My Love Patzzi

Reviewed by: sukting

February 10, 2004

Rating: four

How long
13 episodes or 10 vcds

It is Jang Na Ra’s hit serial besides ‘A Bright Girl’s Success’ but this time, she pairs up with Kim Jae Won and Kim Rae Won. The chemistry between them doesn’t lose out to her combination with Jang Hak. Don’t miss this serial too as we see a different person here – Song Er is really a spitfire! This is another serial that makes me laugh non-stop since’ A Bright Girl’s Success’ and ‘Sunflower’.


Song Er loses her kindergarten teacher job when she changes the ‘red bean girl’ lines. The audience watches the play in dismay and astonishment. How can the nasty character turn to a sweet person to marry the prince in the end? Cheng Jun is there to watch his nephew’s act. He smiles in amusement.

Song Er’s ex-classmate, Xi Yuan introduces her to work in the amusement park, saying that she can meet handsome guys there. (She is not wrong as Xian Cheng and Cheng Jun are indeed good looking.) Song Er dislikes her as a hypocrite. Since young, Xi Yuan has always gotten the man she likes at the expense of Song Er. Each time, Song Er will vent her anger while Xi Yuan will pretend to be the weak party to win sympathy votes.

Song Er is furious when she is tricked to be an animated character to wear heavy costumes in the hot weather. Two guys from the sea lion performing unit, Xian Cheng and San Lie try to guess if ‘she ‘is a female or male. San Lie is despicable – he tells two boys to punch her in the chest! He deduces that she is a ‘male’. Annoyed that she is being molested, she runs after the culprits to give them a thrashing.

San Lie demands that she apologise to customers but feels bad after knowing that she is a girl. Xi Yuan apologises for her in a sweet voice. Xian Cheng recognizes her as his ex-classmate and confesses that he was her secret admirer. Xi Yuan looks interested but she looks down on him for being poor.

Song Er also recognizes Xian Cheng as the classmate who had poor taste to like Xi Yuan instead of her. She was his secret admirer. She vents her anger, tripping him in the canteen, causing him to drop his food. He gets very annoyed, saying that she is uncivilized. Na Ra is so good in portraying her nasty side. San Lie bets with Xian Cheng to change her. When he lies that he likes her, Song Er becomes soft and Xian Cheng gets attracted.

Xian Cheng lies that that his medicine are expensive vitamin pills when San Lie wants to eat them. He is furious that San Lie is making use of Song Er to get close to Xi Yuan. Later, Song Er hits Xian Cheng hard on the chest after work. He feels so painful that he collapses to the ground. She sends him to hospital. The doctor warns that he needs an operation soon. Xian Cheng doesn’t have enough money and leaves.

Song Er is relieved that he is alright. She returns to Xi Yuan happily to boast that she has a secret admirer now. Although Xi Yuan says nothing, she is very jealous. She can’t believe that she can lose to her. The four have a meal. When San Lie overturns a drink, Xi Yuan dries the stain for him. Song Er is so put off by her attitude as she is desperate for attention! The two guys quarrel in the toilet and Xi Yuan knows the truth.

Xian Cheng wants to tell Song Er San Lie’s real intentions but stops upon seeing her so happy. San Lie is the first person who likes her and not Xi Yuan. She admits she wishes to try out her first kiss. Xian Cheng is baffled that she can tell him so frankly – maybe because they are ex-classmates. She jokes that Xian Cheng must be sore that she doesn’t choose him although he is more handsome than San Lie.

Xi Yuan tells Song Er to bite a rose in her mouth and declare her love for San Lie like a sea lion. However, Song Er gets to know the harsh truth and leaves in tears. Xian Cheng gets mad and hits San Lie. San Lie rebukes that if Xian Cheng pities her, he can do it! Xian Cheng is silent.

The next day, Song Er throws baseballs at San Lie’s head to have her revenge. But she will not let Xi Yuan off lightly so she decides to wreck the electrical float to ruin her reputation. Cheng Jun visits Technician Zhang and has wished to work in here instead of Projects. The old man warns him not to get too close to him but that doesn’t bother Cheng Jun.

Zhang wonders why Cheng Jun is so fair even after his national service. He has just completed it 2 weeks ago. Cheng Jun jokes that it must be due to his natural looks! Both drink and Song Er is in the electrical train trying to remove the wires. Cheng Jun hears the commotion and comes to check. In her haste, she leaves a torch and trips over some wires, dismantling them automatically.

Zhang suggests Cheng Jun to test drive before it can be used the next day. Cheng Jun drives it on the road and sees Song Er on the way. He finds her familiar looking but he doesn’t stop. Suddenly, there is a short circuit and a fire starts spreading. Cheng Jun is trapped in it. He fails to open the door so he shouts for help. Smoke comes out from the train and he faints.

Song Er is stunned and she tries to get him out. She wraps her hands using her shirt to open the door. I really laugh when she is so glad that she is still alive to get married! She hesitates to give him the kiss of life. But seeing that he is quite nice-looking, she decides to make the sacrifice. Seeing him moving, she stops in relief, saying that she is not trying to take advantage of him.

However, she is guilty over her act. Cheng Jun is half-conscious and remembers her face vaguely when she saves him. But Song Er runs away quickly after leaving her shirt behind before the ambulance arrives. The next day, Xian Cheng goes jogging and sees Song Er in the park. She is locked out of the hostel as she returned too late.

Cheng Jun recalls how Song Er saves him in his dream and wakes up. Cheng Yan visits him with her son, En Xi. Cheng Jun decides to seek out his saviour. (This part reminds me of how Duo Li saved Li He from the sea too in ‘Loving You’ or Han Ni trying to save Sheng Jun in ‘Tomato’. Sigh – can’t Korean script writers think of more original plots???)

The Projects department head, Che is enraged that such a thing happened and scolds all – except Xi Yuan. She pretends to look sorrowful, saying that she is willing to bear the responsibility since she is in charge. Che then asks who is the worker involved in the accident. Zhou replies that it is S.J. Xi Yuan is taken aback upon seeing Che so stunned and finds out that S.J. is the boss’s son!

This scene is sure hilarious – pictures of the shirt are taken. Mr Che throws the photographs at their faces – telling them to search for the saviour. (This reminds me on how the prince finds his Cinderella by using the glass slipper in the fairy tale.) Notices are put up everywhere in the amusement park.

San Lie apologies to Song Er for making use of her and tries in vain to ask Xi Yuan along on a date. She rejects and sneers in secret, saying that giving sympathy to Song Er isn’t required. She is on the way to visit Cheng Jun. Song Er forgives San Lie and gets drunk.

Cheng Jun stands near the window, recalling the incident and finding Song Er familiar looking. Can she be someone he knows? But if she knows him, why will she run away after saving him? Cheng Yan wants him to rest but he refuses. He is alright and wants to be discharged the next day. Xi Yuan comes to throw her charms again – apologizing for the mishap. She talks softly and sweetly in such a deliberate manner that I get the creeps. Cheng Jun assures her that it is a technical fault and has nothing to do with her.

