New Heart

Reviewed by: sukting

February 17, 2009

Rating: three-point-five

How long
20 episodes


This drama is about the pride and frustration of cardiac surgeons on the job. Lee En Cheng Sung graduates from a newly established medical school in the southern province and not from an elite one like Guang Xi University Hospital. Nan Hui Shi graduates with top marks and is regarded as a star student. She is an individualist and is proud of herself. After many complications, they are finally accepted to the department, but the warm-hearted En Cheng and over conscientious Hui Shi clash over everything. How do they become lovers?

Dr. Cui Jiang Guo becomes the new head of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery after being in exile for 5 years for getting into trouble with his former superior. He is a genius but is also a stubborn surgeon who does not care for hospital politics. Can he ride over the tide this time to keep his team intact despite rivalry from the cardio department?


Zai Xian is the new hospital director of Guang Xi hospital. He plans to set up a new thoracic unit but will still focuses on plastic surgery or other areas as they earn more money. That is why he opposes to his daughter, Hui Shi to major in thoracic department. A heart operation requires so much manpower and cases are rare. She is presently an intern in Guang Xi’s ER. Both quarrel and she leaves in a huff. She is now staying with her mother, Xian Jing who is a hanook seamstress.

AP Jiang Guo is the top thoracic surgeon in Korea being the first to conduct a heart transplant. But he is forced to transfer to a remote hospital in the countryside. His patient, Sergeant Piao wants him to operate on him but his wife insists of transferring him to a Seoul hospital. Jiang Guo arranges for his discharge to transfer to Guang Xi University Hospital. Although he is transferred out, he keeps experimenting on small animals’ hearts and sighs that Sergeant Piao should have trusted him.

Jiang Guo fights with some old men and get beaten up. He is sent to Hai Song hospital and En Cheng tends to him. He sews stitches on his head and is clueless on reading an x-ray when a patient is being sent in. Jiang Guo cuts a test-tube to inset into the person’s body. En Cheng knows that he is a surgeon and reminds him the mission of saving lives. This lifts Jiang Guo’s spirits and he conducts the operation after the patient signs the approval letter.

The operation is done within 20 minutes and En Cheng considers it as a miracle. He asks his classmate why Jiang Guo ends up in this remote area as he is supposed to conduct 500 operations a year. Why is he only inserting tubes now? En Cheng learns that Jiang Guo offends his superior, Professor Min by disclosing that he causes the death of a patient because of shaking hands.

En Cheng is impressed by Jiang Guo’s decisiveness and possessing accurate skills. He decides to apply to get into the thoracic department of Guang Xi University Hospital. His classmate laughs at him as it is among the top 5 hospital in Seoul and he is from an unknown university. Qi Shi calls Jiang Guo – Sergeant Piao is in trouble as no one is able to operate on him using OPCAB. Professor Min’s hands are shaking while Ying Kui has only tried out on animals….and they die after 10 days as claimed by Sheng Cai.

Jiang Guo regrets sending him there and rushes to Guang Xi. Sheng Cai is then playing with a baby in an incubator with Min Ai when he comes. Jiang Guo decides to do the operation secretly with his help. Just then, Qi Shi and Anesthetic doctor, Min Er also step in – how can they miss this great chance to be his assistants? Jiang Guo jokes that he also only wants the best to assist him. Ren Tai is curious to know more about Jiang Guo so Da Lu tells him that watching Jiang Guo operate is like admiring art.

Professor Min is enraged to see the operation done when he visits the ward the next day. He demands to know who is the person involved. Da Lu gets so nervous that he lies that Ren Tai is the one on duty instead of Ren Hao. Just when he wants to see the CCTV, Zai Xian wants to see him. Upon seeing his shaking hands, he discovers that the rumour is true and wants him to step down to make way for the young. Professor Min is forced to resign.

Lai Xian rushes to tell APs Ying Kui and Tai Jun the good news. Ying Kui is proud, thinking that his chance has arrived. Tai Jun prefers to spend more time writing his thesis. En Cheng sees an accident victim and uses Jiang Guo’s method to rescue him. Jiang Guo is with his wife and daughters on the street when he witnesses En Cheng following the ambulance. He also follows suit and is almost disallowed from entering till his ex-colleague, Ying Xi gives approval.

Nan Shi is surprised to see this but at least this saves the victim. Ying Xi asks Jiang Guo to take over as this is his expertise. But Tai Jun comes to take over, saying that he isn’t a staff. He finds out that En Cheng is culprit. He is mad instead of being impressed. Why? Although En Cheng saves the patient, he pierces his liver. Tai Jun is mad that he does it without supervision and he is only an intern. He is sure that all medical hospitals will reject him. (Although Tai Jun is a snob, you feel his concern for patients.)

Hui Shi is out to rescue a woman committing suicide by drinking detergent. Another man brings his wife along , wishing her to help but she tells him to take a queue number, citing that she needs to help the others. She frowns as the woman throws up on her but En Cheng tends to her. Jiang Guo pulls Hui Shi to the woman – isn’t a doctor supposed to help patients to reduce their suffering? En Cheng and Hui Shi apply to get into thoracic department. Nan Shi does it more to spite back at Zai Xian.

Zai Xian comes to persuade Jiang Guo to take up the head post. He agrees after consideration. Jiang Guo returns home to be with his wife, Hui Shu and two daughters. He isn’t happy to see Zhen Ji trying to get close to her earlier. He is going to let his father’s wish come true again. He looks at the list of photos hung on the wall in the head’s office – which includes his father’s and Professor Min’s photos.

Zai Xian is about to announce the successor of the thoracic department. Ying Kui is about to stand up and is stunned to know that the person is Jiang Guo. Jiang Guo is later hostile to Zhen Ji, citing that he and his younger brother, Tai Jun can climb up the social ladder fast. Ying Xi shakes his head – the thoracic department is known to accept rejects. No one applied last year and this year round, only two apply.

The duo face the team of 7 doctors (that includes Ying Kui, Tai Jun, Sheng Cai and Jiang Guo.) and are stunned to face Jiang Guo. Jiang Guo is surprised to know that a female is this year’s top student. Jiang Guo has never heard of Xin Zheng University where En Cheng comes from but Tai Jun has to tell him that it is in the southern district.

He reads his results – he is sixth from the bottom. He graduates from aviation high and has a degree in bread baking. But En Cheng protests that he goes through the entrance exams legally. (This scene is funny indeed.) Ying Kui knows that no result will come out of this so he makes his rounds. Jiang Guo rejects both – so does Tai Jun. He maintains that he only wants the best in his team as they don’t make the mark. Sheng Cai asks Jiang Guo to reconsider as the others are at the brink of exhaustion but he doesn’t listen.

Hui Shi asks why she can’t join as she wants to save lives. Jiang Guo reminds her of the previous incident – she is unfeeling. As for En Cheng, how can he be happy for piercing someone’s liver? He is too confident and has no fear in life or death. Both don’t respect lives so are unsuitable. En Cheng takes it calmly but Hui Shi cries at a corner because she has never been defeated before.

En Cheng lies to his mother that everything is done smoothly. He later joins Hui Shi and a group of intern and 3 resident doctors in their demonstration to protest against Guang Xi’s unfair treatment. Jiang Guo announces that he will take over the heart operations from Ying Kui while he can look into cardiac treatment. Ying Kui protests as this is his field of expertise. Jiang Guo reveals that he has learned new methods so Ying Kui is annoyed.

Da Lu jumps upon knowing that no new candidate is selected. Why doesn’t Jiang Guo consult him on this? Sheng Cai sighs - Jiang Guo also doesn’t tell him too. Da Lu and the other two have been rotating shifts for 3 years. He flares up – how can he wait for one more year? Others graduate within 2 years but they have been here 4 years. Da Lu shouts that he is going to quit. He drags Ren Hao and Ren Tai out with him.

Min Ai also coaxes Jiang Guo to change his mind. No new resident doctor or nurses will help his department. Why doesn’t he just hire the two and train them later to give the 3 a breather? Jiang Guo refuses to change his mind and she jumps as he never changes his foul temper.

Da Lu is with the two at a wine shop. He wants both to off their pagers although they are unwilling. He reveals that he gets the 19th position in the entrance exams but he chooses to be in thoracic instead of other departments. But to give in now? No – they must stay united. Lai Xian just completes the operation with Tai Jun and is impressed by his skills. Tai Jun tells him to work harder to be like him. Just then, Jiang Guo gets him to help out since the others are not around.

Zai Xian is stunned to know that all surgeries are cancelled because of the demonstration. Sheng Cai tells Jiang Guo to teach the juniors slowly but Jiang Guo feels that the young’s will power is weak. Zhen Ji intends to nominate Hui Shi to work overseas and she is tempted. The man whom En Cheng rescues is in danger so Lai Xian calls Tai Jun back. Jiang Guo decides on an immediate operation. Tai Jun is having fun with Min Er but still returns with Hui Shi later upon seeing her with the demonstrators.

Jiang Guo is impatient with Lai Xian as his hands tremble. Min Ai reminds Jiang Guo that Lai Xian has been helping and has not eaten the whole day. (I also feel that Jiang Guo is too much, treating those around him like machines.) Jiang Guo frowns when he knows that Tai Jun has a drink before coming. He refuses to let En Cheng join the team when he offers his help.

Tai Jun doesn’t want him to touch his patient but Jiang Guo allows him to place Lai Xian. Tia Jun is offended – just because he drinks so he can’t operate? How can Jiang Guo disregard him as the doctor-in-charge? Jiang Guo tells him to reflect on why his patient is still bleeding. Lai Xian gets blamed by Tai Jun but he mumbles that he has called but he is the one who doesn’t pick up the phone.

En Cheng and Nan Shi assist Jiang Guo. Jiang Guo notices that En Cheng isn’t a left-hander but keeps using his left hand. He reminds him that both hands must be agile. En Cheng asks if he will change his mind. He replies that Nan Shi should go to a department which doesn’t require her to touch patients since she is unsympathetic. As for En Cheng, he will have many medical disputes if he goes on like this.

En Cheng laughs at his conceitedness. Who is the one who abandons his patients – he dares to preach him? (En Cheng is really daring!) But Jiang Guo protests that he still saves in the end. Tai Jun is angry for being punished for his mistake – how can Jiang Guo humiliate him, an AP in front of the interns? (Now Jiang Guo is the professor.) Jiang Guo notices that his self-rationalism seems extraordinary.

He doesn’t reflect on his flaws but to blame on others. So his smart brain stops his outstanding hands. (This man is sure sharp with his words!) Tai Jun will not need him to evaluate as most important thing as a doctor is his ability. Jiang Guo ponders and allows Ren Tai and Ren Hao back. Both are finally sober so Jiang Guo allows them to handle the patients.

Jiang Guo notices that Sheng Cai is back early. This is a crisis and although there is a medical riot before, this time has no plan. Both start calling En Cheng the fool after the operation. En Cheng calls back to find out how the patient is and Sheng Cai finds him thoughtful. Hui Shi also reminds that the patient is allergic to a drug. Sheng Cai praises her for being the top student for having such good memory.

Jiang Guo asks the two if they want to rest. They should torture him but not the patients. Both admit that they can’t handle stress. Jiang Guo tells them to hang on as they are the best since they are the heart of the hospital. Ren Hao confesses that he feels like escaping every time while Ren Tai urges to knock off earlier to have better sleep.

They carry a drunk Da Lu back. Jiang Guo finally allows the two to join his team. One is unsympathetic and haughty while the other is a fool who will damage his pride as his student. Are they sure they want to join them – look at Ren Tai and Ren Hao – do they find them awesome and handsome? Suddenly Zhen Ji comes to ask Nan Shi about her decision.

Seeing her unable to answer, En Cheng follows Jiang Guo. Jiang Guo says that she should go to somewhere better. Nan Shi later learns that it is Zai Xian’s arrangement and she is almost influenced by Zhen Ji. She rushes to join the thoracic team meeting. Jiang Guo warns her – she has to be a resident doctor for 4 years. She can’t get sick for the first two years and may not be able to go home frequently. After 4 years, it is hard to return too. Even specialists must forgo their sleep and can’t do private practice as few hospitals will employ them. Is she dying to ask for trouble?

So both of them will not grumble and regret? So they must try to save as many patients as possible although they will face death everyday. (That is quite a touching speech from him.) Ying Kui walks in and can’t fathom why Jiang Guo suddenly employs the two now. Jiang Guo later pulls En Cheng aside to warn him not to talk about him abandoning patients or he will get it from him. (I really laugh at this scene when now En Cheng can use this to threaten him every time.)

Nan Shi can’t sleep in the female dorm as she is supposed to be on duty 24 hours a day. So she has to share with the male doctors in the ICU. Da Lu grumbles that Jiang Guo is a horrible and evil man in his sleep. He tells both to wake up at 5am daily and relates about their busy life. Tai Jun asks Da Lu to replace Ren Hao – Da Lu shakes his head – Ren Hao is still unsure after so many years.

En Cheng is no better than him. Da Lu wants him to handle calls from ER and he can be so blur when his PDA rings for the first time – not knowing why. He doesn’t know where ER is. A gangster is slashed and his gullet hurts. Nan Shi scares him to tell him that he can’t eat if he doesn’t have the stitches so that she and En Cheng can do for him.

