Rosy Lovers

Reviewed by: sukting

April 24, 2016

Rating: three

How long

52 episodes




Bai Qiang Wei is a sophomore majoring in design, a rich girl who grows up without experiencing any hardship in life. Her parents want to marry her off to an eligible man they choose for her, but she rebels and begins dating engineering student Piao Chi Dao.


Lively and outgoing Chi Dao raised by a single mother, and he is eager to graduate and start earning money to take care of his mother. But when Qiang Wei gets pregnant, she and Chi Dao are forced to change their plans, and must begin raising a child while both are still in college. In the process, they slowly gain maturity and learn the true meaning of love.


Story/Cast sypnosis


  1. Lee Jang-woo as Piao Chi Dao                                                                                                                   He is a business administration undergraduate who is the youngest in the family. During an outing with Qiang Wei, he makes her pregnant. He deters his studies and takes up odd jobs when Ling Long is born. He learns that he is adopted and is devastated to move to a rooftop house. Poverty sets in and Qiang Wei abandons them. He then takes care of her alone and even steals milk powder. He goes through lot of hardship to get Ling Long back when Wan Zhong seizes her away from him.                                                                                His foster family takes him back and helps to look after Ling Long while he completes his studies 5 years later. He starts designing shoes and makes money by setting up his own shop. He also reunites with his biological mother and gets a new father. Qiang Wei is also mature now to return to him and both are happily married. I have no idea why Jang Woo is often chosen as the lead actor as his smiles can be fake and his expression rigid at times.

2. Han Sunhwa as Bai Qiang Wei                                                                                                                                     She is the younger daughter who is pampered when young and is a spendthrift. She has thought that love overcomes everything but realises that it is not do when she is disallowed to spend money freely. She also despises Chi Dao for returning hom late and giving her little money. They quarrel and she gives birth to the premature, Ling Long.                                                                                                                                                               She refuses to take a look at her daughter and abandons them to go overseas. She returns 5 years later to become an actress but refuses to visit Ling Long. Chi Dao gives up on her. Fate causes her to play a part against Ling Long. Her motherly instinct returns but Chi Dao refuses to forgive her. Chi Dao’s business is badly affected when Wan Zhong accuses him of forsaking Qiang Wei. She announces the truth openly to clear his name and moves out. Credible acting from this actress on the agony Qiang Wei shows

3. Lee Mi-sook as Zheng Shi Rui                                                                                                                         She is a widow who brings up the three children on her own but all of them prove to be disappointing. He husband brings Chi Dao home and she leaves the birth string on him. She works at the beauty spa but loses her job when Bi Shun accuses her of seducing Rong Guo. Her heart stirs due to him but gives up on him upon knowing that he is married. She works as Juan Hua’s helper upon knowing that she is dying from stage 4 cancer, blaming herself for causing her plight.

4. Jang Mi-hee as Gao Juan Hua                                                                                                                         She gets to know Shi Rui when visitng the spa. Before marrying Rong Guo, she gives birth to Chi Dao out of wedlock and her boyfriend dies. She attaches a birth string with the label ‘little chestnut’ on it. Bi Shun gives the baby away but her marriage is unhappy as she has no children. Wan Zhong throws Ling Long at the orphanage after snatching from Chi Dao and Juan Hua nearly adopts her. Chi Dao comes to take Ling Long home. She is furious upon seeing Rong Guo with Shi Rui so she frames Shi Rui for stealing her ring to humiliate her. Rong Guo clears her name and they nearly head for divorce. She has stage 4 cancer and wishes                                                                                            Chi Dao is mad with her for treating Shi Rui like a maid while she also regrets humiliating him in order to help Cheng Xian to get the shoe designing department manager post in Rong Guo’s company. Before she dies, she is grateful to Shi Rui for bringing Chi Dao up. She becomes suspicious when Rong Guo is cold to her. She fires his young and pretty secretary. His chauffeur passes away and he finances his daughter’s studies. Juan Hua becomes a paranoid to think that she is her mistress. Rong Guo has to send her to Paris quickly to avoid getting her into trouble.