She makes me sick - she says that she is here to apologise and yet Cheng Jun needs to console her to make her feel better instead! Cheng Jun must give her a chance to repay him. He replies that she should thank his saviour instead. He can’t open the train door at that time because the door is too hot. If not for Song Er, his life will be in danger and he is very grateful to her.

Seeing Cheng Jun so anxious to know who she is, Cheng Yan jokes she is more than being his saviour. Is she a pretty angel? Cheng Jun smiles warmly and says that she is indeed beautiful to him. All should not miss Xi Yuan’s jealous look here upon knowing that someone is better than her! Cheng Jun agrees as at that moment when she breaks the glass to risk her own life, he feels close to her and she is indeed his angel.

He requests Cheng Yan to show Xi Yuan the shirt to see if it belongs to an employee. It will touch you to see how carefully he keeps it in the closet although it is dirtied. Xi Yuan knows immediately that it belongs to Song Er and is shocked! But she pretends not to know it and Cheng Jun is disappointed. She is jealous upon seeing how gentle Cheng Jun becomes when looking at the shirt fondly. Jae Won’s fans should not miss this scene and be won over by his gentle expression!

Song Er happens to see the shirt photograph at the lift area and tells the two guys about the incident. Both dismiss it as a joke. Both can’t believe that she can be kind. When knowing that the victim is the boss’s son, she suddenly turns wide awake! No one believes her but Xian Cheng trusts her upon seeing her so angry.

Xi Yuan wants to prevent Song Er from meeting Cheng Jun. So she tells Song Er to work in the kindergarten again. At first she refuses but gives in when her colleagues treat her badly. Cheng Jun comes to work. He wants to look for his saviour in secret but never expects the matter to blow up. He apologises for the inconvenience and requests Che to treat him like the rest because he is his subordinate now. He then requests to look at all the female employees’ photographs after work.

Cheng Jun looks for Song Er’s photograph in vain and sitting in front of the computer for too long strains his eyes. He takes off his spectacles to take a break. Xi Yuan gets him coffee and suggests that his saviour might be a temporary staff. If that is the case, they don’t have any information on her. Cheng Jun is disappointed but still wishes to continue looking through the list – how persistent he is!

After work, Cheng Jun still thinks of her and gets to see her leaving with her suitcase from far. However, he has no idea who she is. The next day, Xian Cheng wishes to bring Song Er out on his off day to cheer her up. He is shocked to know that she has resigned without telling him. She must be very upset over it. Xi Yuan is angry that he shows Song Er concern. He walks to the performance stand – just in time to see the replacement in the animated costume. He misses Song Er so he goes to meet her.

Many fans will tear their hair upon knowing that Cheng Jun is arranged to sit right beside Xi Yuan in the workplace and she can’t take her eyes off him! She informs him that En Xi is coming to the amusement park. En Xi is in kindergarten. Although Cheng Jun has never thought of marriage, he feels like having a son when looking at him. Xi Yuan replies that she likes children and wants to treat both to dinner to repay him. Cheng Jun agrees but he looks so uncomfortable.

Xian Cheng shakes his head at how Song Er wrings the clothes dry and helps her. Cheng Jun sees En Xi with the kindergarten teacher and recalls seeing Song Er at the play. He is so delighted that he drives quickly to the kindergarten. Song Er confesses to Xian Cheng that she doesn’t understand why she likes being ill-tempered. He places his hand on her shoulder and quickly retracts it. He jokes that he wants to send her to the door – isn’t this her first time for a guy to do that to her?

Cheng Jun is waiting for her there and approaches her. Xian Cheng stops and walks away. Instead of being happy, Song Er flies into a temper. Does he know that putting up the posters makes her idiotic? Why are others treating her like a fraud? You will never guess where they sit – out of so many places, they sit on the staircase! Cheng Jun says he will deal with them. He will make sure that no one looks down on her. If there is anyone else doing that, she can let him know. Song Er suddenly turns quiet. How sweet he is!

Cheng Jun is so engrossed with Song Er that he switches off his handphone. Xi Yuan is angry for not getting him. She still feigns in a sweet voice to say that it is okay as she has only waited for a while. Cheng Jun clears the air with Che and smiles upon knowing that Song Er’s nickname is hongdou. He finds her bad-tempered nature very true but requests for an inappropriate HR issue. He will use his boss’s son status only this once. Jae Won is terrific here as his tone suddenly turns stern and authoritative.

All are shocked to see Song Er back. She gloats over her good fortune. The next is one of my favourite scenes. Cheng Jun apologises to Xi Yuan for forgetting their appointment after finding Song Er. He knows that both women are close since grade school. She apologises for not believing Song Er like the rest. She tells him that Song Er never helps anyone unless it benefits her. Cheng Jun frowns and asks her what she means. She says that Song Er seems innocent but others don’t think so. She might make things difficult for him and is gloating now. Cheng Jun thanks her for her advice but finds it odd.

As her friend, she should be concerned about Song Er and not him as they are not that close! He thinks the same way as her – Song Er is innocent and unpretentious. He believes she has a good heart. That is why she saved him. Both of them have to buy her dinner some day to repay his benefactor. I really laugh when Xi Yuan’s face turns stiff and uneasy when hearing it!

Xian Cheng is overjoyed that Song Er is back and rushes to meet her. The head trainer, Lan wishes to name their new sea lion, Song Er. San Lie protests saying that Song Er is brainless, ugly and hot-tempered. Lan is angry because Song Er is his daughter’s name and orders San Lie to jump into the pit as punishment!

Xian Cheng is about to approach Song Er when Cheng Jun approaches her first. He is passing by and looks for her on the way. Seeing that the weather is hot, he tells her to remove the animated cover but she refuses. This is an amusing scene. Xian Cheng waits and is jealous that Cheng Jun is making eyes at her. He gets angrier when she says that Cheng Jun looks better and he is going to give her a treat. He retorts saying that Cheng Jun is plain looking. He nearly explodes when she gloats that he must treat her well as offending her is the same as offending the boss’s son!

Cheng Jun waits for Song Er and even helps her to open the car door. Xi Yuan and the others can’t believe their eyes! He claims to bring her to a wonderful place but brings her to a small eatery. She is angry that he is so stingy! She hints to him that she will not stop others from showing her gratitude. Cheng Jun replies that only his father is rich. So he normally has a simple meal to save money. Gratitude should not be measured in monetary terms. Song Er is desperate that things don't turn out the way she wants!

She is furious now and says frankly that she wants somewhere better. At least the meal should be at a Western restaurant. Cheng Jun says in a soft tone that they will go next time. She is speechless. He helps her to mix the sauce with the vegetables. She watches him in disbelief but later enjoys the meal.

