Please Come Back, Soon-Ae

Reviewed by: sukting

January 04, 2008

Rating: three

How long
16 episodes

A man's affair results a very dramatic and serious consequence. Do you wish to find out what actually happens and how this affects the people around him?


A pilot, Yi Xi keeps his colleague, Chu En as his mistress. He already has a wife Shun Ai and son, Zan. Shun Ai's friend, Dai Shu happens to ferry them from the airport so she gets pissed off with him. Shun Ai helps Zai Xiong to clear his innocence from theft at a supermarket so he is grateful to her. Her uncle, Xian Zhong is still jobless to stay at home. Yi Xi and Chu En see an artist at the beach so he draws them down to enable her to hang it at home.

Shun Ai gets to know of Yi Xi's affair. Both quarrel to get involved in a car accident. Their souls are swopped and Yi Xi thinks that both are mad although doctors assess them fine. He presses Shun Ai (in Chu En's body) to be discharged earlier to take care of Shun Ai. Shun Ai seeks the help of her other friend, Zheng Xiu. Zheng Xiu tries to ask them to use the methods in movies but both refuse. Who will dare to stand out in the rain when there is thunder or jump down from a high building?!

Be amused as Chu En is the one to know the temple mediums to try to help them out. Both women get uncomfortable in their dressing. Shun Ai is too conservative while Chu En is daring. Zheng Xiu tries to bring Zan and Shun Ai closer together by inviting him to his home. But he is very wary of this ‘auntie' who hurts his mother repeatedly. He even runs away from her once and is nearly hit by a car.

Shun Ai has to fly to Japan – she lies she is ill to serve the passengers only for a while. She knows no other language except Korean. She only learns two words - chicken and fish. Xian Yu is on the plane to fly to work in his family golf resort. He is hurt upon seeing her and she doesn't recognize him – even telling him to eat the chicken that he dislikes. To her , he is a only a normal passenger who tries to get fresh with her. She makes another blunder when she can't read the announcement in English properly. Jun He and Xiao Ying find her crude but help her as much as they can.

Seeing how handsome he is, she dreams of marrying him but Chu En comes to stop them. To spite at Yi Xi when back, she gets into Xian Yu's car. Xian Yu doesn't understand why she keeps stressing that she is old with a son. She repeats her home address so he sends her home, only to get chased away by Yi Xi. Shun Ai is stunned to find herself on a hotel bed and suspects spending the night with Xian Yu. However, Xian Yu is a gentleman to leave her there. Shun Ai refuses to go through a ritual event to swoop the souls back.

She escapes midway, wanting to let the adulterous pair suffer. She asks Xian Yu out to return him his handphone and to give him a small gift. An eraser – hoping that he will forget everything. Yi Xi finally learns that both women swoop their souls – Chu En reveals the secrets that only both of them know. So he attempts to sweet talk Shun Ai. But he gets so confused over the names to call her ‘wife' to make her see through his plan. (all must see how blur he is but we can't blame him as each woman has a different face now.) She refuses to help them – even that means giving up Zan.

En Jing grounds Shun Ai from flying as she dyes her hair. Still, Jun He claims that the colour suits her. Xian Yu sighs when looking at the eraser – how can he forget so easily? He looks at a necklace that he has kept in his office. Zan's ear is bitten by a classmate and is hospitalized. Shun Ai runs to the hospital but Zan knows that she is the mistress and hugs Chu En, claiming that he will protect his mother.

Shun Ai is on the plane again. She punishes a lecher for touching Xiao Ying's buttocks. This man takes photos of her dozing off and posts on the website. The supervisor calls Shun Ai in and En Jing wants to protect her. To their surprise, she isn't punished. Many write comments on they never know how tiring their jobs can be. A boy whom she has saved before on the plane due to a stomachache even gets his parents to write in a letter to praise her. Shun Ai gets the enlarged photo home.

Seeing how nervous Shun Ai is, Dai Shu finally believes her words. Yi Xi brings the two women for a hypothesis test and discovers that he kills Shun Ai's family in his past life. That is why she seeks revenge to become a young woman again by entering Chu En's body. Chu En is formerly his wife then. No wonder they are foes again this life. The attempt to swoop the souls fail again. Xian Zhong fails his university exams for the tenth time and he gets disheartened.

