Princess Hours (Goong)

Reviewed by: sukting

November 28, 2006

Rating: four

We have seen love rivalry between brothers, sisters and friends. Have you seen this between cousins? What's more they are also princes! This is a 2006 direct hit that all should not missed!


The queen mother is upset that Xuan isn't feeling well and this reminds her of her elder son, Xiu who died many years ago. The elders decide that the crown prince, Xin should get married soon as the throne is endangered. Cai Jing snatches a book from her classmates on loyalty to read but is scolded by them when she accidentally tears a page.

She is a 3rd year high school student in an arts school and aspires to be a designer. The girls drool upon looking through Xin's idol book. He is of loyalty blood and has is stunning looking. Cai Jing's bespectacled classmate, Jiang Xian feels it is best to break Xin's neck. Why is he so fortunate to be rich since birth? At this instance, 3 cars move in and all charge to look. Xin is joining the school to study movie-making and he frowns at the attention he is getting when the bodyguards protect him.

Hasn't he said not to do this in school? But the queen still worries that commoners endanger him. Xin is impatient – so they are going to do this to him in and out of school?! His bodyguard replies apologetically that they have to follow rules. (The crown prince's entrance is sure a grand one.)

When Jiang Xian tells the gals that Xin has arrived, Cai Jing wonders if he is looking at them. The girls nearly go breathless, except Jiang Xian. (She is sure indifferent.) All wonder why he doesn't go to the royalty school but here. The other 3 rich guys – the Korean shipping line boss's eldest son, the national arts institute principal's two sons together with Xin make a perfect group. (All 4 are sugary candy to the eye with their model looks although they have single eyelids.)Jiang Xian thinks lowly of them.

The rest think Xin is looking at them and wave to him madly. Xin's 3 friends lament that all look lousy. Actually Xin is looking at the next window. Xiao Lin, his beloved, is practicing ballet and all can see a faint smile near his lips on his icy face. Xin takes out his white shoes from his locker and wears them. Cai Jing accidentally splashes water onto his shoes. She wants to wipe for him but he closes his eyes – this is enough! He takes them off and demands her to throw away for him.

She flares up – she isn't his servant and throws his shoes at his back. All nearly stop breathing when he turns to look at her. She is the first person to go against him but she is cute so he likes her. He leans close to her and she closes her eyes, expecting a kiss…..but the reality is she is still shocked to sit on the floor, shaken by the accident as he walks away!(Eun Hye is very cute – not losing to Sung Ae as Kim Sam Soon.)

She mumbles that he is really a gangster with no good upbringing. She will still endure for her family's sake. Her two friends snatch Xin's shoes and want to sell them online. (They are very practical instead of keeping them.) All windows are changed to unbreakable ones since the day Xin enrolls. Cai Jing overhears Xin talking to Xiao Lin. Xiao Lin doesn't want to get married as they are too young.

It is traditional for princes to marry young and he is the crown prince. If he doesn't choose his ideal partner now, he has to succumb to pressure and go into matchmaking. He will rather marry someone he knows but she doesn't want to get trapped in the palace. Being a princess needs to give up her dream of being a ballet dancer. Cai Jing thinks no one will marry such an arrogant man.

But she feels sorry upon seeing his sad eyes. Suddenly Mrs Shen calls her and Xin discovers her. Xin demands her to stand and is pissed off by her terrible off key singing. She flees but Xin has seen her from her back in her track pants.

Mr Shen runs in debt to be someone's guarantor. Suddenly, someone arrives from the palace to show the matching jade piece to combine with what Cai Jing's grandfather owns. Xin's grandfather kept the other half – promising to let their grandchildren marry when they grow up. (Same as ‘Bride at 18') Xuan wants to keep this promise. Xin is at his photography class but he frowns on who his future wife can be.

Xin gets troubled upon reading the newspapers in the car and is reminded of the training that he needs to go later. He suddenly sees Cai Jing on a bicycle and tells his chauffeur to stop the car. This is threatening and scary when the 6 bodyguards surround the 3 cars. Xin tells Cai Jing – this might be interesting to her but is fatal to him. It looks like she has heard everything. Both of them are in danger.

Reporters start taking photos of them so he will go out first and warns her to watch her mouth. He brushes his finger across her lips and later wipes it on her blouse before leaving. (This act sure shows he is haughty.) She mumbles that he has no manners. The queen mother writes the list of engagement gifts.

Lu is in London and sleeps after reading a book. Hua Ying wakes him up to inform him that Xin is getting married and tells him to return to Korea quickly. They must strike after a long wait of 14 years. Xin isn't happy over the engagement. What kind of friend does his grandfather have to decide on this marriage? Xuan replies that his grandfather was so happy and lucky to have a great friend despite his authority.

By right, Xiu should get the throne and Lu should be the one to get engaged. But since Xiu died, the agreement lands on Xin instead. Xuan will not force Xin if he is unwilling. The elders show him the photo – she is his schoolmate from the arts faculty. When he looks at it, his eyes turn large. (He is definitely overdressed at home like a Christmas tree with a bowtie!) Cai Jing wants to return the gifts – what century are they in now? But her family refuses.

She nearly faints upon knowing that the crown prince has agreed to it. How can he since he has a pretty girlfriend? Her family feels the pressure upon knowing that Xiao Lin is richer and Cai Jing loses out to her. Xin fights for his freedom but the queen only agrees to reduce the number of bodyguards. The administrator, Kong notices the match isn't his wish so he becomes rebellious. Kong pleads with Xin to understand them. Xin says nothing as he practices shooting with arrows.

The queen also worries Cai Jing can't fit in but Xin replies that something interesting should happen since she is so ignorant. Xiao Lin stares at Cai Jing when she accidentally knocks into her. She hears of the news of Xin getting married. She thinks she is THE ONE and asks Xin – hasn't they promised each other to keep their romance a secret till they get into university? He replies coldly that she needs not worry since his wife isn't her! She is speechless by his answer. (Her price to pay for being stuck up.)

Cai Jing is indecisive to get married. (Her family is like a roller coaster going up and down to her moods in the background.) The palace attendants come and Cai Jing walks steadily to the car with her hair messed up by the debtors, asking Mrs Shen for the ring before leaving. When she is in the guest room, she nearly breaks a vase and later she dirties her skirt when drinking the tea. But alas – the queen is here at this time.

The queen expects her to reject the proposal but she is willing to get married. She requests for better job prospects for her parents but the queen is offended. It is absurd to talk about conditions but she will not allow anything disgraceful to happen. The queen mother finds Cai Jing prettier than in the photo and notices her stained skirt. She thinks that it is a new dye and asks the queen to try it out. (I sure laugh at this one.) Cai Jing wonders if she makes the wrong choice when she sees Xin.

Kong exclaims that Cai Jing resembles her grandmother. They saved the old king from danger so he promised to let the crown prince marry their granddaughter in future. Xin calls her ‘track pants' – he knows she is unwilling but her choice is right. She is ordinary with no flaws but is interesting like a comic character.

The queen mother believes in her husband's choice although the queen believes that he will change his mind if he sees Cai Jing. The queen mother still finds her sweet and innocent so it should not be a problem to train her. Her husband is never wrong in his choice.

Cai Jing starts to regret when her classmates have not thought of marriage. She wants to return the engagement ring and pendant. But a newspaper report lands on her face from the air. The press statement that the crown prince is getting married is out. Xuan decides to bring forward the wedding. Xin is moody even though his family enjoys a guzheng performance in the garden.

Cai Jing cries sadly although Cai Jun promises to address her as sister and not pig. She doesn't know what to do with her life. Why choose this awful secondary school graduation photo to publish when she is at the fattest and ugliest moment? The reporters surround her home. Her hair is in an awful mess when she walks out half-awake and it is too late when she runs in as they snap her photo. She nearly breaks down. (This scene is one highlight.)

The queen mother cracks up upon reading the papers. The queen is disappointed with Cai Jing for being so careless. Xin sighs – this is really getting out of hand. Xin ignores the elders and only concentrates listening to his MP3. The ladies in waiting laugh at the news - the future crown princess is younger than them but has such good luck. They are reprimanded by Kong for humiliating the royal family.

Cai Jing can't go to school till Cai Jun lures the reporters away. Xin recalls Xiao Lin's words sadly when he is in the car. Cai Jing's friends are mad with her for keeping this from them. Xin's friends surround him – why doesn't he make his wedding a grand affair to choose a suitable one among the beauties. What is he going to do to Xiao Lin now – keep her as a lover? They stop joking when Xin becomes stern. (These guys should have watched their words as he isn't in a good mood.)

Many crowd around Cai Jing to take photos with her. They think she doesn't match Xin at all and she admits she doesn't want to be Cinderella too. Xin is troubled upon catching a glimpse of Xiao Lin before he returns home. The guys ask how she copes with it and she claims to have only dancing in her mind now. She is going overseas and isn't returning.

Lu reaches the airport and watches the live telecast news on Xin's coming engagement…..Xiao Lin is there beside him. Someone knocks into her as she is distracted although Lu alerts her. When picking up her handphone, he is startled to see Xin's wallpaper but still passes it to her. His instinct tells him that something is wrong as he frowns. Lu looks at his parents' photos and mumbles to Xiu that he has returned.

The queen mother is happily watching ‘My name is Kim Sam Soon' but switches it off when the queen comes in. (Why these people must follow the tradition rigidly although they are living in the 21st century?.)

Kong is delighted to see Lu again. He took care of him when young so Lu remembers him. Lu's nanny, Xu (the queen's lady in waiting) is overjoyed. The queen mother is contented to see him as she misses him all these years.

She knows that Hua Ying needs more time to adjust her feelings. She suggests Lu staying at Xiu's residence but the queen reminds the queen mother that only the crown prince can stay in the palace. (What kind of rule is this?!) Lu senses her hostility but says nothing. He refuses to transfer to the royalty school as he does designing studies in London.

Xin's friends record Cai Jing's clips and lament why Xiao Lin isn't becoming the crown princess upon seeing how uncultured she is. Xin isn't angry but tells them to stop. He asks Cai Jing. How has she prepared for her marriage education? Isn't she doing this because of money? But no matter who she is, Xin doesn't care. It is good enough that she doesn't disgrace him during the wedding ceremony. (He is so cold in here.) She suddenly calls him Xin Jun.

She doesn't understand why he doesn't marry his sweetheart. Xin leans towards her – she can really joke. He can never trap his beloved in the palace so she is Xiao Lin's replacement. No matter what, she is going to be his wife so she needs to upgrade herself. Remove the track pants or he will get someone to do it for her.

She wants to kick him but ends up slipping to fall flat on the ground. She vows to wear them even in the palace. But she swallows her words to escape from the discipline master. Lu asks her the way to the arts office and is amused to see her removing the pants in front of him! He picks them up as she runs away.

Cai Jing runs into Kong and is dismayed that they have taken her school belongings as they want her to get into the palace now. All are attracted when seeing Lu joining their class. He sits behind Jiang Xian. Xi Chong runs to sit with him. Crowds are with Xin when he steps out of the car but his eyes are only focused on Lu as both cousins smile at each other.

Xin is pleased to know that Lu is staying in Korea for good. Both recognize each other at first glance. Lu guesses that Xin's future wife is a great beauty but he should fight against tradition. Lu smiles upon seeing Cai Jing's photos as she looks cute to him. But she indicates trouble to Xin to give the elders something to do. (He can be so rebellious!) The girls protest on the street to exchange for their crown prince. The ladies in waiting take Cai Jing's measurements for her clothes.

News fly that the royalty is reaching out to the commoners through this marriage. Xin calls Xiao Lin but her handphone is off. Xin's attendants follow him as he goes for his fencing practice. The queen comes as he takes out the sword to admire it. (Be ready as he takes your breath away in this scene!) The queen is disturbed that Lu is back after losing contact for 14 years. Xin gets impatient - so she is here for this?

He ignores her when she warns him to be wary of Lu. Cai Jing can't sleep and comes to her parents' room. They are reluctant to let her leave too. She leaves home the next day. Mr Shen blames himself for being incompetent and cries. Cai Jing gets so bored that she draws on the white shoes and falls asleep. The queen sighs – when is she going to learn as she has difficulty even in learning the palace language? She still allows as she gathers Cai Jing has a sleepless night.

The ladies in waiting are worried when Cai Jing is missing. She is later caught by the tutor, Cui. She admits her mistake but feels bad when she punishes the two ladies in waiting. The queen mother is still apologetic for driving Hua Ying out. Xuan reduces the number of dizzy spells after taking his medicine and the queen blames him for not taking Xin in hand to make him turn out like this.

Cai Ying cheats by reading notes secretly written on her arm to prevent Cui from punishing the ladies in waiting again. Xin decides to go with Lu to observe Cai Jing's progress. He jokes that she will get happy to see a handsome Lu. Lu coaxes him to go with chocolates or sweets alone. Xin is icy even when smiling – isn't this her honour for him to go personally? Lu replies that girls should like that and he chooses not to interrupt them. (What a contrast – Xin is unfeeling while Lu is concerned.)

Cai Jing's friends wonder if she will change after marriage. Xin smiles at Cai Jing (this is so rare.) and she is startled to see the sweets. He replies it is Lu who gets for her. (Despite him looking nasty, there is a soft spot in his heart to listen to Lu's advice to cheer her up.) She has no idea who Lu is. Xin asks if she cries because she misses her mother.

She is suddenly down and Xin stops digging fun at her. He has a condition – he wants to move further from the palace to have more freedom. He takes out a list – so he can pretend not to know if she returns home monthly or if she organizes palace parties/family visits.

She is annoyed and tells him not to joke with her. Those suggestions come from Lu to give Cai Jing more freedom. Xin can agree to anything except divorce now. He will agree when they are older and he must be the one to take the initiative because it is no laughing matter. Cai Jing's family informs her grandfather about the wedding in front of his altar.

The wedding ceremony starts. Some place banners on Cai Jing's ugly photo – can such a woman be the crown princess? Some boys sneer at Cai Jing's friends – if really so, they are popular boyband Tohoshinki's friends too. Lu reads books with the television on. He doesn't intend to go. Kong coaxes him – it looks bad if he isn't there since he is the second prince. Is he bothered by the traditional clothes that he needs to wear? Kong knows that he is reminded of Xiu.

We know that Cai Jing is Mr Shen's daughter indeed as he also writes on his palm the lines that he can't recall. Xin's friends shake their heads upon seeing how Cai Jun disrobes himself in front of the camera – he is sure a menace. Lu wears modern clothes to the event but leaves sadly. Xiao Lin dances gracefully and gets selected. The elders are relieved that the ceremony is going on smoothly.

Lu comes to the imperial garden and closes his eyes – this is the place his parents came in the past. Some attendants feel sorry for him as he should be the crown prince if not for Xiu's demise. Cai Jing's friends are disappointed that Cai Jing ignores them. (She doesn't mean to but she has no choice as the chariot passes quickly on the street.) Have a good laugh when Cai Jing's headdress is so heavy that her head lands on the
Prime Minister's head when he wishes the couple well. Xin walks away when Cai Jing pleads for help.

They are in the nuptial room and Xin is exhausted. Cai Jing blames him for not helping her earlier. The headdress is 10 kg heavy. Cai Jing finds him complex. He is cold to marry her but is warm to wave to commoners. He can smile during the ceremony but can tell her about the divorce calmly. But why is he wearing a thoughtful expression now?

Both sleep in the room. There is a last ceremony. Xin wakes up first but signals Cui to leave. He wakes Cai Jing up but she pulls his collar, half-sleepy saying that the rice is too bland. She then realizes where she is and feigns to sleep again. He is enraged to tell her to stop the act. Both finish the drink but Xin doesn't want to delay the nuptial night just because both are under-aged.

Cai Jing nearly screams – is he mad? The ladies in waiting stay outside the room. Xin decides to sleep but she is uneasy. She needs him to care for her as she is new in the palace. His reply – if she thinks he has the responsibility as her husband, he will not agree to it. He has never cared for others all along and this is indeed his weakness. But he sees no need to change. She gets so mad that she bites his hand. He yells – she tries kicking him the last time and now she bites him? The ladies in waiting have to drag him out. (This is sure the most unromantic wedding night that one can think of.)

Xiao Lin decides to return to Seoul after watching Xin's wedding ceremony on television. She realizes that she is a fool to give him up. Lu irons Cai Jing's pants. (I can't believe that he is doing it himself! Why isn't any servant waiting on him and he is treated as if he is in exile. Isn't he a prince too?! No wonder Hua Ying hates the imperial family.) Xin presses his family to let him stay on his own.

He knows that it isn't easy but he prefers to use extreme methods. The queen mother is angered over what happens. The queen regrets not sending him to the Royal High but Xuan knows Xin's change is due to the queen's insistence. Cai Jing isn't used to the crown princess address. She is elated when getting the shares, properties and also bonds from the imperial family. Xin starts to think that she marries him because of money and she is materialistic by nature.

Both reach the school the next day and he stares at her for making childish poses in front of cameras. Lu returns her pants to her and she playfully treats him like an alien with the E.T. signal upon knowing that he comes from London. Of course, he hurries away when her friends try to do the same. (Lu is shy by nature.) The bodyguards watch Xin when he plays basketball with his friends. He trips and falls so the three rush to him. He signals them to walk away as he only has a small scratch.

His friends notice that he is happier with the reduced number of bodyguards so it is good to get married. When they curiously ask what happens on the wedding night – 1% of possibility? Xin recalls how Cai Jing bit his hand and replies 7%. They suddenly see Xiao Lin and Xin's smile freezes on his face. Cai Jing laments that her life changes and thanks Lu for listening to her.

Xiao Lin admits her mistake but Xin has nothing to say to her. (This is sad as they share a quiet moment.) Cai Jing is prepared to get hit by her classmates but they give her cakes and flowers to congratulate her. Xin is impatient with her when she walks out slowly with Lu. Xin smiles at Lu but……..doesn't offer him a lift!! What kind of cousin is this?!

Xiao Lin is also unhappy to see them leave and the guys give her a new handphone model. The other 2 guys get from Zhe too as his father always gives them the latest models. Cai Jing is unhappy for being unable to return home although the car passes. Has her bicycle turn rusty? She pats Xin's face – can't they stop for a while? Kong reminds them on the lessons to attend.

Xiao Lin and Lu meet at the flower shop. She tells him that she is using a new handphone. She is puzzled that he gets a plant instead of flowers. He dislikes flowers without roots so she also buys one. (Probably he thinks that he has no roots because he went overseas at a young age.) Reporter Cui snaps a photo of Lu and Hua Ying at the airport. Hua Ying is pleased that he still remembers her as he is Xiu's friend. Xiao Lin apologises to her teacher for wasting her efforts by giving her the plant.

She meets Lu and Hua Ying. Xiao Lin is startled upon knowing that Lu is a prince. Hua Ying is her teacher's senior from the university dancing faculty. She could have been a queen if not for Xiu's demise.
Cai Jing frowns when the queen wants reports on what they eat and what utensils they use for every meal. She wants to watch a movie with Xin's parents eagerly but Xin tells her to go for her lessons.

Xin calls her after his fencing lesson. Cui reprimands her for switching on her handphone but stops upon knowing that the caller is the prince. Xin tells her to go earlier and he will meet her in the movie room. Cai Jing never expects to watch a periodic movie and Xin looks definitely uninterested too. Xin nearly sprawls sleepily on the sofa to closes his eyes to sigh when she agrees reluctantly to watch weekly.

Xiao Lin asks Xin if he is intending to disband their riding club but he dismisses it. He doesn't want her to listen to Ren. Cai Jing is unhappy when he walks away to listen to the call so she calls her parents. Her family is happy over the better change in life but she is unhappy. Cai Jing sees Xin cuddling a little toy bear like a boy and gets attracted. What sad incident makes him look so dejected?

Because he can't marry his beloved? Then what is she to him then? Cai Jing is upset when Xin answers Xiao Lin's call in front of her. (He looks extremely dashing in the white suit.) It seems that he is conscious of her presence. Xin denies as it doesn't matter to him over his married status. He looks at her because there is a grain of rice on her face! You will sprawl on the floor when she eats it! She finds him too much to treat her like a commodity while he finds her no right to say that since she marries him because of money.

She wants to tear his mouth. She doesn't deny that and quotes Dong Yu from ‘Trap of Youth' as her living example. Xin is startled to see tears in her eyes and she runs away after calling him a bad egg. The attendants do not know what to do, pointing at each other to approach the prince. Xin then finds out from Kong that it is a serial shown some years back. (Funny that the old man knows this and not Xin. I wrote a review on the drama. Interested readers may read it to know more about the character.)

Cai Jing finally knows that he is a prince but he can only come into the palace once daily. She thanks him for the chocolates and sweets but he is confused. (We know how conceited Xin is – he will never admit it even though he is THE ONE to get for her.) Be amused when Xin watches ‘Trap of Youth' with Kong. Lu jokes that Cai Jing's friends gossip on how she attracts Xin with her plain looks. He smiles at how naïve she is when she believes him.

She is definitely not Xin's type and he wonders how Xin gets attracted to her. Xin suddenly wants her to come over so Lu coaxes her to go. Cai Jing is startled when Xin calls her ‘Dong Yu'. Xin thinks he should stop the joke as he has mixed feelings after watching. He decides to invite her family or friends to come over. She nods but he decides this depends on her results. She pulls his collar – what a jerk he is to make fun of her? He holds her fists and touches her head playfully.

Her bad temper should stop – is she ready for next day's test? Obviously she isn't as she tries to peep at Lu's answers. The guys meet Xiao Lin and Xin feels awkward. Cai Jing goes to eat from the roadside stall wearing Jiang Xian's glasses. Lu sees through her disguise and tries the rice cakes with the gals. He initially hesitates not because the stall looks unsightly but because he has not tried that before. He finds it too spicy and all laugh at him.

Cai Jing is happy that her parents are coming and urges Xin to teach her the Chinese characters. He looks at his watch coldly – it is time for him to learn English so she can seek help at the library. She nearly swears at him. Mr Shen trembles when holding the tea cup and all laugh when he maintains that Cai Jing is very strong to be able to make kimchi out of the cactus even in an aircraft disaster!

Cui stops Cai Jing to use her handphone to contact her parents because she hasn't completed her work. She is disappointed and cries when they leave after leaving her favourite food. She misses them so much. Xin walks in to see her dejected. She scolds him – what is he doing as a son-in-law for only throwing his weight around daily? His attendant, Jin speaks up for him. Xin doesn't know that they leave so quickly. He is deliberately late so that she can have more time with them. (Sigh – he always gets wronged.)

Cai Jing realizes that she has wronged him upon seeing Attendant Jin with gifts and Xin tells him to send to her home. Xin listens on his discman and Cai Ying plays with his bear. He ignores her and continues reading. She confesses that she will get upset if he marries Xiao Lin although she feels like a third party. Xin goes to the restroom and she is alarmed to find no disc in the discman!!

