Sangdoo, Let's Go to School

Reviewed by: sukting

August 20, 2006

Rating: four


This is Rain’s debut drama. How does he fare in here with Lee Dong Gun as his love rival?


Shan Dao looks at the young women and gets attracted but his uncle, Men Dou wants him to woo a middle-aged plump woman. In Men Dou’s eyes, women can be divided into 2 kinds – with or without value. Shan Dao claims that she looks cultured and she is very flattered. Now they get into the second stage – dance with her to see if she worth their time. (You will laugh non-stop at this. It is very hilarious.)

He must see what she wears. I really laugh non-stop upon seeing him biting her necklace. So it is real. They move to Stage 3. To see if she is the princess or the maid. She even picks food from the table when Shan Dao accidentally drops it! If she is neglected by her husband, Men Dou deduces that she can’t escape from him. Shan Dao adds sauce to her noodles and she weeps as he flashes his killer smile.

Men Dou helps him to do a face mask and Shan Dao comments another woman to be sexy. He should get nervous when she claims that her friend sees him with another woman at a hotel. Instead, he claims to be angry and she can forget about him. If there is a next time, she will be done for. As much as he expects, she refuses to part with him.

Shan Dao sees En Huan coming in – she is his high school sweetheart…but why is she in a school uniform? Men Dou comes in and is uneasy to see Shan Dao. Soon Shan Dou knows why. En Huan snaps a photo of them together. Shan Dao gets more nervous when she shouts loudly that he is a pimp for wanting under-aged girls as baits for rich guys. En Huan isn’t Men Dou’s so-called sweetie but is the student’s teacher. She will hand over the recorded evidence to the police. She calls her student not to do it again or she will kill herself.

Men Dou is too inhuman and she is going to enlarge all his photos to send across the whole Korea. She is going to the police station now and Shan Dao wonders what he can tell Bao Er. How can his uncle be the pimp? Men Dou begs him to snatch the handphone to eliminate the evidence. He feels that he lets Bao Er down but has to do it.

En Huan is surrounded by male students. They don’t believe that she is a Math teacher from Tai Shan High. She then calls her friend, Jin Hong Zhe to settle it. Laugh when the student listens initially and says if he is his teacher, he is his father. (This phrase is sure hilarious.) But his face turns pale upon knowing that he is indeed his teacher to answer him back. Shan Dao has lied to Bao Er for only loving her. En Huan puts on lasses to make sure that she scares the others away.

Shan Dao recalls how he stole the love letters from her in the past and now he steals the handphone. En Huan only hurt her knee in the past but this time round, she gets knocked down by a car when running after him. He sends her to hospital and a guy calls. He answers it to inform him about it and asks Bao Er if he is evil. Min Shuo rushes to hospital to see her state. He is also a doctor and her fiancé.

Shan Dao is unhappy to know that and lies on the balcony table. Shi Luo wants to kiss him but he opens his eyes. She is jealous upon knowing that he has met his first love and asks if she is married. He goes to the hospital and breaks into tears upon seeing a dead body being carried away, thinking that she is En Huan. He drops his handphone and battery to burst into tears. Suddenly, he hears her voice and sees her playing cards with Mdm Gong and Min Shuo.

En Huan is amused to see Min Shuo deliberately losing to Mdm Gong. Shan Dao is so thankful that he smiles with tears. The next scene is warming when he sleeps with Bao Er and he kisses her forehead in her hospital room. You can’t believe your eyes when Men Dou cooks in the toilet and eats there! Another shock will be Shan Dao joining him.

He is furious that Men Dou teaches Bao Er how to gamble. She admits to be in the wrong when Shan Dao threatens to tell Santa Claus not to give any presents. Shan Dao charms the second woman again, lying to be with her in the next life. Then he pretends to lose money in shares and the woman offers to transfer money to him. Shan Dao threatens to disown his uncle if he doesn’t use it to pay off Bao Er’s hospitalization costs. He is relieved when the woman has to rush home as her husband returns or he will have to sleep with her.

Ba Er wants Shan Dao to tie her hair like Whoopi Goldberg. Laugh when Shan Dao gives up as it is too tough and her hair is curly. She likes her doctor and Shan Dao. Shan Dao is shocked to know that he is Min Shuo so he tries to hide his face from him. Bao Er’s father is so much younger than he thinks and Min Shuo smiles when Bao Er thinks he is more handsome than her father. Shan Dao protests against this.

Min Shuo insists of sending En Huan into the school although she wants to stop at the gate. The seat belt gives her problems again to loosen it so he leans towards her to help her. It looks they are kissing so Ms Piao – another teacher scolds them for this shameless act. Seeing that she doesn’t believe their explanation, Min Shuo gets so fed up that he really kisses En Huan till she hiccups!

Shi Luo dolls herself up, hoping to be a top model but ends up being asked not to show her face in front of the camera. She buys things for Bao Er but Shan Dao forbids them to meet since she abandons her. She gets jealous when he plans to reconcile with En Huan. When he is out with the woman for a spin, she tells her to sing the song that he often sings with En Huan. He gets so annoyed that he stops the car.

Missing her, he comes to Tai Shan High. A student is going to kill himself for getting the fourth and not second in class. Shan Dao lies to him that his nephew gets fifth and he will be glad if he is dead. En Huan’s student is so afraid of heights so he changes his mind. But he ends up dragging Shan Dao and he falls instead. En Huan recognizes him when he falls on the cushion.

The principal gives Shan Dao an award and he also gets letters and gifts from the students. He becomes more popular than F4 now. En Huan thanks him the student’s father who owns a hotel gives him lifelong
Free entry to stay in his hotel and using the premises. He later goes to her and sees that she claims not to recognize him. He then shields her from being hit by a basketball and pretends to black out. (This act is sure cute!) She finally calls his name and he is pleased.

He returns home and recalls how he starts becoming a cheat from young with Men Dou. Men Dou leaves him at the doorstep of a rich family so that they can adopt him. Men Dou returns for him secretly when he grows older. Everyday, En Huan will come to the door and shout for him to attend to school with her on her bicycle. He is bespectacled then and good in studies. (Rain does look like a student in uniform.)

En Huan only recalls how popular he is with girls then and how they look at fireflies. She tells Min Shuo about her meeting with her first love. They were in Pre-U 2 when her family ran away from debtors. She wrote 80 letters and never got replies. Shan Dao was good in studies and rich (He also deceives her.) Probably he doesn’t like her at all. Min Shuo finds Shan Dao too much to make her cry – is he really great?

En Huan only hopes that he has a blissful life now. She is apologetic but he smiles – does she knows how pretty she is? It is ok if he is worse but if Shan Dao is better than him, he will let her go but he only has her. (How sweet he is!) He is returning to his office to get something so he stops his car outside the hospital. Shan Dao gets annoyed when Bao Er wants to look for Min Shuo.

A dead patient’s family punches Min Shuo for causing the tragedy when he tries in vain to explain that he has warned of the complications but they still go for it. Bao Er gets so frightened that she cries but Sang Dao says that Min Shuo must have a reason to get hit to want to walk away. How cute she – she releases his hand and bites the culprit’s hand! Shan Dao ends up helping Min Shuo upon seeing her getting hurt.

The guys nurse each other’s wound and Shan Dao demands Min Shuo to give him a treat. Both drink beer and En Huan is trapped in the car again. Min Shuo’s whole family members are doctors and he is the youngest in the family. Sometimes, he feels like abandoning everything and jokes to become a gigolo like Shan Dao has suggested. Shan Dao doesn’t like him to look down on gigolos as he has dignity and pride. He nearly wants to slap his head but Min Shuo is already drunk. He carries him to the hospital and is shocked to know that En Huan in the car. He grabs Men Dou’s blanket to put on her.

