My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Reviewed by: Damo

September 09, 2005

Rating: five

**Cast - Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah**

"Life is like a box of chocolates"

Have you ever watched a series that made you feel good about yourself after watching it? Do you know someone who is a fast talker, movie buff, drinker, funny, strong, feisty and a pastry lover? Well, if yes, maybe it's Kim Sam Soon (KSS).

The series is so unique that you can't predict what will happen next. The emotional substance of the story is surreal, beacause it can play with your emotion in a right way, which is good because most series tend to stay in one genre, like when it's drama, it would stay that way until the end and the viewers will get tired watching the series. But in Kim Sam Soon there is comedy, drama and a lot more.

One thing I liked about KSS is that the story is well-written and fast paced. I was hooked to the series because the storyline was great and that Sam Soon's character was a masterpiece. I can say that this series really have a great quality. The story's sincerity is what makes it a must-see, the roles are well portrayed and the story's lightness makes it easy to follow.

The story revolves around Kim Sam Soon a 30-year-old pastry chef who devotes her life to finding someone whom she will spend the rest of her life with. Sam Soon aims to have a husband, and her own shop and it seems that fate is on her side. She meets a guy 3 years her junior who asks her to pose as his girlfriend and she accepts the part because of some personal reasons. Sam Shik (the guy) even hires her to be the pastry chef in his restaurant, but how can their relationship work when they can't stand each other?

What I love most about the story is Sam Soon's character. She lets people see her cry, she lets them know what's on her mind and she stays strong and true to herself no matter what. Kim Sun Ah (Kim Sam Soon) did her best to do the role and I commend her for that. She acted as if she really was Kim Sam Soon, you can see it in her eyes; and her emotions will take you away.

In the story Hyun Bin's role (Sam Shik) is childish, arrogant and insensitive, which by the way fitted him well, but when it comes to love he doesn't seem to know what to do with his feelings and how to show them to someone he really loves.

What's funny about this series is the continous arguments and bickering of the two main characters. Sam Soon always gives Sam Shik an explanation about everything and he will oppose and will do something to hurt her and she will do the same and that will turn into comedy. But what makes it funnier is her imaginations and when she talks to herself, one line she always uses is "What to do?" whenever she's in fright. And finally, Sam Soon's continuous battle to change her name to "Kim Hae Jin"; Sam Soon's name is a rustic Korean name that most people would not want to have, as it means "farmlike or farmer", and "Sam" means 3rd because she is the 3rd daughter of a miller! But in the end… will she change her name?

*Here are the best scenes in the series:
1. When Sam soon and Sam Shik stayed at the restaurant after Sam Soon's ex-boyfriend's engagement party, then Sam Shik consoled Sam Soon by playing the piano and drinking with her and after that you should watch what happened!
2. When Sam Shik finally knew how he felt, he went back to the hotel and dragged Sam Soon in the men's toilet and confessed his love and they kissed.
3. When Sam Soon, Sam Shik and his ex-girlfriend (Hae Jin) met at the hotel at Jeju Island. Although Sam Shik thought that Sam Soon was pretending to be his girlfriend he didn't know that Sam Soon really meant what she said.
4. When Sam Soon went up at the mountains and Sam Shik followed her on the top.
5. When they were at the highway at Jeju Island and Sam Soon confessed that she liked him.
6. All of Sam Soon's imaginations are funny (it's a must-see!).
7. When Sam Shik lay down on Sam Soon's tummy and told her the story how his brother and sister-in-law died.
8. When Sam Shik went into Sam Soon's house and got beaten by Sam Soon's mother, and he gave them dog named "5-million-won"(I can't tell you the reason why that's the dog's name, you should watch the series). Then they went to sing at a karaoke bar.
9. Whenever Sam Shik tried to be sweet to Sam Soon, he acted like he was a child and you can see the chemistry between them.
10. The scence before Sam Shik left really touched me!
11. At the last episode Sam Soon read a poem on her way home and this was what it said:

"Let's love like we've never been hurt before.
Let's love like we've never been hurt before...
Let's dance like no one is praising us...
Let's love like we've never been hurt before...
Let's sing like no one's listening to us....
Let's work like we dont need money for it...
Let's live like today is doomsday...
Let's love like we've never been hurt before..."

After watching the series I've learned appreciate things around me and that Sam Soon's life beacame more familiar to me. The series has given me hope, faith, and courage to face life, just like what Sam Soon did. The story is easy to love and that as you continue to follow the story, no matter how old you are you can relate to Kim Sam Soon. You might think over her philosophy in life and how she deals with day to day problems; she would only walk straight and face the trials and she never gave up on love. The series will give you the warmth no K-drama has given you before. Its humble setting will make you remember it for the rest of your life.

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