My True Love

Reviewed by: sukting

November 16, 2004

Rating: three

How long
44 episodes

This is Bae Yong Jun's rehearsal before he acted in 'Untold Scandal'. He is a womanizer who doesn't trust love and believes in climbing to the top. So he wants to woo rich women to get him out of poverty. Do you wish to see him as a poor man who is different from his other serials? Will he find his true love in the end? This is his last serial before he studied in U.S. to return to work in ?Hotelier? a year later.


Zai Hao is an undergraduate and works part time as a fresh crab supplier. He stays with his aunt who opens a bar. He wants to marry a rich woman who can help to build his career. So he earns money to change his second hand car into a convertible. He also buys branded clothing to make himself look classy. He lies to his university classmates that his father is a professor and his mother passed away.

Xuan Xiu's father owns a shipping line and this attracts him. He decides to woo her. Xin Ying is not a professor but is a temporary lecturer in the university. Both women are friends. Zai Hao wants to impress Xuan Xiu so he humiliates Xin Ying when she brings the wrong teaching materials to class. She is annoyed and through asking other colleagues, she knows that Zai Hao is a smart man and has intended to graduate earlier than others by half a year.

They believe that he can do it because of his wits. But they warn her - because he is too street-smart, he has given them a lot of problems - he can also be nasty to beginning teachers. Zai Hao deliberately pours coffee on Xuan Xiu's coat and buys a new one to replace it. Shi Qiu is Zai Hao's friend but Zai Hao doesn't like him to be his future-brother-in-law although both like each other. He wants Zai Ying to find a better man. All MUST watch - when he lectures her, he is changing his shirt - all can see how muscular Bae looks in a singlet! He recalls the past bitterly - his mother ditched the siblings at the amusement park when they were young.

Zai Hao's attitude causes Xin Ying unable to teach in class when he fires questions at her repeatedly. Laugh at another scene - Xuan Xiu has tea with Zai Hao. She leaves, pretending to be angry with him and actually wishing him to send her home in his car. However, he smiles and still stays in the coffee outlet! He deliberately does it to lure her into his love trap. Xuan Xiu isn't offended but likes him now.

Xin Ying's senior, Ji Zhen gives her a few tips to teach better. He confesses his feelings for her but she doesn't treat it seriously. Zai Hao is angry that Shi Qiu sells the crabs cheaply because they are of low quality from Zhang Gao. He reminds Zai Ying to avoid him as he regards him useless. Bing Guo has trouble with Hui Zi because of his one-night-stand when younger. Both still pretend to be a loving couple for the sake of Xin Ying. In reality, Hui Zi still suspects him and even scratches his car out of anger several times!

Zai Hao sits near Xuan Xiu during a meal to get rejected. Laugh when she tells another male classmate that she doesn't like Zai Hao to leave with him! But he still gets her a cup of coffee from the vending machine. He finds it challenging to woo her. Another surprise, he asks Xuan Xiu whether she is free. She answers no. He then says that she will have to accommodate him as he is busy! Later, Zai Hao helps Xin Ying fix the photocopy machine. Both have a talk. He has no hobbies and is lonely while she has a meaningful life. Despite their differences, both are now chatting together.

Zai Hao boasts again of his parentage and Xin Ying is fed up. She has seen others slogging to work part time to earn their fees. While here, Zai Hao is wearing branded clothes and fawning his wealth. He is offended and snaps that she doesn't know the pain of poverty. He gets drunk. Xin Ying drives his car and wants to fasten his seat belt. He touches her hand. Xuan Xiu is annoyed to see Xin Ying sending him home so she offers to send him home. He is delighted that both women fall into his love trap.

Zai Hao stops his car by the side. He doesn't mind others scolding him for being despicable. He is later annoyed to see Zhen Shu with Bing Guo. He forces her into his car and chases him away. Zhen Shu is angry with him but he says that she is unreliable to get cheated by men so many times. She slaps him for reminding her of her past and scolds him for lying to be rich.

Ji Zhen is impressed with Zai Hao's answering of the answers during the lecture. Zai Hao's friend gives him tips that he has found from 1992-94. They can just copy the answers from there since most lecturers don't refer to past year papers. His friend even jokes that Xin Ying likes him and Ji Zhen overhears it. Xuan Xiu urges Ji Zhen to woo Xin Ying instead of waiting 10 long years to make her discover that he loves her.

Shi Qiu demands to know why Zai Hao opposes to him seeing his sister. He confesses this is because of his two traits - being uneducated and poor. He wants the best for his sister as she is the closest kin he has. Moreover, he thinks Shi Qiu can't support his sister too because he is too gullible. Shi Qiu is angry and spites Zai Ying by going out with Mei Shan.

Zai Hao is surprised to see Xuan Xiu waiting for him outside the toilet to ask him out. How does she know that he is there? She has walked in to check! Zhen You warns her that Zai Hao has asked around to find out whose daughter she is and whether she is rich. To meet her, Zai Hao rejects Xin Ying's invitation to photocopy notes. She feels a sense of loss.

Zai Hao admits to Xuan Xiu that he broke up with his ex-girlfriend when her family went bankrupt. He doesn't like the poor, ugly and retarded women. Xuan Xiu is pretty and smart so he likes her. He is not lacking in the 3 areas so he will not want stupid women. Ji Zhen drives Xin Ying to meet her students at the discotheque. He recalls Xuan Xiu's words and tells her to close her eyes. He gives her a kiss. She is taken aback as this is her first kiss. However, she wonders why she feels neutral! Ji Zhen can't help feeling disappointed as he himself is so nervous that his heart beats so fast!

Zai Hao declines to have a date with Xuan Xiu to give his thesis to Xin Ying. He is confident to make her fall for him although he is not confident to love her. He wants a higher grade since he gives her a week in advance. Xin Ying declines a lift from Ji Zhen home to read the thesis. Ji Zhen is unhappy although he jokes that the way she clings on to the report is like holding a love letter.

Xin Ying happens to look through the past year papers and is angry that Zai Hao copies the answers from others. She reports to Ji Zhen but he finds nothing wrong. Since Zai Hao answers his questions correctly, this shows good understanding. Moreover, many students use this method too. Xin Ying is angry that he gives Zai Hao 90 marks for his subject. She has wanted her students to be honest and sincere. She is very disappointed in Ji Zhen - how can he be a fair lecturer then?

Xuan Xiu finds her making a big fuss over nothing. They quarrel - Xuan Xiu asks whether she is so upset just because the person is Zai Hao? Xin Ying asks for Zai Hao's number and warns her not to be too close to the dangerous Zai Hao. Zai Hao is working at the market place when he receives her call and jokes that she misses him. He wears smartly to see her the next day.

She tells him that she will give him zero for her subject. She wants the other lecturers to do the same but they refuse. He has deceived the others for 3 whole years by copying answers. Does he think that she is so easily cheated? She tears his report - upon recalling him asking her to give him a higher grade. How can he have the cheek to graduate early in 3.5 years instead of 4 years?

I am so amused that Zai Hao turns from arrogant to terrified now. He lies that he defied his father's wishes to study this faculty. If he can't graduate, he will not have money to pay the fees. He is rich but his family is not giving any money to him now. (See how he can still come up with this pack of lies but I am more thrilled with Xin Ying's answer.) He pleads with her to forgive him.

She retorts that he must have acted like a hooligan to make his father angry. If he lacks money, he can sell his convertible since he just wants to please his dad. It will not work on her. He finally tells the truth of being an orphan and is very poor. He wants to be successful but he really has no money. Xin Ying thinks he is lying again and wants him not to lead this kind of life anymore.

Zai Hao still believes that he will get 95 marks from her as he trusts her. But he is shattered to look at this result slip to find that he has A for every subject but a F for her module. He is so angry that he crushes the paper and goes to see Xin Ying. She is still unhappy over his attitude when he says that the burden on paying the fees for the siblings is hard on him and he needs to graduate early. She points at his watch - she had seen it in Boston when she was studying there. It cost US$2000 - how can he do this to his father?

Xin Ying has also heard that his aunt has a big business chain so he must be telling a lie. Zai Hao smiles bitterly - he should tell her the truth before hand. He thinks of the 95 marks that he gets for other subjects and sobs in his car. Xin Ying recalls his words and searches for his profile. Zai Hao has written his father's occupation as a professor and his mother is a university graduate. She starts to get confused - what is the truth and what is the lie? She jots down his number.

Zai Hao asks Xuan Xiu out. She tells him not to take to heart what Xin Ying has done. There should not make much difference because things usually doesn't work the way he wants. Zai Hao kisses her and cites that he loves her. She doesn't believe him but knows that she likes him. Bing Guo has enough of Hui Zi's pretence and tells all friends that they are divorcing soon, putting her into a fix and filling her heart with hatred.

Xin Ying asks Xuan Xiu for Zai Hao's handphone number and leaves a message but he doesn't reply her. She is troubled and asks Ji Zhen out. She asks him why he likes her. He smiles forcefully - Xin Ying is too straightforward. The last time he kisses her - she immediately tells him not to like her to give her pressure. This time the act of not giving Zai Hao marks also neglects his feelings. She confesses that she is thinking of Zai Hao every moment now. He asks if Xin Ying likes him.

Xin Ying says no as she feels that she owes him too much. It is impossible as she is his lecturer. Ji Zhen still feels that it is possible since they belong to different sexes. But normally a person has a reason to lie and only to confess it before a right person. Xin Ying starts to think that it fits Zai Hao's case. She calls his number and the person tells her to look for him at the fish market at 3 a.m. She sees him there indeed - easily contented when he gets a deal - his cap indicates the supplier's number 305.

Xin Ying is reprimanded by her superior for causing so many failures in the students? results. Thus she decides to hold a re-exam. She informs Zai Hao through leaving a message in his handphone but he doesn't answer it. He is busy organizing a crab deal so as to help Shi Qiu in raising the operation fees for his mother. When they can't get enough money, Zai Hao borrows from the loansharks. Shi Qiu is grateful to him but Zai Hao cites that he can never accept him as Zai Ying's boyfriend.

Zai Hao studies in the library with Xuan Xiu. He wonders why he finds it interesting now. He goes with Xuan Xiu to watch a musical and places his arm over her shoulder. Both sit on the pirate ship and he encourages her to close her eyes to overcome her fear. Zai Hao gets off the pirate ship just before it starts, leaving Xuan Xiu alone to sit at the end of the 'ship?. It frightens her but she is amused when he confesses that he still feels frightened even if he closes his eyes. The feeling is the same as fearing to fall off a cliff. She smears his face with her ice-cream, warning him not to do it again.

Zai Hao meets his ex and she threatens to tell Xuan Xiu that he is a liar. She accuses him of not telling him about his father's identity. He replies that he never says that his dad is a professor. He doesn't answer their question so they take it for an answer. She is sarcastic to comment that his aunt runs a big business. He rebukes saying that opening a bar does have good network. She sneers at him - will Xuan Xiu still accept him after knowing the truth?

