Sad Love Song

Reviewed by: sukting

January 28, 2006

Rating: three

Year produced

How long
20 episodes

This is the first serial that the three leads have worked together. Will they do well in Sang Woo's first work upon reaching 30 years old?


Hui Yin is blind and stays with her aunt, Jing Ji after her parents? death. Her neighbours are Jun Ying and his mother, Xiang Zi. Jun Ying is looked down because Xiang Zi sells wine to the American soldiers by opening a bar and Jing Ji works for her. Jun Ying hates to be called a bastard since young. One day, Hui Yin trips and Jian Yu bandages her wound before going to the temple to pay respects to his late mother.

10 years pass. Hui Yin touches Jun Ying's face and longs to see how he looks now. She will know because he is the most handsome and she uses her hands to fell his face. She knits a glove for him and he will try to write a song for her before Christmas. He is about to kiss her when the snow falls on his head to stop him. He wears the glove to his high school (Sang Woo looks very young!) and it has a smiling face on it.

He nearly gets tripped by Ming Yu. All guys whistle at Hua Zhen walking pass as the cheer leader with her teammates. Jun Ying passes the music room to listen to Hui Yin playing the piano. Both go to the eatery and he spreads out the food for her. Hua Zhen wants Jun Ying to go for her performance and Jun Ying is annoyed that she comments that Hui Yin can't go since she is blind. Jun Ying brings Hui Yin to the garden. He carries her and swings her around under a tree. They come to a small wooden house nearby - this is where he hides her from debtors when young.

He asks her how to write ?I love you? in Braille and writes it on the window. He is shocked when she says the 3 words to him as he isn't prepared and how can she say it so easily? Jian Yu is speeding on a motorcycle but is just on time for KNT's new handphone promotion. He is there talking to girls again and Mr Li frowns. Jian Yu claims that he is doing a survey on trendy handphones. (Sorry but I don't think he is good enough to look like a flirt.) Xiu Zhi isn't present because of her disability. Hua Zhen is angry when both arrive for her performance.

Jun Ying is angry with Jian Yu for commenting that Hui Yin is blind. Jian Yu passes them on his way to the temple to visit his mother but doesn?t recognize the two. Jun Ying runs back to get the bear that Hui Yin leaves on the bench. But alas, he is a step late when getting back as Ming Yu and his guy abduct her. Jun Ying catches up with them and beats the guys. (A very deliberate attempt by the producer.)

Xiang Zi knows that he will not start a fight without a reason but still bribes Ming Yu's mother with money. Xiang Zi forces Jing Ji to leave with Hui Lin as not to affect Jun Ying's future. Jing Ji is so angry that she flees with Xiang Zi's money. Jun Ying sneaks out of hospital and is alarmed to see them leaving but his injury doesn?t allow him to run fast after them. Jun Ying looks at the incomplete song sheet.

Xiang Zi gives him to his father to stay till university but he runs away to work at a petrol kiosk. Hui Lin finishes knitting the next glove. Jian Yu has no money to pay for the petrol and his female companion is angry that she is only dating a pre-u3 high school kid so she slaps him. Jian Yu's friend and Jun Ying's colleague - Zhen Biao shakes his head upon seeing that.

The next time, Zhen Biao wears the wrong uniform and Jun Ying demands to have the glove back. He returns it but Jian Yu gives him money to buy a new one or wash it. Jun Ying gets so mad that he punches him. Jian Yu fights with him at the train station - unknowing to the two, Hui Yin is on the train. After winning another punching session, Jun Ying gets on the train while the guards pull Jian Yu back. Hua Zhen sees Hui Yin at the back so she deliberately leads him away.

She even pretends to be sick so that he will not return home. Hui Yin waits at the small house after waiting for him in vain at home. Jun Ying shakes away from Hua Zhen and goes to the house, seeing the glove. He gets angry with Xiang Zi and vows to leave without returning again. Xin Zhen tells Xiu Zhi that he also likes her after seeing her sketches of him. Jun Ying's father decides to support him through university.

Zhen Xi gives Jian Yu her first kiss. Jian Yu still wants to teach Jun Ying a lesson. Jun Ying sees Hui Yin in Jing Ji's suitor, John's car and speeds off with Jian Yu's motorcycle. (Finally a change from cars going after buses or people running after cars.) But he still can?t catch up with them - how can this happen? (another unexplainable part where Ren Can can't catch up with his teacher using the same vehicle in 'sunflower? too.) Both guys fight at the harbour but end up being friends.

Mr Li gives his approval for Xin Zhen and Xiu Zhi to be together. Hui Yin plays the piano at the church and Jun Ying passes the church without knowing it. Jing Ji marries John and wants Hui Yin to follow her to U.S. to seek treatment. Jun Ying changes his name to Cui Jun Kui and changes his school soon. Mr Cui finds a job as a saxophone musician at a nightclub. (It seems that Jun Ying inherits his genes.) The first day Jun Ying comes to school meets Jian Yu. He adjusts his uniform as the prefect and welcomes him.

They go on a tour to stay in Jian Yu's villa. Zhen Biao reminds Jun Ying not to remind Jian Yu of his mother. His mother was a famous singer but is dead for a long time. Jun Ying sees Jian Yu playing the white piano instead of sleeping. Jian Yu doesn't trust love but Jun Ying believes that his love can never change. Jian Yu offers to find his love for him. Jun Ying finally hears music from the church but Hui Yin isn't there. He searches for her frantically on the street. (All these searching makes me giddy.)

Finally, he sees her opposite the street. He dashes across the road to give her a firm and tight hug. (That is a very heartbreaking scene - you will have to watch it yourself. ) Tears form in his eyes and so does Hui Yin as she also recognizes him. He brings her to the villa and she plays the piano there. Jian Yu is with Xiu Zhi trying her wedding gown and she weeps as their mother isn't around to see this but he advises her to be strong. Hui Yin is touched that Jun Ying still wears the necklace that she gives him since young. He will never let it go as it has her name.

Jing Ji persuades Jian Yu to let Hui Yin to seek treatment so he weeps as she sleeps. He brings her to the airport and gives her a recorder. She listens to the tape on the plane as his message tells her not to cry anymore. (Another teary scene.) Xin Zhen tells his secretary that he loves Xiu Zhi because she has the value. She gives him a slap before walking away in tears.

