Reviewed by: sukting

August 16, 2005

Rating: four

How does a divorced couple react after a failed marriage and miscarriage to meet again 10 years later? Have they changed in their thinking? Will they give each other a second chance? With new partners by their side, are they able to be together again? Will they be able to overcome hurdles - including guilt and also responsibility?


Zhi Yun nearly knocks into Shi Xun in the petrol kiosk. Hao Wen owns it and is surprised that Shi Xun slaps her in a fit of anger. She takes away his bag with his assignments in it. Hao Wen is also their senior and does law. Shi Xun is always top in the university and obtains scholarships. Fu Zi shakes her head upon knowing that Zhi Yun refuses to return to Shi Xun.

He apologises to her. She gets him to impersonate as her boyfriend to attend her friend'€™s engagement reception. He is dressed up as a fine man and he discovers that she is allergic to orange so he switches his glass with hers. Shi Xun also gets the bouquet for her. Both look at the phoenix drawing outside the hotel.

To him, it means love means sacrifice while she takes it as warmth. She imagines that both kiss in front of it but he walks away! Shi Xun is an orphan and needs to work part time to support himself.

She sends him back and throws her shoes at the back as she has uneven feet. He already notices it earlier near the pool. They go on the cruise to look at the night scenery. She wants to meet him again but he refuses. She presses the note of apology on his arm and he smiles.

Both have a hurdle to cross -€“ he is too poor while she is too rich. She knows that he is attracted to her and she pretends to jump off the cruise. He quickly holds her back and both start their romance. (This scene is romantic.)

Mei Lan is back and meets up with Shi Xun. Mrs Li is angry to get tripped by Shi Xun at the petrol kiosk. He suggests a breakup but she never gives up. She wants to get pregnant and dreams of her family supporting him. She plans the time and borrows Mei Lan's father'€™s bungalow at Jiju island to stay for the night. Fu Zi hesitates telling Shi Xun. Lu Zheng is her student and likes her secretly. They have a romantic moment, walking along the beach and Shi Xun looks at the house.

He will need lots of money to buy it. Maybe 10 years later. Zhi Yun creates the atmosphere and goes to bed with him. (I don'€™t blame him for doing it as she is simply irresistible and he also loves her.) Her parents manage to find out what happens upon seeing Mei Lan attending another gathering and slaps the two.

Both agreed to be with each other after graduation so she studies overseas again. Shi Xun has a pair of pens given by his father and gives her one. Both write letters to each other. Mei Lan describes men as shoes and Zhi Yun should try till she finds a suitable pair. Zhi Yun sees a man giving a balloon to a child and thinks that he is Shi Xun. He is not -€“ he is Zheng Min (Eric'€™s fans will drool upon seeing how boyish and attractive he is. But he will appear in another image later.)

Zhi Yun is pregnant and returns. They get married without her parents' approval. She doesn'€™t understand why Shi Xun rejects Mrs Li'€™s purchase of things for them. He also rejects the offer of staying in a new apartment that she buys for them. Despite the setbacks, Shi Xun jokes to Hao Wen that Zhi Yun is cute when sleeping.

Zhi Yun complains to Fu Zi about her poor life. She reminds Zhi Yun to consider his feelings. She doesn'€™t know how to do housework at all.

Shi Xun is angry when Zhi Yun tries to get her ring but topples his computer to damage it. Both quarrel and she runs out to have a miscarriage. Shi Xun'€™s lecturer wants to transfer Shi Xun to New York University but he rejects, he finds the ring and realizes that he has wronged Zhi Yun. She refuses to forgive him.

Hao Wen offers to sponsor his studies upon knowing that he wants to delay his studies for a year. But Shi Xun wants to spend more time with Zhi Yun. Mrs Li throws the crabs he buys for her and Mr Li also ignores him. Shi Xun withdraws money to pay for the hospital bills but Mrs Li pays for it. She brings Zhi Yun home but they do not know that Mr Li€'s business isn'€™t doing well and Mr Xu is attacking him.

Both get a divorce and Shi Xun decides to leave. Zhi Yun discovers that her parents pay Shi Xun to leave her and rushes to the airport. On the way, Mr Li is killed instantly when he tries to run to her car.

He leaves behind lots of debts -€“ Zhi Yun has to support the family by quitting her studies to become a maid while Mrs Li suffers from depression. Yong Yun hates Zhi Yun and goes astray to work in a pub. Zhi Yun is upset and slaps her - but gets to slap Zheng Min instead.

He wants her to forgive her family and not to hit Yong Yun as her blow is very hard. Zheng Min is the planning director of the company and is going to meet CEO Zhang soon. Hao Wen tells him that he is a fair person.

Zheng Min can'€™t deny that he is his father'€™s son but will reject other jobs related to him. On the planes, Shi Xun tells a boy to use his brain to complete a puzzle on the magical box. He returns to his seat and looks at the bracelet bought for Mei Lan.

Zhi Yun works as a domestic helper at Shi Xun'€™s senior'€™s home for a reception. Shi Xun is shocked to see her and follows her around to peep at her from a corner. He can bear it no more and leaves. (This is really powerful acting with no dialogues or words involved - his expressive eyes shows all.)

Zhi Yun thinks that she sees him but finds no one. She knocks into a woman and she gets angry with her. Zheng Min splashes juice on Zhi Yun to pacify the woman. If not, the woman will make her life difficult. She thanks him and her old ailment reacts again -€“ sneezing at the sight of orange juice.

Zheng Min lies that the owner evades tax and he is here to arrest him. Zhi Yun thinks that it is true and wants him to do later since it is the owner'™s birthday. She discovers that she is tricked but smiles at the joke. Zheng Min looks at her with amusement. His senior says that Zhi Yun is his helper for a year and Zheng Min decides to woo her. (Zheng Min has matured as he has a goatee now.)

He takes a rose and calls her -€“ joking that her handbag is open and there is a hole in her stocking. He appears before her and tails her to his Rolls Royce. Is she conceited that she has no boyfriend? Why not start a romance with him? She declines and he guesses correctly that she loves someone before but things don'€™t work out.

He gives her time to get through this. Does he look like a playboy? He is as no one captures his heart. He hopes that she is the one. What makes her see him as a wolf?

Shi Xun drinks alone at the bar. He encourages the bar tender to try his best in his studies so that he can do well 10 years later. When asked if he has succeeded, he smiles bitterly. Mr Xu wants Zheng Min not to live in his own life anymore but he can'™t forget his younger brother'€™s death.

Zhi Yun admits that Zheng Min is attractive but timing is not right because she is a divorcee now. He thinks that she is too old fashioned. Her choice is right if both can'€™t get along.

He promises to start their relationship as a friend but he can't promise later. Zhi Yun sees him paying the bill and looks at the napkin he leaves behind. She smiles -€“ he writes -€“ she can try to love him. Shi Xun reads newspapers in the car when his chauffeur drives. Yong Yun wants to join Xi Lin'€™s modeling competition but Zhi Yun refuses to buy clothes for her. She should depend on her own ability.

Zhi Yun buys shoes for her employer and finds that Yong Yun has stolen her money. She is shocked to know that Shi Xun is marrying Mei Lan and she is sitting on a wheelchair. What a bitter exchange between the two - Shi Xun says sarcastically that she hasn'€™t changed - 80 shoes are not enough for her.

Mei Lan presses her to have lunch with them. Zhi Xun stirs teas for Mei Lan and she says that only he knows her taste well. He is her best Christmas present. They know each other in a New York party.

Zhi Yun reveals that her father is dead and he feels bad. It must be a great blow to her to lose a love one. Mei Lan wants to keep in contact with Zhi Yun and she writes down her number using Shi Xun'€™s father'™s pen. Mei Lan asks -“ does she still love her husband and she should bring him out next time.

Shi Xun brings Mei Lan for therapy and is shattered to learn that she has a low chance of recovery although there is hope. Zheng Min goes to his brother'€™s grave. His twin brother always complains to be born 5 minutes later but now he is a step ahead of him to leave the world.

Shi Xun watches a movie and is reminded of the past. He drives the car and is involved in a car accident. Mei Lan is paralyzed from then on. But she feels that she is fortunate to know him. They want to meet Zheng Min who is very different from Mr Xu.

It is said that his brother dies because of him. Mr Xu pays off Shi Xun'€™s debts in the U.S. to engage him. Zhi Yun keeps the pens together. Hao Wen thinks that Mei Lan wants too much attention from Shi Xun. He wants him to reconsider his marriage plans. But Shi Xun feels responsible for her state.

Zhi Yun gets a new assignment and walks into the house. She sees the phoenix drawing and is reminded of the past. Another surprise - Zheng Min is there. Zheng Min mentions that 10 years ago, a lady mistakens him for another man.

Her sad eyes make him unable to forget her. Zhi Yun realises that she has seen him before. The owner is not Zheng Min but his dead younger brother. She is glad to make an old friend but he doesn'€™t want to. He is warm and clever. Not everyone is interested in him.

Shi Xun decides to buy Mei Lan'€™s father'€™s bungalow. Mei Lan recalls Zhi Yun going there with her ex-husband. Mr Yin promises to give all he has to Shi Xun so that he will not lose out after marrying Mei Lan. She suddenly asks him how his ex-wife is like. Is he back to show her how successful he is now? Mei Lan tears the will she prepares as she trusts Shi Xun now.

Mei Lan hurts Zhi Yun by saying that she must meet her husband but she tells her about the divorce. Fu Zi hugs Hao Wen tightly as she is excited to work with him in Xi Lin. She is a producer there to shoot commercials for his company products. Lu Zheng is jealous to see this.

The two guys finally meet at the swimming pool. Shi Xun talks to Zheng Min -€“ not every lefthanders are stubborn although he is one but they will become rivals because he can'€™t bear his irresponsible attitude.

Fu Zi is shocked to know that Shi Xun is the new boss and blames Hao Wen for not telling her. She feels awkward meeting him. Zheng Min is uninterested in the company -€“ he is only interested in anything not to do with money.

Money is a servant and an evil master. He knows that Shi Xun isn'€™t a person acting like a servant. He will try to accommodate to him and hopes that they can become friends. Zhi Yun does housework in the house and is shocked to see her jacket in the closet. Shi Xun is back suddenly.

Shi Xun is sarcastic - how can a rich woman become a domestic helper? He pulls her back -€“ it is rude to leave without him finishing his words. Zhi Yun is annoyed - is this his intention to brag about his success? He denies asking her -€“ can'€™t he care for her?

She can'€™t fry an egg in the past and now she does a good job. Zhi Yun replies -€“ he can get another helper if he feels uneasy to see her. She doesn'€™t feel belittled â-“ the pay is good. She has tried hard to tell Mei Lan about their past but he will do it.

He confesses that he sees her working at his senior'™s home and wants to help her. Why does she hate him? She has forgotten about him. She is distracted and breaks an egg. He is about to help her when she clears the mess.

He comments the uniform suits her and is touched she remembers that he is left-handed in displaying the cutlery. He has not eaten a meal from her when married but now he can enjoy her breakfast.

Shi Xun is given a deal and Zheng Min hopes to see his success. Mei Lan joins them for lunch. Zheng Min claims to be attracted to Zhi Yun till death. Men will not like women to pester them. (Mei Lan is annoyed as she knows he is referring to her.) After the meal, Zheng Min rejects oranges as dessert. He now dislikes them because of Zhi Yun. Shi Xun is alarmed to know that he likes Zhi Yun now.

Mei Lan is curious - who makes a womanizer behave like a 16 year old kid? He describes her prettier than Mei Lan from top to toe so she agrees to see if she suits him. Mei Lan doesn'€™t want Shi Xun to work for others but he refuses to work for Mr Yin.

He doesn€™t want others to say he is eyeing her fortune. Zhi Yun is down upon seeing the couple'€™s photo when cleaning the room. Shi Xun rejects Mei Lan's invitation to have a meal to rush home early to see Zhi Yun. However, she is no longer there and Zheng Min has fetched her.

Zheng Min doesn'€™t feel bad of her being a domestic helper. She will be a good housewife in future but he is concerned as she seems too tired. Zheng Min admits that Shi Xun is attractive so he doesn'€™t want her to work for him. He wants to be her hope. Meeting occasionally is good enough for her but not to him. He asks her out on Sunday. Zheng Min's stepmother pours the coffee away when Zheng Min wants to drink it.

