Save the Last Dance For Me

Reviewed by: sukting

December 18, 2005

Rating: three

Did Eugene improve after the lukewarm response to her debut in 'Loving you'? How will she act with Ji Sung and with a new horde of artistes?


Xian Yu is angry to be deceived to get home, thinking that Mr Jiang is sick. When he gets off the plane, he tries to run away from Dao Ming and knocks into Yan Zhu. She is puzzled Dao Ming apologises to her on Xian Yu's behalf. Xian Jing keeps calling Dao Ming a servant. He becomes fed up with her and tells her that even though her ex-husband remarries, she can't settle her divorce as yet.

Xian Yu tells Xiu Zhi's parents that he is now majoring in photography and will graduate later. He is now a famous photographer. Xiu Zhi is disturbed - is he deferring marriage because of interest? He promises to marry her because it is his own choice and give her a bangle. Xian Yu is angry that Mr Jiang announces in the company's 40th anniversary that he will inherit his business without telling him. Both men quarrel and he charges out of the house after Mr Jiang damages his camera.

A robber hitches a ride from Xian Yu after seeing him withdrawing cash and stabs him to throw him down a cliff. The robber later meets with an accident and his corpse is burned beyond recognition. His family thinks that Xian Yu is dead upon seeing his watch on him. (This is slightly more realistic than Jing Shu first 'death' in Staircase to Heaven'.) Xian Yu manages to climb to the top and faints in front of Yan Zhu's car. (In 'Prince loves a frog', Tian Yu knocks into Jun Hao. This scene also reminds me how Han Ni saves Sheng Jun in 'Tomato' too.)

Xiu Zhi doesn't believe that Xian Yu is dead. Dao Ming allows her to cry into his arms. Mr Chi and Yan Zhu bring Xian Yu home as he can't remember anything and the police records don't show anything at all. (Don't they read newspapers - they should have published the funeral!)

One year later, Xian Yu is helping out at the resort. He sees a book on photography but doesn't recall anything. He sees Yan Zhu looking at a dance performance poster eagerly so he gets tickets for her.

One person thinks he knows Xian Yu but later leaves, pushing Yan Zhu down, causing a bruise on her head. Xian Yu tends to her. He can see that she is interested in Mr Chi's doctor, Kui Min (guest appearance by Kang Ji Hwan - Zai Xi in 'Get Strong, Geum Soon. It is coincidental that he acts as a doctor again.)

Xian Yu encourages her to tell him her feelings. Dao Ming pretends to be Xiu Zhi's prince charming to make sure her suitor doesn't pester her. He is jealous of Xian Yu as she can't forget him - what is so good about him? Only a year isn't enough for her to forget a person she knows for 8 years.

Kui Min decides to date Yan Zhu. Xian Yu is unhappy to see him opening the car door for her. Kui Min confesses that he has asked Xian Yu all Yan Zhu's likes and dislikes to make her like him. She mumbles that he knows her the best indeed. Yan Zhu suddenly thinks that it is better to be with Xian Yu than with Kui Min. She sees the dance performance tickets in Xian Yu's pocket before she puts it into the washing machine.

Yan Zhu is later trapped in the road and she doesn't bring her handphone. Xian Yu is worried and charges out to look for her but she isn't in the car. She is now in Kui Min's car to get back.

She goes out to look for him and her tone turns stern to Kui Min - what will happen to him since he suffers from memory loss? He is hurt and insists of going home alone. Dao Ming is working when he gets Xiu Zhi's call. He has thought that she gets into trouble again but she asks him out to thank him. Xian Jing joins them with her French boyfriend and is sarcastic to say that Dao Ming is unfeeling and she will only call him when drunk. Dao Ming gets fed up and leaves.

Yan Jing sends her car for repair and the mechanic complains about the car opener to be damaged. That happens when Xian Yu thinks that she is trapped in the car and he applies too much force. She is astonished that he has a fever and takes care of him through the night, holding his hand. He touches her hair when opening his eyes. She likes him and doesn't mind him not knowing his past.

Dao Ming apologises to Xiu Zhi for losing his temper but she doesn't mind it. He looks through her sculptures and is dismayed to see one on Xian Yu. Why is she still waiting for him? Xian Yu has everything dead or alive but he will not give up. Mr Chi is afraid that Xian Yu's family is looking for him and might have a lover or may be a killer. What can Yan Zhu do if he returns to where he belongs?

Mr Chi wants Xian Yu to leave the resort as he finds another job for him. He decides to sell the resort but Yan Zhu insists of staying. Xian Yu gives her cheery balloons to cheer him up. He builds her a mailbox. His shadow never leaves hers. Dao Ming settles major deals and Mr Jiang wants CEO Zhu to be serious. Yan Zhu cries after Xian Yu's departure and is frustrated that he doesn't bring their 'love letters' along. Some hooligans try to bully Mr Chi and rape Yan Zhu.

Xian Yu is back on time to rescue them. Mr Chi gives his consent to let them together. Kui Min frowns upon seeing Mr Chi's condition. CEO learns that Dao Ming's father is Zheng Ming Xu. It was a big company but closed down because of Xian Yu's company. Dao Ming becomes an orphan and gets into law school and then Xian Yu's tutor. Dao Ming also checks on CEO Zhu - he takes bribes and CEO Zhu is forced to work with him.

Mrs Jiang isn't happy that Mr Jiang treats Dao Ming like a son. Why allow him to date Xiu Zhi besides giving him the CEO post? Xian Yu makes a rocking chair for Mr Jiang after his discharge while Yan Zhu sews a quilt. He tells the two not to regret loving each other. Xian Yu gets lovers' lockets - there is a story behind it - who takes it out will subdue to the other. To remove the curse, they must read the note in it. 'Although he can't the memory and return to the present, they will love and be together forever.' They kiss together. (The lockets remind me of the necklaces Cheng Jun and Jing Shu own in 'Staircase to heaven'.)

Dao Ming is angry that Mr Chi and Yan Zhu refuse to move out. Mr Chi teases Xian Yu when he refuses to let Yan Zhu bring Mr Chi out for the checkup. He is scared that she will see Kui Min. They run into a lot of debts although business is good. Dao Ming stares at Xian Yu who is cooking and wearing an apron. He claims to be the son to have been to the army so few people know about it.

Xian Yu gets to know that Mr Chi has lung cancer and keeps it from Yan Zhu. He takes photos for a family and they comment him to be skilful on the camera like a professional. He recalls certain scenes but is unsure about it. Xian Jing knows that Xiu Zhi can't forget Xian Yu. She gets drunk and Dao Ming is angry that Xiu Zhi is treating him like a chauffeur to take Xian Jing back home.

Xian Jing is sure impossible - Dao Ming should thank Xian Yu and she becomes Mr Jiang's only precious daughter. Mr Jiang will not give money to a dog. So the 'dog' stops the car by the road, telling her to get a taxi on her own! The couple gets engaged to Yan Zhu but Mr Chi dies on the very day. The two still set the table as usual to put Mr Chi's share and he puts a teddy bear to represent him. They look at their engagement photos and Xian Yu makes a birthday cake for Yan Zhu.

Dao Ming sends Shi Jiu to kill Xian Yu at the harbour. He manages to escape after getting knocked out and recalls his past to return home in a taxi. Yan Zhu waits in vain for his return. Mrs Jiang wants Xiu Zhi to stop seeing Dao Ming. Xiu Zhi runs out in the rain upon knowing that Xian Yu is back. Mr Jiang is troubled that a few small shareholders buy their shares but is happy that Xian Yu returns but Dao Ming isn't. Xian Yu can't remember what happens within the year.