En Cheng asks for food delivery and the other doctors envy him. The gangster is in the ward and is angry with Nan Shi for deceiving him when Jiang Guo makes his rounds. Jiang Guo demands him to apologise to Nan Shi. He comments that Nan Shi and En Cheng can be a dream team as both stitch the wound nicely. The chimpanzee is quite good in fixing jigsaw puzzles. (That is sure a funny statement for En Cheng.)

Tai Jun only wants Nan Shi to give the gangster painkillers as he doesn’t want to waste expensive drugs on him. En Cheng is thrilled to get his doctor’s robe and sends the photo back to his orphanage little children. En Cheng is pissed off with Nan Shi’s attitude as she is cold to the gangster as he is her patient. Her purpose to sew him up is for practice. En Cheng is horrified by her answer.

Min Ai touches En Cheng’s buttocks – he is adorable and should stay long in this ward. En Cheng shaves for the patient and cheers him up. Tai Jun’s wife hopes to get a child soon and meets Min Er at the lobby. Min Er is uneasy to meet them. En Cheng sews a teddy bear for his first patient. He finds Nan Shi too cold. En Cheng’s patient suddenly commits suicide by inserting an overdose of drugs. That upsets En Cheng so Nan Shi gets him to shave this time. They can only try their best to help patients as they can’t have a say to control their lives.

Zai Xian is sure that Nan Shi will return to him crying one day. She wishes to take part in Tai Jun’s aorta research. Tai Jun is the top student to get into thoracic. He wants her to do the research but not as his student. He knows that she needs a chip to suppress the MD Anderson motion set by Zai Xian. He has suspected their relationship when Zai Xian wants to poach her. A father will never ignore his daughter. So he wants her to work hard so that both will not be treated as fools.

He knows of their relationship and her to want to prove to her father. What will Tai Jun gain? Because of Nan Shi, Zai Xian becomes the AP. Tai Jun believes with his ability and his influential father-in-law, he should be director soon. En Cheng’s patient vomits blood so En Cheng insists of doing a CT scan. This sets Da Lu jumping and Tai Jun is also ridiculed for the wrong diagnosis. Jiang Guo sighs – that is why he doesn’t wish to hire him initially. Tai Jun scolds En Cheng warns En Cheng not to get close to his patients again or he will kill him.

So En Cheng goes to Ying Xi. He wants to be a good doctor but doesn’t want to kill patients. Ying Xi teaches him on how to read x-rays. Ying Xi has dinner with Jiang Guo. Maybe the little hospital that En Cheng belonged to in the past did not have many cases. Jiang Guo asks about his progress. Ying Xi asks if Jiang Guo is going to kick him out so he can have him. He has not seen a passionate doctor for ages and he is adorable. (This is the third time I heard people using this word to describe him. His liveliness has touched Sheng Cai and Ying Xi.) The gangster risks his own life to get his lover to do a back massage by stepping on him.

Nan Shi looks at his x-ray and runs to tell Tai Jun to do a CT scan but he tells her off. En Cheng also looks at it and recalls Ying Xi teaching him that this symptom shows that the chest has expanded. The gangster suddenly vomits blood. En Cheng calms himself to revise the procedures that Ying Xi has taught him. Then he rushes to push him into the scan room but Nan shi stops him. Does he want to leave the hospital? En Cheng is adamant to do it.

Tai Jun appears – he can do it. Regardless of him being right or wrong, he has to leave. He tells Jiang Guo that En Cheng is beyond teaching and should be expelled. En Cheng tells Nan Shi that he isn’t afraid of Tai Jun but he is scared for the patient. Min Er finds En Cheng an audacious resident doctor to go against Tai Jun. Tai Jun finds him ignorant but brave but he is still confident.

What if En Cheng is right? He has undermined his authority so he will still throw him out himself. Jiang Guo suddenly calls him to return. Ying Xi takes over the receiver and informs him that En Cheng is right so the gangster needs an operation. Tai Jun is so mad that he throws his PDA on the floor. The gangster wants En Cheng to mend his dragon tattoo after that.

Jiang Guo asks why Tai Jun never takes notice. If he is alert, he should spot it. He doesn’t want to be mocked after En Cheng defies him so he takes out on him. Although he states that he can’t stand his attitude, Jiang Guo knows that he can’t be bothered with a newbie. He only cares for his pride and not patients. That is why it annoys him. Even if he fires En Cheng, he will not regain his lost pride. (How right he is to hit the nail on his head!)

En Cheng wants to observe the operation but Tai Jun throws him out. He is an outsider to him. Nam Shi ponders over what happens. She bursts out crying – she lacks the courage and hates herself. En Cheng worries that he will get the boot but she tells him to persevere. Dong Quan prepares for the next scene when he suddenly faints as he feels a sharp pain in his heart.

Dong Quan is admitted and his fans cause disruption at the ER. Nan Shi is stunned to see him. The film director complains that Dong Quan has a tight schedule. But the ER doctor, Dr Lin warns that his heart can stop beating anytime unless he wants this to be his last movie. The ward nurse asks the ICU nurse, Mei Yan to leave. Why come to the normal ward? She is Dong Quan’s crazy fan and snaps at the ward nurse for being unable to find his vein to insert the tube.

She hopes she will be the first person he sees. He wakes up to see her and En Cheng first but his eyes are fixed on Nan Shi who tries in vain to shy away. She has to tell him awkwardly that he needs to rest as he has a problematic heart. He tells all that she is his first love in elementary school. Is any man after her? He wants to warn him if there is. (This scene is hilarious indeed.)

En Cheng also grins – his taste is weird indeed. Thinking that she is taking a nap, she goes to wash her hair. Will En Cheng faint if she wants to marry Dong Quan? En Cheng asks eagerly – really? Nan Shi sees him going online to chat with his ‘siblings’ to find out that he is an orphan. Fans crowd the hospital daily and the doctors make their rounds. Dong Quan wants Hui Shi to be his doctor-in-charge since she is his girlfriend. (The serious doctors all exchange grins – even the serious Tai Jun and Jiang Guo.)

She has been beautiful since young. Dong Quan has seen too many artificial beauties. Her natural beauty really attracts him. She frowns and hides when the others look at her. The gangster complains that he is being sewn up last time and is stapled now. Da Lu begs En Cheng not to tell the gangster that he treats him. He seems unhappy and his mouth will decide how long he can work here.

En Cheng wipes his motorcycle and sees Tai Jun. He requests Tai Jun to forgive him. What will he do if it happens again – he will wait till he relents. Tai Jun tells him off – this is Guang Xi hospital – even if something goes wrong, others will not let patients die.

Zai Xian tells Jiang Guo that Ying Kui will not rest his case. Ying Kui wants Zhen Ji to recommend patients to him so that he can surpass Jiang Guo. They should help each other now and Ying Kui is eager for the head post. So Zhen Ji raises it out by saying that the patients insist that Ying Kui will operate on them at the meeting and Jiang Guo gives in. Sheng Cai finds it ridiculous as they are not the sub-hospital. How can they request surgeons?

Da Lu replies that the head of internal medicine from the other hospital is Ying Kui’s classmate. So Professor Cui needs to be punished for the resident doctor incident. Da Lu is still sore over it. This shows that Yin Kui is challenging Jiang Guo’s authority – only one of them can be the CABG surgeon. What if Jiang Guo can’t win? He will lose his status. (It first sounds serious but later becomes so funny.)

Sheng Cai recalls that Da Lu mentions about going for children congenial disease – is he trying to provoke him too? Da Lu declares that he might be better than him one day. Why does he refuse to step down? Sheng Cai finds him not open-minded but petty to want to steal his rice bowl and storms away. Ying Kui’s teenage girl patient lacks money for a heart transplant. She is now under Tai Jun’s care. En Cheng looks for the welfare care unit but Jiang Guo is already there. They are sad that they can’t do anything much.

Hui Shu brings food for Nan Shi but she doesn’t accept it and even tells her to leave. Dong Quan and En Cheng greet her. Even when they sit in the garden for a drink, fans still approach Dong Quan for autographs. He is a star but bumps into them in hospital. He jokes that Nan Shi knows that he will fall ill so she becomes a doctor here. En Cheng offers to cover her for 10 minutes since Hui Shu gets him a drink.

En Cheng finds Nan Shi heartless to reject the food and will take it to let her eat later. She is bad-tempered to work with and doesn’t look like her mother. Is she like her dad? The two women get uneasy. Nan Shi later tells En Cheng – so what if she is her mother? En Cheng doesn’t want her to treat her parents like a vending machine. She snaps that he will not know as an orphan. She later feels bad and apologises but her remarks has hurt him as he leaves the dorm quietly.

En Cheng has a basketball game with other resident doctors. He promises to make time for time as his unit is always missing. He gets a call – a baby is bleeding. The others wonder why Sheng Cai changes and becomes a fanatic when he sees blood. He wants ‘o’ blood so Min Ai asks Ren Tai for it. Ren Tai jumps – hasn’t he just given a few days earlier? He turns to ask Nan Shi to find out that she is ‘b’.

He is elated when knowing that En Cheng belongs to ‘o’ when he returns. They can assist each other now. He is normally the only one to get his blood drawn. They have to help En Cheng back to the dorm. He just exercises and not eaten yet but they draw his blood. Now he is hungry for home-cooked food. He doesn’t want to order sauce noodles. Nan Shi doesn’t want to eat with them.

En Cheng decides to cook and the other 3 guys are thrilled. He is lucky to be with them. They long a decent meal for ages and this is the best meal they have so far. En Cheng claims that the sauce and seaweed is from Hui Shi. He buys the crab sauce and pot from the internet. That is his hobby and can get his refund if it is unsuitable. It is a good deal. Da Lu is happy that they get the right man this time.

Ren Tai is funnier – he agrees – especially the type ‘b’ blood part! He has done well so far on the gangster patient too. That pricks Hui Shi’s old wound and she walks out. En Cheng then looks at the baby – he wants him to be strong as they are blood brothers now. He must get well to remove his name tag himself.

It is a successful operation for Dong Quan. As usual, flowers flood in his ward and Nan Shi squeezes her way into it. After claiming that his recovery is fine, she then notices that his manager is also present. Dong Quan tells him the same thing he tells the other doctors. His manager frowns – hasn’t he has enough scandals? But he notices Dong Quan is a bit strange – something is amiss – he really means what he says?

Nan Shi blushes when she is being called sister-in-law. Dong Quan’s manager wishes him to recover earlier for a basketball match. En Cheng gets interested as he is not only eager to play but is also getting the resident doctors to play against them to raise funds for the girl patient. Yong Xi, Jiang Guo and Sheng Cai have a meal. Their eyes nearly pop out upon watching the news on television.

Tai Jun and Min Er are also watching it from his car. Min Er comments that he is attractive to get attention. Dong Quan goes missing and Nan Shi looks for him. He is at the basketball court and she nearly gets mad as he should rest now. They go to a restaurant and he is touched that she looks for him. She must be worried about him. She is about to call the hospital to inform that she has found him when he grabs it from her hand to place it back tenderly on her hand.

Nan Shi retracts her hand quickly. He notices that she looks pretty under the restaurant light as the hospital should have adjusted the lighting. (He is really good at words.) When are they dating? She claims that she is too busy so he should date others. Dong Quan has tried but he can’t forget her. Why like her? She is arrogant and smart. She exclaims that his taste is unique. Why doesn’t he let her do her job and sleep as she has only slept 14 hours for 4 days? Upon hearing her answer, he returns with her.

En Cheng sews the basketball bear for his first patient. Nan Shi smiles although she doesn’t comment as he walks away. All talk about the patient that Ying Kui is about to operate. Sheng Cai can’t stand Ying Kui putting on airs. Jiang Guo opposes Ying Kui’s method as the wound is too big and suggests MIDCAB for a smaller opening. He will take over if Ying Kui isn’t confident as he has experimented on small animals.

Ying Kui is mad with him for being too much. Sheng Cai finds Jiang Guo rash but he admits that he is no boxer nor politician. Sheng Cai knows his anxiety to find the best way out as this patient is still single to prevent leaving a scar on her. If they use old technology, there will not be development. Sheng Cai is worried tha the will lose – Jiang Guo cites that he is only throwing a stone into still water.

Dong Quan is waiting for his discharge. Why is he only staying for a few days? Nan Shi gives him a schedule to follow. He wishes to stay longer but this is no hotel. Normal patients like him should recover in 5 days. He pleads for his ice princess to melt as his own heart is melting. She claims that she only likes to learn more on her job. Not even him can change him – he leans close to her and she steps back.

He pulls her beside him and kisses her! (That is really a wild presentation from Ji Hoon.) En Cheng sees this and hides aside. Dong Quan claims that is wrong of her to provoke him. (He is quite right as she is so full of herself.) Then he kisses her again. En Cheng runs after her and Min Ah notices that her lips are swollen. En Cheng claims that she should lock the door next time. Upon seeing her expression, he is then aware that it is her first kiss.

Dong Quan is discharged and thanks his fans. Nan Shi is glad he leaves and touches her lips, frowning. En Cheng can’t stoop grinning. He coaxes her to drink coffee and encourages her to forget the whole thing or she must let Dong Quan know. She asks if he has kissed before and he boasts that many steal his kiss. Nurses love to touch his butt. Nan Shi looks so smart but why is she so slow when coming to this? Nan Shi finally laughs for the first time. He has worried that he will get bored so that she can call him anytime.

