Personal Preference

Reviewed by: sukting

December 18, 2010

Rating: three

Zhen Hao is a straight guy who pretends to be gay in order to become Kai Yin's roommate. His hobbies are putting things in order and ironing. He is also known for his no-nonsense face. He likes cleanliness, but he also has a talent for figuring out a women's feelings.

Kai Yin is very trusting even though she has a habit of being betrayed. However that doesn't change her and Zhen Hao is no different although she does not know him well. How will she react when she finds out that her gay roommate is not actually gay and that he has fallen for her?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Quan Zhen Hao - Lee Min Ho
He is a designer who owns his own architectural firm, M. He wants to restore his late father's firm glory. Unlike Kai Yin, he is brilliant in doing housework and is also a great cook. His looks are perfect and so is his heart as he knows women well.

His first meeting with Kai Yin is a disaster when both try to get into the same taxi and to land on the same bus instead. He accidentally hits her butt and she thinks that he is molesting her. She then ruins his model - this causes him to lose the deal to Chang Lie although he does well in his presentation. Kai Yin blames him for ruining Chang Lie's chance to propose to her - In reality, he wants a breakup.

His company runs into financial difficulties and he hopes to clinch a museum project. Shang Jun urges him to attend Chang Lie's wedding as Dao Bin, the head of museum will also be there. Zhen Hao hints to Kai Yin about Chang Lie's infidelity but she doesn't get it. He finds Kai Yin pitiful to discover the truth and walking aimlessly on the road, nearly to be knocked down by a car.

Zhen Hao is pleased when Dao Bin praises his designs but is peeved when Yuan Tai warns him not to vie for the project against him. Zhen Hao finds out that Dao Bin likes old style houses designs by Zhe Han so he gets Shang Jun to check out. He learns that Zhe Han leaves Korea when it is completed after his wife passed away and his daughter is staying there.

He is horrified to find that Kai Yin is the occupant. Still, he moves in to stay, keeping it from Qiang Wei and Hui Mei. Kai Yin has seen Tai Xun wearing boxers and chasing after him, assuming them to be gay.

Seeing that Kai Yin is very untidy, he nearly falls out with her as he likes cleanliness. He injures his foot when he moves in and Shang Jun tends to him. When overhearing their conversation, her misunderstanding of them being a gay couple is deepen.

Zhen Hao forces Kai Yin to go to the supermarket with him and gets her to clean the house. Both use the bathroom and get to see each other in nude by mistake. Zhen Hao blushes although Kai Yin isn't wearing contact lenses then and he has to find her missing lenses. She slips and falls into his arms, making his heart flutter like crazy. He then finds the lens on her chest. (This part is hilarious indeed.)

Zhen Hao forks out money to pay the injured workers when the contractor absconds even though he hardly has enough cash left. He then decides to return to Kai Yin's house for the sake of the museum project. Kai Yin is drunk and blurts out that Zhen Hao is gay in public. Dao Bin is also at the eatery to overhear that.

Zhen Hao blushes and doesn't know how to explain things then. He carries Kai Yin home and massages her leg when she has a relapse as she hurts it earlier. Worried that he will scold her, she pretends to sleep. Dao Bin then stresses to Zhen Hao that he isn't interested in his personal life.

Zhen Hao then makes Kai Yin sign an agreement not to disclose his sexual preference in public. Kai Yin wants to seek revenge on Chang Lie and Ren Xi. So Zhen Hao decides to help her change. Zhen Hao even teaches Kai Yin how to do facials with cucumbers. Kai Yin relates how her mother dies when she is five. His encouragement cheers her up.

Zhen Hao is devastated when he is going to lose his firm after he runs in debts. Chang Lie deals him with another blow to ruin his chances of getting another contract. He drowns his sorrow in alcohol. Kai Yin sees him in tears and gives him a hug. Why can't he achieve success after working so hard? Thinking of the injustice that he and Qiang Wei have suffered all these years, he finally breaks down.

He can't help giving her a kiss. She is disappointed when he apologises for his behaviour. He is in low spirits after attending his father's death anniversary session. He cracks up upon seeing how she disguises as a man to please him to be his boyfriend for a day. He will move out soon but will still pose as her boyfriend during the coming weekend to see how much she has learned from him.

