Pure 19

Reviewed by: sukting

November 05, 2008

Rating: three

AKA: Hearts of Nineteen

How long
80 episodes (168 half-hourly)

This drama portrays the life journey of an upbeat and cheerful ethnic Korean girl, Ju Hua, from China who comes to Korea to get married and start her own family with her own efforts. By overcoming hardships with a smile and wisdom, she teaches the meaning of innocence in the era when love is determined by too many preconditions.

She becomes part of Yu Qing's family but has been rejected by his family as a possible girlfriend for him. After many twists and turns, she falls in love with his friend and director Run Hou, She finally starts her own family in Korea when she wins over her in-laws.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Liang Ju Hua - Ku Hye-sun
An upbeat and cheerful 19-year-old girl from China, she comes to Korea to marry Yu Qing's uncle but upon arrival hears the news about her fiance's death in an accident. She proves to be an optimistic and frank albeit unpredictable person who makes everyone around her smile or cry. But she is a nuisance along the way. Her parents are dead so she doesn't wish to add on to the burden of her uncle's family so she stays in Korea. She keeps this from the Hongs to make her own living.

Can you believe that she can resort to sell eggs by the roadside? Get cheated of the money given by the Hongs to return to Korea so she has to earn money to lie to her family? Conned into selling illegal drugs? Cook instant noodles in a hotel room to save money to get chased out? Mistaken Mrs Piao to be a servant to tell her to clean Chen Xin's flat? Scratch Run Hou's car with a coin when drunk? Ruins Feng Jiu's stage clothes by handwashing them?

Ju Hua prepares dinner for her and Yu Qing when they work overtime. She is really silly not to tell them beforehand as she can't produce her IC when asked to as she isn't a Korean citizen. How can she blame it on the staff? I shake my head. How can she call out Run Hou's 'loach' nickname in public and presses him to tell the receptionist about bringing the food for them?

Can't she wait later as he is with his foreign clients then? This woman is definitely not the street-wise type! She can't blame him for pushing her down accidentally as he doesn't mean it. Why does she still stare at him hostilely? Who is the one at fault?

After that, she gets drunk and scratches Run Hou's car, using a coin. Run Hou shows her the 300,000 won bill, demanding her to pay for the damages in 10 month instalments. She helps him as his interpreter in a business deal with a Chinese businessman so he engages her as his secretary…reluctantly after Chen Xin's persuasion. He views her as mercenary when she requests him to deduct 20,000 won from the damages for her translation service.

Yu Shu lends her sexy clothes for her first day at work as Run Hou's secretary. Run Hou frowns upon seeing her thick make-up, dressing and also perfume smell. Her mind spins upon seeing how many types of tea he drinks at different times. Run Hou doesn't know what to do with her when she distributes ALL her namecards to the colleagues – not leaving even one for herself.

She returns to the office on a Saturday. But she ends up sleeping on Run Hou's office sofa after cleaning his office and reading up! You will find her dressing stupid – she wears a track suit to match socks and high heels! Still, she obeys Run Hou's command to try to change her slang by reading articles and placing a pen in her mouth. But Run Hou shakes his head upon seeing little improvement in her.

Run Hou is baffled when she changes into her skirt right at her desk. (She is really crude.) Just as she is when she gets into his office without waiting for his response and he is changing into a new shirt. Unlike other shy women, she mutters that he should not make a big fuss as he doesn't have an outstanding figure!

Run Hou forgets to bring his file to work so he sends Ju Hua to get it from home. He gives Ju Hua money to take a cab. She decides to take MTR back to office after getting the document in order to save money. Can you believe she dozes off and leaves it on the train?! Run Hou fires Ju Hua in rage – he can't forgive someone who is so reckless even on Yu Qing's account and Chen Xin can't get him to change his mind.

She still turns up at work to plead for another chance, by washing his car. Run Hou refuses to change his mind even though he decides to waive his car damages. Ju Hua throws away her pride for the sake of her family to kneel before him. Upon seeing her still waiting for him when he returns, Run Hou changes his mind about stopping his car to meet Chen Xin right at the musical hall for their date. (This is not being persistant or sincere but it looks like harrassment to me.)

Ju Hua has thought that everyone will be like Yu Qing to keep giving in to her to believe that her insistence will move everyone. This tactic doesn't work on Run Hou and he detests her more. She straightens her thoughts and resigns. (This is really good for all of us. Luckily from here onwards, this detestable pest finally changes for the better.)

After several unsuccessful attempts to find another job, she takes up the job as a cleaner readily in her ex-company! She throws away her self-esteem as a job is still a job. But she tries to hide away from Run Hou.
She splashes water at the males' urinals but the water wets Run Hou instead. Chen Xin shakes her head at their destiny. Her supervisor learns that she is Run Hou's ex-secretary and decides to fire her.

She confronts Run Hou in rage. Although Run Hou has nothing to do with it, he also flares up, indicating that she will earn more if she works at a bar. Yu Qing is so angry with his words that he flares up at him. But both men make up soon when they apologise to each other.

Ju Hua comes into Run Hou's path soon again. She is cleaning the gents' fan when he is in one of the cubicles. Run Hou yells at her and she gets so startled to fall off the ladder. He asks anxiously if she has seen anything but she is very puzzled. When telling this to Yu Qing, Yu Qing simply cracks up non-stop. (She is dull-witted indeed!)

She is back to work the next day right after recovery from a gas poisoning incident. She is very irresponsible to Yu Qing – she doesn't tell him about it and causes him to make a wasted trip to the hospital. Yu Qing is mad with her for disregarding her health but still takes the trouble to get her the medicine from the pharmacy.

Yu Shu wants Ju Hua to go for matchmaking. She doesn't want her neighbours to keep on mistakening Ju Hua to be Yu Qing's girlfriend. She agrees but cries at night. (Weird but I feel nothing over this. Why can't I pity her for once?) Strange as it is, she discloses this to Run Hou before she knocks off. Upon seeing Run Hou at the blind date venue, she tries in vain to hide her face from him.

So she eats crushed ice in anger. Still, Run Hou can't rest his mind to come to her rescue when the suitor wants to press her to go for dinner with him. (She looks so detestable here for being conceited. If I am Run Hou, I will definitely leave her alone since she is so unappreciative of his help. )

She knows Yu Qing's affections for her but cuts him out. She is defiant in front of Run Hou but is as timid as a mouse in front of Yu Jin. Yu Jin wrongs her for falling for Yu Qing, she decides to move out. She announces this on the day before moving out. Yu Qing is unable to change her decision. Run Hou helps Ju Hua to move out and her colleague deduce that he likes her as he is so nice to her. When do they see Iceman helping an employee? But Ju Hua simply doesn't notice it!

To earn more money, she takes up another part-time job to pluck chillis. She bursts into tears when Yu Jin reminds her not to get Yu Qing to visit her again. When Run Zhen warns her not to get close to Yu Qing, she is persistent this time – she can't change Yu Qing if Run Zhen fails to charm him.

But she does follow Yu Jin's advice to be firm to reject Yu Qing repeatedly. However, she feels sad upon seeing Yu Qing getting hurt because of her repeatedly. She gets extremely uneasy upon knowing that Run Hou has actually brought congee for her when she falls ill. But she doesn't have enough courage to ask him and only stares into his face. He feels very awkward and is puzzled when she runs away.

She gets more pressurized upon knowing that new staff does not get electrical appliance benefits as claimed by Run Hou as he adds the fridge and fan to her home. Run Zhen keeps telling her to wash the cups and plates for her although she is now Run Hou's secretary. She doesn't greet Run Hou and Run Hou is unhappy with her attitude towards him as the superior.

Ju Hua lashes out at him for throwing his weight around. This time round, Run Hou isn't angry and is puzzled over what really happens. Ju Hua also doesn't know why she keeps talking back at him. After recalling Run Hou's strange attitude towards her, she can't find the reason. (Isn't she extraordinary slow?!)

When Chen Xin mentions of her coming marriage to Run Hou in front of Ju Hua on how to renovate their new wedding room, Run Hou feels uneasy and Ju Hua suddenly feels frustrated to leave too. Wen Jiu's call to inform her that he will disallow Yu Qing to come to her home depresses her further. (Good grief – doesn't she know what she wants?)

She decides to look for a new job but is dissuaded by the two guys. She learns Run Hou is actually relieved upon knowing that she decides to stay on. Run Hou is about to apologise to Ju Hua for implicating her into his argument with Chen Xin. Ju Hua guesses that she must have done something wrong to create Chen Xin's misunderstanding to cause the two to quarrel. Run Hou flares up – what is there for her to reflect?

Hui Ai wants to dismiss her over this. She insists that she has done nothing wrong and refuses to leave. Run Hou is displeased with Hui Ai for misusing her authority to quarrel with her. He personally warns Ju Hua's boss that he will be the first to get fired if he dares to dismiss Ju Hua. This sets tongues wagging about them. (This part showing Run Hou storming into the workers' quarters to make the threat is classic indeed.)

Ju Hua is only here to work and not to get entangled in the love triangle. She suspects Run Hou unconfident of marriage to cite her as an excuse. Love can't even be compared to a bag of rice. Run Hou snapped at her comparison – he has expected her to be money-minded but he has not thought of her to be like this. She feels bad for hurting him.

Run Zhen accuses her for seducing Run Hou. Both women end up fighting so Dong Guo and Run Hou stop them. Ju Hua cries at the car park. Run Hou bends down to look at her – is she really a model pupil to fight so fiercely? Who actually is the winner? He comes and wants to see her face.

Not because she is pretty but he has to apply the cream on her wound before it turns into a scar. (Have fun listening to his remark!) When she complains to him that Run Zhen starts first, he is very amused that she feels that he will side for her by complaining to him. He pastes a plaster on her bruised neck tenderly and can't help grinning.

Ju Hua changes her hairstyle to cheer herself up upon knowing that Run Hou is leaving Korea for Singapore. She buys a map to see how far it is from Korea and is dismayed that a 6 hours flight is required. Ju Hua cleans the conference room and overhears Run Hou announcing to his other managers he is leaving.

Yu Qing can sense that she is upset but she lies that she is having flu. More so when seeing him going out with Chen Xin to dine together. She finally falls ill after seeing Run Hou's broadcast that he is leaving. (All wll simply beat their chests to see how she keeps lying to others and herself.)

Yu Qing doesn't know how to help her. This is his last day at work and Run Hou recalls his moments with her. He keeps the necklace well. He meets her at the lobby but she turns away as Dong Guo suddenly appears. When seeing his empty office, she realizes that he really leaves.

She looks at the map at home – why is Singapore further than China? She suddenly hears Run Hou's voice calling her village girl. She runs out to find no one. That is only her imagination. Run Hou is actually at home, contemplating if he should call her but decides against it as he is rejected too many times.

Yu Qing sees the map when he visits a sick Ju Hua. He encourages her to pursue her own happiness. But she feels inferior as she has nothing and has low education. Moreover, Run Hou has Chen Xin by his side. Yu Qing specially arranges the two to meet. But she still suppresses herself to promise him that she will pay him the loan back. She will get Yu Qing to do the transfer if she returns to China.

Run Hou is angry with her for not mentioning other affairs besides money. They might not see each other again. What is the point of talking about money now? She wishes him well and he softens to tell her his departure time. He reminds her not to cry or get sick. She must eat and sleep well. She sheds tears and both part reluctantly. She starts to hallucate that he calls her outside her home but in actual fact, he isn't.

Run Hou's family sends him off. He looks around for Ju Hua but is disappointed not to see her. He gives Yu Qing a thank you call instead. Ju Hua decides to go to the airport but stops running when a bicycle nearly knocks her down. Run Hou tries calling her but she has left her handphone at home. She sees a public phone and calls him. Run Hou is about to get on the plane when he gets this unregistered call.

He doesn't hear her answer but she hears his voice to shed tears. Run Hou feels strange and suddenly he hears Ju Hua's employer asking her if she has finished plucking the chillis. His spirits are immediately lifted – it takes him some time to figure out that it is from the village girl. Upon knowing that she has called, he is overjoyed.

Ju Hua thinks that it is her imagination again when she hears Run Hou's voice. She is tongue-tied that he hasn't boarded the plane. Her call disturbs him and she must be responsible for it. He eats the meal she prepares for him heartily. Knowing that Chen Xin is trying to get him through him, he seizes her handphone and offs it. (Run Hou is finally firm to know what he wants this time.)

Ju Hua worries that Run Hou's parents will blame him. Run Hou doesn't want her to think complicatedly. She must not listen to others and tell him lies. She just needs to follow what he does. She returns from work and Run Hou cooks dinner for her. (Be entertained when he boasts that he inherits Hui Ai's culinary skills to cook kimchi rice for her. Strange that Run Zhen knows nothing about cooking, though. )

He coaxes her to take a bite and feeds her with a spoon. She doesn't feel good about it – why must such an outstanding man stay here? She regrets making the call. He demands her to look into his eyes when touching her shoulders. Does she really want him to do that? She can't answer him so he doesn't want her to say that again.

Ju Hua is very amused when Run Hou turns up at her home, wanting to use the washing machine he gets for her. He blames her for putting it at the side of the attic but still helps himself to it. He wants to save more money for his future company now instead of sending his clothes to the cleaners.

Ju Hua decides to resign when rumours of her cohabiting with Run Hou flies in the company. She pretends to work but is doing her own job search. She gets a temporary milk delivery job and learns that Run Hou is angry with her for keeping it from him. He gets her a pot of chrysanthemums when his anger is appeased.

She tells him not to worry about it but he doesn't wish her to work as he wants to be in charge of her life. She feels shy over his reply and can't master her courage to invite Run Hou to go to Fu Nan's wedding together. But Yu Qing also invites him to go along. Both meet at the entrance and she doesn't know what to say to explain why she lies earlier. Fu Nan wants Run Hou to take good care of Ju Hua.

After their meeting with the Hongs, they confirm their relationship. Run Hou hopes she will not call him director but addresses by name but she can't bring herself to do it. She still prefers to cal him loach! Ju Hua accepts a car washing job and keeps it from Run Hou as she doesn't have enough money to send home.

Run Hou buys a big box of instant noodles for Ju Hua. Ju Hua confronts him for lying about his work getting on smoothly. He promises to do well and make his parents accept them. How can he be pitiful with her beside him? He plants a kiss on her lips. She is touched and doesn't regret coming to Korea to meet him. He laughs and states that he should have kissed her earlier to make her smarter!

Run Hou is unhappy that she doesn't share her problems with him. He feels she does not think well enough of him. She manages to appease him with an attached apology note to a milk bottle. Seeing Run Hou lacking money, she promises Dong Guo she will break up with Run Hou so he can pursue his career.( She doesn't look pitiful but looks like she is going to wallop the old man any minute with her defiant look.)

She becomes indifferent when Run Hou shares food that Run Zhi gets for them. After accepting money from Hui Ai, she buys clothes and high-heeled shoes. She refuses to eat the instant noodles that Run Hou prepares for her, citing that she is sick of the food. How long must she lead this kind of life? She starts to wear beautiful clothes to work. (Stupid act – can Run Hou believe so easily that she has changed so fast?)

Run Hou is happy when Century Star calls him and cooperates with him to market the new product. He shares the news with her by giving her his first namecard but she shows lack of enthusiasm. Ju Hua lies that she prefers a rich him and doesn't like him to be poor. Since Hui Ai has given her money to send back home, she has to break up with him in exchange. She breaks down after he leaves.

She refuses to return the money to Hui Ai even though he persuades her. She lies that she has already sent the money home. She gets drunk and blurts out her true feelings. Run Hou borrows money from his friend. He drags Ju Hua home and returns the money to his parents. Hui Ai scolds Ju Hua for just putting up an act. Ju Hua blames Run Hou but he blames her for complicating matters by accepting the money.

She gets guilty that he is in debt because of her and Dong Guo also gets ill because of this. She decides to leave for good. She returns the money to Hui Ai as it doesn't help her to achieve her aim. Dong Guo doesn't want Hui Ai to scold Ju Hua as it isn't her fault. Ju Hua dresses herself up, wanting to celebrate his birthday in advance and Run Hou wishes to win her whole heart on his actual birthday.

He even gives her his apartment key so that she can wait for him inside to prevent catching a cold when he isn't home yet. Run Hou takes her to the beach. Afraid that she will catch a cold, he covers her with his suit jacket. He also lights up fireworks for her. To mask her misery, she lies that she misses her family. He brushes away her tears – when is she going to grow up and why does she have so many tears?

She is grateful to him for the beautiful memories. Run Hou only realises that she has moved out the next day. She leaves a letter to him, urging him to reconcile with Dong Guo. She returns to her previous job of in the sauna house and stays there. Even though Chen Xin has straightened her thoughts to let her to be with Run Hou, she still hesitates destroying his career.

To earn more money, she learns eye brow trimming from a colleague but she is not aware that this is illegal. Once again, she gets caught by the police for being framed. Run Hou comes to bail her out after seeing her on television. She still refuses to return to him, citing that his family is too tough to deal with. Run Hou gets tired and walks away – he will not watch her to get bullied but she has no trust in him.

He comes to the massage parlour as a customer. She is dumbfounded – how can he spend a day here, loafing on the job? He can't help grinning at her. The next day, another man comes and demands like him to want boiled eggs. She thinks that he is Run Hou and throws a towel at him. She is alarmed that he isn't him and keeps apologising.

When getting Run Hou's call that he is in hospital, she thinks that he is out to trick her again. But realising that it is the truth from Yu Qing, she rushes there. After his discharge, she always gets tricked by him to rush to his home. Run Hou gets her to iron his clothes and she also prepares breakfast for him. He starts to feel that she is like his wife now.

Remembering that Run Hou's birthday is on a few days' ago, Hui Ai brings seaweed soup to him. She is diguested to find Ju Hua at his home. Hasn't she agreed to leave him? Ju Hua kneels to her – she has tried but fails. Run Hou is touched that she finally reveals her feelings now.

Run Hou is overjoyed that Dong Guo approves his new project after he shows to him. He shares the good news with Ju Hua. Ju Hua is happy for him but regrets that she can't help him much in his work as she is ignorant. He asks her if she wishes to continue her studies. She will be doing that if she saves up more money. To build up her self-esteem, he gets her to translate articles for him.

He even brings her to the goods promotion site as his interpreter. She does her homework and the response is good. Dong Guo recognises her efforts and rehires her as Run Hou returns to his original position. She is displeased when Run Hou concentrates so much in his work that he doesn't even look at her when she brings him coffee. (She has given him the cold shoulder for too long so this is his sweet revenge.)

Knowing that she needs to brace herself up, Run Hou arranges her to attend a tuition class so that she can get into the university. He also gets her to read newspapers everyday – if not, she can't work well as his secretary. Hui Ai has not given up wanting to introduce other prospective matches to Run Hou.

She brushes Ju Hua's model pupil award and tuition student pass aside. Ju Hua has tried in wain to show her that she is working hard now to make Run Hou's parents accept her. She will never accept her even though she reincarnates 12 times. Run Hou nearly bursts out laughing to see Ju Hua hiding after putting flowers on Dong Guo's desk. She has tried to get into the good books of his mother earlier and now his father. Hui Ai is down over Dong Guo's 'affair' so she supports her.

She accompanies her to see Ms Li and prevents both from quarrelling. She also keeps on giving Hui Ai calls for support and lies that Hui Ai looks younger than her. She even claims to be her future daughter-in-law. (I frown at this – it seems that she is sucking up to her.)

Ju Hua feels pressurized when Xiu Jing returns one day. Run Hou isn't around as he is out to observe the exhibition hall. She gets distracted to break a cup at work. Afraid that she might get hurt, Run Hou picks up the broken pieces for her. He jokes that she must give him instant noodles treat since she is so touched. Seeing her hesitant face, he thinks that she takes it seriously. He makes it his treat.

She also avoids him from giving her spelling to rush to her tuition classes after work. After knowing that both women have met from Chen Xin, Run Hou assures Ju Hua that all other women look the same in his eyes except her. His feelings for her are the same before and after this. She looks into his face with concern and he tells her that he is really okay. Seeing that her home is still cold as she has not turned on the heater, he brings her to his apartment to keep her warm.

She yells – how can he waste so much money to turn it on the whole day? He argues that this is safer than getting sick again. He is pleased that she is acting like his wife now. While giving her tuition, Xiu Jing calls but he chooses not to answer it. He touches Ju Hua's hand – he feels that he owes her too much. Guess what her reply is – why is he always so mushy? He sighs – this girl is hardly a romantic at all.

Xiu Jing's arrival shakens her confidence again. More so upon learning about her claim of her son, Yu Zhou to be Run Hou's son too. She decides to ask Xiu Jing about it. But….she is stupid to stand in the cold for 1 hour outside the hotel when Xiu Jing isn't back. She bursts into tears when seeing Hui Ai who comes for the same reason. Hui Ai pities her for the first time to tell her to be strong at this moment.

Hui Ai even treats her to a meal and softens when she relates that she is as nice as her late mother to her. Seeing that Run Hou has affinity with Yu Zhou, she gets the wrong idea that both are truly father and son. She cries over it the whole night – wasting her tears over nothing but is adamant to leave him back for China so that his whole 'family' will be reunited. She doesn't give him a chance to explain himself.

Can you believe that she just throws down the resignation letter to leave! Upon knowing that she makes a blunder, she apologises repeatedly to Run Hou. (This is really folly on her part.) Run Hou is hurt that she has so little trust in him and she gives him up so easily. She confesses that it isn't so but she knows very well how hard it is to grow up without a father.

Run Zhen returns to her mother's home as she is too angry with Ju Hua getting too much attention from Yu Jin. She commands her to come over and Ju Hua realises that shooting of Hui Ai hasn't ended. Can you believe that she is so tactless when asked to be part of the shoot? She relates that she has done cleaning, sauna house and also secretarial jobs before. She even asks Run Hou if they meet for the first time when she sells medicine eggs by the roadside!

When this whole clip is shown on television, Hui Ai has to agree to their marriage reluctantly. Like what Run Zhi says, Hui Ai has Run Zhen to hate for this incident but Run Hou and Ju Hua have to thank her for this. She tries hard to gain Hui Ai's approval but she disallows them to move in with her after marriage. When Hui Ai arranges an interview to lie that her great-grandfather holds a high post, she tells the reporters that he was actually a street hawker selling mutton to disgrace her.