Seeing how Xian Zhong lazes at home, Shun Ai decides to pair him with Dai Shu as she can control him. Zai Xiong is surprised that Shun Ai doesn't oppose to him being a model. Chu En has expressed her displeasure to it and doesn't even dare to step into his room to wake him up because he only sleeps with his underwear. To his surprise, she does both! Soon the two families notice how different the women are. Chu En keeps ordering food from catering services while Shun Ai cooks for the men.

Chu En calls various doctors overseas to find a solution. Zan claps for her as he doesn't know that she speaks English so well. Although he doesn't know why Chu En doesn't harp on his studies these days and allows him to have more play time, he longs for her attention again. Chu En hugs him as she feels remorsefu. They go out on a family day. Chu En takes a call for Yi Xi and is touched to be called as his wife. She nearly flares up upon seeing Shun Ai's photo in his wallet but gets softened when seeing her own photo below hers. (This man only wants both women to be with him!)

Mrs Yin demands Chu En to cook for her on her birthday. Xian Yu keeps thinking of how Chu En returns him the necklace. She has cited that his influential home background gives her a lot of pressure and insists to break up with him. He asks Shun Ai out to show her the necklace. Chu En calls her at this time, wanting her to help her out. She agrees to think of a way. She exclaims how pretty it is. Xian Yu is puzzled that she acts as if she has not seen it before.

Seeing him evasive, she starts to suspect that it is a copy. His pride will not allow him to ask but he can't help wanting to know why she acts as if she doesn't know him earlier. She pretends to cry, claiming that she has lost her memory. Xian Yu is taken aback by her answer. Chu En tries to prevent Shun Ai from dating Xian Yu. She returns the necklace to him as she has wanted a clean break.

Shun Ai gets mad – why must she give up such a good catch to go after a married Yi Xi then? Chu En is silent and recalls how Xian Yu has to put his arm on cast to fight with a lecher because he bullies her. Both are so close as she even helps him to wash his hair. Shun Ai teaches her to get help from Zhen Xiu to cook for Ming Zi's birthday. Zhen Xiu laughs upon knowing that Chu En knows how to make dumplings – something that Shun Ai doesn't know. Both are enemies indeed. Chu En is sad when seeing Shun Ai with her colleagues and Yi Xi wanting her to tell his family the truth.

In the end, both women take good care of the different families. Shun Ai's friends tell her to accept Xian You. This is not just having a good taste of love life again. She might even help Chu En to find a better lover if their bodies get swooped back. Chu En is alarmed upon seeing how Shun Ai serves customers on the plane. She demands her to stop flying or she will make her lose her job. Shun Ai has to give in.

Yi Xi wants to take the women home. Shun Ai has to take the back seat or people will gossip. But she chooses to get into Xian Yu's car when he comes to fetch her. She is touched when he cheers her up by bringing her to the racecourse and even shows her one of the 4 horses he owns – one of them is named after Chu En. Yi Xi stalks them, warning Shun Ai not to get too close to him. Chu En gets off the car in a rage. But she sets another date with him! She even sprays water at him to chase him away!

Chu En then goes to buy sexy clothes (fit for those in the 20s or early 30s). Ming Zi shakes her head but Zai likes his mother to be more ‘in'. Xian Zhong flees from Dai Shu when he has not enough money to pay her the cab fare as he is too drunk. Shun Ai tells Xian Zhong to look for a job since he fails the 10th year. Chu En wishes to go for plastic surgery but Shun Ai stops her. Shun Ai has to agree reluctantly that she will avoid Xian Yu and Chu En is touched to know about the matter.

Shun Ai intends to take a photo with Xian Yu before telling him of the break-up. But it is foiled by Dai Shu before she can say that to him. Shun Ai admits to her friends that it is tough for her to suppress her feelings as she is trapped in a young body. Still, Chu En insists that she must do that so she goes to Xian Yu's apartment. She confesses the truth but he doesn't understand it. She drinks too much to get drunk.

Xian Yu stops her from leaving and tries to kiss her. Yi Xi gets jealous and fights with him to drag her away. Dai Shu demands both to kneel before her since both are in the wrong. Chu En is hit by a baseball and her soul comes out. Although Shun Ai is reluctant, she had to come out to make the switch. Shun Ai returns home and nearly blows up because Yi Xi is so willing to let her handle their joint accounts. She decides not to tell him the truth then.

Shun Ai ruins Chu En's engagement by distributing photos of her with Yi Xi together. Xian Yu leaves sadly while the couple is stopped from flying for a while. Shun Ai asks for a divorce successfully. But this is only a dream. She finds herself sleeping on Xian You's sofa and Yi Xi has to bring her out since she has not done anything helpful.

