Myth of a Hero

Reviewed by: sukting

December 04, 2006

Rating: three

How long
24 episodes


This is a story of 3 brothers who have to fend for themselves after their father is jailed. Can they be successful in life?


Many years ago, Tai Yu saw his mother being killed - with Xian Tai carrying a gun and Mrs Cui by his side. He gets traumatized by it. Xian Tai is jailed and leaves them in the care of Ping Tai and his wife. They treat the three boys like their own and give them the best education they can afford.

The Cui sisters are still on good terms with the Jins after the accident. Tai Yu is sitting for the university entrance exams so the sisters wish him well. He Ying even drives Tai Yu to the exam venue but she has acute appendicitis so he misses the exam to send her to hospital.

He Ying studies dancing while Ren Yu is doing architecture in the same university. He learns of what has happened and rushes to visit her. He is so sweet to be beside her till morning to tend to her.

Tai Yu lies that he failed his exams and his whole family is disappointed. Ren Yu guesses the reason and is grateful to him. Tai Yu offends a classmate and this man mistakens He Ying to be his girlfriend. So he and his friends gang rape her. Tai Yu is late to save her and Mrs Cui causes him to be jailed, thinking that he is behind it. He Ying only knows about it when she returns overseas as she is too traumatized by the incident. She helps Tai Yu out but isn’t prepared to meet him at all.

Mrs Cui tries to pay Tai Yu a sum of money to leave Seoul. Tai Yu obeys but leaves the money intact to return to her. He Lin is angry that he leaves without a word. Ren Yu learns of what has happened and thinks Mrs Cui is unfair to do that to his brother although he doesn’t know what has gone wrong. Tai Yu decides to give He Ying more time to face it as he feels responsible for causing her plight.

Ren Yu gets a scholarship for being the first in class. Mrs Cui tries to make up to him and wanting him to leave He Ying, she deliberately gets a magazine to interview Ren Yu. Ren Yu discovers that his own design isn’t used and is honest to say that. His professor tells him off for doing so and warns him that he will not get a good job. Sure indeed, he isn’t selected for any interview.

Still, Ren Yu’s good results enable him to further his masters studies in the U.S. He is touched when Min Yu draws a sketch of three brothers to give to him. After a few years, He Lin completes her journalism studies and becomes a reporter. Ren Yu is back from abroad and forces Tai Yu to return home with him. You will laugh when his younger brothers try to joke with him to get scolded. They turn silent but are caught unprepared when he suddenly hugs them and vows to protect them with all his might.

Ren Yu is unable to get a job so he does freelancing. It is sad that he has to date He Ying behind Mrs Cui’s back. He Ying knows that Mrs Cui will never accept him and she can’t face Ren Yu till now. So she decides to listen to her to go matchmaking. Her prospective husband is a public prosecutor, Zhe Min. He comes from a successful family – his eldest brother is an engineer, second brother a doctor while the third brother is an accountant. He comes across as arrogant to He Ying but he is attracted to her. Heartbroken, Ren Yu focuses his attention on work but still waits for his chance.

He Ying misses Ren Yu so they get together again. Zhe Min is very accommodating to her. Knowing that He Ying and Ren Yu are together for a night (but they don’t do anything), Mrs Cui insists that He Ying meets Zhe Min a second time with her. They wait a long time for her and He Ying calls Zhe Min to tell the truth for not coming. But Zhe Min can still lie to Mrs Cui that she isn’t here because of a car accident! Tai Yu finally gets into university to study business management and He Lin is back with him. Ren Yu is finally accepted into a famous Wu Lun company.

Xian Tai is back after his release but Tai Yu moves out because he can’t forgive him for killing his mother. Mr Xu, Xian Tai’s friend, try in vain to change his mind. One day, He Lin is kidnapped for trying to get news. Tai Yu has no choice but to quit his studies to work in the underground boss’s nightclub to exchange for her release. He Lin is upset that he becomes so disheartened. How can he work so lowly even though he has a criminal record? But after knowing what he has done for her, they are an item again.

The underground boss runs into finance difficulties and wants to sell his nightclub to Zhen Xi. He sets an ambush for her but Tai Yu manages to rescue her. He gets promoted to work in her hotel when she admires his ability in management. He has more duties now but still finds time for He Lin. Both even spend the night together in bed - he to give her his necklace and she her ring to him as exchange.

So as not to disturb his family members with his irregular working hours, Ren Yu moves out. Ming Yu complains jokingly that he needs to take care of the old but he still focuses his arts studies in the university, not wanting to let his brothers down. Ren Yu wonders why Mrs Cui is hostile to his family. He finally learns from Xian Tai what actually happened on that fateful day.

Mrs Cui quarreled with Mrs Jin and pointed the rifle at Mrs Jin. Xian Tai stepped in, trying to seize the gun away from her. During the struggle, Mrs Jin was killed. Ren Yu can’t put up with this anymore and questions Tai Yu about it. Tai Yu has known it all along and doesn’t hate He Ying for it as she isn’t responsible. He moves out because he can’t approve of Xian Tai’s doing to cover up for Mrs Cui. But Ren Yu is too badly affected by the incident, especially when Tai Yu takes the rap because Mrs Cui doesn’t trust him. He starts to avoid He Ying even at his company’s opening.

