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Reviewed by: nedenuleyn April 24, 2013

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Plot Seo Haeun is a cop who had lost his memory when he was 7 in an accident where he lost his father too. A guy took him to a man who likes gambling and has a daughter. The daughter, Eunha, and Haeun become like siblings although neither of them wants to. They are actually in love with each other. Despite Haeun, who tries to be honorable and rejects her, Eunha is brave enough to confess her love. A guy is...

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Reviewed by: windancer May 03, 2006

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Cast Eom Tae Woong as Suh Ha Eun / Yoo Kang Hyeok / Yoo Shin Hyeok Han Ji Min as Suh Eun Ha Kang Shin Il as Suh Jae So ( Eun Ha's father) So Yi Hyun as Lee Gang Ju (Crime Reporter, also the intended betrothed to Yoo Shin Hyeok) Kim Gap Soo as Lee Tae Jun (The corrupt Senator, father of Lee Gang Ju) Goo Joo Won as Jung Jin Woo (Deputy Chairman of J&C Corp) Ki Joo...

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02-03-2010 03:43 PM


Intelligent and intense story, acting, and directing. Eom Tae Woong is brilliant and versatile! But the mystery solving dragged too much in the last half.

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