He refrains from touching her. He recalls the past – he knows they are moving out but he has no courage to go after them. He accidentally causes one mover to fall into the river when he grabs En Huan’s favourite gramophone from them. Min Shuo wakes up and finally remembers En Huan. (My goodness – luckily she doesn’t die from carbon monoxide poisoning!)

Min Shuo wants Shi Luo to dress discreetly when he comes to his home. Min Shuo sends En Huan home and Mdm Gong is angry – have they slept together for the night? She has called earlier on En Huan’s handphone and scolds Shi Luo who answers it – she must not be having any parents to guide her to steal it.
She wants them to marry soon as En Huan will lose out like her, without a husband. Shan Dao snatches it back and Shi Luo is sad to look at her long-lost mother’s photo.

Shan Dao sees the principal who is here for a meeting at the hotel so he lies that he is having coffee with his friend. Ms Piao describes him acting as Spiderman on that day and feels honoured to breathe the same air as him. Shan Dao spits the water upon hearing that.(this is a repeat later in ‘Full House’) Ms Piao shakes her head upon seeing how En Huan is violent with a male student.

En Huan even dismantles the motorcycle and the student is about to hit her when Shan Dao admits to be the culprit. En Huan is annoyed to know that he is here to see her again and she is not being deceived again. He misses her all these years and decides to date her even though she is engaged. He will not let her go.
Shan Dao is angry to see Men Dou eating Bao Er’s food. Bao Er is on a hunger strike because Min Shuo takes another child out to the playground instead of her.

Men Dou laments that she is as stubborn as Bao Er. Shan Dao thinks that Min Shuo looks down on them for being poor and stages a demonstration outside his office with Men Dou. Min Shuo is amused. Mdm Gong informs En Huan that Zhi Huan is back home. She scolds him for not behaving like a Pre-U3 student. Be surprised – he is the student she punishes in school! He laments that it is too much as she is a teacher in school but not at home.

She is shocked when going to school the next day. Shan Dao is punishing the students who break the school rules and Zhi Huan is one of them. He is working here as a security guard and she is displeased when trying in vain to talk to the principal out of it. Later, all have another shock when knowing that Shan Dao resorts to violence in punishment. He finally agrees to work properly to keep the job.

He gets one ‘lover’s’ call and lies that he is in Paris for a business trip. His colleague overhears it and mumbles that he is in Africa too. Shan Dao eats noodles in the field and Zhi Huan deliberately hits him with a ball. He bears with it and En Huan feels sorry for him. Shan Dao decides to find a decent job but Men Dou reminds him that he has no qualifications. He gives a watch to a rich lady on her birthday.

The woman is so happy that she weeps. He is shocked to see her bruised eye. She is battered by her husband and this is his 7th affair. She still refuses to divorce with him but after seeing the watch, she wants to marry Shan Dou. Shan Dou gets so frightened and pretends to have a stroke to leave, wanting to end the relationship. He jumps upon knowing that Shi Luo and Min Shuo with Bao Er.

Min Shuo notices that Bao Er and Shi Luo look alike. He almost cracks up when Bao Er shows the photo on her necklace to be her mother – it is retired actress, Wong Jo Hin! (If you can remember her in the famous movie ‘A Chinese Ghost Story’) Bao Er cries upon seeing En Huan here with food for Min Shuo. Shi Luo is amused – both mother and daughter are alike to look out for good men.

Eh Huan confesses that she has seen her first love and Min Shuo longs to see him too. Shan Dao is angry that Men Dou and Shi Luo have not noticed that Bao Er is missing. She is at the car park, writing the words ‘stupid fool’ on En Huan’s home eatery van. En Huan is angry and scolds her, wanting to see her mother. Shi Luo defends her and gets mad too. He later punishes both mother and daughter to raise their hands as punishment. Laugh when he tells Bao Er to forget Min Shuo since he has a girlfriend.

Shi Luo gasps – how can he be so heartless to a child even when an adult can’t too? Shan Dao is down upon seeing the couple chatting happily outside. He gets distracted when changing the light outside the classroom when En Huan is teaching. Zhi Huan deliberately knocks his ladder down to hurt his arm. He also gets Xi Shu to pick her watch from the toilet bowl. En Huan wants Shan Dao to resign but he refuses.

He then deliberately tells Zhi Huan to use the ladies when he is fixing the gents’ doors. The poor man is mistaken as a molester. Xi Shu suddenly finds him cool. En Huan is angry and beats him up at home so he runs to Min Shuo for help, saying that she has fallen for a security guard. Mdm Gong dismisses this. Xi Shu asks if Zhi Huan is related to En Huan. He gets sensitive – Lin Zhi Ling and Lin Zhi Ying aren’t related too. Zhi Heng suspects that Xi Shu falls for Shan Dao.

So he pretends to fall for En Huan. Shao Dao has a fever but he still works. Shao Dao gets mad and beats him. Mdm Gong threatens to transfer Zhi Huan out if the principal doesn’t fire Shan Dao. Shan Dao is disappointed upon knowing Zhi Heng’s identity as he has approved to him wooing En Huan when young. En Huan also gets disappointed and gets drunk, wanting Shan Dao to return to the hometown with her.

She dirties her clothes with her vomit so Shan Dao has no choice but to bring her to a hotel and gets the female owner to change her clothes for her. He has wanted to do it but has no guts so he only looks at her necklace. Laugh when he actually washes her clothes and also her stockings! He sleeps on the floor beside her. She falls on top of him when awake and is shocked to see herself in sexy lingerie.

Min Shuo is amused – Bao Er refuses to go to the park with him as her father forbids her. You will crack up when she pleads with him not to go out with En Huan as she dislikes her. She still wants to go out with him. Min Shuo and Men Dou get calls from Mdm Gong and Shi Luo that the two are not back home. Shan Dou will be responsible for En Huan and you will be amused at his luring gesture. Actually he is only wearing his boxer shorts after a shower when he removes the towel.

Both return to Seoul reluctantly and he is upset that she denies loving him that he sits away from her. Shan Dao pretends to fall asleep when she gets off the bus with Min Shuo. Min Shuo allows her to lean on his shoulder when driving. He is afraid that she will elope with her first love. She is startled and retreats from him. Min Shuo is worried upon knowing that Bao Er faints in hospital. He insists of bringing En Huan there as she is running a fever for a jab.

En Huan feels for Bao Er after knowing that she has no mother. She finds herself too fierce and puts her necklace on her hand to guard her. (This act is later reused in ‘A love to kill’). Shan Dao wants to visit Bao Er but he is held up by one ex-lover who brings him to see her friend. To chase both of them away, he pretends to be interested in one of them. Later, another ex forces him to dance with her at the club.

Both are pursued by the woman’s husband. Shan Dao then discovered that the woman has deceived him to be rich as she is only a butcher’s wife. Feeling bad, he allows the man to beat him up. En Huan wipes Bao Er‘s hand and notices that she has a mole on her hand like her mother. She decides to stay till Bao Er’s family is here. Bao Er wakes up and pats her head to cry for her father.

Despite En Huan’s coaxing, she still cries and Shi Luo thinks she is responsible for that. She scolds Min Shuo – how can he be so harsh to Bao Er to let En Huan take care of her? En Huan decides to leave and is shocked to see an injured Shan Dao at the entrance. Min Shuo gets suspicious, recalling Zhi Huan’s words. Later, Shi Luo throws Shan Dao’s things out of Bao Er’s ward. He has no right to be her father since she is her mother. (Er – what kind of right does she have since she is so irresponsible to leave her?) Min Shuo hears them and is shocked.

