Since I met you

Reviewed by: sukting

February 10, 2004

Rating: three-point-five

How long
50 episodes

Are you ready for another ‘elder sister, younger brother’ story after ‘Romance’? Ryu Si Won and Choi Jin Sil pair up as this odd couple in this drama. Or more interested in another story on how girls get their Princes Charming? This story that offers both can rekindle your interest.


A widow, Nan De, has three younger brothers – Nan Qi, Nan Yi and Nan Shi. Nan Yi is the richest and his wife is Ying Shu. Nan De has twins - a son, Xiu Zheng and a daughter, Mei Zhen. Nan Yi has a son, Qi Yuan and a daughter, Hui Yuan. Nan Shi is a doctor and marries Ai Qing. He has 2 daughters who study overseas. Nan Qi is unmarried but vows to carve a niche for himself as he doesn't want to depend on Nan Yi for finances. The family goes for Hui Yuan’s musical concert. Mei Zhen gets interested in Min Shi but is disappointed to know that he is Hui Yuan’s boyfriend. So she keeps her feelings a secret.

Qi Yuan is considered a failure as he gets his reporter job in a well-reputed news agency because his father pulled strings for him. He goes to China on an assignment. First, he is badly beaten up by gangsters and sprains his back. Yu Hua has to chase them away for him! (This reminds you of Qi Tai in ‘A Bright Girl’s Success’). She even does the massage for him. He gets into trouble with some hooligans later.

It is refreshing to hear Si Won speaking some Mandarin lines. TCS offers it in dual sound. He speaks accurately with a Korean accent. Seeing that they show no response, he starts asking in English on what they want in a timid voice. He is relieved that they are North Koreans but is alarmed when they don’t have the intention to let him off. Yu Hua rescues him again. One of the hooligans, Tai Hu is her younger brother.

Yu Hua is a North Korean but she has stayed for 3 years in China and completed her university education here. She works as an interpreter but is ditched by her boyfriend because she is poor. She wants to provide a better home for her siblings so she agrees to work for Nan Qi. She comes all the way from China to Korea. Qi Yuan has not wanted to see her again as she reminds him of his embarrassing incidents. So he pretends not to know her when he receives his uncle at the airport.

Nan Qi arranges Yu Hua to stay at Nan De’s home. Nan De lets her share a room with Mei Zhen. Both treat each others as true sisters. Nan De is retrenched and Mei Zhen is troubled. Although Xiu Zheng is working part time, they do not have enough money. This scene is a classic one, Qi Yuan is so shocked to see Yu Hua that he slips and sprains his back! Yu Hua has to treat him! He yells in pain but is amazed that he recovers!

Mei Zhen decides to take care of an old woman. This job is recommended by her professor under Min Shi’s request. Min Shi is a very filial grandson. Although there is a maid, he keeps her company after lessons. Hui Yuan is disappointed when she arranges outings but he goes straight home right after a drink.

Mei Zhen finds it fishy that the job is offering a high pay – the old woman must be hard to work with. But she lies to her family that she takes up another tuition job. Mei Zhen is funny. Whenever she sees Min Shi, she stammers and spouts nonsense because she is too nervous! She is overjoyed that Min Shi is her ‘boss’ but is very nervous to meet his grandmother. He tries to calm her nerves to drive her to his home. Hui Yuan happens to see her in his car and calls her. She gets so frightened that she hangs up her phone. Min Shi is puzzled but later understands that she wishes to keep it from her big family.

Hui Yuan gets no response from Mei Zhen so she calls Min Shi instead. Min Shi jokes that he is now with his first love and tells her that she has seen the wrong person. Mei Zhen is so relieved that he helps her. He jokes that they are comrades and also accomplices in lying so they must shake hands together. I can’t stop laughing when she gets hysterical here, saying in a sharp voice on why they should do it!

Min Shi has wished to accompany Mei Zhen to go through the interview but Grandma requests him to be out of the living room. However, he hides in the kitchen with the maid to see how things go. Both hide their faces in their hands when Mei Zhen slips from the chair as the old woman tells her to sit down! Mei Zhen even breaks a China vase when trying to get her spectacles for her. She tells Mei Zhen to leave but Mei Zhen blurts out her predicament and cites that she is too anxious to please her to get the job.

Min Shi tries to persuade Grandma by saying that the stool where the China is placed is uneven anyway. The old woman wants Mei Zhen to read a book to help her sleep. If she fails, she can leave then. Surprisingly, the old woman sleeps! Min Zhi stands outside the room to wait for her. He hears no talking after 10 minutes and gets worried. He gets inside and is so amused to see both sleeping. He slowly removes the book from Mei Zhen and she is so embarrassed!

She can’t help grinning upon knowing that she gets the job. Min Shi drives her home and is astonished that Mei Zhen cooks up another story again. Xiu Zheng is worried for her so he calls her. She lies that she has just completed the tuition. Now her tuition kid’s chauffeur is driving her home! Min Shi is not offended but amused that he has become his home’s ‘chauffeur’. I really crack up and laugh non-stop when he brings her to the doorstep and introduces himself as the chauffeur before leaving! Xiu Zheng finds him familiar but he can’t remember where he has seen him.

Qi Yuan is being made used of to write a publicity report for an actress because he is her secret admirer. All his family members know about it and call him a pig brain. He is so sad that he goes out for a drink with Nan Qi and Yu Hua. Yu Hua is annoyed when Qi Yuan tells his family that she is his nightmare. She doesn’t understand why he feels this way although she has helped him twice. He can’t take the pressure anymore and cries. He even hugs her and tells her that he likes her when he is drunk.

Mei Zhen has a hard time with Grandma. She tells her to debone the fish and eat with the maid. She feels humiliated when deboning the fish but is relaxed to be with the maid because she shows her the ropes. Min Shi feels bad for imposing her. He doesn’t understand Grandma – how is he going to face her in school as a classmate when the old woman is treating her like a maid at home? The old woman can be so heartless to tell Mei Zhen to take public transport - saying that maids can’t be pampered! She doesn’t allow Min Shi to send her home. Min Shi is annoyed but he still obeys her.

Qi Yuan’s mother asks him why he treats Yu Hua like a nightmare. He lies that he only gives her a small sum in China for translation and she isn’t happy with him. However, he feels remorseful and quickly adds that she does a good job, though. When his mother walks out of his room,, Qi Yuan rehearses the lie repeatedly so that it will never been uncovered! Quite a different Si Won that we see here for being a liar.

Nan De loses the house and the whole family stays in with Nan Yi’s family. Mei Zhen protests in vain. She feels that she has lost all her self esteem. After knowing it, Min Shi is nicer to Mei Zhen. Mei Zhen decides to be more careful in keeping the secret. She rejects taking rides from Min Shi to work. Min Shi still drives close to her, trying to persuade her to take his lift. He jokes that she will finally be sof-thearted to agree to it. He doesn’t see why he can’t do it since they are going to the same place!