Ju Hua doesn't understand why she should tell lies. It is her last day of work as she intends to learn housework from Hui Ai and still study at night to get into university. The Hongs request her to stay over at their place before her wedding day. Yu Qing's parents will be her guardians to marry her off. Wen Jiu practices how to lead her to the wedding altar. The whole family congratulates her by getting her a pair of golden mandarin ducks. She is so touched that she bursts into tears.

The women folks look forward to see what betronal gifts Hui Ai prepares for her when Run Hou brings over. They are astonished to see only a gold ring and gold watch inside. Even Run Zhen feels embarrassed. But Ju Hua doesn't mind. Ju Hua is absent-minded to leave her ring at the ladies so Run Hou and her rush back to the wedding venue to get it. Imagine a woman's shock to find Run Hou in the ladies with her!

She is too shy to wear the sexy nightie that Run Zhen gets for her so she wears her high school track suit instead! Run Hou feels gross – does she know that it is their wedding night? He gets close to her and throws her on the bed. He leans to kiss her forehead. She cooks simple food for the family after the honeymoon. Although Hui Ai grumbles that it is hardly considered as cuisine, the others like it.

Hui Ai deliberately gets Ju Hua to do a lot of housework. Expecting her to fumble, she actually sings when cleaning the bedsheets. Ju Hua finds it hard to balance her studies with the flower arrangement and yoga classes that Hui Ai arranges for her. Hui Ai finally lets her concentrate on her studies as she helps her out in many areas. She is overjoyed to get into university and her baby is due two months' time.

This character is small-sized and skinny like Yang Shun in 'A bright Girl's success'but she is hardly adorable. I find her a nutcase and not innocent as claimed. She is also very detestable and stubborn. She often evasdrops Run Hou's conversations with others – by walking into his office with excuses to bring tea in. She has the very defiant look in her eyes.

She looks awful whenever she makes an ugly face or is rude to lash out at others. For goodness sake, why must she coil up her hair to look so old although she is only 19 years old? She keeps saying that she has been trhough harder times but most likely she screws things up. Because she regards others' opinion about her, she gives up on Yu Qing although she likes him. She also nearly gives Run Hou away too as she isn't willing enough to brave through all odds with him.

Hye-sun isn't the reputed good actress I have in mind. I find her acting fake and inconsistent. The way she tries to act cute doesn't go well with me. I simply detest her rebellious look and the terrible way she cries. Moreover, she also looks sneaky too. How can she be popular with her half-baked acting?

2. Hong Yu Qing - Lee Min-woo
Yu Qing is warm, passionate and forgiving. He treats everybody with respect. Yu Qing joins a telecom company where his classmate Run Hou works as an executive director, and works diligently in the company's planning department.

He is the first in class from primary to high school to obtain a scholarship to study in the famous Seoul University. He is among the top 5 in the recruitment into UT. That doesn't only make his family proud of him but also makes Dong Guo admire his capabilities.

He is more interested in making suits like his uncle and grandfather. He even thinks of being a tailor right after his high school education. However, he stops this idea due to his mother's opposition. This well-mannered 29-year-old guy always takes good care of his uncle's fiancee. I am so amused whenever she calls him 'nephew'. Despite her repeated nonsensical actions, he tolerates her and even finds her lodging when he fails to persuade his father to let Ju Hua stay with them.

When he settles her to stay in a hotel, he still feels insecure and keeps calling her to make sure that she is in the hotel room! See how concerned he is to Ju Hua to talk to her in a soft tone – Chen Xin jokes that he is talking to his girlfriend. It is obvious that he has fallen for her but he doesn't realise it. He even accompanies her to the hospital to remove her neck brace and also brings her to a restaurant that serves her hometown food. How considerate and nice he is!

When she stays in his home, she calls him 'big brother' now as Mr Hong is treating her as his granddaughter. Being afraid that she will cause another commotion again, he waits for her at the foyer before accompanying her to make a permanent resident pass which helps her to find a job.

He is unprepared when seeing Ju Hua's over elaborative sexy dressing for her first day at work. Knowing she has problems walking in her high heels, he waits patiently for her when going up the stairs. Even if Chen Xin assures him Ju Hua is learning fast to be Run Hou's secretary, he can't rest his mind and has to make sure that everything is okay. This gives Run Zhen the opportunity to seize his handphone when he leaves it at his work desk.

It is Ju Hua's second day of work but Yu Qing fails to find her in the office after work. He gets worried when seeing that she isn't home as he gets back. Upon calling her to know that Run Hou brings her out, he finds it strange. Run Hou has never shown such concern to a secretary before. Still, he is thankful to him for taking care of her.

Destiny brings him to Run Hou's sassy younger sister Run Zhen through a car accident, and the two begin their topsy-turvy relationship. She cuts his tie as she is mad with him! She hits his car from the back after he parks his car but insists that it is his fault. This mild-mannered man finally shows his temper for once – he doesn't give in to her and even demands her to pay for his damages as he will not pay hers!

He has a headache when she presses him to teach her how to drive. How should he fix this wilful woman? He takes it as a joke and doesn't turn up. He leaves his handphone in his car and doesn't receive her 11 messages. He only listens to them the next day and frowns – this sassy girl has a fiery temper to scold him!

Yu Qing has to teach Run Zhen driving reluctantly but he gives her a handkerchief to cover her over-short skirt. He is so fed up with her for answering phone calls when driving that he throws her handphone to the rear. This woman argues with him and nearly knocks someone down. Seeing her shivering, he quickly gets her pills and a drink. She is touched by his kind gesture.

Yu Qing is very sweet to Ju Hua. He teaches her patiently on how to take the MTR and brings her shopping around Seoul, buying things for her. Seeing Ju Hua saving money to bring her own lunch, he keeps her company and gets her a drink. Run Zhen turns up unexpectedly for the second lesson after office hours. This time she is decently dressed in jeans and non-high heel shoes without her handphone. Yu Qing sighs in desperation as Ju Hua smiles mysteriously to herself, mistakening them to be a couple.

Run Hou expects Ju Hua to bring his dirty shirt to the cleaners but she washes it at home. Yu Qing is unhappy that she is doing the secretary's job even at home. He doesn't know why he gets so unhappy over it. He apologises to her the next day and brings her to watch a movie. When Ju Hua replies that she understands as she should be washing his uncle's shirt instead, Yu Qing suddenly feels strange.

Ju Hua prepares lunch for Yu Qing to show her gratitude. He is touched to see a star made by green peas on his rice. Run Zhen comes at this instance, uninformed again. Yu Qing is sore and insists of completing the meal with Ju Hua to ignore her totally! Upon knowing Ju Hua loses the important office document, he rushes to the MTR station to fetch her. She cries helplessly in his arms so he helps her to ask around but they can't retrieve it. Ju Hua gets drunk over it and he has to carry her home. He even wakes up at midnight to make sure that she sleeps well.

Upon seeing Ju Hua being chased out of the office building by security guards, it hurts him and he doesn't want her to beg Run Hou. This mild mannered man can be so mad at Run Hou that he ignores him at work! Still, he knows that Run Hou has his own reasons for firing Ju Hua.

But we know that the obstinate Ju Hua will never listen to him! She even lies to him that she is returning home but she not only stays at the car park and also turns up outside Run Hou's home to pester him! This irresponsible woman doesn't even call home to make him worry and wait for her at the doorstep. When she returns home late, he promises to help her to look for a new job.

Upon knowing that Ju Hua is going to work as a cleaner at his company and he can't dissuade her, he approaches Chen Xin for better choices. After seeing Ju Hua attaching salonpas on her wrist as she works for too long, he feels a prick on this heart and applies for her. Yu Qing flares up at Yu Shu upon seeing Ju Hua washing the dishes. Is she treating Ju Hua as a servant? Yu Shu starts to feel that she is not treating her like his sister as she has not bought anything for her.

Yu Qing loses his temper and demands Run Hou to apologise to Ju Hua over his remarks that she should work as a dance hostess to earn more money immediately. Run Hou also detects that he treats Ju Hua differently although he claims her to be part of his family. Ju Hua is adamant not to resign as she has done nothing wrong this time. He sighs and has to give in to her. He wonders if he really likes her as others say.

Upon knowing that Ju Hua is hospitalized, he rushes there. Upon seeing her unconscious, he touches her hand tenderly and is even prepared to stay beside her the whole night. When Ju Hua insists of leaving, he is firm for once to refuse to let her discharge. See how unfair he is to Yu Jin – he asks her where Ju Hua is upon seeing her back alone and doesn't ask her if she is tired the whole night.

Yu Qing is unhappy that Ju Hua blames herself for forgetting his late uncle's 100th day anniversary. He wants her to forget him but Ju Hua claims that her feelings are hers so it is up to her to decide. Seeing that she works overtime, he drives to fetch her home. Seeing her fast asleep in the car on the way back, he doesn't bear to wake her up and sleeps on the car too. Of course, he is unhappy later to know that she stays overtime just to help Run Hou to find the necklace that he has thrown away.

Run Hou asks why Yu Qing's family is so eager to marry Ju Hua off. He tells Yu Qing the whole incident. Yu Qing becomes enraged and scolds Ju Hua for not informing him. Has she treated him as Big Brother as she claims to be? He simply ignores her after work and quarrels with Yu Jin over it.

He realises that he really loves Ju Hua and wants to reveal his feelings to her but she stops him. He feels very miserable when his parents do not support him too. Yu Qing rushes to the pharmacy to get Ju Hua anaemic medicine upon knowing that she has fainted under the sun earlier. He even wants to bring her to hospital. She is firm of not going as she doesn't want to waste money and is also afraid of injections.

He brings her to a shop to eat oysters and keeps it from his family. His plan backfires as he uses his father's credit card to pay the bill. Yu Jin is firm they should not be close. He feels worse when Ju Hua's suitor comes to visit her. Run Zhen calls him when she gets drunk to know Zai Xu is leaving for U.S. with his ex.

Zai Xu tells him smugly that he hasn't touched Run Zhen but he will not know if Run Zhen is that innocent before marrying him. Run Zhen can't suppress his anger and hits him but he also gets hit on the mouth. Run Zhen is grateful and loves him from then on. Ju Hua is appalled to see his injury and tries to nurse it. Yu Jin gets the wrong idea that he gets injured because of Ju Hua and tells Ju Hua to move out.

Yu Qing can't take it anymore and yells that he should the one to leave if Ju Hua can't stay anymore. His parents are unhappy over his change. He becomes apologetic towards Ju Hua but she keeps a distance from him. Trouble brews for him when Run Zhen works as Run Hou's secretary. He is appalled when she gets him to have his tea break with her. See how haste he is – after a big bite on the cake, he runs out! He reminds Ju Hua to take her anaemic medicine and Run Zhen gets jealous. He gets fed up when she reminds him that he should watch himself to avoid being too close to his late uncle's fiancée.

She holds him responsible for her failed marriage since he doesn't elope with her earlier on and declares to him that she likes him. He tries to contact Ju Hua when she moves out but she doesn't listen to his calls. He is in a bad mood so he doesn't talk to Run Zhen. He wants to visit Ju Hua's new home but she declines, saying that her colleague is staying with her. Yu Qing is also unhappy with Run Zhen scolding Ju Hua for hurting Hui Ai unintentionally and both get into an argument.

Yu Qing is very upset with Ju Hua who always avoids him to prevent hurting others. He is concerned when she moves out alone at midnight. He visits her the next day after shopping necessities for her. Ju Hua tells him not to visit her anymore at her new home to prevent gossip. So upset that he gets drunk and Run Zhen kisses his cheek! Run Zhen masters her courage to invite him for a movie. He is unprepared to accept Run Zhen and even bares his feelings on their first date to disappoint her.

Run Zhen is unable to date Yu Qing as he ignores her calls. So she requests Ju Hua to call him on her behalf. Delighted to get her call, he comes to the lobby patiently after work. He is fed up to see Run Zhen there and Ju Hua is the one who try to pair them together. Is this what she wants? He pulls Run Zhen away and gets drunk instead.

Ju Hua's cold responses hurt him and he is at his wits' end when she suddenly calls him nephew. His late uncle is important to her and there is no way she can date her ex-fiance's nephew. Neither does she want to lose his family members. Yu Qing knows that Ju Hua is in need of money so he buys rice for her. She isn't at home so he cooks a meal for her. Wen Jiu happens to come over and is displeased. He reminds Yu Qing that he can't let his late uncle down. Yu Qing is in tears but he can't suppress his affections for her.

Yu Qing learns that Ju Hua intends to look for a new job. He looks for her at her home for the last time. He promises not to come again and will look after her as an elder brother so she needs not avoid him. Seeing him shedding tears because of her, Ju Hua agrees but makes him promise not to shed tears for her again.

Yu Qing takes leave so that he can adjust his feelings. He makes this decision as he is determined to forget Ju Hua. He scolds Run Zhen who also wants to take leave to be with him as she only works for a few days. She faints at his home while plucking chillis and he sends her to hospital. He is appalled when she keeps calling his mother 'mother'.

Run Zhen has to stay at home to take care of a sick Hui Ai who is angry with Run Hou for refusing to marry Chen Xin. Yu Qing is worried to know that this has to do with Ju Hua. He is doubtful of Run Hou's feelings for Ju Hua although he has explained to him. How can he fall in love with Ju Hua within months? Doesn't Shui Jing leave him a deep wound for 5 years? Run Hou doesn't expect him to understand but he also doesn't hope that he will wrong him. It is not a moment of impulse.

After knowing that Ju Hua and Run Zhen fight with each other, he quickly comes to her with medicine. He gives a helpless smile upon seeing that Run Hou has already applied a plaster on her neck. She regrets being reckless to fight with Run Zhen. He advises her not to bottom up her feelings so it is common to make an outburst like this.

Ju Hua doesn't want him to worry but she can't answer if she loves Run Hou. Ju Hua is glad that he has adjusted his feelings. Yu Qing is unused to see Yun Zhen so cold to him when he is back at work. She has decided to give him up. To appease her, he wears the shirt she buys for him to work but she still ignores him. To make him jealous, she even agrees to go for a matchmaking session.

Ju Hua cries when Hui Ai humiliates her with money. Yu Qing hurries over upon hearing her sobs over the phone. She refuses to tell him what actually happens but lies that she misses her dead parents and hometown. Yu Qing wants her to tell him whatever happens. Knowing that she is down, he gets Yu Shu to shop with Ju Hua to make her happy.

Upon knowing that she is upset because Run Hou is leaving Korea, he reprimands him for causing Ju Hua to waver and being irresponsible. Seeing that Ju Hua is the one feeling inferior and fearing not good enough for Run Hou, he helps them. He can't sleep upon knowing that both decide to part. But when learning that Run Hou is staying, he tries hard to prevent Run Zhen from hurting Ju Hua.

She pours her woes to Yu Qing. Yu Wing wants her to understand Run Hou. Run Hou isn't a rash person to make impulsive decisions. He will never doing anything to disappoint her. Run Zhen can't stand Ju Hua treating as if nothing has happened to continue working so she complains to Yu Qing.

Yu Qing wants her to respect Run Hou's choice. He wants her to be a magnaminous person. Run Hou contacts Yu Qing so he visits him. Yu Qing has doubted him in the past and now believes him. When seeing how Hui Ai makes a fuss at his home, he gathers that Ju Hua and Run Hou are having a hard time now. Yu Qing takes to heart upon seeing Zhen Xiu dating Run Zhen.

Run Zhen deliberately thanks Yu Qing for praising her in front of Zhen Xiu. So she will be marrying Zhen Xiu soon. Yu Qing gets worried but he has nothing to say when she claims to have flaws and she should be thankful that Zhen Xiu accepts her. She accidentally sprains her ankle and Yu Qing nearly wants to carry her to hospital. She reminds him not to treat her too well if he doesn't wish to marry her.

Yu Qing prevents Run Zhen from going to Zhen Xiu's home and agrees to date her formally. She is overjoyed over his decision. But he soon regrets his decision as she wants to call the shots. He has to appease his family before he can marry Run Zhen. He bandages Hui Ai's cut finger and assures her that he will treat Run Zhen well. Hui Ai finally rests her mind to let them get married.

Knowing Ju Hua well, he refuses to believe that she accepts Hui Ai's money and quarrels with Run Zhen. He finds it absurd that she admits it to him. Run Zhen is about to punish him for deserting her but kisses him instead. Yu Qing knows that Ju Hua has a stubborn streak in her so he consoles Run Hou that she will choose the right time to appear soon.

When Run Zhen helps out at his home for dinner, he gets concerned to hide outside the kitchen. Have fun to see him charging in when Yu Jin reprimands her! Run Zhen is also persistant like a child to try out all the bridal gowns at the bridal studio. This tires him out as she can't make up her mind.

Yu Qing gets angry with Ju Hua for not contacting him after she leaves Run Hou. She still hesitates returning to him after all has happened. She can't be selfish. Run Zhen lies to Yu Qing that Hui Ai is ill to go partying with her friends. He is enraged upon discovering her deed and has to carry a drunk her back home. Run Zhen tries to appease him by tickling him. He has no choice but to forgive her.

Their wedding is classic when Run Zhen drops the ring before putting on his finger. More so for their honeymoon as she wants him to carry her all the way from the hotel garden to the hotel room. He gets so tired after that so they end up having instant noodles in the room. The second day has her driving too fast to knock into a lorry and they have to make a report at the police station.

Yu Qing learns of Run Hou's hospitalization. He arrives to see Ju Hua feeding him. He can't help feeling amused that he behaves like a child now. Run Hou looks so much better so he teases him to tell him that Ju Hua is the best medicine. Ju Hua still wonders if she has made the right decision to return to Run Hou.

Yu Qing tells Ju Hua that the 'magic content' promotion is very important to Run Hou to establish his career. If it becomes a success, this will bring him and Dong Guo together again. But now he is stuck in hospital because he is lovesick. Thus Ju Hua should give him support instead of adding pressure to him. He is glad when they become a couple.

Hew is overjoyed when Run Zhen is pregnant. But her childish manners wear him out. Her spendthrift nature never changes even though she is 5 weeks pregnant to shop for necessities for their baby. She even wears the maternity clothes too! The most unbearable fact is she wants different food at midnight. In the end, he resorts to mix kimchi rice to make her satisfied.

Knowing that Hui Ai disapproves of Ju Hua, he informs her that Run Hou is initially Iceman whom the other managers find hard to work with. After knowing Ju Hua, he becomes a warm person and is helpful now. The feedback on him is good now. Hui Ai starts to change her mind.

Yu Qing is overjoyed to have twins soon. But seeing how Fu Nan has overworked, he decides to quit to become a tailor. It has been his dream all along. But Yu Jin opposes to it. He has been unhappy all these years as he isn't doing something that he likes. He is down when none support his decision. He is delighted when Run Zhen stands by him later.

Business becomes brisk as he designs a website for members to get a 3% discount. Even clients from Seoul come over to him and he produces mass uniforms for companies.

3. Piao Run Hou - Seo Ji-suk
The son of a telecom company's CEO and a Korean cuisine researcher, this 29-year-old man is Yu Qing's classmate but holds a high position in his father's company, which he will inherit someday. He inherits his mother's bad temper and is a perfectionist. He is proud and sharp, refusing to let others to get close to him.

He is distant to others but he is extremely nice to Yu Qing. Even though Run Hou is busy with projects, he turns up for Yu Qing's uncle's wake. He is also concerned when Yu Qing is right back after the funeral. He even suggests that he should take a day off to rest as others can take over the project.

Good-looking and well-educated, Run Hou however turned into a cold-hearted person after his failed first love with Xiu Jing. Despite this, he still keeps the necklace that he gets for her. He leads his life with pride and expectations. He reluctantly accepts his father's suggestion to date Chen Xin for a month. But he tells her beforehand – they will be back to friends if things don't work out.

His secretary has a hard time working for him due to his fastidious personality. He pinpoints at every single mistake that she makes – she cannot use a rag to clean his table, not making sure that his clothes are clean, using the wrong coffee brand, etc. He also dislikes her pushing the mistake to him when she is not preparing his documents. Still, he bears with her for 2 months. The past eleven are fired by him.

He doesn't know details in daily life – he plans a schedule in dating Chen Xin! He doesn't believe in love and doesn't think love exists. He is reputed to be Iceman and no one dares to sit with him during meals, except Yu Qing and Chen Xin. His shoving of Ju Hua at the foyer brings negative remarks over the net.

He also fires his secretary when she speaks ill of him behind his back. The poor woman drops her handphone and breaks her cup to pieces upon seeing him knocking on the door! But Ju Hua gradually thaws his frozen heart.

He first meets Ju Hua at Yu Qing's uncle's wake. She wears his shoes to sneak out to lie to her family that she is fine. Pissed off by his behaviour, she calls him a loach in her country's dialect. That sets him dying to know what it means. Their second encounter is by the roadside when she tries to sell herbal eggs to him. He is taken aback to find her still in Korea but still offers a lift in his car to the MTR station. He forgets to bring his wallet so he gets her to pay for filling up his car's oil tank.

To his dismay, she demands his expensive watch as a deposit. He gives it to her but she breaks it and also injures her neck accidentally. Strangely, he listens to Ju Hua to keep her staying in Korea from Yu Qing. Ju Hua is late in the meeting to return the watch so Run Hou deems her as dishonest. He even dissuades Yu Qing from looking for her as she is so dishonest and is a money-digger.

When he sees Ju Hua at the police station when he bails Run Zhen for fighting in the discotheque, his impression of her sinks rock bottom and refuses to help her. Yu Qing returns the watch to Run Hou when Ju Hua sends it to his home. Run Hou hurries to bring her out of the police station with Yu Qing. He softens for a while after knowing that she injures her neck to miss their meeting.

He deems her a nuisance and she should have returned to China. He jumps upon knowing Ju Hua stays with Chen Xin. Do laugh when he asks if Ju Hua speaks ill of him! He has to brew his own coffee as there isn't a secretary to help him out. But he doesn't mind as this saves him heartaches from scolding others.

Chen Xin asks him to come to her home. He initially rejects her as he doesn't want to face Ju Hua. He only agrees upon knowing she isn't at home. He is appalled to see Ju Hua drunk by the roadside. Out of goodwill and on Yu Qing's account, he offers her a lift in his car. But she declines, shouting that he should not have disgraced her. He leaves without her and is puzzled with her sheepish look when she returns.

