My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Reviewed by: sukting

May 25, 2006

Rating: four

How long
16 episodes

This is the first time that the four leads get together and they become popular at the same time. What makes this serial take the whole Asia by storm? I have also read the original online novel by Ji So Hyun, so I will add some parts in my review to share with everyone.


San Shun cries when Xian Yu suggests a breakup in a restaurant to her. He admits to loving her in the past but not anymore. She fantasizes that she jumped off a building but still haunts him when he is in bed with the woman. (In the novel, San Shun is having a blind date after her breakup with Xian Yu. The man is very normal looking with greasy hair. Is this the handsome man her aunt has promised her?)

(The novel version – San Shun is attracted by Zhen Xian tapping the table with his spoon. She cheers at how he looks. The spring breeze shows his sculptured features. She has never seen a guy who is so handsome looking with rimless glasses. This description reminds me of Bae Yong Jun or Jang Dong Gun! He is what she will regard as handsome. But even he is nice looking, he treats dating as a joke as he has an icy smile.)

He suddenly asks if she can imagine being with him in bed. He can't imagine that but if she wants to force herself on him, he will not mind... Zhen Xian's date splashes a glass of water into his face. He overhears San Shun talking about love and smiles bitterly. (In the novel, San Shun overhears this and her impression of him sinks. She replies that she is involved in some extent when asked as she works for him. San Shun wonders if she is really his mother as there is no resemblance but they are a hideous pair. Mdm Luo chides Zhen Xian for choosing vulgar women. He replies that he will bring her home to introduce to her formally. Mdm Luo feels puzzled too – how can he put up with San Shun? Zhen Xian has no girlfriend for years and is so particular not to let anyone sit on his bed. Yet, she sleeps on it! So he must have liked San Shun a lot. But she has set her mind to break them up.

San Shun has breakfast with Zhen Xian and he feels gross upon seeing her mixing chilli with rice. She eats since he pays but he wants to deduct from her pay. She decides to stay on her job so that she can open her own shop in future. San Shun finds him good looking and can't believe that the catfish is his mother. She wants a raise and he suddenly asks if she is sick of dates. He asks if they can date and she gets so shocked that she spits the rice on his face! (This is a classic scene)

She doesn't want to get into a cab that he flags but he refuses to get on a bus. Both end up on the bus – why doesn't she date him? She can't pretend to be an accomplice. He sees no difference since she lies about her name. Another surprise – he tells her to stand as it is his turn to sit now. Buses and subways can't be their transport when dating. She will be promoted as a regular employee soon as an exchange.

(In the novel, the whole street of people is shocked to see Zhen Xian following San Shun – this is so abnormal. After a long distance, San Shun detects that Zhen Xian's movement slows down. She suddenly remembers Ren Yu telling her that her boss's steps become unstable when he is unwell so she stops. When he mentions dating, she has felt butterflies flying around her.)

Why choose her? Because there is no choice for them to be in love. They dislike each other. A drunk that picks fights and pees in her pants isn't quite his type too. She gets fed up with him for mentioning again – does he have proof? He jokes if she has no guts as she might fall for him. He will pay her for it. She keeps saying no as she can't put up with an immature ass. Moreover, her reputation will be ruined if she gets ditched by him. Who will dare to date her after that?

She is late at work and Ms Ou wants her to set a good example since she is the eldest. Zhen Xian tells all not to find fault with her because they are together all night! All look stunned. Zhen Xian rests his feet on his table. She gets mad – why must he say that to make her the target of attack? She asks the laundry upon getting her clothes to find out if there are urine stains besides the vomit. She is badly shaken with no answer. He is lying but there is no evidence to prove. But does she really pee? Yi Ying returns home and wonders why San Shun eats again after being dumped to get bloated. She is divorced and Mrs Jin hits her.

Xi Zhen goes to meet her friends. Cai Li comes to the restaurant to call San Shun by her name. She knows Zhen Xian well and wants his shop to make her engagement cake. San Shun is stunned to know that Xian Yu is her fiancé. She gets so disturbed that she imprints the word 'idiot' on the cake! Zhen Xian is sure that Cai Li doesn't bring Xian Yu here to seek his approval. She is delighted – is he jealous? He replies yes to be the way to get rid of her. But he looks familiar to him.

Zhen Xian learns that he is the second son of Mulu construction CEO. You will laugh Zhen Xian mentions that he has not heard of it. Cai Li boasts that the company builds hotels on Jiju but Zhen Xian has no patience to tend to her so he gives her the photos to place the order. She suddenly hugs him from the back.(Why this guy is so popular with women although he is so cold to all?) Does he know that he is her first love? He shakes her off - her fiancé is outside. She pleads with him to hold her for the last time.

Zhen Xian moves close to her and she gets excited. But…..he cites that her contact lens colours don't suit her! Xian Yu asks if San Shun and Zhen Xian are together. Xian Yu thanks her for putting up the act to keep the truth from Cai Li that they dated before and she is grateful that everything is over. It is a business marriage for him. She doesn't realize it – is he really asking her to bake the cake?

He will avoid if she doesn't want but she can't help calling him a bastard! She lies seeing someone but Xian Yu doesn't believe. Doesn't she remember crying and begging him not to leave her in the past? It is so easy for her to see someone – he is disappointed. His love stops but she is in his heart. (This jerk is unbearable.) Debtors come for the house and San Shun recalls how Mr Jin promises her a garden. He doesn't want her to change her name that her grandfather has given her.

She approaches Zhen Xian who wants her account number to transfer the money – $5 million directly. She doesn't have to pay him back if she is unable to fool his mom. She is puzzled why he doesn't ask him why she needs so much money. He replies that is none of his concern. He suddenly pulls her out of the office and tells all officially that they have dated for 2 months! All drop their spoons upon hearing that.

Zhen Xian wants to fool Mdm Luo's spy so they must act at all times. $5 million for romance lessons
should not be a bad deal for San Shun. He gets her the dressing Mdm Luo likes. Mdm Luo is shocked that San Shun is not only older than Zhen Xian but also older by 3 years! How can they be sleeping together after knowing for 2 months? (This is a bit different - Zhen Xian is older than her by 2 years in the novel.)

He replies that he has to take care of Mei Ju. Mdm Luo is displeased to know that San Shun is only the third daughter of a rice cake bakery ex-owner and her mother loans money to others. How can this outdated pumpkin fool her? She wants to know how much San Shun loves Zhen Xian. She suddenly calls her mother – she has wanted Zhen Xian to taste her cake. She loves him and wants the best for him, showing the heart sign with her hands. He gets dazed – so does she.

Mdm Luo reminds her position. He is the second son of a hotelier, not a motel. His future wife is also Mei Ju's mother and also the president of a hotel. San Shun is only a high school graduate. She is also an old, fat and ugly spinster. Zhen Xian replies that she is better than other women – to invest her dream with her money. She doesn't buy designer clothes with credit cards. She applies little make-up. Mdm Luo gets offended – does he imply that she introduces brainless women to him? Zhen Xian replies that San Shun knows what she wants with sound ideals and values. She is also smart too.

Mdm Luo asks if he has gotten over Xi Zhen. She has never seen a lost expression on his face before as he controls his feelings well. He lies yes but he doesn't want to talk about the past. Mdm Luo will see San Shun's score at the end of the year. Don't forgive Xi Zhen even when she is back. San Shun sees Mei Ju playing with the xylophone and she smiles at her. Mei Ju doesn't reply so she bakes a cake for her.

Mei Ju is happy when she uses dough to make a ring for her. This is a strange family. Here is a smiley princess but her uncle is cold as ice. Her grandmother is a lady catfish (that is quite a funny remark) with a blunt secretary, Xian Shu. Zhen Xian comes to the kitchen and carries Mei Ju. He kisses her cheek when she shows him the 'ring' – it is obvious how he adores his niece. San Shun promises to make her a necklace next time. Zhen Xian will deduct interest of the money for the ring. This is so typical of him.

Henry sends a tape to Xi Zhen and masters his courage to tell her that he likes her. Does she remember their first meeting in the hospital? He misses her so much and can't forget her. It is ok for her to love someone else as his love for her will never change. (How sweet!) San Shun sees Zhen Xian playing the music – 3 bears over the piano in the study. Xian Shu asks for another song – 'can't help falling in love with you'. It is San Shun's first time listening – isn't Zhen Xian great? (Hyun Bin is indeed - to show high standard in playing the piece although he only took a 2 months crash course!) San Shun can't believe that he plays the piano. Is this the sound from the heart as mentioned by Xian Yu?

She also asks for a song – it has been years since he brings his girlfriend home. Zhen Xian feels embarrassed – it seems that he doesn't play any piece for anyone easily. She wants 'over the rainbow'. All are shocked and he doesn't want play it. He can't (Hyun Bin's sculptured face shows a moment of dejection.) The spring weather suddenly turns into winter.

San Shun gets forceful – why can't for her? He charges out. Xian Shu replies that it is the song his ex likes so she is not knowing him for long to realize that. Zhen Xian isn't the boyfriend for her. (The novel version – Zhen Xian's expression turns into the expression where he puts her into a fix during the matchmaking session. She is prepared to yell stop but he plays a child song to humiliate her for acting like Mei Ju. Zhen Zheng, his younger brother feels sorry for her and plays the 'over the rainbow' record for her instead.)

San Shun can't believe that Mr Frost actually fell in love in the past. Zhen Xian gets the chauffeur to drop them off at a café. San Shun can't add demands to him in future. Don't ask questions or say to do anything that annoys him. She is sorry about that but he can't treat her like shit just because of the money. She can terminate the contract and pay back by selling organs but they will worth much. But oh – she has good child bearing hips to consider. She can try selling her eggs too. (How egoistic he can be!)

She struggles to leave but he pulls her back. He sees Mdm Luo's men so they must fake again. Yi Ying reads their dating contract which ends at 2005. They can't have any form of contact – he replies – what man will hold a woman like her anyway? Yi Ying slaps San Shun. They pretend to date but never actually date. She can't meet other men while with him. Both can touch each other when agreeable. Zhen Xian nearly flares up upon hearing the last condition. Is she treating him like the plague?

Cai Li wants to order the cake from another restaurant, De Mout which is the best among the high class. Zhen Xian insists that they make better cakes than others. It has nothing to do with San Shun's personal relationship but his confidence in her as patissier. San Shun serves Xi Zhen cake and coffee when she comes. She likes the taste. Ying Zi asks how the bloated pig seduces Zhen Xian. Ren Yu also yells at her as a liar. They bully her but San Shun is relieved that it is only a dream.

She must be sick and she recalls that Xi Zhen's face and handwriting are so beautiful. She recalls – why must she be called as Xi Zhen? Zhen Xian is back with a cake so Ren Yu walks out. San Shun frowns – this is the problem of dating staff. He gets a good cake in Jiju island that can help her with the baking. His expression freezes when knowing that Xi Zhen was here.

San Shun asks if she was her ex. He looks at her fiercely and reminds her of their 4th clause – can't ask him anything he is unwilling to answer. He does look scary when angry. She only asks once, not twice. Then she reminds him of the 5th clause – respect her. He needs to know his manners. He punches the wall and walks away. The painting hung on the wall drops to the floor and falls into pieces. He later smashes a chair and hurts his right hand. He later looks at his handphone – Xi Zhen is labeled as 'queen of smiles' in his phonebook but he refuses to answer it.

San Shun looks at his hand – some kind of display of strength. The staff avoids her for lunch except Ren Yu. Zhen Xian brings a bouquet of flowers to her, quoting that both happen to meet on earth. It is their 100th day of knowing each other. He thanks her for coming to him. The others tease them. Ying Zi nearly explodes upon seeing this. (No one suspects that there is a motive behind his mask.)

All coax San Shun to accept the flowers. She asks him where he picks up such a cheesy line. He gets it from the internet. She must act happy and is about to retort this statement when she sees his bandage removed. Is there really a spy at work? Zhen Xian is sure that Mdm Luo knows about it now. Mdm Luo will see who wins in acting. It is impossible for him to be in love. She allows San Shun as she wants him to forget Xi Zhen. Both discuss – who might be the spy?

Wu Xuan? No – he is too engrossed in food. Ms Oh? Mdm Luo trusts her a lot. At this moment, Ms Ou smacks Ying Zi for sneaking into the office. (So is she the one?) Ying Zi finds out San Shun's resume to confirm her real name. Zhen Xian brings San Shun to De Mout and orders 77 dishes. This is not a date but to find out why this shop is the best. How can she eat all? She is a professional so must eat good food.

She admits that the ingredients are fresh. He frowns upon seeing her eating as he dislikes sweet food. What pleasure he has in annoying her! She suggests him trying a biscuit. Cai Li is here with Xian Yu too for the cake. Both pairs look at each other. Zhen Xian stares at Xian Yu till he can't meet his eyes. (His glares are too threatening.) Cai Li asks who is Zhen Xian's present girlfriend – hopefully not from any blind date.

Zhen Xian's description – she isn't pretty but pleasant looking. She is 30 years old, plump and huggable. She is the third daughter of a patissier. He likes her to be capable in baking cakes. They can't believe that she is San Shun! Cai Li is angry that Zhen Xian even knows of San Shun's dream to be a national patissier. How does she seduce him? (Ying Zi also thinks the same way – so poor thing!)

San Shun replies that it just happens. Cai Li yells…but…he's Mr Frost! San Shun rebukes – so not only she seduces him? Why doesn't she ask Zhen Xian why she is attractive to him? (That is a good answer!) She yells as she is the second daughter of a bank president. Xian Yu apologises for making San Shun baking the cake. She has the ok from Wu Xuan to do it. The two are at a subway station. San Shun wonders what kind of man is Zhen Xian but it seems that Cai Li might get into trouble.

Zhen Xian asks – how can she not know after dating Xian Yu for 3 years? What about his ex – she reminds him of the 4th clause. He recalls the times he studied with Xi Zhen as she studied biology. His hormone level rose so they hugged. Xi Zhen has said not to blame him too much because of the chemical reaction in his body. San Shun never takes love lightly. Suddenly Zhen Xian feels giddy on the subway.

He can't manage to stand. She brings him to a DVD room to watch King Crazy – from then, she names him San Shi. It is his first time and he can stay a bit longer. Does it still hurt? He replies that he has artificial bones and limbs on his left leg due to a car accident. That is why he doesn't drive? He doesn't reply but wipes a can with his handkerchief before giving to her.

She jumps – who invents this habit? His father. He can answer why he must get married. To get someone to bring Mei Ju to school. He can't date and love because of Xi Zhen. She doesn't know his past and asks if he prefers men! Since he said he was in an accident, so….. Zhen Xian can't stand her suspicious looks and protests that he is fine. She laughs that it is hard to believe. He gets mad – shall he show her? Show then.

(The novel version is so much funnier. San Shun immediately shys away upon asking the question. Zhen Xian can still answer calmly that he is still a 100% man. San Shun wonders why he can treat as if he is referring to a faulty microwave or fridge. Still, it is a date for them.)

She touches his lips and he leans close to her. Now does he seem like a man to her? Why does she close her eyes – think that he will kiss her? He retreats as he will not do it. Mei Ju calls him late at night when he is sleeping. Is she having a nightmare? She wants him to sing to her and he wishes her to sing – when will she sing? Both kiss their phones before hanging up. (So cute of them!)

San Shun can't ignore her pain in the past to bake cakes early in the morning at her workplace. (In the novel, it is Er Ying's words that Zhen Xian has loved someone in the past that bothers her.) The smell consoles her. But this time she can't sleep because of Zhen Xian. What is wrong? She jumps when he arrives. He isn't in his normal suit but he is in a sports suit.

He stays nearby and he comes nearby to have morning jogs. Why is she here when it is only 6am? She wonders why he is here since he isn't well. He knows that he has to move more because of his health. It seems that she hates exercising and she can become a fat auntie. She tells him angrily that he has provoked a woman with a knife and is in danger. Zhen Xian finds her cute and bursts into laughter.

Does she become a surrogate mother to behave hike this? He likes the bitterness to cover the sweetness in the pastries that she makes. He will jump if he knows that she uses red wine to add the taste so she keeps it from him. She calls it I'amour – love – an idea after yesterday's meeting. Love can be sweet and bitter at the same time. Zhen Xian's eyes never leave her – she senses that his eyes behind the rimless glasses become gentle and seem to want to laugh at her but he says nothing.

The man's mistress and wife fight in the restaurant. (Remember him to want the ring in the cake?) Zhen Xian prevents him from hitting his wife. Shan Shun gives her the I'armour cake. She mentions that Zhen Xian plays the piano too. So Mr Xuan will cheer her up. Zhen Xian stares at her but still sits at the piano. The word will be spread and more customers will come then. Zhen Xian replies that she will dance the next time round as he dislikes to perform a cheesy scene in a soap opera

(The novel description – Zhen Xian is about to get the waiter to chase the woman away but San Shun shakes her head. When San Shun mentions that l'amour (love) cake is served for women losers in love that comes with a free piano dedication, Zhen Xian's thick eyebrows become nitty. He himself hasn't heard of it? Both stare at each other angrily. Zhen Xian nearly wants to pinch San Shun's face.

How can she not tell the CEO that there is such a promotion? How dare she! And him to play the piece personally….but many will love to see how he pinches her face. An unknown applause appears from nowhere and Zhen Xian knows why all have weird eyes on him. He is a money earning machine and cold blooded animal. He has treated all his previous dates as rivals. He can play the piano? They must watch!!

The way they look at him really hurts him. What the heck….he can never forgive this woman. Although his heart yells like this, he has been in the service line for a long time. His gracious smile still appears. The pianist doesn't work together and he has to let him play with the violinist and cellist without a rehearsal. Is she out to embarrass him?! He gives a sweet smile.)

Zhen Xian frowns when the woman wants 'over the rainbow'! San Shun hopes that his anger will not engulf him. He closes his eyes and plays it. (The novel version – the confident smile vanishes from his face – or rather the crafty look goes away completely. San Shun recalls what he did to her – will he play the child song again? She runs to him quickly and says something into his ear. His hardened expression is released and he plays the song, singing it too. But Xi Zhen hasn't appeared but the kiss scene is forwarded!

San Shun tries to play a piece – the chopstick song but it sounds awful. Why can the devil play so well? Suddenly a voice laments how terrible it is and it is not suitable to listen at all. She should find other ways to release stress. She should knock on something else but not his expensive piano. Zhen Xian comes and the light near the piano shows his gentle face. San Shun has not seen him like this before – so the fake and sarcastic expression doesn't belong entirely to him. How can these expressions vanish completely?

She suddenly remembers what she whispers into his ear earlier. He must not treat this as a promotion but to imagine that he is going to play for his love and his love is coming in from the door at this time. She doesn't know why she says this to overstep his authority but seeing how he stares at the piano in silence makes her feel like she has let him down. She will rather him to scold her for being nosey.

He has not mentioned to her that he has loved someone but she can see that he has lost in love before. She gets angry when he mentions that her figure changes because she is ditched. How can she lose weight when she needs to work so hard without holidays? Moreover all the cream and sugar are around her? She stands up and prepares to leave but he plays the piano now. The same song she tries in vain to play.

She gets mad – why the same song sounds so different in his fingers? Zhen Xian suddenly tells her to play with him – it is a double tune. Seeing her still standing there, he smiles, showing his white teeth. Her promotion earns a lot of money and gaining reputation. He will teach her how to play the piano in return. She sits beside him nervously and is shocked that he plays 'over the rainbow' after that. Why is he playing it twice today? He reads her mind and replies that the restriction is no longer there.

