Spring Days

Reviewed by: sukting

March 23, 2006

Rating: three

How long
20 episodes

This serial is said to be the Korean version of Japanese serial ‘Heavenly Coins’, but it isn’t the same to me as many plots are different. Do you wish to watch it and compare with the Japanese version? How do the Korean artistes do? Can they do better than them?


En Xi wants to buy a convertible but Mrs Gao refuses to give in to him. En Hao returns home with Dr Gao to find the tree which he planted with his mother, Mdm Lin, being chopped down. Mrs Gao complains that it blocks the sunlight coming into En Xi’s room and claims it to be Mr Gao’s idea. She is annoyed as he greets her as ‘new mother’. En Hao lies on bed and weeps upon seeing a newspaper note.

En Xi plays the cello at a pub. His fingers freeze upon seeing En Hao walking in. En Hao knows that he isn’t welcomed but still wishes him to be home. Why doesn’t he tell their parents that he wishes to be a musician and not a doctor? He is acting like a kid now. He gives him his car keys as he doesn’t need it. En Xi is angry – is he getting a new one so he gives the old one away? (jealousy has engulfed him.)

En Hao replies no – he is giving his own car to him. Mrs Gao might be sick and he has said his piece. Worried, En Xi drives home while En Hao takes the train to leave home. At 20, he wants to meet Mdm Lin but Dr Gao wants him to be a doctor. Now what does Dr Gao want him to be? He hopes to be the son of a lonely mother. Since Dr Gao will not tell him where she stays, he will find out himself. His letter ends ‘ from the son who is over 20 to be 30 years old.’ (Poor chap – he has not met her for 20 years!)

En Xi finds out Dr Gao doesn’t get En Hao a new car and En Hao lies to him about Mrs Gao’s condition. En Hao gets his ticket. The tree is the only thing left for him besides the piano by his mother. Zheng Tai owns a ferry and looks after his nephew Xiao Zhong. Zhen En rushes out of the cab to get Yan Shu while En Hao gets in to find the medicine she has left in it. Zhen En pulls Yan Shu out. En Hao gets the package and sees the two struggling.

He has no choice but to follow them. Yan Shu bites En Zhen’s hand till she bleeds but she refuses to let her go. En Hao wants to bandage her hand but can’t find the medicine in his bag. She leaves before he can do it. En Hao gets onto the ferry and Yan Shu wants him to treat as nothing has happened. He sees Zhen En on the ferry so he wants to put the bandage but she ignores him.

Both see Yan Shu hugging her son, Xiao Zhong before leaving. En Hao visits his teacher, Dr Xu but he refuses to tell anything. Mr Gao has told him not to do it. He wants eggs for exchange. He sees En Zhen putting away Dr Xu’s old things away and he smiles. He doesn’t mind her hostility. He sees piano markings on the table and smiles again. Zhen En does that in the past to cheer him up when he broke his leg. En Xi sees Jing Hua and is attracted by her sexy legs.

But both have a quarrel and he dumps her in the middle of the road. Mrs Gao isn’t happy to see him liking a hooker. En Xi can’t believe that En Hao leaves home. He refuses to return although Mrs Gao wishes him to be the next hospital director. Dr Gao always kicks his leg in front of nurses and patients but he never hits En Hao. He prefers to be a disappointing son. He plays with soldiers when home and weeps. (Sad to say - his crying doesn’t move me anymore.)

En Hao helps out at Dr Xu’s clinic. Why is En Zhen unable to talk? Dr Xu replies that she refuses to talk after her father’s death and her mother’s remarriage. En Zhen then asks if he is confident to meet Mdm Lin. Zhen En had failed to get into the symphony orchestra before that so this is the last straw when her mother doesn’t recognize her. Probably Mdm Lin will do the same and he might not speak too.

En Zhen only cooks egg dishes and En Hao grows sick of it. (She is sure lousy in cooking.) En Hao takes over Dr Xu’s work when he needs to send a patient to Seoul. He fixes the old record player at night. She is cooking when she hears the music and En Hao counts to 5 to see if she will walk in. Yes indeed – she appears with a knife and gives him a slap! (That is sure unexpected.) She pulls the wire away.

En Hao runs after her at the beach. Why not shout when she is bleeding as it is a normal reaction? Both hit each other’s shoulders. En Hao is scared that Mdm Lin will be like Zhen En – losing her top favourite and lives like a vegetable. She might as well remarry. He has the urge to see her but he can’t cry like her. They should cry together. Zhen En finally weeps and talks. (This supposedly touching scene is a letdown.)

He carries her back and laments that she is heavy (She does look like it to me.) He should carry his mother like this too – no – he should let his mother carry him. (This is really nonsensical.) Dr Xu and Zheng Tai are horrified to see this. She pretends to fall asleep. (Definitely one of the lousiest acting that I have seen from Zhen En.) En Hao is amused – she isn’t drunk so how can she sleep to stay on his back? He wants to hit her but seeing her adorable (is he sure about this?!) he changes his mind.

She thinks that he has left her room to open her eyes but he still stays. Is this funny to torture him and now his legs and hands are trembling? (A sign that she is too heavy?) Zheng Tai punches En Hao to stop harassing Zhen En. En Hao has not thought of his future but now he will think over. But even though Zheng Tai is older, hitting him still makes him angry and he punches him back. Zheng Tai is angry – there are men like this to seduce his sister-in-law but En Hao assures him that this will not happen.

En Xi is unhappy to see his parents at the nightclub. Dr Gao wants him to talk and stand properly to look into his eyes – like a soldier. En Xi stammers and shivers upon seeing him. He ends up driving away. You can never expect this. Dr Gao reports to the police that En Xi steals his car. En Xi hates to be a doctor and look at patients. He is scared at the sight of blood. When he is in medical school, he vomits and gets carried out of the operation room. (How did he pass his exam in the first place – I am baffled!)

Now he sees a person in blood and vomits again. Why doesn’t Dr Gao ask his thinking? He is unsuitable and he gets caught by the police. Dr Gao asks them to jail him till he can come up with 1 million won. En Xi can’t afford so he has to work for him. (Poor chap – he doesn’t have a choice after all.) Xiao Zhong is sick and Zhen En pushes En Hao aside to carry him upstairs when he upsets the boy about his mother.

She cries over his misfortune and En Hao hugs her from the back, regretting teaching her how to cry. She washes clothes and ignores the gloves that he passes to her. He forces them onto her hands. Seeing him washing makes her grasp and he is happy that she finally talks. Zhen En pretends to play the piano again. En Xi knows that he doesn’t look like a doctor when he looks into the mirror. En Hao wants En Xi to send the piano over. Mr Gao is happy to get rid of it.

Zhen En looks at the radio and notices that En Hao isn’t in his room. Dr Xu finally gives En Hao the address. En Hao is so happy that he carries the old man to lament that he is as heavy as Zhen En. (He babbles nonsense now as he is too happy.) En Hao tells Zhen En that he is leaving. Is she sleeping?

If she tells him not to leave, he will stay. She stops at the staircase upon seeing him standing at the door. (Do have a good laugh at this.) She knits a scarf for him and En Hao calls Mdm Lin but no one answers. En Xi gets scared upon seeing injured people being sent in. Mr Gao wants him to stand and gives him a kick. He tells him to throw the clothes away. When will he remove his mask?

It is not that En Xi doesn’t know but he doesn’t want. En Xi can be a good surgeon. He has good concentration, alert and also has nitty fingers. Why does he like to act like an idiot? (As a father, doesn’t he know the problem he has or he refuses to face it?) En Xi cries – don’t force him then. Is he En Hao’s substitute? Dr Gao asks why he thinks this way. Does Dr Gao only like En Hao? Dr Gao replies that En Hao is too emotional like Mdm Lin. Although he has good potential, he has different qualities from En Xi.

Why does En Xi think that it can’t work? He pleads – he doesn’t want to do things scary. Hasn’t Dr Gao made a mistake before to kill someone? Dr Gao slaps him and he cries at the rooftop. He calls En Hao and En Hao senses that he sounds different. En Xi wants his toy models back – where are they? He smashes his handphone and En Hao gets worried. Zhen En is startled to see En Hao playing the piano in her room. She thinks of the past. Why doesn’t she clap? This is his present for her. She should not be having a knife with her this time. (He still remembers that! Does he bear a grudge over it?) He is leaving soon.

Zhen En pretends to sleep but he sees the package on the table. He is overjoyed to find the scarf. It can’t be Dr Xu’s doing. Dr Xu gets jealous – he has not gotten it. En Hao quickly puts it around his neck. Be ready to crack up as he keeps calling Dr Xu teacher and kisses his cheek! He runs to Zhen En’s room and talks from outside. She can use the piano. She doesn’t require an audience. He has done for her, isn’t it? He likes the warm scarf - the warmest in the world. (Jin Hee does this scene well.)

En Hao is happy and Dr Xu too when she plays the piano. She then runs after him to the jetty. Seeing her running so fast makes him afraid that she might trip. Why doesn’t she say don’t leave? Or will she say love him? Or call him elder brother or his name? He nearly wants to jump into the sea since he is on the ferry now. (This scene is sure funny.) She runs home and calls Zheng Tai’s handphone. (Luckily she isn’t as stupid as him.) Dr Xu’s eyes open wide as she starts talking. Is he confident of meeting Mdm Lin?

What if she can’t recognise him? She has thought it doesn’t matter but it is a hard blow to her. En Hao replies that he can just tell Mdm Lin. He promises to be back and she must be talkative within this period. En Tai is forced to examine a mafia boss. He shivers upon seeing his tattoo and inserting the needle. When his men shout at him, he nearly faints. He tries a few times in vain and finally finds success in his leg.