Jian Yu suspects that something is wrong and jokes that he isn't happy with Xin Zhen not treating his sister well before their marriage. Jun Ying practices the guitar till he hurts his fingers and Chang Hao tells him that he can become a successful song writer soon. He sends tapes to Hui Yin. Jun Ying can get into university while Jian Yu is studying in the U.S.

Jian Yu sees Xin Zhen with his secretary - in a hotel and nearly hits him. But Mr Li is having business deals with his associates too. Mr Li slaps him, leaving Zhen Biao and Jun Ying baffled. Xiang Zi is dying and Jun Ying realizes why she sends him away. She dies and he cries, saying sorry for being harsh to her. They scatter her ashes at sea. He sees that she still has his high school uniform. Upon seeing the flower design he makes for her when young and she still keeps it although the colour has faded, he puts it on her dress and bursts into tears to cry hard. (This crying scene is touching indeed till my eyes also turn watery although no lines were said. Excellent acting from Sang Woo!)

Xin Zhen has 2 degrees so Jian Yu must work hard too. John gets violent when he becomes jobless so Hui Yin and Jing Ji move out. Mr Cui is jailed for helping his friend illegally but unknowingly in property sales. Jun Ying passes Xiang Zi's money to Mr Cui's mistress to bail Mr Cui out but she runs away with the money. (Stupid man - can't he do this himself?)

Jian Yu is in the park playing Jun Ying's song and Hui Yin gives him a coin after listening to it. He is attracted by her. Jian Yu is late for his class and is disallowed to continue that day's lessons. He goes to the park and meets Hui Yin there. She gets into the pool to get the envelopes back and he helps her. He brings her to the boutique to get her dry clothes. He is stunned upon seeing her in the new dress and gets her shoes to match too. He doesn't want her to pay him back as he wants to be friends with her. So she can offer him treats instead. Upon reaching home, he picks the coin in his hand and smiles.

Jun Ying asks Cheng Hao to let him work in the club and he tells him to bash the guitar. Jun Ying has no heart to do that. Cheng Hao is angry that he wants to be the backdrop. Jun Ying is troubled - how can he be a songwriter with no money? Cheng Hao tells him not to give up and he works at the construction site instead. Jun Ying is puzzled why he gets no letters from Hui Yin. He can only get into the university later for his studies later because of Xiang Zi's death.

Hui Yin tells Jun Ying that she has moved to New York and John burns all the tapes that Jun Ying sends to the old address. He is upset for not getting any letter from her. (The same thing happens as in ?Love in Harvard? as Jian Yu tries to change the professor's opinion of him.) He shows how to place spilled milk back into the bottle using a sponge. Although all isn't back, he will try to fill it up with the most effort.

Hua Zhen sees Hui Yin's letters and returns them to the post office to return to Hui Yin, lying that the owner isn't there anymore. (What kind of lousy timing the two have - Jun Ying can't find the letters when around but they are there when Hua Zhen is present.) Hui Yin sings on Jing Ji's behalf when her face is injured. Jian Yu plays the piano and gets attracted by her during the rehearsal. Zhen Xi is not happy to see him reacting like this as they send them home. Zhen Xi notices a change in Jian Yu as he isn?t that helpful to women in the past. Jian Yu brings Hui Yin to his home to have coffee.

She hears the recording conversation between him and Zhen Xi. Zhen Xi tells him not to scare Hui Yin as she is different from other women. She leaves and tells him that she has backbone and will repay her through other means for getting her the singer job. She wants to return to Korea as soon as possible but Jing Ji spends most of the money.

Jian Yu's friend, David wants him to introduce Hui Yin to him and both bet 1000franc that she will agreed to his date. Jun Ying pushes Hua Zhen aside to have a fight with Ming Yu again. Ming Yu throws his necklace on the floor and steps on his hand. Even so, he tries looking for it the whole night, not knowing that Hua Zhen keeps it. (This woman is sure vicious.)

Jun Ying is overjoyed to learn from Charlie - Xiang Zi's ex-employee - that he has seen Hui Yin. Jian Yu's birthday is supposedly to be a happy affair but he is angry to see Hui Yin turning up as David's companion. He gives David the 1000franc angrily when heard that Hui Yin comes here after getting paid. She tells him not to treat her as a loose woman but yet she accepts money from David. David later forces Hui Yin to dance with him. Jian Yu can't tolerate this anymore and punches him to lead her out. (Why are so many Korean dramas following Qi Zhu's example in ?Lovers in Paris??!)

Hui Yin wants Jian Yu to return the money to David. Since she has no money to pay him, she takes off her dress and weeps when she packs her things into her handbag which she drops on the ground. Zhen Xi is not happy with Jian Yu's doing and covers her with her coat to lead her away. Jian Yu is silent as he picks up the recorder from the floor. She bursts into tears upon finding it missing when getting home.

Jian Yu is with another woman in bed at home but he isn't happy over it. He listens to the tape and is distressed to know about her love for Jun Ying. (But Jun Ying is known as Jun Kui to him so he doesn't know that his friend is her boyfriend.) Jun Ying wants to visit Hui Yin but he needs a guarantor. Jian Yu gets Xin Zhen to help but this man humiliates him for abusing power. Jun Ying bears with him and passes the money he has saved for the air ticket. Hui Yin gets the recorder from Jian Yu but rejects his help to assist her to return to Korea.

Hua Zhen is delighted that Jun Ying has bought a ring and wants him to put on her finger. He tells her that it is for Hui Yin. In her anger, she sends the necklace to Hui Yin to lie that Jun Ying is dead in an accident. Jing Ji sees that Hui Yin is badly affected and will ask her friends to clarify over it. Jun Ying reaches New York and Jian Yu is on the way to receive him at the airport. Hui Yin walks lifelessly on the street and gets knocked down by a car so he sends her to hospital frantically in the ambulance.

Jun Ying stays at Jian Yu's home and Jian Yu stays overnight at the hospital as he is worried over Hui Yin. Jun Ying has the ring and wants Hui Yin to wait for him as he misses her. He goes to her ex-house but she isn't there and ends up beating John upon knowing what he has done. He stays outside their new home and the nightclub but they are not back too. (It shows how firm the producer is to break them up.)