He brings her to a personal stylist and she has her hair straightened. Both attend the architects gathering and all are stunned by her beauty. Chang Lie has thought that she is only there to provoke him, thinking that she has not forgotten him. She told him that she has totally forgotten him. She later changes her mind, wanting to pretend to accept him and later to ditch him.

Kai Yin is an absent-minded person - her period comes and she panicks in the toilet, making the distress call to Zhen Hao. The poor man has to endure watchful eyes when buying the sanitary napkins for her. He nearly gasps in horror when she wants to keep the remaining ones as not to waste money. Seeing how Chang Lie pesters Kai Yin, he gets fed up and leads her away.

Kai Yin has stomach cramps at night and is unable to sleep. Zhen Hao cooks ginger soup for her. She gets Zhen Hao to massage her stomach and recalls how Ren Xi does it for her in the past. She has run out of painkillers at home and intends to endure it till the morning as all shops are closed. Seeing that her pain hasn't reduced, Zhen Hao drives all the way back home to lie to Qiang Wei that he has a headache to get the pills for her. (You have to watch it for yourself as it is really cute!)

Ying Shan gets Kai Yin and Zhen Hao to be her on-line products' models. Zhen Hao agrees reluctantly. Kai Yin cooks a meal to thank him. However, he only allows her to eat very little food in order to maintain her figure. She then makes a clothes stand for him while he brings her out to eat noodles. Their relationship becomes better from now on.

Seeing that she isn'st back from the job interviews when he reaches home, he worries that she might not have an umbrella. So he waits for her at the bus-stop. The timing is quite wrong as she has left the place after alighting and is impatient to wait for the rain to stop. She hurries back to the bus-stop upon discovering that she has left the books there. Zhen Hao picks the books and knows that she has been there so he walks nearer. So they meet midway to share the umbrella home together.

Zhen Hao gets irritated when seeing Chang Lie wooing Kai Yin with flowers. Knowing that Ren Xi is up to no good, he rejects her kiss and also avoids her calls. Feeling guilty and finding himself falling for her, he wishes to tell Kai Yin the real reason he stays in her house but Shang Jun stops him.

Zhen Hao buys food and intends to cook a wonderful meal for Kai Yin. He knows that Kai Yin is upset with Ren Xi pestering him. Thus, he takes good care of her to blow her long hair dry and also to prepare a rose bath with the petals. The office runs into terrible difficulties but Zhen Hao doesn't mind swallowing his pride to get simpler assignments. He suffers in silence when Kai Yin mistakens him. He doesn't explain himself as he does have the ill intention then.

Da Bin offers to help him as he must be free from financial difficulties to get into the second round. Zhen Hao has used an apple design - the way of saying sorry as his work. Zhen Hao suddenly feels tired after going through so much so Da Bin suggests to him to take a break in his villa. Zhen Hao stands in the rain, feeling the anguish that he has been through. Ren Xi comes and offers to take care of him when she finds that he has a fever.

Zhen Hao avoids her - his eyes can see nothing else and no amount of time can change this fact. He even goes to hide from her in his car. Kai Yin gets to know about it and hurries to take care of him. He hugs her in his arms and both sleep together for the night. Zhen Hao wins the tender and both are a couple now.

Min Ho looks dashing indeed with his hair straighten. He does have the look of a gay with his sweet looks but I feel that he is very reserved in here. He doesn't explore his role enough and it is a pity. However, he has chemistry with Ye Jin to make up the deficit.

2. Piao Kai Yin - Song Ye Jin
Kai Yin is very untidy and is also a poor cook. When she is at home, she hardly cares for herself and wears old fashioned glasses. She is also reckless and doesn't make plans for herself. She dreams of having a soulmate and thus doesn't mind making friends who are gay. Even though she attends a wedding, her hair is still messy. She sells furniture meant for singles and trusts others easily. She wishes to prove her worth to her father but the response isn't good.

She stays in a house designed by Zhe Han. Chang Lie's infidelity leaves her scarred. She is in need of money and is initially ill at ease to rent the room to a man but has to do it as her father is returning and she must keep the house. Yin Shan assures her that nothing should go wrong since he is a gay.

To make sure that she doesn't lose this tenant, Kai Yin whips up a seafood meal for Zhen Hao using Ying Shan's oysters. Though he finishes the seafood that she makes for him, he treats her coldly. The next day, Zhen Hao develops severe diarrhea due to the seafood. Ying Shan's oysters are overdue and he has frequent runs. Have a good laugh when the pharmacy staff gets so attracted by his looks and nearly forgets to pass him the medicine. He is so hard-pressed for time that he nearly forgets to take the toilet key.

