xi her money back and to support their sons. He and Zheng Pei blame Gui Nan for treating Yun Xi too well as they have to work doubly hard to please their wives.

9. Jin Kyung as Min Zhi Ying
She is Shi Zhong's wife who is very sharp and regrets making the wrong choice of marrying Shi Zhong. She is a strict language teacher so she has the teacher tone to all others. She finds Mo Shu's letter of praise to her unacceptable as she finds many grammar mistakes. She is also Jiang Jun's teacher and hopes that he will do well. She is pleased when he improves tremendously.

Wan Xi is terrified when she knocks into troubled deliquents with Zhi Ying. She hurries to get the cops but Zhi Ying gives them a piece of her mind sternly – what are they going to do in future if this goes on. The guys get so frightened that they perspire and get wobbly when Wan Xi comes with the cops.

In order to help Shi Zhong to gain ownership of the eatery, she writes a book on her story with Wan Xi. It is very well-received and she has enough money to help him. But Shi Guang reads the book too to know about it and she has to treat Mo Shu better to keep the secret. When the publisher requests her to come up with a sequel, she replies that she has nothing to write at the present as she is in better terms with her now.

Yun Xi asks for her advice about parenting and she tells her about the ways she brings up her sons. Yun Xi learns a lot from her on how to manage family and career.

10. Kang Min-hyuk as Che Shi Guang
He is Yun Xi's youngest brother who is intelligent in his studies to get into a good university. The only person he is scared of in life is his elder sister. He is a Casanova but is stingy to let the gals pay for him during dates. He is fuming mad when Mo Shu squeezes his classmate dry. He puts his studies on hold to come to woo her to get back at her. He falls in love with her unexpectedly and they nearly want to elope.

He is Jiang Jun's tutor and takes pains to guide him. He is pleased when he does well. His whole world nearly collapses upon knowing that he is going to get enlisted in the army. He declares to both families that he will never give Mo Shu up and she has to wait for him for 2 years. They attend Mo Shu's wedding together as he dons the military uniform. He gets wary when Zai Yong's friend wants to befriend her.

11. Kim Sang-ho as Fang Zheng Pei
He is Gui Nan's youngest uncle. He is a temporary staff in the estate property company. He keeps bragging and has a strong sense of pride. Although he is looked down by Gao Yu's mother, he isn't deterred to return her money back to her since she refuses to acknowledge Gao Yu. After he loses his job, Chang Shou gets him to work in his bakery. He is fired as he tells clients the shortcomings of the apartments. He is too frank and that is why his boss dislikes him.

12. Na Young-hee as Zhang Yang Shi
She is Zheng Xun's wife and she is a good daughter-in-law to Mo Li. She comes from a rich family being the only child and is well educated. Yet, her life isn't happy as she has a cold husband and she has 3 miscarraiges. She has a dark secret to keep all these years and she is nice to them due to her guilt.

She even wants to send Terry and Yun Xi away back to the US after knowing their identities. Unable to put up with Zheng Xun, she files for divorce and stays alone in the country side. She is relieved when they finally forgive her.

13. Shim Yi-young as Gao Yu
She is Gui Nan's youngest aunt and is a full-time housewife. She has poor judgement and Zheng Pei is older than her by 12 years. She is also pregnant about the same time as Yun Xi and she saves hard for their future. She is abandoned by her mother when she is 19 but Zheng Pei gets her to straighten her hair to meet her the last time before she migrates overseas. She is never resentful and is very forgiving.

She is touched by his gesture. Zheng Pei is disturbed as customers think that she is his elder daughter when she works as cashier at Zheng Pei's bakery after their daughter's birth. He demands her to perm her auntie hairstyle back. How fast time flies – she acts as Ji Sung's elder sister in ‘Save the last dance for me' but now she acts as a mother.

14. Kwak Do-yeon as Fang Chang Jun
He is 15years old and is handsome chap. But he is vey weak in his studies and his parents do not know how to guide him. They get Shi Guang to guide him. He is introduced to act in the tv station by Yun Xi and this helps to supplement their family income as he earns money now. Surprisingly, he remembers the script beter than his books. So Shi Guang uses this to help him.