He tells her that he is going to stay in the hostel. I really adore the way Na Ra tries to control herself from roaring into laughter. How can the boss stay with the workers? Many will say that he is a hypocrite and will feel uneasy on why he gives up staying in his comfortable home. Cheng Jun replies that she has a point but he wants to stay in the same space with her. He will not give up easily – I am touched upon hearing the words. She is taken aback and wonders if he is so weird to love her. Upon seeing her surprised when he leaves, Xian Cheng tells her to close her mouth as she is drooling.

Xi Yuan deliberately arranges Song Er to be the emcee of an important event to frame her. She claims to others that Song Er wants the job and is proud to have Cheng Jun as the backup. Cheng Jun is stunned upon knowing it. Don’t they have to go through a selection to choose an emcee? The rest tell him that the audition is cancelled. He becomes doubtful of Song Er’s abilities.

Xian Cheng and San Lie appear to give Song Er support. Song Er smiles to Cheng Jun during the rehearsal but he ignores her to walk away expressionless! Xi Yuan gives Song Er the wrong script to make her a fool. Xian Cheng nearly jumps on stage to bring her down but is held back by San Lie. Xi Yuan sneers at Song Er, saying that if she offends Cheng Jun, that’s the end! Song Er drags her backstage and threatens to harm her. The audience hears them when Xi Yuan deliberately turns on the microphone.

Song Er tries to run away from the stage when she knows the blunder. Cheng Jun pulls her back on stage. She can’t escape like a fool. If she does, she has to bear all the responsibility. He will help her to conclude the event. He holds her hand and apologises on her behalf to all as she is too nervous on her debut. Song Er regains her composure and both smile at each other. Xian Cheng and Xi Yuan are unhappy over it.

Song Er apologises for being cocky. He must have taken the blame for her. Cheng Jun must be angry with her and he will not believe that she asks for the job anyway. From now, she will pretend not to know him otherwise people will look at him strangely or scold him. Nothing good comes out for knowing her. He asks if they develop into a special relationship, will she gloat again?

She is caught unprepared. Cheng Jun deliberately ignores her in the day. He has wanted to greet her but tries hard to stop himself otherwise people will give her a weird look. Knowing him has no benefits. All will be rejected by the masses or be framed. He smiles bitterly. But if she doesn’t mind the harsh treatment from others, he wants to do it happily and openly.

Xi Yuan's colleagues lament that Cheng Jun is handsome so whatever he does is so cool. If not for him, the ending can be drastic. Xi Yuan is jealous and snaps that he is stupid to do such a thing. You Li starts to think that Xi Yuan has changed and publicizing the conversation isn't part of their plot.

Xian Cheng quarrels with Song Er upon knowing she wants to be demure to suit Cheng Jun. How can she fall in love so easily? He later feels bad and talks to the sea lion, Song Er for forgiveness. Song Er overhears it and both make up. Both go to the wishing pond. Xian Cheng laughs at her ignorance for not knowing the Trevi fountain in Rome. He worries on how Cheng Jun will react upon seeing her so stupid! She throws a coin, wishing to meet her love soon.

Cheng Jun sees Song Er with Xian Cheng at the wishing pool playing with each other. Xi Yuan can see that he is affected but still wants a lift from him. She tells him that both are primary school classmates and Xian Cheng is her first love. Both only meet up recently but are so close. It looks like she is still interested in him. Cheng Jun comments that if he is close to Song Er, he must also be close to Xi Yuan too.

She lies that she doesn’t dare because she is afraid of Song Er. She hopes that they will have a happy ending. Cheng Jun is silent for a while – you will never believe this – he thanked her for giving him his opponent’s information! Now he feels pressurized that he has to go all out to woo her. Xi Yuan is taken aback and furious. She asks him why he is so concerned over Song Er – too much after knowing that she saves him. Song Er will get hurt as she has a fragile heart.

Cheng Jun admits to being an over suspicious person. He has always doubted Xi Yuan’s words and actions so he questions her motives. Maybe he likes Song Er the way Xi Yuan is wary of her. She is unlike both of them to hide their feelings. Cheers for this man who knows her so well! Song Er happens to see Cheng Jun driving away with Xi Yuan and is angered that she has done it again. The following is a classic line - Xian Cheng jokes that the wishing god has given her a slap instead of a blessing! But Xian Cheng asks her to trust him as they are only colleagues.

Cheng Jun makes a formal self introduction to Xian Cheng. Xian Cheng is angry with him and San Lie senses that he is jealous because of Song Er. You can’t believe how pretentious Song Er decides to become – she pretends to like Xi Yuan but gets angry with herself instead. She now understands it must be hard for Xi Yuan to put on a fake expression all the time.

The next day, Xi Yuan’s blood boils upon seeing Song Er walking with Cheng Jun. Other female colleagues lament how handsome Cheng Jun is but Song Er is a total mismatch to be with him. Indeed, she sits uncomfortably beside him on a bench. Na Ra is remarkable in the following scene to look so awkward and hiding her real nature, creating lots of humour.

Cheng Jun asks if she is unwell but she denies so he is relieved. She dislikes children and yet lies that she wants to have 5 children! Cheng Jie is shocked by the number. I really laugh when she is hoping that the girl that Cheng Jun waves to talk to doesn’t come but yet she arrives! To her, any child is a pooing machine!

Later, both have lunch together. Cheng Jun is concerned upon seeing her eating very little. She lies that she is too hungry on their other date. Later, she has problems using the knife and fork so she uses her hand to pick up the fries. She is so embarrassed and says that she likes to feel that it is hot! Cheng Jie smiles and follows suit to make her feel at ease.

She also tries to overcome her fear of small animals to please him. Xian Cheng shakes his head upon seeing how hard she tries. She is still insistent to put on a demure image as she is afraid to lose out to Xi Yuan. Xian Cheng says that Cheng Jun must have liked her the way she is but she is hesitant.

Cheng Jun and the others discover that the fire is caused by the snapping wires in the train. Cheng Jun trusts Zhang’s skills and wonders what has gone wrong. Xi Yuan finds out his friendship with Zhang and agrees to keep it a secret. She sends him back to the hostel and tells him about Song Er’s birthday so as to help change his impression of her. Cheng Jun is surprised to see Xian Cheng waiting for him. Xian Cheng asks him whether he likes Song Er just because she saved him.

Cheng Jun is amused by his attitude and asks he is asking him on what grounds – is it only from a friend’s position? He wants to treat him like his friend too and he tells him to change his attitude! He will not lose to him if he wants to be his rival. Be prepared to be amused by this part, he even says that since both of them are classmates, that implies that he is 2 years younger than him. Xian Cheng must call him ‘elder brother’ then! I really laugh at how annoyed Xian Cheng is but both guys still sit for a drink.

Xian Cheng tells him how Song Er tries to change. Cheng Jun replies that she needs not do anything – what he likes is her present self. Xi Yuan gives Song Er a bottle of skin lotion as a birthday present. She tells Xian Cheng about it. Xian Cheng is about to celebrate for her and is furious when she decides to skip a class just to get ready for the date that Cheng Jun might plan for her.