Hui Yuan happens to see this from her car and Min Shi has to drive away. Hui Yuan is so angry that she follows suit. She later asks Min Shi out, trying to give him a kiss. But he rejects her, saying that he is confused right now and needs time to sort out his own feelings. She is alarmed that he starts to like Mei Zhen and gives Mei Zhen pressure to give him up by reminding her that she is going to stay with her.

Yu Hua is troubled as she finds no place to stay. It is hard to tell Qi Yuan that she wishes to stay in his home. The thick-skinned Nan De and Nan Qi drag her to stay with Nan Yi without consulting them on the day they are shifting their things! Although Qi Yuan is shocked, he reasons with his father to let her stay. All his family members are so shocked to see him so righteous for once!

The professor asks to see Mei Zhen. Mei Zhen thinks Grandma complains to her since she makes so many blunders. She must be keeping her because of the broken China to dock her pay. Upon seeing her so fearful, Min Shi tells her that Grandma actually looks forward to her visits. The old woman must be bored in the afternoon alone at home. Mei Zhen smiles in relief.

Min Shi invites both women to his home. Mei Zhen has no reason to reject and follows. Hui Yuan sees them and Min Shi reveals the truth. Mei Zhen feels so shameful. Grandma tells Mei Zhen to join them for dinner. Mei Zhen blurts out that she will have indigestion when doing that. Grandma chides her for spouting nonsense. Min Shi sends Mei Zhen home. He asks her if it is wrong of him to do that. He thinks he is right as her family will still know it. Hui Yuan vows for revenge. Mei Zhen later tells Min Shi that she will quit soon. He tries in vain to change her mind.

The next scene is the most hilarious one that I have come across. There is a mouse in the house and many are frightened – even ALL the men. Can you believe it – Qi Yuan and Nan Qi spring on a sofa to hide from it! Nan Yi is worse – Nan De has to cover his head with a blanket and hug him! I crack up when he closes the room door later and only comes out when Yu Hua assures him that she has already chased it out of the house. Nan De then tells the rest that it is the family tradition that all Zhao men are frightened of mice!

Qi Yuan praises Yu Hua for her bravery. He is so amused that his father can be so timid that he wishes for more accidents like this to happen! He recommends her a part-time translation job to work for the news agency. He admits to his colleague and friend, Yin Cai that he says Yu Hua is pretty when he is drunk.

Yu Hua is mistakened for a thief and sent to the police station. Qi Yuan bails her out and sneers at her outdated dressing. He laughs hard upon seeing the expensive lingerie she buys to familiarize herself with the market to sell them overseas for Nan Qi. He is so sarcastic – is she wearing this to attract men or the husband on her wedding night? She gets furious and scolds him for being terrible to chase movie stars.

Grandma wants Mei Zhen to accompany her to dinner. She is taken aback. At this time, Hui Yuan is having dinner with Min Shi. She wants him to love her. He only smiles and asks if she has told Nan De the truth. He frowns when she hasn’t done it as he has hoped that she will do that for them. Hui Yuan is frustrated – why is Grandma so dependent on Mei Zhen?

Mei Zhen never expects Grandma to treat her to expensive sushi. Grandma calls Min Shi to tell him that. Min Shi is delighted and tells her to shower Mei Zhen with love. Both are friends now and she should not let her quit. Hui Yuan is angry and leaves but he simply ignores her! Grandma is stubborn to say that Mei Zhen is still not very good. Min Shi is amused and wants her to be frank.

Min Shi’s mother is chased out of the house by Grandma. So he longs to stay with her. He approaches Nan De to let Mei Zhen continue to work to get rejected. Mei Zhen is so angry with him that things don’t work out but her whole family knows about it. She confesses that she likes him and this shocks him. Grandma likes Hui Yuan and tells her to visit her frequently. Min Shi also realizes that he loves Mei Zhen now.

You will laugh at how sweet Min Shi is to Mei Zhen. He places a handkerchief before she sits on it the next day! He confesses that he likes her and she runs home in shock! Mei Zhen tells Feng Shu to dye her hair and also Yu Hua’s hair. Qi Yuan is attracted when Yu Hua changes her looks. He whistles to her from the back and tells her to get married soon. He manages to save her from some gangsters and he is worried that he may be disfigured for days. He has hurt his head but must he also crack his skull to move her to tears???

Qi Yuan feels bored when Yu Hua doesn’t bicker with him in his car as she avoids him. So he buys a red handphone for her so that he can call her anytime. I laugh at the ringtone – it gives a squeaking sound like a mouse which is so unique! Some even think that there is a mouse when they hear it!

Min Shi wants to give Mei Zhen her wages but she refuses. He returns home unhappily to see Hui Yuan. He is displeased that she is trying to influence his grandmother to look down on Mei Zhen to disclose that Mei Zhen is her close relative. He protects Mei Zhen, telling Grandma that he doesn’t see the point of telling her as she only worked for a while. We can see how angry he is - he wishes to return to his room. He even wants the chauffer to send Hui Yuan back as he refuses to do it!

But he has no choice due to Grandma’s insistence! He can’t stand Hui Yuan’s pretentious nature to say that Grandma is interesting as he knows that Grandma is a boring person. Hui Yuan wants him to talk frankly but he replies that he doesn’t want to talk about Mei Zhen. He is scared that she will pass the wrong message again. She gets so angry that she closes his car door with a bang.

Yu Hua works late in the factory to supervise the manufacturing of bra samples to China. Qi Yuan buys snacks for her. He sees her ex-boyfriend’s photo taken together with her siblings in the wallet and gets jealous. His anger is appeased after knowing that this is the only photograph she has of her siblings. He sleeps on the couch and Yu Hua covers him with a blanket.

Min Shi decides to send Hui Yuan home because he wishes to see Mei Zhen very much. He parks his car at a corner and calls up Mei Zhen. From the car mirror, he can see Mei Zhen closing her handphone. He gets to her and demands to know why she ignores his calls. He will not leave without seeing her. He comes because he is disheartened and depressed as she is breaking up with him. When does this feeling start?

He doesn’t know but he is sure that he likes her a lot! It seems that his love for her is stronger than how she feels for him. Why doesn’t she try to like him more and they will feel natural? Mei Zhen tells him to occupy himself with something else during the vacation and his feelings for her will change. Hui Yuan always gets what she wants and will not give up. Min Shi relates that there was no port that can let him feel steady except his mother. Now he meets his safe harbour and he wants her to let him date Mei Zhen freely. She accuses him of being selfish for not thinking of Grandma as his parents have disappointed her.

Qi Yuan claims that he is mercenary to the core. But when he knows that his mother wants to matchmake Yu Hua with a 50 year old widower, he jumps to her rescue. Min Shi is drunk at the bar. Hui Yuan waits for him till she sleeps at his home. Xiu Zheng happens to be the substitute driver to send him home. He is appalled that Min Shi calls Mei Zhen to tell her that he loves her even though he is very drunk.