Zhang Gao tries to get business contacts through Shi Qiu. He coaxes him to betray Zai Hao by providing him money for his money's operation. However, Shi Qiu is touched when Zai Hao borrows the money from loansharks to repay his debts. Xin Ying uses her first month pay to give Ji Zhen a treat. He talks about a story of two handicap people being married. To him, love and nothing else brings people together.

Xuan Xiu meets Zai Hao's ex and disbelieves her. She even insults her - it is heard that her present boyfriend is going bankrupt soon so she needs to watch out too. Feeling down, Xuan Xiu goes to a CD shop to listen to a CD. As a result, she misses Zai Hao's call. He sends Xin Ying to where he stays. He brews coffee for her using charcoal. He confesses that he has lied all along. She calmly tells him that she already knows about it after visiting his workplace. But she doesn't let Xuan Xiu know about it.

She doesn't see the need to interfere. In reality, he doesn't tell others about the truth because he is with rich classmates all along. They ask and he doesn't answer. Slowly, they assume that it is the truth. If he doesn't earn money for himself, no one will care so he has to feud on his own. However, he hasn't lied to her about it. He tells her that he loves Xuan Xiu and holds her hand in gratitude when she agrees to keep his secret.

Xin Ying says that all failures have to sit for a re-exam. She is unwilling to bend the rules but her superior forces her to do it. So Zai Hao still has a final chance - she indicates that she is not only doing it for him so if he copies again, she will fail him. Zai Hao smiles in relief.

How can he afford the car? He spends 300 thousand won to change it. The watch only cost 2000 won as Shi Qiu gets him an imitation. But alas, his car breaks down when he wants to send her back. So he checks through the directory looking for garages to fix the car. To his dismay, all do not wish to do business after 11pm. Xin Ying is calm to tell Ji Zhen about the truth but requests him to lie to Hui Zi on her behalf.

Hui Zi and Ying Shu are loggerheads when they are young. Both fight for the same man and Hui Zi is the winner. However, she marries Bing Guo in the end after ditching the man. Bing Guo has a drink with Ji Zhen and encourages him to woo Xin Ying. He gets drunk and sends him home. Xuan Xiu gets Ji Zhen a cup of hot tea and tells him to sit on Xin Ying's bed to chat with her. I really laugh when he becomes so nervous. She can tell that he is lying and is angry to know that the couple is together.

Zhang Gao is angry that Shi Qiu rejects getting money from him for the operation and forces him to accept the notes. Zai Hao senses that Xin Ying feels cold and holds her two hands. She is dazzled by his charm when he tells her that the way she smiles resembles his mother. She asks if his mother is dead. Zai Hao tells her the truth bitterly and she feels sorry for him. Xin Ying covers Zai Hao with a blanket before leaving on the first public bus but is unaware that he is already awake.

Zai Hao recalls the past of his father's death and his mother is unable to cope with it. Thus she abandoned her children. Xuan Xiu finds that Zai Hao and Xin Ying are indeed together. Bing Guo decides that Xin Ying should marry Jin Zhen since she is 30 and Ji Zhen is 33. She is unwilling to get hitched. Hui Zi supports her but Bing Guo is angry. Zai Hao is troubled and doesn't realize that he has made Shi Qiu work non-stop the whole day. Shi Qiu is very annoyed but feels sorry for him when he confesses that he is frightened that his present date will discover his background. Shi Qiu suggests him to spill the beans. This scene is sure cool when you get to see both guys revealing their tops in the public bath. Bae's fans will drool again.

Zai Hao decides that his route is too tough to walk so he wants Xuan Xiu to hold him tightly. Xin Ying is attracted to him but knows that she can never make him happy with her limited wealth. She confesses this to Ji Zhen. He doesn't want her to sob in front of him for other men and wishes her to leave. Bing Guo happens to know that Hui Zi had many boyfriends before marrying him and has a quarrel with her.

Zai Hao is confused over his feelings and brings Xin Ying out to have fun in a tent. He says that she resembles his mother in her habits. She can never imagine how a 12 year old man took care of his 5 year old sister. She touches his forehead but retracts her hand. She asks him if he loves Xuan Xiu but he avoids answering her when the public bus comes at this time.

Zai Hao avoids Xuan Xiu in the library and canteen when she wants to spite back at him with Zhen You. When Zai Hao wants to get a drink, he has no coins. Zhen You sneers at him. He suppresses his anger and replies that Xuan Xiu has no standard of choosing men. She demands to know if he is only making use of her. She deliberately waits for him at the library and yet this is how he treats her. He gives her a hug. Xin Ying decides to consider Ji Zhen's marriage proposal. When stepping out, she sees the two and is jealous.

Zai Hao notices that Xin Ying is cold to him and wonders what is wrong. Hui Zi is happy when Ji Zhen accompanies her to the market. To Ji Zhen, Xin Ying is comparing him to Zai Hao. Just like how Zai Hao is comparing the two women too. Zai Hao sits for his re-exam and Xin Ying refuses to pick up his pen when he drops it. Later, Xuan Xiu wants him to be her partner to go with Ji Zhen and Xin Ying.

Strangely, Zai Hao feels a pang of jealousy too. He stays to ask Xin Ying what has happened. She looks as if she dislikes seeing him. She gets worked up - can he just tell everyone that they look like his mother to cheat them? She is angry that he tells Xuan Xiu that Xuan Xiu's hands resemble his mother's too. Now she is not going to believe him anymore. She has wanted to treat him better but now is he gauging her and Xuan Xiu?

Is he that great to do that? Zai Hao doesn't mean it but before he can talk, Xin Ying tells him to go ahead if he likes Xuan Xiu. But don't drag her into it. She leaves and leaves Zai Hao wondering whether she is right. She gets drunk with Xuan Xiu. Zai Hao is dismayed when the crabs supply turn bad and have to be thrown away. His supplier warns him that Shi Qiu may be in cahoots as he has seen him with Zhang Hao. He is angered.

Yet, he also feels troubled and calls Xin Ying but she makes him feel miserable. She refuses to see him and passes the phone to Xuan Xiu. Zai Hao doesn't feel like talking to her at all but agrees to meet her in school. He lies that he wants to know when the re-exam results will be out to talk to Xin Ying again. He tells her that he will wait for her near the lake in the school compound till 1.30 p.m. She doesn't appear and his friend drags him to see their results. Xin Ying only arrives after he leaves and sees the cigarette butts on the floor.

Zai Hao is relieved to get 90 marks and he is really taking half a year less to graduate. His friend jokes that Xin Ying likes him but Zai Hao corrects him by saying that she loves him. Ji Zhen happens to hear it and is displeased. Later, he leaves with Xin Ying and sees Zai Hao outside again. Zai Hao thanks Xin Ying for giving him a pass. But she is cold to him and leaves with Ji Zhen to watch vcds at his home.

Xuan Xiu celebrates with Zai Hao but he is not in the mood. He pays the bill through his credit card as he doesn't have enough cash. He opens the car door for her although she insists on staying out late. He doesn't wish to let her know what he is going to do. She wants to know his family members but he tells her to stop talking as he wants to concentrate on driving. She is frustrated when he suddenly asks whether the 2 women sleep in the same room, Bing Guo's occupation and also whether Xin Ying is an only child.

She doesn't wish him to talk about others in front of her. Ji Zhen knows that Xin Ying is joking to stay with him but he is still elated. She asks him why he likes her since she is careless and bad tempered. To him, this is the way she is. When reaching Xin Ying's home, Zai Hao jokes for a kiss in exchange to open the door. She turns serious to comment that he always turns sulky when with her. Will he be happy to get her kiss? So she will rather open the car door herself and wait for him to tell her the truth one day.

Zai Hao leaves a message in Xin Ying's handphone, saying that he waits for her outside her home but doesn't wish Xuan Xiu to know it. She hears it but still stays late at Ji Zhen's place. Zai Hao waits for her for 2.5 hours. He confesses that he misses her. She rejects him. There should be no more misunderstandings between them. She wants to keep this meeting from Xuan Xiu and they should not see each other anymore. However, both are unaware that Xuan Xiu knows about if from observing them from the second floor of the house.

Thus Xin Ying is furious that Xuan Xiu still asks her questions even though she knows that Zai Hao is around. Xin Ying asks why she doesn't go to ask them in person. Why must they fool her? Xuan Xiu wants her to be truthful to herself. Later, Zai Hao is devastated to know that half of his distribution rights are lost to Zhang Gao. Zai Hao hurries to the shop after changing his jacket in the car. Zhang Gao knows that Zai Hao has borrowed money from the illegal moneylenders to get money for Shi Qiu's mother's operation. But he says that the money isn't enough so he gives him more money in exchange for the rights.

Please forgive me for disliking Shi Qiu so much. He gives his mother Zhang Hao's money but he spends Zai Hao's loan on wine! He is truly a moron in my view. Zai Hao beats him up badly. He is angry not because of the money but how can he give away his distribution rights? He gets them after enduring beatings from gangsters. He has relied on the earnings for further studies. Now both siblings will not be able to continue their education. This is so important to him and it is not a word of 'sorry? from him that can make up the loss. Life is simple to Shi Qiu but not to the siblings. Shi Qiu is not his friend anymore.

Shi Qiu knows it is Zhang Gao's doing. He makes another blunder to burn the goods. He is stupid to get caught on the spot. Zai Hao is unaware and recalls their happy times together. Xuan Xiu decides to rent a room and asks Ji Zhen to find a place. Zai Hao doesn't attend classes and both women are concerned. Xuan Xiu is worried when he doesn't answer her calls so Xin Ying suggests she call his company.

She becomes very jealous - how can Xin Ying know more than her? She explains this is because it concerns something that she can't handle. She replies - is it because he is an orphan and his aunt opens a bar? Xin Ying is shocked that she knows the truth. Xuan Xiu adds that if she can handle this, what can Xin Ying do to her then? Zai Ying scolds Zai Hao for leaving Shi Qiu at the police station. Zhen Shu thinks that he is overly concerned with the money issue and gives him a slap. How can money be more important than a friend? Zai Hao stands outside the police station, wondering whether he should bail him out. Zhang Gao wants all his distribution rights to drop the case. Zai Hao doesn't reply him.

Xin Ying gets to know that Xuan Xiu decides to move out from Ji Zhen. She decides to endure all her sufferings. Ji Zhen loves her and wishes her to be happy so he will not give her pressure anymore. Zai Ying insists she likes Shi Qiu at first sight. All guys she meets ditch her after knowing her background. Zai Hao becomes worked up - why doesn't she keep it from them? She doesn't want to do it as their mum is a liar. She is grateful to him for bringing her up but doesn't want him to rule her life. In front of Shi Qiu, she need not keep anything from him. She declares that she will not talk to him unless he brings Shi Qiu home.