Kai Yin takes some discarded furniture home and turns them into children furniture. Dao Bin drops by and recognizes her talents. He has hoped that Zhe Han can be the judge in the tender to come here. He recognizes her as the one ruining Chang Lie's wedding and exposing Zhen Hao's sexual preference. Kai Yin tells him sadly that she has little influence over Zhen Han.

Unlike Chang Lie, Kai Yin trusts Zhen Hao that he will not take advantage of Dao Bin to get the project. She snubs Chang Lie who wants to start anew with her. She plans to feign to agree to their wedding and then leaves him alone at the altar. Zhen Hao shakes his head - the Kai Yin he knows isn't that merciless.

The two watch a movie together and meet Zhen Hao's ex, Yin En Xiu. En Xiu tells Zhen Hao that she might have stayed and not gone overseas for studies to become a doctor if he asks her to. Both recall the times they have been together - like watching a movie.

Zhen Hao starts teaching Kai Yin how to win a man's heart. Kai Yin assumes that he is making use of her to pacify his mother. She doesn't mind doing it for the rest of her life and he is exasperated she doesn't know his true feelings. She keeps stressing that they are friends but will a friend do so much?!

Dao Bin gets Kai Yin to visit a children's theme park in Jeju. Zhen Hao is also there for a seminar and he will meet both there. The two patch up there when they reveal their true feelings. She is happy when she makes a profit after signing with a company to provide furniture for singles. She offers to help Zhen Hao to save his company but he rejects it.

Shang Jun discovers that Chang Lie makes the company buy Kai Yin's furniture. Zhen Hao can't bear to tell her the truth upon seeing her so happy. Chang Lie gives Kai Yin a cheque to help Zhen Hao, citing that this is her birthday gift. Zhen Hao isn't happy to see them together. Upon knowing that it is Kai Yin's birthday, Zhen Hao goes with Kai Yin for ice skating. Kai Yin is touched to see that Zhen Hao has cooked a meal for her upon returning home.

Zhen Hao can't bring himself to tell her why he is staying at her house. He plans to renovate the cellar for her even though he is busy for the competition and gets to find Zhe Han's designs. Kai Yin insists of sleeping in his room when there is a storm. She discovers that Ren Xi is the one telling Chang Lie about her birthday. She sneers at Ren Xi for forgetting her own birthday due to her selfish aims.

Kai Yin doesn't believe that Zhen Hao is only making use of her. She looks shyly at the two toothbrushes in the bathroom and smiles. Upon mistakening that Zhen Hao is only making use of her, she feels very miserable to concentrate on the exhibition. Zhen Hao sees her sleeping there and puts a cardigan on her, observing her features. Her face lits up when Zhe Han comes to congratulate her. She has mixed feelings when Zhen Hao comes secretly too. The two patch up in the end, looking at stars from her house.

Ye Jin proves to be competent in acting but the role fails her. Kai Yin is almost reduced to an idiot with such low intelligence. I doubt such a person exists. Sigh - even Zhen Hao knows that Chang Lie hints that she isn't womanly enough as she has not slept with him but she doesn't know! In the beginning, she looks assertive but later reduces to the same gentle, submissive and constantly suffering victim.

3. Han Chang Lie - Kim Ji Suk
He is Kai Yin's rich ex-boyfriend who inherits his father's architectural firm, being the director. His appearance, family background and wealth are perfect but his life is empty. He is very soft-hearted to forgive Ren Xi repeatedly. He might have many clashes with Zhen Hao at work but is a person whom you can't hate as he knows what he likes or needs. He doesn't approve of Yuan Tai's illegal ways of dealing with Zhen Hao as he believes in using his own ability to defeat him. But he can never outtalk the old man.

He wants to treat Kai Yin like a woman but she is more like a puppy in a rain to him as he only shows sympathy towards her. He two-times her and Ren Xi and intends to marry Ren Xi behind Kai Yin's back. He sneers at Zhen Hao to be a failure and invites him to his wedding.