She suddenly recalls how she makes the cake because of him. No, she shouldn't be jealous of his ex-lover. She is jealous that he is still missing her even after the breakup. No one has loved her like that before. San Shun takes out the remaining cake and wine. Zhen Xian has been against his mother to open 3 restaurants
and he wants to be the best. Hopefully, he will have 300 in the end.

Her dream isn't that ambitious – she only wants to open a café to sell coffee and cakes. He reminds her that she needs the money and if it opens, he will send her a flower basket. She vows to bet with him and he cleans the cream on her face. Suddenly his face gets close to her and takes off his glasses to kiss her on the lips! The stare becomes so gentle and she melts into his arms.

She suddenly wakes up – isn't this against the contract? Just like her being nosy too? But she can't deny that she likes it! It makes her forget the despicable Xian Yu. But the strong alert signal seems to pass to Zhen Xian. His lips leave her and she leaves in haste. She leaves but he still plays the piano.)

Xi Zhen walks in and sees this. He sees her but continues playing. His piano skills improve and she hopes he has not played the song for other women. Why doesn't he listen to her calls – but it is good to be busy since business is good. He is still mad at her. Why does she come? He remembers that she will be back and how cruel she is. He is angry for 3 years and leashing it out.

She is wrong but she has no choice but to leave. So she really thinks that she is special to him. He admits that he is angry that she left him right after his accident to study abroad. He is really busy for the past 3 years. 5 times on leg surgery and going through physiotherapy. In fact, he doesn't know how time goes by. (His tone is very bitter.) The heartache has nothing to do with the physical pain his body feels. But her? He needs time and strength to get well and no time to think of her.

She knows he is like that on purpose and has told him that she will be back in 5 years. She is back early within 3 years. He smiles bitterly – she should not be back. She explains that she has no choice and he will make such a choice if he were her. At least he isn't dead. Did he die when she left him – why is he so angry? (Xi Zhen shouldn't have rubbed salt on his wound with her tactless words.)

She never called him once. She can't because this makes her weak. Why? Because she thought he will beg her to return and he will understand. How can he understand someone who doesn't call in 3 years? She has thought that they have shared the trust but she is wrong to think he will wait for her. He used to play this song for her and Zhen Xian can hear no more, standing up to leave to let go of her hand.

San Shun sees Zhen Xian drinking a whole bottle of wine. A cup is already bitter. San Shun learns Mei Ju goes for speech therapy and she chooses not to talk although she can. She suggests bringing her to the shop so that they can bake together. He will not know what Mei Ju thinks as she doesn't voice out. She asks if he loves Xi Zhen. They look good together and she clamps her mouth upon seeing him angry.

He gets completely drunk and both fall to the floor. She shifts him back into his apartment. He can't make fun of her drinking habit now as he keeps moving his feet, making it hard to remove his socks. He scratches her too and refuses to let her go by putting his hand on her as she removes his jacket. (Looks like he has been hit by her drunk virus because his state is as bad as hers.)

His face gets close to her and she prays hard not to let her fall to temptation! He mumbles Xi Zhen's name and she wants him to be specific – although she knows it isn't her. She sees the pig toy in his room. Is he locking himself up for Xi Zhen? He then presses his body on her tightly. Xi Zhen recalls her times with Zhen Xian to hit on each other's feet. Then suddenly San Shun yells at them to concentrate on their studies.

Zhen Xian wakes up and finds himself only wearing a singlet. So that is only a dream – he is relieved. San Shun asks if he is awake. He is startled as he puts the blanket over him. (The reverse happens from her hangover the last time. Hyun Bin sure looks cute in here. ) She laughs – why act naïve and surprised? His drinking habit is as awful as her. She touches her sprained back.

Can't he act like a gentleman? He complains that her porridge is tasteless so she replies that she has already added her face was water! She should have washed her feet to make it just right. (What a funny phrase!) Does she sleep here – he asks hesitantly? Does he think that she returns here just to make him egg soup? He is the one who doesn't allow her to return home. He can't remember how it happens. He will not leave her alone all night and he has a splitting headache now.

The bell rings and she jumps – what should she do? They see Xi Zhen's face as he opens the door. She wants to talk to him but is shocked to see San Shun. His bed and breakfast….what is there to say? She stops as Zhen Xian pulls San Shun close to him – she is his girlfriend. He doesn't want to hide anything from San Shun. Xi Zhen walks away and San Shun is angry. Isn't Xi Zhen the one he is waiting while pretending to date her? He treats her like a fool to hurt her. He flares up – does she know how cruel Xi Zhen is to him? She wants to terminate their contract as it says nothing about him using her. (Not again!)

Xi Zhen cries at the carpark. Yi Ying tries calling San Shun at the restaurant when she isn't home for the night. Wu Xuan watches her and is angry with her for wasting food to be on diet. The other chefs watch in disbelief when both quarrel to land the crepe on Zhen Xian's face!! Yi Ying exclaims that Zhen Xian is handsome but San Shun feels so shameful to have a sister like that. She tells Yi Ying what happens. Wu Xuan apologises to Ms Ou for overstepping her authority.

San Shun tells Zhen Xian to apologise to Xi Zhen for being cruel and mean to her. What is so special about love? He wants the money back right now since she is backing out. She scolds him for living off his parents' money. Did he earn the money? He looks at her in shock when she throws his vase. She yells that he will regret for not respecting her. He tells her that she must pay for the flowers and vase.

Wu Xuan gives San Shun her promotion. Ying Zi laughs at San Shun's name and makes a new nametag for her. The others aren't surprised as Ms Ou has already told them. San Shun keeps on calling her Ying Zi and not Captain Jiang to annoy her – she can change her name to Ying Shun. San Shun puts on the nametag with her real name. She will not change her name then as all find nothing wrong with it.

San Shun tells Xi Zhen she really loves Zhen Xian. It is not what Xi Zhen thinks of them not parting. Zhen Xian doesn't want to see her again as she is selfish. Zhen Xian is San Shun's man now. Xi Zhen's reaction - whatever the case, they are only together for 100 days. Love is childish by nature. San Shun imagines pulling Xi Zhen's hair, telling her to back off but she doesn't do it. She admits she likes Zhen Xian now.

Henry gets 6 months holiday to return to Korea. Xian Shu comes to the restaurant with Mei Ju. She has fun making cookies with San Shun. Zhen Xian gives the guest list of Cai Li's reception to Ms Ou. Ms Ou mentions that Xi Zhen visits her to cry. Mei Ju gets Zhen Xian to join them to make the cookies. He sighs when he is forced to wear the chef uniform.

San Shun gives him commands and Zhen Xian prevents San Shun from mentioning Mei Ju's parents. When
San Shun says Monster Momo has no grandmother or uncle, he smiles. Why does everyone love Momo? Because she listens to people's problems. Mei Ju is a bad child like Momo to press flour on her uncle's face. The staff are baffled – is that Zhen Xian laughing?! It is more like Wu Xuan. This is the first time he laughs and he is so different with his niece.

Ying Zi is angry with the fat pig for dirtying the kitchen, though. San Shun has never seen Zhen Xian like that before so he should laugh more. Mei Ju shows Mdm Luo the cookies and she is angry that Xi Zhen is back. She wants Xian Shu to make sure that she says nothing to Zhen Xian. Henry is at the airport
and Zhen Xian returns home to see Xi Zhen. She gets into his apartment since the password is still the same. He lies that he can't be bothered to change the password. Should there be another reason?

Is Zhen Xian going to marry San Shun? This is none of her business and he forbids her to touch his face. Did she leave for another guy? She left within a week after his accident, not telling him her plans. He searches every university in the States for her and her name isn't on any list. He thinks of her thousands of times a say. He wonders if it is his leg or there is someone else. He doesn't want to think of her so he takes sleeping pills and slept for a week. (This is so sad – they should shoot the scene instead of narrating!)

He can't stop hating her in his dreams. She knows it is hard on him as she makes him ill. So she leaves without telling again. He runs after her to stop her from leaving in the lift, telling her to get out. There are tears in his eyes. She asks if he is going to leave San Shun. He doesn't answer and the door closes, showing their reflection. He runs down the staircase and gets into a cab after her. He calls her on her handphone but she doesn't answer. Henry is at her home.

He has expected her to receive him at the airport but it is fine if she can't make it. (He is too forgiving to her.) He is astonished when she cries in his arms. Zhen Xian sees them and leaves after seeing Henry kissing her forehead. Xian Yu asks San Shun why she doesn't answer his calls. (Is she supposed to?! She should barred his number or divert it!) He feels sorry to make her bake the cake but she says no as she will spit into it! Xian Yu describes Zhen Xian as violent and can't perform sexually.

He is shocked when knowing that both have slept as she replies that she is the best person to know. This shameless man tells her to break up with her boss since she is his woman. She hits him – is he playing a prank on her? Isn't he tired of living? He yells why she is armed with his umbrella as it isn't raining. She still loves him, right? Laugh at her answer – it is used to smack him and she will not return to him.

He still wants to get engaged. Cai Li is cute but he is uneasy with her. So he wants a mistress. She drives him nuts to be with Zhen Xian. She wants to strangle him on the spot for giving love a dirty name. (He is really a hopeless case.) San Shun cries after completing the cake and sees the couple cutting it. She recalls how Xian Yu takes away her first kiss in front of others. Zhen Xian sees her crying and asks if she is ok.

San Shun has asked for the hottest peppers from the market, intending to put it into the cake. So that all will ask for water for being pretty hot – the price Xian Yu has to pay to get on her nerves. He deserves it but she flushes it down the toilet. Xian Yu offers to open a shop for San Shun. Zhen Xian comes –doesn't he just get engaged? What the hell he thinks he is doing?

He doesn't think that he should give advice and should be concerned about Cai Li. He pulls Xian Yu's collar – he will hit him if he ever catches him bothering San Shun again. Xian Yu has thought of Zhen Xian to be a sissy but he is pretty tough so he gets out. (This is a heated argument that all must watch.) San Shun flushes the pepper down the toilet and cries. She plays the piano with a finger and drinks again. Zhen Xian comes and she relates not having the chance to learn it for being the youngest.

He gives her piano lessons for making a great cake but comments that her fingers are tough. That is the price to pay for mixing dough for 10 years and he teases her fingers for looking more like toes. Zhen Xian teaches her how to play the piano (Suh Ah needs no guidance but she is so good in pretending not to know a thing at all!) Why does she cry -- because she loves Xian Yu? No, because eternal love doesn't exist. Seeing her drinking, he will deduct from her pay unless she offers him a drink. What a way to ask! But she gets some for him from the remaining wine for the cake and also the cakes too.

She stopped playing the basketball game after her grandfather died so that she needs not avoid him anymore. The piano teacher found her pitiful and gave her some pointers. Her name was Xi Zhen so San Shun strives to be Xi Zhen from that day onwards. She dreams of having her own shop so that she will not live like Mr Jin to have a sad life. To Zhen Xian, she is someone special in his restaurant. She is the oldest and the heaviest. (Do laugh at this joke!) She finds him too cynical again.

It is unfair to her to answer his questions but he hasn't told her why he is angry with Xi Zhen. He says everything is over so she needs not ask. They keep drinking and she apologises for not singing as well as he plays the piano. There is cream on her mouth. He removes it and suddenly gets shy. He drinks another gulp of wine again. She thinks it is about the time to leave and she nearly trips.

He quickly holds on to her waist. She tries to struggle from him but he suddenly holds her waist tight. He is about to kiss her when he asks why she doesn't close her eyes. She kisses him and holds on to him to kiss again. He doesn't reject but kisses her back. They separate in disbelief and she walks out in the rain. Both can't believe what they have just done!

It has been a couple of days. She tells Ren Yu about the kiss. Zhen Xian cleans his office but Ying Zi offers to help. She starts loosening her clothes and leans close to him. She will wait for him to kiss him! But this is only her imagination. A cockroach drops onto her chest and she gets frightened, running around and finally sprawling on the floor. She shocks the others.

The two meet when removing the rubbish to the rubbish dump. Zhen Xian doesn't know what to say to her. He takes out his handphone and sms to her to tell her to go to the office. Did she put anything in the wine to make someone insane? She maintains that she will not do that to food. He takes out her handbag – why hasn't she asked for it? She asks back - why doesn't he return to her?

He has thought she will come herself. He is sorry for the mistake. She replies that she should say sorry for starting first. Nevertheless, they are glad it will not happen again. Has she started liking him? He reminds her how to pretend to date. The next morning, she returns to see the table cleared. Why do that as she knows he is the one? How did he remember to clear the table and keep her bad if he is drunk? But he says that she is too drunk to remember the hug.

He will maintain 1% vision in case of emergencies. Correct, how can he be attracted to a fat spinster during midnight to hug her? It is his fault for letting her drunk when aware of her drinking habit. No, it is her fault for having a lousy guy to drink with on rainy nights. He is amused – does she enjoy having guys like that? She is selective with men. Same for him? Why sit beside the piano alone like that? She should go home and drink. She can't understand why he raises his voice.

She wears a suit to accompany him for a family event as his girlfriend. Henry likes the ancient motel and Xi Zhen invites him to stay at her place. He will only go if she only has a room for him.(He is just joking.) His mother is blind and doesn't want him to look at foreign girls or they will fall for him. He looks at her - isn't he gorgeous (He sure is.) but why doesn't she feel anything when with him? They go to Seoul Hotel – the hotel that Zhen Xian's uncle owns on Jiju island where all come.

The Xuans' have a gathering there. San Shun is astonished – the hotel is not an inn – it is too expensive. He can't leave with her on the same day as he still has work. She grumbles that he is arrogant. Xian Xu comes – he is learning under his father for business. Mdm Luo hopes her bachelor elder brother, Mr Luo will leave his hotel to Zhen Xian but he says no. He jokes that he wants Xian Shu to marry him. Zhen Xian exclaims that he loses his mind upon seeing how San Shun eats.

Xian Yu sneers at her for dating the future president of a hotel but Zhen Xian is only toying with her. She retorts it is none of his business. He buys something for her during a business trip but Zhen Xian snatches to look at it. It is a necklace. He throws it into the pond! Xian Yu pulls his collar – what is he doing? Zhen Xian hits him – he has already told him to stay away from her. Xian Yu hits back and warns him to stop toying with her. Both men fight and San Shun bits Xian Yu's hand. (This is a must watch scene.)

She shouts that she is biting a dog. Cai Li pulls her hair and both women fight. The guys stop to see how San Shun sit on Cai Li. Zhen Xian drags her aside and she yells – has Cai Li forgotten that she was an athlete? She has wanted to keep it a secret but Xian Yu digs his own grave. Xian Yu tells Zhen Xian that he is San Shun's first man. Zhen Xian gets so angry that he pushes him right into the pond!

He drags her away – has she forgotten their contract? Why meet other men behind his back? She replies that it isn't intentional although she avoids him. What is it to him? Whether it is Xian Yu or somebody else, don't look at anyone. Just listen to him – only him! (He isn't aware that he likes her.) He praises her for being great to bite him! She replies that he could have said it instead of beating around the bush if he likes her. He finally falls for her! Wait – who is she fooling – probably he is just joking.

Cai Li is angry that Xian Yu dates such a woman and still wants to marry her. He claims that San Shun goes to him and Zhen Xian overreacts. She threatens to call off their wedding. Xian Yu yells – fine, she makes him feel like an old man compared to Zhen Xian. He is only 2 years older than Zhen Xian but she makes him feel that way. San Shun dresses Zhen Xian's lip wound. He is the host of a party but beats up a guest. He should let it go – why be so worked up? Mdm Luo will be upset to know it. (The novel's Zhen Xian is very level-headed and will not allow himself to be disgraced in front of anyone.)

He looks tenderly at her. She asks if she has done something wrong again. He replies that he is afraid that she will misunderstand his intentions. He is just being nice. She can understand why he lashes out because they are technically dating. It is just a mistake but he makes too many lately. Now, he denies it. He really doesn't like her looking and paying attention to other guys. He doesn't know why but he just doesn't like it. San Shun gasps – they can't like each other!

Why say he likes her and date her? He just states the facts and she need not read too much into it. She gets angry – so he is playing with her? They can write another contract. He laughs – her existence is a joke. She wants to return to Seoul but he lies on her stomach on the bed, be his pillow. It has temperature adjustment and she should not tighten her muscles to let go. She mumbles that she has sold it for $5 million.

He can't help laughing when seeing her although he has no right to laugh. He has not told this to anyone. He kills his brother, his sister-in-law and his love. They went for a picnic and Xi Zhen didn't join them. His brother was tired after taking the hotel management on the way back so Zhen Xian took over. Zhen Xian was learning hotel management from him then. The accident happened and Zhen Xian cries when he recalls the past. San Shun hugs his face to console him.

Henry is disappointed that his mother's hometown made way for roads. Yi Ying is happy to know from Ying Zi that San Shun is away for a family meet. She meets Wu Xuan who lends her a pair of jeans when there is a tear in her skirt. Henry and Xi Zhen admire the scenery on Jiju. He wonders why she can't see the treasure in front of her. He is rally nice and he will take her if Zhen Xian rejects her. (Beats me too - Henry is so nice and he is equipped with good medical skills to be the person to take care of her when she is ill.)

Time passed and Zhen Xian can't be bothered to meet anyone but he still waits for Xi Zhen. Because of pride or he regrets that he will start again? San Shun can see that he still loves her. Both women are similar to him – both make him laugh. He climbed Halla Mountain twice – once after his college entrance examinations with his brother and after he finished his rehabilitation treatment. He has thought that his leg would not be too much of a problem if he gets to the top. Yes, he did.

Standing on top of the clouds told him that he had enough to let go of resentment and blame. He resolved that he wouldn't be weak when Xi Zhen is back. His brother made the best noodles for him after the climb. She touches her stomach as she doesn't get enough to eat earlier. Zhen Xian suggests that they can go Halla mountain next time. Yi Ying doesn't like Wu Xian but has no choice.

San Shun wants to go to the airport. Both meet Xi Zhen and Henry at the lobby. Zhen Xian drags San Shun away while Xi Zhen wants to talk to him. She explains that Henry isn't her boyfriend and he can't do this to her. San Shun doesn't let Zhen Xian go too. She will not allow him to look at other women too. Just listen to her – only her. (How she repeats his words!) Does Xi Zhen want her to slap her? She will not allow a second or a minute. It is over between them if he follows Xi Zhen.

Henry leads Xi Zhen away and Zhen Xian is moody in the taxi. He tells the driver to stop and walks out. He wants San Shun to get back on her own. She admits that she starts to like him. But he still goes to Xi Zhen. She wants to make him regret for not trusting her. Henry tells the reason - he is her doctor although Xi Zhen warns him not to. She had cancer then and he removed most of her stomach. Xi Zhen should not be stressed and he should not yell at her.

Zhen Xian slaps her – why keep it from him? She can't bring herself to tell, thinking that everything will be fine. He hugs her and weeps. (That is a touching scene.) San Shun asks Henry – she speaks French but he knows only English. She is shocked to know that both are in the same room. Zhen Xian sees the vitamin pills Xi Zhen takes. How does he gets the scar on his lips – she applies medicine on him and kisses him.

He smiles to her and points at his lips. She got the results on the fateful day. She lied that she had classes then and he didn't know how much she anguished over it while waiting for him to wake up. When will he recover? He will be in a more pitiful state than her. Her chance of survival was only 35% and she cried on the phone. There was 65% not seeing him again and he should be proud of her now.