Zai Hao is sad - he has thought that he is the most important man of her life. He goes out and ends up walking back to the university. He sees Xin Ying and asks her to treat him to coffee. She rejects initially but gives in when she senses that he is dejected. He comes to look for her and weeps. Is he a bad guy? His friend betrays him and his aunt misunderstands him. He hates Shi Qiu as he causes him to lose his job and not the money.

Although Zai Ying is only 7 years younger than him, he regards her as his daughter. He can't live without her. He has thought of being a gangster to have a simpler life but he doesn't because of her. No one knows how deep his heart is thinking. Xin Ying doesn't understand the whole thing but it doesn't matter to him as he only wants to tell her this. She wipes the tears from his face but she cites that he should have told Xuan Xiu instead. She feels pressurized to know it.

She flees from him and cries on the street. Zai Hao follows her and sees this but he walks away quietly. He leaves his handphone at home so Xuan Xiu keeps on leaving messages. Ji Zhen is puzzled - why hasn't she attempted to look for Zai Hao and has become weak? She replies that she lacks confidence and is sad that she doesn't know him well. She wants him to ask Zai Hao on her behalf but he wants her to do it herself.

Xin Ying decides it is best to leave Zai Hao alone to ponder over things but Xuan Xiu says it is her style to meet him immediately. She already knows that he is poor. Why does he reject her and yet love her? Zai Hao sees there is no need to explain to her. He is making use of her as he needs her. But he can't hold his head high in front of her since something happens to him now.

Zai Ying threatens to leave home if Zai Hao doesn't bring Shi Qiu home. Zai Hao gives her a slap. Shi Qiu has no education, brains and loyalty. Why does she choose him? He pleads with her to find another man. She asks him whey he pretends to look rich going around with a fake branded watch? This is so disgraceful. Zai Hao storms out. Zhen Shu is angry that Zai Ying is so impulsive.

Zhen Shu is only Zai Hao's relative but he is her closest kin. No one can be as good as him to be both parents to Zai Ying. There was once Zai Ying had measles and he took care of her the whole night. He was even willing to fall sick on her behalf. So the most pitiful person is not Shi Qiu who is in jail but is Zai Hao who is being misunderstood by all of them. Zai Ying starts to feel remorseful.

Zai Hao stands outside Xin Ying's home and decides to walk away after leaving a message in her handphone. He doesn't know why he thinks of her at this time and misses her so much. Ji Zhen sees him and invites him home. He admits that he stays nearby because of Xin Ying. Zai Hao says that he finds Xin Ying accommodating so he likes to talk to her. Ji Zhen agrees with him but he himself is nervous in front of her. He tells Zai Hao that she is getting hesitant. Can Zai Hao help him? Zai Hao walks away.

Xin Ying gives Xuan Xiu Zai Hao's address upon seeing her so worried. Xin Ying doesn't mind as she has been there once but she doesn't know Xuan Xiu's reaction. Xuan Xiu gets to see the shabby place upon recognizing his shoes at the door and leaves. However, she leaves a message, informing him about her visit. Zai Hao isn't happy to know it and asks her out.

Xuan Xiu is glad that he chooses her after all even though he has a motive. She wants him to promise her that he will not leave her. Xin Ying is stunned that the four are meeting together as 2 couples from Ji Zhen. She wants to leave but she is already in his car. The same case happens to Zai Hao. He is uneasy upon knowing it from Xuan Xiu and is too late to leave when the two arrive. Poor man, he has to put up with the pretence as he is too jealous. He starts to ask Ji Zhen whether they are compatible.

Ji Zhen replies that he and Xin Ying may not lose to them. But Zai Hao insists that they are in their 20s while they are in their 30s. Xin Ying admits sadly that they are old indeed. When leaving, Zai Hao wants to drive off first as he doesn't wish to be behind someone. Ji Zhen lets him drive first. Xin Ying starts to turn to look at Ji Zhen all the time and he feels uneasy. He wants her to look at somewhere else but she refuses as she doesn't want to look at Zai Hao's car.

Zai Hao's mind is also unfocused and keeps looking at them through his car mirror. Xuan Xiu wants him to on his handphone at all times and gives her at least 3 calls a day. He agrees absentmindedly and starts to grab Xin Ying's hand before she gets into her home. What relationship is she having with Ji Zhen? She replies that she might marry him since he is a coward. Zai Hao insists that this concerns him as he likes her.

Shi Qiu is released but is locked again when Zhang Gao sneers at him for being so dependent on Zai Hao. But after Zai Hao gives away all his rights, he is released again. He sobs and wonders why Zai Hao still treats him so well which he doesn't deserve. Zai Hao leaves a message in Xin Ying's handphone and Xuan Xiu is ver y upset after hearing it. Xin Ying listens to it. Zai Hao insists that he is not a timid person as she has said. He can give up Xuan Xiu if she comes to him. Xin Ying is speechless upon hearing it.

Xuan Xiu tells Ji Zhen about it too and he gets troubled. Zai Hao wants Shi Qiu to work for Zhang Gao since Zai Hao decides to be the middleman now. Zhen Shu knows the truth and Zai Hao says that Shi Qiu is the one who extorts him and not Zhang Gao. He warns him not to see Zai Ying again. Zai Ying decides to elope with him but Shi Qiu is hesitant.

Ji Zhen helps a drunk Xuan Xiu to his home and contacts Xin Ying to fetch her home. Xuan Xiu brushes her hand away. Hui Xi gets know that Bing Guo is seeing Zhen Shu and is very furious. Ji Zhen asks Xin Ying to marry him but she refuses to marry someone whom she doesn't love. He insists that Zai Hao is unsuitable for her because he is too young. But he is true to her.

The following scene shows how love can turn two quiet men to have fiery tempers. Ji Zhen keeps Zai Hao back after his lesson. He demands to know why Zai Hao dares to declare openly to other classmates that Xin Ying likes him. Must he tell others about it? Zai Hao retorts - why can't he say it? If he feels the same way of being loved, he will want others to know too! Ji Zhen accuses him of only loving himself and he will stop him from getting her. Zai Hao charges out of the room.

He returns in a few seconds. Since Ji Zhen wants him to confess his feelings, he will do it to show that he is not despicable. He knocks on Xin Ying's office door to find Xuan Xiu in it. He retracts his words and tells Xin Ying that he will meet her at night. Xuan Xiui is so badly affected that she misses Xin Ying's classes. She wants Zai Hao to meet her uncle and wishes to move out as she is upset upon seeing Xin Ying. She needs no assurance from Xin Ying although she tries to as her eyes have betrayed her feelings.

Zai Hao waits for Xin Ying to knock off. He grabs her hand. She has heard his message but what change can it be? She doesn't want to give up relationships with others just because of him. Her father is only a small manager in a mineral water company so she can't give him riches. Will he regret his decision then? He should let her go because she is not useful to him anymore and he has befriended Xuan Xiu.

He admits that was indeed his motive in the beginning. But now when the dream is coming true, he feels miserable because of her. He at first thinks that love means nothing. His mother lied to him and although he is silly, he likes her to be like his mother. His heart has softened because of her but she replies that she is not his mother. He is so down that he walks away.

Zai Hao is angry when he isn't informed upon seeing Xuan Xiu arranging her uncle to have dinner with them. She has decided to use money to keep him by her side. He should be thankful with what she has to help him. He runs to his car and drives to Xin Ying's home. He accuses her of lying that she doesn't? wish to see him and threatens to charge into her home. She hurries out to meet him as she is afraid that Xuan Xiu will get to see this. But he isn't afraid. He is not like a child who is that easily pacified.

He suddenly hugs her and pleads with her to love him. If so, he is willing to live like this without money. He apologises for deceiving her long ago. He doesn't like Xuan Xiu but her. Both are in tears. Being unable to suppress their feelings, they kiss each other. Ji Zhen and Xuan Xiu see this scene in shock.

Xuan Xiu blames Xin Ying for not telling her that she also likes Zai Hao. She could have given up on him then but now she can't as she loves him too much. Zai Hao's act has hurt all of them but she wants to marry him. Zai Hao is fed up as she doesn't know him - the person she knows is not the real him. Xin Ying tries to hide from Zai Hao when he confronts her. She lies that she wants a good ending with Ji Zhen.

He says that she is too timid and she gives him a slap. He doesn't give up. Zai Hao is angry when Xuan Xiu appears at his workplace. He is proud of his job now but he doesn't wish her to disturb him. The company is unhappy that Zai Hao fixes the payment late and wants to reconsider his services. Xuan Xiu offers to help but gets rejected. Zai Hao doesn't wish to have any strings attached.

She is furious - why can't he accept her? Xin Ying's family will definitely oppose to them together. Probably even more than her family because she doesn't fight for it. She and Zai Hao are just too soft-hearted. Zai Hao drops her somewhere and goes to Xin Ying's home, demanding to see her. Xin Ying is frightened and drags him away. He sneers at her - he has thought that he is the only liar but she is also one now. She lies liking him is only an illusion. Zai Hao is hurt and decides not to see her again.

He squats near his car and cries. Bing Guo gets to know that Xin Ying falls for her student when Ji Zhen requests him to hand her over to him. Ji Zhen knows that Xin Ying will listen to him and wants to marry her the next month. But Bing Guo will only support him as he is open-minded. The final choice still lies with Xin Ying. Zai Hao sees Shi Qiu kissing Zai Ying and is enraged.

Why is he snatching away his only sister? Shi Qiu retorts that she is not his belonging. Zai Hao only wants himself to suffer and not to implicate his beloved sister. He throws Shi Qiu's things out of the house and drives him away. Zai Ying gives him a slap that shocks all.

Bing Guo mentions the marriage proposal and forbids her to marry a younger man. Xin Ying wants to postpone the marriage in vain. She confronts Ji Zhen. He doesn't give her time to settle it and forces her. Ji Zhen knows that he is despicable but he doesn't wish to lose her. At first, he is confident of himself but he can see she is shaky now. She refuses to forgive him. Ji Zhen then forces Zai Hao to have dinner with them. Zai Hao is now in casual dressing since he is past caring about his looks now.

He tells Zai Hao that they are getting married. Zai Hao congratulates them in an unfeeling tone. He will forget things easily like Xin Ying - should he also marry Xuan Xiu? Xuan Xiu is another person who has no mind of her own like Xin Ying. Xin Ying disappoints him for making a rash decision. Is this going to end everything? He leaves but breaks down when he reaches his car. Xuan Xiu sees this and leaves. Xin Ying weeps too.