He becomes so popular that fans mob him at Ya Shu's wedding. Bin has to tell Yi Shu to hide his autographed photos in embarrassment as he has thought that they are there for him. He is willing to work hard to provide abetter life for his younger sister.

15. Yang Jung-ah as Fang Yi Shu
She is Qing Ai's eldest daughter and is a housewife. She is very honest and will not look elsewhere when she gets focused. Her husband can tell her that there is no choice but for him to stray since she can only give him a daughter. She is in Bin's fan club in her younger days and her support has never changed.

Even though he is down and out, she becomes his manager and coaxes him to make a successful comeback after paving the road for him. Although Bin is younger than her by a few months, she still calls him elder brother. She becomes a strong-willed person now after Yun Xi tells her to be thick-skinned. She prefers to be his manager than his girlfriend as she wants to be more focused in her career. Her acting here is definitely so much better than as Luo Wu Lin in ‘Here comes Aljumma'.

16. Jo Yoon-hee as Fang Er Shu
She is Qing Ai's second daughter who works in a furniture shop. She is an expert in designing and is very strong. She does many things that most guys can't do. She has no principles and isn't easy to communicate with. She is a premature baby – her birthday is the same day as Gui Nan goes missing. That is why the elders do not celebrate her birthday with her over the 30 years.

They only hope that her future in-laws will celebrate with her. She is in love with Gui Xian for 10 years but he chooses to marry her friend.

After Er Shu gets fired, Yun Xi is eager to help her to get hitched so she introduces her to Zai Yong. Zai Yong deliberately makes her walk for a long distance, knowing that she is not used to wear high heels. Still, he provides her a job and is impressed when she is so capable.

Er Shu doesn't care about her appearance and dresses like a guy. Although he later returns to woo her again, things are no longer the same. Zai Yong falls for her but she is disturbed by his family wealth and his family's refusal to accept her. It takes her some time before she agrees to marry him. Bin and Jiang Jun sing for her at her wedding. Her acting is quite stiff. She needs lots of improvement.

17. Oh Yeon-seo as Bang Mo Shu
She is Qing Ai's third daughter who works as a salesgirl in a cosmetic surgical hospital. She is like a vixen to squeeze her boyfriends dry by buying things for her. She keeps fawning her beauty to trick them so as to lay her hands on branded things. She finally meets her match, Shi Guang. Both hit off well and their feelings become real. Even though their siblings are married, they are persistentto pursue their goal. Like Yoon-hee, she also needs to be more natural.

18. Lee Hee-joon as Qian Zai Yong
Yun Xi gives him tuition when he is younger. His father owns a chain of restaurants and is the chairman of the middle-sized companies organization. Gui Nan is jealous of him as he has once wanted to joke to marry her during his high school days. It offends him more when he wants to woo his younger sister. He sponsors Yun Xi's tv dramas to keep her popularity going. He moves out of home as he quarrels with his parents.

He has three elder sisters but isn't deterred by them. He has once run away from home and thus uses this to threaten them if they do not allow him to be with Ya Shu. He gets jealous when Gui Xian always comes to the restaurant to look for Ya Shu. He finds chances to ruin their dates. When he is abducted by his father's men as he refuses to return home, Ys Shu thinks that he is being kidnapped as he owes loansharks money.

He is amused when she tells him not to rent an expensive apartment and should save more. He pretends to be ill to get her attention. He is quite an MCP but later mellows down when he discovers that he has to bridge their gap before he can win her over. His father is initially adamant not to accept Ya Shu as Zai Yong's wife but is pleased when she is willing to bear 5 children.

19. Kim Won-joon as Yin Bin
He is once a popular singer who is vey arrogant. He loses his popularity and gets so poor that he has to rent an apartment at Qing Ai's rooftop for survival. He lowers his dignity to be present at lowly programmes to start from scratch. His first kiss is stolen by the young careless Yi Shu when she accidentally falls on him.

Thanks to her help, he becomes famous again and he declares his love in front of his other fans during a performance. He gets very reluctant to move out but has no choice since his new recording company provides him a house. Although she doesn't agree to marry him, both start dating and he starts visiting her family formally.