5. Park Sang-won as Li Rong Guo                                                                                                                        He is the chairman of a sports equipment company and marries Juan Hua to comply with his mother’s wishes. His fatherly instinct sets in when bringing Ling Long home for the first time, he really likes her very much. He admires Chi Dao’s talents and invites him to work for him. He tells Chi Dao not to be too trusting towards people. Seeing that he has gained experience in shoe designing, he offers him the design chief post. Upon knowing that he is Juan Hua’s son, he decides to register him as his own son. He likes cycling and gets to meet Shi Rui one day. Shi Rui is his primary school classmate and he slowly likes her. Her children oppose to them together and he concentrates on taking care of the ailing Juan Hua. He accepts her son as his son but only gets Cheng Xian to start from the basics to want him to work hard.

6. Jeong Bo-seok as Bai Wan Zhong                                                                                                                     He is a rich civil servant that accepts bribes through giving companies contracts. To cover up Qiang Wei’s ugly past, he tries giving Ling Long away. He also links Shui Lian to Zai Dong in marriage as his brother-in-law is rich. He later tries marrying Qiang Wei to Zai Run. When both plans fail, he run for senator election and wins through ugly means. He is later on the run after his ugly deeds are revealed. He later surrenders himself to the police after his mother’s death. He guards her grave upon release.

7. Im Ye-jin as Su Jing Zi                                                                                                                                   She is the sisters’ mother and dotes on them. She is also Shi Rui’s friend. She is bitter to know that Wan Zhong and Fang Shi keep a lot of gold without her knowledge. They also treat her like a slave, wanting her to cook daily. That is why she decides to be Qiang Wei’s manager. She dislikes being looked down by them.

8. Kim Min-seo as Bai Shui Lian                                                                                                                          She teaches celio music at the university and is very gentle. Knowing that Kang Tai wants to shoot a movie, Wan Zhong ruins his chances. Shui Lian then agrees to marry Zai Dong in order to get the movie funds. Who will expect her to defy her parents to run away at the wedding altar to be with Kang Tai? She bears with all insults from his family when cohabiting with them. She waits for Kang Tai to get his chance to be a director and is pregnant.

9. Han Ji-sang as Piao Kang Tai                                                                                                                           He is the eldest in the family but takes on odd jobs to be a pizza shop assistant so that he can fulfil his dream in writing a good script to shoot a movie. The harsh reality makes him shoot R(A) films for money. He is delighted when Shui Lian stays with him but opposes to Chi Dao to be with Qiang Wei again as he doesn’t want him to get hurt.

10. Yoon A-jung as Piao Shi La                                                                                                                           She is Kang Tai’s younger sister and is materialistic. She marries a rich man but is forced to divorce him without any conditions as Chi Dao beats him up for adultery and can be jailed. She is jobless for a while and later works in Zai Dong’s department. She sleeps with him and is dismayed that he doesn’t claim responsibility for it. Her family doesn’t like her to shoot comments diriectly. Love later blossoms but they face many obstacles as she is a divorcee. Moreover, Shui Lian is her sister-in-law. He is posted to the U.S. but she is reluctant to leave her family and stays behind. This part is questionable as she has all along been a selfish person.

11. Choi Phillip as Gao Zai Dong                                                                                                                          He is in charge of the designing department and is shattered when his bride runs away on his big day. Drunk, he sleeps with Shi La but pretends not to know it. Rong Guo learns that he uses land transition as marriage exchange and refuses him of a promotion. Shi La gloats over it as she can continue to see him daily.Still, he feels that he owes Shi La. Upon knowing that Hen Ji sells Chi Dao’s exclusive rights to the company without Chi Dao’s knowledge, he helps to let Rong Guo know. Rong Guo then pays Chi Dao for the damages although he can’t return the rights to him. He slowly loves Shi La but Bi Shun nearly fires her so that he can find another wife.
12. Kim Young-ok as Zhao Fang Shi                                                                                                                   She is the sisters’ grandmother ho prefers to keep the gold and cash at home instead of leaving them in the bank. She feels bad towards Ling Long and slowly accepts Kang Tai as her grandson-in-law. Upon knowing that Chi Dao is adopted by Rong Guo, she regrets opposing the two earlier as he is rich now. She goes senile and dies in a car accident while trying to helpl Wan Zhong to flee from the police.