Zai Ying begs Zhen Shu to give her money to Shi Qiu to rent a room. Zhen Shu is frustrated. Zai Hao is so different from Shi Qiu. Zai Hao will not sleep more than 6 hours. Zong Qiu is so useless to be a spendthrift. She chides Zai Ying for being insolent - she has never seen a younger sister slapping her elder brother so she must apologise to Zai Hao. Zai Ying finds it strange when Zai Hao doesn't answer her and still lies in bed. She then discovers that he is running a temperature.

Zhen Shu knows that he overworks by studying in the day and working at night. She wants him to rest at home but he holds her hand and sleeps. He decides to rest for a while before going to work. Zai Ying ponders Zhen Shu's words and thinks she is right. Zai Hao is ill because of Shi Qiu. When she meets him, she sees him eating instant noodles and still asks for the money, wanting her to keep from Zai Hao.

She finds him spineless and decides to be with him only when he is sensible. Zai Hao brings Xuan Xiu to see Zhen Shu to introduce her as his girlfriend. Zhen Shu can see that both are unhappy and don't seem to be a couple. Zai Hao seems indifferent and only asks her to look at Xuan Xiu carefully and he will be her future husband. Her father is now running a business in Italy.

Zai Ying feels that Zai Hao must be serious about Xuan Xiu to bring her home. Zhen Shu thinks that he chooses Xuan Xiu because she is rich and tries to dissuade him. He says he will try to love her. But she knows love is not the same as accumulating through savings. She can see that Xuan Xiu likes him but he doesn't love her. But there is no way for her to accept Hui Zi as her in-law if he marries Xin Ying.

Xuan Xiu tells Xin Ying that she is going to marry Zai Hao and she is badly affected although she hopes that their friendship will remain. Xin Ying goes shopping with Ji Zhen and he senses that she is unhappy. She breaks down and confesses that she can't marry him because she loves Zai Hao. What can she do now? Xuan Xiu follows Zai Hao to his workplace but he is lukewarm towards her.

Ji Zhen wants Xin Ying to be with Zai Hao after serious consideration. He knows that she yearns to be by his side but she is under pressure. He has mixed feelings but wants to forget her so he lets her go. Zai Hao will try to love Xuan Xiu but he can't promise her anything. Ji Zhen tells Zai Hao that Xin Ying has never loved him so he gives up marrying her. Zai Hao wants to love Xin Ying wholeheartedly. Ji Zhen has mentioned that he loves Xin Ying for 10 years and there is no way to make her leave him. So Zai Hao is giving up too.

Ji Zhen is startled by his decision. Zai Hao returns Xin Ying's books to her. He feels that she should not make Ji Zhen worry as he is not worth upsetting her. Xin Ying leaves in tears. Ji Zhen tries in vain to tell Xuan Xiu to give up. She doesn't mind being belittled but Ji Zhen points out that Xin Ying doesn't hinder her and Zai Hao - she is the intruder instead. But she will not listen to it.

Zai Hao is unsure whether he can love Xuan Xiu. Zhen Shu finally knows Bing Guo is Hui Zi's husband and both have a quarrel although she denies having an affair with Bing Guo. Still, she tells Zai Hao to bring other girlfriends home if he has any because she is ready to meet them. Bing Guo wants Xin Ying to bring forward her wedding as he wants to divorce Hui Zi. Xin Ying calmly tells them her parents that she loves another man. Bing Guo finds this absurd - how can this be the other way round for women to ditch men??

Xin Ying goes to the bookshop alone after Xuan Xiu rejects her. She recalls her past with Zai Hao when she meets him there earlier on. She walks unknowingly to his home but stops outside. Zai Hao leaves a message on her pager. Why does she look for him and is reluctant to see him? If she continues like this, he is not going to see her. He hopes this is not their last time as he loves her.

Xuan Xiu wants to move out and Xin Ying tries in vain to stop her. Xin Ying is frustrated as she bears with her for a long time. Xuan Xiu retorts that she must have gone to see Zai Hao and yet returns in tears. She hates her for being pretentious. Xin Ying gives her a slap and vows that she will never cry in front of her again.

Xuan Xiu moves out to live in the same building as Ji Zhen. She wants to get Zai Hao to unpack for her. Ji Zhen asks how she feels to have him but his heart is not there. That is why he can't accept Xin Ying to endure this in future. She refuses to listen to him. To her, love is selfish but he disagrees. He deduces that she is not in love with him and just wants to have him.

Xuan Xiu demands Zai Hao to meet her at 2pm instead of 5pm. His tone is cold as he needs to work. She has to give in. Zai Ying wants Zai Hao to introduce a guy to her. He is startled. She has considered in the past few days. It is not just the fact that Shi Qiu is poor. He is also too lazy and is a braggart. Zai Hao is glad that she knows it now. If Shi Qiu works hard, this is good but it is only her wishful thinking. She sees him sleeping in bright daylight so she is unhappy.

Ji Zhen thinks that it is good for Xuan Xiu to move away so that Xin Ying can voice out her feelings to her parents when they have dinner later. But she decides against it. Zai Hao helps Xuan Xiu to unpack her things. He imagines her to be Xin Ying cooking and eating with him. He frowns when she comments that they are like a newly married couple. He has no appetite as he keeps thinking that Xin Ying is in front of him.

He walks out and sees Xin Ying. She thinks of him all the time. She is tortured when not seeing him. After listening to his message, she ponders for a long time. She is afraid of quarrelling with others but she is now more afraid for not having him by her side. The two weep and hug each other. Xuan Xiu is shocked to learn from Bing Guo that Xin Ying is supposed to walk to her home to see home but yet she doesn't see her. She knows that the two are together.

Zai Hao sends Xin Ying home but is worried that she may change her mind. She assures him that she will not. Why does he give up his dream? He decides from the day she wants to be with him, he doesn't lose anything. And indeed, Xin Ying announces to her parents that she is going to marry another man when they have dinner with Ji Zhen and Xuan Xiu. The old couple finds out the truth. Bing Guo opposes while Hui Zi approves.

Zai Hao finds joy in work now. Xuan Xiu wants to lunch with Zai Hao but he declines as he wants to introduce his classmate, Min Zhe to Zai Ying. Shi Qiu tails them. Xuan Xiu charges into the caf?nd Zai Hao is unhappy that she does it despite his protests. He is so annoyed that he drags her away. She deliberately avoids meeting him later.

Xuan Xiu is angry to know from Xin Ying that she is going to go steady with Zai Hao. She splashes water on her. Xin Ying has thought that she can endure but fails. Shi Qiu quarrels with Zai Ying. Hui Zi meets Zai Hao. At first, she has a good impression of him but changes her mind upon knowing that he is an orphan. She scolds Xin Ying for looking for someone with no background. His life must be bad since his parents are not with him. Zai Hao wonders if Bing Guo will be as frightened as her.

Ji Zhen recalls his past kiss with Xin Ying and makes Zai Hao promise that he will never make Xin Ying cry. Zhen Shu is amused when Zai Hao is marrying another woman. So he gets rid of poverty. He confesses that he is truly in love. She is happy that this is for real this time. He is smart and is not deceiving others now. She is happy for him to do something sensible. Just don't let her know that she opens a bar. But she is shocked that Xin Ying doesn't mind it. Zai Hao finally understands why Zhen Shu wants so much to be in love but yet he scolds her every time. He feels bad about it.

Xuan Xiu reminds Zai Hao that there is no future between him and Xin Ying. He still initiates the breakup. She refuses to give in and still asks Zai Ying out. Ji Zhen later tucks a crying and drunk Xuan Xiu in bed. Xin Ying is not retreating and wants Zai Hao not to be upset. He loves her and not her parents. He replies no since he has the flair for studies and is also manly. He is sure that he will win her parents? approval.

Xuan Xiu is going to graduate 6 months in advance like Zai Haoin advance but she is still unhappy. She vows not to see Xin Ying in private again. Zai Hao meets Bing Guo. He declines to drink wine as he needs to work later in the crab auction. Bing Guo likes him through the conversation but unfortunately, he can't disregard the fact that he is an orphan. He presses Ji Zhen to return to Xin Ying but he declines.

Xin Ying comes to see Zai Hao at work and he is delighted. Zai Hao dresses neatly to meet Xin Ying's parents. Zhen Shu wonders why his mother forgoes the chance to see him for this big day. Shi Qiu's brother runs into debts and Zai Ying approaches Xuan Xiu for help. She gives her a loan. Xuan Xiu meets Xin Ying's parents for dinner and is displeased to know that she is bringing Zai Hao home. Zai Hao comes and is uneasy to see her. His fears are later added when he sees Zhen You working there as a maid.

Xuan Xiu is unhappy with her parents? poor treatment towards Zai Hao. They don't love her to know what she needs. Their home isn't happy - how can they expect her to be happy? Bing Guo quarrels with Hui Zi and decides to divorce her. Zhen You complains about this incident to Zhen Shu. Why should Zai Hao choose such a difficult future wife? Zai Hao wishes her to apologise although it is not her fault that the old couple should break up. She should consider because of his future marriage. Zhen Shu refuses to give in to him.

Ji Zhen thinks Xuan Xiu looks ugly gloating over Zai Hao's misfortune. So this is not over between her and him. He will return to her one day. And sure indeed, she plans to buy shares of Zai Hao's company to force him to submit to him. Xin Ying comes under fire by a panel of lecturers. How can she go out openly with her student? She decides to quit at the end of the term. She calls Zai Hao but he is busy working. Zai Hao has massive nose bleeding but he ignores it to return to work.

Xuan Xiu instigates Zai Hao's boss to deposit the money in advance - if not, he will lose his middle-man job. Zai Hao is troubled. She comes to tell him and is sarcastic to say that he isn't concerned over Xin Ying's predicament. Zai Hao can't live with life. They will feel tired and marriage is life. The pressure is something they can't handle. Zai Hao is frustrated and also disgusted with her. He drives past her quickly without looking back, making her upset. He hurries just in time to offer Xin Ying consolation.

Zai Hao is angry when the company presses for payment. Shi Qiu tells Zai Ying not to wait for him anymore since his brother has run into debts. Xin Ying visits Zhen Shu to apologise on Hui Zi's behalf. Hui Zi has created a scene earlier because Bing Guo lends her money. Zhen Shu gets so angry that she throws salt at her and chases her out of the house. Xin Ying wishes her to help as she will not let Zai Hao go.

Zai Hao scolds Zhen Shu for doing this. She can't control her temper. She does this because Hui Zi treats her like a snake. She has dignity although she is single and yet she blames her. How can he only care for himself? Zhen You scolds Zai Hao too as Hui Zi humiliates Zhen Shu. Zai Hao knows that he is in the wrong and wants to have a blissful life as he has never tried before. When he got first in class when he was in the secondary school, many thought he was happy but he wasn't. He has no mother to see his report book.

