Revenge and Passion

Reviewed by: sukting

September 24, 2005

Rating: three-point-five


Many know Jae Wok wins fame after acting in 'Sunflower' and 'Wish upon a star'. They ignore or forget that he also starred in another production 'Revenge and Passion' which also shot him to stardom. I have been curious to know how good he is in here. But I miss some episodes when shown on local television.

And knowing that Kim Jung Eun stars in here as her debut drama as an extra, my curiosity rises. Who doesn't wish to find out how she looks when younger?

When I saw the original vcd set at a second hand store selling at $12 (it costs $28 at normal price), I grabbed it immediately. I am puzzled on why the previous owner could bear to part with this interesting serial. I was deceived by its title, thinking that it is a tragic serial but it turns out to be a half-comedy which I welcome the change. Moreover, it is a beautiful hard cover box, which is unlike others which are made of low quality paper. Only a pity that it isn't in dual sound although the images are as clear as the television version. It is not that easy to get this drama so I relate the whole story below.


Zhu Meng learns that Shuang Dao is bringing Chun San trouble and frowns. Still, he agrees to settle for him although he has left the underworld for a long time to do legal business. Jun Hao brings a woman into a hotel and says that his father owns it. He slips the room keys into his coat at the counter. He wants to kiss her but she avoids him, looking around excitedly around the spacious room. He sits on her bed while waiting for her to finish her bath. He puts his hand on the bed and is astonished to touch Zhu Meng's leg. The gangsters follow into the room with Shuang Dao, wanting to kill Zhu Meng.

Jun Hao helps him to fend them off but you will laugh when he hits a wine bottle wrongly on Zhu Meng's head during the commotion. To prevent Shuang Dao from following, Zhu Meng waits at the door and pulls his arm to dislocate it before slamming the door on it. What a horrendous act! Jun Hao drives him away and Zhu Meng asks which clan he belongs to. You will crack up at Jun Hao's answer - he comes from home!

He gives him his name card, promising to thank him. Zhu Meng says that he owns the hotel. Seeing that Zhu Meng is only in his shorts, Jun Hao gives him his coat. He rushes to Dong Yu to return the car keys on time. Dong Yu works in a nightclub as a waiter and is relieved that he gets them on time. Otherwise, how is he going to answer to the customer? He then asks how his 'young' night goes. Jun Hao then realizes that he leaves the woman in the room. He gets slapped the next day and he looks dreamily at how Min Zhu combs her hair at the glass from outside.

Mei Qing is vain to dress up and apply make-up when the boss, Charlie isn't around instead of sweeping the floor. Min Zhu shakes her head and tells her to work hard to be a good hairdresser. Jun Hao tails Min Zhu into the salon and boasts that he wants to get ready for a meeting so he needs a haircut. You will laugh again when he boasts about being Zhu Xin Hotel's only son and his secretary handles his meetings for him.

Min Zhu is nervous over her debut cut. She accidentally places too much water on his hair and uses a rag to wipe his face! Seeing that Min Zhu is going to ruin his hair, Mei Qing diverts his attention by offering him coffee. Charlie trembles at the mess that Min Zhu has done. But Jun Hao is more terrified upon seeing how he swings his scissors! Still, he doesn't forget to look at the women's bosoms - this man is terrible. Seeing Jun Hao's coat, Zhu Meng wants Ai Li to warn Jun Hao about the danger since he can't return to the hotel.

Dong Yu gets badly beaten up when Shuang Dao discovers that he is Jun Hao's friend. Zhu Meng seeks refuge at his lover, Ai Li's home and refuses to believe Chun San betrays him. Shuang Dao runs after Dong Yu and Jun Hao with Xian Xiu. Shuang Dao manages to smash his head with a wine bottle. Jun Hao flees into the salon and lies that he doesn't have a hair wash the last time so he wants the service. Min Zhu screams upon seeing blood when doing the wash. He tries to calm her down by covering her mouth with his hand. Smile at the awkward position both are in, his other hand is holding her waist - as if they dance!

The gangsters harass the salon workers. One grabs Mei Qing and she steps on his leg. Min Zhu calmly dresses Jun Hao's wound and he is touched. He causes her to fall but Xian Xiu helps her up. Jun Hao clings onto the window frame and thanks Min Zhu for her help before escaping. Xian Xiu sees no one at the second floor and gives Mei Qing his name card. He is wiling to pay for the damage and she can settle the bill with him. Min Zhu calculates it at home because she doesn't wish to pay for it. Mei Qing thinks that he must be a gangster although Min Zhu feels he doesn't look like one.

Jun Hao goes to the hotel to look for Zhu Meng as he promises to help Dong Yu to look for a new job. Manager Bei - the person who betrays Zhu Meng requests them to wait at the restaurant so that Zhu Meng can come to meet him. The stingy Dong Yu tries to steal sugar and pepper packets from the table. He is so happy to get free drinks later. Jun Hao then receives a note from Ai Li that Zhu Meng isn't in. The gangsters surround Jun Hao to get into the lift after the manager lies that Zhu Meng will meet him upstairs.

Jun Hao quickly tells Dong Yu to wait in the car for him. Have another surprise - the lift goes up to the 15th floor but it comes down to the first level even faster. The door opens and Jun Hao comes out with a bruise at the lips. But what about the others? All of them are knocked off in the lift! He gets Dong Yu to drive off quickly and tells him that his job chance is ruined.

Zhu Meng comes to meet Chun San at the sauna, wanting to know who wants to harm him. Ha…….Chun San looks so formidable earlier with the samurai sword cutting the candles in his room but here…he is as timid as a mouse. Zhu Meng suddenly sits besides him and holds the sword before he can get it! Chun San is alarmed but is relieved that Zhu Meng only comments how sharp it is. Chun San cooks up an answer to let him leave. He later slaps his men for being incompetent to let Zhu Meng in.

Xian Xiu gets up upon hearing the ring on his pager and gets dressed. He refuses to tell Zhi Yuan whether he loves her but blames her for changing into a hairstyle that he dislikes. He goes to work and Min Zhu is waiting for him in the office. She is too shocked to see him coming in and drops some books that she is reading. She is here for the compensation. He suddenly asks her relationship with Jun Hao but she denies having anything with him. Suddenly, she stops as she realizes that he knows that he was with her.

He doesn't probe further and gives her a cheque after seeing that she also wants compensation for Mei Qing's medical fees. He opens the door for her before she leaves and she asks where he cuts his hair. This man only tells her to leave but…after that he can be so vain to admire himself in the mirror! Now Mei Qing is jealous of Min Zhu's good luck after knowing that Xian Xiu is the son of a nightclub's owner.

Jun Hao appears at the rooftop of the salon when Min Zhu is hanging out the towels to dry. He assures her that he is fine and feels sorry that the hotel is sold so he can't get her another job. He gives Min Zhu a card that has his number and she loves the rose he gives her. Xian Xiu isn't angry but is impressed that Zhu Meng can appear at his home alone. Ai Li warns Fu Shun not to get too close to Dong Yu since he is in trouble now. Zhi Yuan is troubled. All women work at the nightclub.

Mei Qing dreams of being a phoenix after knowing Xian Xiu. This makes Zhi Yuan angry as she is doing her hair. She reprimands Mei Qing for being shameless for wanting to woo her boyfriend. Mei Qing is so angry that she pulls away all the coils from her. Min Zhu also joins in as she doesn't want Mei Qing to be humiliated. They are hairdressers but what is wrong with that?

