Only You

Reviewed by: sukting

June 19, 2006

Rating: three

How will a couple react after a one night stand but over a period of 6 years? Things become different when they have a son but the woman does not wish him to know about it.


En Zai and Xuan Cheng participate in a cooking contest to merge the winner for a scholarship to Venice but Yi Qing isn’t impressed. Mdm Park is adamant to let En Zai re-take the exam as the family runs into financial difficulties. But En Zai chooses to run away to Venice to learn cooking. Her close friend, Xuan Cheng also joins her.

Yi Jun completes his MBA studies in Boston and comes to Venice to look for his mother. He isn’t helpful to En Zai when she gets on the train after leaving the ticket with Xuan Cheng. Yi Qing tries to get Xiu Yan to keep him away from her. Yi Jun then avoids her and gets to know En Zai on the way. You have to see how haughty he is to reject En Zai’s help at first and to hire a boat on his own.

En Zai is also looking for his mother to learn the recipe in making nice pasta. (The actress is……Qi Zhu’s mother, Qi Hui in ‘Lovers in Paris’. It seems that SBS is fond of portraying her as irresponsible mothers.) He is shattered to know that she is remarrying but stays to attend the wedding. En Zai cooks pasta for him after learning from his mother (his mother knows that he is her son and tells her to cook for him.) to heal his sorrow. He tastes it and it has his mother’s aroma.

Both end up having a one night stand. She has thought of him to be unemployed but doesn’t know his real identity. Xuan Cheng is angry and claims to be En Zai’s boyfriend so Yi Jun leaves. He completes his national service and later works for Mr Han. Yi Qing is delighted to get a helper and Yi Jun sets out to purchase promising restaurants to be under their company chain.

In the meantime, En Zai has to quit her studies because she is pregnant with Zhen Shuai. She returns to Korea and stays with her family. But they run into financial difficulties and have to move out. Xuan Cheng returns on time to give them a roof over their heads. Knowing that En Zai has pride, he offers a nominal rent charge in return. Mr Che tries to run away as he becomes a guarantor for the wrong person who flees with the money (This stupid excuse is used endless times and Korean producers don’t seem to get sick of it.) but later stays to be responsible.

Mr Han gives Yi Jun 6 months to make No.1 branch earn money instead of losing money. Yi Zhu looks for Xi San to be the manager. She is initially hesitant because her ex-husband, Bing Yong is there as the top chef. But Yi Jun leaves her no choice as the other colleagues in her present work place are against her. En Zai works in a restaurant as a helper. When the chef slips and falls, she cooks on his behalf.

Yi Jun happens to be there and charges out of the restaurant to look for her upon recognizing her cooking. He is disappointed when he can’t find her. She is upset when she gets fired again (she knocks her head against the wall) and becomes a helper in another shop. Yi Jun sees her this time and secretly hires her to work for him. She is stunned to meet him again but has to tolerate her anger. She has the wrong impression that he lives off women when seeing how Yi Qing fondles Yi Jun’s hair, reminding him to go for a haircut.

Director Jin is all out to ruin the Hans so Yi Qing warns Yi Jun to be careful. Yi Jun is shocked to know that no.1 shop is formerly opened by his mother so he is determined to keep it. He thinks that Mr Han is making things hard for him and decides to prove his worth. But he really shakes his head upon seeing how lazy his staff is and the only waitress is only dreamily after his good looks.

Yi Jun is also surprised to know that Xuan Cheng is working for him. He allows her to guide En Zai (because the man says that he knows En Zai best in her cooking) but can’t contain his jealousy upon seeing how intimate they are in the kitchen. Jiang Yong is unhappy to have Xi San as a rival and also his ex-wife, Xi San to check on him. He nearly bursts when Xi San tells him to improve or the shop will fold up.

Yi Jun is amused but doesn’t correct her. Mr Han arranges a matchmaking session for Xiu Yan. Yi Jun protests against it in vain as he knows the fellow is a playboy. But Xiu Yan decides to go as Yi Jun shows no interest in her. Yi Jun finds En Zai’s cooking good but lacks her own style. (The way he comments is weird – just walking out without saying anything and only reveals his thoughts when she asks him.) Zhen Shuai gives her an idea to put ingredients into the chicken’s stomach.

She tries hard but can’t get the correct taste – as you have expected, she knocks her head against the oven in desperation. Yi Jun tries hard not to laugh at her. (This is the first time you ever see his smile.) Later when Yi Qing comes to the shop, she is surprised to see En Zai here as a temporary staff. Her impression of her is terrible as Xiu Yan has told her before that En Zai wins the post because she learns pasta from her mother. Things go worse when Jiang Yong deliberately causes the chicken to be burned. If not for Yi Jun who manages to diminish the flames with a fire extinguisher, the kitchen will be on fire.