Does that imply that he can hear her? She blushes and runs out. She asks Jiang Xian what she should do. The weird smile that Xin has on his face shows that he has heard everything. Jiang Xian asks if she loves him. Xin's birthday is on the following week and all are going to the royal resort at Jiju island for the party. The newly wed couple arrives but Xin walks in the hall before her.

His friends find him handsome looking in the grey suit but the couple freezes when Xiao Lin turns up in an elegant dress with an artificial fur scarf. Xin shakes hands with her hesitantly. Cai Jing feels threatened when Xiao Lin stares at her and is upset to know that they are VIP riding club members. The competition begins when both women get the same cake. Xiao Lin pushes the plate of cakes to Xin and Cai Jing sulks. Cai Jing's friends also arrive and Lu assures Cai Jing that she will get used to the life soon.

Xin is resting at the spa. Xin's friends sneer to Cai Jing in English and dig fun at her when she can't answer. They gather that Xin must have avoided her to feel tired to leave. (They are very nasty to her.) Lu asks Xin why he isn't keeping Cai Jing company but he is silent when under the shower. Lu allows the gals to go with Cai Jing to the present presentation ceremony. She can't be missing there.

Cai Jing wonders how the gals know Lu is a prince. Because they are the royal fans! (Strange that Jiang Xian is becoming like the others.) Xin gets many gifts. See how authoritative he is to sit on a chair and Jin passes the presents to him. Xiao Lin gives him the latest MP3 player. He then looks at a pair of sports shoes. Cai Jing has drawn palace designs on it for him. Xin's friends laugh as they are suitable for servants and even ask if she gets them from the stationary shop! But all have missed seeing how gentle he suddenly becomes as Xin looks at the shoes with a glow on his face.

The gals want to give presents to Xin and he is now resting on a sunchair, listening to his discman. Xin's friends reprimand Cai Jing for grabbing Xiao Lin's seat, which is beside Xin's seat. Cai Jing has missed seeing the scarf but the gals find them unreasonable. Cai Jing understands that they react this way as they support Xiao Lin and doesn't blame them. Xin can't be bothered with them and closes his eyes.

Lu playfully pushes Xi Chong into the water and soon all have fun in the pool. Xin hears them and is bored when his gang is asleep. He opens the cover of the gift box and takes out the shoes. He recalls how Cai Jing dirtied his shoes in the past and smiles when trying them. Xiao Lin isn't happy upon seeing him putting her present aside. He has not tried it. (Xin isn't aware that Cai Jing has entered his heart.) She tries putting the earpiece into his ear but he retreats when she leans close to him.

The paparazzi snap photos of them. Cai Jing yawns upon knowing that they still have to face the reporters the next morning. Xin leans on the couch to look at the MP3 player and holds a necklace. Cai Jing is happy that she is 10 minutes earlier for the food tasting session. Xin is already there, tasting the dishes with his chopsticks. (How dashing he looks in a white suit even though it doesn't come with a tie but has a chain instead.) He knows that she has not slept at all as her eyes are red.

He is checking on Xuan's food – she is so tactless to ask if he is afraid of being poisoned! All are silent by her sick joke. This is his way of showing filial piety and she is surprised to know that he has done it for 10 over years. Xin is unhappy to see her with Lu as she tries to tease him in the garden. Xin is practicing his fencing – doesn't she feel disgraced of not raising her standard to survive in the palace? She might have talent in art but she lacks good upbringing.

Cai Jing mumbles - what about him disgracing her in public to treat her like a fool? She calls him a timid fool and he leans near her. He later retreats – they are not satisfied with each other but the elders want them to stay together. She knows nothing about their eating habits and has to see how Xin does before she follows him. Xin teaches Cai Jing how to play the ancient golf game. Her heart flutters when he stands beside her but this man is so unromantic – he asks her if she is digging the ground?!

The queen mother envies them for being young. Xuan recalls the young days. Painful memories also become happy ones. The ladies in waiting cheer for Cai Jing when her ball hits the plate. Xin is stunned by the result as Lu also claps. Xin wants to teach him how to play polo on horseback. Lu is thankful to Cai Jing for helping him to adapt to school life. Xin reminds him to be more careful – out of the public eye, they can be easygoing with Cai Jing's address but not in front of the elders. (Xin is alert all the time.)

Xin and Cai Jing are at an art exhibition and her family watches them on television. Cai Jing is too excited that she drops her handbag and Xin shakes his head. He tells her not to show the victory sign with her fingers as she looks so childish but she insists. Someone suddenly throws eggs at Xin and Cai Jing blocks other eggs from hitting him. (She is sure sweet to protect him.)

The queen mother is shocked that Cai Jing intercepts the eggs. Reporter Cui is dismayed that the public ends up pitying Xin. Hua Ying thinks it is only temporary as he can't be a king for being so weak. Cai Jing vows not to let the culprit off. Xin must be badly affected by the incident. Lu stops her from seeing Xin – doesn't she know him well? He has a big shock to get humiliated in public. Xin also rejects Lu's visit for it is best to leave him alone. Cai Jing can't forget Xin's expression then.

It is not a furious expression but is something not seen on earth. Lu starts to hold her hand – is she very lonely? He can tell it although she tries to be cheerful. She is appalled and withdraws. Xin sees them talking and is cold. Cai Jing is concerned – it doesn't matter if she gets chased away – even though he is angry as she is now his wife. She should be beside him when he is down. Why are there tears in her eyes?

Xin notices it and walks to her. She asks if he is fine. He replies casually that he will not be killed by eggs. All think that he is affected to avoid him. This is the first time that he encounters this and she has done something strange to make him feel better. He touches her hair. Cai Jing hugs him from behind and apologises. He is startled but lets go of her hands. She mumbles that he is really like a chicken indeed. (Xin's name as the same pronunciation in Korean.)

They reach the riding club but Xin only wants to be alone. Xin's friends still look down on Cai Jing. Xin tells them to look at the calendar – it is now 2006 and they have to change their mind set. (How he changes unknowingly!) Xiao Lin notices that he doesn't like them to speak ill of Cai Jing. She describes Cai Jing as an attention seeker and she is simply not qualified to marry Xin.

Hua Ying opens a yoga centre so Xiao Lin comes to congratulate her. Reporter Cui finds her familiar and shows Hua Ying the photos of him taking her and Xin together. They decide to use her to implicate Xin. Hua Ying teaches Xiao Lin yoga. Cai Jing recalls her moments with Xin. He dresses in a suit and is attracted when she looks stunning in a dress for their ball. The imperial family decides to introduce them to the ambassadors of different countries and has arranged a function. Xin gets attracted upon seeing Cai Jing elegantly dressed but avoids her eyes.

Hua Ying is choosy in the hairstyle to want to make a commanding presence. Xin frowns when Cai Jing nearly thrusts a fork at a guest. He pats on her shoulder and speaks softly – hasn't he told her to be careful? He may look gentle to others but his tone is sure stern to her. How he can really act!! Lu and Hua Ying turn up in style. Even Xuan gets attracted. The queen mother is so forgetful to call Hua Ying as crown princess – the previous title she held before Xiu's death. Cai Jing answers her instead. Hua Ying isn't happy.

The queen isn't happy as Hua Ying looks as if she is the main star to steal the glow from Cai Jing and Xin. Xin gets Cai Jing to dance with him. (That is another highlight of the serial.) He smiles but says in an arrogant tone softly to tell her to stand up. Lu is down upon seeing this. Cai Jing starts to pick up and you will laugh at her doing a flamingo! The queen mother hopes that Hua Ying will forget her grief.

Cai Jing is so attracted by the fireworks that she pushes all her way through the crowd….to stand beside Xuan. She drops her shoe and Xin puts it on for her tenderly. All clap and Lu isn't happy again. Cai Jing blushes by his act. Xuan thinks it is best to care for Hua Ying and Lu now. Cai Jing is touched by Xin's gesture. It is as if she is the character in a book.

He snaps she should wake up and don't wear anymore tight fitting clothes. Her fat legs can kill a cow. (This prince's insults can be never ending.) Lu ignores Cai Jing in school. She appologises to her teacher for forgetting the test but teacher is only seeing her alone to get her autograph for her nephew! All gossip about Xiao Lin getting ditched and she is angry. How is she going to face Xin daily? She recalls how Xin ran away from home and both knew each other at the train station.

Cai Jing sulks when Xin still ignores her even though she has sewn a human cushion of him. She attachés a photo of him smiling and another on his stern expression on both sides. (It is another hot item in the serial.) Xin's smile is great – why doesn't he smile more often? Xin shakes his head at her remark. Xin knows that she hasn't finished reading her ‘filial piety' scroll and she can forget about that. Since she has time to make the cushion, she might as well spend more time on the reading. (How nasty can he be!)

Xin's friends observe that Lu makes a loud appearance as the 2nd prince. Xiao Lin stares at them when they comment that Xin and Cai Jing look compatible. Cai Jing begs for a chance to return home as she misses seeing her family the last time. Have a good laugh when Cai Jing gets so mad that she fights with the cushion. Xin admires his camera and takes a snapshot of what she is doing.

The next day, Cai Jing frowns when Xin has gone to greet the elders without her. Xin avoids looking at her. Cai Jing is delighted to know that Xin has suggested staying at her home for a few days. (Xin sure looks dashing in the dark green suit and she also looks matching with him in a light green dress.)

Lu isn't happy to see her clinging to Xin's arm and running after him. She lets Xin go when he stares at her. She appologises for getting angry with him for not waiting for her and he goes earlier because of this. He suddenly asks how many rooms her family has as he must stay alone. She gets excited on the way home and Xin smiles at her reaction. (He is starting to show his warm side now, obvious to all but oblivious to himself.) Needless to say, reporters come again when they reach the doorstep.

Cai Jing reminds Xin to take off his shoes at the doorstep. He has been too used to walk with shoes in the palace. You will laugh again when Mr Shen removes the cushion and Xin nearly falls back on the sofa without the support. You will be appalled by Cai Jun's act to show the different undergarments that his family has prepared for their return to the reporters. This fellow is always up to something. (Now it is Xin's turn to get used to the commoner's life as Cai Jing has her fair share in the palace.)

They have a meal and Xin gets along well with Cai Jun. Cai Jing complains that she can't eat cabbage rice and running around barefooted. Her family protests with spoons when she adds that cabbage rice is inferior food to the royalty. Xin is startled by their reaction and nearly drops his chopsticks. (He sure looks good again in a maroon sweater.) The queen is worried that Xin can‘t adapt as this is his first time outside the palace besides state visits. Xuan thinks Xin's circle is limited to the palace and school so it is a good start to reach out to the commoners to understand how the society works.

Xin feels that he has troubled his in-laws when they offer to let him in their room. They can treat him normally as he wants to have a taste of normal life. That is why he hasn't allowed any attendant to follow him. There are only 2 bedrooms and Cai Jun is having his exams. So Xin can use Cai Jun's bedroom and Cai Jun can camp out since it is cool for better learning. Cai Jun sulks at it but Xin adds that he is joking. (Who isn't tricked as he sounds so serious?)

Xin suddenly holds Cai Jing's hand tightly. Let them sleep a room then – are they worried that something will happen to them? (What a surprising request to all!) Mr Shen nearly chokes and squeezes into the room with the rest. Cai Jun freezes as he finally faces a strong exponent. Xin walks into Cai Jun's room – it is so small but yet she does everything there. She shared the room with Cai Jun. Xin takes her toy and refuses to return to her. He looks at the bed and hooks his arm over her neck.

There is only one bed and two people. What are they going to do? (You will surely laugh non-stop at this.) She claims that she has spent 19 years on the bed and he can sleep on the floor. He takes off his sweater and reveals only his singlet to sleep beside her. Cai Jing realizes that he makes the promise just to anger her and she is a wonderful toy in his boring life. Both start to kick each other in bed.

Xiao Lin is upset upon seeing the news on television and Zhe switches it off. He believes she will be fine as time goes by. Cai Jing stares at Xin's back when he sleeps soundly. She can't sleep as she likes his presence. Why?! She touches him but retreats. But she refuses to sleep on the ground to admit defeat. Xin is awakened…..not by her repeated tossing but because of her saliva that stains on his singlet! But he isn't offended but smiles instead. (How strange as he is very particular.)

Lu knows the reflection of him is the opposite but the same. Is he becoming evil? Xin looks at the toothbrushes in the toilet. He sneaks back upon hearing Cai Jing's parents' conversation. Mrs Shen trips upon seeing Cai Jing crossing her leg over Xin's body as she sleeps! Cai Jing awakens, yells to kick Xin down the bed to make him fall on top of her mother. (This is a classic comical scene.)

Xin assures his in-laws that they will settle this on their own. Cai Jing can't believe that she takes the initiative in her dream. He replies that he can't trust her and since her parents look at her, she decides to sleep on the floor. He squeezes her face but both toss and turn till he rolls down the other side of the bed. (Do have a good laugh at this one.) Xin sits at the balcony in the morning, enjoying the breeze.

He sees Cai Jing's parents cooking in the kitchen and smiles as Mr Shen feeds Mrs Shen food lovingly. Cai Jing drags him to pluck cabbages. She thrusts the vegetables into his arms and yells when he hasn't removed the roots. Her family enjoys the cabbage rice. Xin is hesitant when Cai Jing gets one roll ready for him. She assures him that this will be their secret as she puts it into his mouth. He starts to like it. (I love this scene – they look so compatible together!)

Xuan knows that Xin's in-laws will take good care of him. The queen mother knows that Xin has a sensitive tongue but the queen has told Xin to hide his displeasure. (These people do too much unnecessary worrying - they do not know how much he adores the food and simple life!) Jiang Xian is shocked to know Cai Jing's act but she insists that she is no pervert.

Xin is also grilled by his friends for questioning. Are they in the same room or on the same bed? He smiles when they press him – is he sure that nothing happens? Guys now have to be careful as women are sex hungry hunters. (How they think lowly of women!) There are only two of them at home and Cai Jing doesn't know why her heart beats fast when Xin sits beside her.

He asks if there is anything to eat as he is hungry. She is surprised when he gulps a whole big bowl of instant noodles that she cooks for him and praises her cooking. When he turns to get water from the fridge, her heart flutters again. He offers to wash the dishes and tells her to watch the television outside. Her eyes nearly pop out – can this be happening?! (So is our reaction.)

He then asks if she thinks he can't do it and turns around to put on the gloves. She then hugs him from behind again and he shouts at her. (These two always make me laugh.) She tells him not to move but he pushes her back.

Hua Ying tells Xiao Lin to fight for her chance since Prince Charles also gets married to Camila after a 35 year long wait. (But we soon know that even waiting for a century will not help in Xin's case.) Xin plays games with his in-laws. Cai Jing cheats to win. The young couple exchange warm hugs playfully. (These two are really cute.)

The others protest and Cai Jing yells when they hit her hard. She feels unfair when her parents only tap lightly on Xin's arm. Xin pinches Cai Jun's face hard before Cai Jun hits him.

Laugh when he hits Xin hard. Cai Jing is alarmed upon seeing his arm turning red. It is the palace policy that the royalty can't be hit and the culprit will be punished. All laugh when Cai Jun worries of getting caught by the palace guards. Xin looks at Cai Jing's childhood photos fondly and smiles. He watches the siblings spraying water at each other happily.

They return to the palace and the ladies in waiting are happy for Cai Jing. Xin stares at her when she rattles how they enjoy their stay. Kong describes not having them around is the same as having a blackout and all are glad to see their happy faces. Xin lies on his bed and tosses his pillows to play the stick game (she is slowly influencing him) while Cai Jing plays with his cushion. He later tells Cai Jing to stop acting pitiful as this happens to married women. She protests…but she is only 19.

He teases her for being a baby who needs a lullaby. He denies missing his parents so she is disappointed that he is picking on her instead of getting closer. He then asks – why hug him to try to seduce him? Actually he didn't sleep well that night. It is hard to explain – he is at the age. Regardless of a woman's looks, whoever hugs him will cause his heart to beat fast. (He is sure frank.) Has she longed to hug him from the back? He gives her the chance now but she can't pounce on him.

This is so hilarious as she seems to enjoy it as she stretches her arms. But Kong interrupts repeatedly. (You will definitely laugh at this.) When she finally sets her mind to do it, he turns around to reject her the chance. Xin tells his family as seeing fairness in the Shen family. They put their toothbrushes in a cup facing together like friends. Mr Shen misses Cai Jing and cries but is proud that Xin likes his cooking.

The queen wants Xin to follow Xuan during the writer prize presentation. Xin suddenly calls her mother. She is shocked at him for being liberal. He must remember that Lu and Hua Ying are around to attack him. He is going to be the king soon. Xin puts the bear on his lap – the same one named Alfred he held during childhood. The queen has told him never to use the address ‘mother' but ‘her majesty'. He isn't a commoner and all eyes are on him all the time. (This is so sad.)

Cai Jing sees that he is troubled and asks why. She cheers him up – please smile as he is handsome and he finally breaks into a smile. Cai Jing cycles and all try to stop her as she should learn English now. Kong keeps her bicycle and Xin tells him that it can be a form of exercise to cheer her up. (How soft he suddenly becomes!) She encourages Kong to cycle but he says no, pushing it away. The royal couple smiles but you will laugh when Kong makes the attempt to end up knocking into the palace guards.

Cai Jing tells Xin her faculty is holding art exhibitions so she will be attending school late and not following him. Xin is disappointed although he doesn't show it. He tells her the palace expenditure doesn't include her personal transport. He smiles and continues reading his book. Cai Jing is shocked - Kong is in a neckbrace. (We know the reason.) She is getting her own transport as Xin tells him she needs it.

She sees a car and wonders how old it is – it is the queen mother's car at 34 years old. Cai Jing promises to take good care of it. She is shocked to see many imitating her in school wearing the trackpants or putting the pencil in her hair. Xin tells Xiao Lin – he will bring Cai Jing to the club soon. Xiao Lin asks if he is wary that others will make fun of her so she will take care of it. Sure enough, Xin's friends oppose.

Zhe asks what Xiao Lin's real intention is. She must climb to the top like Camila. Xin disappears and all worry – is he leaving the martial arts room now? Cai Jing tries looking for him. She is stunned to see him at the top of a hut after climbing the ladder. He is shocked but she is glad. So he is rebellious like her – royalty isn't supposed to show their feet but he is barefooted now. He asks how she finds him – the hut design is exactly the same as her room design.

He snatches the photos from her. She wonders what significance Alfred is to him although it is old. She wants to tell all where they are but he stops her, pushing her on the ground – leaning on top of her. She longs for a kiss but he sits aside. Xiao Lin calls and Xin hesitates before passing his handphone to Xiao Lin as she wants to talk to Cai Jing. She promises to guide her. Lu also likes horses so he is here too.

Xiao Lin knows Xin must be weary to be a crown prince and marry someone he doesn't love. But he can't reject because of his position. What Lu is doing is helping him. But he can't let him abdicate the throne like this. Cai Jing frowns upon seeing Lu and Xiao Lin together. Xin is also stern too. Xiao Lin knows that Xin changes a lot – just like avoiding her the last time. Xin asks is she regrets rejecting his wedding proposal.

Lu doesn't want Cai Jing to have hopes on Xin liking her as he likes Xiao Lin. Xin doesn't like Lu to talk to Cai Jing. The students see that Cai Jing is better now although she can't be compared to Xiao Lin but they dislike the haughty Xiao Lin more. The cousins ride the horses. The queen is unhappy that the queen mother likes Hua Ying's yoga technique and wants the palace attendants to learn too.

Cai Jing sees both princes colliding against each other and falling of their horses. See how cheap life is – all run to Xin and not to Lu! But Cai Jing gets to Lu after seeing all fussing over Xin. She nearly screams upon seeing blood on Lu's neck. Xin is utterly disappointed with her act. He stands up and dismisses his men. (His dejected look is so remarkable.) Why doesn't she go to Xin? Xin has so many people to care for him but Lu looks sad to her. Xin sulks upon seeing them together – no, this guy will not do.

He takes off his riding glove and looks at his sprained wrist in a bandage. Xin develops Xiao Lin's photo in his photo lab. Cai Jing intrudes unknowingly and is stunned upon seeing him quiet on the chair. Is he hurt? Let her see his wound now. He retreats his hand away from her and tells her to get out angrily. (He is obviously jealous.) Xuan suddenly feels giddy but still continues with the prize presentation ceremony.

The queen mother is angry with Xuan for not heeding the imperial physician's advice. The queen decides to send Xin and Cai Jing to Thailand on his behalf. Prince William is coming but there isn't anyone suitable to be his host. The queen asks if Lu is okay since he has his education in London. The queen opposes. Cui tells the queen Cai Jing isn't ready. But the queen doesn't want Lu to steal the glamour. (The queen can be very selfish to put this extra pressure on Cai Jing.)

Cai Jing is delighted to go to Thailand but Xin doesn't want her to miss her lessons. She pleads for a chance but Xuan listens to Xin. She gets angry with Xin. Cai Jing looks at Alfred and imagines it to be Xin to put her face at its back. Why is he going alone – because she runs to Lu? She should have cared for her husband but Xin is sure petty. (No husband can be so noble – especially when Xin has started to like her.)

Xin reaches Thailand and Kong urges him to contact Cai Jing but he refuses to call. Lu passes Cai Jing a book on plants to read. Lu is also puzzled over Xin's decision. The scene flashes to the past – Hua Ying told Lu he was no longer the crown prince and had to call Xin the crown prince but he insists of staying. Lu wakes up from a start – it is only a dream and Hua Ying knows he feels terrible.

She is shocked that he is in love with Cai Jing but he asks – isn't she supposed to be his? She finds it ridiculous - how can he love such a silly woman? He likes her more and more and doesn't mind the drifting life. But Hua Ying is determined to return to the past and he is forcing himself to accommodate her to worry about her. Cai Jing is so bored that she steps on the accelerator of the car to ruin it in an accident. The queen scolds her and Cai Jing nearly faints upon knowing she is in charge of Prince William's visit.

The queen mother doesn't blame her – she is more worried about her. Before Xin leaves, he instructs Cai Jing to take care of Prince William to mention about her tears. She cries a few times because of him. The tears prick his heart and are clearer than the stream. They as women should forgive the shy men. Cai Jing never expects Xin to say that to the queen mother and weeps in tears, getting touched.

Cai Jing touches Xin's childhood photo. Xiao Lin tells Zhe to check out where Xin stays. Xin's schedule is free in the midst and Kong is surprised when Xin wants instant noodles to go with an egg. (Cai Jing has changed him.) Cai Jing calls several times but he doesn't answer. She sleeps with Alfred – back to back. Lu makes sushi for her to cheer her up. Jiang Xian wonders why Xin doesn't call at all.