Da Lu is angry with a patient who keeps waking him at 3am but softens when he is attracted to a young doctor, Mei Mei later. Jiang Guo will be compared with Ying Kui. They are now in 2007 but Ying Kui till uses a technique which is 10 years old. Doesn’t he feel sorry? Jiang Guo snaps at him – he must be polite to him as the head. Yinig Kui is confident that it will work.

Zhen Ji suddenly wants the operation to be stopped. Jiang Guo has found that the patient’s liver is not functioning well so they must use OPCAB. Jiang Guo tells Ying Kui to do it. All the interns observe – is Ying Kui going to lose as he is doing it for the first time? They notice that his hands are shaky. The heart must still beat when conducting the operation. Not many can do that so Jiang Guo asks if Ying Kui can manage. Ying Kui insists that he must try and trust himself.

Zhen Ji laughs to himself – he has not told Ying Kui about it and he can’t back out now. So he is also testing him. How can Ying Kui not check the condition? He will see if he has the capability to chase Jiang Guo away. (Although Zhen Ji is scheming, Ying Kui has himself to blame over this.) Jiang Guo also hopes that Ying Kui must save her to show advancement. (What a contrast – he is so forgiving.)

Zai Xian asks if Jiang Guo knows that this case which Dong Ming hospital sends over is out to trick him. The present head is Professor Min who is kicked out from here. They are out to create havoc in Guang Xi. Ying Kui loses his temper and scolds Da Lu over a patient’s poor condition. Da Lu scolds a nurse in return. Nan Shi and En Cheng shake their heads – a lousy master will get a lousy servant. (Terrible hierarchy of power distribution but very real as it happens in all places.)

Jiang Guo feels that Ying Kui should not risk his patient’s life in the first place. Ying Xi and Sheng Cai has a meal with Jiang Guo again. They suspect Ying Kui to be in cahoots with Dr Min. Zai Xian is known as the fast knife and is he going to get rid of Ying Kui? Jiang Guo welcomes the challenge but both worry over his position.

En Cheng’s first patient challenges him to do push-ups with him. He smiles and is in tears to thank him for recovering. The basketball match is going to start and all t-shirts signed by the stars are sold. Dong Quan’s team wins and En Cheng notices Dong Quan’s attitude is he can’t afford to lose at all. En Cheng gets Hui Shi to pass the basketball teddy bear to his first patient before he is discharged. He is overjoyed to get it indeed. Hui Shi rushes back to find En Cheng losing by a big gap – how can he still smile?

Jiang Guo notices that it is time to organize a welcoming celebration for the newcomers – to eat pork rib rice. Sheng Cai sighs – how can this be as other departments hold buffet? Or because they have fewer people? Zai Xian is grateful to all people for helping the girl patient in raising funds. He maintains that he can’t let his doctors neglect their skills in healing just to win. But they might win if it comes to drinking. Jiang Guo doesn’t allow this day as all are on shift. Dong Quan jokes that they can’t bear to lose.

The 3 senior resident doctors get the jitters as they believe that they will have patients coming in if they hold a celebration for newcomers. Mei Yan is mad that Dong Quan doesn’t call for her but is asking for Nan Shi. He learns of the celebration dinner. Hui Shu is the sponsor for the hanook promotion event. Dong Quan notices that his co-star, Hui Zhen is sick and advises her not to shoot sexy photos. Upon knowing that her asking price is 8 billion, he sighs.

Hui Zhen cites that she will not shoot if he asks her not to as he is the only one concerned for her. Dong Quan evades the issue as they shoot the hanook photos together. En Cheng is thrilled upon arrival and surprised to see Dong Quan and his crew there. Hui Shi avoids Dong Quan’s excitement while Hui Zhen sulks upon seeing this. Sheng Cai describes that they have affinity and Hui Shi lowers her head.

Hui Shu offers to give them a treat and Sheng Cai accepts before Jiang Guo can oppose to it. En Cheng nearly pukes when Hui Zhen claims Hui Shi to be a beauty. Only Ying Kui sulks all along. Hui Zhen suddenly faints into Jiang Guo’s arms. Her heart beat is fast and he suspects it to be mafan. They send her to hospital. Ren Tai grumbles – why this happens for every newcomer celebration. He gets Yong Xi to take a scan. Jiang Guo affirms his doubt from Yong Xi.

Hui Zhen is supposed to be Hui Shu’s spokesman but Jiang Guo suggests her to get another person. Hui Zhen isn’t going for a simple radio frequency operation like Dong Quan. So she can’t have the photos taken as she will have scars. Yong Xi hopes the operation can be done the next day and he isn’t going to join in their celebration as he isn’t from their department. Ren Tai asks if it is a must – Yong Xi points out the scan to him – how not to as her heart valve has expanded?

En Cheng and Hui Shi drink a lot of wine and all clap for them. En Cheng never expects the patient to help him in this way. Jiang Guo tells him that he has lots to learn so he can’t get into trouble. Sheng Cai will return to the hospital on their behalf but they can’t run away as the others are so pitiful. They have already ordered a crate of beer for all to finish. Those without doing operations the next day can drink more.

Dong Quan can’t stop looking at Hui Shi who is getting drunk. Seeing Hui Shi walking out, Dong Quan follows suit and grabs her hand. Does his kiss make her avoid him? He can’t apologise as he doesn’t want to. He tells her not to ignore his true feelings. She insists that it is only one-sided love and she doesn’t want it. The kissing incident will never happen again.

Dong Quan relates that she has entered his heart since young. She is the only one who doesn’t complain to him and face him without make-up. This makes him mad about her. Hui Shi finds him the first person who is so unreasonable. She is undeterred by him.

Tai Jun has a drink with Ying Kui. The latter finds it so embarrassing as Jiang Guo can’t even organize a decent session. Ying Kui secretly vows another challenge. Ren Tai and Ren Hao feel sorry for Hui Shi as it is the same for them. Ganglords are injured on their day. For da Lu, it is a baby whose heart nearly stops and he works till 2am. This is becoming a tradition. She is still lucky to witness a perfect s figure. Ren Tai sighs upon hearing Ren Hao saying that as Hui Zhen can’t maintain this for long. She can say goodbye to bikinis. They coax her to return to the celebration as they can stand in but she prefers to study.

Hui Shi feels tired so she sings and dances in dorm, letting her hair down. En Cheng calls and complains that the others sleep when it is his turn to sing. She asks if he wants her to come over. (See how her attitude changes – she doesn’t want to go when her seniors ask but changes her mind when En Cheng asks!) He doesn’t wish her to but he has prepared a song to charm women. Sure enough, she is attracted to his singing.

Jiang Guo returns home, wishing Hui Shu to keep him company but she prefers him to sleep along. The doctors diagnose Hui Zhen’s condition and decide that Hui Shi will be her doctor in charge since she is a female. Ying Kui will be the doctor operating on her and getting attention again. Ying Kui is angry when Hui Zhen’s parents ask for her discharge - are they doubting his ability? She might die anytime if not attended. Hui Zhen opposes as she will get a scar.

Da Lu is upset that he will not get to see her s figure as this thought has supported him through work till now. (What a statement!) The other male doctors joke that Hui Shi must be jealous of her as she is too pretty. Da Lu tries touching Mi Mi’s face and hand. She smiles when he comments her to be pretty. Da Lu gets the letter for his reservist. Mi Mi comments that he is an uncle and storms off. He protested that he has completed his national service while the rest are going so he is at the upper hand.

Hui Shi comes to do a blood test for Hui Zhen to find her missing after the heart indicator indicates a straight line. Hui Zhen is shooting an exercise MV. Dong Quan frowns seeing her puffing on the treadmill. Can’t the director get a stand in? He can’t as her face is needed. He even complains that Hui Zhen isn’t smiling and Dong Quan quickly sends her to hospital when she faints to carry her on his back.

Da Lu sighs – why is she wearing so little? Hui Shi meets Dong Quan’s eyes and he feels uneasy. Ying Kui blames Hui Zhen’s parents for bringing her out. An old comfort woman pities her and both become friends. Dong Quan is afraid that Hui Shi will misunderstand him and tries explaining to her but she doesn’t feel jealousy at all. Da Lu snaps at him as they are busy people.

En Cheng is down when the Guang Xi graduates take an alumni photo without him as he isn’t one of them. Hui Shi gets him coffee but stops later when seeing that he has already taken. Hui Zhen notices that En Cheng is down – has he broken up with his girlfriend? En Cheng notices that she is friendly and that is her way of survival. She still refuses to think of life after her operation. So is he, after thinking that one wish is fulfilled, he demands for another. She offers to play basketball with him as she is once a school team player.

En Cheng jokes that she wants him to get into trouble. He plays basketball on his own. Da Lu is initially upset that Mei Mei looks for him to treat the patient again. Why doesn’t she trouble Ren Tai or Ren Hao when they work the same shift? That is because he is more capable than them. The old granny wishes to drink Absinthian soup but how is En Cheng going to get it for her in winter now?

Ren Tai and Ren Hao are changing their trousers when Hui Shi comes in. They throw a cushion at her – why doesn’t she keep on forgetting? Ren Tai laments that they are not pregnant or they could have suffered a miscarriage. It is really a bad idea for them to stay with a woman in the same dorm. Ren Tai is adamant to win Yin Jin’s love. Hui Shi also wonders why she keeps forgetting and sees En Cheng in the garden. En Cheng is looking for Absinthian and is overjoyed that he finds it.

Yong Xi shows En Cheng the scans again. En Cheng counts himself lucky to come to a good hospital and doctor. Yong Xi is glad that he knows – does he feel indignant as his superior is arrogant? En Cheng admits that he is not capable enough. Patients will trust him more if he is experienced. Yong Xi doubts it – people don’t trust doctors these days and the medical cost is high now. It is good enough that they don’t treat them as conmen. En Cheng can’t be serious in their line.

Unfair cases happen anywhere. Yong Xi has foresight to be in the x-ray department. He doesn’t deal with patients directly so he makes a good choice. En Cheng asks if there is a way to minimize scars in a valve operation – he mentions the Da Vinci technique – a robot that the hospital has imported. Other departments have used it except thoracic. (How knowledgeable Yong Xi is to be aware of everything!)

En Cheng does reading – Tai Jun has done it and has written in his thesis when he is at an exchange programme with California University. Ying Kui suggests transferring Hui Zhen to cardiology if he can’t do it. Da Lu stops En Cheng from talking but he is too late. Jiang Guo asks why Tai Jun keeps quiet but he informs reluctantly that Ying Kui is in charge of valves. So Tai Jun has to take over now.

Lai Xian finds En Cheng stupid. Tai Jun doesn’t say as he doesn’t want to embarrass Ying Kui. He will not want to ruin his chance as he only has one month left under him. Hui Shi chooses to help Sheng Cai on that day. The others will choose to be in normal or ICU wards to avoid getting near the OR on that day. All point at his head – how can he survive if he lacks observation skills? En Cheng still insists that patients are most important.

En Cheng cooks the soup for the old granny and she is grateful to him. Now Hui Zhen decides to go for the operation and wishes the old granny good luck for her operation where Jiang Guo is doing. Hui Shi sees the spinach and decides to make soup for the old granny to drink after the operation. Zai Xian tells Tai Jun that he will be the most popular doctor and hints that they are losing money latterly. Sheng Cai feels down as the birth rate is low and he has lesser patients. Min Ai jokes that she will support him then.

Ying Kui lets Tai Jun off this time. But he hints that he hates people talking back and rebutting him. Tai Jun is annoyed when no one is around on the day of surgery and has to make do with En Cheng’s help. En Cheng returns the machine with Hui Shi and both are shocked to see reporters flocking to her to ask if she is Dong Quan’s girlfriend. He has announces this during a promotion and is coming to see her now.

Hui Shi can never tolerate this. The granny sees that Hui Zhen has not woke up so she gets En Cheng to take a photo of a cloud that shows a heart shape. Hui Shi also gets to see it. The granny suddenly has difficulties breathing and dies. En Cheng blames Hui Shi for not trying hard enough while Jiang Guo also feels bad, apologizing to the nanny.

A rich man, Mr Che moves in. He is angered when he is starved the whole night but Jiang Guo chooses to operate on another patient from the ER. Jiang Guo makes it clear that in his department, all patients are treated equally so urgent cases will come first. Mr Che isn’t appeased even though En Cheng arranges him to get operated early morning. Mr Che vents his anger on En Cheng to slap him.

Mr Che only stops when Hui Shi lies that En Cheng’s father is a politician. Hui Shi can’t agree with Jiang Guo’s decision to reject a VIP but En Cheng supports this. Hui Shi is cold to a pregnant woman who skips medication because she fears of affecting her baby and often talks back at her. En Cheng feels she should be more patient to her.

Dong Quan sends flowers to Hui Shi and she decides to throw it away. Da Lu passes to Mi Mi instead. Dong Quan is unhappy to know that and brings her to a public sauna. She becomes shy when he ties a towel to her hair. He later lies on her lap, looking at her long eyelashes. She has made him more determined to get her now. Hui Shi has coffee with En Cheng. She is amused to know he is a year younger than him.