So as you have expected, she hits her head on the table again. He tells her to make amends – both of them can stay back to think of a way to make it better. En Zai is worried when Zhen Shuai has a fever but can’t tell him. Later, he rushes out to console a sad Xiu Yan who fails in the matchmaking. She can’t accept the playboy at all. When he returns, she is cooking another chicken because the taste isn’t as good since it is cold. He has to wait for 40 minutes more.

Yi Jun jumps upon knowing that her mother is sick. Is she trying to make him a sinner? He is so nice to send her home but upon seeing her handbag in his car, he goes after her. He is furious upon seeing Xuan Cheng with her – thinking that they are cohabiting. He knows that it is wrong of him to do that but he can’t contain his curiosity to open her handbag. It contains a recipe book and her wallet – he sees a photo of her taken with Zhen Shuai. En Zai doesn’t understand why he flares up at her for no reason.

When he is tasting the chicken in front of the other staff, he can’t erase the scene of both together from his mind. (This is very hilarious as he really has fire in his eyes.) He storms out and En Zai asks what is wrong with him. He admits that it tastes sweet and also sour. She gathers this is what he thinks of her. Both start to have cold war with each other but he still doesn’t bring his emotions to work.

To make sure that it is a fair test, he invites many to have a free meal. En Zai’s family comes to give her support. Yi Jun and Yi Qing sit at a table beside them. From their conversation, Yi Jun realizes that her WHOLE family is staying with Xuan Cheng. The results show that all like her cooking except Yi Qing who gives very low points. Yi Jun decides to hire her despite opposition.

En Zai requests not to include her family’s points to make it a fair test. Yi Jun asks why she hasn’t married Xuan Cheng. She answers – how to as he isn’t her boyfriend. You will simply crack up as he looks so delighted but doesn’t tell her why. She only finds him strange. Xi San thinks Yi Jun should fire En Zai as she commits so many blunders and doesn’t get along well with colleagues because Yi Jun shows her favoritism. She has already submitted a report to the director.

Xiu Yan suggests getting a connoisseur to comment on En Zai’s cooking to help her score points. Yi Jun comes to En Zai’s home personally to tell her that and sees Zhen Shuai, thinking that he is her younger brother. She stays up the whole night to come up with a dish that needs fresh onions. Yi Jun sends her to the countryside but the man has sold the whole truck to another company.

Only an old man has a few left but he refuses to give to En Zai. En Zai cooks for him and even gets Yi Jun to drink with him. Poor Yi Jun gets a bit tipsy and grumbles on how much they are doing just for the sake of onions. En Zai then discovers that Yi Qing is indeed Yi Jun’s real elder sister and is angry for being tricked. He expresses his wish to date her. She rejects him, much to his astonishment. He is at ease with her but she isn’t with him.
Yi Jun flies into a temper upon returning – what does En Zai think she is? Still, he adjusts his thoughts and awaits the connoisseur’s arrival. The old man is touched that En Zai can detect that he is sick to give up making pasta for him to prepare onion soup. But this isn’t the huge customers’ taste considered in mind although her cooking is great. Xiu Yan and Yi Qing try in vain to dissuade Yi Jun’s mind.

He thinks that En Zai will improve if she works hard. Yi Qing asks if he is in love with En Zai. He is confused. He misses her when she is around and even more when she is away. Yi Qing is more adamant to break them up now. Yi Jun brings En Zai to other restaurants to taste other food. She isn’t in the mood because of the outcome but is overjoyed when Yi Jun still wants to give her a chance.

Xiu Yan checks on En Zai’s past after Xiu Zai brings Zhen Shuai to the restaurant to look for Xuan Cheng when he misses him. She is shocked to know that he is her son and informs Yi Jun. Yi Jun demands to know if Zhen Shuai is Xuan Cheng’s son but she denies. She is angry that he refers her to a loose woman and walks away. This man doesn’t think that Zhen Shuai is his and is so angry that he fires her!

Yi Jun is hostile to Xuan Cheng upon going to the restaurant to meet Xiu Yan. Xiu Yan urges him to forget En Zai. Xuan Cheng deliberately holds En Zai’s hand in front of Yi Jun and he nearly explodes. There is no need to do this since they are not a couple. He isn’t happy whenever he sees them together and he confesses that he likes her. Xuan Cheng is upset to hear that and walks away. But Yi Jun can’t forget En Zai – especially when Bin Yong doesn’t cook as well as En Zai and orders for 10 tables per day are coming in. Yi Jun has no choice but to approach En Zai.

