S.W.A.T Police

Reviewed by: sukting

March 06, 2004

Rating: two-point-five

How long
16 Episodes

Have you ever watched a Korean cop drama? I am sick of romantic Korean dramas so this is a refreshing change for me. It is a boring drama if not for this amusing part: the villains or most hated characters in other dramas become righteous cops in here! How do things go in Team 1 of S.W.A.T? This serial shows the confusing relationships that these members face. Sorry for the long synopsis but I don’t even see it on vcds in Singapore. It may also be rare overseas.


Dan Fei pretends to be a hostage and gets S.W.A.T protection. Team 1 is sent to protect her. However, she is a killer and her mission is to ruin the S.W.A.T unit. The main purpose is to get hold of 4 discs which collect terrorist information. Once they get them, their political situation will be improved.

Li Dong Shi and Li Dong He are brothers. Dong Shi works in the special police force – S.W.A.T, which deals with the terrorists. Dong He is an outstanding computer expert who is studying for his doctorate. He is working in the national computer laboratory. Dong Shi wins many awards and Dong He is proud of him. Dong Shi gets along well with his comrade, Kang Zhu but this man is very hot-tempered. Kang Zhu quarrels with their captain, Zhang Da Wei. Kang Zhu even overturns Zhang’s table before he quits!

Dong He meets Dan Fei. She takes pictures of him on a cruise and agrees to hand over to him the next time they meet. Dong He begins to like her. He gives her a CD with a book, addressing her as his mermaid princess. Dong Shi comes to the computer laboratory. He wants Dong He to break a password to open a disk. Dong He manages to break it but goes out in a while upon hearing a commotion.

Dong Shi is taken aback when the screen shows Dan Fei’s face. He then realizes that she is a spy. However, it is too late for him to kill her and he is shot in the head by Piao. Both flee with the 1st disk and Dong He walks in to see his brother dead in front of his eyes.

The police force is in charge of the Buddhist funeral. After the chanting session, they go to the graveyard where Dong Shi is buried. They present the medals that Dong Zhi has won all these years to Dong He. Dong He watches the ceremony tearfully. All are at a loss as the clue is lost. Dong He goes to the bar to drink but ends up being beaten up by hooligans. This reminds him of his nightmare with the terrorists.

He does not fight back and is brought to the police station instead. Zhang and the assistant captain, Sheng Zhen bail him out. Kang Zhu is now working at his mother’s orchard. Upon hearing the news, he cries at Dong Shi’s grave. He decides to rejoin the police force and trains in the mountains, hoping that he will clear the tests.

Zhang and Sheng Zhen refuse to let Dong He join S.W.A.T. They discourage revenge. Both want him to continue his studies to fulfill Dong Shi’s death wish. Moreover, his stamina isn’t up to standard. The team has training in the mountains. Dong He follows but is nearly frozen to death. They leave him in the hut before continuing their training. He goes out and meets Kang Zhu instead.

Kang Zhu guides him after knowing he is Dong Shi’s younger brother. Both go trekking to the top of the mountain. Kang Zhu is amused that the team gets a helicopter to bring them to the foot of the mountain after they complete the training. He and Dong He decide to go back on their own. I wonder why Kang Zhu starts growing a beard. He looks so haggard within a short time.

He teaches Dong He shooting skills and taekwando. At night, Kang Zhu discovers that Dong He has a fever. Guess what happens – he is so harsh to him. He drags him out to lie in the snow and removes his coat – leaving him in the cold! He gives him only 2 choices. One is to continue the training while the other is to give up and return home. He shouts that he wants to continue it.

On their way back, Kang Zhu slips down the mountain and injures his head. Kang Zhu wants Dong He to abandon him but he refuses and manages to send him to hospital. The doctor finds Kang Zhu all right but there is blood concussion in his head that may blur his vision. So it is not suitable for him to do any shooting for his eyes to rest for a month. But he has not wanted to miss the recruitment and joins Dong He.

Dong He meets Dan Fei. She gives the pictures and wishes him luck for the exam. She has thought that he is going to continue his studies. Many are impressed by how much Dong He has improved and are relieved when he manages to finish the run in 43 minutes – the aim is an hour.

As for Kang Zhu, Zheng Yong looks down on him for quitting and being a florist instead. Zheng Yong gives in to Kang Zhu when he begs him to help him to aim a target while he will shoot. He is getting blur vision now and he hopes that he can get into the force again to check the case. Zheng Yong softens and helps him.

Both go through the interview. Kang Zhu promises not to be reckless again when Zhang reminds him of his quitting incident. When Zhang learns that Dong He’s main motive is to find the killers, he rejects him.