Shan Dao stays with Bao Er for the night and laments that she is so pretty that he is too reluctant to marry her off (the girl is really cute!) He sees the necklace and knows it is from En Huan as it also has her English initials. Xi Shu’s bag is accidentally thrown up a tree by Zhi Huan. Shan Dao brings it down. En Huan is stunned to know that he is a student in her class now.

Isn’t he a graduate and how can he do this? He confesses that he is a Pre-U 2 dropout. He has lost his interest in studies after she left school. She bursts into tears. The principal tells her to help him as a student – he really doesn’t cheat on him and he is about to recommend him to work in his friend’s school. The male students boo him but the female classmates welcome him.

Zhi Heng’s gang challenges Shan Dao to a boxing match. He can only stay if he wins. Bao Er doesn’t sleep and Men Dou gets so thirsty that he eats a boy patient’s ice-cream. The boy then bites his leg and Min Shuo has to tend to him. His eyes open wide when Men Dou lies to different clients that Shan Dao is overseas with different identities. He then recalls Shan Dao telling him that he will rather ask his future son to be a gigolo than a doctor. He then tries to seek the truth, saying that Shan Dao doesn’t seem to have a regular job and he has owed the hospital 3 years’ cost.

Men Dou panicks when he blurts the truth. Ms Piao laments that Shan Dao should be in her class as he seeks to improve. The two guys fight in the school compound and Zhi Huan gets knocked out. Zhi Huan’s teacher, Mr Li is so angry that he punishes Shan Dao to run 10 rounds. He runs 30 rounds instead when En Huan wants him to run for 10 more rounds. He then drags her to look at stars with him.

Xi Shu is jealous when Shan Dao looks at En Huan lovingly when she teaches. Xi Shu’s parents run into debt and the debtors come to create trouble for her. Shan Dao receives a call from Men Dou at this time to get a potential client. He sneaks out of class during the commotion and sees En Huan throwing her shoes at the debtors. He still leaves and turns up with Men Dou at the restaurant.

Men Dou tells him how rich this woman is – she has 20 billion and loves music. Shan Dao then removes his suit jacket and tie to sit at the piano, singing a piece for her. (All should look at this as he presents his talent elegantly.) Needless to say, she is attracted to him. Bao Er calls Min Shuo ‘her husband’ and wants to cook for him. He frowns when she only mentions snacks that go along with wine – what kind of life has she been living with the men?

See how wicked he is – he teaches her a song on swallows. (The bird indicates gigolos in Korea – similar to Hongkongers referring hookers to chicks.) Mdm Gong brings food for Min Shuo and finds Bao Er familiar looking. She looks at her mole and then asks if her mother is Gong En Lan. She feels sorry for her upon knowing that she has no mother. She is also disturbed when En Huan also knows Bao Er.

Bao Er resembles her long lost daughter but she doesn’t want to look for her to affect En Huan. But Min Shuo knows that En Huan treats Mdm Gong like her real mother and will not mind it. Mdm Gong wants him to disregard the nonsense that Zhi Huan telling him about En Huan going out with the school security guard to their hometown for a whole night. Men Dou wants to join Mdm Gong for a gambling game.

En Huan is angry that Shan Dao leaves his bag in class but is dismayed when Xi Shu is abducted by her debtors. Shan Dao is back on time and drives Mr Li’s car to follow them. He is torn between the thought of pushing the man into the river in the past and Bao Er vs the crooks. He then decides that he has to save Xi Shu. But his car swirls to the side he ends up hurting his forehead and faints.

En Huan sobs in the hospital – she should not drag him into this or punish him in front of other students. She is willing to give up her life for him. Laugh as he searches for a handkerchief to pass to her to continue crying when he comes out! She becomes angry again - what if someone dies? Is he still young? He leaves in a huff. Although she insists of returning to school with him to get his bag, he pushes her aside to get into a cab as he wants to visit Bao Er now.

He then turns to the cab driver – isn’t the teacher cute? Shan Dao has forgotten that he is still wearing the school uniform and this is very disrespectful. The cab driver gets so furious that he chases him down the cab. Mdm Gong loses to Men Dou but insists on playing the next time. Shan Dao hides aside to let her leave as Min Shuo sends her out. Min Shuo then sings the song on swallows – especially the line to chase the swallows away. Shan Dao is furious when Bao Er sings the song with other children and Min Shuo is the one who teaches her.

He confronts Min Shuo and both men hit each other. How can Min Shuo understand him? But he replies he knows him well. The more Min Shuo knows to tell, the angrier Shan Dao becomes to gulp a whole jug of beer. But Min Shuo will not tell En Huan that Shan Dao has such a big daughter or she will faint. He isn’t a gossiper but Shan Dao must disappear right now. Shan Dao gets furious to call him a sparrow repeatedly.

Both end up fighting and have a fractured right arm with a neck brace. (This is one highlight.) Poor Shan Dao can only hide aside when En Huan shows Min Shuo concern. She is even willing to cook and wash his clothes! Shan Dao mumbles that he is also hungry and his bone cracks a cm more than Min Shuo. En Huan thinks Shan Dao’s injury is due to the accident when she sees him the next day.

Shan Dao takes this chance to complain that he has not eaten the whole day and he feels giddy. Be ready to get swept off your feet when she washes his face for him! The cab driver comes and scolds En Huan for giving in to such a rude student. Shi Luo refuses to take nude shots and only allows Shan Dao to see her in nude. Bao Er feeds Min Shuo and refuses to let Shi Luo take over.

Be prepared to laugh non-stop when Shi Luo thinks they are compatible – like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones with a 20 year gap! Bao Er can marry him after high school education. Min Shuo nearly chokes on his food and later discovers that En Huan’s handphone is with him. He comes to school to return it to see the two together.

The guys hate each other but have to pretend not to know each other. (This is hilarious.) Min Shuo asks casually if Shan Dao is her student but he looks really old. Shan Dao stares at him – see if he dares to tell the truth. En Huan is sorry to let him make the trip as he is unwell but he assures her that he loves her. Xi Shu declares her love for Shan Dao and Ms Piao rehearses her lines to show her affection for him. En Huan overhears them and recalls how she wants to give Shan Dao presents in the past but stops upon seeing him surrounded by female classmates.

Shan Dao is so popular that students set up a fan club and more students from other schools are joining. Zhi Huan’s buddy’s twin, even offers to be the photographer. The fellow is so mad that he wants to disown him as this is too insulting! I am totally baffled when Ms Piao and the principal can actually agree to take photos with Shan Dao and the students to put them up on the website!

The guys are going to remove their casts. Laugh when Shan Dao wants to walk away but Min Shuo pulls his collar, wanting him to go first as this affects his livelihood! This is not the way to arouse En Huan’s sympathy. He can’t go on cheating forever. Shan Dao is mad and calls him a sparrow again and what if he gets ditched? Min Shuo retorts – does a gigolo know love? Shan Dao can’t win him.

Shan Dao tells Men Dou to re-bandage this wrist back. Men Dou knows a friend who makes counterfeit certificates. Shan Dao can buy a high school certificate or even a university certificate. (All of us know that Rain will not be required to do that in reality as he will get his masters soon.)

Mdm Gong can’t sleep well after seeing Bao Er so she comes again. She dreams of her daughter and realizes that it is Bao Er. Min Shuo feels sorry for her when she wants to keep it from En Huan. Shi Luo is angry when Mdm Gong feeds Bao Er food. She then recognizes her as her mother when she removes the eye bandage as she refers to her photo with her.