He hugs her – thanks for being alive. She is touched. Henry is a tough one and he wins by forbidding San Shun to intrude into the room. She teaches him how to eat cakes and read a book. (I am totally impressed by Suh Ah's acting. She really pretends not knowing English at all convincingly when we know that she is actually fluent in it!) Xi Zhen has been mean to Henry. She shouted at him and bit him but he never stopped smiling. (How this guy suffered!) Now she has to thank him. Henry studies Korean now.

San Shun is at the airport, leaving a message. She thanks Zhen Xian for telling her about his brother. She will tell him about her father. She wasn't around for his funeral as it was too sudden and she could not get a ticket home. He packed rice cakes for her before she left for Paris. She looked at Halla mountain. Mdm Luo wants to see Zhen Xian but is surprised to know from the staff that he has not worked for 4 days. He doesn't return San Shun's sms too. All think that it is over between them since Xi Zhen has stolen his heart.

San Shun mumbles and scolds him for lying on her belly. She is surprised that he is in hospital again. Because of his leg? He replies that there is no need for her to come. Henry sends Xi Zhen's ultrasonic pictures, MRI and CTs along. Zhen Xian's doctor friend mumbles – even as Xi Zhen's doctor, it isn't easy for Henry to bring all these along. He replies that she should be okay after 5 years. Zhen Xian's friend tells Zhen Xian not to worry as Xi Zhen as a good doctor and she has strong will too.

Zhen Xian is shocked to know that Henry has 5 months' leave and offers to pay for his holiday trips but he rejects. Zhen Xian replies that it is rude of him to reject in Korean custom as he presses him to leave. Henry reads the book San Shun recommends to him and wishes to thank her. He is down when Xi Zhen follows Zhen Xian. (How sad he looks – feel like giving him a hug.) Yi Ying presses San Shun to tell her what happens – Zhen Xian must be a womanizer. Both sisters fight.

Zhen Xian sleeps beside Xi Zhen. San Shun comes to his apartment with porridge, thinking that he is ill and is shocked to see Xi Zhen instead. She storms out and scolds him bastard, reminding him of the 6th clause – never fall in love with others. She kicks his leg and wants to break the contracts. He runs after her and admits that he starts again with Xi Zhen. Since he violates it, she needs not pay at all. Does he think that he can buy her heart – she is upset. Don't bring her to Jiju island – why does he cry too?

Is he that easy to ask her to go to Halla mountain? He might not know that it is the same as saying he likes her. He should not hurt her like this. Does her heart only worth $5 million? She will take it she likes him back. It is just a mistake – he apologises as he really means going when mentioning. Why? So that she can carry him if his leg aches? That is an idea. Does he find her amusing? She really blows up – he can go with Xi Zhen now. Later, she faints by the road and he runs to her.

He sends her to hospital and observes her injured arm. Xi Zhen tells him not to worry but he replies that she getting sick will affect the restaurant. San Shun is only sleeping – she must have stayed up waiting for him as her eyes are bloodshot. He sighs and shakes his head, hesitating to tell Xi Zhen about the contract. Yi Ying recalls drinking with Xi Zhen in the plane upon arrival.

Zhen Xian finally listens to his handphone messages. He sees San Shun crying in her sleeping, pleading with him not to leave. She dreams of him leaving in the cab. He wakes her up and wants to send the sisters home in his car. San Shun stares at Xi Zhen – so he is driving now? Her bicycle is still at his apartment and but she refuses his lift and leaves. Yi Ying tells Xi Zhen to turn around to hit Zhen Xian. She will kill him if he pesters San Shun. Xi Zhen also feels he deserves it.

Zhen Xian buys a car and is driving now…..San Shun weeps in the cab. (How sad to show how the power of love has overcome his fear in driving.) Ying Zi is stunned to see Zhen Xian parking his car. The car looks good with him as a top designer brand. Mdm Luo doesn't want Xi Zhen to see Zhen Xian as she doesn't want a sick daughter-in-law. She has told her to return when better but she changes her mind.

Losing someone like a daughter-in-law is even harder to her. She looks at the family photo to weep. Xi Zhen cries and so does Mei Ju. San Shun gets drunk and sees her father. He encourages her to go for Zhen Xian. Mdm Luo only wants to make use of San Shun to break them up. Xi Zhen observes a mole near Zhen Xian's ear. He has it near his left ear since young. She must be distracted when kissing him. She promises to make Mdm Luo accept her.

Mdm Luo picks San Shun up for Zhen Xian's brother's death anniversary at the temple. Zhen Xian also comes with Ms Ou. He is stunned to see San Shun. Sometimes Mdm Luo regrets getting her elder son to take over the hotel. He might still be alive if she lets him continue his mountain climbing hobby. Ms Ou's only son was killed in the accident too. She hit Zhen Xian although he was injured in bed. He could not say anything but kept crying then. She only knew how to teach children but he said working in a restaurant made no difference. He was afraid that she would be lonely after retirement so he gave her the job.

Zhen Xian tells Mdm Luo not to do this again as they have broken up. She hits his head again. Why is he always calling her Chairman Luo? San Shun doesn't call him because she is not sure what is going on. Don't listen to Mrs Luo but to him. He will make sure that this will not happen again. He is on bad terms with Mdm Luo and she doesn't want to listen to any of them. She gives her resignation letter and he drives away. He waits for her at her home bus stop.

Her legs will not ache and could have taken cold noodles with him if she has taken his lift. He gives her flowers to a pastry maker but not to a woman. He is not good at that but she is too a good staff to lose. She takes it as his arm hurts but forces him to go on his knees. He will not do it so she walks away. So he does it. (You will definitely laugh at this one.) But why is his face all crumbled up? She takes it as his knee is hurting. Is she satisfied? No – her heart doesn't change even he gives flowers.

He protests and wants the flowers back! Is he trying to lecture her? She will leave after 2 weeks to train Ren Yu and knocks his head. He smiles and Mdm Luo still refuses to lunch with Xi Zhen. So she tries to prove to Xian Shu that she can eat well. Cai Li comes to sneer at San Shun and San Shu throws flour at her. She gets into the toilet and refuses to give Zhen Xian the toilet paper as his cubicle has none! She laughs when all have lunch and wonder where he is.

Zhen Xian comes out and gives her more vegetables to treat constipation. She gives him too as he has piles. She even offers to introduce a surgeon to him. (This is a funny exchange between them.) All join San Shun for dancing at the pub. All are disappointed in their boss who is indifferent towards women but yet is a player. Henry calls Xi Zhen but she is busy kissing Zhen Xian in the pub and the singer is singing her favourite song, over the rainbow.

San Shun wonders how Zhen Xian wipes his behind. Mrs Jin is angry that San Shun has a contract love agreement. She confronts Zhen Xian but she is too short to slap his face! She then pulls his tie and hits him. Ms Ou splashes water on Mrs Jin. Both women fight and the sisters have to stop them. Wu Xuan wants to meet Yi Ying at 9 pm to get his lucky jeans back. Mrs Jin pays the house deed so that they don't pay him the money and San Shun will not work for him anymore.

If only she has a son…..Mrs Ou is sorry about that but Mrs Jin is still angry. Shouldn't San Shun keep it a secret? He thinks that she is crazy and will not accept her resignation. They should forget about everything. It is ok to him but not to her. He panics as she can't come and goes as she pleases. She gets her bag and Ren Yu worries – what is she going to do without her? She lends her her notes. All crowd around to follow her out as they miss her – even Ying Zi is one of them. Zhen Xian is sad to see her go too.

Yi Ying and Wu Xuan are divorcees and Wu Xuan forces her to give him a treat. Zhen Xian sees the empty kitchen after work. He looks at her notes in making pastries. She wants to be a person without yeast. He sms to her – he will give a 10 % raise. She ignores it – he needs another beating to think that he can bribe her. Later it becomes 20%. She sees the dried roses and is reminded of the past. So she dumps them with the clothes he bought for her to meet Mdm Luo.

He waits for no answer to call her but she leaves her handphone in the room. She buries the rose petals in the ground. When his phone rings, he thinks it is her but it is Xi Zhen instead. He is disappointed and lies that he is on the way home but he is still outside the restaurant. She wants to join Mei Ju's therapy the next day. Zhen Xian wakes up – jumps when someone calls him San Shi and he should eat breakfast. Why are
there no eggs in the fridge? He realizes that he has imagined the pig toy talking to him.

He throws it out but has a shock when another appears in his room to punish him for ditching her. He wakes up to see it beside him. He pushes it onto the floor. Mrs Jin allows San Shun to change her name to Xi Zhen for a change of luck. Yi Ying has slept with Wu Xuan for the night and leaves money for his service! He feels so humiliated. (I am baffled too as normally guys will do it.) Zhen Xian throws the toy away but the rubbish collector chides him for wasting it and should send to the recycling centre.

Mrs Luo is angry with San Shun's resignation and is shocked that Mrs Jin has created a scene. Is San Shun pregnant then? A girl rejects the toy when Zhen Xian offers it to her. He brings it to work and gives to Ren Yu – take it back and when is she getting her bicycle from his place. Ren Yu stops work – he has thought of her to be San Shun. She is worried that she can't make it and he promises to get help. San Shun straightens her hair and wants coffee with no sugar.

Zhen Xian goes shopping with Mei Ju and Xi Zhen. He is reminded of the story of Uncle Momo so he gets her the book. She has learned to read and write Korean at an early age although she is under therapy for 2 years. It is hard on him 2 times weekly as observed by Xi Zhen. Imagine our shock when Zhen Xian replies – well, he has her, San Shun. They can take turns to bring her. He then looks at Xi Zhen – what is it? Xi Zhen's smile freezes but doesn't tell him his mistake.

He has something to discuss with her – she resigns because of Xi Zhen. Even if it is contract dating, it must be awkward. Does she like him? She doesn't seem to fake at Jiju island. He doesn't know so he doesn't feel it. (It is obvious that he is lying.) San Shun has a happy blind date – the first one she has met. Cai Li and Xian Yu see that. Cai Li exclaims what a change so soon after Xi Zhen is back and they break up. The customers comment that the cakes are not nice as before and know that the patisser has resigned.

Xian Yu smiles – his chance is here! Zhen Xian is reading the Uncle Momo book when Cai Li informs him of San Shun's blind date. He gets so angry that he hangs up on her. (He loves her deeply and yet he doesn't know – I really have nothing to say.) The two are chatting when he comes. The guy comments Zhen Xian to be a jerk – young but rude. That is why she quits and this is good thinking. She works somewhere better with her skills then. He has not tried her cakes but the good thing about her is to tell just by looking at someone. Her new hairdo suits her. She laughs.

Zhen Xian comes and tells her not to be like this. She should not go for blind dates as he has persuaded his mother. She quickly clarifies that he is acting and not listen to him. Upon seeing her drinking black coffee, he tells her that it is bad for the baby and pulls her away! She uses her bag to hit him. (Oh no – he really comes up with terrible excuses.) He tells her that Ren Yu burns herself and the bakery comes to a stop.

She runs there to find that it is only a small burn. This jerk tricks her again! She goes to him and he retorts – she likes men so much to do her hair and buy new clothes for the blind date. She has forgotten her contract – she isn't supposed to meet other men. Even breaking it, she has not paid him back. She should abide by it until she dies. (Oh – what a thing to say when he breaks the rules first as he allows jealousy to cloud his head) He has taken the house deed as he is afraid that Mrs Jin will kill him.

She should come to work for him then. She writes on paper - he stares at her 'cheque' - $5 million. She is playing with him – taking her words and shove money in her face. The clothes are Yi Ying's and she doesn't spend the money at all. He runs after her, wanting to talk to her but she leaves. He runs after her on the bus and sits behind her. (I thought he has said that they should not date on the bus but now he breaks his rule too.) Xi Zhen recalls how evasive Zhen Xian is and how San Shun tells her not to hinder then.

Henry tries the spicy octopus but it is too hot for him. Xi Zhen laughs at him and he forbids her to eat it as it might hurt her stomach. His eyes open wide upon seeing her trying the live octopus this time. Something is wrong with her when she laughs. He knows her better than herself. She used to think that she shines but not now. To him, she still shines. (How oblivious she is to him!)

San Shun wants to smoke but Zhen Xian stops her as smoking is harmful. He doesn't like smokers. Stop playing with her as he is as filthy as cigarettes. She borrows the money to save the house. Yet he ridicules her with it. She has gotten along well with the guy but he ruins it. Will she meet someone who likes her back? He might be the last one for her. Why is he like that – can she meet someone greater?

He replies that she is attractive because she doesn't know. She tells him not to fool her anymore. He tells her not to meet other men or go on blind dates. He isn't joking. He really dislikes her meeting other men. Xian Yu comes and hits him – he is really a scum to ask for $5 million. The guys fight. Xian Yu asks – is it fun playing with money? She doesn't want to see Zhen Xian again. She also tells Xian Yu to leave.

Xian Yu wants her to tell him if she needs money. She yells – dream on, bastard! She doesn't want to get involved in men. She gets Mrs Jin out and he quickly runs away. Zhen Xian returns to office and throws the toy away. But it drops out of the rubbish trolley and he takes it back. (If it is destined to be his, there is no way he can discard it. This is so funny when he tries in vain to get rid of it.) He throws it on the floor and kicks it aside. He can't sleep at night and looks at it – what is there to look at?

Mdm Luo asks Zhen Xian why San Shun resigns. He has to get the hotel baker himself and he tells her he knows who the spy is and don't deceive him anymore. Mdm Luo asks Xian Shu how he knows. Yi Ying sells her apartment to buy a new shop. Zhen Xian sees a poster and thinks of San Shun. Mdm Luo observes Xi Zhen doing yoga. She is pretty but too weak. She and Xian Shu see Henry and she exclaims who this handsome man is. So distracted that she hits her head on the door without looking! (Everyone will give the same reaction but only Xi Zhen is neutral, sigh…..)

They visit the restaurant and Ying Zi gets attracted to knock into the wall too by Henry. He is a masterpiece - not a human like a good looking sculpture to suit Xi Zhen well. You will laugh when she refers Xi Zhen to a toothpick but her address is appropriate indeed. Zhen Xian asks if the food is ok and Henry is shocked that San Shun resigns. Someone's birthday is approaching at the guest house and he wishes her to bake a cake but Zhen Xian snaps that she isn't free now. (Is he frustrated with himself or he doesn't want Henry to have a chance to talk at her at all because he is jealous?)

Xi Zhen hints Zhen Xian to stay at her place but he lies that he is busy and returns home to look at San Shun's bicycle. He calls her to take it back. Now? She is stunned as it is late. It gives him a lot of stress as it keeps talking to him. If she doesn't get it, he will trade it for candy. He cycles it from room to room while waiting for her. He wants her to take away with the doll. She looks at the Uncle Momo book and he quickly says that Mei Ju wants it. (What a lame excuse!) Does he sit on the bicycle as the tyres are flat!

Before having kids, all men are kids. So women over 30 are old maids. He can give her a ride home then. (Now I know why he does that.) He wants no music in the car but she wants. Why is he keep snapping at her? He asks what she did with Xian Yu but she says it is none of his business. He has tied her bike at the back of his car. Why call her when she is about to forget him? Trying to show off his good looking face?

Why are his fingers so long? Gosh – his skin is even paler than hers. She just hates him. Isn't he afraid of dreaming? No – then why quiet all the way. She touches his hand – he looks at her in dismay and she shakes her head. It is only her imagination. He asks why her name is San Shun while her sisters are Yi Ying and Er Ying. Everyone has thought that she will be a boy but she isn't. So her grandfather names her San Shun as a miller's daughter out of rage.

Mr Jin has vouched for others on debt before his death but the person runs away with the money. How did he get out of the toilet – she wants to know. He will not tell her who the culprit is unless she works for him again but she refuses. He refuses to answer Xi Zhen's call. She asks who Princess Smiles is. He doesn't want her to ask. She knows she is Xi Zhen and he is cheating on her. He denies – so get it then!

He lies he is listening to music so San Shun turns it on. It reminds her of the old days. Zhen Xian doesn't know how to hide his face from the grim looking San Shun (Serves him right!) She suddenly shouts – red light – be careful as he nearly kills them! Xi Zhen is silent – is San Shun with him? He only tells her he will call her later. Zhen Xian looks sternly at San Shun – she can walk the rest of the way home on her own.

So this is how a man lies - how can he be angry as he is in the wrong? He shouts her back – she must learn manners besides baking cakes. She is rude but she will not cheat. (Yes – I agree with her.) She laughs at him for having a pale face for lying. He is such a joke to stutter earlier. Why make her a fool? That is why he doesn't want to answer the phone. To her, not answering is cheating. Does he like her and know how weird he is today? Don't lie – tell what is in his head.

Doesn't he tell her what men will want to hold a woman like her? She is not his type to have pig's feet hands. He is not her type too as he is dishonest. He lies that he never thinks of her. Don't do something like calling someone at midnight as this means liking someone. (The argument really heats to 100 degrees.) She thinks he is interested in her. He kicks her bike and throws the toy at the rear before leaving.

Xi Zhen calls him on the way to work. Is he with San Shun? Does he lie because she will feel bad? If he says, she understands but she feels bad the whole night. If he wants to cheat, be tactful. Wu Xuan scolds Yi Ying for giving the $100 'counterfeit' cheque. Zhen Xian recalls San Shun's words and walks to the kitchen. He looks at her notes. (He misses her, isn't it?) Xian Yu still sees her to celebrate Christmas for the last time. She is uneasy when he brings her to Mdm Luo's hotel. (He is doing it on purpose.)

He has a membership card and that is the best place to talk. Zhen Xian sees them – she is uneasy to be in slippers and shorts. Xian Yu tells him to join them. He forces the lift door open to get in. Xian Yu remarks -it must be hard on him since San Shun quits. Zhen Xian replies that she is not the only pastry maker in town but Xian Yu is sure that no one will be as good as her. (As much as I dislike him, I also must agree that he knows San Shun very well.)

Zhen Xian replies that he doesn't favour people who cheat. She confesses to like him but then goes around meeting her ex. He walks out and later turns back – it will be hard for her to find a new job as he has spread the word that she is irresponsible who doesn't even give prior notice before resigning! (How nasty he has become – but it might be a way to force her to work for him again.)

He asks Mdm Luo when she is lending him her pastry maker. She wants her to give up his restaurant and work in the hotel as she is tired. He still insists of having the pastry maker but she wants him to sell it. He doesn't call Mother but Chairman Luo again. He is in a terrible mood right now. Xian Yu gives San Shun a ring to get married. If she accepts, he will call off the engagement. She wants to see Cai Li cry and run to her. Then she will believe and accept the ring. (She knows he only wants her to be his mistress.)

He will never call off because there is no sincerity in his DNA. (How I love this phrase!) Zhen Xian drives away and recalls San Shun's words – she has not thought of him at all. He quickly turns back. She forces Zhen Xian to call Cai Li right now. Shall she call her for him? He gets nervous when she gets through. She doesn't want to do this but Cai Li's fiancé is pestering her. He is tiring her out here. Come and break his legs or change his DNA. Just make him into a decent person. (This scene is marvelous!)

Zhen Xian shouts her name and she jumps – how dare he shouts at her! Zhen Xian warns Xian Yu - don't touch anything that belongs to his woman. Xian Yu snatches his handphone back as Zhen Xian tells her not to meet other men. Both grab her hands. Xian Yu – so she hasn't paid her debt and he can help. Zhen Xian gets so angry to kick his chair to make him trip to pull her out.