Mr Che’s secretary pays En Cheng the money for the slap. Hui Shi is about to return it when En Cheng accepts it. He jokes that he should have let Mr Che slap the other face! He immediately transfers the money to his ‘siblings’. Meanwhile, Da Lu and Ren Hao are also withdrawing money from their accounts. Ren Hao is overjoyed to see his yearly increment in although the amount is little.

Zhen Ji, wanting to please Mr Che, transfers him to have cardiac surgery instead. This sly man gets Mr Che to request for the transfer himself. One blood vessel bursts during the operation and he is sent to ER. The woman is in a coma as she stops breathing so Jiang Guo operates on her. En Cheng discovers Mr Che’s case and informs Jiang Guo. Jiang Guo gets into a heated argument with Zhen Ji in seizing his patient. He gets Da Lu and En Cheng to be his assistants. Min Er also turns to help Jiang Guo despite Zhen Ji’s protest.

Hui Shi gets the sms but Tai Jun dissuades her from joining them as Jiang Guo is known to give trouble. Zai Xian nearly jumps – Jiang Guo must save Mr Che then. Mr Che survives and although Ying Kui is jealous of his skills, he still claps his hands with the others when watching it. Zhen Ji will not take this lying down – so he asks Zai Xian to conduct a hearing. Sheng Cai flares up over it – Jiang Guo settles the mess for him and yet he still complains?

Here comes the verdict after all the doctors have discussed over the matter. Zhen Ji will regret doing this – due to negligence, he and Jiang Guo will be deducted one month of their pay. The same punishment goes to En Cheng for defying the rules. Da Lu and Min Er are let off with a stern warning. The young ones go for a drink. En Cheng doesn’t understand why they must differentiate themselves as they should think well for the patient. Da Lu yells that his other 2 juniors let him down.

Ren Tai only accompanies them for a sip and needs to return because of an urgent case while Ren Hao needs to work on shift. Still, he feels consoled with Mi Mi around. Hui Shi doesn’t know why he takes it so hard. It is not about the money lost – he feels that he has made the patient suffer. Jiang Guo also discovers that he needs to change his own attitude to despise the rich. He praises Da Lu to be a better doctor and tells Hui Shi to learn from him. Hui Shi starts to learn a new lesson.

Mr Che thanks Jiang Guo personally. Hui Shu tells Jiang Guo to turn up for her mother’s 70th birthday as her father longs to see him too. Jiang Guo sighs as he has not done anything for him. He looks at photos of his daughters, Hui Ying and Hui Zhen.

The woman hasn’t wake up after given birth so En Cheng visits her baby boy, praising his mother to be brave. Hui Shi doesn’t think so and En Cheng feels that she doesn’t think that way as her own mother is alive. Hui Shi is silent over this. En Cheng fails to change her nonchalant attitude towards the woman who is declared as brain dead. Seeing that the woman’s feet are swollen, he massages for her. Jiang Guo does an operation to remove the blood clogs.

Hui Shi follows the ambulance reluctantly to the woman’s hometown as the doctor-in-charge. She has said that she needs to attend a presentation the next day and Jiang Guo stares at her. She shuts up and En Cheng wonders why Jiang Guo doesn’t send him instead. Jiang Guo replies that he doesn’t need a person who only uses her brains in his department who has no compassion.

Hui Shi has to keep her heart beating all the time. She sees her toes moving and works hard to keep her alive, remembering En Cheng’s words. It is En Cheng’s off-day and he discovers that Hui Shi has forgotten to bring her wallet. He takes the bus to travel all the way there.

Hui Shi is touched when the woman’s husband thanks her for helping. It is the first time he hears Jiang Guo saying sorry to him for being unable to help his wife. He hands her some money to return to Seoul as the ambulance belongs to their town. Hui Shi is alarmed when she has no money to buy an air ticket. En Cheng turns up and both eat sushi by the port. She is touched when he pastes plasters over her blisters and even has smoothing cream for her aching shoulders.

He gets excited on the way home as this is the first time of him taking a flight. So he has a photo taken with an air stewardess. Hui Shi can’t help feeling jealous over this. Ying Kui is pleased that the interns watch him operate but is enraged when all rush to see Jiang Guo in another theatre. He quarrels with Jiang Guo later. Hui Shi gets jealous when Mi Mi expresses her feelings for En Cheng. She is about to thank him when Jiang Guo asks if she has scolded him the whole night in the ambulance as he feels his ears itchy.

He looks carefully at her blisters. (He becomes a more caring superior now.) He gets her to thank Ren Tai who does the presentation on her behalf. Jiang Guo operates on a patient who keeps getting rejected by hospital because he is dying. The patient becomes paralysed so his family assaults him. Sheng Cai and Min Ah think that he shouldn’t have accepted him as the chance of him recovering is 30%.

Even Zai Xian also reprimands him but he can’t bear to see him die. Ying Kui and Tai Jun gloat over his plight and hope that he will leave the hospital like his father. The hospital janitor plays chess with En Cheng and suddenly faints. There is a tumour near his heart so Yong Xi deduces that he can’t live for long.

He is frustrated as he still needs to look after his grandson. Angry with the gangster’s boasting as both stay in the same ward, he sees through his scheme to keep delaying his discharge as he is scared that his enemies will look for him. Who can dare to fight with him for working in the hospital for 17 years? En Cheng sees that Hui Shi is bored and tells her to bring the tent out outside as both camp there for a while. She thanks him for teaching her to value life more now. She is pleased when he sings for her.

Knowing that it is Hui Shi’s off day, Dong Quan comes to fetch her. Zhen Ji pushes the janitor’s case to Jiang Guo who agrees to operate on him. Zai Xian reminds him that a janitor doesn’t worth of a prolonged life but Jiang Guo begs to differ as every life is important to him. Ying Kui gets 30 billion funds from a drug company for research and Zai Xian is happy over it. He even comments that he should have chosen him as the thoracic head.

Jiang Guo refuses to give up on the janitor. He gets more worried to know that he is taking care of his grandson alone as his son runs away. Ying Kui wants En Cheng to tell the janitor to wait for a discharge for a heart transplant. En Cheng doesn’t know how to poach the matter to him but Nan Shi does it for him. En Cheng finds her too direct but she tells him that he hasn’t prepared for his own life too.

The patients need to face the facts. She has also asked the social welfare to look into the janitor’s case. Now is the time to be calm instead of getting sentimental. (I agree with Nan Shi over this case as we have to be practical and brave at times.) Sheng Cai tells Jiang Guo not to accept the janitor’s case but he still insists of doing it. He even uses Sheng Cai’s name to do it to save the cost. Ying Kui throws the tough operation to Tai Jun as Tai Jun is writing the thesis.

Tai Jun accepts it unwillingly and the operation fails as the patient dies. Tai Jun doesn’t want Nan Shi to add this into the thesis. Jiang Guo’s operation on the janitor isn’t smooth sailing too as the tumour is too close to the heart and he goes to the toilet. En Cheng mumbles that he has not seen him doing that in previous operations. Qi Shi explains that he needs to take a break to consider the best treatment procedure.

En Cheng then asks if they can just take the heart to put it back later. Da Lu jeers at him. Zai Xian roars when seeing Sheng Cai’s name on the white board but Jiang Guo is handling the operation. He calls the OR, demanding to stop it. Jiang Guo tells the nurse to hang up on him. He tells those who want to back out to leave as he doesn’t want to implicate them. Min Er, En Cheng, Da Lu and Qi Shi stay to help.

All wish to help the patient to survive. En Cheng mumbles why Jiang Guo doesn’t ask him as he is staying for the same reason too. To his surprise, Jiang Guo uses En Cheng’s suggestion indeed. Ren Tai mentions this and Mi Mi worships En Cheng even more. Jiang Guo comes out to learn that Zai Xian has reduced the number of beds in ER to cut costs. He tries reasoning out with him but Zai Xian doesn’t want to incur costs and will transfer more cases out in future.

A heart patient can’t sleep and wants Mi Mi to give her sleeping pills. Da Lu urges her to walk instead to help Mi Mi out. He never expects the patient to faint and he gets scolded by Ying Kui. Tai Jun is sore over the failed operation and Ying Kui even chides him for being careless. Min Er makes him even mad when mentioning how good Jiang Guo is. He vows to be like him to stamp on Ying Kui. Da Lu and Ren Tai pour their woes to each other and Da Lu injures his head when being knocked down by a car.

A rapist is sent into the ER. Sheng Cai and Nan Shi are asked to operate on him. Sheng Cai obliges although he just completes an operation on a child. Nan Shi feels disgusted but she is unable to get the guys to replace as they have just drunk wine. The rapist’s blood splashes on their faces and En Cheng shivers upon getting the rapist’s blood test result. He is showing the weak sign of contracting the HIV virus.

Nan Shi becomes affected. Min Ai is also worried over it as Sheng Cai confesses to her later. Jiang Guo arranges the two other duties so that they avoid coming into direct contact with patients till their blood test results are out. Zai Xian is also taken a back to know the bad news and runs to ER. Nan Shi hides from him, pretending to be asleep. Min Ai is puzzled why he comes personally. He wants a notice to be put up to prevent others from being infected.

Nan Shi doesn’t understand why Tai Jun doesn’t wish to add his failure into the thesis. She wants to read the whole report to make it into a perfect thesis but Tai Jun threatens to take her out if she is so insistent. En Cheng senses that Nan Shi is unwell and urges her to rest. She hugs En Cheng – she is very worried and isn’t willing to die as she hasn’t tried kissing before. (Hugh? So Dong Quan’s kiss isn’t included?)

She asks En Cheng to kiss her but he is hesitant. She is upset that she cannot be a doctor and even he is afraid of being spread of the virus. En Cheng then kisses her and Dong Quan is angry to witness that. En Cheng tells him about it but Dong Quan doesn’t think that this is the best way to console her. If he wants to replace him, he will never let him off.

Nan Shi also doesn’t see why En Cheng must apologise as Dong Quan is the one to be angry. She is grateful for his kiss but his apology makes her down. Yong Xi asks Jiang Guo what is the secret of the janitor’s operation success. He replies that it is due to the help of Min Er. He has cleared his father’s name but Ying Kui is jealous over this.

The janitor’s son is suddenly back and is sore when the janitor has no money to give him. He then wants to sue Jiang Guo for operating on his father without his approval, treating him as a guinea pig. The eatery owner that Jiang Guo always goes to, Granny Li Wen Yu is hospitalized for a heart attack so Jiang Guo wishes Min Ai to take good care of her.

She finds her breathing unstable and the heart doctor only comes much later to give her the wrong treatment. Luckily she survives through Min Ah’s correct judgment and En Cheng’s help. Zhen Ji witnesses everything and gets his subordinates to take good care of Wen Yu. He doesn’t want Jiang Guo to probe again. En Cheng’s buddy, Cheng Hao in the cardiac department admits to Wen Yu about their negligence. Zhen Ji transfers him to a rural hospital as revenge since he is against him.

Cheng Hao drinks with En Cheng and the others before his departure in anguish. He doesn’t understand why both departments can’t co-exist. Jiang Guo wants to get Wen Yu to transfer to him as she is like a mother to him but Zhen Ji rejects him – he tells him that he also respect lives and he isn’t the only doctor around. Jiang Guo sees that Nan Shi is still unwell and wants En Cheng to send her home.

Nan Shi doesn’t wish to worry her mother so she requests him to send her to a hotel instead. En Cheng is excited to see her hotel room and she asks what kind of woman he likes to introduce a girlfriend to him. He replies that he doesn’t want women to get hurt due to him again and he refuses to give her the details.

He informs Dong Quan when she sleeps so that he can keep her company when he leaves. Ying Kui plans to do a rare operation in a cardiac conference in order to win Jiang Guo. He wants to get support from Zhen Ji so Zhen Ji suggests Wen Yu’s case for him. Jiang Guo isn’t happy over this. The janitor’s son sues Jiang Guo but he isn’t afraid of this and will work with the police when he is free.

Yong Xi reminds him not to take things lightly. Jiang Guo has to prove that there is no negligence in the operation to show that he is innocent. Jiang Guo thinks that he should be fine since the janitor is alive. Yong Xi suggests him to get Zai Xian to help him but he doesn’t see the need. True enough, when the deputy hospital director suggests getting the hospital lawyer to handle this case, Zai Xian is sore over Jiang Guo going ahead with the operation despite his opposition.

He presumes that Jiang Guo only wants to achieve his own desires and this has not helped the hospital to become famous. Neither has the operation helped to earn money. Now he is dragged into a law suit so he will not help him. Tai Jun operates on a patient but he never stops bleeding. Jiang Guo wants to help but gets rejected – Tai Jun insists that he is his patient. Jiang Guo reprimands him – the patient will die if he cares too much about his pride. Tai Jun has to give in.

Hui Shi wakes up to find Dong Quan beside her. He refuses to leave her alone as he wishes to be with her to experience with her what she is going through now. He brings her to the skating ground. She trips and damages her PDA. She sends it for immediate repair wanting to retrieve all the information back. Dong Quan wonders why she is so overly concerned. He soon discovers that it has En Cheng’s singing clip in it.

