Sassy Girl Chun Hyang

Reviewed by: sukting

March 23, 2006

Rating: three

How long
16 episodes

How is Jae Hee’s performance here? I have seen him as a supporting role as Kim Jae Won’s rebellious younger brother, Li Jie Li in ‘Wuri’s Family’. His real name used there was Lee Hyun Kun, though. If I am not wrong, he is also played Jeon Ji Hyun’s secret admirer in ‘Fascinate my Heart.’ This serial is an adaptation of a folktale ‘Chun Hyang story’. Although the characters are from the past, the producer modified it to become a new serial.

Story (Spoilers!)

Meng Long is the son of Nan Yuan police commissioner. He often gets involved in fights and Mr. Li has a headache when the school often complains to him about his behaviour. You will laugh at this one – Mr. Li tries hitting him but ends up breaking the frame of his achievement certificate conferred by the president! His heart really aches over it. Chun Xiang’s father passed away when she was young and her mother is a nightclub singer. But she remains positive towards life. Meng Long just transferred to this new high school and goes to the garden.

Suddenly a girl jumps down from a wall and falls on top of him. Chun Xiang thinks that he is a pervert who wanted to peep under her skirt and breaks his handphone. The furious Meng Long grabs it and wants her to fix it to exchange it back. They finally change them at the nightclub. Meng Long gets reprimanded in school and Chun Xiang watches this happily as they are classmates. He hates her from then on.

Chun Xiang is ridiculed at the nightclub entrance and luckily Meng Long helps her. Mr. Li mistakens that Meng Long to do something wrong again. Luckily, Chun Xiang clears things up. Meng Long sees Chun Xiang clearing rubbish in a lake to earn money. He wants to make fun of her and overturns her boat to make her wet and catch a cold.

He feels bad about it and goes with Zhi Xu to visit her. He accidentally drinks Mrs. Cheng’s wine to get drunk and falls asleep. At this time his motorcycle is stolen. The culprit also steals Xue Dao’s bag. He later deserts the vehicle to escape. The next morning, their parents are shocked to see them in bed. Meng Long becomes a suspect. Chun Xiang tries to explain to Xue Dao that Meng Long isn’t a thief but he will not listen to her and chases her out from his hotel room.

Meng Long catches the thief but they frame Meng Long to be one of them. Chun Xiang doesn’t want him to get jailed so she confessed that they spend the night together. The whole school knows about it and thus the school wants to expel them. Their parents have no choice but to lie that both of them are engaged. This makes the couple frown. They try in vain to change their parents’ mind.

Chun Xiang doesn’t want to upset Mrs. Cheng and agrees to the marriage but she sees Meng Long with his childhood sweetheart, Cai Lin. She knows that he is secretly in love with her and encourages him to woo her although he is younger than her. Meng Long gets rejected and agrees to the marriage impulsively. The two make a settlement not to intrude into each other’s lives. If one side meets his/her true love, the other party must give up (This is so similar to ‘Full House’ which I don’t really like).

Still, Chun Xiang feels sad over it and sits in the park, not knowing that the bench has wet paint which stains her jeans. Xue Dao is luckier as he only gets the paint on his hands but he is too late in alerting her. Seeing that she isn’t angry, he smiles. She makes a handphone accessory for Meng Long. After seeing that Cai Lin likes it, he gives it to her but upon seeing Chun Xiang unhappy, he asks it back from her.

They hold an engagement party and Cai Lin is shocked. Chun Xiang comes first in the exam but Meng Long is among the 300. Mr. Li demands him to lower the gap. Chun Xiang can’t believe that he can improve and the two have a bet. The results are out and Meng Long becomes 190 in position. The teacher suspects him of copying answers but Chun Xiang proves his innocence by labeling where he sits (This scene is special, though like a policeman solving a crime).

Chun Xiang accompanies Dang Xi to a screening test as she dreams to be an artiste. She is nearly hit by a shooting video camera and Xue Dao shields her from the attack (The first time that I get to see him so nice to a gal). Seeing that Xue Dao has problems finding sticks, she brings him around and even bargains the price for him. This gives him a good impression. Upon seeing her interested in accessories, he gets one for her when she dreams of setting up her own business one day.