Mr Che wonders who is this man wandering outside his home and bows to him upon seeing his namecard. En Zai is working as a dish cleaner for the construction workers. Yi Jun feels the pinch upon seeing her washing the many dishes and also waiting on the tables. He jumps upon seeing how a worker trying to touch her hand. She still says no to him. Actually Yi Jun has asked himself if Zhen Shuai is his and asks En Zai. She says no and says that Zhen Shuai’s father is irresponsible. You will crack up upon seeing Yi Jun cursing himself and also wonders why En Zai messes up her own life like this.

Yi Jun doesn’t give up and comes to En Zai’s home again. He learns that Zhen Shuai is 6 years old and he himself is 28 this year. Do the years fit? He plays with Zhen Shuai and the boy ends up sleeping on his lap. She is in tears upon seeing them together. Yi Jun will still come repeatedly till she gives in. And indeed, she agrees. Yi Jun finds it inconvenient to contact her as she has no handphone so he gets her a new one – even after talking to her harshly that she should not be so thrifty. He even offends her – why can’t she accept him when she can sleep with him in the past!!

She refuses to accept it until Xi San tells her that she will deduct the payment from her salary. En Zai says that she will not accept the jerk’s gift. Xi San wants her to be polite to her superior as Yi Jun is the successor to the corporation. En Zai opens her mouth wide and is unable to take the shock. Plus Xuan Cheng only gives her a week to consider his wedding proposal. Her mind is a complete blank.

Yi Qing hopes that Mr Han will accept Xiu Yan as his future daughter-in-law. She might have lived as an orphan but is well-brought up. Mr Han says nothing about that. She also tells Mr Han about En Zai and her intention to dismiss her. Mr Han becomes curious and wants to taste her cooking. To her dismay, he likes her cooking and even finds Yi Jun lucky to hire her. Xuan Cheng gives En Zai a handphone too and now she doesn’t know how to handle the two things given to her.

After serious consideration, En Zai rejects Xuan Cheng’s proposal. Xuan Cheng also thinks that Xi Jun might be a better choice since he is rich and can provide more for Zhen Shuai. Even though Xuan Cheng offers to give her ideas, she chases him out of the kitchen. Xiu Zai becomes a host for the television station and has to shoot the specialties of 3 shops. No1 shop is chosen as one of them. En Zai decides to stay over the whole night to cook the best dishes. Xuan Cheng prepares porridge and wants to bring to her.

Xiu Yan also learns that Yi Jun is staying for the night and also comes over. Yi Jun gets red wine for En Zai and confesses that he has not wanted to work here upon learning that it belongs to his mother. But later, he wishes to do more and more for it. He then offers to cook a pizza for En Zai. She smiles upon seeing how he cooks as he seldom does it. When he is ready, she is already asleep. He sits down to touch her hair and smiles – as like other dramas, the two walk in to see this. What perfect timing they have!

The four sit together to have a meal. Xiu Yan deliberately comments that Xuan Cheng and En Zai look like a couple. Yi Jun snaps that they don’t – as they do not become lovers even after 16 years. En Zai is about to leave when the guys grab her hands and refuse to let go. (This method is overly used after ‘Lovers in Paris’ or ‘Love in Harvard’) Yi Jun asserts that he will give En Zai a better life.

Xuan Cheng notices that he doesn’t mind having Zhen Shuai even though he doesn’t know that he is his son. He is heartbroken and leaves. Despite Yi Jun insistence that she stays, En Zai leaves but later returns. Yi Jun is so upset that he gets drunk and Xiu Yan touches his hair while helping him to bed. (But unlike Cai Yan in ‘Rival’, nothing happens here.) Xiu Yan wants En Zai not to pester Yi Jun again as the Hans can never accept an unwed mother.

The reporters come the next day to interview En Zai and Yi Jun. Yi Jun deliberately hugs her close to him when taking the photo, claiming that this is for promotion. (This is sure funny.) The Ches are appalled to know his real identity and Mrs Che feels that they are too inferior to Yi Jun as they are too rich.

The crew comes to take photos of En Zai’s food but the producer comments that he will never try out Western food. En Zai is so angry that he doesn’t know how to appreciate so she smashes it. Yi Jun shakes his head – when will she be realistic? He finds En Zai a new house as he can’t bear to let her stay with Xuan Cheng. En Zai finds it humiliating and he gets frustrated – what must he do to make her his?!