20. Kim Hyung-bum as Nan Nan Jiu
He is Yi Shu's ex-husband who is in charge of a pork rip soup shop. He wants to shoot his own movie to work there to save up money. Yet, he starts to have affairs with the shop's boss and wants to divorce Yi Shu. Yi Shu begs him to keep from her family for a year but her two aunts discover how unfaithful Nan Jiu is to beat him up and the truth is uncovered. Her family doesn't blame her but gives her support.

When knowing that Yi Shu now earns more money than him, he gets jealous and threatens to damage Bin's reputation. He still wants the best of both worlds of having two women. But it is Yi Shu who calls the shots now. She can never give in to him anymore.

21. Kim Hyung-jin as Lin Tai Feng
He is a worker cum close friend in Zai Yong's restaurant. He marvels at Ya Shu's ability to work better than a man. Seeing a love-lorn Zai Yong at work makes him unbearable and urges him to fight for his chances. He even gives him tips to help him to woo her.

22. Choi Yoon-so as Fang Zheng Xun
He is Mo Li's second son who is a successful businessman. That is why he looks down on his brothers, especially Zheng Pei. He stays in a big house and is often away for business, leaving Yang Shi lonely at home although he enagges a chauffeur. Even though he learns of Yang Shi's mistake, he still covers it upfor her to claim that Gui Nan makes a mistake.

He can still argue that it is better for Gui Nan not to grow up with Chang Shou as he can't provide well for him. Chang Shou nearly breaks ties with his over this. His business fails and he dumps his wife to escape. Yang Shi to face all the consequences after their house is taken by the bank. When knowing that Yang Shi attempts to give the only piece of land that she owns to Qing Ai to redeem herself, he blurts the truth as he is furious that she doesn't help him to pay off his debts. Both get a divorce in the end.

23. Kang Dong-ho as Han Gui Xian He is Ya Shu's first love. They love each other in secret and never confide to each other. Upon knowing that she loves him, he breaks off his engagement as he is also displeased with his fiancée that she chooses Ya Shu as the bridesmaid as she is plain looking so she can never outshine her. Ya Shi also rejects due to the same reason. He wants to start anew with Ya Shu to become Zai Yong's love rival. Both start to act childish to try to win her over with all their might.

24. Lee Jae-yong as Zai Yong's father and Jo Ha Rang as his second sister
He becomes rich overnight and has a head for business. Although he doesn't look down on Ya Shu, he prefers Zai Yong to find someone who can assist in his career. But he gives in to them after knowing her better. He is startled to know that Ya Shu's family also oppose as they also dislike family class gaps.

His second sister is a powerful woman. Zai Yong is very intimidated by her presence when she always comes to him in a loud entrance. That gives Ya Shu the wrong impression that she is a loanshark as her bodyguards are also intimidating.

25. Gil Yong-woo as Gwi-nam's adoptive father
Chang Shou gets along well with him right away to go drinking together. He actually envies Chang Shou for being able to protect his family. He is a businessman who is very cold in his younger days. Although he becomes rich, his only son dies in a car accident and this changes his outlook towards life. They move to the US and adopt children from different countries. In order to cheer up his adopted children who are abandoned, he becomes jovial.

26. Kim Chang-sook as Gwi-nam's adoptive mother
She is very modern and even buys revealing clothes for Yun Xi, much to Qing Ai's disapproval. Gui Nan's adopted paernts stay with Gui Nan when they come to visit him in Korea. Qing Ai is jealous when seeing them so closely knitted. Soon, the two women hit off well as she provides videos showing Gui Nan when young to Qing Ai.

27. Kwak Min-suk as PD Ji
She is Yun Xi's friend and colleague at work. After knowing that she needs to consolidate her position, she keeps her pregnancy from the others. She is pleased when Yun Xi decides to slow down in her career to focus on Zhi Huan. She also gets pregnant and will do the same too.

28. Lee Do-hyun as Zhi Huan
Gui Nan takes a liking towards him immediately when Xiu Zhi cares for him at the hospital. He can't speak due to being abandoned. Even his family finds that his looks resembles Gui Nan. He wants to adopt him as his son. He opens up when getting attached to Yun Xi. After successfully bringing him into the family, he dotes on him and secretly buys him toys when Yun Xi objects to it. He even brings him to his secret hideout to play with him.

