Reviewed by: Sunrise

February 26, 2004

Rating: five

AKA "Secret Lover"

I write to contribute a brief review of the Korean drama, Secret (Bimil), a year 2000 MBC production.

This series stars the talented and versatile Korean actor, Kim Min Jong (KMJ). This drama centres around the rag-trade in Korea, giving us a brief insight into the struggles of one aspiring designer, Lee Hee Jong, played by the unassuming Kim Ha Neul (KHN).

Through a series of events, we are led into a vista of romance and deception, two ingredients which give K-drama its signature. A worthy mention goes to the fine performance of Kim Min Jong (KMJ). In this drama, he plays the love interest of the leading lady, as the cold and cynical fashion manager, Cho Young Min. KMJ holds the fort for Bimil, romancing the audience with his superb treatments of complex emotions.

His approach to the portrayal of an ambitious man, torn between money and the love of one woman, makes Bimil an excellent watch.
Though the plot is a very simple one, the romance between both leads is convincing and moving. KMJ was often able to bring across emotions that are of a subdued kind. His facial expressions were subtle but detailed and intricate, gracing the whole drama with a sense of elegance and class.

KMJ was successful in leaving us with enough latitude to imagine further the depth of the romance; he creates mystery in this character Young Min, a lonely and anti-social man but with a heart that was flaming with passion for the right girl.

Bimil is a modern day classic. The feel-good elements of the drama such as a good sound-track, classy wardrobe for both male and female leads and the screen chemistry between KMJ and KHN continue to romance our hearts, even though it has been 4 years since it was first released in Korea.

I give it a 5-star rating; it is sentimental, nostalgic and emotionally evocative.

Watch it and feel romanced.

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