He hopes to tell Kai Yin about his wedding but doesn't know how to tell her. He only initiates a breakup and she only knows it through her own eyes. When his wedding ends up in disaster, he pleads with Ren Xi for another chance but she rejects him. He apologises to Kai Yin and Kai Yin still harbours some hope. She is enraged to know that he is here although he is staying with Ren Xi.

Zhen Hao then sneers at her for rushing out to meet a man who has dumped her. Kai Yin drinks with him, upset by two betrayals. She begs Zhen Hao for a makeover and he agrees to help. Ren Xi has thought of him to be formidable through Kai Yin's description but he fails her expectations. They finally break up amiably as Chang Lie confides that he has loved Ren Xi deeply in the past. Chang Lie moves out and returns home to be with Yuan Tai again.

Chang Lie's mother is coming to visit him and Ren Xi. As Ren Xi has left him, he hopes that Kai Yin can pose to be her. She agrees and Zhen Hao overhears them, nearly bursting in fire. During the dinner, Kai Yin discovers that the guys' fathers are acquaintances. Kai Yin returns the brooch given by his mother to Chang Lie and urges him give it to Ren Xi. When returning home, Zhen Hao then relates how Yuan Tai takes over his father's company.

Chang Lie discovers that he loves Kai Yin so he starts to woo her again. This time round, he is dismayed that she doesn't bring the flowers he bought her home. She is unhappy upon knowing that he buys all the chairs that she has designed. He follows her to the timber factory to select the materials, hoping to give her a ride. She is accidentally hit by some timber on the head.

Zhen Hao calls her and hears her crying. He hurries to the hospital but leaves upon seeing her with Chang Lie. He doesn't tell her that he has been to the hospital and Kai Yin is annoyed that he hasn't shown her concern. She only learns from the nurses later that he has been there and is happy over it. Chang Lie checks on Zhen Hao to discover that he isn't gay.

He punches him but gets hurt. Zhen Hao sulks upon seeing Kai Yin showing concern to Chang Lie instead. Ren Xi drags Chang Lie away before he can tell Kai Yin about the truth. She wants the two never to fall in love so that she can use the time to win Zhen Hao's heart. She even convinces Chang Lie to help her. Chang Lie doesn't want Kai Yin to get hurt or he urges Zhen Hao to move out soon. But Chang Lie changes his mind when Kai Yin refuses to let Zhen Hao move out.

Chang Lie shields Kai Yin from a speeding car and Kai Yin sends him to hospital. He is in a coma for a few hours and Zhen Hao is unhappy when both are not back. Ren Xi comes to poison his mind. Both pairs see each other in the hotel to get the wrong idea. Chang Lie tells Zhen Hao what actually happens so they reconcile. Upon knowing Zhen Hao moves into Kai Yin's house with an agenda, he decides not to give up.

Chang Lie buys over the whole building where Zhen Hao's office is so he has to look for a new place. Zhen Bao registers for the competition and starts working on his design. He is undeterred although he moves to a smaller office as he has started from scratch before. Yuan Tai is pleased to see that Chang Lie is finally a fighter now.

He has hoped to get the tender but fails even though he gets the help of the construction company to know how Kai Yin's house is being built. Being a gentleman, he still congratulates the couple over their success.

Ji Suk is better in '�Likeable or not' than here. He looks bored and tired. As if he is resigned to his fate. No wonder his role is destined to be a loser from the start.

4. Jin Ren Xi - Wang Ji Hye
She is Kai Yin's best friend and rents a room from Kai Yin. She has known Kai Yin since high school. She has not shown Chang Lie's face to Ying Shan and Kai Yin till her wedding day. She expects Chang Lie to tell Kai Yin the truth to avoid embarrassment. But this man fails to do that repeatedly.

Her wedding ends in failure and she deems Kai Yin responsible for it. Chang Lie refuses to let her stay in their '�married' apartment as this is a gift from Yuan Tai. This thick-skinned woman still wants to move back to Kai Yin's friend after quarreling with Chang Lie - how unexpected! She has nowhere to stay as she is as orphan. Yet, she still thinks that she is great.

She has a big shock to see that Zhen Hao is staying in her room now so she sneers at Kai Yin for keeping a man. Zhen Hao is furious when hearing Kai Yin explaining herself by saying that he is gay. Zhen Hao storms out and Kai Yin promises to keep his secret. But Zhen Hao claims that he will not return and will claim his deposit back.