Xiu Zhi sees the locket on it and keeps it. Xian Yu is discharged but he can't recall how he gets the scar on his stomach. Xian Jing is a bit upset when Xian Yu dies but not really happy when he is back. She reminds Dao Ming to let go of his post since Xian Yu is back. Dao Ming hesitates to shake hands with Xian Yu but is unprepared when he gives him a warm hug instead.

It is like a dream for Xian Yu to see his parents again but only this gives him the real feeling. The scar must be his punishment. He only remembers being stabbed by the robber and nothing else. Dao Ming bribes a man to say that Xian Yu has stayed with him for a year at his hotel. Mr Jiang returns the camera to Xian Yu. He has looked at it to repent for not understanding his own son. He doesn't care what he does but he must act tough like him. Xian Yu is touched.

Xian Jing wants Xiu Zhi to be fast to tie Xian Yu down. Who knows if he has another woman during the year? Yan Zhu is sick when Xian Yu is missing and Kui Min takes care of her. She bursts into tears. She takes care of him when he is ill but he isn't there for her.

The Jiangs celebrate Xian Yu's return and Xiu Zhi gives him a necklace. (I guess this is to replace the locket that she keeps - just in case he doesn't feel that his neck is empty when he has vague memories of the past.)He is touched upon seeing her still wearing the bangle he gives her. Does he love her? He doesn't say it.

Even though Xian Yu wants to get engaged with Xiu Zhi, his parents can't believe it as he wears a terrible expression. She is good but he is afraid that he will regret his choice. Xian Yu decides to open high class products as there are too few clients. Mr Jiang approves but Dao Ming feels threatened.

Mr Jiang suddenly has a heart attack so Xian Yu decides to work in the company. Mr Jiang arranges Xian Yu to be a senior manager in the company. Yan Zhu burns all photos she has with Xian Yu and her friend Mei - who is also Mrs Zhang's daughter decides to get her to work in Seoul with her. She leaves the resort in Mrs Zhang's care before going with her. Mei tries to matchmake her with her section head leader, Hao Zheng. She mistakens him with Dao Ming and is shy upon knowing that she has made a mistake.

Suddenly she sees Xian Yu but fails in vain to stop him from leaving in his car. She stays outside the hotel, determined to see him in vain. Later, she gets to see him at Global holdings and is upset that he doesn't recognize her. She even stops his car from leaving and confronts him. He says that he is different from her fianc¨¦ - not knowing cooking and also not capable to make furniture.

He is also not 26 as she claims and doesn't know how to play basketball. The most important thing is he has not seen her before. She slaps him - how can he do that to her? She will forget about him and not see him again (This reminds me of You Zhen confronting Ming Heng in 'Winter Sonata' or Cheng Jun in 'Staircase to heaven' - too insistent that they are their love.) Dao Ming tells him not to think too much.

In her rage, she returns to the resort. Mei contacts her to inform her about Xian Yu's memory loss. So she is back again to interview for a sales job in his company. Before she goes for the interview, she pleases some customers and Dao Ming watches secretly, pleased with her services. Hao Zheng wants her to raise her chances by writing that she knows English and Japanese.

Xian Yu deliberately makes her the last interviewee to test her skills. You can see how disgusted he is to put her resume aside to interview the others first. When she can't say anything, he is angry that she lies. Even though she knows that she isn't qualified and wants to learn, he charges out and doesn't give her a second chance. Dao Ming looks through her resume and remembers her name.

She is unhappy and is nearly knocked down by Dao Ming's car. He chides her for being so careless. She tells him about her failure - doesn't sincerity counts? Dao Ming explains that she needs to meet clients daily so it is essential. She guesses that Dao Ming must be holding a high post since the chairman calls him.

She is puzzled on how he knows her name. Dao Ming later allows her to work there. Xian Yu and Xiu Zhi guess that he is her new boyfriend but he only smiles. (That shows that he can be nice too.)

Yan Zhu's new colleagues are jealous of her getting the job and frame her to offend a big client. They end up fighting and she sits on one of them, slapping her on the face. (I never know that she can be so violent.) Xian Yu is disappointed in her upon seeing this. He doubts her sincerity when she apologises - she needs not do that to him but to others. She should find somewhere she belongs, hinting that she should resign.

She checks the stocks and is shocked when Xian Yu is hit by planks of wood. He brushes her hands off him - what does she want by staying here? She buys first aid and leaves them on his car silently after dressing his wound with her handkerchief. He is moved now.

She wants to talk the CEO and is surprised that Dao Ming is so young to hold the post. (This reminds me of Tai Ling knowing Qi Zhu's identity in 'Lovers in Paris')

She has expected him to order expensive food when she offers a treat but he only requests to eat simple food in an eatery. She tells him that she must get in at all costs so he helps her. He doesn't believe in luck but miracles. So she becomes his first parachute in the company and she must not disappoint him. Xian Yu does his report and looks at the handkerchief. He tells Mr Jiang not to work too hard because of his health.

Mr Jiang wants to promote Xian Yu soon. Xian Jing asks Mr Jiang for money to open a shop and she is displeased when Mr Jiang wants her to ask Xian Yu. She asks Dao Ming to assist her since he is a lawyer. The two women work together well but Yan Zhu is upset that Xiu Zhi has lunch with Xian Yu and he tells her coldly that she has to complete the work. Xiu Zhi is astonished by the unfeeling tome - is he so nasty to all his female colleagues? She has never seen him at work before.

Shi Jiu reminds Dao Ming of his parents' death anniversary but he meets his company's shareholders instead. His parents kill themselves after their business is being bought over by Global (similar scene as 'Green Rose') He tells them to learn a lesson when they mention the past - they must be capable or will end up like them. He recalls the sad day and nearly knocks a teenager down. Yan Zhu notices that it seems that he has cried. She has seen the same expression on Mr Chi's face after Mrs Chi's death.

Yan Zhu can't be sad all the time. She puts her scarf around his neck - Mrs Zheng might want to do this too if she is here. Dao Ming is grateful and smiles. Mei insists that Yan Zhu joins other colleagues on a company mountain climbing outing.

Hao Zheng discovers that his car is unable to have so many passengers so Yan Zhu offers to return home. Mei rejects and gets Xian Yu to give her a lift. (Actually Xian Yu's car can take in more people so this arrangement is very unconvincing.)You will laugh when Zhen Shu tries in vain to sit in it in vain but Yan Zhu has a hard time as she is told to sit at the rear.

She offers Xian Yu the sushi that she has made but he rejects so she tastes alone and nearly gets choked. Hao Zheng asks Mei why Yan Zhu is so kind and she must be well educated. He feels sorry upon knowing that she is an orphan now and wonders why Xian Yu dislikes her so much.

Yan Zhu suddenly needs the toilet and Xian Yu stops the car. While waiting for her, he is hungry and tastes the sushi. He eats the sushi and likes it so much that he tastes another. He nearly gets choked when she comes. She smiles upon seeing that. (this is a cute scene.) Dao Ming recalls the scarf incident and smiles too.

Zhen Shu twists her ankle as she wears high heels in the midst of the activity - this woman is mad! She tries to get Xian Yu's attention but Hao Zheng scares her that she might have broken her ankle. Yan Zhu quickly fixes her injury and Hao Zheng carries her downhill. Mei tells Xian Yu that Yan Zhu is so experienced as she lives in the mountains and owns a resort. He soon learns her story of losing her fianc¨¦ and feels very sorry for her.