He brings her into the gents and kisses her. (Why this place again?!) She is at first angry – how can he do as he pleases? Is he on drugs or drunk? Or lost his mind to make another mistake? No. To her, what he does is cheating on Xi Zhen but he tells her not to compare him with the scum, Xian Yu. She thinks they are the same but Zhen Xian is worse. No, he likes her. He keeps thinking of her and it is driving him crazy. Who is he to shout – does she force him to think of her all the time?

He is sorry. Why are they here out of all places? She can't take it anymore. He wipes her tears. It is not black tears today. She cries – who wears makeup so late at night, stupid? He hugs her tightly. (This is a wonderful and romantic scene.) What is he going to do to Xi Zhen? He kisses her without thinking about it! He doesn't because he is confused. He stops his car abruptly upon knowing she wants to change her name. Cancel it right away – he likes her name. Does she hear him? (He has the commanding tone again.)

Don't tell her what to do before she ends with Xi Zhen. He wants her to cancel it or he will do it for her. She wants him to change his name to San Shi then. He doesn't like Jin Xi Zhen but he likes Jin San Shun. Why change since the person is the same? Isn't the name fine? No, changing her name is the first goal in life. Why make it so complicated and hard – he gets desperate.

Yi Ying disallows him to see San Shun. There is no one like San Shun in his world. His interest in her will not last more than 6 months. He calls her elder sister and she gets annoyed. He tells her not to make things more complicated. She insists Xi Zhen is perfect for him although she only meets her once. She will not allow him to hurt her sister. He is as atrocious as the $5 million. He kicks the lamppost in anger.

San Shun dresses sexily and sits on the piano to listen to Zhen Xian playing. While getting down, she twists her ankle and hugs him to fall onto the floor. He laments – doesn't he tell her to lose weight? Doesn't he like her belly cushion? This is only her imagination and she shakes her head – this will not work. What about forcing Henry to leave? Henry will take his clothes out – to suddenly answer her in Korean that he will handle it! She yells at him – he has too much money to burn to stay although he likes Xi Zhen?

But he keeps smiling at her. Watching over someone is not love. Zhen Xian is the one she loves – he is protecting her love. San Shun imagines Henry's answer to be like this – she can't communicate with him too. Zhen Xian returns home, puzzled on why the lights are on. He is stunned to see Xi Zhen cooking a meal for him and ries – who wears makeup so late at night, stupid? He hugs her tightly. (This is a wonderful and romantic scene.) What is he going to do to Xi Zhen? He kisses her without thinking about it! He doesn't because he is confused. He stops his car abruptly upon knowing she wants to change her name. Cancel it right away – he likes her name. Does she hear him? (He has the commanding tone again.)

Don't tell her what to do before she ends with Xi Zhen. He wants her to cancel it or he will do it for her. She wants him to change his name to San Shi then. He doesn't like Jin Xi Zhen but he likes Jin San Shun. Why change since the person is the same? Isn't the name fine? No, changing her name is the first goal in life. Why make it so complicated and hard – he gets desperate.

Yi Ying disallows him to see San Shun. There is no one like San Shun in his world. His interest in her will not last more than 6 months. He calls her elder sister and she gets annoyed. He tells her not to make things more complicated. She insists Xi Zhen is perfect for him although she only meets her once. She will not allow him to hurt her sister. He is as atrocious as the $5 million. He kicks the lamppost in anger.

San Shun dresses sexily and sits on the piano to listen to Zhen Xian playing. While getting down, she twists her ankle and hugs him to fall onto the floor. He laments – doesn't he tell her to lose weight? Doesn't he like her belly cushion? This is only her imagination and she shakes her head – this will not work. What about forcing Henry to leave? Henry will take his clothes out – to suddenly answer her in Korean that he will handle it! She yells at him – he has too much money to burn to stay although he likes Xi Zhen?

But he keeps smiling at her. Watching over someone is not love. Zhen Xian is the one she loves – he is protecting her love. San Shun imagines Henry's answer to be like this – she can't communicate with him too. Zhen Xian returns home, puzzled on why the lights are on. He is stunned to see Xi Zhen cooking a meal for him and ries – who wears makeup so late at night, stupid? He hugs her tightly. (This is a wonderful and romantic scene.) What is he going to do to Xi Zhen? He kisses her without thinking about it! He doesn't because he is confused. He stops his car abruptly upon knowing she wants to change her name. Cancel it right away – he likes her name. Does she hear him? (He has the commanding tone again.)

Don't tell her what to do before she ends with Xi Zhen. He wants her to cancel it or he will do it for her. She wants him to change his name to San Shi then. He doesn't like Jin Xi Zhen but he likes Jin San Shun. Why change since the person is the same? Isn't the name fine? No, changing her name is the first goal in life. Why make it so complicated and hard – he gets desperate.

Yi Ying disallows him to see San Shun. There is no one like San Shun in his world. His interest in her will not last more than 6 months. He calls her elder sister and she gets annoyed. He tells her not to make things more complicated. She insists Xi Zhen is perfect for him although she only meets her once. She will not allow him to hurt her sister. He is as atrocious as the $5 million. He kicks the lamppost in anger.

San Shun dresses sexily and sits on the piano to listen to Zhen Xian playing. While getting down, she twists her ankle and hugs him to fall onto the floor. He laments – doesn't he tell her to lose weight? Doesn't he like her belly cushion? This is only her imagination and she shakes her head – this will not work. What about forcing Henry to leave? Henry will take his clothes out – to suddenly answer her in Korean that he will handle it! She yells at him – he has too much money to burn to stay although he likes Xi Zhen?

But he keeps smiling at her. Watching over someone is not love. Zhen Xian is the one she loves – he is protecting her love. San Shun imagines Henry's answer to be like this – she can't communicate with him too. Zhen Xian returns home, puzzled on why the lights are on. He is stunned to see Xi Zhen cooking a meal for him and ries – who wears makeup so late at night, stupid? He hugs her tightly. (This is a wonderful and romantic scene.) What is he going to do to Xi Zhen? He kisses her without thinking about it! He doesn't because he is confused. He stops his car abruptly upon knowing she wants to change her name. Cancel it right away – he likes her name. Does she hear him? (He has the commanding tone again.)

Don't tell her what to do before she ends with Xi Zhen. He wants her to cancel it or he will do it for her. She wants him to change his name to San Shi then. He doesn't like Jin Xi Zhen but he likes Jin San Shun. Why change since the person is the same? Isn't the name fine? No, changing her name is the first goal in life. Why make it so complicated and hard – he gets desperate.

Yi Ying disallows him to see San Shun. There is no one like San Shun in his world. His interest in her will not last more than 6 months. He calls her elder sister and she gets annoyed. He tells her not to make things more complicated. She insists Xi Zhen is perfect for him although she only meets her once. She will not allow him to hurt her sister. He is as atrocious as the $5 million. He kicks the lamppost in anger.

San Shun dresses sexily and sits on the piano to listen to Zhen Xian playing. While getting down, she twists her ankle and hugs him to fall onto the floor. He laments – doesn't he tell her to lose weight? Doesn't he like her belly cushion? This is only her imagination and she shakes her head – this will not work. What about forcing Henry to leave? Henry will take his clothes out – to suddenly answer her in Korean that he will handle it! She yells at him – he has too much money to burn to stay although he likes Xi Zhen?

But he keeps smiling at her. Watching over someone is not love. Zhen Xian is the one she loves – he is protecting her love. San Shun imagines Henry's answer to be like this – she can't communicate with him too. Zhen Xian returns home, puzzled on why the lights are on. He is stunned to see Xi Zhen cooking a meal for him and ries – who wears makeup so late at night, stupid? He hugs her tightly. (This is a wonderful and romantic scene.) What is he going to do to Xi Zhen? He kisses her without thinking about it! He doesn't because he is confused. He stops his car abruptly upon knowing she wants to change her name. Cancel it right away – he likes her name. Does she hear him? (He has the commanding tone again.)

Don't tell her what to do before she ends with Xi Zhen. He wants her to cancel it or he will do it for her. She wants him to change his name to San Shi then. He doesn't like Jin Xi Zhen but he likes Jin San Shun. Why change since the person is the same? Isn't the name fine? No, changing her name is the first goal in life. Why make it so complicated and hard – he gets desperate.

Yi Ying disallows him to see San Shun. There is no one like San Shun in his world. His interest in her will not last more than 6 months. He calls her elder sister and she gets annoyed. He tells her not to make things more complicated. She insists Xi Zhen is perfect for him although she only meets her once. She will not allow him to hurt her sister. He is as atrocious as the $5 million. He kicks the lamppost in anger.

San Shun dresses sexily and sits on the piano to listen to Zhen Xian playing. While getting down, she twists her ankle and hugs him to fall onto the floor. He laments – doesn't he tell her to lose weight? Doesn't he like her belly cushion? This is only her imagination and she shakes her head – this will not work. What about forcing Henry to leave? Henry will take his clothes out – to suddenly answer her in Korean that he will handle it! She yells at him – he has too much money to burn to stay although he likes Xi Zhen?

But he keeps smiling at her. Watching over someone is not love. Zhen Xian is the one she loves – he is protecting her love. San Shun imagines Henry's answer to be like this – she can't communicate with him too. Zhen Xian returns home, puzzled on why the lights are on. He is stunned to see Xi Zhen cooking a meal for him and ries – who wears makeup so late at night, stupid? He hugs her tightly. (This is a wonderful and romantic scene.) What is he going to do to Xi Zhen? He kisses her without thinking about it! He doesn't because he is confused. He stops his car abruptly upon knowing she wants to change her name. Cancel it right away – he likes her name. Does she hear him? (He has the commanding tone again.)

Don't tell her what to do before she ends with Xi Zhen. He wants her to cancel it or he will do it for her. She wants him to change his name to San Shi then. He doesn't like Jin Xi Zhen but he likes Jin San Shun. Why change since the person is the same? Isn't the name fine? No, changing her name is the first goal in life. Why make it so complicated and hard – he gets desperate.

Yi Ying disallows him to see San Shun. There is no one like San Shun in his world. His interest in her will not last more than 6 months. He calls her elder sister and she gets annoyed. He tells her not to make things more complicated. She insists Xi Zhen is perfect for him although she only meets her once. She will not allow him to hurt her sister. He is as atrocious as the $5 million. He kicks the lamppost in anger.

San Shun dresses sexily and sits on the piano to listen to Zhen Xian playing. While getting down, she twists her ankle and hugs him to fall onto the floor. He laments – doesn't he tell her to lose weight? Doesn't he like her belly cushion? This is only her imagination and she shakes her head – this will not work. What about forcing Henry to leave? Henry will take his clothes out – to suddenly answer her in Korean that he will handle it! She yells at him – he has too much money to burn to stay although he likes Xi Zhen?

But he keeps smiling at her. Watching over someone is not love. Zhen Xian is the one she loves – he is protecting her love. San Shun imagines Henry's answer to be like this – she can't communicate with him too. Zhen Xian returns home, puzzled on why the lights are on. He is stunned to see Xi Zhen cooking a meal for him and ries – who wears makeup so late at night, stupid? He hugs her tightly. (This is a wonderful and romantic scene.) What is he going to do to Xi Zhen? He kisses her without thinking about it! He doesn't because he is confused. He stops his car abruptly upon knowing she wants to change her name. Cancel it right away – he likes her name. Does she hear him? (He has the commanding tone again.)

Don't tell her what to do before she ends with Xi Zhen. He wants her to cancel it or he will do it for her. She wants him to change his name to San Shi then. He doesn't like Jin Xi Zhen but he likes Jin San Shun. Why change since the person is the same? Isn't the name fine? No, changing her name is the first goal in life. Why make it so complicated and hard – he gets desperate.

Yi Ying disallows him to see San Shun. There is no one like San Shun in his world. His interest in her will not last more than 6 months. He calls her elder sister and she gets annoyed. He tells her not to make things more complicated. She insists Xi Zhen is perfect for him although she only meets her once. She will not allow him to hurt her sister. He is as atrocious as the $5 million. He kicks the lamppost in anger.

San Shun dresses sexily and sits on the piano to listen to Zhen Xian playing. While getting down, she twists her ankle and hugs him to fall onto the floor. He laments – doesn't he tell her to lose weight? Doesn't he like her belly cushion? This is only her imagination and she shakes her head – this will not work. What about forcing Henry to leave? Henry will take his clothes out – to suddenly answer her in Korean that he will handle it! She yells at him – he has too much money to burn to stay although he likes Xi Zhen?

But he keeps smiling at her. Watching over someone is not love. Zhen Xian is the one she loves – he is protecting her love. San Shun imagines Henry's answer to be like this – she can't communicate with him too. Zhen Xian returns home, puzzled on why the lights are on. He is stunned to see Xi Zhen cooking a meal for him and ries – who wears makeup so late at night, stupid? He hugs her tightly. (This is a wonderful and romantic scene.) What is he going to do to Xi Zhen? He kisses her without thinking about it! He doesn't because he is confused. He stops his car abruptly upon knowing she wants to change her name. Cancel it right away – he likes her name. Does she hear him? (He has the commanding tone again.)

Don't tell her what to do before she ends with Xi Zhen. He wants her to cancel it or he will do it for her. She wants him to change his name to San Shi then. He doesn't like Jin Xi Zhen but he likes Jin San Shun. Why change since the person is the same? Isn't the name fine? No, changing her name is the first goal in life. Why make it so complicated and hard – he gets desperate.

Yi Ying disallows him to see San Shun. There is no one like San Shun in his world. His interest in her will not last more than 6 months. He calls her elder sister and she gets annoyed. He tells her not to make things more complicated. She insists Xi Zhen is perfect for him although she only meets her once. She will not allow him to hurt her sister. He is as atrocious as the $5 million. He kicks the lamppost in anger.

San Shun dresses sexily and sits on the piano to listen to Zhen Xian playing. While getting down, she twists her ankle and hugs him to fall onto the floor. He laments – doesn't he tell her to lose weight? Doesn't he like her belly cushion? This is only her imagination and she shakes her head – this will not work. What about forcing Henry to leave? Henry will take his clothes out – to suddenly answer her in Korean that he will handle it! She yells at him – he has too much money to burn to stay although he likes Xi Zhen?

But he keeps smiling at her. Watching over someone is not love. Zhen Xian is the one she loves – he is protecting her love. San Shun imagines Henry's answer to be like this – she can't communicate with him too. Zhen Xian returns home, puzzled on why the lights are on. He is stunned to see Xi Zhen cooking a meal for him and wd. She wants him to shout that he loves Jin Xi Zhen in the train. This is so corny so no way for him to do that. She insists that he must do that before getting old. No, he will throw up. She buys the food and he gets the train tickets. She is older than him but he insists that she can't say she is older. Nothing comes free so she promises to lose weight within a month. He finally stands up to tell all that he loves Jin San Shun.

She wants to change her name but isn't her name good? See – everyone likes it. Both watch a scary movie. Her fifth rule is to kiss when watching a movie. Wu Xuan is also there with Yi Ying – they should cuddle and watch like the pair sitting in front of them. How loving of them to kiss! Wu Xuan claims he can also do that. Yi Ying finds the woman familiar and calls San Shun. How can they do that? Wu Xuan grumbles – why must Zhen Xian come to this cinema? He has thought that they have broken up. But anyway it is good to let him know as they become family soon.

Wu Xuan has a point there and he will appoint Zhen Xian as his messenger. The sixth is to buy lovers rings. San Shun looks for matching rings and Zhen Xian finds it childish. He asks for gold rings – his finger fits but not for hers! He turns in tightly so it fits. It reminds him of her words for the last wish – someone to introduce to her family as boyfriend when she is drunk the last time. So she wants him to go to her house?

Not that he doesn't want to but he is afraid of Mrs Jin. Mrs Jin doesn't believe San Shun has a boyfriend. She will not see that scum. Zhen Xian goes online to check on how to score with mother-in-laws. He also gets his best clothes and tells the toy to guard his house as he will be back soon. He will bring something nice for it to eat when he returns. (He suddenly becomes childish now – influenced by San Shun?)

He appears with flowers. San Shun is overjoyed to see him handsome but is he trembling? He should not nervous as Mrs Jin will not eat him. (She has underestimated her mother.) He gets Mrs Jin a dog and calls her mother. She is so angry that she chases him out. He bows to her – he is worried as there is no man in the house. Yi Ying jokes that they can call it $5 million. (Isn't this funny?) It is a female, 1.5 years old.

Mrs Jin replies that is why she disapproves. If she has 3 daughters, she is getting sick and tired of the female breed. (I salute to those who can still keep a straight face at this joke.) He should have exchanged for a male. She doesn't like him so how to trust him? He asks – what is he going to do with the baby in San Shun's stomach? San Shun lies that she is pregnant for 8 weeks and does Mrs Jin want to see the picture? (I never expect San Shun to play along with Zhen Xian in this game.) Zhen Xian shields San Shun and gets hit on the head to black out. He can take the beating for her.

She wishes to take his place and lies beside him in bed in her room. He describes her room for being so small but it has her smell. He hugs her – Yi Ying asks why they don't come out. Both are startled to sit up in bed. Are they satisfied now? They complain about her not knocking the door. It is a difficult hurdle - San Shun's brothers-in-laws barely pass it. Mrs Jin checks on their drinking habits. He drinks and she asks questions, forbidding him to pour wine for her. The wine is sour but he drinks upon having frowns.

He has not tried changing light bulbs, hammering nails or bury kimchi pots but he will try. The hotel is Mdm Luo's business but he will help her later on. Zhen Xian - his name means treating others sincerely. San Shun has to take care of Mdm Luo but their families are so different – will Mdm Luo allow? As long as Mrs Jin allows, he will take care of the rest.

What about their baby? They even have a name for it. The first will have the word mountain, the second mellow and the third sea. (He is dreaming already!) They can have 3 children but San Shun only wants 2.
This is the part Mrs Jin likes but she isn't his mom yet. They sing karaoke together. You will laugh upon seeing how he discard his image to tie the tie around his head to make her laugh! Because of love, he has shed his serious look to be a karaoke 'host'!

Zhen Xian sleeps in the living room. Mrs Jin peeps at him – he is better good looking the more she looks at him. He has such nice skin too with long eye lashes. She also notices that he has dimples. Which side – is it on the left cheek? How did San Shun win a guy like him? Who thought she will be so lucky? Zhen Xian opens his eyes and smiles when she leaves but groans as he has a headache after all the drinking.

Henry looks at the time – it is only 6am when Xi Zhen calls him to watch a movie. She thinks she is going to suffocate and Henry gets worried. Zhen Xian looks - can this cure his hangover? Mrs Jin prepares bean sprout soup for him. She is glad that it suits 'our' Xian's taste! She forbids San Shun to call him San Shi. He has such a nice name – Zhen Xian. He is overjoyed – thanks mother for accepting him!

Mrs Jin is too happy – you will laugh – Zhen Xian even eats prettily to her, gosh……. Zhen Xian learns from his doctor friend that Xi Zhen is hospitalized. Henry looks at him fiercely. Although he is upset, he even tells Zhen Xian not to worry as she has a test recently. Probably it isn't serious. Zhen Xian's friend is shocked that there is nothing in her stomach except milk because she is under too much stress.

A man snatches San Shun's application letter – he is from Bon Appetit. So Zhen Xian is behind this. Her permit gets cancelled if she doesn't register within a month. She gets angry to call him but he removes the battery. The results come for Xi Zhen – it is same as what Henry has guessed. She refuses to eat and Henry is right that she has anorexia. Zhen Xian sleeps and Xi Zhen touches his hair. Henry waits till now to leave after seeing them together. (How unfair Xi Zhen is to him!)