Hui Shi is relieved that it has been restored. She has dinner with Dong Quan who sulks after knowing En Cheng’s doing. The result is out to prove that Sheng Cai and Hui Shi are HIV negative. En Cheng informs Hui Shi the good news and wonders why her replying tone is calm. So is Dong Quan as he also sees no change of emotion with her. But later, she hides herself in the toilet to cry in relief!

Hui Shi rushes back to tell En Cheng that she likes him but he rejects her as she isn’t the type he likes. Hui Shi vows not to give him up. Ying Kui gets En Cheng to assist him with a trial operation on a dog. He is pleased and gets him to replace Ren Tai for the live broadcast operation.

A patient pushes Hui Shi to the floor as he fails to get a single room. En Cheng aids her but is hit on the nose. Hui Shi is upset when he keeps avoiding her. It is his old ailment and Dr Lin who tends to him warns him to take care of himself. Tai Jun decides to include all cases in his thesis and gets Hui Shi to join him again. Ying Kui’s hand trembles during the live broadcast operation as something goes wrong. Jiang Guo is about to call Hui Shu then when he sees this.

En Cheng is chased out of the theatre as his nose bleeds again. Jiang Guo rushes in to help despite Ying Kui’s objections but Wen Yu still passes away. Zai Xian is furious that such a failure happens. Jiang Guo apologises to Wen Yu’s son but he knows that Jiang Guo has tried his best. He still blames himself for not treating her himself. Hui Shu is unhappy that Jiang Guo misses her mother’s birthday banquet.

Moreover, the janitor’s son threatens to harm her daughters if Jiang Guo does not settle the case. Hui Shu decides to bring their children to the U.S. Ying Kui blames his failure on En Cheng and beats him up. Da Lu tends to En Cheng and consoles him. Jiang Guo learns that En Cheng’s injury is caused by Hui Shi. Hui Shi looks for En Cheng and is upset to see Mi Mi with him.

He has ordered a bra set – for the nun. Both women laugh upon seeing the ‘figure’. Zai Xian wants Ying Kui to resign but Jiang Guo speaks up for him. But Ying Kui is still ungrateful to him and vows to stay to restore his reputation. Jiang Guo gets annoyed and asserts that he does make a mistake during the operation. Ying Kui begs Zhen Ji to help him.

Zhen Ji praises Tai Jun for quoting failed examples as well in his thesis. He reminds Tai Jun that it is time to compete for Ying Kui’s position. Zhen Ji replaces Jiang Guo as the chairman of the new cardiac centre committee. Sheng Cai is worried that Ying Kui’s incident will ruin the Thoracic Department. He urges Jiang Guo to get a strong backer.

Jiang Guo’s ex-colleague at Cleveland Clinic in the U.S., Tai Zhen looks Jiang Guo up. He has seen the live broadcast. He is aware that Wen Yu can survive if Jiang Guo is in charge. Jiang Guo hopes to hire doctors like Tai Zhen. Hui Shi is surprised to see her name in Tai Jun’s thesis. En Cheng asks Tai Jun to give him a chance to assist him too. Tai Jun insults him that a third-rate graduate like him will never get such an opportunity.

Ying Kui uses the pharmaceutical company’s sponsorship to make Zai Xian let him stay. He reminds him that if Jiang Guo replaces him with another person, he will lose control of the Thoracic Department for good. Da Lu holds a farewell party for Mi Mi who completes her internship. Mi Mi turns up, sexily dressed. Hui Shi leaves early as Mi Mi tries to flirt with En Cheng. En Cheng has to bring the drunk Mi Mi and Da Lu back to their hostels.

Hui Shi sees Mi Mi’s lipstick mark on En Cheng’s clothes as he carries her on his back. She tells En Cheng that she is serious about him. The new resident doctor turns out to be Mi Mi. Da Lu is jealous that Mi Mi likes En Cheng and reprimands him openly. Min Ai shakes her head upon seeing him so childish – even the other nurses get to know about it. Ying Kui is eager to operate again after Zhen Ji shows the MRI. However, he is sore that two patients insist Tai Jun to operate on them. Now, Tai Jun is not afraid to confront him openly. Tai Jun’s father-in-law donates money to the new centre and asks Zai Xian to take care of him.

Ying Xi, Sheng Cai and Jiang Guo have a drink at the eatery. Jiang Guo cries over the loss of Wen Yu. Ying Xi and Sheng Cai consoles him as things can go wrong. Jiang Guo wants to escape now. He holds a knife as Wen Yu is there. Ying Xi is confident that he will break out of the shell soon. Jiang Guo wants En Cheng to work hard although he is often called an idiot. He must have a warm heart doctor who doesn’t miss the critical moments.

Jiang Guo gets drunk and hits twice on a policeman’s car. He has not assisted them in the janitor operation case investigation so he must be brought to the police station. En Cheng informs Sheng Cai to bail him out. But the lawyer is angry with Jiang Guo for replying questions that look bad on him. He refuses to help. Min Ah is frustrated as she has to cancel all Jiang Guo’s operations. Her anger escalates when Tai Jun even suggests her to transfer Jiang Guo’s patients to internal medicine.

Sheng Cai is also pissed off with the policeman’s attitude in reprimanding doctors. They do the job as they like it – not because they are well-paid or enjoy cutting others up. En Cheng and Nan Shi have a hard time to postpone Jiang Guo’s operations. They are baffled that Jiang Guo even suggests transferring them to another hospital or Sheng Cai to take care of them. Sheng Cai jumps – he already has too much to handle.

Tai Jun finds his suggestion ridiculous and asks to see the patients’ records. He agrees to take over – the chance is rare and he will perform the surgeries perfectly so that internal medicine will give him more surgeries. He cites proudly that Nan Shi should learn from him. Sheng Cai tells Min Ah Jiang Guo’s story. Min Ah feels that the hospital should have sent a lawyer to support Jiang Guo. This hospital is impossible indeed. Jiang Guo can leave if he doesn’t want to work here anymore.

Some patients complain about this so Jiang Guo arranges them to transfer out. Jiang Guo tells En Cheng not to accept any more patients for him. All are spell-bound – do they listen right? What is he up to? Zai Xian suggests getting Tai Jun to be the head professor and younger ones to learn from him. He has gone for elite courses ever since he is a student of Guang Xi university. His grades are outstanding and he excels in the surgery room. Jiang Guo has another person in mind – Xia Tai Zhen from Cleveland Clinic.

Zai Xian sneers that Tai Zhen might not have IQ if he joins them as he is now a doctor in the US in a prestigious hospital. Jiang Guo knows that he has a dream in Korea. Zai Xian doubts the possibility as he is Min Song university’s graduate. Even if he is the best doctor, he can’t hurt the pride of Guang Xi university. Jiang Guo claims that this is prejudice so he will exercise his power as the professor so that this has nothing to do with the hospital president. Zai Xian continues to sneer at him.

Hui Shu is taking Jiang Guo’s daughters to the US. It is not just because of the call but she wants the kids to have a better life. She is also exhausted of waiting for him in an empty home. All the doctors get the invitation cards to a bazaar meeting. The cardiac centre is going to be set up soon so more can be done. Only En Cheng doesn’t get the card as he isn’t a graduate from Guang Xi. Moreover, he has to take over Da Lu’s duties when he is away. En Cheng is angry that Jiang Guo rejects an urgent case to tell him to give to another hospital. Jiang Guo sees that he gains nothing from this.

Da Lu refuses to get food for En Cheng after the function although he pleads with him. Nan Shi promises to get him the food. She lets down her hair and is completely transformed. All the doctors can’t stop admiring her. Even En Cheng is struck too. Da Lu is jealous when seeing Tai Jun introduces Nan Shi to the Song Kuan University hospital president. Ren Tai claims that knowing powerful people is a skill.

Da Lu mumbles that this is too much as he is ranked 19 in the university exams. What a world of difference of a gap of 18 positions. Jiang Guo drinks alone - this is the thanks he gets for working so hard to become a lonely father, a suspect held by the police and getting betrayed. All are shocked to know that he is going on leave. Min Ai doesn’t see why he should be down to get a lawsuit at least once in his lifetime.

En Cheng throws away all Jiang Guo’s finished drinks and junk food. Who is the one who needs to stop – not him but Jiang Guo. The person who is supposed to be in the surgery room is rolling like a pig in his office. Jiang Guo demands him to get out but he still stays. Mi Mi makes a mistake with a patient. Tai Jun assumes that it is En Cheng’s fault and scolds him. En Cheng packs his bags and leaves without a word.

Mi Mi feels bad and tells Hui Shi. Hui Shi tells Tai Jun off for bullying En Cheng. Jiang Guo discovers that Hui Shu has left with their daughters. En Cheng returns to the orphanage and lies to the nun that he is taking a leave. His mind is still on the hospital. Jiang Guo is in no mood to operate on patients so the number dips. Sheng Cai and Yong Xi try to persuade him to pull himself together. They object to his proposal to make Tai Zhen the department’s deputy chief.

Jiang Guo becomes annoyed when Sheng Cai even says that going against the hospital will only make his life difficult. He finds both as stubborn as Zai Xian – what is wrong to ask a capable outsider who isn’t a Guang Xi graduate to help out? Tai Jun learns that Jiang Guo has made the recommendation. He is confident that he is more qualified so Zai Xian promises to give him support.

Sheng Cai flares up and pulls out Jiang Guo’s computer cables when he insists of hiring Tai Zhen. He proposes to have Tai Jun instead. Hui Shi returns to her dorm and is reminded of En Cheng upon seeing his empty bunk. Everyone opposes to Tai Zhen becoming Jiang Guo’s deputy. Tai Jun refuses to give up on a patient, even if the family is ready to halt treatment to prevent incurring high expenses. He insists to extend the life and extra time would raise the survival rate. Da Lu is upset with Tai Jun for doing this.

Yong Xi tells Jiang Guo that he is being ostracized for not helping Tai Jun. Afraid that he will make a mistake before his promotion, Tai Jun picks the easy operations. When Jiang Guo confronts him, he claims that Jiang Guo has made him lose confidence. Dong Quan knows that Hui Shi likes En Cheng so he gives up on her. En Cheng has to put up at his friend, Zai Tai’s place but gets chased out too.

Ren Hao and the others are having meals. They are sick of lunchboxes and eggs. They start to miss En Cheng who can come up with dishes competently. Why does he leave impulsively? Da Lu scolds Ren Tai for giving him eggs again but he swallows another egg when Mi Mi approaches him with it.

He then puts up at Zai Tai’s workplace – a golf course. Hamilton, the ex-prime minister of England collapses there so En Cheng takes him to Guang Xi hospital in a helicopter. He sees Hui Shi but avoids her. Hamilton’s staff want to take him back to England but Zai Xian asserts that it is too dangerous. However, he refuses to let England doctors operate in Guang Xi. Zai Xian wants Jiang Guo to carry operate, after telling Tai Jun off whan the latter insists that he can do the job as well. He finds him too ambitious.

Hamilton’s staff agrees on the condition that he can be discharged within a week. Jiang Guo doesn’t want to cancel his leave and wants Zai Xian to approach Tai Zhen instead. Tai Zhen maintains that only Jiang Guo can do it. (These doctors really know how to push the job to one another….) Jiang Guo learns that the janitor is panting badly. He meets En Cheng when paying him a visit. En Cheng urges him to return.

Hui Shi misses En Cheng and is scolded by Sheng Cai when she loses concentration. She comes to the orphanage and learns that En Cheng is not there. She learns from the nun why En Cheng is bent to become a doctor after his friend’s death. He is also the other children’s hope and dream. Hui Shi manages to find him at Zai Tai’s place and he declines to return. The place is not for him and he finds it unbearable.

She declares once again that she likes him and convinces him to return. He kneels to beg the professors to forgive him. To his astonishment, Min Ai doesn’t see the need to as Da Lu and the others have escaped before too. Hamilton is infuriated when Jiang Guo doesn’t turn up and leaves for the airport to faint there. Zai Xian is about to persuade him to let Ying Kui and Tai Jun operate on him to find him missing.

Hamilton is sent back. Da Lu sees Ying Kui’s hand trembling during the operation. So together with En Cheng, Hui Shi and Ren Hao, he calls on Jiang Guo. Zai Xian orders Ying Kui to let Tai Jun take charge. Ying Kui refuses but leaves the theatre when Jiang Guo arrives. To everyone’s relief, the operation is a success. Jiang Guo returns to work and apologises for the inconvenience caused.

Zhen Ji complains that Jiang Guo wants to admit the janitor again and is peeved that Zai Xian has no objections this time. He even wants to settle the case with the janitor’s son on Jiang Guo’s behalf. Dong Quan is hospitalized again. He asks En Cheng not to get Hui Shi tend to him. He has yet to get over her. Jiang Guo tells Tai Jun that En Cheng has taken the rap for Mi Mi.

He wants Tai Jun to apologise to En Cheng in front of everyone. Tai Jun hates Jiang Guo even more now. En Cheng has no confidence about dating Hui Shi. He asks that they remain as colleagues. Tai Jun and Ying Kui want to transfer a patient to the neurology department but Jiang Guo suggests using the low temperature method to operate on him. Tai Jun doesn’t want to take the risk.

