Stained Glass

Reviewed by: sukting

February 26, 2006

Rating: three

How long
18 episodes

Are you interested to see how Dong Gun and Ha Neul act as a couple? How will Dong Gun perform after acting in two comedies to act in a tear jerker here? Will Ha Neul get away from her usual sad roles? This serial provides you the answer.


Zhi Xiu and the guys vow to be good friends. Zhi Xiu becomes a photographer and has to put up with a fussy actress, Xiao Ying. Qi Tai vows to be an industrialist and guard Zhi Xiu forever. His boss punches him again and reminds him on his humble background. Tai Xi tells him off for overshadowing her elder brother, Tai Cheng. Qi Tai gets so mad that he throws the notes on the ground when driving away. He is now working as Da Ying’s holdings heavy creditor’s rights management consultant. Dong Zhu hopes to be a diplomat when he grows up. He wishes that Qi Tai will protect Zhi Xiu when he isn’t around.

Zhi Xiu and Qi Tai pay respects at Dong Zhu’s grave. He is missing in the river since 1992 (that happens when he is 12 years old.) while trying to save Qi Tai from drowning. Zhi Xiu is sent to Japan for an assignment – the artiste, Zhang Xiu Ying is following a director to Japan. He wants news on them – a photo is the best or she will be dismissed. She pours her woes to Qi Tai. She pretends to be sexy in front of him and asks him to pose like a model.

She is angry to see his bruise and demands to know who hits him but she is convinced that he has it due to a fall. He carries her up the stairs and she is reminded of Dong Zhu’s death anniversary. He brings Zhi Xiu to her home and tells Zhi Shi to take care of her. He gives him more money when he calls him ‘brother-in-law’ but she forbids it. Zhi Shi is mad and will not ask her for money to get into university or woo his girlfriend. Can’t she see that Qi Tai loves her?

She maintains that she only likes him as a brother and doesn’t want to add to Qi Tai’s burden. Qi Tai overhears her and sighs. Xiu Ying decides to go Japan earlier and Qi Tai comes to fetch her to the airport. How cute he is – he tells her to get his handphone from his pocket but she finds a hotdog in it. He is afraid that it will get cold so he puts it close to his chest. She promises to get a present for him but he wants a kiss. She gives him the sandwiches instead. She gets the Japanese director’s resume.

He gives her a handphone so that she can use in Japan. She must use it or he will chase her to Japan. He knows her too well for 13 years. He does not allow her to say thank you through the mouth so she sms to say that. Both wave each other goodbye. Dong Zhu (now known as You Yi) sees that a woman sits nervously beside him to pull her skirt and he accidentally spills water over it. He quickly removes his suit jacket and places on top of it. The clothes can be thrown but she should not discard her self-confidence. She can return it to him later.

You Yi senses that she uses lavender perfume. He gives her a namecard so that she can call him regarding car insurance. He is Asia’s insurance’s Asia department director - Japanese name Shan Ben You Yi. He is with his father, Jie Min who refuses to see his mother. He reminds him not to get close to any woman without thinking – especially the actress. Zhi Xiu meets up with Zhu Qing.

Qi Tai gets lunch for his mother but lies that his boss is happy with his performance. She wants him to visit his father since it is his birthday. Why is Yun Rui engaged to Tai Cheng through a blind date? She doesn’t understand it. Even when her mother is alive, no one will look down on Qi Tai. She treats Qi Tai as her brother but Yun Rui doesn’t treat him as the future brother-in-law.

She must be reminded that she can’t reject good like shopping. Yun Rui ignores him so he leaves. Tai Xi runs after him and he is touched that she sides him. But he wants her to treat Yun Rui better since he is not stepping into the home again. She will wait for him at Yun Rui’s art exhibition tomorrow.

Zhi Xiu takes photo of Xiao Ying and wonders who the person she likes. Zhu Qing helps her with her luggage. You Yi sneaks beside Hui Zi and she is delighted. He thanks her for giving him a special life. She thanks him instead. They rescue him from the river and later treat him as their own. He isn’t a son to her but a man. Bring him up is like falling in love so his father is always jealous. She encourages him to return to Korea to look for his parents and the owner of the harmonica when he has in his hand when he is found.