Seeing his car with scratches, he recalls a drunk Ju Hua and guesses correctly that it is her doing. He forces the truth out of her as she denies by showing her the CCTV tape. By making her sign a pledge to return the money to him, he is pleased with his act to teach her a lesson when reading the letter at home. It is fishy that he isn't angry but only derives pleasure in fixing her!

Run Hou is startled that Ju Hua is staying with the Hongs as long as she likes. He engages Ju Hua reluctantly as his secretary although she is inexperienced. Why? She doesn't gossip, spray perfume or apply nail polish. Moreover, she is hardworking and sensible as Chen Xin has claimed. Moreover, his Chinese client longs to see her again as he thinks that she is her secretary indeed. Chen Xin even reminds him that hiring her will project a better image for him.

He has expected her to reject the job but she takes it up. So he looks forward on how this self-claimed Fire Dragon High School Model Student is going to prove her worth. Will she be better than his previous secretaries who are graduates? He insists of deducting the car damages cost from her monthly pay.

However, he moans on her first day of work. Her appearance puts him off. She also commits the same mistake of his previous secretaries of cleaning his computer monitor with a rag. She even addresses his father's name as 'I am the chairman'. Luckily Dong Guo isn't offended but is amused instead.

Run Hou can't stand Ju Hua's dressing even she dresses in a business suit the next day. That is because she insists of tying a scarf and also wears socks to match her black buckle shoes! So he brings her to a boutique to get her women accessories. You will marvel at his fashion sense – he chooses nice blouses although the salesgirl selects the shoes and handbags for Ju Hua.

Ju Hua looks different after trying a dress and he gets attracted. He jokes that he will deduct from her pay and she nearly wants to return all the things. Ju Hua promises to return him the money in future. She wants to give him a treat – rice cakes from the roadside stall but we know this young master will not eat them!

Yu Qing finds it unbelievable that Run Hou can stand beside Ju Hua to go to such a place as he will never do it in the past! And true enough, Run Hou can't erase Ju Hua off his mind even at home over her makeover! Run Hou returns to office on Saturday after his golf lesson. He is startled to hear someone snoring and finds Ju Hua sleeping on his office sofa.

He calls Ju Hua a 'village girl' but we soon notice how his expression softens. Chen Xin urges him to show more concern to Ju Hua. She is without siblings and works alone overseas. This reminds Chen Xin of her past too. Strange as it seems, he gets jealous upon seeing Ju Hua smiling radiantly at Yu Qing when he comes to fetch her home. Ju Hua will only sulk when with him.

When Ju Hua accidentally gets cut on her finger by a broken cup, Run Hou becomes anxious and ties it with his handkerchief – how can this be okay when she bleeds profusely? And he even asks if her finger hurts before he leaves the office!

Run Hou storms away when his friends mention Xiu Jing's name. He is so upset that he returns to office to look at her necklace and sleeps there. His mother flares up at him for upsetting Chen Xin. Run Hou knows that it is becoming his habit. He suddenly feels a sense of panic when Chen Xin surrenders loving him. He offers to set a date for their engagement and to get married next year.

He is in a good mood to praise Ju Hua for brewing nice coffee for the first time. Seeing that his decision makes his family happy, he is about to hug Chen Xin in office when Ju Hua comes in at the wrong time to spoil this romantic moment!

No one will blame him for firing Ju Hua due to her losing the important office document. She creates too much trouble for him. No one is supposed to read it as it concerns their company's secret project. When it isn't recovered, he has to come up with a new proposal in case their rivals get hand of it.

Ju Hua has pushed her luck too far although she knows that Run Hou will never change his mind. She keeps pestering him and pleading for a chance. He flares up to get security guards to drive her away. He doesn't give in even though she kneels in front of him – this woman can do anything for the sake of money. He reminds her of the troubles she caused and it is ridiculous that she keeps asking him for chances.

She disgraced Yu Qing and her school. If she proves her worth, he will consider taking her back. Ju Hua ponders over and writes him a resignation letter the next day. He simply cracks up – it isn't a resignation letter but looks like an essay to him. Ju Hua is nervous and never expects to be her first time doing this. She is grateful to him for showing tolerance to her. But she agrees with others that he is bad tempered.

Still, she knows Run Hou is warm and amiable. He suddenly softens and wishes to talk to her for a while. He only sees the women accessories that he gets for her behind. He returns home and is annoyed when Run Zhen questions him about Ju Hua's relationship with Yu Qing. He looks at the contract that both have set.

Ju Hua returns, wanting to hand the missing file to Yu Qing. Run Hou thinks that she is here to beg him to take her back again. She crushes his pride when replying that she isn't here for him. He sulks upon seeing them chatting happily at the foyer. Still, he will not change his mind to allow her to return although the papers are still intact. But he can't stop himself from looking at her resignation letter again.

He tells Chen Xin that there is no need to engage another secretary for now and he prefers her brewing coffee for him. He jumps when seeing Ju Hua as she tries to hide from him after splashing water at him accidentally. Why doesn't Chen Xin inform him that she has re-engaged a person he just fired? Although Chen Xin tries to appease his anger as this helps Ju Hua to get a job, he doesn't like her to be around as bad things always happen when he sees her.

When seeing Yu Qing showing concern to Ju Hua at the foyer, he sulks and leaves with Chen Xin quickly. He is also unhappy with Chen Xin's comment that the two resemble a pair and could have been together if not for Yu Qing's uncle. Although Run Hou grumbles that he doesn't like to see Ju Hua at the starting of a day, he enjoys the coffee that she brews for him. Ju Hua mixes the wrong washing detergent to get poisoned. He discovers her fainting in the toilet and sends her to hospital.

The doctor informs him that she is suffering from malnutrition. Run Hou finds a letter to her uncle's family on her. She lies to them that she is well but lacks extra 50,000won to send to them. Yu Qing rushes here upon hearing the news and he keeps the letter in his suit jacket. Run Hou feels uncomfortable when seeing Yu Qing touching Ju Hua's hand. So distracted that he doesn't even notice that Hui Ai has given his grandmother's ring to Chen Xin when he reaches home.

He rereads the letter at home and is speechless when Ju Hua is back at work the next day. Doesn't the doctor tell her to rest for 2 more days in hospital? Ju Hua doesn't consider her a sick person so she bounces back to work. She thanks him and he grins – of course she must do this as he is her life saviour. He gets her to translate a document to Chinese and promises to pay her 50,000won if she completes the next day.

When chatting with Yu Qing, he doesn't know if she is stubborn or stupid to be so insistent to return to work. He completely forgets that he is supposed to select the engagement rings with Chen Xin in the evening. Chen Xin discloses the happy news to Yu Qing and Ju Hua that their engagement date is on next month. Run Hou isn't happy as supposed to when Ju Hua congratulates them.

His mind isn't around when choosing the engagement rings with Chen Xin. He is neutral to all her choices. When seeing how intimate other couples are, she deliberately gets Run Hou to put a necklace on her…but his reaction is still COLD when doing that. Run Hou decides to throw away Xiu Jing's necklace.

After he does that, he regrets his choice but is dismayed to find it missing from the dustbin as Ju Hua has cleared it. He loses his temper at her but she mumbles that she gets scolded for clearing late. Now she gets reprimanded for clearing too early. He is sure too ough to please. Run Hou is tongue-tied upon hearing that. But seeing him so miserable, she softens to stay back to find it among the rubbish dump.

She returns it to Run Hou and he mistakens that she keeps it all along to tease him. Upon knowing that she goes through so much trouble, he softens. Ju Hua advises him to treasure the person beside him. He has not removed the necklace from his heart so it is useless if he has discarded the necklace or made it stay with him. He ponders over it when reaching home.

Seeing that Ju Hua applies make-up and is well-dressed after work, he deduces correctly that she is going for matchmaking. It is so coincidental that he also meets his client at the same café. Ju Hua tries to avoid him in vain and he touches his temple in dismay when hearing her telling her suitor-to-be that she loves cleaning and also the nature of her job.

Seeing she is uncomfortable with the man, Run Hou is about to drive away but stops to sigh. This village girl is simply too worrying. He comes to her aid to lead her away by claiming to be her boyfriend. He wants a treat from her and brings her to a lavish restaurant. She gets worried she can't afford as she keeps seeing dishes coming up to want to cancel the order. He stops her as this is so disgraceful so he will pay for it.

Run Hou is totally speechless as she drinks grape wine like juice. Is this really how a model student can behave? He even stops her pouring wine for herself as it is believed that she will get 3 years of bad luck by doing so. He has pondered over her words on the necklace and finds her right. Strange as it is, he barks at Chen Xin when she mentions the same thing to him but is totally at ease with Ju Hua.

Both become drunk as they have unhappy love lives. He also mentions that he should not see Ju Hua as he is always not himself when in front of her. Chen Xin calls him and is alarmed to hear Ju Hua's voice. She is more than unhappy to know that both have drunk for 4 over hours. Ju Hua becomes awake and helps her to bring Run Hou outside. The drunk Run Hou still wants to have another round with her!

Hui Ai asks Run Hou what is wrong the next day as it has been years since she prepares wine detox soup for him. He replies he has a drink with his wine buddy. He can see Ju Hua is uncomfortable after their hangover as she hasn't drink detox soup before rushing to work. Be amused as he has a bottle prepared for her and gets her to drink it. Seeing how she sulks when drinking the sour mixture makes him grin.

Ju Hua is angry with him for disclosing her blind date affair to Yu Qing. He sees her glum face right in the morning. How can he achieve something great if he has a loose mouth? Run Hou protests as he has thought Yu Qing is aware of it. Ju Hua asks her aunt impulsively if she can return to China and forget her debts.

Run Hou overhears it and starts to sympathize with her. He demands her to give him a treat as he has treated her to a lavish meal earlier. She opposes weakly to lie that she has eaten but her stomach starts growling. Run Hou can't help grinning and brings her to the rice cake stall. She is startled – hasn't he said that he will never taste food from there? But after eating, he finds them tastier than he expects.

This man is still choosy. He has initially rejected to drink coffee from a vending machine but Ju Hua coaxes him to. He learns that her father died when she was three and her mother died 5 years ago. Being an orphan is like living a house without a roof. She feels helpless and lonely but this makes her to be strong. So Run Hou should treasure what he has now to forget his sad past.

He offers to send her home but she wants to catch the last train back. Run Hou reminds her to be careful as she nearly trips down the steps. He is startled to find out Run Zhen's failed marriage. Run Zhen asks him if it will be better Zai Xu goes through the dating with her before marriage. Run Hou replies that the hurt will be greater as he has gone through the feelings of getting betrayed.

Run Hou plans a computer class for non-clerical staff so that interested applicants will sign up since they work in an IT company. (That is actually an excuse for Ju Hua to go as he knows she is eager to learn.) Ju Hua is the first to go and he is pleased when peeping at her from the back of the classroom. He returns to office and looks at the necklace. He ponders over her words and locks it up in his drawer.

He is amused when she tells him that she is going to be the best OL in Korea. She promises to work hard for UT to repay its' kindness. When seeing the time is late on his watch, she runs off to buy the underwear for all her loved ones using her first month pay. (That is a tradition in Korea.) He can't stop showing his concern upon seeing her knocking into someone clumsily on her way but smiles upon seeing she is fine.

Ju Hua still remembers the car damage and comes to give Run Hou her first 30,000won compensation. Run Hou prefers a full lump sum after 10 months as this is so troublesome for him to keep track. (This is also another excuse as he is afraid that she will be in need of money anytime.) He is pleasantly surprised when she hands him a present.

It turns to anger when he opens it to discover a ladies' underwear in it. Is she treating him as pervert? Ju Hua gasps in horror – she has accidentally given his to Chen Xin instead and runs out. Unknown to her, Run Hou's furious face turns into a laughing expression the moment she steps out. He gets to know from Yu Qing that everyone from his family gets one too – he can't stop laughing – doesn't she have the sense of shame to give away men's personal items. Yu Qing also smiles – that is where her charm stays.

Run Hou and Yu Qing are back from a meeting to learn that Ju Hua has fainted under the sun earlier. Run Hou doesn't show his concern openly although he overhears the other workers chiding Ju Hua for neglecting her health by eating instant noodles and working 2 shifts daily. He can hardly contain his surprise to see her changing the ceiling lamp in the later part of the day. Why is she around when she is supposedly to be at home?!

Feeling worried, he gets her to translate a document and wants it 3 hours later. He gives an excuse he is going elsewhere for a meeting but takes a nap in the conference room. This is to prevent her from getting too tired. Chen Xin feels sour upon seeing Ju Hua sleeping in Run Hou's office. Run Hou's tone is still unfeeling to Ju Hua to want her to wipe off her saliva off her face. Chen Xin doesn't understand why Run Hou must get Ju Hua to help.

Run Hou reminds her she wants him to help Ju Hua since she is alone overseas. He wants to change his image now and she can help him. Chen Xin can't help feeling insecure to see how Ju Hua melts Run Hou. Seeing how depressed Run Zhen is, Run Hou quotes Ju Hua as an example (without revealing her name) to inspire her. She should brace up as she has parents and him beside her. Run Zhen detects Run Hou is friendlier and smiley now. When she asks who changes him, he grins but doesn't notice the change in him.

It is the first time that Ju Hua controls the floor cleaning machine. She doesn't know how to stop it and keeps spinning it around Run Hou. Unlike in the past of harping at her, Run Hou is understanding and only grumbles at her for giving him a fright early in the morning. Chen Xin doesn't like to see them so intimate.

The conference room lamp is faulty and Run Hou is speechless to see Jun Hua coming with the ladder. This is not a job for a petite woman so he takes over. His handphone which is in his shirt pocket rings so he wants Ju Hua to answer it. He is expecting Run Zhen's call. Ju Hua climbs up the ladder beside him but suddenly hesitates as she feels shy. Run Hou wonders why she doesn't do anything and looks down to meet into her shy eyes. (The first time she reaches for his suit jacket for it isn't this funny as she is drunk.)

Seeing her face blushing, he also feels his heart racing. He pretends to be normal and tells her to answer quickly. After doing, he is pleased with himself but Ju Hua finds it no big deal as anyone can do it! He asks if she wants to have dinner but she replies that she is enjoying her instant noodles. He yells – how can she be so cold after he helps her? She should at least ask him if he can join her. (We notice this director getting childish any minute now.) She then invites him to join her.

This is his first time coming to the workers' resting room although he often passes it. However, she is doubtful – will he eat as he is so fussy? He answers back – does she think that he is an alien?! He recalls how he and Shui Jing eat this for every meal when he studied overseas till it affects his health. Ju Hua then asks if Shui Jing is the necklace's owner. Run Hou doesn't know why he keeps spilling beans in front of Ju Hua. It seems that she is affecting him.

Ju Hua even tells him to cook the noodles and he shakes his head when seeing that she doesn't even have eggs to go along with it. Ju Hua does 2 shifts daily to earn more money and even requests him to deduct 1000 won from her debt for the meal. He breaks into laughter although he thanks her. He becomes uneasy when both walk out to meet Chen Xin. He doesn't reveal to Chen Xin that he has dinner with Ju Hua.

Ju Hua becomes restless the next day at work when Yu Jin suggests that she moves out. Run Hou notices that and wonders if she is ill. Her attitude becomes worse the next day when she doesn't even greet him properly in the lift. He isn't prepared when she retorts that both of them are not that close to greet each other intimately when met.

He still reprimands her as her poor working attitude is undesirable. Little does he know that she is really not feeling well. Run Hou works until 2am and is about to leave when he hears someone coughing in the workers' restroom. He is alarmed to see Ju Hua sleeping there and running a fever. Upon seeing her in tears when dreaming of her late mother in her sleep, he softens and stays with her.

She only wakes up for a while to ask for water to sleep again. Although Run Hou nearly has the urge to bring her to the hospital although her fever subsides, he decides against it as she sleeps soundly. He takes care of her till dawn. Ju Hua is puzzled to see his jacket suit on her when she opens her eyes. It doesn't seem to belong to Yu Qing so whose it is? (Sigh – can't she see the handkerchief in the shirt pocket – only Run Hou wears it.) She finds Run Hou's wallet in it and is alarmed to know that he is the owner.

Run Hou's family is puzzled that he returns home late and is even more clueless when he gets the family maid to prepare porridge. Hui Ai knows that he dislikes porridge and all are stunned to know that it is for a sick employee. Run Zhen wonders who melts Run Hou while Hui Ai knows that he has a warm heart.

Yu Jin confronts Ju Hua to question if she has been with Yu Qing the whole night outside home. Ju Hua is hurt for being wronged and Run Hou overhears it. He is infuriated with her for being a pushover. Isn't this enough that she gets scolded at work by her superiors and also at home by Yu Jin? She is also silly to send all her money home and not leading her own life. His fury escalates upon seeing Run Zhen painting her fingernails in his office. So mad that he dumps the thermos flask of porridge into his dustbin.

Ju Hua requests Chen Xin to return the jacket to Run Hou. Chen Xin is madder to discover that Run Hou even gets porridge for Ju Hua. Run Hou has wished to become a better boss but dumps it as he realises that he is overdoing it. Chen Xin wants him to be only warm to her but remains as the Iceman to others. That also includes Ju Hua as she doesn't wish to see his suit jacket with any other woman again.

Still, he can't control his temper to shoot at Run Zhen when she commands Ju Hua to mop the floor and wash the cups. How can she get others to do her job for her? Run Hou overhears Ju Hua intending to move out to the attic block at her colleague's block. He is sarcastic to say that she has more money now but is puzzled on why she keeps it from Yu Qing. He later sees her avoiding Yu Qing and realises why.

Sensing that she is very down, he brings her to Han River. He urges her to cry or she will get ill again. He passes her his handkerchief and walks out of the car. It pricks his heart to see her crying so bitterly. He drives her home and jokes that she can stop crying for the next 3 years as she has no more tears left. Ju Hua feels better and thanks him.

She still insists she dislikes him more than liking him. He claims that he can write in his diary that Ju Hua thanks and praises him for the first time. When he returns home to deny that he is with Chen Xin, Run Zhen nearly spills the beans. Run Hou gives her a glare so she only tells Hui Ai that someone is melting him.

Run Hou overhears from Ju Hua's colleague that Ju Hua is moving home after waxing the floor on a Saturday. He gives up on her in exasperation – how can she so moneyminded? Ju Hua moves her luggage to her workplace so that she can move into the new room after work. Seeing her with the heavy luggage, Run Hou helps her.

Upon seeing that her place has nothing – not even a table and giving off a strange odour, his heart sinks. He demands her to treat him to a meal. She has no right to chase him away abruptly as he helps her so much. She has nothing to offer him and tells him to buy instant noodles with eggs. Run Hou sighs – he must have owed her something in his previous life. But he still goes out.

Run Hou returns with the food and a watermelon. She has no fridge so she puts it in a basin of tap water. Ju Hua's colleague comes with a blanket. She is startled when he addresses Ju Hua as village girl to change the 'nickname' later. Ju Hua is glad to save money. Run Hou becomes awkward to stand aside.

Both have a hearty meal but the food is really hot and he is suffocating. He answers Chen Xin's call when his handphone rings. His mother has wanted him to be home for dinner and wonders why he still works on a weekend. Ju Hua tells him that he can leave if he is too busy. He protests as he has not finished his meal.

Seeing that the door lock is loose, he gets a locksmith to change the lock. He gives an excuse - she isn't attractive but a blind man will look for her. He then leaves reluctantly after reminding her to lock the door before she sleeps. He suddenly feels close to her.

He gets her a fan and a fridge. She refuses to accept them till he lies to her they come from the company funds so she needs to pay back after resignation. Run Hou can't help laughing himself on how easy it is to deceive this village girl. When Run Hou reaches home, he lies that he has been to the gym. Ju Hua promises to work hard to repay the company and Run Hou is delighted that she likes the computer lessons.

Ju Hua accidentally pushes Hui Ai down with her rubbish trolley at work. This causes her to stay in bed for a week as she hurts her sacrum. Hui Ai wants Run Hou to dismiss Ju Hua. Run Hou defends her as he knows that she is muddleheaded but not revengeful.

Ju Hua is sorry over it so Run Hou deliberately scares her that she needs to pay back the medical bills. Heaven must be helping her or Hui Ai could have suffered from a crack to rest in bed for a month. Do have a good laugh when he marvels at how many tricks she has to knock down a normal person with no reason! She visits Ming Ai to get scolded. Knowing that Ming Ai is hungry, she fixes mixed rice for her. Run Hou sends her home and cracks into laughter when she finds Min Ai cute. Min Ai has been thinking of ways to fix her but never expects to eat out of her hand! He discovers Yu Qing at her doorstep.

Yu Qing has gotten the address from her colleague. Both guys suddenly feel bothered by each other's presence. Yu Qing knows that Run Hou helps her upon seeing the necessities. He thanks Run Hou but Run Hou doesn't see the need as Ju Hua has nothing to do with his family now. Yu Qing is hurt by his words.

Run Hou spots Yu Jin looking for Ju Hua at his office. He stares at Ju Hua after making a formal greeting to Yu Jin. She is in tears when recalling Yu Jin's words. She gets Run Hou's phone call, asking her why he sees her crying again. She is astonished to see Run Hou by the staircase. Afraid that she will get hurt again, he comes to her new home with some cans of beer, cooking up an excuse wanting to celebrate her new moving. She is busy plucking the chillis so he has to help her in order to rest earlier.

Run Hou has no choice but to help her AGAIN! He keeps grumbling as his whole body is aching and his hands feel itchy but he still continues to help her. Laugh when Ju Hua wants to use her saliva to stop the itch and he jumps upon seeing her so unhygienic. He wonders how she works so hard and hopes that she takes care of herself. Both have a drink and he asks if she likes Yu Qing.

Ju Hua maintains that she only treats him as an elder brother. After saying this, he suddenly leans on her shoulder to sleep as he is drunk! Ju Hua makes him lie on the bench so that she can go inside to get him a blanket. He suddenly wakes up and doesn't see her. He thinks that she has left him out to neglect him so he shows his temper.

He leaves in fury before Ju Hua can explain. She feels his temper is really terrible. Chen Xin is unhappy to know that he has visited Ju Hua and confronts him. Run Hou explains that Ju Hua is staying alone although she is younger than Run Zhen so he pities her to help her. She asks when he has become so compassionate.