This shameless woman then changes the apartment's password to re-stay in it, annoying Chang Lie. Chang Lie then forces into the apartment to claim his right but they stay in separate rooms. She discovers that Zhen Hao is not gay and decides to help him. She tells him that Dao Bin is in the gallery in the afternoons so that he can meet him regularly. Chang Lie nearly bursts upon seeing them exchanging telephone numbers. She starts to tell him how she loses her mother at 7 to win his sympathy.

She asks him out for dinner but Zhen Hao is in a hurry to return home as Kai Yin promises to cook for him. He snaps at her for snatching Chang Lie from Kai Yin. He is touched when knowing that Kai Yin has not eaten so he gets bread for her. Both have dinner outside as he has no confidence in her cooking. Ren Xi can't face the fact that Zhen Hao likes a plain Jane instead of her.

Ren Xi asks Zhen Hao out and admits that she has thought of marrying Dao Bin but doesn't find any manly nature in him. Now, she feels for Zhen Hao after discovering that he isn't gay as she has overheard Shang Jun's conversation with Tai Xun. She messes up her home and pretends that a robber has broken into. She makes Zhen Hao stay with her for the night. Zhen Hao keeps a distance from her, sleeping in the living room and leaving before dawn. Kai Yin is sore upon knowing that but is relieved when knowing that reason.

Yet Zhen Hao nearly drops his jaw when Kai Yin worries about Ren Xi's safety when he has thought that she has nothing to do with her now. Zhen Hao and Kai Yin are in cold war as she still thinks that he is gay. Ren Xi asks Zhen Hao out for a concert. She gets Chang Lie to ask Kai Yin along too. Both are in low spirits upon seeing how intimate they are with each other.

Kai Yin can't take it anymore and storms away, citing that she has accepted him only for revenge. Zhen Hao chases after them and declares openly that he isn't gay. He kisses her and will court her. Chang Lie decides to back out but Ren Xi refuses to give up. Kai Yin is furious to know that Zhen Hao has made her a fool all along but later forgives him.

Ren Xi can't contain her jealousy and sneers that Kai Yin for assuming that Zhen Hao loves her. Kai Yin finds her pitiful for not knowing how to love. She doesn't think that Ren Xi is so bad so she has helped her to go through the difficult period of losing her mother. Dao Bin doesn't want the information of the judges to be leaked but Ren Xi informs Chang Lie and Zhen Hao that Zhe Han is the special judge. She has failed to win Zhen Hao's heart in the end no matter how hard she tries.

Ji Hye's acting is passable - she is quite good in the scenes of Ren Xi trying to seduce Zhen Hao. But I think she tries too hard to look evil with her eyes. Up to this very day, I still think Kim So Yeon is the best in portraying evil roles.

5. Li Ying Shan - Jo Eun Ji
She is married with a son and is angered that Ren Xi has betrayed Chang Lie. She sees Zhen Hao helping Shang Jun with his zipper in the lift and also mistakens them as gays. She tries in vain to stop Kai Yin from arriving at the wedding hall. Mad with Ren Xi, she wants to hit her so the security guard locks her and Kai Yin up in the sound room.

Ying Shan's son switches the sound system on accidentally, causing all the guests to know the story of the adulterous pair. Ren Xi leaves in a huff when her wedding is ruined. Ying Shan claims that she asks for it and doesn't pity her. Ying Shan visits Kai Yin one day. She is shocked to find Kai Yin sleeping beside Zhen Hao. Both are drunk and this happens unknowingly. She is still relieved, thinking that he is gay.

Ying Shan has a head for business. She makes Shang Jun and Zhen Hao her models for her on-line products - one is before and another is after. Ying Shan feels that Kai Yin is using her revenge plan against Chang Lie to keep Zhen Hao by her side. She regrets telling her to rent the room to Zhen Hao.

She is afraid that Kai Yin will fall deeply for a gay man and suffer. So she takes matters into her own hands to invite Dao Bin over for dinner. This will force Kai Yin to give up Zhen Hao. Zhen Hao is gloomy when both women leave him alone with Dao Bin.

Dao Bin also detects the uneasy atmosphere and leaves. Zhen Hao then reprimands Kai Yin for doing this, not knowing that she has no idea of it too. She often quarrels with her husband to stay in Kai Yin's house. This causes Zhen Hao to hide from her. She is very truthful to Kai Yin to stand by her all the time.