He has tried getting it from the river but falls into the river instead. He can’t remember the name of the village but only remembers the names and faces of his friends. He consoles Hui Zi that she has already tried her best. Why doesn’t Xiao Ying’s lover receive her at the airport? He must be a Casanova. She tails Xiao Ying up a cruise by stealing a motorcycle to dump it at the harbour. You Yi is with her to see the scenes in Kobe at the deck. Zhu Qing closes her eyes – why is Zhi Xiu always getting into trouble?

They miss each other. The ship is as romantic as her. You Yi picks up a scarf and Xiao Ying denies dropping it. It is Zhi Xiu’s as she just sneaks into the room. Xiao Ying asks she is no ? on board. He replies that many wish to be the first and last woman. Zhi Xiu is amazed that he speaks fluent Korean. You Yi asks Xiao Ying for a dance so Zhi Xiu tries to snap photos. She is discovered and You Yi grabs her hand. (This woman has zero talent to be a reporter as her instinct is very slow and makes too much noise.)

She is pretty and has a nice voice. She can try shouting but he refuses to return to her. He doesn’t want a scandal as she is so sneaky. Although he isn’t a good guy, he wants her to apologise. She obeys and he grins. He brings her out to the deck and looks at what she has recorded in her handphone to throw it away.
Xiao Ying sprays perfume while he wants to know how much Zhi Xiu gets for the assignment. (I don’t understand why her lifeless look is the same as I have seen in ‘piano’.)

He pays her the money to compensate for the camera and she hates being humiliated. She dumps money back to him – she will not sell her soul. She doesn’t want to do this and wants to take her own photos. He will not understand how she feels. Don’t hurt her again as her job is important to her and she might lose it. She gets down and he looks at her. Both women are detained for the theft but You Yi bails them out. Zhi Xiu is stunned and You Yi is now with Xiao Ying. He removes her coat and kisses her.

Suddenly the bell rings and Zhi Xiu tells You Yi that it is meaningless to do that. (Sad to say, Ha Neul has no ‘fire’ and only impatience. This scene could have been better.) You Yi is impatient – he lowers his collar – can’t she see that he is busy? Why does he help her? He only wants to satisfy himself? He wants her to deal with her inferior complex. He will retract his offer to let her stay in the cell then. Zhu Qing rushes to grab his phone – a real man should not regret his act. She pretends to thank him so he asks when she will return the money to him. Can he still trust a thief?

He wants a photo of him and XiaoYing as a memo for Xiao Ying to keep. She refuses and wants other methods. He reminds her that she has no choice. Indulging in personal emotions will not do any good. Zhu Qing promises for her. What if she publishes it? He tells her to use her head. Don’t be grateful to her – he seldom sees a woman a second time. She gets annoyed but has to agree to it. He is not in the mood to be with her and returns home. His chauffeur drives while he thinks over her words.

Qi Tai asks Zhu Qing repeatedly what happens when he can’t get through to Zhi Xiu. Many are going to access You Yi’s first project and he must not disappoint the shareholders. Xiao Ying is shocked to have Zhi Xiu as their personal photographer for the day. Zhi Xiu tries to evade the job but You Yi doesn’t mind – it will be weird if women don’t quarrel. He will leave her to shoot anything she wants. The best is to make sure that she is pretty. She has to follow them all over the places – from boutiques to shops.

He gets Xiao Ying a ring but tells Zhi Xiu not to delete the photo. Later, both make pottery. Qi Tai gives Yun Rui flowers and she reminds him that reporters are coming. Tai Xi decides to give Qi Tai a treat outside. He shouldn’t have come. Zhi Xiu is not there and she sees that he is moody. Will she keep Zhi Xiu if she is him? He doesn’t wish to let her suffer under the sun without a shade. It is enough for him to live like this alone. Tai He reminds him that love is selfish as she has been hurt before. She wants to love selfishly while he loves earnestly to see who wins in the end. Qi Tai agrees to the bet.

You Yi wants to let Zhi Xiu eat in the same restaurant as them but Xiao Ying refuses. He will meet her in an hour’s time. Xiao Ying gives her some money but Zhi Xiu gives her back. You Yi smiles again.
Zhi Xiu worries that Xiao Ying will see them eating fastfood but Zhu Qing assures that she will only have eyes for You Yi to neglect them. (This woman is sure impossible but proud – since she is scared of criticism, she should have gone somewhere further to avoid the trouble.)

You Yi sees the two eating happily from the window and smiles. The couple walks into a fortune teller’s shop to see if they can get married in future. They are said to be very accurate so Xiao Ying must be sounding him out. The result is – she has many boyfriends but no special ones. Zhu Qing asks if Qi Tai is her husband in future. The person says the third person she sees will be the one. They are relieved t o see two little children and suddenly You Yi appears. Her heart misses a beat.