When he finally got into university, Zhen Shu congratulated him but he worries about the fees. Xin Ying makes him happy so this should be happiness. He promises her that he will make her parents accept him but they might need more time than expected. He sends her home and kisses her. Bing Guo sees this and slaps him. He dislikes him for being an orphan and penniless. However, Zai Hao still treats him with respect.

After the final exam, Xuan Xiu forces Zai Hao to have coffee with her. She vows to make him know how stupid his act will be. But he must remember regardless what happens in future, it is because she loves him and hopes he will forgive her. Hui Zi presses Zhen Shu for payment but she can only return in 6 months? time. Ji Zhen sees how the young couple becomes mature. Xin Ying is stronger and they match well. Maybe he is too old so he worries for them. However, he hopes Zai Hao will not hate Xuan Xiu because she doesn't know what she should do. Just take that he does her wrong.

Ji Zhen sees that Zhen You and Xuan Xiu works for her uncle instead of her father and finds it suspicious. The senior manager, Min Ji gives her a lot of help. She arranges Min Ji to meet up with Shi Qiu. Min Ji tells Shi Qiu to try to settle his brother's debt out of court. Zai Hao wants to earn more money but Xuan Xiu makes use of Zhen You to make him lose his job. Xuan Xiu is worried after knowing that Bing Guo meets Zai Hao. If parents don't support her, she will teach elsewhere. Zai Hao is grateful to her for discussing with him.

He decides to pay for her fees if she needs to further her studies. She suddenly addresses him ?dear? now and he is overjoyed. So happy that he wants her to call him repeatedly! Zhen Shu meets Bing Guo to discuss about the money. Zai Hao is like her child so she will not stop him to be with Xin Ying. She is sorry to lose a friend because of them. She is disappointed that he is no different from other men.

Ji Zhen dislikes seeing Xuan Xiu drinking at his place. She still vows to teach them a lesson. Zai Hao analyses in vain with his boss and recalls the past of how he gets the job. Why gives others the chance but not to him? He sobs in silence - he wants to call Xin Ying but changes his mind. Xuan Xiu thinks that Zai Hao will return to her when there is no way out. So he gets Min Ji to preserve a manager post for him.

Xin Ying's contract with the university is going to be terminated. Ji Zhen wants her to apologise to the HOD because it will be tough for her to look for another job. She should thik of her parents - how will they think when they know she is dismissed because of Zai Hao? She tries to contact Zai Hao but he doesn't answer. Zai Hao is in despair to think of the past. Does his mother feel as tormented as him now? Zhen Shu knows about his retrenchment and hopes to help him to persuade Xin Ying's parents. But he must find a job quickly to marry her. Being in despair will not help.

Zhang Gao wants Zai Hao to work for him but he rejects. Shi Qiiu tries in vain to get the money so Zhen Shu decides to mortgage her house and shop to help him. But Zhang Gao refuses to give him so much money. Zai Ying decides to ask Xuan Xiu for help. She likes her better since Xin Ying's parents dislike Zai Hao so she decides to help Xuan Xiu to get him. Zai Hao meets Zhen You in school and learns from him that Xuan Xiu and him cause him to lose his job. He beats him up badly.

Xin Ying apologises to the HOD to keep her job. She still has to go through another round of meeting to confirm whether she can be retained. Ji Zhen accompanies her out and both get to see the fight. Ji Zhen stops the two from fighting and prevents Zhen You from suing Zai Hao. Xin Ying bandages for Zai Hao. He tells her about his predicament and she wants to know why he is handling it alone. It is important for him to deal with exams now to get his degree. She can teach elsewhere which is better for them to get a faster promotion.

Zai Hao is sorry that she drifts away from her parents because of him. She is equally apologetic towards them but they are wrong this time. Xin Ying likes him because she wants to take care of him. He is at his wits end and can stand up because of her. He pleads with her to stay beside him at all times. Both are in tears when she nods her head. This is a very touching scene.

Ji Zhen demands to know why Xuan Xiu becomes so ruthless. This is too cruel to stop Zai Hao's lilvelihood. She laughs bitterly - she is angry when he ditches her. so it is good that Zai Hao is angry with her now. Ji Zhen demands Xuan Xiu to get Zai Hao's job back but she says it is too late. Ji Zhen warns Xuan Xiu that this way makes Zai Hao drift further from her. Zai Hao and Xin Ying are in the car. They see Xuan Xiu by the roadside. Zai Hao stops his car and is sorry that he hurts her deeply. He hopes by losing his job can help to disperse the hatred in her before driving away. Xuan Xiu watches without a word.

Xuan Xiu gets Min Ji to settle Shi Qiu's debt. Zai Ying mentions Xuan Xiu's name to Zai Hao and he is alerted. Does she know her well? Knowing that she still sees Shi Qiu, he dissuades her. Ji Zhen passes Da Xian company's application form to Xin Ying, hoping to help Zai Hao. But she doesn't give to him because she fears that this will hurt his self-esteem. Zai Hao approaches Ji Zhen for help later to get a resume letter. Ji Zhen is glad that he can let go of his pride - this shows that Xin Ying will not get into hunger in future.

Zhen Shu gives the house mortgage documents to Shi Qiu. This man is sure spineless - he takes part of the money to do business with Zhang Gao. Zhang Gao is still adamant to make Zai Hao work for him. Shi Qiu doesn't know that the house gets into Xuan Xiu's hands now. Ji Zhen persuades Bing Guo to accept Zai Hao because they might lose Xin Ying if they don't consider.

Zhen Shu returns the money to Hui Zi. Zai Hao is confident that he will do well after sitting for Da Xian's company's written papers. He tells Xin Ying that he should be able to pass. Xuan Xiu apologises to Zai Hao over the job issue and suggests him to work for her uncle. He rejects and wants to be independent. He doesn't wish to see her again and tells her that he will join Da Xian. He shakes his head to see that he changes but she hasn't. She is like him in the past. He tells her to love someone else.

Xin Ying sees them talking and nearly mistakens him to rekindle his love for her when he says that he is going somewhere else soon. He is not meeting Xuan Xiu but is getting to work. Zai Hao jokingly tells her to get off his car but later cites that they must have mutual trust between them. Bing Guo sees how hardworking Zai Hao is and accepts him slowly. Zhen Shu tells Hui Zi that there is no use of her opposing to the young couple as they will still get married. Xuan Xiu imagines Zai Hao sitting beside her when she is at work.

Zai Hao goes through the interview. The interviewer notices that he has not gone through national service. This is due to the fact that he has no parents - no - his mother is missing. He says that since Zai Hao applies to do sales, lacking in national service implies that he lacks human network and public relations. From here, Zai Hao gathers that the chance to be chosen is low. He gets his degree but Xin Ying laments that the price is he has no convocation ceremony. She assures him that he should be selected since he graduates earlier by 6 months with impressive results.

Hui Zi locks Xin Ying at home. Ji Zhen tells Xin Ying to be softer to her. Zai Hao and her parents are equally important. Zai Hao gets into the interview round and Xin Ying gets the confirmation to teach in Qing Zhou university. Zhang Gao wants Zai Hao to return the money to Shi Qiu as he thinks the sum is too low. Zai Hao is fuming mad upon knowing the money comes from the house. He wants Shi Qiu to find the money back but he begs Zai Hao to save him. He can't let his brother be jailed. Zai Hao gets desperate.

Bing Guo tries to persuade Hui Zi to accept Zai Hao but she refuses. She allows Ren Shu to continue working for her as she wants to know the happenings between the young couple. Hui Zi is angry that Xin Ying wants to teach elsewhere and rejects her job offer to prevent her from eloping with Zai Hao. She warns Zai Hao not to see her again. She dislikes him for his home background and his age. Zai Hao replies that he has no choice. She sneers at him - if his mother can bear the hardship, why does she leave them at the age of 35? Zai Hao is upset that he isn't selected and wonders whether he can give Xin Ying happiness. He decides to work for Zhang Gao who is involved in smuggling goods.

Shi Qiu gets the money and he is worried for Zai Hao who has no money left. He wants Shi Qiu to check if Zhang Gao really puts in everything. Zai Hao can only trust him now and Shi Qiu promises not to let him down. Hui Zi cuts the line when she knows that Zai Hao calls Xin Ying. Xin Ying is angry and ignores her. She is disappointed with her for swallowing her words. What she told her when she was 20 was totally different. She insists on marrying Zai Hao. Hui Zi slaps her - must they end their ties then?

Ji Zhen welcomes Zai Hao to his home. Zai Hao drinks 3 bottles while he only drinks half. He tells him that he is not selected so Ji Zhen consoles him. He should not be easily dejected. Zai Hao is bitter that Hui Zi treats him like a beggar. He can't meet Xin Ying because she locks Xin Ying up. Xuan Xiu assures her father that she is on good terms with Zai Hao. Zai Hao is drunk and sleeps over at Ji Zhen's place.

He walks out the next day and sees Xuan Xiu. She still wants him to work for her uncle and gives him her name card but he crushes it. Shi Qiu wants to do the smuggling alone. If caught, Zai Hao will be jailed and is unable to look for another job. This is the only thing he can do for him.

Bing Guo is worried when Xin Ying starves herself. Hui Zi is still persistent but only lets Ji Zhen to bring her out. He sends her to meet Zai Hao instead. She doesn't know how she spends the 30 years without him. She wants to look at him closely. If not, she will not know when to see him again. She declines his offer to send her back as she doesn't want others to see him. Zai Hao is unaware that he is being tricked by Zhang Gao. Crabs become scarce as the products can't leave Vietnam. Zhang Guo is determined to get them.

Shi Qiu demands to see the goods. Zhang Guo gets some empty boxes to deceive him as he doesn't have that much stock. Shi Qiu opens a box and sees that it's fine and affirms it with Zai Hao. Zai Hao apologises for being oversensitive. Xin Yng lies to Hui Zi that she returns late because she drinks with Ji Zhen. Bing Guo has lunch with Xin Ying and is willing to help to persuade Hui Zi but she must treat her better. Bing Guo allows the young couple to go out. Upon knowing that Zai Hao is still jobless, he decides to help him.

The two are happy and Zai Hao wonders how Bing Guo can agree to them together. She jokes that she threatened to kill herself. He is amused and jokes that they should not bore a daughter then. He will work hard for the second examination to get selected. However, he complains of Xin Ying who can't cook but still sends her home reluctantly. Stupid Bing Guo - he is ignorant of what has happened and approaches Xuan Xiu!

Shi Qiu is shocked to know that they have been cheated and rushes to the warehouse. Sure enough, he finds empty boxes and blames himself for being stupid. Ji Zhen warns Xuan Xiu not to make use of Bing Guo. She tries to forget but she can't so she isn't going to let them off. Hui Zi is angry when Bing Guo tells her the truth. Xin Ying points out to her that Hui Zi was also penniless and faced difficulty to marry Bing Guo. So she is doing the same to Zai Hao. Hui Zi is hurt and this time it is her turn to go on a hunger strike.