Sheng Zhen and Zhang have a discussion on the candidates. Zhang declines Dong He’s position but Sheng Zhen thinks likewise. He also joined the force because of his son. Now, he thinks it is the time to take risks. Sheng Zhen can imagine the hardship that Dong He has endured to enter the army to train so hard. Dong He is really a talent to do so well in such a short time.

It is heard that they are having a meeting in the recruits’ room. Kang Zhu knows the traditional practice and finds excuses to avoid. Indeed, Dong He has his face hit by a cake upon entering the room. Zheng Yong says that Dong Zhu can’t be spared but Song Xi finds it tough to do it on him since he was her ex-senior. Then the seniors force the two to drink from a bottle which contains brewed wine from a snake. This is their tradition to show closeness in team members.

Kang Zhu and Dong He look at each other uneasily. At this time, the alarm starts ringing and they go out with the rest to catch a terrorist. However, they are not up to expectations, giving poor performances. Later, they even create blunders in the plan (This is supposed to be a cop drama and I leave viewers to find out the answer) and other members look down on them. Zheng Yong doesn’t understand how the capable shooter, Kang Zhu, turns out to be so lousy. Later, upon knowing his medical condition, he forces him to rest. Kang Zhu has a speedy recovery due to his care and is grateful to him.

Later, the duo manages to find a clue to solve the cases. But they are so reckless to seek the terrorists on their own. In the end, their poor leader, Zhang is reprimanded and sent to do desk work in another unit. Kang Zhu, Dong He and Song Xi are sent to protect Senator Jin. He has one of the disks.

They are annoyed when they are stopped by his bodyguards when he is having a meeting with two officials. Dong He has suddenly detected danger to Senator Jin after working on a computer and has wanted to clarify their identities. He brought it up to other teammates earlier but they did not listen.

They have to wait outside the home and wonder what their punishment will be if something happens to him. They see Jian Hao in a car nearby and tell him to leave. Later, the two step out (one is Piao and another is Dan Fei.) They flee with the 2nd disk. Upon knowing the murder, they give chase and both sides fire guns at each other. Both suddenly disappear. Dan Fei manages to escape through her disguise. She removes her wig and glasses. Later, she tears the side of the slacks and it turns out that she is wearing a dress!

Kang Zhu runs into a corner and suddenly a gun points at his head. The poor man loses his gun and is humiliated when Piao disposes his bullets from the casing one by one. All must watch this scene – Kang Zhu really swears in horror after Piao leaves and Dong He runs to him. The gun is thrown on the ground with all the bullets. His other colleagues find his expression pale as if he has just escaped from death. Sheng Zhen wants them to write the report. They regret not listening to Dong He.

No one can find the people. Dong He recalls seeing the car – he can even remember its car plate number and its colour. But Jian Hao has disposed it and even removes the fake fingerprints from his fingers. The terrorist leader, Shen praises Piao for doing a good job. Their next mission is to kidnap Senator Jiang.

The three write the report. Song Xi is angry and Kang Zhu tears the paper upon remembering the humiliation. They come under fire from officials. Trainer Wu calls off the meeting as he is sure that another attack is going to happen. Sheng Zhen thanks Wu for helping them.

Sheng Zhen worries that Kang Zhu might turn weak despite being a strong man. Dong He is asked to consider transferring to the computer or intelligence unit. His superiors find him unsuitable to work in S.W.A.T. After consideration, Dong He wants the transfer.

Dan Fei and Jian Hao find it tough to kidnap Senator Jiang as many men surround him. Zhang meets Sheng Zhen to find out the members’ wellbeing. He feels bad for troubling him to do the job. All are reluctant to see Dong He leave but decide not to hinder his progress as he has the paper qualifications to be promoted faster instead of being a cop.

Dong He comes up with the analysis that Senator Jiang may be the next victim. He gives his proposal to his superior, requesting more protection for them but it is rejected. He can’t help being upset and roams on the streets. Dan Fei happens to be on the street too. Both pass the eatery that they meet and miss each other.

Piao and Jian Hao kidnap Senator Jiang in the country club’s changing room. They act as cleaners and thrust him into a carrier to bring him up a van. They demand him to hand over the 3rd disk. Dong He’s superior informs him about the kidnap and he frowns. Zhang comes to look for him to get back to S.WA.T. The unit has requested for their return. Dong He agrees.

Yong Zhe was greedy and accepted a cheque from Wang to let him into the country club. That is how Jiang was abducted. When his teammates know that, they are very angry with him. In fact, Zheng Yong is so angry that he hits him until his nose bleeds. When he regains his cool, he demands to know why he does it? Yong Zhe starts sobbing and Zheng Yong quickly hugs him to assure him that it is al right. What a quick change as this man may look harsh but he has a soft heart.