The Projects unit decides to bring Song Er for questioning. Many are doubtful on why she appeard there at 1 am? They even think that she knows Cheng Jun’s identity and thus creates the disaster to make him grateful to her. Song Er denies it and storms away. However, she does recall later that the short circuit in the train is truly her fault!

She confides in Xian Cheng and cries. Xian Cheng tells her to keep it from Cheng Jun. Seeing her upset, he buys a rose and a cake. He trains the sea lion ‘Song Er’ to hold the rose in its mouth. Cheng Jun is worried when he can't reach Song Er from his handphone. He searches for her and finally comes to the training unit. Cheng Jun wishes her happy birthday and drags her out. Xian Cheng is distressed and wishes her well since he might not live long and is not suitable for romance.

Xi Yuan still suspects Song Er’s doing and goes to the security section to look for the tape that records the incident. She steals it. Cheng Jun brings her to the car display section in the park. She looks at all cars with admiring eyes. She later sits on an old Mercedes. Cheng Jun sits beside her and suddenly drives it away! She is shocked that he has the keys. He has only borrowed the keys for this car but wonders what he can do if she chooses other cars instead! Cheng Jun is delighted that both of them have similar taste.

He brings her to the amusement park to cheer her up. He places his hand on her shoulder but she hesitates. Later, they walk near the wishing pool. Cheng Jun apologises for doubting her like the rest. She is about to tell the truth when Cheng Jun says that Xian Cheng has told him that she was helping the training unit at that time. Why didn’t she tell him? Song Er feels so remorseful that she doesn’t see where she is walking.

She ends up slipping into the water! Cheng Jun is concerned whether she is hurt. She shakes her head and says that her reputation is so bad that no one wants to throw her into the pool to celebrate her birthday. She will have to wait till next year for all to accept her as she tries to be a better person.

Cheng Jun suddenly jumps into the water with her. He carries her and throws her into the water! Both play with each other in the water and Xian Cheng walks away in silence. Cheng Jun then gives her a kiss. This is a very romantic scene. Xian Cheng sees it and leaves unhappily.

All colleagues are green-eyed when they know that Cheng Jun brings Song Er out in the antique car. He is usually humble so Song Er must have cast a bad influence on them. Song Er decides to turn over a new leaf. All don’t accept her except You Li. Song Er tries to run away from Cheng Jun shyly in vain the next day. This scene is so hilarious when the animated costume shows how shy she is!

Cheng Jun intends to bring her to her favourite Western restaurant. He is willing to spend more money on her although he doesn’t like to waste money. He is willing to accommodate her since she likes it. (It is a very touching scene). He is unprepared when she declines and they can go back to the old shop.

She finds him weird for liking her despite her terrible reputation. He confesses that he is not much better than her. He sometimes acts humble and thus feels lost. He is in a dilemma as he likes and also hates his status at times. He despises those who suck up to him. However, Song Er is frank and can sneer at him for his mistakes. That is why he likes her.

She then mentions about the fire incident. He interrupts her, saying that he only trusts her words. Since she says no, that is no. He doesn’t need to pretend to be another person and feels at ease with her. Xi Yuan sees what has happened on tape and vows to seek revenge to ruin her.

Xian Cheng knows his illness and ignores Song Er. Song Er secretly makes another wish in the wishing pool that she will be forgiven for her crime. Zhang resigns and Song Er feels guilty. Cheng Jun tell her the news and his feelings. He never feels bad for being rich. Zhang once looked down on him and Cheng Jun works hard to prove himself. He blames himself for the fire – it might not have happened if he had not looked for him. Xi Yuan places the tape inside the locker and frames Song Er, accusing her of hiding the evidence.

Cheng Jun watches the tape and is dumbstuck. He closes his eyes in despair and puts his spectacles aside. Song Er is about to tell him the act is unintentional. Upon seeing the scene on pause mode on screen, she changes her mind and runs away. Xian Cheng confesses to San Lie that he is suffering from heart disease and may die anytime. San Lie doesn’t believe him. Xian Cheng is anxious upon knowing that Song Er is in trouble and looks for her everywhere.

Cheng Jun returns to office and is at a loss on how to handle the case. Che suggest calling the police. Xian Cheng finally finds Song Er and wants her to confess to Cheng Jun. But he is cold and not in the mood to listen to her. Song Er breaks into tears. She has hoped not to leave him a bad memory even before she is fired. She tells Xi Yuan that she will stay on the job.

Xian Cheng reprimands Cheng Jun for not forgiving Song Er since he is serious about her. He even offers to receive punches from him to let him vent his anger. Cheng Jun replies that if he isn’t serious, he will not have been so disappointed. The company decides to dismiss Song Er and Cheng Jun is still indifferent. Many find him scary that he can be another person even when stabbed!

Song Er insists on staying to pay for the damages. Cheng Jun overhears her but is silent. Xi Yuan tells her that Cheng Jun is the most eager person to sack her and she will pack her luggage for her. Xian Cheng cheers Song Er up the whole day. Cheng Jun has no appetite and Xi Yuan gets him food. She says that she is relieved to see him concentrate on work. Will he treat her better as a friend and colleague now? He promises to change – to the viewers’ dismay, of course.

Song Er is relieved that she can stay and the cost is deducted from her pay. She has a shock as she actually needs to work 17 years to pay for the actual damage! Cheng Jun tells her coldly that they have no links at all now. Xi Yuan makes Song Er a cleaner but she is not discouraged. San Lie thinks that Song Er is bad but You Li is worse in looks. So he tries to ditch her. Xian Cheng laughs at Song Er being a hongdou but she rebukes, saying when he has ever seen a hongdou being bullied?

Xi Yuan deliberately volunteers to work together with Cheng Jun on a project. I really despise her for standing so close to him when he is doing research on the computer. That sends a clear message to Che that she is wooing him. However, Cheng Jun still drinks alone in despair in the bar after work. Cheng Jun secretly comes to see how Song Er works in the stable. His heart aches for her upon seeing her working. Xian Cheng sees him leaving and comes to help Song Er. Xi Yuan is annoyed to see him reacting like this.

Later, Cheng Jun waits outside her room, asking her how she is. He is worried about her. The Song Er he knows will not hide herself. He now knows how it is like to put her in his heart. He will laugh like a fool whenever he thinks of her. He is actually angrier with himself than with her. Can they return to the past?

Song Er is hesitant. Can he believe her again? She has betrayed his trust in her. Xian Cheng stops him from running after her. He wants to compete with Cheng Jun now. He jumps into the pool and picks up the coin. He later hugs Song Er, declaring that he might have liked her earlier than Cheng Jun. Does she know it? Song Er is speechless and runs away.

Cheng Jun asks Lu some questions. He looks into the locker where the tape is found. Xi Yuan worries now that Cheng Jun is checking the case but still sneers at Song Er for being a sweeper. Song Er thanks her for giving her the present job that gives more pay. She chases her away with a broom. She angrily tells Xian Cheng that he is compatible with Song Er and he thanks her for it!