29. Hwang Dong-joo as Fake Gui Nan
He pretends to be Gui Nan to deceive the elders. Qing Ai even reprimands Gui Nan when he notices that this man pretends to injure his leg to get attention from her. Mo Li is even cheated of her money but luckily Yun Xi gets it back for her. He can see that Yang Shi is responsible for Gui Nan's disappearance when he doesn't stop Mo Li from giving money to him. Thus, he keeps extorting her from then on. He even digs out of her past of having a miscarriage on the same day from her hospital.

30. Park Soo Jin as Song Xiu Zhi
She is Gui Nan's neighour who is also adopted. She is pretty, sexy and also smart. She has declared her affections for Gui Nan when she is 13 but gets rejected. Thus, she works hard to be a doctor like him. She is a child psychologist.

She is disappointed to know that he is now married when Yun Xi tags along to meet her. Yun Xi feels threatened by her presence so she doesn't like them to go drinking without her. Gui Nan informs Xiu Zhi about his doubt towards Yang Shi so as not to worry Yun Xi. Yun Xi feels jealous and even more when she keeps entrusting him to take care of Zhi Huan. But thanks to her, they become Zhi Huan's parents.

Interesting facts
Do have a good laugh to see Kim Seung Woo acting as the fussy first tenant to rent the rooftop house. He refuses to stay on and Qi Ai has to rent it to Bin. After Bin's success, the man moves back, much to Yun Xi's annoyance. We know that both artistes are married in real life.

It topped the weekly ratings chart for 25 consecutive weeks and reached a ratings peak of 46 percent. The series ranked number one overall on the 2012 yearly TV ratings chart.

Below are the awards that they won from wikipedia :

2012 KBS Drama Awards :
Grand Prize ("Daesang") - Kim Nam-joo
Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama - Yoon Yeo-jeong
Excellence Award, Supporting Actor - Kim Sang-ho
Supporting Actress - Jo Yoon-hee
Best New Actor - Lee Hee-joon
Best New Actress - Oh Yeon-seo
Top Excellence Award, Actor - Yoo Jun-sang
Best Writer - Park Ji-eun
Best Couple Award - Lee Hee-joon and Jo Yoon-hee
Best Couple Award - Yoo Jun-sang and Kim Nam-joo

2012 K-Drama Star Awards
Top Excellence Award, Actress - Kim Nam-joo
Excellence Award, Actor - Yoo Jun-sang
Rising Star Award - Oh Yeon-seo
Rising Star Award - Kang Min-hyuk
Best Writer - Park Ji-eun
Popularity Award - Yoo Jun-sang

2012 Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards
Grand Prize ("Daesang") - Kim Nam-joo
Best Drama PD - Kim Hyung-suk
Best Drama 2012 Korea Drama Awards Grand Prize ("Daesang") - Kim Nam-joo,
Excellence Award, Actor - Lee Hee-joon
Best Young Actor - Kwak Dong-yeon,
Special Jury Prize for Acting - Lee Hee-joon
Best Writer - Park Ji-eun, Best Drama ("Work of Art Award")

Most favourite character
Gui Nan, he is a real romantic and cares for Yun Xi. It is fun for them to address each other as ‘my dear' and he is close to his family too. Laugh when he becomes childish to face Zai Yong every time.

Most hated character
Zheng Xun, he simply doesn't care for his family. Money matters most to him. Serves him right when he faces jail term for cheating others. Another person is Yang Jiu as he is a man with no backbone.

When you watch this drama, you will know why it is so well-received. It is not only about the love complicated love links but also family links. It will not leave any minute of boredom as you will be curious to know what happens to everyone in the drama. The plot has many twists and turns. No one will expect Yang Shi to be responsible for the agony caused. And when we think that all will oppose to Shi Guang and Mo Shu together, both families give their approval. How unexpected!

Even though the content is heavy, it is mixed with in light-hearted way. You will feel that all belong to two families as they show concern to each other. The cast have done a marvelous job. Credit must be given to Nam Joo for giving an excellent portrayal. She really holds the drama from the beginning to the end. Even though there are many people in this serial and some only appear as guest stars, they leave a deep impression. This is indeed the best drama for the year 2012.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)
On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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