Run Zhen is displeased with her for intruding into his affairs as he is going to suffocate. Both have a heated argument. Some guests are going to visit Hui Ai but she can't handle them alone. She asks Run Zhen to return early but Run Zhen pushes Ju Hua to help to clean up the home. Run Hou reaches home to see this.

He becomes very worked up – is Ju Hua their servant? How can she get their company staff to be ordered to work at home? He also reprimands Ju Hua – she has cleaned the office the whole day and why is she here cleaning again? She explains that Min Ai is hurt due to her so she comes. He must not think that she likes cleaning so much. Run Hou is mad – she shouldn't have agreed to it.

When she is about to leave, Run Hou cooks up an excuse to date her to send her home but she rejects him since he is so fierce to her earlier. This fussy woman actually wants to get into his car but he drives away without waiting for her! Ju Hua only returns home after her part-time job. She finds Run Hou waiting for her. He lies that he is hungry now as his appointment is cancelled. She must not help at his home anymore to take good care of herself. She is an employee, not a maid.

Ju Hua is puzzled on why he is so concerned about her. He is stunned for a while but changes his statement, claiming that he doesn't wish to carry her to run around if she faints again. Doesn't she have any idea how heavy she is? Ju Hua is annoyed by him.

Ju Hua asks him if he likes her when he is eating her instant noodles. Why is he treating her so well now? He nearly coughs out all the noodles to gets shy. Hasn't she looked into the mirror? She is like a dinosaur which isn't pretty – how can he like her? She admits that she is worried to ask that question. Run Hou is puzzled why she has to worry – she should be thankful instead. Ju Hua tells him off for being too involved in his own world.

Run Hou rushes off, hastily to add that she ruins his appetite. Secretly, he sighs – how can she be so direct? He can't help pondering this question at home. Ju Hua meets Run Hou the next day. He ignores her to avoid embarrassment. But he feels miserable when it becomes her turn to ignore him. She hopes he can forget what she asks earlier. He sighs – what if he likes her? She still doesn't know it.

He gets into his car and drives away but his eyes are focused on the car mirror that shows her reflection. He is startled to get Hui Ai's call on bringing forward his wedding plans which he doesn't even know about it! He tries to talk to Chen Xin but she will not allow him any chance. He becomes troubled and drinks at the middle of the night. Run Zhi detects that his relationship with Chen Xin is awkward and gives him advice.

Upon seeing how Ju Hua trying to pair Yu Qing and Run Zhen up, Run Hou shakes his head. Isn't she busy enough cleaning up UT but yet she still plays the matchmaker role? She tells him off and is about to knock off when he asks her out for dinner. He doesn't wish to dine alone. Neither does he want to date Chen Xin who is on leave now.

All will surely crack up when he offers to waive 20,000 won from the damages. Ju Hua follows as he will be paying for the treat too! Run Hou is drunk and doesn't get to hear Ju Hua's answer on Yu Qing's issue then. So he asks again. She refuses to divulge a thing and he is annoyed as he has revealed most of his secrets to her.

She confesses loving Yu Qing but has to give up as she can't be too selfish. There are forbidden roads that she should not take or words that she should not say. His heart sinks upon thinking about it at home. Yu Qing still wants to talk to Ju Hua over the matter and pulls her hand. Run Hou wants him to let go since she is unwilling but Ju Hua tells him off as it has nothing to do with him.

This hurts him again to ignore her at work the next day. Yu Qing wishes Run Hou to explain his action. Ju Hua is adorable but she might have attracted Run Hou in some way. But he can't fall for her or toy with her. Yu Qing has never seen Run Hou so attentive to a woman before – not even to Xiu Jing or Chen Xin.

Run Hou doesn't see why he should explain. He just has the spur to do it during that moment. Run Hou harps that he is on no ground to criticise him as it is only wishful thinking on his part so he should give up. Run Hou's family notices that he isn't like any normal bridegroom to look forward to his wedding.

When he loses his temper at Run Zhen who urges him to change his present car so that she can drive it, Run Zhen refers Chen Xin to a gem while Ju Hua is a glass. So he shouldn't be like Yu Qing to get so intimate with her. Run Hou has one more month to his wedding date so Yu Qing hopes he is as firm as what he asserts to him earlier.

After sending Chen Xin home, he can't suppress his urge to go to Ju Hua's home again. She lies that she is sleeping when he calls her. When she steps out to hang the clothes that she has just hand-washed, she is startled to find him there. Seeing that she works so hard, he offers to get her a washing machine.

She doesn't want him to dig fun at her again since she knows the truth. He explains that he has never looked down on her. He sighs upon seeing her so retarded – doesn't she know his feelings? Still, he reminds her to lock her door before she sleeps. He keeps calling Ju Hua 'village girl' and she chides him for not showing her basic courtesy.

Chen Xin makes Run Hou miserable by telling him to discuss about their new room's renovation plans at home. He finds excuses not to return home early to be busy at work and wants to have dinner with Ju Hua instead. Have fun upon hearing him addressing her as Miss Ju Hua instead! She tells him not to bother her and he gets angry.

He later calls Ju Hua to ask what she is doing. She says that she is going to sleep. He retorts that she doesn't do anything else besides cleaning, eating and sleeping to be so carefree. She will be unable to understand people who are too troubled to sleep because of worries. Ju Hua is already so tired to live so she doesn't have time. She keeps flaring up at him and Run Hou touches his forehead in exasperation.

Run Hou can't turn down Hui Ai's command to go to try the wedding suits. His response is cold to upset Chen Xin. Even Hui Ai feels apologetic towards Chen Xin. He is forced to take a wedding photo with her. He explains to Dong Guo how he feels nonchalant towards marriage. Dong Guo attributes it to both knowing each other for too long. A couple should be like friends to make their connection ever lasting.

Chen Xin calls Run Hou deliberately to let him know how blissful she feels when looking at the photo. Run Hou ends abruptly by citing that he is busy. Run Hou is bad-tempered the next day. He demands Ju Hua to look directly into his eyes if she isn't angry with him. Just then, Chen Xin steps in. He is still distracted by Ju Hua who just steps out. Chen Xin is annoyed when he refuses to shop for furniture with her.

Still, he isn't deterred by Ju Hua's attitude and joining the cleaning staff for dinner after work. All are puzzled by his change – Iceman treating them to dinner?! He jumps upon knowing that she intends to look for another job. She harps that it has nothing to do with him but it retorts that it really concerns him. Chen Xin gets to see him grabbing Ju Hua's arm. He releases her arm to send Chen Xin home reluctantly.

Run Hou can't rest his mind at home. He asks her the reason angrily. Is it because the pay is too low? He asks how much is enough to her then. Ju Hua explains that she has her own principles although money is very important to her. Run Hou then realises that it is because of Yu Qing.

Run Hou wants to talk to Chen Xin over their problem but she keeps evading the issue. He can't bear it anymore and harps that the problem can't be resolved forcefully. Chen Xin insists that he has agreed to it and will only talk about it after marriage. This makes him feel helpless.

When Ju Hua is about to sleep, Run Hou turns up with a washing machine and lies that he gets it through a contest. She is infuriated that he treats her like a fool and wants him to take the other necessities back. Run Hou yells that he isn't joking with her. He becomes senseless after seeing her. Why is she moving him all the time? Ju Hua pretends not to understand him to ask him to leave.

Ju Hua starts avoiding Chen Xin and Run Hou doesn't take back the necessities as she requests. He has voiced the truth and she should handle it herself. He is troubled over his wedding and asks Run Zhi. Run Zhi advises him not to force himself because of their parents' expectations. Hui Ai even says it is very common for couples to behave like friends. But he knows in his heart that this isn't true.

Run Hou arrives at Ju Hua's place with a whole box of instant noodles. He claims that he gets them by buying fuel for his car. Ju Hua is forced to accept it when he wants to throw it away. She requests him not to come to her home again to prevent Chen Xin from misunderstanding. He gets worked up.

He also doesn't know why he keeps on coming. He wishes to know what she eats and does. Does she eat properly? He feels lost if he doesn't see her. He has the urge to protect and help her. He nearly goes mad over it. She should keep the things he gives her. Why must she always ask? Why must she force him to say this? Ju Hua is fluttered after this.

Chen Xin comes to his home but he announces that he can't marry her in front of his parents as he doesn't have confidence in it. Chen Xin leaves sadly so his parents are angry with him. Run Hou wants Ju Hua to make coffee for him as Run Zhen is at home taking care of Hui Ai. Although it's too sweet to his liking, he starts to miss it.

Ju Hua is grateful to Run Hou for taking care of her but doesn't want him to do that anymore since he is going to get married. He forbids her to say further as he is already vexed over it. When she walks out, she discovers that Chen Xin has overheard everything. She gets so scared to drop Run Hou's cup to speed off quickly. Run Hou hears the commotion to come out. Chen Xin demands to know how lowly she must become to get him back.

Run Zhen accidentally mentions to Run Hou about Hui Ai going to scold Ju Hua over this. He confronts Hui Ai – he is the one who likes her and Ju Hua is already struggling with her life. Why must she make her life more difficult for her? He is more adamant than ever not to marry Chen Xin now. He tries giving Ju Hua consolation. She should voice her grievances but she cites that there is no need to since she is alone.

He doesn't wish her to think this way as he is always beside her. He will not be a coward and wants to be a brave person now. Yu Qing warns him not to toy with Ju Hua. Run Hou retorts – Yu Qing's love is real while his is a joke? This is the first time Yu Qing hears the word love from Run Hou's lips. He asks if Run Hou really falls for her.

Run Hou answers that he feels empty when not seeing her. When he misses her, he gets worried for her. He grins when she smiles. He feels unbearable whenever she cries. He doesn't know if this is considered as love but he is genuine to her. Yu Qing scolds him for being irresponsible to Chen Xin. But Run Hou maintains that he is more so if she marries him. He is sick of his family for keep telling this to him.

Upon knowing both have met, Run Hou deduces that Yu Qing has nothing nice to tell her. Does he tell her not to see him? Has she agreed to it like a fool? Ju Hua finds him childish and doesn't reply to him. Run Hou is lost when Mdm Piao replaces Ju Hua to clean his office. Missing Ju Hua, he comes to the car park.

He wonders where she is, touching his chin. He follows her singing to see her trimming the grass happily. He can't help but smiles again. He asks if work is tough and she answers grumpily that she gets blisters on her feet due to him. He passes her some pastries – she suspects him getting them specially for her. Run Hou suddenly feels shy and claims that he isn't the sort who is so free. He finds them cheap at 1000 won.

Since she doesn't want, he will throw them into the dustbin. She quickly stops him and starts eating. He smiles and asks why she doesn't have the courtesy to offer him. She passes him a biscuit that she bits a portion! He stares at her and she discovers her mistake to make the switch. Of course, he is only joking with her and leaves her to eat on her own.

On the way to the bridal shop to take the wedding photos with Chen Xin, he recalls the past with Ju Hua and goes missing. Chen Xin is disappointed and all guess that he is with Ju Hua. He is actually waiting at Chen Xin's home. Since they give him no room, he makes this choice. She refuses to listen to him.

Hui Ai slaps Ju Hua over this incident and she runs away. Run Hou defies his mother to wait for her to return home. Upon seeing her, he knows how much she has suffered. Without saying anything, he hugs her close to his chest. She gets shy and wants him to give up. He admits that he loves her.

Although this is ridiculous and he finds it hard to prove it at first, he confirms it now. She is the one to make him laugh and forget his misery over his previous love loss. She makes him behave like a human being again. But she rejects him as she has her own dreams. She insists that her dream man isn't him. This breaks his heart. But yet at night, she recalls the hugging incident repeatedly.

After seeing that she fights with Run Zhen, he gets concerned. He brings her meat despite her refusals. She doesn't eat but keeps salivating as she sees him helping himself to the food after grilling it. He even brings along a bottle of wine.

She hopes that this is the last time he comes. (Of course, we know this is of no use as he still keeps on appearing.) He tells her seriously to ignore what others think but to consider her own life. He can understand why she questions his behaviour. He doesn't expect her to be with him. He hopes that she will wait for him patiently and not to escape from him. He will prove his feelings for her.

Run Hou is puzzled why he doesn't see Ju Hua at the carpark when he reaches the office. Ju Hua deliberately hides in a corner away from him. He calls her and is amused to find her there. She lies about sweeping the floor but she is holding the dustpan! Run Hou can't help laughing – she can look at him openly anytime she wishes instead of peeping at him. She protests weakly.

Chen Xin passes the 'wedding photo' that Ju Hua has taken with Yu Qing's uncle to Hui Ai. Run Hou has mixed feelings when seeing it. He suppresses his urge to tear it. He ignores Ju Hua at work – why does she still keep it after so long? He questions Yu Qing if both have gone through the wedding. Yu Qing explains that it is a composite photo.

Run Hou brings it to question Ju Hua – is she unable to forget Yu Qing's uncle? She snatches it back – how can she forget a person whom she nearly marries? Just like how he keeps Shui Jing's necklace, she keeps the photo to remind herself of the past. Run Hou returns to his office angrily.

The thought of her wearing the wedding gown with another man leaves him frustrated but he can't explain why. Why is he so worked up over a composite photo? (He hasn't thought how she feels when seeing him taking a wedding photo with Chen Xin too.)

He rehearses his apology lines outside her home and touches his forehead. This is so embarrassing. Ju Hua is enraged to see him again as he treats her home as a park and she is uninterested in him. Run Hou gets so mad that he kicks on her door. Remembering his purpose for coming, he apologises outside her door before leaving. This sets her confused.

Run Hou even comes with an apple drink (it means apology in Korean) for Ju Hua but she doesn't appreciate it. It takes him some time to think up of this cold joke and he thrusts it aside. Upon knowing his parents' intention to send him to Singapore to work for 3 years, he jumps. He wants to tell Ju Hua about it but she keeps cutting him out to enrage him further.

Run Hou tells Chen Xin that nothing will change even though she makes the arrangement. She admits that it is her doing as he is still unclear what is love and sympathy. It is best to separate him from Ju Hua for a while. She claims to know him more than anyone else. Run Hou can't sleep the whole night. He makes 6 calls to Ju Hua but she is already sleeping. You will laugh at the message he leaves for her.

Why is she sleeping early at 10 plus? But he is glad she keeps herself healthy and concentrating on work the next day. She can grow well like a tree. He has a faint smile on his face when offing his handphone. Ju Hua is amused that he treats her like a kid. Run Hou doesn't want to go to Singapore as he has private matters to look into. He can never be with Chen Xin. Dong Guo wants him to resign if he isn't going.

Ju Hua feels reluctant when knowing that Run Hou is leaving. Run Hou decides not to go if she asks him. She retorts that he isn't a child and should decide on his own. Run Hou can't help feeling disappointed by her answer. He gets drunk and comes to her place to demand for a frank answer. Ju Hua has no say because of her status so it is still up to him. Run Hou makes up his mind to go then.

Yu Qing reprimands Run Hou for causing Ju Hua to waver and being irresponsible. Run Hou isn't running away – he is only moving a step backward. Run Hou has tried his best to cancel his wedding but she is unmoved. He is very exhausted. If she wants to be with him and consider for him, he will not leave. But she doesn't want him at all so he can't only consider his own feelings. Run Hou feels that this is wishful thinking on his side and he is ditched by a village girl.

Run Hou isn't attracted when seeing Ju Hua in a new permed hairstyle as she expects. (Can you believe that this strange woman even looks at herself to tidy her hair into a mirror upon seeing a black car upon arrival but he isn't the owner to disappoint her instead.) Her indifference to his coming departure still makes him angry. How can this village girl be so cruel?

Run Hou gives his department a lunch treatment before he leaves. He evades answering when all ask if he is going to marry Chen Xin 2 years later. He shakes hands with all except Chen Xin. All start to miss him. He suppresses the urge to call her the night before he leaves. The call she gives him makes him decide to stay. His family is stunned by his return. Run Hou admits that he can't leave because of the woman he loves. Dong Guo gives him a day's grace to reconsider the matter. Run Hou is pleased that Ju Hua finally worries for him. Ju Hua feels that he is too childish but he only wants her to wait for him.

Run Zhi rushes home upon learning the news. Despite his other members' opposition, Run Hou hopes that she will support him. She should understand him through her own experience. He has made the worst preparation. Run Zhi has never thought that he will love someone who is so different from him and their gap is so wide.

Dong Guo demands Run Hou to hand everything back to him if he wants Ju Hua. Sure indeed, Run Hou returns the car keys and credit cards as requested. He packs his winter clothes and brings his savings with him. He rents an apartment which is near Ju Hua's home. All think that he is cohabiting with her and start to blame Ju Hua.

Run Hou is impatient when Ju Hua keeps persuading him to return him. He has given up everything for her bravely so she should be truthful to him now. How long must he keep on thinking that his love is one-sided? She lies that he should not sacrifice for her as she is nothing worthy to him. She is upset that he is leading this kind of life now.

Run Hou tells Hui Ai that he isn't cohabiting with Ju Hua as he needs their approval. He waits for Ju Hua at the bus-stop and wants to celebrate his house-warming party. She nags at him again so he goes to the supermarket to open a bottle of champagne. Hui Ai and Run Zhi come to visit Run Hou after Run Zhen manages to get the address.

Hui Ai scolds Ju Hua so she cries to leave. Run Hou knows what has happened when he is back. Run Zhen wants him to return home but he replies that he feels blissful now. When knowing that Hui Ai cries all the way back home, he calls Run Zhi and wants him not to worry for him. He knows that Ju Hua has suffered and brings the wine to her home.

Ju Hua knows that Run Hou has never experienced hardship all this while. She reminds him that it is fine now but he will know it as time goes. Run Hou replies that he wishes to set up his own company. He has all along wanting to get away from Dong Guo's protection to be independent. This is the life he wants so she needs to wait for him. When he is successful, he can then introduce her to his family.

Run Hou wants Ju Hua to come to his home quickly. She rushes there to realize that he wants her to iron his clothes for him. He decides to fix a meal for her. Chen Xin comes to mistaken that both are cohabiting. She wants Ju Hua to leave so that she can talk to Run Hou in private. Run Hou holds Ju Hua's hand – she should stay.

Ju Hua insists of leaving so that they can talk amiably. Run Hou has thought of staying with Ju Hua but doesn't want her to be looked down. He will not cohabit with her but will marry her. Chen Xin chides him for being selfish and believes that he will soon realize that his decision is wrong.

Run Hou doesn't want Ju Hua to feel remorseful. He will never marry Chen Xin even without her around. Even if they are married, they will not be happy. He will not feel at ease with Chen Xin as like to be with her. She finds it too mushy. Run Hou sighs – he can never expect more from her since she is so unromantic.

Be amused to see him hanging Ju Hua's clothes on the clothes line and he teases her for being childish as he discovers that her bra has pokka dots! He finally coaxes her to come to his home for dinner. Ju Hua wants Run Hou to call home daily to be a filial son. He must work hard to rekindle his parents' confidence. Run Hou agrees and doesn't wish her to be so naggy. She is behaving like his wife. She blushes.

Upon knowing that Ju Hua visits the Hongs, Run Hou waits for her at the bus-stop, skipping dinner. She grumbles about it and buys beancurd and beat sprouts at a provision shop. The owner asks if they are newly-wed as they look compatible. Ju Hua denies but Run Hou claims yes! She chides him for doing so. Run Hou can't stop feeling delighted. Is she afraid that she can't get married? She needs not worry about it as he will be the only one who will marry her.

Run Hou is amused when Ju Hua gives him pocket money for lunch. He prepares his proposal and meets up with his company's ex-partner. He is furious to know that Dong Guo forbids the company to work with him so he keeps from Ju Hua to lie that everything still goes on smoothly.

Ju Hua learns cycling from Run Hou in order to deliver milk. (I can't accept this arrangement as most Chinese depend on bicycles to work. How can she not know how to cycle?) She accidentally falls off the bicycle and he helps her up. There is a strange feeling rising in her heart as both have a wonderful time.

Ju Hua sends milk to him on her first day of work. Run Hou comes to reason with Dong Guo for ruining his chance. Dong Guo only wants him to return home. Run Hou learns that Ju Hua has resigned and is upset. But he is consoled when she finally accepts him.

Run Hou intends to bring Ju Hua to celebrate Mooncake Festival. He takes pains to bring her to the boutique to buy clothes. She doesn't wish to ruin the occasion so she returns the dress to change into food to ask him to bring home. She tells Run Hou to endure his parents' remarks. But Dong Guo chases him away. Hui Ai also invites Chen Xin home so Run Zhi tells her tactfully that Run Hou's love for Ju Hua is deep and if she follows Hui Ai, she will be the one to be hurt. Chen Xin leaves after knowing it.

Run Hou sees Ju Hua eating instant noodles alone at home and joins her. She learns of what has happened and feels remorseful for implicating him. His parents see them together and scold them. Run Hou still holds Ju Hua's hand firmly and doesn't wish them to humiliate her.

Ju Hua cries over it but Run Hou knows that she isn't in the wrong. There isn't any wrong liking another person. He believes that they will understand him one day. Run Hou is shattered after several failures to get a job. He becomes drunk and calls Dong Guo to tell him off. Ju Hua overhears Dong Guo vowing that he will come to a sorry end if he continues being with her.

Ju Hua helps him to pay his rent. She discovers that his passbook has little money left. So is his fridge. She feels remorseful to land him up in this plight. She falls asleep after taking care of him. He wakes up and carries her to put her on his bed. He is amused that she knows everything about him now like his wife. He helps her to deliver the milk.

Run Hou sells his watch so that he can pay Ju Hua for the rent. He gets Run Zhi to get more watches from home. Run Zhi is touched to see him so calm even though he runs into financial difficulties. After knowing that Ju Hua accepts money from Hui Ai, he confronts her – does their love worth so little in her eyes than money? She initiates a breakup as that is the exchange for the money.

Run Hou deduces that Ju Hua accepts the money in a fit of resentment. Ming Ai urges Chen Xin to start anew with Run Hou. She stays over to take care of the drunk Run Hou. The next morning, Ju Hua delivers clean clothes to his place and is disappointed to find her there. Run Hou is sure that Ju Hua is different from Shui Jing. He wants Chen Xin to consider giving him up for good.

Run Hou gets the planning manager job in Century Company. It has many good programmers who work well with him. Run Hou doesn't realize Ju Hua's intention to leave. He waits for her outside her apartment with fried chicken for dinner. He is puzzled that she isn't back or taking up her calls. He is shocked to learn that she has moved out and reads her letter to him at home. He turns panicky and can't find her anywhere.