Zheng Min tells her that she should not dress revealing clothes to attract men and should dress appropriately as his father'€™s wife. Don'€™t trust his father for too much -€“ she should try to look pitiful to get his trust otherwise Mr Xu will keep on looking for other women and also not register their marriage. (There is sure very bad blood between the two. This old actress is hopeless and stony in acting. )

Zheng Min drags Zhi Yun to get clothes for her to show others that she is her girlfriend. If he tells her beforehand, she will reject. She thinks of the past of getting Shi Xun'™s help and understands this feeling so she agrees. Zheng Min even helps her to try on the shoes. (Eric'™s female fans will turn giddy to hope that they are the ones. The dress is too bright and pinkish to my liking but it fits her well.) He is stunned by her beauty and is sure that he can'€™t give her to anyone. Zhi Yun is shocked to see the couple.

Zheng Min loves Zhi Yun as deep as the sea. Shi Xun poses the same question to Zhi Yun bitterly -€“ he takes that silence means agreed. Zheng Min holds Zhi Yun'€™s hand firmly (This scene is hilarious and is the greatest highlight of the serial -€“ showing the mixed and confused feelings of the ex-couple.) and she tries to retract from him in vain.

He cuts the steak for her while Mei Lan does it for Shi Xun. She then goes out to answer Mrs Li'™s call. Shi Xun knows Zheng Min is the type Mrs Li wants and asks if she uses the same tactic -“ to steal his bag? (It is too obvious that he is jealous to all but he is unaware of it.)

Zhi Yun is annoyed -€“ must she report to him? Why only he is so lucky? He asks -€“ will she marry Zheng Min? She answers - she hasn'€™t in the past but will consider it now. Zheng Min sees them together - why do they talk for so long and he already misses her? (When these words come out from other'€™s mouths, I will puke but Eric makes it sound so exceptionally sweet.) Zheng Min promises not to let women cry.

Mei Lan can't move and is angry - especially Shi Xun refuses to stay with her for the night as they are not married. (This woman is very open-minded but why isn't he - or he can'€™t forget Zhi Yun?) Mrs Li sees Zheng Min sending Zhi Yun back and sucks up to him when her eyes shine after getting his namecard. She asks when he is going to marry Zhi Yun (how disgusting!)

Zheng Min asks if Zhi Yun rejects him because of her divorce although she likes him. He gets closer to her and kisses her. Shi Xun drives here and sees this to drive recklessly later as he gets jealous. (Another moving scene to show his jealousy.) Zheng Min doesn'€™t want to apologise for stealing her kiss. She is afraid of getting hurt and hurting others.

Many years ago, she loves deeply but ditches the man. But he points out that her personal problem gives him a heart ache instead. He gives her a hug to remove the spell. How can he wait so long for her to approach him? He will take the first initiative till they have no boundary. (That is truly a romantic scene that you have to watch it yourself.)

Shi Xun asks Zhi Yun -€“ will Zheng Min still love her if he knows that she works for him? She replies that Zheng Min doesn't mind. Mei Lan gets suspicious upon seeing them chatting and is disturbed to know that she is his domestic helper. Zhi Yun is in her uniform again but how does she know that Shi Xun is left handed? She adds that she knows it from the last meeting.

Mei Lan comes and asks her to eat with them. She tells her Zhi Yun to cook scrambled eggs as Shi Xun dislikes fried eggs. But Shi Xun doesn't mind it. She starts getting suspicious. Zhi Yun becomes uneasy. (Mei Lan is really eyeing her like a hawk.)

Mei Lan is frank to say that she dislikes another woman to come in and out of the house. Shi Xun is in charge of a big project and Mr Xu is displeased with Zheng Min being absent again. Zheng Min wants the receptionist to wear a shorter skirt. (How this man can flirt openly!)

Shi Xun is unhappy to see that - he should not find excuses and they are rivals if they don't work properly. The 2 things are unchangeable - the time and also the words said. Zheng Min admits his mistake but Shi Xun is too arrogant.

Mrs Li sees Shi Xun at his office. She warns him that he is not to come between Zhi Yun and Zheng Min. (This woman is still ugly and horrendous in my eyes.) Although he is successful, he is still an employee. Shi Xun doesn't lose out in the quarrel - he is Zhi Yun'€™s ex-husband and he has no reason to stop her happiness.

Mrs Li is annoyed and Zheng Min wonders why she is here. He offers to send her home but she rejects. Lu Zheng bribes Hao Wen to teach him to woo Fu Zi. But he teaches all Fu Zi'€™s lines to woo her instead! Lu Zheng starts to suspect that he doesn't know women at all.

Shi Xun doesn't find anything wrong with Zhi Yun working for him. Why does Mei Lan think that he is tired of her when he is quiet? She makes him unable to breathe. Mei Lan tells Zhi Yun that she suspects Shi Xun having another woman -€“ she might be his ex-wife.

Zheng Min and Shi Xun visit the factory and he hopes that Zheng Min will make use of his ability and not to rely on Mr Xu. He knows that Zheng Min likes freedom but he can't tolerate this behaviour in a team.

Zheng Min never asks others to accommodate to him -€“ but he is doing it now. His ex calls him up and he is irritated. He has told her that he loves someone else but she will not listen and even blocks their car. He manages to settle her in 1.5 minutes by pushing her away as promised.

Zhi Yun will be working this weekend and Mei Lan demands to know why Shi Xun can't forget his ex-wife. She wants to stay overnight at his place but he rejects her. (The last time she wants him to stay and now her turn to want to stay -€“ why is she like this?) She can'€™t lose him.

Zheng Min is concerned as Zhi Yun sounds tired over the phone. He wants to meet her although it is late as he misses her. Does Mei Lan look down on her? No but she feels the pressure. Zheng Min gets her to throw eggs on his car to vent her sorrow. She enjoys it and wipes the egg stain on his sleeve.

He is touched as this shows she is happy to be with him. She feels that she has no right to be with him. He is undeterred - does love require rights? It is unhealthy to conceal her feelings. He can wait as they are proceeding.

Zhi Yun is angry with Mrs Li going to Xi Lin to warn Shi Xun. The family is ruined because of her and not him. Zheng Min sees how his stepmother pesters Mr Xu to prevent him from looking for other women. He cites that concubines can't accept concubines. (This is sure a sarcastic remark.)

Mei Lan asks Zhi Yun to choose their photos to display - she wants to remind Shi Xun about her presence in his home. She is enraged to find Zhi Yun's letters to Shi Xun from overseas and their wedding photo in a box. She sees the similar pen on his table - that means they are still in contact.

Mei Lan looks fiercely at her - she should know Shi Xun'€™s likes to get the things he wants from the market. Mei Lan breaks the glass of the phoenix picture after she leaves. (Mei Lan is very fierce here even though she may look helpless in the wheelchair.) No one expects Zheng Min to woo women. Yong Yun comes to see him and he comments that she is as pretty as her elder sister.

She claims to be better and wants to do anything he asks her to. She clings close to him. He allows her to sit beside him and she thinks that he is going to kiss her but he tells her to leave immediately. (This scene simply makes me crack up non-stop.)

Yong Yun should know that he likes Zhi Yun and she breaks the rules. He will take that she is seeking attention from the brother-in-law. She is annoyed - she knows Zheng Min earlier than Zhi Yun but why doesn'€™t he like her first?

Shi Xun and Zhi Yun are surprised to see the frame broken. Mei Lan wants him to throw it as it has no more value. When he refuses, she wants to get Zhi Yun to do the job. But he tells her to leave it there. Shi Xun declines to marry Mei Lan next month and to wait till Autumn.

Mei Lan snaps -€“ how does Zhi Yun know that Shi Xun likes seaweed soup? She later deliberately falls from the wheelchair while getting down the steps to push the blame on Zhi Yun. (I can never forget her chilly expression in showing victory as she clings to Shi Xun as he brings her up the stairs.)

Zheng Min's friend asks him whether he will ditch his present girlfriend after a month. He says no -€“ she makes his heart beat. He is not food - so he will not change taste. He is delighted when Zhi Yun calls him first.

She really lets him down for being so tough to woo. She can'€™t escape from the past. She hates a person and can'€™t forget him. What is Zheng Min going to do? Fight with her ex-husband? He tells her just to let go.

Zheng Min turns on the car lights and dances with her to cheer her up. She knows that Mei Lan knows that truth now and she feels like destroy everything in the house. But she begs her to keep it from Shi Xun.

Zheng Min suggests getting a maid for the deal discussion with Rosman at Jiju island. They want a family gathering so Zheng Min knows Zhi Yun knows English and can keep Mei Lan company (What a stupid choice!).

Zhi Yun doesn'€™t like him to do things impulsively according to his own feelings. The four meet again and Zheng Min has an intimate dance with Zhi Yun. Shi Xun is obviously unhappy to see this.

Zheng Min doesn'€™t like money but he wants to share it with her by teaching her golf to enjoy life. Shi Xun meets Zhi Yun and Mei Lan gets a PI to follow him. He should not make the mistake to employ her. She can'€™t talk to him nicely as he is too proud. What goes wrong? In his principles, she is exceptional.

So he is still not qualified to love her? He kisses her but she slaps him. He has tortured her to make her love him in the past. Shi Xun gets drunk and Mei Lan slaps Zhi Yun to threaten her again. Zheng Min tells Shi Xun that Mrs Li seems to like him. Zhi Yun is the one who doesn't want marriage. She is sincere, quick, patient and caring. Zheng Min gives lilies and a fruit basket to Mrs Li upon visiting them for a meal.

The two are reminded of the past -€“ Mei Lan is sarcastic when they choose the bungalow for discussion. (This woman is getting snappy and sharp in her comments.) This place is suitable for elopement. Zheng Min is unaware about it and wishes Shi Xun to sell it to him as he really wants to stay there with Zhi Yun. (No one will laugh at his innocence as he knows nothing about their past.)

Mr Xu complains that the juice that Zhi Yun gives him is too sour and has a bad impression of her. Mei Lan asks how Zhi Yun feels returning 10 years later. She has no answer from her.

Yong Yun joins the modeling contest. Zheng Min can't decide who to choose but he will ask Shi Xun. Shi Xun will not give flowers but will love Mei Lan. Zheng Min jokes he can move in to stay with the Lis so that he can get to see Zhi Yun daily. He really to know why she is troubled - does she have two children?

If they are pretty daughters like her, he will not mind. Zheng Min is really but she doesn'€™t know how to get along with him in future. He tells her to trust and love him. She should try to jump far into his heart.

They reach Jiju island and the ex-couple have mixed feelings. Zheng Min carries Zhi Yun'€™s luggage for her. Zhi Yun is preparing food in the lower deck and Zheng Min steals a kiss from her -€“ she is the only thing that he needs. (This is quite cute.) Mei Lan is sitting on the deck and wants her to get the suntan lotion cap for her.

Zhi Yun slips and falls into the water instead. (So we must never underestimate a crippled Mei Lan although this is not her intention but she is definitely treating her like a maid). The two guys see her struggling in water and are anxious when they can'€™t find her in the water when they dive in. (This scene is very touching when they slip in and out of water to search for her.)

Shi Xun manages to find her before Zheng Min and puts her on the deck tenderly. Mei Lan is burning mad upon seeing Shi Xun'€™s worried expression while Zheng Min pushes him aside to have a look at her. She calls Shi Xun'€™s name and also dreams of him leaving her and she tries in vain to get him back. She wakes up to look into Zheng Min'€™s anxious face instead.

He jokes that she is a sleeping beauty. She tells him to return to his room as she can remove the drip herself. He is amused -€“ why chase him away -€“ is she scared that he will eat her or is she angry that he kisses her? He will stay to remove for her. Does she smell something burning - his heart is burned by fire.(Eric'€™s fans will get very touched by this scene. )

Shi Xun is anxious to see Zhi Yun but stops when Mei Lan is outside Zhi Yun's room. He lies that he has wanted to meet Zheng Min but declines to go in with her. Zheng Min asks -€“ what should he do to win Zhi Yun'€™s heart to be his woman? His life as exchange?

He doesn'€™t wish her to evade his eyes to answer his question. He is about to kiss her when Mei Lan comes -€“ he is amused -€“ she really has good timing. Mr Xu is angry that Zheng Min is serious about Zhi Yun. Shi Xun stands alone in the beach in the rain thinking of the past. Zhi Yun looks at him secretly in despair.

Zhi Yun talks with the Rosman owner. He admires her memory in him having diabetics and remembers his works well. He wants her to read Xi Lin documents but she refuses as she is engaged by Xi Lin for the job. Actually, the contents are already known and he is just testing her.

He is impressed by her professionalism. Zhi Yun thanks Shi Xun for saving her but he says that he will save anyone. How nice if she knows Zheng Min first so things will be different. He has hoped that Zhi Yun will look for him as he has been rejected.

Zheng Min sees them together and senses something amiss. She should thank Shi Xun for saving her but isn't this too long. Mei Lan describes loving too much makes one overly suspicious. He is indeed jealous to see them together. Zhi Yun looks angry - why doesn'€™t look at him directly? Mei Lan tells Shi Xun that she knows their past and he is shocked but he prevents her from telling Zheng Min.