Xin watches a performance but rejects a spa massage as he dislikes others to touch him. He sees Xiao Lin outside and Lu frowns upon knowing that Cai Jing still looks for Xin. She leaves her handphone at the window unknowingly when he brings her out in the Volkswagen to the botanic gardens. Xin sneaks out after pretending to want a spa to be with Xiao Lin. She cries and he wipes off the tears from her face. She has not been his real girlfriend even for a day so he grabs her hand to bring her around.

Cai Jing thanks Lu for bringing her out but he hopes this goes on forever. The paparazzi snap photos of them again and Kong is determined to get Xin back upon knowing that he is missing. Laugh when Xin is scared of a lizard and Xiao Lin has to chase it away for him. She gives him a mask. Xin sends Xiao Lin off at the airport and she takes the initiative to kiss him. Needless to say, this photo is also taken. The queen is unhappy to know that the two leave school together. Hua Ying tells Lu to send Cai Jing back.

They are preparing for a war and must be alert even when sleeping! (This woman is really on guard at all times.) The bodyguards find Xin at the airport and he will be late for the presentation. He sees a commercial signboard – not caged, free to go. The next moment has the three riding on motorcycles! (He sure looks cool from this scene with shades – my friend comments he looks like Bae Yong Jun!)

Kong has to delay the time by showing Xin's clips. Xin and his men are blocked by elephants on the street. They walk pass the crowd and he ponders the way to the conference venue. Kong can only hold on for another 15 minutes. Xin gets into a florist's sampan. She recognizes him and he is grateful to her so he gives her his watch as a present. She refuses to accept it initially but later gives in by returning a bracelet made of flowers. All are relieved when Xin turns up on time. (This is an exciting process but highly unbeliveable.)

Xin jokes that he really acts in an action movie – ong-bak on this day as Kong dresses him. All eyes are on him when he steps in. He shows the wrist bracelet. He also comes from a beautiful country like them. He smiles but it fades when he sees the same mask on the table. The queen scolds Cai Jing and will not let her leave the palace easily now despite Lu's explanation. Her family cry upon seeing her again as they are worried over her disappearance. The ladies in waiting also feel sad for her.

Kong doesn't hope to have such incidents again so Xin promises not to give him any more shocks. He dislikes Kong to use the words ‘his humble servant'. Xin isn't the sky – Kong is his sky today. They are each other's skies. (He is caring to people around him now.) Now Lu yearns to be the emperor. Cai Jing worries if her eyes are still swollen from the crying but notices that her ladies in waiting have the same condition as her. Lu notices that she is wan and she jokes that she is on diet. He touches her face – how nice if he can stay by her side to make her smile. (Many will melt at this scene.)

Cai Jing hopes Lu can help her in showing Prince William around. Hua Ying is in the limelight tending to sick child patients with Reporter Cui's help. The queen is certainly not happy when the queen mother comments that they should reach out to the public openly like her although they fight for women welfare.
Xuan looks at photos taken with Hua Ying and hides them when the queen is here. She is worried as he is too busy. Prince William arrives and he comments that Cai Jing is prettier than on television. (I am astonished at MBC's arrangement – they got a guy who resembles 90% of the real Prince William!)

She brings him around and he is overjoyed to see Lu. Both of them are as close as brothers since they know each other in London. Xuan and Prince William sign trade documents. Cai Jing holds the handphone the whole day but Xin doesn't call her. Xin is on the plane flown from Bangkok. Cai Jing and Lu bring Prince William around. She really yearns to meet Xin – is she a naggy wife? Lu asks if she will love him if she meets him first. They stop talking with Prince William arrives.

Xin opens his handphone cover but closes it when Kong enters to tell him not to be shy. Why is he having this expression? Xin has actually cooled off and starts to miss Cai Jing. Cai Jing blows the flute while the others listen to…..her terrible playing. (Probably Xin is thankful to be absent then.) She is glad that everything is over with Lu's help. Her own husband doesn't even help her. Lu is like a friend to her. Lu notices that she only drinks water and eats little so he gives her heart shape chocolates.

Lu isn't her husband but should be her fiancé. He has given her several reminders. If not for Xiu, he could have married her. Cai Jing is moody and loses appetite as Xin isn't back yet. Hua Ying meets Xuan in the garden. He can't face Xiu so she wishes a post-title. Xuan has considered it but it is politically sensitive. She suddenly calls him ‘oppa' and he chides her. She says that her love for him is real after so many years. (Xuan is trying very hard to suppress his feelings but it seems that it fails in disaster.)

The queen comes to remind Xuan to have his medicine but frowns upon seeing Hua Ying leaving in the opposite direction. Cui and others get into the palace through exams. They can't return home or get married. Cai Jing feels sorry for them to serve the palace all their lives. They worry when she doesn't eat her breakfast so they get her tonics. She is going to be the queen in future so she has to take care of herself to give birth to princes. She is shocked to know that they are going to consummate the marriage soon.

Xin reads his Thailand visit news online – they receive good feedback. Kong asks what happens to his watch and he replies that he has changed it when reading his speech notes. Cai Jing has a fever and the ladies in waiting sleep while taking care of her. She walks to the balcony silently… see Xin there. He learns that she is sick – is she out to welcome him back? She vows to hit him.

He jokes – why doesn't let a husband who is back from a long trip to get close to her? She should run to hug him regardless of what happens. No, he makes her sick as he is so selfish to neglect her. He touches her shoulder and makes her face him. So they must go together next time. She finally bursts out crying to hug him as he pats her back. All are delighted by the outcome. (The two act well in this intimate scene here.)

Xuan knows Xin is outstanding but Xin attributes his success to his ‘sky'. Kong smiles as Xin looks at him with a broad smile. Zhe tells Xiao Lin to adjust her feelings. Isn't that their farewell trip? That is what Xin thinks and he has adjusted his feelings. Zhe is giving Xiao Lin a warning Xin is delighted upon seeing that his teddy bear has new clothes. He puts the 4 sticks on the table and is about to play when Kong walks in. Xin should give his present to her.

Kong coaxes him – is it so difficult to tell Cai Jing that it is hard on her that he goes to Thailand alone personally? Xin mumbles that he hasn't let her down. Kong has gotten her a necklace with an elephant pendant. (How Kong knows his master - Xin actually listens to him.) He sees the cushion in her room and smiles. He puts the present on her bed and flees when she returns.

She exclaims that it is beautiful and goes to the garden with the cushion. Xin is reading a book when she wants him to put it on her. But he tells her to get Kong to do it. He has never buy presents as he hates doing it. Same for the elders so Kong is always in charge. Cai Jing has thought he is lying but when knowing it is the truth, she smacks the cushion. (Why can't he make her happy just for once?!) Why not change after getting hit so many times?! She never stops hitting it even when she is on the bed. (This is sure funny!)

Cai Jing's horse runs wild and nearly knocks into Hui Ming. Cai Jing blushes as she has thought her to be another lady in waiting. Hui Ming has gone around the world during this time but we will notice that she smiles at others except to Cai Jing. She is quite hostile to her. Xin runs to Hui Ming in joy upon knowing that she is back. Cai Jing sulks when he totally ignores her to give his sister a tight hug.

Xin is startled – what happens to her hair? It is very short. Hui Ming asks if she looks ugly but he answers it suits her and she is pretty. (She is very pretty indeed.) The siblings play with each other and she is eager to know their love story. Cai Jing mumbles when the siblings go to visit the queen mother. Why is he a changed man when his elder sister is back? They listen to how she helps the AIDS children. The queen isn't happy with Hui Ming's dressing but is glad that she is back.

Xin is upset when she doesn't scold Hui Ming for calling her mother. In fact, she bursts into tears and Xin hides his face behind Xiao Lin's mask. Xuan can't sleep as Xiu's death anniversary is approaching. If not for him provoking him, he might not have died. He doesn't do his part well as his younger brother. The queen doesn't oppose to the post mortem glory title upon seeing him suffering for 14 years.

Cai Jing keeps sneezing as she hasn't recovered from her flu even after drinking her medicine. She sneaks into Xin's room and exclaims that it isn't as cold as him. He retorts if she is here to spread the virus to him. He allows her to sit on his bed beside him – this should not shock her since they have been together for several days. The bed has warm jade underneath and she will like it. (This is such a funny exchange as he shows his rare warm side again despite his harsh words.)

She protests weakly but later gets in to make him smile. Cai Jing suddenly asks if she is supposed to marry Lu. Xin turns stern and admits it. She doesn't know how to face Lu then. Xin closes his book angrily – does she feel upset over it – if so, she can return to her room. (How his expression changes in a minute.) But seeing her asleep, he softens to put his hand over her forehead. (This is a rare scene to show the soft side of him so all must not miss this.)

He even puts the blanket carefully over her to fondle her hair to look at her tenderly. He gets close to place his head near her forehead when the queen charges in. Cai Jing wakes up in shock. Xin is also unprepared but is angry when the queen says that Cai Jing seduces him. The queen has stepped into his personal space rudely. Moreover, they are not doing anything discreet. He is only letting a person having flu to lie on his bed. (How casually he sounds but he can be true – he can do anything to his wife, isn't it?)

The queen is angry with him for shouting angrily at her. Cai Jing flees quickly. The queen shows him the Thailand scandal reports and his eyes open wide. Xin closes his eyes in anguish. Cai Jing breaks in and Xin is angry – must he also report to her? Cai Jing has no right to ask. She should not worry over trivial matters but her health instead. He is worried for her.

Cai Jing maintains that she is healthy and Xin should not stalk on her. She is about to leave when he grabs her arm. Doesn't she make others worry with her poor appetite? She retorts - he doesn't need to know why she is down. She is a fool not to know they are enjoying themselves while she has sleepless nights. Lu is alarmed over the reports - so it is published? Lu doesn't feel right. News also spread in school to make Cai Jing embarrassed that she is on bad terms with Xin.

Cai Jing and Xiao Lin meet to have a ‘showdown' so all, including Lu rush to see what happens. Xin's friends also join them but Xin is uninterested. Xiao Lin admits that she goes to Thailand intentionally to meet Xin. Cai Jing hinders them and Xiao Lin is the one to get his fondness and his love earlier. She will not give in. Xin seems to welcome her – Xiao Lin feels like a concubine but she only wants Xin and not his crown prince position. Cai Jing is hurt by her words and suddenly faints.

Lu is worried and hurries to hold her in his arms. Xin suddenly appears and tells all to avoid as he carries Cai Jing out. (Ah – hasn't he said that he isn't interested and why is he here now?! But his tone is surely hostile as he really doesn't want Lu to touch Cai Jing! ) Xiao Lin and Lu are shattered – is Xin really in love with Cai Jing? Xin places Cai Jing in the car and uses his uniform jacket to cover her before tending to her at home. (This is another highlight of the serial to show his anxiety.)

Xiao Lin has caused Lu's beloved sister-in-law to faint and she doesn't mind if he hates her. He doesn't want her to hurt Cai Jing but shouldn't he be grateful to her? The more methods she uses, the easier he can be the crown prince. Xiao Lin is insecure – earlier, Xin has not even looked at her at all. Hui Ming learns that Cai Jing's fever has gone down slightly. Xin feels Cai Jing's face and forehead.

Hui Ming tells him not to worry about his rumour as the queen and Kong will handle it. She laughs upon knowing that he, the crown prince, gets rejected by Xiao Lin. He is thankful as he doesn't want the person he likes to lead a boring life as him. Xiao Lin has many dreams and ability so she can't be a palace puppet.

Cai Jing is different – those boring to him become interesting to her. The palace suits her so she isn't a puppet too as she is outstanding. Hui Ming asks if he starts to like her as she trusts her foresight.

Love is most important although life is different. So their Xin is also waiting for love. Lu arrives with a menthol plant and waits for a long time. Xin isn't around and Cai Jing is still asleep. The ladies in waiting think that Lu is better looking than Xin. He brings the plant into her room and hears her mumbling for her mother. She wakes up and likes the menthol smell. He doesn't want her to fall sick again. Once she is ill, he feels the pain. She blushes. (Who isn't touched by his words?) Xin comes and sees the plant. The ladies in waiting are silent when Xin sees the two at the balcony.

He asks – what is a sick person doing there? She mumbles that she is ill because of him and he has not visited her. He reminds her - hasn't she thought who carries her back? She should lose weight – doesn't she know how heavy she is? Cai Jing is delighted – so he carries her back? He pushes her in – the medicine is ready and she should sleep. He slams the door and asks Lu why he is here upon knowing she is ill. Lu should let her into the room to prevent her from getting ill again. (Both princes are in a ring match again.)

Lu then asks if he knows that Cai Jing misses her mother. Cai Jing wants to walk in to listen to their conversation but Xin shuts her out, nearly trapping her head between the doors. Xin then asks if Lu feels the torture as he is the one holding her back. The two cousins stare at each other – gunpowder is flying everywhere now. The queen mother approves the post mortem honour suggestion and Hua Ying thanks her aunt, Xu for helping her. (Another war is brewing soon.)

Xin stays in Cai Jing's room as she sleeps. Upon hearing her cough, he comes to her bed. He touches her head – what should he do to make her eat? His expression suddenly turns so gentle. Her parents arrive and Xin decides to stay outside for a while. They bring her favourite food and she grabs hungrily. Her parents ask if they can bring her home. Xin says no – she might recover but what if she gets ill again to want to return home a second time? Now he is at a loss and needs her by his side.

Mrs Shen protests as the queen has agreed. Xin stresses that Cai Jing is his wife and they should decide on it. He will get the best physician to treat her. They might find him harsh but he must be clear to them. They are no longer her guardians but he is. (He is sure firm on this.) Cai Jing throws a cushion at him – how can he talk to her parents in such a tone? He doesn't want to get embarrassed.

He tells her to give up a hopeless fight. Life is unfair in the palace as everything is traditional. The wife must listen to the husband. If he is her, he will never want to return here too. The queen mother meets her parents. They think Cai Jing is too lonely to fall ill. Lu is scared as things go too fast and he isn't prepared. Hua Ying is annoyed – she has given 14 years preparation to be the crown prince in London.

Lu finds the timing not right as this also ruins Xiao Lin's future. He only wants to dispose Xin himself. Xin notices that Cai Jing is better. He does think of letting her going home but she is the crown princess. He has to secure his position and doesn't want others to think that he is weak. He will give up the crown prince position 2 years later. (He is very careful in every step.) He wants others to believe that when he is older. Maybe he will stay forever in England since Lu is a better substitute and she can leave the palace to have her freedom. So don't worry about it and he will let her go after a few years.

Xin suggests giving Lu the second successor position. Xuan decides to leave it to parliament. Xin practices fencing but Cai Jing doesn't dare to look. (These fencing scenes make him look so cool.) The ladies in waiting are attracted. Xin smiles upon seeing his teacher to give him a warm hug. Cai Jing wonders why he is cold to many. Is one person's heart only big enough for himself? She can't expect too much from him?

She asks if he is writing a movie script. She is also preparing for an art exhibition. Does he want to be a movie director or the king? Is it too tough to be a director? Xin's reply – it isn't tough but he can't. She hopes to be a designer but he tells her to forget it. She gives him a small box of chocolates as ill-tempered people need them. He smiles.

Hui Ming is touched to know that Cai Jing knows how to cheer the queen mother. The queen isn't happy that the post mortem proposal is approved by parliament. She scolds Cui for not informing her about Hua Ying's influence. Hua Ying has strong support from many MPs who are Xiu's classmates. The queen wants a fair competition with Hua Ying but she thinks it is unfair based on her dressing as she loses too much.

Hui Ming tells the queen to accept it as there are more things to come. The queen mother is angry when Hua Ying tells her that she is returning to England. Who dares to chase her and Lu away? She decides to be in charge of the post mortem ceremony and the queen has nothing to say. Kong reports to Xin that the queen mother is upset by the Thailand news. This concerns his reputation so he is worried.

Xiao Lin calls Xin and he asks what the matter is. She doesn't know how to continue as he is cold but he will still see her. Kong sighs. Cai Jing overhears the maids saying that Lu is better than Xin because he is cheerful and better looking. Cai Jing sees Xin going out and sighs. Xin meets Xiao Lin at the bookshop. Laugh at his disguise with a cap and nerdy glasses as he looks so different. Cai Jing sews the torn Alfred. She intends to forgive his temperamental master. Both of them must console him as he is too tired.

Xin thinks they might grow old together without quarrels if Xiao Lin is the crown princess as they are too alike. Cai Jing asked him about his dream earlier. His brain nearly has a concussion as he hasn't thought of it. His route has been planned and unchanged. After listening to her, he wants to have a dream now. Xiao Lin is annoyed that Cai Jing is changing him but offers to help him. He wants her to give up hope as he can't give her anything. The airport sendoff is his last gift and he will not give her anything else.

She wants him to listen to her. It doesn't matter to treat her the same and this is sufficient. Xin returns to read his book moodily. He doesn't look at Cai Jing and grabs the bear. He says he has troubled her but has not thanked her. She gets annoyed. Hui Ming chats with Lu – how many girls has he charmed? He should not call her princess but elder sister. Both see Cai Jing shaking her bum when getting fed up with Xin and laugh. She lacks the qualities of a crown princess but is attractive in Lu's eyes. Hui Ming is disturbed.

Xiao Lin bakes a cake for Xin while Lu sees her before going to his cooking class. Lu makes sushi well. Cai Jing's friends protest that he only makes for Cai Jing. They bake for their beloved and Lu is down upon knowing that Cai Jing intends to give hers to Xin. (How dejected he looks!) The others mumble – why give him as he is a two-timer. Cai Jing wants to put the cake into his locker but sees another cake in it. It also contains a card with the initials ‘h.r.'

Xin doesn't want to eat her cake and presses the cream on her face. He doesn't want anything touched by her fingers. She gets annoyed and wants to throw it into his face but ends up on Huan's face. Xiao Lin maintains it is her right to meet Xin but Lu wants her to meet him secretly. He wants her to help him. The queen mother wants to meet Lu late at night. Xin asks what he wishes to do if he becomes king. Lu has not thought of it – maybe to get married?

Xin will want to abolish the rule of only allowing the crown prince to stay in the palace. This will end all power struggles. Lu agrees with that. Because of it, he turns out to be like this but this time, the tragedy starts with Xin's marriage. It looks like both princes want to be the king. Initially, Xin is not keen but now he is interested. Cai Jing overhears them and feels the tension between them. She is puzzled why they must fight over it. Lu has turned into another person. The queen tells Lu that he has an equal chance to be the king. He should be of a higher rank than Xin now but she wants equality.

She is stunned that he only wants to be ‘da jun' as he doesn't want the court to collapse. Hua Ying is angry – how can he do that? Lu is frightened that she will want to kill herself. He apologises as he can't continue doing this or they will be in danger. She is determined to control it. Xiu's tablet is moved to the imperial temple. Xuan faints when he is about to deliver a speech after the whole ceremony. Lu feels a shiver down his spine upon seeing Hua Ying's cold smile. (That is sure a chilling smile.)

The physician suggests Xuan to rest at the villa. Cai Jing tries to wipe the queen mother's tears and Xin has to pull her back. Hui Ming smiles at her warm gesture. Kong and Xin take over Xuan's duties so Hui Ming will take care of Xuan. Hua Ying and Lu move in to meet Xin and Cai Jing. Hua Ying warns Xin of danger but he is well prepared. He is only concerned that the enemy is within reach but it is still under control. (That is a tough exchange between the two.) Hua Ying starts calling Lu the king after they visit the premises. She wears the ancient gown proudly.

Kong suggests to the queen mother to attend a child heart charity event. She asks if Cai Jing and Xin can go with her. Xin asks Kong if he can make it but his schedule is tight. Cai Jing becomes moody but still promises to accompany the queen mother. Cai Jing goes into Xin's room and wants to get his video camera. She is shattered to find Xiao Lin's photos and the mask in a box that has the initials ‘h.r.' – for Xiao Lin. She reads a card that comes with a necklace.

The words ‘sadness' in Spanish are engraved on it and this is her present to him. Why not stay by her side at the bookshop? She asks Xin if Xiao Lin's things are so important to him. He keeps them so well so he still likes her. He asks what is wrong with her and Lu and the queen are stunned to see her crying. Xin is surprised to find the box on his table and puts it aside.

The queen tells Xin to take good care of Cai Jing. Although she is clumsy, she is so lonely coming to the palace at such a young age. He should try to understand her as she gets more upset if he doesn't treat her well. They can be friends at first but she is going to continue their family line. (How fast she changes – doesn't she dislike her all along?) The queen is disturbed to know that Cai Jing and Lu are classmates.

The queen mother and Cai Jing go for the function at Jiju island. They are attracted by the teddy bears. (So are most of us as some of them have the heart beat device.) One of them belongs to Alfred designs. Cai Jing draws a sketch of the queen mother during a break. She says it is unreal without wrinkles and Cai Jing introduces her to pho-shop to make photos perfect but the queen mother prefers to be natural. Cai Jing decides to add wrinkles but the queen mother isn't happy that the wrinkles are deep.

She decides to use pho-shop. (All women are vain regardless of age.) Cai Jing sighs for doing the wrong thing. She then sees Xin – isn't he busy? He has rushed some appointments and postponed the rest. The most important thing is he is scared to reject the queen mother's invitation. Cai Jing wants to have a rest and tells him to join the queen mother. He wonders why she is so cold to him.

The queen mother is happy to leave the palace for a while. Xin steals a glance at Cai Jing, knowing that she is still angry with him. He tries to hide his smile when the queen mother talks excitedly to sneak out for a spin. Xin has managed to get a small lorry. Cai Jing is amazed that the old woman is daring to break the rules. The queen mother laughs upon seeing how strict the queen is on Cai Jing.

The three sneak out with disguise. The couple wears nerdy glasses. Xin smiles and shakes his head upon listening to Cai Jing's terrible singing. The queen mother mumbles that she prefers to see young children dancing in front of her and they blush. Cai Jing cracks up when Xin is forced to dance in front of them. (I adore this scene so much because I have never seen him making a fool out of himself.) He decides to give up but continues when the two women join him.

The two have a quiet moment. Cai Jing asks why Xin still keeps Alfred that doesn't suit his status as it is old. It was given to him by his grandfather. Although he isn't sure whether it was really from Queen Elizabeth as he claimed, it is valuable to him. It happened in the same year Xiu dies. Xin's family moved into the palace from outside. His grandfather gave it to him as he was unfamiliar with the palace.