Neither is she back in her hometown as Yu Qing calls her aunt to discover that. Where can she be? He becomes unwell and doesn't return to work. Run Hou learns of the truth from Chen Xin and leaves voice messages in Ju Hua's handphone. Why must she leave as she is not in the wrong? Riches and success don't mean anything to him without her.

Must she torture him? He demands her to meet him at Han River or he will never leave. She hides at a corner – he will catch a cold since he wears little. He sees her from afar and runs after her in vain. Still, he is relieved to see her safe. He leaves a message in her handphone. She can hide as long as she wants but he will wait for her till death as he will never give up. He still pays for her rent, believing that she will return.

Run Hou refuses to hand over his new project to UT for the coming telecommunications conference unless Dong Guo accedes to his request. It is not about marrying Ju Hua but he wants his director position back. He can never forget his humiliation. That will be decided through the board of directors.

Knowing that Chen Xin has just met Ju Hua earlier, he rushes to the café but Ju Hua has already left. Run Hou can't help feeling disappointed. Run Hou gives his subordinates a pizza treat. While paying for the bill, they notice a photo of him with Ju Hua together taken at the old palace. Is that his girlfriend whom he mentions often to them?

Run Hou breaks into a smile. Yes, but she is too stubborn to get married to him for now. He touches the photo foldly. Ju Hua learns that someone is moving into her previous apartment and goes there to remove her things. She discovers that she is tricked as Run Hou has prepared dinner, wanting to dine with her.

She still tells him the same thing – to return home. He has never been so humble to a girl all along. Run Hou is finally in tears - why must she keep making him doubt her love for him? Ju Hua describes him as an unreachable star so she can only stand far to observe him. He should get someone who knows how to doll herself up and help him in his career.

After Ju Hua leaves without eating, Run Hou is about to throw the food away in a rage when he suddenly has stomach cramps to sit down. Yu Qing visits Century Company the next day to find out how things are going. The project is serious and major that allows no mistake. Run Hou makes sure everything goes fine.

Yu Qing learns from Run Hou that he has seen Ju Hua but she still refuses to listen to him because of his father. Run Hou feels tired. He starts to think that Ju Hua doesn't love him deeply as he thinks. Run Hou doesn't behave like the usual person Yu Qing knows.

He notices that Run Hou breaks into cold sweat. Run Hou has stomach cramps the whole night. Although he has taken his medicine, he is still unwell. He declines Yu Qing or his colleagues' offer to send him to hospital as he insists of continuing his work. He faints suddenly and is sent to hospital. The doctor diagnoses that he has dehydration to have stomach cramps because he has overworked.

Run Hou doesn't wish to alarm his family but he misses Ju Hua. He tells her that he is hospitalized because she upsets him too much. She doesn't believe him and he sighs – he is like the boy who cries wolf. He has to bear with the discomfort the whole night. He has Chen Xin and Yu Qing to thank for informing Ju Hua for him.

She rushes to hospital and asks him anxiously how he is. He replies – he only has a few days left…till his discharge. She bursts into tears and he hugs her tightly. Why deny since she is really so concerned about him? She boxes him in the stomach and he falls onto the bed to give him a fright. She is startled – she doesn't use that much strength. Is it that painful? He opens his eyes to smile to make her realize that he makes fun of her again.

After listening to Yu Qing's advice to stay with Run Hou, Ju Hua returns to the ward to find Run Hou asleep. She covers him with a blanket and sighs. She is plain, silly and uninteresting – what makes him fall ill for her? Run Hou wakes up the next day to find her missing. He is annoyed to know that she returns during midnight as she wants to start work early to get her pay back. He makes her promise to bring his favourite sushi at night.

Why is he becoming like a pregnant woman to crave so much for food? He has worked too hard and needs to replenish his energy. He breaks into a smile upon seeing a soft-toy that looks exactly like Ju Hua. Ju Hua gets it for him and wants him to talk to it if he misses her so that he will not call her that frequently.

Ju Hua calls him the next morning to find out if he has taken his medicine. He doesn't wish to as he wants her to feed him. She is relieved when the doctor pronounces him fine and can be discharged soon. It must be due to her merticuluos care. She blushes when Run Hou wants the doctor to give her a jab. She is so disobedient to give him so many headaches. She insists that she is free from running to and fro for him now.

She still ponders if she is doing the best for him by returning to him. Run Hou turns stern – she still wants to do it after seeing his condition? He can't do without her and what she sees on the surface is only a minor part of his love which is beyond her imagination. He really loves her very much. He isn't pitiful to go through so much hardship. He holds her hand – what he wants is just to have her beside him.

Run Hou returns to work immediately after his discharge. Ju Hua gets his phone call he should not have discharged so soon. Now he has splitting pains inside his stomach. She is appalled and rushes to his home – to find him wanting her to celebrate his real birthday with a cake. He demands a kiss on his cheek as she has owed him as Dong Guo likes his project. She closes her eyes but he plants the kiss on her lips instead.

Since they have shared a kiss in the past, this is to affirm another seal so that she will not run away with another man. Run Hou makes a condition with Dong Guo. If his project turns to be a success at the associate presentation, he will be reinstated to his original position. Dong Guo agrees to it.

Ju Hua and Run Hou go to Yu Qing's wedding but they don't walk into the venue together. Although they sit apart, Run Hou can't resist looking at her. Both meet each other's eyes to smile. He suggests getting married soon but she insists of getting his parents' approval no matter how long it takes. Dong Guo overhears them and his impression of Ju Hua improves.

Run Hou lacks a Chinese interpreter fpr the presentation and brings Ju Hua along to Jiju island. They are in the car with the newly weds. He warns Run Zhen – he will fix her if she dares to bully Ju Hua. Ju Hua notices that Yu Qing doesn't seem surprised to see her. That is actually Run Hou's plot as he wants to spend a holiday with her. Run Hou gets clothes for her. She blushes upon seeing two bras in the box!

After changing the clothes, she realizes that both are wearing lovers' costumes. She wants to change in vain as Run Hou's intention is to make others believe that both are newly weds. Indeed, when both are having dinner, the eatery owner mistakens them as a couple! Run Hou enjoys the attention – so she must not leave him as he feels so blissful.

I have seen women making threats but I have never seen a guy feeling so insecure like Run Hou. He makes the statement repeatedly to her numerous times after that – if she dares to vanish like the last time, he will also disappear and thrust the 'magic content' project aside as it means nothing to him anymore.

The presentation is a success and Dong Guo shares hands with them. Run Hou gets Ju Hua a ring to put on her finger. They have to wait a while for his parents' approval. She hugs him in joy as both are at the beach. Dong Guo reinstates Run Hou's position and allows Ju Hua to be his secretray. He sighs in despair when Ju Hua doesn't believe him.

Dong Guo reminds him the first day of work that he has to be discreet in his life to put work and private life aside to prevent tongues from wagging. That is why he is quite distant to her at work. But have a good laugh when he wonders why Ju Hua doesn't stay at her table for a long time. He has completely forgotten that he has told her to pass the files to the other departments.

He signs her up for tuition classes in order to get into university the next year. Yu Qing teases him – he is more thoughtful than him as her boyfriend. He is pleased that she starts to talk more gracefully. He reminds Ju Hua to show her ring to her classmates to prevent others from wooing her. Her classmates have fun laughing at her when he calls her 'village girl' as he comes to fetch her back.

He enjoys the meal both have with each other. He urges her to eat more to have better concentration in studies. He stops eating and smiles – seeing her eating heartily satisfies his appetite. He now understands how a mother feels when watching their children eat.

Ju Hua is perturbed when he decides to give her English spelling daily to try to escape from it. Run Hou sighs – she should count herself lucky as he is acting as her boyfriend, guardian and teacher. Where can she find an all-rounder talent like him? Chen Xin and Yu Qing are about to give documents to Run Hou to sign when they hear him scolding her. Is she a model student – did the teacher teach her to talk back at him?

The two laugh as it seems more like a lovers' quarrel. Her first score is only 55 marks. Ju Hua protests that Run Hou isn't one who knows ABC when he is in Hui Ai's stomach too. Run Hou threatens to paste this result up at the notice board. Not only Yu Qing and Chen Xin will get to see it, Dong Guo will also get to know it. He then wants kisses from her to pay back the remaining marks. Ju Hua gets so annoyed to snatch the paper back from him by punching his stomach.

Despite of her grumbling over the demolizing result, Run Hou still gets her a bag for her to put her textbooks. She likes it and walks out of the office with him. She feels disappointed when he tells her that he isn't going to fetch her as he is going to rest early at home. Seeing that she wears little, he puts his scarf over her neck. Dong Guo sees this at the entrance and shakes his head – his son is really hopeless!

Run Hou waits for Ju Hua at the bus-stop with a shrawl. He deliberately gets near to her to share it together, complaining that it is cold. He later calls her to cancel the spelling the next day to give her a break. He hopes to meet her in their dreams but she jokes that she wants a more handsome man since she is stuck to him at work! He grins at her remark and pinches the soft toy's nose. She is really a stubborn girl. Ju Hua finds her cheek itchy at this moment – does Seoul have mosquitoes in winter? (Both really have chemistry with one another.)

Ju Hua learns that Run Hou isn't showing her sympathy but because he needs to go a meeting. Hui Ai makes life difficult for Ju Hua by showing his prosepctive match photos to her. Run Hou tells his mother that he can't live a day without Ju Hua but is still unable to move her. He switches off the lights at the tuition centre, wanting her to return home even though she wants to study further.

She thrusts her books at him to place her hand into his coat pocket. He hopes that Ju Hua will not be bothered to work hard to earn her approval. He jokes that it is sad that he has to reject the pretty women. (They come from influential families as they know of his family status – one's father is a judge while another is Dong Guo's business associate). Run Hou enjoys seeing the jealous expression on Ju Hua's face.

Run Hou is pleased when he tests Ju Hua the second time. She is expecting 100 but she gets 70 marks. To him, this is a marked improvement although she hits her head for learning slow. He gets her to go with him to shop for Hui Ai's birthday present. He is too busy to fetch her from the tuition centre and comes to her home directly after meeting the client. He feels so cold upon arrival and grabs her blanket immediately.

He has wished her to lean closer to him to hold his hands or give him a hug but she is so unromantic. He complains about it – must he be so frank every time? Her mind isn't focused to do this. However, he is pleased that she has pasted a note on the wall to remind herself to work harder.

It is Hui Ai's birthday but he is busy so he intends to visit her with Ju Hua the next day. Ju Hua keeps from him and gets a cake for her. Hui Ai hurls insults at her for ruining Chen Xin and her happiness. Still she keeps from Run Hou when he returns to see her leaving. He puts his scraf on her tenderly, knowing that his mother must have said something nasty to her. True indeed, he finds out from Chen Xin.

He isn't happy that Ju Hua has not shared her troubles with him. She insists that she isn't the weak Ju Hua anymore. However, her low self-esteem returns when he brings her to meet his ex-classmates whom he knows overseas without telling her. The female classmates look down on Ju Hua. Why does Run Hou, the director from UT keeps falling for poor girls?

Ju Hua gets into a fight with them when she demands an apology from them. Run Hou drags her away and Ju Hua feels that Run Hou has not respected her to make her a laughing stock. She gets home late as Run Hou waits for her outside her home for hours in the cold. Run Hou gets fed up – doesn't she know his purpose? He wants to show her off to them. Ju Hua blurts out she doesn't want to be compared to Xiu Jing.

That pricks Run Hou to tell her to shut up. So this is only her limit and he has thought of her to be different. He is too disappointed in her. Both are in cold war the next day as they don't have lunch together. Run Hou pours his woes to yu Qing – Ju Hua looks strong but she always feels others look down on her. Yu Qing thinks he should stand by her at this moment. He even teases him to look more like lovers after this quarrel.

Run Hou picks on Ju Hua not brewing his coffee properly. Getting fed up, she tells him to brew on his own. Ju Hua asks him if she can have her spelling. Run Hou retorts that she needs not to since she can't get 100 marks. She calls him loach as she finds him petty. (It is the other way round to me.) She runs to class alone.

Chen Xin informs Run Hou that Ju Hua has asked her about Xiu Jing – on how they fall in love and part. It seems that she takes it to heart. Ju Hua walks out of class and Run Hou asks if she is waiting for him. She denies as she gets her notes back from her classmate. He explains to her that he likes her not because she is similar to Xiu Jing.

Hasn't he told her that he finds his lost smiles after meeting her? He wants to be proud of her but she doesn't think that she is good enough for him. Run Hou sighs – doesn't she know that she is a fantastic person? Or does she think that a dashing him embarrass him instead? He wants her not to wallow in self-pity anymore.

Ju Hua hasn't arrived for work so Run Hou cleans his table himself. He is about to call her but stops as he decides to let her sleep longer. He has to brew coffee for himself and his father. He lies that he sends her out for an errand but she spills the beans upon arrival. Dong Guo sighs and shakes his head while Run Hou also frowns. Run Hou is pleased that Ju Hua gets 100 marks for spelling this time. He is about to have dinner with Hui Ai when he has to meet an important client.

He requests Ju Hua to go on his behalf. Both women become closer when Hui Ai sees Dong Guo with his ex-secretary. He is pleased and also curious on how they can be together amiably for 4 hours. Ju Hua rushes to see Hui Ai after work after learning that she takes anti-depression pills. Run Hou is amused by her behaviour when she declines to have dinner with him. Is she seeing another man?

He waits in the cold outside her tuition centre to discover that she skips her class. He does not chide her but wants her to wait at home for him so that he will come over. When seeing that the first snow is coming, he gets her to make a wish. Seeing that she doesn't wear thick clothes, he covers her with his business suit. He is delighted that she makes a wish to marry him smoothly.

Xiu Jing returns and comes to his office to see him. To prevent affecting Ju Hua, he brings her out. He is unmoved when she talks on how she imagines how their first meeting scenerio will be. He can't forgive her betrayal and doesn't look at her directly.

He is not at ease when with her and leaves. Upon returning, Ju Hua finds that his behaviour becomes odd. He doesn't want to receive any phone call to take a break. She asks who Xiu Jing is and he suddenly hugs her. She is taken aback but gives in when he only requires a few minutes. He is supposed to visit the Hongs with Ju Hua after work but he forgets totally about it to have a drink.

He gets drunk and wakes up late the next day. He is touched when Ju Hua makes the medicine for him and urges him to go to work. Xiu Jing looks for him repeatedly but he doesn't want to accept her calls. He is surprised to learn about her divorce and her intention to return to him. He maintains that he has changed now. Initially, he is tormented over his breakup and becomes disillusioned in love. His present girlfriend has taught him how to love again and she will be his last as he intends to marry her.

He cheers Ju Hua up by decorating a Christmas tree. He is pleased that he has done many of the things that she has not tried before with her. She suddenly clings close to him, insecure that Xiu Jing will take him away from her. Ju Hua feels uneasy to know about Xiu Jing's divorce.

Run Hou gives some money to Chen Xin to pass to Xiu Jing to make himself feel better. He maintains that he feels nothing towards Xiu Jing now – just that he feels partly responsible for her plight. Ju Hua asks him if he will wait for her at the bus stop to give her strength to study. He agrees and is amused to see how happy she is to rush out to class – nearly forgetting her textbook.

He fetches her back from the bus-stop and jokingly wants a kiss from her. To his amazement, she kisses his cheek! Why is there a sudden change in her as she holds his arm too? She maintains that he asks too frequently so she has to give in to him. She later confesses that she has cut off Xiu Jing's call earlier. She doesn't like her to talk to him. Is he disappointed in her? Run Hou hugs her close to him – in fact, he is overjoyed. He maintains that everything is still the same even though Xiu Jing is present.

Run Hou never expects her to return the money to Ju Hua. He paces up and down in the office, demanding to know where she has been. He has been waiting for her with a hungry stomach to go for lunch but she disappears without telling him. Ju Hua thrusts the envelope back to him, telling him to ask his ex. He calls her up to tell Xiu Jing not to deceive herself anymore. He sighs when Ju Hua refuses to look at him when he is talking to her. He buys apples as apology and promises to tell her if he goes to see Xiu Jing again.

She bursts into tears when eating the apple. She is afraid of being alone again. He hugs her close to him – that will not happen as he gets bored if he doesn't get to play with her. He then leans close to her and she closes her eyes. He bursts out laughing – he only intends to kiss her forehead and not her lips. She touches her cheeks angrily but he suddenly kisses her lips! Seeing that the weather is cold, she gets him a shrawl but he doesn't want to look like a lunatic to run away from her.

Both of them have breakfast at a roadside stall and the owner mistaken them to be a married couple again. Run Hou is shocked to know from Chen Xin that Hui Ai has approached Xiu Jing again. She has done it 5 years ago and why tear her old wounds again? Chen Xin asks him if Yu Zhou is really his son. He gets mad – doesn' she know him well enough? He is startled when Ju Hua treats him coldly again – to lie that she is sick so that she skips class.

After that, he finds out that Ju Hua is going to meet Xiu Jing. He rushes there and doesn't want her or Hui Ai to pester Xiu Jing. Ju Hua is down to see that he is nice to Yu Zhou. She feels that both are confirmed to be father and son so she refuses to listen to his explanation. He is fed up with her for going to work without him and is more agitated when she hands in her resignation later. More so when Ju Hua walks off after persuading him to erase her from his memories although it is painful for both of them.

Run Hou pours his woes to Yu Qing – Ju Hua has off her phone after charging off. Both find Ju Hua overeacting. (Strange – aren't they worried that she will board on the plane right after this? When she realises that it is her mistake, she becomes timid and doesn't dare to walk into the office again. Run Hou is actually worried so he paces up and down in his office. Upon knowing that she is back, he hurries to sit back on his chair. He chides her for being so reckless and could have dismissed her but has tolerated it.

He demands her to write a reflection letter. He laughs uopn seeing her sketch – please forgive her as she loves him. She has finally improved. He uses candles to create a heart shape outside her home so that she can get it see it after her class. Under her advice, he sends Xiu Jing off at the airport. When he is back, he proposes to her with roses. He wishes to end the days of parting daily but she wants him to be patient to win his parents' approval. She wants him to move back home and he agrees.

He is pleasantly surprised when Hui Ai finally agrees to their marriage. Dong Guo laughs upon hearing his reply wanting to get married at the end of the year. Christmas has just passed – isn't he too anxious for this? He pinches Ju Hua's face to wake her up – they are not dreaming indeed. Soon he will hug her nightly and they share one blanket from then onwards.

Knowing that Yu Qing is tired of Run Zhen throwing tantrums, he apologises on her behalf. He asks Ju Hua when he is going to hear someone calling him 'father'. She blushes at his remark. Yu Qing also finds it funny that he likes to tease her. Run Hou confesses that he loves to make fun of her. Seeing a red face will disperse his whole day's weariness away.

When Ju Hua tells her aunt about the good news of her getting married 2 weeks later, Run Hou also answers her call to get her approval and promises her aunt that he will treat her well. He thanks Hui Ai for her approval. He states that Ju Hua will be the best wife and daughter-in-law. Seeing that he is extremely happy, she hakes her head as he looks like a moron to her.

The wedding news spread and Run Hou keeps on getting congratulary calls so he has to put his work on hold. He requests a hug from Ju Hua so that he will be motivated to work. Dong Guo comes in when they do this so they become shy. He cites that both should not be doing this at work but Run Hou maintains that he should forgive them as this is the sweetest moment.

He goes to the Hongs with Ju Hua to tell them the good news. He thanks them for the support and visits yu Qing's uncle grave with Ju Hua to get his blessings. Unlike others' guesses that they will be going Europe, he is actually planning to visit Ju Hua's China's relatives and friends. He knows that she misses home. Ju Hua knows that she has married a nice man and thanks him.

He plans to move out but Ju Hua insists of staying with his family to iron out their misunderstandings. Run Hou knows that it isn't as simple as it seems but is unable to talk her out of it. He is excited over their wedding photo shoot and simply cracks up upon seeing Ju Hua doing face massage. He offers to apply cream for her but she playfully adds onto his face.

Seeing him so conceited as he is outstanding, she brags that she has suitors in China. But he replies that it is good enough that she gets his love. He is about to kiss Ju Hua upon seeing her so pretty in her wedding gown when Run Zhen stops him. He gets fed up – doesn't she do the same thing before marriage? Run Zhen behaves worse when she dresses into a wedding gown and demands to take wedding photo with them! Still, the young couple manages to share intimate moments when taking the photos.

Run Hou is overjoyed when Hui Ai finally agrees to let them stay with her. He calls Ju Hua excitedly to tell her the good news. He doesn't know that the receiver is Run Zhen instead and relates how he looks forward to their first night. Run Zhen bursts out laughing while the couple blushes. Ju Hua scolds Run Hou for being unable to recognise her voice.

Run Hou still returns to work on their engagement gifts exchange day – which is a day before the wedding. He keeps smiling in front of Chen Xin as he is super happy. Chen Xin finds him too much to show his joy in front of her. Yu Qing promises to find a good match for her. Run Hou and Ju Hua are finally married but her blunder in leaving her ring at the wedding venue cause both to stay at the airport hotel for the night.

Ju Hua insists that he should change his clothes in the toilet and he looks forward to have an intimate moment after their bath. He is baffled to see her coming out in her track suit. Both have a romantic honeymoon and all tease him on putting on weight within a few days. He tests the bed at home and coaxes Ju Hua to try with him. He hugs her on the bed and Hui Ai blushes as she charges in to see this scene.

Run Hou returns to work the next day. He can hardly concentrate as his whole mind is thinking of her. Before going to bed, he wonders what takes Ju Hua so long to return to their room as she only goes to drink some water. Upon seeing her helping Hui Ai with her autobiography, he voices his disapproval. Can't Hui Ai be more understanding as they are only newly wed?

See how childish he becomes to call Ju Hua 'wife' affectionally daily to give his family the creeps. Especailly when he asks her to pour a drink for him. Even Run Zhen laments that Yu Qing never calls her this way. He goes shopping with Ju Hua and is amused that she behaves like an auntie – contesting with others over cheaper meat.