Xi Zhen says sorry and thinks the 3 years are nothing to them and wants to prove that they can pull through. Time isn't the best remedy for them. She is only 80% normal of her normal weight so Zhen Xian doesn't allow her to get discharged. If so, go to his apartment then. San Shun gives the dog leftovers. She isn't comfortable leaving Xi Zhen with Zhen Xian again.

He promises to bring her to Henry the next day when Xi Zhen sleeps at his place for the night. San Shun will understand. He is unable to forget Xi Zhen as he is the fossil of part of his heart. San Shun is at his place to see them walking out. She asks why she must stay for the night. It is not that she doesn't trust him but she can't trust what is going to happen at night. (We can't blame her because of their past relationship.)
She will stay with them. How can she survive if she can't eat?

She can cook anything for her but Xi Zhen only wants her to cook the next day. (She is quite magnanimous to me.) San Shun wants to sleep on the couch but Xi Zhen doesn't want to be in the same roof with her so she wants to leave. San Shun will go then. Zhen Xian calls from the toilet – she must get home in a deluxe cab as it is late. He thanks her for everything. He then kisses his handphone. So does her to call him darling. You will laugh – she has told $5 million not to fall for anyone but now she changes her mind.

Zhen Xian sleeps on the sofa but Xi Zhen leaves. Mrs Jin thinks Zhen Xian is sick upon seeing San Shun preparing porridge. She knows they lie about their pregnancy. Mrs Jin can't stand kimchi when having the 3 daughters. She goes over but is surprised to learn that Xi Zhen has left. She must be upset by her. Zhen Xian also knows that she is uneasy with him. She still wants to bring to her home even though this might upset her. He smiles and allows her to go.

Xi Zhen isn't happy to see her and pulls her hair after pouring away part of the porridge. Henry sees this upon arrival. Zhen Xian wants to change the music and order additional washing machines in his restaurant. San Shun teaches Henry a game after he puts Xi Zhen on drip. Wu Xuan asks why he has no progress with Yi Ying. Any secret success between Zhen Xian and San Shun? One – but not for free.

Henry has fun playing after San Shun leaves as Xi Zhen helps him to win the game. She is unhappy as Xi Zhen doesn't look like a sick person at all now. Is Xi Zhen hiding something when with him? She feels something in her heart. Everyone moves forward but she is a frozen clock. Does she need him to change her batteries? She decides to return to the U.S. as she misses her parents and continues her studies there. She can finish school and come to his hospital to work as his intern. (You must see how delighted he is.)

Zhen Xian tells Wu Xuan to buy expensive wine and also a pig toy. He is to give both to Yi Ying but how at his age? He has to learn folk songs to please Mrs Jin. Xi Zhen tastes the porridge and informs Zhen Xian that she is leaving so she wishes him to send her back. She can't go by herself. He agrees not asking why. San Shun manages to get past Zhen Xian's man and sneaks into the office to send in her application.

Cai Li asks Zhen Xian out under Mdm Luo's command for another blind date. (Please don't get the wrong idea - it is not her.) Ren Yu complains about Ji Pang liking her. Cai Li tells San Shun about the date and she gets there. She calls Zhen Xian San Shi – he tells her not to meet other men but he cheats on her. Zhen Xian tells the lady – San Shun is the woman he is talking about and tells her to sit. How can she yell to him like that in public? The woman agrees – she seems to be tough as he describes.

San Shun lies that they should go to meet their obstetrician for her monthly checkup. She pulls his hand. He smiles – that is the tactic he uses to tell her which works like magic each time. He is going to introduce her to Mdm Luo. He wishes her well with her boyfriend. He has to go now or he will get beaten to death. He drags her out. She gets embarrassed – he should tell her earlier. This is so shameful as she doesn't give him the chance to explain. He laments that she is so impatient and he never knows that she can be like this.

They bring Mei Ju out to an aquarium and San Shun exclaims that the shark is as ugly as her uncle. She should call her Little Aunt. They read the book to her till she sleeps. San Shun jumps - Zhen Xian is going to the U.S. for a week? She disallows it. Why not let Henry return alone with her? He is there as a friend and should do this much. No - what is Xi Zhen's reason? To send her home for the last time? What if he can't get over her? Zhen Xian is overly nice to her.

He is disappointed in her. She thinks he is joking with her in their relationship. Suddenly Mei Ju says that she hates her uncle for shouting. Both are struck. She is crying and pleads with them not to fight. Both have tears in their eyes. Zhen Xian hugs her – they will not fight so she mustn't cry. He is sorry to be in the wrong and there is a broad smile on his face finally. Ok – he will not go since she dislikes it so much.

She is upset of him thinking of doing it in the first place. If she keeps this up….she looks at her handphone. Why he doesn't call her? He hesitates giving her sms but calls her finally but she doesn't listen. How dare she ignore him? He storms out of his office. San Shun asks Xi Zhen why as it concerns her man. Xi Zhen has no intention to take him but this is a trip of separation for her to say goodbye.

Did Xi Zhen throw away her porridge? No, she eats it. She knows it but she can't let Zhen Xian to go with her. Wu Xuan brings the toy to Yi Ying – get married to him as he is tired of eating alone. Both have married before so it should be better the second time. No. She doesn't want to cohabit too to turn into a housewife. Wu Xuan exclaims that the toy has no magic.

San Shun takes the flask home and Zhen Xian waits for her outside her home. Where is she the whole day? How dare she ignore his calls? Don't do that again. She must sms him to report what she does and where she goes every minute. Why turn it off? She doesn't trust him but she knows he will still do it. So she allows him to go. He pulls her hand and hugs her. That is his woman. He has wished her to be his thumberlina to put in his pocket all the time while she wishes him to be her muffler to wrap around the neck all the time. (What a nice comparison!)

Don't worry about Xi Zhen since her appetite is back. He knows that she will understand. He is doing for a piece of her mind. She can change her name since she wants it so badly. He likes it but if she hates it, there is nothing he can do. San Shun is about to register when she thinks of the mountain trip. It has been a week and he isn't back. Ji Pang steals Ren Yu's first kiss and she cries.

Mdm Luo is pleased that Mei Ju knows her position and also Xian Shu's position after going to kindergarten. She asks when her uncle will be back. Xian Shu wants to resign to go for a 2-3 year trip around the world. She is adopted by the Xuans and wishes to do it now. Mdm Luo yells but she still insists on it. San Shun is upset that Zhen Xian sends 2 cards to Mei Ju but none for her.

She plays the piano well now. (She is an expert in real life so she shows off her skills here.) She cries after reading a love poem. Her first match comes and they arrange to watch a movie together. San Shun set up a shop 'Patissier SamSuni'. The man gives her a lift and Zhen Xian is back. (From now onwards, he doesn't gel his hair and looks so boyish.) When has he said that she can cheat on him? He is sorry to do this again to the guy but San Shun still tells him to drive away.

You will laugh at this. The two watch a movie but….suddenly a person shines a torchlight from the side, disturbing them. (This is the most unthinkable way of interrupting a date.) It is Zhen Xian with the BIG torchlight. He demands San Shun to go out with him. The man doesn't wish this to happen every time and is about to confront him when stops because Zhen Xian says it is for real today. There is some kind of misunderstanding and she is his woman.

He wants her to explain so he knows what is wrong. Why hasn't he called her? He has explained that if he hears her voice, he will quit everything to return. He suggests going home and talk – does she know how much he misses her? Seeing him at the doorstep makes her remove her ring. He is sorry but don't be mad.
Should he kneel and beg? He does it and you will be baffled as you know how proud he is. Please forgive him. She gives him money to strike lottery.

Isn't this too far? He wants to go to her house to hear him out. She shakes off his hand. He knows she will be upset. Her whole family is worried that he might have another accident. Mrs Jin is relieved that he is fine after knowing that he sends postcards back. He maintains that he has sent to her but why doesn't she receive them? He pleads with Mrs Jin to open the door but she splashes water on him. She also forces him to take the dog back. Be glad that she doesn't sell it. They are outside the home as Zhen Xian doesn't wish to leave and wonders what happens. He lowers his car seat to sleep.

Mrs Jin's neighbours come – the postcards are sent to the wrong place. They are sent daily so San Shun reads them. He had coffee in Seattle and stayed in 3 star hotels. Later, he stayed in Grand Hyatt Hotel near broadway theatres. That was the most expensive place he had ever stayed. She will yell at her for wasting money all the way there but he learned a lot for this pricy place. The night was breathtaking and he wished her to be there with him. He misses her, San Shun.

She walks out to meet him. She shows him the address – he has written wrongly. He sighs – he wrote 27 instead of 17. She touches her head to bring him to apologsie to Mrs Jin. If she can forgive him, she will too. He was initially sending Xi Zhen home but he came up with new ideas. Since he is reaching 30 soon to get married, he must know how to provide for San Shun.

He thinks of his future plans and so he went around large cities and stayed at different hotels, trying different food to cook tasty dishes. Although he spent a few months of his restaurant's profits, it is worth it. But 2 months is too long to them. This will be his last trip traveling alone. So he likes it? He realizes how much people around him mean to him. He didn't call because he was afraid to jump on the next flight when hearing her voice. So he decided to write postcards but it seemed to be wrong.

He hopes Mrs Jin will forgive him. Why ask her to decide since he is her boyfriend? Should they go karaoke one more time? They laugh at him. Mrs Jin then stops – who tells him to laugh? Has he eaten? No. She disapproves of any man being her son-in-law if he skips. So can he borrow San Shun for a night? Yi Ying still rejects Wu Xuan when he calls her but she takes the toy from the door step.

Zhen Xian isn't happy with San shun taking off the ring. Because she hates him? He puts it back. If she does it again, she will be dead. Her answer – he is dead if he dares to break her heart again. They sleep together at his apartment. He asks how much weight she has lost. None – why? She gets fatter under stress/ What? He can't wait anymore. (Do laugh at this one.)

It is over a month and he has never said he loves her. Say or she will not be with him. He chides her for being childish. He will not say because he has never said it. Even to Xi Zhen. That is different to Mei Ju. She finds something wrong with his personality. How can he not say it? He should make his friends and relatives happy. If he doesn't show, how will they know? People will not have enough of praises. He replies that this is silly and she squeezes his neck. Why must she force him and she is so strong?

She is scared to get pregnant and tells him to buy a condom. He protests that she looks pregnant anyway with a big stomach. Xi Zhen calls when he is out to wish San Shun well. She thanks her for the porridge and letting Zhen Xian go with her. She reminds Xi Zhen not to skip meals and be a good doctor. A person who is ill will know patients best. She hopes that Xi Zhen will not call again as she is uneasy. So does she and she hopes that they will not even meet each other. (I must marvel at Zhen Xian for keeping his mind clear although he has such an attractive ex-girlfriend and is away from San Shun for so long.) You will laugh – when he is back, she is asleep!

Henry gets to work for MSF for 2 years in Africa. Xi Zhen asks – can't he wait for her to graduate? He kisses her forehead and lips. He promises not to travel along what to tell his mother now? Zhen Xian brings San Shun to meet his mother and uncle. Mr Luo asks why she likes Zhen Xian. She replies everything about him with a smile and Zhen Xian grins too. (The smile on his face shows how contented he is.) Mr Luo knows that both have reached a wonderful stage.

Mei Ju calls San Shun Little Aunt and sits on her lap. When is she cooking again? She replies anytime since she has her own kitchen now. Mdm Luo is mad – she is trying to use Mei Ju as an advantage? Zhen Xian will hand over the restaurant t o Ms Ou and Wu Xuan to work in the hotel as her wish. But allow him to marry San Shun as she is pregnant. Mdm Luo replies – good – they will see the obstetrician the next day then. He slutters now – because it is not working like magic this time!

When San Shun reaches his apartment, Zhen Xian suddenly tells her that she must get pregnant fast. Both sleep in bed. Will a stork bring them a baby? What if it doesn't work? He jokes that they can get triplets so as to get married. It is only her dream to have the three children in a photo. But one dream comes true – she plays piano pieces for Zhen Xian now. His mother still opposes but they still date. She learns the beauty of love. They still think hard to fight for their own happiness. (A bit disappointed but still a happy ending.)

Introduction on characters

1. Xuan Zhen Xian – Hyun Bin
He should not be called Mr Frost. He should be called Mr Flame. He is the younger son of Mdm Luo but he isn't interested to take over her hotel. He is more interested to manage his restaurant. Mishaps in the past caused him to shut himself into the tower. He comes across as cold and aloof to everyone but his employees like him for being a fair boss. Females are also attracted to his nice features.

However, he can't forget Xi Zhen although she has been out of his life for 3 years. He is harsh to her but after knowing her cause, they get together again. Zhen Xian can be very possessive and overbearing at times. See how he is so wilful to prevent San Shun to change her name?

But I find it strange San Shun starts to become the intruder. I can't accept the fact he can forget his love for Xi Zhen so soon to fall heads over heels over San Shun. Xi Zhen nearly died and is so thoughtful but San Shun has not done that much for him! Nevertheless, we can see the chemistry between the two to forgive him.

He gives San Shun unconditional love and knows her ability. By comparing her weakness, he admires her qualities more. Although he has shortcomings, he is able to touch women's hearts.

He treats Xi Zhen well, protecting her like a jewel but is an entire opposite to San Shun. He likes to poke fun at her figure and also her mannerisms. These two really create laughs although Zhen Xian doesn't smile that much to give the effect. Seeing how Mr Proud turning to Mr Accommodating to give in to all her terms can really raise eyebrows. How much has she changed him!

Hyun Bin really plays his part well. When he is cold to show disgust or is serious, he really releases the icy feel to keep people at a distance from him. But when he smiles, all will melt upon seeing his dimple. Especially Zhen Xian's affections towards Mei Ju – it shows how much he cares for her. Acting wise, I have nothing to pick on except the parts where he completely succumbs to San Shun's demands.

Zhen Xian is supposed to be a very arrogant person who refuses to give in easily and there is still a limit to it. I think he fares better when being aloof than meek. Although Hyun Bin was only 23 then, he is given this mature role of 27 and he does it well.

2. Dr Henry Jin – Daniel Henney
Henry is the doctor who operated on Xi Zhen to save her life in the U.S. and he is in love with Xi Zhen to come all the way to Korea to spend his vacation with her. How sweet he is! He is so considerate and careful to bring all her medical reports with him in case anything happens. How can Xi Zhen be oblivious to his presence when many marvel at how he looks? He is not just having good medical skills – he is also a good basketball player, strong swimmer and also handsome!

Xi Zhen treats him like dirt but he puts up with her nonsense. She only goes to him when she has problems and forgets about him completely when she is happy. When she is having a good time with Zhen Xian, here is this man hiding in the hostel, learning Korean. He is bored unless she becomes his tour guide. Isn't this sad? Whenever she looks for him, he will console her and even knows her habits better than her! How I hate Xi Zhen for neglecting him! He makes a fine choice for her to take care of her health and also her moods. I really cheer for him for winning his girl in the end because he really deserves it!

Daniel's role is a bit unrealistic – His mixed look made him another hunk besides Hyun Bin in here. I doubt a guy can be so nice in real life but there is no harm dreaming for one. He displays charm although I do think that he looks more like a model with his smiles and there is not much acting essence involved.

3. Min Xian Yu – Lee Kyu Han
He is the second son of a construction company owner but he is such a snob to think so highly of himself. He believes that San Shun's love for him never dies so he wishes her to be his "underground" lover! Not only San Shun is fed up with him, Zhen Xian is also pissed off with his attitude. I like the part where he is being pushed into the pond because he really asks for it.

How can he give a gift to his ex when his fiancée isn't looking? His agony starts when San Shun tells Cai Li about his ill-deeds and he has the cheek to ask to return to San Shun. This is most unthinkable from my point of view.

Xian Yu thinks that he has found a good match and is climbing up a higher ladder. But he is dismayed that San Shun is also getting a good catch, Zhen Xian, so he tries to dissuade her. I am not sure if he does it out of good will as he thinks that Zhen Xian is exactly like him or he wants her for himself. But still whatever choice she makes, it is still better than returning back to him.

Oh – she should have added the pepper to the engagement cake to teach him another lesson! But the part of her hitting him with the umbrella is a classic – to finally wake him up that it is only wishful thinking on his part.

Kyu Han really manages to make you dislike him to the core with his haughty look and horrifying attitude. I almost want to switch off the television each time I see him. This shows that he is very successful!

4. Li Wu Xuan – Kwon Hae Hyo (as Ren He's friend in 'All In')
He is the top chef in the restaurant. He puts all his time on work to make his first marriage break. The first unpleasant encounter of him with Yi Ying on food is a surprise. Both hate each other so much but yet he could lend her his jeans. Their dating process is funnier than Zhen Xian's ordeal because he has no clue of what she likes.

5. Zhang Cai Li – Lee Yoon Mi
She is the third daughter of a banker so she looks down on San Shun although they are high school classmates. She is already mad with San Shun for being Xian Yu's ex. Upon knowing that San Shun is the present girlfriend of Zhen Xian, she jumps mad! That is because she can't get him although she likes him!

Can you believe that she tries to seduce him on the day she orders the engagement cake from his restaurant? And Xian Yu is right outside the office? No wonder she and Xian Yu compliment each other as a pair. She has no right to point to him for being unfaithful to her as she bears the same thought too.

6. Jin San Shun – Kim Suh Ah
San Shun's name means the third daughter of a miller. She is the third daughter of a rice bakery owner but she is more interested in making pastries so she finances her own studies to get a qualified certificate back. But alas, life is so unfair when people look at her age and appearance instead of her ability. I wonder if this is the Koreans' normal discrimination against women that they must get married to be a housewife instead of having their own careers. Isn't that a real certificate is what should be recognized?! Seeing how hard she tries to find a job is pathetic. Luckily Zhen Xian gets to taste her cake to know her talents to hire her.

Frankly speaking, I don't really like this role. I like her frankness but not her rudeness. Far too loud to my liking and is very unreasonable. Her loud shouts can be irritating at times. Yes, she should scold the guys as rascals when they are wrong but she can be so insensitive to shoot her mouth whenever she wants to. I do admire her persistence in work and also love – she knows that she has a low chance of getting Zhen Xian but she still fights for it. I can also understand her worry when Zhen Xian gives Xi Zhen a place to stay for the night because they are ex-lovers and who can tell what will happen later?

Sun Ah can be a bit exaggerating in her role but the need is here. The part where San Shun cries in the toilet after getting ditched can be a bit over the top. But the drunken ways that she talks with a big tongue is quite realistic. The parts where she shows San Shun's strength and weaknesses are credible. The imaginary parts can be so funny to show that she is a great comedian too.

7. Jin Yi Ying – Lee Ah Hyun ( She acts as Xiao Xiao in 'Her House')
She is San Shun's eldest sister. She is also strong like San Shun, not to give up after her divorce. She uses the money sold from her apartment to set up a pastry shop with San Shun. Unlike other women who give in to men, she can actually pay Wu Xuan for his services after going to bed with him! It is sure unexpected! She dotes on her youngest sister and is determined to protect her from Zhen Xian. Be amused when she helps him to hide from Mrs Jin, unknowingly that she accepts him as the future brother-in-law.

Ah Hyun acts well in her supporting role. Although the romance with Wu Xuan is not done in great detail, her performance is enough to keep you entertained. They make a wonderful pair.