The boss smiles and Dr Gao is happy. His men nearly want to hit him when the boss laughs. He is touched as he is too fat and other doctors find it tough to look for his blood vessel. He is shy over it but En Xi looks for it seriously. He wants his men to call him ‘big brother’ and they give him a ‘grand sent-off’ by bowing to him. En Xi shivers upon hearing Dr Gao scolding younger doctors. They nearly yell as he is no difference from them to marry Mrs Gao. En Xi is hurt by their words.

Mrs Gao starts reading books to improve herself. Dr Gao wants En Xi to fetch 2 people involved in an accident. One is dead while another is seriously injured. (This man is sure a coward to make En Xi to face the shock.) En Xi is shocked that the inured is En Hao. He wants him to wake up. His tears land on his face while Dr Gao’s hand becomes shaky. En Hao has seen Mdm Lin teaching kids to play the piano but is sad that she doesn’t recognize him. But she does as she is in tears.

He eats her food hungrily – Mdm Lin has wanted to see him but Mrs Gao chases her away. He boasts that he is smarter and more handsome than En Xi. So Mrs Gao is jealous. When he is in school, she will get En Xi tuition. When he learns the piano, En Xi learns the cello. (Mrs Gao is regarding En Hao as a thorn in her flesh.) Who dares to say that Mdm Lin is ugly to compare with Mrs Gao?

En Hao is disappointed with Mr Gao but she says that he has no choice. She doesn’t wish him to hate him. Dr Gao wants En Hao to be back as En Xi has run away. Does Mdm Lin want to stay with him? He hopes that Zhen En will marry him since he has given her the piano and both women can teach piano together. Mdm Lin is lonely for too long and he has the ability to touch women. He is sorry to be late.

On the way, the weather turns bad but he decides to tell Mdm Lin to continue driving as he misses Zhen En. Both are trapped in the car and Mdm Lin forgives him before dying. He thanks her for recognizing him. Zhen En wants to visit Mdm Lin as En Hao takes too long. She doesn’t want to wait anymore as she wants to see him. (That’s the right spirit!) En Xi tells En Hao that the beds are for patients and not for En Hao. Everything is his – why must he cover him and suffer for him? He must be facing lots of pressure.)

Mrs Gao pretends to be upset. Zhen En is shocked to learn that Mdm Lin is dead upon reaching her school and En Hao is injured. She gets into the school to put the white flower and sees the scarf to hurry to Seoul. The doctors look at En Hao’s x-ray. He might suffer from brain damage and memory loss. En Xi sleeps with him for a month. The boss’s blood pressure shoots again but other doctors can’t find his vessel so it lands on En Xi again. En Xi refuses to believe that En Hao will remain a vegetable.

Zhen En sees En Hao and asks what happens. En Xi wakes up and is shocked to see her. En Xi gets drunk and plays the cello at the nightclub before sitting beside En Hao. Both have close moments to go to the same place to collect toys to assemble. But he often does on his own so he throws tantrums. Zhen En laments – En Hao should not teach her to talk since he can’t listen to her now. She wipes En Xi’s tears and he wakes up suddenly. Zhen En faints suddenly.

Dr Gao feels bad for making Mdm Lin suffer and cries at the accident ground. (I despise this man.) Zhen En faints as she has not eaten for 2 days. En Xi recalls how soft she is when touching his face. Zhen En wipes En Hao to prevent bed sores when she is better and places her luggage in his room. Dr Xu comes and feels she suffers too much. She insists of staying so Dr Xu gives her a handphone so that she can call him. Zhen En greets Dr Gao. Mrs Gao is having an affair.

She takes out a scalpel when her lover threatens her = this is given to Mdm Lin but she snatches from her. She wants to die with it so she keeps it with her. A woman delivers a baby and pulls En Xi’s hair. (This reminds me of Shuo Min’s case in ‘Into the sun’ ). He nearly faints upon seeing blood after a girl is born. Dr Gao introduces the two formally and arranges her to stay at En Xi’s place so that he returns to sleep at home. She can’t stay in the ward as this is against the rule and Dr Xu will worry.

She plans to come to the hospital in the day and teach piano lessons at night. She is stunned to listen to the music in En Hao’s car – that is the piece that he plays for her in her room. Dr Gao is afraid that Zhen En might be wasting her time. En Hao suspects their relationship but she claims that she owes him an uncountable debt. She is used to work like a horse. En Xi deduces that En Hao sends her the piano so she owes him money. She looks at the brothers’ photos at his home.

He snatches and puts them back into his drawer. He plays the cello but is angry that she doesn’t look at him. Later, she gets locked out of his home and En Xi has to bring her back again. He tells her to press * after his birthday is used as the password. Why must she run after him because of a book? Dr Xu wants her to make En Hao happy so she keeps talking to him.

Why is En Xi still without a car – because he doesn’t want to go to work with Dr Gao. She is a good nurse to look after En Hao to massage for him. En Xi gives her his house key in case she gets locked out again. He puts it around her neck and gives her the magic square box but she says that she isn’t bored at all. She forgets to ask him if she can play music for En Hao in his room.

Lots of casualties are being sent in. En Xi escapes from the boss’s room to hide at the rooftop. He turns off his pager but announcements are heard everywhere. He has seen how Mrs Gao tried to kill herself by slashing her wrist when young so he has phobia over blood. He plays with the magic cube but throws it to land it at Zhen En’s feet. She drags him into ER. (After her encounter with Yan Shu, no one can escape from her. She is a scary woman) if En Xi hates En Hao, why is he crying beside him? He likes him a lot!

He has suppressed his feelings for too long as others always look down and sneer at him. She apologises as she doesn’t know the reason but he is acting like a child in the doctor’s robe. Take it off then. En Xi bears with the discomfort but still can’t do it. But he later asks about the family history and learns that he has just removed his tonsils. Dr Gao verifies it and is pleased but why is his pockets empty? The other doctors have the medical stuffs with them Will he search for them only when needed?

En Xi has done the correct analysis but he turns to leave. Dr Xu has told Zhen En that the doctor’s robe is stained with the patients’ blood. She hopes that she isn’t too noisy to give this advice. Mrs Gao is rude to her. En Xi visits the nightclub – being said as a beast by Zhen En makes him feel relieved as she teaches him a lesson. When she leaves, he gets frustrated. Zhen En sees a piano on display and goes there.

En Xi looks for Zhen En and is dismayed that she only cooks egg dishes. She has seen him saving and doing well. She returns the magic square to him. The mafia teaches him how to woo women. They can pretend to hit her and he saves her. All are stunned when she slaps the no.2 boss, Shuang Dao and leaves! He is attracted – she is pretty to him – even her slap is pretty. (but definitely not to me.) it must be happy to look at her smile or laughter.

En Xi recalls that he has not seen her smile before. She reads books to En Hao and he tries in vain to make her smile – even putting pegs all over his ears and nose! (In Sung looks cute here.) When she returns home, she is amused to wear the slippers that he gets for her – they make noise when she walks. (I think Hun Jung tries so hard to look innocent but her age doesn’t fit.) Another surprise lies in store for her when she opens the fridge. En Xi has painted smiling faces on the eggs.

En Xi is annoyed when Zhen En hasn’t called him. Doesn’t she discover them? So angry that he doesn’t notice that En Hao is moving! She later calls to give En Xi a treat but he gets sick to see the eggs dishes she prepares. She then encourages him to give the eggs to the children patients. Dr Gao is puzzled to see no one in the ward but is pleased to see En Xi cheering the children up with models. Zhen En sees En Hao yawning and alerts the doctor. The doctor informs all this is a normal reaction and not really a sign that he is waking up but she remains optimistic.

En Xi asks if she owes En Hao money for the piano to take care of him. She replies that En Hao teaches her how to talk and this debt can’t be replaced. When asked if she loves En Hao, she pretends not to hear but admits that she does think of him. Is it wrong although she is too poor? Poor En Xi – he looks as if his heart has sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Mrs Gao demands to know how Zhen En seduces the two brothers. She pulls her hair. Upon seeing this, En Xi pushes Mrs Gao to the floor and brings En Zhen away in his car, throwing his doctor robe on the ground. He hugs her at the beach, apologizing for Mrs Gao’s doing. Too tightly till she stops struggling. He then uses a blanket to cover her. Mrs Gao will react like this till death – from suspecting to believe and she will throw everything at her. She will also hurt herself.

Zhen En notices that he looks tired to her – is he desperate and lost too? She understands because of her mother’s treatment. En Hao loses Mdm Lin like her but En Xi still has Mrs Gao. Will he feel better now? She can leave anytime after the incident. En Xi knows that Mrs Gao will not listen to him. He must make her know – can’t they be together? Is Zhen En still treating him like a kid? She walks away but back to return the blanket to him. He dislikes her to let him see her back.

She should stop to look at him in the front view so he runs to get his car to her. (practically driving his car immediately to her.) En Hao wakes up but Dr Gao is shattered that he keeps calling him grandfather and asking why he must sit on a wheelchair. He nearly collapses when En Hao tells him that it is 1986 now! Dr Gao feels him and asks why his hand is swollen. Is En Xi seriously injured in the same accident? Dr Gao holds his hand – En Hao’s memory is stuck 20 years ago and hopes that he will recall later. (Finally a change of plot this time) Zhen En and En Xi are shattered to know the bad news.

En Hao keeps wanting his kite and is silent upon knowing that his grandparents are dead. All are surprised that he can’t recall Mdm Lin. Maybe he can’t bear the sight seeing her dying in front of him but yet he can’t save her as a doctor affects him badly. The two bring him out in the MTR. He behaves like a kid – calling them his elder brother and sister. He cried aloud upon reaching home finding the tree chopped.