Ju Hua is still studious to go her revision at night. He grumbles over it and switches off the lights. How can she ignore him? He playfully locks her up in the closet to force her to call him 'husband'. Why? She is too used to call him 'director' even after their marriage. Hui Ai comes in to see the commotion. She is tougue-tied – is this man really her son to be so childish? He insists that love does turn him so.

He still feels that he is dreaming when he hugs her at home daily after work. Being 'happy' isn't the word that can describe it. Both go on a cuisine and they recall the past. Run Hou asks if she deliberately wears his shoes while she asks if he deliberately gives her his watch in the past. Run Hou laughs – does she find herself attractive then with a silly chicken headgear and also reeks of soya sauce then?

He promises to bring her on a cruise if she passes her university entrance exam. She keeps her promise and both are here again, this time round, she is pregnant with his baby. She attributes it to his family's help. They have a wonderful time playing with fireworks on board.

Run Hou definitely knows the change in himself too well. Ever since he starts eating rice cakes with Ju Hua, he transforms so much! This planning director learns to take care of a sick Ju Hua, eats instant noodles with her, buys furniture/food for her and even plucks chilli with her! Who isn't astonished by the development of events?! He also becomes childish because of her.

Run Hou grins unknowingly whenever he sees her. Although he doesn't wish to admit this, his heart beats fast whenever he sees the country bumpkin. How she makes him laugh and how dumb she can be. He gives her the nickname "village girl" because she acts low-close. Is this love? Ji-suk isn't a fantastic actor but we can see how he improves along the way.

4. Hong Yu Shu - Cho Jung-rin
She is Yu Qing's younger sister who is completing her university studies. She is one year older than Ju Hua so Ju Hua addresses her as her elder sister. She is unsatisfied with her looks and pesters her parents to let her go for plastic surgery. Her mother doesn't approve of her dating an army cadet but she insists on it. She is diligent to work part-time.
She is shattered when she is ditched and is more adamant now to go for a makeover. She meets Jian Rong with Run Zhen's help. He has thought that she wants to improve her chances of getting a job after her university education. He finds nothing wrong with her looks so both quarrel.
Laugh when the two younger siblings call up their elder siblings to complain about each other! It is so funny when Yu Qing actually thanks Jian Rong for this – both guys find that she has the natural look and it will be a waste to change her! Their conversation makes Chen Xin curious to meet her.
5. Piao Run Zhen - Lee Yun-ji
This 23-year-old sassy girl is Run Hou's younger sister. She is never interested in studies and spends her time shopping in luxurious boutiques and driving her imported car. She never loses in fights, but despite her foolishness she is pure-hearted and outgoing. She is a crybaby to call out for her mother whenever in distress or in anger.
All her friends give her a nickname 'yellow carrot' which means bimbo in Korean. Run Hou also often refers her as the blur one. Her mother sets her up with multiple guys to help her find a man who can satisfy her vanity after she graduates from university.
It is strange that she keeps Yu Qing's torn tie and keeps thinking about him. Can you believe that she actually requests to borrow Run Hou's university graduation book to find out how he looks when younger?! Angry with Yu Qing for not turning up to teach her how to drive on her first date, she uses his name to order many kinds of food for the staff as punishment.
She even seizes his handphone and will only return it to him after he teaches driving. Run Zhen is sexily dressed for the 'lesson'. She is very defiant but strangely, she listens to Yu Qing's advice to remove her high heels before she starts driving. She changes all her bad habits during the second lesson. But her openness scares him when asking him if he is interested in her.
She believes marriage is based on preconditions, but her beliefs shatter when she meets the well-mannered guy, Yu Qing. Her merits are she isn't the scheming type to be genuine in love. She is even willing to call off the wedding if he likes her but to her dismay, he insists that he has never treated her as a woman.
She suddenly cries when trying on her wedding gown. She regrets her choice and yearns to call off the wedding. Run Zhen is jealous to see Yu Qing lunching with Ju Hua. She is mad when both refuse to tell her if they are a couple. She gets mad when Ju Hua answers Yu Qing's handphone. She is drunk then and comes to his home to sprout nonsense.
His family members can detect that she likes Yu Qing. She runs out in shame without her handbag and shoes. Ju Hua has to tell her that she and Yu Qing are like siblings. Yun Zhen pretends to sleep in Yu Qing's car so that he can carry her back home. This is a chance for her parents to observe him closely.
Unable to stop her wedding from taking place, she becomes restless when taking her wedding photos. It is close to her wedding day so she gets Yu Qing a tie to apologise to him and also invites him to her wedding. But she can't bring her heart to tell him that she loves him. She can only reveal the truth to Yun Zhi.
Her wedding day is ruined by Zai Xu's ex who comes to inform her that Zai Xu has cohabited with her for 3 years. This woman even stays in the hotel room beside theirs to occupy him the whole night. Run Zhen returns home alone the next day but keeps it from her parents. She puts up at Run Zhi's place, lying that she is at her in-laws' place.
Her mother knows about it and supports her. But Hui Ai is afraid of losing face and urges her to go for reconciliation. When Run Zhen softens and wishes to give him a chance, there he is with his ex again. This time, Hui Ai is her witness. She decides to divorce him.
Upon knowing that Yu Qing is concerned over her, she is delighted and decides to work in UT. Although Chen Xin reminds her that Yu Qing is in love with Ju Hua, she is adamant to get him. Her family marvel at her change, except for Chen Xin. Run Hou tries to dissuade her as the company isn't a playground but she wants to be independent to earn her pay for the first time. Run Hou protests in vain when Chen Xin even suggests her to be his temporary secretary before they put her in any department.
Run Zhen notices that Run Hou treats Ju Hua exceptionally well. He refuses to tell her although she tries to haunt him for an answer. She is later conservatively dressed as Run Hou's secretary later to impress Yu Qing. Yu Qing bursts into laughter upon seeing how polite she talks to him now. Run Zhen has asked him to come to Run Hou's office, claiming that Run Hou wants to see him.
His colleagues are puzzled why Run Hou keeps asking for him lately. Only Chen Xin knows the actual reason. Run Hou is puzzled to see Yu Qing and Run Zhen is angry he is so insensitive not to play along with her. She grows a plant at his desk and he feels pressurized. Ju Hua unintentionally causes Hui Ai to hurt her sacrum so she chides her. Ju Hua is always around Yu Qing and her brother. What motive has she?
Yu Qing overhears her and reprimands her as he doesn't like her to call Ju Hua a wretch. She is hurt Yu Qing regards Ju Hua more important than her. When Yu Qing apologises the next day, she insists that he gives her a treat. Although her mother is a great cook, Run Zhen is terrible as she doesn't even know how to cook rice. Her family members are unable to eat her instant noodles so they get Run Zhi home instead!
That is why Run Hou gives her a doubting glare when she promises to return home earlier to help Run Zhi. He knows that she is incapable to do that. Run Zhen conspires with Yu Qing's colleagues not to turn up for a gathering so that she can get close to him. Upon seeing him drunk and asleep, she records it down and also kisses his cheek. Although he rejects her, she still doesn't give up.
Run Hou chides her for having no sense of shame after knowing it from Chen Xin. He finds her beyond redemption. Run Zhen insists that she loves Yu Qing from head to toe. She wants to get into Yu Jin's good books when she comes to look for Ju Hua. Yu Jin remembers that she is married and reminds her not to get as drunk as the last time since she is now married. Run Zhen doesn't know how to answer.
Yu Qing is upset over Ju Hua's coldness towards him to get drunk. She sends him home and his family is angry with her for making him drunk. They are reminded of the past when she gets drunk but she protests that she is a poor drinker. She also reveals that she has been separated from Zai Xu.
She dislikes Yu Qing to refer Ju Hua as 'Our Ju Hua'. She deliberately hooks his arm when they meet Ju Hua in the lobby. Upon knowing that Yu Qing once gets ice-cream for the cleaning staff to request them to take care of Ju Hua, she buys a whole box to pass to them and tells Ju Hua not to pester Yu Qing next time.
She wonders why Ju Hua keeps bothering the two guys to get food. Thanks to her, Ju Hua gets to know Run Hou has prepared congee for her the last time she falls ill. Run Zhen never stops her shopping spree to keep buying things for Yu Qing. That includes getting him shirts and shoes. She is very annoyed when he doesn't wear them.
Run Zhen buys coffee for the whole planning team but Yu Qing is still unmoved. She arranges Yu Qing to meet her mother in Run Hou's office, lying that Run Hou wants to meet him. Yu Qing becomes so uneasy that he leaves quickly. He nearly bursts when this simple-minded woman declares that it is about time they get married after Run Hou's wedding and she will arrange him to meet her parents!
Run Zhen takes matters into her own hands to buy a musical's tickets to ask Yu Qing out. Yu Qing's colleagues tease him and he explains in vain. He flees from her on the way out. She beats him the next day and forces him to date her for ten times. He tries bargaining with her in vain to reduce to 4 times and has to give in to her.
Run Zhen keeps calling Yu Qing who is on leave as she misses him. Yu Qing has no choice but to switch off his handphone. Run Zhi finds Run Hou's attitude towards Chen Xin similar to how Zai Xu treats her so she reminds him not to repeat her mistake. Run Zhen visits Yu Qing and keeps calling Yu Jin mother. She helps Yu Jin to pluck the chillis but suffers from heatstroke. Yu Qing sends her to hospital immediately.
She keeps calling Yu Jin 'mother' but Yu Jin will not like such a loudmouthed future daughter-in-law. She returns the 'village clothes' to them to meet Yu Qing but he insists that he doesn't love her. She gets angry to shout at him, much to the displeasure of the elders. She decides to give him up and gets drunk for days.
Dong Guo reprimands her for not treating her job seriously. After cautious thought, she returns to work, wanting to prevent Ju Hua from getting close to Run Hou. She keeps calling her wretch to provoke her. Both fight and she is scratched by Ju Hua on the face. It is funny that both guys get medicine for Ju Hua and not for her! It is so obvious that they feel that she is at fault.
Run Zhen goes for a blind date at a hotel. Yu Qing happens to send his client there and witnesses the process. He tries to talk her out of it and she mistakens him to stalk her. But he can't brace himself to take her away. Yu Qing starts to reflect – has he been too much as she has said? Because of Run Hou's transfer to Singapore, Run Zhen is transferred to Yu Qing's department. She is thrilled to work with him. She has no experience so all make fun of her. She studies hard to have a nose bleed the next day and Yu Qing takes care of her. They feel differently towards each other now.
Run Zhen is rude to Ju Hua when she tries to find out where Run Hou stays after leaving home. Ju Hua grabs her arm fiercely – she must be polite to ask her if she has a favour from her. She is hostile to her to tell her to resign.
She is overjoyed when Yu Qing decides to date her formally. However, she isn't appeased easily upon knowing that Ju Hua and Run Hou has attended Fu Nan's wedding. Why doesn't Yu Qing bring her home as she is Fu Nan's future granddaughter-in-law? He has not wanted to do it as they have just started.
She presses him to declare his love for her. He obeys by getting her roses. She takes matters into her own hands to come to the Hongs on Mooncake festival. The whole family is baffled over their relationship. Yu Jin opposes strongly. Her impression of her gets worse when she doesn't even know how to make kimchi.
Run Zhen is troubled when Hui Ai opposes to her marrying Yu Qing. She learns she softens her attitude towards Guang Wan after Run Zhi gets pregnant with Na Li. So she decides to fake a pregnancy to make her accept Yu Qing. Run Zhen knows that Yu Jin worries that she has no jewellery for the parents' meeting.
She takes Hui Ai's jewellery to let Yu Jin wear them. (She is so brainless! Doesn't she have her own set of jewels? The ironical part is Dong Guo only finds the jewels familiar but it doesn't occur to him that this is what he gives Hui Ai as her birthday present. I can't help laughing upon seeing how Yu Jin tries to showcase them in front of Hui Ai but Hui Ai recognizes them at first glance to call Run Zhen a thief!)
Hui Ai only discovers the truth through Yu Qing. All dislike her for lying about her pregnancy but Dong Guo still gives his approval on the marriage. She quits to become a housewife after marriage. She is angry to see Ju Hua with Run Hou during her honeymoon. Is she married or they are married? She flares up upon seeing Run Hou's ring on Ju Hua's finger. Ju Hua has to appease her with wine and both get drunk. She is very clueless to blurt out to the elders that they spend more time in bed than sightseeing during the honeymoon. Yu Qing has to shut her up.
She tries hard to learn from Yu Jin and keeps making mistakes. Feeling sad, she sneaks home but falls asleep on the sofa. Dong Guo demands her to return home immediately. She repents and is relieved when Yu Jin asks her if she is hurt as she accidentally breaks a vat. She causes false alarm when suspecting Hui Shu to get indulged in dancing and also being pregnant.
Upon knowing that her parents quarrel over Dong Guo's ex-secretary, she thinks that they are going to have a divorce. Dong Guo is fed up with her for believing in this and has to get Yu Qing to drag her away. Run Zhen is the one getting pregnant instead of Hui Shu. She is puzzled when Hui Ai responses lukewarm to the good news. Upon knowing that Run Hou's ex is back, she is shocked too.
Yu Jin encourages Run Zhen to write a diary on her unborn child. Knowing that she isn't good in this, she decides to shoot clips daily. Run Hou brings Ju Hua over to celebrate Dong Zhi (a Chinese festival that indicates the ending of a year) with the Hongs. Run Zhen is infuriated when Yu Jin doesn't answer how many marks she should get as her daughter-in-law. She gets sour when Yu Jin wants her to get a bowl of glutinous balls for Ju Hua. Run Hou sighs upon seeing how she cries over it.
Run Zhen sneaks home again because of this. Feeling indigant, she orders Ju Hua to come over. After creating the mess for the shooting session, she realizes how well Yu Jin actually treats her when watcing a clip on how she covers her with a blanket. She decides to return home and apologises to her. She is pleasantly surprised to know that she is expecting twins.
After her pregnancy, she gets her way by using the twins to threaten Yu Qing. Laugh when she even asks for the red packet money for them even before they are born! She doesn't feel like calling Ju Hua as her 'Da Sao' and keeps calling her village girl. But she is quite playful to get her sexy lingerie to make sure that they enjoy their first night together.
She decides to take up the chairman of the women's committee. Seeing how she requests all to vote for her makes me laugh. She is the winner as no one contested against her. Yu Jin is mad as she can't even handle her own affairs. She brags about her win to her famly but Run Hou smells a fish. She is still impolite to Ju Hua. She can't accept Yu Qing to be a tailor and goes home under Yu Jin's request to give him the pressure. But listening to his woes when he gets drunk makes her soften to give in to him.
She gives birth to two sons but still balances her commitments to be the woman's chairman position well. She is finally nicer to Ju Hua to call her sister-in-law now. Ju Hua gets two golden rings for her sons on her sons' 100 day celebration. See how overjoyed she is – she places 10 rings on their fingers!
If Ju Hua is considered dull-witted, Run Zhen is also another person of low intelligence. She is more annoying that Ju Hua. She wants things to go her own way and never consider other people's feelings.
6. Jiang Chen Xin - Choo So Young

She works in the telecom company and is close to the guys. She is gentle and approachable. Knowing that Yun Hou isn't the cold person that people view him to be, she tries to soften him or arrange interviews to change his image.

Run Hou's parents treat her as their future daughter-in-law as they are close to her parents. They look after her and her younger brother after her doctor parents died in a car accident. That is why she understands Ju Hua's loneliness and offers her to stay at her home. She is very helpful to Ju Hua at work.

Run Hou proposes to her after their one month dating but she knows that he is still not ready. She will only marry him when both are prepared. Soon Chen Xin discovers that Run Hou is overly concerned with Ju Hua. She cannot recognise Ju Hua when she comes in work in the dress Run Hou gets for her. (Run Hou will never look at how his other secretaries dress.) She also sees him wrapping Ju Hua's cut finger tenderly – this doesn't happen to Run Hou in the past.

She brings him to their classmates' gathering as they have not met for 5 years. Run Hou is visibly upset when they mention about his ex, Xiu Jing. She is hurt that she still keeps Xiu Jing's necklace and decides to give up on him. However, she softens when Run Hou requests for a chance.

She is very nice to help the Piaos to look for Run Zhen when she goes missing due to her fear for her wedding. She is very observant to detect that Yu Qing likes Ju Hua when he doesn't even notice it. She feels bad for causing Ju Hua to lose her job after recommending it so she requests the personal department to arrange another job. Never does she expect her to land up as a cleaner this time!

Run Zhen is troubled over her marriage so she goes out with her brother and Chen Xin for a drink. She asks Run Hou when drunk if he still misses Shui Jing. Run Hou doesn't answer to disappoint Chen Xin. She starts to find herself as pitiful as Run Zhen – Run Hou's heart isn't with her too.

Chen Xin has not seen Run Hou drunk before as Run Hou is a perfectionist. He will never allow others to see how badly he behaves when drunk. But yet, he finds that he should not hide in front of the village girl, Ju Hua. This shows that he is comfortable with her so she can't help feeling jealous. She gives an initiative, closing her eyes to expect a kiss from Run Hou.

Run Hou breaks into a smile instead. He feels odd as they have known each other for a long time as friends and he is not ready yet. Chen Xin can't help feeling lost to hear that. She is about to ask him but stops. Chen Xin gets Ju Hua's first pay present and can't help laughing upon seeing that it is men's underwear. She knows that she has made a mistake and it is intended for Run Hou.

When getting into Run Hou's office, she sees Run Hou laughing heartily to himself. He has discovered the mistake too. But what disturbs her is she has never seen this expression after their university days – for many years! This indicates that Ju Hua has managed to melt the Iceman Run Hou.

Seeing that Run Zhen is still moody, Run Hou suggests postponing their engagement. She understands his predicament but is fed up that he speaks to her in the tone as if he is still at work. Run Hou reflects his words and apologises to her. He helps to pack food into her fridge and she suddenly hugs him from behind.

Run Hou is becoming approachable, nice and forgiving lately. Why is he so different lately? She is scared as he is becoming a stranger and is getting distant from her. Run Hou doesn't tell her that he sends Ju Hua home for a few occasions. Chen Xin wishes to bring forward the wedding as she feels insecure to see Ju Hua with Run Hou together and Hui Ai agrees to it. She doesn't give Run Hou any chance to reject her.

She brings him to her parents' graves to announce their wedding plans so he can't open his mouth to say anything. She also deliberately informs Ju Hua that she is getting married to warn her to back off. She will stay with the Piaos after marriage.

Chen Xin asks the renovation company to discuss about the renovation plans. Run Hou tells her to go ahead with the plans alone. She is unhappy – this is their room – why must she be doing alone? She wants to discuss about other preparations with him but he wants to reconsider their marriage. He has tried hard but can only treat her as a friend. He is annoyed earlier when Chen Xin forbids Ju Hua to brew coffee for him.

She throws away her self-esteem to ask him if it has to do with Ju Hua. He admits that she is one of the reasons but this shouldn't implicate her. Chen Xin insists that marriage isn't the end and she is confident that it will work after marriage. She takes to heart that Ju Hua affects them and wants to talk to her.

Ju Hua gets fluttered and when both are about to leave, Run Hou sees them together. He quickly comes to Ju Hua's aid. Seeing how he protects Ju Hua, Chen Xin is very upset. Ju Hua also feels bad for causing them to become like this. After knowing that Hui Ai has fired Ju Hua, she arranges Ju Hua to work in the car park. She still insists of holding the wedding photo taking session. Run Hou is angry with her.

She doesn't want to repeat the mistake 5 years ago when Run Hou chooses Xiu Jing. She approaches Ju Hua to help her out. Ju Hua tells Run Hou that she will get Chen Xin if he comes again. She lies that Run Hou is in his usual self when being cold and intimidating to her, not the present warm and gentle person.

Run Hou senses a change in her and demands to know what has happened, holding her shoulders. She reminds him - he should not ignore a person who loves him for 30 years. He must have been a person who changes his heart easily by liking her. He is frustrated that she has insulted his sincerity. So is Ju Hua to cry for hurting him too.

Run Hou is mad to thrust his tie aside before he gets to work the next day, recalling Ju Hua's words. He parks his car and is silent to glance at Ju Hua, who is working. He gets madder to see Chen Xin holding Ju Hua's hand at the car park. He guesses Chen Xin's purpose correctly to cause the change in Ju Hua. Chen Xin keeps reminding Run Hou about the photo shoot. He points out to her that this isn't feelings but persistence – this is the way she describes his love for Shui Jing so he returns all the words to her. She retorts that he should not humiliate her love – that is also his answer then. So he must stay beside her.

Run Hou doesn't turn up for the photo shoot. His parents insist that the wedding must take place even though Chen Xin suggests a postponement. Chen Xin will not give Run Hou to a woman like Ju Hua. She warns Ju Hua not to harbour empty hopes. Ju Hua is only Shui Jing's substitute. Both are poor and Run Hou helps her in the past to fall for her. This confuses Ju Hua.

Chen Xin finds Ju Hua's wedding photo with Yu Qing's uncle. She steals it and shows to Hui Ai. She knows she is childish but she has no choice. Hui Ai is displeased with Ju Hua for getting close to Run Hou with evil intentions as a widow. She asks Run Hou why he is after such a loose woman? Run Hou is in low spirits after seeing it.

He gets madder upon knowing Chen Xin is the one to instigate his parents to send him to work in Singapore. Run Hou's handphone rings and he thinks the call is from Ju Hua. Upon seeing Chen Xin's name, he frowns. Chen Xin believes he will be grateful to her for separating them. Run Hou sighs – this is the same thing she says to him 5 years ago. Chen Xin stubbornly believes he only pities Ju Hua.

Their social differences, cultures and thinking are so adverse – how can he be falling for her? Run Hou asks her back – what makes her think that a couple with such a big disparity can't fall in love? He hangs up on her. Chen Xin even asks Ju Hua to avoid Run Hou before his departure so that he will not change his mind.

Ju Hua finds her too much and is very disappointed in her for stealing her 'wedding photo'. She has treated her as her role model in the past. Chen Xin is very thick-skinned to wish Ju Hua to help her again. Chen Xin looks forward to end her assignments to join Run Hou in Singapore. Run Hou wants her to forget him. He can never return to her.

He has discovered what love is during this period. Initially, he thinks of it to be sour and hurting to prick his heart. It is actually isn't so. Even though his daily life is the same, he will not feel bored once he sees Ju Hua to feel blissful. Chen Xin then asks why he decides to leave then. He has figured out that he hurts Ju Hua as a result of loving her.