Yan Zhu pities a hawker who is anxious to sell sweet potatoes to get home earlier so she wants to buy all from him. She doesn't have enough money so Xian Yu helps her. Hao Zheng tells Xian Yu that he is the one to tell Yan Zhu to write the resume. Xian Yu apologises to Yan Zhu for scolding her and returns her the handkerchief. He is careful in making judgment and takes pictures of the lake to show Xiu Zhi.

Yan Zhu cries upon recalling the past and gets drunk to fall into Xian Yu's arms. He carries her on his back to place on his own bed. He sees a tear rolling down her cheek and wipes it for her. He touches her locket and reads the message in it. He recalls how she stops his car and he puts the message back into the locket. (This scene is touching.) She holds his hand and he allows her to do that for a while before slipping away.

The next day, she wakes up and sees him sleeping on the sofa. He puts a blanket over him and is alarmed when Zhen Shu comes to give him tea. She leaves but the two revengeful colleagues see her again. The colleagues have a headache on the way back but Xian Yu tells them to return the same way they come. So Yan Zhu is in his car again but this time, she sits beside him. He is concerned - is she really alright? He is worried about her as she suddenly goes missing early in the morning.

Xiu Zhi sees that the other colleagues are back but not him so she still waits. Xian Yu envies Yan Zhu's fianc¨¦. Xiu Zhi suddenly calls - why hasn't he accepted her calls? He replies that he is sending a colleague home and he isn't attentive to her. The two colleagues complain to Xiu Zhi that Yan Zhu tries to seduce Xian Yu.

They trick Yan Zhu to deliver goods to the attic storeroom and lock her there. They lie to Zhen Shu she leaves early. Zhen Shu treats Yan Zhu better after the ankle incident. Xian Yu overhears them commenting the person mustn't be unlucky to freeze to death in the cold weather. He is about to leave Global holdings when he sees no one at the reception but Yan Zhu's handbag is there - her handphone is ringing.(This arrangement is so deliberate.)

He is shocked - all should have left at this late hour and he looks around frantically for her. (Ji Sung shows his anxiety well.) He recalls the women's words and goes to the storeroom. Upon hearing her singing and the door is locked, he uses the fire extinguisher to pry the lock open to release her. He gives her something hot to drink - does she has something to say to him the night before? He notices that when he sends her home the other day. Xiu Zhi isn't happy when she overhears this.

She hooks Xian Yu's elbow and doesn't allow him to send her home. (This is becoming a heated love war soon.) Xiu Zhi is unhappy that Xian Yu is overly concerned about Yan Zhu. (This shows that women's instinct is always correct.) The 2 colleagues are surprised that Yan Zhu still looks okay at work. Who opens the door for her?

When both smoke in the toilet cubicle, Yan Zhu has her sweet revenge by splashing pails of water over their heads! Xiu Zhi tells Yan Zhi that nothing can break her and Xian Yu up.

Dao Ming looks at Yan Zhu's namecard and returns the scarf to her. Xian Jing sees this and isn't happy. Yan Zhu doesn't wish to trouble others to drive for Dao Ming as he has just drunk some wine. So she tries to wake him up by bringing him to play computer games at the arcade.

Both are happy after that. Xian Yu drinks with Hao Zheng and feels that he knows Yan Zhu for a long time. Mei is surprised to see the CEO driving Yan Zhu back. Xian Jing passes Xiu Zhi the invitation cars to Sao Ming for her shop opening.

She will not do it herself as Dao Ming is so cold to her. She asks if Dao Ming has a new girlfriend. How is the woman he likes to get the job for her? How strange of him to prefer someone of a lower class. (This woman is quite snobbish.) Dao Ming is at the golf course when Xian Jing comes. He stresses that he dislike functions but she insists on it. This is the first thing that she has done in her life and she wants him to cheer for her.

Mei sighs - Yan Zhu is close to the senior manager and now the CEO - no wonder she gets bullied. She can see that the CEO's eyes are fixed on her.

Xian Jing cooks up and excuse to need helpers and gets Yan Zhu to work temporary for the opening. Zhen Shu mumbles - she thinks that she is so great as the Chairman's daughter. Xiu Zhi asks Xian Yu why he looks reluctant to attend the function - like he is going to be beheaded.

He explains that the function doesn't suit him. (Xian Jing doesn't have good relationship with both men for them to come up with the same excuse.) Xiu Zhi explains that Xian Jing may seem to be untidy but she has a soft heart to be a good person. (I am sorry that I disagree with this comment.)

Xian Yu arrives and opens his eyes wide upon seeing Yan Zhu around. It must be Xian Jing's doing. Xian Jing waits for Dao Ming's arrival but he is trapped in a traffic jam. (She isn't the kind of cultured lady I have in mind because the way she walks, talks and pulls her dress looks like an auntie who doesn't know how to carry herself well.The clothes unit should have changed it as she looks very uncomfortable in it.)

Xiu Zhi's friends are disappointed that both are only getting engaged and not married - they have dragged for too long and it might not be good. Xian Yu's eyes never leave Yan Zhu as she moves around. Her heel is loose and hides to adjust it. He comes in and fixes for her, telling that she should not wear it since they are not hers. (We can sense that he is realy angry as he grabs it from her.)

This hints that she should not be here and should leave earlier. She replies that she is working part time and has to complete it. He sighs and Xiu Zhi's friends are angry to see this. They vow to make her suffer. One deliberately trips her to make her dirty her dress. Xian Yu knows that it is a deliberate act and is about to confront them when Xiu Zhi pretends to be sick and wants Xian Yu to send her home immediately. (How fake she looks - I think she also wants her friends to teach Yan Zhu a lesson for her.)

Xian Yu obliges reluctantly but Xiu Zhi's friend becomes too much to push Yan Zhi against a glass panel. Upon seeing the glass falling on her, he covers her without hesitation and the hard glass hits on his back. Xiu Zhi and Xian Jing are shocked to cover their mouths. (This is a very romantic scene but I have wished the thing to land on his head to help him recover his memory sooner.) He looks into her face anxiously to see if she is fine and she is shy to look into his eyes.

Despite feeling the pain, he helps her up and her locket becomes loose to drop on the ground. He is fed up with Xian Jing - she should ask if Yan Zhu is alright instead of scolding her from ruining her party. He pulls Yan Zhu out. Why is she always apologizing all the time? Why endure this? Till when? Hasn't she any dignity or she wants sympathy? (My goodness - why I am hearing the same dialogue again after 'Lovers in Paris' and 'Love in Harvard'?!) Is she treating him like her dead lover?

Xiu Zhi picks up the locket and is speechless. Does Yan Zhu pretend to be pitiful to get his sympathy and then his heart? She has succeeded then. Don't appear in front of him as he is confused. She must endure and hopes to smile at him. She isn't a fool and is not afraid of hardship. But she doesn't know that this makes her feel worse. Xiu Zhi overhears everything as both part. Dao Ming sees Yan Zhu weeping and offers to send her home. Xian Jing is jealous.

Xiu Zhi asks Xian Yu if he is hurt. He doesn't talk at all. Dao Ming has only seen her laughing and not seen her crying before. He is shocked that she works for Xian Jing this day. Any disaster happens? She says nothing. She is used to it and will not be discouraged. Dao Ming coaxes her to cry or she will get sick. He wishes to hug her from refrains from doing I t. Xiu Zhi looks at the two lockets and cries.