Shan Dao has a drink with Zhi Huan’s gang in the eatery. They pretend to apologise but they have deliberately chosen here so that Shan Dao will fight with another gang. En Huan overhears them and tails them. The guys make Shan Dao drunk and cause him to get hit. All are detained at the police station and Mr Li bails his students out while En Huan stays with Shan Dao. She is distressed – how can Zhi Huan dislike Shan Dao and doesn’t know that he is the big brother that he likes so much when young?

Zhi Huan informs Min Shuo of the news and he comes to see En Huan dozing off with Shan Dao’s head resting on her lap. He frowns but still sends them back. Shan Dao gets so drunk to ask her why she avoids him even though she likes him. Min Shuo is very annoyed and decides to bring him home. The two have to sing to coax Shan Dao to sleep. Shan Dao is so drunk to mention that Min Shuo is his chauffeur and he has seen him somewhere before.

En Huan sleeps on the bed, Min Shuo on the floor and Shan Dao on the sofa. Shan Dao falls on Min Shuo and he is amused that he still fights in his dream. He then adds – why this woman is so sexy and kisses his face to prove how much he loves ‘her’!! En Huan comments that he behaves like a gigolo. Then Shan Dao gets totally confused to say that he wants to kiss his beloved daughter. You will crack up non-stop when Min Shuo describes his dream as exciting.

Shan Dao sees photos of the two together everywhere – on sofas, walls and even on the t-shirt he is wearing to realize where he is. He is about to lean and kiss En Huan when Min Shuo stops him. Min Shuo complains him to be a lousy drinker who causes them to be unable to sleep at night. Shan Dao is fed up – so he shall not thank him then. (The exchange between the two is highly-entertaining.)

Shan Dao then demands to know if En Huan often sleeps over here. To think that he even charges into the toilet to ask him that! He keeps asking if they have been to bed before. Min Shuo is also fed up – does he have the right to know and does he think he is like him? That indicates no and he is so happy – telling Min Shuo to have more pessimons and Min Shuo yells at him – he shall not need that since he doesn’t have constipation. En Huan wakes up, thinking that she is looking at Shan Dao but it is Min Shuo’s face.

Shan Dao eats his breakfast happily on the street but isn’t happy to see the t-shirt reflection in the mirror. He wants to take it off but stops that as many think he is a pervert. Mrs Jiang is returning to Korea and Min Shuo arranges both mothers to meet up to talk about their marriage. En Huan is unprepared and scalds her tongue when gulping the hot coffee. He gets anxious but seizes this chance to kiss her. He hopes to marry her soon to see her daily. (How sweet he is!)

Shi Luo pretends to be Shan Dao’s pregnant wife to chase his sticky client away but is sad that Shan Dao is only making use of her. He then gets Men Dou’s call. Min Shuo tells Bao Er that he becomes an old man when she grows up but she insists of marrying him. Men Dou finds Mdm Piao cute and wants to play another game with her when she visits Bao Er. She leaves in a huff, leaving her wallet behind. Shi Luo sees her childhood photo in it but is too late to run after her so she weeps.

You will laugh at the next scene. En Huan is stuck with a Math question so Shan Dao calls Min Shuo for help. He is so desperate that he calls him big brother. Min Shuo has maintained that he will not want to have a truck of younger brothers like him but he ends up helping him. See how cunning Shan Dao is – to teach En Huan before she teaches the class! Shan Dao is amused that she is a Math teacher. Is she the last in class during graduation?

Shan Dao learns that En Huan is meeting both mothers so he pretends to have a stomachache to keep her back. En Huan only realizes his scheme when it is late at night and is furious with him. Shan Dao vows not to let her go. So is Min Shuo – Shan Dao should know his limits as a student and hits his stomach. En Huan stops him and blurts that Shan Dao is her first love indeed but there is nothing between them now. Shan Dao leaves sadly while the two play arcade games.

Shan Dao then goes to play with Bao Er and En Huan gets curious about Shan Dao so she makes a home visit. They are not at home. The students are going to En Huan’s hometown as a graduation trip. She is disappointed when Shan Dao isn’t there but smiles when he comes on time on his motorcycle. He sits beside Xi Shu. See how evil Min Shuo is – to teach the children patients on swallows again.

Shi Luo asks Min Shuo about Mdm Gong. Men Dou complains of Shan Dao going on a trip to leave him to look after Bao Er. En Huan is too engrossed in her thoughts – even though Shan Dao falls asleep on the bus, she imagines him to lure her to the fields. She recalls how he sucks the poison from her ankle when a snake accidentally bites her and bursts into tears. He then turns up behind her to bring her back to the bus.

Min Shuo frowns upon knowing that they are there so he also drives there, looking at the directory. Shi Luo follows to Mdm Gong’s shop but vows never to forgive her. Shan Dao takes class photos. En Huan comes to the rock area and recalls how Shan Dao marks how much they are in love on the wall. She can’t move to him as it is too late. Shan Dao recalls the past – he still holds on to the gramophone in the police car. He remembers how En Huan shouts at his door repeatedly to want to go to school with him in the rain.

The man is in critical condition then. When he returns home after release, his adopted family forsakes him to migrate overseas. En Huan also moves away with her family. He bursts into tears, shouting her name, not being able to accept the fact that she forsakes him. En Huan learns that Shan Dao is missing and comes to the beach. She remembers how they part due to social class difference. He has wanted to elope with her but she refuses. She weeps and is surprised to see Min Shuo.

Min Shuo is shocked to see her crying and hugs her tenderly when discovering her having a fever. He comes because he misses her. He might die if he doesn’t see her. (This is mushy but he puts it across to be romantic.) He hugs her – is she shivering because she is ill? She denies but he finally knows why she misses her beautiful hometown. Shan Dao is at the riverside and En Huan is shocked to see him there.

The group has a campfire. The students push the engaged couple on stage. Shan Dao observes with sorrow. Min Shuo relates how they share their first kiss after knowing each other for 100 days. He will try to make their love work a lifetime although both are not their first love when Xi Shu asks them. Zhi Huan tricks Shan Dao into believing that En Huan has slipped into the sea. Shan Dao immediately dives into the water but faints when the current is too strong.

The other students get panicky as none of them can swim. En Huan immediately jumps into the sea with Min Shuo following suit. Min Shuo learns from their ex-classmate that both have fallen deeply in love in the past. This woman even asks Min Shuo to give En Huan up as he can find a better woman with his ability. Min Shuo makes an excuse that he needs to tend to an operation in the hospital but bursts into tears to weep in his car on the way. En Huan makes her choice after the ordeal.

Shan Dao returns to the rock area. He doesn’t expect to return here after 10 years. He is tired of life and will not survive without En Huan all these years. He wakes up and sees her. She admits that she loves him and Shi Luo buys presents for all, announcing that she has found her mother. Shan Dao is happy that En Huan accepts him so he rejects all his ex-clients and dances at the supermarket.

Zhi Huan is disgusted that En Huan shares food with their pet dog. She then reads a magazine on how to charm a man with 10 ways and mumbles her apology to Min Shuo. Min Shuo sees how Shi Luo resembles Mdm Gong. He later stares at Shan Dao – he will not admit defeat. Shan Dao laments that Bao Er is too young or he will accept him as his son-in-law!

Bao Er leaves the hospital crying upon knowing that Wong Jo Yin isn’t her mother and throws her necklace away. Men Dou sighs as he forsees this happening. En Huan puts plasters on Shan Dao’s back and relates her failed home visit. He laughs it off uneasily and En Huan wants to meet him at 7pm to introduce him to her dog. Shi Luo looks for Shan Dao in school and he is shocked to know that Bao Er is missing.