Zhen Shu knows of Bing Guo's decision. She wants Zai Hao to work hard to get married and goes to Hui Zi to beg for forgiveness. Zai Hao isn't that worried as Xin Ying as both women don't quarrel. Zhang Gao is alarmed to know that the police are watching on them so all decide to flee. They will frame Zai Hao for the smuggling offence as they use his name. Shi Qiu blames himself for the ordeal and tries to steal the crabs from the warehouse before them. He is being discovered and gets beaten. He lies that he just wants to make money and pleads with Zhang Gao not to tell Zai Hao.

In the midst of study, Zai Hao has massive nose bleeding. Zhen Shu advises him to rest and cut down on smoking since the exam is not starting that soon. Bing Guo tells Zai Hao to go for an interview at Da Chen Group. He frowns as he recalls this name on Xuan Xiu's namecard. Xiu Ying also gets to know about it. Zai Hao doesn't even wish to wear a tie for the interview. Zhen Shu intends to look for a house for the young couple. Zai Hao doesn't approve of Zai Ying to be with Shi Qiu.

Ji Zhen knows that Xin Ying isn't happy that Xuan Xiu wants to help Zai Hao. But she is aware that Xuan Xiu can't forget Zai Hao so she is still jealous. When will they be sisters again? Jing Yu visits Ji Zhen and is overjoyed that he breaks up with Xin Ying. That implies that she has a chance to be with him then. Zai Hao is shocked to see Shi Qiu badly beaten up. Why doesn't he return his calls and get himself drunk? Shi Qiu silently admits to it but he is more worried than Zai Hao on how not to implicate him.

Zai Hao starts to feel the danger and decides not to cooperate with Zhang Gao. He leaves the message on his handphone. Shi Qiu gets a recorder. Zai Hao goes to Xuan Xiu without a resume. He sulks all along as construction is never his interest. Xuan Xiu still tells him to work on Monday and he is angered. She reminds him that he can't explain to Bing Guo if he rejects the job. He replies she can tell him that she doesn't like him then. she still insists on it and even informs Bing Guo. Zai Hao is about to reveal to Bing Guo about the news but seeing him under stress at work, he changes his mind.

Bing Guo tells Zai Hao that he is glad to find a reliable son-in-law. Hui Zi still opposes to them together. Zai Hao promises Xuan Xiu that he will tell Bing Guo about his job rejection the next time. He is so happy with Bing Guo's words. It looks like they will get married soon. Hui Zi ponders over Bing Guo's words on how Xin Ying is now. She finally gives in to them and she tells Zhen Shu the good news.

Shi Qiu records Zhang Gao's conversation of framing Zai Hao and gives himself up to the police. Zai Hao doesn't switch on his handphone to know the good news because he is too shattered to find Zhi Qiu and Zhang Gao missing. He is so stunned that he sits on the staircase. Later at night, before Zhen Shu reveals the good news, he gets caught by the police. All are taken aback by the change.

Shi Qiu vouches for Zai Hao that only he is involved in the smuggling. Xin Ying is worried when her line can't get through. Hui Zi wants her to apologise on her behalf and invite Zai Hao over for a meal. When Bing Guo refers Zhen Shu as Miss, she even corrects him and calls her in-law. She finds that Bing Guo doesn't belong to her or stand beside her. He denies but she recalls him scolding her and not caring about her. she cries but he offers her consolation.

Shi Qiu apologises to Zai Hao for the happening. Zai Hao is released because Xuan Xiu bails for him. However, she decides not to see him as he is not in the right mood. Zai Ying is hostile to Xin Ying when she visits them. Zhen Shu chides Zai Hao for breaking the law although others know that he is doing it because he is too eager to get married. She doesn't get the chance to tell him the good news. Zai Hao ignores Xin Ying's calls and decides to call her only when he feels better. Mei Shan leaves home so that she can forget Shi Qiu.

The authorities come to seal the house so Zhen Shu has to break the sad news to the others. Zai Hao is about to go for a spin when he finds his car having the red sticker. He ponders over the past when they first bought the house. He hangs up Xin Ying's call, making her puzzled. He approaches Xuan Xiu for help and she promises to let her uncle help Shi Qiu. He later stands outside Xin Ying's house in tears. All has ended.

Ji Zhen is angry with Xuan Xiu's act. He knows Zai Hao is escaping from reality as things go bad. Can Xuan Xiu live with someone who doesn't like her? Zai Hao can come and go as he pleases. He only comes to her because he has no choice.

Xuan Xiu replies that she can't forget him although she tries to focus on work. Ji Zhen is angry that she brings pain to the three of them. She can be more tormented than the present after being with him. Xin Ying brings food for Ji Zhen and Xuan Xiu. She asks him to pass the food to her as she doesn't wish to see her. Ji Zhen asks Xin Ying whether she can trust Zai Hao. He hesitates telling her what has happened. Xin Ying is unaware when Zai Hao gives her a last farewell hug.

Xin Ying is surprised that he doesn't drive and refuses to walk home with her. Hui Zi and Zhen Shu decide to meet each other to be better in-laws. Xuan Xiu helps Shi Qiu out from jail. Ji Zhen offers to help Zai Hao to get rejected. Zai Hao realizes that he really can't depend on love for life or be a kind person who can live without money. Ji Zhen turns into a rage and slaps Zai Hao when he adds that he can have Xin Ying now.

Why does Ji Zhen look for him? He is afraid that Xin Ying will cry so he wants him to reconsider. Ji Zhen reprimands Xuan Xiu for being mad to lend the loan to Zai Hao. She thinks she is right as she doesn't want Zai Hao to waste time to work and study at the same time. He still thinks she is wrong and ignores her. Xuan Xiu decides to move out. Zhen Shu is surprised to learn that Shi Qiu is released.

Xuan Xiu gives Zai Hao the money and informs him that her father is coming. He treats her coldly although he gets back his car. Zhen Shu gets the money from Zai Hao but refuses to accept it. He refuses to tell who gives him and tells her to eat the humble pie. She has not tried other jobs and all are in need of money. The world is too complicated. Xin Ying is shocked when Zai Hao suggests a breakup. She pretends not to hear it but he tells her not to look for him again since he needs a lot of money from Xuan Xiu.

She finds out the truth from Ji Zhen. Why tell Xuan Xiu about his problem but not her? Ji Zhen gathers that he wants to be a strong man in front of her and doesn't wish to bring trouble to Bing Guo as he already has problems at work. Zhen Shu finds out from Zai Ying the whole thing. She is angry with her - why look for Xuan Xiu whom Zai Hao doesn't love? Zai Ying tries to explain that she can see that Xuan Xiu looves Zai Hao but Zhen Shu cuts her off. How can Zai Ying not understand her own brother since she only loves Shi Qiu too? She tries in vain to get Zai Hao and is furious that he is meeting Xuan Xiu's father.

Mr Zhao doesn't mind him being an orphan and bringing up Zai Ying on his own. In fact, he admires him for it. He wants them to get married in winter while they get engaged on the coming Saturday. He also wishes the couple to stay with them after marriage. To Xuan Xiu's surprise, Zai Hao agrees to all conditions. Mr Zhao is happy that he can get the red packet from Bing Guo first since Xuan Xiu is getting married earlier than Xin Ying. The two are uneasy upon hearing it.

Zai Hao claims that he is too tired and doesn't send Xuan Xiu home. She starts to feel sad. Ji Zhen is still furious with her - only she owns the happiness now. She is determined to make Zai Hao love her after marriage - doesn't he love her a bit now after helping him? He feels that she will end up like him - being unable to help Xin Ying too. Zhen Shu gives the money and the house mortgage documents to Xuan Xiu. She is displeased with her and not Zai Hao. But she is shocked to know that they are getting engaged.

The 2 families have dinner together but the daughters are unhappy. Xin Ying demands to meet Zai Hao after knowing the news. Zhen Shu is not bothered by the house issue - what Zai Hao has done makes her feel that she betrays a son to sell him away. The most horrible thing in life is not being able to lead the life he wants. Zai Hao confesses that he still loves Xin Ying but he doesn't wish her to suffer with him. Xin Ying agrees to the breakup but waits in vain for a night for him to appear to listen to his explanation.

Zai Hao tells Bing Guo the bad news and Bing Guo is angry to know that he is so materialistic. Xin Ying can never forgive Xuan Xiu for waiting for Zai Hao to be ruined. She must be waiting for it for a long time. You will marvel at the change in her as normally she talks gently but she is so cold to her here. Xuan Xiu replies that she is happy indeed that Zai Hao comes to look for her. Xin Ying tells her not to expect too much from Zai Hao as he only wants her to help him. She is so pitiful to get him through this way. Xuan Xiu packs her things to move out from the apartment and throws away the photograph that both women have taken together.

Xin Ying wants to know if this is Zai Hao's only choice. Why not end it earlier which is better to go through so much hardship? She still pleads for a last chance to start all over again and she can forgive him. Can they do without each other? He refuses to change his mind so she wishes him happiness but she can never stop loving him. Zai Hao returns to his car in tears. Jing Yu wishes to go mountain climbing with Xin Ying and Ji Zhen again. She doesn't ask Ji Zhen whey he is depressed. He has his own life but he can consider her as she is accommodating. Ji Zhen rushes to pick Xin Ying up to console her.

Xuna Xiu gives Ji Zhen the engagement invitation card but he tears it up in anger. Xin Ying tells her parents the bad news. Zhen Shu is upset to know that Zai Hao is moving out. She is at a loss on how to stop him so she asks Hui Zi out. Both are helpless and Hui Zi is upset to see Xin Ying refusing to eat or sleep. Bing Guo assures her that Xin Ying is stronger than them. On the engagement day, Xin Ying congratulates Xuan Xiu coldly at her apartment. She sees Zai Hao outside but ignores him totally.

Bing Guo leaves the engagement party quickly after seeing the couple. Zhen Shu is unhappy at the function. Xuan Xiu is happy but Zai Hao never looks at her. He suddenly has blurred vision and goes to the toilet. Upon recalling his decision, he is in tears again. Zhen Shu drives him out of home and is furious that he doesn't speak to her. Feeling frustrated, she gets Zai Ying and Shi Qiu to register their marriage and stay in Zai Hao's room. Xin Ying walks aimlessly and finally picks up herself.

Xuan Xiu sells Zai Hao's car to buy a new one to please him. He is angered instead and wants her not to burden him with money. He accompanies her shopping but has blur vision again. He rests in the car without telling her what is wrong. Zai Hao makes a home visit with Xuan Xiu to discover Zai Ying married before him. He is very angry - even Mei Shan gives them her blessings. He can't understand - why don't they put themselves into his shoes to know him better? Zhen Shu replies that this is to show him how important life is to make one happy.