Xiu Zheng gets furious and tells him to leave Mei Zhen alone. Min Shi hits him on the lip. Min Shi is so drunk that he can’t even recognize Hui Yuan. He shouts - how he can make Mei Zhen believe that he really loves her. He wants to smile with her, see her eyes and be with her daily. He begs her to hold him tight and not to go away. He has thought that Hui Yuan is Mei Zhen! Xiu Zheng gets the truth from Mei Zhen when he gets home. She confesses that she has hoped that Min Shi will break up with Hui Yuan to be with her.

Hui Yuan stays at Min Shi’s place and Ying Shu pushes a wedding proposal using this excuse. Hui Yuan lies that he says that he loves her. Min Shi learns from his maid that he was so drunk that he slept right away. He is sure that he will not say that to Hui Yuan – he must have thought that she is Mei Zhen. He ignores her. Min Shi calls up Mei Zhen and she hangs up on him again. He waits for her in school and questions her whether she thinks he is a hypocrite? Why not let him explain? She still tells him to give up.

Yu Hua is unhappy that her bra sample is itchy and scratchy because the manufacturer used inferior products to deceive them. She decides to ask Yin Cai’s elder sister, Jin Cai to design for them. She calls Qi Yuan a mother’s boy. His previous relationships don’t last as his mother keeps tabs on him to complain about all the gals. Yu Hua suspects that Hui Yuan devises a plot to snare Min Shi just to get him.

Nan Qi also suspects Hui Yuan as he trusts Min Shi. He tells Xiu Zheng not to be biased against the rich. Qi Yuan thinks that they need to reflect too as they seem too eager on Min Shi. Nan Shi also finds it fishy and has not wanted to support the ‘proposal’. However, he later learns that Min Shi’s family is the major shareholder of 7 big companies. For generations, they have enjoyed fame and respect. He changes his mind as he hopes that he will buy over the hospital one day and give him a good time!

Grandma wants Min Shi to accept Hui Yuan. It is hard to find someone of the same status so they have to settle for a lower rank. He confesses that he likes someone else and stops telling her who she is. Min Shi looks for Mei Zhen at the old folks’ home and she hides from him again. He can imagine how hard it is for her at home but he is not giving up.

He looks for Xiu Zheng in the camp. He apologises for hitting him. Xiu Zheng tells him to break up with both girls because he doesn’t want both girls to get hurt. Feng Shu is touched that Min Shi truly loves Mei Zhen.

Min Shi returns home early wanting to trash things out with Hui Yuan. She reminds him that she used to be selfish but has changed after coming to his home. He thinks that it is ridiculous of her to talk about responsibility when she points out that Mei Zhen isn’t suitable for the role as his wife.

Qi Yuan is keeping away from other girls because of Yu Hua. He confesses that he likes her and he is serious about her. Min Shi has a drink with Xiu Zheng and both establish better ties.

Yu Hua also encourages Mei Zhen to accept Min Shi as it is not easy to get true love. The next day, Mei Zhen wakes Min Shi up from his sleep. Min Shi is overjoyed to get her call and rushes to meet her. Both hug each other. He wants to invite Nan De to dinner but she is moody as she worries that Nan Yi’s family will be angry. Qi Yuan gives his blessings and tells Hui Yuan she can’t order Min Shi to love her.

Hui Yuan is bitter about it and tells Grandma the news. Grandma gets furious and she is sending Min Shi overseas. He assures her that Grandma will send him to the moon if she wants but he will still stay beside her. He will give up the inheritance to get back his freedom – just like his father. He opposes Grandma to be with his mother so they stay overseas.

Yu Hua blurts out that Qi Yuan tried to kiss her at work and this drops a bombshell in the Zhao family. Nan De persuades his parents to still let her stay. They are already worried that he meets her outside. If she stays out, Qi Yuan will stay out even more often. They let her stay reluctantly. Nan Qi even encourages Qi Yuan to have one night stand with Yu Hua so that his parents will have no say after that. He even reveals that his parents are a perfect example of doing it!

Min Shi gets suspicious when Mei Zhen tells him that Hui Yuan is inviting her family for dinner. And sure enough, she brings Grandma to see them. Min Shi trails them and tries to stop in vain as it is rude not to inform them beforehand. The two women are taken aback as they do not expect to see him there. Mei Zhen is angry with Hui Yuan and Grandma orders Min Shi to wait outside for her.

She says nasty things about Mei Zhen being unworthy of Min Shi since their family has no principles. Min Shi has no right to choose his future wife and he has the heavy responsibility of handling the family business. Nan De is offended and talks back at her. The twins are silent as they support their mother. Min Shi drags Grandma home. Mei Zhen confronts Hui Yuan and she lies that it is a more natural way for them to meet. Mei Zhen is fed up as she shouldn’t have asked Xiu Zheng’s girlfriend, Feng Shu to come along too.

Min Shi is at cold war with Grandma and strokes his dog in the garden. He refuses to get into the house despite pleas by the maid. He is relieved that Mei Zhen’s family is okay. Qi Yuan asks Yu Hua out and is overjoyed that she is touched by his love. He is so overjoyed that he gets drunk and shouting out Yu Hua’s name to wake everyone up in the house. Hui Yuan also returns home with Mei Zhen in a drunken state.

Qi Yuan and Yu Hua are drenched in the rain. When the lights are out, he follows Yu Hua into her room. Then he tries to hide from Hui Yuan who comes down. Yu Hua tries in vain to explain that there is nothing between them when his sneeze gives him away. The whole family knows that both are together. Qi Yuan lies that they have slept together to get married. Why bother to explain when the chance is here? The twins are out with Feng Shu and Min Shi. They find it unbelievable that such a thing has happened.

Min Shi jokes that if it works, they can use the same way to trick Grandma. Mei Zhen is annoyed and tells him to avoid seeing her for the month. Xiu Zheng says that if she can do it, he will call her elder sister then. All believe that it can’t be Yu Hua’s idea and know that Qi Yuan must be behind it. Later, Qi Yuan gives all another shock, saying that Yu Hua is pregnant!

Yu Hua feels bad when Nan De and the twins offer to run errands and do housework for her. Grandma questions why Min Shi is home late. He replies that he can’t be with anyone else except Mei Zhen with a smile. Grandma has already enrolled him into an American university. Min Shi suggests canceling it or let Mei Zhen go with him. Grandma refuses and slips to have a back bone fracture.

Nan Yi sprains his back and Yu Hua cures him. Qi Yuan is happy that she wins credit as his mother watches her in awe. Grandma disallows Min Shi to call Mei Zhen for the day. Yu Hua confesses the truth to Nan De but she also encourages her to keep the secret. When Grandma is wheeled into the toilet, Min Shi sneaks away. Poor man, he has been in hospital for the whole day and Grandma refuses to let the maid take over from him. He is so tired but yet anxious to see Mei Zhen. She is delighted and yet angry.