When Kang Zhu wants to report this to Sheng Zhen, Yong Zhe might be jailed then. Sheng Zhen invites all to his home for dinner. Song Xi supports Kang Zhu’s decision. Sheng Zhen assures them that he is making sure that not a clue is spared. Kang Zhu tries checking with the bank but to no avail since he isn’t the one writing the cheque. They look at Ren Shou and decide that he is the best person to do it since he is an ex-detective.

Ren Shou accepts the challenge. He not only finds out the identity but also the address of Wang. They go to the house and are suspicious as only one road leads there since it is in the rural area. However, they suspect that Jiang is there and decide not to alert him.

Dong He asks Dan Fei out. Jian Hao is jealous upon seeing the CD that Dong He has given her. He gets worked up – how can she fall for another man and neglect their plan? The man doesn't known her real identity yet – will he accept her? Dong He reveals that he has not gone to meet her earlier because he is scared to show her his sad face. But later, he discovers that he longs to see her. He is shocked when she suggests a breakup. She lies that she is confused over her feelings and thus doesn’t feel love for him.

The superiors want Team 1 to capture Wang alive. Kang Zhu gets his gun back and recalls his humiliation. Sure enough, they are in a fix when Wang gets Jiang as a hostage. In order not to get the team into trouble, Jian Hao shoots Wang dead from far. Wang’s accomplice, Yin is shocked but flees. Kang Zhu hunts them down and sees them getting away. He sees Piao and shoots him from the back. He still flees.

Dan Fei and Jian Hao bandage Piao’s wound. Dan Fei wonders if Jian Hao will shoot her under the same situation. Jian Hao replies that he hopes that she will shoot him instead and suggests her going for a walk. She goes to the restaurant and sees Dong He there. Dong He is unable to forget her and runs after her, hugging her in his arms. She weeps when she hugs him in return.

Jiang is hospitalized. Kang Zhu, Song Xi and Dong He are in charge of his safety. They are annoyed when Jiang prevents them from being in the same room when he talks to his secretary. Jiang wants him to get the disk from his home. But Jian Hao seizes it and kills him. Kang Zhu is fed up when his superiors insist that the case should be handled by local police.

Kang Zhu and Dong He are out of the quarters. Dong He mentions to Kang Zhu that his girlfriend is a photographer. Kang Zhu is curious on how he dates women. She has thought that he is working as a computer engineer in the laboratory and he has not told her that he is a cop. She dislikes the cops or any uniformed personnel as they are cruel. He doesn’t know how to tell her.

He intends to bring her to Dong Shi’s grave as he misses his brother. Jian Hao calls her at this time and they have to cancel their date. She lies that she has to run for her photography assignment. She has bought the flowers and promises that she will make the visit before the flowers wither. They arrive at the hospital and get prepared. Piao stations at the rooftop while the two disguise as doctors.

Piao shoots at Jiang’s room so Kang Zhu and Dong He bring him to safety. Dan Fei is supposed to kill Jiang when she hides in a room. But she is too shocked to see Dong He that she can’t bring herself to kill. Jian Hao then carries out the backup plan – that is to plant the explosives in 2 places and kill the security guards. He will have a good view through the security system to know where they are then.

Song Xi joins the three in the protection in a lift. It suddenly stops moving. Piao wants S.W.A.T. to retreat but Sheng Zhen refuses. One bomb is let off. Zhang is forced to give in. The team refuses to give up. Ren Shou and Yong Zhe look for the bomb, find it and the explosive experts remove it. The 4 get out of the lift and both sides exchange fire. Dan Fei manages to kill Jiang but hesitates to shoot Dong He.

Piao wants Jian Hao to leave without her but he comes in the ambulance to lead her away. Team 1 is mad that they have escaped again. Dan Fei rests at home and refuses to take Dong He’s calls. Song Xi bandages Kang Zhu’s wound and suggests him going to the hospital as she is worried. He declines.

Piao stops himself from visiting his wife, Mrs Liu upon seeing her at the orchard with Kang Zhu. He controls himself from acknowledging him – Kang Zhu is his son! Actually both did not see clearly at each other in both attacks so both are ignorant of each other’s identity. He buys flowers – the same one that Kang Zhu suggests since his mother likes them but never gives it to her. Piao feels unwell after an asthma attack and Kang Zhu quickly treats him. He is consoled that his son has grown up.

Mrs Liu suggests Kang Zhu takes photographs since he has not taken since he joins the police force. He knows that she misses his father who has gone missing for years. Yin doesn’t blame his comrades for killing but decides to seek revenge on Sheng Zhen instead. He finds out where he stays and decides to do something to his wife and son.