Min Shuo drives and finally sees Bao Er on the street. He hugs her and she claims to hate her father for lying. Shan Dao demands her to go to him but she still clings to Min Shuo. She buries her face under the blanket and ignores Shan Dao’s pleas even though he raises his both arms as a punishment. Shi Luo finally blurts that she is her mother to console her, much to Shan Dao’s disbelief.

En Huan waits for Shan Dao in the rain without the umbrella and Shan Dao finally remembers their date. He runs there and shouts her name when he doesn’t see her. The principal learns that Shan Dao has a young daughter and asks if her name is Bao Bei. Shan Dao is sewing with him and claims that Bao Er’s name is carefully chosen as he has read the dictionary. But he insists that she has no mother. He gives birth to her and takes care of her since young. The principal knows that he becomes a student because of En Huan and they are acquaintances.

En Huan faints as she has a high fever and Mr Li sends her to hospital. Shan Dao follows suit. Mdm Gong is annoyed that En Huan calls for her dog in her sleep. It has followed them all along since En Huan adopts it when Shan Dao isn’t around to take care of it. Min Shuo takes care of her and the dog is also sick like her so she wants to go to the vet. It gets sick because of her. Min Shuo dissuades her in vain – it is a dog and not Shan Dao. Why is she so anxious over it?

She squats down upon feeling unwell when trying to get a cab. He blurts out in anger – he will allow her to find another man but he must not be Shan Dao. He stays beside her and Shan Dao sees this. Shi Luo teaches Bao Er to try to get Shan Dao to marry her. She quarrels with Mdm Gong on hoe to discipline children. Mdm Gong is stunned when Bao Er calls Shi Luo mother. She reminds Mdm Gong of her last words to her before ditching her – hasn’t she wanted to die but why is she still alive?

Mdm Gong is shocked – she has not expected her ex-husband to move house when she left Shi Luo at the doorstep. She has initially wanted to die by getting a train ticket. She met En Huan on the way who lost her mother and held to her. She then survives till now. Shan Dao washes dishes and Men Dou also finds a decent job to be the delivery man. He finds it strange that he can stand Bao Er’s ignorance to him to get attached to Shi Luo.

Men Dou finds a way for them to patch up. To pretend that Shan Dao dies and Bao Er needs to kiss his cheek to revive him. Bao Er cries upon thinking that she has lost Shan Dao and obeys him. Min Shuo forces En Huan to stay in hospital. She is shocked to know that her dog is dead from Zhi Huan and cries bitterly. She kills the dog and Min Shuo nearly fights with Shan Dao when having a meal with him.

He is shocked to know that the dog is dead but Shan Dao still jokes around, not knowing that it is his own dog. Min Shuo has believed in love in the past but now it has no use. If Shan Dao believes in love, he should give up and leave. Shan Dao has thought of dying many times but En Huan and Bao Er keeps him alive. He doesn’t mind dying for them. En Huan tells Shan Dao that they should not part easily.

Shi Luo is touched to see Mdm Gong treating Bao Er well but they let Min Shuo see them fighting over Bao Er later. Xi Shu is angry that her mother deserts her for a gigolo and gets Shan Dao to help out. Min Shuo chooses a wedding ring. Xi Shu finds Shan Dao dressing like a gigolo. Xi Shu is still not giving him up – Zhi Huan is unattractive to her. Laugh when Shan Dao looks at the gigolo – the fellow is sure impressive and is among the top species. It is not easy to dispose him but leave it to him.

See how the fellow describes Xi Shu’s mother as only 18 years old and he will choose her instead of actress Shim Yun Ha. He wonders if he is Men Dou’s disciple. Shan Dao then pretends to be a gay to plead with the gigolo not to leave him.(You must watch this entertaining scene.) Shan Dao then meets the woman’s husband who beats him in the past and claims that he is no longer working as a gigolo now. Xi Shu overhears it and is shocked. She then informs Zhi Huan.

He is about to tell En Huan about it when she reminds Zhi Huan that Shan Dao is the big brother he idolizes when young. Zhi Huan becomes silent. En Huan has spent 10 years to meet him again so she is determined to stick with him. Shan Dao dresses Bao Er nicely to meet En Huan. She is the one he loves below 18 years old and is going to bring her to meet his beloved who is above 18 years old.

Shan Dao is angry with Shi Luo teaching Bao Er to tell him to marry her. He is going to tell En Huan the truth and pleads with her to let him off this time. En Huan rejects Min Shuo’s proposal. Min Shuo bangs on the table – why not choose him since he treats her so well? She replies that Shan Dao is her life. Shan Dao is frantic upon seeing Bao Er having a nose bleed that stains her white dress and losing consciousness.

He immediately rushes back to the hospital, missing En Huan on the way. En Huan is then shocked to read Xi Shu’s sms to learn that Shan Dao once worked as a gigolo. Min Shuo tries his best to revive Bao Er while Shan Dao begs him to save her. Shi Luo blames him for taking her out. En Huan then leaves a message for Shan Dao that she is not angry with him for not turning up. Xi Shu and Zhi Huan have not mentioned Shan Dao’s past to others. But she hopes not to see Shan Dao again.

Xi Shu is afraid that she might ask the police to catch him. She only wants to remember his brave nature. Min Shuo tells Shan Dao not to shiver as he will not kill him. Min Shuo reveals that Bao Er’s condition worsens to leukemia. She will lose her hair soon but Shan Dao hopes she will not lose her life. Min Shuo asks if he needs a handkerchief. His tears might accumulate into his head and might turn to be another patient. Shan Dao replies that he is too hungry to cry but he lures Min Shuo out to do that as he doesn’t want to cry in front of his rival.

Shan Dao recalls the past – he denies that Bao Er is his daughter when a pregnant Shi Luo came to him. But he went to the orphanage to fetch her to learn that she was very ill. He is fed up with Men Dou grumbling about Bao Er’s medication cost – Shan Dao has the experience of being abandoned and doesn’t want this to happen to Bao Er. Shan Dao then decides to work like him. En Huan comes again and sees Shan Dao’s uniform at the rooftop. She also recognizes Men Dou. So does he when he takes off her glasses. Bao Er starts having headaches and Shan Dao consoles her.

Shan Dao decides to be a gigolo again as he lacks the money for treatment. Men Dou advises in vain as there is no turning back. It is so hard for them to get out from this and why do it again? En Huan wants to use their home toilet. She sees the gramophone and also Bao Er’s photos with Shan Dao. She also discovers her stolen handphone. Shan Dao woos another rich woman - laugh when the rose stalk suddenly bends and he can quickly add that it is shy because of her. Zhi Huan is disgusted and walks away.

Has Min Shuo been in contact with En Huan? Min Shuo smiles bitterly at his question. Zhi Huan tells him about En Huan’s first love and she is mad to stay over at Shan Dao’s home. Min Shuo must take her home. Min Shuo gets moody – she will get her retribution – is their love so important? Men Dou is puzzled why En Huan forsakes a doctor for a loser Shan Dao. Shi Luo laughs madly upon knowing En Huan’s identity.

Shan Dao starts lying to the woman for money when he stops as En Huan walks it to stare at him from another table. She then demands him to go to school with her. He refuses to explain to her and she leaves sadly although he attempts to run after her to stop later. Shi Luo demands to know if Mdm Gong is going to treat En Huan better than her. She gets drunk to ask Zhi Huan to be her younger brother.

Shan Dao nearly wants to tear the family drawing Bao Er draws – it includes Shi Luo. Shan Dao is going to be expelled for not turning up in school for a week. When he arrives, En Huan smiles but is dismayed upon knowing that he is quitting his studies. Shan Dao will not forget what the principal has done for him. En Huan vows to make him return. Shi Luo moves in and Zhi Huan is speechless to know that he has another sister. Shi Luo moves into En Huan’s room and wants to sleep on her bed to make her sleep on the floor.