He Ying doesn’t know what is wrong and is upset upon knowing the actual reason. She chides her mother for being selfish. Later, He Lin has a shock of her life when knowing that she is adopted. Mr Xu’s business folded up because of the Cuis and her mother died after giving birth to her. He could not afford to take care of her so they adopted her. Unable to accept this, she moves out. (The Cuis really did a lot of nasty acts.)

Tai Yu sees that He Lin is unhappy. He finds out the reason from He Ying – he is anxious to know why as He Lin is the most important person to him. Upon knowing the reason, he gets the two to acknowledge each other. But he is apologetic to be unable to help He Ying because it is hard to change Ren Yu’s mind.

Tai Yu detects that Zhen Xi is interested in him when she wants him to keep her company for a night and clings to him for a dance. (This is equally disgusting as in ‘Love’ when he is paired up with an older woman.) He Lin also senses that and is unhappy. Zhen Xi sets her mind to separate the two and suggests Tai Yu to go to China to manage a branch hotel. Tai Yu jumps at the chance as it helps in his career without consulting He Lin.

He asks his brothers and He Ying to his rented apartment, citing that he is going to give them a surprise. He Lin dresses happily in her traditional costume, thinking that this is their engagement day. He drops a bombshell to tell all that. He Lin has a heated argument with him and he is upset when he doesn’t see her sending him off at the airport. Actually He Lin is late when she reaches there.

Ren Yu’s secretary, Xiao Ting sees how hardworking Ren Yu is and becomes his capable assistant. Both start to go steady after that. Ren Yu’s Wu Lun Company wins a job assignment while the Cuis lose in the bidding. Mrs Cui is very angry and she bribes someone to endanger the construction site to cause 3 deaths and 2 injuries. That tarnishes the company’s reputation.

Zhe Min investigates the case and has no choice but to arrest Mrs Cui in front of He Ying. Ren Yu, Xiao Ting and He Ying are kidnapped by Wu Lun company. Zhe Min sees He Ying in danger so he pretends to put his gun down to later fire a shot at the person. He rescues them out and arrests the crooks. Still, He Ying can’t accept Zhe Min anymore although he is willing to wait for her to change her mind. Tai Yu is returning soon. The sisters have lunch. Ren Yu and Xiao Ting get married. Their business prospers and they have a baby son. All come to the airport, intending to welcome him back.

Introduction on characters

1. Jin Tai Yu – Jang Dong Dun
He is the second son of the Jin family. He can be rebellious but is good in his studies. But alas – a tragedy turns his life upside down. He not only ends up in jail and discontinues his studies but is also forced to leave his family for a few years. Still, he is not discouraged and learns to fend for himself along the way. He is very forgiving towards Mrs Cui – which I find unacceptable. No one can be so magnanimous.

He falls for He Lin and goes through all odds to love her. He can do anything for her – that includes working in the nightclub in order to save her life despite Mrs Cui’s opposition. However, he is also career-minded so he leaves Korea to reduce the gap between them.

Dong Gun looks good although he is more like a poster boy pin-up in here. His expressions are restricted then. His gelled outlook is like how he looks in ‘All about Eve’ – except that he is more boyish and slimmer. I wonder why this drama does not help to create waves as he looks exactly the same.

2. Jin Ren Yu – Han Shi Gui
He is the eldest son so he works hard to improve the family life. His two younger brothers are very close to him although he is very strict with them. His talents in architecture can’t be concealed and he becomes a successful architect. He is an upright person who refuses to take bribes.

Unlike Tai Yu who is open, he dates He Ying secretly. However, he is not as forgiving as Tai Yu and this engulfs all his love towards He Ying. He can be quite harsh overnight to ignore her totally without telling her why. Both part as a result and he seizes her family business to strike back. Finally, he forgives her family but it is sad that they cannot be a couple anymore as he loves Xiao Ting now.

Shi Gui is a fabulous actor. The love he showers on his beloved and the anguish he suffers are so visible. Dong Gun must have learned a lot from him to be a fine actor.

3. Jin Ming Yu
He is the youngest son and is well protected by his brothers. He is also sensible and sets to work hard to be a university art student. This actor resembles Cheung Hok Yau in looks and his acting is quite okay.

4. Jin Xian Tai
He is the guys’ father but lands up in jail because of his wife’s death. The two other brothers do not know why Tai Yu hates him so much to leave home. It is strange that he doesn’t blame Mrs Cui for it but hates him for defending her. When Ren Yu knows the truth, he is the next person to move out.

5. Jin Ping Tai
He is the guys’ uncle but they look up to him as their father. He showers them with all the love they lack since young.