Zhi Yuan sings at the nightclub and is overjoyed to see Xian Xiu coming in. She shows him that she has straightened her hair and is dismayed that Mei Qing is here. She slaps her to seek revenge for Min Zhu. Xian Xiu prevents Zhi Yuan from slapping her back as he admires her guts. Jun Hao waits outside the salon for Min Zhu. Laugh when he suddenly gets nervous when she walks away from the mirror. He calls her and tells her that he will meet her after work but suddenly, Shuang Dao appears before him.

He is dragged to see Xian Xiu. Jun Hao deduces that Shuang Dao is Xian Xiu's subordinate to provoke him. Xian Xiu plans to set up a new underworld and offers Jun Hao a chance to join them. He gives him time to consider now. Shuang Dao says that he must die if he rejects. But the two guys stare at him and he closes his mouth. Mei Qing considers Xian Xiu handsome but laments that he ends up with Zhi Yuan.

All the old men meet up. Jun Hao later borrows Dong Yu's suit but promises to introduce pretty girls to Dong Yu. Jun Hao manages to pacify Min Zhu for missing their date and offers to treat them to a nightclub. Dong Yu is attracted to Mei Qing - see how distracted he is when closing the car door. The women find him older than Jun Hao so Jun Hao says that he has a harder life. The women want to know why they fight but Jun Hao avoids telling. He lies that Xian Xiu is jealous because he likes Min Zhu. Both men are shocked that they go to Dong Fang nightclub but they have no choice.

Zhu Meng discovers that he is tricked by Shuang Dao and he feels bad for implicating his friends. Shuang Dao plans to kill them but…..his plan fails again. This is so hilarious - Zhu Meng throws the ash tray at his neck to stop him! I can't resist laughing - the last time he has a dislocated shoulder and now he needs to wear a neck brace! Yet all these injuries are caused by an old man. During the commotion, Jun Hao can't tolerate those bullying old people so he helps them.

The policeman, Jin labels Jun Hao as an important Korean criminal but his friends refuse to believe it. Xian Xiu wants his senior, Piao to help them out. Piao mentions that his wife misses him. Zhi Yuan drinks non-stop and Xian Xiu grabs the bottle from her. She demands to know why he shows no response when Mei Qing hits her. He recalls the past - his ex-girlfriend, Run Xi marries Piao but he can't forget her. When Zhi Yuan begs him to stay with her, Mei Qing's face suddenly appears before him.

The old men are together with Jun Hao in the same cell. They exclaim that he looks like their friend, the late Jiang Shan Dian but are puzzled when he denies being his son. The policeman asks Jun Hao questions and he is agitated when asks when his father is dead and his mother remarries. The verdict is out - all are locked for 7 days except Zhu Meng. Xian Xiu forces Zhu Meng to give up his hotel of 30 years, using his son as a threat. He will keep his promise then.

During the hotel's reopening, Piao deliberately mentions that Run Xi is eager to see Xian Xiu. He is indifferent. The two women want to find out from Xian Xiu how Jun Hao is but he says that he leaves it to the police. Mei Qing is frustrated - is being rich so great? He isn't furious but tells her she can speak louder if she wishes. They suddenly see Zhu Meng coming with his men and Jun Hao.

The group discussion leads to nowhere and Zhu Meng stays with Dong Yu and Jun Hao. They find being his servants unbearable and plan to drive him away. But when they see him in the face, one obeys to get the newspaper while another offers to cook soup! In the next minute, the guys are delighted to see him in a shirt. They think he is leaving for good. You will laugh when Zhu Meng dresses nicely but borrows Jun Hao's coat and Dong Yu's car! Dong Yu nearly faints when Zhu Meng still wants to return for dinner.

Chun San and Xian Xiu visit the hotel. Shuang Dao comes to the nightclub and Fu Shun is attracted to him. He tells his men to get Mei Qing or Min Zhu. Zhi Yuan calls Xian Xiu and he gets irritated. He will contact her if there is the need. Jun Hao sees Min Zhu mopping the salon and swaying to the music. He gets amused. She gets shy and avoids touching his hand when he wishes to help her. He comments that she has pretty eyes. This serial sure has plenty of vain people - after he leaves, she looks into the mirror and gives a sexy glance - just like what Xian Xiu is doing earlier!

Shuang Dao's men kidnap Min Zhu when she is about to go out with Jun Hao. He quickly gives chase. Mei Qing asks Xian Xiu how he thinks of her. She wants him because he is rich and influential. Zhi Yuan is angry with her. Is it because of her that he doesn't see her lately? He touches her hair ad she begs him not to ditch her - by kneeling in front of him! In the meantime, Shuang Dao waits in the hotel room for Min Zhu's arrival. Laugh at the way he spreads the rose petals on the bed…with the neck brace still on him.

Xian Xiu forces Zhi Yuan to leave in his car and is stern when he sees his men pushing a struggling Min Zhu. He guesses that it must be Shuang Dao's act. He gets so mad that he punches one of them. They bow and flee hurriedly. Min Zhu is in tears but still thanks him. Seeing her in shock, he gives her a gentle pat on her shoulder. Jun Hao arrives to see the sight and misunderstands that it is his doing.

He hits Xian Xiu hard on the lips. Xian Xiu then hits him back on his stomach. You will laugh, when he raises his fist, Min Zhu is too anxious to hurry to stop them and is too late to stop running. Thus she gets knocked out by his elbow! Xian Xiu shakes his head and leaves. Jun Hao only realizes what he has done when he turns around. She feels painful as her face is swollen. Xian Xiu confronts Shuang Dao and demands that he doesn't want any disaster to happen in the hotel. Before leaving, he gets so angry that he puffs the cigarette fumes into Shuang Dao's subordinates' faces!

Jun Hao secretly gets into the Shuang Dao's hotel room and scolds him for bullying a woman. Shuang Dao is having his bath and Jun Hao sees him naked. He frowns and says that they can talk outside. Shuang Dao is about to hit his head from the back when the floor is too slippery and he walks barefooted, ending up slipping and fainting on the ground! This scene is so unexpected and funny! Min Zhu charges in with a bottle of wine and wants to hit him. But she ends up running away, blushing to see Shuang Dao naked.

Jun Hao sends her home and sees her asleep in the car. Not wanting to wake her up, he covers her with his jacket and stands in the cold. He behaves like a gorilla jumping up and down to do pull-ups at the nearby fitness park to keep him warmth. She wakes up and he takes a long time to start the car. Zhu Meng finishes every dish but gets new and expensive business suits for the guys.

The following scene is hilarious too. The owner wants to give them for free since he owes Zhu Meng a favour. Zhu Meng then feels that he is looking down on him and insists on paying….but when the owner is about to list the bill, Zhu Meng suddenly says that he will accept the favour, making him fuming mad! Later, he asks for expensive food from a restaurant to give them a treat. Both guys are delighted to know that he isn't returning but pretend to miss him. They leave him with the home telephone number.