Shuang Dao touches his face dreamily and thinks of Zhen En. Min Zheng hugs En Hao upon seeing them. He is about to touch her hair when he nearly knocks into the lamppost. Both brothers compete at the skiing ground. En Xi takes photos of them at Lotte World. En Hao enjoys the games but not the two. Later, he doesn’t enjoy the food that he dislikes. They coax him not to be choosy about food.

En Xi has not tried eating pizza with En Hao together. En Hao doesn’t like him when growing up. Not that En Xi dislikes him. How can they be good brothers? En Hao apologises for being nasty. En Xi is mad – he is not his elder brother but younger brother when he keeps calling him ‘big brother’. En Hao cries when he is so fierce to him. En Xi actually keeps En Hao’s photo at home and he cries the most after the mishap. Zhen En knows that he only pretends to hate him but actually likes him most.

Min Zheng cheers En Hao up – she is a close friend to both brothers. Zhen En is unhappy when they are so close as En Hao calls her by name but addresses En Xi and her as his siblings. En Hao has never disliked En Xi. Zhen En recalls En Hao’s words on there will be someone listening to her playing the piano. En Xi encourages her to join the pub like him. She changes into a dress for a performance and he gets attracted.

Her hands playing the piano help him so much. Mrs Gao scolds en Hao and he gets frightened to call for Mdm Lin. Dr Gao is shocked when En Hao is missing. En Xi gets worried to look for him outside the house while telling Zhen En to stay at home to wait as En Hao only remembers the home number. En Hao reaches the playground and recalls how En Hao walks away when he gets bullied. Zhen En goes to En Hao’s room and sees his graduation photo.

She doesn’t know that he is sleeping in the storeroom with Mdm Lin’s photo. Mrs Gao keeps asking how Zhen En seduces En Xi. She hates Dr Xu who opposes to her marriage. After the divorce, he refuses to meet his closest disciple (Dr Gao) and her. She has refused to give En Hao to Mdm Lin too. Dr Gao blames himself for causing Mdm Lin’s death.

Zhen En waits at the gate and En Xi scolds her. En Xi reports to the police and is mad when the policeman thinks that he is a lunatic kicking up a fuss. Zhen En finds the slippers and discovers En Hao. He dreams of saying sorry all the time – which is what Mdm Lin says to him before dying. En Xi is back but refuses to let her tell En Hao the harsh truth. She tells him to hug En Hao. She will blurt the truth if she is the one. He obeys her and both brothers cry. (This is a very touching scene.)

They tuck him in bed and En Xi runs after her but she tells him to hug En Hao till he sleeps which he does! He is deceived by her. This means that he can’t like her. He weeps but will try if it works. Is he seduced by a fox spirit – what has she done to him. He actually hugs En Hao…..his elder brother. He can’t love her anymore. She has 9 tails or 10 tails. He must try and she must praise him for being obedient then. (He really sounds very desperate to divide his love but can he suppress it?)

En Hao is fascinated by soldier models at En Xi’s home and En Xi isn’t happy with him. She opens the fridge and sees an egg with a frowning face. En Hao always scolds En Xi when he makes models but not studying. But his present achievement is still due to him. (Many will love to be like him – playing without concentration but yet can be a doctor.) En Hao finds his missing toy among the models. En Xi protests – he doesn’t steal but take it since En Hao never allows him to touch it. He wants to return but can’t upon seeing him so upset then when searching around. En Xi laments that they should share things together but never expects En Hao to give it to him!

En Hao refuses to eat the egg dishes as he dislikes them all along. Zhen En then realizes that he has given in to her all the time. (She finally knows her mistake!) Min Zheng cheers En Hao up with toys. Zhen En finds En Hao different as he isn’t picky about food in the past. She feels bad for giving him eggs and decides to return to Jiju island. Everything is there – the scarf and the piano.

En Xi returns to work so Zai Xiu rates him 100 but because he keeps counting when to complete his work, he lowers by 10. En Xi removes his handphone battery upon seeing Mrs Gao’s number. So Dr Xu can’t get him and Zhen En. En Hao suddenly remembers the washing clothes incident. He gets into the pub and sees Zhen En but she flees. En Hao also recalls Min Zheng entering ER but not what happens later.

He sees the scar on her head and apologises for it. Zhen En sleeps soundly and Dr Xu is beside her. En Xi drags En Hao out. He asks him what year it is now. He now replies 1995 but suddenly faints. En Xi carries him on his back to hospital – like what Zhen En says. Why is En Hao always faster than him? Why is he doing so well that he can’t catch up? He really hates him for not playing and caring him.

Actually he doesn’t know that En Hao and Min Zheng have been together before. Later, she dates another man to break his heart. En Hao recalls some bits when he wakes up. En Hao tells En Xi that he has takes a bucket of water out during that fateful day to save him from the other children but En Xi has already left. En Xi is remorseful for wronging him. The brothers return home and En Hao tries hard to recall the missing links. En Xi returns to his room to look at Zhen En’s photo.

She is old-fashioned, stubborn, stupid and pretty so he doesn’t need to go to her. He puts it into a book. He wants to give her a call but later decides to go with En Hao or he will say the wrong words again. En Hao’s time machine will reach earth soon so he will not worry about it. En Hao is not in bed too. Mrs Gao’s lover comes to see her secretly. En Xi is angry when Zhen En leaves the handphone he gives her at home and he can’t get her. He frantically goes to the airport but glad to see her there.

She cries as she is reluctant to leave En Hao so he hugs her to console her. He adjusts the ringtone on her handphone and is angry to see his name there as ‘younger brother’. He must be mad to be here to get her back but he is glad that she is happy to see him. He smiles and wants her to repay him by playing a piano piece which she obliges. He wishes En Hao to forgive him. (What is so attractive about her?!)

En Hao holds Min Zheng’s hand to touch his heart. This is the part which is painful. He doesn’t know it is because of her or another person to get so upset. He recalls she dumped him to go to the U.S. and she confesses that she nearly married the man but returned to Korea. He doesn’t wish to get on her car -suddenly he gets frightened of cars. Zhen En wants to take the plane home but En Xi describes En Hao sitting on a faster plane to recover his memory soon since he now recalls incidents within 10 years now.

Zai Xiu’s jaw nearly drops when En Hao is now thinking that he is in his 4th year of houseman days. En Hao is unhappy with Dr Gao lying to him. When has he met his mother? He is now about 26 but doesn’t recall her looks. He lies that he can see her soon. He demands to know where her piano is and when the accident happens. Dr Gao hugs him but wants some time before telling the truth. En Hao recalls the chopped tree. En Xi tells Zhen En to get into the house and he nearly goes mad when she can’t take care of herself. She walks from the train station to the airport and then to the hospital just to see En Hao.

She doesn’t have to be his wife or lover but someone important (this is so confusing!) He wants to wait for her since she has not thanked him. Has Min Zheng cried? En Hao notices it and she wants to start afresh with him again. He is so frank from past to now to tell her that his memory is over since she can’t catch up with her at the airport. He misses her and blames her till recent memory. It has stopped no matter how hard she works. She wants to try other ways – this is strange – who is Zhen En to him to take care of him?

Min Zheng lies that Zhen En is En Xi’s lover (women get jealous again to tell lies.) En Xi is jealous – what does Zhen En mean that En Hao throwing the glove? He has put in effort to make her play the piano. She has rested on his shoulder too. Why isn’t she grateful to him? He can also call her home. But if so, she will give him a slap. She is so scary to hit the mafia then. En Xi gets drunk and Hui Zhen describes him to be in love and he is really in love. What is he going to do?

He even calls En Hao and hugs him. This is so strange that he can’t do anything after that. Why is he so kind? Why others go through at 20 years old but he only gets it now? This is a good sign of growing up in pain. His love is a mirage and she wants to laugh at him. Min Zhen also cries for being ditched. Zhen En tells Mrs Gao not to kill herself to upset En Xi. She sees En Hao who asks why she waits for a whole day. Is she staying with En Xi? He thanks her for taking care of him as a lover’s brother.

He doesn’t know why his heart aches upon seeing her. She should stop coming to prevent torturing him since she has nothing to do with his memory. She sobs – he can’t do this to her as he is linked to her memory. All hear this and En Hao drags her away. En Xi and Min Zheng are not happy to see this. En Hao
wants to know how the piano lands at her place. She decides not to tell him as he has suffered seeing Mdm Lin dying. She lies that she buys the piano from him but he knows that he will not give it away to anyone.

En Xi decides to tell for her as he will still know one day. Why doesn’t she say as he might be able to tolerate. He should recall who she is. En Xi follows her and stops her from being knocked down by a car. En Hao presses Zai Xiu for answers but he runs away. The other doctors report that En Hao remembers almost everything except the accident. En Hao’s personality has changed too. He will not get angry easily in the past but now he is impatient and furious. Other nurses agree too.

He even fights with Shuang Dao. En Xi has to stop the fight and Min Zheng decides to hit him on the head. He sleeps but suddenly runs to his car. He commands courage to open his locker to take out his backpack. He has given his car to En Xi before getting to the airport. After that, where does he go with it? What does it have? He pulls the car door open and gets into it. He puts in the car key and starts driving. He recalls how the car swerves to the side.

Dr Gao sees Mdm Lin’s photo – should he tell the truth? En Hao returns home to look for his backpack which he often brings on holiday. Mrs Gao leads him to the storeroom. He sees it and is angry to find only clothes in it to throw on the floor. Then he sees a diary that records little information that has an address. Zhen En refuses to let him see the accident tape to provoke him. She will stay with Hui Zhen and En Xi gets angry with her. Mrs Gao’s lover threatens to reveal their affair to En Xi.