Jiang Guo asks Tai Zhen to perform the surgery and it can only allow little blood overflow. Zhen Ji is offended to let an outsider do the job. Ying Kui is agitated as he doesn’t think that Tai Zhen will succeed. Tai Jun’s father-in-law exerts pressure on Zai Xian who decides to let Jiang Guo take charge of the new cardiac centre. Somebody else can take over the chief of the thoracic department. In this way, he can fulfil his promise to make Tai Jun the deputy chief.

En Cheng and Hui Shi assist Tai Zhen. Both are amazed by his surgical skills – so do the others watching. Tai Zhen doesn’t even need extra blood transfusion. Da Lu and the rest are impressed. So is Tai Jun now who tones down his arrogant attitude. Jiang Guo gets a call from Hui Ying. She has seen his photograph in the famous TIME magazine and brags about it to her classmates.

Jiang Guo is grateful that Zhen Ji agrees to take the janitor in. Surprisingly, Zai Xian even agrees not to charge his son the cost of his treatment. Zai Xian gives Jiang Guo a month to consider signing an agreement stating that he will nto take in any patients whom the majority assume will not survive an operation. Bemused, Tai Zhen decides to return to the United States. Only Guang Xi Hospital can come up with such an idea and he doesn’t want to work in such a hospital.

The New Year arrives. The hospital celebrates the occasion with its long-term patients. En Cheng and the others pretend to be girls to sing and dance with Hui Shi. Hui Shi is about to leave with En Cheng when she sees Zai Xian with his daughters and wife. En Cheng is puzzled when she runs away. She tells him that she is his illegitimate daughter. She has always hated Zai Xian for causing hurt to Xian Jing.

En Cheng feels that she should be happy to know who her parents are. He believes that Zai Xian loves her as he has seen how he flares up over the AIDS incident. Zai Xian looks forward to witness Jiang Guo’s lung-cum-heart operation. As Zhen Ji’s new method is also an achievement, he decides to broadcast it live. Da Lu deduces that he will become the new cardiac centre’s head.

En Cheng takes her back to Zai Tai’s apartment. She is jealous to see his photo with Xiu Lian. Tai Jun has no idea what Jiang Guo is up to, by assigning the operation to Tai Zhen. Jiang Guo trusts Tai Jun’s expertise but he hopes that he will take another step further to handle difficult cases. Jiang Guo stays in the hospital on New Year. Hui Shu calls and tells him that she is giving him one last chance to work in the U.S. to be with them.

En Cheng’s first love, Xiu Lian has liver cancer and is dying. She has refused surgery due to her pregnancy. Tai Jun tries in vain to save an old man with a severe heart problem. Just as he is feeling depressed, Jiang Guo promotes him to Deputy Head. Ying Kui is upset that Jiang Guo doesn’t discuss with him. Jiang Guo tells Yong Xi and Sheng Cai that he believes that Tai Jun may be stubborn but he has a sense of responsibility towards his patients. (What is he thinking – to disappoint someone and let him happy later?)

En Cheng drinks and tells Hui Shi about his past. He, Zai Tai and Xiu Lian grow up at the orphanage. They share an apartment when they start working. Xiu Lian is like a mother and sister to them so he regards her as his first love. However, she falls in love with a man and absconds with their money, leaving both men with no place to stay. En Cheng has cursed her but is upset now that she is in a pathetic state now.

Tai Jun and his wife have been childless for years and their attempts at IVF fails. Tai Jun is shocked to learn that Min Er is pregnant with his child. Afraid that his career will be affected, he wants her to abort it but she refuses. She will bring up the baby alone. Xiu Lian’s baby boy is kept in the incubator. En Cheng is angry when the father refuses to let him undergo surgery. He hates the baby as xiu Lian could have accepted treatment earlier if not for him.

Xiu Lian convinces her husband to let him have the surgery. En Cheng asks the nun to visit Xiu Lian. Xiu Lian is sad that she has to leave her baby. She is an abandoned child and doesn’t want her son to suffer the same fate. Jiang Guo tells Zai Xian that he can’t sign the letter of guarantee. When Zai Xian issues a threat, Jiang Guo decides to resign. However, he will complete the lung-cum-heart surgery first.

En Cheng is moved by Hui Shi’s love and affirms their relationship in front of the nun and Xiu Lian. Xiu Lian passes away after one last look at her son. An emergency case is sent to the thoracic department. Zai Xian objects to Jiang Guo’s decision to postpone a surgery because of it. hui Shi learns about the letter incident. When Jiang Guo is operating, another patient develops complications.

He asks Hui Shi and En Cheng to open another theatre so that he can complete two operations at the same time. The second patient’s condition worsens and Jiang guo is too busy to tend to him. Hui Shi and En Cheng decide to conduct on their own. They manage to save the patient. Jiang Guo praises them for doing well instead of scolding them. (I doubt any hospital will allow this – Jiang Guo is too conceited – can’t he allow other experienced doctors to handle this?)

Min Er passes out during surgery because of her pregnancy. She intends to resign but Tai Jun objects. Hui Shi wants to share her joy of success with Zai Xian. She sees the management list for the new cardiac centre and realizes that Jiang Guo is eliminated. She tells him she will report to the Ministry if he doesn’t apologise to Jiang Guo.

Sheng Cai tries to find a way to save a child, Yun Er but knows that a transplant is the only way out. He has failed to save Yun Er’s two elder sisters as they suffer the same ailment as her. Her father is frightened to lose this last child. En Cheng gives her a pretty hairstyle and plays with her. She is so happy that she passes out. After saving her, Sheng Cai scolds en Cheng for nearly causing her death.

Da Lu feels sorry when Jiang Guo is only made a consultant of the new cardiac centre. He decides to lead the other doctors in a demonstration after learning about the letter. Ying Kui manages to oust Jiang Guo out of the new cardiac centre with his seven billion won deal. Tai Jun is annoyed with him. When he also learns of the letter, he suggests to Jiang Guo that they complain to the ministry to get Zai Xian impeached. (Tai Jun had turned to be a better person now.)

Yong Xi informs En Cheng about a brain-dead boy. But his grandfather refuses to donate his heart to save Yun Er even though Sheng Cai pleads with him. Ren Tai is badly affected when his girlfriend falls for another doctor. He fails to take good care of Yun Er and she passes out. Mei Yan calls En Cheng when she can’t find the doctors as they are out for a meal.

En Cheng refuses to heed Jiang Guo’s advice and wants to let the nurse administer emergency treatment. Hui Shi grabs his phone to takes over so Sheng Cai and Jiang Guo are shocked. Yun Er survives. Ren Hao looks for the missing Ren Tai and finds that he has injected medicines into himself, attempting suicide. Zai Xian wants Jiang Guo to bear the responsibility for the saga. He is shocked to learn that Hui Shi is the one behind this.

Hui Shi manages to convince the grandfather to agree to the organ donations to save 8 children. Yun Er’s transplant is a success. During the query, Hui Shi admits that she gives the orders to help Jiang Guo retain his job. She believes that he can contribute more to the hospital if he stays. Jiang Guo tells Zai Xian that he will bear responsibility for Ren Tai’s case by resigning but all the others have to stay.

Two months of Hui Shi’s salary is docked as punishment. En Cheng feels that both are in the same boat now. Hui Shi doesn’t think that she is wrong as the nurses are carrying out the duties as they are shorthanded of doctors and they know CPR. Ying Kui is certain that he will be the new chief. Worried that Tai Jun will be a threat, he tells Lai Xian to check on Tai Jun.

Not realizing that Jiang Guo has handed in his resignation letter, Ying Kui demands him to do so during a meeting. (This man is a moron indeed.) Jiang Guo replies that even if he has to leave, he must take care of his patients first and will not pass over to him. (Do have fun watching this scene.) Tai Zhen calls Jiang Guo and tells him of Cleveland wanting to hire him to be Dr Howard’s successor.

He needs to come over to be the thoracic head as all doctors approve after reading his success from TIME magazine. He urges Jiang Guo to develop his career here and reunite with his family. Ren Hao and Da Lu tell Ren Tai off for trying to take his life. Jiang Guo feels bad for not showing him enough concern.

En Cheng advises a patient to get a CT scan done but the latter refuses. When the patient passes out at home and is re-admitted, Tai Jun tells En Cheng off for making a wrong diagnosis. During surgery, this patient starts bleeding. Jiang Guo insists of helping Tai Jun as he knows En Cheng will blame himself if anything goes wrong. Mei Yan consoles Ren Tai and tells him she has been interested in him for some time.

Mi Mi is scolded by Hui Shi for a mistake. When Da Lu tries to speak up for her, Hui Shi asserts that even a small mistake can cause death. Jiang Guo tells Yong Xi and Sheng Cai that he is seriously considering moving to the States. Yong Xi reveals that he will transfer En Cheng to his department if Jiang Guo leaves. The patient wakes but will be paralysed and become mentally unstable. Jiang Guo consoles En Cheng but he keeps blaming himself. Dr Lin finds En Cheng becoming a paranoid to get every accident patient to take a MRI scan and talks him out.

Min Er and Jiang Guo tender their resignations. Da Lu and the others go to Zai Xian to tell him that they will resign if Jiang Guo doesn’t stay. Zai Xian is speechless when Hui Shi tells him off. En Cheng takes Hui Shi to the discotheque after seeing her in a bad mood. Min Er decides to go to Canada to become an unwed mother. She is unhappy when Tai Jun refuses to break up with her. He is simply too greedy to want the best of both worlds and she is tired of that.

En Cheng is injured while trying to save Hui Shi from the mentally unsound patient. Though the deputy hospital head performs the surgery personally, he fears that En Cheng’s career as a surgeon may be affected as his nerves are affected. Zai Xian is shocked when many of the professors refuse to attend a meeting as a form of protest. Ying Kui blows his top when Jiang Guo suggests Sheng Cai to take over as Chief of the thoracic department and his current surgery list.

The expressions on all faces show disbelief. Even Sheng Cai is taken aback too. Jiang Guo says that he also starts from operating on child patients and Sheng Cai is popular with the staff. He is the best person for the job. Zhen Ji tells Zai Xian about the meeting. He also feels that Sheng Cai is a better choice than ying Kui for Jiang Guo’s post. Ying Kui is unpopular with the staff and he only knows how to pull strings with pharmacies but not improving his skills.

Zai Xian objects to this. Ying Kui operates on Sheng Cai’s former patient and is at a loss when he accidentally cuts a vessel. Sheng Cai comes in and manages to save his patient. He tells Ying Kui that he will not wish him to endanger his patient, (It will be an insult to the other doctors if Ying Kui is chosen to be the head even after he makes so many blunders on the job.) Tai Jun hopes that Zhen Ji will give him a chance to operate on a VIP to prove that he can outshine Sheng Cai.

Jiang Guo is shocked when a notice announcing Sheng Cai’s transfer to a third-rate hospital and the dismissal of all the resident doctors is put up on the board. Zai Xian wants him to convince others that his resignation is his own decision before reinstating them. He agrees so Zai Xian passes all the resignation letters back to him. Jiang Guo announces this at the meeting and reveals that Cleveland is goingto hire him and he wants to be with his family. He leaves not because of the letter incident.

Yong Xi is unhappy with him for being weak. If he wants to leave, he should help them to reconstruct the hospital. Jiang Guo doesn’t want the others to be ruined because of him. He apologises to them and en Cheng doesn’t see the need of staying as their skills are not as good as him. This is his last day and he also feels reluctant to leave.

En Cheng’s hand has not recovered so he can only cover clerical duties. Sheng Cai worries for his future but Jiang Guo believes that he will get well. He encourages all not to give up at the farewell party. En Cheng helps him to move his things home. Jiang Guo warns En Cheng not to use his hand to block attackers next time he fights with others. En Cheng knows that he is concerned about him.

En Cheng comes here because of him but now he is leaving. Jiang Guo encourages him to work his left hand as well his right to survive in Guang Xi. En Cheng gives him a doctor bear – he has sewn it with his left hand. Zai Xian wants to enter the hospital but is prevented from entering as the principal has stopped all his duties. Zhen Ji reveals that the principal is checking on the case on how the different departments are being suppressed. Zai Xian gets so mad that he faints.

Zhen Ji does a check and finds that his heart is blocked. Since Jiang Guo has left, Ying Kui has to take over. Hui Shi wishes Zai Xian to call Jiang Guo back but he refuses to eat the humble pie. (I find these people too much – Jiang Guo has sacrificed his family because of his job and now he is reverting back to his normal life to be with them again. How can they be so demanding on him?) Hui Shi is very worried over Zai Xian’s illness and doesn’t trust Ying Kui.

Zai Xian has fallen into the pit that he digs himself. He forces Jiang Guo to leave and now no one can save him. Ying Kui knows that he must save Zai Xian in order to become the department head and hold an important post in the new cardiac centre. But if he fails, his future is ruined. He also doesn’t have confidence in himself and his hands tremble again. Thus he hurts his own hand to tell Zhen Ji that he can’t handle the operation. (This man is useless – he wants the post but doesn’t work hard for it. plus his hands often trembles. He should have retired for good since he has a bad name for ruining operations.)

Tai Jun has the confidence as Zai Xian’s condition is too serious to drag on. Even though he fails, he will not get blamed. If he is successful, he can handle more operations. He is now the deputy head so he wants to be the youngest head. Tai Jun operates on Zai Xian. He doesn’t allow En Cheng to help as his hand hasn’t recovered. Hui Shi requests Tai Jun to do his best.