Jing Ji tells Jian Yu that John has deceived them about giving Hui Yin the operation and she will recover after it but the cost is too high. Hui Yin wakes up but only wants to hold the necklace. Jian Yu's heart is broken upon seeing her reacting like this. Jun Ying puts the ring on the smallest finger. Charles is involved in drug trafficking in as he is an illegal worker in the U.S. besides working in the nightclub. He accidentally leaves the drugs on the bus with Jun Ying.

The gangsters abduct Jun Ying and Jian Yu saves them. Xin Zhen is angry that Jian Yu needs him to bail them out. Mr Li tells Xin Zhen that the resort can be his if he manages to clinch a deal. Ming Yu becomes his fighter. Hui Yin refuses to eat and Jian Yu tries in vain to lift her spirits. Jun Ying comes to tell Jian Yu that he will return to Korea. Alas - the two have bad timing again. When Jian Yu is opening the door, Hui Yin sleeps with her back facing Jun Ying. When he walks out, Jun Ying is only concentrating to look at Jian Yu and doesn't know that Hui Yin is there. (You will tear your hair upon seeing this.)

Hui Yin walks to the rooftop and is about to jump down with the necklace. Jian Yu manages to stop her. Charlie takes care of Jun Ying who has a fever upon reaching home. He recovers the next day to take letters from Hua Zhen and realizes that he needs to reapply his study loan. He wonders if Hui Yin is really alright. He listens to her recorded voice and Hui Yin recalls how they eat together. Jing Ji slaps her when Hui Yin refuses to have the operation. Jun Ying gets into the army.

Hui Yin recovers after the operation but is sad the first person she sees isn't Jun Ying. Jian Yu puts the necklace into her hand and she cries. He puts a sweater over her to put it back on her later. Jun Ying shouts her name aloud when in the army as he misses her. Hui Yin sings again in the nightclub and still records messages for Jun Ying. Jian Yu celebrates her one year of regaining sight. He doesn't want her to forget Jun Ying. She can't give him anything but he can give her. She still rejects him.

Jian Yu asks Zhen Xi if she feels bad when he rejects her. Zhen Xi notices that he changes a lot. Jian Yu wants Jing Ji to keep from Hui Yin that he sponsors her operation but she tells him. So she is with him out of gratitude. (I hate this a lot! These people are really too much! ) Chang Hao and Zhen Biao get Jun Ying out of the army. Jian Yu takes his graduation photos with Hui Yin. She is his and wants others to listen to her music in Korea.

The guys meet and Jun Ying is shocked to see Hui Yin. He sees the ring on her hand and they ask him to write songs for her. He is badly shaken (Sang Woo reacts just like Cheng Jun discovering Jing Shu in 'Staircase to Heaven'.) He looks at his coarse hands that can't offer her anything. She recognizes his voice when he calls her name. Later, he runs after them in the cab and follows them to the hotel.

Jian Yu is angry that Xin Zhen tells Mr Li about his fiancée. Mr Li doesn't think a stone can become a diamond. Xiu Zhi meets the women and promises to make Mr Li change his mind. Jun Ying gets drunk with Charlie as he gets very upset. He burns the ring and glove in the fire but later retrieves the ring. Hui Yin tries the engagement gown and looks stunning in it. The engagement is important to make her his woman. Mr Cui is out of prison and all try in vain to change Jun Ying's mind to write music.

He finds out the truth from Jing Ji. Jing Ji wants Hui Yin to have a better life and Jun Ying is angry that Hua Zhen's doing. Hui Yin is angry that Jing Ji throws away everything on Jun Ying. (This woman is sure wicked.) Hui Yin goes to the small house and recalls the past to cry with the song sheet. Mr Li is angry that Jian Yu is in love with a singer. Jian Yu signs an agreement with Ming Yu to make records. Unknown to him, Ming Yu becomes Xin Zhen's hackery.

All panick when Hui Yin is missing. Jun Ying finds a sick her and sends her to hospital. It is enough for her to keep the pendant. When she opens her eyes, she sees Jian Yu who apologises for being too impatient with her but please don't leave him. Jun Ying weeps outside the ward and decides to write songs for her. They come to Mrs Li's studio at the villa. Jian Yu gives Hui Yin an apartment (Her aunt is really a money digger.) All like his new songs and Hui Yin is distracted upon seeing Jun Ying strumming the guitar. He refuses to put the old song into the album. He ignores her plea even though his tone resembles her friend.

When she isn't concentrating, he tears the old song sheet and forces her to sing continuously. She takes the torn sheet home and sobs. Ming Yu continues to woo Hua Zhen. Hui Zhen is uneasy to see Hua Zhen. Jun Ying is angry to see Hua Zhen but she agrees not to reveal his identity to Hui Yin. Jun Ying sees Hui Yin playing the piano and reprimands her for not playing his music.

Hui Yin gets drunk and begs him not to use the tone to talk to her. (Just like Cheng Jun in 'Staircase to Heaven' again.) He is so cold, unlike the guy she knows. He replies that he can't be like him but sobs when telling Jian Yu to send her home. Jian Yu sees the torn pieces being pasted back and wants to add the song into the album. It is his decision. If he tries too harsh, she will die. Zhen Xi helps Jian Yu in promotion.

There is no boat to leave the villa as there is a storm. So Jun Ying has to stay with Hui Yin in the villa. He cooks while she plays the piano. They eat together uneasily and she tells her to sit near the fireplace since it is cold upstairs. But he ignores her. She sees the ring that he drops and brings up to him. She suppresses her urge to touch his face as he sleeps on the sofa. But he is only pretending to sleep and weeps after she leaves. (Sang Woo really cries very well.)

He later runs to the beach and touches her face when back. When she wakes up, Jian Yu is the one who does that. (What kind of silly timing they have!) She is startled to hear the song and weeps. Jian Yu tells Hui Yin that Jun Ying loses someone he loves very much. She returns the ring to him but pretends to throw it away. She hopes that he will see his lover soon. She attaches the ring onto a necklace so that he can wear it. Hua Zhen is angry that Hui Yin is going to the same competition as her.