She will bring back the slippers. Why leave as she can still stay since he hasn’t said anything? Mrs Gao is worried of rumours. Min Zhen and En Hao also misunderstand that they cohabit so she has to give in. She cooks a farewell meal as she owes him too much. He can’t suppress his feelings anymore and hugs her from the back. What is he going to do when she is always like this – he sighs? (Very romantic!)

He suffers and how is he going to smile? He hugs her tightly and begs for 1minute. He leans on her shoulder. He wants to leave with her so she can’t leave alone in front of him. This is his only request. (If she is still a rock after all his declaration and hugging by a hunk, we really have nothing to say.) Mrs Gao is angry and pulls her hair to chase her out, leaving bruises on her face. En Xi disallows her to ill treat Zhen En – the woman he loves even if she is his m other. He should not be her obedient son. Zhen En removes her handphone battery on the bus. En Xi worries when he can’t get her the whole night.

He looks at her photos again. He has no reason to be Mrs Gao’s son so he takes off the doctor’s robe and leaves. En Hao gets on the train to leave home too. Min Zheng still wants to be with him but he buys ticket to get away. Jing Hua gets into En Xi’s car to get away from debtors. En Xi has to tend to her as she has a fever. Zhen En wants to clean up Mdm Lin’s place and is shocked that Dr Gao is the landlord. She misses the train to see Dr Xu and comes here. (Poor her – her bruise on her lips is very visible. This Mrs Gao is very strong despite her age.)

She looks at En Hao’s childhood photo. She discovers that his drawing is ugly and En Xi is better than him. En Hao finds his way to the house but it is locked. He sees the scarf on the piano but doesn’t recognize it. Zhen En returns but is disappointed as to he doesn’t know why he sheds tears. Is this Mdm Lin’s home? The home is empty. Jing Hua asks if En Xi is leaving. Although other men hurt her, he is the first to heal her. She welcomes him to visit her anytime.

En Hao wants to be alone when Zhen En tells him the truth. She can’t catch up with him on the train. The scarf is still in the house. En Xi pushes Zhen En aside when she is back. How can he be more tired than her and he refuses to be a nice brother from now on. He only wants her and she tells him to look at En Hao. He rejects her request – his heart nearly explodes without her. She is cutting his knife repeatedly with a knife and it is meaningless to live without her. (I don’t see the charm in her, though.)

What can he do? Both of them are hurt but she only thinks of En Hao. She can’t be with En Xi even without En Hao. En Xi drives home angrily. En Hao locks himself in the room while En Xi wants to move out. He leaves Zhen En’s photos on the ground to stay at Jing Hua’s home. Jing Hua gives him her house key. Dr Gao is shocked to see En Hao fainting on the floor when he breaks open the door. Zhen En can’t leave En Hao and hopes Dr Gao understands. She hurries to hospital to take care of him.

Zhen En is angry that they wrong her. She is here because of En Hao and Min Zhen is angry they like the same man. But she thinks that Zhen En isn’t her match. She is too innocent and stubborn. En Xi refuses to listen to others and Jing Hua regrets letting him stay. Zhen En calls him as she owes him too much. En Hao looks around for him too. Jing Hua tells Zhen En not to call again. She throws his handphone aside and En Xi decides to lie on the floor to do nothing.

Yan Shu tells En Xi to bring money to help Jing Hua at the nightclub. He sees Jing Hua threatening to kill herself with a broken bottle when Shuang Dao demands her to pay up her debt. This reminds him on how Mrs Gao tries killing herself in the past. He slaps her – don’t do this again. She sobs after he leaves. He is too frightened and she can’t hurt others to hurt herself. Only he hits her to wake her up. Since En Xi has nowhere to go, she lets him stay and promises not to do it again.

Zhen En wishes En Xi to look for the missing En Hao. Min Zhen also joins in. Zhen En finally sees him at the rooftop. She grabs his hand and beats him. He makes her cry so now it is her turn. How can a son not cry over his mother’s death? He must cry hard to get cured. He finally breaks down. (They play reverse roles now.) Both go to the temple to pay their last respects to Mdm Lin. He stands for an hour and admits that he has not fully recovered.

Zhen En is uneasy as he is too formal to her to thank her. He seems to reject the past with her in memory but he promises to try. She calls him a rascal when he leaves without her. He can’t recall times with her and Dr Xu goes to bring her home in vain. En Hao’s work is too busy and he has no time for romance. Even though he can’t remember, he can choose to start all over. Zhen En pretends to frown but she smiles. She keeps the handphone with her, hoping that he will call her. Is she staying with En Xi? She denies aloud.

She also asks if he goes steady with Min Zheng. He tells her the truth. En Hao looks at her photos that En Xi has taken. He sees her face being cut away and is puzzled. Why? Not because he hates her but it is right inside En Xi’s wallet! Zhen En meets Zheng Tai on the street and they chat. En Xi tails her on the bus. She wants him not to worry about her. He suddenly kisses her forcefully. He is shocked to see En Hao who witnesses this. They walk in the dark and En Xi suddenly hits him.

This is the first time he finds En Hao’s eyes shining. Will he return home because of Zhen En? En Xi hits back – he should hit him for hugging h is woman. How can he be so calm? Is he pretending? He can’t remember but he must have loved her before. When seeing her, he weeps now. Now he knows why – she resembles Mdm Lin (is he crazy?!) He may think he deceives him but he also loves him. He can give him anything – his toys and others but can’t give Zhen En to him – like his mother. (This is getting very complicated.) He is scared of losing her like his mother.

Mrs Gao threatens Jing Hua to make En Xi return home but he ends up kissing Zhen En. Dr Gao chases Mrs Gao’s lover away when he tries to blackmail him while En Hao doesn’t get to see him. He asks Zhen En why she doesn’t accept her calls. (This story nearly drives me nuts – what the hell are these people doing? Will she since he treats her so badly?) Both find a drunk En Xi who finds out the affair to beat the fellow up and stabs him with the man’s knife.

Zhen En is confused now on who she likes so she flees. (See – she knows nothing except this.) En Hao decides to drive to the airport to get her back and Min Zheng follows him. The nightmare that haunts him comes to mind and everything becomes crystal clear – he recalls the times with Zhen En finally. Jing Hua isn’t happy to see Zhen En’s photo. Min Zheng reaches the airport to see En Hao shouting Zhen En’s name. She stops him from getting a ticket to look for her.

Min Zheng asks him to marry her. He refuses but stops when she mentions that she has found her father and needs him to visit him. Her scar will be his present and she can’t live without him. So he can stay with her for a week before he goes to Jiju island. En Xi is glad that Mrs Gao isn’t dead from Zai Xiu as she commits suicide again. Jing Hua doesn’t want En Xi to leave her. She hugs his waist but he ignores her. He kisses her but later springs away. She throws Zhen En’s photo back at him. (It is becoming a trend that handsome men like older and plainer women in Korean dramas these days.)

Dr Gao doesn’t mind Mrs Gao’s lover blowing up the matter but they need to settle this themselves. He is about to eat his medicine when En Hao walks in. Both decide not to let En Xi know about it. En Hao recalls everything. Mdm Lin used her body warmth to save him. He wants to leave to stay with Zhen En. Mdm Lin has not wanted En Hao to hate Dr Gao and he only wishes to find Zhen En soon.

En Xi comes to look for Zhen En. En Hao is worried when she gets out and doesn’t pick up his call. Dr Xu is out at sea so she is alone at home – shocked to see En Xi. Min Zheng doesn’t want to give En Hao up. En Xi has learned to think of others but hurts others instead. He yearns to see her so don’t let him leave. Zhen snaps that he will leave soon. En Hao fixes the recorder, gives her the piano and she throws the doctor robe at him. She is back to avoid En Xi and now he is here.

En Xi is happy – that means that she is shaken. He hugs her – this is enough and he knows. He has thought he hasn’t moved her at all but now he is contented. (Many will disapprove of him for spending so much affection on her – I do agree too ass I tear my own hair at this too. Sigh – his life will be much simpler and less worrying if he loves another woman.) He will respect her decision.

Min Zheng forces En Hao to pretend to be a wedding couple with her. He is enraged – why must they do this? She has deceived her father that they are engaged. He is desperate that she lies. Mr Jin is a drunkard and has beaten her when young. Min Zheng has transferred him to stay in the hospital to make him feel assured in his ‘son-in-law’’s hands. En Hao can never forgive her as he should be on Jiju island now.

En Xi wants Zhen En to shave his goatee for him. Zheng Tai is angry to see this. En Xi reminds Xiao Zhong of his mother when he asks why he doesn’t return home. Zhen En forces Xiao Zhong to sleep. En Xi answers En Hao’s call. He becomes speechless and offs his handphone. Min Zheng shows her father the photo and the old man tells En Hao not to hit Min Zheng. En Hao tells Dr Xu that he is leaving but he informs En Hao that Dr Gao refuses to have a thorough checkup despite of his heart condition.

It is not the time for him to leave. Zhen En will not go anywhere so he doesn’t have to worry. En Xi decides to cheer Xiao Zhong up. He invents a family game – calling Zhen En to be his wife while Xiao Zhong calls her mother. (This is the only laughable part of the whole serial.) The boy still wants to continue the game despite finishing the meal. En Xi accompanies him to sleep.

En Hao is angry – does Dr Gao want him to lose him? He is going to visit Zhen En and wants him to go for a checkup when he is back. Min Zheng’s father dies and she forgives him. She scatters his ashes at sea. Mrs Gao sees Zhen En’s photo at Jing Hua’s place and is shocked. Zhen En mentions that Jing Hua must be upset with En Xi rejecting her. En Xi is past caring over it – is Zhen En jealous?

