Shining Inheritance


Section:Korean Dramas


Number of Episodes:26


Language: Korean

Korean Title: 찬란한 유산

Average Rating:       (out of 3 ratings)

Also Known As: Brilliant Legacy, Beautiful Legacy


Shining Inheritance follows the dramatic up-and-down fortunes of Go Eun Sung. After her father fakes his own death so his family can collect the insurance money, without even telling his daughter, Eun Sung becomes devastated by her father's death. To add insult to injury, her evil stepmother steps in to take all the money, kicking the girl and her autistic brother out into the street. She humbly works hard to support herself and her brother, and crosses paths with two strangers. The first is a reckless rich young man, Sun Woo Hwan, who breaks the cell phone she needs to stay in touch with her brother. The second is an injured old lady who Eun Sung takes in, at great sacrifice to herself. The injured lady turns out to be a great businesswoman and rewards the young heroine by making her the heir to her company, thus disinheriting her own useless grandchildren. Further events reveal the poetic justice that the arrogant young man Sun Woo Hwan is one of those same useless grandchildren.


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Shining Inheritance

Reviewed by: timeless-x August 10, 2009

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Korean Title: Chanranhan Yusan English Title: Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy Genre: Romance, Drama Episodes: 28 Broadcast Period: April 2009 to July 2009 Cast Han Hyo Joo as Go Eun Sung - Yun Joon Suk as Go Eun Woo (younger brother, autistic) - Jun In Taek as Go Pyung Joong (father) - Kim Mi Sook as Baek Sung Hee (Eun Sung’s stepmother, Seung Mi’s mother) - Moon Chae Won as Yoo Seung Mi (Eun Sung’s stepsister) Lee Seung Ki as Sun Woo Hwan ...

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06-19-2010 04:53 AM


I say 3.8/5. I quite liked the main actress. The acting was generally good. The father was so stupid... hard to beleive he was ever a succesful builder

Even allowing for the fact that it's fiction, I am always surprised how Korean dramas have their characters become penniless from being filthy rich. Don't rich Koreans have insurances or trust funds? :):) :)


02-03-2010 03:49 PM


Way too predictable, lame, and cheesy. Painfully weak acting by the lead actress. Supporting cast made the show.


10-20-2009 08:34 PM


I only saw 1 ep of it on TV but it looks so interesting.


09-16-2009 08:10 AM


I like this drama... Jun Se is outstanding! You can feel his character all through out. I was actually missing him in parts that's he's not included. That's how effective his portrayal is.. hehe...
Hwan appeared so unnaturally stiff. Eung Sung is exceptional, so natural.


09-06-2009 12:48 AM


i love this series! it's entirety are really worth to watch! a roller coaster kind of feeling! the actors were very good in portraying their respective roles especially to Eun Woo! the soundtrack were also good!

highly recommended!

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