Yi Qing checks out En Zai’s private life and is shocked. Yi Jun brings his whole family and relatives for a meal at No.1 shop. Yi Qing deliberately brings Xiu Yan along to introduce her to all relatives. Yi Jun is pissed off with her and you will smile upon seeing him only standing near to En Zai when Mr Han praises her cooking. Yi Qing confronts En Zai and sneers at her.

Yi Jun comes out and sees En Zai’s tears – so what his sister says is true but he still loves her. Yi Qing gives him a slap but he worries more for En Zai. He knows that his sister’s words are hurting but hopes she can get over it. Mrs Che lies that En Zai is engaged and he should not come again while Mr Che is more encouraging. Yi Jun sees Xuan Cheng and Zhen Shuai back from a bath. He offers to take Zhen Shuai out but the boy prefers to stick to Xuan Cheng. En Zai doesn’t dare to tell Mr Han that she learns the pasta dish from Yi Jun’s mother although he detects it.

Yi Jun tells Xuan Cheng to propose to En Zai. If he wins, he will give up and he will woo her if Xuan Cheng fails. He has the shock of his life upon knowing that Xuan Cheng has done it and he is waiting for her reply this very day. Yi Qing gives En Zai money, wanting her to leave Yi Jun. En Zai returns the ring back to Xuan Cheng, upsetting him. She gets drunk and sees Yi Jun at her doorstep.

She scolds him for being a bad guy for intruding into her life and causing her to be so selfish. Her confession makes him delighted and he hugs her tightly. When she is about to accept him, Xiu Yan tells her that she is marrying Yi Jun and she should give up. Yi Jun asks En Zai nervously about Xuan Cheng’s proposal. She asks back – does it matter him? He becomes thickskinned – why not since they are so intimate the last night. Her whole face goes red.

Doesn’t Yi Jun know that Xiu Yan likes him? He confesses that he only treats her like a sister. He gets mad when she says that he disregards others’ feelings. What does she expect him to do – to like Xiu Yan? He asks for a date that night as they have not tried before. He laughs upon seeing her blushing again. She doesn’t take it seriously but Yi Jun pleads with her – he really wants to be with her this night. She smiles sweetly but alas, Xiu Yan comes in a beautiful dress, wanting Yi Jun to celebrate her birthday with her.

Yi Jun rejects her outright to cause her crying at home. (I must say Xiu Yan looks very bitchy in her dressing.) En Zai asks why he doesn’t keep Xiu Yan company. He jokes that their first date doesn’t go smoothly and something must be wrong with her birth characters. He is amused that En Zai can cry when they watch an action movie. She has not watched for a long time and is too happy. She is touched when Yi Jun offers to watch any movie with her.

It is just then she realizes that he has booked the whole cinema to watch with her alone. When both are having dinner, he comments her as pretty as a rose. She is delighted as this is the first time she hears that while it is his first time to say this. Xuan Cheng has not gone to work for 2 days and gets drunk in a motel. Yi Jun gets fed up – he feels like what happens in Italy on that fateful morning.

He has felt blissful for liking En Zai but Xuan Cheng’s claiming to be her lover upsets him so much that he leaves Italy immediately. Does she want him to go through the same pain again? En Zai realises that he has not asked her anything to confirm it before leaving. She nearly feels like beating Xuan Zai when sending him home – why does he ruin her chance?

Mrs Che doesn’t understand En Zai’s choice of Yi Jun. She confesses that he is the first person she meets to love for 6 years. Mrs Che tries to ask Yi Jun if he fathers Zhen Shuai at the restaurant but En Zai brings her out. She jumps upon knowing that En Zai has not told Yi Jun anything. How can she expect Yi Jun to find out himself?(I also find En Zai stupid too.) Yi Qing tells Mr Han to consider Xiu Yan as Yi Jun’s wife but he wants to wait fro a better person.

Yi Jun nearly wants to beat Xuan Cheng up – why does he deceive him. He says he doesn’t as he has protected her all the time. Just when En Zai is about to tell Yi Jun that Zhen Shuai is his, he drags her to see Mr Han and tells his family that he has brought the woman he loves home and Zhen Shuai is his son. She is shocked – how does he know? His reply of lying to Mr Han to accept her upsets her. She doesn’t want to tell him now as he doesn’t know her at all.