Wu tries to persuade Song Xi to quit S.W.A.T. as she is his only daughter. She replies that he has treated the team as his son – how can he tell her to quit as he is a trainer? The terrorists try to abduct Song Xi and beat her up badly. The other members are concerned but Zheng Yong snubs her for disgracing them? How can she be one of them since she can’t defend herself?

Kang Zhu rushes to see her and is shocked to see her in this state. He vows that he will teach them a lesson if he lands his hands on them. All must be expecting a romantic moment when she suddenly tries to kiss him by holding his arms. How aggressive and direct she can be but... ha... wrong! He shouts aloud before she can do it. She accidentally touches his wound and is shocked upon seeing that the wound is beginning to rot.

She sends him to hospital and he needs to put on a cast on his arm as he has injured his tendons. Mrs Liu is concerned when seeing him injured and is amused that he still wishes to drink wine. But before she joins him, he has a session with Piao and both feel close to each other.

Dong He is worried upon not seeing Dan Fei for days. He is delighted to receive her call. Dong He is surprised to see her pale. He confesses his identity to her and relates Dong Shi’s death. She then recalls that Dong Shi was killed in order to remove the diskette. His blood covered the whole computer screen that had her picture shown at that time.

Dong He confesses that he joined the force to seek revenge. He is taken aback when Dan Fei declares that she is only in love with the Dong He who works in the computer laboratory. She gets away in tears.

Sheng Zhen is with his wife. She has bought a place to set up a shop. He feels bad for neglecting her because of work and offers to paint the place for her. She requests him to quit his job as she can never rest her mind when he is out. His son keeps asking for him too but he refuses. Wu sees that he is troubled and is amused that this model couple can quarrel. He tells him to humour her by knocking off earlier. Without the family’s support, how are they going to do their work?

Sheng Zhen buys paint and tells the team that he is not joining their wine session. They offer to help him in the painting. Just then, Kang Zhu walks in with a parcel sent to him. He opens it and sees photographs of his family. They come together with Wang’s photograph and a note saying that he is seeking revenge. Sheng Zhen throws the photographs on a bed and calmly loads bullets into his gun.

Sheng Zhen is worried and seems too troubled to drive although he says nothing. Dong He is concerned. So he takes the car keys while Kang Zhu sits at the rear. Sheng Zhen contacts the kindergarten through the handphone. He is relieved when told they are still there and requests to talk to them. But he is dismayed to know that they leave and she is at the market. The other members go there to look for her. Dong He drives to the subway station as she may be making her way back from there. Indeed, Yin is there waiting for her.

The three try to enter the station. Sheng Zhen is so anxious that he jumps over the barrier to get to the waiting platform. Dong He makes an announcement for her to go to the control station. Sheng Zhen is relieved to see her. But when he walks close to her, she is shot dead in front of his eyes! The cool man holds her body close to him and cries. He sees Yin leaving in the train cabin helplessly although he has already taken out his gun.

All are at the funeral to see the father and son throwing her ashes into the sea. Ren Shou feels very bad over it. Song Xi is also afraid of losing Kang Zhu but he assures her that he will be fine. Sheng Zhen packs his son’s things to let him stay with his parents. Despite telling him to be strong, both father and son weep when they hug each other.

Piao says that he will oppose to the plan if he knows the killing. They can give warnings to the police but they should not harm their families. But the top, Shen doesn’t mind as this has affected S.W.A.T spirit. Team 1 is discharged of duties to shadow a suspect, Zhu and the members are enraged. Sheng Zhen confronts Wu and Zhang. Zhang doesn’t wish them to seek revenge to result in bloodshed in the city area.

Sheng Zhen still wants to take over. Wu manages to change Zhang’s mind by saying that Sheng Zhen will not be impulsive to ruin things due to his experience.

Song Xi manages to plant a listening device on Zhu’s subordinate. Zhu invites Shen to his office to get the 4th disk. The team hear Shen’s voice and get curious. They then hear noises of copying a disc to another. They want to see who he is. Sheng Zhen gets Ren Shou and Zheng Yong to stay in the car with him. Dan Fei happens to see Dong He and senses that something is wrong. She quickly informs Shen. Shen’s assistant, Cui discovers the device and dumps it into a cup of tea. The team knows that their cover is blown.

Sheng Zhen joins the other three but Zheng Yong still gets his gun ready in the van with Ren Shou. Shen wants Piao, Dan Fei and Jian Hao to kill Zhu before he leaves. They return and Zhu hides in his room. They plant an explosive and kill him. However, the 4 arrive before they can get the disk from the safe. Before Zhu dies, he places the disk into Dong He’s jacket. Sheng Zhen quickly runs after them. He manages to shoot Piao in the stomach. The other two escape to the headquarters.