6. Luo Hui Mei - Choi Eun Seo
She is Zhen Hao's childhood friend who considers herself to be Zhen Hao's fiancée. She jumps into his bed on a day, wearing sexy clothing but he is unmoved. Zhen Hao starts to question his sexual preference. He then yells to himself in the toilet that he isn't, scaring all the other men away.

However, Zhen Hao feels nothing for her. He often excuses himself in order to get away. Knowing that Tai Xun likes her, she makes use of him to find out where Zhen Hao rents the room. She even dolls herself up in order to join the architect dinner. She creates a scene when seeing Kai Yin as his partner and Tai Xun has to drag her away.

She doesn't know what love is. She only wants to possess Zhen Hao. Hui Mei trails Zhen Hao and finds him staying with Kai Yin. Seeing how naïve she is, Ren Xi makes use of her to deal with Kai Yin. She believes whatever she says.

Hui Mei informs Qiang Wei as she doesn't believe that Zhen Hao is staying in Kai Yin's home because of work. Both come over and are stunned that Kai Yin asserts that Zhen Hao is guy. Qiang Wei faints of shock. Zhen Hao then explains that he loves Kai Yin and wants to marry her. Hui Mei tries to kill herself and Tai Xun saves her. Zhen Hao urges her to take note of him.

7. Lu Shang Jun - Jung Sung Hwa
He works with Zhen Hao in the firm and loves flashy-coloured clothes. His family opens a supermarket but he vows that he has nothing to do with soil and earthworms. He knows that Ying Shan and Kai Yin think of him to be gay. In order to get Kai Yin to allow Zhen Hao to stay with her, he pretends to be his lover. He will do anything in order to save the firm. He is like a '�sister' to Ying Shan to share advice and dating tips.

Shang Jun has a shock upon learning from Ying Shan that Zhen Hao and Kai Yin are dating. Zhen Hao has not wanted to submit the design that Zhe Han keeps at home but he steals it to pass to Dao Bin, pretending to be Zhen Hao's work. This lands Zhen Hao in trouble instead to be wronged as the one stealing Zhe Han's design. He wants to explain to Dao Bin but Zhen Hao sees no need to do that since he has broken up with Kai Yin.

Ying Shan regrets telling him so much after knowing that he is straight. He helps Ying Shan to improve her ties with her husband. Thus, she is pregnant with a girl soon. He goes for match-making and sees Ren Xi with another partner. Both find their partners boring and decide to start dating each other soon since they have no other choice.

8. Cui Dao Bin - Ryu Seung Ryong
He is the head of the museum and is a very fair man. He doesn't like to work with people through connections and admires Zhen Hao's abilities. He tries telling jokes but few of his tactics work as his face is more serious looking than Zhen Hao.

When he overhears Zhen Hao telling Yuan Tai off for using underhand means to clinch the deal, he is aware that Zhen Hao is a fair man. He confides to Zhen Hao that he stirs his heart during their first meeting. Zhen Hao walks out hastily as he isn't prepared for the shock.

Chang Lie learns from his overseas university ex-classmate that Dao Bin is gay. He assumes that Zhen Hao is trying to use that to clinch the deal. So he confronts Zhen Hao. Zhen Hao admits it as not to hurt Dao Bin. Chang Lie gets another shock when Kai Yin gives him a slap for bullying Zhen Hao. Kai Yin has never done this to him in the past and has become firm now.

Dao Bin's father discourages newcomers to participate in the tender under Yuan Tai's influence. Dao Bin resets the rules so that Zhen Hao can qualify. He even hires Kai Yin to work for him. Ren Xi gets so jealous that she throws a glass of wine right at Kai Yin's face during the architects' gathering. He assures him that that is not due to his personal feelings. Kai Yin has a chat with Dao Bin. Both learn that they are in a one-sided love affair situation but do not realize that they like the same person.

Dao Bin returns from Japan with a painting for Zhen Hao. Zhen Hao rejects his gift and declares that he loves Kai Yin. It hurts him to know that he is being tricked. Zhen Hao and Kai Yin win a pair of lovers watch when shopping together. Dao Bin straightens his thoughts and still gets along well with the two. He even tells Kai Yin to lunch with him more often. Seeing that their relationship is strained, he even passes Kai Yin a pair of tickets to the ice-skating ground.