He hugs Zhen En but she pushes him away. She can’t consider him. They must been having heartache over En Hao. En Xi storms away but returns to hug her. He really can’t leave. Jing Hua can’t carry on with her job and gets punished. Zhen En rushes to ask Zheng Tai about Yan Shu upon learning from En Xi and makes a call to En Hao.

En Hao sends Min Zheng home and tells Zhen En that he recalls everything and must go to Jiju soon to meet her. Why can’t he recall everything from the start? She and En Xi will not be shaken. Is she listening to him? His two most loved ones are together now so he must be there. Later, he gets hit but Mrs Gao’s lover’s men and his handphone is smashed by a car. The fellows think that he is En Xi (what a stupid mistake of wrong identification.) She gets worried when not hearing his voice.

Xiao Zhong wakes En Xi up upon seeing her note of returning to Seoul. En Xi leaves the clinic too. En Hao wears a neck brace and is hospitalized. He calls Zhen En and is worried when he can’t get her. She stands right in front of him as her handphone rings. He is concerned that she will get worried. He can still joke that the first flight is not by him but by her. She hugs him – thinking that he is dying and leaving her. (This is more touching as both are more compatible in age.)

She decides not to think of En Xi anymore. Jing Hua returns home and weeps upon seeing En Xi on her bed. He is here because he can’t give Zhen En up. En Hao recovers and gets Zhen En new clothes and shoes. Both watch a movie and he holds her hand – this should be the exact way to date. (This is so romantic but too bad wrong timing as now she starts to think of another man – his brother!) He then books the whole restaurant to dine with her. They might need a long time to date like this.

He puts a ring on the table and is grateful to her for standing by him. She doesn’t know what is in store in future but she still takes good care of him. It must be tough on her. He knows that she is hesitant but he really needs her. He sends her home and kisses her cheek. En Xi isn’t happy to see this. Zhen En sees him and he decides not to come anymore. Xiao Zhong asks for his mother and Zheng Tai finally gets her.

He isn’t here to bring her home but to tell her not to worry about Xiao Zhong. He wants to keep in touch with her. Min Zheng comes to look for En Hao but En Hao rushes to meet En Xi who insists of playing basketball with him. Isn’t it enough to have him even though Dr Gao is ill to return home? He will be with Zhen En after Dr Gao’s operation and will entrust En Xi to take care of him. He can’t let Zhen En cry anymore. En Xi refuses to be the brother-in-law. That is why he is leaving him.

Both brothers fight and En Xi yells that Zhen En should not be his elder brother’s woman. So what he likes her too? So he goes to the island? Yes, what can En Hao do when Zhen En even shaves his goatee? En Xi bets that she doesn’t do this for En Hao and has not played the family game too. (How childish he can be!) En Hao wants En Xi to forget her as he is bringing her home.

Zhen En sees En Hao’s bruise and nurses him. He replies that he has a fight with a jerk and wants to keep a beard. He has thought that he will never get jealous. But now his head is going to explode and is feeling afraid and insecure. (I don’t blame him – this is a normal reaction. He is starting to become as childish as En Xi too.) So they must be parents soon to kill all his thoughts. (Er – is this a bit too fast?!)

Yan Shu brings Xiao Zhong away. He remembers En Xi’s birthday and writes him a card. Has he drunk the seaweed soup? 17th is his birthday and En Xi weeps. Jing Shu starts to dislike Zhen En as she neglects En Xi. En Xi gets angry when scolded by parents but happy when Zhen En scolds him. He feels lonely when she is missing. En Xi is at the salon with Jing Hua to do her hair. He decides to bring her home – just like what En Hao is doing. Jing Hua flares up upon knowing what is going on and gets off the bus.

En Xi knows nothing about her. He is insincere about marrying her. Min Zheng looks at the photo taken with En Hao. Mrs Gao never agrees to see Zhen En. The 6 people meet. Jing Hua stares at Zhen En while Mrs Gao stares at her. (This staring game never ends.) He announces that he is going to marry Jing Hua. See how both don’t cooperate with each other. En Xi says that Jing Hua is 23 but she replies that she is 25. She has not completed high school and works in the karaoke. Mrs Gao asks for a glass of water to splash at her and pulls her hair. (This woman likes pulling others’ hair – wonder if she does this to Dr Gao though.)

Jing Hua slaps En Xi and he sees her scar again. He is scared of her and leaves as he just brings her here to make her angry. Jing Hua’s elder brother has taken all the money and her family needs it. So she works in a nightclub but should she be looked down upon? She doesn’t wish to carry this kind of life because of him. He helps to change her into a human again. He is so nice to her.

Zhen En remembers how En Hao throws the gloves to shock her. En Hao wants her not to go anywhere else but to him. (line reprised from Xiang Zhe in ‘All About Eve’.) Min Zheng asks Zhen En if she loves En Hao. She notices that she can’t answer – how to marry him then? Min Zheng can do anything for him. Mrs Gao brings gangsters to hurt Jing Hua but En Xi will not return home. He wants to marry her but Mrs Gao will become more vicious. In the past, Jing Hua will take the money and leave but not now.

She throws the money back at Mrs Gao. En Xi has no money to save her but he wants to help her. He plays cello at Jing Hua’s nightclub. (He will earn more if he becomes a doctor at a clinic but he chooses not to.) Zhen En works as a piano teacher at a music school. En Hao comes and recalls the past. He weeps and hugs her before sending her home. He rushes to Min Zheng’s home when she lies that there is a gas leak. Jing Hua tells Zhen En that En Xi has done everything to try to forget Zhen En in vain.

En Hao discovers that Min Zheng lies to him when she kisses h im. He has longed to kiss Zhen en earlier but due to her disruption, he has to wait till the next day. (This phrase is funny indeed.) She hugs him, refusing to let him leave. Zhen En sees how En Xi is bullied at the nightclub and he is unmoved upon seeing her. A man gets angry and breaks a bottle. She shields him from the attack and her leg is injured.

En Xi rushes her to hospital and En Hao charges there too. Both brothers remove the broken pieces from her leg in the ER. En Hao gets mad – is En Xi trying to rebel? Why doesn’t he vomit now upon seeing blood? En Xi replies that he has seen her nose bleed before so it doesn’t matter now. En Hao warns him not to call Zhen En’s name but he keeps calling! En Hao suppresses his anger to stitch her wound. (This scene is sure a highlight of the serial as En Xi is behaving like a kid while En Hao is going to lose his patience!)

Both brothers sit beside her in the ward. Jing Hua packs En Xi’s bag and En Hao is mad with En Xi when he takes Zhen En away secretly. He brings her to their old house to look after her. Min Zheng is happy that En Hao calls her. But he gets drunk after singing in the karaoke sadly. The old home is the place where Dr Gao is born. Zhen En knows that En Xi hasn’t called En Hao but he promises to let her return after recovery as her wound is deep. She demands to return but he refuses to send her back. She is angry with him – so he intends to continue working at the nightclub then. Dr Gao carries En Hao back to his room. (This old man is sure strong despite his build!) En Hao is very upset. His handphone rings and he wakes up but the voice doesn’t belong to her.

Zhen En hopes it will be spring looking at flowers so En Xi buys for her. En Xi brings in a radio and puts a rose on her ear. She sleeps and he touches her hair to weep. She wakes up to find him no longer there. She opens the door and sees En Hao. En Xi has called En Hao to come before he starts giving thoughts to become old with her. He stops En Hao from hitting him. En Xi hates him in the past but not now. En Hao finally knows how to show his fist now – he still hits him in the stomach.

En Hao hears her calling En Xi’s name and freezes at the door. She also feels lost upon seeing him but he still hugs her before leaving with her. (He is so forgiving but poor En Xi is always looking from the back to see how they leave.) Jing Hua tells En Xi to leave while Zhen En wants En Hao to help En Xi. He will for the last time to break ties with him. He can’t have her and En Xi to have the best of both worlds.

En Xi comes to Jing Hua’s empty home and sleeps there. Mrs Gao knows that Min Zheng likes En Hao. They must help each other. Shuang Dao tells En Xi to get Jing Hua back as she is in trouble in owing too much money. Yan Shu is shocked that Zhen En can talk now. Jing Hua is badly beaten by gangsters and En Xi tends to her in the hospital. En Hao carries Zhen En to put her on the bed. She is still heavy to him. It looks like he has to marry a fierce mafia – why does she make him so ungrateful?

En Hao brings Jing Hua to Yan Shu’s home. Don’t leave him or he will be mad. Does she want him to kneel in front of her? Zhen En thinks of how En Xi woos her with flowers and weeps. En Hao nearly wants to break En Xi’s leg. He wants Dr Gao to seek treatment now. Min Zheng conveys Mrs Gao’s words. En Hao can never return to Jiju island as he has a good future here. Dr Gao wants him to study in the U.S. hospital and the hospital wants him to be there soon.

Mrs Gao feels that both sons are taken away by Zhen En. En Hao gets Zhen En to work again and is angry with Dr Gao to make the arrangement. En Xi was a houseman for the 4th year and Dr Gao wanted him to see how a patient was revived from death in removing the cancer cells. But En Xi nearly vomits in the ER. Dr Gao really killed someone as he was distracted by him and he is remorseful. En Xi will laugh at him if he seeks treatment now. En Hao doesn’t understand this – so do I! Why does Dr Gao want to leave him?

Xiao Zhong thanks En Xi for using a ruler to make toys for him and gives him a robot as a birthday present. En Xi is taken aback – isn’t this his? En Xi calls En Hao but he doesn’t pick up his call. Despite his discomfort as he is sick, En Xi runs out when Yan Shu tells him that Jing Hua is in trouble again. En Hao tries kissing on Zhen En’s lips but gets rejected. He is startled when she wants a breakup.