Zhang is being questioned on why the shots are fired and how Zhu died. Zhang reprimands all for being reckless. The building has other occupants so their safety is of the first priority. Sheng Zhen is sure that anyone else will follow his way. Piao reunites with Mrs Liu and doesn’t wish her to inform the hospital as he knows that they are tracking him down.

Shen deduces that the disk must be with one of the S.W.A.T. members. He wants all to be killed to find it. Cui gives their particulars to Jian Hao. He warns him to be careful of Dong He for being Dong Shi’s brother and a code breaker expert. Jian Hao laughs haughtily that both brothers have ill luck to die together. He calls up Dan Fei to join him but she lies that she is ill. She quickly contacts Dong He but he is already in the laundry to place his clothes into the washing machine. He finds the disk and recalls what happened.

He immediately tries to decode the password but fails. Zhang shows Piao’s photo, revealing his terrorist identity and Kang Zhu is tongue-tied. He quickly calls his mother but no one answers the phone. He rushes home. Dong He reports the case to Sheng Zhen and he allows him to investigate. Kang Zhu heaves a sigh of relief when seeing that Mrs Liu is safe. He reveals Piao’s evil deeds. She sees Piao with the gun. She is angry that he even attempts to kill their son so she wants him to leave.

Jian Hao comes to visit Dan Fei. He sees the photo both have taken together and confirms Dong He’s particulars. Both decide to get the disk. Sheng Zhen pretends to be Zhu’s secretary and wants the disk as it has the company’s information. Zhang calls the company to confirm his identity. Unknown to him, Dan Fei pretends to be the staff to answer the call. Dong He decides to meet Jian Hao personally to hand it over.

He makes a copy of the disk. He is puzzled that the disk has 4 passwords. He still feels that it is fishy. Sheng Zhen agrees to let him go but wants Ren Shou to follow him. The 3 meet and he returns the disk. When they part, Dong He realizes that he has not told Sheng Zhen that they belong to the Special Unit but yet he knows!

Both quickly give chase but lose him when he leaves in Yin’s car. He jumps out of the car to hide in the bushes. Yin is surrounded by cops in a building. Dong He shoots him in the head. Zhang blames him for the killing but he replies that he is trying to save the hostage.

Cui decodes the password and their leader, Jin Gen Shou appears in the disk. They now have 4 parts to the information. Now, Shen has the chance to control Korea then. He invites Piao to study the disk with him but he declines. He doesn’t wish to lose his life. He divides the money to give Dan Fei and Jian Hao to announce his retirement later, Jian Hao says there is still something unsettled. That is to kill Dong He who is a capable password decoder and a computer expert. Dan Fei is silent upon hearing it.

Kang Zhu wants to invite Dong He to his home but Dong He receives Dan Fei’s call. He urges him to humour her and even wishes to meet her. But Dong He advises against it. The couple is in the coffeehouse now. Jian Hao is going to draw his gun now as he sits behind them.

Dan Fei wishes Dong He to quit his job so that both of them can leave Korea. Jian Hao hesitates pulling out his gun but Dong He refuses. He doesn’t wish to give up midway and will not give her up too. He thinks that she is worried over his safety. Kang Zhu is too curious to find out about Dan Fei that he returns. He sees Jian Hao and alerts Dong He. Dan Fei blocks Dong He’s view.

Both men give chase and Dong He tells Dan Fei to leave alone. Dong He manages to injure Jiang Hao’s arm but he escapes in Dan Fei’s car. Dong He is shocked to see Dan Fei shooting at him. The team questions Dong He about her.

Ren Shou and Zheng Yong ask Dong He for her photo. They realise that she was the hostage in Seoul. Dong He wants to join them in their investigation. They do a house search and Dong He is depressed upon seeing the CD he gave her. Kang Zhu finds an inhaler and recalls Piao using it at the orchard. Dong He is so mad that he places the CD as a target for shooting practices.

Song Xi tries to cheer Kang Zhu up by asking how different she looks today. This blur man asks whether she wears a new uniform. She gets so angry that she throws her earrings on the bed. This sends the other guys laughing. Dong He tells Sheng Zhen that he will need a week to decode the disk but a new computer expert, Cui Hui Zhe laughs. He lends him the latest password decoder to save time. This is the same one that the terrorists have been using too!

Dan Fei calls Dong He up to apologise. He accuses her of cheating him. She replies that she has never wanted to hurt him. Mrs Liu informs Kang Zhu that Piao is his father. He finds it hard to accept the truth.