He jokes that this is the result of her telling him to avoid seeing her for the month. He tells her the reason and she gets concerned. He wonders whether they should get engaged quietly. He sends her back home and decides to meet her mother. Yu Hua tells Qi Yuan her fears and he is delighted that she calls his name sweetly. She tells him frankly that she wants to marry him partly because of the citizenship but he doesn’t mind it. He tells her to wait for him and steals a kiss from her!

Nan Yi and Ying Shu want to clear their doubts so they want Yu Hua to go through a pregnancy confirmation test. You will laugh at his brothers’ purpose for helping the couple in lying. Nan Qi needs Yu Hua in his business. Nan Shi wants to arrange his junior to come up with a fake pregnancy document. He always likes to go against Nan Yi all along. During his intern days, he asked Nan Yi for a loan to build the hospital but he refused and bought the present home instead. Till now, this poor man is still paying for the bank loan. To their amazement, Qi Yuan and Yu Hua tell the truth.

They apologise and still want to get married. Ying Shu is angry and Nan De screams at her. When she had Qi Yuan out of wedlock, she had come to her crying and begging for marriage too. Did she forget it? She can’t stand her arrogance and blurts it out. The old couple decides to reconsider. Qi Yuan is thankful that Yu Hua breaks up with her ex-boyfriend but he doesn’t want this to happen to him. He likes her nagging voice, hair fragrance and glares. Without all these, he will panic!

Qi Yuan’s parents meet the couple individually. Coincidentally, they say that they have pure love for each other so they give them their approval. Yu Hua is delighted when Nan Qi manages to clinch a good deal at this time too. Min Shi recalls that Grandma treated Mei Zhen well when she worked for them. But Mei Zhen reminds him that they were not in a relationship then.

Grandma talks to Hui Yuan and ignores Mei Zhen when both visit her. Min Shi knows that she is protesting. He tries to cheer Mei Zhen up by bringing her out and snaps her photographs with his camera. Mei Zhen is shy but Min Shi says who will dare to complain about him for taking photos of his girlfriend? Min Shi then discovers that he has left his handphone at the fastfood outlet and rushes to get it back. During this time, Grandma knows that he is with Mei Zhen and is enraged.

Yu Hua is worried that her siblings’ visa to Korea is still pending for approval. Tai Hu has turned straight now. He questions over her wellbeing and she tells him over the phone that his future brother-in-law is a nice guy. Qi Yuan smiles upon hearing it. But after finding him a spendthrift, Yu Hua keeps his credit cards. Nan De decides to be a writer to get more income. The twins accompany her to meet the publisher, Mr Piao. He asks her to write some essays for him to look through.

Qi Yuan proposes a simple wedding to save costs. His parents oppose it. Nan Yi is furious to know that Ying Shu has been paying for Qi Yuan’s expenses from Yu Hua. Ying Shu is angry with Yu Hua for not considering her feelings and tells her to change her attitude. She might just go to Shang Hai for honeymoon to be with her siblings and they need not come over. Yu Hua regrets her rashness.

Grandma is discharged and Min Shi moves to the family villa at Qing Ping. He doesn’t wish to go abroad for years to part with Mei Zhen. Min Shi is amused that only Mei Zhen is bitten by mosquitoes in the villa. He decides not to attend Qi Yuan’s wedding to avoid making Mei Zhen from feeling embarrassed. Yu Hua is so overjoyed to see her siblings again. An artiste manager is interested to make Feng Shu to be a star but she is uninterested. When asked what her long term plan is, she says it is to be Xiu Zhang’s wife which is amusing to the both of them!

On the wedding day, Qi Yuan is so excited that he forgets that he leaves the rings with Xiu Zheng. Hui Yuan and Ying Shu complain that Yu Hua’s bridal makeup is terrible. Ai Qing and Nan De tell her to ignore them. Nan Shi even encourages her to talk against Ying Shu as loud as possible. He assures her that he and Ai Qing will give her their support. Qi Yuan tells Ying Shu that he is ahead of the times to marry a woman older than him. He tells her to be a modern and trendy mother-in-law to give them her blessings.

The China manager comes to Korea to demand to speak to Yu Hua personally as she refuses to sign the deal when there are imitations. Nan Qi finds it difficult to tell Yu Hua on her big day and gets distracted. Qi Yuan reminds him to collect the guests’ money and leave a little for his parents as he needs it. He takes on the task reluctantly. Later, Qi Yuan is dismayed that Nan Qi gives all the money to his mother! Tai Hu is at first awkward to see Qi Yuan as both recall the kidnap incident. But later, they are on talking terms again.

Nan Yi and Ying Shu are displeased being the only parents at the VIP table. Tai Hu can’t lead Yu Hua into the room because he is younger. They dislike Qi Yuan to lead her in but they have no choice. Yu Hua is dismayed when the announcer comes up with lies about her and Qi Yuan’s background. Qi Yuan signals her not to protest to anger his parents.

Hui Yuan is hostile to Yu Hua’s siblings. So the twins and Feng Shu bring them around. The twins learn that now Tai Hu is using Yu Hua’s money for his studies. He tells them to visit them in Shanghai a few years later when he has saved up enough money. They will be hospitable hosts to afford to bring them around.

Xiu Zheng is supposed to drive the car to the airport. Qi Yuan’s parents are annoyed when Nan Qi does it – it is against the tradition that an unmarried uncle does the job. Qi Yuan is annoyed that he drives them to see his client because his company is in trouble. Being career minded, Yu Hua decides to help. Ying Shu cries in her room the whole day as she is unhappy over the marriage.

I doubt any couple will have such an experience. Qi Yuan is enraged that Nan Qi causes them to miss their last flight to JiJu island. Moreover, Yu Hua has to send a Chinese fax to China through the night! How can his own uncle do this to him? He pushes him out of the hotel room angrily even when he pleads with him. Now they are being cooped up in a rundown hotel with roaches. When he sees Yu Hua without the wedding ring, he gets angrier and drinks after she leaves for work.

Hui Yuan wants to go overseas with Min Shi and discusses with Ying Shu. Ying Shu is not in the mood to listen to her because she is angry with Qi Yuan for not calling. Nan De and Nan Qi want to call them but they stop. Nan Qi replies that although the hotel room is very run down, it is still their nuptial chamber for their big day. When Yu Hua returns, Qi Yuan says she is too adorable to enrage him. He is excited when Yu Hua tells him to change into the bathrobe. I really laugh when he tries out poses to bare his flesh in the mirror, thinking on how to make himself more attractive!

Yu Hua tells him that the ring is too loose so she did not wear it earlier. He bites on it to reduce the size and later hugs her. He may be clumsy but he promises to work hard for their future. The other patrons make so much noise and they can’t sleep well. Can you believe that they do nothing on their wedding night as Qi Yuan sleeps on Yu Hua’s lap? Upon seeing them back, Nan Qi flees to work as he has lied to Qi Yuan’s parents about sending the couple on plane.