Xin becomes cheerful when he talks to it. Cai Jing discovers how lonely he is to have only Alfred. Xin apologises as he has no secrets as all know about him. But he hopes to have his own privacy so he can't tell her about Xiao Lin. Cai Jing asks if he is giving up the crown prince title. Xin is serious about it but Cai Jing advises him not to as he is most suitable. He smiles warmly to commoners and she is touched but he thinks anyone can do it. She believes that they will be closer after 3 years and she can watch him from the television when they part. Xin protests – she can be so ruthless to break all contacts just to watch him from television. He can't do it. All will treat Lu as the crown prince and leave him.

He must at least keep her beside him. (He now knows that she is important to him.) She smiles but it fades away when he claims that he will be bored with nothing to do then. (He still tries to hide his thoughts from her.) Laugh when the lorry's engine can't work and they have to ask a tow-truck to bring them back. The couple quarrel - will they be recognized?

Now, Lu also gets the bodyguards to send him to school in a car. The princes look at each other when they walk out. Xin is busy in the study reading official documents. Laugh at Cai Jing's stupidity when she wants to see how heavy the seal is to hit against her head. She asks Xin why he is so angry on Jiju island. Because he doesn't know how to apologise to her? He tells her not to disturb him. She wants to know about Xiao Lin's letter but he tells her not to get upset by it.

She then asks if he will feel bored without her. His answer delights her – he will feel lost. Hua Ying looks at the scandal photos and warns Lu not to go out of the palace unnecessarily. He obeys her. Cui quarrels with Hua Ying's lady in waiting. This woman is sent by the queen mother to wait on Hua Ying and gets arrogant. (Rivalry also starts with the servants – this contest is getting unhealthy.) Hua Ying is offended and wants to check on Cai Jing's learning daily. She tells the ladies in waiting to get the books. They knock into Lu and he helps them to pick them up.

Lu immediately comes to her rescue. He tells all to go out and tells Hua Ying off. She can't reprimand the crown princess in front of the servants. This isn't an act of an elder and it is not according to the royal rule. (How I love this one - bravo for him to go against his mother for once!) He brings Cai Jing to Ming Shan Hall to cheer her up. Lu sees Cai Jing totally engrossed in his musical instruments and recalls the times with her. Xin is cross to see them together at the second floor as he looks from the garden.

Hua Ying claims that she is also treating Cai Jing like a daughter-in-law like the queen. She reminds the queen how she helped her but the queen has not helped her when she is in exile. Hua Ying tells reporter Cui to spread the report Xin and Cai Jing are at loggerheads with each other. Cui and Kong find no way out so they suggest they consummate their marriage. Xin gets into a foul mood and closes his door on Cai Jing. It is clear to all that he is very jealous to see her with Lu indeed.
The queen opposes to the consummate marriage plan but others go ahead with it. Kong even gets tonic soup for Xin. Although Kong appears to be odd, Xin still drinks it. The ladies in waiting do manicure for Cai Jing happily and she feels weird too. Lu jumps upon knowing it. (Strange that the people involved are the last to know?!)

Cai Jing is puzzled when dressed in the traditional costume. She is later alarmed to see the marriage setting. So is Xin but both of them are locked in the room. How are they getting through the first night like this? The floor is cold and Xin finds it childish with only a heater to share between them. Lu knows that Xin is nasty and will not touch someone he dislikes but he still doesn't feel safe. Hua Ying prevents him from going to the nuptial chamber by sending security guards to his residence.

Xin takes off his shirt. It is not the first time they are stick together anyway. He can sleep alone but it is cold. Is she scared that he will pounce on her? They are not in love….she mumbles. He lies down and closes his eyes. But later, he demands her to come to him because he can sense that her hands are cold. He doesn't want to see a frozen iceberg the next day.(This is such a good description!) It is not that she doesn't want to sleep but she doesn't know how to remove the headdress.

Xin cracks up and wants her to sit closer to him. Just sit quietly and he will remove for her. Soon, we see the silhouettes of the two. Xin removes piece by piece to admit he waits for this moment for long and she yells – no……(Eun Hye is great in showing how Cai Jing lets her imagination runs completely wild.) Xin then asks why she closes her eyes – it is her imagination again. He finally pulls the large pin out and he is amused that both are really in the olden days.

He asks – must he disrobe her and later off the lights as in the dramas? He wants her to remove the traditional dress as he hates the material to stick to his face. The ladies-in-waiting blush outside as they eavesdrop – it seems that the crown prince is so eager. Maybe because of the tonic he has drunk and he is already strong?!(That is sure a compliment.) She really removes the outer dress and lies beside him.

Now Xin can't sleep. Lu is disgusted by the thought of them together. (Or rather, he is getting hysterical as his imagination runs wild.) Cai Jing asks why Xin loves Xiao Lin. It is because she resembles him – lonely and trapped in a cage. Cai Jing is sad - she is not like him so he detests her? He is about to touch her but holds back. Shall they just accede to the elders' wishes? He is sincere about it. Cai Jing scolds him – he should do it to someone he likes after they part.

Xin sighs – men are different from women. They can even sleep with women whom they dislike. Cai Jing finds him impossible – does he want to die in her hands? Xin attributes to her fault for not being close to him. Cai Jing retorts – how can she as he only tortures her? She suddenly feels hot and shakes her clothes. Xin gasps as she nearly shows her bosom! (Poor chap – he tries too hard to suppress his urge.) He starts doing exercises and she follows him.

They suddenly yell and those outside get the wrong idea…..both are only playing chess. Cai Jing gets hit hard on the arm by Xin, claiming that she is so strong to go wrestling. She hits his eye with a chess piece and he looks at her. He is about to kiss her when she bangs into his head. He mumbles that he only wishes to know her reaction. How is he going to pounce on a woman like her? She has not thought of that.

He doesn't dislike her – what makes her think that way? He is only wary and hopes that they can still smile when they meet on the street after they part. She laments – he can be careful but she can't. She will feel terrible then. He suddenly kisses her forcefully. It is after midnight……all think it goes through smoothly.
Hua Ying plans to circulate the photos all over the palace so all will be returned to Lu soon.

Poor Xin – he can't believe his eyes that Cai Jing can still sleep soundly. She is sure a sleeping god. She leans close to him, putting her hand on his chest! He sighs despite of having his arm over her shoulder to hug her and holds her hand, reciting a poem to try to sleep. It is dawn and the servants smile as they wake up late. The two must be enjoying themselves.

The two wake with a start upon discovering both sleeping face to face but are relieved that both are fully clothed. She claims that it is not her pouncing on him but he starts first while he points out that she is the one to stretch over her hand to his side. (Very cute of them to argue like this!) Cai Jing charges out – how can he steal her first kiss in an unromantic way in an unromantic environment? He doesn't think touching of lips is a kiss but she gets so mad that she doesn't want to walk with him.

She comes to the balcony to face a pale looking Lu. It is only dawn and he is here. Lu is wan as he has not slept for the night. He asks anxiously if anything happens between them. When she denies, he is so relieved that he hugs her. Xin sees this and separates them. Can this be giving a greeting as it is such a tight hug to his wife?! He warns him not to touch her. (Oh – all must be elated that he is showing his jealousy again.) Xin tells Cai Jing off for ignoring her reputation.

Since she can hug anyone, why treat him like this? Does she want him to ask the elders to give another night to consummate? (My eyes nearly pop out as these words come out unexpectedly from a crown prince's mouth. He is simply too angry.) Don't push him aside and hug him like hugging Lu then. The problem lies on her. She treats him like a virus but smiles with Lu. So do they intend to elope after their divorce? (Oh my – his words getting harsher per minute.)

Now Cai Jing knows what is wrong – Xin needs to rinse his mouth. He is too much – is this the education he has all along to hurt her? Xin also realizes that he is wrong but he is too proud to admit that. Lu wants to annul Cai Jing's marriage because he loves her. It is not jealousy to get something he can't get but he will not treat her like Xin. He can't treat her as a sister-in-law.

The engagement ring lied with Xiu then and she actually belongs to him. He will be a good emperor so no one can speak ill of him if she remarries. Cai Jing nearly faints by his words. Xin looks into his handphone while taking pictures. He is startled to see a scene of him kissing Cai Jing. He stands up and shakes with his head when the scene is gone. What is wrong with him?! (Nothing wrong, definitely nothing wrong, except that she has stolen his heart unknowingly.)

Xiao Lin notices that Lu becomes stronger. He reveals that they have consummate their marriage and he can't stop it. Xiao Lin is upset when he asks if she is still confident. Cai Jing's friends bully Xiao Lin for hurting Cai Jing. Xiao Lin feels humiliated and Cai Jing feels sorry to know that she actually doesn't come from a rich family when Xiao Lin visits her mother in hospital. Cai Jing wonders - will Xin still love her for keeping the truth from him?

Cai Jing is troubled on how to let Lu give up on her? Lu wants Cai Jing to talk to him as he grabs her arm. She reminds him that she is superior in status so he needs to watch himself. He snaps that Xin doesn't suit her and she should know that he is too cold. That is why she pities him after understanding him. After pitying him, she loves him. She is sure that Xin isn't as greedy as him. (How well she knows the two!) There is a tear in Lu's eye. Cai Jing is shocked to see the kissing photos in her room.

So are the queen and Cui suspects that this is an insider's doing as the palace guards are not negligent. She gathers that it is Hua Ying's act. Although Xin is young, Hua Ying knows that he isn't simple. She wants to see how this arrogant prince will bow his head in front of her. But it is best to see the women's expressions now. Lu is concerned as Cai Jing will be hurt now. Hua Ying tells Lu to give up but he wants to live for his own love. This is what he wants for the first time and will wait till her divorce. He is unmoved when Hua Ying threatens to kill herself. (How much has he changed!)

Hui Ming keeps all the books to prevent Xuan from reading them. The queen scolds Xin and the queen mother knows that he has done his own reflections. She worries that the photos will be passed around outside the palace. They hope that Cai Jing has not seen them. (Sigh – this is too late….) Hui Ming has thought it is something important to others but this is a trivial matter to her.

It is like a simple greeting overseas. She thinks someone is playing a game on them. If not, they should have sent to the press for money. Maybe the person is delighted to see them panicking. (The siblings are smart indeed.) Who will do this? The paparazzi? Xin asks for Kong's advice. Kong thinks no because no one raises any condition in exchange. What should Xin do now? Kong will check on all the servants.

Hua Ying asks what the queen intends to do but she treats it as a joke, due to Hui Ming's advice. Hua Ying is surprised that Hui Ming can read her thoughts and maintains that this tarnishes the loyalty. Lu recalls Cai Jing saying that Xin needs her and says that he also needs her. Seeing her pitiful, he tends to treat her better. He always worries for her and also misses her.

He feels loneliness all along and can't open his heart to others or ask for help. But she helps him. She replies that is because they are friends. She treats others well too to enter his heart. He will not wish her to accept him. She never goes to him but at least don't reject him to upset him. (Anyone will be flattered if a prince begs for her attention.) Lu suggests skipping classes since she yearns to cry now. He drives her out without the bodyguards. Xin is unhappy and charges out too upon seeing them together.

Lu brings her to the bridge where she yells to cry that Xin is terrible. Lu allows her to cling to his shoulder. He can't help her much except to bring her to the musical hall to hit drums or play the piano. She tells him to leave first after they play at the amusement park. She doesn't want him to get scolded as like the botanic garden trip incident again. She will return later and Lu obeys her although he feels doubtful. It is very late indeed when Cai Jing doesn't keep in contact with Cui or Kong for hours. Xin tells them not to inform the elders upon knowing it and goes to Lu.

Where is she? Lu is alarmed that she isn't back and wants to search for her. Xin sternly reminds him that Cai Jing is the crown princess but Lu seems to forget that after the consummation affair and in school. Lu gets so annoyed that he tells Xin to reflect on his own actions. Who is actually hurting her? Xin gets worried when Kong still can't get her. He walks into Cai Jing's room and is horrified to find the kissing photos beside her sewing machine. His expression is so real as we can see his face turning pale.

Hua Ying knows that the intelligent Xin will not inform the elders about the disappearance. Xin and Lu intend to search for Cai Jing. Xin wants Lu to inform him if he finds her first. He refuses – how right he is. Xin always make Cai Jing cry but he makes her smile. Xin looks at his watch anxiously. So is Lu. (This is a must watch scene to see how much they love her – you will envy Cai Jing's encounter.)

Xin runs around in school – from the classroom, rooftop to the music room. He is in despair when he can't find her. Lu returns to the musical hall and the bridge. He yells - where can she be? (A sharp contrast as Xin only shows his worried facial expression but Lu lets his feelings go.) She is at the amusement park, releasing the balloon. Xiao Lin comes to Xin – Xin asks if she has seen her. She gets worked up – he asks her out only to ask about this?! (I am equally taken aback. To ask another woman about his wife is strange indeed. ) He wants her to contact him if she sees her regarding the photo incident.

This is the first time Xiao Lin sees this anxious expression on his face. Just because of this he gets worried? And he shows it in front of her? (The crown prince has changed to care for another woman and not her. That is why she feels helpless and stunned.) Worried – he ponders over it and replies – the first thing that comes to his mind is Cai Jing is his wife and her crown princess title is secondary. He finally realizes who he loves. Xiao Lin is annoyed upon seeing him driving his car away and sobs.

Lu returns to the palace unhappily – where can she be? He recalls Ming Shan Hall and rushes there. Xin also gets very troubled. He knows that Cai Jing is filial and will not return home to worry her parents. Sure enough, Lu finds Cai Jing there. Xin is at his wits' end and closes his eyes when checking the different surveillance cameras. He later demands to have a close up at a clip upon seeing her at Ming Shan Hall.

Cai Jing misses her commoner life and can't do anything she likes now. Lu is willing to give up everything to be with her. Xin arrives and bursts upon seeing Lu holding her hand. He gives Lu a punch on his face. (He is like a bullet out from the gun finally.) Since he has found her, he should have sent her back to his elder cousin. He drags her out although Cai Jing maintains that Lu has no idea that she is there.

Lu takes her out in a spin and she stops talking upon seeing his frozen face. They steal glances at each other and reach outside the palace. Xin asks - does she know how worried he is? She hasn't brought any bodyguard with her and he is concerned that something might happen to her. (He is finally showing his concern for her openly for the first time.) She manages a troubled smile – so at least he worries for her. He tells her not to get upset over the photos. He is truly anxious to want to make her feel better but….she reprimands him – he really lacks feelings to both women.

He isn't insincere to anyone. He wants to explain - what….but at least to her…(It must be his first time not given the chance to explain himself.) She confides that she is sorry to break them up. She has relied too much on him. Even though he is unfeeling to her, he is beside her to let her feel comforted at times but not anymore. She is tired to be with him. He is dismayed – what does she mean? He gets out of the car with her. She agrees to leave him 3 years later.

He answers – what if he disagrees? (He finally discovers that he can't afford to lose her now.) She snaps that she isn't his toy but till then they should follow the tradition. Xin is depressed by her answer – so the palace life is tiring to her? (His mournful expression is so real to move you.) If this is what she really wants, he will let her go. She shouts that he is the one who raises it. Xin points out that it is because he dislikes her initially. A strange girl turns his life upside down. Hearing her voice makes his life unreal.

She asks – can he live without her? Many will expect him to answer no but he replies yes! He has already lived without her for 19 years. But he will miss her. He has been used to their quarrels and make-ups. If this suddenly stops, he will feel a sense of loss. She tells him to change the habit then. How? Tell him everything then. She feels angry – doesn't he know a lot and he can figure it out himself.

Seeing her turning and walking away, Xin suddenly hugs her from the back. (Probably he finds no other way to convince her so this is his last resort to show that she is indeed important to him.) First from the shoulder and later the waist. She is taken aback and demands to know what is wrong. He pleads – just a while will do. (It is a warm hug….but the gesture looks somehow stiff to me but acceptable as it must be Xin's first time hugging someone like that. Moreover he has never made requests to anyone else like this. ) He then turns her around and hugs her from the front. (That is sure unexpected.) She melts and hugs him back as he kisses her hair. (That is very sweet!)

The queen mother takes out Xin's baby clothes that she has sewn for him and waits eagerly for her great grandchild's arrival. Hua Ying is puzzled that Lu returns late. Cai Jing and Xin look at stars under the sky. Xin has read a book and teases her for reading so little. The book has mentioned that all people will meet again 2.5 million years later. Cai Jing gathers that Xin will not want to see her then.

He answers – no – he might want because he will be bored without her. He says that he hates getting bored with a mischievous but warm smile. She hits him hard on the chest and he pretends to feel painful to steal a chance to hold her hand. He finds the joy to tease her. She then gets a stone, wanting to hit him with it. He is alarmed – throwing a stone at the crown prince will land her in jail. (He can suddenly joke again.) She laughs – it doesn't matter. He manages to get a rock but it is too heavy so he has to run away from her.

The queen mother learns about the princes' fight as it is posted online with photos. Hua Ying reminds the queen that Lu could have been the crown prince and the queen has to apologise. Xuan is also furious over it. Why is Xin like this? Hui Ming finds it normal for guys to fight and tries in vain to dissuade him from returning. Lu knows it is all Hua Ying's doing but why mention his name? She wants to put Xin's violent nature in bad light to force him to abdicate the throne.

Hua Ying is happy that Xuan is back to settle it but Lu also feels that he is in the wrong. Lu misses his lessons and rejects everyone's visit, including Cai Jing. She asks Xin if Lu is ill but he replies coldly that he might be too busy. Xin asks Kong the use of Ming Shan hall. It is like a library – who uses it? If it is a leisure spot, how did Lu know it? Kong is shocked by his question. Why is Lu always there?

Xin only admits to Xuan that he is wrong but will not explain it. Xuan is very disappointed that he is so defiant. How can he still be a crown prince? Xin tells him not to worry since there are other successors. He denies that the fight is because of Cai Jing. The queen wishes Xuan to show Xin more concern but Xuan worries that it doesn't work. The queen hopes all tragedies end with her.

There are complaints on wanting to strip Xin of the crown prince title. The commoners want a more approachable royalty and they want to see what he will do. Cai Jun studies the photos and wonder if he is really violent. Mr Shen shakes his head – he is cool, calm and has irresistible charm so he doesn't look like someone who fights. Cai Jun agrees as he is a freezing point prince.

They worry about Cai Jing – will she suffer? They imagine Xin removing his belt to hit her. But later another scene appears – she will use a broom to hit him hard instead. Cai Jun shakes his head – his weird parents make him miserable.

The queen mother worries that Xin's matter affects Xuan's health and news are getting out of hand. Hui Ming thinks it is better to let the couple go for the public functions to take that nothing has happened before. The French ambassador invites Xin and Cai Jing to a classical music performance. Hui Ming thinks it is a good chance to ‘showcase' them in public.

Cai Jing tries to use the hula hoop to lose weight – especially the baby fat on her face. She gets the two ladies-in-waiting to do with her. Xin passes by and the two drop their hoops in shock. (They are so afraid of him.) She answers that she wants to be prettier to suit him but he announces that he hates mummies. (He is sarcastic again.) She mumbles why tell her to lose weight and he should train up.

As expected, he thinks he is perfect and she should continue shaking because he nearly collapses after carrying her the last time. She is adamant to continue and his smile is visible. (They are behaving like a married couple now.)

They attend the function and she tells Xin softly that she isn't interested in it. Can you believe that she dozes off in the midst of the session? Xin has to hit her head to wake her up. He touches her face tenderly – bear with it (He is really nice to her.) but she can't even open her eyes so she goes to the toilet to wash her face. She is hopeless when she slips and breaks a heel in the toilet!!

Xin comes outside the toilet, calling out her name softly. The performance is ending soon and she can come out now. (This is so hilarious so he sneaks up so softly like a burglar going to steal something.) He frowns upon hearing the hitting and her claims that she can't come out….so he goes in! She can't paste the heel back. He hits it against the wall and it doesn't work too. He tells her to remove it – she is shocked and uses her hands to cover her top…but he is referring - not her clothes but her other shoe. He removes both heels and she staggers close to him. Why does he come? Scared that she will run away?

He replies yes – she is the type to run away any moment once she is determined. (Xin might be scared that she will get away without informing him like the disappearance act earlier.) Reporters surround them and ask about the fight. Xin replies that they are too friendly towards each other.

What about the said strained couple relationship? Xin looks at Cai Jing and answers - please don't forget that they are newly wed. Cai Jing is relieved that he reacts fast. (Xin answers eloquently indeed.) When reporters ask for a pose, Xin agrees. He holds her face in his palm and kisses her cheek as cameras start snapping. (You will be amused as Cai Jing's expression shows that she isn't prepared for it at all.)

The queen laughs upon reading the news. This is really against tradition and the consummation helps. The introvert Xin actually does this intimate gesture in front of so many reporters. Hui Ming knows Xin will not do this in the past. Cai Jing jumps upon reading the news. Xin replies that the prince also needs publicity. Shouldn't they let others read what they want to know? He looks at her lovingly. They are like actors to please the crowd as role models.

Hua Ying recalls the past – Xin's grandfather banished her for toying with his sons' feelings. Kong also announced that the old king would only continue to finance them if they went overseas. Xiao Lin feels like dying over the breakup. Hua Ying tells her to get over it as she has been through it before. Hui Ming suggests having a meal and taking a family photo.

This is strange when they wear western clothes for a Korean meal! Lu is the last to arrive to sit opposite Cai Jing as she sits beside Xin. Hua Ying comments that the young married couple gets along well. Xin smiles and the queen mother suggests finding Lu a match. He will only reveal who the person is in future. Xin hopes that his wish will come true with a serious look. Cai Jing bites on her tongue accidentally.

Xin gets anxious as he puts his hand over her shoulder as he sees blood on her napkin. He is about to get the first aid box when Lu quickly gets ice for her. This is so obvious to all who he likes as all freeze. (Wee see sparks again.) Xin gets out angrily. Xuan suggests meeting often and Lu comments how nice if the rule changes to give the royalty the real power. Xin feels it is better to be without rights and it is enough to gain the people's respect. Xuan maintains that they should follow parliament rules now.

Lu isn't ill the past few days but he is only thinking over matters. He isn't as weak as he seems so is Cai Jing worried about him? Xin can't stand the two talking and brings Cai Jing out. He wants to see stars with her now. Xin is interested in what Lu has mentioned so he can collect the information and discuss with him. Lu nearly blows to pieces upon hearing that. (A typhoon is coming…..)

Xuan is startled by Lu's thought. He is alert and mature since young so all like him. Hua Ying cries as he resembles Xiu so much and she feels insecure so Xuan promises to protect him.(This schemer sure knows how to act weak.) The queen overhears them and apologises to Lu for neglecting him. She is too strict to him over the garden incident. The marriage is within control but not in his hands. If he tries too hard, all will get punished if using unlawful means. She has seen that before in the past and doesn't wish this to happen again. They take the family photo together.