He reminds her that the work is incomplete and he doesn’t like to hear the word sorry. She should remember the motorcycle cost and be professional. Zhu Qing feels sorry and hopes he will not be the third person. You Yi tells the two to wait for them outside while they get into a souvenir shop. He sees the harmonica and blows a song, recalling the past.

Zhi Xiu quickly charges into the shop and sees this but regains her composure. You Yi wonders what is wrong with her. She looks at the group photo in the car. Zhu Qing has to leave early to write her thesis and leaves some money with Zhi Xiu. Xiao Ying wants Zhi Xiu to publish the photo of her with the ring. So both will get what they want since Xiao Ying wants to marry You Yi and Zhi Xiu can keep her job.

Zhi Xiu refuses to utilize the photo for the purpose of taking advantage of someone’s good intention. You Yi overhears everything and is utterly disappointed in Xiao Ying. Qi Tai frowns to see his father forcing them to move overseas to prevent obstructing Tai Cheng’s future. Qi Tai has thought that things go well when Mrs Piao looks for him at the orphanage but it turns out to be a nightmare for him for 10 years. He prefers to stay in his usual place. He gets drunk and mumbles Zhi Xiu’s name.

Zhi Xiu has wanted to modify the photos before giving to You Yi but she doesn’t want to get criticized of publishing them so she gives the storage card to him. He allows her to keep it and she is taken aback – stop the joke as it wastes her time. (Sorry to say – Na Neul doesn’t look surprised at all.) He offers to send her back to the hostel but she refuse. She leaves in haste and he picks up her money to go after her. Xiao Ying tries to stop him at the entrance. You Yi looks at her – she hasn’t lost anything and she gets mad.

You Yi is amused when she still refuses to get in although he parks his car in front of her. When she gets into the cab and has to slip out as she has no money, he shows the bill in his hand so she has no choice. He comments – so doesn’t this solve it in the first place? She sneezes and he notices that she has a weak physique despite her fiery temper. (I still think she has no ‘fire’ – not even a spark.) He doesn’t want to be quiet in the hour’s journey so they start to converse.

He helps her in the police station as she speaks only Korean. You Yi gets a call and turns serious. He wants her to wait for him in the car after he parks it outside a house and charges out. Hui Zi blames the servant for making a fuss while You Yi forces her to eat the medicine. He is a persistent person and wishes her to be home soon. Zhi Xiu wonders who many women he has and peeps inside – seeing him feeding a woman. She only gets to see Hui Zi’s face when he is asked to put his father’s painting properly.

You Yi sighs – his father should know how much she loves him. Hui Zi feels that it is her fault as she owes him too much. She will only tell him in future. She wants You Yi to take care of himself and You Yi apologises to Zhi Xiu for the delay and is surprised that she thanks him sincerely. She will leave the airport at 5pm so You Yi wishes to have lunch with her. There is a heartbeat from him when with her.

Her heart flutters (but she doesn’t look that way – how disappointing!) but is amused that he refers to the handphone vibrating near his chest. He likes the sweat in her scarf than the perfume fragrance before returning it to her. She is amused – when will he get serious? The lunch should not be a burden to her. He gets her lemon tea in a bag to treat colds. (Any woman will melt but why this woman doesn’t?!) She is touched when getting better after drinking it.

She gets to the airport without meeting him and gets a waitress to pass the bag back to him. He is at the café and jumps upon knowing it. He is about to run after her when his assistant reminds him to meet the American delegates 30 minutes later. He sighs and reaches the airport but is still too late. She writes the resignation letter on the plane but he manages to get a ticket to be on the plane, demanding why she misses their date. He tries to drag her so she complains to the air stewardess that he has no boarding pass. To her dismay, he has and even lies that they are newly married but she is throwing a tantrum! (This scene is funny to remind me how Jing Shu tries to shake Cheng Jun in vain in the MTR in ‘Staircase to Heaven’).

He wants to settle a new agreement – he isn’t always like this and also wonders why. He will be on a business trip the next day and wants her to meet him. She writes the destination on a note to 6pm – the day after tomorrow that the time he fixes for their dinner date. He lets her off – only making sure that she comes with his watch that his foster mother has given him after his graduation. (This is smart to make sure that she turns up for the meeting!)