Xue Dao wants to give her a treat for her help but she only wants new year cakes. He is touched and she is appalled upon sending him back to his hotel – that is the most expensive one in Nan Yuan. She sees Meng Long with Cai Lin and gets upset. Cai Lin is ditched by her boyfriend and comes to look for Meng Long. Chun Xiang feels jealous over it. Chun Xiang is chosen as the female lead of a play. She has a kissing scene. Meng Long gets worried so he volunteers for a grandmother role to watch over her.

Xue Dao looks at the sticks when he finishes his work and smiles as he plays with them. Xue Dao knows that Chun Xiang lacks some props so he brings some to her for the play. She is grateful to him and has a chat with him in the hotel café. Cai Lin and her colleagues pass by. Cai Lin notices that it is very rare to see Xue Dao smile and Chun Xiang is the one who makes him become so!

Chun Xiang gets tense when Xue Dao sits on the first row as a VIP. Thinking that he is only a small employee of the acting company, she hints him to sit elsewhere as the sound system might be too loud. She is shocked to know that he is the CEO of an entertainment company and smiles awkwardly.

When the kissing scene is about to be done, Meng Long pulls him aside and accidentally falls on Chun Xiang to give their first kiss to each other (You must watch this one as it is truly hilarious). Xue Dao enjoys the play but when it ends, he overhears Dang Xi and Zhi Xu’s conversation on how Chun Xiang helps Dang Xi get the screening chance. He thinks that Chun Xiang is getting close to him just for this motive and leaves angrily, giving Chun Xiang the cold shoulder.

Later, he realizes the misunderstanding when it is cleared up. Chun Xiang dances with the others at the nightclub. Meng Long fights with the guys and Xue Dao has to stop it. Xue Dao wants to bring her out but Meng Long pulls her back. Xue Dao then realizes that they are married so he releases her hand. Meng Long accompanies Chun Xiang and Mrs. Cheng to pay respects to Mr. Cheng but is trapped by her grandmother staying in the countryside.

Meng Long knows that Cai Lin likes him and is hesitant. Chun Xiang encourages him to get into Cai Lin’s university in Seoul. So the lazy man becomes hardworking now. Xue Dao comes to school to see her personally to give her a gift - the accessory that she likes. Mrs. Li doesn’t want to finance Chun Xiang’s school fees. Her conversation with Mr. Li is heard by her and she is unhappy over it. Mr. Li is so bored at home so he uses his sword to try to slice apples. Chun Xiang gives him encouragement and hopes he can succeed to slice them into halves one day.

Chun Xiang wants to buy a pair of shoes but she is reluctant to spend the money. Meng Long buys a pair to give to Cai Lin which disappoints Chun further. Chun Xiang waits for Meng Long to get her but he is late. Xue Dao knows about it and drives quickly to get her. The love rivals meet and get nasty towards each other. Chun Xiang goes skiing with the rest but Meng Long tells Cai Lin to join them. When both women are hurt, he runs to Cai Lin first. This upsets her.

Cai Lin tells Chun Xiang that Meng Long only loves her and hopes she can give Meng Long up. Chun Xiang is speechless over it. Chun Xiang runs out to look for Meng Long and wants to express her love for him. But she gets to see him kissing Cai Lin instead. Xue Dao protects her by pulling her towards him and hugging her so that her back will face the two to avoid getting hurt further (This thought is so sweet). Cai Lin tells Meng Long that she received Chun Xiang’s approval to date him which makes him misunderstand that Chun Xiang wants a breakup. So they end their marriage.

Chun Xiang leaves Meng Long’s home. Because Mrs. Cheng is cheated of her money, she has no money to pay her fees. She meets Meng Long who comes to look for her and both drink at the bar. Xue Dao has initially wished to sponsor her studies but changes his mind upon seeing them together. So she can’t apply for her scholarship and she has to sell little accessories to support herself.

Meng Long finally finds out where she stays and comes to her home. He has seen similar designs of the accessories on the street. He gets to see Xue Dao bringing out a diamond necklace to propose to her. Chun Xiang returns it to him but he begs for a chance and wants her to join a cocktail party with him. It is coincidental that Nan Yuan high school’s teacher is holding his wedding and invites all his ex-students to attend. They recall how they get engaged in the past. Both sing a new song for the new married couple.

Xue Dao brings Chun Xiang to the party and sees Meng Long with Cai Lin. The cocktail party suddenly has a blackout and Meng Long saves Chun Xiang. She accidentally drops the necklace. Xue Dao found the necklace at the venue but Chun Xiang thought she has lost it. He later looks for Meng Long for a drink at a Japanese restaurant. Marvel at how they push each other’s cups across the table with ‘Wong Fei Hung’ music at the background. They have a few misses before that.