The group is at the skiing ground to hold the concert and Jun Ying is unhappy to see the couple together. He asks Hui Yin what she will do if Jun Ying isn't dead. She will not let go of his hand. He is about to tell her when Jian Yu brings her to see the promotion stage. He feels the anguish upon seeing them kiss so he has no courage to tell her over dinner. (Why these people are so wishy-washy to waste our time?) She tells him that it is her fourth anniversary of regaining her sight.

Mr Li beats Jian Yu but he still insists of holding the concert. Mr Li wants him to marry Zhen Xi for exchange of his career but he refuses. All wish to cancel the concert but Hui Yin decides that she can sing elsewhere. Jun Ying chooses the skiing ground by bringing the piano out. He plays the piano while she sings to get good response. She later hugs Jun Ying and Jian Yu is uneasy to see that when he comes.

Hui Yin gives Jun Ying a pair of dolls - one as singer and another as song writer. He takes one so his training is correct to make her sing well. She likes him even more now. Jun Ying decides to leave under Jing Ji's advice. He lies that he has a girlfriend now and needs to spend time with her. Hui Yin brings Jun Ying to the small house and wishes to see his lover soon. (Stupid woman to make such a request.) He tells Jian Yu that he needs a long break, returning him his car keys and money.

Jian Yu returns to him and doesn't want his break to be too long. He returns the doll to her. He makes a last visit to the small house. Mr Li tells Hui Yin to let go of Jian Yu since she is famous now. Jian Yu is angry with Mr Li to say that he has another fiancée. She decides to move away as she knows that Jian Yu has worked too hard to be in debt for her. Jian Yu is angry with her while Jing Ji says that they can repay his debt by continuing to sing. (She is VERY materialistic as she seems reluctant to give up this good life.)

Hui Yin gets to the studio imagining Jun Ying to be there. She reaches the small house and finds him there. He wants to leave hurriedly and she runs after him after seeing the Braille language of ?'I love you'? on the window. She can't be wrong and shouts his name to hug him - how can he be so bad? They cry together. She keeps touching his face and calls his name repeatedly. (I shake my head - Hee Sun is still stony to instil zero excitement in me.) She chooses not to answer Jian Yu's call. Zhen Xi asks if she really loves him. Hui Yin refuses to return to Jian Yu and wants to move out of t he apartment.

Jian Yu falls asleep at her home after waiting for her the whole night. Reporters want to confirm the truth of Hui Yin staying in a nightclub in the past and Xin Zhen is pleased with the attention. Mr Li freezes Jian Yu's account. The couple is at the train station when reporters stand surrounding her but Jian Yu manages to lead her away on time. (This couple isn?t destined to be together.) Jun Ying also returns after them.

Hui Yin wants to break up but Jian Yu refuses to give up. He gets so mad that he punches a reporter. Jing Ji tells Hui Yin that Jian Yu sponsors her operation. The guys drink and Jian Yu gets so badly affected by the breakup that he cries. He hugs Jun Ying after falling from the stool, asking him what he should do. Jun Ying hugs him tightly and weeps too. (Finally we see the guys pitting skills against each other in crying.)

Jian Yu plays the piano and tells his past. Mrs Li died on his birthday. Her necklace has the family photo but behind it shows the photo of another man. Hui Yin is the first woman Jian Yu loves. By right, he should let her leave or she suffers like Mrs Li. Jing Ji tells Hui Yin that Jian Yu is chased out of his home so she should not leave him. Jun Ying meets Hui Yin at the harbour and asks her to console Jian Yu.

Upon seeing his injured hand when covering him with a blanket at the villa, she hesitates. She recalls how he helps her but still removes the ring. He suddenly sits up and wants to listen to her reason. He tells her not to listen to Mr Li and returns the coin to her - his only earning and all his possession. (There must be something wrong with their acting because I sit there, unmoved.) Jun Ying sees that Hui Yin hasn't returned and knows her choice but doesn't blame her.

They hold a conference and Jian Yu admits that they are an item for 4 years. He is Mr Li's son but not his successor. Hui Yin forces herself to say that she will marry him. Jian Yu is so happy to hug her. Jun Ying says quietly to himself that she is most beautiful in his life. Hui Yin slaps Hua Zhen for lying to her to cause her to marry another man. She will kill her in her heart. (Hee Sun is simply not vicious enough.) Jun Ying warns Hua Zhen to be careful. He will rather die than to write songs for her and she must not appear in front of him again. (His reaction is more like it - with adequate rage.)

Hua Zhen and Hui Yin manage to get into the next round of the competition. Zhen Xi requests Jun Ying to pretend to be her boyfriend. Both couples dance intimately. Hui Yin isn't happy to see that - so is Jun Ying too. Jian Yu has thought that Jun Ying will stay with his first love. Zhen Xi brings a drunk Jun Ying to a hotel and he holds her hand, telling her not to leave him with a tear rolling down his face. (I can assure that many fans will melt here.) When both leave, they happen to see Hui Yin and Jing Ji.

Zhen Xi knows they get the wrong idea but Jun Ying sees no need to explain. Hui Yin asks Jun Ying not to give up on himself but later wishes him well. (What is this woman up to - to confuse him?!) She is later abducted by Ming Yu's men to prevent her from going to the contest as she is Hua Zhen's strong rival. Jun Ying hurries after them in his car and history repeats itself when he tries to save her. (Maybe Sang Woo's fans will not have enough of this as it shows his sparring skills?... but not for long.)

He rescues her but he is seriously injured, insisting to send her to the venue. But she sends him to hospital instead. Someone takes photos of them together. He wakes up and presses her to go - what if rumours fly again? She can't hold his hand or hug him but can only look at him. (I feel like yelling at her - Then don't tempt him and torture him!) Jian Yu hears of her in hospital and runs there.

He freezes upon seeing ?Xu Jun Ying? on the door and charges into the room to see no one. (I don?t get it - Jun Ying's name is legally registered under the new name ?Cui Jun Kui?. Don?t tell me he gets admitted without his IC?!) Both have gone to Charlie's relative's' home. Hui Yin refuses to return home as she wants to take care of him. Hui Yin listens to the tape and bursts into tears - Jun Ying can't smile. Why is it so difficult to smile? She must be fortunate to make him feel better.