Mr Zhao insists that Zai Hao should go with Xuan Xiu to thank Bing Guo for taking care of her for so long. Bing Guo has no choice but to ask Ji Zhen to bring Xin Ying out to avoid embarrassment. The four meet at the doorstep. Ji Zhen tells them to return and consider that they have made the trip as no one will be happy to see them. Ji Zhen advises Xin Ying to forget Zai Hao but she can't. She even tells Ji Zhen not to wait for her anymore. Zai Hao is tormented after seeing Xin Ying. He asks Zhen Shu how she is doing now.

He bursts into tears. When he returns to work, Xuan Xiu is displeased that he changes her choice. She insists of using her plan. He is frustrated - why put him in charge since she is treating him as a puppet? Shi Qiu discovers that Xuan Xiu forces them to give up their house and informs Zhen Shu. Zai Hao doesn't return to Xuan Xiu's home and visits Zhen Shu. She will give him the money back as he doesn't wish to set up a hotel again. He wants to sleep in the shop.

She urges him to leave Xuan Xiu. She doesn't wish him to return to Xin Ying because she will never accept him again. She is scared of Xuan Xiu who is so vicious and tells him about it. Shi Qiu confesses the whole thing to Zai Hao over the borrowing money affair. Zai Hao feels faint when driving away and has a car accident, knocking his head against the steering wheel. He insists of leaving but Ting Yu forces him to go for a checkup. After leaving the hospital, he recalls Xuan Xiu's words - he must forgive her whatever happens to him later because she loves him.

Ting Yu wants him to return to the hospital for a checkup again. Ji Zhen brings Xin Ying to look for Jing Yu. He sees Zai Hao and is concerned. Zai Hao gives his name card when Ting Yu wishes to contact him in future. Why is it so troublesome as he only has 3 stitches? Zai Hao comes out to see Xin Ying and both have a talk. She is concerned upon knowing that he has an accident. He walks out in despair. Ting Yu refuses to tell Ji Zhen the outcome of the checkup. But when she is unable to contact him, she tells the truth.

Zai Hao has a brain tumour and he needs treatment urgently. An operation will not help anymore and he has a low chance of survival. Ji Zhen is alarmed. Xuan Xiu wants Zai Hao to take over Min Ji's post. To her dismay, he wants her to transfer him back. Zai Hao is uninterested to take up a managerial position or be the company's successor. He only wants to be her subordinate so as to repay the debt. She gets fed up - is he also repaying the debt through engagement and marriage?

Ji Zhen can't bring himself to tell Zai Hao the harsh truth as he is not even 30 years old. Ting Yu urges him to do it quickly so he decides to tell Xuan Xiu. Zhen Shu returns the down payment to Xuan Xiu. She tells her off - it is wrong of her to control Zai Hao through this means. He will feel sick and disgusted when with her. Xuan Xiu finally realizes that Zai Hao knows the truth but still refuses to give up. Ji Zhen tells her the bad news and she is badly shaken.

She forces him to see Ting Yu. Ting Yu tells him that he needs no more further tests and he is puzzled. When he walks out, TingYu wonders why Xuan Xiu hasn't told him. I find this arrangement unacceptable - isn't this the doctor's job to reveal the information to patients? Why is she forcing Xuan Xiu and Ji Zhen to do the dirty job for her - I simply don't get it!!! Zai Hao recalls all the symptoms and suspects the worst. When Xuan Xiu suggests moving in to take care of him, his fear is confirmed. Why can't he take care of himself?

He is in tears and waits for Xin Ying to come out of her home. She advises him not to do it as this brings pain to the three of them. Xuan Xiu is alarmed when Zai Hao refuses to take his medicine or seeking treatment. He even insists of driving or working at the construction site. Ting Yu jumps - this man is completely hopeless! He should not overtire himself now. Xuan Xiu is at her wits? end and discusses with Ji Zhen. If she can't save him, they will have to tell Xin Ying then.

Zai Hao still works at the construction site and refuses treatment. Xuan Xiu decides to dismiss him and asks him whether he wants to wait for death. Zai Hao knows that he will never recover even after getting treatment. He has headaches that 4 tablets don't kill the pain. Ting Yu even says that he doesn't require surgery. What does this imply? He decides that he gets this illness because he has not done anything right all his life so it is best to die. Xuan Xiu hugs him to cry. Xin Ying is uneasy when Zai Hao calls her to say that he wishes to listen to her voice for the last time.

Zai Hao requires Shi Qiu to look for his mother because he misses her but wants him to keep it from Zhen Shu and Zai Ying. Ting Yu demands to know why Zai Hao rejects treatment. He replies that he doesn't wish to suffer and he is too tired. She tells Xin Ying about it. Xuan Xiu asks if Zai Hao's seeking revenge on her. She knows that she has down him a disservice. He doesn't scold her as he understands her. He wipes her tears and forgives her. Xuan Xiu wonders whether he will behave the same if she is Xin Ying?

Xuan Xiu decides to tell Zhen Shu as she has no other ways to help him. Zai Hao warns against it as he will not forgive her then. Ji Zhen reprimands Ting Yu for telling Xin Ying as he thinks others will take care of Zai Hao. But Ting Yu has no chance left. Why is Ji Zhen so angry? That is because he doesn't wish Xin Ying and her family to get upset over him. But Xin Ying is his only hope to stay alive.

Zai Hao insists on moving his table back into Xuan Xiu's office but she objects to it. She is going to stay with him. he refuses and she tells him to move back to stay with Zhen Shu. Xin Ying decides to take care of Zai Hao and will not leave him alone. Xuan Xiu wants to break up with him as she starts to hate him. He believes that she still loves him and she is lying. She bursts into tears - then why is he treating her this way? Xuan Xiu tells Xin Ying everything when he sleeps at home.

Xin Ying comes to Zai Hao's apartment in Xuan Xiu's car. Zai Hao still sleeps and she weeps. Upon waking up, he demands her to leave but promises to go to hospital with Xuan Xiu. Can she save him? When there is money, he will live. That is why Xuan Xiu has. Xin Ying is calm - she might not be able to save him but he can save her. She can't live without him.

He scolds Xuan Xiu. She lies that she doesn't love him anymore. He promises to go to the hospital with her but she knows that he will give up midway. She doesn't like it. He promises to listen but she insists of breaking up. She wants him to be at the hospital on his own and she will join him later.

Zai Hao's mother remarried 15 years ago and actually wanted to see the siblings. But Zhen Shu tells her to forget about them since she married a widower who has 2 daughters. What is the use of meeting? Xin Ying resigns from her job to make Ji Zhen angry. She is not in the mood to teach and wants to be beside Zai Hao. Xuan Xiui tells Zhen Shu that she breaks up with Zai Hao to get slapped. Zhen Shu throws back the money at her and accuses her of being inhuman to leave Zai Hao at this critical time.

Xuan Xiu decides to resign too and arranges Zai Hao to stay in a bungalow. She lies that she is going but gets Xin Ying to go instead. Ting Yu gives her the medicine. She finally moves Zai Hao to let her stay with him and live for her. Xi nYing apologises to Bing Guo and promises to return home soon. Hui Zi wishes Ji Zhen to change Xin Ying's mind. The couple knows of Zai Hao's illness and insists that they should not be together. Xin Ying is firm that they should get married.

Zai Hao sends Xin Ying to take a bus and meets Xuan Xiu. He apologises for his harsh treatment towards her. Zhen Shu brings Zai Hao home and reveals that she is always in touch with his mother. Zai Ying is angry and thinks her mother leads a good life but Zai Hao becomes like this because he suffers. She will arrange them to meet but he decides in the last minute that he will only watch her secretly from far. He watches in tears when his mother touches Zai Ying lovingly.

Hui Zi requests Zhen Shu to stop them from marrying as they don't have a long time together. Zhen Shu decides to help her. Ji Zhen sends Zai Hao for treatment and asks Xin Ying why she must marry him. he doesn't understand it. She decides to give tuition to have more time with him. Zai Hao becomes the mediator when Zai Ying and Shi Qiu quarrel.

Zai Hao does the survey report for Xuan Xiu and she is happy with it. Why must he still work since he is sick? Seeing him so bored, she decides to let him work at home. Zai Hao tells Xin Ying that he believes that he will survive. He knows that he is too much but can she stay by his side? He sends her home in a cab. Hui Zi visits Ting Yu to find out from her that Zai Hao might survive. Ji Zhen sends her to the hospital and Hui Zi thinks he could have been her child in her previous life since he helps them so much. Min Ji gives Zai Hao a manager post at home as he is satisfied with his analysis for the last proposal.

Xuan Xiu now stays with her uncle. Staying too near Zai Hao makes her miserable. She longs to see him day and night, wondering how he is and whether he sleeps well. She always walks there and wonders how he is. She decides to stay in New Zealand alone. Can she contact him? Even if she doesn't, he will as he worries for her. Zao Hao's first treatment turns out fine but he rejects having painkillers as he wants to endure the pain.

Bing Guo meets Zai Hao and waits for him to return. Zai Hao has quit smoking so Bing Guo decides not to smoke since there is no ash tray at his home. After talking with Hui Zi, both have decided to let them marry. Xin Ying drives both men home and Bing Guo holds his hard, telling him to work hard. Hui Zi lies to Zai Hao that he is better than she expects. If he wants to marry Xin Ying, he has to promise that he will accompany her for a long time. They will marry in the next month.

Bing Guo believes that if he has the determination, he can win the battle. He has once hurt their hearts so don't hurt them again by dying young. They have treated him as their son now. Bing Guo decides to resign and sell the house to have a better job. Xuan Xiu drinks with Ji Zhen and he confesses that he regards Ting Yu as his girlfriend now. Xuan Xiu informs him that she will leave after seeing them together.

Zai Hao can't get out of bed and Xuan Xiu gets Ting Yu. She tells Xuan Xiu that the cancer cells have stopped spreading and she is contented to see them married by plucking the biggest courage. Zhen Shu tries to dissuade Xin Ying. She is an only daughter and how to explain to her parents when Zai Hao is dead? She stubbornly believes that he will survive as she wants a blissful life and Zai Hao is strong.

Xuan Xiu leaves but Zai Hao calls her to assure that he is fine. She decides not to see the couple before she leaves. Zhen Shu is reluctant because she is afraid that he will be tormented for leaving Xin Ying. But he feels fortunate to be with her and Zhen Shu. However, he doesn't wish his mother to see him at his wedding as he knows that he looks very pale now. He requests Zhen Shu to sit on the parents? table as she is more important than his mother to him. She is touched and is in tears.