Shan Dao is shocked that Bao Er loses hair and weeps. All students miss Shan Dao and wish him to return. Shan Dao doesn’t know how to knit and Min Shuo teaches him. Shan Dao is shocked that he even knows this. Min Shuo has seen many mothers doing that and he learns from them. He teases him and wants to kiss him but later calls Min Shuo elder brother.

Min Shuo has lost appetite upon seeing him. There is no point of Shan Dao acting cute as he feels like beating him. Bao Er is scared to know that she loses hair. She peeps to see what kind of women Min Shuo likes. Min Shuo pretends to kiss Demi Moore’s photo – she shaved bald for G.I. Joe movie and he loves his princess very much. Bao Er then wants to cut her hair quickly as she needs not wash her hair.

Min Shuo knows that En Huan isn’t here for him and she is cruel to him but he will let go. Will she return if she discovers that she is going o nthe wrong track? En Huan will not regret but bursts into tears upon seeing Shan Dao shaving Bao Er’s hair. Isn’t his daughter pretty? She resembles him so En Huan promises to treat Bao Er well. She knows t hat he is out to deceive women again and follows him.

The principal has not accepted his request to leave school. Men Dou wants Shi Luo to give in but she refuses and bribes him with a credit card. Shan Dao urges his client to get him a new watch. He is annoyed when En Huan makes an announcement to make him come to the counter. Min Shuo tells Shi Luo that Bao Er needs a bone barrow transplant. Shi Luo recalls past and forces Bao Er to get Shan Dao to marry her.

En Huan interrupts Shan Dao’s business and follows him. He will not return to school but later they hug each other. He gives Bao Er the name as she is his precious daughter. Zhi Huan is angry that Shi Luo uses En Huan’s things. The women have different parents but are still sisters so he doesn’t see why they should be hostile to each other. He wants to treat Shi Luo better but she has no manners.

Shi Luo waits impatiently for En Huan and urges Mdm Gong to call her. She is shocked to see Shi Luo but bears with her. En Huan cheers Bao Er up. Mdm Gong is angry that Shan Dao ruins Shi Luo’s life but Men Dou says Bao Er ruins Shan Dao’s life. He begs her to let Shan Dao to be with the woman he loves. Bao Er starts to like En Huan. Shan Dao doesn’t know that both women are sisters till Shi Luo comes and presses Bao Er to call En Huan aunt.

Mdm Gong forbids them to be together but En Huan still wants to be with him. Both go out and the fortune teller claims that they pair off well. Bao Er has her injection and asks Min Shuo if he will marry her. En Huan gets on the bus reluctantly when time is up but gets down to run to Shan Dao. Shan Dao forces her to return home and Min Shuo gives him a treat. He is the first to know the truth and Shan Dao blames him to make his misery his happiness.

He is untrue to other women but he is true to En Huan. But En Huan is fortunate to have Min Shuo. En Huan squats down at the harbour and Shan Dao calls Min Shuo. Min Shuo quickly puts his jacket over her. He promises not to love En Huan. Min Shuo sees Shan Dao playing with Bao Er later and jumps upon getting Bao Er’s blood test report. Shan Dao isn’t Bao Er’s dad upon getting his bone barrow tested.

Min Shuo confronts Shi Luo with a ferocious expression as he hands her the report. Should he ask Shan Dao? She begs him not to tell. Min Shuo is fed up – doesn’t she know that she has committed a serious and terrifying mistake? She says they will die when the truth is out. He gets worked up – doesn’t she know what life Shan Dao is heading for Bao Er? The selfish woman says that Shan Dao is dead without Bao Er. Before that, he has lead a gangster life. He changes because of Bao Er so she begs Min Shuo to save her.

Min Shuo recalls Shan Dao’s words – what should he do then? En Huan is back to school and imagines that Shan Dao is still there. Zhi Huan and Xi Shu lament that they do not know what love is. Zhi Huan asks what if he has to be a gigolo against his will. Xi Shu hates gigolos and Zhi Huan learns that Shan Dao is a gigolo because of Bao Er. En Huan’s friend thinks that En Huan is disloyal to Shan Dao so she blurts the truth. The debtor is still in a coma because of Shan Dao so she must not make him a beggar.

He is captured to be jailed because of her and is even abandoned by his foster parents. Shi Luo is uneasy when seeing Shan Dao with Bao Er. Shan Dao decides to register the marriage with her to give Bao Er a complete family. She promises to be good but he wants her to severe ties with her family. (He is so cruel.) En Huan cries upon seeing the gramophone – she has ruined Shan Dao’s life. She sees Shan Dao getting into a rich woman’s car and knows he is out to kill again.

The woman begs Shan Dao to be with her as she uses money to buy him. He is so disturbed with his life that he goes under a shower. This is the first and last time that Shi Luo buys presents for her family. Mdm Gong is angry that she is forsaking their ties because of a man. En Huan begs Shan Dao – can’t they go somewhere to hide? Min Shuo gets Shan Dao a tonic drink.

He gets disturbed – must they be on such good terms. They should draw the line. Min Shuo’s answer is should they since they are guys?! He has placed a whole box of drinks in Bao Er’s room for him. Shan Dao is confused – is he treating him better as he offends him? Min Shuo likes him more than En Huan now. Shan Dao wonders when he starts liking a man. Min Shuo bursts out laughing – does he want to take a bath together? This is sure a comical scene.

Min Shuo asks him to choose between En Huan and Bao Er. He can’t live without Bao Er. En Huan is shocked to know that Shan Dao is marrying Shi Luo. Min Shuo and Shan Dao have a meal together and Shan Dao’s client calls, wanting him to sing a love song to her. Shan Dao explains that he has a sore throat and Min Shuo takes over to sing it! It is so sudden and Shan Dao ends the call abruptly. Is Min Shuo a gigolo? Min Shuo jokes that he is only helping him.

Shan Dao wants him to stay away from him as he is a bad influence. He is only torturing himself. En Huan kneels in front of Shi Luo to let Shan Dao off. Shan Dao demands her to leave. Min Shuo is furious when he scolds En Huan to be a jinx. He tries to cheer En Huan up – saying that he will undergo plastic surgery to have single eyelids to look like Shan Dao. She laughs – she likes him because of his big eyes which look clear and innocent.

Shan Dao is with a client when her husband runs after him. He gets knocked down by Min Shuo’s car but still has a clear mind. Min Shuo insists of sending him to the hospital. The siblings get presents for Bao Er. En Huan tells Shi Luo to stay beside Mdm Gong and she will leave Shan Dao. Zhi Huan is distressed and weeps – this is the first time he is meeting his niece. Yet no one tells him that Bao Er has no hair now and he has gotten her hairclips. En Huan decides to marry Min Shuo even before Shan Dao. She will then leave. Min Shuo knows that she is only giving herself up but he is willing to marry her to please her. The news is too much for Shan Dao to bear and he suddenly collapses.

Min Shuo quickly carries him into the ER. Shan Dao still wants to earn money for Bao Er’s expenses as the day of footing the bill is up. Min Shuo forbids him to leave as he needs to lie at least a week but he doesn’t listen to him. Shi Luo straightens her hair and flips through magazines, excited over her coming wedding. Min Shuo can’t see Shi Luo being so selfish and brings her to see Shan Dao preying on a woman.

Shan Dao is unwell and the woman has to wipe off his sweat. Shi Luo finally knows that he has worked as a gigolo to support Bao Er all along. How has she ruined his life – how can she tell him not to tell Shan Dao the truth to let him carry on living like this? Does she still want to keep quiet like this? She finally weeps and Min Shuo drags Shan Dao to play basketball with him despite his protests to have his injection now at the hospital. He finally blurts that Bao Er isn’t his daughter and he is deceived by Shi Luo.