Xin stands with Cai Jing with a pillar between them. Cai Jing feels unused to take family photos with others and not her family. Xin wonders why she thinks that way since they are married. (It seems that he does treat her genuinely as his wife now.) She wonders -when are they her real family? He hears her recite lines from the movie ‘gone with the wind' but shakes his head as she hasn't watched it.

After learning that she has not seen the sunrise before, he calls Kong. Don't ask where they go. If the elders ask, just say that they have gone with the wind. She is so overjoyed that he is bringing her out that she hits him hard again. (See how obliging he is to her now although he still keeps a straight face!) They go to the beach and he takes photos of her. He wears the shoes that she gives him. They rest in the car.

She congratulates him to change from a trapped prince in the palace to a person who finally knows how to enjoy the breeze. Xin puts his hand around hers and she is contended as she holds back. He brings her to the summer palace – this is where the royalty always come for holiday and they will stay here for the night. He holds her hand to lead her in. (How intimate they are now!)

After shopping for groceries, she wants him to cook for her (she recalls how she cooks instant noodles for him) since he claims to be a scout when young. But she still ends up cooking for him although he does the vegetable cutting. He tastes the soup and exclaims it to be nice. They sit together to have the meal. She asks – is he really bringing her here to watch the sunrise? Isn't this a farewell trip?

Xin warns her not to mention Xiao Lin as he isn't in the mood. (Beats me – all of us can see that Cai Jing is now becoming important to him and he hardly misses Xiao Lin now.) He suddenly asks – does she want to stay forever with him? Her reaction is like Sam Soon to spit rice on his face out of shock! She is the first person indeed to do that to the crown prince. Sometimes, he wants to let her go but he is reluctant at other moments. So before doing that, he wants to grow old with her.

She yells – is this because of boredom? He answers no – he is happy with her. He holds her close to him in his arms as they sleep together for the night. (That is sure sweet of him!) They can't see the sunrise because of the cloudy weather. Cai Jing gathers from Xin's expression that he is sadder and lonelier than her. She has fallen hopelessly in love with him. Both return to the palace to watch the photos together ….with Kong from a big television screen. Cai Jing realizes how ignorant she is.

Everything is automatic and she wants to try out the remote. Xin has to hold her hand so that she can watch quietly with him. She gasps - how can he take so many photos secretly? So she is photogenic? But later she tries to hide the cheeky photos from Kong. (The two are very loving here.) Mr Shen decides to get Cai Jing a sports car as her late dowry present.

The queen worries that Xuan gets too tired over work. If only Xin can help him but the scandal has destroyed Xuan's trust in him. The queen is annoyed that Xuan asks Lu to help him out in the arts festival instead. Xiao Lin recalls how she befriended Xin. He imitated all her actions, took shots of her and buried their train tickets under a tree at the countryside. She cries when she digs them out. (This is so sad.)

Both meet at the secret spot where they often go since Pre-U1. He wants to forget the Thailand incident but she wants to remember it. Does he really love Cai Jing? Xin's answer is he thinks he has fallen for her. She cries upon recalling his proposal. Cai Jing wants to see what Xin is doing with his camera and he deliberately taps on her head to get another chance to take a shot of her. Zhe carries Xiao Lin out after knowing that she swallows pills and eyes the royal couple with hostility.

Lu also feels complicated. Cai Jing asks Xing if they should visit Xiao Lin but he doesn't answer. The hospital director is Zhe's uncle so he will settle the cost for her. He knows that she isn't rich from the start. She hurts herself, thinking that Xin will return to her but Xin doesn't care at all. She cries and the ladies in waiting do not dare to disturb Cai Jing. They have not seen here like this before. She wonders if she causes it and can observe that Xin is more troubled in the other room.

Lu is shocked over what happens. Xiao Lin's love for Xin is too deep and he tells Cai Jing to return Xin to her. Cai Jing protests weakly. The queen finally knows the connection between Reporter Cui and Hua Ying with Cui's help. Cui tells Cai Jing to trust herself – the other party has felt her sincerity. Xin asks Xiao Lin - does she hate him to this extent to want to kill herself? She blames him for having a change of heart so soon. He can only apologise to her and leaves in haste.

Lu isn't in the mood to visit Xiao Lin with Hua Ying. Xiao Lin rejects Cai Jing's visit. The queen and Hui Ming are shocked by Xiao Lin's attempted suicide. Hui Ming knows of her background and feels sorry for her. Hua Ying lies to Xiao Lin that Xin is only being responsible to Cai Jing and she can't replace Xiao Lin. Cai Jing knows Xin has visited Xiao Lin and Xin gets angry upon knowing that she has visited her as he doesn't want her to get involved. The suicide news are in the papers again – how can Xuan trust Xin?

Xuan demands an explanation but he gives neither although Hui Ming tries to help. Xuan finds him unfit to be the future king and Cai Jing worries for him as he ignores her again to have some peace. This is the first time she sees him so dejected. Lu knows Xin will ignore everyone at this stage. She knows Xin only keeps to himself so she will not let him be alone. Lu is mad - how can she ignore him who is also hurt?

Cai Jing feels that he is avoiding responsibility but he leaves in his car alone. She hopes that Xin will get over it soon. Hua Ying jokes to the queen that Xin might regret marrying Cai Jing instead of Xiao Lin. The queen calls Xiao Lin – she knows Hua Ying will try to hide her and gets her ahead of her.

Cai Jing doesn't wish to rely too much on Lu but can't stop the habit. At first, she pities Xiao Lin but now finds her too much to torture Xin now. How can she get Xin by force? Lu points out that Cai Jing is no different. Cai Jing replies that she will not force Xin although she is concerned. But she feels insecure when he isn't beside her. Cai Jing waits for him at home.

Xin visits Xiao Lin (It seems that the queen has told him about her whereabouts.) Xiao Lin shows him the tickets. Her love can't leave him but she will not pester him anymore. She apologises for blowing up the matter. Xin thinks that they are too close to cause this. Xin looks for his friends at the discotheque. He is discouraged by Xuan's words and Zhe demands to know where Xiao Lin is.

He scolds Xin for toying with her feelings and is irresponsible. Xin lets go of Xiao Lin to give her happiness. Anything he can't deal with to the end he will give up. That is his philosophy in life. Zhe gets into a foul mood and gets into a fight with another group of guys after Xin leaves. Kong worries when Xin has not returned. There are many things against Xin although he isn't at the scene when it happens.

The police comes to the palace to record Xin's statement when he returns. Lu tells Hua Ying not to provoke Xiao Lin again but she is delighted that Xin is now in bad light. Cai Jing reprimands Xin for doing things alone without discussing with her. She knows that he is facing pressure in anguish but they are a pair. How can he not confide in her? He admits that he is tired and she worries that his bad temper gets him into trouble again. She wants to leave but he suddenly stands up hug her tightly till she nearly can't breathe.

He says softly – even though he isn't the crown prince, he hopes to have her beside him. Cai Jing melts and hugs him back to provide him the warmth he needs. (This is also a wonderful scene.) It is found that Xin has no connection to the case. The queen will sponsor Xiao Lin's studies but she should leave Xin. Cai Jing sees Xiao Lin. Xiao Lin accepts Xin if he returns to her. The women can't be friends but Xiao Lin knows that she is nice. So Cai Jing should not give Xin up.

Hua Ying tries to speak ill of Xin but the queen mother still believes him. Xin is responsible and will do his job well if he is the king. Hua Ying ridiculed the queen again but she tolerates it. Xuan sends Officer Jin to take care of Lu's daily life and looks forward to how he performs his duty for the arts festival. Hua Ying is dismayed when Xiao Lin decides to wait and not listen to her anymore. Reporters interview Xiao Lin and she explains that Xin isn't the one to ditch her. It is her decision and she will not regret it. She refuses to have her photo taken as she is only wanted to be famous as a ballet dancer.

Xin teaches Cai Jing how to drive but she still drives in a zigzag manner. Xin knocks his head against the front and gets mad – can't she step on the accelerator slowly and where is her sense of direction? Despite this, he still teaches patiently. Laugh when both yell as she drives. Lu wonders if the palace will be different if Xiu is alive and his position is unchanged. He can't recall his days with Xiu but he will want to fulfill his wish and brings his proposals to discuss with his men.

The queen is apologetic for forgetting Lu's birthday – so do the rest. He also forgets it when in England. He wants a birthday party not in the palace but at his uncle's holiday resort. Cai Jing is excited to pull Xin's sleeve but he is still unmoved. Lu is considering doing his graduation project there. Xin doesn't feel like going but obliges when Cai Jing wants to go. (He loses to her again – although he is unwilling.) Moreover, Cai Jing has reminded him that Lu also attended his birthday celebration. Reporter Cui is angry that Hua Ying forces him to leave Korea as the queen knows his existence. She doesn't want him to implicate her.

Her aide, Bai Zhong Ji sends his son, Zhong He to be Lu's bodyguard. Xuan comes to Ming Shan Hall and imagines seeing Hua Ying there….and she does appear behind him indeed to hold his arm. It hides their past and Lu played here when he was the crown prince. Xin asks if Cai Jing really wants to drive alone to the resort. He wants her to give him a call. No, he will not get into her car because his life is precious. (He is sure sarcastic.) So they go to the resort separately.

Zhe tells Xiao Lin she can choose not to go but she decides to since she has not met her friends for a long time. Xin tells them to go fast as Cai Jing is going to drive and she might knock into them. (He sure has no confidence in her driving.) The girls yell when Cai Jing fails to start the car properly. Lu offers to give them a lift but Cai Jing still insists. Her speed is only 40km/h. Jiang Xian laments that even her grandfather drives at 60 km/h. Lu drives slowly behind her and can't stop smiling.

They finally reach together and Xin asks why they are late……after 3 hours! Xin knows that Lu is guarding Cai Jing and isn't happy. The young couple blush when ask to occupy a room. We know who are jealous as Xin drags Cai Jing to go with him. Xin wants Cai Jing not to act like a lady anymore and she should be used to be with him. He is annoyed when Cai Jing laments how she misses her friends.

Since she dislikes her husband, she can go to another room. This isn't her intention. She worries if something terrible will happen as at her home or on their consummation night. He nearly jumps –what? People will think that he is a pervert. Cai Jing describes him as an animal to pounce on her. They tickle each other's toes and he jokes that they can change together since she isn't shy.

He removes his suit jacket and reveals his singlet…but is dismayed to see her unbuttoning the first two buttons of her blouse. He quickly puts his jacket over him and closes his eyes. He shall not peep at her then…but what takes her so long? She has gone into the bathroom. He opens his eyes and sees a comic of her in a bikini left on the ground. He picks it up and can't stop laughing. (This is very cute of them.)

Both walk out lovingly but stop smiling upon seeing Xiao Lin. All eyes turn wide when Cai Jing wraps the rice for him to eat. Xin hesitates at first but gives in. Xiao Lin and Lu nearly burst to pieces upon seeing that. (This is a must-watch scene for all.) Xin's friends notice that Xin changes a lot to become gentle. Cai Jing proudly admits that it is because of her as she pinches his face.

Cai Jing wants to see what Lu is drawing but he stops her. Xin wants to bring all out for photography although they have not completed their work. Lu stays…..what he has drawn is Cai Jing. (This is a heartbreaking scene!) Cai Jing searches Xin's bag for shampoo and accidentally drops his underwear outside the room. She hides in the cabinet when Xin comes in. Xin gets a call from Xiao Lin and answers.

Here comes the highlight – Xin starts changing his clothes to take a bath and she blushes. She imagines the scenario of her coming out and both yell as he is in nude. But her position in the cabinet makes her feel stiff and she starts to come out slowly (just imagine the action as in the movie ‘The Ring' when the ghost comes out of the television.) Xin has a shock of his life and quickly uses a towel to cover himself.

Cai Jing asks if he doesn't wear anything and Xin is startled. She then dismisses his thought - what does he think she has seen? Still, he is badly shaken. (I can assure you this is funnier than any scene in Kim Sam Soon. You have never seen him feeling so helpless.) The three guys join the gals and Ren notices Zhen Xian is pretty without her glasses. How can he not notice the swan? She has the blood in her.

Xin teases Cai Jing as she places the towel over her head is like an ice-cream cone to him. She laments that she loses the chance to draw faces on others as she isn't with Jiang Xian. Xin's smile fades – he is also scared of the female pervert who peeps at him when he has a bath. He then gets nervous – is she sure that she sees nothing? She laughs – she is only joking and why is he so petty? (Poor Xin still takes it to heart.)

The queen mother gets happy looking at the family photo. Hua Ying relates that Cai Jing helps Lu a lot. The queen mother jokes that Xin will get jealous if the two get too close. The queen describes Xin as young but has a mind of his own. Hua Ying asks why Kong was loyal to Xiu and Lu but now to only Xin. He replies that he is only loyal to the position – not the person. His master is now Xin since Xiu died. (That is a nice way to put it without offending anyone.)

Hua Ying asks if he will serve Lu if Lu is the crown prince? Kong doesn't answer but tells her Lu often goes to Ming Shan Hall. Could he have known the matter? She must be careful – Hua Ying is stunned. All think that Lu is more suitable for the crown prince position. Xuan is glad that the young mix well. Kong informs about Xuan on Lu's popularity and is dismayed Xuan bears the same thought as the public.

Cai Jing sucks her thumb when taking a nap. Xin touches her shoulder tenderly. (I crack up non-stop upon seeing what happens to his appearance. All must see this!) He switches on his video camera and is annoyed to know what Cai Jing has done to him when he sees the clip. She has tied his hair and applies make-up on him when he is asleep earlier! He clears all the mess angrily when looking into the mirror. In the past, he could have jumped and punished her severely. Strangely, he only deletes the part on the tape. He starts the record button and kisses her face.

Ren leans to look at Jiang Xian but Huan ruins his day. Cai Jing wakes up and seeing that Xin isn't around, she decides to show his tape to all friends. She claims that it is shot by her but all are puzzled to see her sleeping instead. Xin gasps in horror when he is the last one to enter…why is his camera here?! All whistle when shown the part when he kisses her. He buries his face in his hands. Xiao Lin and Lu are totally dejected to know how much they are in love.

The rest laugh – why ask them to watch their loving scenes? Cai Jing hides in her room with the video camera. Her heart pumps fast – why does Xin shoot her and make fun of her in front of all? (This shows that retribution stays when trying to fix others.) Mr Shen gets his job as the palace restaurant captain. Mrs Shen decides to get all the palace staff to buy insurance from her. She suggests to the queen mother to change the rule to let the ladies-in-waiting to get married. She agrees.

Lu holds a mask party. Xin wonders where the girls are. Cai Jing gets the birthday cake out and Xin isn't happy to see that. Lu has no friends in England but he has them now. Xiao Lin warns Xin not to drink the cherry champagne as he is allergic to cherries. Both had canned cherries before and Xin's body bloated like a carrot. He even had cherry shape marks on his back. Xin recalls that they only disappeared after a long time. Cai Jing gets jealous and drinks his share, lying that she loves cherries.

She is also unhappy to know that Xin is sensitive to peanuts too. She knows so little about Xin. Lu consoles her as it is natural Xiao Lin knows more as they have been together for 2 years. But she is upset. Time cannot settle this. Xin tells Xiao Lin not to worry as the palace can't control his life. Xiao Lin knows the sponsor will not fail her teacher's hopes on her but she has to leave Korea. She recalls how she wants to study ballet and he studying filming. How nice if they can go together as she hates going alone.

Xin does think of studying in Paris as this is his dream. Cai Jing leaves upon hearing that. He continues – but there is something more precious than his dream now. If he goes, he will go with Cai Jing. (He is clear who he loves and needs now.) Xiao Lin is shattered by his reply. The queen has given Xiao Lin a good chance so she should work hard. Lu asks Cai Jing if she has asked what Xin loves or hates.

She thinks it seems like his future plans do not include her. Once thinking that he isn't beside her, she feels stabbed in the heart. Why not tell her that he wants to go overseas? Xuan dreams of being with Hua Ying. The queen wants to witness Xin to be the king so Xuan must help Xin at all costs. The youngsters wonder what they should do after graduation – work? Cai Jing reveals that she might be freed after two years.

Huan jokes that she has a planned escape route. Xin is gloomy to hear that and looks at her in anguish – does this make sense?! Cai Jing gets so distracted that her finger nearly gets burned by the candle. Lu leads her out to put some medicine on it. She trips and he tries to hold her but ends up having a cut on his hand. (It seems that she is always so clumsy.)

Xin is downcast upon seeing that. It doesn't matter to Lu as long as she is fine. She feels that she lets him down. He has said that if she gets hurt, it is the same to him too. This reminded him on how she ran to him when he fell off the horse. He is still overjoyed over it. He wants to give her a present – not as a friend's gift but as a man – he plants a kiss on her forehead. She retreats from him. Lu thanks her for appearing in front of him to be part of his destiny.

Xin is fuming mad when he sees this. He wants Cai Jing to get out with him. When she refuses, he pulls her hand. Lu tries to stop but Xin pushes his hand away. Xin reprimands Cai Jing – as if it is not enough of her to let a guy hold in his arms. Is Lu so nice to let her worry about him? She answers – he must think why Lu gets hurt. Xin suspects that Lu does this deliberately to get close to her. Cai Jing denies it and tells him to plan for his future. If he wants to go overseas after their divorce, he can plan now.

His plan has nothing to do with her and she can return home. Xin is taken aback – her dream is to return home?! She describes to start a new life with someone she likes. He nearly jumps – what? With Lu? Cai Jing feels Lu is at least he is frank to her. Xin only knows himself and is not truthful to her. How to get close to him then? (Poor Xin is denied a second chance to explain after Cai Jing's disappearance episode.)

Xin realizes that Cai Jing has overheard part of his conversation with Cai Jing. He gets hot and kisses her by force. He has to tell her that he is her husband. Cai Jing gets offended and slaps him. (He is just desperate for her affections.) They return to the palace. She recalls the kiss and he the slap. He touches the ‘human' cushion in her room but she doesn't wish to see him. He admits that he loses his cool and is too much. But can she understand him? Not to mention about him, others will do the same. She should know what he will do when angry. He is reflecting on his act so can she appease her anger?

She still wants him to get out. Xin is too self-centred to care about others. He only harps on her mistakes instead of admitting his mistake. When will he stop looking down on her? He doesn't like her to use Xiao Lin as a weapon. Why drag her into this? She asks why he is so tense over Xiao Lin and he will not mistreat her then. He admits that he isn't as reckless as she thinks but he has no other way to show. (Sigh – hasn't Cai Jing seen the change in Xin as he will never bow low to apologise to someone in the past?!)

The elders ask them about the party. Lu tells the queen mother that he only tells his feelings to the person he yearns to tell. Xin nearly bursts again. The queen mother notices that Xin looks tired. He admits that he is angry with a friend who is too much. Lu, as the host, doesn't feel good to make his guest tired but he has tried his best. Xin describes the part as an exciting one (I think it is bloody though.)

The queen mother has broken the rule to allow both princes out of the palace to trash out their misunderstandings. They must work together as cousins. Cai Jing tells Lu that she can't go to him as the track has been set. Lu recalls how Hua Ying slashed her wrist when ordered to leave the palace. He can't bear the thought of losing her after Xiu's death. Xin asks Cai Jing why she is still hiding from him. He wants her to maintain a distance from Lu. She refuses and he is angered that she doesn't obey her husband.

She says that Xin has everything. Lu is their family but lacks their concern. They should not quarrel or hate each other as a family. Xin asks when she stops getting angry but she declares that she needs more time as she is tired. (This argument proves to be fatal to both of them later.) Xin opens Xiao Lin's box and makes a decision. The ‘live' programme between the king and the commoners will start soon. Xuan hasn't recovered and Xin is in negative light. Should they cancel it?

The queen mother doesn't see why they should hide the problem. Let Xin and Cai Jing do it then. Xu thinks Xin is too young and will have lots of pressure. What if he can't handle? The queen mother tells her off for interrupting. (A servant should know her position.) The queen also worries that Xin is inexperienced. The queen mother thinks they should not protect them and her mind is set. Cai Jing wonders if she is blissful.

Jiang Xian tells her not to think too much. It seems that the young couple is at loggerheads but she can see that Xin likes her. Cai Jing is confused – then why doesn't he show any reaction to her declaration? She often cries and feels painful for him so she has no confidence to stay with him. Her friends hear that her parents get their jobs through her and she worries for them. Lu is only worried that she will lose her direction to be a puppet. She will get more upset as she gives in.

Xin brings the box out and they follow him. Xin watches Xiao Lin dancing and goes to her when she falls on the stage. Xin feels her ankle to check if she is hurt. Cai Jing is upset and leaves. She misses this part again – he returns the box to her. He asks Xiao Lin if he is selfish. She smiles – he only knows it now. They are too close but his gap with Cai Jing is too wide. So Xin must tell her what he thinks.

Cai Jing doesn't want to quarrel with Xin again. Lu asks – does she think both will be blissful if they think the same? Lu gets sour - this will not happen. (Strange that both princes take turns to get jealous of each other.) Mrs Shen tries to sell insurance to Hua Ying in vain. Mr Shen wants her to stop or this will affect Cai Jing. Xin wonders why Cai Jing isn't back so he opens her door. The ladies in waiting smile as he closes it hastily, knowing that he is shy. (This is very funny.)

She is at Xin's hiding place, sobbing. Hua Ying wants Xuan to make Lu the crown prince but Xuan gives the two princes a fair chance as they are still young. You will get pissed off with Hua Ying as she keeps mentioning on Xin's mistakes. Xin can't find Cai Jing at Ming Shan Hall. He picks a book and he is badly affected by the contents. He sees a note written by Xuan, telling how much he adores a married Hua Ying. It also comes along with their photograph.

Hua Ying notices that Xin looks terrible. She tells him to take care of Lu as he often looks for Cai Jing. He promises to be his friend with Cai Jing. Xuan and Lu look through the arts files to get the lost antiques from overseas. Hui Ming notices that Xuan is happy with Lu but not with Xin. Xuan has given Xin the booklet a long time but Lu works harder than him. Hui Ming jokes Xin must get nervous now.

Lu also joins the royal relatives' meeting. The queen reminds Lu that Xin is his superior. Lu asks if she is trying to warn him not to harbour thoughts of the crown prince position. He is only trying to do his job well. She is angry and states that she doesn't want him to be too greedy. Xin hugs his bear and sits on the chair, closing his eyes. Kong is preparing the young couple for the ‘live' programme. Xin suddenly asks if Ming Shan Hall is abandoned. Kong answers 14 years ago and tries to divert the topic.

Xin and others practice shooting a clip. He is the director. Xin sees that the camera angle is slanted – due to Ren who has focused it on Jiang Xian. Xin scolds him for not concentrating and he grumbles why he is so serious since he is going to be a king later. The girls sneak out for a meal after lessons. Xin walks in the eatery and sits behind Cai Jing. (Guess he is concerned when she walks away even for a while.) She really misses eating this with them. Xin discovers how much she loses to be with him.