8. Yu Xi Zhen – Jung Ryeo Won
She is a medical student and is Zhen Xian's ex-girlfriend. She suffers from stomach cancer so she decides to leave Zhen Xian to have the operation overseas. In case it fails, he might not get so sad. What a wrong choice made – when she returns to try to rekindle their relationship, her strong opponent comes in the form of an unattractive but has never-say-quit attitude 'fat' woman. She sees through their scheme of trying to pretend to be lovers but never expects that to be true.

I find her pitiful – thinking that Zhen Xian will never change and he will wait for her. But San Shun enters his heart within months – this is sad and unexpected. She knows it and tries hard to win him back At first with success but later in vain. I still find it unacceptable that she loses to San Shun. Zhen Xian can't forget her for so long. So it should be fated that they should become a pair since everything hasn't changed.

How and why she fails – I simply have no idea. I can only attribute to the 3 year gap where they don't keep in touch at all. Probably the hurt she causes is too great to mend Zhen Xian's heart. When she fails, she suffers from anorexia. She manages to straighten her thoughts to let him go and accept Henry. That is still a happy ending for her after all.

Ryeo Won does very well on her first attempt. She is very thin indeed like a toothpick when standing beside Suh Ah. Her way in portraying sadness is lifelike. She has equal chemistry with both actors – to overcome two tests – speaking to them in Korean and also English, which she does fluently.

9. Zhang Ying Zi – Kim Hyun Jung
She is the captain in the restaurant. She has been carrying a torch for Zhen Xian for a long time and wants to have Zhen Xian. She dislikes her country-sounding name although it isn't as bad as San Shun. That is why she wants all to call her captain. She can be nasty to San Shun to reveal her real name to all and always badmouths her. But she will also be one of the staff to miss her when she resigns. Hyun Jung proves to be another comedian besides Suh Ah. I hope she has a meater role to prove her ability next time.

10. Xuan Mei Ju – Suh Ji Hee
She is Zhen Xian's niece who refuses to talk after her parents' deaths. How I adore this kid – especially when she knows how to soothe Zhen Xian's moods when he is tired and cheering others up with her bright smiles. San Shun is the one who cures her by arousing her interest in baking and through Momo stories.

11. Li Ren Yu – Han Yeo Moon
She is San Shun's assistant in the restaurant who works hard to be on par with her. She is also carrying a torch for Zhen Xian and is crushed to know that Zhen Xian is San Shun's boyfriend. But she is grateful to San Shun for sharing her knowledge with her. Pity this innocent woman who loses her first kiss to Ji Pang – the spy for Mdm Luo and a man whom she has not loved at all.

12. Mdm Luo – Na Moon Hee (she acts the grandmother in 'mother, sister')
She is Zhen Xian's mother and seems very unreasonable. Being a career woman, she manages the hotel with an iron hand. She wants to control Zhen Xian – including his love life by arranging blind dates but this defiant son often goes against her. San Shun wonders how Zhen Xian inherits his good looks from as she looks like a catfish to her. It is understandable that she can't accept San Shun because she doesn't belong to the 'upper class' like them and isn't that well educated. She also rejects Xi Zhen because of her health. It is no wonder she worries because Zhen Xian isn't in good health either after the car accident too.

13. Mrs Jin – Kim Ja Ok
She is San Shun's mother who isn't easy to deal with when her daughters are bullied. She is also a traditional woman who thinks that women should stick to a husband. That is why she is mad with Yi Ying when she has a divorce. See how scared Zhen Xian is to see her when she is angry and how hard he has to go to please her. It is really luck that he manages to win her over – maybe his good looks also help in a way, we never know since she peeps at him when he is supposed to be sleeping……

14. Yin Xian Shu – Yoon Ye Hee
She is adopted by Mdm Luo when young but it seems to me that Mdm Luo never treats her like a daughter but only as her employee. She acts as her secretary and also a caregiver to Mei Ju. It is amusing that she is the one to help to plant the spy in Zhen Xian's restaurant. Feeling tired of working for her, she suddenly becomes strong to go against her to travel for a few years to have her own freedom. This is quite fair to her as she has worked for them till she's almost 40.

15. Ms Oh – Yeo Woo Kye
She is the manager of the restaurant. She is very serious but also provides advice to the juniors. She can't condone bad behaviour – all will be shocked by the way she chases Mrs Jin out of the restaurant when she creates trouble there. It is natural that she calls the shots in the service sector – even Wu Xian will not overstep her authority as his place is the kitchen. Her only son was killed in the car accident caused by Zhen Xian. He offers her the job so that she will not be bored after her retirement as a teacher. She does her job well and Zhen Xian regards her as part of his family to invite her to his brother's death anniversary yearly.

Favourite character
Zhen Xian – although he has faced lots of setbacks and initially tries to evade issues, he stands strong later under San Shun's guidance. He is also kind to send Xi Zhen all the way back home although there is nothing between them after the breakup. He is a nice man although he can be cold at first glance.

Most hated character
Xian Yu – I can bet that you can't find a No. 2 in here as he is such a detestable pest. I can't be happier to see how Zhen Xian punishes him every time.

Interesting facts

The part on Henry mentioning about his mother looking for her past is true. Daniel's mother was adopted from young and knew no word of Korean. Thus Daniel also felt handicapped for not knowing the language. He found it amusing that his first television award was due to his Dr Jin role which only required him to speak 98% of English lines. She has longed to know her parentage and the culture. Daniel mentioned the story to the crew and they found it interesting to add it in. So you can say that Daniel is back home, searching for his roots and trying to learn Korean from scratch.

Hyun Bin went through a 2 month crash course before the shoot. I must confess that he has talents to master in such a short time. This reminds me of Sang Woo – poor chap – however hard he tries, he never looks like a musician to me in 'Sad Love Song' even though he took up guitar lessons.

Suh Ah went to Taiwan to promote the serial. She did not mind starting an elder sister, younger brother romance if the other party is mature. But she didn't think what happened in the serial would happen in reality as friends around her did not have the same experience. She has seen Bridget Jones' Diary but she did not imitate the acting there because she wanted her San Shun to be unique.

What is her similarity with San Shun? They are willing to add weight for the role but it is so tough for her to shed the pounds. She doesn't hope to meet such a great script that requires her to do this again or else…..who will she choose as her close friend - she will still choose her co-star, Hyun Bin. Suh Ah is very happy with him because they really knew how to tease each other during filming.

They also know each other well to have common interests. Daniel is nice too but he only speaks English and that is the only language he can communicate – what a pity! Suh Ah likes all the lines by San Shun. The most touching one will be how she gets drunk to talk to her father. eg. 'Dad – I am going mad – why am I like this? I suffer from the pain but I still wait for his calls?....

How is Suh Ah like off screen – to dance clumsily like San Shun? She told the reporters not to doubt her – she likes dancing, singing and goes 'high' very easily. Her new year wish is to hope all friends and family members to be healthy. She felt lucky because San Shun made many friends feel confident and happy with themselves. Now she also hoped to pass the luck to others to do community work to help the unfortunate.

She isn't as tactless as San Shun and she takes everything to heart. When she stepped into the tv studio, she often frowned because she didn't wear her spectacles. But she was very tired when the producer shouted stop. She lost her health but gained popularity. She was happy when veteran artistes praised her. The crying scenes did not require ngs because tears came naturally.

How did Suh Ah gain weight? She kept eating in 2 months to add 14 kg. But her sacrifice is to have aches all over her body. She shot the serial non-stop and could only sleep 1 hour per day. She went to put on drip in the hospital thrice. She yelled – she wanted to live strong like San Shun! She often acts a different role from her normal life. She wants to be pretty but she likes to be an actress so she is willing to make a sacrifice even though she doesn't apply makeup or wash her hair.

Suh Ah is an ice skater and is also a pianist. She has won gold medals in national sport events. But she confessed that she had thought herself to be a piano genius when young as a child. In the end, her conceit caused her to be out in the preliminary round of a contest. After that, she worked hard.

After studying in Japan for her secondary and high school education, she studied in an American university. Her major was playing the piano! She finally gave it up after graduation to become an actress. Because she stayed overseas for a long time, many picked on her inaccurate Korean accent. She used a few years to overcome the flaw. Thus many thought her 'on-the-spot' talent developed from here. Suh Ah's past failed romance left her hurt so she presented it in this serial.

She lost her father when young and is the eldest daughter. She is very close to her mother although she is independent. She left home for 4 months because of the shooting and missed her mother's cooking. Now she can taste it again and she is grateful towards her.

Hyun Bin's real name is Jin Tai Ping which is very common. Some even said that it was old-fashioned. But it is a nice name to him because from there, we can see that he does things calmly and not in an orderly manner. Hyun Bin represents his hunger to be a great star. No one will believe that 2 months after he filmed 'Ireland', he could shoot to popularity. The 184cm hunk is no longer a new face.

Hyun Bin was formerly a shy person and knew that he acted poorly. So he started asking others for advice. We seldom see him on entertainment programmes because he is an introvert but many will see him on the street looking at how passers-by move to improve his acting skills. Hyun Bin's life is only concentrated on friends, sports and studies. He reads a lot to improve himself. If you want to look for him, try looking for him in the swimming pool or the soccer field.

He majors in the acting faculty in Chungyang University to drop his initial ambition to be a policeman by his senior's advice. He lied to his parents that he studied in the library to take part in acting activities. They had opposed to him to be an actor but seeing how he managed to get into university, they gave in to him.

Lee Ah Hyun remarried recently and Suh Ah attended her wedding. Many thought Ah Hyun's experience of a divorcee made her stand out in the role. They were amazed on how Suh Ah looked as thin as before. In comparison, Hyun Bin put on too much weight and joined the male stars' baseball team, hoping to shed his pounds away.

Many envied Hyun Bin for being able to kiss the two actresses passionately in the serial although he is badly beaten by them too. Some fans asked for his secret of success. He asked in surprise - are they sure he is really that good?! What troubled him most is the English dialogue so he is still taking up classes now.

He remembered many scenes fondly. Especially the part where both revealed their feelings at Jeju island. He had many reservations and thought that he should do better if he reshoot all the scenes again.

He likes sensible women so if someone like San Shun appears, he will woo her. Zhen Xian slaps Xi Zhen in the serial but Hyun Bin will never hit a woman in real life.

Ji So Hyun wrote some of her personal experiences in the online novel. She knocked into another person's car during the driving test. Getting trapped in the vending machine area and also she got lost in Halla mountain to get the search team to look for her. She had thought that she would die on the mountains at 22 but she survived. She also took pains to read recipe books before writing the novel.

This serial gave Suh Ah the greatest acting award at MBC tv awards. It also gave top excellence award to Hyun Bin and Suh Ah for best actor and actress. Ryeo Won got an excellence award while Daniel received the new actor award. The most popular award and best couple award also went to the Suh Ah and Hyun Bin pair. It also won the best script adaptation, best serial and also best actor for Hyun Bin in the Baksung television award category. Hyun Bin also got nominated for his role in 'Asia Television awards' although he didn't win.

Some parts of the original online novel – not to be missed as certain parts are different!

San Shun has 3 siblings. Her eldest sister is Da Lian who has a son, Zhi You, second sister is Er Ying and a youngest brother, Zheng Zai. Her father is still alive and does own the rice cake shop. Seeing how pathetic this aunt is to shed her 12 kg after her breakup with Xian Yu, Zhi You offers her his biscuits. So she decides to make a dinosaur cake for his birthday.

Why is San Shun without a job? Xian Yu happens to go to the bakery that she works to order his engagement cake. He lies that she has not made him hear the love notes that he longs to hear, unlike from Cai Li. She promises to bake a cake that will make all shed tears on that day. All are attracted by the look - it has red petals that look natural and bright like the blusher on one's cheeks. She refuses to divulge her secret recipe. Many miss the evil grin on her face. Sure enough, all shed tears after eating it as it contains pepper and hot chillies. Even the bread contains raw ginger. So that is why she is fired.

Zhen Xian is angry that his chef has a stroke and can't work. His voice is calm but the people in front of him lower their heads. Their years of experience alert them that he is getting scarier. He gives the manager 4 days to find a replacement or he will be replaced. Zhen Xian is busy managing 3 restaurants but he still has to look for his youngest brother, Zhen Zheng who leaves home to become a driving instructor.

Mdm Luo also chides him for forgetting Mei Ju's birthday. He gets it and rushes to find Zhen Zheng. He gets angry when San Shun knocks into his car from the back. San Shun is prepared to get fixed when Zhen Xian drags Zhen Zheng out of the car and boxes him. She calls the police but it is not a crime for an elder brother to hit his brother. She is shocked to recognize him as the pervert. Zhen Xian is released immediately but asks for her namecard for damages, calling her the 'killer license'.

She is angry – her stares, anger level and also quarreling techniques all lose out to him! She grabs her cake and leaves. Zhen Xian gets hit by Mdm Luo upon getting home for ruining his dates. Zhen Zheng starts to miss his eldest brother as he is always the one to protect him from Mdm Luo. He opens the box and his expression freezes. What happens to the cake that Zhen Xian orders specially from Shangri-la? Zhen Xian comes to see the words – wishing Zhi You happy birthday.

Zhi You opens the cover to see a cake with fruit spreading to wish Mei Ju happy birthday. It should be the dinosaur cake after San Shun borrows a friend's bakery to bake it! Why is it exchanged for an over elaborate cake? San Shun isn't happy although the rest don't mind. She has placed so much love to make it. To think it is now in the pervert's mouth angers her but she has no choice.

Zhen Zheng has heard of San Shun to be a patisser so he urges them to eat. Zhen Xian isn't happy – he has ordered all kinds of fruit to make a beautiful flower cake. Now it becomes a stupid dinosaur cake – how can it be good? Zhen Zheng decides to keep the news of San Shun being fired a secret and cuts the cake and likes the taste. Zhen Xian tastes it after Mdm Luo – the choosy one also says it good. He finishes it quickly and wants to hire her. He searches for her namecard in his suit pocket and a smile forms on his face.

San Shun gets his call and wonders who calls her name gently. Her polite voice turns harsh upon knowing who he is but agrees to work for him. She goes for the interview and wonders why this calm and approachable businessman looks so different from the lunatic she sees yesterday. He asks why she quits her studies midway. She lies that she can't afford it but she has stopped her studies after falling for Xian Yu to return to Korea together. When asked why she quits, she replies that her goals are different from them. Her expressions can't hide from Zhen Xian who is a shrewd man but he doesn't probe into the matter.

The part where San Shun gets drunk – a man tries to get fresh with her upon seeing her sitting alone. Zhen Xian follows her the whole day before that in shopping and also singing karaoke. He finds her pitiful but if Zhen Zheng sees him doing this, he will find him pitiful too. Seeing her in danger, he tells the man to keep his hand off her. The man sees Zhen Xian wearing a business suit and is lanky with rimless glasses. So handsome till he gets jealous. Who can believe that he is here with the plump San Shun?

Is she that sexy? Her pervert boss suddenly twists the man's arm and wants him to apologise to San Shun. He can still smile over it. San Shun is startled – how can he still look so steady when threatening someone? The fellow's red face becomes pale before running away. Zhen Xian will not eat udon noodles in the past but now he shifts his food to sit with her. He is wary that she might get harassed again.

She is different from the pretentious women he knows. Why? People have said that he is handsome. She smiles as she is 29 and not 22 like Ren Yu. She will go for him in the past but now he is only an idol to her. She has no time to waste. He has not talked with someone so heartily for long. Strangely, he mentions that he wants to introduce someone to her to make up to her but now he feels that those around her can't match up to her standard. He opens his wallet full of credit cards to pay for the bill but she rejects.

She tells him that she will hand in her resignation letter and works till he gets a replacement. Zhen Xian has a headache now- hasn't they gone well during the talk? He pretends to be angry – hasn't he agreed to give her a 15% raise? She has not enough money to pay so she places her handphone on the counter, wanting to withdraw money from the ATM and the waiter can keep it as a deposit.

Zhen Xian follows her to the ATM and seeing how she staggers unsteadily on her high heels makes him shiver. He follows her in and nags – how can she be so stubborn? Suddenly, the door shuts as it reaches 10pm and he has to press the bell for help. Zhen Xian sighs – this is his first blunder in life for 32 years. They are trapped for 30 minutes – 1800 sec. He is so unlucky to have her vomited on him to ruin his expensive suit. She even clings on the ATM to sleep!

She puts him into a fix and he has to clear up the whole place. He vows that he will never drink with another woman anymore – the best is the break their ties even though she might be a beauty. San Shun wakes up to find Zhen Xian walking out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist and using another towel to dry his hair. He twists his mouth and bends towards her – when can she stop guessing his thoughts? The manly essence from him nearly engulfs her.

Well, Zhen Zheng comes at this time with Mdm Luo to see this. San Shun enjoys seeing Mdm Luo hitting Zhen Xian – he gets hit despite being two heads taller than her. Zhen Zheng can't forget how Zhen Xian boxes him and lies that San Shun is Zhen Xian's girlfriend. The two yell in their hearts in horror.

Hotels and motels make no difference to Zhen Xian. Mdm Luo doesn't know why he refuses to inherit the family business but spends so much time on the restaurants. Her eldest son she lost 4 years ago is cheerful. Zhen Zheng is naughty but can't escape from her palm. But she can never read Zhen Xian's mind after the accident. The refusal for matching sessions has rumoured him to be a homosexual or impotent so he still needs a girlfriend to prove that he is normal.

San Shun can't deny that Zhen Xian plays his role as a boyfriend well – at least no one can see through the act. He even remembers the 100 days they meet to send her red roses. Even though it is only an act, her heart beats faster for 5 minutes. Zhen Xian is really an unfortunate man for a woman to love because he knows how to love. But asking her to act is really a tough task.

Zhen Xian brings San Shun to a expensive hotel for a meal. The standard is as good as his Bon Appetite. The owner is facing his toughest competitor's son so he gets nervous. He looks at San Shun in disbelief – San Shun knows what he is implying. Zhen Xian sees that her hand which holds the menu is shivering – the prices are expensive. She can give an elegant smile anywhere with the menu because she is in the kitchen most of the time. Of course, her workplace is the same as this so she isn't scared of the ambience.

But….when she looks at the harsh prices, her smile vanishes completely. Even though it contains her favourite dishes, she feels the pinch. Zhen Xian is oblivious to her woes and orders the dishes. He wants all the pastries too. Zhen Xian sees the need to spend the money as Mdm Luo's spy is here again. This is the place she often comes with her friends. San Shun doesn't wish to feel burdened besides the 5 million loan but every classy stuff is unsuitable for her.

Zhen Xian sees her hiding and commands her not to shrug her shoulders. She must raise her chin and sit properly. Her mourns has nothing to do with him but his lover can't dip in value like this! (What a phrase!) He puts some grapes onto her plate. Many can see his elegance but he tells her to look at him. Who says can't be treated shabbily? San Shun has said this before and he is footing the bill….so she digs in.

She feels so good over the free meal. She can see that this influential man isn't here only for 'promotion'. She gets the biggest shock of her life to see the cart of pastries. He replies that they must really get the secret of their success. To him, making and eating are both artifacts. If she were six, she will cry in joy but now she will cry in grief. There are so many cakes – how can she finish them and she is on diet??

Zhen Xian sees her in despair and has a pirate smile. He is only joking as he wants to help her in her career. She is prepared to ask the waiter if she can pack them when she sees the couple – Xian Yu and Cai Li. She doesn't know how Xian Yu manages to appease Cai Li but she is glad that she isn't here to pull her hair. Cai Li's tone sounds as if she should not be here because of her low status.