Zhu Meng dislikes them to be jobless and hopes to see them when he gets back Zhu Xin hotel. They celebrate when he leaves but freezes when he returns. He is only back to get his coat. They decide to ask the women to join them. Chun San's henchman tails Zhu Meng to the MTR. This guy is sure silly to nearly fall on the track and he is appalled to see Zhu Meng at the opposite platform. The other hairdressers envy Min Zhu for having a handsome boyfriend. However, Mei Qing despises Dong Yu.

Mrs Li tells people off for trying to bribe them. Does she refuse the gifts? NO - she says that her husband no longer accepts them but now Xian Xiu is doing the job! What a surprise! The nightclub singers come and recognizing Dong Yu and Jun Hao, they surround the guys. Min Zhu is jealous and Mei Qing offers tea on her behalf and steps on Jun Hao's foot. The singers are angry that Mei Qing looks down on them and they have a fight. The boss fires Mei Qing and she calls her parents.

But she doesn't' wish to return to them as they often quarrel. Zhi Yuan hints to Xian Xiu her dream is to get married instead of being a singer. He wants to help her look for a manger to realize her dream so that they will not meet in future. Zhu Meng meets Ren Xi. He wants to lead his own life although he knows that Zhu Meng is wronged. He is now a teacher in a private school. Zhu Meng feels bad upon seeing him on duty. Mei Qing touches Jun Hao's face when she is drunk. Min Zhu gets jealous.

Another exciting scene coming up, Shuang Dao walks in the cold and tries to act cool. He slips and falls, dropping his hat and showing the bandage on his head which is the result of his earlier fall. He warns all not to tell Xian Xiu about it to disgrace him. But later, he manages to stab Zhu Meng and leaves. He tells Xian Xiu and Chun San about it. They hold a celebration.

The guys are annoyed to get Zhu Meng's call but they still meet him. They are shocked to see him seriously injured. So they place him in their home. Xian Xiu is stunned to see Mei Qing at the hotel. She waits for a long time for him (This is shown by the number of glasses of water she drinks) but is disgusted that he only sends Manager Bei to see her. Manager Bei still wants her to show him her resume. Since she is without experience, she can only be a temporary staff and be a permanent staff the next year after training.

Min Zhu misses her at work. Charlie sucks up to Mrs Li and Mei Qing comes at this time for her salary. Yin takes care of Zhu Meng. She can still joke that thanks to him for not exercising lately, his thick layer of stomach fat helps him to dodge the fatal stab. Yin deduces that it must be Chun San's doing. He asks where the guys are, they are sleeping on the upper deck of the bed as they are too tired. She feels Zhu Meng should be fair to tell Jun Hao the truth. He became an orphan overnight because of his father's death.

Unknowingly to them, Jun Hao hears them and Zhu Meng has a shock when he jumps down, demanding to know the truth. He tells the past of Chun San being the Japanese's hackery and Shan Dian was very angry with him. He never saw him again after he went mountain trekking with Chun San. Chun San said that he fell off the mountains but none believed him. Jun Hao is in tears. His late grandmother had told him that his father was a terrible man and didn't want him to follow his footsteps. He calls up his mother but hangs up upon recalling how she abandons him.

He feels better observing Min Zhu at work. He apologises to her as he has nothing. After tailing him to the bus stop, he admits that the car is Dong Yu's. She still goes dinner with him. Jin doesn't believe what Zhu Meng tells him. The guys are appalled to see him dejected. Shuang Dao sees Mei Qing at the restaurant (she works as a waitress here now) and is attracted. Xian Xiu is annoyed - doesn't he tell him not to bring anyone to the hotel? And...doesn't he know that Zhu Meng is still alive?

Upon turning around, Xian Xiu ignores Mei Qing completely. She curses him secretly. But when she walks out after work, he waits outside. She lies to him that working here is better than working at the salon. He asks her out for a drink in his room but she says that he has seen the wrong woman. He refuses to let her to down in the lift. It is amusing to see both keeping on pressing the lift button. The lift door keeps on opening and closing. He then wants her to be his mistress and she agrees to consider.

Xian Xiu's bodyguards drive Zhi Yuan away and she is in despair. We can see how heartless this man can be but the other nightclub singers think that she deserves it as she becomes cocky after being with him. Yin chides them for speaking behind her. Jun Hao demands Xian Xiu to return the hotel to Zhu Meng but Xian Xiu refuses. He wants Chun San to step up security as he suspects that Jun Hao knows his natural identity. He is uninterested to believe/not to believe what his father has done but he wants to protect the hotel's interest. He doesn't wish him to seek revenge. Mei Qing stays inside Xian Xiu's apartment and looks excitedly around, amazed by its size.

Dong Yu chides Jun Hao for being a fool for rejecting Xian Xiu's offer of a job. It is hard for him to get a job as he has no qualifications and is bad tempered. Both guys want Zhu Meng to stand on his feet again. So they decide to steal the hotel confidential documents that he has given to Xian Xiu. How? By impersonating as women to sneak into it! I don't remember seeing Jae Wok disguising as a woman before and he is sure pretty in a dress and a long, permed wig! Don't ever miss it!

Xian Xiu sees Min Zhu coming to visit Mei Qing and brings her into the lift. This is sure a classic moment. Both men are at the hotel and complain about each other's outlook. Jun Hao jokes that Dong Yu's legs are fat while Dong Yu replies harshly that anyone could see that Jun Hao is wearing cheap shoes. Sure enough, the shoes are hurting him. They freeze upon seeing Xian Xiu. When they are relieved that the two enter with the door closed, Xian Xiu invites them come in. They turn their backs from him, fearing to blow up their cover. But Xian Xiu's conversation with Min Zhu nearly makes the two burst with rage. Both guys detect that he talks to her in a gentle tone, which is different from the usual way he speaks.

Xian Xiu feels that Min Zhu should not have chosen a reckless guy like Jun Hao. Xian Xiu apologies but she feels that she is at fault in causing him to be punched by Jun Hao. Why not consider him as he is better qualified? Jun Hao nearly bursts when he even removes a hair from her blouse. Xian Xiu then adds that he should give her a treat - with Mei Qing. The two guys nearly tear their hair. Dong Yu tries so hard to prevent Jun Hao from punching Xian Xiu again - so hard that he accidentally pushes him out of the lift door when it is open! They quickly get in again after the two leave but Jun Hao's shoe is stuck there!

Upon reaching the toilet, both guys throw the wigs aside and have a puff. Jun Hao chides Dong Yu for not stopping him to carrying on this crazy idea. Both still decide to go ahead with the plan. They have a big shock when Shuang Dao suddenly comes in. He smiles politely and goes out, making both relieved. Shuang Dao smiles at himself and wants his men to find out the identities of these pretty ladies. He then goes into the toilet next door, thinking that he makes a mistake earlier. But it is the ladies' and we can hear screams!

Min Zhu asks whether Xian Xiu knows Shuang Dao. He answers no but they know him so they bow to him. The three gather for a drink but he is apologetic when he needs to return to the office. Min Zhu asks Mei Qing whether she is happy here. She only tells her about her new home with many clothes and the ice-maker which is 4 times the size of their apartment. Min Zhu is stunned.

Meanwhile, Dong Yu and Jun Hao want the bodyguards to show them to the bar. They hurry into the office and using the combination that Zhu Meng gives them, they manage to open the safe. But being unsure of the documents, they just take everything - including the cash in it, the illegal account book. Xian Xiu asks Shuang Dao on whether he is still monitoring the guys and he answers yes. Suddenly, Shuang Dao smells the perfume he likes and is attracted. Xian Xiu is alert and opens the curtain.