Zhen Shu later dreams of looking after their future children. Ting Yu informs Xin Ying that Zai Hao's checkup is fine but he is unable to bear children since he is still under medication. Zai Hao and Xin Ying feel letting Xuan Xiu down. It is a lie to state that memories are sweet. Xin Ying sleeps with Hui Zi the night before the wedding. Hui Zi tells her not to give birth to daughters. It is sad marrying them out of the home. Both are married happily and Xuan Xiu watches far before leaving.

Xin Ying and Zai Hao enjoy their married life together. She cooks for him and asks if it tastes well. He is amused - does this bother her so much? He thinks it is great. Xuan Xiu calls to inform them that she is leaving. The three meet together and Zai Hao advises her to forget anything. They shake hands together. Zhen Shu agrees to work for Hui Zi in their new set-up mineral water company. Zhen Shu's ex-lover and Mei Shan's uncle, Ying Yi returns from his sailing job.

Ji Zhen is concerned to see Ting Yu working late and gets her sushi. She suggests him meeting her parents and gets married. He teases her for being too daring. She detects that he likes her now. Zai Hao has a relapse and Xin Ying gets Shi Qiu to drive him to hospital. He fights for his life upon thinking of Xin Ying. Ting Yu advises him to bring painkillers home and informs him that he has 3 months at most to survive.

Xin Ying rants at Ting Yu for being unable to save him. She becomes more depressed when his condition deteriorates. Ting Yu wonders if she should continue to be a doctor but Ji Zhen consoles her and even proposes marriage. Xin Ying starts to have nightmares of Zai Hao leaving her so he urges her to treasure the limited time they have. He can still talk to her and love her. Now, he is more fortunate than ever because she is beside him. He hugs her to console her. He promises her that he will love her daily.

Ji Zhen informs Xin Ying's parents that he is getting married and wishes Bing Guo to be the host. Bing Guo agrees. Zai Ying is pregnant and Xin Ying regrets not having a child of her own secretly. She denies it in front of Zai Hao that she wishes to spend more time with him. She doesn't want a child to be like her but doesn't mind is he is like him. They choose shoes for Zai Ying's child. He laments - can he manage to see the baby then? Xin Ying is devastated as he knows he envies couples with children.

Zhen Shu wants Xin Ying to help Zai Hao meet his mother. He refuses as he is losing his hearing. Xin Ying is shocked to know that Zai Hao's sight is also worsened. However, he gives in later and his mother can only write on his palm to communicate with him. Ji Zhen does the same with him and praises him for being the bravest man he as seen. Zai Hao thanks him as he may be his elder brother in his previous life to take such good care of him. Zhen Shu finally agrees to marry Ying Yi.

Although Ting Yu claims that Zai Hao will not live more than 3 months but after 9 months, he still visits Zai Ying after she gives birth. He carries the baby son and is touched that Shi Qiu names him after him. On the way home, he gets into a coma and Ting Yu can do nothing more. Xin Ying brings him home and spends the last night talking about the past. The next day, he has a peaceful smile on his face and never wakes up. Xin Ying hugs him and is in tears.

Introduction on characters
1. Jiang Zai Hao - Bae Yong Jun
He is 27 years old and enters the university at such a late age because he lacks the money. He is shrewd in business, cunning in winning women's hearts and also daring to take risks. He can also be despicable but deserves sympathy as he yearns for true love. But some may disapprove of the drastic actions he takes for evading problems.

Yong Jun is formidable in the role. You may regard him as the modern Jo Won here. It is a pleasure to see how he manipulates the two women's thoughts skilfully. It is no wonder they become so confused and giddy. One moment he can be a gentleman and the next instant a jerk. His performance here outshines his other television roles that I have seen so far. Don't ever miss it. He changes his images so often - when he is at work, he is without the spectacles and looks stern. When he is a student, he looks scholar-like with spectacles.

2. Li Xin Ying - Kim Hui Xiu
She is a 30 year old psychology lecturer who has never been in love. She is blur and careless but dedicated to her job. She believes in truth and that is why she doesn't approve of students cheating in assignments. Blur as she may seem, she is the only one among all lecturers to know that Zai Hao cheats for the grades. She is too considerate towards others - but fortunately she plans for herself in the end.

This actress is good. I adore her wearing glasses in teaching scenes. She looks very intellectual and warm. But when discovering Zai Hao's misdeed, she is so serious. The scene where she tears his assignment is a fiery sight although she doesn't hurl abusive words at him to show her anger. The love scenes are splendid.

3. Zhao Xuan Xiu - Yin Sun He
She is rich and pampered since young. Although she knows that Zai Hao approaches her with a motive, she can't resist his charm. Thinking that she is smart, she is very arrogant and proud when Zai Hao woos her. But when he starts to ignore her once in a while, she begins to miss him and is jealous upon seeing him with Xin Ying. She knows that he has designs on her but can't resist liking him. Sun He is a good actress to portray the possessive and unreasonable lover so well.

4. Jiang Zai Ying
Zai Hao's younger sister who believes in pursuing her own happiness. So on the surface, she agrees to Zai Hao's opinion but dates Shi Qiu in secret. I don't like this character - yes, there is nothing wrong to fight for her own happiness but if the whole family thinks Shi Qiu is lousy, there must be something wrong with him and it is stupid to defy the whole family because of him. Luckily, Zhen Shu manages to drill sense in her.

5. Li Bing Guo - (Rong Qi's father in 'the hotelier')
He is Xin Ying's father. His wife ignores him just because of a mistake. He has tried to make up to her but she doesn't forgive him. He can put up with her no longer so he confesses all his thoughts to Zhen Shu. But they only treat each other as friends and nothing else.

6. Zheng Zhen Shu
She is Zai Hao's aunt who takes pains to bring up the siblings. Being simple-minded, she is often cheated of her money but she doesn't mind it. She is wise in other areas and often becomes the mediator to settle the siblings? quarrels.

7. Zhang Gao
Zai Hao's business rival who tries to steal business from him every now and then.

8. Hui Zi - (Rong Qi's mother in 'the hotelier')
She is Xin Ying's mother. She can never forgive her husband for the one-night-stand mistake. But she still pretends to be a loving couple with him in front of Xin Ying. This act is so deliberate and you will understand after watching to know why Bing Guo can't put up with the act anymore although he loves her.

9. Zheng Ren Shu
She is Zhen Shu's younger sister and is a stepmother. She is simple-minded but she protects her sister well. She is unhappy to be her part-time maid but still accepts the job as she needs the money. Knowing that Zhen Shu and Hui Zi are ex-love rivals, she protects Zhen Shu well and covers the fact that she is unmarried.

10. Piao Shi Qiu
He is Zai Hao's only friend from young. Many despise him for being an orphan and forbid others to be with Zai Hao but he is still close to him. However, he is a simple-minded man who is easily cheated. He is also a spendthrift and I despise him when he still needs Zhen Shu's money to pay his rent! This man sure has no backbone at all. In order to earn money, he wants to smuggle goods. This causes trouble to Zai Hao too!

I am clueless why two women fuss over him. Is love that blind? This man resembles a guy whom I dislike at work and I am really annoyed whenever I see him. Moreover this character is very unlikeable for making so many stupid mistakes to let Zai Hao clear up the mess for him.

11. Song Ji Zhen
Xiu Ying's senior who likes her. He is an economics lecturer who is very knowledgeable. But being quiet and shy, he is doubtful to express his love for Xin Ying. I really shake my head when he waits for 10 long years! I am definitely glad when he makes the first move to kiss her! I dislike the way he makes use of Bing Guo to break them up and to bring forward the wedding plans. This is so sickening when the bride-to-be doesn't even know this is going on! But I forgive him when he knows his mistake and gives up.

This actor also resembles another person whom I dislike, so it affects my judgment. Still, I compliment the actor's acting.

12. Yin Mei Shan
The Jiangs? neighbour who is interested in Shi Qiu. She is gangster-like, but is overly devoted to love.

13. Cui Zhen You
A gullible guy who loves Xuan Xiu but she is always making use of him. Although he is not as wealthy as Xuan Xiu, he tries to belittle Zai Hao whenever he has the chance.

14. Jin Min Ji
The senior manager in Xuan Xiu's uncle's company. He does whatever Xuan Xiu wants him to do for her.

15. Cui Ting Yu
She is Ji Zhen's junior but Xin Ying's senior. She is a neurosurgeon and is interested in Ji Zhen all along. However, she is very patient to wait for him to accept her. She tries her best to heal Zai Hao.

Favourite character
None, although each acts well.

Most hated character
Shi Qiu - he is not only horribly detestably looking but he can also be so na? to believe Zai Hao's enemy to give his goods to him. He is also a spendthrift who spends all his money on branded stuff and has no savings. Thus he asks others for money to keep life going. What more can I say about this parasite???

It is ?Doing it for love? by Cui Zhen Yong. The singer delivers the sadness well that blends with the tune although I had no idea what the lyrics meant at first. When I copied the lyrics when watching the serial, I was touched. It was bitter and also showed Zai Hao's desperate situation well.

Interesting facts
The way that Yong Jun ties the scarf round the neck is the same as in ?Winter Sonata?. By rights, the craze should start from there although he didn't use two or more scarves to make the image more colourful. It was just that he didn't get so much attention then. Those who watched this serial before and after ?Winter Sonata? gave the same comments. I think so too - except that he looks more like Park Yong Ha's image instead.

This serial was shown in Japan after ?Winter Sonata? due to popular demand. Bae's fans wished to see how he looked when he was younger. The repeat telecast was on his website - on an hourly basis at $5 per usage to raises funds to help the earthquake victims.

I don't know why Koreans prefer sad endings so much. I enjoy the changing stages in Zai Hao except for the later part. The way that he toys with the women's feelings simply amazes me. He can be so arrogant, spiteful and also dangerous to steal their kisses. But later, he changes into a down-to-earth person who realizes that love conquers all. He no longer finds money attractive and knows the importance of true love.

I detest the story development. Xin Ying is too evasive while Xuan Xiu is too stubborn. Xuan Xiu is terrible - she is so wicked and thoughtless to ruin Zai Hao's job chances. Not once, but twice despite Ji Zhen's warning! She only cares for herself and does not care what he actually wants to plan everything for him. The way Xin Ying hides or lies puts me off. Xuan Xiu is right to say that she is not a truthful person, although she may protest that she is trying to be nice to all.

It is too draggy towards the end. The dialogues are repetitive so I am sick of the leads saying the same lines continuously. Locking up Xin Ying at home is a big joke. Doesn't the university question her disappearance? To starve is a tactic used during Qiong Yao era. How can this be possible - we are in the new century! If not for the fabulous acting, I would have given up watching.

It is common that the female leads die from different cancers but it is a slight change for this one for the male lead to die instead. Although the two actresses have not worked with Yong Jun before, they put up a splendid performance. This serial is still worth your time after all.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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