6. Han Zhe Min
He is the youngest in a family of intellectuals. He has a successful career as a public prosecutor. He comes across as aloof and insensitive at work (how he barks his subordinates at work can be scary.) but when he is in front of He Ying, he melts entirely! He starts to consider issues from her perspective and knowing that Ren Yu is a strong love rival, he goes all out to win her heart. Initially he doesn’t stand a chance but because of the feud between the two families, he emerges the winner.

But alas, the arrest of Mrs Cui ruins his chances and He Ying refuses to forgive him. He becomes a sad person who only concentrates on work in the end. If Sang Woo is in his late 30s, he might resemble him in looks. This actor also oozes throughout the serial with his remarkable performance.

7. Mr Cui
He is the sisters’ father. It is strange that he allows his wife to call all the shots at work and at home. Maybe she is more capable than him. But guilt of what his wife has done causes him to become ill in the end.

8. Mr Xu
He is He Lin’s natural father. He gave her up when his business failed (another reason due to Mrs Cui’s high hand methods) and he does not dare to acknowledge her after she's grown up. Knowing that he misses her, Tai Yu becomes the link to connect them together.

9. Wu Xing Zhou
He is an underground boss and Ren Yu is his employee. He is also Mrs Cui’s business rival and snatches many deals from her. After knowing that he uses lower quality products for the buildings, he refuses to work for him anymore. In a rage, he organizes the kidnap but ends up in jail.

10. Cui He Ying – Chae Si Ra
She is the elder daughter and is well protected by her parents since young. She is very thoughtful and gets along well with the Jin family. She doesn’t understand why Mrs Cui objects to her dating Ren Yu and sucks up to Zhe Min. After her rape, she doesn’t know how to face him. This incident traumatizes her so much that she causes Tai Yu to move away from his family.

When he returns, his presence reminds her of the rape and she avoids meeting him. Luckily, she is able to overcome it with his help. She develops a secret romance with Ren Yu despite Mrs Cui’s opposition. Knowing the killing incident, she feels very guilty and accepts Zhe Min. After knowing that Ren Yu caused their family business to turn for the worse, she gives up her dancing career to manage the company.

All will shake their heads when she can’t forgive him for arresting Mrs Cui. Come on – please be fair to the poor guy – he has to do his job and Mrs Cui has killed Mrs Jin in the past. This is her payback time. Si Ra’s acting is okay but she looks hideous in the heavy make-up. If many dislike her indecisive and hateful character, this means that she is successful.

11. Cui He Lin – Jin Ming Hui
She is the younger daughter. Impulsive and defiant, she chooses to be a reporter who will never stop in getting first-hand news. This nature lands Tai Yu in trouble. She has never stopped loving him since young and is determined to be with him. This angers Mrs Cui and she overhears that she is adopted after her father’s bankruptcy. She then moves out but is still close to He Ying.

Ming Hui has acted in ‘Doctor Brothers’ as Dong Gun’s colleague too so you can feel that they are close. This actress also resembles Chae Rim in looks so many will love to see a similar couple in love as in ‘All About Eve’. How they kiss passionately in the snow is done excellently!

12. Zheng Xiao Ting
Although Ren Yu’s company is small and the workload is heavy, Xiao Ting joins it with no regrets. She becomes his capable assistant and he grows to love her as she nurses his broken heart.

13. Mrs Cui
She is the girls' mother – a killer and also a tyrant. She rules the company with an iron hand. She will stop at nothing to achieve her aim. She knows that He Ying doesn’t like Zhe Min, but she presses her to meet this eligible bachelor because his family is a potential working partner. Despite being in the wrong to kill Tai Yu’s mother by mistake, she is always wary of him and even uses He Ying’s rape as an excuse to have him jailed. This is why Ren Yu can’t bring himself to forgive her.

Even He Lin can’t forgive her after knowing what she has done to her family. Jealous that Ren Yu’s business is doing better than hers, she sets him up with the construction accident. This woman is never repentant so jail is the best place for her to do her own reflections in there.

14. Wu Zhen Xi
She is Tai Yu’s boss as the nightclub owner but she is also Xing Zhou’s henchman. But she doesn’t like to work for him as his mistress too. Knowing that there is a big age gap between her and Tai Yu, she still woos him. Tai Yu is still able to reject her despite her advances.

15. Mrs Jin
She is the guys’ aunt and they treat her like their mother. She dotes on them like her own as she has no children too. That is why she is upset when the older brothers move out but Min Yu still stays to take care of her and to cheer her up too.

Favourite character
Tai Yu – he puts others before himself and is also devoted to He Lin. A close second is Ren Yu who is also self-sacrificing.

Most hated character
Mrs Cui – a person who does too many evil deeds should be guilt-stricken but she only doubts Tai Yu’s good intentions. To think that she even harms Ren Yu later – she is simply incorrigible.


The romance isn’t as well depicted as the brotherly love. The actors have better chemistry with each other than with the female co-stars. Story wise, the plot is quite well-written although I have no idea why Dong Gun disappeared in the midst of the drama. We need a person who can really capture the audience’s attention and most unknowns seem to be unable to fill up the loose gaps.

You will not be disappointed with their acting – all give an above average performance. If you can put up with the outdated dressing, you may give this drama a try.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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