Reviewed by: sukting

November 03, 2004

Rating: three


This is a refreshing combination of four Korean artistes who are so famous today. Do you wish to see Si Won, Min Jong, Ha Neul and Ji Won when they are younger? This is a refreshing combination. Even if the story is predictable, I grow to like it because the artistes act quite well.

How long
18 episodes (actually it should stop at 16 as the extras don't help in the development at all, but makes it long-winded instead)


Xi Zheng waits for a new sales assistant at an emporium and she is selling clothes. Jun Hao carries a backpack and walks past. She thinks he is the one and explains to him the work procedure. But his uninterested look upsets her. She is concerned when he has no working experience and forbids him to smoke in the warehouse. She tells him to carry the goods for her. He still smokes and causes a shirt to be stained with the cigarette butt. She is very angry when he even uses it to wipe off his sweat.

She slaps him for not treasuring it. Xi Zheng buys fish for Zhong Wan but he doesn’t appreciate it. Xi Zheng’s sister, Zhi En pretends to be a rich girl to befriend rich guys but fails in her attempt. Be prepared to laugh to see a very young and bespectacled Park Yong Ha in here!! He knows that she is feigning and tells her to cut the act. He will not look down on her but what she does makes him despise her.

She retorts that he doesn’t wish to be in the army so he escapes to study in America. He can’t get a degree in Korea so he has to go overseas. Feeling furious, he pours a glass of water at her and drives away. Xi Zheng doesn’t believe what Zhong Wan says and insists of working to repay him. Zhong Wan doesn’t want her to work so hard but she likes fashion designing. He drives her out of the house.

Jun Hao sleeps in the warehouse and Xi Zheng feels sympathy for him. He sees her wearing different slippers. She gives her some money since she is his senior. She will persuade the new boss to pay him more so that he can open a shop one day. She tells him how she improves all these years. Xi Zheng later learns that the new staff is knocked down by a motorcycle and is unable to work for them. She is alarmed to let a stranger into a warehouse. She gets to know that the orphan Jun Hao is her new boss. Jun Hao is uninterested to continue his studies after his mother’s death. His mother has left the shop to him. Xi Zheng is angry that he is too much. He quickly gets her a pair of shoes and lies that they are left by his ex girlfriend. Jun Hao declares that he has liked her since primary school, to embarrass her further.

He tries so hard to remind her who he is. She gets shy and runs away. She then complains to Zhi En about him and boasts that he apologises to her. Jun Hao comes to see them at lunch and Xi Zheng turns shy. Zhi En is attracted to him. She works as an image consultant of his company to introduce the clothes to celebrities. He compliments that Zhi En is pretty and she is flattered.

She says that he is handsome and he jokes that it is the truth. He turns and asks Xi Zheng doesn’t she think he is more handsome than before? She doesn’t know how to answer! Zhong Wan is a bankrupt after his clothes business failed. Xi Zheng doesn’t get into university and learns fashion designing on her own. Jun Hao asks her out to watch a play and replies that he has no confidence to do business so he needs her.

Ying Min monitors the models for the fashion show. Zhi En digs out Zhong Wan’s book on Ming Ai. Ming Ai once worked under her grandmother. She wants to meet her but is stopped by Ying Min. She lies to him that she has an invitation card but she forgets to bring it. Ying Min sees through her lie as their company never issues cards and engages artistes to wear their products. All should not miss this scene when he eyes her suspiciously. He chases her away and gives her money. She feels humiliated. Zhi En looks for Xi Zheng and pretends to be knocked down Jun Hao’s car. Jun Hao sends her to hospital.

Xi Zheng waits in vain for him to turn up. Jun Hao is relieved that Zhi En only has a bruise otherwise he will be held responsible for life. Zhi En lies to Jun Hao that Xi Zheng is busy and will not turn up for the play. He is disappointed and she forces him to treat her to a meal. After sending Zhong Wan to work, Xi Zheng sees Zhi En coming back in Jun Hao’s car and hides secretly.

Zhi En asks Jun Hao whether he has special feelings for her. She asks him to close his eyes and kisses him. Both are taken aback by her act. Xi Zheng is so shocked that she stands in the rain. Zhi En leaves her shoes and clothes to a security guard the other day so Ming Ai gets to see them. She becomes regretful for missing her. She begs Ying Min to look for her personally. Seeing her upset, he promises to help her.

Ming Ai says she owes the Lis a favour. Tai Zhi scolds Zhong Wan for being harsh to Xi Zheng. Xi Zheng thinks that she is an orphan and is adopted all along but yet her parents are alive. Xi Zheng’s colleague, Xuan Zhu learns that Jun Hao learns music in Australia. Ying Min comes to the shop to return the things to Xi Zheng since Zhi En isn’t around. He gives her his name card and wants her to see him the next day.

Xi Zheng wishes him to give Zhi En a chance. He happens to look through her designs and praises her for being creative. He asks her if they are real sisters because they don’t look alike. She doesn’t answer. Xi Zheng gives him a cup to show her gratitude. Ying Min smiles faintly and accepts it but chases after Ying Lan when seeing her. He still misses her in the end. Xi Zheng mistakens that Ying Lan is his lover and consoles him that he should not be upset as he can get a better girlfriend. He is amused.

Xi Zheng chides Jun Hao for being lazy and wants to resign because he piles up the work. He gives her a paper leaf that she gave him before he transferred to study in Australia. She asks if he treats other girls the same way. She denies giving it to him and gives him back. She wants him to work harder. Jun Hao calls her to say that he really misses her. He gets drunk and drops his handphone. Zhi En switches it off.

Ming Ai sees Zhi En and almost breaks into tears. She gives her a lot of clothes. Ying Min is annoyed that she sees Ming Ai before seeing him. Zhi En throws her weight around and says that he needs not apologise to him as many cheats are around. She even says that he can’t manage his men well. She throws the money he gives her the last time. He only looks coldly at her.

Zhi En comes to look for Jun Hao and gets to see the shoes that he gets ready for Xi Zheng, hoping that she will forgive him. Xuan Zhu jokes that Jun Hao must be scared of her to fall ill. She can see that he likes her to look for her the whole day. Zhi En visits Jun Hao upon knowing that he is ill. She takes care of him. Jun Hao sees that she wears the shoes and becomes stern.

She lies that Xi Zheng buys them for her. She wants to throw them away but she wants them from her (she is sure a true liar!). Jun Hao smiles bitterly as he finds himself so pitiful. She touches his forehead to check if the temperature has gone down. He tries to avoid her in vain when she touches his hand. She wants him to get well and wishes to be the first person who comes to his mind. Xi Zheng avoids walking in after seeing Zhi En getting out of Jun Hao’s apartment. Zhi En lies that Jun Hao gets the shoes for her.

Zhong Wan is unhappy with Ming Ai for ditching him and daughter for a chance to marry another man to achieve success. She mentions about Zhi En and discusses on how to help her. He tells her that she isn’t her daughter but she doesn’t believe him. Zhi En buys food for Jun Hao. He wonders why she likes him. Doesn’t she really want to be with him? He finds her pitiful but she promises to try.

Ying Lan wants Xi Zheng to pass an envelope to Ying Min. She opens it and finds a wedding invitation. Zhi En joins the designing department. She doesn’t know much about designing as she has not learned it before. She is sure that Ming Ai will teach her. See how arrogant she is – to ask where her table is! Ying Min states that the company is not a charity organization. So he still demands her to show her design pieces and get her resume ready even Ming Ai gets her in. She gives him a sour face.

He tells her not to come and work then. He doesn’t look down on her but he is sick of her having no ability but relying on others for success. He hates this kind of girls – he doesn’t wish to see her. She slaps him and he slaps back. Bravo for this man who knows her inside out despite knowing her for only a few days!

Ming Ai sees this and is stunned. Xi Zheng thanks Ying Min for helping Zhi En. He is indifferent when she says that Zhi En asks her to pass something to him. (I am so sorry but I simply can’t recall what it is!) Zhi En talks to Jun Hao over the phone in front of Xi Zheng that she wishes to see him day and night. Ming Ai apologises to Zhi En on Ying Min’s behalf and reveals that she is her mother. Xi Zheng is happy that Zhi En finds her mother but Zhong Wan is annoyed that she works for Ming Ai.

Zhi En gives some design pieces to Ying Min. She has the cheek to say that it is too rush for her to get ready for a night but this is the best she can offer! You will love another unforgettable exchange comes. Ying Min goes through them and suddenly asks if the owner agrees to let her use them? Zhi En is stunned – she never knows that he has seen them with Xi Zheng before.

Another classic scene comes – he says it must be hard work for her to steal other people’s designs. It is so enjoyable to see that she nearly bursts! Zhong Wan tries in vain to tell Ming Ai that Zhi En is not her daughter. He is angry that she gives him money. Why give her up in the past and wants her back now? She is immature then. Sigh – I still think he doesn’t try hard enough to tell her the truth. Jun Hao is alarmed that his late mother borrowed money from loan sharks and has a headache on how to pay it off.

The old men drink and Tai Zhi feels it is time for the women to meet. He chides Zhong Wan for being heartless not to see Zhi En’s mother before she dies. Ming Ai requests Ying Min to treat Zhi En better. He is unhappy with the arrangement and Ming Ai has not discussed with him over it to let her join his department. She reveals the truth and he is surprised. Zhi En gives a spiteful smile upon hearing it secretly. She is sure that he will treat her better after knowing it. Will he change?