Laugh when she pushes her chair back to knock into Xin but she doesn't know. Jiang Xian grabs her spectacles back from Cai Jing for her disguise and realizes that. They hurry out. Xin sits beside her – is the food really that nice? She wants to feed him but he isn't interested. She smiles weakly – so they are not the same and can't change that fact or hide it. It is the truth that a beggar can never be the prince. But this is not important to Xin. Xin's bodyguard tells him that reporters are crowding outside.

Xin tells Cai Jing to hold his hand before getting into the car. She suddenly ponders how long he can hold her hand. Seeing her stretching her hand slowly, he stretches out and holds her palm firmly. In the midst of the crowd, she loosens her grip but he still hugs her to get into the car. (I doubt he will do the same to Xiao Lin.) Is she okay – he asks in a warm voice but she doesn't answer. He knows she wants to return home and gets the chauffeur to send her there. She can stay for the night and he will bear the consequence. But only this once – she is touched as he wants her to keep it a secret. (Sigh – why give in to her again?)

Her family is happy to see her but decides that she should not stay for the night to get into trouble. Sure enough, the queen is mad with her. Cui reveals that Xin has allowed but the queen thinks that she should adapt to the life now to stop being childish. Xin waits outside but she doesn't talk to him. Xin explains that he has consented and now Cai Jing returns at night. Why reprimand her to put him in an awkward position?

The queen thinks Xin has no right to talk about his stand now. Xin wants to help Cai Jing to breathe as she longs for freedom and wants her to be happy. Xin asks why Cai Jing return without giving him a call to embarrass him. She gets worked up – can't he console her? He doesn't know how as this will not help. But to her, this increases understanding and gives her strength. He asks - must he say it? She answers yes because she needs it but the person isn't Xin. (This couple really lacks communication.)

Xin's jealousy returns ….so it is Lu?! He pulls her arm why is he not compatible to Lu in her eyes? (How happy I am to see him jealous again.) Her reasoning – at least Lu knows the reason and value her moods. So she always goes to him for comfort. She ignores Xin to drive out and Lu follows her when he sees her on the way. They reach the bridge and he consoles her again. He feels haggard each time she does this as he can't help. Even though she loves Xin, she can't stand his cold treatment so she should go.

He touches her face but she walks out. After a walk, both discover that her car is missing. She makes a police report and Xin's tone turns cold. So Lu's car is beside hers? Don't forget that others are watching them and get the wrong idea. Sure enough, Xin is furious to read the news reports and shows them to Cai Jing. Who is the third party?

She admits to be with Lu. Xin flares up – she has no brain to be with Lu there at such a late hour. (Isn't this weird - she is with Lu at the river under the bright daylight in the past. Why haven't the reporters notice that? They only appear at night?!) She must be prepared when things get out of hand. He tells her to stay so he can explain to the elders. She should not tell the truth.

Cai Jing lies the man is Mr Shen. Xuan scolds Xin but he insists that they are truthful to each other although this is an arranged marriage. (Poor Xin to suffer because of Cai Jing's silly mistake.)

Lu wants to clear the air. Hua Ying forbids him as he is going to be the future king. Cai Jing is more important to him. Cai Jing's family reads the news uneasily. The news spread like fire in school too. Xin's friends know that he is in a foul mood and do not dare to talk to him. Who isn't when his wife is out with another man in the middle of the night?

Now many say Cai Jing is unfit to be the crown princess. Hui Ming suggests explaining that she is with Mr Shen to hold on for a while. Lu decides to be with Cai Jing after her divorce. He must live for her. Hua Ying tells Lu that she loves in the past but she gives up everything. So he gathers that she doesn't love Xiu as she only respects him. She might be more blissful if she has a plain life.

Cai Jing hides at Ming Shan Hall and forbids Lu to tell the truth. She can't accept his love but decides to protect him. It is because of him that she becomes closer to the palace. She knows how the royalty lives. At first, she thinks she can adapt because of Xin. But nwt, they are in cold war. Xin tells her that the internet is looking for her ‘man'. Why is she worried over Lu to hide the fact? She is too tired and can't give him much. Does Xin give his heart away easily? She can't as she has done it.

She is angry – so this is how he sees her and Lu. Xin really wants to hit Lu – hasn't he warned him to be discreet? He warns him not to appear in front of Cai Jing again. Lu replies coldly – what if he can't? He must do it for the royal family. Lu tells him not to push everything to Cai Jing. Xin decides - no matter if the destiny is his or Lu's they have to settle it. (This is like declaring a battle.)

The reporters are not appeased by the excuse. So has Cai Jing lied? Hui Ming believes she must have a reason as the culprit is claimed to be a young man. The elders wonder who he is. The queen asks Cai Jing if he is Lu and she has to admit to get a scolding. The queen is mad – he is so rebellious despite being told so many times. She decides that Xin can't settle this matter this time. Xin leaves Cai Jing to think of it instead of consoling her when seeing her in tears.

Xin wants to renovate Ming Shan Hall and Hua Ying demands to see him. All students talk about their dreams. Xi Chong wants to get married while Jiang Xian wants to do stage design. All assume Cai Jing's dream must be the queen. Li sees her sketch – dream which is blank. Xiao Lin knows Cai Jing can't stand the life but hopes they can be friends in future.

Lu tells Cai Jing that he knows the way out for her – divorce. Even though it hasn't reached the stage, her face shows it. It will be impossible after some time. She can make use of the talk show to talk about it. (See how scheming he becomes in order to attain his goal – or rather to satisfy his greed.) Xin decides to change it but Xuan claims it has historical value. Xin asks if Xuan has special feelings there. Xuan is uneasy but states that he has studied there. Xin stresses that it is dangerous as it is old so it needs to be changed, cutting out his words. Xuan is adamant to know who the young man is but Xin insists that he believes his wife.

Xuan asks what is Xin's motive to do that but Kong replies that he has no idea. Xuan can't read his mind even though he is his father. The queen overhears it. Hua Ying questions Xin when he is back. She has called him to go to her place but he doesn't go so she has to come. Xin is so cold to her – he has nothing to say to her. She tells him to stop the renovation. It seems to him that Xuan also has feelings for it.

Hua Ying maintains it is for Xiu. Xin replies in an authoritative tone that it doesn't belong to Hua Ying but the crown prince. Since it is built on his land, it will soon belong to Cai Jing. (Xin may be quiet but when it comes to reasoning, it seems no one is his match!) Hua Ying asks why he is out to destroy the property? Xin asks back – does she want to know? It is too dirty in his eyes.

There are so many dirty love letters around. He has tolerated it and decides to hide this unacceptable love between the crown princess and the prince. Hua Ying slaps him – don't think that he is the king now. Xin looks at her coldly – he will return the slap soon. If she dares to stop again, he will make the same speech in front of Lu! (I cheer for Xin – Hua Ying has finally hit against the brick wall.)

Hua Ying is fuming – how dare this arrogant jerk threaten her! She must eliminate him. She calls Zhong He in. Xin is also cold to the queen when she asks him to give in to Xuan. He will not be pretentious to get his recognition. (His sculptured look shows how much disgust he has against him now. There is definitely no more respect left.) The queen asks if he really wants to give up his title. She isn't as accommodating as the Shens but she does love her children.

Xin learns that Cai Jing visits her parents in the palace restaurant. Cui advises him to join her. Her parents are about to say that the last place Cai Jing can go is home when Xin's chilly voice is suddenly heard from behind. (If someone does that behind me, I will jump too like them.) He tells Mrs Shen to give up as he will never let Cai Jing go. They must learn the palace language as they are in the palace now. This is not helping her if they use the common language here. He leads Cai Jing away. Her parents sob over it.

Xin asks what is wrong with her. She is fed up with his attitude against her parents. He can't listen to her excuses always wanting to leave the palace as he needs her. He doesn't want to give up his status to be a perfect prince. She assumes - so he needs a crown princess, not her. He stresses that he is real to her but she pulls away from him. She needs to avoid a selfish Xin.

Xin tells her that she is too naïve to think her divorce is only going to affect her and not her family. She doesn't stay and listen to Xin's soft pleads – don't leave….don't leave him alone. This is what he wants. (This scene is very sad. The way he explains on how he needs a crown princess is just a lame excuse. He really wishes to keep her beside him.)

Xin asks Cai Jing if she wants to go with him to the airport to send Xiao Lin off. She refuses and he decides not to go too. (He is so thoughtful now.). Cai Jing is giving them time to adjust their memories and doesn't wish to interrupt them so she is fine. The guys wish Xiao Lin well. Xiao Lin realizes that she gains in other areas after putting Xin down. Hua Ying thanks Cai Jing for helping Lu.

She lies to Cai Jing that she finds true life after leaving the palace. Lu comes to stop as he knows what she is up to. He asks what she will say in the programme. Cai Jing hesitates – Xin will feel weary if she mentions divorce. Lu knows Xin is moved by her and doesn't know when Xin will get his heart back. Xin doesn't need a confidante but a crown princess so she should free herself. Cai Jing asks if this is the best way out. She will consider his suggestion.

Xin is back from the airport and he is numb by their conversation. He looks as if he is strike by lightning and can faint any minute. Cai Jing wonders if she should pluck up her courage to say that as she prepares to go on television with Xin. Xin sees her receiving Lu's call in reminding her. Lu mentions that Xin will not give up his title as he only thinks of himself. (It is Lu's turn to brainwash Cai Jing instead of Hua Ying.)

What an intimate gesture but for the wrong reason - Xin leans to her closely and listen to the handphone, snatching it away from her. He knows that it is Lu and replies coldly – why doesn't he understand? Xin will not care about others but it is impossible between him and Cai Jing. He pins her against the wall. He requests – he will end as she wishes but please don't mention it on this day.

Both still smile on television. (I moan at Cai Jing's dress – who is the nutcase to arrange such an awful looking dress? As an art student, doesn't she have any dress sense at all?!)

Cai Jing thanks others to help to train her to be the crown princess. The host asks when they are going to have children. Xin answers they need time as they have not reached the age and hopes to inform all when the day comes. Cai Jing wonders if she loses her only chance now. The host asks how is love between them since they have a arranged marriage? How are their hearts linked? He declares he loves her….he loves her very deeply. (He really sounds gentle and sweet.) All nod in approval as this clears the air of the rumour.

She is stunned by his reply. The royalty watches the programme too. Cai Jing suddenly lashes out that she thinks of divorce before the programme ends. The host is shocked and so is Xin. His face colour becomes as white as the suit as he is wearing. But he still regains his composure and stops her – both did consider that initially. She gets nervous and he holds her hand gently.

He has discussed with her and has not wanted to mention this. But she is too frank to raise it. (Many will groan too – how can she be a blockhead like Shan Mei in ‘All About Eve' to create this similar big blunder?!)

Xin continues – yes – they did not get married willingly. The host asks – so the arranged marriage is real? Xin thinks it sounds awkward so the host apologises hastily. Xin continues to add that their wedding has no political or motive. If he gets married this way, he could have gotten a wife who is from strong financial or political background. Lu looks coldly at the screen and a smirk is formed on his face.

Xin reveals that it is arranged by their grandparents. The host wonders why they keep it from the public. Xin recites the proverb – the king should not joke easily – jun wu xi yan. The promise made by a commoner is different from a king. The host is eager to know if they are forced to accept it. Xin asks yes – it is a command and they can't accept so they do protest against it. So it turns like what the newspaper reports have said – he proposed to his girlfriend. But they still get married by their own choice.

Many things can't be explained. What happens to him is an example. He is grateful to those matters and is more thankful to Cai Jing in making the tough decisions. He turns to look at her. She is a commoner and comes to the palace alone to face anguish. He hopes they can understand as she has to ponder every step carefully. The young girl is his wife. She isn't strong or cruel enough to weep daily. Still, she tries to smile daily to make him love her. Their bodyguards lower their heads as they are touched by his speech.

He requests all to look at her heart. She is still raw and imperfect but tries to fight against destiny to make others feel her love. What is left – he holds her hand tighter – is hoping that all can forgive them. All are touched and clap for them. Stupid Cai Jing to pull her hand out at this moment. Even the host is moved by his long, touching speech. (Yes, it is one of the best speeches indeed that I have heard so far. Ji Hoon really did his part well. He sure looks damn good looking in the white business suit!)

The royal family is speechless. Xuan is offended – how can she mention about divorce so openly and firmly? Hui Jing hesitates – has she made the mistake unknowingly? Xuan still can't forgive her to ruin their image. She is undermining him and the palace. The queen mother predicts a storm coming. Xin holds Cai Jing's hand tightly when stepping out and shows the reporters this gesture even when they are in the car. Cai Jing wonders – what is Xin thinking – is his speech as true as the warm from his hand?

But he lets her go when the car goes far and his expression turns stony like a statue. (He must be hurt when she lets go of his hand earlier.) When she is about to talk, he snaps at her to shut up and loosens his tie as Xuan demands to see them now. Xuan reprimands Xin – so he doesn't expect this to happen? He has trusted Xin but how can this happen? Cai Jing tries to explain but Xuan tells her off – he is only asking Xin now. The queen also scolds Cai Jing for being blunt. This had not happened before in the imperial history.

She doesn't know how it happens. If not for Xin, she will not know how to wrap things up. Xin suddenly talks – if they want to ask about responsibility, they should not arrange the person who is unsuitable to stay in the palace to come at all. He hopes they educate her better. Xuan is angry that he pushes the blame to them. (Xin is getting daring…or frustrated?!) Xin doesn't think he is in the wrong and will not ponder over it. He pulls Cai Jing out of the room. (This depicts his anger well.) Cai Jing pulls his arm when out.

He can't resist like this to make matters worse. He needs to apologise repeatedly. Xin reminds her – if talking about apologizing, she should do it first to him. Till now, he has not pleaded someone. Not as humble as today. Not as pitiful as today. He has told her not to do it as he will help her in future. Although he is afraid, he still trusts her. But she still opens her mouth to betray his trust. (Newcomers must learn to act like him – although his tone is flat and sound emotionless, he is like a fire underneath the exterior. He really sounds that he is stabbed in the heart.)

Cai Jing doesn't know why she is eager to do it then. She isn't sure if she can stay and he will like her forever so she says it. She doesn't know that this will tarnish the palace reputation and is a stupid act. (I can't agree more with that – she is a scatterbrain and a moron to doubt his sincerity!) Xin is upset that she never considers his feelings. She isn't sure if his speech is true as it is only an interview.

Xin turns around and holds her shoulders tightly. It is real – it is his first time…not as a crown prince but as a man to a woman's declaration. But she has stampede on him. She explains that she doesn't mean it…he adds on. He doesn't know why she starts to fill his heart. She keeps shaking him to bring out his true self. His heart is malfunctioning and thinks of her daily. If he can't see her, he will miss her and must see her.

Thinking of her makes him smile like a fool. She makes him a fool and yet wants to divorce him. She is the one to betray his heart and not him. She has to remember this. As he says this, a tear rolls down his cheek and he walks away, leaving her crying. (A brilliant and natural performance by Ji Hoon to show Xin's warm side! I practically melt at what he said! Who wrote this script?! The fire has turned into a volcano. Eun Hye also pairs well with him here.)

The queen tries in vain to appease Xuan's anger. He tells her to look at Xin's attitude. But the queen detects that Xin is equally hurt by Cai Jing's words. Now Xuan questions Xin's ability. The queen asks – does Lu possess the qualities? She can't stand it – because of Xuan's love for Hua Ying to give the throne to Lu? If he has the thought, she will guard beside Xin. Cai Jing's family is also shattered by the interview. Even Cai Jun suspects that she has a secret lover. Should they get her home? A frightening thought comes to their minds – will they remove her status? So do her friends.

Without Xin, Ren laments that he can't shoot a clip well. He gets distracted when seeing Jiang Xian and tells Huan to fix the camera. (Notice that he starts wearing glasses like her?) He kneels on one leg in front of her, begging her to be his beloved. Hua Ying is the culprit to steal Cai Jing's car. Now since Cai Jing mentions divorce, Lu is in trouble but he will be safe if Xuan forgives her.

Cai Jing apologises to Xin – doesn't he say he loves her? Can he forgive her if it is real? He keeps quiet and leaves her weeping. But when he is back in his room, he admires her photos taken at the beach. (He is too proud to admit that.)

Cai Jing is uncomfortable wearing the elegant clothes so she wants to escape from this life. She only cares for herself and neglects Xin's pain. She apologises to Xin's photo on the cushion and sobs. Lu studies the books for the night for the arts exchange programme. All are disturbed by Cai Jing's words – there must be disagreement among the young couple. The queen feels Cai Jing will not lie. Does Xuan love her?

Today's interview on Xin's mentioning about his love for Cai Jing makes her heart numb. Especially when Cai Jing mentions a divorce, Xin's immediate assurance on his love for Cai Jing warms her heart. (She isn't the only one.) She admires Cai Jing for having her husband's love. (Who isn't jealous?!) The queen wants to know Cai Jing's feelings towards Lu as she knows that Lu loves Cai Jing. She only treats him as a friend.

Hua Ying tells Cai Jing to kneel on a sack mat to ask for forgiveness. Xuan doesn't want to see Xin but the queen reminds him that he needs Xin for the arts festival. That is why Xuan is unwilling to go with him. Seeing Lu coming, Xin doesn't mind staying since he is more interested and is doing his duty. The princes are stunned to see Cai Jing kneeling on the mat. Xuan asks if she raises divorce because of the man.

Xin stares at Lu but now Lu's face colour vanishes completely. Xin tells her to get up after they leave. Xuan will not give in but she insists of trying. Xin recalls the earlier day when he has a walk with Xuan, Xuan looks happy to see Lu. He asks Kong – what is Ming Shan Hall actually for? He replies for keeping records. He then asks if the love between Xuan and Hua Ying is true. This is their secret meeting place.

Why does Xuan regard Lu important? How can he accept this kind of entanglement? Kong believes the sky he serves – Xin can give up love and is forgiving to all to be mighty. Xin has tears in his eyes after hearing that. Lu shows his knowledge and impresses the foreign guests. He finds from Xu that Cai Jing is still kneeling and gets worried. Xin is restless in his room. The queen mother doesn't think Cai Jing deserves such harsh punishment but she really wants all to forgive her but she will not reveal who the man is.

Xuan reads the headline – is the crown prince's love real? Lu begs Xuan to forgive Cai Jing but he refuses. Cai Jing pleads with Xuan to forgive Xin. Xin values the fountain pen Xuan gives and has not used it since. He doesn't voice it and looks indifferent but he respects Xuan. She hopes he showers love on him. Xuan sighs – does she think he dislikes Xin? There is no such parent but he wants him to learn from his mistake.

Xin practices fencing in his room. Lu comes to tell him to convince Cai Jing to stop. She will faint if this goes on. Xin replies this has nothing to do with Lu. Lu is angered – if Xin shows her concern. He will give up. But he is so selfish and unfeeling. Xin reminds him of the royalty rule but Lu has lost lots of things due to it. He decides to break the rules. Xin replies that it is enough to have just one dirty person who loves his sister-in-law. Lu gets mad and draws a sword to point at him. Don't humiliate his love or he will not let him go. (Lu finally shows his anger now – he should show more often instead of being the underdog. )

Lu is at his wits end when Cai Jing refuses to give up. She assures him that she does it because of herself. She asks him if he has seen Xin. He tells her to forget it. He apologises for making her suffer and Hua Ying sees it. The queen worries that Cai Jing will fall sick. Xuan asks why Cai Jing raises divorce and she seems to be guilty as Xin has not seen her once. They need to seek the man out. Lu and Hua Ying quarrel. Lu realizes that Hua Ying tells Cai Jing to do this.

Hua Ying notices that children are against parents these days. Xu thinks he will figure out soon but she doubts so as he is like his father. Xin is looking at the same page for hours and lies to Kong that it is harder to understand this page. Kong tries in vain to get him to see Cai Jing. Cui and the ladies in waiting beg Cai Jing to stop in vain. Lu and Xin observe her from different rooms secretly as they are worried too.

The queen mother is alarmed to learn from Lu that Cai Jing has knelt without food for a day. She gets all to meet her and Xin to sit beside her. Hua Ying pretends to want Xuan to forgive Cai Jing. Xuan is angry that she lies about the man. Why not say it if she is innocent? Lu blurts that it is him. Xin sighs and all are shocked. Xuan wants Lu to tell him if he is in love with Cai Jing. The queen gasps in horror with the rest as he admits it. Xin eyes him angrily and stands outside. He recalls how Lu tells him to call him the crown prince when young or he will not forgive him in an arrogant tone.

Lu says Cai Jing is his if not for Xiu's death in front of the elders! All are mad with him and decide to punish him. Xuan demands him to bring Cai Jing to Xin now. Earlier, Xin has pulled Lu's collar. What can he do? Lu has said that he will break the rules. Xin maintains that the rules help the royalty to function. Although it is wrong, they still have to do it. Lu is pissed off - Xin can follow but he gives up. If there is something Xin truly wants, he must learn to give up something else. (Lu becomes assertive here.)

Lu has never thought of Cai Jing as his sister-in-law. Cai Jing shows determination to take up the punishment as she isn't after anything. He can't function without her and tells Xin to let Cai Jing go to continue to be the crown prince. Lu will give up his ambition then. Cai Jing imagines that Xin comes for her but is disappointed that Lu comes instead. He helps her out as Xin stands outside. When she nearly trips, Xin holds her and offers to send her to her room. (He finally shows his anxiety now.)

She pulls her hand away from him – she has not asked for his help and wants Lu to send her back. (She has given up on him.) Lu admits telling the truth to all. Xuan recalls his days with Hua Ying in Ming Shan Hall. Xin refrains himself from touching Cai Jing's face when she sleeps. Why does she do this? She mumbles in her dream to someone to take her away and he is heartbroken.

The queen is angry with Lu's act. Can this be solved easily? Even though his popularity rises, his king looks is lacking. Isn't this obvious to Hua Ying? To be a king, he must be able to control his feelings to be cold. So don't blame Xuan on any punishment. (Now we know where Xin inherits his sharp tongue from.)

Hua Ying scolds Lu but he can't let Cai Jing suffer alone. He decides to leave with her. Hua Ying begs him – aren't they doing well now? He lets go of her. His heart contains ripples when seeing Cai Jing. He doesn't want to lead this kind of life anymore as he has walked too far.

Xuan asks how Xin can take it despite knowing Lu's thoughts. The queen asks Xuan – even though Xin knows, what can he do? Xuan can't help him. The queen mother knows the most tiring person is Xin. These elders are brainless not to discover his affections. (True, all are dull-witted.) Hui Ming thinks there is no way out. Xin requests not to punish Cai Jing as the fault lies on Lu.