She is puzzled how Qi Tai knows she is back when he gets her luggage for her from the airport. He has a solemn look and he demands to see her handphone. She can’t explain to him and is apologetic for not keeping in contact. He thinks that this is just her excuse to lie for being busy. You Yi smiles upon recalling Zhi xiu screaming that she doesn’t want to be Cinderella. Qi Tai gives her another new handphone – he isn’t angry with her anymore. He nearly goes mad when can’t get into contact with her. He knows her reluctance to tell him what happens.

Zhi Xiu is shocked that Zhi Shi has given down payment for a shop but has no money to pay up the rest. She is more shocked to know that Han Song has been staying with Zhi Shi all along when she is away. She has to spend a day to consider how to help him. Yun Rui sends Mrs Piao of the drawing of a bird without a wing. Qi Tai has a shower to vent his frustration and a scar is there. You Yi also has a shower and looks at a scar – Qi Tai has donated his kidney to save him.

Jie Min wants You Yi to take care of himself when he is in Korea. Jie Min looks at his family photo and sighs. Zhi Xiu decides to go for an interview at Kube Insurance since she loses her job. You Yi arrives and Chang Cai receives him. He sees a Christmas tree and is reminded of the past. He writes a note – saying that he misses them to tie on it. Zhi Xiu decides to give Qi Tai a treat after getting the application form.

You Yi reaches the building and takes the lift. Suddenly he hears Zhi Xiu calling Piao Qi Tai but alas he is too late as the lift closes. Qi Tai is puzzled to see Zhi Xiu without the camera but still leads her out. So You Yi is too late to see them. Chang Cai offers to help him but he prefers to look on his own. The director of Kube claims that You Yi is more handsome than the rumour. He wishes to have dinner with him next evening. He recalls the promise he makes with Zhi Xiu and wants another day.

The director laughs – no one will let go of a chance to date a handsome man. Kube’s future lies in You Yi’s hands now. This is the first time Zhi Xiu comes near his working building to give him a treat and he feels special. She refuses to let him drink wine. He recalls how hard he carries her all the time when she is drunk then and she keeps feeding him. Qi Tai is angry when his table is packed and he is transferred to the user’s service unit without notification. Mr Piao tells him that he hates him for being capable but he is like a bomb. Qi Tai is bitter and leaves.

You Yi starts his presentation, referring how to win a woman’s heart in getting a deal. Zhi Xiu gets the money by returning the house. Zhi Shi feels bad about it. You Yi tries to find the whereabouts through orphanages and gets no answer. They are finally under the same sky and he really misses them. Qi Tai runs fast on the treadmill while You Yi jogs in the park. Tai Xi’s dog startles You Yi but he is angry when she doesn’t say sorry. She is rude and ugly as her dog. She gets angry – he is alright and yet he wants some money? He laughs – it is more like she trying to get his attention with her dog. Although he doesn’t know how rich or pretty she is, she looks better when smiling. He drives away but she is attracted.

Yun Rui wants to play matchmaker to Tai Xi and Mr Piao agrees to it. Tai Xi is displeased with her - this might please her father but not her. If she keeps on doing this, she will not see her again. This must be due to You Yi as her luck dips after meeting him. You Yi dresses nicely for his date and turns down all other meetings. Zhi Xiu looks at the watch and recalls moments with You Yi. Qi Tai is worried upon knowing that Zhi Xiu moves out. He demands to see her but she will only call him later as she has something on.

You Yi looks dreamily at the Seoul Tower and Zhi Xiu is behind him - she has added perfume? She returns his watch and he thanks her for telling him such a nice place. He has been thinking of her and there is no one to have dinner with him since he has been away for 12 years. Finding him sad, she has a meal with him. Meat and lemon tea are good for the cold. He asks if she has completed the medicine.

Her expression softens and answers yes. He is glad that it works. When writing, his heart beats. Now getting a call can make his heart explode. A date like this is like owning the whole world. He is so disappointed when she doesn’t turn up the other day.(This scene is very romantic but unfortunately he has the wrong audience!) Qi Tai calls, demanding to know where she is as he is moving furniture. You Yi is displeased to see that she has a new, modern handphone. Hasn’t she broken the rule to date others when she has a boyfriend? (How this man changes to be stern in the next moment!)

He follows the rule strictly. Zhi Xiu smiles – the caller is only a friend. His expression softens – this is the first time she smiles and she is attractive indeed. Why is she having a bitter face daily? The blue rose on the table resembles her and she gets fluttered to look down. You Yi is with her at the bus stop – she is so stubborn to refuse his lift. She is only out to return him the watch but he hopes to date her again since he is a nice guy. She says nothing but gets on the bus.