Xi Yuan is mad at Song Er. She is so scheming here. Upon seeing Cheng Jun approaching, she pretends to talk to Song Er over the handphone. He stops to stand aside, listening to her saying that she can’t help her to cheat on Cheng Jun anymore. She tells Cheng Jun to dismiss Song Er because she can’t let go of the past and wants to reconcile with him. This shows that Song Er can use despicable means to do it. Cheng Jun frowns as the reverse has happened – he is the one who makes the request and is rejected!

Song Er and Xian Cheng ponder on what to say to each other. Both still go out but Cheng Jun feels miserable to see them together. Song Er still likes Cheng Jun and rejects Xian Cheng. Cheng Jun returns to the acting unit again. Xi Yuan rushes there upon knowing it. Che wonders why she is acting as if she is his wife. Although both are more compatible in looks, he is still her friend’s ex-boyfriend, isn’t it?

Xi Yuan is relieved that Cheng Jun only goes there to confirm the progress and changes in their project. She offers to drive him back. Song Er is asked to clear her things from her locker. He sees Song Er walking with her luggage and runs after her – much to Xi Yuan’s displeasure. Although the work is harsh, Song Er denies it as she doesn’t wish to worry him. He confesses to her that he is the one who wants her to stay on. But he regrets as he never knows that he will feel so tormented every time he sees her.

In a rage, Xi Yuan drives quickly later and Cheng Jun looks back at her. Suddenly, he tells her to drive to the acting unit. He asks Lu whether it is the old locker he sees the other time. She answers yes and he frowns. Lu and Xi Yuan feel nervous as he finds it suspicious. Why will Song Er leave the tape in such an obvious place? I feel like hugging this man at this instant for knowing that Song Er is wronged! The two get frightened and Xi Yuan pushes the blame to Lu. Lu knows that she is tricked to be her accomplice now.

Cheng Jun watches the tape again. Xi Yuan asks why he tortures himself and he should close the case. She is alarmed when he wants to reopen the case. He exclaims that he hasn’t done the first thing that he should do. He looks suspiciously at her and she avoids his eyes. Song Er has lunch with Xian Cheng. Cheng Jun calls her but she is scared that he will fire her. So she doesn’t answer the call.

Both return and Cheng Jun is there, waiting for her. Cheng Jun wants her to say what she intends to tell him the other time, hoping that it is not too late. Xian Cheng meets Xi Yuan and refuses to help her to break them up as he is not like her. Cheng Jun blames himself for not considering tactfully and believing others. This is what he told her earlier but he hasn’t done it. He trusts her now. Song Er adds that she didn’t know his identity then. She denies stealing the tape. He hugs her and apologises too. A touching scene.

The next day, Cheng Jun drives her to work. She worries that all will talk bad about her and affects him. He decides to face the consequence. She says that it is enough that he trusts her even without concrete evidence. To Cheng Jun, it is important to him that she is framed. He can’t tolerate others for wronging her. Moreover, this might happen to her because she knows him. Remember that he has mentioned to her that many will dislike them to be together?

Although it is easy to hide, he wants her to be carefree. He will use all his power to protect her. She tells the rest that she wants the job back. Xian Cheng worries that she can’t work with them again. Cheng Jun has lunch with Song Er. He tells her to eat more and all are stunned to see them still together. It is hard not to like this guy – for a change, he sits beside her and not opposite her. He suddenly holds her hand with his left hand and still eats with the other with a grin! Song Er is shy but is also overjoyed.

The whole acting unit protests working with Song Er under Lu’s instructions and they go on strike. Cheng Jun is at a loss when they refuse to give in but he still tells Song Er not to worry. Xian Cheng is also concerned as this is the first time that he experiences this even though he works here for 3 years. Cheng Jun can only act as if nothing happens. His father might fire him for this incident.

Still, Cheng Jun doesn’t think that he is unfair. If Song Er’s incident happens to others, he will also do it. So he isn’t abusing his authority. Xian Cheng can now give her safely to him. Xi Yuan becomes the mediator and the unit agrees to work with Song Er again. To her amazement, Cheng Jun doesn’t look happy. He says that it is not wrong to be greedy but if she is greedy to harm others, she will get hurt in the end. She is annoyed and remarks that she has nothing to say if that is what Song Er tells him.

Cheng Jun has wanted to fetch Song Er to work the next day but is surprised to see her waiting outside his door. She has made his life difficult but she hopes that he will wait for her. He replies that he is fine as long as it doesn’t matter to her. Who will dare to ask the boss’s son to leave the company? He will look for her during lunch time again. He encourages her to try to win her colleagues over.

They still ignore her. Xi Yuan replies that the boss will never allow his son to manage the company like this. Cheng Jun doesn’t want to lose Song Er as he likes her too much. Xian Cheng decides to be Xi Yuan’s accomplice and both see Cheng Yan together. Xi Yuan points out that Song Er ditches Xian Cheng because of Cheng Jun’s background. Cheng Jun is angry that he is being transferred overseas. Cheng Yan replies that it is their father’s decision and she can’t let him handle on his own. Cheng Yan has told him everything but Cheng Jun says that all are lies. Did he ever done anything that upset them?

Che is relieved that they don’t have to entertain a boss who doesn’t behave like one. Xi Yuan is worried when her plan backfires. But no one will support Song Er once he leaves. Cheng Jun packs his things. Song Er comes to see him after knowing the bad news from Xi Yuan. He jokes that he should not have boasted in the morning. It is useless being the boss’s son to get fired earlier than her. But he will persist to the end. When she is around, he will not go anywhere.

Actually he is only on a business trip for 4 days. Xi Yuan decides that there is no point keeping Cheng Jun as he doesn’t have a good impression of her. Her main motive now is to break them up. Xian Cheng knows that she steals the tape now. Xian Cheng sees Cheng Jun leaving and sneers that he is escaping. He asks him to take care of Song Er. He wants to compete with Cheng Jun. Xian Cheng is angry with Lu’s attitude towards Song Er and trips her, threatening to hit her.

This is the first time Cheng Yan sees Cheng Jun behaving like this. He is always calm and level-headed so what has happened? She tells Song Er to leave him. Does she only like his money? She replies she’s nuts if she rejects a rich, handsome and mild-mannered man woos her. She considers a long time as she is not a good person. Will she like a penniless Cheng Jun? It will be the same so there is no use giving her money.

Song Er sees Xian Cheng talking to Xi Yuan and realizes the truth. She ignores him. Xi Yuan decides to frame Song Er by dismantling the lights on the stage. Cheng Jun rushes back after getting Xian Cheng’s call. Xi Yuan talks to Song Er backstage. The two guys look nervously as both women go in. Both of them sit in the audience stand wearing worried expressions. Xi Yuan reveals all her crimes – blaming her as the cause for her change. Sure enough, she releases the rope and frames Song Er for hurting her.