He recalls the flashback on Lu hugging Cai Jing after their consummation night. Xuan wants to check with Cai Jing. Cai Jing decides not to pretend not to know about it as Xin suggests. Xin jumps – is she mad? Even the crown prince isn't forgiven. Cai Jing knows that the place stresses importance. Xin worries – what if she is driven out? Are both of them planning to elope? She feels the pressure because Xin keeps asking about Lu. Cai Jing waits for Xin and trusts he will come for her.

Xin asks if she knows why he doesn't go. If both do something behind his back to blow up the matter, seeing her asking for forgiveness makes him sick. He can't forgive her once he thinks of that. (Sigh – he is still jealous that she protects Lu.) When she is about to see Xuan, he eyes her with hostility. Can she leave the palace without him? She agrees to stay with him forever initially but now betrays him.

Mr Shen worries that Lu loves Cai Jing. Her family finds him better as he is approachable. No wonder he is popular. Cai Jun imagines Lu waiting on them and decides he is better than the fierce Xin. His parents remind him – don't forget Hua Ying as she will never allow that to happen. (That is a funny scene.) Xuan scolds Cai Jing for not keeping a distance from Lu. She reveals that Lu is only consoling her but cries and can't explain what the reason is. (Why are all the women only capable of crying at critical moments?!)

Xuan tells Lu to let go of Cai Jing as he will arrange a marriage for him. Lu rejects as he can't let his future match be unfortunate. (Xuan should know better since he is also unhappy with his love life to become ill.) Xin is at his hiding place. Why have things become knotty? What should he say now as no one teaches him? He touches the shoes that Cai Jing has given him and he is wearing them. He touches his bear – don't cry as he is bored but he weeps instead. Cai Jing looks at all the photos – especially the one on Xin.

Xuan has no other way but to send Lu out of the palace. The queen mother doesn't agree to it as he is the second successor to the throne. This is harsh to separate him and Hua Ying. Lu is more concerned what will happen to Cai Jing. He knows that he can't return once he is out. Cai Jing is shocked over the harsh verdict. Xin thinks he asks for it and this happens because of her. So is she unhappy that both of them are not banished? Cai Jing is shocked – how can he say this and not pity Lu?

Xin replies – pity? He is uneasy upon seeing him. Then why keep her in the palace? Xin asks – does she think she will be striped of the title easily? Xin thinks that both have indirectly through their stubborn attitude causes this latest trouble. So her punishment for making him suffer will be that she has to remain with him in the palace.

She can come in easily but not out as this is the palace. He asks if she really wants to leave with Lu to become a laughing stock. It doesn't matter to her to leave this scary place. (He is too jealous and furious.)

Hua Ying begs for Lu to stay but Xuan rejects her. The queen tells Hua Ying to get over it. Lu must accept the fact. Hua Ying snaps – Lu should be the king in that case. The queen only discovers that Xuan loves another woman after marriage. She occupies Hua Ying's position for 20 years to bear for long for something she can't get.

Although Hua Ying loses her position, the queen can't get love. She doesn't mind losing her own but not Xin's. Hua Ying wonders if the queen is able to get Xuan's heart in the end. (The struggle between them is still there.)

Ren always goes to see Jiang Xian. Xi Chong snatches his gift for Jiang Xian earlier. He wonders why he always gets rejected. How nice if he is her spectacles to follow her eyes. (That is sure a good one.) Cai Jing is moody again. She has no courage to leave the palace but wants her freedom.

Hua Ying is still mad that only Lu is punished so she gets help of People's Council who insist that Cai Jing be punished by stripping her title – and either both be banished from the palace or Lu remains. The Royal family decides to send Cai Jing away temporarily to ease the anger of People's Council as a way to show that she is repenting. They think the punishment for Lu isn't enough and threatens to reveal to the public. Xin requests to see Hua Ying personally. She must be troubled over Lu.

He described her as killing a man instead of the frog in a well. If she wants to throw a stone, throw accurately.
Xin warns her indirectly not to go overboard in her scheming. Being arrogant is the weakness so he warns her not to touch Cai Jing. She will not have any influence then. Hua Ying describes her existence hindering her. Xin repeats - If she dares to hurt her, she will get her just desserts. Bravery has fame but hunger causes death.

Hua Ying adds that love only brings tears. Lonely people must watch out for the power of love. Love has changed Xin. (An exciting exchange between them.)

Xin tells Lu not to hurt Cai Jing. Lu sees nothing wrong to bring her out. Lu relates that Xin has taken a lot from him. So he will not give in this time. Xin is furious – does Lu think that he is the only one suffering? He is also a victim to be unwilling to be the crown prince. He loses his parents and his dream. Xin is not here to save him and he has told him to stop but he hasn't. So his patience has reached the limit. Xin hints about their parents' twisted love matters but Lu does not understand fully.

Hua Ying tells Zhong He her plan to frame Xin. Lu decides this should end but Hua Ying doesn't listen. She refuses to tell him her past lover's identity. Xin tells Cai Jing the stripping of her title decision hasn't been finalized. She only wants to be the old Cai Jing. He demands to know what is wrong with her. She wants to stay beside him but she can't depend solely on responsibility. Is he blissful to be Li Xin and not the crown prince? But she is lucky to love him in the palace. If she gets outside, she is sure that he will not look at her. Xin is so sad that he sheds tears. (How wrong she is and I feel so sorry for him.)

Lu never expects Cai Jing to lose her status. He has wanted to protect her but his selfishness causes this. It doesn't matter to her as this is a short cut to get out. Lu is dismayed that she isn't going to be with him. She will always treat him as a friend. She repeated the story of the 2.5m-star reunion story that Xin told her and said that even if Lu meets her again after 2.5m years not to acknowledge her … that makes him very sad.

That implies that he is also waiting hopelessly for her then. So he questions her why he can't take Xin's place in her heart – she tells him that she loves Xin and even after 2.5m years she will still do so. Lu is heartbroken and later cries in his mother's arms as he nearly collapses after hearing Cai Jing's words. Despite the other royal family members' advice, Cai Jing wants to be a commoner again and cries.

Xin is in his dark room developing Cai Jing's photos while Lu looks at his sketches of her. Then Xin gets Cai Jing's sms that she is in Lu's room and tells him to hurry there. He immediately runs out (probably he fears that she is bading him the final goodbye to elope with Lu.) Xin calls out Cai Jing's name upon arrival. He finds Lu's room in a mess to pick up a sketch and he calls Cai Jing, asking where she is.

Her handphone is in her room and someone deletes his messages. He then calls Lu to realize that Cai Jing isn't with him. He wonders who calls him. Suddenly the place is in fire – where is she? He gets so startled to drop his handphone on the ground, calling her name. Cai Jing's Thailand necklace breaks and she fears a bad omen. The police tells Xuan that Xin is the main arson suspect. All are stunned.

Cai Jing's telephone records show nothing of her contacts with him. The line that calls him is unused. So they presume that his statement is false and hope that he tells the truth. Cai Jing is sure that he will not do it. She feels sad to implicate him. Xin is cornered and is blamed. He maintains his innocence but Xuan blames him for keep getting into trouble. Cai Jing sees him getting into his room sadly to lock himself in. Xin is weary and cries. (They should show us his front and not the back.)

Cui encourages her to take a look at him. She has given him more trouble instead of making him feeling better so she cries.

Zhong He rescues Hua Ying and she doesn't mind getting hurt by the fire as long as Xin takes the rap. They have settled the people who sent and deleted the sms. The news is on television. Cai Jing asks if Xin is better. Now it is in peril. So it is hard to deal with Cai Jing's banishment. He doesn't want her to worry about him so she can keep her sympathy back. She knows that he isn't involved and his eyes will not lie to her. He promises to help her once this is settled. The palace really has nowhere for her.

All the surveillance cameras do not work on the day of the fire. Kong wishes Xin not to give up as investigations are still going on. Xin has no evidence and is trapped in the net. He asks if he will lose his title if he is guilty. He wants to be a balloon to float to the sky but he gives up his dream to be the crown prince. But seeing Cai Jing gives him hope. Maybe he can fly with her. He wants to dispose this title but not this way. Kong vows to help him.

Hua Ying insists to Lu that Xin is guilty. Even though Xin is intelligent, others will get jealous of him so Lu can be the king soon. Lu knows that it must be her doing again. He tries in vain to get the answer from Zhong He. Cai Jing hugs the cushion and cries. She is now confused if she should leave. The queen mother thinks the most important thing is she knows how to correct her mistakes. Xuan listens to Hua Ying's advice in meting the punishment on Lu and Cai Jing later.

Lu checks where the money in Hua Ying's account goes to in Switzerland. Cai Jing learns from Kong that Xin is under too much pressure that he becomes unwell. She hurries to see him. He replies that it is none of her concern but she hugs him from behind. She is sorry and will not mention divorce or leaving the palace. She can breathe because of Xin so she decides to stay. Under such circumstances, he might lose the title but she likes him and not his status.

His eyes open wide – what has she said? She loves him and that is why she feels the pain. He reminds that she will break her wings by staying beside him. She wishes him to tell her that he wants her to stay but he keeps quiet. When she is about to walk out, he suddenly tells her to stay…don't leave him…don't leave him alone. She runs to him and hugs him while he hugs her back to give her a passionate kiss. (All fans will love to see this one after so long!) She lies on top of him on the sofa.

He jokes that she has to support him when he is out of the palace. She jokes that he can become a househusband. Both imagine the scenario where he cooks and she is back from work to collect her files and looking after their children! He fondles her hair – it doesn't make sense.

What he has in mind is how she tries to seduce him but looking sexy on a chair – hasn't she seen him bathing?
She denies and is sure that she has no designs on him. He feels her face and pretends to kiss her but stops. She decides to leave. He pulls her back and wants her to give a celebration gesture since they reconcile now. She claps and rejoices – Xin shakes his head – he will not even do it for World Cup. He sighs that she treats him like an idiot but yes, he does it when she leaves. (He gives in to her again.)

The queen knows that Hua Ying is behind this. The queen mother knows how terrible Lu feels to lose his heart but although he can't forget now, he has many years to go. She hugs him to give him assurance. Lu looks into the mirror – he can't feel thirsty for his own greed and cries. Hua Ying wants the young couple to be both in trouble to end things fast. She lies that she will not be so lowly to frame Xin but putting herself into danger but she can't hide her thoughts from Lu.

The royal family is angry. The people initially want to dispose Cai Jing and now also Xin. Hui Ming thinks it is also common in other countries. Xuan decides to send Cai Jing overseas temporary to decrease the public displeasure. This is to show that she is repenting.

Xin says no but the rest think that one of them should sacrifice. Even if this order is from Xin's parents, he can't accept it. This is too much as even Hui Ming doesn't help him! Whether Cai Jing leaves or stays, he declares he will handle it so he storms out.

Cai Jing hides the papers from him when he returns. He hugs her again and tells her to listen to him. No matter what happens, she must believe him and listen to him. No matter what she hears, she must not cry without his approval. She promises him and he hugs her again to make her pat on his shoulder. (Many will love more of this.) Her friends and Xin's friends give her support to face the crisis with Xin together.

Cai Jing sees the police coming and worries – will Xin return after investigation? She is only acting tough and is actually timid. He jokes that he will not leave earth and pats on her shoulder to smile before leaving. Xin tells Lu that he knows it is Hua Ying's doing. She must have spent a lot of time to come up with such a perfect scheme. At first, the throne isn't his and he has been thinking of returning to Lu. But after being attacked, he will not give in. But Lu has no right to have Cai Jing.

Lu thinks it is the same for Xin. Xin doesn't know how Lu loves but Lu's selfish love lands Cai Jing to leave the palace. Lu should open his eyes to see his own ending. (He is sharp with his words.) Xin looks at a sleeping Cai Jing. The investigations end early and he is back. There is no evidence so they can't do anything. So he is here late to tell her that? He admits that he misses her. He will suffocate if he can't see her. She wants him to repeat. She hugs him – this is the right way and he should have told her earlier. (True – this could have saved them so much heartache.)

So he should tell her his true thoughts and she is satisfied. He leans towards her and she is curious – he wants to make fun of her again? This is for real as he leans towards her and is about to kiss her face when she suddenly hiccups! He cracks up – why is she so unromantic – can't she endure it? She complains that she can't control and must be frightened by him. Try scaring her again by telling a ghost story. He asks what should he do – is she going to hiccup till dawn? She yells that he should leave for not helping her. (Both are very natural in this scene.)

The others talk to Cai Jing about leaving as they have no other way. She pleads in vain although they feel that they let her down – can't she leave after Xin's case is closed? Hua Ying jumps at the news – is this to score more points for Xin? She reminds Lu not to be with her when he becomes the king. Lu snaps at her to say no more as he will not know he will do next.

Xin wants Cai Jing to wait and he will handle it. Cai Jing drags him back. The others have let her choose but he knows that it is the common lowly method. She explains that she has chosen it. He is dumbfounded – what?! Don't joke with him. She has chosen to go in and out of the palace herself. Xin is devastated – haven't they said they will not part? This isn't parting to her – Xin can treat as she is on holiday.

He weeps – she should not have done it for them but think for herself. She replies that she has to protect them as her family. The palace is her home now. Xin finally breaks down to cry on her shoulder. So is she when she pats his back to give him assurance. (This is the most highly recommended scene of the serial.)

Lu blames himself for it. Maybe unless he leaves the palace, they will change their mind? She decides not to let her matter make Xin more tired. So she can do anything because of Xin – he is upset. Lu wonders if the three of them will be happy if they are not in the palace. She is still glad to meet Xin. Lu's hope to be a farmer to see her smile daily is unattainable. (A sure tragic role.)

Hua Ying wants Xu to return Xiu's kindness. The Shen family feels that it is unfair to Cai Jing but is glad that she is honest not to deceive the people. Cai Jing begs Kong to give her a chance to bring Xin out. This might be her last time with him. They get on the public bus and she plays with him at the arcade as she wants to show him her life before marriage. Although this is short, she wants to return him what is lost being the crown prince. But to him, because it is the crown prince title, he gets her.

He will not forget her even if she disappears. Cai Jing asks how much he loves her. He jokes – how dare she asks. She wants to remember forever. Both remove their caps to kiss on the street as people surround them. (This reminds me on how Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei kiss on the road in ‘All About Eve'). Cai Jing touches Xin's jacket when back. She has hoped to be his perfect match but isn't good enough.

He adds that she isn't suitable for him. She makes him unable to look at her face for long as she shines but she gets him to see the world. She congratulates him for conquering the universe. He has stayed on his own planet for too long and should go to other planets. Kong interrupts them – the arson culprit has appeared but Xin gathers that it isn't good news from his face.

The royal family is stunned to read Xu's letter that says that Xin begs her to burn the place. Hui Ming finds it making no sense. A lady in waiting confesses that she is paid to send and delete the sms. The detectives know someone is out to frame Xin. They check on all the servants and find Xu's account having lots of money. Xu confesses that it is from Xin so they have to arrest him as he does own a Swiss account. Xin looks at Cai Jing's photos and recalls his times with her to smile.

The arrest date is the next day. The queen cries but Hui Ming thinks they must trust Xin to be strong. They have not given the young couple strength. Xuan blames himself for losing temper at Xin. Kong reminds Xin to sign documents so that the renovation works can be carried out. He decides to do that later and calls Cai Jing a crybaby. Both are setting off the next day and they are lucky. He is afraid that he can't live alone without her. He will also be unable to accept it if he gets arrested in front of her.

It doesn't matter to her but they must stay together tonight as they will not give up their titles. The princes have a fencing match. (This is a must watch and only scene where they spar against each other finally.) Will the issue end the day? Yes, the truth stays. Xin picks the sword to return to Lu but Lu still loses. Why Xin doesn't attack him – Xin knows the conspiracy isn't by him. The Lu he knows will not attack him from the back. (Xin knows him too well.) Xin passes him the love letter.

He has thought that he alone to know it is enough but Lu is the best person to end this love triangle. When Lu is out of the palace, his crown prince position is guiltily owned. Lu replies that this also happens to him if they switch places. Lu reads the letter and drops it upon seeing the photos. (It is his turn to get struck.)

The queen hasn't been a good mother-in-law and isn't the crown princess from the start so she envies Cai Jing. She has doubted her and hopes she improves. But Cai Jing reminds her of herself so Cai Jing can call her mother although she is her mother in law. Her family comes to see her to bade her farewell.

Cai Jing decides to use her knowledge to help others. Cai Jun becomes mature not to call her pig but sister again. Hua Ying wants a more elaborative crown prince ceremony for Lu. Lu demands what is going on – he feels that Xiu is pitiful. So it is just her hunger to deceive him too. Why is her ex-lover Xuan? It is his terrible destiny – why is his life controlled?! You will sympathesize with him as he cries aloud.

Cai Jing feels Xin sitting distant from her in tears. He is afraid that he will not let go of her hand if he sits near. Their routes are different from now. She hopes he will maintain his title as no one is more suitable than him. She wants to be a useful person and he tells her that she is the most attractive person he sees while he is the loneliest to her. She wants to remember his face because he is the real Xin tonight – warm, righteous and innocent. He smiles to hug her waist to recite a parting poem.

He rests his head on hers and later sits on his bed. Both recall the past. Xin entrusts Kong to take care of Xuan like how he treats him as the sky. Cai Jing isn't afraid of going overseas. Lu is sorry that his greed ends up like this. She will bring love, friendship and family abroad. He hopes to see her in another world earlier than Xin. Will she choose him? (It is obvious he doesn't give up.)

She hopes they will think differently as adults. Xin leaves the palace with the police and Cai Jing runs after the car. Xin gets out to give her a warm, intimate hug and she cries. (That scene is also memorable.) Lu burns the letters and photos. The queen mother bades Cai Jing farewell sadly with Hui Ming. (This princess is very rude – her grandmother kneels with Cai Jing on the floor but she is still sitting, unmoved on the chair!) Lu is determined to hold the press conference or the royalty will be disturbed continuously. He admits to the recent doings to his own personal power struggle.

When asked by reporters what he thinks of his chances with Cai Jing, he recalls times with her and say that they can't be together. Hua Ying is so upset over what happens and tries to kill herself in a car accident. All are happy that Xin's name is cleared. Coming to think of it, Xuan attributes the fault to him and he will abdicate the throne to Xin to recuperate and do his reading. He doesn't know what to tell Xin. How is he to guide him as he can't give him trust? He hopes he can forgive him.

It is good enough that Xuan believes him. But he has something to add. Lu congratulates Hua Ying for getting a new life although she sits on a wheelchair now. He is so afraid of losing her. She has sinned so is se forgiven? Both leave the palace. She wonders – so she can't return anymore? Lu assures her that they will live well outside the palace.

(I personally find the below quite redundant, boring and disappointing as the ending.)

Cai Jing is in Macau, trying to doll Cui up with her hairstyle and new dresses. She also brings her cushion along. Xin is right at the library waiting for her. She gets him egg tarts. His parents now stay in the countryside and Hui Ming has ascended the throne. It is painful but she is doing well. (It is unbelievable as Korea is as traditional as Japan. Even Japan can't settle the argument till now although a young prince is born. Will they allow a princess – to surpass 2 existing princes to get the post? And she isn't assigned the title when young. Will the People's council agree to this?!)

He feels that he has made the right choice. Cai Jing knows that Lu is also well with Hua Ying through Lu's letters but Xin has not seen them. (A definite mismatch to wear his suit jacket and bow tie to fit with Bermudas! Probably the princes don't meet up because of Cai Jing - we never know…..) Xin is surprised to see her studying as she doesn't do that in the palace. She intends to go to Spain to tour around the world to learn designing. She tells the baker that Xin is her boyfriend and he nearly yells.

How can she address her husband as her boyfriend?! She immediately stuffs bread into his mouth to appease him.
Cui reminds Cai Jing not to address the queen mother as grandmother when they meet but the women eye her as she is now in trendy clothes to make her blush. The queen mother is now doing charity work with Xin's help and he is so different from the past.

Xin holds Cai Jing's hand to have a stroll. She finds herself more suitable to stay outside the palace and can't imagine to be the crown princess again. He gets cross - how long is this going to take? So there is no space for him since her dream is so valuable. She looks at his photo at the apartment. Even though it is an arranged marriage, the queen mother wasn't sure if things work out then. She is happy that they are close.

He worries – will she still love him as he is no longer the crown prince? (He sure worries too much like his family members. He definitely takes after them. ) The queen mother tells him to trust his eyes and gives him the rings that his grandfather has given her. He gives to her – they should get married but not through the arranged process. He is going to propose to the woman he wants to spend his whole life with his true heart. She wants more time but he tells her that he is leaving the next day. (Actually I don't see the need for so much trouble as they are already legally married!!)

Xin sees the box on the table and sulks when seeing Cai Jing in his car.(He is so upset that he doesn't open the box to check it.) She wants to send him off and tells him to remove her tight scarf. He does it reluctantly and a broad smile forms on his face as he sees the rings on her as a necklace. She will be bored without him, quoting his words. He is elated to hug her in the car. They get married with the queen mother and Cui as their witnesses. She gives the bouquet to Cui as she should be married soon.

Cai Jing hiccups and Xin gets to her anxiously – is she unwell? The queen mother is excited – is she pregnant? The two look at each other in shock. The final shows their past photos with addition of two new ones. One is the young couple taking with their son. Another is Hui Ming wearing her crown to be ‘Her Majesty'. (But we can bet that she will not stay long on this post as she likes freedom like Xin. Who knows – she might throw the throne at Xin when he is back with Cai Jing in ‘Goong2'. )

Introduction on characters

1. Li Xin (crown prince) – Joo Ji Hoon
Xin is the crown prince. He studies film making and enjoys taking photos. He is very icy to conceal his loneliness. He teases or insults Cai Jing whenever he has the chance. He is arrogant and has everything. But he is burdened with the identity of being the successor to the throne. He seems to be influential but he can't have the freedom that commoners have. He doesn't want to get trapped and dreams of escaping but he can't escape from his destiny. He isn't close to his parents. Even though he faces the woman he loves, he can be clumsy or stiff in revealing his feelings.

When he realizes that he loves Cai Jing, we can see how his treatment to her changes (but this woman is a blockhead not to discover that.) From being harsh to soften to give in to all her demands or requests. Yet, she deals with him a hard blow of wanting to divorce him. She has disarmed him of whatever defense he has put up. Slowly, he learns to be frank to her in his feelings and finally gets her back.

Ji Hoon isn't the kind of actor who shines from the beginning. He is too stiff initially to parade catwalk as he can't shed his modeling habit. But he has the royalty air. As the story develops, the more surprises he shows me. He shows his potential to show his inner feelings with natural flair. His crying scenes are priceless! He reminds me of Zai Zai – a F4 member with his lanky height and hairstyle although more say that his role resembles Daomingsi from ‘Meteor Garden'.