The whole family is shocked to know that they cancel their honeymoon. Ying Shu is angry with Nan Qi and Nan De for keeping it from them. Qi Yuan’s parents even tell them to stop kneeling to them since they are not in the traditional Korean costumes. This is supposed to be done on the second day after the wedding. This is another custom that I learn from here. Qi Yuan is caring to make sure that Yu Hua returns for a rest since she has not slept the whole night. But he ends up driving her back to work.

Min Shi is sick and Mei Zhen comes to visit him. She jokes that she has wanted to punish this delinquent but changes her mind since he is unwell. Min Shi still jokes that she should hug him instead. He suddenly feels giddy and squats down. He wants to rest a while before driving her back home. Mei Zhen is astonished to see him sweating buckets.

Grandma suddenly wants to visit the villa at night. Min Shi has a high fever and is unconscious. Mei Zhen gets a doctor to give Min Shi a jab and he sleeps in his room. Grandma is annoyed and tells Mei Zhen to leave because she should inform her earlier. Poor man – he is sent back home in an ambulance. He finds it so exaggerating as he recovers quickly. Grandma grabs his handphone and even removes the telephone wires. The chauffeur refuses to give him money to take a cab or steal his car keys for him.

He gets furious but also helpless as Grandma gets many people to guard the house and he has no way to sneak out. Upon knowing that Hui Yuan is invited to his home, he prefers to sleep and avoids meeting her. Grandma wants Hui Yuan to let Min Shi revert to his old ways to hang out with his friends for partying. Yu Hua and Qi Yuan plan a romantic first night. Qi Yuan lights the room with candles and both have a dance. Later, he even requests to have a bath with her! But in order to stop others from knowing, both behave like thieves to walk past Hui Yuan’s room without any sound to the bathroom!

Yu Hua prepares a traditional breakfast and Ying Shu is angry that she doesn’t prepare their usual Western breakfast. Surprisingly, Nan Yi likes it and wishes to have it everyday!

Qi Yuan decides to cancel his leave since he is bored at home. Yu Hua requests him to treat his mother to a movie and a meal. She returns his credit card for once. He is overjoyed, kissing it and saying that he has not seen it for a long time! During the break, he is disturbed to know from Yin Cai that those who pull strings to get the reporter jobs will be made known to public and axed.

He tells Yu Hua his fears and is touched when Yu Hua still stands by him. When she is at home, Ying Shu still brags to her on how Qi Yuan gets the job ‘openly’. She is so embarrassed when the lie is uncovered when Nan Yi tells her openly that Qi Yuan has already told her. Yin Cai feels ashamed for shielding Qi Yuan when he is attacked by others since she is ignorant of the truth. Qi Yuan has wanted her to know it but he can’t find an appropriate time to tell her.

Qi Yuan tells his parents that he wishes to resign as he doesn’t wish to be scorned on by colleagues. They think Yu Hua is behind this and scold her upon returning home. Yu Hua tells her siblings about it and they think it might be good for Qi Yuan to be independent. They decide to leave for China earlier so that she is not distracted. Yu Hua feels bad for imposing them.

Min Shi finally succeeds in getting out. He tells Mei Zhen that his parents are on his side and he can’t wait to introduce her to them. He hugs her, telling her that his mother is different from Grandma. However, Mei Zhen still feels insecure. She is relieved after meeting them. Unknown to them, Grandma has told Mrs Li that she has to reject Mei Zhen in order to get her approval to return home. She has her mind set to find someone rich for Min Shi.

Yu Hua’s siblings return home and Yu Hua cries. Qi Yuan tries his best to cheer her up. He is miserable when Yin Cai tells him not to return to work at this moment when everyone is boiling. Nan Yi tells him not to worry as he will handle it but he wants to be independent. So he considers what he actually wants. Feeling bored, he buys groceries from the supermarket for Yu Hua to cook at home later. Ying Shu is angry because she has never allowed her precious son to do that.

Hui Yuan knows from Min Shi’s maid that Mei Zhen has met his parents. She is annoyed and so is Ying Shu with the others from keeping it from them. Mrs Li tells Mei Zhen to leave Min Shi. She doesn’t want her to suffer like her in leaving Min Shi behind (a very selfish act by her). Mei Zhen agrees in tears.

Feng Shu signs a contract to be a model and Xiu Zheng is worried that she will change if she becomes famous. Min Shi is happy to meet his parents again. He is glad that Grandma finally sings Mei Zhen’s praises. He gets worried when he can’t contact Mei Zhen later and asks Hui Yuan. Hui Yuan is angry – she tries so hard to avoid Mei Zhen at home. She warns him not to get any information from her.

Nan De finds out that Mr Piao is single and always eats out. Mrs Li sends a cheque to Mei Zhen to thank her for breaking up with Mei Zhen. Nan De is angered and Mei Zhen breaks into tears. Ying Shu wants Yu Hua to be careful with her words but Qi Yuan doesn’t wish to see the change because he is not used to it. Seeing that Nan De is feeling down, Yu Hua wants Qi Yuan to help with the chores since he is at home.

Nan Qi and Xiu Zheng return Mrs Li the money. Nan Qi tells Yu Hua and Jin Cai at the company that he is ashamed that he has thought of keeping the money. Mei Zhen lies to Min Shi that her handphone is out of order and she wishes to give him time to be with his parents. That is why she doesn’t call him back. Min Shi says that she should have told him as he gets worried.

Mei Zhen asks for a breakup. Min Shi is unprepared for this and demands to know what Mrs Li mentions to her. Mei Zhen confesses she is scared to be like her. Mei Zhen requests Xiu Zheng to keep the matter from Min Shi. Xiu Zheng could have hurled nasty words at Mrs Li if Nan Qi isn’t around to stop him. Min Shi suddenly calls Xiu Zheng to find out whether Mei Zhen has problems with Hui Yuan’s family to initiate the breakup. He is puzzled why she behaves this way. Mei Zhen tears the photograph that she takes with him.

Min Shi meets Mrs Li and she tells him that if not for him, she could have divorced Mr Li. She did mention to Mei Zhen about her sadness. Min Shi looks for Hui Yuan and she is annoyed to be his messenger. She tells him that Grandma wants him to attend parties to return to his old life. He gets annoyed.

This is hilarious – Qi Yuan cooks the dinner but still wants Yu Hua to put on the apron to pretend that she does it! Yu Hua finds that the soup is too salty and tries to salvage it. Qi Yuan is delighted to know that Ying Shu finds the meal okay and blurts out that he cooks the meal. Ying Shu is angry and doesn’t accept Yu Hua’s explanation in thinking that a man’s character can improve if he cooks.

Nan Yi tells Qi Yuan to return to work the next day. Qi Yuan is happy and Yu Hua tells him to put up the humiliation unless the company fires him. Hui Yuan arranges Mei Zhen to meet Min Zhi. He demands to know what he has done wrong, Mei Zhen replies that she doesn’t like him anymore as she can’t stand his arrogance. She leaves in tears. Min Shi still wants to talk to her but Nan De and Xiu Zheng affirms the harsh truth – he can never give her the freedom she wants.