Yan Zhu is shocked when the locket is missing but it is best to forget him. Dao Ming still stands outside her apartment upon seeing the light still on. Yan Zhu gives in the resignation letter to Zhen Shu and she accepts it reluctantly. Hao Zheng wonders why Xian Yu wants information to be done in a day instead of a week and is taken aback to know Yan Zhu resigns. Why? Anyone bullies her? Xian Yu is unmoved when hearing that. Xiu Zhi returns the locket to Mei and is relieved to know that.

Dao Ming recalls seeing Yan Zhu's tears and this pricks his heart. He is not in the mood to work and is stunned that Yan Zhu is meeting him for the last time. She has let him down - is there anything to do with yesterday's incident? She feels too much pressure for not doing well but hasn't she wished t o work here? The Yan Zhu he knows will not give up easily but she requests him to spend a day with her to thank him. Hao Zhen grumbles when working with Xian Yu to miss his lunch and the time is already 5pm.

They have visited 3 of the 5 branches to look at the furnishing designs. Why is Xian Yu talking more than him - is he unhappy with something? He drives Xian Yu's car to wait for him at a corner but accidentally knocks into a man. Xian Yu flies into a rage after paying for damages when the man mumbles that he is dependent on his father. He hits the man to vent his frustrations and has a wounded lip too. Hao Zheng is so afraid that he might kill him. Why argue with a gangster and what if he gets sued?

Xian Yu announces that they can stop working and Yan Zhu welcomes Dao Ming to come to the resort. She has nice memories because of him and both shake their hands. Dao Ming is surprised that she is the owner of a resort but says nothing. Can she stay in Seoul for him? Xian Yu drives his car to Mei's home unknowingly. She only wants to be Dao Ming's best friend but he doesn't want only to lend a shoulder to her but also to wipe her tears as her man.

She must be stunned by his remark - so is himself. He has thought for a long time. She has someone she likes - a person who teaches her love and she can never forget him. She doesn't qualify for Dao Ming's love. Dao Ming is jealous - is he the one to make him cry at the hotel? He doesn't know who he is but the person is too much. He will not wish them happiness as he is evil.

Xian Yu wants to talk to Yan Zhu but she cites that she has resigned as he pleases. He has not received the resignation letter and apologises for his words. She gets fed up - isn't she more pitiful now? She will not accept it as her wound is too huge. He pulls her back and hugs her. He is lying then - he has thought that he will not like her but he is wrong. Mei peeps secretly and is happy for her. He touches his wound - this must be his punishment. Will she blame him?

At first, he has thought of her to be an unknown but now he thinks that they have met before. If she believes and follows him, he will not lie or upset her. She sobs and hugs him back. Xian Yu holds his necklace when he undresses. Yan Zhu has breakfast happily with Hao Zheng and Mei. Xian Yu stops his car outside the caf¨¦ to give her a call. Who tells her to smile - is this that good to smile after a fight?

She sneaks out to get food for him when the two keep her handphone. He drives away with her in it as he will not let her down the car. Can she follow him on the business trip as she has resigned? He smiles - so this looks like that she has to follow him every time. She can tell him to do whatever she wants to him after he has spoken to the client. Xiu Zhi goes to the resort and is shaken to know the truth from Mrs Zhang.

Xian Yu doesn't want Yan Zhu to be bored during the hour so he gets her company documents to read. He gets a waiter to bring all kinds of cakes to her. When he is back and sees the cakes untouched and she is not in the car, he gets concerned. Yan Zhu is only out for a while to tell Mei that she is fine. She laments that Xian Yu waste food so she forces him to eat some of the cakes. He is amused that she is so unromantic. She can make him so anything except to force him to eat again.

She requests him not to call her Ms Yan Zhu but Yan Zhu. He asks if her lover does that but he prefers to use addresses. Seeing her a bit disappointed, he tells Ms Yan Zhu to fasten the seat belt as he is driving soon. Both visit the marketplace and he finds it familiar. He leaves her for a while to look at other stalls and she scolds him. She doesn't want to lose him again. (But this can be so unfair - she doesn't tell him where she goes when making the call but now she scolds him for no reason.)

He smiles - they only part for a while and she misses him. Seeing her still angry on the way back, he promises her not to do it again and jokes that he will also bring her to the toilet next time! He holds her hand in the car. He nearly knocks into a cat and his car tilts to a side, causing his handphone to be damaged in a puddle of water. So he can't listen to Xiu Zhi calls after she knows that they are together.

The two look at the stars in the sky and Xian Yu confesses that he might have been in love with her since the car park meeting. He will not give her up even though the whole world opposes to it. They kiss together. Xiu Zhi knows that Dao Ming will not sympathesize others easily so he must be interested in Yan Zhu. So don't let her appear in front in Xian Yu.

Dao Ming is angry to see Xian Yu sending Yan Zhu back. He gives her 3 choices - 1) Mr Xian Yu 2) Brother 3) beloved 4) his mane. Why always call him manager as he doesn't feel to be in love? (This reminds me of the forceful choices that Qi Zhu forces Tai Ling to make in his wedding proposal in 'Lovers in Paris') He prefers 2 but she chooses 4. He pretends to be angry so she tells him to choose then. He hugs her - it doesn't matter. If he knows that loving her can be so blissful, he should meet her earlier.

He thanks her for accepting him while she thanks him to be with her. Xian Yu regrets letting another driver to fix his car so that they can be together till dawn. He doesn't want to lose contact with her so she says that this depends on his performance. She will stay by him and he laughs - where can he go since she ties him down? He smiles to himself on the way back but frowns upon seeing Xiu Zhi's car in front of his house.

He looks at her sternly and sees how she avoids him, he insists of talking to her. (This woman is trying in vain to avoid disappointment. He returns her the necklace and hopes she doesn't hate him for life. He never says that he loves her but she will not let him go. Xian Yu plans to set up a new department of 4 people to promote new products. Zhen Shu looks at the records and has to agree that Yan Zhu is the best in the sales so Yan Zhu returns to work to join the new department.

Xian Yu hugs Yan Zhu and smiles. He tells Dao Ming about the break up with Xiu Zhi. Does he believe in destiny? He doesn't believe in the past but not now. Xiu Zhi calls Yan Zhu and Xian Yu leaves a message on Yan Zhu's handphone to tell her that he will fetch her after work. Xiu Zhi shows the statue she makes and hints that Yan Zhu hinders Xian Yu's success. Yan Zhu's response - Xiu Zhi has known Xian Yu for 10 years and fails to win him over so she can love him openly. Xiu Zhi blames Dao Ming for bringingYan Zhu into the company. Without Xian Yu, she will die. She laughs at him for always being a loser.

Xian Yu has the urge to see Yan Zhu but since Mei and Hao Zheng are going to her home for a drink and they can't drive home after that, he parks his car at the office. Yan Zhu is in low spirits after meeting Xiu Zhi but smiles when the three hold a party at home for her. Xian Yu looks at the talking doll and knows that it is a present from her fiance. Xian Yu has told Dao Ming about them. He is his senior, teacher and brother. They will not meet if not for him so they wish to treat him better.

Xian Yu jokes that Yan Zhu's new boss is a stubborn man. She will have lots of OT and will miss her mealtime but she jokes that he can't be as bad as Xian Yu. Both have a walk and he wants to show her to his parents. He tells her not to be scared as they have to face it. He will not look back the times with Xiu Zhi but move in the future with Yan Zhu. What has she not done with her fianc¨¦ will be done with him.

Dao Ming is drunk and tells Yan Zhu that he loves her. She only consoles him like Xian Yu. Xian Yu doesn't have the chance to proach the topic to his parents. He helps Yan Zhu to carry the goods in the company. She is startled - so the leader is him? Xiu Zhi tells Mrs Jiang about the breakup and tries to bring forward their engagement. (This is the same as what You Li does to Cheng Jun's mother in 'Staircase to heaven' - forcing him to agree due to the elders' pressure.)