Shan Dao asks – why should he do now? Since Min Shuo also has no answer, he should not tell En Huan about it. Bao Er IS his daughter. Min Shuo urges him to live alone as Shi Luo and Bao Er can live without him but Shan Dao can’t the other way round. Although he can be with En Huan without Bao Er, how can Min Shuo asks him to forsake his child to be a woman? (Shan Dao is very right here.)

Min Shuo has not married so he doesn’t know a child’s needs. Who says Bao Er isn’t his? He walks away alone, thinking of the moments he shares with Bao Er. Shi Luo is scared that Shan Dao will reprimand her so she wants to flee with Bao Er, lying to her that Shan Dao doesn’t want her. Shan Dao stops them from leaving and pacifies Bao Er. He has not said that before. He suddenly faints. He is too sad that to know that Bao Er isn’t his child. Men Dou demands to know why Shan Dao faints.

Min Shuo discloses that it is the side effect of the accident. Shan Dao mumbles En Huan’s name and Min Shuo wants Shi Luo to bring her here. But En Huan escapes from Shi Luo to play in the arcade. She then returns home to play cards with her family – only to know from Shi Luo that she has deceived Shan Dao for 7 years. Shan Dao has not touched Shi Luo to keep missing En Huan so she frames him. En Huan seizes her collar – she has ruined Shan Dao’s life.

Shi Luo tells Mdm Gong that she doesn’t want Bao Er to end up like her so she does this. Shan Dao wakes up and Bao Er runs to see him. He allows her to sleep beside him. He asks En Huan – isn’t his daughter the prettiest? En Huan asks – what if she grows up to betray him? Shan Dao can’t do anything then. He feels blissful enough with Bao Er. En Huan feels that he hasn’t loved her deeply enough. (She is very selfish!)

She confides in Min Shuo that she has thought that Shan Dao will change his mind after knowing the truth but he is still so stubborn. Min Shuo replies – that is because he is Shan Dao, (He sure knows him well.) En Huan doesn’t know why Min Shuo doesn’t choose a better woman to like him instead. He also asks why she forsakes him to be with Shan Dao too. He suggests living together.

She hugs him and is in tears – he is sillier than Shan Dao. En Huan tries the wedding gown and he is stunned by her beauty. Both decide to go ahead with the wedding although their families oppose. Men Dou tries to persuade Mdm Gon – hasn’t she treated En Huan as her own? Can’t she understand them? They love Bao Er because she changes their lives. He recalls how she calls him grand-uncle for the first time and weeps. How can they tell Bao Er that Shan Dao isn’t her father now?

Shi Luo is too frightened to face Shan Dao that she avoids coming to the hospital. Bao Er seems to know what is going on and tags to Shan Dao. Shan Dao reads story books to Bao Er and she hooks his elbow. He sighs – why is she so attached to him? He wants to be her father the next life – so is she as his daughter. He laughs – that is really a trait of the Che family.

Shi Luo goes for matchmaking and is unhappy to know that her companion has a son. But she softens when the boy is named Shan Dao and he is so delighted to see her photo as she resembles his late mother. The man offers to pay for Mdm Gong’s and Bao Er’s expenses. Min Shuo and En Huan are also in the same eatery. He wonders if he has done correctly but En Huan finds him pitiful. They should not mention Shan Dao now but she freezes when the man calls the boy to get flowers to woo Shi Luo.

Shan Dao is out to meet his client again. Men Dou begs him not to go as he has discussed with Mdm Gong to share the expenses. When Shan Dao doesn’t heed his advice, he creates a scene in front of the client to threaten to give Bao Er away. The woman is angry to know that they are gigolos and calls the police. En Huan and Min Shuo begs for Mdm Gong’s forgiveness. Zhi Huan pities Shan Dao – so is Mdm Gong.

Why is Min Shuo willing to marry an empty shell? Min Shuo believes that love can be nurtured but Mdm Gong wants her to return to Shan Dao. Min Shuo’s love is also love. She knows and respects him most like towards En Huan’s father. Mdm Gong finds it ridiculous that such a man exists. En Huan hurts him so many times but he chooses to protect her. En Huan is her daughter but she will not be fortunate although he is kind. Return her to Shan Dao and Mdm Gong will look after Shi Luo. Shi Luo leaves upon hearing that.

Zhi Huan thinks that they are crazy to marry the next day. Min Shuo can’t let her off or she will go mad. He can’t see her hurting herself. Min Shuo tells Shan Dao about it and he wants to see how pitiful Shan Dao is. He is cruel to bring her with him to Canada. Min Shuo leaves him a map to show the way to the church. He is going to the U.S. If both guys don’t turn up, she will stay till dusk. He now believes that true love exists and he can’t be willful. But if she is still alone a year later, he will not let her go.

Shan Dao is about to go when the police wants to capture him. He escapes with a handcuff on his hand to the church. But the stubborn woman tells him to go away. He stays outside and holds her hand when she is out, following her to her home. Zhi Huan and Mdm Gong cook him dinner but both are speechless to see the handcuff. He wants them to keep it from En Huan who is sleeping. Zhi Huan hugs him before he wants to visit Bao Er to keep him for the night. He kisses En Huan’s face before leaving at early dawn.

He plays with Bao Er for a while and forgives Shi Luo. She must be strong for Bao Er and he decides to break ties with them. There is an account book in Bao Er’s bag and she can use the money for her operation when needed. But she must never abandon Bao Er again. He thanks Shi Luo for giving birth to Bao Er and later cries in the toilet while Men Dou is oblivious to what is going on.

Shan Dao surrenders himself to the police and En Huan cries upon seeing him being led away. She then organizes a campaign to find a suitable donor for Bao Er. (How dull witted this woman is in everything – she is always the last to discover the truth and also the last to find out a solution. If she has done this earlier, Bao Er will not have to lose her hair and Shan Dao can just find a decent job.) Xi Shu is the suitable donor and Zhi Huan is grateful to her. Shan Dao is in jail and doesn’t want En Huan to wait for him although he doesn’t want the rest to worry.

Min Shuo returns a year later and Shan Dao is released. En Huan gives Bao Er flowers to pass to Shan Dao later. Min Shuo joins them and is glad that Bao Er has recovered. Shan Dao sees them from the opposite side of the road but turns to walk away. En Huan runs across the road without looking and Shan Dao tries to save her. Both end up being knocked down by a truck and embrace in each other’s arms before dying.

Flashback to the past – she is in tears when Shan Dao isn’t out yet to go to school with her. He walks out – how can he leave without her? They shall go to school together and Min Shuo comes to the rooftop. Bao Er gets first in class and he misses Shan Dao. Her father isn’t here anymore but he feels his presence. Mdm Gong is angered - how can Men Dou offer sweets to the 9 month old Zhen Er? No wonder Bao Er is so weak. Shi Luo has remarried and they show their family photo to the elders.

It includes Men Dou too. Men Dao wonders if Bao Er will forget Shan Dao since she has a new father. Bao Er writes a diary - she apologises for slowly forgetting how he looks. Shan Dao punishes children and but stops when En Huan is going to deliver soon. Later both have a stroll at the beach with their baby. This is Bao Er’s dream and she promises to dream more of them.

Introduction on characters

1. Che Shan Dao – Rain
He is a gigolo who hardly has principles on who to cheat. He is sick of cheating different women but he has to do it for Bao Er’s sake. But he is devoted to En Huan. So eager to be close to her that he becomes a security guard and later a student to be with her. His concern for his daughter is very warm and genuine. Even though he knows later that Bao Er isn’t his own flesh and blood, he is unwilling to forsake her for a woman. Even if he is a man with many flaws, you will grow to like him.