They clinch the deal and the Rosman entrepreneur wants someone he can trust to work with them. That is Zhi Yun. She speaks English and also majors in fashion designing before so she is suitable for the job. Zheng Min has confidence in her while Shi Xun doesn't mind working with her. Zhi Yun will consider but Zheng Min takes that she will work with him.

Mei Lan gets Zhi Yun to clean her room and apply lotion to her legs. (My blood boils when watching this scene as it is obvious that she is humiliating her.) Why is Zhi Yun always around Shi Xun? Zhi Yun will not want an attached guy.

The guys have a chat - Zheng Min doesn't expect Shi Xun to agree to it but he jokes that Zheng Min will regret if Zhi Yun is too busy for him. Shi Xun goes on stage for the celebration dinner and sings the love song that both heard in the car years ago.

Mei Lan is angry that he still has feelings for Zhi Yun as Zhi Yun stops her work to listen to him. Shi Xun tells Hao Wen that he is most afraid of himself.

Mei Lan can never agree to have Zhi Yun appearing in front of Shi Xun daily. Shi Xun will not forgive her if she interferes. Zheng Min gets Zhi Yun home - he is very pitiful as he doesn't know how his mother looks like. Now she finds that she knows too little of him.

She has neglected him because of her own affairs. Now he is impatient -€“ he wants to know what she keeps from him. He dislikes her uneasiness. If she can'€™t be frank, don'€™t show it. She will tell him one day but she is afraid of hurting others.

He is attentive - does the man extort her? She denies. Shi Xun gets into Zhi Yun'€™s room to wait for her and sees the pen on her table. No matter what happens, he never regrets knowing her. Zheng Min sends Zhi Yun back and wants her to lock the door. If not, he will come anytime.

She is shocked to see Shi Xun. Zheng Min discovers that her handphone is still with him and he returns -€“ he is stunned to see them together. He finally understands and hits Shi Xun. He doesn'€™t want to hear Zhi Yun's voice too.

This might be better as they have to face it. She is calm as she is remorseful to Zheng Min. Mei Lan is about to slap her when Zhi Yun stops her. Don't provoke her anymore. Zheng Min gets drunk and ignores Zhi Yun the next day. She apologises to him but he ignores her.

Zheng Min is with other girls and sings with them. (How rare to hear his singing for once.) He has been stuck by lightning. So his heart is dead. The woman unbuttons his shirt but he leaves. He stands outside Zhi Yun'€™s house and Yong Yun sees him.

The doctor finds Mei Lan too tired and wants Shi Xun to give her a rest. Zheng Min vents his anger as he recalls how Shi Xun shows his anxiety to treat Zhi Yun well. (Eric still needs practice in exercising anger.) He refuses to let Shi Xun walk into the lift with him. Shi Xun overwrites Zheng Min's decision -€“ how can a director go against the CEO? He wants Zheng Min to come to his room but Zheng Min makes the request.

Shi Xun is angered and walks over. Why doesn'€™t Shi Xun knock on the door and he answers that the director should stand upon seeing the CEO. Zheng Min comments that he has forgotten that Shi Xun is of higher rank. Mei Lan sends PI to check on the two. She cries when she can't return to the wheelchair. (Although I dislike her, I still pity her as she cries so hard and looks very fragile.)

Zheng Min refuses to pick up Zhi Yun's call and ignores her later. Shi Xun asks Zheng Min to consider from his stand. How can he treat that nothing has happened? Zheng Min can'€™t forgive them. Shi Xun can give Zhi Yun money if she wants and not to lower to Zheng Min.

She doesn'€™t want him to show sympathy. Mei Lan€™s toes can move when she accidentally drops ice and overturns a lamp to cause feelings to them. She keeps from Shi Xun and Zheng Min should thank her for it He knows she isn't simple but she is scary.

He doesn'€™t opt out because he lacks confidence or think of Zhi Yun's happiness. If Mei Lan can stand, they will reconcile so Zheng Min should try harder. She doesn'€™t want to lose her love. If he loves Zhi Yun, he should forgive her and not lose her. Although Zheng Min says nothing, Mei Lan knows she wins.

Zheng Min gets Zhi Yun to take up the job. He doesn'€™t see why he should attend the meeting since Shi Xun is going. Zheng Min drinks at the rooftop and looks at the pictures that he has taken with Zhi Yun. She also looks at the dress that he gives her. Zheng Min starts the relationship so he will decide when to end it. He is happy to think the gap between them is reduced to get tricked. Both hug and start again.

Mei Lan goes for therapy but lies to Shi Xun that she goes for a spa. Zheng Min buys things for Zhi Yun again. He likes the present her and if she is touched, she should shed a tear. She should not consider the guys when working. Shi Xun is glad that she comes as he, the CEO can'€™t get her to work. Zheng Min and Zhi Yun go for lunch -€“ to see his parents having a meal with Shi Xun and Mei Lan. Shi Xun accidentally scalds Mei Lan'€™s legs with hot tea.

She feels the pain but pretends to feel nothing and taps on his sympathy that she can'€™t walk. (She is so scary -€“ it is obviously painful that she even presses the cushion tightly.

Zheng Min returns home to learn from Mrs Xu that Mr Xu is meeting Zhi Yun. He hurries there and brings her out - Mr Xu has said that a divorcee doesn'€™t deserve his son. Zheng Min wants him to apologise to get slapped. Zhi Yun is his god and he doesn'€™t allow anyone to humiliate her.

Zhi Yun leaves alone and understands what Shi Xun is going through when he joins her. Why does he work so hard -€“ to get back everything he wants. Mr Xu can'€™t accept her -€“ she will get angry with Zheng Min and Zheng Min will feel bad. They should part but he feels being made fun of. She should know him but she disappoints him.

She should trust him as he is trying to curb his temper now. Zhi Yun works in the fashion unit and Zheng Min wants to help her to carry a big box of goods. She forbids that as they are in the company. Yong Yun and Lu Zheng pretend to be a pair of lovers to make Fu Zi jealous.

Mei Lan deliberately buys a lot of things to make Zhi Yun carry for her - saying that she is helping her to increase her sales. Mei Lan'€™s doctor is pleased that she shows improvement and she wants to have her therapy session separately from others by giving the hospital a donation. She also bribes her driver that she will get him a house if he keeps the secret from Shi Xun, hinting that he has no future if he continues to drive for her.

Shi Xun passes the shop and stops upon seeing Zhi Yun working well. Zheng Min is unhappy and leaves. He gets angrier when they eat together. How can she leave when he is staying? She is lucky to have Shi Xun as her boss. Shi Xun answers that it is natural for him to care for a staff. Zheng Min gets mad and says that if she eats too much she is no longer attractive. (He is like a child throwing tantrums.) The three look at a fashion show and Zheng Min is annoyed to see them together again.

Shi Xun is angry when Zheng Min says that their company is not doing well in front of foreign clients. Both fight and he asks Zheng Min if he wants to return Zhi Yun to him. Shi Xun is furious to know that Mei Lan gets a PI to check on him. Zheng Min never agrees to the breakup -€“ he nearly goes mad upon seeing them together.

He tells Mr Xu that he will not give her up. He throws a vase at him and leaves a deep cut near his eyebrow. Zheng Min even kneels and begs him but he will not allow it.

Zhi Yun hesitates whether to get into the lift as Zheng Min is in it. He tells her to walk in as he walks out. Shi Xun buys a necklace for Mei Lan to appease her. He is shocked to see her standing up to get the gloves from the upper shelf. He walks out unsteadily and shivers to light his cigarette. He remembers how she lies to him that she can't walk. (Excellent acting from Suh Jin for looking distracted and fierce.)

He walks in fiercely and she likes the gift but he is neutral. When asked to put on her, he looks so fierce like he is going to strangle her. He lies that he has gastrisis as he has no appetite. Does she still do therapy? Any progress? She says no and hides from his glare. (I can assure you that Suh Jin looks very scary in here -€“ so different from his usual self.) She even tells him to give up that she can walk again.

He wants to see her eyes -€“ has she something to be scared about? They look at a documentary and it is on how to make an insect escape from a grasshopper's attack. Shi Xun describes that the victim has missed its chance and there is not turning back. She wonders why he sounds so unfeeling.

Then she gets a call and he looks at her. She says that she is her classmate from New York University and Shi Xun snaps he has not asked who calls -€“ why elaborate? He will carry her into the room before leaving. Does he have anything to tell her? He also asks the same question but she only says that she loves him. (We can see from his face that he is sick of her lies.)

Zheng Min looks through all reports on Shi Xun -€“ he is too successful in life. He recalls Shi Xun'€™s words on how he should depend on own ability. Shi Xun warns him not to be rude to him and he will see who leaves the company first.

Zheng Min wants to transfer to Shi Xun's department but Mr Xu refuses. Zheng Min promises to be a good son so that he will not harass Zhi Yun. This is the first time he begs him. Shi Xun wants Zhi Yun to drink with him. Does she get into trouble because of him? She denies and tells him not to worry for her. She will not weep easily and she can do her work well to be a good brand manager. Shi Xun notices that she changes a lot and time lets her grow. Even if he escapes far, he can't get away from her.

She refuses to start again with him - she is sitting with him now to be his friend and because he looks sad and she should help him. Zheng Min is back at work and his secretary is stunned -€“ he jokes that scaring others is his favourite stunt and he wants to look through all the documents. Zhi Yun appears at the store and Piao looks at her nervously. Zheng Min wonders what is wrong but also looks at her too. Rosman gets a complaint of having imitation goods on the market and Shi Xun looks into it.

Does anyone divulge information to other companies? Mr Xu tells Zheng Min to stay with Shi Xun to handle the insurance and to seek the culprit out. Zheng Min will join the finance department as deputy CEO and hopes that they can work well. Shi Xun smiles wearily -€“ he knows that he will have a hard time soon.

Piao asks to see Zhi Yun'€™s superior, the store manager and Shi Xun becomes suspicious. Rumours start flying - will this cause Shi Xun his job and Zheng Min to replace him? Zhi Yun worries for Shi Xun.

The imitations are all over Seoul so Zhi Yun and other staff try to collect them back. He discusses with Hao Wen - how does the U.S. head office know about it within 10 hours? They should only know about a week later. It is a conspiracy and someone is out to ruin him. Hao Wen suspects that it is Zheng Min but Shi Xun knows that he will not hurt himself in a battle. (I really salute to him for knowing his rival so well.)

Zheng Min gets into the lift with Shi Xun - has Shi Xun suspected him? Shi Xun knows that they have personal grudges but doesn'€™t think that he will do it. Zheng Min reminds him that he might do it because he isn'€™t magnanimous. He remembers Mei Lan calling her friend who is working at Rosman when he is having a meal with her and Shi Xun while he is driving. His expression turns stern.

Why cause their company to suffer because of her own love game? Mei Lan denies but he knows that she becomes unreasonable because of Shi Xun. He gives all his unconditional love to Zhi Yun and is frank to her because he can look directly into her eyes.

He tells Mei Lan to look back at herself -€“ she is so ugly -€“ she actually doesn't love Shi Xun but only wants to manipulate him. She must find another way to capture his heart. And she has to get a lawyer ready and don't make him unlucky because of her misfortune. After Shi Xun leaves, she worries and calls her friend, warning her to be wary of the outcome. (That is one of the most captivating and touching speeches that I've heard so far from all dramas.)

Shi Xun has no clue on how the person bringing the imitations to the shops and frowns upon knowing that Zhi Yun has collected more than 200 imitations. Zheng Min is unhappy to see them looking through the goods together and him telling Zhi Yun not to worry for him.

He knows that Zhi Yun is going to ask if he is the culprit so he tells her to leave or he will lose his temper.(Poor man to eat the dead cat.) He drinks at the bar and Shi Xun reconsiders what happens. Mei Lan will support him if he resigns - what'€™s there to worry?

He becomes wary when she keeps wanting him to return to U.S. with her. He wants a nap before going to the therapy with her at 2pm. She calls her friend and wants her not to tell the news to others. Shi Xun opens his eyes - he doesn'€™t sleep at all and realizes that Mei Lan is behind this. He recalls the meeting with Zheng Min when she makes the call and looks at the graduation photo that she has taken with her friend.

His eyes are cold when he places the frame face down on the dressing table. (Zheng Min is still a step ahead of him in discovering the truth but his cold expression surpasses him.)