I have mistaken him to be Cui Joon Yong - the actor as Qiang Cai, Xiao Xi's elder brother in '�Temptation of wife'. After watching a while, I discovered my mistake. By right, this role should have a lot of inner feelings shown as he tries hard to hide his preference. However, his acting is so stony at times - he doesn't present well when Dao Bin is being rejected by Zhen Hao.

9. Jin Tai Xun - Im Seul Ong
He is Zhen Hao's junior. He works in Zhen Hao's firm and regards the other two guys as his elder brothers. He falls in love with Hui Mei at first sight. He is curious when knowing that Zhen Hao is not staying at his own home and follows him. He is stunned to know that he is staying in Kai Yin's house - isn't this cohabiting? Due to jealousy, he pretends to be Zhen Hao's gay boyfriend so that she can back off.

He doesn't want Zhen Hao to be so lowly and is glad that Zhen Hao stays by his principles. At last, he manages to win Hui Mei's heart through his earnest efforts.

10. Li Yuan Hao
He is Kai Yin's university friend but she is too trusting. He helps in designing, promotion and also delivery. He runs away with the money after mortgaging Kai Yin's home. Kai Yin forgives him when knowing that he has financial difficulties but yet still sends money home to his old grandmother. As the house is going to be mortgaged to the bank, Kai Yin has to rent a room to Zhen Hao.

11. Mrs Quan /Liu Qiang Wei - Park Hae Mi
Many have said that Qiang Wei combines beauty and talent together. She is very feminine and is an expert in housework. Thus, Zhen Hao can balance work and also house chores well. Shang Jun tells Zhen Hao that Kai Yin will have to learn how to do housework better in order to win her approval. Thus, Zhen Hao forces Kai Yin to undergo his training. I will say that she is also selfish to only care for her personal feelings and ignores what Zhen Hao needs.

She has been very dependent on Zhen Hao after her husband's death. She places all hopes on him and wants him to restore the family's glory. She misses her husband and their old house so Zhen Hao promises to get it back soon. She allows Zhen Hao to stay with Kai Yin upon knowing that he likes her but warns them not to cross the line.

Ren Xi tells her about Kai Yin's past relationship with Chang Lie. She can't accept this and orders Zhen Hao to break up with Kai Yin. Ren Xi also tells Qiang Wei that Zhen Hao's relationship with Kai Yin will ruin him. She resorts to drinking to order him to leave Kai Yin. She starts to accept Kai Yin when Zhen Hao is successful in his career.

12. Han Yuan Tai - Ahn Suk Hwan
He is Chang Lie's scheming father who seizes Zhen Hao's home so Zhen Hao vows to seek revenge. He has many women and Chang Lie's mother divorces him to stay in Africa. He has been looking forward to Chang Lie's grand wedding but is dismayed that it brings him shame instead. He then tells Chang Lie that he will be fired if he loses the museum project. He tries to sabotage Zhen Hao whenever he has the chance.

He fails to bribe Dao Bin so he decides to try out other ways. When knowing that Ren Xi is Dao Bin's secretary, he decides to re-accept her as his daughter-in-law but is annoyed when she turns him down as he makes the request of having a second wedding. He finds Chang Lie too soft and often scolds him.

Upon knowing that Kai Yin is Zhe Han's daughter, he sucks up to her and even visits her house. If he has known of her identity earlier, he will not allow Chang Lie to dump her. Kai Yin is sick of him wanting to make use of her. Yuan Tai even calls Zhe Han with Chang Lie to discuss their marriage. He claims that Chang Lie is wrong for his time-timing and Kai Yin will give him a chance. Kai Yin is fed up of his pretence and tells both to leave.

He is sure of winning the tender and keeps bashing Chang Lie when he fails. I can't stomach his stage-like acting. Why can't he acts normally as in '�Witch Ma'?

13. Secretary Jin - Jang Won Young
He is Chang Lie's personal assistant who searches for information for him. He often has to work overtime for him. Poor man - Chang Lie gives him Kai Yin's photo in order to stop Kai Yin from entering the wedding venue. A dot sticks on it and he thinks that Kai Yin has a mole on the face so he doesn't realize that Kai Yin enters the place to ruin the wedding later.

14. Piao Zhe Han - Kang Shin Il
He is Kai Yin's father who has not really looked at her in the eye after his wife's death. He is a successful architect but is based overseas. He keeps her photos from Kai Yin and tells her that they are all lost in a fire. He also tears the remaining ones. His house has an underground cellar but it is sealed.