Shan Dao smiles to hide his sorrow. Many will disapprove on how he earns money but he is never remorseful over it.

Rain really shines in this role! In fact, I like this role more than in ‘Full House’ because it is more in depth and complex. You laugh at the ways he shows his charm to woo different women, flashing his innocent or boyish smiles but feel sad for him when he is totally exhausted by their demands. But what I like most is the touching moments he shares with the child actress. They are very close as father and daughter.

2. Jiang Min Shuo – Lee Dong Gun
He is Bao Er’s daughter and also En Huan’s fiancé. What a confusing relationship! What baffles all isn’t his medical skills but his knowledge in Maths and knitting. Who doesn’t laugh upon knowing he treats Shan Dao hostilely but yet he teaches him these two areas? (But unknown to him, Shan Dao has made use of his wits to solve the Math problem that En Huan who can’t do to impress her.)

He is a very caring person. He is initially unaware why En Huan chooses Shan Dao over him. He can be so nasty to teach Bao Er a song on gigolos. But after knowing their plight, he feels sorry for them. To think he even buys tonics for his love rival – simply unbelievable! We can see how raw Dong Gun is in here because he was still new. He has the most chemistry not with Hyo Jin but with Rain. The two guys will always make you laugh with their conversations.

3. Cai Zhi Huan – Teo Seung Hyuk
He is En Huan’s younger brother who isn’t interested in studies. It is surprising that En Huan is his form teacher and she has to be very strict with him. Shan Dao offends him for causing Xi Shu to like him so he treats him badly. Even when he knows that Shan Dao is the big brother who treats him well when young, he still supports Min Shuo. But after knowing that Shan Dao becomes a gigolo because of Bao Er, he begins to pity him and starts to switch stands.

4. Che Men Dou – Lee Young He
He is Shan Dao’s uncle who leaves him at the doorstep of another family as he can’t afford to bring him up. He creates many laughs in the serial – how can he manage to cook in the toilet?! He acknowledges Shan Dao when he grows up and Shan Dao follows his footsteps to be a gigolo unwillingly. Shi Luo still supports him after Shan Dao’s demise and he is included in the family photo with her new family.

5. Yin Xin Shu – Bin
She is Zhi Huan’s classmate. She is quite pitiful when her parents leave her to pay off their debts. Her mother even runs away with a gigolo. She is interested in the manly Shan Dao. Although she is shocked to know his past, she keeps his secret from others and only wishes to recall the good moments with him. Thanks to her, Bao Er’s life is saved.

6. Cai En Huan – Gong Hyo Jin
She is Shan Dao’s first love and teaches Mathematics in a high school. But her standard is sure atrocious to be unable to solve problems. However, we can’t deny her concern for her students when they get into trouble – even to act as a student to lure Men Dou out. But since she can do so much for her students, how can she be so cruel to ask Shan Dao to give Bao Er up?! Even though they are not related, he has treated her like his own flesh and blood.

Accepting what he has done to bring up his daughter requires a lot of courage. En Huan also tries hard to get Bao Er to like her so that they can be a family. But when Shi Luo comes into the picture, she gives up and goes back to Min Shuo. Why?! I find her very unreasonable – this is to give way to Shi Luo or to herself to save the embarrassment of meeting her sister?!

It is so weird to hear En Huan addressing Shi Luo as her elder sister as she looks older than her. Her face is totally tilted to a side when she shows displeasure. I don’t find her acting fantastic as she looks very tired in several scenes. It doesn’t help when she wears very nerdy glasses and her hair is messy in many scenes. Unlike being energetic with Rain, she looks bored with Dong Gun. They definitely lack chemistry.

7. Che Bao Er – Song Min Joo
She is Shan Dao’s daughter and is very adorable with two dimples on her face. She is hospitalized because she is often sickly. I totally crack up when she likes Min Shuo so much, wanting to marry him! She is like her mother going after nice-looking men. This child actress is superb and you will definitely like her! She has so much chemistry with Rain and you will like all scenes of them together.

8. Principal Song Dong Zhu – Shin Gae
He is the school principal who understands Shan Dao’s affections for En Huan and encourages him to woo her despite being a father. He also reserves a place for him for his return although he leaves school.

9. Han Shi Luo/Gong Ba Lan – Hong Soo Hyun
She is Bao Er’s natural but irresponsible mother. She deserts her at an orphanage and Shan Dao has to get her back. She also pushes Shan Dao to bring her up – this is so unfair to him. Yet, she still harbours hopes to be his wife to get Bao Er to force him to do that. That includes telling En Huan her real identity to make her guilty. She also makes me sick for deceiving him that Bao Er is his own flesh and blood. The poor man can’t take the shock and faints upon knowing it.

Soo Hyun acts quite well as the jealous and unreasonable lover. She is wild in perm hair but when she straightens her hair, she looks completely different to be a responsible mother.

10. Mdm Gong – Jung Ae Ki (she is as Qi Hui in ‘Lovers in Paris’)
She is En Huan’s stepmother and Zhi Huan’s natural mother. Even though En Huan isn’t her own, she is concerned about her happiness so she stops her from marrying Min Shuo. She is remorseful for what happens to Shi Luo and tries her best to make up to her. Her efforts are paid off when she takes care of her daughters when she goes out to work.

Favourite character
Shan Dao – no one matters more than his daughter to him. Cheer for him for not giving Bao Er up despite him loving En Huan deeply. Men can change their life partners but they can’t cut out their connection with their children. Shan Dao believes in this and will never change his mind.

Most hated character
Shi Luo, En Huan and Shan Dao will have a smooth-sailing relationship after their 10 year separation if not for her presence and insistence to come in between them.

Interesting facts

This was Rain’s debut drama and many were doubtful on his acting. He was to act as a single father and also a gigolo. But this role won the hearts of many. He even attained the best newcomer award in KBS 2003 awards. Other awards include the popularity award, best couple award and Natizen popularity award. Many were amazed when he juggled this acting together with the release of his album at the same time.

Even MBC Director initially commented that they should not use singers to act in dramas to eat into their popularity to produce low quality dramas as they can’t act. But when asked who can act, he immediately mentioned Rain, saying that he had professional standard in this drama. This reply was unexpected but it was a confirmation to his good acting.


Be captivated by Rain’s performance! No wonder he gets at least an acting award yearly just by acting in a serial. He is suave as smooth as the lady killer. Many will adore Shan Dao who wants to give up his quick-to-access-to-get-cash life to be a normal school security guard and later even to be a student to pursue En Huan. But the ending…I practically hate it when they lose their lives in the director’s planned car accident. To make them a pair in the netherworld for a change?!

The young couple meets after 10 years but try to hide the fact from others that they know each other. But love conquers all to make them reveal their true feelings only to meet with more obstacles on the way because they have other people with them.

The serial is special to show flashbacks of Shan Dao and En Huan as students frequently. Especially when they can see what each other did in the past. And they will not show much to let viewers to discover on their own what happens to them. It doesn’t harp on the sacrifices he makes. He has to struggle with his life but yet unwilling to succumb to pressure to give up his love. Even though he fails, he has tried his best.

Unlike other serials which focus on love couples, it also gives a fair bit on how Shan Dao with his love rival and daughter. The guys act well together. They are love rivals but yet they help each other out after digging fun at each other. That definitely excludes any uneasiness of them with other female co-stars. Shan Dao with his daughter – the sharing of happy and sad moments are unforgettable. I highly recommend this serial as it depicts the true picture of Shan Dao’s tragic life.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : **** (Scale of 5)

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