To her shock, the person removes the animated cover and the person is not Song Er but You Li! Xian Cheng has asked San Lie to tell You Li to make the switch. She tells all the truth to others, putting her in shame although Xi Yuan pleads with her to stop. Xian Cheng says that he has no choice but to do this. Cheng Jun consoles Song Er for feeling bad instead of happy when this happens to Xi Yuan.

Song Er is on better terms with colleagues now. Cheng Jun finds out Cheng Yan’s meeting with Song Er and wonders if she has said anything nasty to her. She says yes but quickly adds that she is still polite to her. He decides not to work here anymore. He may either be sent to main office or often goes on overseas business assignments. When this happens, he doesn’t know if Xian Cheng will snatch her away. He feels insecure. This time when he isn’t around, Xian Cheng solves her problem. He is grateful and yet jealous.

Xian Cheng hands in his resignation. Song Er rushes to the hostel when he doesn’t answer her call. When Xian Cheng is about to leave, he faints. San Lie sends him to hospital and he is saved. Cheng Jun sees Song Er waiting for Xian Cheng and blames him jokingly for being petty. He knows she needs time to sort her thoughts so she need not say sorry. Why – because she has no confidence? She replies no as Xian Cheng is only her good friend. Cheng Jun has a fright and his heart nearly stops when she says that earlier – thinking that she is going to initiate a breakup!

Xi Yuan meets Song Er and still puts a false front. But she sees through it. She wants Xi Yuan to be herself. She doesn’t like her to be soft and yet does all the evil deeds. San Lie cries for not believing Xian Cheng that he is fatally ill. Xian Cheng must be very upset. He scolds Song Er for being heartless. She visits him in hospital and seeing him still unconscious, she begs him not to die.

What can she do if he isn’t there? She never knows that he has done so much for her. He wakes up and jokes whether she is upset that he is still alive. Why come empty-handed? She scolds him for frightening her and wants his to return her tears! Cheng Jun can’t find Song Er the whole day and is worried. Song Er has even left her handphone in the workplace and forgets to call him.

Song Er wants Xian Cheng to stay on the job as she wants to care for him now. She decides that there is no pressure to see him as she will use the friendship strength. Cheng Jun waits for her and wonders why she is back late. He returns her the handphone but deduces that she will be too distressed to call him. His feelings for her are still the same. If she needs help to make her better, she must let him know. (Just like what Xiang Zhe tells Shan Mei too when she decides to help You Zhen)

When Song Er learns that San Lie doesn’t take care of Xian Cheng after his discharge, she flies into a rage. She even scolds him for running to her. She tells him that he must walk and shouldn’t carry heavy things. She even warns him not to go anywhere alone. He is amused and yet touched.

Cheng Jun finds out Xian Cheng’s condition from his doctor. He knows that he must have postponed it because he has no money. The following scene is quite interesting. Cheng Jun tells Xian Cheng that he wants to solve his problem. Xian Cheng rebukes that he should say that he is paying for it – why not say it directly? Cheng Jun replies that he doesn’t know how it is like without money and how upset he is with his suggestion. He apologises but he has really considered it for a long time.

He doesn’t want Xian Cheng to exchange his life and Song Er for his pride. Laugh at this part – he accuses him of being despicable. Since he can be cured, why must he make Song Er worry all the time? Cheng Jun doesn’t wish her to worry and their race becomes unfair then. Why not use a healthy body to pit against him? Xian Cheng scolds him for being conceited but Cheng Jun smiles, as he knows that he has given in.

Cheng Jun decides to wait for Xi Yuan for a few days since she is only on leave instead of dismissing her. Xian Cheng writes down an agreement to pay Cheng Jun back his money. He needs 10 years to clear the debt. Cheng Jun is so comical – what about the interest? He is not a donor but he thanks him for resting his mind and lets him earn money! Putting jokes aside, he says that he needs Song Er and doesn’t wish to lose her. He wishes him all the best for the operation the next day.

Cheng Jun will be transferred to Germany’s main office and he tells his parents that he is bringing Song Er along. He only wants her despite all the happenings. When he was a small boy, he went on a hunger strike in order to play soccer. That was the first time. But now, he is sure that he will not starve to death since he has the means to support her. Song Er looks uneasy.

Xian Cheng recovers and looks unaffected by the news. Song Er wonders why he doesn’t look reluctant. She is happy but worries for him. After she leaves, he can’t hide his sorrow. Song Er watches a movie and imagines that she has the two guys close to her! She is confused over her feelings now. She asks herself whether it is friendship when she pulls her hand away from Xian Cheng when he tries to hold her hand. Xian Cheng is hurt upon seeing her leaving.

Cheng Jun asks Song Er why she hasn’t looked at him directly the whole day. He looks and sounds so pathetic! It is difficult for her to make a choice so he tells her to consider. She decides to leave with him. Actually Cheng Jun can reject the transfer but he is willing to go. He wants to know who is most important to her. If he doesn’t do it, she will not be clear. The earlier she knows, the fairer it is to the three of them.

Song Er tries to explain that Xian Cheng isn’t coming between them. Cheng Jun doesn’t mind if her whole heart doesn’t belong to him. He is contented that he still has a place in her heart. He walks her back and sees Xian Cheng there. Xian Cheng asks him whether his family can accept Song Er. Cheng Jun is still fighting for her but wonders why Xian Cheng gives up so easily. If he were him, he will try his best to make her stay. He replies that he is not able to keep her.

He has a lot of virtues but what can he do since Song Er likes Cheng Jun? Is Cheng Jun trying to boast again? Cheng Jun and Che are surprised to see Xi Yuan negotiating with them on behalf of Disneyland to work in the China market. She never expects the company to preserve her position. She tells Cheng Jun that he never has a space in her heart (Is she is lying as she looks like she is eating sour grapes?). He says that he has not mistakened all along so she needs not explain.

Xi Yuan tells Song Er that she is a company manager now and although she loses to Song Er in seducing men, she doesn’t envy her to be a rich man’s future wife. Song Er nearly bursts as she wonders why she is still doing so well. She is angry that she doesn’t change too. Cheng Jun disagrees as the world doesn’t follow the same way to move. He senses a change in Xi Yuan.

Xian Cheng is amused that Song Er comes to look for him and yet wants to run away. She seems to be happy beating him up. Later, he tricks her that his heart feels painful and laughs at her stupidity. Since they don’t see each other for a long time, he will forget her easily. He wants someone who is tall and kind. Suddenly, he says that it is for real this time that his chest hurts. He is not sure whether the operation goes wrong. She gets worried and later angry that she gets tricked easily so she hits him again.

Xian Cheng wants to be loved to forget the breakup – how can he be a monk? San Lie arranges him to go for dates. Cheng Yan wants to see Song Er. Cheng Jun worries that she might upset Song Er and if that happens, she can just follow him out. Cheng Yan apologises for what has happened. Their parents are surprised by Song Er’s words. Their father wishes them to visit him at America where he is recuperating from his illness. Both are too young to get married so they can study in Germany first.