Meng Long sells Mr. Li’s sword in order to get a new necklace for Chun Xiang. Now Xue Dao gets angry seeing the two necklaces – which indicates how Meng Long cares for Chun Xiang. Meng Long is chased out of the home and can only seek refuge at Chun Xiang’s home. Chun Xiang comes to the university to look for Meng Long but Cai Lin and her classmates sneer at her for not being a university student.

Their parents hope that they can reconcile and their friends also help out to create a romantic atmosphere for them. But Cai Lin calls Meng Long at this time. Meng Long tells her that he only loves Chun Xiang and this makes her upset but she will not give him up. After this night of embarrassment, the two are uneasy. Meng Long returns to the bar and sees Xue Dao helping a drunk Chun Xiang. The two men quarrel but Chun Xiang falls into Meng Long’s chest so Xue Dao has to leave unhappily.

Meng Long carries her on his back home. Cai Lin tells Mrs. Li about Meng Long staying at Chun Xiang’s home. She becomes mad upon seeing him washing her clothes but Meng Long defends Chun Xiang which makes her angrier. Chun Xiang wants Meng Long to leave but he refuses. Meng Long’s parents give Mrs. Cheng money secretly to pass to Chun Xiang to open an accessory shop. The name is called Chun Xiang.
Chun Xiang’s opening has Mr. Li coming. Meng Long is scared to face his father but he hopes Meng Long can bring Chun Xiang home soon. Mr. Li is now successful in cutting the apples and long to show her that.

Meng Long cooks especially for Chun Xiang but Chun Xiang can’t leave the company. She is angry to see Meng Long come with Cai Lin. She leaves with Xue Dao so Meng Long tells Chun Xiang how much he loves her but gets rejected. Chun Xiang returns home and is touched to see his dishes on the table. They have a long talk and Chun Xiang confesses that she started to like Xue Dao.

Chun Xian still has a misunderstanding with Meng Long and expresses that their relationship has reached an end. Meng Long doesn’t give up and leaves a note at her shop, telling her that he will wait for her at the bus stop. Xue Dao sees the note and keeps it in his car (See how love turns a man selfish). Chun Xiang discovers it and ditches Xue Dao to run to the bus stop. The two hug for a long time. Xue Dao watches from far and gets very disappointed.

Chun Xiang learns that Xue Dao is sick and comes to visit him. They talk for a long time and he asks why he can’t be with her. She replies that she is in love with Meng Long all along. He has to leave sadly. This is quite a sad scene. Cai Lin gets drunk and Meng Long sends her to the company hotel. Cai Lin expresses her love and gets rejected again. (So boring – can’t they think of other ideas?) He meets Chun Xiang at the entrance. Meng Long is about to explain when Chun Xiang expresses her trust in him.

Dang Xi goes for the screening but the director sets his eyes on Zhi Xu instead. This makes her upset and Zhi Xu feels bad for her. Both end up kissing. Chun Xiang and Meng Long watch each other – their own progress is so slow compared to them. You will laugh at the part where Xue Dao comes to visit Chun Xiang. Meng Long’s clothes are all wet so he has no choice but to wear Mrs. Cheng’s skirt!

Mrs. Cheng is being sued for fraud so the two rush to the police station. Cai Lin reveals Chun Xiang’s connection with Xue Dao to make Chun Xiang embarrass when he comes to bail her out. Luckily the witty Meng Long addresses Xue Dao as his brother.

Cai Lin discusses with Xue Dao ways to break them up and he agrees to it. Chun Xiang discovers that Xue Dao has used money to settle Mrs. Zhen’s problem so she insists of returning the money to him. Xue Dao invites her for a meal. When they are downstairs, Mrs. Li sees this when she is visiting Cai Lin and she gets suspicious of their relationship. Mrs. Li is missing and Meng Long discovers her whereabouts from her diary. Chun Xiang comes with him and both have a nice time at her grandmother’s place.

Meng Long returns to Seoul and Mrs Li insists that he leaves Chun Xiang. Mr. Li misunderstands that Chun Xiang is pregnant as Meng Long deceives him. So he commands the whole family to treat her well. Laugh when Chun Xiang keeps having nausea and she gets tripped and he gets so worried over her to know that he is being deceived! Xue Dao instigates his female employee to frame Meng Long. Meng Long can’t explain and can only escape. Meng Long runs into Mr. Li. Mr. Li knows that he is innocent and lets him go but he has to face the music to resign from the commissioner post.

