Secret Garden


Section:Korean Dramas

Genre:Fantasy, Romance

Number of Episodes:20


Language: Korean

Korean Title: 시크릿 가든

Average Rating:       (out of 3 ratings)


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Secret Garden

Reviewed by: sukting October 07, 2012

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Foreword Their accidental meeting starts their quarreling relationship. He tries to hide his affections for her. That confuses and disturbs him. To complicate matters further, a strange sequence of events results in them swapping bodies. This drama is an idol drama version of ‘Please come back Soon Ae’. Story/Introduction on characters 1. Hyun Bin as Kim Zu Yuan ...

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04-15-2013 05:48 AM


This drama is top of my list for one reason..the ending. I have never seen a rich drama character take responsibility for the financial hit that he will take for choosing the woman he loves over his mother, and Joo-won does it. Amazing!..and their love survives nicely without bitterness or regret. What a wonderful message. I also greatly enjoyed the sub-plot with the stunt people,the beautiful sets, and the acting of Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin. This was a great effort all around.


05-11-2012 12:15 AM


not a bad show. very weird though.
hyun bin playing a chic...need i say more?
i love the fact joon won refused to take ra im's rejections. this seems like a popular trend in most korean shows. men leech onto the women who basically spit in their faces.
i watched mainly for kim sa rang...absolutely gorgeous.
i wish oska and seul have a longer dialog.

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