Zheng Min already accepts the fact that Mr Xu will not accept Zhi Yun so Mrs Li blames Shi Xun for it but Zhi Yun still thinks that it is her fault. Fu Zi is jealous to see Lu Zheng with Yong Yun so she eats with Hao Wen. Shi Xun carries Mei Lan to her wheelchair (not because he likes to but because she wants him to do it but it is obvious that he is fed up with her.) and her driver evades his glare. Zheng Min meets Zhi Yun and she apologises for suspecting him. He blocks her way - just don't move and face him then.

He sometimes hates her but has forgiven her. It is too difficult to open her heart. He can tolerate anything but not her rejection. She tells him to hate her instead and does stocktaking in the warehouse with her colleagues. Zheng Min wants her to wait for him. She is trapped when it suddenly catches fire when others go out.

Zheng Min rushes in, breaks the window with the fire extinguisher and jumps into the room to be with her. Shi Xun's mind is a total blank upon knowing what happens and nearly runs in too but the security guards stop him. Zheng Min's hand is scalded but he manages to bring Zhi Yun out.

He grips her hand tightly and Shi Xun has to see them leave unwillingly in the ambulance. The doctor tells Zheng Min to be careful to nurse his wound. Zhi Yun declines his offer to take his car back although his driver is driving. Zheng Min jokes - his hand is already injured - how can she still want him to carry her into his car?

She blushes and listens to him. Shi Xun picks up Zhi Yun's hairclip from the scene and keeps it. Zheng Min recalls how Zhi Yun clings to him like a mad woman although the fire if put out.

Zhi Yun is amused - how can he joke when he nearly loses his life? He replies sadly - he is already dead when she rejects him. He doesn't like her to say sorry or thank you because he can't answer never mind. He doesn't want her to evade his eyes.

It is hard to accept a person and harder to forget a person. He knows Zhi Yun is frightened to love him. She cries earlier because of him so she can't escape from him anymore. Even after a day like this, she is still so pretty. (I completely agree with him over this statement.)

Zheng Min tells Shi Xun - he should know that it is Mei Lan's doing now. Zheng Min wants to clap for him - it is because of him to cause this but they have no evidence against her. He will not offer friendship as he must provide double profit returns and is not forgiven.

Mei Lan tells Shi Xun that she is sick but he has no time for her. (He must be feeling sick of being deceived by her all along.) He cites - does she know that hunting dogs will get killed by wolves one day? This description serves as a warning to her but she doesn't listen to it - she still smiles and is walking with a support now.

Shi Xun crushes the paper cup in his hand. He recalls that she mentions 11pm when she asks him to leave the other night. He turns back the time on the clock. That will take 70 min and 30 min for the thing to happen. He can't make the problem disappear but he can solve the problem.

Hao Wen coaxes him to lunch with him to have a breather. Zheng Min is happy when Zhi Yun asks him out - is it because she gives him a treat so that he finds the food delicious? He jokes that his arm becomes more painful and kisses her again. Shi Xun frowns upon seeing this and walks away. The two look back at him in silence.

Zheng Min can't imagine Zhi Yun to love him immediately but don't shut him out. He pretends that his arm is really painful to prove that she really likes him. He will also pretend to be a good son. Hao Wen and Lu Zheng are stunned at Fu Zi's daring agogo dressing.

Hao Wen is initially Lu Zheng's love advisor but now discovers that Fu Zi is filling his heart now. Shi Xun frowns upon calculating to 50 billion won damages over the incident. He waits for Mei Lan at the hospital for her therapy session and she is shocked. He has the phenomenon that she is coming. (Actually he knows that she plans for the private session.)

The following is the best highlight of the whole serial that shows powerful acting between Hye Young and Suh Jin. He carries her in the water. If he lets go of her, she will sink. She laughs uneasily that he is joking but he tells her that he might do it and what makes her think that he is joking? He can see that her toes are moving and she tries to stop when he is looking.

He tells her not to act anymore. A liar will reveal his true colours one day. He releases her and gets out of the water! She struggles in water at the bottom of the pool, panicking but later she manages to stand on her feet.

Shi Xun is now standing at the side of the pool wearing the bathrobe - his expression as cold and white as its colour. She kneels at his feet like a slave, begging for forgiveness - she is scared that he will leave her. He replies that she has never loved him.

If not, she will not try to harm him. He will never forgive her as she nearly ruins his life and his difficultly attained position. He has given her ample time but she deceives him continuously. Don't appear in front of him again. (This scene shows Suh Jin's acting powers well - I never know that a gentle Shi Xun can be so ruthless in the next minute.)

He doesn't stay beside Mei Lan because of the accident but he loves her then. Without him, can she survive? Why make his life so difficult then? Shi Xun hopes that Zhi Yun will not make decisions soon in choosing her love when she is buying coffee for her colleagues.

Shi Xun is working on his laptop and removes his handphone battery when Mei Lan calls him. She starts smashing things in her home again. Mr Xu tells Zheng Min not to be too anxious to remove Shi Xun.

Shi Xun looks at the coffee cups that Zhi Yun gets earlier. At first, he types 'mass' and later 'masstige' - mass + prestige. It is a new brand for the goods - everyone can have branded goods at reasonable and affordable prices. Zheng Min is unhappy that he wins again and crushes the newspaper report on him. He cites that Shi Xun's poor background helps him and he should get the right woman to prove his ability.

Zheng Min sends cakes to Zhi Yun's home (he gets each woman their favourite ones.) while Zhi Yun is transferred to work in the factory. Zheng Min wants to group shareholders against Shi Xun and talks with them over the phone (be impressed with Eric's Amercian accented English.) Zhi Yun tells Shi Xun that she is clear of her feelings for Zheng Min - he is the past her. He likes her with nothing.

Remember how Shi Xun keeps rejecting her and she wants to be with him? Maybe she is the same as Zheng Min. Shi Xun - how is he going to win her back? She can't hurt Mrs Li anymore. Isn't it enough to be married once? Zheng Min wants Mrs Li to keep from Zhi Yun about him buying an apartment for them.

Mrs Li and Yong Yun are looking at the apartments and agree to it. (Both are horrid creatures who have no dignity and are VERY greedy.) Mei Lan wishes to see Shi Xun the last time she leaves for U.S. but he crushes her note. Mrs Li keeps singing Zheng Min's praises. Mr Xu is pleased with Shi Xun for handling the case but warns him not to offend Mei Lan further.

Shi Xun comes to Mei Lan's home to see Zhi Yun and Zheng Min there. Zhi Yun is the only one shocked to see Mei Lan walking. Why shouldn't Zhi Yun congratulate her and all provide a good farewell for her? She wants to make the couple continue their unending relationship. Both guys suppress their anger to leave to sit down. Mei Lan reminds the two and shocks Zheng Min about Zhi Yun's miscarriage - still, it is considered to be their child to link them together. So the two should be together again.

Zheng Min asks - is this what she really wants? She makes use of him to separate them and he knows her well to be a bitch. (What a daring description!) Mei Lan she only wants her Shi Xun to be fortunate. Zhi Yun finds her frightening. The two leave and only Shi Xun is left.

He tells Mei Lan to shut up but she says this is what she will do for him the last time. Why is he unhappy ? She loves him too much so she arranges this. She begs him not to be cruel to give her a last hug before leaving. He obeys but gets slapped. She wants him to either love her madly or see her dying.

Just hit her since he ditches her. Shi Xun doesn't look at her as she is so shameless. She keeps stopping him from leaving and he pushes her away twice. I can never expect Shi Xun to be so strong - the first time, he overturns the table of food and later he breaks the fish tank.

It is a horrifying sight to see the fish dead and Mei Lan steps over the broken glass to hurt her feet. Blood is seen everywhere on the pieces - this pain is nothing to her. Her heart's pain is endless when Shi Xun shreds it to pieces. She then cuts her wrist with a broken glass and Shi Xun sends her to hospital. (This shows Mei Lan's self-destructive nature well.)

Zheng Min drinks alone at the bar and he doesn't notice that he overspills the wine. Zhi Yun cries at Fu Zi's home after telling her the whole story. She sees a drunk Zheng Min outside her home. Since it is so painful, just let her go then - is she worth the trouble?

The sisters help him into her room. Shi Xun hopes Mei Lan will not get hurt because of him. They can't trust each other since they are so tired. Being too persistent will lead to nothing. She should not torture him anymore but she can't believe that he leaves her. Zheng Min wakes up to find himself hugging a teddy bear.

He puts a blanket over it and sees his jacket and tie placed neatly on a clothes hanger. He has intended to leave quietly but Zhi Yun wakes up from the sofa. She jokes that she can pretend to sleep then but she wants to fix him tea to clear his drunkenness.

He hugs her from the back - just a minute will do. He apologises to her - he shouldn't look for her at this time. When he hears of her having Shi Xun's child before, this blow is too big for him. But if he knows that he can't let go, he will lose her. His conclusion is - if he dwells on it, he will never get her.

There are nice women around but only she can make him happy. If not, he will not look for her even when he is drunk. Now is Shi Xun her past and she only has him as her present? She replies yes and they hug - he will gain his father's approval.

Shi Xun can't stand Zheng Min's snappy remarks. He wants Shi Xun to drive him to company as he doesn't drive. Zheng Min gets Mrs Li's call so he deliberately lets Shi Xun know that he has been at their place the last night and he will attend Mr Li's death anniversary.

When both reach the office, Zheng Min lies to Mr Xu that he is with Shi Xun the whole night discussing about the conference. It is right for Shi Xun to help him for once so it shouldn't be any problem for him. Shi Xun doesn't know whether to get angry or annoyed with him.

The masstige products prove to be a hit and so IT and MP3 products should be opening their markets now. Mr Xu will tell Zheng Min to give Shi Xun the funds support. Hao Wen thinks that Mr Xu gives Zheng Min too much power.

Shi Xun feels that is natural - if not his J-Riever products will still run into debts without his help. Shi Xun looks at the computer chips. Mr Xu chides Zheng Min for being incompetent - a night with him and yet knows nothing about his thoughts. Shi Xun has a great desire for IT industry so he must help him.

Zheng Min calls the overseas company and frowns that he can only get about 15% of shares from shareholders against Shi Xun. The secretary tells him that Mr Xu wants him for lunch - he jokes with her - how can he not ask her to join them and only asks him? (Eric is sure playful here.) Zheng Min calls Zhi Yun but she is too busy to answer. She carries two heavy boxes but Shi Xun helps her.

He looks at her when she is working - how long does he intend to stay? Zheng Min comes in the rain. Shi Xun describes - he once has a beautiful umbrella which doesn't fit him. He doesn't use it although he needs it to throw it away. Now he is looking for it in vain.

Maybe it is good but on rainy days, he will miss it - just like now. (This tone shows his bitterness and unending despair.) He decides not to waste time and be greedy. Why can't they start again? If she likes another, he ill let go of her but her eyes betray her.

Zheng Min sees them together and is mad. This scene is extraordinary - each guy pull her by one arm! She tells Shi Xun to let go of her and she walks alone quietly. Zheng Min says Shi Xun doesn't seem to know women change easily. He trusts Zhi Yun that they are in the past and hugs her tightly in the rain. She hugs him back.

Fu Zi tells Shi Xun the cause of Mr Li's death, wanting him to let Zhi Yun go and control Mei Lan. Shi Xun feels very remorseful. Zhi Yun has called him after Mr Li's funeral - he tells her to have a conscience and not to call him again to make fun of him. He even removes the telephone line.

Zheng Min gives Mrs Xu money to buy a house. She promises to help him persuade Mr Xu. This woman makes me sick - she lies that she wants to see how Zhi Yun attracts Zheng Min to make him love her so much. When Zheng Min steps aside to answer a call, her face changes to a nasty and twisted look - Zhi Yun's skills must be good to let him be attracted by her innocent look.

When Zheng Min is back, she tells Zhi Yun to smile with her to make him happy. Zhi Yun feels disgusted. (To me, I puke - dear viewers - whenever you see her, you may off the television set or press the button to forward the discs.)

Mei Lan keeps looking at the old photos. Shi Xun has a business appointment with his client and she harasses him at his car. She never agrees to the breakup. He pushes her aside and drives away - he is not fortunate after leaving her too.

She sees a 4 leaf keychain on her car key in her car - she recalls giving one to Shi Xun for good luck and cries. Mr Xu is shocked to learn from Piao that Zhi Yun is Mr Li's daughter. Only the two of them know the truth and Piao's cousin isn't around. Piao doesn't think that Zhi Yun has a motive to join their company. Should they dismiss her - but Mr Xu says no need to for now.

Mr Xu recalls the past - the motorcyclist (Piao's cousin) goes past and nearly knocks him down but he moves to the side to cause Mr Li to get hit by the car. Mei Lan says that Shi Xun is too late when he reaches her place as Zhi Yun has left.

He finds her unreasonable to tell everything to Mrs Li but she stresses that her change is due to him. She still wants him to try to love her - only then she will let go. Can't he pity her like in the past to treat her well even though he doesn't love her. He is her life.

