Sad Love Song

Reviewed by: MDesperate

June 30, 2007

Rating: five

Sad Love Song / The Sad Love Story

I was never interested in Korean nor Japanese dramas. Even though I had been much recommended to watch Korean dramas by more than one person, I showed no interest at all. However, I happened to lay my eyes on "Sad Love Story" when someone in my family was watching it for the second time. I initially did not really watch it patiently but after the second episode, I actually could not stop watching it. I actually finished watching the whole drama in two days and watched it for the second time again the following two days.

Kwon Sang-Woo has greatly contributed in making this drama a touching, heart-breaking and unforgettable one for me. His skillful acting can be revealed in the complexities and depths of his expressions and delivery of tears which are like words themselves. His expressions and tears are delivered with diversity to show the different states of his mind and emotions. They actually were able to speak like words in different scenes, e.g. the death of his mother; when he packed for her belongings after his mother's death; at dinner with his father; his desires to reveal his identity and love to Kim but could not do so.

I hardly knew about Kwon Sang-Woo before nor other Korean actors / actresses but after watching this drama, I have become quite fond of him and am interested to find out more about him and other of his dramas. I actually bought the DVD and soundtrack myself yesterday which is a couple of months after I had watched it twice. I have chosen those episodes with Kwon more to watch over and over again for they are so touching.

The 3 theme songs are also good but I am disappointed about the one "...wherever you go, ever you go" can't be found in the soundtrack.

Kim's acting was also good but not as well as Kwon Sang-Woo. Sad Love Song is a great drama and Kwon Sang-woo is definitely a great actor.

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