Piao buys medicine from a shop and is discovered. He uses little children as hostages. Kang Zhu comes to talk to him. Piao is contented that he is a righteous man and chooses to die in his teammates’ hands by pretending to shoot at them. Kang Zhu is devastated over his death. Zhang wants to transfer him to another unit but Sheng Zhen advises against it.

Dong He is shocked to know from Zheng Yong that Piao is the one who kills Dong Shi. He has a talk with him in the bar. Dong He has no more kin and has regarded him as his elder brother. So he must be stronger than him since he is following him as an example. He can’t deal with the problem himself. The real terrorists are the people who command Piao. Kang Zhu feels better.

Dong He looks at the two rows of numbers decoded and wonders what they mean. Hui Zhe sees them and comments that they look like two rows of telephone numbers. Both look at each other and Hui Zhe quickly dials the numbers. To his surprise, a lady replies in Russian which he doesn’t understand. They get an interpreter who informs that the number is cancelled. However, Dong He is not discouraged and checks with Telecoms on the owner’s details.

Sure indeed, he finds out that it belongs to Jin Gen Shou who is staying in Russia now. They even use their network and get hold of his address. Shen intends to plant explosives on 9 May at Snow mountain as many VIPs are going to be there. But he is going to get the Russians to do it. The police are unprepared that so many influential people are involved. Cui tells Jian Hao not to offend cops now but allows him to kill Dong He. Jian Hao places a tracking device in Dan Fei’s handphone. Since it is hard for her, he will do it. He hopes that she will not call Dong He but she disappoints him.

Kang Zhu passes the money that Piao gives to him to Sheng Zhen. He hopes that they can get a clue from here. Zhang is relieved that he is all right now. Song Xi asks Kang Zhu out for the first time but gets rejected. She is so mad at him. Dong He also wonders why but Kang Zhu says that he will do it later. Now he simply has no mood for it. Dong He asks him to join him to pay respects to his brother since it is his birthday. Kang He declines as he isn’t ready.

Dan Fei thinks that Dong He answers her message but is shocked to hear Jian Hao’s voice. She quickly contacts Kang Zhu to save him. Kang Zhu alerts the rest. Dong He places the cake in front of the grave. He has hoped that Dong Shi will get married before his 32nd birthday but this wish can never come true. He pours out his feelings for Dan Fei and sobs.

Jian Hao is at one corner, ready to shoot his head. Kang Zhu runs to him and pushes him down. However, Dong He is still injured on the arm. Kang Zhu quickly shoots in front. This is sure an aimless and reckless shooting act of him as there is no target in front!

But the worst part is he himself gets killed although he sees where the light of the gun comes from under the sun because he is in the open. He asks for Dong He’s forgiveness before dying in the ambulance holding Song Xi’s hand. Jian Hao stays there and the team tries to see him out. Dong He and Zheng Yong go into the woods together. Zheng Yong is ambushed and Jian Hao shoots him in the chest. He tries to get his gun but Jian Hao kicks it away to deal another blow on his head to knock him off.

He snatches his communication kit and talks to Dong He. This ignorant Dong He doesn’t even know that he is right behind him. Jian Hao shoots his hand and he drops his gun. He is about to fire a shot at his head when Dan Fei suddenly shoots him from the back. He dies instantly when Zheng Yong rushes there. Zheng Yong has worn a protection vest so he is al right.

Dong He and Hui Zhe try analyzing the other row of numbers. It suddenly strikes Hui Zhe – can it be a bank account number. They check the foreign banks and are dumbstruck to find the screen flashing all the time. This shows that they are in connection with many banks – so which is the one???

Yong Zhe places a tracking device on Cui’s briefcase and they follow him to the warehouse. Zheng Yong and Dong He look for the missing Cui after the rest are caught. He disappears near a container truck. Dong He is about to open the door when Zheng Yong signals him to look at the ground. There are bloodstains so he must be under the truck. They pretend to walk out and Cui appears to get caught by them.

Hui Zhe finally knows that the client is Swiss Central Bank. Cui refuses to betray Shen. On the way to the prison cell, two killers force Song Xi and Dong He out and decide to kill Cui. They lie that Shen wants to silence him. The two rescue him by killing them and drive away. When the car is faraway, the killers stand – they are Zheng Yong and Yong Zhe! They hope that this makes Cui their witness, which comes true later.

The two sides are going to have the transaction. Dan Fei guards outside the door as Shen connects with the Russian terrorists. Zhang tells all to get ready to arrest Shen. Hui Zhe and Dong He penetrate into the bank system but are at a loss on which transaction to stop as there are plenty. Dong He has no choice but to break into the password web. He knows that it is against the law but he wants to stop it by confirming the transaction number. The Russians are about to fire the rocket but stop when the transaction goes still.