He knocks on the bus window and she opens it. He will wait for her here again at 6pm and nothing at stake this time except to give her a heart which yearns to see her. (How touching! A good way to woo a woman.) She smiles, getting touched. Mrs Piao is displeased with Qi Tai wishing to ask Zhi Xiu to move in and knows he has a hard time at work. He requests Mrs Piao to let Zhi Xiu stay – he can’t stand her having a hard life. Mrs Piao has a condition – he must stay in the new company. Qi Tai gives in.

Qi Tai is at the bus stop waiting for Zhi Xiu again – he knows that she has gone to South Mountain whenever she is upset – so upset that she doesn’t think of him. She is adamant not to stay in his house – why is she so stubborn? She isn’t his woman – she corrects him. Or is it because of his mother? Then she can leave then. Mrs Piao wants her to stay – does she know how blissful Qi Tai looks when he packs her room? He has suffered lots of grievances because of his disappointing mother.

She will not like to see again if she keeps hurting her son. Just pretend not to know Qi Tai’s feelings and stay on till she finds a better house. Qi Tai thanks Mrs Piao for helping him so he will keep his promise. She is contemplating but later sighs when getting his call to tell her to sleep well. You Yi looks forward to see Zhi Xiu again. Qi Tai drives her to Kube insurance while You Yi is smiling broadly to have a meeting.

When the time is approaching, he gets his jacket and hurries out. He gets a bouquet of flowers for her. Qi Tai is buying vegetables from the supermarket and is disappointed to know that she is working at South Mountain again this evening. Zhi Xiu hides at a corner now upon seeing You Yi waiting. It is raining but he still stands there. But when driving on the way, he sees her on the road. He stops his car and runs to her but is shattered to see Qi Tai fetching her. He is startled and is drenched in the rain with the flowers. (My heart goes all out to You Yi and really swears at Zhi Xiu for being heartless.)

You Yi returns to his car and drives away. Qi Tai wonders why Zhi Xiu goes there in the rain. Has she made any appointment with a man? She admits it – is he trying to monitor her action? She is suffocating – he is offended. He is only concerned and helping her but she feels that he is selfish. She gets off his car and he drives away. Tai Xi goes dancing and sees You Yi drinking alone, looking down.

Zhi Xiu cries at the bus stop, recalling how sad You Yi is to stand in the rain to watch her leaving. You Yi is not in the mood to bicker with Tai Xi. She has not believed in relationships but is impressed that he dares to be rude to her. She wonders why he takes strong liquor. He replies that he has met a woman who makes his heart goes fast but their relationship ends before it starts. He is at a loss now – to her, it is not as he looks so troubled. He gets a chauffeur to drive him back, giving her his signal hand sign again.

You Yi walks down the car with the flowers. Zhi Xiu returns to see Qi Tai waiting for her at the door. He can be her friend for now just to keep her by his side. You Yi throws the bouquet on the floor. Zhi Xiu sighs upon recalling what has happened. (Blame in on her hardheartedness – I dislike it.) She runs out again and Qi Tai gets worried upon not seeing her in her room. She is only out to get some groceries. He hugs her – just a while will do. He is worried that she leaves. (Touching scene from Sung Soo!)

Does he want milk early in the morning? She goes out to get for him before he wakes up but never expects him to be so early. You Yi is puzzled that someone orders a meal for him – it is from Tai Xi. Chances have to be created and she reminds him in the note that he owes her a drink. Kube’s staff invites You Yi to look into the interviewees to design the company’s webpage. He wants someone who is capable and is fluent in foreign languages. Chang Cai hints beauty plays a part but he will not accept it.

You Yi looks through the list and makes calls to other orphanages. Qi Tai adjusts Zhi Xiu’s clothes to make sure that she looks presentable during the interview. You Yi comes to the venue after his meeting and is about to enter when he gets a call from the company president so he doesn’t get to see Zhi Xiu at all who is standing behind him who is taking the lift. Later when the lift door closes, she looks down so he doesn’t get to see her face. He tells the president that he can meet the woman. The president is Mr Piao’s friend.