A little girl drops a ball at Shi Xun's feet and he offers her bread. It reminds him - Zhi Yun wants to have a baby with him. Zheng Min asks if children are cute. Coffee and love must be hot. Like the cold coffee, Shi Xun's past is over. Shi Xun asks - is he scared of him or hates him?

Zheng Min replies both so Shi Xun decides to give Zhi Yun up. Zheng Min is also a man and will admire him if he reveals his true feelings. But Shi Xun's giving up is the best choice since they can never reconcile.

The 3 go cycling - Fu Zi is annoyed that Lu Zheng follows her and Hao Wen. It is sunny when she is with him. She wipes off the rain and sweat from Hao Wen's forehead and he is flattered - from love's angle, this is a sweet gesture. Their taste is the same to like drinking soups too so he can consider her to be his girlfriend. Lu Zheng is worried - will Hao Wen betray him?

Mrs Li tells Zhi Yun to do the company project at their home with Zheng Min to treat it as a date. He smiles upon seeing her serious in planning the fashion show. He reads her proposals and plays with her teddy bear. When tired, he rests on her lap and wants her to feed him with tomatoes. (This scene is cute - you must watch it yourself especially when they cook together.)

Zhi Yun should have escaped from him the first time they meet. He admits that he isn't a nice man to get into her good books and impress her.

He tells her about his meeting with Shi Xun and promises her that he will hold her till death to be together no matter what happens. The guys meet in the lift again - Shi Xun only talks when there is the need. No one can deny his ability. The new product is 'easy and simple' but Zheng Min wants present figures to affirm instead of past figures. Shi Xun wants a week but Piao snaps at him - why hire him as CEO if he needs so much time? Shi Xun is furious and nearly quarrels with him.

Mr Xu, Shi Xun and Piao meet Zhi Yun in the lift. She is embarrassed when Zheng Min calls her at this time to remind her of their dinner date. All look at her, including Shi Xun. Mr Xu tells Piao to apologise to Shi Xun which he does unwillingly. Shi Xun doesn't blame him as he is looking at company's interest. After Shi Xun leaves, Mr Xu asks if Piao still angry that he doesn't get the CEO post? Piao is simply not competent enough so he has nothing to say.

Piao is angry - all his life, he has slogged for him so he decides to create evidence. (Do you find this familiar - this is becoming like 'Beautiful Days') He once worked for Mr Li and betrays him to work for Mr Xu. Zheng Min calls Mr Xu but he doesn't hang up his call when talking to Piao.

He is shocked to know that Mr Xu is connected to Mr Li's death. Even though Piao is exposed, he will only be jailed for a few years. But Mr Xu's impact is greater - so they should transfer Zhi Yun to the U.S.

This is no doubt benefit Zheng Min who will follow her there. Or let him marry her to be one of them. Zheng Min is confused and stunned by the news. Piao is happy to tape everything down. He tells Shi Xun that he should stop being arrogant or he will lose his head. Zheng Min confronts Mr Xu and we can see how anxious he is as he runs up the stairs quickly. He is devastated - how can he hurt others? Just tell him that that is not the truth.

Zheng Min drops Mr Xu's handphone to the floor, kneels down and shouts in anger. (Eric's expression is very real and looks so pitiful. It is very rare that a newcomer can do so well.)

Mr Xu admits that he hasn't wanted to kill Mr Li. Zheng Min can't imagine that he is a criminal's son. He tells Mr Xu to surrender or he will do it. Zheng Min doesn't dare to meet Zhi Yun at the arranged place. She is worried when he doesn't contact her.

Mr Xu tells Shi Xun that Piao will handle the funds since Zheng Min isn't around. Zhi Yun asks Shi Xun if Zheng Min commits a mistake. Nothing that he knows of so both suspect that he quarrels with Mr Xu and he hides from them. He tells her not to let go of Zheng Min although he loves her first. Piao overhears them.

Zheng Min sees a teddy bear outside a shop and buys it to hug and sob. He still refuses to listen to her calls. Shi Xun looks at the past 10 years records - he recalls Hao Wen telling him that Mr Li owned Xin Yong Zhi and wonders why it is closed down. He wants all the records.

His handphone rings again and he removes the battery upon seeing that Mei Lan is the caller. (This is the second time he does this but this shrew will never stop but he makes a smarter move later.) He calls the security to prevent Mei Lan from parking her car to force her to leave. Mei Lan still comes to his house at night - they will perish together.

Hao Wen admits that she is scary. Shi Xun doesn't want this to affect him since the new product is on listing soon. Mr Xu meets Zhi Yun and Zheng Min to be together to approve their marriage. Zheng Min wants her to leave first - why is Mr Xu having so many crafty ideas?

He will hate him as long as he is alive. Does he think that marriage and money will make amends? How can he make use of him as an exchange? Is he really his father? He will be a despicable person in future.

Mr Xu can't let Xi Lin disappear so he opts for the Ministry of development project to contest with Mr Li. He has wanted him to lie in hospital for a while but never expects him to die. All these should belong to Zhi Yun but Zheng Min snatches everything from her. Now it is too late. His life is still determined by Mr Xu but he will try not to appear in front of him again.

Zhi Yun also suspects his motive and calls Zheng Min in vain. Zheng Min gets into a fight with some hooligans after a drink and Shi Xun bails him out. Shi Xun offers friendship but he rejects him. Shi Xun's secretary is thankful that Shi Xun leads them because they work harder since his coming. He promises profits for them.

Zhi Yun carries the heavy boxes again and Zheng Min nearly wants to help her but retreats when she looks back. Mr Xu wants Shi Xun to persuade Zheng Min to return since Zheng Min thinks well of him. Mr Xu regards Shi Xun as his son and hopes that he can treat him as his younger brother.

Shi Xun is stunned to know that Mr Xu approves Zheng Min marrying Zhi Yun. Zheng Min is at his brother's grave - Zhi Yun is his first and last love. What should he do? He should let her go since he has no choice and nowhere to hide. This may be the last time he visits him. Mrs Li hates Shi Xun because he hurts Zhi Yun too much.

She opposes to them being together not just he is poor. Although he is smart, he is too conceited and never accommodates to elders. (I must say that Mrs Li looks extremely ugly here with her negative remarks. Does she still think that she is rich to belittle others? I am also puzzled - why Zhi Yun and Zheng Min also think that Shi Xun is conceited - but I don't feel the same way. Isn't this strange?)

Zhi Yun sees Zheng Min - what is the reason for their breakup? He is tired of her - when his father agrees, the game is over and no longer thrilling. She is being fooled by a playboy. She knows that he has a reason as he is not looking directly at her.

Zheng Min has dreamed to tour around the world with her because she is everything to him. Now how can he face her with a smiling face? He will be punished. (Eric shows excellent acting here with tears in his eyes.) Shi Xun hits him - he should be a man and not hurting her.

Zheng Min tells Shi Xun that he should marry her since he still loves her. Shi Xun agrees to vanish if he wants it. Zheng Min agrees to reconsider since he begs him. Shi Xun wakes up, sensing someone is in the kitchen. It is Mei Lan who wears different colour stockings.

She keeps saying to him that this is their home when he asks what time she comes and she later stares at him. Why is he not back last night - is he with another woman? She later screams and looks around for Shi Xun and he is not him. Finally, she slips down the steps and is helped into the car by her driver. She thinks that he is Shi Xun and clings to him.

Shi Xun informs Mr Yin to return. (Sigh - my advice to him - change his house keys because Mei Lan might burn the house one day!) Mei Lan is only pretending - she is not going to let him off easily. Hao Wen reveals to Fu Zi that he also likes her. She is shocked as she likes Lu Zheng and doesn't know how to answer him.

Zheng Min buys an apartment for Zhi Yun under her name. Mr Xu is satisfied with Shi Xun's report as the response is good. Zheng Min leaves home and ignores his father although he nearly faints.

Zheng Min suddenly faints outside his car - dreaming of how he is with Zhi Yun in their new home. Shi Xun checks through the documents on Xin Yong Zhi. Even if the company runs into financial difficulties, the cheque should not be bounced soon. He is startled to see Zhi Yun's name as a shareholder. Zheng Min is in hospital and the doctor claims that he is only suffering from exhaustion. A few days' rest should be fine. Mr Xu has no courage to face him and leaves his secretary to take care of him.

Once Zheng Min is awake, he removes the drip impulsively and leaves. Shi Xun checks with Zhi Yun and she isn't aware of her being the shareholder although Mr Li has mentioned it to her. Shi Xun tells Zheng Min to let go of Zhi Yun's hand. He has no right to have her since his life is in a mess so he can't hand her to him.

Zheng Min rebukes - what is Shi Xun to have his approval? Shi Xun loves more and longer than Zhi Yun? Zhi Yun tells Shi Xun to let go of Zheng Min's hand as she will handle it.

Mei Lan gets into Shi Xun's house and destroys everything. (This woman is a born destroyer!) She uses his golf club to break the phoenix drawing glass frame (Why not tear the picture?) and tears the wedding photo. She has the cheek to wear his shirt to sleep on his bed!! Even though he isn't beside her, she feels his existence. Zhi Yun wants Zheng Min to return home. He asks - can she give him a chance to love her?

Does she think that he is tired of her and has a change of heart? That is because he has no choice and it hurts his pride when her heart still has another man. She never looks into his eyes to say she loves him. The first time they meet, he cast a spell on her, hoping that she will love him. He doesn't know when as she has not been nice to him before. Can she forgive him?

Her answer - does she have the right to do that? He hugs her and promise to make up to her to forget her sadness. He will love her even though he is burned to death. He decides to bear with all the sins to pay the two back after his death.

Shi Xun is shocked to see his home ruined. He takes the photo of him and Mei Lan away from her hand to put in the box with the torn wedding photo (But fear not - the photo is torn horizontally so the two are still together.)

Zhi Yun tells Mr Li that she has let go of Shi Xun. Why does he hate him so much - is Zheng Min good then? Zheng Min accepts the marriage. Zheng Min feels hopeless as Mr Xu's son but warns Mr Xu to drive Shi Xun away as Shi Xun will not let him off easily.

Shi Xun sleeps in the living room - Mei Lan creeps to him and wants to strangle him to death with his tie (This scene is thrilling as you see how she feels her fingers round his neck.) She recalls how he leaves her in the water but she can't bear to do it and leaves.

Shi Xun opens his eyes to see the tie around his neck and knows what she is up to. (What a close brush from death!) He drives to work and see the Xus. Hao Wen thinks that Shi Xun is too sensitive to think that Xi Lin takes over Xin Yong Zhi. Shi Xun will not challenge the game if he has no confidence. Hao Wen feels that he is too blinded by his love for Zhi Yun.

He admits it because Mr Li's death is connected to him and will not give up easily. Zheng Min wants Shi Xun to stop checking - he has found out that Xin Yong Zhi borrows too much funds and can't pay them.

But he points out that Mr Li might save it if he is still alive. Shi Xun pulls Zheng Min's collar when reminded that he is related to Mr Li's death. He doesn't worth hit and he worths nothing in his eyes for being so dependant on Mr Xu. Zheng Min tells him that his future is ruined if he is dismissed by Xi Lin.

Shi Xun will not retreat after coming to this stage. Zhi Yun happens to hear this and leaves. Zheng Min calls up the shareholders again - to work quietly and he will take care of his share.

Zhi Xun discovers that only one Xin Yong Zhi's ex-shareholder is still alive and tries to find him. Mr Xu wants Shi Xun to buy over a company which is folding up. It wants them to inject funds and not to buy it at a low price so Shi Xun opposes to it. Mr Xu scolds him and Zheng Min brings him out.

Piao peeps at Zhi Yun and Shi Xun together. Zheng Min pats his shoulder and wants him to keep it from the rest - he doesn't want to say frightening things to him. Hao Wen and Lu Zheng are snatching food in front of Yong Yun. Yong Yun says that Hao Wen has her and Lu Zheng should have Fu Zi.

Zheng Min sends Zhi Yun home and she falls asleep in his car. He lets her sleep and smiles. He takes her handphone from her and puts his jacket on her. He looks at a broken pot of dried cactus, not matter what happens first, it is still ditched.

Zhi Yun hears everything and sees the clue. She lets Zheng Min suffer so she is afraid. He hopes that she knows that he is nothing without her and heaven still pities him. If it rains, he will have an excuse to hug her and cry.

Shi Xun visits Dr An and finds that it is not mental disorder as he thinks Mei Lan is having. She is having a personality hinderance - she doesn't want death but attention. She knows how to make use of a person's weakness. The best is cut off completely from her.