It is his wife's workplace. Zhen Hao discovers it and brings Kai Yin to look at the place. Kai Yin only remembers how she has knocked the glass roof with her toy and falls through when the glass breaks. She passes out in fright. Zhen Hao discovers Zhe Han's designs in the cellar and realizes why Da Bin has a soft spot for him.

Zhe Han flares up to see the cellar open when he returns. Kai Yin then recalls that her mother has died when protecting her. Zhen Hao brings her to her mother's grave, hoping to ease her guilt. Zhen Han reseals the spot but Zhen Hao points out that he can't seal the memory. He has unknowingly transferred his guilt to his daughter to blame her. Zhe Han chases him away and prefers Chang Lie as he looks refined. He even asks Kai Yin to consider him without giving her a chance to explain.

Zhe Han gets madder upon seeing his own design at Da Bin's office. He slaps Zhen Hao in front of Kai Yin and doesn't want him to come again. This saddens Kai Yin to think that Zhen Hao is making use of her all along and demands a breakup.

Da Bin doesn't want Zhen Han to be prejudiced against Zhen Hao. He shows Zhen Hao's design to Zhe Han - it is completely different as Zhen Hao makes it into an apple's shape. Zhen Hao has recalled the happy times with Kai Yin to come up with it.

Zhe Han tells Kai Yin that he has meant to make the house a happy place but it brings anguish to both of them as he loses his wife. Since then, he has no courage to look at Kai Yin. Not because he blames her for his wife's death but he blames himself for causing her to lose her mother at a young age. Zhen Hao is right to tell him that. He then gives his approval to allow them together.

Most favourite character
Zhen Hao, he is definitely a person who walks out from the book. He knows men and women well. No wonder many mistaken him as gay.

Most hated character
Yuan Tai, he only wants to roll in more money for his company. The second will be Ren Xi for causing so many disputes. Kai Yin is third as she creates so much trouble in many moments of folly.

The songs are by Yun Ha and Kim Tae Woo. Yun Ha's song '�outrageous' has a quick pace to fit the drama's pleasant feel. Kim's '�because of the rain' is softer to let you recall the scenes when Zhen Hao shields Kai Yin from the rain with an umbrella. See Ya also sang '�Stirred Heart' - that describes how Chang Lie goes through the failed relationship. Quite okay to listen to.

Interesting facts

It is the adaptation of the same novel. Min Ho is 5 years younger than Ye Jin. Many had told Min Ho that Ye Jin was a direct person so he was worried. After meeting, he felt that she was frank but also easy to get along. Thus, he felt that others have wronged her. Ye Jin praised him for being smart despite his age to make the correct role selection. Other actors will hesitate as it might create a storm but he doesn't mind.

Normally actors want tough roles for action dramas. Min Ho found this role attractive and took it. Many loved the 3rd episode when Zhen Hao has a bath and Kai Yin charges in. They drooled over his perfect figure. Getting Yoon Eun Hye to act as a guest star was a bonus. Min Ho joked that he was flattered to work with two pretty actresses over the set.

The first kiss that Min Ho and Ye Jin shared on screen spanned off lots of discussion. All found both matching in looks. Min Ho had eaten chewing gum beforehand to get prepared for it.

Min Ho tried to lose weight to fit for the role. He found that he gained too much weight after resting for a long time since completing '�Boys Over Flowers'. However, the director found him too lanky in the clothes so he got him to put on some weight again. All marveled on how attractive he looked here in casual wear and also without wearing socks.

In 2010 MBC drama awards, Min Ho won the actor excellence award. Many thought that it was quite unfair to Ye Jin as she did not win anything.


The drama had the lowest rating at 10% and highest at 15% in Korea. It never hits 20%? Why? I only realise the reason after watching. The story does not explore much into the confused relationship. As compared to '�Attic Cat' and '�Full House', it fails miserably. Plus copying from '�Witch Ma' to get a guy as an image consultant, no wonder it can't create miracles even though they have an experienced cast.

All the characters are very one-dimensional so they provide half-baked acting. They look good in the clothes. I feel that I am watching a CV or MV than watching a drama. If you are their supporters, you may watch the drama but this is definitely not the best that they should offer.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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