Jun Hao looks at Xi Zheng’s designs and she coaxes him to work hard to repay the loan sharks money. She passes the invitation card to Ying Min. He demands to see his sister and beats up her boyfriend. He can’t allow them to get married. Ying Lan doesn’t wish to see him again and angrily pushes him aside to fall on the ground. (It baffles me because he is so much stronger than a petite her.) He sits on the ground, depressed. Xi Zheng gets him to taste seafood to cheer him up and he is amazed she holds her liquor well. It is his fault so she thinks that he should give in to Ying Lan. She confesses Zhi En is not her natural sister.

Zhi En boasts of going to Ming Ai’s bungalow and playing golf. Jun Hao is down as he finds her materialistic. She is offended – does he think that she is out with him because of his status? How can he judge her this way? She will never give him up and hugs him. Jun Hao chases the loan sharks away when they come to his shop to ask for money. Xi Zheng packs all the goods into his car to sell to suppliers. Although the amount isn’t enough, she hopes to delay the payment.

She pleads for a chance but Jun Hao leaves. Why must he beg a stranger? She is fed up – is he sure that he is able to sell all the goods in the open market? Doesn’t he know how hard his late mother worked to set it up? She has feelings for the shop but now she washes her hands off it. Zhi En wants to learn fashion designing from Ming Ai. She gives Xi Zheng a necklace and brags about the things Ming Ai gets for her.

Zhi En is confident that Ying Min will let her attend the meeting. To her annoyance, he says not and even wants her to iron the samples to get ready for the suppliers. I really want to laugh when he adds in front of his subordinates – she has to learn from basics since she is inexperienced. He doesn’t see the need for her to turn up at the meeting. Zhi En vows to seek revenge. When she sees Ying Min bringing Xi Zheng’s file into the lift to walk into Ming Ai’s office, she nearly bursts again! What a joy to see this!

Ming Ai’s response after seeing the works – although the designer is immature, the designs are refreshing. Ying Min suggests using them for the next season and states that Xi Zheng is the designer. Xi Zheng is upset to know that Jun Hao intends to sell the shop to repay the loan. Ming Ai comes to the shop to look for Xi Zheng. Xi Zheng rejects her offer to work for her as she likes her present job.

Zhi En asks all colleagues out for dinner. She tries to flatter Ying Min that Ming Ai’s success depends on him. Ying Min shows samples to Ming Ai and she confesses that she likes Xi Zheng. The China market demands are close to her designs so they can order from her. Xi Zheng is happy that they order 5000 to repay their debts. Jun Hao is not happy about signing the contract with them.

He is firm not to produce clothes anymore. He tells her to knock off early but later changes his mind to make her happy. All arrive but Ying Min doesn’t turn up for the dinner. Zhi En is offended. Ming Ai urges Ying Min to look fro a girlfriend when she sees him working overtime and eating sandwiches in the office. She asks about Zhi En’s performance. He answers her that she is serious. Ming Ai hints that Zhi En is unattached but he replies that he doesn’t need sympathy. (His tone is completely cold.)

Xi Zheng rushes to see Ying Min. She is nervous upon seeing that Jun Hao hasn’t arrived. Jun Hao lies jokingly in the lift that he is still at home to scare her. She nearly turns into a nervous wreck and apologises to Ying Min. He assures her not to be anxious and gets her another cup of water upon seeing her finishing one cup in a gulp. Jun Hao arrives and pushes her to sign on his behalf.

Ying Min looks a bit jealous to see them together and Jun Hao finds his tone cold. Zhi En is angry that she doesn’t know that Jun Hao is having a contract with Ming Ai’s company. Jun Hao pulls her away while Ying Min comes down to return Xi Zheng’s handphone to her. He apologises to Zhi En for not attending the gathering. Ying Min returns and Zhi En thanks him for helping Xi Zheng. Does he think that this will get into Ming Ai’s good books? It is better that he asks for Zhi En’s opinion first before making decisions to save the trouble. Ying Min calmly tells her that it is Ming Ai’s decision to buy the stock and she should learn from Xi Zheng because she is very talented!

Zhi En gets worked up and accuses him for getting involved in her family affairs. He is not helping Xi Zheng but what happens if they can’t get the goods ready by then? Ying Min stops his work and eyes her like a hawk. Why doesn’t she wish to see her succeed? She reminds him of his poor past. Since Ming Ai treats him well, he should do the same to her. She says that he can prepare to resign. His response? He doesn’t look at her – he only wants her to stop mentioning her mother because here is not her home! This scene is sure too good to be missed!

Xi Zheng is angry when Jun Hao still has the mood to ask Xuan Zhu out for a movie. Xuan Zhu sees Zhi En coming and tells her not to bother Jun Hao as he has no time to bother about romance now since he is busy with work. Jun Hao pacifies Xi Zheng on the balcony that they will handle the work personally if there is no choice. He tells her not to over exert herself as she has a nose bleed earlier. He will not wish to earn this kind of money. Zhi En listens secretly and is jealous.

Xi Zheng can’t find enough factories to produce the goods and asks Ying Min to give her two more days. He agrees to it and asks her out for dinner. Why she has not decided to work for him? Is it because she likes the present job or boss? He does sound unhappy here. Zhi En changes the cloth material order to inferior quality without Xi Zheng’s knowledge. Zhi En decides to ask all out again but Ying Min rejects her, saying that he is meeting someone. Zhi En says that she likes him but it seems that he doesn’t like her.

This is so mushy of her to say to Ming Ai that she parts with her reluctantly after lunch. She mentions her days without her to make her guilty. She returns home to find Zhong Wan bargaining for money and finds it a disgrace. He slaps her and she stays with Ming Ai. Wonder why Zhong Wan still keeps mum about it? Xuan Zhu and Xi Zheng are dismayed to find the inferior goods. Jun Hao apologises to Ying Min for committing the mistake. Zhi En gives a spiteful smile upon knowing it.

Xi Zheng pleads for another chance but he takes that they have not accepted the contract. Zhi En pretends to sympathesize with them. Maybe she can tell Ming Ai for them? How can Xi Zheng be so careless? Jun Hao wants to sell to the market but Xi Zheng is stubborn to sell them on the streets to reduce losses. She is at first shy to shout aloud but later she masters the courage to do it. Jun Hao comes to help her but it rains and ruins their chance. He thinks he should sell the shop since he is uninterested to do business.

Xi Zheng weeps in silence. Ying Min decides to buy the stock from them. Now it is too late to send them overseas and he has a client who wants them. But the condition is she has to work for him. Zhi En looks at the photo that Ming Ai has taken with her baby that keeps her going all these years. She is nervous when the year 1976 is written on it. (This reminds me of the part in ‘Craving for sunshine’). Zhong Wan feels guilty for forgetting Xi Zheng’s birthday and when she mentions how grateful she is to him for bringing her up. Ming Ai buys a watch for Zhi En’s birthday but it is Xi Zheng’s birthday! She is speechless when Ming Ai even encourages her to have a home party. She clutches to the watch uneasily that Ming Ai gives her.

Xuan Zhu wonders how Mrs Jin will react if she knows that Jun Hao wants to sell the shop. She gives Xi Zheng a hairclip as a birthday present. Ying Min comes – why hasn’t she contact him? Why hasn’t she decided? The next day is the last day and he doesn’t wish to drag on. After serious thought, she agrees to it but he must buy Jun Hao’s other goods. Jun Hao is angry that Xi Zheng is leaving and decides to sell the shop. One colleague jokes that Ying Min is marrying Zhi En soon but the rest doubt so since they are at loggerheads with each other.

Ming Ai wants Ying Min to have a meal with her to celebrate Zhi En’s birthday. Ying Min meets Xuan Xiu and demands that Ying Lan returns home before he considers their marriage. Zhi En is nervous upon knowing that Xi Zheng is also coming to celebrate her ‘birthday’. She pretends to faint to get Ying Min to carry her into the car to be sent home. Stupid move but Xi Zheng is VERY blind – can’t she see from the BIG birthday cake on the table??

Ying Min asks Xi Zheng to have a meal with him and drives her to a lake. She says she has something to do but he knows that she should be free as the shop is closed. She is so nervous that she forgets to fastern her seat belt. He brings her to a lake. He swam there once when he was 12 and his parents died while trying to save him. (Hey – this part is borrowed for Qi Tai in ‘A joyful girl’s success’!) From then on, he goes here to cry everyday with Ying Lan.

Ying Lan treats him well initially but hates him till now after this incident. He asks what Xi Zheng is scared of. He is most afraid of himself. The tragedy is caused by him. No one blames him but he is unable to escape from his cell. It is best that Xi Zheng forgets unattainable things. The loan sharks collect the goods. Jun Hao is furious when one of them ruins a shirt and he gets beaten. Xi Zheng agrees to work for him on the condition that he must buy Jun Hao’s goods. He sends her back and both get to see the bad state.

Jun Hao is frustrated. Ying Min should give him a treat for poaching his staff. He can see that Ying Min is interested in Xi Zheng and there is no development for her if she stays on. He can find another job then. Zhong Wan is angry with both daughters working for Ming Ai and chases Xi Zheng out of the house. Ming Ai wonders why she finds Xi Zheng familiar looking at first sight.