Xian Yu is worried when he learns from Mei that Mrs Jiang looks for Yan Zhu. When Mrs Jiang doesn't accept his call, he calls the chauffeur to find out where they are. (Smart man as he knows that Yan Zhu will not answer either.) Shi Jiu sees Yan Zhu in the company when he parks Dao Ming's car for him. He recognizes him as he has been to the resort, trying to kill Xian Yu.

Mrs Jiang was Mr Jiang's secretary to give birth to Xian Yu. She endures a lot for 10 years before getting to stay in the house after his first wife is dead and has trouble getting along with Xian Jing. She can imagine that tongues will wag if Yan Zhu becomes her daughter-in-law. Xian Yu rushes there - Yan Zhu comments that the money she has given is too little and returns to her. (The scenario is the same as in 'heavenly coins'. ) Love is priceless to her. Xian Yu knows what goes on upon seeing the envelope.

He makes Yan Zhu leave with him - she isn't wrong so she can't do this to his lover. He is utterly disappointed in his mother. No matter what, he will not change his mind. So is Yan Zhu too. Shi Jiu tells Dao Ming his discovery and Dao Ming is shocked when piecing Yan Zhu's words together. The couple holds hands in the car. She doesn't wish to make his life miserable but he insists that Mrs Jiang msut love her with him. Xiu Zhi is angry when she can't get both of them. (This woman is becoming a paranoid.)

Every parent will do that because that implies to Mr Chi too. She has to bear with it. Dao Ming goes through Yan Zhu's resume to confirm the facts. So she is here because of Xian Yu. He can't let her go as he wants her to be his woman. Xian Yu brings Yan Zhu to his old home - this is where he stays before moving to the big house. He has wanted to do this with his girlfriend. His mother cried everyday then so he hopes that she can understand her. The two dance to music.

His words helping his mother makes Yan Zhu touched as this shows how he protects her. Mrs Jiang forces Mr Jiang to change the engagement into a wedding but he refuses. Dao Ming plans his plot - he will see what fate is in store for Xian Yu in future. Xian Yu announces his decision to be with Yan Zhu despite Mrs Jiang trying to keep from Mr Jiang. He has only treated Xiu Zhi as his younger sister. Dao Ming knows that Yan Zhu is evasive to see him but he will observe them and hopes they don't mind.

Xian Yu is shocked to see Xiu Zhi in his office. This woman babbles nonsense of them getting married soon so that they should prepare their wedding costumes. Doesn't she know that he will not change his mind and how can she drag family business into this? She will use all her power to keep him. Xian Yu shakes his head - how can a kind girl change so much and she snaps that she will continue to change. Sure enough, the prices dip and Xian Yu is worried. Xiu Zhi cries - is she wrong to love him?

Yan Zhu arranges Xian Yu to visit the resort - hoping that he will remember it. Xiu Zhi quarrels with Xian Yu again before he leaves and later has an overdose of sleeping pills after smashing his sculpture. (That is sure a fierce act - but sigh - don't Korean women have better things to do after being dejected than to kill themselves? They should be like Yin Mei in 'All About Eve' - undeterred and try repeatedly.) Yan Zhu buys a new camera for Xian Yu.

Xian Yu rushes to hospital and Xiu Zhi pleads with him not to leave. Mr Yin threatens to withdraw his funds but Mrs Yin begs Xian Yu to stay with Xiu Zhi. Yan Zhu hears the news and comes on time to stop Xiu Zhi from jumping off from the rooftop. Tormenting Xian Yu isn't love. She is bad to want to kill herself twice. (I can't agree more with that statement.) When Dao Ming brings her Xiu Zhi down, she quickly clings to Xian Yu like a creeper. Xian Yu and Yan Zhu then lie to each other over the phone. Mr Yin sells all his shares to Dao Ming's men.

Yan Zhu agrees to Mr Jiang's request to leave Xian Yu but he must lie to Xian Yu that she has taken money from him and is a bad woman. She starts dolling herself to meet him for the last time. Xian Yu is worried when he can't get her for the whole day. She is at the skating ground waiting for him and he is startled to see her so pretty - what is the occasion? (sigh - this is just a reprise of what Jing Shu does before leaving Cheng Jun when she nearly goes blind - can't SBS think of something new?)

He trips when someone knocks into his stomach. Yan Zhu is anxious if he has completely recovered. He ponders a while - has he told her that? Or has she peeped to see the scar when he is sleeping? Or remove his clothes unknowingly? She is only joking and he sighs - with a clever her, there is nothing to worry about. She is too pretty today and she can't be like this before his approval next time.

Xiu Zhi wants Xian Yu to be there for her discharge. The Jiang family is startled that they only have 20% of the shares and hopes that Dao Ming's 3% will still secure their owing position as an unknown buyer has 23% now. Mr Jiang slaps Dao Ming for being the culprit and Dao Ming reveals his motive. Mr Jiang is about to say more when he suddenly has a stroke. Yan Zhu suddenly goes missing after resigning and Xian Yu is upset. He goes to the skating park and sits there till it snows. She comes and avoids him.

She tells Xiu Zhi that she must make Xian Yu fortunate. Mr Jiang is sent to hospital and Mrs Jiang accuses Yan Zhu for being the culprit since she asks Mr Jiang for money. Xian Yu can't believe that this is happening. He is shattered when she leaves a message on his handphone , telling him that she deceives him for money. He bursts into tears. Shi Jiu tails Yan Zhu to find her working and staying in a convenience store so he informs Dao Ming.

Xian Yu looks at Yan Zhu's empty seat before going for the shareholders' meeting. Mei wants him to forget Yan Zhu like a dream. How can he? They were happy talking to each other earlier and she changes into another person overnight. Yan Zhu must be telling a lie - he knows who she is and she might have her reasons. No, he wants to ask her personally even though it is a lie.

Dao Ming feels sad to see Yan Zhu working so hard. He wishes her to wait for a while and he will let her forget Xian Yu and not shed tears anymore. Mr Jiang can't talk at all and can only stare at Dao Ming. (Just like what happens to Xiu Er's father in 'Green Rose') Xian Yu weeps outside Mei's home - where has Yan Zhu gone? The shareholders meeting ends in disaster when the Jiangs lose their management power and the shareholders elect Dao Ming. Xian Yu finds Shi Jiu familiar looking when he is there as a minor shareholder. He has to trust Dao Ming now but Hao Zheng also senses that something is wrong.

Dao Ming tells Yan Zhu that she has helped him so he helps her now. He tries to cheer her up by bringing her to the skating ground, wanting her to forget Xian Yu. She sighs upon looking at the signboard for the dance performance and recalls the past. Dao Ming senses this and gets the tickets. Xian Yu checks on Shi Jiu - he is an inactive shareholder but no one knows his background.

Xian Yu thanks Xiu Zhi for taking care of his parents but he hopes that she will stay out of his family matters. She feels bad that Mr Yin sells the shares because of her. They learn that Li, another 2% shareholder is watching the dance so they get the tickets. Li is Mr Yin's friend and Xiu Zhi hopes that she can help. The four are shocked to see each other - Yan Zhu is concerned to see Xian Yu begging for help.