He will not reject but his expression is cold. Tai Xi refuses to go but Mr Piao insists. Qi Tai wonders why she agrees but she gets into his car to have a spin to feel better. Tai Xi is confident to win You Yi over to let Qi Tai meet him. Zhi Xiu takes photos of orphans playing at a function and she likes the assignment. She is startled to see You Yi there – he is the one making the arrangement. She asks if he has waited for her for a long time but he refuses to listen to her explanation.

The real poor person is someone who has no memory. Isn’t she rude to stare at him? She finds him different from the way he behaves in Japan. He replies that he will erase any memory on her when back in Japan. Tai Xi is surprised to know that Zhi Xiu is now staying with Zhi Xiu so she coaxes him to get married. You Yi allows the orphans to go to the playground. You Yi promises to pay Zhi Xiu more if she stays longer. She is angry that he sees her as a money digger – is this how he views her?

Qi Tai and Tai Xi come from the stairs and Qi Tai finds that she looks like Zhi Xiu from the back. Tai Xi laughs – as if every woman with a camera is her. Zhi Xiu takes photos of You Yi and the kids at Lotte World but she is scared of the ‘pirate ship’. You Yi offers to take the photos for them. The kids want them to be together. She becomes timid and feels frightened. But later, she likes it. (My brain searches no answer why You Yi is suddenly so nice to Zhi Xiu in an hour after his nasty encounter from her in the rain.)

But…..when she comes out, she feels terrible. (To me, it is only a mild punishment.) You Yi gets someone to take a photo of them and is about to send her home when she makes a call. She is happy that she gets the job. He has felt bad to make her lose her previous job and is glad that she makes it. But she must give him a treat – she agrees and gets into his car. (It isn’t explained why she becomes so fickle-minded to give in to him now.) She tells Qi Tai that she will meet Qi Tai and Tai Xi later since she is working. You Yi is angry with her treating him only as a working partner.

She explains that it is not her intention as she finds it hard to explain to the person over the telephone. The siblings are choosing a ring for Zhi Xiu. Zhi Xiu brings You Yi to a small eatery that promises good food. He pours wine for her. How does she feel meeting him for the first time besides work? (Sigh – he is simply too forgiving towards her. He should pour her a cup of vinegar instead.) To her, he is really attractive – rich, handsome and also capable. He only wants to hear from her that she feels comfortable with him. She should not get nervous to say the wrong things to him. (How sweet!)

He likes the atmosphere – it is like tasting a mother’s meal. Qi Tai looks at the ring he has chosen. The salesgirl has asked for the size of Zhi Xiu’s finger. He can try to see if the ring can fix on his little finger. He can see if it can match her index finger to see if she is his true match. He smiles and buys although Tai Xi wishes him to bring Zhi Xiu to test it out. You Yi and Zhi Xiu recall the past.

He recalls bitterly – the man who gets her on the second date is the one who gives her the handphone. Why is she so interested in the South mountain and she asks why he treats her so well. He talks about the past of a boy liking a girl. He doesn’t know how she is now as he is looking for her. She must have grown beautifully – either to be a pianist or to be a photographer. What if she is nothing?

He might have high hopes but she could have failed him. He believes that she can shine anywhere and he can recognise her at first glance. (How wrong he is.) But why treat her so well? He doesn’t know too but he makes her think of the girl. She still insists of going home alone but he wants to send her home in case there is no next time. He comments that she is pretty when taking photos in the day.

When her back is facing her, she mumbles her name and she like the South mountain because it is where her father proposed to her mother. She is really harsh not to look back. She is in fact very curious about him and asks for his Korean name. He tells her but she shows no response…because they shout aloud…sigh….You Yi is in a good mood now upon getting back. (Look at his wardrobe - full of clothes to fill a room!) He recalls their happy moments at Lotte World and smiles.

Zhi Xiu is surprised that her room has changed with many things – Qi Tai is unhappy that she doesn’t answer his call and he demands to look at it. She has switched it off instead of putting it into the silent mode. Mrs Piao returns the drawing to Yun Rui and she hints her to return home or Mr Piao will not be happy. It is not suitable for her to put in the storeroom. No one will know the ending of the soccer match and she isn’t married into the family yet.

Mrs Paio reminds Mr Piao that he hasn’t kept her promise to give her the art gallery. She is angry with Yun Rui and demands her to give her and Qi Tai an apology at their home. She has bear for 25 years and will not anymore. Zhi Xiu places the reports on You Yi’s table. She looks at the name plaque – started to know that the name is You Yi – how can this be? Her eyes turn large upon seeing that his namecard shows his Korean name as Han Dong Zhu. You Yi is back in the company and is approaching the office.