Even though she changes another partner, the person will suffer. He can't be controlled by her. Mei Lan goes online to watch horror movies and applies lipstick over her mouth to look hideous. Zhi Yun brings a basket of flowers to Zheng Min's home. Zheng Min requests Mr Xu to accept Zhi Yun happily and not to pull a long face.

This is the last time he begs him as his son. Mrs Xu is terrible - she is Zheng Min's stepmother and Zhi Yun is a divorced daughter-in-law. How their status fit! How long does she stay with her ex-husband?

Zhi Yun says sadly that she has no child. She promises to treat all well - how Mrs Xu changes - when Zheng Min comes - her face changes again. Is it too warm? She will switch on the air-con. (Can't the producer get another actress to do this job? I really can't stand her.)

Zheng Min senses that Zhi Yun is unhappy - she must tell him if Mrs Xu bullies her. Mr Xu apologises unwillingly for the past and they can stay out after marriage. She should stop working and wait on Zheng Min.

Shi Xun meets the old man but the old man tells him not to probe further. He thinks of Piao and Zheng Min blows a tune from his flute for Zhi Yun - it is the wedding match song - very romantic! Will she be with him forever? She promises and he kisses her.

She asks Shi Xun - is he doing it for himself to escape from responsibility? He finally knows the problem between them - they love each other so much after opposition but she has never trusted him. The same is for now.

He has thought that she has changed but not. Zhi Yun replies that both have not changed at all. Shi Xun thinks that all everyone is ruthless and clever like him. Both love themselves and will not give in. Mei Lan is with Zheng Min - what does she likes Shi Xun for?

He asks the same question. What is love - it is selfish and he wants to love and the person must do the same to accept him. She must have everything on Shi Xun. Zheng Min dislikes Mei Lan but they belong to the same kind.

Zhi Yun ponders Shi Xun's words. Mei Lan makes herself pretty and fixes a meal for Shi Xun but he comes with Dr An. She asks Dr An what relationship she has with Shi Xun - she insists that she is only having a quarrel with him and not a breakup so they will reconcile soon.

Dr An finds her condition very serious and tells Shi Xun to leave her. (Dr An is a stupid doctor - how can she wear the doctor robe in front of Mei Lan to provoke her?) Mei Lan eats alone angrily after they leave. It is an eerie sight to see her using a knife to poke holes onto an orange juice carton to drink from there. She can never forgive him.

Shi Xun refuses to buy over the company - he has only a brain so he isn't afraid of Mr Xu. Zheng Min decides to defer for a further analysis. Both are too worked up for any discussion. Mr Xu wants to teach Shi Xun a lesson but Zheng Min asks him to go out with him.

They meet for a swimming competition and Zheng Min knows that Shi Xun lets him win. He is angry then - is it because he is better? He requests Shi Xun to leave Xi Lin because his belief is so different from Mr Xu and the pair will be fortunate.

Shi Xun refuses as he isn't around to hinder them. Zheng Min can leave if he wants (Bravo for this guy!) Zheng Min contacts the shareholder - he can't offer thrice the price and the fellow must negotiate again. He looks at the joint photo with Zhi Yun on his table.

Shi Xun and Hao Wen meet the couple in the lift and both are shocked when Zheng Min announces their marriage. Is he childish to do so? She tells him not to mind Shi Xun. Zhi Yun is more mature than him. He will leave her to go alone back as he has a meeting.

Mrs Xu and Mrs Li meet and Mrs Li comments that she should not spray too much perfume. Later, Mrs Li sucks up to her, wishing her to treat Zhi Yun better. (one word for her - cheapskate!) Mrs Xu scolds Zhi Yun in public - she can get married because of her.

Shi Xun sees them the two behaving like servants after his meal with a client and is badly shaken. He weeps in the car feeling that she is humiliated. (Splendid acting from Suh Jin.) Lu Zheng helps Yong Yun dress up to attract Hao Wen.

He sees her bosom and nearly faints but still thinks that Fu Xi is sexy and warm on the job. Lu Zheng is angry that it is not the kind of sexy that he has in mind. Zheng Min asks if Mrs Xu makes her life difficult but hopes that Mr Xu will not interfere.

He only wants to hear 'I love you' from Zhi Yun. He decides to stay with Mrs Li after marriage. This is what he should do. They will quarrel after marriage but Mrs Li will help him. He is amused that she stops him from drinking - they are not married yet and she wants to control him? He tells himself silently - don't laugh like this every time as his heart will break.

Mrs Xu flees into her room after wanting Mr Xu to lie that she is sick. She must be frightened of Zheng Min after making the blunder. Shi Xun closes the lift door on Zheng Min's face. He applies for a few days' leave to meet the old man and Mei Lan tails him.

The old man gives him the details. Zheng Min stirs sauced noodles for Zhi Yun and this reminds her of how Mr Li does it for her. Shi Xun tells Mei Lan not to pester him again. She reminds him that the two are getting married and they only have to return to the past.

He doesn't deny that Zhi Yun is part of the reason but Mei Lan should know why. She threatens to drown herself but Shi Xun says - a person who feels so sorry for herself will not die and this doesn't concern him now. He thinks of Dr An's advice and leaves.

Sure enough, she returns to the shore upon seeing him leaving. Actually Shi Xun is watching her in secret. She is filled with hatred and adds kerosene, wanting to burn both dead alive. (Mei Lan has already lost her mind.) Luckily the old man foils her attempt.

Mei Lan is no different from dead so Mr Yin decides to buy over Shi Xun's US company shares secretly in Mr Xu's name to make him suffer. He reveals to Mr Xu that Zhi Yun is Shi Xun's ex-wife.

Zheng Min is at Zhi Yun's home upon hearing his father's angry voice over the telephone. Zhi Yun gathers that something happens as he doesn't look well. He loves her more than earlier and hugs her. She can't hide from him after playing hide and seek and he wins. As long as he doesn't lose her, he isn't afraid of anything.

Mr Xu is angry that Zheng Min brings Shi Xun's woman home but Zheng Min admits that he isn't a righteous man anyway. Has Mr Xu forgotten about their deal? Zhi Yun will not suspect him as all the lies are built on trust.

The old man recalls how Mr Li mentions Shi Xun to him and Shi Xun tells him that he can't stand Mei Lan but he will also not avoid her. Zheng Min drinks beer while Shi Xun has a sleepless night. Mei Lan starves herself and recalls old times with Shi Xun when sitting on the wheelchair. It seems that she is more fortunate when on it. (I don't understand why she is still keeping it - for memory?)

Zheng Min now believes that Shi Xun's proposal on MP3 products will bring more returns - the others are startled as he objects earlier. Mr Yin slaps Shi Xun for letting Mei Lan suffer and Zhi Yun is shocked.

Zheng Min will not make a loss - he has done a calculation as explained to Mr Xu - why not make use of Shi Xun's new technology to raise Xi Lin's value before kicking him out? He will have to bear for a while and don't have to see his face anymore. What is Shi Xun going to do since Mr Xu knows the past?

He decides to leave. Zheng Min admits that he is petty. Zhi Yun can't concentrate at work and Shi Xun nearly scares the bank manager when he almost forces the truth out of him. The bank manager informs Zheng Min that Shi Xun knows that situation well but he wants him to keep it from Mr Xu.

Shi Xun and Zhi Yun know that regret is part of their life but there are memories. They want this chance to forget bitterness. They meet too young and she is only 20 then. Now she is 30 and will try to love Zheng Min.

She is with the man her father hates before so she will try to live with a man that Mrs Li likes to try it out. Fu Zi is sad to hear that from her. Zheng Min hears the music background and her voice is unclear, hoping that she will have a good time. He is working hard - otherwise how is he going to support her? He looks at the photo frame.

Is only he fortunate enough? Is she the same? He sends an mms to her, showing himself kissing the photo and biding her good night. It is sweet but she still cries after singing a sad song.

Shi Xun returns to office and finds Zheng Min there - he tells him that he is leaving. Zheng Min never expects him to agree so soon. Hao Wen informs Zhi Yun about it that he is leaving empty handed - they force him to leave so that they can have a wonderful life.

How can they tell him to make such a big sacrifice? The guys have lunch and seeing a waiter reminds Shi Xun of his past. Zheng Min praises him for being successful and righteous. Shi Xun says that he is only doing his job and he has principles to raise his value. If he is like Zheng Min to grow up rich, he will not have to work so hard.

Zheng Min should not let feelings rule his head to be a good entrepreneur. Although Shi Xun is Zhi Yun's first man, Zheng Min wants to be her best man. Zhi Yun asks Shi Xun about his resignation and the two are ignorant that Mei Lan is spying on them.

Does he want her to be a bad woman? Mei Lan films everything down and emails to Zheng Min. Zheng Min looks through his PDA - just in time to see her saying that Shi Xun has lost too much because of her. Zheng Min gets so angry that he throws it aside. (What a high quality product - I really crave to own it. The image is so much clearer than MMS phones. I hear my heart breaking when he thrusts it aside - hopefully he doesn't damage it.)

Shi Xun assures Zhi Yun that he is returning to his US company so she needs not be upset. Mei Lan slaps her for holding Shi Xun's handkerchief to wipe off her tears. Shi Xun doesn't feel like talking to her and tells her to leave. She vows to kill them as long as she is alive.

Zheng Min asks Zhi Yun - how long is he going to accept this? He has no right to say that his woman can cry for another man. He can he take it? She finds him very unfair to Shi Xun. This matters to her. He always thinks Shi Xun is the problem but she is the problem. This is not her intention but she really gets moved because of Shi Xun.

Then a nice man, Zheng Min appears to make her dependent on him. She starts to like him so she pleads with him not to give Shi Xun anymore trouble. Why not love Zheng Min wholeheartedly? If so, he should understand her - his doing makes her uneasy. He replies that he is like that for a long time since he loves her. If this is what he thinks, she will reconsider their relationship.

Zhi Yun is angry that her family accepts the house from Zheng Min. His family looks down on her and now they make things worse. Yong Yun is unwilling to hand the house deed back to her. Zheng Min recalls her words, touching his handphone. Shi Xun is angry with Hao Wen telling Zhi Yun but he thinks that he should woo her back. Zheng Min and Shi Xun are at the lift area but Zhi Yun ignores them.

Zheng Min thrusts his jacket aside angrily to sit on the chair. Loving her is getting tired and he is evil to deceive her till now. The small company lodges a complaint against Xi Lin to the tax department. Mr Xu blames Shi Xun for letting them off.

Zheng Min finds that it is too costly to buy Shi Xun's shares and they should stop since the tax department is checking on them. He advises Shi Xun that he needs not pay responsibility but Shi Xun adds that Mr Xu is never a reasonable man. Zhi Yun returns the house deed to Zheng Min and he crushes the letter. Why does he always work without telling her?

He has no reason to love her but she has lots of excuses. Why do they always quarrel - he hates her for not wanting to lose to him. Zheng Min stands at the rooftop. Mr Xu opposes to Shi Xun using profits to clear deficits.

Mei Lan is angry when her driver stops the car by the road, telling her that Shi Xun will not return to her if she remains like this. She is angry and pulls him out of it to give a slap before driving away.

Both guys want to ask Fu Zi who she really likes but are dismayed to know that she is staying in Australia for 3 years to replace a colleague. Both guys cry upon knowing it. (They provide some comic relief here.)

Mei Lan tries to find fault with Zhi Yun. Both slap each other as she doesn't want to bear with Mei Lan anymore. (What a scene they create right at the lobby.) Zheng Min pulls Mei Lan away (This man is very strong and forceful but I like it because Mei Lan has to be punished.)

Xu and Piao see it too and Xu decides to transfer Zheng Min to U.S. and dismiss Zhi Yun. Zheng Min demands to know what Mei Lan is up to. She always thinks that she is clever to come with wicked tactics. The more she does, others will avoid her.

The two will want to be together more. Does she also want his love to be over? He tells her not to touch Zhi Yun. Shi Xun is out meeting a client and is shocked to know about it when getting Hao Wen's call. (Luckily he isn't driving and his driver is doing it.).

He rushes back and asks Mei Lan - is she happy now? Zheng Min doesn't know how to console an upset Zhi Yun. She returns Shi Xun his handkerchief and he apologises for not being able to control Mei Lan. If only they can do well, Mei Lan and Zheng Min will not be so tired. She will not hide from difficulties and will trust Zheng Min.

Shi Xun regrets not creating something worthy for her to remember. Mr Xu decides not to frame Shi Xun to get caught - they will suffer a loss as the products are not out yet. He wants Piao to get the rap to go to jail and he will compensate him. Piao tapes the conversation down and puts the recording pen in Zhi Yun's bag.