Zhi En affirms the truth and is upset but she still insists that Ming Ai is her mother. Zhong Wan apologises for hurting them as he hates Ming Ai so he deceives both of them. Zhong Wan is later distracted at work and he is in critical condition after suffering from head injuries in a car accident. Zhi En feels remorseful for causing it and burns the photos that Zhong Wan shows her with her late mother. She cries hysterically at Jun Hao’s home. He is puzzled at what is wrong with her when she declares her love for him.

Jun Hao rejects Ying Min’s loan. He is unhappy with the money – not because of the amount. Why does he want his goods now? Is Ying Min sympathesizing him? Ying Min tells the reason. Even 10 times the amount is worth it. Xi Zheng has begged him for help so he should accept it. Zhi En dyes her hair black and gives herself a different look (rather looks more like a hooligan with a flying hairstyle. Wonder who is the hair stylist?) She lies to Xi Zheng that she will be pressurized to work with her. She wants her to work elsewhere. Ying Min will not like her as he dislikes Zhi En. Xi Zheng doesn’t wish to talk about it.

Zhi En’s colleagues demand to know why she is late and doesn’t do the report. Ying Min overhears the commotion and demands her to do the survey at the department store but she refuses. Zhi En threatens to resign and cites that Xi Zheng may not come to work as she is going to move to the west with Zhong Wan. Zhong Wan is very dependent on her so she has decided to work elsewhere. Ying Min is concerned and wants to talk to her but she leaves.

Zhi En refuses to listen to Xi Zheng’s calls as Xi Zheng is unable to manage to pay off the hospital bills. She is tearful as she calls Ying Min when he is driving. He quickly stops his car and is shocked to know that she is at the hospital – he thinks that she is injured and becomes worried! She apologises for not turning up for work for a few days as she is looking after Zhong Wan.

Jun Hao returns the money to Xi Zheng. Is he her relative to do this? She pushes the money back to him. It is not her money and she doesn’t sell herself. It is her decision. Ying Min rushes to the hospital and finds Xi Zheng asleep beside Zhong Wan. She wakes up but he urges her to rest and states that he is leaving. She sends him out. He asks - why does she tell him earlier? She is puzzled as Zhi En has agreed to relay the message. Ying Min tries hard to suppress his anger.

She doesn’t know when Zhong Wan will wake up but Ying Min wants her to get back to work soon. He will preserve her job and wants her to take care of herself. Zhi En wants a chance to design clothes for the next season to present herself. Ying Min turns down flatly as Zhi En is not up to the task. How can she be a manager now? Ming Ai asks why he is against Zhi En. She hopes that he can like her. She wants him to be her successor even after finding Zhi En as this is a promise to her late husband.

Zhi En is shattered upon hearing it secretly and lies to Jun Hao that she is busy while she smokes angrily. Ying Min returns home to see Ying Lan and is pleasantly surprised. He also sees flowers and food. Ying Lan asks curiously who Zhi En is. Ying Lan says that he has neglected her because of money too. Xi Zheng comes to work and Ying Min is delighted. We can see how unfair he is. He stands beside her to help her to introduce to other colleagues! They do look compatible together. Ying Min senses something amiss when Xi Zheng lies that Zhi En returns to see her at home when Ming Ai asks her. Why is Zhi En late then?

Zhi En is shocked – how can she do this to her? She drags her aside. Who takes care of Zhong Wan then? Xi Zheng asks back – why doesn’t Zhi En visit him? She is disappointed in her for being so selfish. Zhi En lies that she can’t face him because Xi Zheng causes him to turn out like this and she is too busy. I am speechless – she dares to put the blame on Xi Zheng?? Xi Zheng is angry - how can she still work? She insists of taking care of him after work and is adamant to stay in the company.

Ming Ai frowns when seeing competition between local companies. She asks Ying Min to go to her home for dinner again because Zhi En has no appetite. He rejects even though she mentions that Zhi En looks unhappy to her. Min Ai finally learns that Zhong Wan is hospitalized. Zhi En lies that she keeps it from her as she doesn’t wish to worry her but she is unhappy. Ying Min returns to find the money missing and knows that it must be Ying Lan’s ploy to return home. He sighs.

Xuan Xiu has a leg on his cast after a motorcycle accident. Ming Ai visits Zhong Wan and is touched that Xi Zheng stays in hospital to take care of him. Although Xi Zheng assures her that she has sold the house because it is too big for her to stay alone and she will stay with Xuan Zhu, Ming Ai wants her to stay with her. She also wants to handle the medical bills so that she can concentrate. She owes Zhong Wan too much too. She says that Zhi En feels sad for implicating Xi Zheng.

Xi Zheng is surprised that Zhi En treats her well upon coming to Ming Ai’s home. Ming Ai doesn’t mind having another daughter but Zhi En is uneasy by her remark. The two sisters sleep in the same room and the next day, Zhi En boasts to Xi Zheng of being in charge of designing a new brand. Here comes another enjoyable moment, she sits on the big chair and tells others that she has seen all their designs. Suddenly Ying Min appears with a file to stay beside her. He is in charge now as he is disappointed in the lack of originally. If so, they might as well don’t produce anything at all.

Zhi En is annoyed and vents her anger on Xi Zheng. She asks Xi Zheng to make coffee for the rest. Ying Min is unhappy but says nothing. Zhi En is later jealous when Ming Ai makes dresses for both of them. Ming Ai even takes note of their skin colour to make suitable ones for them. Zhi En lies that Xi Zheng doesn’t get used to stay with them and wants to drive her away but Ming Ai wants to give her more time.

Zhi En bribes Jing Ying to do stock taking in the warehouse. Ming Ai wants Ying Min to use Zhi En’s designs by assuring him that she will help her. He rejects her flatly, especially after seeing the sample design but still does it. He comments sarcastically that they are related so they have similar tastes. He knows that Ming Ai has done everything for her. Zhi En gives Xi Zheng her sample design back, telling her that it is rejected. This horrible sister even wants Xi Zheng to do a survey report and to sew a dress that involves ornament sewing to be ready the next day. (Later this dress creates another story.)

Xi Zheng sees that she needs a whole night to sew the small shiny pieces on the dress. Ying Min comes at night to get her dinner. Everyday he eats alone and now someone keeps him company. He urges her to eat with him. Zhi En copies Ming Ai’s design shamelessly in her office. Ying Min helps Xi Zheng with the sewing and finds it tough. She accidentally scalds him with the iron and quickly applies ice on his hand. Zhi En sneaks in and is jealous to see her tending to his wound.

When Xi Zheng turns back to continue working and urges him to return home, Ying Min looks at her and suddenly holds her hand. Can she only talk to him in a tone like a subordinate to a superior? I like the classic and unforgettable line that all other serials can’t imitate’ Nowadays, I turn into a different person when facing you. I am initially selfish. I in the past do not care for others except myself. But lately I become strange. When I am eating, I will wonder if you have eaten.

When it rains, will you forget the umbrella? When I knock off from work, I wish to know where you have been and what do you tell others? I turn to another fool because of you. I wish to know all about you... because of you. You must be held responsible for causing the change’. Frankly speaking, he is so serious from the start but his last line simply makes me crack up uncontrollably!

He wonders why she hasn’t given him the sample design. Is she lacking confidence? Xi Zheng is shocked as she thinks Zhi En has given it to him. Zhi En hurries away in her car. Jun Hao sells his apartment to stay in the company, trying his best to sell his goods. Xuan Zhu is glad that he doesn’t go out with Zhi En. Xuan Zhu gets the designs from Xi Zheng and tells her about Jun Hao’s wellbeing.

Ming Ai exclaims that Xi Zheng’s design has creativity when Ying Min shows her. Ying Min decides to make a sample from it. Ming Ai observes that he gets sensitive with anything concerning Xi Zheng. He tries hard to conceal his thoughts and replies that he is doing what he is supposed to do. Through his experience, he believes that she will succeed. He wants to cancel using Zhi En’s design as he can’t bring himself to do it. But Ming Ai hesitates – she has promised Zhi En so how to tell her? He asks if reputation is more important that producing the new product. She is hesitant and this makes him disappointed.

Ying Min storms out of office and Zhi En shows him the sample proudly. He stares at her and tells Xi Zheng to use her design to produce the sample instead! I really enjoy the furious look on Zhi En’s face. Zhi En confronts Ming Ai. Ming Ai replies that it is her decision. Why is Zhi En so agitated since she is Xi Zheng’s sister? It is obvious that she has the talent and Ming Ai makes the decision. Why worry as her status remains? The outcome is sure unexpected, isn’t it? Ying Min manages to fool all of us!

Zhi En looks for Jun Hao but he goes to look for Xi Zheng. Xi Zheng praises him for getting serious and he returns her the money, wanting her to concentrate on her new job. Ying Min wants him not to worry her on his company’s affairs as Xi Zheng is his employee now. They are going to start a new design soon so she can’t waste them on him. Jun Hao is furious and Xi Zheng runs after him. (This is sure a jealous act!)

Does Jun Hao give her pressure on her new job? She replies no. Zhi En criticizes Jun Hao for cheating her feelings. Jun Hao is agitated – he snaps at her to look into the mirror. He only pities her to meet her. Don’t ever flare up in front of him because he lacks patience now. She drives away in anger. Xi Zheng meets Ying Lan in the hospital with Xuan Xiu. Ying Lan requests her to keep it from Ying Min.