Chu En leaves home as Yi Xi keeps comparing her with Shun Ai and she discovers how stingy he is in giving home allowance. She tries looking for a job but many mind her age. Shun Ai gets Xian Zhong to move into Zai Xiong's room so that she can rent his room to En Jing and Zhi San for a year to get extra income. Xiao Ying then finds excuses to visit them to get close to Zai Xiong.

Yi Xi and Shun Ai manage to find her. Shun Ai feels sad when Zan runs out of home to look for her as he recognizes his mother's cooking. Shun Ai agrees to give 40% of her salary to her if she helps her out. She helps to groom her for the photo shoot. Yi Xi has a headache when both women travel to Japan with him on the plane. Xian Yu is attracted upon seeing how they rent his family golf course for the shoot. Both women go out with him for dinner and Yi Xi gets uneasy.

Both women seek Xian Yu's attention. Xian Yu is impressed by Chu En's knowledge on wine but is disappointed that Shun Ai doesn't remember this thing that both of them shared before. Chu En tells him not to remind Shun Ai of the past or she will lose control. Shun Ai pretends to trip and fall so Xian Yu rushes to her to hold her up. (or rather too close for comfort to make Chu En angry as he practically hugs her up by holding her waist and she puts her arms around his shoulder!)

Yi Xi is angry and comes to Shun Ai's room, demanding for an explanation. She pushes him out and Jun He sees this. He doesn't question further after Shun Ai explains that Chu En is also in the room. Xian Yu asks Chu En how to help Shun Ai who loses her memory. He is vexed over it and wishes her to share anything she says about him. She tells him to approach her for help instead. Chu En keeps the money that his father gives to buy the house at his insistence. She decides to apply to be an air stewardess – sure enough she is successful. Both women get on the same plane again.

They meet air turbulence and Shun Ai gets frightened to hide in the inner cabin. Chu En scolds her for being irresponsible. Chu En is troubled when her supervisor wishes her to hand in her qualification documents soon. Chu En gets Shun Ai home to cook for Yi Xi's father's death anniversary. Ming Zi dislikes her to order food online and insists that Chu En cooks but her cooking is terrible. Zai Xiong and Xian Zhong tail her as they find her behaviour strange.

Zan sees through her disguise and the truth is revealed. The families decide to make the switch back. Zai Xiong is mad with Chu En for being a third party into Yi Xi's marriage while Xian Zhong is forgiving. The neighbours start talking on how ‘Chu En' drives away ‘Shun Ai'. Zan refuses to acknowledge his mother and runs away from home when Shun Ai hits him in a rage. Even Ming Zi also finds this confusing. Xian Zhong is interested in En Jing so he works hard now.

Chu En is mad with Shun Ai for overspending money from her credit card. The dresses that she owns in the wardrobe are bought from overseas warehouses and not local high-class boutiques. Shun Ai is silent as she knows that she is in the wrong – she has thought that Yi Xi is the one showering her with the money but it later occurs to her that he is a very stingy man. There is no way that he will do that.

To Xian Yu's dismay, she rejects him and doesn't want to see him again. He comes to Chu En's home in tears and kneeling down, wishing her to help him. Chu En is appalled but touched. Zai runs to the police station with Shun Ai's photo, wanting the policemen to find his mother home. Chu En has no choice but to return to Yi Xi while shun Ai stays at Zheng Xiu's home. The two women arrange to have another car accident but fails to make the switch again.

Still, they decide to pretend that both of them are successful to return to each other's homes. Zan is still hostile to Shun Ai when the women meet up. But their relationship improves when he hides behind her when Chu En wants to punish him. Chu En notices that Xian You still orders the same drink when out with her. He is equally amazed when she recites lines that only both of them know regarding cocktails. Shun Ai and Zheng Xiu lend their money to Dai Shu to open an eatery. Shun Ai's money comes by the rooms' rent.

She hires Xian Zhong and is harsh on him to work hard – wanting him to distribute the flyers on the street. Xian You arranges a barbecue party, finding an excuse to see Shun Ai. Yi Xi is angry with him hugging his wife and both men come to blows. Xian You hugs her tightly, unwilling to let her go. Chu En comes in, wailing that she is the real person. (This reminds me how Jing Shu behaves in ‘Stairway to Heaven'. She is drunk and Shun Ai has to lead her away. Chu En knows that she is also interested in Xian You but she can't do this to her by possessing her body. Shun Ai starts to feel guilty.