Jing Hua is taken away by the mafia. En Xi seeks Shuang Dao’s help – can he pay the debt for her? Shuang Dao tells him that even going to the police will not help because the mafia changes to a ruthless boss. En Hao refuses to let Zhen En remove her ring. Why does she feel tough to face him – why not let him know and thrash it out? There is no point avoiding. Is she unlucky because of him? He nearly becomes unfortunate but lights up because of her. Is it because of En Xi?

He takes that she gets moved by En Xi temporarily to get upset. Everyone may do that. He can forgive because the person is his only brother who has shiny eyes to rescue her. But is this going to make her give up each time? He becomes angry and scary when this happens not because of En Xi. Zhen En replies that he has done too much for her and she feels stressed. She doesn’t want to be his mother. (The most absurd and illogical reason given so far.) It is like repaying him. En Hao insists that she can’t remove the ring although she deceives him.

En Hao gets drunk and asks Min Zheng why Mrs Gao hates Zhen En. Mrs Gao is pleased that Zhen En believes their lie. En Hao wonders why Min Zheng is talking to Mrs Gao at his home. En Xi wants Mrs Gao’s money and agrees to be an obedient son. Dr Gao is disappointed – he will not want to use money to buy his son. Mrs Gao will as she owes him too much. Zhen En pleads with En Hao to leave – she is not his mother. He thinks of the past but still drives to Hui Zhen’s home. En Xi returns to hospital. Jing Hua is grateful to him for helping her but he can’t love her.

En Hao gets drunk daily so Zai Xiu takes over. Are the brothers pitting against each other? He gets frustrated as both keep giving him trouble. En Xi covers the blanket over En Hao. En Hao then asks for a smoke. En Xi doesn’t understand why he reacts like this before getting married. He will dance in joy instead. En Xi tends to a patient and Zai Xiu guesses that En Hao is down because of Dr Gao.

Dr Gao wants to choose a day for marriage but is shocked to know that both have broken up. En Xi is about to talk to Dr Gao but leaves upon seeing her. En Xi suppresses his urge to run after her. En Hao wants to give her a lift. The children patients remember En Xi and call him Uncle Egg. En Hao plays the cd of the tune he played for her on Jiju island. Maybe she is right that he treats her like his mother but why can’t him? Can’t men marry women who resemble their mothers? (I close my eyes when watching this….oh my….does he really think that she is Mdm Lin?! ) Is life on Jiju like a dream?

He is really a jerk. Then he must learn to be a good doctor. Hasn’t he made mistakes before? If En Hao leaves, En Xi has to depend on Dr Gao. En Xi is shocked that they are not getting married. Min Zheng feels bad for lying but does this for En Hao’s sake. En Hao looks at his ring. Nan Zhen wants to woo Min Zheng after seeing her at the pub. En Xi watches Dr Gao’s operation with En Hao. He feels terrible again but En Hao holds his hand. En Xi asks En Hao why they don’t get married. En Hao replies that they need time.

En Xi plays with the children and recalls how they play with the eggs. He plays with the magic square but is bored when no one looks for him this time at the rooftop. En Xi doesn’t want them to get married but still visits Dr Gao with En Hao in his ward. En Xi gets anxious to drive En Hao’s car and wants to see Zhen En for a while. He walks really fast in here and I think no one can catch up with him since he is so tall too.

Xiao Zhong stays with Yan Shu now. En Xi wonders how he gets the robot. En Hao has found the robot to give it to Xiao Zhong. He told him to sleep with it to dream of Mrs Gao as it happens to him. En Hao discovers that his car is missing. En Xi weeps on recalling how En Hao tries to hold his hand during Dr Gao’s operation. Zhen En is shocked to see him. En Xi asks if she backs out of marriage because of him. If so, they can hide somewhere. If not, he will disappear. She avoids him and later comes out to see his car leaving. (What is she up to and what is she doing?!)

En Xi weeps in the car and looks at the robot at home before visiting Dr Gao again. He throws the robot at En Hao – how can he give this to others? He replies that he doesn’t need it and grabs his elbow – has he gone to see Zhen En? (He gets childish again.) He hasn’t given him anything but En Hao has a reason to stop her. En Xi has stopped himself from taking away En Hao’s woman so En Hao should not give up.

Zhen En might not want the brothers to hurt themselves so he will be an idiot to take care of Dr Gao. En Hao asks him to have a meal with him. En Xi joined him when he was 10 years old. It was funny to see En Xi hiding behind Mrs Gao then. En Xi hated the prince dressing that Mrs Gao gave to cause him to have no friends in school. En Xi was afraid of En Hao. He wanted to play with him but perhaps En Hao rejected as the clothes might disgrace him. En Hao is good in everything but Zhen En is not.

She is kind but stupid and stubborn. En Hao thanks him for taking care of her – no – En Xi thinks the reverse. En Hao must not let her cry or he will kill him. Nan Zhen woos Min Zheng so Xiao Zheng arranges En Xi to meet him and Zhen En. En Xi tells Zhen En that En Hao misses her and is not eating or sleeping at all. Don’t let him suffer but she asks him if it is real of him to ask her to return to En Hao.

En Hao gets a stall of flowers to give Zhen En. He doesn’t want to trap her but he loves her. He will not pester her like a child. He isn’t dead because he promises her that he will return and she waits for him in the past. What must he do to continue loving her? She doesn’t love him and says that their relationship is like mother and son. (Hugh?!?! – Is she mad? Now it seems that her heart has drifted to En Xi. She might have loved En Hao when suggesting the breakup. But after that, no more. How fickle-minded can she be!)

En Xi gets drunk while En Hao still stays out. Zhen En finally realizes that she loves En Xi. En Hao returns home and sees the photos they have taken. Mrs Gao thinks that Min Zheng is unsuitable for En Hao. En Hao wants Zai Xiu to lie to Min Zheng that he isn’t in but he comes out to meet Min Zheng. Poor Zai Xiu – he also wonders what the hell is going on as he embarrasses him on the spot! Xiao Zhong comes alone by bus to see En Xi. Zhen En is angry that he scares her.

En Xi consoles them – why must she talk aloud to Xiao Zhong? She drags Xiao Zhong out and En Xi wants him to get her approval before seeing him. En Hao gets drunk and Min Zheng sends him to her home. After kissing his lips, both land in bed. (So should not get drunk before committing a terrible mistake.) Hui Zhen is disappointed to see them together. En Hao stays in the park the whole day. En Xi looks at the drawing book that Xiao Zhong gives him. He discovers that it is En Hao’s drawing book.

He shows it to Zhen En and later throws it at En Hao. Min Zheng doesn’t show this to him at all and he gets angry. En Hao thrusts it at Min Zheng – in case you wonder, the book has the fake US letter in it. Min Zheng thinks Zhen En has told him but no. He wants her to explain but she tells it is what he has seen. He decides to leave but she reminds him that he can’t be like this to her anymore.

Mrs Gao is unhappy to see this and calls Min Zheng. It is a mistake on his part but not for her as she loves him. He can’t treat her as Zhen En’s substitute. The breakup with Zhen En can tear his heart but Min Zheng offers to mend the pieces for him. If he leaves, this is humiliating her. But he can’t let Zhen En suffer. How can Min Zheng say that Zhen En hinders his future? He can’t tolerate it. He has thought the world ends for him and hopes that Zhen En gets to see him at the pub when he rushes there.

He is about to talk to her and Mrs Gao sees him. Thinking that Xiao Zhong is their son, she pushes him and causes him to hurt his head. En Hao immediately sends him to hospital. En Xi promises to leave with Mrs Gao. Zhen En doesn’t feel deceived by Mrs Gao. It is Min Zheng’s doing but she is too frightened to face reality. En Hao is scared of not seeing her at all. Is she in love with En Xi?

She must tell him. Only when he hears this, he will give up. She finally tells him although she doesn’t know when this starts and he lets go of her. (I get to see terrible acting again – her expression is not laughing or crying at all! But poor En Hao – he looks as if he will faint any second.) She has no choice and what should she do? So this becomes the truth. En Hao mumbles that he should ask her earlier. (This makes no difference as she only knows how to hide.)

He will never forget this. It must be hard on them.(but looks like more hard on him.) He can’t help in their love. (of course – or he will be the mad person.) En Xi asks En Hao if she has told the truth. En Hao nods lifelessly – so is the misunderstanding cleared? Zhen En rejects En Xi’s lift as she is too tired and wants him to send Xiao Zhong and Yan Shu home.

Zai Xiu sits beside En Xi for a meal. He asks what happens to En Hao to get drunk daily. Nan Zhen wants En Xi to ask En Hao what relationship he has with Min Zheng. If they are not an item, he will woo her. Dr Gao is recovering and En Hao admits the breakup. En Xi is angry – he loves his brother since young and can’t hate him at all to be with another person to give up Zhen En. He hits En Hao – now he is nothing to him. En Hao tells him not to leave abruptly. Zhen En loves him so she can’t marry him.

En Xi is stunned when En Hao wants him to give Zhen En a breather. She just parts with the elder brother to be with the younger brother. It is too stressful. En Xi is taken aback. En hao hopes that he understands him. En Xi is overjoyed but stops going after her when she brings Xiao Zhong to remove the stitches. Mrs Gao still hates her. Of course, Zhen En can’t be here anymore since En Hao recovers. En Hao stops her from pestering them. Mrs Gao is mad with him calling her ‘new mother’ all the time.