Cai Lin tells Chun Xiang the truth and she confronts Xue Dao. Xue Dao confesses that he is doing because he wants to get her. She has no choice but to agree. Xue Dao secretly buys Chun Xiang’s designs. Cai Lin wants him to get close to Chun Xiang but Chun Xiang rejects his help as she doesn’t wish to owe him any more favours. It is Xue Dao’s birthday and he thinks that Chun Xiang will celebrate with him. But she is only here to return the money to him and wants to keep a distance from him.

Xue Dao gets drenched in the rain and sees how Chun Xiang shares an umbrella with Meng Long. He pulls Chun Xiang but Meng Long pushes him aside. Xue Dao gets distracted standing in the rain and he vows to use despicable means to get Chun Xiang (This is another memorable scene). He looks at the necklace.

Meng Long sends Chun Xiang home and under Mr. Li’s suggestion, both decide to hold their wedding and they take their wedding photos. Meng Long is pronounced a free man but when he walks out of the police station, there is no news on Chun Xiang. Meng Long runs to her home and hears her saying that she wants a breakup. Meng Long thinks over the matter and knows that Xue Dao is behind it. He confronts him and when the men quarrel, Chun Xiang says that she believes Xue Dao to upset Meng Long.

Chun Xiang doesn’t wish to let Meng Long get sad over her so she agrees to get engaged to Xue Dao. On the ceremony, she tells Meng Long that she loves Xue Dao. Both settle their divorce papers reluctantly. Chun Xiang will be going to Japan with Xue Dao. She suddenly disappears at the airport and leaves Xue Dao a note – telling him that their contract ends here and wants him not to hurt Meng Long.

Three years passed. Meng Long graduates from law school and becomes a prosecutor in Seoul investigation unit. (Sigh – isn’t this similar to Lee Dong Gan’s role, He Jun in Bride at 18?) Xue Dao is back from Japan to look for Chun Xiang but gets no news. Meng Long can’t forget Chun Xiang and rejects a few marriage proposals raised by Mrs. Li. Zhi Xu and Dang Xi are getting married. Meng Long has matured – he finally gets the sword back for Mr. Li so Mr. Li uses it to teach kendo in a marital arts school.

Now Chun Xiang is the boss of an accessory company in Fu Shan. She intends to return secretly to attend the wedding. She is in a haste to get away from Xue Dao so she accidentally scratches Meng Long’s car. Chun Xiang gets her subordinate Dong Xiu to contact Meng Long to discuss on how to pay for the damage.

Xue Dao finally finds Chun Xiang but she wants him to give up on her but he can’t forget her and uses Meng Long as a threat. She leaves silently. Zhi Xu and Dang Xi watch the wedding video and discovers Chun Xiang. They quickly inform Meng Long and now Meng Long discovers the photo that Chun Xiang leaves and realises that Chun Xiang is Dong Xiu’s boss. Chun Xiang learns that Meng Long came to Fu Shan to look for her so she decides to hide from him in Europe but she is still found.

She is anxious and finally lies to him that Dong Xiu is her lover. Meng Long is suspicious and insists on following her to her company. Meng Long learns that she wants to leave Korea and rushes to the airport. He finally makes uses of Dong Xiu to let her stay. Meng Long searches her drawer to find their photos in there. He understands that she still loves him. Meng Long gets out from her room to see Xue Dao.

Chun Xiang still hides her feelings and lies that she loves Xue Dao. But now he doesn’t believe her anymore. Chun Xiang begs Xue Dao not to harm Meng Long and is willing to do anything for him. Their deep love finally moves him. Xue Dao sends the tapes to her and Meng Long. Chun Xiang wants to leave to protect Meng Long. Meng Long isn’t afraid of being intimated by Xue Dao. He will rather lose his job than to lose Chun Xiang. He knows that his future is ruined once the tape is shown to the public.

The underworld boss holds a press conference with Xue Dao. He has wanted to force Xue Dao to film movies for the underworld but Xue Dao has rejected him all along. Xue Dao’s henchman is greedy for the money and sells the tape to him. Xue Dao has no choice but to play the tape in public but he admits his mistake by showing another version that indicates Meng Long’s innocence. He has instigated his actor employee to pretend to be the hero while Meng Long is framed as a lecher to put him in bad light when the woman removes her clothes on her own. The two are touched to see how Xue Dao sacrifices for them.