Ying Lan requests her to take care of Ying Min. She will return home soon as he smiles more now. She knows that she is in the wrong to hurt him repeatedly in the past. Jing Ying steals the master sample of the design (which is the same dress) and accuses Xi Zheng for doing it. Zhi En puts it at home and pretends to cover up the misdeed, saying that she must have done for her boyfriend, Jun Hao. Ming Ai is disappointed in Xi Zheng. Tai Zhi is shocked Zhong Wan is injured and demands to see Xi Zheng in Ming Ai’s home.

Tai Zhi mistakens Zhi En as Xi Zheng. She is badly shaken after knowing that her father ill treats her mother. She gives him money. Ying Min exercises in the gym when Ming Ai asks him to join her and Zhi En for lunch. Xi Zheng learns that Jun Hao gets another fashion designer and is down. Xuan Zhu lies to her about it and is troubled when business is bad. How are they going to pay for the rent next month?

Ming Ai wants to bring Zhi En to a fashion show next month. Ying Min frowns. Ming Ai then pretends to meet someone else to leave the two together. Zhi En knows that he dislikes her but she is so thick-skinned to come up with so many words that make me puke! Zhi En recalls what happens to her on the first day and declares that she likes him as she knows both of them belong to the same kind. She knows him well so they should get married. What is Ying Min’s reaction?

He stares coldly at her and says that he likes someone else. He will pretend not to hear her. She reminds him that there are two things he can’t change. One is they must get married. Without Ming Ai, he is nothing. The most important thing is he also likes her (I never knew that she can be so cheap!!) as likes and dislikes are the same. He is strict with her because he knows that they have the same personality. She believes that they will have chemistry. He says it’s up to her to say what she wishes. She adds that they will have lots of time for dates later. This is the most disgusting declaration I have ever come across!

She lies to Ming Ai that Ying Min loves Xi Zheng and she wants Ming Ai to help her as she is upset. Ying Min asks Xi Zheng whether the sample is ready. She replies it will be after a few days. He reminds her that the new product is more important so she must treasure the chance to work hard. He is about to talk to her upon knowing that she is eating bread for lunch when Ming Ai leads her out.

She tells Xi Zheng her decision to let Ying Min marry Zhi En. She treats him like a son and they will be closer after that. It must be hard on Xi Zheng to take care of Zhi En but please don’t hate her. She gives her the material back and wants it back after she helps Jun Hao. Xi Zheng realizes that she is framed by Zhi En and denies stealing it but she doesn’t believe her. She confirms with Mr Zheng over it.

She finds Zhi En in the factory stealing her design. She demands her to put it down as she has not asked for her permission. She gives the material back to Zhi En. How can she do this? Zhi En shows her true colours – she hates her and wants her to resign. Why do all people like only her? She will do anything to make her vanish. Xi Zheng slaps her and cries. She moves out and stays in the cold, waiting for Xuan Zhu’s return.

Another horrible act by Zhi En again. She tails Ying Min all the way into the lift, trying to ask him out for a meal. He rejects her (of course) as he is busy. She comments – the colder he is to her, the more eager she will be. What can she do to make him like her? What kind of woman does he like? She can change her outlook. He only tells her to move aside so that he can drive away! What a man! She still tells him mushily that she will see him the next say and think of him tonight! But her face twists totally when he is gone.

Xi Zheng develops a fever after crying for the whole night. Zhi En is happy that Xi Zheng doesn’t turn up the next day. Ying Min starts the meeting without her. He calls her in the office and in his car again but she doesn’t answer his calls. Jun Hao is angry over Xi Zheng’s sack and stands in front of his car. Is Ying Min making fun of Xi Zheng? Since Ying Min looks for her to work for him, he should be responsible. Ying Min is furious for being punched so he fights back. (You will see more of this in future.)

Why is Jun Hao looking for him? How does Jun Hao feel about Xi Zheng? He knows Jun Hao likes her but he himself will never lead the kind of life he is doing now. Don’t ever appear before him again or he will never let him off! Xi Zheng cries when taking care of Zhong Wan again and sees Ying Min. He asks – is she the kind of person who is irresponsible? He knows about her treatment but when she suddenly doesn’t’ work, how will others think? They will think that she is guilty.

She still decides to resign and thanks him for taking care of her. He is appalled – how can she say this? She cites that she is resigning not because of the theft case but because her pressure is too great. She doesn’t wish to affect others. He is disappointed in her. Can she resign as she pleases? Has she forgotten that she has owed him 5000 dresses? He tells her to wake up as this is impossible! He has decided to invest and he can’t make a loss in business. So she must work the next day. The new sample is ready and who can help her in future? Her act will still affect other colleagues.

She is offended by his remark. The problem isn’t there when they discuss the terms. She is a human being and he is like buying her. There are so many more capable people in the company. He sounds as if the company will fold when she leaves. This is humiliating her. Here comes another touching line of the century – Yong Min might be at his wits end to do this. He replies, ‘Yes, the company can do without you but I can’t do without you!’ She is about to say more when he hugs her and insists that she turns up the next day. Who can expect him to be open with his feelings at this time?

Jun Hao waits for Xi Zheng outside Xuan Zhu’s home. Zhong Wan opens his eyes. Ying Min insists fetching Xi Zheng back to work the next day. Xi Zheng is delighted that Zhong Wan wakes up but is shattered when he is unable to speak or move. He can only listen to people talking to him. Zhi En is worried upon knowing the news. She begs Zhong Wan not to reveal the truth and transfers him into another hospital without telling Xi Zheng. She then lies to her that she has sent him to America for treatment.

The next day, she tells others that Xi Zheng has resigned and all her designs are cancelled. She is later shocked to see her back. Xi Zheng will collect the sample and do the survey report. Ying Min sees her and asks whether she knows he has looked for her everywhere. Where has she gone? She replies that she stays at Xuan Zhu’s place and he is happy for her that Zhong Wan is recovering. She is sorry to worry him but will continue to be responsible for the new product. I am so amused to see how he softens in front of her!

He brings her to Ming Ai and she is unhappy with Xi Zheng’s attitude. She can’t come and go as she pleases. Xi Zheng declines to tell her what she has done wrong and Ming Ai chides her for having no manners for not informing her when moving out. She has wanted to treat her like a daughter but she disappoints her. Xi Zheng decides to be only with colleagues with Zhi En and she only wants to know Zhong Wan’s condition from then onwards.

Ming Ai asks Ying Min why she must use Xi Zheng’s design as she dislikes her. She asks if he likes her. He is quiet so she takes it as yes. He replies that his own affairs have nothing to do with the company. Xi Zheng is capable and resourceful so there is no other one more experienced than her. Ming Ai doubts it as she notices that Ying Min views her differently. He calmly admits that it is his plan on his part to marry Xi Zheng in future. What if Ming Ai opposes to it? He doesn’t hope to see this. Ming Ai will hold him responsible for this brand promotion. If the result is negative, he has to quit.

Another romantic moment comes again. Xi Zheng is busy running around to buy materials suitable for the manufacturing. I really laugh - Ying Min feels so tied running after her all the time and she doesn’t know it! He helps her to carry the things and both have dinner together. He recalls – the first time he meets her, he gets frightened. Why and how such a beauty exist? She is so alarmed that she eats so fast to get choked. The second time they meet, she has a big package with her coming down the bus. One look at her makes him realize that she is the person he wants.

She is fed up – she wants to talk to him about work but he changes so much! He then answers – is she the same too? Now she looks weaker than before. However, he can accept all her weaknesses and coaxes her to eat. Xi Zheng wonders why she is weak to speak up too. She is afraid of telling others how she feels but she wants to be brave in future. She doesn’t wish to be abandoned anymore.

Ying Min assures her – she is strong enough to him – doesn’t she know it? She need not feel afraid anymore in future. He wipes her tears. He really wishes to see her. He is so scared that she will disappear. He hugs her tightly and Xi Zheng cries to release her emotions. Min Jong’s fans will be completely won over and swept off their feet by his affectionate gesture.

Xuan Zhu finds Jun Hao hopeless. Xi Zheng sees Jun Hao to talk about designing – she wants to help him temporary till he gets the fashion designer. Zhi En is sarcastic to see her doing that. 80% approve Xi Zheng’s design in the survey and Zhi En storms out. She steals the design and calls Jun Hao’s supplier to make the same design as Ming Ai’s company.

Ming Ai is angry when her customers allege that she is producing imitations. Her reputation is ruined and she drives Xi Zheng away. Ying Min hears what happens from outside. Stupid woman – Xi Zheng apologises for something she has not done! She knows that it is Zhi En’s doing and gives Ying Min the resignation letter. Ying Min runs after her – he is worked up. Why must she do such a silly thing? Doesn’t she think of the consequence? Xi Zheng tells Zhi En – she will forget the past and breaks ties with her.

The other colleagues wonder how Ying Min feels as he has to take responsibility now. Jun Hao is shocked when Zhi En tells him that Xi Zheng quits. He tells Ying Min that he will make amends by making a newspaper apology. Ying Min asks him how he is going to write it – because Xi Zheng gives similar samples to him? He is speechless so Ying Min tells him not to make his life difficult. Jun Hao burns his goods. Xi Zheng decides to work for him again.