He asks her why she hates Zhen En so much. He has no reason to call her mother. She has hoped that he will not treat her as an outsider. He has not all along. She is despicable and not kind like his mother. Zhen
En removes the ring and En Xi chides Dr Gao although he respects him. Don’t find excuses – 2 sons as doctors don’t want to see him lying anymore. 20 years is long enough. En Hao can’t accept Mrs Gao who came one day after Mdm Lin’s disappearance. He could not smile at her at all and was too afraid of her. He doesn’t know why he makes her angry. Zhen En keeps the slippers into her bag and later puts them into the dustbin. En Xi isn’t happy of her naming him as younger brother in the handphone phonebook.

She sees him outside and weeps but decides not to accept his call. Her students pass their piano exams so she decides to return to Jiju. She recalls how she came to Seoul. En Xi knows that she is lying to leave him but he is too afraid to see her. He is still well and will wait for her to be ready. Min Zheng admits to En Xi that she wants Zhen En to leave. She still hopes to get En Hao. He has never tried doing anything for her.

En Xi recalls how he makes use of Jing Hua. En Hao tells him that she has recovered. So he runs to her while she takes the slippers from the dustbin. They meet and hug each other in tears. Both brothers work in the hospital. En Xi is taking the 10 am flight to leave with Zhen En. He asks if En Hao wants to wish them well. En Hao is about to answer when gangsters create trouble in the ER. They use broken bottles to hurt each other again. En Hao smiles upon seeing En Xi removing the broken pieces skillfully. Suddenly a man charges at En Xi. En Hao shields him and ending up hitting his head on the bedpost.

His head bleeds badly. (I was cursing – what the hell is this going on? To make Zhen En stay and change her mind to love him again?) En Xi gets frightened and hugs him, yelling him elder brother. They operate on him and Zhen En rushes to hospital upon knowing what happens when En Xi doesn’t answer her handphone but Zai Xiu answers it. En Hao survives but he might have side effects. He has concussions. Dr Xu demands to know why Zhen En is still in Seoul.

En Xi prays hard for En Hao’s recovery. She is worried when the police takes his statement. En Xi has paid off Jing Hua’s debts so these people seek revenge. (Very illogical since they should be happy getting the money.) He can’t leave En Hao alone but hopes Zhen En stays with him. She stays at Hui Zhen’s home again. En Hao is discharged and asks why En Xi is still around. En Xi wants to make sure that En Hao listens to him till he recovers. En Hao is really a jerk to make him stay in debt. (I am amused by this.)

En Xi promises not to talk aloud to him in future. En Xi sleeps on the floor in his bedroom. Dr Gao sees en Hao unable to sleep at 3am to watch television. En Xi gets him medicine to force him to sleep again. He touches the robot to sleep but ends up looking at the photos in the storeroom. He can’t do it – he looks at the photo of Min Zheng. En Xi pats his shoulder. En Xi recalls telling Zhen En that he has hugged his brother. He lets him sleep on his lap and he weeps.

En Xi visits Zhen En and both wants to return home. Min Zheng is surprised that En Hao asks her out. En Hao has already sensed that Zhen En is leaving him so she should not be hard on her. It is even harder for him. Give him time as it is tough for him to forget Zhen En completely and he will try to accept Min Zheng then. (She finally gets her chance now – I pity her as she tries so hard.) Min Zheng doesn’t want him to say sorry to upset her and learns that he is really learning from the U.S. hospital soon. Can she go with him? He only smiles and says nothing.

Zhen En recalls how En Xi calls her wife when they are playing the family game. He fixes her a meal but it is terrible cooking. He protests but she says it is the same as her cooking. He celebrates her birthday with her at the pub. He forbids himself from kissing her. Dr Gao tries so hard not to laugh when En Xi imitates his tone talking the other patients. Who is the one smoking in the room? En Xi confiscates the cigarettes to light at the rooftop. Then he sees En Hao there.

En Hao will still take over the hospital. En Hao might die from the attack but he still survives and will live on so En Xi needs not feel bad. He will go overseas since they have contacted him. Min Zheng’s fake document is very detailed – it is the real one. So En Hao will be in the U.S. for 2 years. En Hao packs his clothes and En Xi gives him his robot. Zhen En gets Dr Xu’s hat. She still works as a nurse in his clinic.

Mrs Gao gets coffee for En Hao but yells when it is hot. (Their relationship gets better now – out of the blue?!) En Hao looks at the robot. En Xi plays with the magic square while Zhen En plays with the plane. (Sigh – they must be deprived of toys during their childhood days.) Nan Zhen tries to woo Min Zheng. She promises to listen to his concert. (It looks like she only treats him as a friend.) Min Zheng is not sure if En Hao will forget her so she continues waiting for him.

En Xi plays online computer games after work and En Hao calls him from the U.S. Does he play daily to get into the high level? En Xi is surprised – how does he know it? (The two brothers are addicted to the games but En Hao doesn’t tell him.) En Hao shows En Xi the news of Dr Xu being a doctor for Humanitarian Relief. Zhen En is now alone on Jiju so En Xi can go to meet her. En Hao has forgotten her and he can take over the hospital.

He weeps – it has been so long and he understands that Zhen En is like an elder sister to him. (Does he imply that she is older than him??? Oh no……) Even though both can be in front of him, he can smile now. He is lying, isn’t it? En Xi knows he is crying. Zhen En wonders who is coming to take over Dr Xu’s place. En Hao calls her. The distance to the harbour takes only 10 minutes for her to look for the person she wants to meet now. (En Hao still weeps over the phone.) Zhen En goes there to see En Xi and they hug in tears. (That means the old Dr Gao and poor Zai Xiu have to hold the forte till En Hao’s return.)

Introduction on characters

1. Gao En Hao – Ji Jin Hee
He is Dr Gao’s 30-year-old elder son and is a doctor in his father’s hospital. He is forgiving and obliging but wants to carve his own future. Although En Xi is his half-brother, he gives in to him. It is strange that at his age, he is still a mother’s boy to long for motherly love. Knowing that Zhen En has an unhappy past, he puts up with her (by tasting her terrible egg dishes) and tantrums to try to cure her.

When he has memory loss, he becomes so childish and also unreasonable. But when he regains his memory, he is still the nice and sensitive guy we know but Zhen En, the woman he loves has a change of heart! How unexpected! I'd have thought after go through all this, he is going to have a happy ending... how disappointing but probably he might accept Min Zheng since there is a hint on it.

Jin Hee has done his part well. Especially when we trace the change in him when his memory roots from 10 and later matures in amazing speed to an adult. That is not easy to portray and he does it well. The way he tries to go all way all to win his love back makes me his supporter. Being shorter than In Sung doesn’t affect his charm but we can see that the producer is unfair not to give him more exposure than In Sung so he can’t really develop much from his role.

2. Xu Zhen En – Go Hun Jung
She is the granddaughter of a doctor and helps him at his clinic. She starts to love En Hao when he cures her and from an introvert to turn into a talkative woman is surely a big change! She is totally devoted to En Hao at first but is confused when the two brothers love her. Her attitude irritates me – who does she want? Why cook up a stupid excuse to say that En Hao loves her like his mother to break off with him? That is the most unconvincing reason that I have heard so far!

Sorry that my review looks confusing at times as it is so because of her! My brain never stops spinning in circles as she keeps on making me guess what she is doing or what she will do next! The to and fro uncertain emotions from this oldish looking person drags the pace. Moreover, she is so immature and also naive to believe Min Zheng’s words. Why can’t she just approach En Hao for the answer?

I don’t really like Hun Jung’s interpretation of the role. She tries to act cute and cheerful but it backfires because of her age. Don’t all think that she look better on the vcd or dvd casing than the serial itself? Her face looks bloated and this causes her to look much older than In Sung. Both look like a total mismatch as she suits Jin Hee better. But even so, she doesn’t have chemistry with either actor. No wonder her comeback only causes little ripples in the lake and not a storm.

3. Gao En Xi - Jo In Sung
En Xi is rich and rude. He is also arrogant in behaviour and speech. He can be so childish to cry easily too. He keeps his magic square toy with him and is also scared of seeing blood. I don’t think En Hao is that harsh on him – he is just having the inferiority complex to deny all his good intentions to dislike him.

I wonder why Dr Gao forces him to work as a doctor since his desire is not there. He is so afraid of blood – how can he get his medical degree? Does he buy his medical degree? How can a doctor work as one although he works only with the children to avoid handling operations? Thank goodness he isn’t my younger brother or I will suffer like En Hao…….

When facing the outstanding En Hao, he feels suppressed but starts to build a harsh exterior. But he is also pitiful as he likes his elder brother’s lover but she doesn’t look at him. This stupid woman even requests him to take care of En Hao! She is such a moron not to see his affections for her. Finally his insistence wins her over or we might see another tragedy like ‘Memories of Bali’ to be another sore loser.

He has gone back to the old, hateful exaggerating ways again as in ‘Piano’. Many think that this character is too similar to Zai Min in ‘Memories of Bali’. I feel so too. His performance is very over the top. The crying and bawling scenes leave me frustrated. Only his quiet way of showing how devoted he is remains touching. The way he paints the eggs is a creative idea – why not promote it? Other than that, I really dislike this role. Please, In Sung, no more of this, ok? I can’t take it anymore……

4. Jin Min Zheng – Han Go Eun
She works at the television station and is an outstanding script writer. She was in love with En Hao in the past but she breaks his heart so he has no intention to reconcile with her although she wants it. Thus, she sets to break him and Zhen En up. She also wins getting him to be in bed with her. Sigh – she can be scheming at times but all can forgive her when she is frank to admit her mistakes because she loves En Hao too much. This actress is good – in fact, she should replace Hun Jung as her outlook is more endearing.