Ju Hua doesn't have the desire to love him. If he insists of getting her, that is only persistence and not love. Chen Xin is helpless over his words. He wants her to cool down within this period to reconsider her decision. She gives him a hug at the airport as she finds it unbearable to cause him to leave although he doesn't blame her.

Chen Xin gets madder to know that Run Hou stays in Korea, rejecting the Singapore branch director post because of Ju Hua. She keeps getting sarcastic to her – wanting her to make Run Hou normal again. She also warns her that Run Hou can't survive on his own in the telecommunications industry under Dong Guo's influence.

At first, she is adamant not to give him up upon knowing that Ju Hua accepts money from Hui Ai. This doesn't make her any differnce from Shui Jing. But Run Hou trusts his own judgment. He knows that Ju Hua is sensible and caring to her family. She must have been blinded by the money to commit the mistake. He will not forgive her if this happens 5 years ago but wil pardon her now.

Chen Xin visits Run Hou to tell him Ju Hua's purpose of leaving him after knowing from Hui Ai. She notices that he looks pale. He is weary after searching for Ju Hua in vain. He is thankful to her for being truthful to him. She also tells Ju Hua to stay by his side. Although she tries hard to change Dong Guo's mind, he doesn't listen to her.

Upon knowing Run Hou is hospitalized, she visits him but finds no one else there. Although he doesn't wish to trouble Ju Hua, she knows that he misses her so she conveys the message to Yu Qing. Seeing that he does well in the product promotion, she finds Run Hou strong now. Run Hou admits that Ju Hua is his pillar of strength.

She sits beside Run Hou during Run Zhen's wedding but notices that his eyes are only fixed on Ju Hua. After the presentation, she is affirmed that she makes the correct decision. She has not seen Run Hou so happy at work for a long time. With her beside him, both make a compatible pair. Ju Hua still feels that she owes Chen Xin too much.

And yes indeed, she is so helpful to tell Xiu Jing about Run Hou helping Ju Hua and even helps to pass some money to her on Run Hou's behalf. She returns Hui Ai's ring to her as the rightful owner should be Ju Hua. Yu Qing promises to help Chen Xin to look for a boyfriend. Poor woman – she often takes the initiative to hug or to kiss Run Hou but he shows little response. In the end, she straightens her thoughts to give her best wishes to the couple.

7. Piao Run Zhi -Yoon Yeo-jung

She runs away from home when her parents oppose to her to marry Guang Man. He turns out to be a 3rd rate car salesman and she has to work hard at home to make ends meet. She dresses simply and often ends up arguing with her mother whenever they meet. She turns up at her parents' home – after making the blunder, she decides to make a cross-stitch of her parents. But she dislikes Hui Ai to keep mentioning how rich Zai Xu is to compare him with Guang Man.

Yun Zhi is a caring elder sister to solve her younger siblings' love problems. She is the first in the family to notice Run Hou is troubled before marriage. Run Hou wishes he has the chance to quarrel with Chen Xin to be frank about their own feelings. Yun Zhi is about to ask more when Guang Man wants to return home. She then requests Hui Ai to reconsider the marriage plans. She worries that Run Hou doesn't wish to get married and Chen Xin will end up like Run Zhen. Hui Ai is angry with her and forbids her to talk further.

However, their ties become better when Guang Man trusts the wrong person to lose their ouse and money. Hui Ai hesitates asking her to stay with her after her maid resigns. Run Zhen is concerned upon knowing that Hui Ai gets sick over Run Hou's quarrel with their father. After Run Hou leaves home as he falls out with his family over his liking over Ju Hua, they then move in to stay with them.

After knowing that Ju Hua accepts Hui Ai's money, Run Zhi informs Run Hou about the news as she is afraid of him getting cheated. Run Hou is still firm in his belief. She is shocked to know that he is hospitalized and visits him. Does he fall ill because of work pressure or due to emotional stress?

Run Hou's answer is both although the emotional stress is the main cause. She notices that although he looks thinner, he looks robust. He reveals both are together again and introduces her formally to Run Zhi's family at Run Zhen's wedding. She has a good impression of her.

She beomes a tuition teacher so that Guang Man can stay at home. It is only then she realises that he is doing a lot of hard work outside and she should not have complained about him.

8. Hong Fu Nan – Shin Koo
He is Yu Qing's grandfather who pins all hopes on his youngest son to be a successful tailor to take over him. But he dies in a car accident and he has to bear with the pain. Thus he decides to close the shop after his retirement. He treats Ju Hua like a granddaughter to put her up in his home. Unknown to his family, he plans to remarry when all have thought that he can't get over the youngest son's death.

He likes Hui Shu at first sight when she slips to go under his umbrella and decides to woo her. He is too much to get Yu Jin to cook for her. This old man even borrows Feng Jiu's flowery shirts to try to look younger! But age is still catching up with him and he is very tired after a whole day with her at the amusement park.

She rejects him and he ages within a night. Upon knowing that his son and daughter-in-law have confronted Hui Shu, he becomes mad with them and sleeps in the shop. He insists that Feng Jiu must marry Chun Xi whom he chooses for him within 3 months. He records a love song on CD for Hui Shu as a present. He doesn't even tell his family that he gives their dog to Hui Shu and makes them search for it frantically. Yu Jin gets so mad that she carries it home to tell him to spare a thought for the dog's feelings.

He deliberately brings Hui Shu home on his birthday to make known to all that he treats her as his girlfriend. He is 69 but removes 3 candles from the cake to claim to be younger. This scares her away. He is enraged when seeing Feng Jiu singing to Hui Shu using a guitar. How dare he as he has gotten the money from him to attend the music lessons! He cuts off the strings from his guitar – how nasty can he be!

He develops the habit of writing letters and locks them at his personal P.O. box. His family members are curious to know what he writes but he will not show them. Knowing that Hui Shu runs into debts, he decides to sell off his burial plot to pay her creditors. His family opposes to it and he goes on a hunger strike. When Yi Dao stays in Hui Shu's shop, he offers her to stay with them. Upon seeing that Yi Dao is about to hurt Feng Jiu, he shields him to break his arm.

This causes Hui Shu to take care of him. Both go out for a walk and he gets her a hairclip. Others think that she is his daughter but she cites that the age gap is not important. Knowing that Yi Dao is unreliable, he wants him to leave and makes a suit for him. He gives him money and wants him to start afresh elsewhere.

Knowing how Yi Dao tries to steal Hui Shu's land deed, he decides that it is time for him to reflect his mistake. He makes Yi Dao a new suit and some money to treat Hui Shu to a meal before he leaves. Yi Dao surrenders himself to the police as he is tired of running from his debtors. When knowing that Hui Shu has a tumour in her liver, he worries for her and loses his appetite.

Both later become lovers but he hesitates when his friend dies. Is he too selfish to want her to marry him since he is so much older than her? Only when she decides to leave, he makes her stay and proposes to her. I am really speechless over how he marries her after this intense bittersweet romance as he fends off a far younger suitor – his single and much-more-younger son. Feng Jiu backs out willingly as he knows that he will never love as deeply as him.

All laugh when he thinks that Hui Shu is pregnant and is so angry that it is only a false alarm. This old man shows favouritism so openly. He makes a coat for Hui Shu but never makes one for Yu Jin who slogs for his family for so many years. Yu Jin has thought that he doesn't know how to make women's clothes and is sore over it. He also writes Hui Shu a romantic card, wishing her Happy New Year.

He is happy that Ju Hua is getting married and offers to make Run Hou's suit. Still, he can't feeling upset at times that his youngest son isn't the bridegroom and he is alone in heaven. His health is failing so Yu Qing has to complete with him. He accepts a group order and he slowly feels that he can't take it. He plans to lease out the shop so he makes a female suit for Yu Jin to express his gratitude for her. Yu Qing decides to take over the shop. He is in tears while thanking him for his gesture.

9. Piao Dong Guo - Han Jin-hee

He is Run Hou's father and he is 3 years younger than his wife. They often argue with each other after marriage as he once has an affair. He is very temperamental when his family members forget his birthday to change his will for many times! He once has an affair and it takes Min Ai some time to forgive him.

He wants Chen Xin to be part of their family so he urges Run Hou to marry her. He also opposes to Min Zhi marrying Guang Man. But unlike Min Ai, he has forgiven them long ago and he welcomes them home. He is angry over Hui Ai's attitude as it is her first time to visit them after 10 years.

Knowing Run Zhen's predicament on whether to stay with Zai Xu over his infidelity, he advises her to reconsider carefully. When knowing that Zai Xi is still with the woman, he he decides to make the two divorce. He even punches Zai Xu up thrice for ruining Run Zhen's life. The first for nearly becoming his father-in-law, the second as him being a man and the last as his elder!

Dong Guo gets so angry with Hui Ai that he chases her away from home. He knows that Hui Ai sneaks home to visit Run Zhen and deliberately exposes her. He allows Hui Ai to return home but forces her to sign an agreement not to interfere with Run Zhen's love life again. He dislikes her to go for botex to be on television. How can she still be in the mood after Run Zhen's saga? He has wished her to accept her process of growing old but she doesn't seem to listen to him.

Other husbands will get worried but he laughs to see Hui Ai hurting her sacrum. In fact, he is as firm as Run Hou not to dismiss Ju Hua since she makes him laugh. He will never forget his subordinates' baffled expressions. But he shakes his head to see how untrained Run Zhen is in cooking. This shows poor upbringing from Hui Ai.

On the other hand, he is pleased with Ju Hua's cooking when she comes to help out. He heaves a sigh of relief as he hasn't tasted a decent meal for days! He also feels that Hui Ai is too biased as Ju Hua is actually cheery and pretty looking. Dong Guo becomes Chen Xin's 'father' to give her the dowry money. She is so moved that she cries. Dong Guo is angry with Run Hou for backing out from the wedding photo shoot and insists that the marriage plans must continue with no delay.

When knowing that Guang Man is in financial difficulties, he offers him a job in UT but he declines a desk-bound job. He then invites Guang Man to move in with them. Dong Guo learns that Run Hou has another lover and blames Ming Ai for keeping it from him. He has his mind set to disown him if he refuses to obey him to go to Singapore.

He is tongue-tied to know that Run Hou loves Ju Hua. So he notifies her that he will never accept her as his future daughter-in-law. He feels that their gap is too wide and suspects that she has a motive. He has another shock of his life to see how Guang Man admires his home kitchen. Can such a man exist? Still, he begins to admire his culinary skills and praises him for cooking better than Hui Ai.

Run Hou obeys Ju Hua to call home before he eats. Dong Guo tells him that he calls the wrong number so Run Hou knows that he will not forgive him easily. Unlike Hui Ai who opposes strongly to Yu Qing being his future son-in-law and prefers her to marry into an influential family, he actually likes him and approves of him. He believes that he is the only one who can control Run Zhen.

Even though Hui Ai is displeased that Run Zhen is going to stay with the Hongs after marriage, he approves of it. He also gives his consent to it even though he discovers that Run Zhen has lied about her pregnancy. He emphasizes on working ability so he allows Ju Hua to return to UT to work.

His ex-secretary calls him to request for a job recommendation. This woman nearly wrecks his marraige as Hui Ai wrongs him for having an affair with her 10 years ago. Run Hou reminds him of Hui Ai's birthday. He rushes home but both are in cold war for days. He slowly notices that Ju Hua is Run Hou's competent assistant to upgrades herself and is very kind.

Moreover, Run Hou can't live without her and she is the one to persuade her to return home. Thus, he agrees to their marriage and also helps to change Hui Ai's mind. He applauds Ju Hua's decision to stay with them after marriage and is annoyed that Hui Ai opposes to it. He will not give them money to buy the house then since he is in favour to stay with them.

He is pleased when Hui Ai changes her mind. He voices his disapproval when Hui Ai intends to publish her autobiography. When will she stop seeking attention? Her life can only be summarized by a word – pretence. She pretends to be elegant, has good upbringing and never opposes to her children's love choices. Seeing how affectionate Run Hou is to Ju Hua openly, he reminds him to be discreet but Run Hou suggests him to do the same to Hui Ai.

He flares up upon seeing the news on the mathcmaker blurting to reporters that Hui Ai arranges for 20 over matches for Run Hou before he marries Ju Hua. After having a good talk with Hui Ai, he discovers that she behaves like this as she is lonely. Seeing her tipsy, he carries her to her room – to the astonishment of the others! Both often go on tours after that.

10. Mrs Piao (Yin Hui Ai) - Yoon Yeo Jung

She is a Korean cuisine researcher who hopes the best for her children. She is pregnant with Run Zhi when marrying Dong Guo. Dong Guo gets sick of her boasting on television on how she prepares meals for her family. She can lie without coming up with a script. In reality, her maid does the job at home. Run Zhi disappoints her for not marrying a rich man so she jeers at her whenever he has the chance. But she has forgiven them in her heart – it is just that she is too proud to admit it.

Dong Guo is so angry with Hui Ai for ruining Run Zhen's life to chase her out. She puts up at Run Zhen's home and learns to appreciate Guang Man's merits. Hui Ai has thought that Run Hou's refusal to get married is because of Shui Jing. She treats Chen Xin as her daughter-in-law and is astonished at Run Hou's choice of liking Ju Hua.

She goes with Run Zhen to Ju Hua to throw chillis at her. She warns her not to use her parentage to win Run Hou's sympathy. She doesn't believe that she has nothing to do with Run Hou's decision. She informs Chen Xin about this and wants her to pretend not to know about it to give Run Hou a chance to change his mind. But Run Zhen accidentally spills the beans to Run Hou. Run Hou loses his temper at Hui Ai. Ju Hua has done nothing wrong. It is him who likes her. Why make her life more difficult when she is already so uptight now? Run Hou insists that he can't get married no matter how she forces him.

She gets so furious that she slaps Ju Hua. This act makes Run Hou more adamant. She asks Run Hou why he sides with Ju Hua even she scratches Run Zhen's face. He doesn't want her to make life difficult for Ju Hua as he is the one chasing after her. Hui Ai becomes ill after seeing how he is mesmerized with Ju Hua.

She tries giving Ju Hua money and an air ticket to return to China. Ju Hua chases her away as this hurts her pride. Hui Ai is upset when Run Hou leaves home because of her. She calls him when he is looking for an apartment to rent so he doesn't answer her call. She is very upset that her only son is snatched away by such a woman. She goes to the Hongs, wanting them to control Ju Hua. Fu Nan is angry that she puts the blame on Ju Hua to cause Run Hou to leave home and insists that Ju Hua is an obedient child. He is very sure that she is not with Run Hou because of money.

Hui Ai deems the abalone porridge Run Zhi prepares for her too bland. Guang Wan is pleased to get a chance to cook again but she dissuades him from putting up photos of the dishes on his blog to share with others. What will others think if they discover that her son-in-law is a househusband?

Hui Ai is enraged to know that Run Zhen is dating Yu Qing. She tries to matchmake her with another man and ground her at home. Dong Guo is furious to learn from Yu Qing that he makes the marriage proposal because he doesn't wish Run Zhen to go for any more matchmaking session. She quarrels with Yu Jin as Yu Jin doesn't deem Run Zhen suitable for Yu Qing as she knows nothing.

Run Zhen lies to her that she is 2 months pregnant in order to get married to Yu Qing. She wants Run Zhen to keep her 'pregnancy' under wraps so that she will not be looked down. She is enraged that this isn't the truth but luckily Yu Qing manages to appease her. In fact, she shows him favouritism so much than to Guang Man that Run Zhi gets jealous.

Yu Qing manages her cut finger but Dong Guo doesn't even notice it. Yu Qing sings a lullaby to coax Run Zhen to sleep. Hui Ai overhears him and envies them. Upon returning to her room, she only sees Dong Guo snoring. She gets so mad that she pinches his nose.

She invites the Hong family home. Her motive is to make Yu Jin feel inferior. But her plan backfires when Guang Man gets drunk to tell all on how he is being treated like a servant. She fawns on her wealth to get luxious dowry for Run Zhen. She quarrels with Yu Jin and Dong Guo threatens to throw her out. Both women have to reach a reconcilation as they accept some of the appliances.

Disliking Ju Hua, she threatens to drink acid in front of her. Unknown to her, Guang Man has warned Ju Hua beforehand that it is only plain water. She is taken aback when Ju Hua grabs it first to drink it. She is upset that Run Zhen has to do housework after marriage and quarrels with Yu Jin. She is angry when Dong Guo doesn't support her.

To make sure that Dong Guo is jealous of her, she sends flowers to herself. He is displeased that she can be so childish. Although she finds Ju Hua better than Xiu Jing, she still opposes to Ju Hua marrying Run Hou. They are only together because there is the need to talk to each other.

Her television interview ends in disaster again when Ju Hua ruins it. Even though she pleads with the crew not to show it, they still present it as they need to cover the time. Her students surround her with questions and she suddenly feels faint. Guang Man blurts out their relationship out of concern. Reporters start to ask her questions later so she has to agree to let Run Hou marry Ju Hua unwillingly.

She presses Ju Hua to go an interview with her together after buying branded clothes and doing her hair. The reporter has wanted to know how 'open' she is to let someone of the lower class to become a new member of her family. Ju Hua is forced to say positive things about her but still reveals that her great grandfather is a hawker to anger her. it seems that her fondness for interviews always land her in trouble.

Ju Hua comes to celebrate New Year with them. Hui Ai pretends that she is the one doing the cooking but she makes a fool of herself as she doesn't know where Guang Man keeps the ingredients! Guang Man has to make her walk out – why not try to be herself? Although Chen Xin returns her mother's ring to her, she doesn't include it into the betronal gift box as she still doesn't consider her as her daughter-in-law.

Angered by the matchmaker's attitude, she decides to pen her own autobiography. She still comes up with packs of lies that make Ju Hua shake her head but has to comply with her. Hui Ai has lied that she allows her children to marry partners of their own choice. Sensing something amiss, Ju Hua prevents the publishing company from printing the book. Sure enough, the matchmaker reveals Hui Ai's true colours to the press. Hui Ai is grateful to Ju Hua for helping her out.

Seeing the old couple quarreling frequently, Ju Hua lies that the whole family is going to celebrate for Guang Wan who gets the chef license. All leave both to talk to each other. The two have a nice time and Ju Hua also buys a king-sized bed for them. She believes that married couples should not sleep separately. Hui Ai finally gives Ju Hua her ring. All her children are too busy to care for them but Ju Hua shows them concern so she is very touched.

11. Hong Feng Jiu - Kang Seok-woo
He is the second son who doesn't wish to inherit his father's tailor shop. He is only interested in music. So he teaches singing in a music school and works as a nightclub singer. He also set eyes on Hui Shu and woos her with all his might. He even gets a ring for her, hoping that she will marry him one day. He gives her a handphone upon knowing that hers is faulty.

He tries to matchmake other women with Fu Nan with no avail – just like what Fu Nan does to him when both know that they are love rivals. Be entertained by his comments to his father – you should find the right size and try not to climb up the wrong tree that will cause you to injure your neck. He asks for a fair love competition.

But he is really selfish – he avoids Hui Shu upon knowing that she runs into debts. He only looks forward to invest his savings for his latest album. He compares Yi Dao with Fu Nan. One tries to sell away Hui Shu's land while the other tries selling his burial ground to help her. How different they are!

He has initially thought of Fu Nan to be a tyrant to pick on Yu Jin at home and behaving like a child. (I still think the old man has gone too extreme.) But when it comes to important issues, he becomes a decisive, selfless and magnamious man in order not to hurt the woman he loves. Upon seeing how his father makes sacrifices for Hui Shu, he backs out from the love war.

Ba Zi's presence gives him a big headache. Although he has slept with her, he refuses to be held responsbile. He still introduces Gao to her, intending to make both a pair. This man is too dependent on his family – to think that he still asks Yu Jin for money to give his friends a treat before he goes out! He doesn't like women to be too direct. That is why he runs away from both women.

Ba Zi requests for a one month love contract. He agrees reluctantly but hardly feels romance with her. She still doesn't harbour any marriage plans even when her mother comes. But upon seeing how she treats Gao as her future son-in-law, he can't help feeling jealous over it. Only when she decides to leave till her realises his feelings for her. He promises to marry her when his 5th album is released.

Thus Ba Zi forces him to make part-time delivery to earn more money. He obliges unwillingly as she seizes his earnings and gives him the allowance daily so that she can deposit money into their combined fixed account. Both are a confirmed couple now.

12. Hong Wen Jiu - Kang Nam Gil

He is Yu Qing's father who is a train station manager. He is a loving husband. Knowing how she suffers in his father's hands, he often gets her little gifts to cheer her up. Being filial and soft-spoken, he hardly goes against his father. That is why he finds it unbelievable when Yu Jin suspects that Mr Hong is in love with Hui Shu. Knowing that she is very upset over the Hui Shu's love war, he tries his best to console her.

He normally obeys Fu Nan. However, he agrees with Yu Jin that Fu Nan is too mushy with Hui Shu at the lunch table. Feng Jiu advises both men not to side with both women when they quarrel. When Fu Nan describes Yu Jin as over-sensitive, he is startled that Feng Jiu sides with Yu Jin to protect her this time.

Wen Jiu always tries his best to pacify his wife to cook meals for his family. He dislikes Yu Jin to put on the red hideous lipstick to compete with Hui Shu so he often comments on her natural complexion to dissuade her from applying.

Run Zhen calls him 'in-law father' and he likes it. Knowing that she has a hard time, he buys tidbits for her to cheer her up. When Run Zhen tells of Dong Guo's 'affair', the family divides into 2 divisions – men should support the men. He is very persistent – even wanting the men to sleep separately from their wives. The war only stops when they bet to see who will win.

Wen Jiu is excited to bring Ju Hua to the wedding altar. He gets too nervous when he gives her off – to make the couple stand on the wrong side! The others have to correct him. He is the peacemaker in the family as he doesn't wish the members to quarrel over trival matters.

13. Mrs Hong ( Jin Yu Jin) - Kim Mi Kyung
She once works for Hui Shu's father and Hui Shu ill-treats her. She is happy to see her sad plight so she seeks revenge now. Little does she know that her brother-in-law and father-in-law are both interested in her. Yu Jin is very unhappy when Mr Hong keeps asking her to prepare food for Hui Shu – this reminds her of her servant days. She hates Hui Shu for keep mentioning about her past.