There is Dong Yu sitting on the bed! You will laugh at him for being so stupid. He has thought that this is the toilet but upon knowing the mistake, he has no place to hide and has to hide here! Jun Hao pretends that they get into the wrong room and gets him out as his legs become wobby due to fright. Still, many are suspicious of them and they have to fight their way out. I am impressed - totally impressed when Jae Wok can still send flying kicks in a skirt! Dong Yu uses the handbag and also the ladies' shoes to hit the men.

They flee by using the staircase and meet the singers there when they step out of the lift. The women finally recognize them and hide them in the toilet. Jun Hao is angry that Min Zhu finds it unbelievable that Xian Xiu is a villain. Dong Yu tries in vain to dissuade Mei Qing from working in the hotel too. Shuang Dao's henchman is sure stupid - he replies to Shuang Dao that he only sees women going into Jun Hao's apartment and doesn't see the men coming back!

The guys squeeze their feet in pain at home. Jun Hao laments that he has ruined his image totally by disguising as a woman by wearing high heels and stockings! Zhu Meng reprimands them for stealing the US$ which don't belong to them. Dong Yu tries in vain to dissuade Jun Hao from giving all the money to the police station and not keeping a little for themselves to open a shop. Jun Hao thinks it is against the conscience to have it so Policeman Jin returns the money to Xian Xiu.

Xian Xiu wonders who is against them but you will laugh when his henchmen say that they have too many enemies and it is hard to check on them one by one! He checks their CCTV and sees the two guys clearly. Charlie is shocked to know that Xian Xiu is Mrs Li's son. Mrs Li frowns upon seeing that Xian Xiu wants to talk to Min Zhu. How can he have such low expectations?

Xian Xiu asks whether she has been lost in love or in love. He laments that Jun Hao's clothes should look nicer on her. Sigh - she can be so dumb to say that they don't belong to her and later just gasps to cover her mouth with her hand like the last time. Xian Xiu is still amused that Jun Hao can think of such an idea. He tells Min Zhu that he is playing a game with Jun Hao.

Jun Hao comes to wait for Min Zhu with a Christmas card. He thinks of what to write and smiles to himself like a child - unaware that the other hairdressers observe him secretly and they have a good laugh. He plans to have a small party with her on Christmas day which is his birthday. He turns serious upon knowing that she goes out with Xian Xiu. Is he trying to show off because he is rich and has a big car? He nearly bursts when knowing that they even have dinner together. She still doesn't believe that he is evil. Both have a big quarrel and part. Upon seeing the card, she feels bad.

Shuang Dao is angry that his henchman can't differentiate a man from a woman. The poor man has to lift both hands in the air in the surrendering position till he is satisfied! He vows to step Xian Xiu one day to seek his revenge. Mei Qing returns Xian Xiu the house keys and prepares to leave. Maybe she is too confident of herself. He replies that he knows her past and suddenly pulls her towards him, saying that he likes her now and they should marry. She doesn't take it seriously so this depends on his performance. He gives her the keys back.

Shuang Dao and Xian Xiu discusses with Chun San. You will be amused on how both agree on something for the first time - that is to get rid of Jun Hao as he hinders them. All three watch the news in shock later. Jun Hao sends a letter to the press, saying that Chun San is going to donate US$ to help the community. Chun San becomes a charity celebrity overnight but isn't happy with it. The guys are forced to work at a garage under Zhu Meng's command. Jun Hao is still angry with Min Zhu but rushes to see her later. He has sent her a pink rose earlier and she likes it. So she prepares a candlelight dinner with him at the salon.

Shuang Dao arrives to throw the flower on the ground and subdues her. Jun Hao comes in and she tries to warn him to escape in vain. He gets hit severely but refuses to go to hospital because he has no more money to pay for his medical insurance. You will laugh - he wants to kiss her but falls from the table instead and shouts aloud in pain! He wants to protect her all the time but it seems scary scenes frightens her. She gives him a birthday present. He wishes her to give him a kiss but the bus comes to ruin his chance. He should send her home but she insists him to return home to rest.

He opens the present and quickly puts on the scarf while she pins her hair with the hairpins he gives her. Both feel each other's warmth. Jun Hao returns home and is shocked to see blood flowing out from his ear but he ignores it. Zhu Meng is determined to get back his hotel so he burns all the declarations that his ex-subordinates have forced to sign with Chun San to plead alliance with him.

Shuang Dao boasts to Xian Xiu on how timid Jun Hao is when he beats him up. Xian Xiu is only concerned on whether he gets the account book. He flares up when Shuang Dao gives him a regretful look. Does he only remember to go there just to deliver a few punches? Min Zhu warns Xian Xiu that she knows that Shuang Dao is his man and she will not hesitate to call the police if they hurt Jun Hao further. Shuang Dao is annoyed with her remark that he is a small fry but Xian Xiu tells him not to take out on a small girl.

Zhu Meng wants to meet Chun San so Xian Xiu wants to get their plan ready. Mei Qing looks at Xian Xiu's photos when he took them in high school. He jokes that when a person is too handsome, it becomes too obvious. She is unhappy that he checks her complicated home background. Is he her first man? She replies that he is her last. They hug each other.

Shuang Dao harasses the other nightclub owners so that they give in to them again. Zhu Meng, Jun Hao and Dong Yu guess the answer when seeing them injured at the hotel. Mei Qing serves them drinks and Xian Yu finds himself unable to take his eyes off her. Chun San will not regret his last chance. The guys are angry that their effort has gone to waste. Shuang Dao's followers tail them home and informs Shuang Dao. Zhu Meng gives him the documents and Shuang Dao is happy to inform Xian Xiu that his job is done.

The next day, Fu Shun is pushed aside and Xian Xiu wakes Shuang Dao in his room. He scolds Shuang Dao - can't he settle the case for once? Shuang Dao sees what drops out of the envelope - it is an account book but this man can't recognize the words on it - it is a home account book! Actually, I was also amused upon reading the Chinese characters on the book too.

Zhu Meng decides to send the evidence to a righteous newspaper agency. Jun Hao wonders whether he is too gullible - maybe an advertising agency might exist. Charlie starts feeling frightened when Mrs Li shows interest in him. Min Zhu wants to stay with her mother and hopes to earn more money. She sends a medicine package at the post office and sees Jun Hao sending a package too. Both are overjoyed to see each other's Christmas presents on each other.

Shuang Dao's men beat up Dong Yu and he reveals the truth but Shuang Dao doesn't believe him. Jun Hao returns to see what has happened and jumps to the car rear, demanding him to stop the car. Suddenly he disappears and Shuang Dao gets frightened. Is he trapped under the car? He gets out and gets ambushed instead. I can vouch that you'll laugh non-stop. Shuang Dao intends to give a flying kick but Jun Hao holds his leg to press hard, forcing him to stand vertically so that his 2 legs are of a 180 degree angle. Poor man - it is so painful that he faints immediately after knocking his head against the car when he falls!