Seeing that Hui Shi can’t rest well, En Cheng brings her to the hospital chapel to pray for Zai Xian’s recovery. Meanwhile, Jiang Guo is at a temple which he often visits with Hui Shu. He writes down wishes for good health for his family and also En Cheng’s hand.

Zai Xian’s heart beats abnormally during the operation and the operation needs to stop continuously. Although it is completed, his lungs are filled with blood. Zhen Ji is also troubled over this so he decides to ask Jiang Guo back. Sheng Cai guesses that he is on the plane now. En Cheng finds out his flight number but the company refuses to divulge any detail to protect the customer’s interest.

Tai Jun concludes that he will need Sheng Cai’s help if they can’t find Jiang Guo on time. Hui Shi blames herself – this might not have happened if she doesn’t reveal about the letter. En Cheng consoles her as Zai Xian has kept his heart condition from the rest all along. They manage to find a heart donor so Tai Jun decides not to wait for Jiang Guo. Sheng Cai still wants to wait for a better person to do it. (Sigh – this is putting Zai Xian’s life at risk. Is Guang Xi that lacking of people or they don’t even trust themselves?!)

En Cheng, Hui Shi and Sheng Cai bring Jiang Guo’s doctor pass to the airport to prove his identity. En
Cheng finally call him and wishes him to turn back once he reaches the states but he has no intention to return. Hui Shi grabs over the phone to beg him to save her father. Sheng Cai and Jiang Guo then know her identity. She is remorseful as if she is the one to drive Zai Xian away from hospital and now she is driving him to his grave. But Jiang Guo still doesn’t wish to return and wants them to handle on their own.

Jiang Guo hangs up but he can’t rest his mind. He tells Hui Shu that he needs to return for a while but he will be back after the operation. He wants Hui Shu to believe that he loves her most. Hui Shu is stunned to hear that. Jiang Guo weeps when he is back on the plane. Hui Shu is upset and even Tai Zhen who is present says that it is Jiang Guo’s style indeed. He only lights himself up for others. But he really loves Hui Shu so Hui Shu should give him one more chance.

En Cheng manages to get the heart from Jiju and Hui Shi nearly quarrels with the Jiju hospital staff over a delay. Da Lu is also unhappy and doesn’t wish to wait and gets the heart immediately. All rush back to Seoul on time. Tai Jun is about to operate when Jiang Guo steps in. He and Sheng Cai become Jiang Guo’s assistants. But Zai Xian’s condition is still critical after this.

Jiang Guo calls up Hui Shu to apologise to her and she is comforted that he completes it. Hui Shi is grateful to Jiang Guo. Jiang Guo replies that the principal’s words strike him. There must be a hospital to take care of the patients. En Cheng is hurt by needles when he sews. He is frightened – what if his right hand can’t recover? He will have to leave and is glad that he has not known Hui Shi long enough. But she cites that she will leave with him when that happens.

Zai Xian isn’t grateful to Jiang Guo for saving him. He even questions his motive for doing so. Hui Shi is very disappointed in him. (This man is totally beyond redemption – same as Ying Kui.) The notice is out and Zai Xian’s position is stopped. All feel that Jiang Guo should take over him. Sheng Cai knows that Jiang Guo is different from the past – his family is most important to him now.

The principal wants to tear off Jiang Guo’s resignation letter and wants Jiang Guo to see him. Jiang Guo replies that he will return to the States in a few days. He will prepare all his notes for surgery for Sheng Cai and Tai Jun. He doesn’t want to part with his family. (I agree with him – if he doesn’t do that, they keep relying on him till no end.) Hui Shu suddenly returns and he is thrilled.

En Cheng uses his left hand in operations but Tai Jun insists that he must use his right hand. His right hand is still weak so he gets reprimanded. En Cheng is in low spirits after this. Min Er has a check up and discovers that she has ovarian cancer. The doctor tells her to retrun to Guang Xi to have chemotherapy and the operation but she is unwilling to face Tai Jun again.

Sheng Cai and Yong xi worries that Hui Shu wants to end the marriage. This causes Jiang Guo to worry too. Yong Xi tells him to say the three phrases – sorry, thank you and l love you. This should solve the problem. Jinag Guo brings Hui Shu out for lunch and weeps, apologizing to her. He has let her wait for him so many years and is thankful that she hasn’t left him. Hui Shu also cries that she lets him down as he cares so much for others but she hasn’t understood him.

Zai Xian seems to reject the new heart to develop pneumonia. All worry for him. Tai Jun’s wife needs to have an operation on her appendix so he accompanies her to the OR. He gets a call from Min Er’s doctor that Min Er is in danger when removing her womb. There isn’t any doctor who can sew the veins and wants him to go over. Jiang Guo gets Tai Jun and en Cheng to go. Seeing how anxious Tai Jun is, En Cheng knows that Min Er is important to him and there is something amiss.

Jiang Guo wonders why Min Er doesn’t stay at Guang Xi but to go to Chun Chuan. Sheng Cai informs him that both have an affair right from their university days. (We can notice how clueless Jiang Guo is over other affairs besides work.) Even though Tai Jun has an influential wife, he still connects with her. Tai Jun arrives at OR but his hands tremble when he faces the woman he loves and can’t even start. En Cheng tells him to let him do it so how should he start?

Under Tai Jun’s instructions, En Cheng follows the steps. He feels that his right hand is now agile and uses it to sew the veins. Tai Jun is grateful to him and feels bad for looking down on him in the past as he isn’t a Guang Xi graduate. The arrogant deputy head has an affair. Now he comes here and even needs his hands to complete this operation. Isn’t this funny? En Cheng quickly shakes his head.

Tai Jun reveals that he completes what a first year resident doctor has not tried. As his judgment and accuracy skills are also good, he can become a good surgeon in future. En Cheng is thrilled to hear that. Tai Jun wants to keep Min Er company but has to return to Seoul. What should he do? En Cheng wants him to follow his heart as sometimes it is hard to make a decision. Tai Jun decides to stay and gets En Cheng to return first.

Zai Xian asks Hui Shi about his condition. She informs him about the truth but he refuses to believe it. Eager to see his goal of setting up a cardiac centre materialize, he is upset to know that he is sacked. Tai Jun fails to visit his wife and his father-in-law learns about his extra-martial affair. Min Er thanks Tai Jun for saving her. She decides to go to Canada after her discharge so that she can receive treatment and start life anew. She is happy that he truly loves her.

When Tai Jun returns, he discovers that the truth has come to light. He is guilt-stricken and is scolded by his father-in-law. His wife begs him to return to her. He tenders his resignation although Jiang Guo tries dissuading him. Ying Kui shakes his head on why he wants to have a mistress right at his workplace. The resident doctors have a chat too.

Da Lu shakes his head at Tai Jun’s stupidity – is it that important to have a powerful backing? He is elated to know that Mi Mi’s father owns a famous hospital and her elder brother is also a prestigious doctor. En Cheng mumbles that this is too much of a coincidence for both of them to like daughters of hospital directors. Da Lu then demands to know who he likes as Ren Hao isn’t attached yet but he walks away.

The principal is impressed by Jiang Guo’s magnanimity to return to save a man to throw him out of the hospital. He hopes that Jiang Guo can stay to manage the hospital. Hui Shu has no objections to him staying as she decides to become the hospital volunteer since she has learned nursing before. Jiang Guo is overjoyed – they can now see each other more often and also work together like Sheng Cai and Min Ai.

Zai Xian admits to Jiang Guo that he invites him to return as he needs a ‘branded’ doctor to boost the hospital’s image. Jiang Guo does not blame him as he might do the same if he is in his shoes. Zai Xian writes a note with En Cheng’s help and is surprised to know that he is close to her to know his dark secret. He has never treated his classmates well as the two. His letter urges Hui Shi to learn from Jiang Guo and expresses his remorse.

Jiang Guo decides to stay to manage the new cardiac centre. Zai Xian passes away despite Hui Shi trying to save him. Yong Xi, Zhen Ji, Min Ai and Jiang Guo watch her bidding her goodbye and regret for the last time. A year later, Zhen Ji becomes the new hospital director and approves of Jiang Guo’s notions. Cheng Hao is invited to return to assist him. Jiang Guo is the head of the cardiac centre. (He now cuts his hair shorter.) He decides to hire specialists for each heart disease. He manages to persuade Tai Jun to return.

Although Tai Jun’s scandal is known, he needs to put his skills into good use in order not to let them down. Jiang Guo is pleased to know that he is now with Min Er. Ren Tai has married Mei Yan and is waiting excitedly for his baby’s arrival. Da Lu gets jealous and vows to have more babies than him in future. The selection of resident doctors is going to begin soon so the three look forward to make good use of them.

Jiang Guo frowns upon seeing Sheng Cai creating more beds in the dorm. Sheng Cai intends to keep every candidate and Jiang Guo has no say since he is now in charge of the thoracic department. Lai Xian is promoted to professor and demands Da Lu to get him another dog ready to practice before his next operation. Da Lu approaches Ying Kui, who is now in charge of the animal lab. Ying Kui yells – how can they place him – a talent in here? But most will agree that this is the best place for him.

Sheng Cai, Ying Kui and Tai Jun interview the resident doctors. One of them is Mi Mi. He will never allow mistakes to be occurred again. The other candidate is dashing and he has transferred from the arts faculty to take up medicine. This reminds all doctors about En Cheng although this guy’s results are good. En Cheng and Hui Shi do the same to the newcomers again – give them unwashed doctor robes.
Da Lu is jealous to seen the handsome intern when he puts on the doctor robe on Mi Mi. The two throw handphones to the newcomers and warn them to pick up any call immediately. They repeat whatever Da Lu tells them in the past on the torture of resident doctors and welcome them to the department.

Introduction on characters

1. Li En Cheng: Ji Sung
En Cheng is a clumsy but charismatic cardiac surgeon. He truly cares for his patients and spreads his warmth to the others. But he can be over-sentimental at times to lose his cool. He applies for residency with the hope of becoming a great cardiac specialist. Since he isn’t a graduate of Guang Xi U, he is looked down upon by almost everyone at the hospital. He knows his flaws in reading x-rays so he seeks to learn from Yong Xi. Jiang Guo often calls him a fool but he is generous to share his expertise with him. En Cheng looks up to him as his idol to want to learn from him.

He soon wins over recognition from the others and also respect with his determination to become one of them. It takes time for me to adjust to Ji Sung’s change as he is often cast as a rich man’s son in many dramas. His hair is no longer straight but messy. It also has something to do with this character’s cheeky nature too. This is so unlike his previous serious roles but he has done fairly well in here.

2. Nan Hui Shi: Kim Min Jung
Although she is an illegitimate child, she is haughty as she is the top for everything. She doesn’t treat her mother well as she blames her for her awkward status. She is working at the same workplace as her father but she can’t acknowledge him openly. She has never experience failure – but it is a good start for her by her first rejection by Jiang Guo into his team. She hardly cares for her patients then and only wants to prove her worth to her father. Jiang Guo and en cheng teach her to be more sensitive to other patients.

I have always felt that Min Jung is quite a terrible actress but I feel a bit short changed here as she portrays her to be dull and tired. Hui Shi’s change to like En Cheng to bare her feelings for En Cheng doesn’t convince me as she doesn’t seem to be one who can throw away her pride easily.

3. Cui Jiang Guo: Jo Jae Hyun
The protagonist Jiang Guo is a newly appointed head of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at Guang Xi hospital This place believes that only doctors can save peoples' lives. He is a genius but a stubborn surgeon who does not care for hospital politics. He frowns when only two interns, apply to work in his department. Neither satisfies his standards. En Cheng is a below average intern from a lesser known university whereas Hui Shi although outstanding, but her being female apparently is a problem. He takes time to accept them. One to learn the correct skills while another to heal others with a heart.

His dedication in work turns him into a workaholic and a perfect surgeon with low failure rates but this makes him neglect his family. Luckily he realises his mistake and declares his love openly to Hui Shu to keep it intact. Sometimes, I find Guang Xi too rigid and only relies on him to settle everything for them. As if this hospital is so lack of doctors and only he can solve every problem. That is why we often see him getting exhausted as he is in charge of so many operations.

Jae Hyun is definitely one of the remarkable actors in Korean drama history. He injects life and blood into his role – torn between the choice of work and family. We can see the change in him into a family-oriented man who seeks to discuss matters with Hui Shu in the later part. Many will also crack up at his humourous lines when he lectures the juniors. Jiang Guo may be strict with them but he isn’t an unfeeling monster.

4. Lee Dong Quan : Lee Ji Hoon
He is a famous actor who is admitted into the Hospital for arrhythmia surgery. He immediately falls for Hui Shi, his classmate from elementary school and tries his best to woo her. Many women flock to him but his eyes are only fixed on her. His forceful way to steal her kiss raise eyebrows but no one will doubt his love for her as he stands by her upon knowing that she might get AIDS. Upon knowing that she loves En Cheng, he is willing to give her up. Ji Hoon does quite well although his role is a small one. He has shown the wild and aggressive side that we never know.

5. Min Ying Kui: Jung Ho Geun
He is Jiang Guo’s senior but his skills are nowhere as compared to him in surgical skills. He eyes the thoracic chief post for a long time and tries to get it through fund raising schemes. Although he boasts of wanting attention, he often trembles and screws up everything if anything goes wrong. The broken pieces are often left to Jiang Guo, Tai Jun or even once by Sheng Cai to pick up for him. The animal lab is the best place for him otherwise he will tend to kill more patients in the ER.