Her sixth sense is usually accurate. She suspects that Yu Qing likes Ju Hua when he helps her to wash the dishes and he also prepares kimchi rice for her. Her suspicion comes true when seeing the talking bear he gets for her. She hints to Ju Hua to keep a distance from Yu Qing and matchmakes her with someone else.

Wen Jiu doesn't believe that Yu Qing falls for Ju Hua. Yu Jin finds Ju Hua's photo in Yu Qing's wallet and she is more than determined to make Ju Hua marry the man she recommends. Yu Qing doesn't return home one day as he rushes to Busan to attend a friend's father's wake. He requests Feng Jiu to convey the message but he forgets.

Ju Hua is also ill to sleep over at her workplace so she presumes that they are together. After confronting Ju Hua to discover that it is a mistake, she feels bad but still defends herself. She isn't a wicked person to cook tonics for Hui Shu upon knowing that she is ill. She opposes strongly to Hui Shu marrying Fu Nan but gives in upon reading Fu Nan's love letters.

Yu Jin is appalled when both decide to stay with them after marriage and she has to wait on them! She gets more agitated when Hui Shu only gives her monthly allowance meant for a person even after she marries into the family and insists that she pays double.

She is mad with her for waking up late and doesn't do the housework. She is even more upset when Hui Shu serves Fu Nan the mudskipper soup meant for Wen Jiu. Seeing how unbearing Hui Ai is, she disapproves of Yu Qing marrying Run Zhen but Wen Jiu manages to make her change her mind.

She initially objects to change everything at home. Wen Jiu has contributed them by saving up hard. She gives in to change a few pieces after persuasion. Yu Jin shakes her head upon seeing how lousy Run Zhen is in doing housework. She coaches her strictly but also treats her well. Run Zhen is jealous that she makes a quilt for Ju Hua and asks for one too. Run Zhen never fails in wanting her attention.

She is sore over Yu Qing's choice to take over the tailor shop. She bursts into tears when Fu Nan gives her the outfit. He has finally acknowledged what she has done for his family over the years. Thus, she doesn't oppose to yu Qing's decision later.

14. Cai Hui Shu - Lee Hye Sook
She marries the wrong man and has to run away from his debtors even after their divorce. That makes her determined not to remarry again. She puts up a forced front that she is still a rich woman in front of others. But she only owns a small eatery now. She wants all to call her as Mrs Thumb.

She is very flirtatious to charm men whenever she goes to get involved in love triangles. She deliberately gets close to Mr Hong to spite back at Yu Jin. But she envies her to have a happy family with children as she is childless. The development becomes a bit complicated when Mr Hong brings the home's dog as the shop's 'bodyguard' without telling his family! The whole family hunts high and low for it so Yu Jin flares up upon seeing it there.

She returns the men's presents to them upon knowing that they are father and son. She also deletes Feng Jiu's number from the handphone. But she can't help feeling lonely when they don't patronize her shop anymore. Yi Dao's return forces her to stay with the Hongs. When she is ill, both men cook breakfast for her. Yu Jin nearly bursts to see how they try to get into her good books.

Hui Shu fears that she might get cancer like her father upon knowing that there is a tumour in her liver. Fu Nan offers to donate his liver to save her. She is touched and decides to go dating with him. Both get a set of lovers' rings and the Hongs guess the meaning even before Fu Nan announces to them.

After marrying into the family, she throws her weight around. She is very materialistic and gets Run Zhen to give her her diamond necklace. She also becomes sarcastic to Yu Jin for disapproving her to marry Yu Qing. She tries her best to help them to get together. She even supports Hui Ai to change all the furniture because she is very greedy.

She is initially pleased to take over the family accounts. After discovering that she has overspent, she returns the power to Yu Jin. Hui Shu is very reluctant to register her marriage with Fu Nan. She wants to get an agent license to suit his status as she doesn't want people to have the wrong impression that she is eyeing on his wealth.

Knowing that Yu Jin has no decent clothes to meet her in-laws, she lends her a suit but they have to bring her there in exchange. She is a materialistic woman – who is so thick-skinned as her to ask for a sound system from Hui Ai as part of Run Zhen's dowry? She dreams of a goldfish and worries that she will be pregnant. She ends up having menopause instead.

She is a very materialistic person. Upon seeing the fur coat that Run Zhen steals from Hui Ai, she wears it to go out for dancing. But seeing that Fu Nan gets jealous to see her dancing with younger men, she stops going to the class. She knits a scarf for him. Knowing that Yu Jin will get jealous, she deliberately wears the coat that Fu Nan makes for her.

Knowing that Yu Jin doesn't want her to turn up at their high-school alumini meeting, she deliberately tags along to make known to all that she is her mother-in-law. Upon hearing one classmate insulting her for remarrying because of money, yu Jin joins forces to teach her a lesson. Both have a better relationship now. She is very meddlesome to offer to introduce a fortune-teller who will improve a couple's marriage to Hui Ai. Hui Ai has to inform Yu Jin about it.

15. Gao Da Xiu (Mr. Hong's assistant, 45): Lee Han Wi
He is the first person who knows Mr Hong's intention to get remarried. So he hints him to look for an old woman – not someone who is young enough to be his daughter. He becomes very amused to see the father and son fighting over a woman but prefers to sit on the fence to watch this.

Yu Qing helps out in the shop when he is on leave. Da Xiu admires his sewing skills but Fu Nan prefers to close his shop for his future. He is touched over Fu Nan's undying love for Hui Shu and gives him encouragement although he opposes initially. He is interested in Ba Zi and Fu Nan tries to bring them together. He flares up upon knowing that Ba Zi is interested in Feng Jiu instead.

More so when seeing how Ba Zi making advances at Feng Jiu. So he tries to ruin their dates as often as possible. Thus he arranges Chun Xi to return to create trouble for Feng Jiu. He also tries to please Ba zi's mother. He ends up being a couple with Chun Xi instead.

16. Gao Guang Man - Ahn Jung Hoon
He is Yun Zhi's husband who tries his best to cope with the poor life. Thus he works as a car salesman. He tries for 7 years for the law entrance exam but can never make it to the bar. His car sales are always poor. Usually eloquent, he stammers and rushes to the toilet when he gets too nervous upon seeing his mother-in-law. Thus Min Ai is too ashamed to acknowledge him in public.

He is very grateful to Min Ai for recommending deals to him so he comes with his family without informing her. Unknown to them, the television station is interviewing Min Ai. Min Ai lies to the crew that Guang Man owns the car agency. Na Li blurts out how Min Ai treats her parents to embarrass her. He gets the wrong information that he will get promoted and is crestfallen when knowing he isn't chosen.

He remains positive in doing his job but is upset to know that Run Zhen marries the wrong man. Seeing Run Zhi voicing that this is retribution for Hui Ai for opposing their marriage in the past, he reminds her not to build on Run Zhen's agony. He resigns to open his eatery, wanting to pursue his own dream.

But he trusts the wrong person who absconds with his money and leaving him with his debts. The shop that he invests is being auditioned and he has no backup plan since he has mortgaged his home for the funds. He stays out for the night to worry his wife – Hui Ai is right to say that he is still as irresponsible as before.

He only returns home a few days later to find that his family has given him a 'thank you' certificate for taking care of them all these years. He is touched and promises to work hard. But he doesn't wish to work for Dong Guo. He is proud and reluctant to move in to stay with the Piaos as he doesn't wish to be looked down. He is even determined to stay in the cellar to save money although Na Li has breathing problems.

But he reconsiders his decision when Run Hou leaves home. He is their son-in-law and should help them out. Dong Guo doesn't know why he is so overjoyed to see their spacious kitchen. He cooks well for a ill Hui Ai but she still deems him useless as a man should go out and work and not to stay in a kitchen.

He fixes delicious breakfast for the family but Hui Ai doesn't appreciate this. Not just this, he also takes up cross-stitch! Run Zhi starts to feel that he isn't behaving like a man. He doesn't mind doning the apron at home to cook all the time.

He is very touched when Dong Guo gives him housekeeping money and Hui Ai finally agrees to hire him as the housekeeper. But he dislikes the way Hui Ai treat him like a servant when Yu Qing comes as a guest. Hui Ai keeps on comparing her two sons-in-laws. He intends to improve his skills so he signs up to become Hui Ai's student. She has no choice but to tell him to keep from the other students.

He likes the idea of Ju Hua joining the family. He offers to guide her in doing housework. He even helps to change Hui Ai's mind to let Ju Hua move in with them. He hints that Hui Ai is nice to let the young couple enjoy their privacy by letting them to move out so Hui Ai gets Ju Hua to move in. Hui Ai doesn't allow him to help Ju Hua in managing the housework after she marries in. He gets so unused to this.

He works hard to get his chef license. Knowing that Hui Ai is in low spirits, he handles her cultinary tuititon classes. Seeing that he is doing well, Hui Ai decides to retire to go into culinary research to handle her post to him. He does the job well.

17. Gao Na Li
She is like Guang Man – who doesn't know how to hide the facts. Dong Guo finds her resembling Run Zhi in looks and longs to see her. He coaxes Hui Ai to call Run Zhi to visit them. But she loves her parents – she refuses to sleep when Guang Man isn't back. She is very supportive of what her parents do.

18. Jiang Jian Rong
He is Chen Xin's younger brother who finishes his national service. He is quite dashing and many girls like him. He is a plastic surgeon and Yu Shu goes to him under Yun Zhen's recommendation. He finds nothing wrong with her looks. He slowly falls for her. Do have a good laugh when he attends Run Hou's wedding with Chen Xin. He takes the trouble to go near to Yu Shu to greet her! She returns his greeting coldly. Chen Xin notices the glow on his face.
Yu Shu keeps rejecting his dates and scolds him for not operating on her. She gets agitated when she is going for an interview but her face is still the same. He isn't deterred by this and promises to be held responsible if she can't get the job. But she is successful so he finally wins over her with his sincerity. He proves that looks is not that important to all.

19. Pei Chun Xi
She is a divorcee with a son and is big in size. She falls for Feng Qiu during their first matchmaking session. She is adamant to get him so she will come straight to the Hongs once Mr Hong gives her a call. She grows green with jealousy upon seeing Feng Qiu helping out at Hui Shu's shop. So she throws a stone to break her shop's window.

She returns to become Ba Zi's competitor when she learns that Hui Shu marries Fu Nan. Both women keep turning up at their house. Chun Xi tries to please Yu Jin while Ba Zi tries to buy over Hui Shu. Knowing that Feng Jiu becomes Ba Zi's boyfriend, she throws a stone to break the shop's window again. Unlike the last time to run away, she stays to scold them. She becomes a couple with Gao after being his wine buddy.

20. Luo Ba Zi (morning glory) (38): Jo Mi Ryung (Golden Apple)
She is obsessed with Feng Jiu and owns a flower shop after Hui Shu closes the eatery. This is planned beforehand – she has fallen for him since he went to her high school to promote his album and took a photo with her. She keeps all his posters and albums.

She has 6 elder sisters. Her parents long for a son so they give her the name. They have been upset when she moves out secretly. Being Feng Jiu's faithful fan, she comes up with a website with his old photos when he is about to release his 5th album. She also designs his album costume and looks forward to his comeback. Actually, he is Feng Jiu's only fan till now.

Hui Shu demands to take charge of the family accounts but Yu Jin refuses to give in to her. Both women quarrel and Ba Zi hurts her back when trying to mediate. She lies of a serious injury so that Feng Jiu will take care of her.

Feng Jiu can't release his 5th album as the production company folds. He gets drunk too after losing all his money. Feeling sad for him, both get intimate and he is bothered when she insists on marrying him. If he doesn't, her family will confront him. She is very daring to visit him frequently.

Upon seeing him moving to the storeroom as Yu Qing is getting married, she offers him her savings to encourage him to move out. She even deceives him to go for her father's 70th birthday celebration by wanting him to be the singer. He runs away, leaving his suit jacket behind. She is still adamant to get him. he breaks her heart when telling that he will not marry her so she decides to give up on him. She is pleasantly surprised when he accepts her later.

21. Xia Xiu Jing(Run Hou's first love) – Ko Eun Mi
She knows Run Hou when both are in the university. Her mother is a divorcee who opens a bar. She has to look after her young siblings and holds a few jobs to make ends meet. While helping her in the process, he falls for her. Run Hou's parents force him to study overseas to break them up. Xiu Jing follows suit and both work parttime to earn money for their school fees and lodging.

She doesn't perserve enough and breaks up with Run Hou under pressure. Run Hou is unable to forget her betrayal and although he is deeply tormented by her, he still keeps the lovers' necklace. She returns to Korea for her mother's death anniversary with her 5 year old son, Yu Zhou. Ju Hua realises her identity and discovers why Run Hou likes her then because she is pretty indeed.

Xiu Jing meets Run Hou, hoping to start anew with him after her divorce. She assumes that he doesn't change all these years and still wears the necklace that he gives her. But he shatters her hopes, telling her that he has a girlfriend now. She gets frantic and asks Run Hou for help when Yu Zhou is missing. She bursts into tears in his arms. They manage to find him.

She has given up alimony in order to get his custody. Run Hou sighs – she is as reckless as before for not doing any planning. He is exhausted the next day and lies to Ju Hua that he leaves the oranges at her doorstep the night before due to work matters. Ju Hua is troubled upon knowing that he has gone to see Xiu Jing and is worried about her. Even more so upon knowing that she has divorced her husband.

After knowing that his new girlfriend is Ju Hua, Xiu Jing becomes jealous and tells her that Run Hou is only after her image. She has thought that Ju Hua is tons better than her but never expects her to be worse than her. But Ju Hua is very persistent to gain Run Hou's approval so their attitude towards her isn't as harsh as before. Xiu Jing is down to know that.

Ju Hua finds her too thickskinned – she has given up Run Hou and now she is telling her all this to gain her sympathy. Unlike her, she will answer for her own actions. Hui Ai irritates her when both women meet again. Xiu Jing asks – what if Yu Zhou is Run Hou's son? She deprives pleasure upon seeing Hui Ai's shocked expression. Why? The way Hui Ai views her is the same as 5 years ago – just like trash.

Run Hou chides her as some of the things should be left unsaid – how can she lie? She claims that she is able to do anything to get him back. Run Hou shakes his head – she has turned so pitiful and hurts herself instead. Knowing her agony, he doesn't bother to explain to his family and Ju Hua. She must have accumulated her hatred for a long time.

Xiu Jing gets ashamed of herself to see Ju Hua willing to back out as she thinks that Yu Zhou is Run Hou's son, she confesses that it isn't true. She returns the necklace to him and Run Hou throws it away. Before returning to U.S., she apologises for all the trouble she has caused. She requests Run Hou to only remember how she was like 5 years ago.

22. Piao Yi Dao (Eomji's ex-husband): Kim Ha Kyoon
A good for nothing who keeps coming back to Hui Shu even though they have divorced after 5 years. Hui Shu is forced to stay with the Hongs when he occupies her shop. He wants to make a comeback and gets Mr Hong to make a suit for him. He is also very thick-skinned to come to the Hongs' family for meals when Hui Shu tries to hide from him by staying with them.

He refers to Mr Hong as his elder brother when he helps him with his debts. But he voices disapproval of him wooing Hui Shu as the age disparity is too wide. He is back to cheat her of the house deed her father leaves her. Feng Jiu and Mr Hong catch him stealing the deed. Mr Hong gives him a chance and wants him to put it back. Yi Dao decides to surrender to the police and hopes that he can take care of Hui Shu.

23. Li Zai Xu
He is Run Zhen's husband to be. They know through match-making and his family stays in the U.S. His father owns a big construction company. He has patience with Run Zhen but she tests him too much by throwing tantrums for not marrying him. He actually has a girlfriend in the U.S. She turns up to ruin his wedding day. Both have to part as his family finally give consent to let him be with ex.

24. Jin Zhen Xiu
He is Run Zhen's another suitor. After her marriage turns void, the matchmaker makes another selection for Run Zhen. Xiao Xiu comes from a family of doctors. His elder brothers choose to work overseas. He is the only one working in Korea and is his father's considered successor.He is humble, gentle and caring. He doesn't have any negative scandal. His wife died in a car accident after 1 month of their marriage.

He likes Run Zhen at first sight to pull the chair for her. He offers to send her home after their first date. Although she rejects him, he tries hard to date her later. Zhen Xiu comes to UT to fetch Run Zhen out for dinner. He realises that he is Yu Qing's university junior. Both have joined the drama club before.

Run Zhen learns from Zhen Xiu that Yu Qing is very active during his university days and is popular too. She laughs as she can't associate him with acting. Zhen Xiu even describes him to be a romantic to make her laugh uncontrollably. Knowing that she is working overtime, he gets her sushi for dinner. Yu Qing also returns with a packet but hides it to leave. He can't erase the scene of both together on his mind when he is at home. What is he thinking about now?

Zhen Xiu arranges to meet Yu Qing. Run Zhen warns Yu Qing not to say negative things about her. Zhen Xiu actually wants to date Run Zhen officially and wishes Yu Qing to speak up for him. Yu Qing finds this a tough task to accomplish.

Zhen Xiu arranges to watch a movie with Run Zhen but he is busy with work. He requests Yu Qing to go on his behalf. Run Zhen is happy in secret but picks on him although both watch the movie together. Zhen Xiu asks Zhen Xiu during their meeting on another day how the movie goes. He notices she is distracted and keeps asking about Yu Qing. He gets suspicious about their relationship. He asks Yu Qing about it.

Yu Qing replies that he is Run Hou's classmate so he is also Run Zhen's senior too. Upon knowing that Zhen Xiu's mother intends to invite her home, he suddenly feels uneasy. He stops her from going and apologises to Zhen Xiu. He hopes that he has not caused any hurt to him. Zhen Xiu is aware of this all along – how can he be hurt as he has only met Run Zhen for a few times?

Run Zhen keeps asking him about Yu Qing during their meetings. He has also noticed a sparkle in Yu Qing's eyes whenever he looks at Run Zhen. Although they are a mismatch in others' eyes, he is confident that they are the best match.

Favourite character
Run Hou, despite being cold, he actually has a soft heart. He gives adequate chances to Ju Hua to improve herself. It is just that this woman doesn't know how to treasure her chances properly in the beginning! A close second is Yu Qing who is so nice to everyone.

Most hated character
Mr Hong, he makes Yu Jin miserable and also Feng Jiu because of his affections for Hui Shu. He is very selfish and temperamental. They have to suit his moods when he throws tantrums. Poor Wen Jiu has to sleep with him at the shop because Mr Hong simply protests against his family for disapproving him to woo Hui Shu – although he himself isn't sure if she likes him!

Best dressed character
The first is Run Hou – his wardrobe of nice suits seem never ending. A close second is Run Zhen. This shows that both really belong to the upper class society.

The songs
The fast paced theme song 'I fall in love with you' is by Zhi En. There is also a slow version of the song which I prefer. I like the subtheme 'tired because of love' by her too.

Interesting facts

Lee Yun-ji and Yoon Yeo-jung act as daughter and mother in 'Goong'. (They are Prince Shin's family.) They act as sisters in this drama. Han Jin-hee and Yoon Yeo Jung did not end up as a couple in 'Hotelier' (Remember Han as Yun Xi's father and Yoon as Rong Qi's mother. Both become bitter rivals in business because she married another man.) They act as a married couple in here. How dramas can change fates!
This drama won a number of awards at KBS television 2006 awards. Shin Koo won the best acting award. Lee Han Wi won the best supporting actor award. Lee Yun-ji and Ku Hye-sun won the best female newcomer awards. (For Heye-sun, I feel that she is wrongly deserved for it as she is not up to mark.) Seo Ji-suk won the best male newcomer award. As for nominations, Kang Nam Gil was nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Lee Min Woo was for Excellence Actor of the Year.
Upon knowing that Hye-sun is going to act in Korean version of 'flower boys', I moan like Hui Ai in this drama – no, no, no, this must be some kind of mistake! It is not going to work if she is using exactly the same way to act here to act in there. Her performance is only mediocore and others have overated her.


Unlike the other long dramas that I enjoy watching, this drama isn't exactly my cup of tea. Why? The story is too far stretched and long-winded. I can never agree that a village girl can be so silly to make so many blunders. It is fine to make her lose her way because she isn't familiar in another country. But to the extent of her becoming a nuisance is getting out of hand. She gets on my nerves when I watch this drama daily.

Being hardworking is a virtue but Ju Hua doesn't only always dozing off or sometimes late for work but also loves talking back at her boss. Plus, she often brags of herself being a model pupil. She should learn from Yu Qing on how to be modest. He is first in class yearly and even wins a university scholarship but we don't see him keep stressing on that!

I detest her frequent claims that nothing is wrong or apologies. Neither can I accept the part where Yu Qing's parents oppose to her to be with Yu Qing. She isn't his uncle's widow so why they do this to her? Ju Hua and Run Hou are a perfect match – not because they compliment each other well or they are equally bony-looking but because they keep lying to each other. But they can be so funny in their exchanges. Ju Hua is never his match because she is slow.

Run Zhen is another scatterbrain. Seeing how she commits every blunder makes me wonder if she has the basic common sense. It is hard to make me believe that a person of good upbringing will behave like this. The producer just wants to make her to be a fool to create laughs. But it often backfires.

We have seen our heroines living in attic houses in 'attic cat' and 'lovers in Paris'. Thus there isn't any orginality for this one for the parallel arrangement.

This drama is not just on people finding love at 19(Ju Hua) alone. It also shows people seeking for love at 29 (Yu Qing and Run Hou), 49(Feng Jiu) and 69(Fu Nan). Their ways of showing love can be equally pure and innocent. Fu Nan's method can be overbearing, though to keep humiliating Feng Jiu.

I understand that the poor country girl and rich city man with disapproving parents are familiar drama segments. Yet, this drama later shows that it isn't that soapy because of the many characters regardless of age and class. Run Hou's parents have to face their own marital storms besides fretting over their children's futures or love lives. It is natural as all parents want the best for their children. The veterans do entertain you with their amusing dialogues. They act better than the young.

Love, repeatedly breaks and deliberate misunderstandings are created throughout the show. It loses steam towards the end. I feel that Xiu Jing's return saga is not done properly. It becomes so bland. She hardly poses a threat to Ju Hua. Moreover, Ju Hua's nonsencial acts put me off too. But if you like sitcoms and bear with unbelievable plots, this drama is just right for you.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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