She also rejects his help and it is her life. She later regrets not telling him. En Zai is dismissed but she refuses to give in. Yi Jun also quarrels with his family over this. He wants to get close to Zhen Shuai to make En Zai accept him. But his repeated mentioning of Xuan Cheng makes the two embarrassed. When he falls asleep, Yi Jun can’t take it anymore – they must move out. The two men quarrel over this.

Yi Jun rehires En Zai and gives her a big sum of money to clear her debts. She asks if this is the way of expressing his love. He replies that he believes in her ability just like how deeply he loves her. If it is only loving her, keeping her by his side is enough but she is also helping him out in his career. En Zai returns Xuan Cheng’s handphone to him and wants to move out.

Yi Jun asks himself why En Zai wants to keep the fact of Zhen Shuai’s real identity of his son from him when her family tells him. Is she comparing him with Xuan Cheng to see who can be a better father? He can’t stand her for deceiving him and wants a breakup. Yi Qing comes but he changes his mind, wanting to be with her again. (how fickleminded he is!) Yi Qing vows to make life difficult for En Zai.

En Zai explains her stand to Yi Jun. He gets along with her well when thinking that Zhen Shuai isn’t his but behaves differently now. She wants to make sure how his heart feels before she tells him and it is not a one night stand to her. If he feels the burden, they will not pester him. Yi Jun goes to watch Zhen Shuai secretly at the kindergarten and feels that they are inseparable now. He only decides to tell her the answer at night.

He brings her to Mr Han again and maintains that Zhen Shuai is indeed his son. He kneels for Mr Han’s approval but he doesn’t say anything. En Zai is touched and finds him handsome now. He will love her regardless whether Zhen Shuai is his. Xuan Cheng decides to be En Zai’s friend now and she is moved. Yi Jun is jealous upon knowing that Xuan Cheng has the intention to give En Zai his house but En Zai dismisses it as she is moving out in 2 weeks time.

Yi Qing tells Yi Jun that Mr Han can never accept En Zai. He is the one who chases Mrs Han away. Mrs Han is forbidden to see the siblings and also from returning to Korea. Mr Han can see Mrs Han’s shadow on En Zai so Yi Jun should not create another tragedy.

Mr Han agrees to let Xiu Yan marry Yi Jun as she accepts Zhen Shuai but she wants En Zai to vanish. She has a drink with Xuan Cheng but sobs even though she tells the good news. The Hans do not accept Zhen Shuai and Mrs Che is also against it. The two women refuse to give Yi Jun or Zhen Shuai up. En Zai is angry when Yi Jun wants to give Mr Che a supermarket. This is looking down on her but he is willing to give anything to thank them for taking good care of them.

How can he be looking down on her since he loves her so much? He has good taste and she should be confident of herself. Mr Han wants Xiu Yan and Yi Jun to get engaged but he refuses. He proposes to En Zai – not with any wedding ring because Zhen Shuai is the wedding ring. Why isn’t there anything?

Because she will get angry whenever he gives something. (This is very true - from the handphone to the house and the supermarket.) She yells at him – how can there be no ring? He smiles – so she is sad? He will go and buy now. She hugs him happily. Mr Han announces the engagement in front of the shareholders ut Yi Jun is adamant not to turn up for the ceremony.

Xiu Yan tells Xuan Cheng about it and he realizes that she isn’t drunk when saying that she is going to help him and En Zai. She looks tired to him but she vows to make En Zai more tired. Xiu Yan even wants En Zai to bake the engagement cake. Yi Jun appears and Xiu Yan has never been happier. En Zai is upset but Yi Jun explains to her – is he mad? He only proposes to her yesterday and gets engaged to another today? He scolds Xiu Yan and she leaves in tears.

He wants En Zai to believe in him but they quarrel. Xuan Cheng gathers that Yi Jun will marry Xiu Yan finally and tells En Zai to give up on him. Yi Jun isn’t happy to see them together and grabs her hand. They have a drink and she finally leans against his chest. Mr Han decides to go to court to get Zhen Shuai and threaten Yi Jun to marry Xiu Yan. En Zai decides to resign to leave him.

She is afraid and Yi Jun hugs her tightly. She must believe in him but she is afraid of Mr Han. She can’t survive without her son and her love for him surpasses Yi Jun. They go out as a family and take a photo together. En Zai moves out but Yi Jun manages to find her. Why must she stay since he is marrying someone else? He flares up too – the most important thing is he hasn’t changed.

He wants to give up everything to be with her but she reminds him, what can he do then? She can survive without him just like what happens 6 years ago. She cries on Yi Jun’s engagement day. Probably he hears her crying – Yi Jun announces the annulment of the engagement, telling all that he loves a woman and has a son. (Sigh – this is just like Qi Zhu doing the same in ‘Lovers In Paris’.) Xiu Yan is so thickskinned to run after him and begging him but he just goes off.