Xian You is disappointed in Chu En, pointing out to her that it isn't right of her to claim Chu En's memory. Chu En wants him to trust his own heart – who is the real Chu En. Xian You recalls the past and gets confused. He then comes to the airport – he calls Chu En's name but ‘Shun Ai' turns around. Shun Ai also turns around when he calls her. Both women want him to trust his own feelings. Since he likes the way she thinks, talks and smiles, he should know who the real Chu En is.

Xian Yu still holds Shun Ai's hand but she pushes Chu En to him, wanting him to give her an hour. Xian Yu doesn't talk during the time. Chu En wants to talk about the past but he doesn't believe her, thinking that she has split personality. Chu En is cold to Yi Xi when she returns home. Her team find it fishy but Zhi San is still ignorant. Jun Hao still believes that Chu En is innocent.

Both women have a meal and Yi Xi joins in. He wants Chu En to quit so that he will be sincere to her. Shun Ai gets infuriated and puts her foot uponm his. Her team discovers their love affair then. (Wa – who can believe that she can be so stupid to do this openly?) Chu En hears of the rumour and warns Shun Ai to avoid Yi Xi or both will be fired. Still, Jun Hao discovers this and gets upset. The two are stopped from flying and will need to undergo a disciplinary meeting.

Shun Ai discovers a painting that has the three – Chu En is shocked – how does she appear in there? That means the old man is extraordinary. Dai Shu is touched when Xian Zhong protects her from gangsters. Yi Xi hopes the disciplinary committee will not fire Chu En because she is the sole breadwinner for the family and is willing to take up all the responsibility. Still, she loses her job.

The two women try to seek out the monk from a temple. Both beg in front of the Buddha for 3000 times and have the same dream that night. The old monk wants both to be sincere to all. Chu En accepts her fate that her soul can't be returned. The team is upset tat Yi Xi and Chu En are fired. Jun Hao regrets bearing the thought of telling the secret to the top. Although he doesn't voice it, he feels that he has made this curse come true. Chu En is touched upon knowing that Yi Xi kneels to the CEO for her sake.

Zai Xiong is angry that Shun Ai disgraces him but Xian Zhong protects her. Chu En wishes Shun Ai to be with Xian Yu as she will ruin him if ignored. Shun Ai can't accept this – even though Xian Yu offers to let her work in his company. Yi Xi can't laze at home as Chu En keeps getting him to do the housework. He finally knows that it is not an easy task.

Chu En persuades Shun Ai to accept Xian Yu's proposal. If she doesn't have a good job, she will not be able to bring up Zan. Chu En is contented to continue to be an air stewardess despite having Shun Ai's face. But Shun Ai only has experience of being a housewife so this is a good chance for her. Xian Yu sees her going to another company for interviews. He asks why she hasn't approached him.

Shun Ai doesn't want to as she knows that he still hasn't given up on her. His tone suddenly turns commanding – is she thinking that he will not treat her as a subordinate? He is very impartial when it comes to work. Sure enough, his tone becomes serious – has she been listening to him? This is so different from the usual gentle way he talks to her. She has wanted to walk away but sits down obediently when he tells her to!

He wants her to reconsider again as it isn't easy to look for a job now. And after saying this, he leaves before her! What a change – probably he gets impatient or fed up with her despite his repeated pleas. But see how thoughtful he is to get his subordinate to bring her to his office! This Shun Ai can tell him that she has no other experience except playing golf a few times and he has to crack his head to decide what position is suitable for her.

Shun Ai gets to meet Xian Yu's fussy mother and realizes why Chu En gives him up after getting a slap from her. She defends for Chu En and tells her not to worry since she doesn't love Xian Yu. Xian Yu defends her but fails to keep her. Shun Ai doesn't want to implicate matters further with Chu En's body so she declines the job offer.

Yi Xi overhears the women's conversation to know that they have not swopped their souls. He decides to remain silent. Both women forgive each other and cry together, holding hands. Their souls are swopped automatically and both return home. Chu En is mad with Shun Ai for renting out the rooms without telling her. Chu En describes the changes in the red wine to Xian Yu, proving that their love can't be as in the past. She decides to continue her studies in France for 2 years but he is willing to wait for her.

Chu En isn't worried for her family as Xian Zhong has a job and although Zai Xiong goes behind her back to go for acting assignments, he still manages to get into university. Little does she know that Xiao Ying claims to give him English lessons but is actually helping him to act out the scenes! The two get passionate and kisses each other on the lips.