She gets fluttered – how can this be? She sees her outside with the staff and closes the door to peep at him secretly. She recalls his words – talking about the past. Qi Tai is angry that Mrs Piao cuts off his connection with the nun from the orphanage by blocking all his calls. The nun is sick and he rushes to see her. He will not see his parents if this happens again. Zhi Xiu gets distracted at work.

The sister is knitting in the cold although she is blind. She doesn’t want to get hospitalized – she has made lots of black clothes for him in the past as he was naughty. Now, she knits him a pick scarf to put on him. Someone drives here too – he is You Yi. You Yi recognizes the nun – so does she. He hasn’t changed at all. The guys meet but Qi Tai punches him for not keeping in contact with him although he is alive. But later, both hug with each other and weep in joy. Both guys have a game of basketball.

Both joke with each other – they have thought that they themselves turn handsome and not the other. The nun becomes blind because of diabetics but Qi Tai has tried his best. He tells him that Zhi Xiu is still close to him so he must see her for himself. He will keep it a secret till they meet. Zhi Xiu looks at their group photo. Qi Tai lies that the nun is ill and wants her to be at the orphanage after work. She is about to tell him that something unbelievable will happen too.

Dong Zhu starts getting nervous and adjusts his clothes. Zhi Xiu comes to the church with Qi Tai and sees Dong Zhu there. He is startled to see her and he hugs her from the back. It is really her – he has thought that it is her – although she is different. He thanks her – glad that she is her. What can he do? He can’t let go of his hand. So the person who is with her is Qi Tai – he has really mistaken. She wants him to let her go – she wants to kill him for making her miserable all these years.

He has been doing well all these years. He will not let her go again. (Too bad this reconciliation isn’t as touching as all of us imagine.) Both hug and weep. Qi Tai horns his car and both stop hugging. He gives her his watch – he has wasted his time on it. Qi Tai wants them to chat elsewhere and allows them to sit at the back. They have not met for 12 years. (What a wrong decision made!) Now he is alive and will not need the tomb anymore. They will not come here from now on. Zhi Xiu always gets drunk on this fateful day to make him carry her home. He has too much to say but doesn’t know how to start.

How can he not recognize her in Japan? Is he too disappointed that she changes so much? They have too much to say and will meet at dawn. He gets an empty bottle – they can meet 12 years ago to dig it up again. Zhi Xiu nearly scalds her hand and Dong Zhu sucks her hand. Qi Tai jokes that his love rival comes at this time and uses a cold towel to smoothen her hand. (Why on earth these guys treat her so well?!)

Zhi Xiu wants Qi Tai to bring the heater to Dong Zhu as he is afraid of the cold. Qi Tai tells her that he has given it to him so she wants to join them? Qi Tai is puzzled – are the two attached – why are both saying the same words? Qi Tai shows Dong Zhu the ring he has prepared. He is going to propose to her – now needs his approval to get her. Zhi Xiu only treats him as a friend – can Dong Zhu help him? He says no – husband is husband – how can he be a candidate?

The two guys have a sleepless night. How can Dong Zhu – when Qi Tai tells him about his dream of having a family with Zhi Xiu? But can her weak body bear children? He warns Dong Zhu not to get into Zhi Xiu’s room. Dong Zhu confesses that he likes her a lot but walks out to weep. She stands in the cold till morning – now it is his turn to miss their date. (What?! These people always talk about loyalty.) Dong Zhu drives back to the office without meeting her, lying that he has to leave as something is urgent.

He even tells Qi Tai that he and Zhi Xiu are compatible. He stops his car by the road and decides not to makethe mistake. Mei Shan brings the staff to greet Dong Zhu. He sees Zhi Xiu and gets distracted but treats her like the other new staff. Zhi Xiu needs to work overtime and read notes to improve herself. Dong Zhu looks at her resume. She is born in Seoul but will never forget her life 12 years ago. She is unable to continue her university studies during the 3rd year due to special reasons. But she has gained awards in photography. She wants to publish a photo album.

She joins the company to challenge and grow up with it. She refuses to walk into his office to talk to him so he storms out to force her to do that. He looks out of his window and happens to see her fixing the photocopy machine in vain. He demands to know what has happened – she explains that she only knows about the job the day before. He asks - why only she and Zhi Shi are together? Her parents? How does she live until now? she avoids answering. Her mother has passed away. He is concerned – is she tired – he can help her. She jokes – she wants a condominium, car and also a photo studio.