6. Jin Tai Jun: Jung Hyun Sung
He is an AP and is also eyeing for the top. That is why he can give up Min Er’s love to marry a rich woman because of her influential father. He possesses good skills and is as arrogant as Hui Shi. He often insults En Cheng whenever he has the chance. Jiang Guo thinks out of the box and wants to break the tradition to get Tai Zhen to come to become the deputy head instead. He is dismayed when Jiang Guo is so insistent despite facing so much opposition so he plays safe to secure his position.

Being conceited, he is stunned when Tai Zhen is able to finish an operation by which he can’t handle. This crushes his confidence. So although he is finally made the deputy head, he becomes a better doctor. He wants the best of both worlds to have his career and love. But reality doesn’t allow it so he chooses to be with Min Er. But Jiang Guo admires his skills and persuades him to return.

7. Li Sheng Cai: Sung Dong Il
He is the AP of the thoracic department. He has a soft spot for children and is endearing to all. That is why he gets along well with all the staff, including nurses. But his expertise is often put to tests to operate on adults when there is shortage of doctors. Although he has no desire to get into the power struggle, he still gets the thoracic head post due to his own earnest personality and surgical skills.

8. Jin Zhen Ji: Lee Ki Young
He is the head of the cardiac department. He views Jiang Guo as his rival and often goes against him. He is also scheming to assist Ying Kui or Tai Jun. He never run out of ideas to ruin Jiang Guo too. However, no one can deny that he is also a skilful surgeon. He becomes a better person after Zai Xian’s death to take over his post. He gives Jiang Guo all the authority to do whatever he wants.

9. Piao Zai Xian: Jung Dong Hwan
He is the hospital director who is only interested to earn more publicity and money for the hospital. He hardly cares for the patients. He knows that he has neglected his illegitimate daughter, Hui Shi and tries hard to make up to her. But her rebellious nature often does the opposite of what he wants her to do. They only show concern for each other before his death. He is so against Jiang Guo that he neglects his health, to only come up with ideas on how to deal with him.

10. Jin Ying Xi: Park Kwang Jung
He is the head of the x-ray department. As unfriendly as he may seem, he is exceptionally friendly to en Cheng as he often approaches him for enquiries. He even takes out all the x-rays that he has to teach him how to diagnose carefully over meals in his office. Upon knowing that Jiang Guo is resigning, he immediately wants to take him under his wing. Worrying that he might not become a surgeon again due to his hand injury to get bullied by others, he has planned the best for him.

11. Bei Da Lu: Park Chul Min
He is the chief resident doctor. That is why he likes to throw his weight around. However, his juniors do not mind it. They learn a lot from him and he is actually protective towards them. See how worried he is upon knowing that Ren Tai commits suicide shows that. He knows that he is many years older than Mi Mi but he doesn’t think that he should be denied a chance to woo her. He wins her heart in the end.

12. Yu Ren Tai: Kang Ji Hoo
He is a mild mannered second year resident doctor. He is pressurized to join his fiancee’s father’s hospital but he prefers to stay in Guang Xi. He is shattered to know that she leaves him for another doctor but he manages to find solace in Mei Yan and they are happily married.

13. Zhao Min Ai: Shin Dong Mi
She is the matron of the ward and is also Sheng Cai’s wife. She takes good care of the patients in the emergency wards. She can be vocal at times to give a piece of her mind. Sheng Cai knows that she is under a lot of pressure at work as Jiang Guo often gives her a lot of trouble and knows how to console her whenever she is down.

14. Lee Ren Hao: Lee Chang Joo
He is also a second year resident doctor like Ren Tai. He is equally caring to the juniors as Ren Tai so they also like him. He will offer to take over them if they are too tired.

15. Jin Mi Mi – Shin Da Eun
She is an intern who gets into all sorts of trouble due to her mistakes. She nearly causes a death if not for Hui Shi saving him. She declares her likeness towards En Cheng and deliberately gets close to him. She can be defensive as Da Lu often gives in to her. Da Lu knows that she loves dogs so he will rent dogs to ask her out, pretending to be a dog lover. She sees through his ploy and is touched. It is strange that she can shift her target so easily – it seems that she hasn’t love someone deep enough.

16. Xue Lai Xian – Kim Jun Ho
This man is dangerous. He sucks up to Tai Jun to learn skills from him and also to Ying Kui to secure a professor promotion. Still, he is professional on the job and hardly makes mistakes. He finally gets it but we can never tell if he is a better man after this.

17. Che Xian Jing – Jung Kyung Soon
She is Hui Shi’s mother who suffers all these years to bring up Hui Shi independently. She knows that hui Shi is very hostile to Zai Xian but tries hard to mend their relationship.

18. Jin Mei Yan - Min Seo Hyun
She is an ICU nurse who is initially Dong Quan’s fan. But she matures fast to be alert on her job. That is why she will seek doctors’ advice when trouble brews. She wins Ren Tai’s heart with her persistence.

19. Dr Lin – Lee Eun
He is the doctor from ER. Although stunningly young, he makes sense judgment every time on his patients. He is the same as Cheng Hao. He doesn’t look down on En Cheng and is like a buddy to him. Knowing that En Cheng makes mistakes, he teaches him how to relax or leave the matters to him.

20 Zhao Min Er – Park Hyo Bin
She has fallen for Tai Jun in their university days and has to be his kept woman for a long time. She works as an anaesthetist in Guang Xi and helps the doctors in all their operations. Unlike Tai Jun who prefers to stay away from trouble, she has a strong sense of justice to speak up for Jiang Guo. Although she is due for promotion, she resigns due to her pregnancy and she doesn’t want to abort the baby after their breakup. Her close brush with death makes Tai Jun realise that he can’t afford to lose her and both are together again.

21. Jin Hui Shu – Lee Eun Kyung
She is Jiang Guo’s wife who feels neglected as she is often left to wait for him at home. She bears with it for a long time and decides that it is the end for them when he doesn’t turn up for her mother’s birthday. Her leaving for the U.S. proves to be a good decision – to make him value her and realise his mistake. She also discover his working pressure and now stands by him.

22. Nun Maria
She takes care of the children at the orphanage and treats all like her own. That is why En Cheng and the others call her as their mother affectionately.

23. Han Tai Zhen - Jung Chan
He is Jiang Guo’s ex-colleague at Cleveland clinic in the U.S. He is considered his successor as he inherits his good skills. If Tai Jun is considered a genius, then he is a magician as he can remain so calm even after a major operation. He is very capable but is not intimidating like Tai Jun. That is why Jiang Guo considers him to be the deputy although he isn’t a graduate there.

Jiang Guo finds that his counterparts are too arrogant to think that they are the greatest so he arranges Tai Zhen to have an operation. This opens the Guang Xi graduates’ eyes to the world. They realise that they really have a lot more to learn. He doesn’t like to be restricted so he laughs Jiang Guo’s idea to work in such a terrible hospital which he can never get committed to.

Interesting facts

Although "New Heart" was Jo's seventh drama, he admitted that the character of a surgeon worried him at first. Acting the part seemed difficult at first. But he realized that the god-like surgeons had to have a human side too. To understand his character, Jo watched real surgeons in action in the surgery room.

Kim Min Jung described Hui Shi as a smart but revengeful intern. She lives in her own world and follows her own rules. But her rather stern character changes later as she is caught in the centre of a love triangle with En Cheng and Dong Quan. This role was different from the usual wilful rich woman roles she did. She was actually more urged to act as En Cheng.

She hardly applied makeup and kept tying her hair. Dark circles were drawn and she often wore the dirty white doctor robe. This was different from the classy and perfect roles. After filming the drama, she had a fever. She decided to take a good rest before deciding her next assignment.

Ji Sung returns to television after completing his military service. He tried hard to lose weight to look better on screen. Many laughed over his comical scenes. Many became his new fans. This was the first time he gave an exaggerated performance. He was worried that the audience could not accept it. But he was willing to take up the challenge. He forgot his past roles.

Ji Sung heaved a sigh of relief when many praised him to look manly now. He thought that he did not do enough preparation for it but he hoped to add on things like writing on a blank piece of paper. En Cheng could be a sunshine guy now but his past experience staying at the orphanage clouded it. Ji Sung felt that he was only pretending to forget his past.

The part where En Cheng was neglected by his colleagues almost moved him to tears. A doctor needs to be calm to make judgments but he felt that En Cheng was very warm with his gestures to give patients strength to move on.

Unlike the cute, playful, frank and cheeky En Cheng, he is very cautious in work. But after acting this role, he discovers something about himself. He often had to push the heavy hospital beds along corridors. It wasn’t a hard task as he just completed his N.S. training. The 2 years of military life made him sleep and train regular and this is so unlike his irregular shooting life. Unlike many others, he actually enjoyed the pace to rest. But he also gained weight then so he had to lose weight.

All were taken aback when Ji Hoon took up the task to act as Dong Quan. Wasn’t he afraid that this playboy role would ruin his image? He wasn’t worried about it but was thankful to the unit to have so much confidence in him. The kiss scene was the most unforgettable. Both ate many chewing gums non-stop before and during the shoot. It seemed romantic but it was hard for him. The timing must be right and both kept laughing when their lips touched. Sometimes, Ji Sung did not charge into the room at the right time. They took half a day to finish the shoot.

Initially, this was a meat role for Ji Hoon as the leading actor. But Ji Hoon cooked up an excuse that he was too busy. Thus Korean websites wer flooded with negative comments over his acting. They even found this role redundant. Dong Quan isn’t a doctor so why must he be in there? This spiced up so much argument that his part was reduced – to the extent that it was even less than a supporting role. Ji Hoon reflected that he wasn’t diligent enough to do enough homework. Thus he worked harder from then on and got more assignments after that.

Ratings started at 17% but is highest at 33 %. It was the 8th most watched drama in 2008 and Jo Jae Hyun also won the best actor award in 2008 MBC drama awards. So well received that there might be a ‘New Heart 2’.


Hong Kyung Min sings in his husky vocals with Gamsa ("Thankfulness" - Track 5), the main theme song that represents En Cheng. The ending title song Monologue (Track 2) combines the talents of Jin Sung of Monday Kiz and Choi Jung Hwan of M To. M. Both songs are okay to listen to.


The year 2007 was one of hit medical dramas like "Behind the White Tower" (MBC) and "Doctor Bong" (SBS). "New Heart", brought the hospital back to the TV screens in 2008. It was mainly focus on the medical field on heart surgeons. It captures the passion and pressures of the doctors dealing with the heart, an organ on which life is dependent.

It kicked off 2008 with impressive ratings and a promising outlook. The strong cast with its powerful acting will not let you down. The veterans do a good job but I can’t say the same for the younger resident doctors. It seems that they are still not experienced enough. Even Da Lu with many years of experience still has the tendency to make errors. Can patients really trust them?

The operation scenes are realistic. Furthermore, there are handsome modern day heroes in the drama coming to the rescue – regardless of being bespectacled or not. Many love the tension of surgery – to see endless packs of blood being used and how hearts are pumped in the ER as the doctors try to save the patients’ lives.

But the doctors look too worn out. They look like they need to be operated. Only Tai Jun looks refreshed. Ying Kui hardly shaves after his failures. It isn’t explained why Sheng Cai has curly hair after his promotion. Even En Cheng’s hair looks wavy. Only Ren Tai looks more mature as a soon-to-be father with spectacles. Why? Because they have more time to doll themselves up as resident doctors are coming in?

The others grumble about heavy workload and sneak out to have protests! And to threaten the hospital director with their resignation letters and their superiors can’t stop them? Can this be possibly done? They don’t have backers and yet they are so daring!

Although the comic relief is there (mostly from En Cheng or Jiang Guo) , the romantic element is lacking for me. It is hard for me to accept that Hui Shu can just forgive Jiang Guo through Tai Zhen’s persuasion within minutes. Only Tai Jun’s love affair is the killer essence. The struggle of him to be with his wife and lover is more realistic than the rest. And also the natural love between Sheng Cai and Min Ai. No doubt they are not young but they let me feel comfortable.

It’s winning formula is to put work, family and friendship at par on a weighing scale. However, it is the same repeated incidents that we often watch in other dramas. Politics on how harsh Zai Xian is on Jiang Guo reminds me how Zaizen is thumbed down in ‘White Tower’.

So is the conflict between the two departments. But I must applaud on the way they stress on ‘branded’ university graduates and rejection of outsiders to join them. This is definitely prejudice that should be eliminated. However, it later touches on the intensive training that each resident doctor receives to become good surgeons.

The part where Hui Shi has the chance of getting AIDS reminds me of how Gilbert unfortunately gets it in ‘Healing Hands’. I find the Hong Kong version more convincing as I only know that the virus can only be spread through open wounds. Compared to ‘The Hospital’, it is still a bit pale as the part on organ transplant isn’t as touching as Qing Cheng’s donating of his daughter’s organs.

New content can still be added in. They must have more originality. Korean producers need to come up with new ideas instead of getting ideas from the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong and also Taiwan dramas. I hope to see some changes if there is really a sequel coming up.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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