All realize that they are being watched but the police have surrounded the conference room. Shen kills himself by firing a shot at his temple. Dan Fei is trapped and Dong He urges her to surrender. He knows that she has saved him. She refuses to let him see her pathetic state so she shoots herself at the neck. Dong He is devastated at her death. All of them receive awards and visit Kang Zhu’s grave. All of them are solemn and they watch Dong He placing a medal on Kang Zhu’s tombstone.

Introduction on characters

1. Li Dong He – Kim Suk Hoon
He tends to be more efficient in computer analysis than fighting skills. He tries hard to work with the colleagues and they finally accept him. He loves genuinely Dan Fei but is heartbroken to know that she is a killer. However, he is very forgiving as he doesn’t blame Kang Zhu for his brother’s tragedy.

Suk Hoon’s acting pales here. I like him more in ‘Tomato’. He seems out of place as a cop because he is too refined-looking. Scenes of him handling the gun or sitting in front of the computer are more convincing.

2. Liu Kang Zhu – Li Zhong Yuan (as Jiang Dong Yu in ‘Trap of Youth’)
He was once a team member but quit because he was disillusioned with the force’s doings. He is a top marksman. He is at first unable to accept the fact that Piao is his father but when he dies, he really cries his heart out for him. Many will feel sorry that his short romance with Song Xi ends so soon.

His acting is good and he is suitable in the policeman uniform too. Many may find his switch from the evil Dong Yu in ‘Trap of Youth’ hard to accept at first. He has injected many feelings into the role and has delivered the emotional scenes well.

3. Zhang Da Wei – the actor as Hui Zhen’s wooer, Dong Zhu in ‘Four Sisters’
He is a leader who demands a lot of his men. But he also cares for their well-being and protects them if the need arises – although most of the time, he is sitting in the office while other members are out (I guess all bosses are like that.) Being very experienced, he is willing to share with what he knows with his team.

4. Bai Sheng Zhen – Jin Xi Chong (he is as Sheng Jun’s cousin, Qi Jun in ‘Tomato’)
He is the assistant leader who thinks the best for his team. When Zhang is not around, he makes wise decisions. He may look cold on the outside but in reality, he is like an elder brother to all. He also loves his family too. When Yin holds his wife hostage, this is the only moment when we see him nearly turning into a freak as he worries for her. Not many words said but thumbs up for his splendid acting!

This actor resembles Hong Kong actor, Lam Wai in looks. In fact, so much that you might think that they are twins! He was so unlikable in ‘Tomato’ but you will like him here. He looks surprisingly young here without his spectacles. I feel that Min Jong’s definition of ‘young’ should be applied here.

5. Che Zheng Yong – the actor as Wei Mei’s ex-husband in ‘four sisters’
He is a harsh senior but he also treats all like his siblings. He is a perfectionist who allows no mistakes and misconduct. That is why he detests Kang Zhu for giving up easily and Yong Zhe for taking bribes. But upon knowing Yong Zhe’s fear, he forgets completely about his anger and consoles him instead.

This is a refreshing change for this actor. He has done many villain roles long enough. I really like him here – he shows Zheng Yong’s righteous but fiery nature well here. But being a perfectionist, he is displeased with Song Xi for losing to the attackers. Knowing that Kang Zhu has problems telling Dong He the harsh truth of his brother’s death, he does the talking for him.

6. Jin Yong Zhe
He is one of the younger cops in the force. He likes to look for short cuts and can be lazy. Thus Zheng Yong controls him with an iron hand. However, he listens to him despite Zheng Yong’s ill treatment.

7. Xia Ren Shou
He is a veteran in the team. He transfers to S.W.A.T after working as a detective. The others respect him because he is very agile at his age. They often go to him for advice. He is very bad-tempered and often quarrels with Sheng Zhen. But they manage to iron their differences.

8. Wu Song Xi
She is the only female in the team so her male counterparts treat her very well. She looks like a tomboy but she is sensitive. She is secretly in love with Kang Zhu. This is so obvious as we can see from the start on how she cares for him. He is being spared the cake throwing treatment. When superiors question about the gun case, she is quick to defend him. When he is injured, she bandages for him. But this man can be so unfeeling at times to hurt her repeatedly!

9. Wang Jian Hao – Jin Xiang Qing
He is an unfeeling killer. Upon getting orders, he will not hesitate to strike as he is very loyal to the organization. Filled with jealousy upon knowing that Dan Fei loves Dong He, he vows to kill him. He is in love with Dan Fei and shows his concern for her in many scenes. It is a pity that she rejects him.

He looks wooden and expressionless in here, unlike his expressive interpretation in ‘Medical Centre’. I wonder why – because the character is really like this?