Min Zhu is uncomfortable to see how sexy Mei Qing has become and the size of the apartment she stays in. Is she happy? Does she need to reconsider her decision? Min Zhu tells about the attack incident to warn her that Xian Xiu is not as nice as he seems. Mei Qing replies that she has to do it because of her younger brother and mother who are suffering under a man's control. Min Zhu walks out to see Xian Xiu but ignores him. Xian Xiu tries to convince Mei Qing that he isn't as bad as Min Zhu makes him out to be - at least to her. Jun Hao makes a call to Min Zhu after Dong Yu is hospitalized.

She is angry with him - if he involves in fights, what difference does he make from Xian Xiu? He flares up too - does she go out with Xian Xiu again? She replies in impulse that she goes to his home. He gets angry and hangs up. He regrets his act and tries to call her later but to no avail. Min Zhu gets a call, knowing that her mother is dead. Zhu Meng is also at the hospital to take care of Dong Yu.

The nightclub singers visit Shuang Dao - to hear him boast of how he makes Jun Hao kneel in front of him after his defeat. Yin jokes that business is finally good when he isn't there. All are later shocked to see that Jun Hao is fine when he comes into the ward. He wants Shuang Dao to pay for Dong Yu's bill although Xian Xiu wants him to beat him. He flatters Shuang Dao - he is courageous and also handsome. Why must he be under Xian Xiu's control? Shuang Dao starts to think that Jun Hao is not so bad after all.

Yin discusses with Zhu Meng - how can Chun San and Hui Lan give birth to such an intelligent son? Now even Russia and Japanese underworld patronize the nightclub. Is this his scheme? Suddenly Zhu Meng wants to look at her mouth. She thinks that he wants to kiss her, but he only comments that there is pepper powder on her teeth! The documents are published in the papers and Xian Xiu is detained for questioning. Charlie gives very little consolation money for Min Zhu's mother's funeral and the hairdressers despise him. Thus, they don't help him to hide when Mrs Li comes to look for him!

Jun Hao buys a rose and is about to look for Min Zhu when he hears the bad news. He drives there quickly and sees her crying with the medicine package - which is too late for her mother. He tries to cheer her up. The men watch the news and are displeased that Xian Xiu is released. The money is not bribery funds but political funds. Someone must have helped him. Xian Xiu demands to meet Jun Hao after his gang celebrates his return. He looks for Mei Qing at the hotel and gets her a ring.

He doesn't ask her whether she likes it. He replies that she will like it as it is the most expensive. Does she think of him when he is detained? He doesn't love her but he thinks of her then. He wants to marry her but she removes the ring to place it into his cup of water. He isn't offended and still drinks from the glass. You will laugh when Jun Hao borrows Dong Yu's moisturizer and lotion to beautify himself before meeting Min Zhu. He even asks Dong Yu whether he is handsome to annoy him!

Dong Yu laughs - Jun Hao can't be helping Min Zhu with the funeral because he always lands up in trouble. Dong Yu is frightened to face Shuang Dao and his gang upon his return. Jun Hao sends Min Zhu home and gives her a pager. He is worried the last time when he can't get her so he buys 2 cheap ones. She bursts into tears. He assures her that he will be beside her daily whenever she is sad or lonely. She can look for him anytime. He stays with his grandfather after his father's death and his mother's remarriage. She pities him and they kiss. The other hairdressers miss Mei Qing. Jun Hao has a romantic moment with Min Zhu when his pager sounds non-stop. It is Dong Yu who does it.

But he has a shock in store for him later because Xian Xiu is released just in one day. Xian Xiu can still joke that it is not suitable for Jun Hao to stay so it is better that he should not go there. You will laugh at Jun Hao's answer - is he here to thank him for it? Xian Xiu has wanted to get rid of him in his plan but changes his mind now. He asks Jun Hao whether he is happy working at the garage? Why it never occurs to him that his late father was poor while Zhu Meng is a rich hotel owner? To create discord, he gives him documents of Zhu Meng's past to Jun Hao. Jun Hao feels cheated after reading and is upset to know that it is indeed the truth from Zhu Meng.

Mei Qing is touched when Xian Xiu decides to marry her despite Mrs Li's opposition. Piao wants to bribe Shuang Dao to work for him and Xian Xiu is alerted. Upon knowing Min Zhu's mother's death, he gives her a sum of money. Min Zhu wants no dealings with the underworld and returns it to him. He is hurt by her remark. Jun Hao sees them and drags her out after giving him a punch. Min Zhu is angry. Why is he always using his fist to solve the problem? He gets into the lift without her after a bitter quarrel. Xian Xiu apologises to Min Zhu for not considering her position and insists of sending her home. Jun Hao nearly bursts again upon seeing this.

Dong Yu and Min Zhu attend Xian Xiu's and Mei Qing's wedding. Piao is sarcastic to tell Xian Xiu that he needs to gauge him again as he has thought that he will marry someone of an influential background. Xian Xiu suppress his anger. Mrs Li hasn't appeared during this crucial moment and places Xian Xiu in a fix when the photographer is about to snap the group photo. Upon knowing that Jun Hao is not coming, Shuang Dao laments that Jun Hao is too petty.

Mrs Li turns up reluctantly but is delighted to see Charlie. Xian Xiu and Chun San are embarrassed by her response - because she flirts with him openly. Charlie doesn't dare to look into Shuang Dao's fierce eyes. The photo is snapped with different expressions which you will marvel - Dong Yu looking at Mei Qing, Shuang Dao staring at Charlie while Mrs Li eyeing Charlie with the rest looking into the camera. Dong Yu tells Jun Hao sadly that Mei Qing is his first love and he is sad to let her go. Jun Hao is only interested to know whether Min Zhu asks for him and is disappointed when she doesn't.

Shuang Dao suddenly pages Jun Hao and he turns up at the nightclub. The singers lament that Jun Hao has forgotten them after having Min Zhu who is so old-fashioned. He is angry with Fu Shun's remark. Jun Hao turns down Shuang Dao's suggestion to help him. He tries to flee when gangsters come but upon seeing the women being bullied, he helps them. All shout him as Elder Brother Jiang although he protests that he has washed his hands off doing illegal activities. He feels the pain in his ear again.

After their honeymoon, they return home and Mei Qing is touched that Xian Xiu renovates their apartment according to her taste. They are about to kiss when the telephone rings. He is angry when his men can't finish Shuang Dao as Jun Hao is there. Mei Qing overhears this and is concerned. Zhu Meng confesses that he is afraid to let Jun Hao know of his wrongdoing and tries to make up to him by getting him involved. But things don't turn out the way he wants. Jun Hao tries to ask his mother out to know more about his father but she doesn't turn up.

Jun Hao is in despair and pages Min Zhu to tell her about his feelings. Min Zhu writes his name on the glass with water and ties her pager to her working apron. She waits for him in vain and goes home, forgetting that she leaves it inside her locker so Jun Hao can't get her. Xian Xiu forbids Mei Qing to smoke because it is bad for her health and her chances of having a baby. He gives her the money to buy the things she wants and kisses her forehead.

Shuang Dao guesses that Xian Xiu is the culprit and confronts him. He protests his innocence and pushes the blame to Jun Hao. Shuang Dao believes him and is unhappy when Xian Xiu mentions that Jun Hao dislikes him to manage the nightclub. The hairdressers wonder why Jun Hao doesn't come for a long time and Min Zhu avoids answering them. Charlie wants Min Zhu to put in a good word for him after being bashed by Shuang Dao. Didn't he give a big red packet on Xian Xiu's wedding? He is alarmed that Mrs Li still comes to look for him and tries in vain to hide from her.