Yi Xi is fired so he has difficulty becoming a captain again. He is still uncertain if the souls are swopped so he decides to work hard at home. I simply crack up when all ask him where the things are placed and he becomes a knowledgeable house-husband! Xian Zhong is upset that En Jing has a new boyfriend so he drinks with Dai Shu. He even gets a birthday present for her. Zheng Xiu reminds Chu En not to meddle with married men. Shun Ai starts to feel that the air stewardess job is unsuitable for her and quits.

Shun Ai comes to send Chu En off and both wish each other well. Xian Yu also comes and decides to restart with her all over again. A year later, Yi Xi gets his job as a pilot again and tries to woo another air stewardess (cameo appearance by Park Si Yeon). Shun Ai is now pregnant and scolds him again.

Introduction on characters

1. Xu Shun Ai (40): Shim Hye Jin (as Prince's Lu's mother in ‘Goong') She is a housewife who bargains over money to save costs for her family. The swoping of souls forces her to become a career woman. She is excited to have a young man falling in love with him and has so much fun with Xian Yu. She is at first happy with a young face but later finds it troublesome as a housewife's guts is not helping her much on the air-stewardess job.

She is also troubled when her own son doesn't recognize her. She soon discovers that being a housewife is more suitable for her. Shim is so different from the elegant person in Goong to act as a housewife. But she does a very good job.

2. Han Chu En (28): Park Jin Hee
She is a confident air stewardess and is even chosen as the representative to promote her airline. She knows quite a number of languages and knows her job well. Xian Yu loves her but she feels burdened by his rich family background as his parents look down on her. She doesn't get love from her parents when young so a mature Yi Xi wins her heart as she nearly kills herself over her mother's death. She is a very daring mistress to request the wife to give in to her for a divorce!

The exchanging of roles make her realize that a housewife job is not easy. She also finds Ming Zi demanding on her as she is too used to leave the household chores to Xian Zhong. Yi Xi also treats her poorly as the wife, wanting her to do as much as Shun Ai. She pins all her hopes on Zai Xiong to get a university degree. But she is very lenient on Xian Zhong, giving him a lot of time to get his law degree.

Jin Hee is excellent! Chu En is feminine and graceful but Shun Ai becomes sharp and rough. The elegant and the boorish ways that she presents for both women are natural. Many will be won over by her acting. She isn't a mother in real life but she presents how Shun Ai yearns to be with her son again well.

3. Zhang Xian Yu (32): Lee Jae Hwang
He is a rich man who inherits the family fortune to own a golf resort in Japan. He is perfect in capability, paper qualifications and family background. Chu En is his first love but his family opposes to them being together. He has not know that his family actually pays her a sum of money, wanting them to break up.

He has never forgotten her all this while, even though his mother tries matchmaking him with other women from influential families. To him, the first love is eternity while other loves that come are ordinary. He tries very hard to woo her back. But this woman breaks his heart repeatedly by rejecting him. Another older looking woman claims to be her to make him confused. Poor man – he doesn't know who to listen to! We can't blame him for insisting that Shun Ai is Chu En as their encounter is simply unbelievable.

When this actor appears, many people nearly fainted upon seeing the dark eyeliners over his eyes! What have the make-up artistes done? It doesn't help with the terrible hairstyle that they created for him too.

We must thank our lucky starts when he appears smartly and more manly later. He manages to present himself well in later scenes. See how he goes on his knees (we know how proud men can be) in front of Chu En to win ‘Chu En' back – we can't help feeling sorry for this guy and feel happy for him when he finally wins her heart again.

4. Yin Yi Xi (42): Yoon Da Hoon
He is an airline captain. He is a very selfish man who only cares for himself and neglects his family. He gives Shun Ai a minimal of his income and is a typical miser. He wants the best of both worlds so he toys with the women's feelings. See how unrepentant he is even after the ordeal. This actor gives funny facial expressions to tickle you all the way. He is the highlight of the drama besides the actresses.

5. Yang Ming Zi (65): Jung Jae Soon
She is Yi Xi's mother who helps to look after Zan. She doesn't know why her daughter-in-law changes so much after her hospital discharge. She is still demanding to her as before, not knowing that she is Chu En. Upon knowing the change, she tries very hard to adjust to the face.