The boss is so angry that he gets his men to kidnap Chun Xiang. But she is a tough cookie to crack as she has experience running from her debtors in the past. She gets to the rooftop and has no choice but to jump down. Meng Long saves her anxiously as both land on a hot air mattress upon landing. After so much hardship, they finally get married. Xue Dao and Cai Lin attend their wedding.

Introduction on characters
1. Cheng Chun Xiang – Han Chae Young
Chun Xiang is positive towards life despite being poor. Her father dies young and her mother earns little as a nightclub singer. So she has to make ends meet. She is intelligent in her studies and also hardworking. She is talented in making accessories. She is also smart to escape from being caught from working illegally. She thinks for others before herself but she can be too harsh to implicate Dong Xiu in the picture to trick Meng Long that they are an item, though. How can the guys not want her as their wife?

Chae Young looks more Japanese to me in her dressing and her makeup is quite thick. She has done her part quite well, showing Chun Xiang’s innocence and tolerance towards Meng Long’s behaviour. Her crying scenes are ok but can be better. But her voice can be too sharp at times and needs some control.

2. Li Meng Long – Jae Hee
The name Meng Long is given to him when Mrs. Li dreams of a dragon when he is in her stomach. Unlike Chun Xiang, Meng Long is a complete failure and isn’t a dragon as he is often involved in fights. It is so unbelievable since he is a police commissioner’s son. Thus he is always escaping from someone. The sincerity he shows towards Chun Xiang is touching although you may dislike the way he goes to Cai Lin to hurt her repeatedly. I find this role strikingly similar to Rain’s role, Ying Zhong in ‘Full House’, in liking his beloved sweetheart thus I don’t find any surprises at all.

Meng Long is youthful in his younger days but mature as a prosecutor. The producer should have chosen better glasses and suits for him. He Jun looks stylish in ‘Bride at 18’ but in this serial he doesn’t! The way he gels his hair also shows that he is heading for doomsday. This isn’t Jae Hee’s first drama but I must give him credits as he acts in very few dramas. He is a born comedian.

I like the scenes where he tries running away from his furious father. In fact, I think he has the most chemistry with Suk Hwan than with Chae Young! Although Mr. Li promises not to punish him, he will not stop as he runs with a sword. Who will not laugh at this? His expressions in showing smiles and distress are natural but more can be done on the crying parts. This is in resemblance to Rain’s weakness too.

3. Bian Xue Dao – Eom Tae Woong
Xue Dao is the CEO of an entertainment company. He is very selfish and harsh to his subordinates, often scolding his henchman and not giving him face. No wonder this man wants to work ‘sideline’. He is also calculative – he must get returns for every investment and that includes love. He has a cold mannerism and vows to get what he wants and due to that, he goes extreme in trying to win Chun Xiang.

He is dangerous but he is also capable. When he loves someone, he will not set his eyes on others. He makes a devoted lover but it will be chilling to provoke or offend him. There are some touching moments when he shows his warm side to Chun Xiang which will move you in some way.

Tae Woong does his part well but his smiling expressions can be awkward and unnatural. He has to try to smile better. He is not like Sung Soo as Ming Ge in ‘Full House’. Sung Soo has a sunny look when approached but can be unfeeling when serious on the job. Tae Woong seems to be only suitable to be the non-smiling type and be a cool man.

4. Hong Cai Lin – Park Shi Eun
Cai Lin is the dream girl of Meng Long in the past. She is jealous when Meng Long liking Chun Xiang so she wants to break them up. You can say that she is scheming in a way. I don’t find this role extraordinary as it is similar to Hui Yuan as in ‘Full House’. Shi Eun is okay although the performance isn’t spectacular.

5. Han Dang Xi – Lee In Hye
She is Chun Xiang’s classmate who dreams of being a star. But her dreams are dashed. Still, she is glad that Zhi Xu is successful in life. She can be reckless but is forthcoming and direct to accept Zhi Xu’s love. It's no wonder that they get married before Meng Long and Chun Xiang although the two got engaged before them.

6. Piao Zhi Xu – Moon Ji Yoon
He is Chun Xiang’s classmate who once liked Chun Xiang. When he can’t win her heart, he cares for Dang Xi instead. He is a caring person who doesn’t like to waste time. It is strange that he doesn’t dream to be an artiste but becomes one in the end instead. Thanks to him and Dang Xi, they try to create chances for the two to be together.