Yu Hua is invited to go partying with Qi Yuan and his colleagues. She has prepared dinner but Nan Yi doesn’t know how to switch on the stove. She teaches him on how to heat up the soup she has prepared. Yu Hua scores marks for Qi Yuan by telling all colleagues that she will help him to change for the better.

Ying Shu is furious to know that Nan Yi heats up the food and even cleans the dishes. Although he assures that it is alright for him to make something to eat, she is still angry with Yu Hua and scolds her. She feels embarrassed upon knowing that he doesn’t know how to on the stove. Nan Yi says that it is her fault. Qi Yuan is overjoyed that Ying Shu suffers a blow and encourages Yu Hua to guide Nan Yi on other matters.

This Qi Yuan is so open now – he addresses Yu Hua as darling in front of his parents! Ying Shu snaps at him not to do that in her presence. Qi Yuan then asks curiously how Nan Yi addresses Ying Shu. He replies that he doesn’t know what to call her! Ying Shu gets to know about the breakup and tries to say nice words to Nan De. Nan De and Yu Hua find her insincere as she has hoped that Hui Yuan will be the replacement.

Min Shi tells Grandma to forward his plan to go overseas. Yin Cai introduces a junior, Bai Qiang Wei to Qi Yuan. Qiang Wei says that Qi Yuan looks old and thus hurts his ego. He hurries home to tell Yu Hua to do a cucumber mask for him. He laments that he has very little skincare and although he is only 27, he looks like 30. Nan Yi is annoyed as he feels lousy after knowing his working performance and yet he still stresses so much on looks. Qi Yuan later spends money impulsively on branded clothes to look younger.

Hui Yuan tells Min Shi the truth to see his reaction. He is so angry that he smashes a glass with his right hand and injures it. His parents move in to stay with Grandma. Yu Hua finds Qi Yuan’s receipts of spending 1 million won and is annoyed. She shows Nan Yi the receipts. Ying Shu scolds her for hurting his pride. Yu Hua replies that they don’t wish to live off them forever and are saving money to move out. Nan Yi is displeased with Qi Yuan and tells Yu Hua to take care of his expenditure. She decides to give him only 5000 won a day and she will report the outcome to Nan Yi daily.

Hui Yuan is surprised that Min Shi still wants to go overseas. Why doesn’t he try winning Mei Zhen back? Mei Zhen is disappointed too upon knowing it. Qi Yuan borrows money from Yin Cai to give Qiang Wei treats. Nan Qi and Nan Shi decide to meet Mr Piao to find out how much money he earns since he is going to be Nan De’s boyfriend. He is offended as he doesn’t earn much and both sides quarrel. Mr Piao tells Nan De that he is divorced. But his son stays overseas so he feels lonely and longs to have his own family.

Min Shi moves his things to his senior’s home. He walks into the customs and comes out after his parents leave. Mrs Li feels that she is too cruel to him. Min Shi goes to an internet café to send an email to his parents telling them that he is still in Korea. He knows that they already know about it as the people stationed in America do not get to see him.

Yu Hua thinks that Qi Yuan turns better since he returns home late from work assignments. Ying Shu warns her to watch out. True enough, Qi Yuan is only enjoying himself. The Li elders know that Min Shi is missing and look everywhere in vain for him. Min Shi becomes an English lecturer at a tuition school.

Mrs Li tells Mei Zhen about Min Shi’s disappearance. She is shocked and worried. A newcomer wants Qi Yuan to promote his album and bribes him. Qi Yuan keeps the money. Yu Hua and Nan Yi tell him to return the money but he gives to Yin Cai instead to repay his debt. Grandma wants more men to look for Min Shi because she doesn’t want him to be with Mei Zhen. Min Shi meets Mei Zhen and shows her the little place that he is staying. He is going to fight for his own happiness. They hug and decide never to part.

Qi Yuan is mad with Yu Hua telling Nan Yi about him keeping the bribe. Ying Shu is annoyed with Yu Hua talking back at her but Nan Yi thinks that Yu Hua is correct. He even chides her for spoiling him. Qi Yuan and Qiang Wei get drunk. Ying Shu tries to keep it from Yu Hua by bringing him back sooner.

Yu Hua already knows about it as she discovers the sms by accident and loses confidence in him. She tells Qiang Wei that she should avoid Qi Yuan since she is only looking for fun and he is married. She also tells Ying Shu that they must work together to change Qi Yuan. Ying Shu starts to feel controlled by her. Hui Yuan learns of Min Shi’s decision and envies Mei Zhen.

Qi Yuan repents but she decides not to have a baby with him at this stage since he is so immature. Qi Yuan is angry and both sleep in separate rooms. Min Shi apologises to Nan De for causing the trouble but promises to treat Mei Zhen well. His parents support his decision but wish him to be independent. Mrs Lee apologises to Nan De for her act of giving the money and they reconcile.

Min Shi even sells his favourite camera away to buy an engagement ring for Mei Zhen. Grandma faints upon visiting him and seeing both together. Feng Shu has trouble with a commercial client who tries to get fresh with her. Xiu Zheng tells Qi Yuan to write a report on it. Qi Yuan spices up the details at his superior’s command. The couple is angry when the news is published and confronts Qi Yuan.

The tuition centre decides to fire Min Shi and he can’t stay in his senior’s home. Mei Zhen knows that it is Grandma’s doing and has a good talk with her. Min Shi and Grandma quarrel when she refuses to return part of the property asserts to the state. Mei Zhen talks to her tactfully and tries to persuade her to use the money to build an old folks’ home. Grandma starts to accept Mei Zhen.

Yu Hua is on a business trip to Shanghai at Nan Qi’s request. Qi Yuan is very annoyed with his uncle but Nan Qi says that he can’t do anything without her. If the deal fails, there goes his chance to get married to Jin Cai without the money. Yu Hua learns about the article incident and calls home. She has a stomachache and Qi Yuan gets worried. Feng Shu and Xiu Zheng let him off upon seeing how concerned he is to fly to ShangHai to be with her. Feng Shu becomes famous after forcing Qi Yuan’s boss to set things right.

Hui Yuan goes for a matchmaking session reluctantly. The guy, Cheng You is attracted to her and settles another day to ask her out. When they are out of the restaurant, Hui Yuan’s eyes shine upon seeing the BMW (very materialistic, right?). He says that he has borrowed it from someone. Later, Hui Yuan sees her senior’s performance brochure in his car. She is a well acclaimed pianist and Cheng You confesses that she is his sister. Hui Yuan is overjoyed to have a good catch again.

Cheng You sends her home. Very romantic – he asks the direction of the window that she sleeps in and he jokes that he will sing to her to wake her up! Ying Shu is happy. She has no hope over Qi Yuan and looks forward to a lavish marriage for Hui Yuan. Nan De is jealous over it. The next day, Hui Yuan gets Cheng You to wait for her outside for 2 hours intentionally. She is trying to throw her weight since he is wooing her. Ying Shu agrees to her action.