5. Xu Du Hao – Shin Choong Shik
He is Zhen En’s grandfather and dotes on her. He doesn’t know how to cure her of her despair and I am fed up with this old man for conspiring with Dr Gao to keep the truth from En Hao. He cares for Zhen En but he seems to care more for his patients.

6. Gao Ying Zhen – Jang Yong
He is the hospital director and the brothers’ father. I hate him – he can’t face himself for being seduced by Mrs Gao to ditch Mdm Lin. To put a false image in front of En Hao already makes me look down on him. Making empty promises that he can meet his mother soon is the second lie. Not going through the operation to worry both brothers is another. Only crying over Mdm Lin’s death after the accident to apologise to her is the ultimate I can bear. He should say that when she is alive.

No one will wish to have a father like this one. He is unable to understand his sons so they choose to leave home. He knows his sons’ strengths and weaknesses in work but he has not given them enough encouragement. As a doctor, he should know that Mrs Gao needs psychiatric treatment but he also chooses to give in to her and to ignore it….he fails in all roles as a father, husband or doctor.

7. Mrs Gao – Lee Hui Hyang
She is En Xi’s mother and wishes En Xi to be better than En Hao. So she likes to compare them and also hopes En Xi will be put in charge when En Hao is away. She is a psychotic but why do the three doctors in the family choose to ignore her condition?! I am simply baffled that they either avoid her or give in to her, making her worse. Committing suicide in front of En Xi is sure an unthinkable act.
At her age, she is VERY strong to pull Zhen En and Jin Hua’s hair or to beat them up. She needs treatment desperately and how can the men oversee this?! She guards her son fiercely but ends up hurting him with her affair. She is another failure like Dr Gao in all roles – no wonder they are married. I find her acting also very over the top – no wonder, En Xi shares her genes too.

8. Jin Jin Hua – Lee So Yeo
She works in the nightclub but her love for En Xi is genuine. She is so pitiful – En Xi wants to introduce her to his family as his ‘girlfriend’ but he knows so little about her. It also hurts her when En Xi stays with her but still Zhen En’s memory is with him. How can a woman take this? Her form of showing defiance is understandable as she has put up with him for long. This actress also does well and she also has a great figure when wearing tight fitting clothes.

9. Li Zheng Tai – Park Chul Min
He is Xiao Zhong’s uncle but acts like Zhen En’s elder brother. After seeing how Yan Shu has changed, he worries that En Hao is also toying with her. He is a simple and nice man.

10. Mdm Lin – Lee Kyung Jin
She is En Hao’s mother who chooses to leave after En Hao is put under Dr Gao’s care. She becomes a piano teacher in a small town. How can she be so heartless to stay alone for so long without visiting En Hao secretly leaves me puzzled? She can visit him secretly in school and not at his home, isn’t it? Why torture her poor son to go all the way to look for her instead? Has she forgotten about him?

11. Li Xiao Zhong
He is a little boy who is badly affected by his mother’s departure. The 2 brothers treat him well but he likes En Xi better because of his warmth self. Thus he tries to create chances for him to meet Zhen En.

12. Liu Zai Xiu
He is the brothers’ senior and guides them all along. I hate Dr Gao to ask him often to give marks to En Xi’s performance. How can he do this to his own son to get him to be the judge? Zai Xiu is reluctant to make comments and often has to do the dirty job for the brothers when they are away. What has he owed them in his previous life……

13. Lin Yan Shu – she acts as Hui Yuan’s friend, Mei Gui in “Summer Scent’
She is Xiao Zhong’s mother. She is so irresponsible to leave her son in his uncle’s care and escape to Seoul. Doesn’t she know that the poor boy misses her and she can be so harsh not to see him at all! Maybe she feels inferior because she only works in a nightclub. Luckily she realizes her mistake and gets him to live with her in the end.

14. Nan Hui Zhen
She is a singer at the pub. She is En Xi’s strong supporter as she is like an elder sister to him and admires his talents in playing the cello. She allows En Zhen to stay with her but she doesn’t like her way of doing things so she often drills sense into her head.

15. Nan Nan Zhen
He is the guitarist at the pub and is Hui Zhen’s younger brother. He is also Min Zheng’s secret admirer. Although Min Zheng promises to attend his concert, I doubt he can get to win her heart.

Favourite character
En Hao, he is so forgiving to what Dr Gao has done to his mother and himself. He also wishes his brother to with Zhen En although his own heart is bleeding. What a big sacrifice made!

Most hated character
En Xi – this brother is atrocious, childish and impulsive to cause so much trouble to his family.

The songs are fine, although not fantastic. I like the songs by I and a song by Jin Hee is quite well done too.

Interesting facts ( I am very sorry but I can’t find information on Jin Hee on this serial at all!)

It had more 32.6% viewership when it was shown. Many said it surpassed ‘Jewel in the palace’ for the beginning. Initially, the Taiwanese station wanted to interview the cast. But they were too busy filming the last few episodes so they did not have enough sleep so the interview was cancelled. Hun Jung got this assignment as her comeback after 10 years.

The success made her commercial price rise to 30 billion won within a month. She also obtained the 10th position for Korean actresses popularity polls. She was also chosen as no. 1 beauty, beating Lee Yeon Ae, Kim Tae Hee and Kim Hee Sun, citing that her smiles melt men. (Sorry but I can’t agree with that.)

However the terrible development made the viewership dip as the audience’s interest waned. No matter how hard the cast worked, it was unable to create any more miracles. Hun Jung’s comeback caused the two actors to be neglected. Her faithful fans were delighted. But of course, her youth wasn’t retained so she did not cause a big stir. The average throughout ended up at 28.4%.

The tight schedule and cold weather caused In Sung to faint and be sent to hospital. Many complained that the first few episodes reminded them of Zai Min in ‘Memories of Bali’ but the later development later showed a mature and sensitive En Xi. In Sung’s wear and also the way he plays the musical instruments makes him look so cool that all like it. Not everyone can wear as fitting as the Darling shoes on his feet.

En Xi mentions that his birthday is 17 Feb. 10 over fans really thought that it was In Sung’s birthday. So they bought a cake to visit him at the filming studio on that day, insisting on celebrating with him. His real birthday is on 28 July but he was so touched by their warmth that he shared the cakes and tidbits with them!

The two actors promoted the serial. Both shook hands with the 400 Japanese fans who turned up at Seoul Hotel. Jin Hee even gave them his special memoranda to make it unforgettable. In Sung fainted during filming because he worked non-stop for 3 nights. He had to be put on drip at the hospital. His health has never been good. The last time he visited Taiwan, he had a weak stomach to rush into the toilet frequently.

Hun Jung had not acted for 10 years. There was a scene where En Xi finally could not suppress his feelings and went to Jiju to look for En Zhen. He stole her kiss there – Hun Jung needed more time for this kissing scene. But after a few angles, it was done and put into episode 12 which helped the serial to reach 29.4%.

In Sung went to Taiwan to promote the serial in June 2005. This was his third visit. Many loved his down to earth mannerism. They were amused when he requested to taste Chinese dumplings. Unlike most Korean stars, he didn’t ask much for others which made many praised him. He hugged the host and also wore the Taiwanese hats or clothes handed to him.

He also cooperated playing games but upon given Chinese tonics to taste, strangely he could accept the black turtle jelly done with Chinese herbs. His face colour only faded as he didn’t like the taste of frog eggs. He protested that he was healthy at only 25 years old. He will not need any.

He felt lucky to get to act with Jin Hee and Hun Jung. He was so naughty. When making clay bowls, he saw reporters crowding him. He deliberately shook hands with them, making them not knowing to cry or to laugh over it. He finally made a bowl because he loved to eat rice. He also wrote some words on it – hoping to make this as a proposal gift in future.

Many were surprised to know that he cried over love in reality. The reporters found it unbelievable. But he asked them – don’t they fall in love to experience it? He only wishes to concentrate on work now and be in love around 30 years old before marriage. Are his fans disappointed?

This serial helped In Sung to win the highest popularity award in SBS’s TV awards. He and Hyun Jung also won the top 10 stars award. It is so unfair to Jin Hee for not letting him winning anything as he also contributed to the success in here.


You will love either brother. Both are steadfast in love (you can also say that they can be stubborn or having one track mind) besides having good medical skills – both are musicians. En Hao plays the piano while En Xi plays the cello. Both also have the same taste to like the same woman – although they have more attractive ex or present girlfriends to compete with Zhen En. Why Zhen En merged as the winner – I have no answer! Being plain is fine but being so indecisive to create confusion and also discord among the brothers...I can only say that love is blind.

The acting is acceptable but it isn’t up to my expectations. The part of the unlucky past of the three when young doesn’t interest me. It isn’t a top drama – in fact, far from it. I hate the ending – why isn’t En Hao with a woman? She doesn’t have to be Zhen En but with no one?! Ergh! Zhen En is so fickle-minded and I get so pissed off by her attitude. I doubt she will stay long with En Xi although she chooses him.

It is overrated to be compared Japan’s ‘Heavenly Coins’. The leads here - I will say that only Jin Hee is better than Takao. In Sung and Hun Jung aren’t up to Yutaka and Noriko’s standard. Hun Jung’s interpretation of a ‘fake deaf mute’ is very shallow while In Sung lacks Yutaka’s rebellious shine. I have written a review on it. Readers may be interested to find out from there.

SBS, please stay away from boring and repeated romances. Although this serial does give some insight into broken families, it isn’t done properly – just touch the skin barely and go. Does this result in the malfunction of the three leads as adults? I believe so – as we can see the flaws in them. This should be explored much further. What a pity to let it pass like this.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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