Hui Yin sees his injured hand and is unable to smile too. Jian Yu is locked into the cell after a fight. Jun Ying sees Hui Yin lying beside him and looks closely at her. He pulls his blanket to put on her but she wakes. Xin Zhen blames Ming Yu for not doing a good job so he must seek them out. Jun Ying eats the porridge hesitantly and later when he sleeps, Hui Yin rushes out upon hearing Jian Yu's case. He is disappointed not to find her when waking up.

Hui Ying packs her things and wants to leave as she wants to reveal the truth. She is too harsh on Jian Yu and is willing to accept punishment. When she reaches the police station, Jian Yu hugs her. Jun Ying sees this when reaching the apartment. She wants his forgiveness for still loving Jun Ying but he still wants to wait for her return. Jun Ying doesn't see this and walks away. He tears his wound - it is so painful for him and he faints by the road. (I begin to think that he is the female version of a sick Jing Shu.)

Mr Cui and Hua Zhen are appalled to know that Jun Ying's liver has a deep cut. Hua Zhen gives Jian Yu an envelope which contains Hui Yin's ex-lover's photo but he throws into the sea without looking at it. Hua Zhen blames Hui Yin for Jun Ying's plight and she prays in the church. If Jun Ying recovers, she will give him up. He senses that she visits him but when he opens his eyes, he only sees Hua Zhen with Mr Cui. Jun Ying comes to visit Jun Ying and is shocked when he hears Hui Yin addressing him as Jun Ying. He recalls the past and realises the truth.

Jun Ying misses her and wants to see her. He has dreamt of walking alone in darkness. Nothing beats than not seeing her at all and he wants to call her himself upon knowing that she isn't coming. (This is a very sad scene.) Jian Yu cries in front of Xiu Zhi over the breakup. He wants to give up his career to work in KNT so that he can marry Hui Yin. Both decide to get engaged when Hui Yin agrees so they keep their song memories in a CD. Jun Ying cries upon reading the news and eats his porridge.

Jun Ying becomes demanding to tell Jun Ying to play piano pieces at his engagement. Later, he becomes so nasty and they fight. Jian Yu reveals that he knows everything and wants him to get as far away as possible. He must smile on their engagement. The big day comes and Jun Ying plays the song they know so well. Seeing Jun Ying leaving, she runs after him but Jian Yu stops her. (This man is getting jealous, aggressive and unreasonable - just like Shan Cai in 'summer Scent?).

On another day, Jian Yu sends her home but she gets out again. He calls her when he follows but she lies that she is still at home. The ex-lovers meet that the old house. Jian Yu appears to tell them that he wants to torture Hui Yin as both are insincere to him. (This is quite a normal reaction as they keep having eyes for each other.) Both men fight and the woman only stands there to cry to do nothing, sigh?? This woman still hides the truth - saying that it is good to be with Jian Yu and this is her choice.

Jian Yu wants Jun Ying to write songs till he is pleased. He tries to rape Hui Yin when he takes her away. (Please?... as if they still don't have enough from ?Winter Sonata??) Being unsuccessful, he tells her to leave. Jun Ying wears the necklace and starts penning songs. Hui Yin brings food for Jian Yu but since he isn't in, she gets Jun Ying to taste it. Jian Yu is displeased to see this when back and locks himself in the villa, refusing to let Hui Yin in. Jun Ying wants to work in Zhen Xi's company.

Jun Ying comes to see Jian Yu to find her shivering. He holds her hand and notices the door locked. He demands to know what has happened but she still lies that she is fine. He takes off his jacket to put on her and gets angry, demanding Jian Yu to be out. He then leads her away as she sleeps in his car. He lets her rest in Charlie's home. Zhen Xi likes Jian Yu?;s songs and wants to sign him on.

Jian Yu regrets his act and rushes to Hui Yin's place. She decides not to put up with him anymore. She wants to find herself back and she gives up both men. Jun Ying can't find her in the small house but manages to find her at the beach. So they hug together. (Do you get giddy after so many repeats?! I do.) Jun Ying puts the ring on her finger. Jian Yu tells Zhen Xi everything. He will let them go if they tell him in the past. But now, he wants to hunt them down and will never forgive them. (I don't think so - if he is that open, they could have been frank to him too.) He can't have a life without her now.

Jun Ying jokes that he can?t sleep the whole night because Hui Yin keeps saying that she loves him. He tells Zhen Xi that they are together and is shocked to know that Jian Yu intends to sue him. Jun Ying will not let Hui Yin go and refuses to tell him where Hui Yin is. Zhen Biao regards friendship more important and wants Jun Ying to give up. Xin Zhen offers to help Jian Yu to look for her and Jian Yu smashes everything in the small house. All read news that Hui Yin is ditched by Jian Yu and feels sorry for her. (They don't know that it happens the other way round.) Charlie wishes her to marry Jun Ying.

Jun Ying promotes his songs to other companies. Both stay at the countryside and he works so hard to have massive nose bleeding. (But be rest assured that he isn?t getting cancer.) Ming Yu discovers them but Xn Zhen doesn't want Jian Yu to know. The popular singer, Jo Sung Mo likes his works and signs a contract with him. (This singer really gives the honour to act here after singing songs from ?Lovers in Paris?.)

Jun Ying is happy that his song is chosen as the hit song and chooses a wedding dress for Hui Yin. Jian Yu still hasn't given up on Hui Yin (very irritating, right?) but gives up upon seeing her running to Jun Ying to hug him after he releases her from his car. He tells Mr Li that his relationship ends and he gets slapped. Information of Mr Li's products is leaked and the police arrests him.

Jun Ying and Hui Lin ask for Jing Ji's approval and she gives in. They move to stay in an attic house. Jun Ying pays the compensation and gets Hui Yin to sing again. His first present for her is an egg and hopes that she will eat the egg yolk. He shows her the pendant in it. His second present is the recorded songs. He still runs back to hug her as he misses her after sending her home. Jian Yu observes and smiles bitterly. He wants to propose to her and tells her to wait for him.

Jian Yu is drunk and wants to give away his ring to a hooker. Zhen Xi stops him and pretends to be his wife. Both rush to the hospital upon knowing that Mr Li is ill. Jun Ying still approaches other companies while Hui Yin teaches the children piano lessons. He is angry that Jian Yu demands a big sum of money. Ming Yu records all his conversations with Xin Zhen to safeguard his interests and wants Hua Zhen to keep it. This woman is sure shameless - she invites Jun Ying to a hotel room to pass the evidence to him.