Cheng You teaches Hui Yuan how to play snooker and sends her home. Mei Zhen and Min Shi see both as a couple. Min Shi is Cheng You’s senior and both guys are from influential backgrounds. Both couples meet and Cheng You says that his family will accept her as they will like everyone he likes. Her background should not be a problem to them. This offends Min Shi as Mei Zhen is a good example. Min Shi gets so angry that he rejects Cheng You’s invitation to go out together.

Yu Hua is pregnant and faints as she overworks. The doctor warns her to have complete rest otherwise she will suffer from a miscarriage. Qi Yuan and the rest are overjoyed by the good news – except Hui Yuan and Ying Shu. Yu Hua decides to distribute the housework at home – even Nan Yi is agreeable to it. (From here onwards, Yu Hua and Qi Yuan dye their hair black again as they want to be mature parents now.)

Hui Yuan is alarmed upon knowing that Cheng You will not get the inheritance from his grandfather as all properties are being controlled by the state. The old man wants his grandchildren to be independent. Cheng You also believes in working hard on one’s own to earn a living. The best is his girlfriend will work together with him to support themselves. Hui Yuan becomes hesitant. His father is also a paid salary worker. She confirms the fact with Min Shi and decides to break off with Cheng You. Cheng You isn’t afraid. He is in fact admiring her openness but declares that he is not going to give her up.

Yu Hua feels bored at home and decides to return to office and work. Nan Yi mistakens that Ying Shu has forced her to leave home to work and scolds her. Yu Hua manages to pacify them and she is on better terms with Ying Shu now. Xiu Zheng is annoyed when Feng Shu doesn’t want him to turn up at her promotion event. He feels that he is like her hidden lover and isn’t respected.

Cheng You calls up Hui Yuan the next day. His sister has taken the car and he wishes to accompany her to school on the subway. She declines saying that it is inconvenient as she needs to carry many musical instruments. Hui Yuan quickly gets Ying Shu to arrange more matchmaking sessions. To her annoyance, Cheng You always turns up and tells the guys that she is his girlfriend to ruin all her chances!

Ying Shu finds Cheng You a big hindrance. However, Hui Yuan is attracted to him now. The next day, he jogs to her home. She confesses to him that she likes him now because she finds him cute. Cheng You is so overjoyed that he wants to meet her parents. However, he stops upon remembering that he is sweaty. Cheng You tries hard to change her mind. He introduces her to his mother, who is a teacher. Upon seeing how simply she is dressed, Hui Yuan starts to ponder over her behaviour.

She then decides to ask Nan Yi to sponsor both of them to study overseas. Qi Yuan tells her to be more independent. She is reluctant since she is so used to have a pampered life. Qi Yuan becomes sensible and decides to work part time so that Yu Hua doesn’t have to work so hard to support her younger siblings. Yu Hua questions his perseverance but is glad that he finally keeps his promise. Nan Yi is fired from his post. Qi Yuan worries for his future, Hui Yuan is worried that her overseas trip is ruined while the rest worry that he will have to sell the big house.

Yu Hua reminds them that Nan Yi needs their concern now. They realize it and shower care on him. Ai Qing is touched upon seeing how well Mr Piao treats Nan De after their engagement. She discusses with Nan Shi and both decide to transfer the hospital ownership to someone else and retreat to the hometown. They propose to Nan Yi, thinking that he will reject joining them. To their amazement, he agrees to it! Mr Piao brings Nan De to see their new home and the twins are overjoyed that it is similar to the old home.

Min Shi and Mei Zhen finally persuade Grandma to donate most of their riches to the state and open an old folks’ home. The government is now confiscating illegal property so why not put it to good use now? She gives in upon seeing so many people suffering. Ming Shi will forsee the management affairs while Mei Zhen will take care of the aged. Nan De is worried on how they can earn a living but both still to use their own hands to carve for their future. Feng Shu manages to appease Xiu Zheng’s anger by declaring their relationship publicly. Nan De is engaged to Mr Piao while Nan Qi is together with Jin Cai too.

Cheng You makes Hui Yuan more independent. He shows her the pay that he is getting for the month. Since university, he has started working part time to support himself. If his grandfather is happy with his or his sister’s performance, he will reward them. He persuades her to work part time too. She looks for a job and is now thrifty upon knowing that earning money isn’t that easy.

All move out of the big house and stay with Nan Shi in the countryside. Nan Qi’s office expands and he also approaches Nan Yi for help. Ying Shu thinks that the small company isn’t up to Nan Yi’s expectations – to her dismay, he agrees to help them out! In fact, within a year, the business prospers and all are doing well. Min Shi comes at this time to show the photographs that all have taken and all smile at them.

Introduction on main characters

There are too many people in it so I will focus my attention only on the young since they are the leads.

1. Zhao Qi Yuan – Ryu Si Won
He is considered a good-for-nothing in the family. He even needs his father to get him the job. The poor man is quite pathetic. He tries very hard to impress his family members but he doesn’t have the luck. He regrets proposing to Yu Hua when he is drunk. But he is a very materialistic person.

Another scene is funny – Yu Hua is at home wearing her undergarments and washing the clothes because the weather is too hot. Qi Yuan comes to collect the pancakes that Nan De leaves on the table. He is shocked to see her dressing. Other scenes where he tries to make her sleep with him before marriage are equally hilarious. How mischievous he looks when he manages to steal kisses from her!

Si Won has improved a lot in his acting. This role is a big breakthrough. He does so well in such a comical, boastful, talkative and childish role. He is also a big spendthrift and is still very financially dependent on Ying Shu. It is very different from the boring goody roles that he has played before. However although he dyes it golden, the hairstyle is still the same so the change isn’t a complete in appearance. It is quite a pity.

2. Li Yu Hua – Choi Jin Sil
She is a North Korean staying in China. Despite her poor background, she doesn’t succumb to ill fate easily and is a very successful accountant. Sometimes, she is really a workaholic. She is mature when it comes to love relationships. She has tried so hard to train him to become a ‘married’ man. She can also be headstrong too and isn’t afraid of offending Ying Shu. She tries to fit into the Korean culture but certain times, she can’t accept the long-suffering fate of women.

Jin Sil is a mother of two when she takes up this assignment. She may not be as youthful as in ‘Wish upon a star’ but her figure still stays. Her pairing with Si Won is sure unique as they certainly compliment each other. Her acting is impressive – many will be impressed at how headstrong and formidable she is in here.

3. Li Min Shi – Lee Suh Jin ( Jun Xi in ‘A Woman’s Home’)
He is just as sweet as Jun Xi in ‘A Woman’s Home’. He has two deep dimples that make him look very approachable. He is easygoing but when he is angry, he will not hide it. When he loves someone, he doesn’t give up easily and is persistent. However, I don’t really like him giving in to Grandma – she can be unreasonable and stubborn.