Jun Hao comes and can see that Min Zhu is still angry with him. He only wants a slight cut so Min Zhu says sarcastically that he can use his long fringe to cover all his scars then. Jun Hao is offended and leaves. She feels apologetic when listening to his message and hurries out. She sees him entering the telephone booth and hides aside, hoping that he will page her again. To her dismay, he just puts down the receiver to drive away! She is too slow to stop him.

The guys are alarmed to see only half a bottle of sleeping pills left and blame Zhu Meng for trying to kill himself. Jun Hao will not blame him as he regards him like his father. If not, he will not help him so much. Min Zhu and Jun Hao apologise to each other. She explains her purpose to meet Xian Xiu. He gets angry again - why is she accepting money from him like a beggar? She is offended and walks away. Why is he treating her like this? She has asked around many people before knowing where he stays to meet him because she misses him. Jun Hao is touched and hugs her.

He kisses her tenderly but Shuang Dao is throwing darts to vent his anger because he is angry that Jun Hao betrays him. Mei Qing comes to visit Xian Xiu because he has not been home for days but he ignores her. He dislikes those who disrupt him at work while she dislikes those who are insensitive. He gives her a credit card and asks her out for dinner. Jun Hao knows that Jin steals a stack of notes that he sends to the press so he forces him to tell him the truth of Xian Xiu's activities.

Mei Qing and Min Zhu shop things for their men. They ask Jun Hao to join them for dinner but Min Zhu is shocked when Xian Xiu comes. The guys meet each other uneasily. Jun Hao refuses to shake his hand. The next scene makes me crack up totally - upon seeing Min Zhu has difficulty reading what is on the menu - he leans close to her to ask what his Min Zhu wants to eat to order the food for her!! Jun Hao nearly bursts while Mei Qing is equally unhappy. Here comes the unforgettable scene that sparkles further rivalry between the men.

Jun Hao embarrasses himself later when he asks for chicken chop but they are in a steak house! When the waiter asks how he wants it to be done, he answers many!! To save him, Min Zhu tells the waiter to get whatever she is going to eat. Sigh - I shake my head - poor man to reveal all his weaknesses right in front of his rival! Jun Hao is offended when Xian Xiu refers Dong Yu as his 'waiter friend'. He replies that Zhu Meng is healthy enough to get back his hotel.

Xian Xiu then adds that Jun Hao is hopeless to gain anything back in his present stage. Jun Hao wants to pay the bill but decides not to pay upon seeing that he can't afford it. So he dumps the bill at Xian Xiu, criticizing Xian Xiu of sponging money in front of Min Zhu. Mei Qing demands to know what it is about but Xian Xiu ignores her, continuing to say that Jun Hao can't afford a meal so he can only use his fist now. Min Zhu has to force Jun Hao to leave with her.

She can't understand - why doesn't he tolerate him for the moment while he is puzzled on why he doesn't tell him that Xian Xiu is coming too? Mei Qing demands to know what has happened but Xian Xiu suddenly turns fierce. He warns her not to go against him. She is so angry that she wants to get off the car but stops upon seeing Jun Hao stops his car beside their car. But the couple has seen everything. Jun Hao yearns to treat Min Zhu to an expensive meal but she chides him for wanting to waste money.

She is touched that he remembers her birthday and she is proud to have him beside her. She ties the scarf around his neck again. Upon reaching home, Xian Xiu knows that Mei Qing still sore over what happens but still finds her pretty. He is touched when realizing that she only buys clothes and ties for him but not for herself. Jun Hao wonders why they are poor and Dong Yu gathers that Mei Qing is not having a happy life. He also knows that Jun Hao is frustrated of the lacking of money issue because of Min Zhu.

Jin gets all the criminal deal documents of Xian Xiu and Chun San. Dong Yu makes fun of him by putting the siren on his car. Poor Jin gets terrified as he tries so hard to hide from Xian Xiu's men! Jun Hao seeks the singers' help to find out who comes to the nightclub. Zhu Meng looks through the list and knows they are from the underworld. Chun San must have wanted to ruin Zhu Xin hotel to put it up as a mortgage to get the illegal funds for the criminal activities. This act is the same as killing himself.

The young guys disguises as Xian Xiu and his henchman. You will laugh again when Dong Yu speaks better Japanese after both learn from Zhu Meng. Zhu Meng shakes his head - when can Jun Hao speak fluent Japanese to impersonate Xian Xiu as he keeps stealing glances at the paper that he keeps secretly because he keeps forgetting the words! Dong Yu vouches that he will not fail him as Jun Hao has never been caught cheating. The two sneak into the Japanese dealer's room an hour earlier after Zhu Meng impersonates as him to lie to Xian Xiu that he needs time to rest and he can come later.

Jun Hao and Dong Yu manage to get the Japanese client to sign on the documents. They are so nervous that they forget their own suitcase before leaving! They are very lucky - they step into the lift while Xian Xiu gets out from another. When Xian Xiu discovers what happens and demands to have car checks, both manage to sneak out putting unwanted materials to cover the suitcase in their car rear. Xian Xiu is angry over what has happened and tells Shuang Dao that one of his men must have betrayed him as seen from the surveillance camera. Shuang Dao punishes all his men but they claim to be innocent. Zhu Meng knows that Xian Xiu will suspect them sooner or later so the best thing is they deny to have anything to do with it throughout. (How can this be possible as they are Xian Xiu's only enemy?!)

Mrs Li is angry that Mei Qing gives them bad luck instead after marriage. Min Zhu is so disturbed that he nearly hurts her nails. Jun Hao suddenly feels faint but he still thinks that he is fine although he eats lots of painkillers. Min Zhu is happy that she passes the test to be a qualified hairdresser. He treats her to a street meal and she tells him that there is no need for him to go to a lavish restaurant since she gets his warmth by hooking his arm. He wants to buy a ring for her from a jewel shop but she chooses one from a roadside stall. They put on the rings on each other's fingers eagerly.

Xian Xiu is angry with Mei Qing coming to office without telling him. Xian Xiu knows that Dong Yu likes her in the past and threatens him. Mei Qing has lunch with Min Zhu and she wonders why Mei Qing keeps asking her how Jun Hao is - has Jun Hao offended Xian Xiu again? She denies but finds it odd that Xian Xu asks Dong Yu to see him. Dong Yu tells Jun Hao and Zhu Meng that he informs Xian Xiu that he maintains that he knows nothing about the money disappearance but he looks guilty.

Shuang Dao promises to use his brains to find out the culprit but you will laugh at Xian Xiu's reaction - when does he ever have a brain! Shuang Dao complains of Xian Xiu giving too much work lately. He tells him to get rid of the salon and protect their Japanese client but hasn't told him to get rid of Jun Hao. Xian Xiu then tells him to kidnap Jun Hao to exchange for the money at the warehouse. Jun Hao gets hit on the head and is injured. Xian Xiu only gives him a day's time to consider telling him where the suitcase is.

Manager Bei feels sorry over what has happened and calls the police to send Jun Hao to hospital. Dong Yu and Zhu Men rush there to discover that he has left. He is too worried over Min Zhu's safety. Chun San scolds Xian Xiu as he loses sleep over the Japanese clients' threats. They should not have run the company in the way Xian Xiu suggests in the first place. Mei Qing demands to know where Min Zhu is but Xian Xiu slaps her for scolding him to be despicable.