When she looks at Zhen Xian, she looks surprised and also jealous. If he is her real boyfriend, she can introduce to them proudly but he isn't…she stammers. Cai Li gathers that San Shun is dating a married man and despises her. Zhen Xian suddenly places his hand on San Shun's shoulder and gives a friendly smile – San Shun knows it is a pretentious one as she knows that he is a devil. The two men shake their hands. A current runs through them as they observe each other.

The first thought comes to Zhen Xian's mind is – so this is the despicable two-timer and he is quite nice looking. What Xian Yu thinks is – although Zhen Xian isn't his match in looks (he is overly conceited) but San Shun should not date a man so fast! He has ditched her because of her figure but now she looks cute to him. Of course, San Shun is no beauty but the love noise that he describes is getting lower in pitch these days. He starts to miss the days San Shun treating him like a prince because he has to treat Cai Li as a princess now. San Shun has wanted to share cakes with him in the past but is now with another man!

Xian Yu pretends to be a gentleman. He exclaims that Zhen Xian orders many cakes but none are San Shun's favourites. San Shun has made many cakes for him in the past. San Shun feels giddy – must he tell Zhen Xian that his present girlfriend is his ex?! Zhen Xian smiles to reply that it is boring to try the same food so they want to be adventurous to try out others. Zhen Xian has many inborn talents.

Ths first is to be able to control his facial expressions without looking at the mirror. The second is to use exciting language to give his rivals fatal blows. He is swifter than San Shun to see through Xian Yu's thoughts and thus select what he dislikes to hear to tell him off. The restaurant boss sees Zhen Xian and comes over – is he unsatisfied with anything? To welcome him, he has told his top chef to give in his best.

Zhen Xian's eyes are as creamy as the fresh milk. He gives a confident smile – he is very satisfied. Mdm Luo always leaves her business aside to come over. He has not been happy in the past but now he knows the reason. The boss replies that it is an honour to serve the Chairman of Shi Zhen Groups. Cai Li and Xian Yu have mixed feelings – he is the son of the famous Shi Zhen hotel group?! They retreat silently into their seats unwillingly. So it is San Shun's temporary victory.

San Shun slowly pushes away Zhen Xian's hand from touching her waist when they leave. She has a bitter look when tasting the cake. Zhen Xian guards by her. Does he think that she is foolish in her foresight? He doesn't feel like mocking at her. She should be grateful that she has parted with him. She thanks him. They spend the 2 hours there and walk out of the restaurant with the pastries. What should they do now?

The more experienced San Shun suggests watching a movie. They see a movie poster and he starts to walk towards the cinema. San Shun detects that he walks very slowly and realizes that he is unwell again. She suggests going to a movie screening room. This is the first time he comes here and the long chairs allow him to stretch his legs. Thus he is half lying on his seat, feeling much better when she gets hot coffee for him. She doesn't sneer to say that it is a better place than the cinema for him to rest his legs.

She jokes that she is tired wearing the high heels for too long and wants to rest her legs here. Zhen Xian feels that she is very sincere towards him. However, she has chosen the wrong movie 'Chungking Express' to let both of them sink rock bottom in their moods. It is on love betrayal but suddenly they hear about a couple making love in the other room. Her whole face turns red and is thankful that the place is too dark for Zhen Xian to see it. She suggests changing to another place.

But Zhen Xian shakes his head as it will be noisy anywhere else. He tries so hard not to laugh upon seeing her red face. He starts to eat the cakes with her. They start to talk about their niece and nephew. San Shun suddenly asks why Mdm Luo wants him to get married. The food gives him a better mood. He will not reveal it in the past but he says it now – it is because of Mei Ju.

Mei Ju will be in primary school next year and needs a mother – a complete family. So Mdm Luo has forced him to get married. Mei Ju's parents died in a car accident 4 years ago. Zhen Xian is the main survivor and is acting like her father. He is reaching 33 and should settle down. Mdm Luo even threatens to strike him off the family register if he doesn't listen to her. But he has another unknown secret.

Nothing can hide from Er Ying. She can see that San Shun is attracted to Zhen Xian and warns her not to fall for him. They are from different worlds and she promises to get the loan back from her ex-husband so that San Shun will not keep her deal for a year. She recalls that the second son of Shi Zhen Group has been madly in love before the accident. They are rumoured to get engaged too. San Shun isn't surprised to hear that. It will be more surprising if a 32 year old man hasn't been in love before.

After the 'accidental kiss', the two avoid for a few days but this is not a solution so Zhen Xian meets San Shun at the café where they seal the contract. This is so funny – he doesn't say that she is attractive that night but he implies that she is seductive to him! He can find no explanation for his action. He has been living like a monk for years. He has thought that only Zhen Zheng will do this. But he confesses that she did look seductive under the dim light to cause him to make the mistake.

It is strange that she feels even better than having the kiss. This is the first compliment she has heard so far – she looks shiny to him?! He is also puzzled why he is attracted by a reaching 30 year old maid. Sometimes, she looks like a glass ball that reflects the sunlight. Only another woman gives him the same feeling. Although both look different with different characters, he knows that the feeling is very unreal as they still look similar to him.

When San Shun wants him to call her Xi Zhen, she reminds him of the other Xi Zhen he has loved in the past. He is stunned and feels bitter. When she wants him to play 'over the rainbow', he feels a chill down his spine. When she mentions about her dream in an adorable way, she looks exactly like Xi Zhen. He has this funny feeling – has Xi Zhen crawled into San Shun's body to return to him?

Has he kissed Shan Shu or Xi Zhen – he is also confused. He wants to be direct but now he becomes indecisive – he dislikes this self. But he knows that this confusion is caused by himself. So he adjusts his thoughts – he will not allow this to happen again. This is to give San Shun assurance but she isn't assured as she is already confused by his sudden kiss too. Both agree that it is a mistake indeed.

The detestable Xian Yu comes to look for her the same night. He has wanted to patch up with her. This causes her to eat instant noodles to make her usual round face rounder. Zhen Xian can't help joking with her the next day to provoke her. Both go for his uncle's new hotel opening ceremony. She is so unlucky to meet Xian Yu again at this function.

Zhen Xian's friend, Xin Zai wonders why his foresight becomes so special. Xin Zai is from a family of hoteliers to grow up together but they have not kept in touch lately. He eyes San Shun with suspicion. When hearing how he comments on his 'lover', Zhen Xian smiles – what happens to his taste? How can he be clearer than him? What Xin Zai means is she is 180 degrees different from his ex. So many women are fascinated by him but he chooses such a woman….he is about to ask if he gives up on himself but he stops.

Upon hearing his harsh comment, Zhen Xian doesn't get angry but smiles broadly. Xin Zai's memory of him is that he is a creature who can't let others see through his thoughts. If he smiles at a function that doesn't allow it, the consequence is disastrous. Is he unable to see how attractive San Shun is? But….she still looks fat to him. After a while, Zhen Xian's voice rings in his ears – doesn't she look adorable?

She looks adorable to him?! Looking at how San Shun helps herself to the cakes, he is confused. When hearing Xin Zai's question, Zhen Xian looks at San Shun and becomes thoughtful – at least, this is what he thinks. Although they pretend to be in love, she is really cute in his eyes. When her face turns red and talks about her dream excitedly, she does look adorable even though she can't fit into a sexy dress.

Xin Zai comes to a conclusion upon hearing Zhen Xian's earnest answer – this is love. Although it is unbelievable, Zhen Xian really falls in love. If not, how can he explain the peaceful expression on his face? He has wanted to tell him something else but Zhen Xian's heart has flown to somewhere else. He has something urgent to look to. Xin Zai notices that Zhen Xian's smile vanishes completely.

He follows his icy eyes and sees Xian Yu standing beside San Shun. Yes, what can be more important than to see another male standing beside his girlfriend? Upon seeing how Zhen Xian marches towards his lover, Xin Zai has a complicated smile – looks like he is trapped in love. The car accident a few years back causes Zhen Xian to lose all hope in life – his elder brother, sister-in-law, a pair of legs which can move easily and also his lover. When he visited him, he had thrown a vase at him – is he here to see an empty shell – to see how a powerful Zhen Xian is being ruined? Zhen Xian has said that he will not love again even if he can walk independently – his heart has died completely.

This friend who is a monster now likes a fat woman – looks like he is a human again. Xin Zai finally rests his mind. So he decides not to tell him that Xi Zhen is back. Zhen Xian's look seems to be many times threatening than the powerful way he rumours to treat his dates. He doesn't know if this transformation is a good or bad thing. He decides to let him and Xi Zhen settle this among themselves.

Xian Yu's pleading tone to ask for reconciliation makes her feel that he is a dog. She will agree in the past but not now. Why is this man who once makes her feel inferior – having the same look and voice look so pitiful now? Has he or she changed? Xian Yu is tired of serving Cai Li – to even to wait for her outside the toilet and thus wants San Shun back. To think that he even declares in front of Cai Li to tell her that too and he refuses to release San Shun's hand! (This is so different from the novel – a must share for all!!)

Suddenly a voice is heard – let go of the hand. The owner of the hand seems to be him and not Zhen Xian. San Shun turns around. The rumoured monster, playboy and gay……his eyes are having rage flames behind the rimless glasses. He steps steadily towards Zhen Xian who holds her wrist. The four look at each other. They might end up fight if there are three but not four.

The other three can't deny that the stare he gives has an unspeakable authority. He has a stern tone – he doesn't wish to say twice. Is Xian Yu deaf not to let go of San Shun? Xian Yu will not admit defeat and holds even tighter. He has known her from their days in Paris….Zhen Xian smiles – is Xian Yu trying to be a gallant knight to save his princess from a monster?

The calm tone and the smile don't tally with the atmosphere. Xian Yu thinks that Zhen Xian has understood him and is delighted. But San Shun is alerted – she has wanted Xian Yu to escape but it is too late. Xian Yu's smile vanishes completely and moans in pain. Why Zhen Xian has stepped hard on his right foot and he has added his whole bodyweight of 70kg on it! Zhen Xian can still preserve his smile on his face – if others do not look at their feet, all will think that they are having a nice chat. Now he is warning Xian Yu the last time to let go of San Shun's hand.

Zhen Xian has guessed correctly. This stupid man parts with his ex to get engaged to a rich woman. But seeing San Shun with a man belonging to an upper class, his ego hurts and is sick of his present girlfriend. But he is so stupid to provoke San Shun as all have known that she is Zhen Xian's woman. He can't forgive him – definitely no! Upon thinking, he uses all his might to press hard on Xian Yu's toes.

Xian Yu knows that he might end up with broken toes so he lets go of San Shun. .Zhen Xian is glad that he isn't that stupid or his fist will land on his face. Xian Yu stares at him but he doesn't seem to mind but to look at San Shun. San Shun is shocked by his unfeeling stare. What is he going to do to her? He seems to be in poorer shape than Xian Yu. Why? He suddenly uses his arm to hurl around her waist to look deeply into her – tell her family that she isn't returning tonight.

His clear speech makes them feel that they are in a dream, especially for San Shun. Zhen Xian's eyes look so authoritative behind the rimless glasses – his eyes are fixed on her. He seems to have put a label on his belonging so that no one can touch. He wants her to stay and be with him? San Shun accepts his handphone and this shows that Xian Yu is defeated. (Do you like this arrangement or the serial's arrangement? You may email to me and let me know your preference.)

Zhen Xian drags San Shun into the lift. Doesn't eternal love exist? San Shun weeps over it. Zhen Xian is frozen. Many have said that one softens after seeing a woman's tears but he is now feeling sick. He can only put up with it for 30 seconds. He is angry that she has seen Xian Yu the last night. Haven't they stated that in their contract? San Shun rebukes – they have also stated that it should not hinder her marriage chances in future but he has let Cai Li think that she is a loose woman. He also kissed her to break it.

But Zhen Xian's mood is really reaching the bottom of a valley. He yells that he doesn't allow her to shed any more tears for Xian Yu or any other man. San Shun never knows that he is such a possessive man. She screams that she wants to get out of the lift and cries aloud. Strangely, her debtor only looks at her and uses his large hand to touch her hair. Later it slides to her shoulder to her waist to lock her into his arms to clutch her close to his chest. She intends to struggle but his lips already plants on hers.

This is the second time and should not be a mistake. He lets her drink a cocktail in the hotel room – why she keeps giving hiccups after the kiss? It is strange – she isn't drinking brandy and why is she giving hiccups non-stop? She is angry that he is the cause – he has promised not to kiss her but what happens within a few days when he gets angry? (This arrangement is hilarious indeed.)

He also asks himself why, trying to search the answer by looking at her. Upon seeing her finishing the cocktail in a gulp – she hiccups again. When seeing him staring at her, the hiccups become more frequent. He can't stop laughing. He shouldn't smile but she causes him to. He should not smile as happiness should not be allowed in his life. If he tells the secret, what will she do? She decides to be his girlfriend in name for 2 more months after the contract expires.

He then tells the past. Xi Zhen has refused to join the trip, saying that she is busy with her intern days at the hospital. He was concerned – was she pregnant but she denied. He has taken a photo of his brother's family – naming it 'blissful1'. If he brings Xi Zhen along, they will be no.2 but things change after the accident. His blurry sight saw a pale Xi Zhen and although he never cried, this was the first time he shed tears in front of her. She was thankful that he was alive.

The doctors can't determine if he can walk normally with his left leg in future. Half his body was so painful with the therapy but he thought things would not change much since Xi Zhen was with him. But she told him that she was leaving for Boston within a month and will only be back after 5 years. He had taken it as a joke but no – he was afraid of this joke. The look in her eyes made his heart beat faster. She wasn't joking and was really leaving him. The 5 year romance turned out like this and he asked why in difficulty.

She was going to study there – but he didn't know why she chose to leave him at this time when he needed her. Their talk strained when he could not change her mind – is she leaving because he is crippled? What could he say – wish her all the best for her studies? He would do so in the past but now it seemed that she was avoiding him. He was shouting in his heart – don't go – I had enough torture and why are you giving me another hard blow. But he is a proud man to keep all these words in his heart.

He didn't keep her but said that it's finished between them if she left now. Was she doing it on purpose? She replied she wanted freedom - just like 'over the rainbow' and he could not rebuke her. He had thought they would walk on the same road together but they parted like this. He controlled his tears to face the wall and told her that he gave in to her. She turned his face towards him and wished him to wait for her for 5 years. He wanted to ask – why not she stay for 5 years and he would fight for chances to recover.

But he swallowed the words down his throat and controlled his tears from going down his face – who can afford so much time? Zhen Xian took his hand away from hers and avoided looking at her. When he was alone in his ward, he finally cried aloud to release his sorrow. He did not want her to listen to his crying and cried under the blanket. This was the last time he cried for their love. (MBC should show us this!)

So San Shun asks if he is still waiting for Xi Zhen. He discards his arrogant tone and his voice is peaceful. If one party wants to give up and he does the same, the love he has given out will be wasted. San Shun is angry – why kiss her when he is still in love with Xi Zhen? He doesn't know why. The first two years had me busy going for treatment and later to get used to working life. Sometimes, he feels that he is ill-treating himself to find an excuse to wait for her.

He has given up waiting for Xi Zhen after meeting San Shun. Both of them are similar to him. He lifts her face to look at him. Her nose is as red as a strawberry now. His deep eyes look calm and he doesn't sneer at her. He finds that he starts to like her. The feeling isn't strong initially but now he sinks deep. He has memories of Xi Zhen but how can he like her at the same time.

They have been almost a year together and he gets more and more reluctant to let her go. He can't even tolerate her seeing her ex. He feels strange to feel this way besides Xi Zhen. He feels letting them down. He has betrayed his agreement to wait for Xi Zhen although he hasn't agreed. San Shun feels that he is also two-timing but he protests that he is different from him because he doesn't lie. San Shun can't leave him because of the debt. Why must he tell her this? He touches her round face – hasn't he told her that he likes her? San Shun chides herself for being stupid.

The two start to lie on the bed side by side….. totally clothed. He suddenly asks why she needs money. The house doesn't provide her own room but it has her own garden. Her parents, the kind and beautiful second sis, the elder sister who is taking care of her husband to let Zhi You stay with them for the moment, her youngest brother as the family pillar are staying here so she must keep it.

If only he didn't drive on that day, his brother and sister-in-law would be still alive. Mei Ju would besinging while he plays the piano and his left leg will not feel the needle-striking pain on rainy days. His face was exceptionally pale on the say Xi Zhen left. If not for that, he could not have waited her. His body is alive but his heart is dead. It will be him touching San Shun's face in the past but now it is the reverse.

Aren't they alive happily now? Her gentle voice and hand makes his eyes watery. He doesn't want a woman to see her cry so he buries his head onto her chest to hug her. She should but he should not. She was frightened – what if he……She doesn't want him to feel troubled to become an old bachelor to allow Mdm Luo to nag at him. Zhen Xian now rests on her stomach and laughs non-stop.

He really wants to laugh whenever he sees her. That is a compliment. Now he can imagine how it is like h hugging her. She gets frightened – he has said that he can't imagine kissing, hugging and land up in bed with another woman to produce his offspring. She nearly gets involved with Xian Yu in Paris – can she avoid it here? Zhen Xian's face gets close to hers and looks serious. He only kisses her face and lies beside her – they can wait till the next time. Both sleep together till the next morning.

When Zhen Xian is footing the bill, San Shun sees Cai Li Her guilt in giving her the chilli cake vanishes completely when she is still haughty. The two have broken up and Cai Li reveals that Xi Zhen is back to pay back. After paying the bill, Zhen Xian holds San Shun's hand to have coffee in the hotel's café. Is she supposed to tell him that Xi Zhen is back? He taps on her shoulder to look outside. They see Halla mountain and he mentions on how he tried to conquer it after recovery. She thinks he is mad as she and Er Ying took ages just to climb up the hill behind their house with their healthy legs.

She insists him to listen to her. If not,..he jokes that she might threaten to sell her organs again. He senses that it is a tough one so he wants to pretend to be relaxed. But she isn't the type to joke when serious. If he doesn't listen to her, she will not see him again. Zhen Xian curses in his heart but is surprised to know that she wants a clean breakup if he wants to be with Xi Zhen. Although he feels that she is nasty to let Xian Yu taste the chili cake, the powerful Zhen Xian is helpless this time. Just like what she has mentioned, it is enough for her to be tricked by Xian Yu once.

San Shun and Zhi You arrange to go for an outing with Zhen Xian and Mei Ju. He has thought that he has not brought Mei Ju out under the sun after the accident. Mdm Luo has hoped that Zhen Xian will have a normal life and approves. His heart is starting to have San Shun and calls her when she reaches the venue. San Shun senses how nice his voice is to call her name. AND he looks more attractive in the green windbreaker and jeans. The four have an enjoyable time and Mei Ju wants Zhen Xian to take photos. San Shun frowns when Zhen Xian comments that she resembles the bear because she is round. When they are eating the lunchboxes she has prepared, he describes her of having a nice smell which he likes.

The sun only give aa slight warn and Zhen Xian feels the satisfaction tasting San Shun's food. He holds her hand to watch how the children play nearby. This is the first time he has enjoyed a normal life and recalls about the blissful photo he has taken in the past. He takes a photo of them – is this no. 2? (Too bad MBC doesn't shoot this part or they will look like a happy family.) He develops the photos after that. He decides to make two copies of San Shun's photo – one for her and one for himself.

He finds this amusing….but later shocking…..although they only part for a few hours, he can't stop thinking of her for 1 minute! This is what happens when he misses Xi Zhen too. He gets confused now – can he obstruct her happiness? He suddenly gets Xi Zhen's call – the voice that he must listen like a lullaby before sleeping 5 years ago.