En Zai’s mouth opens wide upon seeing him and he jokes that a fly is going in. Shouldn’t he be at the venue? He replies that he has given up everything – has he given her a fright? He sure does but he wants her to admit that she is happy over his choice. He isn’t afraid when with her and Zhen Shuai. He nearly becomes a hooligan - things have reached this stage despite her protest and she has to fix it.

You will crack up when he fails to change En Zai’s mind and he goes to Mrs Che. Having starved for 2 days, his legs go numb and he is unable to get up. Mrs Che is tongue-tied upon seeing him eating heartily and later he sleeps on the floor in En Zai’s room. (This reminds me of how Qi Zhu does that too.) En Zai is amused to see this and only adds a blanket over him. When he gets up, he jokes that she could have gotten him a bed sheet instead to make him more comfortable.

Xiu Yan decides to give up and Xuan Cheng buys air tickets, preparing to leave Seoul with En Zai and Zhen Shuai. En Zai is indecisive now. She strikes a deal with Mr Han – she will leave after No.1 does well to give Yi Jun sweet memories. Yi Jun thanks Xuan Cheng for helping but it should end now. En Zai agrees to leave with Xuan Cheng. Yi Jun comes to see her and she sobs. He disallows her to cry unless she is really upset because of him.

Yi Jun confesses to Zhen Shuai that he is his father. He gets scared and cries. En Zai isn’t happy with this. Yi Jun explains that he is afraid that they will leave and doesn’t mean to hurt him. En Zai apologises to Xuan Cheng for giving him so much trouble. En Zai must come up with a good recipe in 5 days or the shop will be closed. This also indicates that her date of departure is approaching.

Xiu Yan finally straightens her thoughts and wants En Zai to be with Yi Jun. Yi Jun asks Xuan Cheng how to get along with Zhen Shuai. He sneers at him – the boy needs time and he doesn’t care for him. He hints that he has given him time but he hasn’t made use of it. En Zai is finally successful but is more troubled. Yi Jun is happy – does she want a reward? She only requests for a family outing.

Yi Jun tries hard to win Zhen Shuai over during the outing and successfully wins him over. En Zai sees them so happy when Zhen Shuai tastes the food Yi Jun has prepared personally and wonders if her choice to leave is right. Yi Jun tells her that she need not slog alone anymore after 6 years since he is with her. Her heart is shaken now. He looks at their family photo and vows to be with them forever. Xiu Yan decides to go to Japan to further her studies.

Zhen Shuai suddenly doesn’t call Yi Jun as uncle but addresses him as father. He wants to play with him again. En Zai weeps again. The food promotion is a success but En Zai is too troubled to laugh. It is time for her to leave. But she decides not to and tells Mr Han that. Yi Jun becomes Zhen Shuai’s father before becoming her man. He has been without a father for 6 years so please allow them to love again.

Yi Jun happens to hear that and charges in. He is going to leave with her. She has taught him how to love and he will guard against them. Yi Jun later smiles at her – hasn’t he told her that he can give up everything? Is she ignoring her husband’s words? She has done well today to declare her love for him. (He is sure thick skinned!) He looks lovingly at her – it seems that she has forgotten and he will say again. With or without the child, he loves her.

En Zai is happy when both start to kiss. Their love finally moves Mr Han and he allows them to be together. They even take a family photo together and it is published in the newspapers. The Ches are speechless to know that the Hans have 400 billion worth of asserts together. En Zai and Yi Jun return to Italy again to visit Mrs Han – their hearts write ‘only you’ and that also includes Zhen Shuai.

Introduction on characters

1. Che En Zai – Han Chae Young
After she graduates from high school, she goes to a cooking school ICIF in Italy. She is self-confident, active and is positive towards life. You will laugh – she has the habit of knocking her head against the wall or the table when things go wrong. Like the long-suffering heroines as in other dramas, she ends up doing for others and not considering for herself.

She is a modern Chang Jin – trying out different ways to cook the best dishes. But I dislike the way she wastes Xuan Cheng’s 6 years. She should be frank to him from Day 1. And being so wishy-washy not to tell the truth to Yi Jun. This really tests everyone’s patience.

I like Chae Young better than ‘Sassy girl, Chun Hiang’. Her chemistry with Hyun Jae is good. But this unwed mother is very trendy. I doubt a real En Zai will doll herself up like her. Eugene’s interpretation in ‘A Wonderful Life’ is so much more convincing.