Zhi Yun is relieved to let all know the truth and will not escape from Zheng Min when he buys dinner to bring for her. His heart nearly stops - he is so frightened and nervous that she wants a breakup.

He plays the tape and is shocked so he erases it. But Zhi Yun hears it and is angry with what he has done. He insists that she hears wrongly but sits outside the door and cries. She becomes shaky upon seeing Shi Xun and he helps her out. Zheng Min hides aside and tells Mr Xu that all has ended but he is sure that all is fine since everything is erased. Mr Xu vows to get rid of Piao.

The two consult Hao Wen - the suing period is over and the evidence is erased so they can't do anything. Zhi Yun doesn't like to be bullied.

Shi Xun follows her home and she demands Zheng Min to meet her as hiding will not help. Actually she is afraid too and Shi Xun tells her to look for witnesses. Mr Xu insists that he is right. Mr Xu tells Zheng Min not to worry as the motorcyclist has died of cancer and they have to seek Piao out for having the master copy.

How long is Zheng Min going to suffer because of Zhi Yun? Mr Xu will seek forgiveness from Mr Li when he is dead. He will die if Xi Lin collapses and Zheng Min will not be able to lift his head.

Zhi Yun's family is concerned to see her crying. Piao wants money from Zheng Min - he is quick tempered as his father. Hao Wen thinks that Zheng Min may not know Mr Xu's doing beforehand. Zheng Min gets the money from Mr Xu's company safe and puts it into the golf club cover.

Shi Xun is too late upon seeing the Chairman's office in a mess and throws Mr Xu's name plaque to a glass shelf, smashing it to pieces. Piao claims to make other copies of the tape and will contact Zheng Min again.

Zheng Min tries to deceive Zhi Yun but he himself discloses the truth. She must have hated him. Zheng Min regrets doing things and he will keep from her if given the chance. He throws the pen away.

Mr Xu tells the security not to worry about the money as only Zheng Min knows that combination and his assistant puts back his name plaque on the table. He is still disturbed by Shi Xun's words - the suing period is over but the truth has no expiry date. Shi Xun's shares are almost all in his hands now to make him a beggar.

The security prevents Zhi Yun from entering Xi Lin so Shi Xun brings her out. Mei Lan is jealous again. Zheng Min gets calm by having a shower. Shi Xun advises Zhi Yun to be stronger and she thanks him after crying her heart out.

She is angry when meeting Zheng Min to know that he doesn't know where Piao is. This doesn't change the 10 years her family suffers and how stupid she is to place him in her heart. She is dirty for wanting to have happy times with her enemy's son. She vows to let him see how Mr Xu dies in front of him - just like how she sees Mr Li dying in front of her eyes. Zheng Min must die to please her.

Shi Xun joins her to scold him for being shameless. He should beg for her forgiveness. Does he think that Piao only meets him - Zheng Min is horrified when Shi Xun shows him another pen. He tells Zheng Min to face the music and leaves with her, telling her to let him keep the pen and get time for the suit.

She can't handle it alone and needs his help. She feels bad being his past and present burden. Zhi Yun burns everything she has with Zheng Min - including the teddy bear.

Zheng Min gets his men to kidnap her in exchange for the pen. He even kneels in front of her for it but she rejects him. Shi Xun is disappointed in him - must he really love her to do this? He gives him the pen but calls him an empty shell. Shi Xun tells her that actually the pen has nothing. Zheng Min plays it and hears Shi Xun's voice - actually the most frightening enemy is himself.

He only knows how to deceive himself. (Stupid Zheng Min - he should have played it in front of Shi Xun before releasing Zhi Yun to check the facts first.) Four MPs have been arrested for corruption and the Xus decide to frame Shi Xun.

Shi Xun gets arrested for embezzling Xi Lin's funds. But he is still calm. He tells Zhi Yun that Mr Xu is powerless and Hao Wen will help him so he denies all charges calmly even though there is evidence of funds channeling into his account. Mr Xu hands over the accounts files to the tax department. Zhi Yun begs Zheng Min to let Shi Xun go - she is willing to forget the past. He is frustrated - why doesn't she do it when he begs her then? It is her to cause this to Shi Xun.

It is too late and he doesn't mind being the bad guy. Mei Lan also ignores her too. The Xus are disturbed when Piao has no news so Mr Xu wants Zheng Min to go to Europe temporarily. Hao Wen and Zhi Yun watch helplessly when Shi Xun is snapped photos and sent to the cell.

Hao Wen presumes that he should be out soon since he has done nothing. The Xus are detained and all information is taken from office. Mr Xu has a stroke and the brain bleeding doesn't stop. The police discover that Shi Xun is framed and releases him. Zhi Yun visits Mr Xu so Zheng Min leads Mrs Xu out.

She asks - why does he hate Mr Li to harm him since they are classmates? Zheng Min explains - just like she wants to help her father, he is also protecting his father. His biggest mistake is not giving her up when he should and still loves her. This lands both in hell and get hurt. He has to pay for Mr Xu's mistakes.

Why does he get close to her to make her hate him? They should not miss or think of each other after this. He can't give love to her as it ends up getting all back. Hao Wen asks Shi Xun - his company can wait but what again Zhi Yun? Shi Xun still looks at the wedding photo at home.

Zheng Min holds Mr Xu's hand - he can't remember when is the last time he does this. Why do they turn out to be like this? Why is Xi Lin ruined and he is dying? Just like how Mr Xu regards his company - he also considers Zhi Yun more important than himself. That is why he can't stand wholeheartedly behind Mr Xu. He begs him to forgive him but he dies. (Zhi Yun's words come true.) All attend the funeral (except the Li family, of course.) and Zheng Min scatters the ashes at sea. He drinks and drives.

Shi Xun is worried and manages to stop him by blocking his car in front of him to prevent him from killing himself. (that is sure close - too close.) He drags him out - how long is he going to go on like this to hide under Mr Xu's shadow? He should try to stand on his own feet to admit mistake. Zheng Min sits and sobs.

Mei Lan wants to make sure that Zhi Yun is jobless and is happy that Yin has most of Shi Xun's shares. Zheng Min asks why Shi Xun still sits with him - afraid that he will kill himself in the river? He has the thought but it will not solve the problem so he wants to save himself.

Shi Xun doesn't hate him. If the whole world seeks revenge, there will be blind people everywhere.
Zheng Min finally knows why he knows and loves Zhi Yun to atone for his sins. He is never serious about women and even so, his love is no different and will never change.

He will seriously think how to do it. He owes him too much so he will not shake his hand to thank him. He tells him about Zhi Yun coming to him to beg him. Even though he hasn't asked, he tells him.

Zhi Yun isn't happy even after Mr Xu's funeral and drinks with Shi Xun. She is a complicated woman who keeps staying in his mind. She has no one else suitable except him. The young them do not know how to love but they know now. Why don't they start?

He doesn't want to be lonely all their lives. Mei Lan pesters Zhi Yun and she realises that it is her doing to lose all her chances for interviews. If Zhi Yun agrees to leave Shi Xun, she will return the shares to him.

Shi Xun is worried, knowing they are together and sees her kneeling in front of Mei Lan. He helps her up and leads her out. Mei Lan gets hysterical and points Yin's hunting gun at them. He holds Zhi Yun's hand firmly and she holds onto his elbow.

Mei Lan injures Zhi Yun's arm and Shi Xun sends her to hospital. Mei Lan is too scared to open the door even though Mr Yin and the driver ask her to.

Hao Wen decides to sue her to land her at least 5 years in jail. Yin begs Shi Xun to let her off so that he can bring her to U.S. to have the shares for exchange. But this is not he can handle as he nearly kills someone.

Mei Lan knows everything is over and refuses to leave. Shi Xun covers Zhi Yun with a blanket and refrains from touching her hair. She is discharged but decides not to sue Mei Lan. Zheng Min gives Shi Xun a call before reaching the airport. Under Shi Xun's advice, she sends him off quietly without calling him and Zheng Min is contented to see her after sensing her presence as this is enough for him.

Mei Lan sends Zhi Yun an email. She doesn't mean to hurt her as she is too angry. Besides her, she has no other friend. She is too tormented and will end her life. She doesn't want Shi Xun to see her sorry state and feels bad troubling her in her last hour.

But she hopes she can find true love. Shi Xun gets Mei Lan's express mail in regaining his shares. She will not say sorry to him as she gives too much strong and painful love with no regrets. He must be suffering like her. Can he know her 10 years earlier than Zhi Yun in the next life and promise to love her only? If love isn't a sin, he is not at fault not to love her.

Zhi Yun sees her in a wedding gown on the bed. Mei Lan dreams of marrying Shi Xun and he kissing her. Shi Xun is late in coming and sobs to tell Mei Lan that this should not be the way. (A very tragic scene.) He offers her incense at her wake and Mr Yun hits him.

Zhi Yun doesn't go in. Shi Xun can't concentrate at work as he keeps thinking of Mei Lan. He even dreams of her slashing her wrist and wanting him to look at her shredded heart. Hao Wen encourages Zhi Yun to start a new life and she finds a job. She asks why he is still unattached and he blushes - he is already with Yong Yun.

Zhi Yun meets Shi Xun at Mei Lan's grave. They have a meal and she puts the chopsticks on his left. This is their first time having a meal together but they cry when reminded of Mei Lan. He brings her to the river - it knows all his secrets when he is upset.

They don't try looking for each other but finds a substitute to create another wound. They promise not to let each other go when they see each other again. 3 years later, Shi Xun officiates the J-Riever zone opening. Zheng Min is back - clean shaven with gelled hair but I prefer his old outlook. Zhi Yun is a popular brand manager now.

Shi Xun clinches another deal to open foreign markets and only wants a drink with Hao Wen as he is having weekend holiday. Shi Xun sees the phoenix drawing and stands in front of it. Zhi Yun is reminded of the past when he is at the same position.

She also buys his company's new product while he keeps the phoenix drawing n Jiju's bungalow instead of his home. The house is a bit old and needs furnishing. Zheng Min helps Zhi Yun to pick up her diary and thanks her for sending him off to help him get onto his feet again. He worries at first that she will pretend not to know him but she smiles at him.

He is here for a meeting but finds time for Shi Xun. Hao Wen is now Yong Yun's husband. Their son is playing with Lu Zheng and he hopes to have a daughter soon since she is pregnant again. (Why is Fu Zi not here - there is no answer! Did they forget her? )

Zheng Min realizes that Shi Xun knows and takes care of him best so he gives him a treat. His words - don't try to forget but don't try to remind works well on him. Shi Xun will visit him in New York soon again next month for a meeting.

Zhi Yun is at Jiju island for work and is afraid to let Shi Xun know her heart. She thinks of him now. Meanwhile, he brings along their photo and letters to the beach to remember all in his heart. He meets her there. How long later should they part? No, he kisses her lips after holding her hand. 13 years is too long.

Introduction on characters

1. Li Zhi Yun - Lee Eun Joo
Her father is the CEO of Xin Yong Zhi - a textile group. That results her to be reckless and spoilt but she is still kind and attractive. She is an undergraduate studying fashion designing in Boston University.

She leaves her family to marry Shi Xun upon getting pregnant. Soon, she can't put up with the poor life and the miscarriage leaves her shattered. To make a last attempt to keep Shi Xun back in Korea, she pays a high price of losing her father's life in a car accident.

She quits her studies to support her family as a domestic helper after Mr Li's death. She is ignorant of the harsh ways of life but learns to become mature after the crisis. Her burden is too great - she keeps blaming herself for causing Mr Li's death and thus puts up with all her family's torture on her.

She later works at Xi Lin as a brand manager in clothes designing. She becomes afraid to love anymore. Even with Zheng Min's existence, she is still unable to forget Shi Xun despite trying to get him off her mind. Zhi Yun gives up her love, about to love another but stops when finding out the injustice done to her family. It affects her so much. What a twist of fate which makes you feel so sorry for her!

Eun Joo is young, pretty, talented and promising - looking an angel and is so unreal with a mole near her mouth. Her beauty is exterior and also interior. She still looks stunning in normal or casual clothing. I am attracted to her at first glance.

She acts well and is a rare gem in injecting emotions. This is a rare unforgettable female roles that I regard. The 20 year old Zhi Yun is lively, warm and talkative. As Zhi Yun 10 years later, she has shorter hair, is gentle and quiet. She shows how a person can change overtime. She becomes one of my favourite actresses and could have gone farther if not for her choice to end her life.

2. Yin Mei Lan - Jung Hye Young

Mei Lan has a rich father who is a rich real estate agent. That is why after the accident and after her falling out with Shi Xun, she doesn't need to look for a job at all to make ends meet. She studies in Boston University with Zhi Yun and gets to know Shi Xun in New York later.