Zhen Xian's doctor has said that it is a miracle that he can walk after the accident. He endured the pain for a few operations and went for numerous therapies. He finally cast the crutches aside to stand with his both legs. Now it is not just walking. He can also joke or go mountain climbing when he is in top form. But now his steps are heavy when going to see Xi Zhen. She has placed him into a abysses. Although the despair, hurt and anger have vanished, he can't sense joy anymore. Till he meets a plump woman who bangs into his car, gets drunk to give him headaches and to make a love cake that pleases him.

Whenever he thinks of her, his cold lips start to curl – he wants to be energetic like her. Now he must meet Xi Zhen to find the answer. San Shun is worried when he is missing for 3 days and sends sms. He replies that he is at the hospital and can't get home but it will be okay soon. Is he seriously ill? He replies that it is painful but it is okay. Then he adds another line – he apologises as they should meet in future. She gets frightened and goes to his apartment.

She sees a woman who has long hair and is so thin and pretty. Zhen Xian lies to her to say that they resemble each other. Have they spent the night together? She sees them hugging and says coldly that she's glad he is fine. Don't touch her – he has lied to her and they should not see each other again. She gives him a kick on the leg and he releases his grip on her hand. She runs across the road to get knocked down by a motorcycle. Zhen Xian carries her and runs all the way to the hospital. (MBC should show it!)

The sleepy ER doctor only answers that she has minor injuries. Zhen Xian is worried – why is she closing her eyes then? She is too tired. The accident sends a chill down his spine. When she falls in front of him, Zhen Xian feels that the whole sky is spinning and someone is strangling him. He can't differentiate if the person lying in front of him is his elder brother or San Shun. When he runs to her, he feels that the road is long – he wants to get near but it seems that he can't!

His mind is a complete blank and puts her head near his shoulder. If not for Xi Zhen, he will be lost. Both get to ER and Xi Zhen describes his reaction as fast as lightning as he puffs. He had the experience before and this isn't as serious as in the past. He remembers how helpless he was to see how his brother died in front of him. He has been remorseful because of that but he is able to save San Shun now.

Xi Zhen laments how lucky he is. San Shun knows he is ill and is afraid that he is hungry to prepare nice food for him. He knows that Xi Zhen has mixed feelings – jealousy, relief and also sadness. He looks at her – she is as weak as San Shun. He finally knows that she left him because she had stomach cancer and not pregnancy as she had hoped. She faints during their meeting and a 39 year old man visits her in hospital. Upon seeing him fondling her hair, he knows that she could not face the cancer treatment alone and has loved another man during this time for support.

Zhen Xian is sure that their love has ended. This is not anyone's fault. The same happens to him and he says the same thing – thanks for being alive because of him. The same words she told her when he woke up after the accident. (Are all of you disappointed that the arrangement is like this? Henry becomes Xi Zhen's 39 year old lover in the novel? I personally like MBC arrangement better although I dislike it to make Zhen Xian becoming a two-timer to be in bed with Xi Zhen to betray San Shun.)

So when San Shun sms him, he is like a person who just loses his soul and will weep any minute. He then realizes how long he has not seen her. Although he has promised not to keep anything from her, he doesn't intend to tell her now. She has mistakened the word hospital. Upon seeing the heart sign in the message, he smiles. How nice if she is around - he will bury his face on her stomach to cry but he stops the thought.

Xi Zhen suggests a farewell ceremony for their love (not as elaborate as Xi Zhen to want Zhen Xian to return to the U.S. with her.) Both chat till dawn and they feel good about it. Till the moment they part, she requests for a final hug and he wants her – his friend to live happily. But San Shun comes at the wrong time to cause the misunderstanding. He is a little worried – no, he is very worried. How can San Shun say the word 'finished' so easily? He will apologise but she must curb her temper.

But soon, when he returns to visit San Shun, he realizes that it is hard to change it. Her bed is empty and his face turns pale. She has left without telling him. So it is her who vanishes from his life this time. He comes to see her but Er Ying says that she isn't in. Zhen Xian is fed up – there is no Korean law that allows an elder sister to have a hand in her younger sister's love life. She gives him an envelope – it contains the money that San Shun owes him and she demands the contract.

Just as he expected, it is a bomb so he knows what she implies. Their relationship is built on money so it must end with money. But understanding doesn't imply accepting. Zhen Xian accepts it and tears it. Before she can answer, he talks fast. His cold eyes behind the rimless glasses are unexplainable – does she know how painful he feels, elder sister? Er Ying is about to rebuke when he talks – she doesn't know? She should find a chance to try tearing 5 million won. She will understand how it feels to a money lover.

Zhen Xian suppresses his rage for long and he can't control it. The steady tone has an unending sadness. San Shun is right that he isn't like a young hotelier. His tone is harsh and threatening – he will not take it against her since she is San Shun's sister. But she must remember that he does feel the pain because he loves money. But if he loses San Shun and becomes miserable all his life, can she bear the responsibility?

Why can he do but to tear the money as he now likes her more than money? (How I love this phrase although strange that Er Ying is the listener. MBC's arrangement is better.) This kind of confession isn't romantic at all. Er Ying frowns – the whole family opposes to San Shun's romance and what makes her love such a man? But who can say what love is?

Zhen Xian sends sms to San Shun but she hasn't replied. Why not listen to his explanation? What about her job? She doesn't reply and his patience is drained. He throws the handphone onto the ground. He has never met a woman who leaves bruises on his leg and then goes into hiding. He doesn't see her for 3 weeks but it is so hard to spend the time. It is like kicking the smoking habit. He drinks whisky at night and reads her past sms. Whatever sweet words said become so harsh in reality.

He can't curb his thoughts and sends her sms. Has she added something to his cake? He can't see her but he senses her everywhere. He feels lonely now. If he is sober, he will not send this kind of mushy sms even if someone beats him to death. But he is drunk after a few glasses. He then waits for her reply but she doesn't. A package comes the next day. It has the dried roses and her resignation letter.

Other than that, nothing else! He understands what she means – they are finished! Zhen Xian is like being hit on the head – his face is paler than the time he tears the cheque. The DHL staff flees upon seeing this. Zhen Xian is like a lion going to roar any minute. Suddenly, Xin Zai calls him. San Shun is seeing someone at the hotel for a matchmaking session. Upon hearing this, Zhen Xian feels that his blood is boiling and the volcano might erupt any minute. This woman is too much!

He immediately takes his jacket and rushes to the hotel. The saying of love to wither within 2 years is a stupid joke. Can this happen to a woman in love? No! He can never forgive the liar. Will the men behave like Zhen Xian when their wives commit adultery? Zhen Xian can't care less of breaking traffic rules to reach the hotel within 20 minutes. It is the first place that they have met and San Shun has mentioned to like this place to hope to meet her prince charming. What prince charming? He curses her to meet up with a ghost instead. He has forgotten completely that he has met her there too for the first time.

His eagle eyes skim the place and Xin Zai points out the table to him. This is the first time he sees her in 3 weeks. He observes her for a minute – like an auction product. She is 29, still 159m tall and about 62kg. Why is she still looking the same? He learns that she put on 12kg after her breakup with Xian Yu. But does this imply that this breakup doesn't give her the impact? The healthy image makes him confused. He is disappointed and feels the anguish but he is also relieved that she is fine.

But one thing is very certain. San Shun having coffee with another man makes him unhappy, very unhappy! He can see that the man is about his height and he mentions that he wants to grow old with his partner and she agrees with him. Zhen Xian can't tolerate this any longer. What nonsense is this – she approves of it wholeheartedly? Fat hope! His cold nature is back and his voice gives both a bombshell – but what can they do as he will not approve or support them.

San Shun stares with her big eyes. Zhen Xian is here again with his sly smile like a person coming out from a grave. How does he know this? His reply will send you sprawling to the floor. A fire will cause one to dial 119. Discovering a spy will call 113. Seeing San Shun dating others must report to him. Zhen Xian looks at the man. The man is 35 years old – much better than her other choices in the past. He can't match to Zhen Xian in looks but he is considered a handsome man. He is calm and not the kind to say mushy stuff – definitely not like Xian Yu.

He even has an air of elegance and seems tough to deal with. Zhen Xian says that San Shun is his and their meeting is redundant. San Shun has known of Zhen Xian to be unreasonable but she doesn't know that he will go for an extra mile. The man doesn't show any surprise and looks at Zhen Xian. When Zhen Xian is about to lead San Shun out, he wants Zhen Xian to let go of San Shun. So he is the man who gives her the money and is the two-timer.

Zhen Xian is so mad – she goes too fast for her matchmaking and now understands how she feels when she kicks him. But understanding doesn't imply forgiving. San Shun should not have mentioned what happens between them. He chides the man for being a busybody and he likes to do whatever he likes with the money. Zhen Xian wonders why he isn't as eloquent as before. But the man chides him for interrupting their date and he has the right to protect San Shun under the eyes of the law and responsibility. (Now the war is getting interesting but for the wrong reasons!)

Zhen Xian lets go of San Shun's hand because he has more important things to do. He pulls the man's collar. He knows that he is wrong but he can't suppress his anger at all. The two are going to quarrel when San Shun tells Zhen Xian to stop. Why can't he – he will write his name the other way round if he doesn't teach him a lesson. (See how jealousy clouds his head…..)

When San Shun reveals that he is Er Ying's husband, he freezes. So this is the man who gives him the 5 million won. Zhen Xian will not land himself into trouble but this time he puts himself into a fix and can't remember releasing his collar. The man, Shen Hui Yu stares at him – so can he write his name in the opposite direction now? He wants the two to converse to iron things out. You will laugh at it – he apologises to her in the gents!! She isn't happy – he is the one who is the two-timer.

In the past, she will be frightened of his anger but now she stares back at him. He asks her to forgive him in a gentle tone and sure enough, she softens but when he says that he also forgives her, she gets angry. He explains that he isn't a two-timer and hasn't given up on their love. She gets confused – so what does that imply when he appears at the door step with another woman with an unshaven face and wrinkled shirt?

She has borrowed the money from Hui Yu to return to him and she has stated that she will not see him again if he betrays her. Her tone is as cold as ice. Can he understand how she feels then? She is about to cry when he replies – the dying feeling? He also goes through that because of her! When she is knocked down by the motorcycle, when she rejects to take his calls, when she refuses to meet him, when Er Ying gives him the money, when he receives the dried flowers, when he sees her talking happily with other men……he has gone through this feeling more than thrice….(Who doesn't melt by these words?)

When listening to him, she becomes speechless. Many men who walk in get out immediately. Why drag her into the gents - this is the first place they meet and he wants to settle it here. Don't evade the issue as he is serious. San Shun then remembers that she met him the first time was in the café but he thinks it is here. The same thing may have differing views – has she mistakened him?

She suddenly cries and he gets fluttered. But he finds her adorable when crying. Although he doesn't like to make his lover cry, he doesn't mind her crying for him. (Funny, right?) Zhen Xian kisses on her face and lips. He tastes her lipstick and also her salty tears. His lips don't wish to leave hers. The men leave upon entering in embarrassment. The kiss seems short but also long.

San Shun flees from his chest. He doesn't get her consent before doing that. Should she scold or embrace him? San Shun can't make up her mind and leaves. Zhen Xian decides to attack the brick castle – he is shunned out of San Shun's home by Er Ying earlier. He is determined after kissing her. He is clear that there is no time to waste. Zhen Xian returns home and asks for Zhen Zheng's advice to choose clothes to meet his future in-laws. How to give them a good impression after what happens?

Zhen Zheng is tongue-tied –hasn't he said that marriage is a person's grave? Zhen Xian stares at him and tries a shirt with a tie. Zhen Zheng realises that he is serious as Zhen Xian has never feel troubled in the past but now he has a worried expression. He tells what has happened and Zhen Zheng feels like yelling to him – are you mad? He replies in a serious tone – Zhen Xian has to tell San Shun's parents tactfully that he is going to take good care of her. Isn't her an expert at it?

Plus, he can get San Shun to help him. Zhen Xian has thought that the gents' kiss is the same as declaring 'my heart only has you'. But does she know that? He doesn't know how they will react when he goes. Will she work with him for their marriage? But he can only discard his uneasiness to go with his thoughts – he should not retreat now. He must open their door – if he doesn't work, a locksmith will do the job.

But before he can knock on the door, it opens by itself. It is Zhi You who wants to cycle. He shouts to his family members that he is here. Upon hearing his voice, Zhen Xian makes a decision – he will treat Zhi You well all his life – to provide his pocket money in buying sweets this lifetime. (I can't help laughing at this one.) This home is so much smaller and older than his own house. But he falls for it immediately. He likes the trees grown in the garden. They are laden with fruits and he remembers San Shun telling him that one part of it is her flower orchard. He sees her signboard.

So this is the place that she wants to protect despite paying with her youth in delaying her marriage chance. He fully understands why she treasures her so much and feels that he is lucky to fall for her. But he must keep his warm feelings under wraps now to visit her family members. There are 6 pairs of eyes looking at him – her parents, her sisters, brother and Zhi You.

Mr Jin is pleased when Zhen Xian addresses him as father. But Mrs Jin isn't that friendly – how can he keep letting her cry so often even before marriage? He is too similar to Hui Yu and she doesn't want the same to happen to San Shun like what has happened to Er Ying. Zhen Xian feels sweat forming over his forehead. This mother-in-law dislikes Hui Yu and the same is going to happen to him.

Another consul asks how he is going to support his sister. He is San Shun's only younger brother. It seems that he studies management and is asking what he works indirectly. Zhen Xian realises that San Shun has not mentioned to her family about him. He replies that he opens a restaurant. Mrs Jin asks exactly the same questions Mdm Luo asks San Shun too. It seems that all parents are worried for their children.

Zhen Xian thinks he must jot all these things down if he gets to publish a book '30 ways to win in-laws over' to help others tide through the similar crisis. He only mentions that his family manages a motel. When San Shun was asked what her parents do, she is frank. But now Zhen Xian doesn't dare to do it. If he tells them that his family owns one of the biggest hotels in Korea, no – once he mentions the word motel, he will be driven out from here. But even though he doesn't say it, Er Ying will still reveal it.

Sure enough, Er Ying says that the two should come together since San Shun isn't around. He nearly asks where she has been but he suppresses his curiosity. He wants to come to make a visit to give the elders a good impression to have more confidence. He hopes they will not detect his anxiety. Er Ying recalls how Hui Yu wants her to help the two but she refuses. Hui Yu thinks San Shun is 30, not 3 years old. She should settle this herself. Hui Yu hasn't changed all this time.

She recalls what the two say to her in the past and asks for their future plans. Zhen Xian says Zhen Zheng's words as the answer. He will not give in to her. Zhen Xian doesn't know how many marks he can get but this is the only thing he can say. Er Ying tells him to get San Shun back from Jiju island. Zhen Xian nearly wants to shout hooray – he passes the test and has succeeded. But why is she at Jiju?

San Sun is now looking at Zhen Xian's last sms. Not seeing her but seeing her around. The urge is there because he can't see her. The same is happening to her. What he says to her in the toilet is that – he has also been to hell like her because of her. She is tired of loving and suddenly thinks of Halla mountain. Can she love when she reaches the top? She is getting older and fatter. Since Zhen Xian has climbed it despite his injury – she should be able to do it too. After two hours, she is exhausted.

She comes up with a few possibilities – Zhen Xian has thought of the difficulties before climbing and the route he goes isn't as tough as this one. But….the 70 year old woman sitting beside her is also ahead of her. Is San Shun having a 70 year old body?! She vows to go for slimming programmes after this. She only reaches here after 7 hours instead of 4 hours. She shouts her name and Zhen Xian's names.

Suddenly an arrogant voice is heard. Thanks for the confession but can't she walk faster? The sun is going to set and he nearly mobilizes a search team. This is the man who speaks to her under the clouds and he is standing there. Initially she can't walk but now she runs to him. She yells when he massages her legs – don't move. If he doesn't do this, she might have cramps. How can she be having so much fat at 30? Upon hearing her lover saying this, any romantic feel dies and she protests that she is only 29.

He frowns – he has been carrying her down the mountain. She has thought that she can reach the heaven to feel the wind and him. He swallows the words down and sits beside her. They lie beside each other but San Shun refuses to be with him when his lips touch on hers. Although he says that they can climb the mountain together and she will be his woman the next time, this is so unreal. IS this really the next time? Yes, now her hand is held by a 70kg strong man.

But she tells him to wait after shedding 10 kg. He frowns and you will laugh at his answer – please don't say sentences that lack nourishment. He likes the soft flesh – isn't this ok? But…she isn't used to show her fat flesh – she wants to beautify her first night. He makes the last attempt. If she wants to compare her age, she can't be older than him. He has more fats than her. No matter how fat she is, he is the one to carry her down. She is touched but it will be more moving if he omits the word 'fat'. (I salute to Zhen Xian for coming up with this statement.)

Upon looking into her shiny eyes and pink face, he kisses her cheek. She is most beautiful in his eyes. She will live well with him and he can safeguard his own happiness. They will do it next time if she is unwilling. Because of this, she loses to him. Now, she feels like hugging him. (MBC arrangement is
less romantic but funnier but the following part is a pity to be left out.)

The two get engaged two days before Christmas. Zhen Xian has suggested marriage but San Shun only wants to get married in Spring. She isn't happy when she dresses in the traditional costume. She stares at the name signboard outside the restaurant. Why can't she be called Xi Zhen? Zhen Xian just ignores her. He has given in to her to make their wedding event to become an engagement event. (This is strange – I thought women are more eager to get married?) He is not giving in to her for this one.

He is getting married to San Shun and not an unknown woman, Jin Xi Zhen. He tells her not to deceive herself. Why is this man more stubborn than Mrs Jin? She has wanted to apply for the change after marriage with his help. But it looks like she has to change another way. Especially whenever he quarrels with her and keeps stressing her name with the glow on his face, she feels angry over it.

She will not hesitate to change her name to Jin Zhen Xian but what if he changes his name to Xuan San Shun? His answer nearly makes her explode. He has not worried about that since birth since he is the second in the family! Now they are going to get married soon and are deeply in love with each other. But just like what is in the past, the crafty man never stops making fun of her. San Shun is angry with him but he mentions that they can name their third daughter, Shi Ji. She imagines her future daughter and smiles.

Upon seeing this, he also smiles. His heart tells him – if they make this come true, they must give birth to at least 3 children and he must work very hard at night daily. San Shun doesn't see through his evil thoughts. He can escape this time but she will not give up changing her name. She will use at the most 5 years to change another name. The two look at each other when imagining their future life and walk into the venue together, to receive congratulations from all.


Do you prefer the serial or the novel? I find the novel's Zhen Xian very chauvinistic and sarcastic. But he is equally caring to San Shun and is more mature. It also comes with a complete ending. However, it doesn't say much on Henry and Xi Zhen which some might protest.

Suh Ah is 30 like San Shun but Hyun Bin is only 23 and not 27 as depicted in the serial. But both complement each other well to create so much laughter for all of us. The script is well written and the newcomers have delivered their best. Singlehood is becoming the norm and it does provide insight into how the singles feel and think. You will admire San Shun's professionalism and positive attitude towards life. But San Shun's spouting of vulgar words is certainly a bad habit that all should not follow.

Although there are flaws in the characters, they are still acceptable. Although I personally prefer 'Lovers In Paris', this popular drama also doesn't let me down in any way. All should not miss this 2005 hit. It is undoubtedly the serial of the year.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : **** (Scale of 5)

On songs : ***(Scale of 5)

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