7. Kong Dong Xiu – Kim Chung
He is Chun Xiang’s subordinate and is a poor chap who gets into trouble because of her. From the day he drives the car to Zhi Xu’s wedding, he gets into trouble. The car is stolen and Meng Long has to save him from the kidnappers. Later, he has to pretend to be Chun Xiang’s boyfriend although he has a girlfriend. This is funny indeed when Chun Xiang insists to sleep in the same room as them to give Meng Long the impression that they are cohabiting.

8. Mr. Li – Ahn Suk Hwan
He is Meng Long’s father who is a police commissioner but he is so disappointed with his only son who gives him tons of trouble. He has to transfer him from one school to another. He rules him with an iron hand but see how he dotes on Chun Xiang! He treats her like his beloved daughter and gives her whatever help she needs – even to open the shop! She lights up his interest in slicing apples with his sword which can be so funny, besides scenes of him running after Meng Long for his misdeeds.

I really love this role so much! He can be strict but yet endearing. He is so wise to know that Chun Xiang is suitable for Meng Long. He also knows of Cai Lin’s motives so he NEVER really welcomes her to visit him. Especially the excited moments he shows upon learning that Chun Xiang is pregnant as he longs to be a grandfather. He is the best comedian after all!

9. Mrs. Li – Choi Ran
She is Meng Long’s mother who spoils her only son rotten. Unlike Mr. Li, she likes Cai Lin better as she is more educated. She looks down on Chun Xiang and has never been happier when she leaves. This actress does quite well as a snobbish person.

10. Mrs. Cheng – Jin Hee Kyung
She is Chun Xiang’s mother who is a nightclub singer to always run into problems to leave to Chun Xiang to solve them for her. But she still cares for her and wishes her to find her happiness.

Most favourite character
Mr. Li – he is so comical even with a straight face. The rest should learn from him on how to act. His acting prowess can be match up to Shin Yang’s standard in displaying comedy talent.

Most hated character
Xue Dao – you will hate him for creating so many moments to break Chun Xiang and Meng Long although he is very stylish in his dressing and has influential power.

Interesting facts

The NG scenes – all should not miss them. Some will be shooting the matrix fighting scenes. Two classic examples - Tae Woong’s scene where Chun Xiang intruded into the hotel is hilarious. His bathrobe dropped but luckily his boxer shorts were present. Another will be how Xue Dao’s henchman talked to him when he was lifting dumbbells. The extra took so many NG's to speak his lines and Tae Woong had to ask for a break even though he has strong biceps as he was too tired!

My friend, Snuffle’s comments on this serial – it is rubbish and a copy of ‘Full House’. It is so similar that she can’t bear to watch it after 5 episodes. She stopped at 10 at her best effort. She could not understand how KBS can produce such a bad drama after success in earlier series. It was so bad that she had to give up Korean dramas after a while to watch other countries’ serials. It was a drag for me as it didn’t suit me too.

Here are the results of 2005 KBS television awards. Han Chae Young got the excellence award for popularity. Jae Hee won the new actor award. Both also won the best couple award. Tae Woong also won the excellence award for actor. Surprise, surprise, he and Han Ji Min won the best couple award too but for another drama. (Sorry, but I don’t know what is the title.) Ahn Suk Hwan definitely deserved the best supporting award for his role in here.


If you dislike ‘Full House’, it is very likely that you will also not like this serial because it is almost a total copycat of it. I am a typical example. I didn’t really enjoy it as it is too childish. The ending jokes are either too gross or I have low IQ to understand.

It is said that many Koreans love it because it dug fun at ‘Winter Sonata’, ‘I'm Sorry, I Love You’, ‘Full House’, and as well as other popular dramas. But I don’t get the jokes at all – maybe only Koreans are able to appreciate them as it is part of their culture.

The Matrix fighting scenes are funny but too exaggerated. The story isn’t appealing to me as it can be slow at times like ‘Full House’. I don’t understand why it takes them 10 years to be together again. It is worse than Ying Zhong and Zhi En, who took 5 years to get back together.

Watch only if you like fairy tale stories. Probably I have passed the age of fantasy and imagination, which is why I should stay away from this type of dramas to avoid giving low ratings. I do agree that comedies should be done in a funny way but there should still be some space for creativity and imagination added instead of copying ideas from other dramas. This serial is still an unoriginal piece after all.

Sukting’s ratings:

On acting: ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story: *** (Scale of 5)

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