13. Ban Hyo-jung as Ma Bi Shun                                                                                                                        She is the siblings’ mother and Fang Shi’s friend. She doesn’t want Juan Hua to be a single mother to lie to her that Chi Dao is dead to send her away so that she can marry Rong Guo. She doesn’t expect her to be so unhappy for so many years. Upon knowing that Juan Hua is dying, she gets Cheng Xian to impersonate as her son but never expects him to be so greedy. Rong Guo and Zai Dong shake their heads for not discussing with them. They finally find Chi Dao but she is too shameful to face him as she is also nasty to him in the past. She is a gold-digger and is never satisfied even though she stays with Rong Guo. She wants Zai Dong to be the rightful heir since Rong Guo has no children. She never trusts Rong Guo to constantly to get a PI to follow him. Upon knowing that Shi Rui is his ‘woman’, she gives her hell. She also tortures her children to make sure that they go jobless.

14. Gil Eun-hye as Xu Zhu Yong                                                                                                                         She is Ci Dao’s university friend who likes him to become his business partner to sell the shoes together. Even after knowing that Ling Long is his daughter, she does not mind. She is only afraid that Qiang Wei will reconcile with him. Thus, she reveals the fact of Qiang Wei’s past online and Wan Zhong counterattacks with the opposite lie that Chi Dao is the wicked person. She then decides to go overeas and apologises to Chi Dao.

15. Lee Go Eun as Piao Ling Long                                                                                                                       She is Chi Dao’s daughter who is used by Shi La to shoot dramas to increase the family’s income. Shi La is also disturbed that Qiang Wei is also involved but can’t back out as triple amount damages must be made if they break the contract. Chi Dao is then present for every shoot to make Qiang Wei and Jin Zi uneasy as they feel guilty. Ling Long is touched when Qiang Wei shields her from a falling board. She is then close to her and doesn’t know why Chi Dao is hostile towards her. It is only when reporters surround her does she realise that Qiang Wei is her mother. She is bitter than Chi Dao deceives her by telling her that her mother is dead. She is overjoyed when they finally get married.

16. Lee Hae Woo as Jin Cheng Xian                                                                                                                      He is the imposter as Juan Hua’s son. With no qualifications and is a womanizer, Bi Shun doesn’t want him to stay with him so he gets Juan Hua to buy him an apartment. He wants to work as a manager but is ot satisfied when Rong Guo only gets him to cary goods instead. Zai Dong doesn’t trust him and spies him at work. He becomes greedier and wants Juan Hua to buy him a car garage. He doesn’t know the colour of the birth string. Juan Hua becomes suspicious and tests his DNA to know that he is not her son.

17. Kim Sun Hyuk as Li Zai Run                                                                                                                          Zai Run comes from a rich family that manaufactures many electronic goods. Yet, he is very humble and kind. He gets to see Qiang Wei’s poster on the street when he is just back from a business venture to get attracted. Qiang Wei faints on the street in front of his car as she learns that Ling Long is her daughter. Zai Run carries her to hospital and endores her as his company’s model. He is divorced and his son stays with his ex-wife. Wan Zhong lies to him that Chi Dao forsakes Qiang Wei. He learns about Ling Long being Qiang Wei’s daughter but doesn’t mind it. He even proposes engagement and treats her family well. Upon knowing that she is going to hold the press conference to tell the truth, he tries in vain to talk her out of it to want to protect her from harm.        


  1. Mun Hee Gyeong as Emma Li                                                          She is Zai Run’s elder sister who is nosy and fawns on her wealth. She is back from the US and buys an expensive dress for the engagement. The silly Jin Zi wants to pay for it and is shocked by the price. Upon knowing Qiang Wei’s past, she yells at the Bais as they have kept the truth from her.  

19. Kim Min Hyung as Cui Hen Ji                                                                                                                         He is Chi Dao’s university classmate and helps in managing his shoe business. However, his mother needs money for operation so he doesn’t register the exclusive rights to sell to Rong Guo for the money. Chi Dao forgives him and he works harder for him. He shields him from being attacked by Qiang Wei’s fans when he is being wronged for being a unfaithful man.

20. Son Seung Woo as Han Shun Zhe                                                                                                                   He is the private investigator who is engaged to tail Rong Guo day and night. His next tedious task is to find Chi Dao for Bi Shun. Her money is hard to earn as he has to train Cheng Xian to know the facts. It was different from Bo Ri is here! It wanted to work as a family drama to tell all to work hard from setbacks. Many recongised Sunhwa’s acting and the director praised her for being credible. However, many did not like how Juan Hua was being forgiven easily just because she was ill.

interesting facts

  1. Highest rating is 32%. The first episode of shooting Qiang Wei embracing Chi Dao in the dark during a storm, Sunhwa was shy and Jang-woo kept smiling non-stop. All teased him, saying that he smiled like a molester. There was an episode where Qiang Wei treated her staff to pizza. It was real as Sunhwa did spend the money to give the treat to 50 over staff to thank them for working in the cold.