Cheng Jun and Song Er are confused over the change in events. His parents want to trust him one more time since he is so persistent. Cheng Jun can sense that she is hesitant and his heart sinks. Xian Cheng asks San Lie what he thinks of his killer smiles. He replies that he is still unable to kill! Cheng Jun thanks Che for taking care of him. Cheng Jun gets Song Er’s passport ready. Both see Xian Cheng and others on a date. Song Er feels miserable and leaves quickly with Cheng Jun.

When they walk away, Cheng Jun holds her hand, asking her whether she knows that he is scared of her. When she doesn’t talk and is thinking over matters, he will try to guess what she is thinking and feels worried for her. He has all along thought that liking a person will only feel happy and fortunate. He doesn’t know that he will also feel insecure and worried. He will never let go of her hand no matter what she thinks. He will never care whether it is right or wrong. He will pretend not to know it as he doesn’t really care!

The next day, Xian Cheng leaves his handphone at the hostel and misses Song Er’s final calls. He rushes to meet her but she has already left in Cheng Jun’s car. Cheng Jun checks in but sees Song Er still moody. He decides to leave alone. Xian Cheng goes to the wishing pool and finds a coin there. He wonders who is as stupid as Song Er. He is later shocked to hear her voice from behind!

She says that he must have picked her second coin but the pool is really a wishing pool as both her wishes come true. After pondering Cheng Jun’s words, she realizes that she is most happy with Xian Cheng. He hugs her in joy but jokingly tells her that she is now in debt to pay for the train damage. If she follows Cheng Jun, he can pay for her. He is very worried for her now. Both fool around again.

One year later, Song Er scolds a rude junior but is reprimanded by Lu as she is no better herself. Lu even says that she is so bad-tempered and no wonder she is ditched by Cheng Jun! Xi Yuan says that Song Er should let her have Cheng Jun. She will be coming more often to meet the new director. She is determined to succeed this time. Both women are on better terms now.

Che and Zhou wonder why Cheng Jun is returning as the new director although he tells them that he wishes to avoid them. They are overjoyed that they are being promoted. Song Er is happy to know that Cheng Jun is returning as the new director. Xian Cheng is annoyed – why must he return again after leaving to make him uncomfortable? Song Er is sure that he is not back because of her. Xian Cheng says that it is better off for him to take her away as he can’t stand her anymore. Both fight with the mops and Cheng Jun comes.

Song Er wonders what will happen if she follows him but she doesn’t regret her choice. She will help to change Xian Cheng’s bad temper. Xian Cheng suddenly sits beside them. Cheng Jun wonders why he still comes as he already has his permission to talk to Song Er alone. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of their fair competition? Do laugh at his answer - Xian Cheng replies that he wants to live despicably now!

Song Er laments that she can’t do without two hers. Since both like her, she will be with each of them for 3 days a week. Cheng Jun tells Xian Cheng that they better leave as he never expects her to be so seriously ill. Xian Cheng says that it is a good thing that Cheng Jun ditches her. It doesn’t matter to him and he can take the whole month if he wants! Cheng Jun replies that he is too busy. Xian Cheng tells him to consider. Cheng Jun says that it is too late but it must be tough for Xian Cheng to face Song Er for the past year! Xian Cheng replies – so why can’t he return one month to him then?

Song Er tries to talk to them in vain behind them and screams that why don’t they understand that she is just joking? Both guys look at her in amusement and she discovers that she is tricked again. The three smile happily, with her hugging both guys close to her.

Introduction on characters

1. Yang Song Er – Jang Na Ra
She isn’t the typical sweet girl that we see in normal Korean drama serials. She is very frank to show her unhappiness right on her face when she is in a bad mood. Of course, she will lose approval for her behaviour to make fun of others in seeking revenge, greedy for rewards and throwing her weight around. But humans aren’t perfect. She is a true picture of many of us. She still portrays her kind heart well.

However, all along, she has been a sore loser to Xi Yuan in wits to be made use of repeatedly. It is always either Xian Cheng or Cheng Jun to clean up her mess to set things right. (It is just like how Shan Mei drags Xiang Zhe indirectly to come to her aid). However, she isn’t old enough like a 25-year-old in the serial.

Na Ra has done it again! She is a rare talent in acting. You will be amazed by her natural way of presenting the character alive. This role has more room for acting than in ‘A bright girl’s success’ as you will be amazed by her multiple changes in expressions from demure to rough images!

2. Yin Xi Yuan – Hong En Xi
This woman is born to be vain in believing that all men MUST fall in love with her at first sight. Whoever Song Er likes, she will try to get him and cause the men to ditch Song Er. I feel disgusted when watching the parts when she tries to seduce San Lie. She doesn’t like him but she only wants to prove that he is only an ordinary man who will succumb to her in the end. Does she like Cheng Jun? I believe she does. But when he rejects her advances, love just turns to hatred.

She is desperate when Cheng Jun doesn’t fall for her and forces Song Er to leave. When Song Er is angry and ruins events, she will pretend to look pitiful to clear the mess to put her in bad light. But in reality, she has framed her for it. Actually this role reminds me of Xu Yin Mei in ‘All about Eve’. Both are really one of a kind. But she is still not very good in portraying the spitefulness as the expressions look stiff.

3. Jiang Cheng Jun – Kim Jae Won
He is the amusement park owner’s son but he is not a snob. Although he is rich, he doesn’t throw his weight around. He is kind, truthful, humble and also gentle. He proves his own capabilities. He is not afraid to face any setback. His character and experience are so similar to Xiang Zhe – especially when he is guessing whether Song Er still loves him! But he is less fortunate than Xiang Zhe to lose his love. He has tried so hard to protect or help Song Er.

This character can be as unrealistic as Xiang Zhe but he is so charming with his reassuring smiles and words that melt everyone. If you watch the scenes that are mentioned above, you will be touched too as Jae Won really makes this character so likeable and adorable. But unlike Na Ra, he is very convincing as a 27-year-old working personnel.

I like his refined look very much. Yong Jun and Byung Hun have good taste in choosing suitable spectacle frames in ‘Hotelier’ and ‘Beautiful Days’. Not losing out to them, Jae Won has chosen a pair that makes him look authoritative. Not only because he resembles Bae Yong Jun in looks but he has a distinct gentle and mature feel with the half-rimless glasses. They really suit him and he doesn’t look boyish anymore.

In business suits, he projects a new image. This really matches with his mature voice which doesn’t fit his student image in ‘Romance’. He may look gentle and friendly in other moments but I find the scenes where he uses his authority to set things right formidable too.

The determined or despised looks that he gives Xi Yuan really make me wish to cheer for him repeatedly. He is the only one who sees through her true colours besides Song Er – even Xian Cheng isn’t as capable as him! Usually he is very gentle but when with her, he can throw harsh comments or remarks. That is quite unexpected from this man and those scenes are sure highlights!