6. Han Xian Zhong: Kwon Hae Hyo
He was born when his mother was in her 40s. That is why he is pampered rotten and is jobless at this age. He tries 10 years, wanting to get into the law faculty without success. He wants a desk bound job but becomes a waiter at Dai Shu's eatery instead.

7. Piao Zhen Shu (40): Park Mi Sun
She is a housewife and is very close to Shun Ai. She has a daughter. Many bully her as they come to her home for food – including Chu En. She can't believe that she can even help her in her cooking too!

8. Zhao Dai Shu (40): Ahn Moon Sook
She is Shun Ai's friend who is single and drives a taxi. She doesn't trust men as she is very tough but she doesn't expect herself to fall in love.

9. Jiang En Jing (30): Lee Sun Jin
She is the capable leader of the cabin crew. She expresses interest in Zai Xiong who is much younger than her. She is very strict with the crew as she sets very high standards. That is why Shun Ai nearly drives her nuts with her negative attitudes – for being late or giving silly answers for meetings.

10. Su Jun Hao (30): Kim Hyung Bum
He is the only steward on the plane. He is very close to his colleagues and often helps them from sexual harassment on the plane. He is secretly in love with Chu En and is dismayed to know about her affair. He costs Yi Xi and Chu En of their jobs but feels guilty after that.

11. Li Xiao Ying (stewardess, 24): Hwang Ji Hyun
She is Chu En's junior who is concerned over her well-being. She is sweet and gentle who often helps her out at work. That is why Zai Xiong likes her instead of other stewardesses. She is the same actress as Shi Na as in ‘Witch Ma'. I can be quite amused as I watch both dramas on television daily. But she proves to be a versatile actress who acts well.

12. Piao Zhi Shan (23): Ah Ae Mi
She is a junior air stewardess who often makes mistakes. She gets the job through connections but is still respectful of her seniors. She is also interested in Zai Xiong and is willing to be his girlfriend if Xiao Ying rejects him. This man surely wins many women's hearts with his good looks but how come he can't get into the entertainment circle?!

13. Han Zai Xiong (18): Jang Ji Woo
He is still a high school student but dreams to be a star. He goes for various auditions but it seems his path to stardom comes very late in life. Chu En opposes to him doing this but he insists of getting into the acting academy. He respects Xian Zhong like a father, knowing that it is hard on him to bring them up.

14. Yin Zan (9): Shin Dong Woo
He is mature although he is young. He is really cute to cheer Chu En up and is protective towards his mother. The poor boy gets confused when his real mother returns home but he cant' recognize her.

15. Che Min Jing
She is Zhen Shu's daughter who is also Zan's classmate. Both are very close. Although she can be naughty to teach him how to play truant, she helps him to paste photos to look for his own mother.

Most favourite character
Xian Yu, he is persistent in love but he should have tried harder to distinguish between the two women – not to judge by their looks.

Most hated character
Yi Xi, he is still unrepentant and demands attention and affections from both women after this ordeal. That is why I love the way Shun Ai tortures him to do housework when she is back because he truly deserves it!

Interesting facts

The viewership for this drama was 23%. The weather was hot so the viewers preferred comedies. Many loved its sense of humour. Housewives regarded it as a punishment for infidelity but feel that it should have meted on the husband and not entirely on the women.

Jin Hee's heart beat irregular and she started to have dizzy spells. Even her manager advised her to go to the hospital but she insisted of completing the shooting. She thought the reason might be lack of sleep with erratic lifestyle. So the crew tried to give her more time to rest. Jin Hee won the best acting award. She also won one of the ten popular star awards in SBS television awards in 2006 with Shim Hye Jin. Shim also won the best actress award for sitcoms.


We have seen many movies or dramas on swapping of souls between parents and their children but this is about a wife and a mistress! It is hilarious to see how they have to adapt awkwardly to each other's dressing and mannerism. Shun Ai becomes very daring in her dressing (baring her back sometimes) while Chu En cries upon seeing Shun Ai's conservative wardrobe. But the fun dies soon to become serious when both women find it too tough to adjust to the roles for the family and occupation.

Chu En, in Shun Ai's body, can be childish to fight over ice cream with Zan. Shun Ai, in Chu En's body, can make so many blunders at work with her atrocious English and crude ways in dealing with customers. I also don't like the repetitive arrangement of Chu En having dreams – some are simply too long and lack excitement. This review might be confusing to you so it is best that you watch it. The cast provides good acting that you will enjoy. Most scenes are unbelievable but lighthearted. Those who are tired after a long day will like watching this comedy.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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