Ming Ai threatens to sue the reporters for the accusation. Ying Min wants to resign but she objects. She is angry as he has never let her down but she needs him even more now. She can only trust him and he is still her successor. She gets another reporter’s call and faints. Zhi En says that it is not his fault as Xi Zheng is too nice to help Jun Hao because she likes him. He decides to return to work.

Zhi En quickly adds that the company depends on them in future. He leaves, feeling dejected and calls Xi Zheng to leave a message. He can’t find her and wants her to contact him. Ming Ai is hospitalized and Zhi En pretends to be a filial daughter. Xi Zheng visits her but is ignored. Ying Min is fuming upon knowing that she works for Jun Hao again. He comes to the shopping centre to find the stall empty. They no longer work there as they move out to search for another location. Jun Hao borrows money from his friend.

Ying Min waits for Xi Zheng outside Xuan Zhu’s home. He asks how she is and why doesn’t she contact him? Xuan Zhu comments to Jun Hao that she can detect that Xi Zheng likes Ying Min to upset him. I really laugh – Ying Min suddenly changes to another person – to become so fierce again! What does he mean to her? How must he work to make sure that she views him differently? Isn’t it good enough for him to give Jun Hao orders instead of returning to work for them?

He places his hand over her shoulders, demanding to know whether she likes him. She calmly thanks him and she is happy working with him. She will never forget the period even after many years. He loosens his grip and lets her go. Jun Hao sees her crying but leaves her alone. Ying Min drinks alone and smokes in despair. Xi Zheng plans to sew expensive fashion of her own design but at an affordable price for all. She is determined to earn little profits first. She is overjoyed when Jun Hao passes her the money to start work.

Jun Hao sees that they can’t sell the stock and gives them away to tourists, wanting them to introduce clients to them. Xi Zheng stops him in vain but he wants her to trust him for once. Ying Lan returns home to see Zhi En stepping into the apartment. Zhi En fills the fridge with food. Ying Min returns and Ying Lan is disappointed. She thinks that he will change but he isn’t. She refuses to go in with him. Does he ditch Xi Zheng like the way he ditches her? She returns the money to him because Xuan Xiu insists that she does it.

Ying Min frowns and asks what Zhi En is doing. She asks why both siblings are not staying together. He avoids answering and demands her to leave. She refuses – what is wrong with her staying a while at this apartment that Ming Ai has given him? She will not allow him to hurt her pride again. He replies that a person with pride will not do this in the first place.

She then says that he likes Xi Zheng but she will sue her. Ying Min is stunned – is she mad to sue her sister? What bad blood do they have? She refuses to drop the case unless he marries her. Zhi En gets a call to know that Zhong Wan is getting better. She begs him to pity her and he is in tears.

Xi Zheng waits for calls to order. Sure enough, she gets so many that they have no stock. They need to manufacture more. They want to invest with more money. Xi Zheng is shocked to get the summon letter that she is sued. She runs to meet Zhi En. Zhi En demands her to leave and gets the building owner to chase them out. Ying Min returns to work from overseas and knows about it. He is furious – how can Zhi En decide on her own to do this? But she refuses to give in and wants him to accompany her to see the attorney. He ignores her and get into his car.

When he is driving, Zhi En calls him, wanting him to visit Ming Ai with her. He rejects flatly and we can see that he vents his anger by throwing his handphone onto another car seat. When he reaches home, he finds Xi Zheng dazed in the rain without the umbrella. She begs them to let them off. She has no other ways now. He asks – why is she so insistent to work for Jun Hao? Anyway, he thanks her for coming to him for help when she runs into difficulties and not hiding away from him. He hugs her tightly.

He senses that she doesn’t sleep well the last night and invites her to stay longer while he makes her a hot drink. When asking whether she wants coffee or tea, she doesn’t answer him. He gets worried and turns around to see her fast asleep. He puts a blanket over her and sits beside her, looking at her. Xuan Zhu asks Jun Hao whether he breaks off with Zhi En because she has done something wrong. Zhi En refuses to listen to his calls when he learns that they are going to be driven away.

Ming Ai gets leukemia and Jun Hao visits her. Ming Ai feels that Zhi En’s suing is inappropriate but reasonable as she does suffer from damages. She is shocked to know that Jun Hao is Zhi En’s ex-boyfriend and not Xi Zheng’s boyfriend. Ming Ai discharges from hospital and demands to know why Zhi En why she lies. Zhi En admits that she is jealous that he only has Xi Zheng on his mind. And now Ying Min is doing the same too. Ming Ai realizes that she is the culprit to frame Xi Zheng for the theft case. How can she do this? So Xi Zheng resigns to take the rap for her. Is she only keeping this from her? What else has she kept from her? Does Zhong Wan teach her to do this or this is inborn? How can she give birth to such a daughter? Zhi En is ashamed but Ming Ai still forgives her in the end.

Ming Ai informs Ying Min that she will retract the suit but he has to accept Zhi En. She plans to retire and pass on the company to him. Zhi En has flaws but she hopes Ying Min will take care of her. Can’t he do this because she likes him so much? He can’t agree to it and decides to resign. He arranges to meet Xi Zheng in the garden. He goes to work early and she asks why he doesn’t wake her up. He asks if she is willing to leave with him. He decides to work for his ex-classmate whom he knows from Boston University. She can study fashion design there too and he will support her.

He is not afraid of anything and hopes never to let her shed a tear again. From young, he has not felt so blissful before and wants to have breakfast with her everyday. He will feel jealous and miserable if she is with someone else. Will she want to watch the sea with him? He holds her hand – if she likes him, she can meet him here the next day. He wants to start all over with her and forget everything here.

Ying Min moves his luggage to wait for her in the garden the next day. Ming Ai apologises to Xi Zheng for the misunderstanding and wishes her to give Ying Min up. She cites that she knows Zhi En likes Ying Min so she frames Xi Zheng. Ying Min has never defied her but he hands in his resignation letter to her the last day. Without him, she will lose everything. She begs her to return Ying Min to him.

Xi Zheng is hesitant to know this. She has wanted to be with him but now she only watches him in the garden from far. Ying Min calls her but she quickly hangs up her handphone and leaves in tears. Zhi En is shocked to know that Ying Min resigns. Jun Hao is angry that she has no conscience and accidentally hits Mr Zheng in a rage. Later, he kneels in front of her to beg for a chance. She is so angry that her hands grip the chair’s handles. Then she screams aloud telling others to call the police.

Xi Zheng later comes. Zhi En asks why she is here. She replies that she is here not for her. She agrees to Ming Ai’s request but she wants the suit to be off and Jun Hao be released. Ying Min is at home alone, sitting in the dark when Ming Ai comes. She is shocked to see the luggage beside him. She wonders where he has gone and she can’t concentrate in work. She tells him about her sickness. Who can take care of Zhi En and her company if she is gone? Ying Min is at a loss now.

When Jun Hao is out, Xuan Zhu informs him that Ying Min comes to the company to look for Xi Zheng with a luggage when he can’t get her repeatedly through calls. It looks like he is going overseas with her. When he returns, he sees Xi Zheng eating and telling him to invest money in renting a space in a departmental store. He dismisses her so that she can be with Ying Min or join another company. She tells him not to mention him to her as she has nothing to do with him now. She wants to stay and earn money to support Zhong Wan. (To tell the truth, I hate this attitude – this is hurting the two men!)

Xuan Xiu wants to work for Jun Hao. Ming Ai visits Zhong Wan and Zhi En nearly becomes hysterical, afraid that he will tell her the truth. She begs him and he is in anguish. Xi Zheng tells Xuan Zhu that their business is good at the departmental store and tells Jun Hao to get more goods from her. Jing Ying congratulates Ying Min for being the new boss and asks him how he will manage it. He replies in a cold tone that he is not going to make major changes and she can just relax.

He sits in Ming Ai’s office for a while and decides to check out at the departmental store. He is speechless to see Xi Zheng there and quickly regains composure to ignore her. Xi Zheng is upset to see him walking away. Zhi En comes too to accompany him (or rather to seize a chance to ask him out for a meal.) She sees Jun Hao but ignores him in the lift. She sees Ying Min at the counter checking the bills and asks how long he is going to work and also whether he knows that Xi Zheng is working here. He doesn’t look at her and continues asking his colleague whether the promotion products come with free gifts.

Jun Hao is furious – is the stall given by Ming Ai? Why doesn’t she tell him and doesn’t she have self-esteem? She feels that it is a totally different matter from work. She simply carries on talking –not giving him a chance to talk! (I am also irritated by her attitude) He gets so mad that he throws a sweater aside – nearly hitting Zhi En and Ying Min who come to see why they quarrel and watch in shock.

Zi En pretends to be close to them and announces that she is getting engaged to Ying Min. Ying Min walks away in anger. Jun Hao demands to keep all his goods as he is not coming here anymore. Zhi En runs after Ying Min to hook his arm, asking what he wants to eat. This is his response – he pushes her against the wall. There is no need to force him like this as he will marry her. Why is she so wicked with no conscience? He drives away and she gets so badly shaken that she drops her handbag. He drives so fast and tries to calm himself by stopping his car aside. This is a wonderful scene that depicts his despair well.