He is also very observant and wise. Although he only talks to Song Er once, he understands her so well to know her inner beauty. He questions Xi Yuan’s sincerity whenever she talks bad about Song Er. You will be touched by how quick he jumps to her defence. He is sure capable and level-headed.

His acting is so much better in here than in ‘Romance’. He has completely shed his immature image. He has very good rapport with Na Ra although both only work together for the first time.

4. Jiang Cheng Yan – Chi Rui Ying
She is Cheng Jun’s elder sister who is very gentle like him. Although she doesn’t look down on the poor, she is very concerned for Cheng Jun, worrying that Song Er is only eager to get into their rich family. This is understandable since the siblings are so close.

5. Jin Xian Cheng – Kim Rae Won
This man is sure blind to like Xi Yuan for so many years just because of her looks. He is very thrifty – besides his medical expenses and supplementing the family income, his money is entirely spent on his future university education to become a vet.

He has a bad temper like Song Er and the moments that he likes to fondle with her hair and call her ‘little girl’ are so endearing. It is different from the way that Cheng Jun treats her. Cheng Jun is polite while he is rough! Still, the concern is no less than him. I adore the scenes when he shows anxiety whenever she is in trouble. And the misery that he shows when she is with Cheng Jun.

At first, he treats Song Er like a friend but later he discovers that he likes her. He has sacrificed a lot for Song Er. He doesn’t explain to her that he is helping her when he pretends to be Xi Yuan’s accomplice. He suffers quietly on his own to keep to himself. He proves to be a worthy love rival. So although I am a bit disappointed that Song Er ends up with him, I am happy that he has found happiness.

Rae Won is also a natural actor. He resembles Song Seung Hun in looks and makes this character very lovable. Likes Jae Won, both are tall and really have an attractive model build. He is not playing second fiddle to Jae Won and manages to shine in here. He deserves praise for his great efforts and having chemistry with Na Ra too.

6. Yang San Lie – Jin Qing Zhi
A man who is easily blinded by looks. Serves him right for trying to ditch You Li when she is so nice to him. In the end, she has so many boyfriends that he is contented to see her only 2 hours a month! I can’t believe that he even begs her not to ditch him!

7. Lan – Piao Guang Zheng
He is head of the performing unit but he enjoys bullying his juniors. However, he treats Xian Cheng exceptionally well. He will know that Xian Cheng is troubled when he smokes because he has kicked the habit long ago. However, he can be tactless too. San Lie has wanted him not to mention about Song Er after she leaves. But when he mentions that Song Er is sick, Xian Cheng jumps but is sad that he is only referring to the sea lion.

8. Che – Jin Xia Yun
He is the Projects head who likes bootlicking to Cheng Jun and ill treats the subordinates. He is timid in front of him but tries to talk behind his back. This man is sure dangerous to backstab anyone anytime. I wonder why he is being promoted? Because Cheng Jun says the world moves against commoners’ wishes?

9. You Li – Jiang Lai Yan
Xi Yuan’s accomplice in ill-treating Song Er in the initial stage. She is actually a sweet girl. After knowing that Song Er is framed, she is like a bridge that helps to better the ties between her and the others. She is nice to San Lie but is disappointed that he likes to look for other women. So she takes the initiative to woo other men. Never does she expect herself to be so popular then!

10. Lu
The acting unit’s trainer who is very harsh to Song Er. She often tries to please Xi Yuan and is willing to help her out in all her misdeeds. Even after her lesson, her attitude never changes. She and Xi Yuan really belong to the same kind – no wonder they click so well.

Favourite character
Undoubtedly Cheng Jun! He is so similar to Xiang Zhe in ‘All About Eve’. Wise, rich, handsome, humble, understanding and good natured – simply perfect. He is so frank to speak his mind. When he dislikes someone or disapproves of something, he will voice it out. He is simply perfect! Although he loves Song Er, he lets her go to be with Xian Cheng. I feel so sorry for him to be alone in the end. Why not arrange another Song Er to be with him? Or Song Er to choose him? This is the one of the rare male Korean characters that I adore after watching so many serials.

Most hated character
Xi Yuan – she is too ambitious and ruthless to frame Song Er every now and then. It will spell disaster for all of us if this kind of person is at our workplace. However, this role reminds you of all other villain roles that many have done and they are more outstanding. She isn’t that capable to create a very great impact.

The starting theme 'Sweet dreams' and ending theme ‘It might be love’ are sung by Na Ra herself. She has quite a cute voice so it is still okay to me.

Interesting facts

This serial obtained 43% viewership in Korea. Many like Jae Won and Na Ra together after this serial that many products want them to shoot commercials for them. Although Rae Won isn’t as popular as them, he also manages to make many recognize him.

This was the first time that Jae Won wore spectacles to act in a serial. He joked that he was glad to have more time to sleep. He needed not bother about wearing contact lenses or worry about having eye infection. He actually liked wearing most of the suits and loved his new image very much.

Many are unhappy that Cheng Jun gives up so easily without putting up a good fight. So do I – I thought he doesn’t want to let go of her hand easily??? I am quite surprised by the ending too. Maybe the producer wants to be fair to both guys who love Song Er equally deeply. So he arranges one to have her in the first part and another to have her in the second half?


I find this serial having a strong resemblance to ‘All About Eve’. Sometimes, I wonder if the producer is the same as the style is similar. The dialogues are wacky and most lines are witty. The ‘hongdou’ is a Korean fairytale on two girls. One is a kind peanut girl while the other is an ugly and wicked hongdou. Hongdou often bullies the peanut girl. This serial sends the reverse message but send me laughing non-stop with its endless jokes. The leads are so cute and funny in here.

The evil don’t get their way here. The treatment that Cheng Jun gives Xi Yuan is eye-catching. Be moved too by scenes when the two guys shower all their care or concern on Song Er. She doesn’t appreciate their efforts –making them worry or upset frequently (like how Shan Mei treats Xiang Zhe.) It is a love war between two outstanding guys – a delight when both cross swords. Like how Tai Xi and Jun Xi compete to get En Xi in ‘Endless Love’. But this is a comedy and the three give you warmth and not sadness.

However, I find lack of creativity in certain identities. We have seen female classmates turning into love rivals in ‘Tomato’, ‘Truth’, ‘Invitation’, ‘Model’, ‘All About Eve’ and ‘Loving You’. The dose is used too repeatedly as we see this in here again so some parts are highly predictable.

I will advise all to go for the Korean version. It is a pleasure to listen to them in their own voices. I can’t decide who is the best in acting. They are simply fabulous to save an average Cinderella story. I wasn’t easily tempted to buy it at first but after watching 3 episodes, I headed for the video shop and bought the VCDs at a discount of S$11.80! The three leads are simply irresistible. They prove that they can fit into the roles well although they do not have much experience in acting. Some people just have the flair for it.

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)
On story : **** (Scale of 5)


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