She demands too much attention from Shi Xun - always wanting him to carry her around in his arms. She is really a bitch who feels insecure all the time - even to hide the fact that she can walk upon knowing that Zhi Yun is Shi Xun's ex-wife. Although Zhi Yun is no longer rich, she still treats her as her life-time rival to feel threatened. The way she tries to manipulate or control Shi Xun's life is chilling.

Why don't they send her to an asylum? It is so obvious that she is critically ill but they put up with all her nonsense and tantrums. She knows that her love for Shi Xun is hopeless but she refuses to give up. Her insistence is just like the same as the movie 'Fatal Attraction'. So that is why she ends up in self-destruction, losing her life for him in the end.

I finally get to see a powerful performance from a credible actress! How much she resembles Song Hae Gyo in looks! But she proves that she acts as well as she looks. Her desperation, jealousy and grief is so real. At first, her hair is well permed like Zhi Yun for a gentle image.

After her failure, she straightens her hair to look evil. Like il-mare, her hideous nail polish colours are too distracting and horrifying for me too. What a crazy match of different colours! I find myself looking at them instead of concentrating on her acting and have to rewind the discs repeatedly. Please spare me the trouble next time……

3. Nan Fu Zi - Lee Yoo Jin ( Na Luo from Beautiful Days)
Zhi Yun's friend who works in Xi Lin as a producer. She supports Zhi Yun when she is unhappy or weak. She has more than she can handle since two men like her so she chooses to leave and not return!

4. Mrs Li - Lee Kyung Jin (Shan Zai's mother in Beautiful Days)
Zhi Yun's unreasonable mother who still fantasizes to be associated with the rich although they are poor She is hopeless and immature to buy expensive stuff every now and then. That is why she keeps pressing Zhi Yun to be with Zheng Min to be out of poverty.

5. Mrs Xu - Kim Bu Sun
She is Zheng Min's stepmother and is a eyesore as she can't act and also has poor dress sense. At her age to wear revealing clothes expose her fat and flat figure. Her acting is unbearing - who finds her to be here?! I find her worse than Mrs Min in 'Lovers In Paris'.

6. Li Yong Yun - Kim Bin Woo
Zhi Yun's unreasonable younger sister who can't forgive Zhi Yun for their father's death. She is angry with Zheng Min liking Zhi Yun although she knows him first. She works as a model in Xi Lin.

7. Zhang Shi Xun - Lee Suh Jin
He graduates from computer studies in New York University. He was once poor but now he gains success as Xi Lin's CEO. He is a man of principles to refuse help. Seeing Zhi Yun is like tearing old wounds as he is reminded of the past. He has Mei Lan by his side but he is still unable to forget Zhi Yun. Zhi Yun's burden comes from the past but his is from the present to cause Mei Lan to be paralyzed in a car accident.

At first, he is bitter with her for leaving him because he has nothing to give her although he loves her . But if he still doesn't miss her, will he buy the villa or allow her to work for him despite being harsh to her? He keeps thinking - how she matures and starts to regret divorcing her. But I can be impatient with him - does he want or doesn't want her? Throwing long glances at her and not moving at all is simply not enough.

Suh Jin doesn't need to act - he is a real graduate from New York University. He does a splendid job. How different from the wooden way I see him from the past serials! From the stubborn and inflexible young Shi Xun, he becomes confident but doesn't lack the gentleness to love. His character is also complex but yet he carries off so well. He longs to love Zhi Yun again but is hindered by many matters. So he can only look at her in silence or be sarcastic to her to hurt himself too.

Shi Xun can be caring when he shows his dimpled smile but he can freeze a person with his stares. I must praise him for doing a good job.

8. Xu Zheng Min - Eric
Zheng Min is the planning director of Xi Lin company. He graduates with honours from Boston University. The term "Prince Charming" always comes with his name. He seems to have everything: the colorful background as the heir, perfectly good-looking face, gentleman-like manners, talents in every sports. Maybe it can even be said that the word "perfect" is made for this kind of person.

But he has a sad past of causing his younger twin brother's death. He has wanted him to surpass him in a swimming challenge but caused him to drown instead. Feeling guilty over it and uninterested in Xi Lin, he laze on the job. He has everything but himself. But meeting Zhi Yun changes his attitude completely.

He is unhappy that Mr Xu gives Shi Xun a higher post than him so he fights for a better chance to be the deputy CEO. I like this role - he is so powerful and persuasive to make Zhi Yun accept him. No one can resist his gentleness and warmth. He is also selfish and temperamental - but it is understandable for him to feel that way after being rejected by Zhi Yun for so many times.

He is unable to confess to Zhi Yun about his father's ugly deed which results them falling out with each other. This is so sad - he is already so close to success to win her heart but this incident ruins all his chances.

I pity him - he has tried so hard to win her heart. She can never open her heart to another man anymore. No other woman has rejected his advances and she is the first one. Knowing that she feels inferior of her status, he often comes to her home to give her reassurance personally and have a feel of family love that is lacked at his home. He has done so much for her but yet he fails miserably for being unable to get into her heart completely all along.

He hasn't known that he is doomed to fail from the start, resulting him to love her more than she loves him. With his well-chiseled looks, lively character or humour, why can't Zhi Yun forget the past and love him? I can't stop blaming Zhi Yun for torturing him continuously.

Many singers can't act well. But this doesn't apply to Eric. He is really a born natural. He is so charming and can deliver the mushy lines with ease. His huge eyes can melt women's hearts, making them begging for his attention and affections.

He puts up a credible performance against the fierce competition from Suh Jin or Eun Joo. His tall and slender frame gives a commanding presence. Despite his limited acting experience, he isn't belittled by them and all feel his charisma that oozes throughout the serial.

9. Jin Hao Wen - Kim Byung Se (as Michael in 'All In')
Shi Xun's and Zhi Yun's senior. He is successful as a lawyer and is Shi Xun's capable assistant. He likes Fu Zi first but later marries Yong Yun. He is ignorant in romance and yet volunteers to give Lu Zheng tips on wooing Fu Zi. This actor has nasty roles in the past but he is convincing as a good guy in here.

10. Lu Zheng - Kim Dong Hyun ( Ji Chan from 'Beautiful Days')
Fu Zi's boyfriend who lacks the looks and also the ability to work. I can't help laughing when he has to be her tuitee to do better in his studies. He later works in Xi Lin as Fu Zi's assistant.

11. Mr Xu Wen Xiu - Park Geun Hyung
Zheng Min's father who is despicable to seize Mr Li's company and claims it to be his own. Many wil l disapprove of his ways to make use of Shi Xun to work for him or framing him.

12. Mr Li Shang Fan - Han In Soo
Zhi Yun's rich but unreasonable father. He is too proud to admit his weakness or mistake when his company is in trouble. But we can't doubt his love for his daughter. He disallows them to be together but an expensive price to pay with his own life.

13. Mr Yin - Shim Yang Hong
He is a real estate agent with a big empire. But he gives in too much to his only daughter, hoping to use money to buy Shi Xun's heart and company to keep him beside his daughter forever. I also find him irresponsible to leave Mei Lan alone most of the time and to concentrate on his career. We can say that he is partly to be blame for her death for showing her so little concern.

14. Mr Piao - Park Young Ji
Same old scheming man as in 'Lovers In Paris'. He will do anything to save his own skin.

15. Driver Cui - Yoon Sung Hoon
Poor lad - he has endured his young mistress's nasty behaviour for a long time. He drives her everywhere - when moving her wheelchair, his effort doesn't get appreciated. He has to keep her recovery a secret and he gets slapped. She is unappreciative but he needs the job.

Favourite character
Zheng Min - for being devoted to love. He doesn't look down on Zhi Yun's job and is so nice to her. Because of her, he has curbed his nasty temper and changes his playboy or willful ways. Although his kidnap deed is undesirable, he is still forgiven.

Most hated character
Mrs Xu - her appearance irritates me. A close second is Mei Lan who pesters Shi Xun to tie him beside her so that he can't start a new life with Zhi Yun.

The themesong is 'lover' - quite a sad song.

Interesting facts

This serial formerly roped Kim Hee Sun to act along with Eric but she declined the job. (Thank goodness she did because I doubt she can pull out a better job than Eun Joo.) Many rumoured that there would be a sequel in 2005 to answer how Shi Xun and Zhi Yun face the consequences but it didn't mention about Eric.

His fans were scared that he would be missed out and asked MBC. Eric's manager maintained that there wasn't such a plan. MBC was satisfied with the ending to leave a deep impression. Following Eun Joo's demise, this would also be impossible.

Dong Hyun and Yoo Jin have worked as a couple in “Beautiful Days' but I don't see any continuation from there. Is MBC only eating on their popularity? The four leads spoke English well but all thought the guys did a better job in having the American accent as they were educated in the U.S.

In 2004 MBC television awards, Suh Jun won the very best acting male while Eun Joo won the very best female acting awards. Both also got the best couple award. The new actor and best popularity awards went to Eric. Hye Young won the best acting female award. What a happy recognition for them which they deserved as they worked so hard to present marvellous acting!

The viewership was 30% average and became the best MBC serial in 2004. Eric was different from other Shinhwa members to go into singing or compering. He was the most successful to go into acting. He initially had long hair but to fit into the rich prince charming image, he cut his hair short. He suddenly looked mature and also sad - which was appealing to many.

The script writer was Suh Jin's ex-classmate. He had Suh Jin in mind when writing the story so it turned out that Suh Jin had to act here. He felt very honoured as no other chance will knock on his door again like this.

Why was Suh Jin having the elegance when given rich guys roles? His grandfather was the CEO of Seoul bank and Korea first Bank. His father was also one of the top management in the finance industry. Suh Jin himself graduated from New York University's Management faculty. No wonder he looked every inch like a boss in the serial.

Despite his background, Suh Jin was thoughtful to everyone. It was cold when all were shooting this drama, especially at night in the beginning. Suh Jin bought winter clothes for the working crew. All considered him as the most attractive and caring actor among all.

Eric's first movie was a flop but the director recommended him to 'Phoenix' producer. Eric was completely smitten by the role after readign the script. If he does well, he can be as popular as Song Seung Hun or Won Bin as from 'Tale of Autumn'. But can he do it?

He felt empty and lacked confidence. when it was a success and many like this role, he still thought he didn't do well. Occasionally, he would take out the vcds to watch but he felt it was really not up to standard. So he would not watch with others - except with Shinhwa members. It didn't matter when they scold and he watches it.

Shinhwa came to Singapore in 2004 for a performance. The crowd went crazy over them. So did I - their dance moves showed perfect coordination during the 5 songs - undoubtedly the best performance from a boyband group that I have seen so far. We enjoyed watching their MVs too. All members spoke good English and they didn't trouble the interpreter at all, allowing good interaction. Many became Eric's die-hard fans after watching this serial so all went to lend Shinhwa their support.

My friend watched it until she cried. She was puzzled on why I insisted her to watch it. After watching, she got hooked and started keeping Eric wall-papers. Talking about the power of his acting to influence her!

Eun Joo had a sad end when she committed suicide in 2005. Many thought that was why she did so well in 'Phoenix' as she suffered from depression - just like how Zhi Yun suffered. All who had worked with her in the past turned up for her funeral, except Won Bin who had to miss it reluctantly as he was required to promote his movie overseas. All described her for being a beautiful 'firebird' when she was cremated.


This serial depicts love well - in passion and fire. Never have I watched such a sad drama - the agony of going through for the sake of love. The four leads are compatible in acting strength and it is a delight to watch them pitting their acting skills with each other.

This is quite rare because most serials give uneven acting. In this case, the two actresses are also considered as powerhouses to make a strong presence. Not just compatible in looks as couples but also in acting.

Using the phoenix drawing as the link to bind Shi Xun and Zhi Yun is a wonderful choice. So strong that no one can break them up despite what the tragedies which happen. The two have viewed it from different perspectives but we can see that they think along the same line 10 years later.

Shi Xun and Zhi Yun love each other but are together during the wrong time. They should have gotten married when they are older. The changes in their positions make them understand each other better. So they deserve a happy ending.

This serial's pace can be too slow for me. Most of the time, the leads only look at each other to do nothing till I can beat my chest. Or throwing hurting words to each other which results in hurting themselves. Especially for Shi Xun - he longs to see her everyday to work at his home but keeps torturing her. What is stopping them? Is the burden so great to cause this?

What do they actually want? Their covering up of the past ends up hurting Zheng Min and Mei Lan. But love comes in many faces which are explored. Filial piety, friendship being tested, sister ties broken and also love rivalry. I need more time to digest this serial than other dramas.

This is a must watched drama for those who wish to watch a different love drama. Eric's fans MUST not miss it - I seldom praise a newcomer but he really shows great potential in acting.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ****1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **** (Scale of 5)

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