Xian Yu demands to talk to her - he can't believe that Yan Zhu is lying to him all along. Dao Ming refuses to hide Yan Zhu from Xiu Zhi although she doesn't wish to see her again. Dao Ming doesn't want to tell Yan Zhu what happens to the company and she learns it from Mei. Xiu Zhi begs her parents to accept Xian Yu. Xian Yu is troubled when the company wants to disband their new production unit. Mr Yin lets Xian Yu marry Xiu Zhi but he declines. Mrs Jiang is angry with him for being so stubborn at this time.

He still can't forget Yan Zhu and gets drunk. Xiu Zhi still wants his empty shell and he agrees impulsively to the engagement if this is what she wants. Yan Zhu decides to return to the resort. Xian Yu sits on the bench, recalling how he hugs Yan Zhu. He sees her coming and becomes sarcastic. She isn't around when he looks for her and appears when he stops looking for her. They should not contact anymore.

Why is she wearing the locket? It is enough to hurt him so it is to ruin Dao Ming? Don't harm others anymore. She congratulates him on his coming engagement and he replies that he is forever grateful to her. He fights with others on the street and nearly faints. He staggers and has flashbacks of looking at a pair of lockets to put one on someone. Yan Zhu returns home.

Xiu Zhi wants to throw the locket but later keeps it. (Stupid woman - this tells us to eliminate every evidence after committing an evil deed.) Xian Yu wakes up, feeling around his neck after the dream - where is the locket? His family notices that he doesn't look like he is getting engaged. He is disappointed when Mrs Jiang tells him that there is nothing on him when he is discovered.

Xiu Zhi tries on different scarves for the engagement and forgets her jewelry box. Mrs Yin gets the wrong one from the drawer which contains the locket while the actual one is covered by the scarf. Xian Yu changes into his tuxedo and suddenly feels giddy when trying to make a call. It still happens when he drives to the venue when he has slight flashbacks again.

He recalls kissing someone near a mailbox. Xian Yu keeps feeling his neck on the way and suddenly recalls himself saying that he loves Yan Zhu. He arrives with a gloomy expression. He starts feeling uneasy and walks into the room to see Xiu Zhi. She wants him to wait for him while her assistant will get the rings and necklace from Mrs Yin.

Xiu Zhi's assistant passes the jewelery box to him and he drops the box on the ground. (This act is arranged too intentionally.) He sees the locket and picks it up, recalling that it is the same as Yan Zhu's. He recalls the message and opens the note with his fingers, ending up in tears. Xiu Zhi is stunned to see his stony face to ask why it lands with her. She says Mrs Yin makes a mistake and will get a new one. He asks again - is she the one to remove it from his neck. She knows this much earlier and how can she do this to him?

She knows he will leave her and what is she supposed to do? She hopes that he will not remember so she begs Yan Zhu to leave. It is too late for him to go after Yan Zhu now. He should remember that only she can save his company through the engagement. Even though he goes, he only hurts Yan Zhu. No, Xiu Zhi is wrong. He will die if not for Yan Zhu. She gives him a second life and learns a lot of things, including how to love. CEO Zhu runs away when Dao Ming recalls Mr Jiang mentioning his name before his stroke.

Xiu Zhi will not understand what it means for not recalling anything. Even though she stops him, without Yan Zhu, he will not be alive. She sits on the floor and cries. Xian Yu removes his tie and drives to the resort.

He knows the past on the way. He hopes secretly she is there as he is coming. Mrs Zhang is delighted to see him. Dao Ming is late to see all guests wondering where the groom is. He forces the door open to see Xiu Zhi sitting like a statue and fainting into Xian Jing's arms.

Yan Zhu is told to open the mailbox and she sighs, seeing all the same letters still in it. Suddenly Xian Yu's voice is heard - has she found the present? She gets angry - how many times has she told him that money isn't enough? He looks at her - no matter what he will obey her forever because he takes off the necklace first. This is the curse. She sees him with the necklace. Even though he can't find his memory - no, he has found it, he returns to the unfamiliar present to be with her forever.

She finally cries when he says that he loves her. Why not tell him earlier to make him remember? He loves her more than his own life. What has he done to her? He lets her down. He worries that she will not need him anymore. Their blissful life ends so she is there to return the locket to him. But there is not need for that now. Xian Yu looks at Mr Chi's photo as she tells him that Xian Yu has gone whiter and fatter. Xian Yu laughs - no wonder Mr Chi doesn't look good as Yan Zhu tells him everything.

He carries her to her bed when she is sleepy. He sees the letters and reads one. It is written - he might read it one day - she hopes he remembers the things they do together. She will keep writing till his return. What she wants to do most is to see him once she opens her eyes. She will not blame him for leaving suddenly. He touches her face and walks out, recalling how Dao Ming sees him but yet pretends not to know him and how Shi Jiu tries to kill him. He knows that Dao Ming is behind it.

He calls Hao Zheng and wants him to check on this. Mrs Yin is worried when Xiu Zhi doesn't talk. Xiu Zhi lies that she doesn't want an empty shell now and she is the one to initiate the breakup. Xian Yu gives Yan Zhu a fright, thinking that he is missing again but he is hanging out bedsheets to sun in the front yard. They drive back and he jokes that there is no need to look at him. He must find his company back. But she msut not tell anyone that he has recovered as he wants to confirm a matter. He feels like putting her into his pocket so that he can look at her everyday. Hao Zheng discovers Dao Ming's investment and tells XianYu.

Dao Ming learns that Yan Zhu leaves and contacts Xiu Zhi. Xian Yu will only tell his family what goes wrong with the engagement later. He wants Hao Zheng to set up a new company to promote the products. Once it is a success, they can seize the power back. Dao Ming is pleased that no one supports Xian Yu and is disturbed that Yan Zhu isn't found. Is she with Xian Yu? Shi Jiu is worried that the truth will be uncovered soon and Xiu Zhi overhears it. She is shocked. Yan Zhu gives Xian Yu new ideas in production.

This is the first time Xiu Zhi sees Dao Ming so anxious about Yan Zhu. She gives the same reason but he can tell that she is lying as her hand is shaky. Yan Zhu doesn't want to see Dao Ming and he tells her that he hates Xian Yu and his choice can harm him. Xian Yu stops him from harassing her and alerts Yan Zhu that Dao Ming is complicated. Xiu Zhi also wants Yan Zhu to alert Xian Yu that Dao Ming might injure him because of her.

She knows Dao Ming better than Yan Zhu. But she finds it hard to believe (she is over trusting but if I am here, I am already alerted by looking at his white, vampire-looking face.)

Xian Jing stops herself from putting a coat on Mrs Jiang when she sleeps as she wakes up. She offers to take over since Mrs Jiang no longer looks refined. She even gets a few clothes from her boutique and she is happy that their relationship improves. Xian Yu wants to verify his stay with the hotel owner but is told that he has left after getting a lot of money. Yan Zhu tells Xian Yu of Xiu Zhi's warning but still thinks of him as a good guy. (I tear my hair - still believe him even after going through all this?!)

Xian Yu is afraid that he can never forgive Dao Ming and wants her to get prepared. Hao Zheng is pleased that the survey goes well and they can start making their new product. Mei leaves a document on Xian Yu's table as they meet clients. He returns and opens the envelope which shows the shares' evidence of the past. Dao Ming decides to sell 8% to the Japanese company and is best if they want 20%.

He is shocked to see Xian Yu as the company's acting director. Plus the 20%, he has 30% now. Isn't the company none of his concern in the past? Li has agreed to help when seeing something concrete and he is pleased with his new product. He should be the CEO for having such good ideas. Dao Ming opposes to it. All remind him that he is still not the actual shareholder as his man, James owe a lot of money and will be jailed. Since Xian Yu is the new director, all his shares will be taken back.