He can call the shots to start or to end their relationship so she should return home to wait for him. She is badly affected and weeps in the lift. Jun Hao comes to rescue Min Zhu. Shuang Dao is with her. You will laugh again - he has trouble removing the cork from the wine bottle and breaks it into two. Manager Bei smiles when he pretends to get hit by him and faint to let them leave. Mei Qing helps them to escape.

Dong Yu gets Jun Hao's call asking them to flee with him. Mei Qing apologises for the event and Jun Hao still insists of not going to the hospital. Xian Xiu is angry with Shuang Dao for ruining things again. Jun Hao rests at Min Zhu's place. He apologises for being unable to protect her. She is in this state because of him and he nearly goes mad because of this. She dismisses this, she is scared that something might happen to him. He wants to continue looking at her but he is too tired. He loves her more than his own life.

Xian Xiu is angry with Mei Qing for betraying him. Doesn't she know how much he loves her and this is her chance to save him? She wants him to forget it - he isn't qualified to say 'love'. Dong Xu and Zhu Meng meet Jun Hao and Min Zhu. Dong Yu scolds Jun Hao for ignoring his health for not going for the operation and Zhu Meng for ruining their lives. Zhu Meng decide to forget about getting the hotel back.

Japanese clients insist of wanting the hotel and Xian Xiu gets angry. He signs the contract and leaves his thumbprint to promise to get it back in 3 days. Zhu Meng decides to return the money to them but his condition is they can't harass the guys and they must pay for Jun Hao's operation. Chun San agrees to it readily. Zhu Meng wants a small house to stay. After consideration, Shuang Dao finds Jun Hao a loyal and devoted lover to risk his life for Min Zhu.

Zhu Meng brings all to the rooftop and feels remorseful for indirectly causing Jun Hao's father's death. All are stunned when the suitcase ends up to be with Jun Hao and he has a can of kerosene. He trusts Zhu Meng so much and is this the way to repay him? He is angry - does he also beg for his father's forgiveness before he dies too? It doesn't matter who kills him. He burns the money and stabs Zhu Meng. Xian Xiu and Chun San are angry over the loss of money.
Shuang Dao is attacked by Xian Xiu's men and he vows to seek revenge. Zhu Meng is brought away in an ambulance and the police arrest Jun Hao. Later, after a distance, what happens? Jin gets off the car and taps Zhu Meng lying in the ambulance. The man touches his chest and smells the blood to yell - is the tomato sauce past the expiry date to give a weird smell? Min Zhu and Dong Yu remove their masks and Jin laments that he will lose his job for getting involved in this. Can he trust them?

Poor Shuang Dao - Manager Bei takes the wrong antiseptic to clean his wound but it is only fit for factory use. The poor man jumps down from the stretcher. He gets so mad that he throws darts at the dartboard that has Xian Xiu's name. The Lis plan to sell everything to clear their debt. Mrs Li refuses to sell her jewels and insists of them to fire more staff. Xian Xiu comes to the rooftop again to realize that he gets tricked. What Jun Hao burns isn't the money but only newspapers!

Xian Xiu demands his men check which hospital or police team these people come from. Jun Hao is a fox indeed. The Japanese get back his money while Zhu Meng gets his hotel management document back. Jin later pulls the Japanese aside to take the money for himself - with a valid reason that he is a cop. Min Zhu regrets that her mother dies before seeing her success. Jun Hao sends her home before getting a pain in the head again. Xian Xiu arrives with his men - what is the point of him having the hotel when he is dead?

His men hit him and Shuang Dao appears to help him to leave. Both guys become friends to call each other as brothers. Xian Xiu wants Piao to help him but he refuses. Xian Xiu wants to drag him into jail together but all the forged documents are with him. People will trust things that can be touched or seen. Xian Xiu gets drunk - the main reason to marry Mei Qing is he sees himself in her. She tries hard to get close to him. He knows but doesn't hate it. He is wrong to love her and wants a divorce but softens when she hugs him.

Chun San and Xian Xiu are shocked that Zhu Meng is the new hotel owner when he shows them the documents. Chun San nearly faints upon seeing Jun Hao. Xian Xiu packs everything and thanks Mei Qing to be with him. She announces that she is pregnant at this period and apologises. He gives a bitter laugh.

Dong Yu laughs when Zhu Meng still wants to stay with him. Jun Hao feels painful and faints. His doctor is astonished that he can tolerate his ears which bleed badly. He can go blind anytime. How does he bear through this although he is unable to pay for the operation. Min Zhu promises to protect him since he is scared to stay in hospital for the first time. After his recovery, he pays respects to his father.

Shuang Dao and his men open a western restaurant and he gets annoyed when they keep asking for more steak. Manager Bei brings Min Zhu and Jun Hao to the hotel's hall. This is the proudest place here and it is now Jun Hao's place. But he decides to return everything to Zhu Meng as he is uneducated and knows nothing about hotel management. His interest is simply not here but he promises Min Zhu that he will not fight again. Since she wants to be a world-class hairdresser, he will be the father of her child then.

Suddenly, Dong Yu switches off the lights to reveal a heart on the hotel stage. Dong Yu is now the manager in the hotel and helps in Jun Hao's wedding proposal. But Jun Hao tells him harshly that he wants the lights off so that he can kiss Min Zhu in the dark. The serial ends with both sharing a kiss.

Introduction on characters

1. Jiang Jun Hao- Ahn Jae Wok
He is a jobless loafer to deceive women but he often makes me laugh. He is loyal to friends but doesn't leave Dong Yu in the lurch when he involves him into trouble. I have seen Jae Wok as a good for nothing in 'Bad Friends' but he still manages to raise my eyebrow in here. Looking youthful, playful but with good fighting skills, there is no wonder that he gains attention. The major highlight will be how he disguises as a woman and also as a Japanese man.

2. Zhang Dong Yu
He is Jun Hao's friend who goes through thick and thin with him. All will like to have him. He is loyal and warmhearted. Although he may not be handsome looking, I am touched by how he can put up with Zhu Meng's tantrums by cooking for him when Jun Hao brings him home. The most important thing is he isn't close to him and when he goes missing tries to kill himself, he can be as concerned as Jun Hao. He is also generous to allow Jun Hao to use his car to woo Min Zhu. It is so sad that Mei Qing doesn't love him. His classic scene will be acting as a woman here too.

3. Li Xian Xiu - Sun Chang Min
He is the son of a nightclub owner, Chun San. Or rather he is involved with the underworld. He is like his father's business advisor to come up with all the suggestions and ideas. It still puzzles me how and why he treats Zhi Yuan as his plaything although she looks him deeply. Because he despises her for being a nightclub singer? Yet he is so nice to Mei Qing and Min Zhu. He never loses his temper at them. Even though he is Jun Hao's enemy, he seldom comes to blows with him openly. He only talks to him but uses his wits to trap him. What a dangerous and cunning man!

He is very independent. He goes against his parents' wishes to marry Mei Qing. Sometimes, he can be so firm that even his father is afraid of him. This actor is such a born natural. He can be hot, cool, demanding, aggressive and also fierce. I admire his acting talents. When he smiles or talks gently to Min Zhu, you feel the warmth. Whenever he scolds Shuang Dao. I get terrified so he becomes very icy and threatening. No wonder he ends up being the lead in many dramas. Jae Wok is good but Sun is outstanding here.