Jun Hao knows why Ming Ai suddenly treats Xi Zheng well. (I find Xi Zheng a poor liar like Yong En in ‘Tears in her eyes’ too.) She tries to deny but he tells her to be frank otherwise she will lose everything. But she is determined to stick with him. Ming Ai persuades her doctor to withhold the treatment till Zhi En’s engagement. She is apologetic towards Xi Zheng and hopes that she will forgive Zhi En. She mentions about Zhong Wan and she hurries to visit him. You will tear your hair when he still can’t talk!

Zhi En smiles haughtily in front of the mirror at her engagement gown. She frowns upon knowing that Ming Ai invites Zhi En for dinner. Ying Min comes and his eyes can’t take off Xi Zheng when she is there. They have a meal and Xi Zheng sits opposite him. Zhi En deliberately says that both have collected the engagement rings to hurt her. Ming Ai talks to Zhi En in private as she finds her too insensitive. She replies that Xi Zheng can’t hide from them forever and even thanks her for asking her home.

She is confident that Ying Min doesn’t like Xi Zheng anymore. How wrong she is! Ying Min asks how Xi Zheng is lately and she replies that she is fine. He leaves quickly and doesn’t even look at Zhi En when she walks out with him to his car. Xi Zheng later scolds Zhi En for keeping her in the dark on where Zhong Wan is staying. She returns home to have a celebration on Xuan Xiu joining their company. Jun Hao then says that it is his birthday and he buys a present so that she can give to him personally.

He gets a birthday card and wants her to write words on it. He frowns upon seeing that she writes him as her good friend. He opens the wrapper and jokes that he buys the female perfume instead of the cologne so he insists that she keeps it. Ying Min actually tails her home secretly and is tormented to see Jun Hao spraying perfume on her hand and asking her whether she likes it. He still feels miserable upon reaching home. Xi Zheng has a sleepless night too recalling his concern towards her.

Tai Zhi comes to Ming Ai’s company and discovers that Zhi En has deceived him by pretending to be Xi Zheng. He gathers the truth and visits Zhong Wan. Zhi En tries to bribe him in vain and begs the two men. They pity her and decide to let her confess to others on her own (what a stupid decision made!)

Ying Min looks out of the office window and Zhi En mentions about introducing him to friends. She wishes to get colleagues for the engagement. He leaves it to her. Xi Zheng decides to sell men’s clothes and gives one sample to Jun Hao as a belated birthday present. He is overjoyed and always puts on the yellow windbreaker. He informs her that Tai Zhi waits in vain for her.

Ming Ai wishes Xi Zheng to stay in the apartment she gets for her. She wants to be independent to support her father. Ming Ai finds her stubborn but doesn’t dare to ask her to attend the engagement on Sunday. Xi Zheng is down and walks past the company. She hides at one corner to see Ying Min driving away. Ming Ai is grateful to Tai Zhi for teaching her the ropes and prepares his favourite food upon knowing that he is coming. At first, he thinks of revealing the truth but decides not to turn up.

Zhi En is so frightened that she looks for Ying Min when she is drunk. He drinks alone at home and has initially not wanted to let her in. She knows who he is thinking of and he must be hating her. No wonder he doesn’t wish to see her. She refuses to return home. Since they are getting married, she wants to stay over. He finds her pitiful – does she know what she wants? Is she blissful?

She answers yes but he is not. Whenever he sees her, he sees himself. He was once ignoring people around him and cares for himself. He has what he wants by despicable means – a house, a car and everything. He congratulates himself bitterly but why is he unhappy and feeling lost? He hopes she finds her own happiness and reconsiders what she wants. It’s better not to do anything stupid.

She snaps that he can’t criticize her as she is clear of what she wants. She knows he doesn’t love her but can’t he just give her a chance? Since they are alike, why can’t he understand her and forget Xi Zheng since
she only likes Jun Hao? He is about to send her home when she admits changing the order to chase Xi Zheng away in order to marry him. To the extreme of telling the press too. He helps her home but is in a daze when driving away. He grabs Xi Zheng by the arm the next day.

He asks whether she is better here than working for him. Why doesn’t she tell him that Zhi En frames her? Why is she so forgiving? Why always let others bully her? Why doesn’t she come on that day? Doesn’t she miss him? She wants to leave but he wants to go off first. He doesn’t wish to get rejected by her again as the feeling is terrible for him. She is keeping everything from him and this makes him angry.

Xi Zheng stops to think and runs after him. She nearly gets knocked down by a car and he pulls her aside. He chides her – is she mad to kill herself? She begs him not to leave and they hug. Xuan Zhu tells Jun Hao what has happened. He, Ming Ai and Zhi En wonder where the couple is when they can’t reach them. Xuan Zhu reminds Jun Hao that Xi Zheng might be in hospital. He goes there just in time to listen to Zhi En’s confession to Zhong Wan that Xi Zheng is Ming Ai’s daughter. He walks away.

Ying Min covers Xi Zheng with his sweater when both are looking at the sea. He loves her and both share a kiss. Ming Ai and Zhi En wait in vain for him to turn up for the engagement. Zhi En vows not to forgive him while Ming Ai faints after getting Ying Min’s call, telling her that he isn’t coming. Ying Min wishes Xi Zheng to discuss with him anything in future. She must believe him and don’t hide from him. She promises and he uses his right hand to hold her left hand while she uses her right hand to hold his hand. You must be thinking where both of them are when doing this – they are in his car when he is driving!

The doctor tells Zhi En about Ming Ai’s illness and she says uneasily about having the same blood group as her. Jun Hao is angry to see Ying Min sending Xi Zheng home. Zhi En gives Ying Min a slap. How can he treat them like this? He learns that Ming Ai is hospitalized and visits her. Xuan Zhu finds Xi Zheng daring to foul an engagement. What should she do then? Get married to Ying Min? Xi Zheng visits Ming Ai to get scolded by Zhi En. How does she feel snatching her fiancé the earlier night?

So Xi Zheng is selfish. Xi Zheng confesses that she loves Ying Min and she is not doing it deliberately. She knows that Ying Min has to sacrifice a lot of things but she will face it. Zhi En tells about Ming Ai’s illness. Jun Hao has thought that it is not important that Xi Zheng doesn’t like him but he still likes her. Now if she knows the truth, she will leave him to be with Ying Min.

He decides not to tell the secret to anyone. He prefers to be a despicable man. Zhong Wan goes for therapy and while he sleeps, Xi Zheng sobs. She wants to be with Ying Min but she doesn’t want others to suffer. Ying Min gives all the files to Mr Zheng. He decides to look for another job but Mr Zheng can’t dissuade him. Zhi En is relieved to see him and thinks that he is back. She apologises for slapping him and pleads with him not to leave Ming Ai as she needs him. She can even kneeling to him. But he is determined this time. He is responsible but he can’t do without Xi Zheng. Ying Min looks for Xi Zheng in vain at work. Xuan Zhu informs him that the business is not good now when Xi Zheng is in a bad mood.

Jun Hao sees him and forces him to drink with him. He asks what Ying Min has done for Xi Zheng. He can’t trust Ying Min because he doesn’t qualify to be with her. He says that he is a womanizer. He sneers at him for being too weak to reject both sisters. Ying Min is in a bad mood and doesn’t wish to talk to him. But what he says angers him. Both start to fight and leave bruises on each other. Xi Zheng informs Ying Min that Zhong Wan will be discharged soon. She wants to be a successful designer. In the past, she doesn’t know how life is but now learns to appreciate nature as she is blissful. She thanks him for it.

Ying Min replies that the same happens to him. At first, he is a serious person. Now he even knows how to act like a spoilt child to get her attention. (I laugh hard at this.) He wants to do something that he has not done before. He later notices that she is crying and rushes to see her. He hugs her and covers her with his jacket. She notices that he hurts his face. She decides not to see him again. They can’t let others suffer because of them. She can’t be selfish to Ming Ai. The last time they are at the beach, he promises to be with him the next life.

He insists that they must be together regardless what others say. He treasures his promise and she has promised not to ditch him. He hugs her again. She must be with him this lifetime to create the future. He is bent to leave this place to start all over again. Xi Zheng decides to go on holiday. Xuan Zhu asks what will happen to Jun Hao’s company then. She replies that he can start looking for another designer. Jun Hao drives out to find Xi Zheng at the train station. She insists on leaving.

Ming Ai’s doctor declares that Ming Ai needs a bone barrow transfer and wants to have a blood test on Zhi En since she is her closest kin. She is alarmed. Jun Hao brings Xi Zheng to Mrs Jin’s grave and tells her what he is doing now. Ying Min is upset upon learning from Xuan Zhu that Xi Zheng is away. Jun Hao asks whether Xi Zheng longs to meet her mother. She thinks that he is joking when he says that. Has she broken up with Ying Min and can she promise to accept him in her heart? Can’t she think of him?

Jun Hao scares Zhi En by telling her that he knows the truth but he wants her to keep Ying Min by her side. He wants to be selfish to have Xi Zheng too. Ying Min demands to know from Jun Hao where Xi Zheng is but he refuses to tell him. He has no right to ask because he causes her to cry so often. Both men come to blows again. Jun Hao helps to take care of Zhong Wan when Xi Zheng is on holiday. He is trying to please the old man and doesn’t deny that he is her boyfriend when the nurses ask him.