Shi Jiu sees the cops coming and coaxes Dao Ming to run away with him. Xian Yu gets frustrated - what does Dao Ming want - money or company? Why ruin him? He has remembered everything. Has he done something wrong to him? Dao Ming replies that Global is established due to his parents' blood. Mrs Jiang tells Mr Jiang that they get back the company. Xian Yu tells Mrs Jiang that she should thank Yan Zhu and Mr Chi for saving him. The staff celebrates their success and changes his plaque from Dao Ming's name to his. Dao Ming is in the news now but he still sees Yan Zhu. She will not escape with him.

Why Xian Yu only wants her now? He will not let Xian Yu off and he goes to his parents' grave. Xian Yu finds out Dao Ming's past. Mr Jiang suddenly tells Xian Yu that CEO Zhu is the one who instigate the merger. He uses illegal funds and Mr Jiang can't stop him. To repay the debt, he has to do something. Dao Ming is deceived by CEO Zhu.

The person who sends the documents must be CEO Zhu and Xian Yu wants to tell Dao Ming the truth. Shi Jiu tells Yan Zhu that Dao Ming is going to harm Xian Yu and only she can stop him. She still believes that he isn't so bad but agrees to see him to persuade him. These two fools don't make themselves clear - one should speak to Dao Ming personally while another should tell him who he has brought. He knocks Yan Zhu down with his car, thinking that the person coming to see him is Xian Yu.

Xian Yu is worried when he can't hear Yan Zhu's voice suddenly and has no news of her later. Xian Yu looks everywhere in vain for her - from hospitals to resorts. Dao Ming is remorseful that his hatred causes Yan Zhu harm instead and hopes she will recover soon. She is paralysed now but promises to be fortunate. She knows that Xian Yu loves her but she doesn't want to be his burden. Dao Ming is arrested and doesn't wish to see Xian Yu. He wants him to forget that he has such an elder brother.

Xian Yu sits on the rocking chair in the resort. A year later, Mr Jiang wants him to go for overseas for 2 years and he will look for Yan Zhu for him. Xian Jing declines all matchmaking sessions as she wants Dao Ming. Hao Zheng is married to Zhen Shu and she is pregnant now. Mei doesn't dare to tell Xian Yu what happens to Yan Zhu. She is now teaching - hoping to raise funds for handicapped children. Xian Yu throws a message bottle into the sea but she can't get it as her wheelchair is stuck in the sand.

Xian Yu returns to the resort and finds the camera but he puts it back into the box. Xiu Zhi is now a successful sculptor and wants him to go for an art exhibition to donate more money for unfortunate children. The other teachers wonder why Yan Zhu is so insistent to stay in school and not going to Seoul with them. Xian Yu is shocked to find a drawing on the resort and gets his driver to bring Yan Zhu to him.

He can't leave her in agony alone and saves the last dance for her. They hug together and soon she walks on a crutch. Both stay happily in the resort, dancing. (It is like 'heavenly coins' creating miracles again.)

Introduction on characters

1. Chi Yan Zhu - Eugene
She is a holiday resort's owner's daughter. She is cautious, cheerful, strong and forgiving. Despite getting nasty treatment from Xian Yu when he has amnesia, she bears with it and is determined to make him recover. But she is too trusting towards others. Luckily Dao Ming doesn't dupe her to end up in bed together as he can be evil to others but a true gentleman to her.

Giving in to Xiu Zhi and Mr Jiang makes me shake my head - where has her strong belief in loving Xian Yu gone to? Her character is simply too nice to be so accommodating - even not blaming Dao Ming for her handicap.

She is wooden in the past but improves a lot in here. She shows deep emotions and does well in crying scenes - even better than in happy ones. If only SBS shows her to have some frustrations and how she hits back at nasty colleagues who bully her at work, this character will be more realistic.

2. Jiang Xian Yu - Ji Sung
Xian Yu is considered to be the successor for Global Holdings - a well-known renovation company but his passion lies in photography. He is impulsive initially but gives up his dream after his father's illness - proving that he has a head for business too. He is not firm in knowing what love is before his amnesia but becomes sure of his feelings after it. The disgust he shows to Yan Zhu whenever she appears as he dislikes her or how furious he is to know that Xiu Zhi keeps the truth from him leaves a deep impact.

I like the scenes where he gets the cakes for Yan Zhu and saving her at the critical moment. He is a changed man - knowing how to show his affections for her - just like the way he is with her in the past. All must be thankful that Xian Yu already has his engagement with Yan Zhu so their bond should be unbreakable since their relationship is recognised by Yan Zhu's folks.

You will be impressed with Ji Sung to be able to communicate in Japanese fluently. At certain angles, he resembles Lee Byung Hun and I wonder whether he has benefited from him when both acted in 'All In'.
He acts well too - presenting the maturity in Xian Yu. He also does crying and smiling scenes well. But his character is like other prince charmings - it seems that he is flawless and even though he can be nasty to Yan Zhu for a while, it is only due to the fact that she pesters him and it is not really his fault.

3. Yin Xiu Zhi - Lee Bo Young
She is a rich man's daughter and unlike Mr Jiang who opposes to his son taking up photography, her parents support her decision to be a sculptor. She is nice to Yan Zhu before knowing she is Xian Yu's lover but becomes a slimy creature after knowing it. All those crying or silly tactics of committing suicide don't work on me. It is a torture for me as it seems that she can't control her facial expressions properly. Tae Hee can do better in 'Staircase to Heaven' - why doesn't she work on that too?

She reminds me of Eugene who can't cry in 'Loving you'. Her tears look as if they are from the eye drop lotion. Her acting is not just flat but also expressionless. Her hairstyle towards the end is terrible - thought an elegant rich girl should look better instead of having a flat fringe on her forehead?

4. Zheng Dao Ming - Ru Soo Young
He is Xian Yu's senior and also his tutor. He strives hard to become Global's law consultant after getting his law degree. Many will pity him for losing to Xian Yu twice in love wars - the first is Xiu Zhi and the next is Yan Zhu. He is enjoying his new position as the CEO when Xian Yu's return threatens his position.

Oh my goodness - what has he eaten to bloat up twice the size from the time I see him in 'A joyful girl's success'?! He also ages so much. Is this a deliberate act to take up a mature role? I am not sure about that. His acting is too superficial at times - biting his teeth or clenching his fist till I can't take it. He looks fierce even though he is with the women he loves - maybe this is why he is doomed in romance.

5. Jiang Xian Jing - Lee Hye Young
She is Xian Yu's elder sister but they have different mothers so they are not close at all. She has a sharp tongue that offends everyone and her snobbish behaviour puts them into a fix. Mrs Jiang quarrels with her while Xiu Zhi is still nice to her although she often blows hot and cold. A good example is how she treats Yan Zhu. She has a failed marriage but that doesn't deter her from liking Dao Ming. That is why she is sarcastic to him when he tries to woo Xiu Zhi after Xian Yu's 'death'. Even so, she treats him like a slave and we can see how reluctant the guys are to attend her shop's opening.

The funny thing is she belongs to the upper class but she is far from the well educated person we have in mind. The way she pulls her long dress up during the opening makes you wonder where this 'kampong' girl comes with her loud voice. It is strange that she looks elegant and stylish in other moments but not on her important day. Untidy is not the right description that Xiu Zhi gives - she comes across as rugged, rude and also uncivilized. Something must be wrong with this actress's presentation.