10. Zheng Dan Fei
She is a killer and also a woman of disguises. Many will be impressed with how she changes from long wigs to short ones and also from dresses to slacks. She looks so different in many instances. She is also a skilful marksman but has a delicate heart. She longs for a normal life and loves Dong He deeply. However, knowing that he is a cop throws her into confusion and agony.

This actress resembles Song Yun Ah in looks. I find her acting here acceptable. However, somehow I don’t think she matches with Suk Hoon. Both create no sparks although they are compatible in looks.

11. Wu (He is Cui Dong He’s father in ‘Fireworks’)
He is a trainer and thus knows that difficulty of the job. He worries for Song Xi, the only female in the team. He suggests that she quit but gives up upon seeing her so dedicated to her job even after the assault. He gives all valuable advice and support that they need.

12. Piao Tai Heng ( He is as Zheng Yuan’s father in ‘All In’ )
He is an experienced killer and is Dan Fei and Jian Hao’s teacher. To pursue his belief, he leaves his wife and son to fend for themselves. He feels guilty and controls himself from acknowledging them. He finds ways to get close to Kang Zhu. It is a tragedy that both find that they are enemies in the end.

13. Cui Sheng Xian
Shen’s capable assistant who is also a computer expert. He is actually not that unfeeling that he initially hesitates on the decision to kill Sheng Zhen’s wife. He is also an accurate shooter so I wonder why he isn’t involved in the killings at all.

14. Shen
He is an evil and ruthless man who doesn’t raise a finger to do the killing himself. What he does is just to open his mouth and pay others to do the job.

15. Mrs Liu
She is Kang Zhu’s mother. She has never liked Kang Zhu as a policeman but supports his decision. Piao left her many years ago to let her raise Kang Zhu on her own. But she never blames him and waits patiently for his return. It is sad that she tells Kang Zhu the truth and make their reunion a short one.

Favourite character
Is my choice Dong He or Kang Zhu? My choice is the mature Sheng Zhen. He is a serious leader but goes through thick and thin with them for all missions. He knows all his members well and fights hard to keep them in the team. He is usually the only calm person in the worst situations. But when his family faces danger, he becomes a normal citizen who panics. This actor handles the anxiety scenes very well.

Most hated character
Who else but Shen? This man only gives orders and scolds them when missions are unaccomplished, not caring how tough they can be. But his decision to kill himself still baffle me – is he afraid of being jailed?

Interesting facts

This is the serial shot for SBS’s 10th anniversary. It is based on Korean’s ‘Special Warfare Action Team’. It shows the weapons that they have and also presents the training base that is only open to the public for once on television. This is Suk Hoon’s first attempt to act as a cop.

He and others went into professional training with S.W.A.T. to immerse into the roles. They were used to the tough training because all of them had been through national service. But it poses some difficulty to the actresses to practise shooting and also take up taekwando courses.

However, Suk Hoon’s efforts don’t pay off. The ratings (so sorry that I don’t have the number and percentage) could not match up to the production costs. SBS suffered a big loss. Probably the viewers could not accept a serious storyline. It even lost out to a MBC small production, ‘Secret Lover’ by Kim Ming Jong and Kim Na Hul shown at the same time in Korea.

Suk Hoon and Xi Chong were overjoyed to be work together again after ‘Tomato’. They were not acting as cousins here but as colleagues this time, so they took some time to get used to it.


Are you baffled with the list above? Initially I was when I saw their faces on television. The producer must be daring to ask them to pose as cops! But it proves to be a good challenge.

When I watch it, I find it surprisingly similar to the Korean movie blockbuster ‘Shiri’. Both are equally upsetting and desperate. Those related or in love are standing on opposite grounds. It also shows how helpless the cops are. They want to do their jobs well. But if they have stubborn and unreasonable superiors, nothing can be salvaged. You can understand Kang Zhu and Dong He’s frustrations when they could have prevented tragedies but the killings still happen. No wonder Dong He wants to transfer out – I support his decision too. What’s the point of staying in a unit if there are so many restrictions?

The stupidest part must be the password decoding process. How can the internal security unit use such an old system that takes weeks to decode one password? That’s absurd!! I thought they are supposed to move with the times. The terrorists go high tech but they are still on the same ground. No wonder Piao and his followers get away so many times.

The actors are good but the serial has a very thin plot. It can’t be compared to Hong Kong cop dramas as it still lacks the punch. When coming to the last few episodes, all of us will know the ending. It is too predictable. I missed some episodes but I could still follow the story. It seems that Korean stations like tragedies very much but I certainly find the arrangement too deliberate.

Sukting’s Ratings :

On acting : ***(Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5) (it could have been only 2.5* if not for the fantastic fighting scenes in the end)

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