Xi Zheng stays in the hostel near the sea for a few days without food and drink. Ying Min sits outside Xuan Zhu’s home the whole day to wait for her. Xi Zheng has a high fever and the hostel owner discovers Jun Hao’s namecard to contact him. He forces her to return with him and gets her to settle in the new apartment that he buys for her and Zhong Wan. Zhong Wan is discharged. She is touched but also angry because she has wanted to be independent. He replies that his success is due to her so this is nothing.

The colleagues worry that the company will fold up without Ying Min. Some even start looking for new jobs. Zhi En is frustrated and screams that she is in charge and they should listen to her. Xuan Zhu finds Ying Lan hindering Xuan Xiu at work so she scolds her. Ying Min will not have the chance to marry Xi Zheng since she is marrying Jun Hao soon. Ying Lan discovers Ying Min drinking at home.

She is disappointed in him. Ying Min gets the address from Xuan Zhu and sees Xi Zheng walking out with Jun Hao to help Zhong Wan out. Jun Hao has a walk with Zhong Wan and hopes to marry Xi Zheng. He promises to treat her well but confesses that she doesn’t like him that much. So he hopes that Zhong Wan can help him. Xi Zheng tells Ying Min that she can’t handle the pressure to be with him.

He asks desperately – are their feelings unimportant? They are not fortunate after they part. He has given up everything for her and doesn’t care about other issues except that he loves her. Does she think leaving him is for his own good? He will not return to office even if she leaves him. Is she marrying Jun Hao? Has she ever loved him? She can’t answer and is in tears. She returns to cry. Jun Hao hugs her and is angry that she can’t forget Ying Min but releases her quickly.

Ming Ai faints after seeing the company report. Ying Min asks Xuan Xiu for Ying Lan’s number and tells her about his decision to work in America. The couple can leave with him and he can support their studies there. He has let them down and apologises. He agrees to let them marry. Ying Lan is happy but must he go? He doesn’t wish to stay in Korea anymore. Ming Ai is slightly better but is disappointed that Zhi En’s bone barrow doesn’t match with hers.

Zhi En chides her for not seeking early treatment and delay till her engagement. She cries as she doesn’t deserve her to do it since she is so bad. Ming Ai doesn’t believe that she has a wicked daughter. Ying Min gets the air ticket ready when Zhi En tells him to visit Ming Ai. She thinks he is leaving with Xi Zheng so he doesn’t care about her. She is not his mother so she can’t say anything. Old people have said outsiders are outsiders and she believes it. She requests him to take care of the company before he leaves.

Zhi En doesn’t know anything and she is hospitalized. If it folds up, she can’t face her husband in death. She will not force him to marry Zhi En now and he can do whatever he wants in future. Zhi En is shocked to know that Zhong Wan is discharged and Xi Zheng keeps it from her. She scolds her – how can she not ask her? She will bring Ying Min to see him so he must recover – sigh – this woman is still putting a forced front. The nurse wants Zhi En to go for another checkup.

The doctor finds the blood test questionable as the difference is too great. This is impossible as they should share some similarity. Ming Ai refuses to believe this – how can she doubt that Zhi En isn’t her daughter? The doctor wishes to conduct a DNA test but stops upon seeing both women upset. Zhi En chides Ming Ai for not trusting her. Ming Ai discharges to spend her last days with her since there is not suitable donor. Jun Hao advises Xi Zheng to forget Ying Min because he has returned to work and will marry Zhi En soon. Ying Min chairs the meeting and lets Jing Ying promote woolen products.

Mr Zheng asks him whether he is going to sit inside Ming Ai’s office. He replies no as he will still leave the company after everything is stabilized. Zhi En feels bad upon seeing Ming Ai feeling terrible. This is the first time someone loves her and she pleads with her not to leave her alone. Zhi En visits Zhong Wan and comments that Jun Hao looks like his son-in-law now. She requests Xi Zheng to donate her bone barrow since she is her closest kin. She is about to reveal the secret but runs away.

Jun Hao requests Zhi En to use any method to keep Ying Min beside her. She is fed up with him and tells him to look at himself. He isn’t better than her and yet he has reprimanded her for being selfish. Both of them are the same – when it comes to love, all behave oddly. Ming Ai asks Xi Zheng –must she ruin the engagement? Regardless of how much they are in love, she shouldn’t do it as she has promised her. How can she deceive her? How can Zhi En face others and how can she face Zhi En? (What a selfish mother!)

Yin Min has dinner with Xuan Xiu and Ying Lan. He admires Xuan Xiu for being filial to his uncle and aunt for bringing him up after his parents’ divorce. Ying Lan is disappointed in him for giving Xi Zheng up. He changes the topic by urging them to marry soon. He later bade Xi Zheng goodbye and will accede to her request. He will not give her pressure and he has finished what he wants to say. He knows she loves him but doesn’t know why she rejects him.

He has felt lost for a period. Being together with her gives him the happiest days. But he will not believe love in future. He has in the past but regrets now. He wants her to take care and shakes her hand before leaving. Ying Lan later cries to inform Xi Zheng that he is going to America. She is startled as she thinks he is getting married. Ying Min is in a daze and gets drunk daily. Ying Lan knows that he will never return to Korea and she is the only one who can stop him from leaving.

Jun Hao learns about it from Xuan Xiu. Xi Zheng recalls Ying Min’s words and rushes out, wanting to look for him. She wants him to stay because she can’t lose him. She wants to leave with him because she can’t forget him at all. The last time Ming Ai faints scares her so she dares not to be with him. Jun Hao tells her the truth and she confirms it from Zhong Wan. She can’t believe that he hates Ming Ai so much to lie about her parentage to make Zhi En fake her identity. She has felt lonely and has low esteem being an orphan.

She envies Zhi En for addressing Zhong Wan as father naturally. She has been scared to be chased out of the house so she is obedient to him. She has wanted to repay his kindness for bringing her up. Now, she can never forgive the both of them. She asks Zhi En out and refuses to donate her bone barrow. Since Zhi En can’t fit, she isn’t an immediate family so they can’t match then. She is fed up when Zhi En has nothing to tell her. Jun Hao throws the ring that he intends to give Xi Zheng away.

Zhong Wan tries to stop Xi Zheng in vain to move out. Jun Hao forces her to return home. Ying Min is determined to leave. Ming Ai is remorseful that he breaks up with Xi Zheng because of her. She wants Xi Zheng to stop him and ignore her. Ying Min is never persistent to be so serious to someone. If she breaks up with him, his heart will turn into an iceberg and will not accept anyone anymore. Needless to be in love again. Isn’t he pitiful? She regrets letting them down. Ming Ai will persuade Zhi En to give Ying Min up.

Xuan Xiu picks up the ring from the dustbin. Does Xi Zheng have any problem with Jun Hao? He is so happy to have her back to whistle the whole day and give all a treat. Ying Lan marries Xuan Xiu but Jun Hao and Xi Zheng arrive late. Ying Min can’t take his eyes off her outside the church. Xuan Xiu makes him unhappy by saying that Xi Zheng should marry Jun Hao soon too. Xi Zheng tells Jun Hao not to bother about them. She finds her family scary – Ming Ai is dying but she isn’t upset. She takes that it is just a story and she wants to forget the whole thing.

I nearly swear at her at the next scene – doesn’t she know that this will make both men upset??? She takes out the ring and wants him to give her personally. She wants to concentrate in work and promises to treat him better. Zhi En finds out from Zhong Wan that Xi Zheng knows the truth. She refuses to believe it(Another person deluding herself.) Zhong Wan feels so bad that he nearly tries to kill himself, wanting to let a car knocking him down. Luckily, Xi Zheng saves him on time, forgiving him.

Zhi En wants to leave home but sees Xi Zheng at the doorstep. She gets slapped and shouts that Xi Zheng can sue her or bring her to the police station. Xi Zheng decides to check her bone barrow and wants Zhi En to continue the act as she doesn’t wish to give Ming Ai another blow. She will reveal it after the operation. Jun Hao wants Xi Zheng to look for Ying Min since she has never loved him. The real problem is not her parentage but her to suppress feelings. She should not worry about hurting him.

Without her, Ying Min behaves as if he will die so he will never like him. He visits Ying Min and asks why he should leave. He drinks before coming to him. It is futile for Jun Hao to keep Xi Zheng beside him. He tells Ying Min the secret. Ming Ai gets to know that Xi Zheng is the donor and is shocked. She promises to get well. Both women have the operation and Ying Min looks at Xi Zheng when she sleeps.

Ming Ai is still dying after the operation. Xi Zheng cries and leaves message on Ying Min’s handphone. She thinks that he has gone overseas. Whenever she is upset, she will think of him but now, she can’t hear his voice anymore. She loves him and misses him. I really laugh – she sobs without knowing that he is right in front of her! He weeps with her when hugging her close to him.

Jun Hao decides to go overseas to study for a year. He requests Xi Zheng to take care of the company for him. Since he leaves so many things for her to do, she needn’t feel apologetic. He will not forgive Ying Min if he doesn’t make her happy. Ming Ai confirms from Zhong Wan that Xi Zheng is their daughter when he visits her. Still, she feels lucky with Zhi En and loves her. Zhi En is remorseful and confesses that she lies all along. It doesn’t matter to Ming Ai and she manages to make Xi Zheng call her mother before she dies. Ying Min hurries to give Xi Zheng consolation upon seeing her upset.

