Sangdoo, Let's Go to School


Section:Korean Dramas

Genre:Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy

Number of Episodes:16


Language: Korean

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Sangdoo, Let's Go to School

Reviewed by: sukting August 20, 2006

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Foreword This is Rain’s debut drama. How does he fare in here with Lee Dong Gun as his love rival? Story Shan Dao looks at the young women and gets attracted but his uncle, Men Dou wants him to woo a middle-aged plump woman. In Men Dou’s eyes, women can be divided into 2 kinds – with or without value. Shan Dao claims that she looks cultured and she is very flattered. Now they get into the second stage –...

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Sangdoo, Let's Go to School

Reviewed by: BiInLurve August 08, 2006

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Cast Che Sang-Doo : Rain (Bi) Chai Eu-Huan: Gong Hyo Jin Kang Ming Sheng: Lee Dong Gun Han Si-Ra / Gong Ba-Lan: Hong Soo Hyun Synopsis This is a touching story about a young man who sacrifices his future for the two loves of his life - his childhood sweetheart and his sick daughter. As his sweetheart says: "We should learn to love each other less, lest fate be envious of our love..." Story The story begins with a...

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Sangdoo, Let's Go to School

Reviewed by: lovekdrama August 24, 2005

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Cast: Cha Sang-Doo : Rain (Bi) Chae Eun-Hwan: Gong Hyo Jin Kang Min-Suk: Lee Dong Gun Han Se-Ra: Hong Soo Hyun This review contains spoilers! Synopsis: This is the story of Sang-Doo, a young single father who has resorted to the life of a gigolo to pay for his daughter's hospital bills. One day, he sees his first love, Eun-Hwan. Circumstances had parted them ten years ago and although he forgot her over time, he never stopped...

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Member Ratings


08-01-2008 05:03 PM


not bad.


10-05-2007 01:36 PM


love this drama..didn't like Rain at first but love him now. Rai was wonderful in this, very different for his character in "Full House." act very good as a father. this drama make me cry and laught at the same time wired. anyway i would recomend people to watch it.


06-29-2007 06:52 AM


I think this is the most tragic drama I have watched. It's so sad that Sang-doo only had hardships in life. I really like the ending cause it showed that if you cannot have good times in this lifetime God has some things planned our for you so you shouldn't ever lose hope.


06-21-2007 05:23 AM


I was only able to watch the first 9 episodes that I found on a website and couldn't wait for them to upload the rest so I had to get on here and find out how it ended. I have already placed an order for it. I don't regret it, but have to say I am a very disappointed. Has anyone seen "A Love to Kill"? With the exception of a sick daughter, I thought I was reading an article about that Rain drama.

I love Rain, I really, really do, but it just kills me to find out he doesn't get the girl in this one either! Full House was an excellent drama, in my opinion. I thought he acted it very well. His facial expressions were one of the highlights for me. (and he gets the girl!!) I would have liked to see him sing more. That was a plus for Sangdoo. They actually had him sing in a couple of scenes. This scored big with me. Rain has an awesome voice. I agree. From what I've seen, this series would be worth the watch. And for anyone that hasn't seen "A Love to Kill" yet, watch it. It will make you cry, but it is without a doubt worth it!!


04-30-2007 04:35 AM


I only viewed this drama once. This is so heartbreaking! Sang-doo experienced hardships in this world that were undeserved. It is only fitting that they be together in the next world where they can love freely with fear of other people's jealousy and hatred. I think Lee Kyung-hee is one of the best writers (he also wrote MISA).

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