2. Han Yi Jun – Jo Hyun Jae
He is the successor of a huge corporation, Da Ying which consists of 30 subsidiaries. He is the head of the management department. He has the looks and management skills. But his love life is a blank as he is very cold. He can’t forget En Zai after 6 years. So when she appears in front of him and working under him, he puts down all his alertness and wants to get closer to her.

Although Xiu Yan loves him, he only treats her like a younger sister. I still find him childish at times in showing his jealousy towards Xuan Cheng. How can he ask him to resign as he doesn’t like him? And not knowing that Zhen Shuai is his son…he is as stupid as Jun Xiang’s father in ‘Winter Sonata’.

Hyun Jae’s acting is good. I like the scenes where he is with Chae Young. Both look so cute together when he tries to act cool in front of her. Yi Jun’s crying scenes after meeting his mother was well done. Although some may say that his role is no different from Zhen Xian in ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’, his role is of a more mature one and Zhen Xian does not do cooking at all in the kitchen.

3. Che Zhen Shuai – Lee Byung Joon
He is Yi Jun and Zhen Shuai’s son. This boy is very adorable. He has acted well in ‘Yellow Handkerchief’. Needless to say, he also shines in here.

4. Che Xiu Zai – Jung Won Joong
She is En Zai’s younger sister who looks down on her being a single mother. After she starts work, she starts to appreciate what she has done and both sisters are closer.

5, Chi Siu Yan – Hong Soo Hyun
She was born in a rich family but her family was killed in a traffic accident. She graduates from a first-class university and also becomes a restaurant leader for a branch where Xuan Cheng works. Her father was Mr Han’s friend so he treated her well. She is strong-willed and ambitious. She grows up with Yi Jun and dreams to marry him but he only treats her like a younger sister. She has full support from the other Hans to win Yi Jun but he is unmoved. After En Cai appears, she is hindered of her chances.

She initially thinks of Xuan Cheng as a fool but later she starts to like him more as a friend. She later gives Yi Jun up. I dislike Korean dramas to always looking for women to hinder the male leads from getting their women through evil tactics and schemes. There is no exception for this one and yet they let go easily in the end. Soo Hyun only gives a passable performance as her role lacks depth.

6. Zheng Xuan Cheng – Lee Chun Hee (as Jin Xu Wei in ‘Autumn Shower’)
He was born into a family which runs a cultivating business. Unlike En Zai who has to give up her studies, he completes it although he misses her so as to provide her a better life. He becomes the top chef in one of the restaurants in Da Tong. Originally, he wants to open a restaurant with her. He has thought that she will forget Yi Jun after their one night stand but is shocked to know that En Zai falls in love with Yi Jun.

He later spends 6 years, trying to win her over. Besides providing her family a home, he also looks out for jobs for her. And he treats Zhen Shuai like his son. What is wrong of him being normal looking? But he has given in his feelings genuinely. I think Chun Hee has to work very hard as his expressions are very stiff.

7. Han Yi Qing – Lee Ah Hyun
She is Yi Jun’s elder sister but she treats him like a boy. This sister is not concerned but is too nosy in her brother’s personal life. The way that she touches his hair will definitely send to En Zai the wrong signal. She is the company’s director. She dislikes En Zai, thinking that she is a money digger. This is also partly due to Xiu Yan’s contribution. That is why she objects to Yi Jun to be with her. But seeing how much in love he is with her, she finally gives in.

8. Mr Han – Jung Wook
He is the siblings’ father and will regard nothing as important as the business. It is not mentioned why he falls out with his ex-wife. Money? Betrayal or something else? Still, the no.1 shop means much to it as it is opened by his ex-wife so he pins high hopes on Yi Jun, wanting him to make it a success. Just like other fathers, he doesn’t deem Xiu Yan fit to become his daughter-in-law as she is an orphan although she has good upbringing. What is more about En Zai? But later family ties manage to melt him.

9. Mrs Che – Jung Ae Ri
She is a construction worker and thus hopes that her two daughters will have a bright future. Although En Zai fails her and brings home an illegitimate son, she still treats them well.

10. Mr Che – Jun Hye Bin
He is jobless for a long time and feels that he lets his family down. He becomes the househusband and is Zhen Shuai’s babysitter when all go out to work. He knows what En Zai is thinking so he often goes to Yi Jun to tell him that.

11. Zhu Xi San
She is the manager of the restaurant. She is a very fair person to the staff but it is hard on her to face her ex-husband, Bin Yong to work together. Both often have conflicts.