Despite his rich background, he is very humble and polite. However, many will find that he doesn’t look like a rich man because his dressing is very dull. I find Qi Yuan better dressed than him although Min Shi is richer! He is the only child and takes the responsibility to take care of Grandma when his parents are not in Korea. He is also willing to give up his status to be together with Mei Zhen. Who doesn’t get touched?

4. Jin Mei Zhen – Park Yue Jin
Her first appearance reminds me of a younger Shan Mei with curly hair in ‘All About Eve’. She is very hardworking and sensible. She gives tuition to supplement the family income. At first, she rejects Min Shi’s job assignment as she is afraid that the old lady can be nasty and her mother is worried for her. Later, she decides that money is more important and accepts it. You should see the glow on her face upon knowing who the employer is! She is so pleasantly delighted!

But her over-excited nature causes a lot of laughter in the serial – even more hilarious that the blunders that Shan Mei makes in ‘All About Eve’. On the way to meet Min Shi’s grandmother for the interview, she gets so nervous that she can’t breathe properly! Min Shi has to stop the car to pacify her. She has a very low self esteem and has to master a lot of courage to love Min Shi. But for his future, she decides to give up. After his insistence, she decides to stand by him.

This actress is quite natural. She also manages the love scenes well. However, I think that she looks younger than Hui Yuan and I find it weird when Hui Yuan addresses her as the elder cousin.

5. Zhao Hui Yuan – Piao Yi Zhen (Zheng Wei Shan in ‘4 sisters’)
She comes from a rich family so she doesn’t worry about her expenses like Mei Zhen. She is outgoing. It is quite strange that she and Min Shi can be an item since both are completely different in personality. The main reason is because she dreams of marrying into a rich family. Although unhappy that he only goes on short dates with her, she accommodates him.

She wants Mei Zhen to quit her job and Mei Zhen accedes to it. Min Shi is angry with her. She likes him and is scared of losing him. But to him, this is ONLY her problem. She is very selfish. How can she feel that her feelings are the most important? What can Mei Zhen do now when she loses her job? Hui Yuan is alarmed as she has never seen him so angry before. Min Shi later visits her home and she is delighted.

But she is disappointed that he only wishes to talk to Mei Zhen’s mother. He tries to persuade her in vain to let Mei Zhen continue to work for him. Hui Yuan thinks that he is going to patch up with her but he declares in front of her whole family that he is not prepared for marriage and he only treats her like a friend. She feels very humiliated but still doesn’t give up. But she manages to change her materialistic attitude upon knowing Cheng You.

She should be the elder cousin as she has long, straight hair that makes her look mature. This actress is okay in her acting except that she should be nastier in some scenes. She still lacks the haughty look.

6. Jin Xiu Zheng – Jin Xian Tai
He is the only man in the family so he tries to take good care of his mother and Mei Zhen. Although he is in NS, he works part time to supplement the family income and his future university fees. He is determined not to let his younger twin sister suffer. Even though she reassures him that a chauffeur is driving her home from the assignment, he is very concerned and still stands at the door to make sure that she arrives home safely. What a nice elder brother that everyone wishes to have!

Afraid that Min Shi might hurt both girls, he suggests that he breaks up with both of them. But after knowing that he truly loves his sister, he helps him out. His girlfriend, Feng Shu is Nan De’s friend’s daughter who can be very immature. He tries very hard to help her grow up.

7. Hong Yin Cai
Qi Yuan’s colleague who thinks that Qi Yuan is too nasty to Yu Hua. She actually finds her nice and gets along well with them. So she tries to bring the two together. She makes the right choice!

8. Hong Jin Cai
Yin Cai’s elder sister who is a fashion designer. She falls in love with Nan Qi and tries to woo him. A very daring act of her to raise his self esteem but I admire her guts. No wonder both are together in the end.

9. Xu Feng Shu
She is jobless and is interested in dancing. An artiste manager finds her talented and wants to rope her in. She is only interested to do it part time as she finds the training too tough for her. She doesn’t see why she should change her immature thinking. Her main purpose in life is to be Xiu Zheng’s wife – is there anything wrong with that? But she changes upon wanting to give her mother a better life. But an artiste’s life threatens her relationship with Xiu Zheng as her manager wants her to concentrate on her work. But she manages to overcome the difficulties.

10. Cui Cheng You
I must confess that I really love this role very much despite it only making a formal appearance for 10 episodes. Coming from a rich family, he can be as well provided as Min Shi. But he is very down to earth and believes in making use of his own ability to earn money. He can be blunt to offend Min Shi but he is very daring and open- minded to speak his mind.

One may say that he might be facing less pressure than Min Shi because his whole family shares the same sentiments. But in Min Shi’s case, his parents also feel the same way but they choose to avoid the issue by giving in to Grandma. Cheng You doesn’t mind Hui Yuan treating him harshly and still tries to move her with his sincerity. He is really devoted to Hui Yuan and is such a nice chap.

Favourite character
Cheng You – for his persistence in love and also his firm ground to be independent. A close second will be Qi Yuan who also goes against all odds to marry Yu Hua.

Most hated character
Nan Qi for running away or asking for money/help whenever there is trouble. No wonder Nan Yi and Ying Shu look down on him. I find him selfish and irresponsible to ruin Qi Yuan’s big day. As the boss, can’t he handle the critical situation on his own? I really don’t know what Jin Cai sees in him. Luckily he makes amends to Nan Yi by inviting him to join his company. He has lived off him long enough.

Interesting facts

Si Won and Jin Sil took up Mandarin classes to speak the Mandarin lines with clarity. They have not wished their voices to get dubbed in the scenes.

The Shanghainese are overjoyed to watch the serial. It shows many scenes of their hometown and rekindle their memories of it.


I never knew that Koreans are still so conservative till I watch this serial, although so many of them look so ‘in’ dyeing their hair. Having arranged marriages, men not allowing to do housework/buy groceries and following tradition strictly is still available in 21st century Korea. Orphans and those whose parents are dead have very low status. Please look at the following equations :

1) orphans – because their identity is highly questionable, many look down on them – they can be offspring of prostitutes, gangsters, prisoners, etc – anyone with a dark past. They are considered to have ‘impure blood’. So many parents will oppose to their children marrying orphans

2) those without parents imply that they have very poor upbringing because parents aren’t there to guide and take care of them. Only those who have at least one grandparent are spared the poor treatment.

I personally feel that it is unfair to make the judgment like this instead of looking into the person’s character. The producer might want to use Yu Hua as an example to prove it. I have the feeling that I am watching a 1950s serial that contains all these values if not for the artistes using handphones.

It has adequate hilarious and also sad moments. Jin Sil and Si Won really make a funny couple. They compliment each other well. However, it can be boring when scenes are on Nan De falling in love and getting married with Mr Piao. Although it is an eye-opening experience to see how her brothers interfere to approve of it, I find it very draggy .

Moreover, the senior actress who plays Nan De has a sour face and the character is made to be naggy and easily jealous of others. This makes her very detestable. You will not get upset for long for the unhappy scenes because there are no deaths arranged. The ending is assured to be a happy one but unfortunately, it is not that touching.

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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