He can?t love her and puts on her bathing robe over her lingerie when she removes it. Jun Ying passes it to Jian Yu and he plays it to Xin Zhen. He will keep it and watch him. He must stop because of Xiu Zhi. Out of rage, he wants Ming Yu to kidnap Jian Yu. Jun Ying rescues him and Jian Yu sees Ming Yu, knowing that he is behind this. Jun Ying later jokes to Hui Yin that he is wounded to give her a chance to kiss him. Xiu Zhi tells Jian Yu that she is pregnant. Jian Yu is angry that Xin Zhen wants to harm him.

Xin Zhen begs him not to tell Xiu Zhi. Mr Li recovers and wants to know who betrays them and he is so stupid to get Xin Zhen to check the facts. The company has good sales of Hui Yin's songs. Ming Yu gives information of the shares that Xin Zhen has bought and Xin Zhen is mad to get dismissed. Jian Yu digs his past. Xin Zhen has been jailed because of robbery, fights and cheats as a delinquent. He has a good brain to get into a prestigious university to become their tutor.

They use company scholarships and goes to the U.S. Before marrying Xiu Zhi, the secretary is his fiancée. So he will go in exile to N.Y. to do nothing there. Now Jian Yu doesn't know what to tell his family. Jing Ji is back to sing on stage again. Jun Ying gets Hui Yin to g to a hotel room filled with balloons and a ballerina musical box. She sees songs written for her whenever she leaves him. She is touched that there are lots of Braille language on ?I love you?. She sees the wedding dress in a box with the recorder.

Here the message goes - he has practiced for long and gets shy now. (This is more applicable to Xiang Zhe in 'All About Eve' as he is a true introvert.) Can she be his wife? He is waiting for her outside, almost frozen in the snow. So she must come out as soon as she can. She wears it and runs to him. He is so romantic to play with sprinklers. The next moment, they are in bed. (Please believe me - this scene is definitely steamy than what you see in the lousy bed scene in 'Staircase to Heaven'.)

Xin Zhen hands a gun to Ming Yu to kill Jian Yu, using Hua Zhen as a threat. Hui Yin's concert is starting soon and the wedding will continue after that. She gives Jun Ying the necklace back and he is touched. Xiu Zhi tells Xin Zhen that she is pregnant and Jian Yu has promised that Xin Zhen will be happy to allow him to be back soon after his N.Y. assignment. Xin Zhen realizes his foolishness and hurries to stop Ming Yu for taking action - because this nervous fellow doesn?t pick up his handphone. (This often happens at the critical moments for the people not to do the usual things they normally do. This is so sickening.)

Jun Ying realizes that Jian Yu is in danger and shields him to get shot. Hui Yin has a bad phenomenon when he is sent to hospital and Ming Yu is arrested. Jun Ying is dying and begs Jian Yu to bring him to see how Hui Yin performs for the last time. Jian Yu promises to be his best friend forever when carrying him on his back. After seeing her singing, he closes his eyes, contented after touching his necklace.

Hui Yin is at the small house to touch her necklace. She sees a boy who resembles Jun Ying playing the guitar. She decides to wait till the day she meets him again. (This part is copied shamelessly from 'Staircase to Heaven'. Sorry for the abrupt ending but this is really the ending.)

Introduction on characters

1. Xu Jun Ying - Kwon Sang Woo
Jun Ying comes from a low income family and has to work very hard to make ends meet. He never gives up making his musician dream come true but he is too accommodating towards friends - or love?! I don't agree to him wanting to give Hui Yin to Jian Yu - this is too much. I am glad that he fights for his own happiness. But his life is really in shambles to be always down in luck and getting injured or sick. (In past dramas, we usually see actresses fainting or getting sick but this is exceptional in this serial.) Having a sad ending isn't what he deserves, isn't it? This is just the producer's' forceful arrangement.

Sang Woo never disappoints me to show improvement in every serial. Sang Woo is such an excellent crier - almost crying in every episode to make viewers miserable. This is more pitiful than in 'Staircase to Heaven' because our prince turns into a pauper. Moreover, he looks extremely pale and also unsightly (with a goatee in the last few episodes to show how poor he is.)

Sang Woo's acting skills reaches another high level again. He gives a different look as his hair is longer and no longer gelled. But ??he lacks musical genes as we can see how clumsy he handles the guitar. We know that he is diligent in learning but he is not cut out for that.

2. Li Jian Yu - Yeon Jung Hoon
Jian Yu's father owned a handphone and mass communications company. He is always interested in pretty women. But he is righteous and loyal to friends. But upon knowing Jun Ying's past, he turns unreasonable. He can even give up his dream of playing music to marry her and become a businessman - which he dislikes so much to get Mr Li's consent to marry Hui Yin.

However, he straightens his thoughts to let them be together but never expects Jun Ying to give up his life for him. Unlike the two actors in ?Love in Harvard? who speak poor English, Jung Hoon speaks fluently but his love scenes aren't moving. He really lacks the charisma to be a playboy to fade into the background. However, his brotherly ties are better. His acting is still much to be brushed.

3. Li Ming Yu - Jung Woo
He isn't Jian Yu's brother but is a hooligan who can't wait to get rid of Jun Ying because he considers him as his love rival in snatching Hua Zhen. He is Xin Zhen's hackery for committing evil deeds.

4. Zhang Zhen Biao - MC Mong
He is Jian Yu and Jun Ying's friend but you can't help feeling that he is unfair to Jun Ying to tell him to give up Hui Yin to Jian Yu. To him, brotherly ties are the most important.

5. Yin Xin Zhen - Lee Jong Wan
He is Jian Yu's ambitious and scheming brother-in-law. He eyes the Lis? family business and goes all out to harm Jian Yu and the company. He wants to make sure that Jian Yu is dead so that he will not be the successor but is dismayed to have him helping out in the business to marry Hui Yin. No one expects his past to be so ugly. He only marries Xiu Zhi because of money.

But upon knowing that Jian Yu lets him off, it is too late of him to turn back the clock to prevent the tragedy from taking place. Jong Wan's acting goes down the hill after his best in ?Trap of Youth?. He hasn?t placed in his best at all.