Zhi En moves in to stay with them after Ming Ai’s death. Xi Zheng hopes to return to the past but she doesn’t wish Xi Zheng to forgive her. She leaves and promises to return when she is prepared to face others. Now she is relieved that everything is over and she will try to forget the past. Jun Hao sends emails to Xuan Zhu and Xi Zheng, telling them about his well-being.

Ying Min inherits Ming Ai’s company and steps out of the building after work. Xi Zheng carries the goods and is about to promote them to other shops. He reaches out to her and helps her to carry them. He jokes that he is worried that he can’t find her in the big crowd. Both of them are together again.

Introduction on characters

1. Li Xi Zheng – Kim Ha Neul
She is kind and gentle. Or rather, long suffering. However, she is not deterred by setbacks to fulfill her dream to be a fashion designer. This character is just like Lian Xiu in ‘Beautiful Days’. She can sacrifice a lot for her sister and thinks for others first. To me, this is not being self-sacrificing. This is plain stupid! I don’t know why she becomes so ruthless to refuse to save a life – can’t other issues be discussed later?

Ha Neul is another soap opera queen. This is a typical Korean drama character - to endure and suffer till the end. This role offers no surprises from other roles she is in. But I must still compliment for having close to perfection chemistry with Min Jong.

2. Li Zhi En – Ha Ji Won
She is Xi Zheng’s natural younger sister. She is so selfish to lie to the whole world for her material desires. This is bad enough – she even frames her own sister. I am appalled by how power hungry she can be. She even tries to force both Jun Hao and Ying Min to submit to her.

Ji Won is very successful as the scheming younger sister who will not stop hurting or framing others in order to achieve success. She is very youthful-looking, but no one can avoid the evil twinkle in her eyes. Her role is as scheming as Yin Mei, but Yin Mei is capable while Zhi En is only an empty vessel. Her crying scenes are very convincing, showing that Zhi En is actually longing more for motherly love than anything else to become so selfish and cruel.

3. Jin Jun Hao – Ryu Si Won
Jun Hao likes to joke but he has a heavy burden to manage his mother’s business, Jun Club. Although he doesn’t love Zhi En, he is too soft-hearted to reject her. I don’t really like him because he is also scheming and selfish. Still, he has the conscience to tell the truth in the end upon seeing her so upset.

Si Won’s acting is only satisfactory. Not much variation except for his army crew cut. But it seems that he dislikes it because 90% of the serial has him wearing a cap!

4. Cao Ying Min – Kim Min Jong
I feel like hugging this man for having the wisdom and foresight. Zhi En is able to deceive everyone except him. I practically crack up whenever Zhi En’s lies are uncovered right in front of him and how soft he becomes in front of Xi Zheng. He is totally different! He is a very impartial man (obviously hates people to work with strings attached), devoted to love but is cool. No one can force him to do things that he dislikes – except if it is for Xi Zheng’s sake.

This is so different from his role in ‘Guardian Angel’. His features are not as handsome looking as Dong Gan or Won Bin but he gives a character feel with his looks. If we compare him to No.1 character actor Cui Min Xiu, Min Jong adds a level of gentleness. That is why his acting route is wide. He can act as the educational man in here and Mr Q, and also a gangster in ‘Guardian Angel’ look successful.

5. Yin Ming Ai – Lee Hui Hyang - the actress as Liang Mei Mei in ‘Beautiful Days’
She divorces Zhong Wan and leaves Xi Zheng after giving birth to her to marry a successful designer and manages his business. However, she misses her daughter and tries hard to make amends – to the wrong person. To the extent of spoiling her rotten to give her a high post in her company.

Surprisingly, she does better here than in ‘Sunshine upon me’ or ‘Beautiful Days’. How can a person act worse than before? I can’t understand!

6. Li Zhong Wan – Piao Gen Xing
He is the women’s father who is dejected after his business failure. He is such an irresponsible man to leave Zhi En’s mother in dire straits when she needs him. It still bugs me how he can get two women to marry him. I also hate him for ill-treating Xi Zheng for covering up her parentage to say that she is adopted. He is also wrong for not telling Ming Ai properly about the mistake she made in acknowledging the wrong daughter. Is it so tough to say one sentence to spare us the trouble and agony??

7. Xu Tai Zhi
He is Zhong Wan’s friend. Although he disapproves of Ming Ai’s doings, he is impressed with her designs. He feels sorry for Xi Zheng and urges Zhong Wan to treat her better.

8. Cao Ying Lan
She is Ying Min’s younger sister who can be rebellious. However, she is kind-hearted to know that Xi Zheng is nice while Zhi En is evil. Thus she discourages Ying Min from making the wrong choice.

9. Hong Xuan Zhu
Xi Zheng’s colleague and close friend at the shop. She helps her or Jun Hao when in need. Obviously, she supports Jun Hao in wooing Xi Zheng so she tries to ruin any chance Ying Min has with her.

10. Jiang Jing Ying
She is Zhi En’s colleague who often dreams of a promotion, so she helps her in all her crimes.

11. Mr Zheng
Ying Min’s subordinate who is capable. He dislikes Zhi En too and helps Xi Zheng when she needs him.

12. Lin Xuan Xiu
He is Ying Lan’s boyfriend and tries very hard to change Ying Min’s impression of him. He is gentle and helps to reduce the tension between the siblings.

Favourite character
Ying Min. This character wins hands down. He is cold and hides all his feelings. He only changes upon seeing Xi Zheng. Oh my – who is not touched by his romantic words to Xi Zheng in his unique voice? We can see how he changes from an unfeeling person to a completely warm person in the end.

Most hated character
Zhi En is definitely on the top of my list in here. She is so vicious to her own sister. But I am glad that Ying Min makes her reveal her true colours. The next is Xi Zheng – she is so stupid to let Zhi En go repeatedly and take the rap all the time. The third is Jun Hao for trying to come between the couple all the time.

Interesting scenes
How Ying Min crosses swords with Zhi En. She can’t win him in wits no matter how hard she tries, because he is simply too smart! Don’t miss a single episode. The way that Zhi En pretends to like him also raises all goosepimples I have – it’s chilling and also unbearable.

Interesting facts

Ji Won becomes a famous movie actress after this serial. Zhi En doesn’t allow Xi Zheng to be stronger in her than anyway. Jealousy causes her to snatch her lover and family. But she doesn’t know her selfish act causes Ying Min to love Xi Zheng more. The sharp and jealous look in her eyes makes her very successful in here. Although the ratings are only normal, many praise her for acting well.

When it was shown in Taiwan, the ratings were also normal but many feel that it is fine. Except for 2 faults – the story is too predictable and the last 3 episodes are too draggy. The whole world knows that Xi Zheng is the lady boss’ daughter and Zhi En is unable to hide the fact. But Xi Zheng is the only one who doesn’t know it – so does Ming Ai - how can this be??

It is named ‘Secret lover’ in Taiwan but is ‘Secret’ in Korea. I feel the former title fits it better since the story starts with one evil and one good-natured sisters’ parentage. This storyline can be seen in ‘All About Eve’ (on Shan Mei and Yin Mei), ‘Shan Ji and Zhen Ji’ (Son Ye Jin and Jin Gui Li). When this serial was shown in Korea, it beats SBS’s blockbuster ‘S.W.A.T. Police Force’ It is considered as a small budget defeating a grand work.

This drama has many similarities with ‘Beautiful Days’. Ying Min is the manger like Min Zhe. The female leads have troublesome younger sisters. Leukemia attacks Lian Xiu and Ming Ai. In here, the parentage mystery is on the sisters but in ‘Beautiful Days’, it lands on Min Zhe and Xuan Zai. Jun Hao is just like You Zhen in ‘All About Eve’ – soft- spoken and too trusting towards others. Ying Min is like Xiang Zhe to be firm and rejects Zhi En’s marriage proposal. Just like Xiang Zhe rejecting Yin Mei’s advances too. How unoriginal the producers can be!


After reading Sunrise’s review, I was curious to know why it deserves a 5 * in her opinion. After watching, I find it overrated. The last few episodes are not in line with the intriguing beginning – which is the usual trend for most Korean dramas. I was thinking – will it be better to have this arrangement – to make Zhi En a better person to win Ying Min’s love after falling for him? This may spark competition between the two sisters.

Min Jong makes this serial comes alive with his elegance and powerful grace. He makes all emotions of Ying Min come alive – from an unfeeling man to someone with a heart burning with passion to reveal his feelings openly.

I consider this his most outstanding work. Ha Neul has done enough homework but he has done much more. His strong presence simply graces the whole serial. The way he dresses in black most of the time makes him look arrogant, cool and yet lonely. He has never been as stylish before as in other serials. But blame it on the producer to think of such an abrupt and lousy ending to cut his presence to a minimal in the end! What a waste!

It shows how selfish all the people are in here. Jun Hao for love, Zhi En for status, Zhong Wan for hatred while Xi Zheng for evading reality.

However, it is a refreshing combination on the leads. You may be interested to watch it. It is regarded as one of Min Jong’s masterpieces. You will be satisfied with his fine performance. I am puzzled why Ji Won doesn’t become an overnight star due to this serial. Maybe because she was too youthful-looking then and that restricted her acting roles.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5) (mostly for Min Jong and Ji Won’s sake because they are too good)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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