  2. Interesting facts from Wikipedia

Awards and nominations

2014 MBC Drama Awards


Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama Lee Jang-woo Won

Golden Acting Award, Actor                         Park Sang-won Nominated

Golden Acting Award, Actress                     Lee Mi-sook       Won

Best New Actress                                       Han Sunhwa       Won

Popularity Award, Actress                         Han Sunhwa         Nominated

Best Couple Award     Lee Jang-woo andHan Sunhwa         Nominated



2015   51st Baeksang Arts Awards

Best New Actress (TV)   Han Sunhwa   Nominated


Most favourite character      

Zai Run, he is very accommodating and understanding. He gives Qiang Wei personal space and doesn’t force her to accept him immediately. The second is Rong Guo for accepting Chi Dao with open arms. It is not easy for him to forgive Juan hua’s betrayal. The third will be Zai Dong for being nice to Shi La too.                                                                                                                       


Most hated character

Lots and lots! The first will be Juan Hua – she is very shameless. She hides her past from Rong Guo. After Rong Guo allows Cheng Xian to work in his company, she still demands him to give him a high post. Cheers for him for giving her a dressing down – he is right - how can he do that when he just joins the company? A close second will be her mother, Bi Shun. She thinks so highly of herself to condemn everyone. I wonder how Rong Guo can tolerate her for so many years.


A third will be Chi Dao – he is too proud to ask for help when he needs. When he runs out of money to buy baby powder for Ling Long, he steals from the departmental store! He even gets himself ill – why doesn’t he think for Ling Long but still wants to save his own pride? His foster family still treats him the same – must he really evade from them?


The fourth is Kang Tai. He is terribly selfish after he gets Shui Lian. Even when Shi La decides that Shi Rui should get her own happiness, he still says no to Rong Guo and claims that they can take care of their own mother. But he as the eldest son, almost lives off his family when he can’t get a stable job. He also opposes to Chi Dao reconciling with Qiang Wei. Yes, it is confusing for Ling Long to identify Shui Lian’s identity but this man only thinks for himself.




The way that Fang Shi gets frantic over Rong Guo adopting Ling Long is realistic. It will be confusing when Shui Lian marries Zai Dong – to call her younger cousin instead of being her niece. But it is not as drastic as Juan Hua being her grandmother instead of mother. If Shi La also marries Zai Dong, she will become Chi Dao’s aunt. How confusing as this can be even if Rong Guo adopts Chi Dao officiall .


Wan Zhong doesn’t recognize Ling Long at all when they first meet. She is lost on the street and he brings her home. He nearly melts when she kisses his forehead. If he can’t resist, he understands how hard Qiang Wei can say no to her. They have chemistry and she doesn’t even know that he intends to kidnap her to get Chi Dao to leave Qiang Wei.


Like others, I find that Juan Hua and Bi Shun are too easily forgiven. Both are detestable in their speech and actions. Luckily, Zai Dong is not influenced by them. Unlike other couples, there are two who have to stay by their promise to Juan Hua. Why can’t Rong Guo be with Shi Rui in the end? Both of them deserve happiness but due to their families’ opposition and confusing entanglements, they have to follow the traditional rules. What is the point of Juan Hua who keep apologizing to Shi Rui over this?


This drama handles the situation of single parent relationships well. Juan Hua makes the same mistake as Chi Dao. But unlike Chi Dao, Bi Shun deprives her of the chance of taking care of him by lying that he is dead. If Chi Dao has not committed the mistake, he will not become a father at such a young age to mature so fast. Due to this, Shi Rui also needs to keep on working to support the family – she even needs to give Chi Dao money to rent the roof-top house before Ling Long is born.


Shi La has to take care of Ling Long for him when he continues his university education and working part-time. See how the lives of them go upside down due to the unplanned arrival of Ling Long. Although they might grumble at this, they still dote on her. He really has them to thank. That is why certain mistakes can’t be committed at the spur of the moment.


Sukting’s ratings :


On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)


On story : *** (Scale of 5)




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