6. Mr Li Kang Yin - Jo Kyung Hwan
He is a fierce and strict father but we can't blame him for his hostility towards Hui Yin as his late wife has made him so miserable.

7. Jiang Zhen Xi - Lee Da Hee
She is Jian Yu's childhood friend who is interested in him but doesn't become revengeful or violent after knowing that he is only in love with Hui Yin. She is even so thoughtful to arrange performing chances for her as she is also involved in the music scene. How sweet she is to act as Jun Ying's girlfriend too!

8. Piao Hui Yin - Kim Hee Sun
She is blind in an accident but is cheerful towards life. She regains her sight to become a successful singer. I find her stupid to be with Jian Yu out of gratitude. And to keep on giving and taking away hope from Jun Ying. How have the guys suffered because of her indecisiveness! Thus I like the part where Jun Ying forces her to sing repeatedly most because she deserves the punishment!

Hee Sun is better in blind scenes - I must praise her for acting well in the accident and suicide scenes. After that, she is back to square one with the same old boring expressions and crying tactics. I yawn most of the time. Sang Woo has improved - why hasn't she as she is his senior?

9. Che Hua Zhen - Kim Yeon Joo
This woman is sure scheming to break up Jun Ying and Hui Yin to have him to herself - through the destroying of their letters and also lying that he is dead. She has tried to please him but ends up annoying him instead till he doesn't want to see her face. Her last resort to seduce him ends up in terrible failure as he even covers her with her clothes, not taking a second look at her.

10. Li Xiu Zhi - Lee Yeon Soo
She is wheelchair-bound but has a kind and gentle heart. She is secretly in love with Xin Zhen for 10 years since he is her councilor and tutor. Alas, she marries the wrong man.

11.Wu Jing Ji - Jin Hee Kyung
She is Hui Yin's aunt. Although she cares for her, I find her materialistic to force Jun Ying to leave Hui Yin. It is said nicely that she wants a better life for Hui Yin but I think it is more for herself.

12.Sun Chang Hao
He can be considered as the guys?' senior to introduce them to music. He also goes through thick and thin with them. Knowing Jun Ying's talents, he tries his best to help him.

Favourite character
Jun Ying - he really considers too far ahead for Hui Yin but stupid to give up his love like that. Luckily, he realises that love isn't a transaction and fights for it later.

Most hated character
Hua Zhen - she gets on my nerves for doing all the nasty acts. A close second is Xin Zhen for also being vindictive and ambitious to make use of the people around him.

Hee Sun sang 4 songs together - one of them was Mariah Carey's ?'I?'ll be there'?. The main theme is 'if we love'. Another was 'yesterday once more'. Jung Hoon sang 'even though we part'. Their singing is acceptable. But I still think Seung Hun's singing is the best of all.

Interesting facts

The 30 minute MV trailer shot in Australia that Seung Hun left before getting into the army showed Seung Hun's powerful acting. Unfortunately, he was unable to continue acting here. Sang Woo had even thought of giving up this serial after he left. It had been his dream to work with him and Hee Sun together. Even so Seung Hun persisted to record the song ?10 years later? till the morning he was supposed to report to the army. This became the no. 1 ringtone within a week.

The car accident scenes left a great impact as Australian professionals were involved. The guys were impressed that they cheered for the extras too. When shooting, the locals kept asking the two where they were from. Many crowded Sang Woo as he was exceptionally muscular. They kept pestering for autographs and the crew joked that he was popular everywhere and he should reveal his flesh in case the viewership did not do well.

Seung Hun kept a goatee for the MV and even shot it without any makeup. He was sad to hide aside when reporters interviewed Hee Sun or Sang Woo. All forgave him for evading national service after he made a public apology. Seung Hun's leaving caused a storm. Sang Woo said nothing about it - he knew that the fans and friends? concern did not match to his own anguish. He could only support his decision by sharing his experience with him. (All fans must be glad that Sang Woo completed his N.S.) Hee Sun nearly cried - she knew Seung Hun since secondary school and knew Sang Woo through him.

The leads spent 20 days in Manhattan, Wall Street and also the central garden. Sang Woo and Hee Sun promised to give him the most beautiful love story. The parting made the bond between the guys stronger. Sang Woo did not know when Seung Hun would get enlisted so he had a meeting with him a day before the U.S. trip. Both bade farewell sadly to give each other a warm hug, sending all female staff tearing. Unlike Hee Sun who looked refreshed, Sang Woo looked haggard. He wasn't used to the time jag and could not sleep at dawn. He felt sleepy during the bright daylight.

Jung Hoon and Sang Woo went jogging early morning in New York at 6am - even when it snowed. Don't they like to stay in bed longer or afraid of the cold? Or because they miss the fresh morning air? No, it isn?t. they are very professional - the jogs are supposed to build up the stamina which they had lost through filming. The New York park even bent the rules to allow them to have meals in there. Luckily, not many knew them or they would disturb the filming. The New Yorkers were already used to see filming here so they were not really thrilled. The university scenes were shot in Brooklyn University for a week.

Seung Hun had not forgotten that his leave on his 100th day was to visit the staff and Sang Woo was touched. As he left, the kissing scenes with Hee Sun were cut and Hee Sun found it a pity as they had used Sydney's esplanade as the backcrop in the night to shoot it beautifully. Many loved the trailer which showed off the actors? fighting skills but complained about the cut.

MBC explained that they did not wish to mislead the audience as Jun Ying finally ended up with Hui Yin. (With such ending, they still say that?!) While one member claimed that the photographer was too tired and the shots were less than satisfactory. But all knew the real answer was Seung Hun was out. At the promotion, Hee Sun laughed - she was too used to love triangles in serials till she became numb. Her homework was to observe how the blind react.

It was the first time Sang Woo worked with Hee Sun who is his senior. Hee Sun is a year younger than Sang Woo but she acted longer than him. When Hee Sun joked what happened if she wanted to call him ?oppa?, he pretended not to listen. They claimed they respected each other. Reporters complained that they could not be close to shoot kissing scenes. They insisted on knowing each other longer to inject feelings - just like how he worked with Ji Woo. He joked that he was dependent on Hee Sun to raise his popularity.