12. Jiang Bin Yong
He is the main chef in no.1 shop but never seeks to improve himself. That is why he initially looks down on En Zai when she joins them. He feels threatened when she cooks better than him. You will get pissed off when he tries to betray information to Director Jin so as to pay off his gambling debts.

Favourite character
Yi Jun, he may look childish and insensitive to En Zai but that is because he doesn’t know how to express his love for her.

Most hated character
En Zai, she is far from cute in my mind. Keeping the truth from Yi Jun not only hurts herself but also causes destruction to her family members and Xuan Cheng. Does she like being wronged that she is a loose woman and the child doesn’t belong to Yi Jun? She should learn how to protest against unfair treatment.

Interesting facts

Hyun Jae has been in the entertainment circle for 4 years. He has worked with Chae Young, Tae Hee, Hae Gyo and also Son Ae. All of them are beauties but strangely, he never has love rumours with any of them. Not even once! No wonder Hyun Jae was labeled as ‘the ice prince’.

Many marveled at how well ‘Mrs Han’ cooked. The crew was glad that they made the right choice to cast her here as she took no n.g.s She admitted cooking Italian pasta before and she could have done better if she was provided another special sauce. Hyun Jae and Chae Young knew that her cooking was splendid so both did not have their dinner when they shot the scene. Unlike in the serial when both did not touch the food at all, the two helped themselves to it heartedly when filming was over.

‘Mrs Han’ only got to know her ‘second Italian husband’ when she reached Italy. The crew sourced for an actor there. Hyun Jae and Chae Young were amused to see the wedding ceremony as both hardly knew each other. ‘Mrs Han’ rejected a kiss from the Italian when he joked that he wanted to do that.

The fringe of Chae Young’s hair when she wore a head scarf at the beginning was a wig. Chae Young thought she looked ugly without hair so she added it. She had no complains when shooting the running scenes. She was attracted by Venice. So was Hyun Jae. Both enjoyed their stay so much as it was like touring and regretted to see it end so quickly.

Chae Young seldom cooks at home so the crew sent her to learn Italian cuisine for a month. She did most of the parts herself except the finishing parts when additions were made. The crew had no confidence to try her skill in Italy and she ended up finishing the food herself. But they liked the food she made when they returned to Korea, citing that she had improved.

The viewership soared. This showed that the Europe scenery plus a hardworking female lead will make things work. (Oh – not to miss that food also plays a part like ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’). Many joked that the figures went up with Chae Young’s figure too. They described her as a typical Barbie doll fan to dress herself and Hyun Jae joked that he got her as a free stylist to take care of him too. Chae Young thought that she was exactly like En Zai in character. Only that she comes from a well to do family.

The scene of catching fire - Chae Young was nearly injured when the fire could not be put out in time. Hyun Jae grabbed the fire extinguisher to diminish it in time. Konwing that Chae Young was badly shaken, he took her aside to calm her down. All praised him for his quick response on time.

Jo Hyun Jae got the top 10 star award for this drama in the 2005 SBS television awards and popularity award in Baksung awards. Congratulations to him! Many thought he came from a rich family as he often got to play rich guys to wear branded stuff. But many noticed that he showed sadness in his eyes. The actual fact was he came from a poor family. When he was in secondary school, his parents took turns to become sick to lie in bed.

He became the bread winner of the family and had to give up his high school studies. When he saw friends wearing the high school uniform to go to school happily, he was so upset to think of his sad fate and cried repeatedly. But he chose to fight against his fate. He took care of his parents and finally got a chance to get into university when he studied part time. He was noticed by talent scouts to be a singer first. He often switched to acting dramas later but many praised him for enduring hardship to be more mature than other actors who come into showbuzz about the same time as him.


I find this very similar to ‘My name is Kim Sam Soon’ – except that it talks about Italian cuisine, which is more in depth than pastry making. It also runs in the similar way as ‘A Wonderful Life’ as unwed parents. It can be said to have a combination of both. The starting is fast paced but it loses steam towards the last 4 episodes. It could have ended at episode 10. It dwells too much on the lengthy dialogues and I make frequent yawns upon watching it. That probably attributes to my short review here.

Acting wise, it is fine if you are not too fussy but I can’t help thinking that they could have gotten a better actor as the role for Xuan Cheng. It is too obvious that he is losing the battle from Day 1, unlike Xiu Yan who proves to be a fierce competitor. I was bored by the numerous conversations he has with En Zai. However, all will be inspired to see the delicious food spread (I drool at it.) on the table. If you like food, it is the right drama for you.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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