2. Li Lu/ Yi Cheng Jun (prince) – Kim Jung Hoon
Lu is a prince and is initially the rightful heir if not for Xiu's demise. Thus he is a prince but he doesn't get the loyalty treatment. He is Cai Jing's art classmate. Hua Ying pins all her hopes on him to be the future king. He undergoes a lot of training and pressure. He is a great cook, sketches well (the Cai Jing's sketch is perfect) and can also do housework (remember how he irons Cai Jing's pants?)

Unlike Xin, he is approachable and sociable to win support as he is also thoughtful. He isn't ambitious by nature but after falling for Cai Jing, he changes and is determined to get her from Xin at all costs. Poor chap – he has suppressed his feelings for too long but sad to say, he isn't an excellent crier.

I find him resembling Hideaki from ‘Terms of a witch'. He always wears the frowning look and many will pity Lu for enduring Xin. But he is too pale (in contrast to the bright red lipstick he wears) and is not persistent enough as a powerful love rival. He tries to act strong but he isn't. He simply looks sickly to give up without a tough fight.

3. Li Xiu (Lu's father) – Kim Sung Joon
He dies in a car accident. He must be sad of being made used by Hua Ying as she has not loved him before but she has secret meetings with Xuan behind his back. I wonder if his death has anything to do with this.

4. Li Xuan –Park Chen Hwan
He is the king and pins high hopes on Xin. Xin does his duties well. But Hua Ying's schemes put Xin in bad light and Xin's indifference makes him loses confidence in him. I nearly swear at him – how can he not trust his son at all? And he is setting a very bad example – expecting so much from him but neglecting his own queen and also still loving Hua Ying. He deserves to be ill for being such a big disappointment.

5. Jiang Ren (Xin's friend) –Choi Sung Joon
He is a snob being the elder son of national arts institute principal, stressing beauty and status above all. After seeing how attractive Jiang Xian is without her spectacles, he sets out to woo her…without success because their friends are their hinder stones.

6. Jiang Huan – Lee Yong Joo
He is the younger son of national arts institute principal. Feeling unfair for Xiao Lin, he belittles Cai Jing whenever he has the chance. But he supports her upon seeing how Xin loves her.

7. Liu Zhe – Eon Sung Mo
He is the Korean shipping line boss's eldest son and is very generous. He gives new handphones to his friends when he gets new models. He drives a convertible and looks aloof but he loves Xiao Lin. Although he knows that she is poor, he keeps the fact from the others. When the truth is uncovered, he protects her.

8. Mr Shen – Kang Nan Gil
He is Cai Jing's father and has been jobless for a long time. It must be hard on him to be the house husband at home. Can you believe that he cries when he misses Cai Jing? Most Korean men don't do that but he is very open to show his feelings.

9. Shen Cai Jun - Kim Suk
He is Cai Jing's younger brother who will not stop his sick jokes. He is the first in history to hit Xin hard with all his might….but without getting arrested.

10. Reporter Cui
He is Xiu's classmate and Hua Ying should thank him for his photography services. But alas, she sends him away and becomes so ungrateful when the royalty gets suspicious over their connection.

11. Shen Cai Jing – Yoon Eun Hye
She is a normal high school arts student. She is coping with financial difficulties but her life changes overnight when she is made the crown princess. She tries very hard to attend the court lessons and adapting to the palace life. I find her very childish at times whining for her parents – behaving like 16 and not 19. How many will snuggle into their parents' bed at this age?

She longs for freedom and leaving the palace, upsetting Xin. She loves him but is unsure if he loves her so she makes her own wild guesses. How I feel for knocking senses into her head for hurting him!! Luckily, she finally realizes her mistake and faces up to her mistakes to take up the punishment bravely.

She is a natural actress and resembles Chan Kar Ling (Actress Chan Sau Mun's younger sister) in looks. She is such a born clown and entertainer with all her jokes! Her transformation from wild to demure is convincing although I feel Cai Jing is more positive to face challenges instead of withdrawing into a shell to escape from reality.

12. Min Xiao Lin – Song Ji Hyo
She is a snob and fakes her rich identity. She jokingly rejects Xin's wedding proposal but is dismayed when Cai Jing gets him. She then sets her mind to win him back…without success even with Hua Ying's help. His love for Cai Jing is simply too strong. She gets so depressed and tries to kill herself. Although Zhe showers her with concern, she isn't ready to accept him. She decides to concentrate on her dancing career.

This actress has the looks of a goldfish and her expressions are very limited. I can't tell her frustrated from jealous expressions. Her acting is sure bad as she only knows how to sulk, pout and scheme.

13. Princess Hui Ming (Xin's sister) – Lee Yoon Ji
She is Xin's elder sister. Being pretty, knowledgeable and sociable, she prefers to be with the commoners to do social work. I don't know how Xin can be close to her. She doesn't attend his wedding and she seems to despise Cai Jing at first glance! Although she doesn't speak ill of her after that, my impression of her dips to zero then as she looks insincere to me.

She suggests modern ideas to the royalty but….I can't believe my eyes when she supports the elders' decision to send Cai Jing away!! This is returning to the old times! How can she disregard Xin's misery when he turns to his only sister for the last support he needs? Xin is too forgiving to pass the throne to her or maybe he wants to seek revenge on her for leaving him in the lurch?!

Yoon Ji is pretty and charming as the elder princess. But her expressions are also few – just to smile repeatedly like a mannequin. She is supposed to support the young couple. How can she walk out on them at their down and out moment?

14. Kim Shun Yang/Yin Xi Chong (Cai Jing's friends) – Lee Eun/Dan Ji
They create comical moments to cheer Cai Jing up whenever they have the chance.

15. Li Jiang Xian (Cai Jing's friend) – Jeon Ji Ae
She is the bespectacled and no-nonsense kind to declare that she has nothing to do with the royalty but alas – she later becomes a fan too when attending Xin's birthday party. Still, she is more mature than Shun Yang in giving Cai Jing the correct advice. Ren is attracted to her but she isn't aware of it.

16 Court Lady Cui
She is Cai Jing's tutor who is very strict and serious. She is also a good informer for the queen in getting information on Hua Yang. We only see her in uniforms but Cai Jing transforms her into a beauty with bright coloured clothes and she is less strict on her in the end.

17. Xu Hua Yang (Lu's mother) – Shin Hye Jin
She is Lu's ambitious mother who hasn't stopped her desire to be the queen. That is why she can marry Xiu although she loves Xuan. The old king knows her motive and banishes her from the palace. She pushes Lu so hard, simply ignoring his needs. Without her, she will not cause so many twisters in the palace. Thumbs up for her acting to make you dislike her so much!

18. Queen Yin – Yoon Yoo Sun
She is Xin's mother who is strict with Xin. Xin is never close to her although he yearns to call her mother. She does everything to protect his interest but slowly learns what he needs in life. She is an unhappy queen for years as Xuan has not loved her. This actress also does well and shows the elegance of a queen.

19. The Queen mother – Kim Hye Ju
She isn't the strict and conservative person that all have in mind. She accepts new things and gives the young the advice they need. She can also be as wild as Cai Jing to desire for freedom by getting away from bodyguards. But she is sometimes indecisive of not to have a mind of her own to always ask the others for their opinions and to agree with them.

20. Mrs Shen – In Ye Jin
She is Cai Jing's mother whose main concern is earning money by working as an insurance agent. She can even make use of Cai Jing's status to get more insurance polices. But she cares for her children.

Favourite character
Xin, he can be hot and cold with royalty air – making him very attractive. Although he can be unfriendly, he is actually a volcano buried under a cold mountain. Even though negative reports to hurt him repeatedly, he still plays his crown prince role well but communicating with the media well.

Most hated character
Hua Ying, she lives only for herself and disposes of anyone who outlives his usefulness.

The theme music is fabulous to use traditional instruments to play lively. The main themesong ‘perhaps love'by Howl & J and the subtheme ‘I am a fool' are fabulous too. Do get the ost from the shops now!

Interesting facts

The drama garnered the highest rating at 30% for the whole year. It was popular not because of the sugary package. It made a fairy tale come alive – or rather the comic book characters live although Lu's image is totally different. At first, the director was bombarded for choosing an entire new cast of newcomers for the different roles. But it showed that he had foresight after all.

I watched the making of it – it was so hilarious. I never know that Ji Hoon was so cheeky off-screen. He imitated the director's expressions and all tried so hard not to laugh or remind him that the cameras already started clicking. He thought that it was only a rehearsal! His on-screen parents even smacked on the cushion doll, telling him to wake up! The wedding parade scene took 4 days to complete. Ji Hoon and Eun Hye had no experience in tango dancing at all and they only practiced for 4 hours before the shoot.

The other intimate scenes of Ji Hoon with the actresses – it was funny how the young learned from him to do all these hugs. Ji Hoon exclaimed how relaxed he was with the director when he demonstrated with him but how awkward he was with his female co-stars. The bed scene at the resort, he joked that Eun Hye was smelly as she has not washed her hair for 2 days! While the pillar scene where they talked to each other, he complained that she was using too much force on his neck.

The egg attack scene – Ji Hoon was thrown 60 eggs. He joked they must be assassins from Lu and he was waiting for them! The part where Xin was received at Bangkok, only the staircase was real with 10 extras! The plane and crowd were produced with computer effects. The scene where Cai Jing's parents visualized how they fought, the cameramen lament he looked like a serial killer when he tries to joke with the rest.

To produce the palace effect, the costume unit, the setting design and also the cookery utensils were the products of the specialists. They were not allowed to enter the ancient palace for filming. An experienced chef was roped in to cook the palace meals. As like other dramas, everything became a hot item. Cai Jing wears long pants, her pencil in her hair, the comic-drawn shoes and also the teddy bears were direct hits.

The clothes Eun Hye wore were tailor-made. The tailors had to come up with a new costume every 3 days. To project Ji Hoon's lanky height, they gave him short shirts and long slacks. The striking colours and knitted vests were carefully selected.

The manga was called ‘the willful crown princess'. The author Park So Hee actually took Jang Na Ra as her guide in her drawing of Cai Jing. That was why many opposed to Eun Hye when the cast was announced. Eun Hoon was spotted by the director at a funeral. Unlike other juniors, she chose to sit cross-legged on the floor and he decided immediately on her to be Cai Jing. Jung Hoon was so different from the comic character. He was selected as in the Korean magazine ‘People' as one of the most handsome men.

Ji Hoon was already a top notch model ever since he started from the age of 21 although he was a newcomer in acting. He is tall and has appealing eyes to attract many. Thus he garnered lots of awards. What made him popular was he treats every modeling stint as his first try and his last. Thus his urge and challenge to do better is to 99%. He will try his best regardless of the time and the working conditions. Many are happy to see him and all are willing to work with him.

So when it came to acting, he showed his hunger spirit again. Although he maintained his youthful smile, his humble and polite attitude let others felt that he was growing. He had never acted as a supporting role before and this serial made him famous overnight. Before watching, some said he was suitable while some said no. Those who know him well find him suitable for the role. Ji Hoon had met the director once. He had neither the acting nor the experience. He also thought that his outlook was more to the cool type. But the director thought he had an air of royalty.

If he is expressionless, he looks calm and unfeeling. When he smiles, he looks innocent and approachable. He had Xin's emotions from the start to the end. Xin was cool but was warm later. The director believed he could be a star even though he wasn't selected but he was finally chosen as Kang Dong Won wasn't free. Although the director thought well of Ji Hoon, the others thought he was too thin and dark for a prince. Thus he put on 8kg. The director then complained that he was too fat. He then lost 5kg swiftly. After this stint, he got 4 commercial assignments in a month.

The three read the manga before acting. Ji Hoon described Xin in the comic as a total loner. He only lives in his own world but the serial allows Xin to have some friends to relate his feelings. He had been used to taking photos and when he was exposed to the moving camera, he found it tough. Although he had shot commercials and also took part in ‘Non-stop', that was only a guest appearance.

When the machines worked, his feelings were not entirely shown on the camera as yet. He was anxious when he watched the clips. Photographs could show feelings easily in the image but acting could not. Thus the director scolded him many times. He took up training and finally got used to it. He was thankful to the seniors for assisting him to adapt to the situation soon. The seniors found them adorable and thus helped them. He felt stuck by electricity upon seeing how they act so he promised to improve.

Lee Joon Ki's position and Ji Hoon's position always interchanged in the no.1 place in the popularity boards. It's said that Lee was the king in the movie world while Ji Hoon was the prince in dramas. Many attributed Ji Hoon's character's similarity to Meteor Garden's Daomingsi and Eun Hye was like Shan Cai. I feel a striking resemblance as both spoilt characters start to open up upon meeting the women they love. Ji Hoon's royalty prince image has captured many hearts of females.

Ji Hoon is chatty off-screen. He thanked the filming crew which helped him and the seniors who trusted him. This was his first time in acting. He had to pretend to be angry, strong and regretful at the same time for many scenes. It was tough for him because the emotions varied so much. The toughest moment came when he hit others and got hit. He tried his best but found the scenes awkward when he watched them.

He could only learn on the way. He had nightmares daily and seemed to be sleepwalking. He would suddenly wake up from his help to memorize the script. He recalled how he acted and missed the precious moments. He had staked all he had to challenge acting. What he learned most was ‘Xin'. He would become Xin's good friend if Xin exists because both of them are similar. Now he can't differentiate his real life and the role at times – wondering who he really is.

He gets along well with friends. But when he reaches home, it is hard to get him to come out again. He likes to listen to music and read books. Man needs to communicate with others but needs a personal space. He resembles Xin in this area and Xin is like him to open up to others later. Does he like toys like Xin? Yes, he does and there was a 70% chance of getting toys from the toy machines. Thus he was happy to see toys in this serial. Of course, he disapproved arranged marriages as it lacked love foundation.

How is Eun Hye off screen? Both of them learned while shooting on the way to get immersed in their roles. He never knew that she was so pretty before that with nice lips and fair skin before this. She was a nice senior and also a cute younger sister to him. Cai Jing is cheerful and childish and although he hasn't thought of what category of girls he will be interested, he thinks he will like Cai Jing if he sees her.

Some said that he shocked them for being too absorbed in the role, he thought so too. When he re-watched the kissing scene with Eun Hye in episode 23, he thought it was overdone. (But do you feel so?) He was afraid of creating any misunderstanding. Till now, he still was not sure what situation he landed in. He only knew how to bury himself in work for the past 8 months in ‘Goong'. There was lots of news about him. His parents did not know what he was doing when he worked as a model. But when neighbours started praising him for doing well, they became happier and he felt that he had done his part slightly as a filial son.

Ji Hoon was a former fulltime model. Photos and filming a serial was entirely different. He was confident in taking photos but he was uneasy in front of the camera when shooting ‘Goong'. He encouraged models to take up serials to see how fashion and television work together. Height did not hinder his daily life.. He was already 1.87m at 22 years old. Now he is 1.89m because he always stretched his back to grow taller.

His family is big, consisting of 8 members including his grandparents. His family is conservative and when he decided not to be a model but to be an actor, his family did not object. In fact, his parents were happier than him getting into the university, studying business. He was also happy when he saw his mother smiling non-stop when she took a big stack of papers for him to sign autographs for her friends. His childhood dream was to conquer the world (I guess he already wanted to be a prince when young.) and to be a godfather. He always wants to have a son to be good men together and this dream has not changed.

He had led a ‘soundless' life for 3 years. He hated being interrupted when he was concentrating. Those who called him were not something good – either to tell him to work. So he preferred to let his managing company to handle all his assignments instead of picking up calls. He liked night swimming too. Now to be a good actor, he starts to watch movies too.

He knew that his acting wasn't good and was worried. (Probably his fans will protest at this.) But this wasn't important – what matters is how much he could immerse in a role. Even though it might be incomplete, he will try his best to overcome and hopes all to believe in him. Some posted photos of him smoking as many thought this tanished his clean prince image. But many were quick to clarify for him that he had quitted smoking a few years ago.

Eun Hye felt that they were like a family when filming and hoped that there was Goong 2 soon. A serial worked because it measured the success of how a person acts. The effort put is also crucial. She is also grateful to the veteran artistes for their help. If Xin and Lu exist, she hoped she would be like Cai Jing to choose the person she loved. Although she worked with Ji Hoon for 7 months, both only knew each other for 2 weeks before that. She was also shy and seldom took the initiative to talk to him.

She told herself not to be too greedy and anxious or things would not turn out well. The heavy headdresses and costumes made her cry as they were too heavy. But this process could be the happiest and blissful days of her life. Eun Hye was in showbuzz since 15 years old. Her career path was similar to Cai Jing. Cai Jing became a crown princess from a high school student while she became an actress from a singer.

Lu was an onlooker initially and Jung Hoon did not have that many scenes but when he started getting important, Jung Hoon had little time for rest and play. Would he become as moody as Lu after that? Jung Hoon was very tired. He joked that he was so impatient with so many crying scenes. But this role made him a more patient person. He was confused on whether to choose acting or singing as his stable character and was wondering when he could act as a prince, the role of Lu fell onto his lap.

Lu was not only a role to him – he gave him confidence and chances. He was obsessed with it and he often forgot about his weariness to spend each day in joy. The toughest scene to him was the mirror scene when Lu starts to turn evil.

The four started to get more ngs along the way as the plot thickens. Ji Hoon admitted that he tried very hard to be cool only to be melted quickly as Eun Hye was too cute. But they enjoyed wrking with each other as a family.

Lu was 8 years younger than his actual age. Jung Hoon
was considered the oldest as compared to the young cast. He called them ‘the children' and he had wished to go with the guys out for drinking but he had a weak stomach. His health wasn't good as he had drunk too much when younger when he was only 23.

Jung Hoon was surprised that he was chosen and those who also got surprised were those acting with him. He was older than them and had more experience so his responsibility was greater. Acting well in this role was no joke. Lu is devoted to Cai Jing to be nice to all but later greed changes him to be ambitious. Plus Lu also has a low self-esteem. He felt Lu's kind nature and cool side is similar to him.

To make sure he acted better, he even went to Chung Yang University to learn acting. He had spent the past years in singing to exhaust himself but now he became energetic when coming to acting. He would not give up his singing career but his focus will be on acting now. Why was Ji Hye's role getting minor at the end? She had to shoot a movie and the scriptwriter had to change the script to explain her disappearance.

Why did Jung Hoon give up his dentistry studies at University of Seoul? He had an IQ of 146 and came in tenth in the entrance exams. (This shows that he isn't just a pretty face.) He slowly discovered that he didn't suit it and went into showbuzz. He missed too many lessons and decided to switch to acting. Thus he secured a place at ChungYang University to start from the 3rd year. He did not feel life was tough when he quit earlier. When he started work, he realized that he had to be mature and hoped to learn more from then.

If given a choice, he would not select dentistry. He would choose electronics which he liked. What he was more concerned with was to become healthier. He was interested in horse riding after filming and he wanted to try out parachuting. (Surprise, fans, he had a license for it!) Jung Hoon admits that he is casually dressed off-screen. Many notice that he still wears the serial's necklace till now. He likes the design and it has become part of him after filming.

Eun Hye is 22. Ji Hoon is 24 years old. Jung Hoon is 26 years old. This serial causes their charging rate to be tripled. After this, they were busy taking up advertising assignments or promoting the serial overseas. That was why all were unable to act in ‘Goong 2' when approached to act in October 2006. It was rumoured the script was changed to focus on the two princes so Eun Hye didn't like it.

The scriptwriter quit and MBC roped in a new one to start on a new script which was completely different from the manga. But it was also said that MBC could not afford their high rates and the director was angry with their betrayal. Since MBC has marketed Goong successfully overseas, many disliked the change. The fans thought it was better to wait and let all act in it again. All must be glad that there was no sequel to it since MBC decided to film ‘Goong S' instead. It was scheduled to shoot in Nov and shown in 2007.

Ji Hoon and Eun Hye won the new actor and actress awards at 2006 MBC television awards. It came as a surprise that both did not win the popularity and best couple awards.


No matter how many years passed, the story between a prince and his Cinderella is forever hot with many. Many put their perfect love in an unreal world. Why was this drama popular? The colourful setting, the breathtaking cast in outlook and the Cinderella story combine to give a perfect picture. The Chinese translation title was terrible –‘My sassy crown princess'. But I only get to see Cai Jing getting bullied all the time – she is far from being sassy.

‘Jewel in the palace' shows the Korean tradition. ‘Goong' blends the tradition with the modern age. Many love the palace scenes to make the romantic air alive. However, certain palace dressing can be over the top. Eun Hye looks old and plump in some clothes while I can't imagine a prince wearing a polka dot bowtie at home. Some outfits for him are horrifying disasters that only reveal his pathetic thin frame. He is no Sang Woo in baring chests or low cut shirts. Suits definitely work better on him.

Let's quote some examples – there are some scenes that he wears scarves. He looks like an overly dressed wealthy woman instead. Large scarves to come with suits is also another dreadful idea. The Xiao Lin airport send off scene - Xin appears with large fly shades in a low cut vest shirt to lose all his appeal. And he to wear a headband when doing fencing to look feminine?! The wardrobe unit has overdone it!

I definitely moan at this - can't someone save the crown prince?! The striking scene I recall best is how Xin applied makeup plus getting his hair clipped and tied. He is sure a beauty with a mole on his face. Lu's dressing matches his quiet personality to come with warm colours to suit him well in most scenes. But I must say that he doesn't look as good as Xin in formal wear.

The kissing scenes are splendid as they are great kissers. Most of their seniors pale in comparison in chemistry. Cai Jing's hand gestures to hug Xin and rubbing his back or hair look so natural. While he returns her intimacy with automatic and tender nuzzles into her hair or neck.

The battle between the mothers (openly and secretly) is a big highlight. It shows how eager both are protecting their sons to outdo one another. Hua Ying to frame Xin continuously while the queen seeks to minimize the damage. Seeing how they dig information on each other through their informants is very interesting indeed.

The supporting cast also gives adequate support to make things work. I like the start but the last few episodes is a big drag. Xin marrying Cai Jing in Macau is definitely redundant. It seems MBC is not prepared for it as fans wants it to span 4 more episodes and it runs out of ideas.

I had thought for a long time if it deserves a 4.5*. I decided not to after seeing the ending. It could have been made more touching. It is too different from the lively and funny pace set in the beginning to become slow and irrelevant. There is still room for development for ‘Goong S'. Hope it will not be a let down and end like a disaster like ‘Meteor Garden 2'.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ****1/2 (Scale of 5) (Sorry that it doesn't score full because of Jung Hoon and Ji Hyo's lower than expectation acting.)

On story : **** (Scale of 5) (Have to cut down because of the bland ending in the end)

On songs : ****1/2 (Scale of 5)

Final rating : ****

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