Both are happy to work with each other. Sang Woo had wanted to work with the director who was in charge of 'All In'. But he did not want to shoot sad stories anymore - especially in real life. Hee Sun thought the same way too. The reporter informed Sang Woo that he was no. 1 in the poll as to the man whom the women yearn to marry. His reply was - he could not marry everyone but he must marry the person he loves!

The director commented that Jung Hoon wasn't nervous and was natural in front of the camera. As many knew that Jian Yu was specially tailored made for Seung Hun, many actors rejected the role but he was the only one who took up the challenge. Jian Yu was completely different from his other roles.

He rushed to New York and wasn't even used to the time jag to get started to work with Hee Sun and Sang Woo. He didn?t sleep for the night and shot 4 episodes at a shot to break a record. His 6 hard years had paid off. Why did he speak English fluently? His father has sent him to the U.S. to study to be independent. He studied fashion designing and one day, he visited the acting academy. This caused him to become an actor later. Some said that his singing was good too.

Jung Hoon's addition made Sang Woo's part more important. He had to learn playing the guitar daily. What scared him most was the singing part. It was natural for a songwriter to sing and hum throughout the serial so he also planned to take up training. Hee Sun also admitted that she did not sing well too. Sang Woo joked that she really must work harder.

MC Mong is a famous singer. They often PS (a kind of fighting skill) during resting time and Sang Woo always emerged as the winner. Jung Hoon was a beginner and itched to join in. Many liked Sang Woo's sense of humour and he is close to Jung Hoon after that. Both often sat together to discuss the script.

There was a part Jun Ying lost Hui Yin and drank Soju at the street. Many know Sang Woo is a terrible drinker. But he really drank to get immersed into the role. Many were won over by his professionalism. Although Jung Hoon's age was close to Sang Woo, he didn't have as much experience as Sang Woo but many started to get convinced by his acting.

Many were tired after filming but Hee Sun was the only one learning photography skills during resting time from the photographer. She even got him to be her model for her to shoot photos. She even prepared sushi for all and many praised her for being humble and caring. Many were glued to the set upon hearing that she would be wearing sexy lingerie. Remember the part where Hui Yin took off her dress to return to Jian Yu? It was freezing cold at 4am but many could not help lamenting how pretty she was.

This was Sang Woo's first drama when he reached 30 years old. He hoped that all will recognize him as a real actor. (Huh - I thought everyone did after 'Staircase to Heaven'?!) The times where people rely on good looks to survive in showbuzz is over. It doesn't matter to him how many wrinkles he will show. Sang Woo admitted that he had little music sense. Jun Ying is full of passion and is also manly which he wishes to learn from him. He described it as easier than the kissing scenes as he wasn't familiar with Hee Sun then.

Hee Sun might be shy towards Jung Hoon but she took the initiative to kiss Sang Woo. People laughed to refer it to ?dried wood meeting fire? to lit fast. The part he fed her bean sprouts made her complained that Sang Woo gave too much. He smiled naughtily and all knew that he really went all out to make fun of her. He longed being happy so much that he immediately flew to the sunny Philippines for his holiday once filming was over. Unlike others, he was so happy to have a role which finally died as the ending which he had not tried before. Another challenge he liked was to be a musician.

The 'Hui Yin outdoor promotion' was shot on Christmas Day. The crew was touched when Sang Woo and Hee Sun kissed passionately under the romantic atmosphere. The two only found joy in the Christmas party that was held later. Jian Yu's bungalow took 18 billion won to build which was open on Christmas Eve. After filming, it became a coffee house (or a holiday resort - so sorry that I can't remember.) It has 2 neighbours - one was 'Full House' and another was ?Jing Shu's home in 'Staircase to Heaven'.

The final scene was a real concert which cost 10 billion won to shoot. MBC even invited singers to be part of the scene. Hee Sun was so excited - although she had learned singing, this was totally different.

The fighting scene in the U.S. was shot under cold weather but he was hot. Too hot till his palm was cut. Although the wound was small, it was so deep that he did not stop bleeding. The director decided to stop shooting but Sang Woo used a bandage to cover it and wanted to continue. All were touched. The part where Jun Ying weeps upon seeing Hui Yin and Jian Ying together made fans transfer it to websites to describe it as ?to lose sleep over Sang Woo's tears?.

Many thought that Hee Sun wasn't that good in portraying a blind woman so the viewership was about 13%. But when it reached the stage where Hui Yin thought Jun Ying was dead, the viewership went to more than 20%. But it came to an average of 10% per episode despite its starlid cast. Many attributed to the success of 'Emperor of the sea' showing at the same time from KBS.

Many thought this role was too tough for her but after watching it, they changed her minds. It was hard indeed to be careful not to be knocked down by cars and standing at the rooftop. Many were amazed that her determination to be at top form could overcome her weariness of only sleeping 2 hours a day.

During this time, Hee Sun finally completed her university education after 10 years. She took leave to attend her convocation. The guys laugh jokingly at her - how can she drag to graduate till now! She missed her time in school and did not do her homework properly - not to say that she missed many school activities too. Now she is happy to be an actress and not a student anymore. She hoped to get masters one day but wished to get a laptop as a graduation present from her mother.

The serial was even more expensive (3500 million yen) in rights than ?Lovers in Paris? (700 million yen) to be shown in Japan. Although the viewership dipped later, Sang Woo's value rose as many commercial offers still come in for him. The beginning episode had 18.1% viewership in Korea and 10.3% in Japan. This was more than 'staircase to heaven's 7.2% when shown in Japan - even higher than ?Winter Sonata's ending by 1%. Many thought it was a miracle as it was shown during the Japanese? holidaying season.


These people make me sick. They are so pretentious. I don't call it the power of love or sacrifice as these people cover the lies for their own motives or promises?! The pace is too slow with many flashbacks. The leads keep on reconciling and parting - what do they want?! To waste our time? I nearly gave up midway if not for Sang Woo.

Without Sang Woo, this will be another boring drama - his expressive eyes really brings out the mixed feelings of Jun Ying. Another highlight will be the scenes shot in New York but unfortunately, we are watching a drama, not a documentary. The cast and the script could have worked better to save it.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5) (mostly for Sang Woo's sake)

On story : ** (Scale of 5)

On songs : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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