4. Shuang Dao - Xu Jun Hao (as Wu Xiang Wan in 'Hotelier')
He is an ambitious man who wants to rule the underworld. Although Xian Xiu lets him manage the nightclub, he is never satisfied. However, you will laugh at how incompetent he is to lose out to Jun Hao and Xian Xiu (the young) or Zhu Meng (the old) with his intelligence and fighting skills. The result of him in a chef fits his name which means double knives in Chinese well. He does uses two knifes to cut the steak! I have seen him as a villain, a loyal friend but not as a comical gangster. I must salute him to give him the most comical award in here. This is such a refreshing change.

5. Zhu Meng - Joo Hyun - the actor as Rong Qi's father in 'Hotelier'
He wants to get away from the underworld. That is why he decides to retire for good and get into legal business to own a hotel. However, he is still highly regarded so others are wary of him. Even though he may lose his power, Chun San can never sleep in peace to get rid of him. I do feel that he is very harsh to Jun Hao and Dong Yu - eating off them when he has the chance and still throws his weight around even though he is no longer in power.

I have seen him as a refined hotelier but he shines equally as a gangster hotelier in here. The way that he injures Shuang Dao repeatedly makes me impressed! This actor is excellent to create jokes with a straight face - how he does with ease?

6. Zheng Mei Qing - Jin Hui Xiu
She is a materialistic ex-hairdresser but jumps to Min Zhu's defence when she is bullied. She can even hit others when she is unhappy but she has a kind heart. But I dislike the way that she often views Dong Yu with disgust just because he isn't rich. The steamy scenes with Xian Xiu amaze you too. Initially, she marries Xian Xiu because of money. But later, she discovers that she loves him.

Unlike the snobbish Shui Jing who brags to Mei Xi when she gets rich, Mei Qing still treats Min Zhu like her sister. I have never seen her so wild before. This is indeed an eye-opening experience to see how different she fits into this role - unlike the sweet and gentle Xin Ying in 'My True Love'. Her acting versatility still stays and in fact, I find her more matching with Jae Wook in looks than Yan Xiu.

7. Li Min Zhu -Wu Yan Xiu (She resembles Jin Zhi Ying in 'Tomato' in looks)
She is a hairdresser trainee but strives hard to be a professional one day. She is gentle but can also be headstrong. When Jun Hao is bullied, she masters her courage to warn Xian Xiu about the consequences. She also rejects the money from him as she wants to be independent. I really admire her for that! I have never seen Yan Xiu acting before and initially thought that she will have zero or weak chemistry with Jae Wok. Surprisingly, they compliment each other well.

8. Liu Fu Shun - Jin Zhen En (as Yong Xi in 'All About Eve')
She is Zhi Yuan's colleague at the nightclub. She is also Shuang Dao's mistress. Although she can be direct
and loud, she never looks lowly on herself and strives hard to improve her life. She has such thick make-up that I can hardly recognize her in here. But her features are beautiful - unlike the plastic outlook in 'Lovers In Paris.' But no one will expect her to be a hit after 'Lovers In Paris'.

9. Jin Zhi Yuan
She is a nightclub singer but she doesn't feel inferior. In fact, she can be so arrogant to look down on Mei Qing and Min Zhu. She loves Xian Xiu but what she wins is only his body but not his heart. Strangely, I don't pity her when she is ditched as she is too stuck up. I wonder how and why she can give him up so easily - how can she not stir up trouble after Xian Xiu's marriage to Mei Qing?!

10. Yin
She loves Zhu Meng all along but he refuses to give her a status. Poor woman - she doesn't seem to be in his mind after his success.

11. Li Chun San
He is Xian Xiu's father but no one will believe this as he is so timid and brainless with no careful plans.
Just like Shuang Dao, he desires to be the top but looking at how he is with Zhu Meng, he can never achieve this status because he is destined to fail from the start.

12. Charlie - he acts as Zai Min's brother, Shang Min in 'Memories of Bali'
The hairdresser owner who likes his employees to slog for him. You will laugh - before they start work, they have to shout out lines on how incredible he is. But this poor man turns to be a timid mouse when he gets beaten up for being Mrs Li's love interest target.

13. Jin
The policeman in cahoots with the Lis. He will feed them whatever information he has whenever the guys file police reports with him. I wonder why they are so stupid - even Zhu Meng approaches him too. Aren't there other cops too? And how can they forget that Jun Hao and Zhu Meng are locked by him before??? But because Jun Hao has evidence of him taking bribes, he has no chance but to work with him.

14. Lawyer Piao
He helps Xian Xiu occasionally on legal matters and seeks to get him or his father away from the law. But this fellow is smart is work for the legal and also for the underworld. He is a braggart after marrying Xian Xiu's first love. Strangely, although he has very few scenes, my impression of him runs deep. Probably because this actor is really excellent in his acting.

15. Mrs Li/Wu Hui Lan
She is Xian Xiu's mother but you will marvel that despite her plump looks and age, she looks around for young men. Poor Charlie to be her victim although he is not attracted to her. The poor man shivers whenever she patronizes his salon, asking him to give her daring hairstyles. One example will be adding blue strands to her hair. But I must confess that she looks good in them.

16. Manager Bei
He betrays Zhu Meng but later regrets his choice when the Lis treat him like dirt. Thus he tries hard to help his previous employer to get back what he deserves.

Favourite character
Shuang Dao, he creates the most laughs in the serial. He may be evil but he actually has a kind heart. A close runner-up is Jun Hao who is so forgiving and also loyal to friends.

Most hated character
The first is Piao. This man is always second is not Xian Xiu but his father, Chun San. A practical good-for-nothing who relies on his intelligent son to do everything for him. Without guts and wits, no wonder he loses to Zhu Meng.


The title is called 'Revenge and Passion'. So all ending scenes of each episode have the trailers of '……. Vs……..'. It can be battles among the young or the old. But the Chinese title can be misleading and I thought there will be bloodshed but it is hardly seen in here. This is a refreshing change from other dramas. To tell the truth, I make the wrong guess that Xian Xiu likes Min Zhu because I feel that he treats her better than Mei Qing. So he wants to seek revenge on Jun Hao. This serial proves me wrong as they are only business rivals. Although slightly disappointed, I like arrangement when they battle with their wits. What is the point of watching a predictable drama anyway?

I like the dialogues. They are well-written and witty. This is what happens to me. What do I do when watching each episode - laugh all the way! The funny scenes are well shot too. However, I must complain that the love scenes aren't that moving. The producer has forgotten Yin's existence. What happens to her? Does she get recognition by Zhu Meng in the end? Will Xian Xiu be jailed? Is Fu Shun still Shuang Dao's woman? All these leave unexplained - is the scriptwriter a man to ignore all these details?

No wonder Jae Wok becomes popular after acting in here. He shows his credibility of being an actor. He can be serious and also humerous too. It is a big sacrifice to act as a woman and he accepts it bravely.
But my major surprise still comes from the supporting cast. They have managed to show that they can handle all kinds of roles well and are so versatile in their acting. From happy to sad or from serious to comical, they change into different settings effortlessly. You must watch it as it is highly entertaining!

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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