6. Mr Jiang - Kim Mu Saeng
He is the chairman of Global Holdings and has high hopes on his son. That is why he opposes to him doing photography. But after he returns from 'death', he straightens his thoughts and allows him to do what he likes. Although he may look unreasonable, he is more understanding than Mrs Jiang. He knows that Yan Zhu likes Xian Yu but he has to tell her in a reluctant and soft tone to give up. There is one thing I don't understand - why is he unable to stop CEO Zhu in his evil deed?

7. Mr Yin - Kim Young Ran
He dotes on his only daughter, Xiu Zhi - although he dislikes her for having one track mind to like Xian Yu and no one else. He is angry with Xian Yu for almost causing her to die so he retracts his funds from the company - making him to lose the control power of the company.

8. Mr Chi - he acts as Hui Lin's father in 'Into the sun'
He is Yan Zhu's doting father who thinks the best for her. He is very kind - if not for him, Xian Yu might have landed on the street due to Yan Zhu's disapproval to have a stranger at home as he pities him for losing his memory after his accident. He is skeptical not knowing Xian Yu's background so he wants him to leave upon seeing them in love. But after seeing that he is a kind man, he gives his approval. He doesn't deserve to die in the hands of the producer.

9. Cui Zhen Shu - Kim Min Jung
She is Mei and Yan Zhu's supervisor who is a very calculative woman. She is at loggerheads with Yan Zhu initially but her impression of her changes when she cures her of her sprained ankle. She is at first interested in Xian Yu but Hao Zheng tries to ruin all her chances. Laugh when she wants Xian Yu to carry her downhill but Hao Zheng turns out to be the one. Mei dislikes her very much but Yan Zhu detects that she can be accommodating and kind. She is loyal to stand by Xian Yu when he is out of favour.

10. Cui Shi Jiu - Kim Min Joo
He is Dao Ming's friend who knows Dao Ming's past. He knows Dao Ming's parents well to know their death anniversary. He is grateful to them for taking care of him so he puts up with Dao Ming's temper and tries to help him as much as possible. He is a true friend to stay by him when Dao Ming is a wanted man.

11. CEO Zhu - Ahn Sun Yong
This man is jealous that Chairman Jiang thinks highly of Dao Ming but lowly of him as Dao Ming often settles his mess for him. Thus he checks on his past to find out his identity. He then uses this to threaten Dao Ming - how despicable he can be to keep the past from him and putting all the blame on Mr Jiang.

12. Piao Hao Zheng - Suh Kgan Park
He is a group leader too like Zhen Shu but is more capable than her. He is compassionate to pity Yan Zhu and tries to help her as much as he can. This is not love as we can see as he acts like an elder brother to her and also Mei. His warm personality makes Xian Yu trust him and becomes his capable assistant. He really
looks like Hong Kong singer and actor, Cheng Chung Kei. He also proves his acting ability too.

13. Zhang Mei- Kwo Kim Hong Pyo
She is Mrs Zhang's daughter who is Yan Zhu's close friend. She tries to bring her and Hao Zheng together without success. Knowing that she suffers, she also tries to create chances for her to be with Xian Yu. The producer should get her a man for being so nice. This actress resembles Eugene in looks so it is convincing that both are as close as sisters.

14. Mrs Zhang - Shinkwi Sik
She works for Mr Chi in the resort and manages it when Yan Zhu is in Seoul. She isn't that close to her own daughter but their relationship improves when Yan Zhu becomes the mediator.

15. Mrs Yin - Kim Hyung Ja
She also pampers her only daughter, Xiu Zhi often. She is also a snobbish person - wanting to get her better men after Xian Yu is 'dead'. She also looks down on Dao Ming even though he may be the CEO.Even when he is alive, she dislikes him to be a photographer and not to take over his family business.

16. Mrs Jiang
She protects her only son like a mother hen -especially after she nearly loses him. I dislike the way she tries to bribe Yan Zhu to leave Xian Yu and also forces him to marry Xiu Zhi. Just because she likes Xiu Zhi or because of her wealth? I think it might be both. This woman makes me sick.

Favourite character
Xian Yu, when he is deeply in love, he shows his passionate side and is firm about it. But it still beats me why he doubts Yan Zhu and chooses to believe that she has cheated him because of his wealth.

Most hated character
Dao Ming, he really screws things up fast. A close second is Xiu Zhi - she knows how to threaten Xian Yu with her suicide attempt. The third will be Xian Jing who likes to shoot her mouth whenever she likes.

the themesong 'Get my love' is an English song which is well-sung.

Interesting facts

Many have thought that singers should not cross over to acting as they can never balance their jobs well. After seeing a few disasters from a few actresses, they have little confidence left. They were not impressed by Eugene's acting in 'Loving you' but were amazed by her performance in here.

Unlike some actors who try to shun from doing national service, Ji Sung actually volunteered to get involved in tough military training instead of working in the community service unit. Why? He wanted to be a real man. His wish was granted.

The serial had some of his crying scenes cut when shown in Taiwan. His fans complained about it and they even wanted to surround the tv station. It was said that the theme song was his masterpiece. All China tv stations lover it so much that they quickly got the MVs ready so as to show it to his fans who were sad over his army enlistment.

This is Ji Sung's last serial before he was enlisted in the army with Won Bin. This is considered his masterpiece. He wanted to act but his parents oppose to it. So he left his studies to pursue his dream to send his particulars to SBS in 1999. He got his chance then and he only hypothesizes himself to act. The most unbearable scene was to dance. Although he had gone for a few sessions, he could not sleep the night before the shoot because he was too nervous.

He was tired but he was firm with the 'I am successful' look on his face when he went for promotions. So the producer praised him for being an inborn actor. His next target was to be as successful as Byung Hun. Many described him to be an actor whom they desire to be close to know better.

The scene where Xian Yu was mobbed took 10 hours and it wounded his hand. He insisted not using any extra and all were touched but his hand was swollen after that. Luckily this serial shot to more than 20% when shown and it even went up to 30%. Both he and Eugene were voted as best screen lovers. His real name is Kwak Tae Gun and was an ex-model. Unlike others who act cool, he was s a sunshine man.

What would he be if he wasn't an actor? He replied that he would become a baseball player or a photographer (isn't this like Xian Yu?) He likes baseball so much that he joins the star baseball team headed by Ahn Jae Wook. That was why he was so delighted when given chances to take photos in the serial. He studied in Shui Yuan University's acting faculty so that he can do better in acting.

Ji Sung got the 10 popular star award while Eugene got the new star award in SBS 2004 drama awards. Lee bo Younh got new star awards from SBS and KBS (which I feel she really has to try a lot harder to match to the title.)


The make-up for the artistes is terrible - so many look like vampires. How can the men look so pale with white foundation (luckily not that significant on Ji Sung but definitely on Soo Young) and horrifying red lipstick?! That reminds me of the hideous makeup for the artistes in 'We're dating now'. Is the result caused by the same culprit? This serial has nothing to do with music or dances.

When I see a production by SBS, I tell myself that any serial from it might run in the same pattern using repeated formulas. It proves to be so after watching a few dramas. This serial is too similar to other serials that I've mentioned above so I don't really enjoy it so much. It is the chemistry between Ji Sung and Eugene that keeps me watching - only the part where he hates so much and then suddenly falls for her within a day is too fast for me.

The last few episodes are major letdowns. The producer is just filling the gaps to let a tragedy happen one after another. Can someone can be so down in luck in life from the start to the end? I doubt it. Sorry to say, I remain unmoved. Am I immune to this because I see too many similarities? It is high time that the script writers do something to come up with better stories.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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