He tells her not to joke anymore. She wants him to treat her normally like other staff and reminds her that this is the company. Upon seeing others coming down the staircase, he tells her where to use the better photocopying machines. (You Yi must have been too shocked to know Zhi Xiu’s predicament that he forgets his promise to Qi Tai.)

This time Mr Piao transfers Qi Tai to the circulation department – will it be news business segment next time? Mr Piao wants to force him to move overseas with Mrs Piao. Qi Tai tells him that he has no right – he must be responsible to Mrs Piao. He will go but Mrs Piao must stay. Mr Piao doesn’t want him to meet Tai Cheng – his eldest son.

Mei Shan wants Zhi Xiu to be discreet at work and not pester Dong Zhu for romance. Zhi Xiu is tongue-tied. Seeing her angry, Dong Zhu goes after her – her reply is whatever difficult situation she is, he must pretend not to know it. She doesn’t want to get retrenched – Dong Zhu doesn’t recognize her as the person who evades from difficulties – she changes too much. Does she really want him to do that? He will grant her wish – he calls her by her full name to get distant from her. (He is finally fed up with her.)

Dong Zhu drinks in his hotel room. She greets him at work but his response is neutral. (She simply asks for it.) He turns sour upon knowing that she has a date with Qi Tai. They are only decorating the Christmas tree with Zhi Shi. Qi Tai asks if she wants to go overseas with him. But how to tell Dong Zhu – he must feel unwilling? Zhu Qing returns to work in the art gallery. Tai Xi tells Yun Rui not to worry as she will get the man she wants. The two are surprised when they meet at the café.

She grips his hand and only lets it go after a long time. She wants him to leave – he is treating this meeting like a job. They can tell the two that they have met. He wants her to understand that he is sensitive. He gets her to sit but he keeps drinking to annoy her. So is she a good or bad woman? She wants him to get troubled because of her. Can’t believe that he can stagger back to the company when drunk and meets her at the lift. He can’t even walk properly when out so Zhi Xiu decides to stay with him at his hotel room. She touches his face and looks at his handphone when it rings. So he is there during dawn then at the orphanage – the screensaver has her image!

When she leaves, he opens his eyes and sits up. She walks to the door – upon seeing Qi Tai coming, she panicks and closes the door. Thinking that she has left, he mumbles that he knows what goes on when seeing her smiling with Qi Tai. But it is like blood flowing backwards for him. Seeing how hard she works on the faulty photocopy machine makes him feel like smashing it. They are not friends so they should not meet again. (His words can melt ice into water but too bad, this doesn’t work on Zhi Xiu.) She comes to him and he is startled. Just then, Qi Tai knocks the door.

Her reply – yes, they are not friends. She wants to hear from him – he refuses to say and hides her in one room. (The result of the two hiding from each results in they have to hide from Qi Tai, which is really silly.) Qi Tai is impressed by the room size – not like what a normal person can afford. Qi Tai wonders why he gets drunk. He urges Dong Zhu to get her delicious food. He calls Zhi Xiu and her handphone rings. Dong Zhu quickly switches on the television so that Zhi Xiu can turn it to the silent mode.

Qi Tai brings him food and clothes – they must be the three musketeers again. He sees a pink button on the floor – has he hidden his lover here? He forgives him as he is so lonely. He will confirm something before telling Dong Zhu. Dong Zhu wants her to take a cab home quickly but she refuses – how can they deceive Qi Tai twice? Dong Zhu doesn’t want to feel burdened – now he can’t accept it.

Is he doing everything for Qi Tai? Qi Tai keeps the button with him. Dong Zhu claims not to be the same person – he has to shoulder the responsibility of the company so she should understand that he is just fooling around. She slaps him – she has thought she is someone special to him. This will not happen again then – she leaves in a rage. He runs after her and sees her at the bus stop. But he stops – later to get a cab to go after her. She is on the bus, recalling the past.

Qi Tai is shattered to know that Zhi Xiu sends Dong Zhu to the hotel from the security guard. Zhi Xiu wants to buy a teddy bear but she doesn’t have enough money. He buys a bear and leaves the change with him – in case Zhi Xiu wants to buy anything. He follows her back into the house and stands outside. He should not have stopped her being a reporter or helping her at the police station. He should not look at her face to torture her now. He will not feel tormented then. He kisses the bear and puts it at the doorstep.

Qi Tai gets home after he leaves and sees the bear at the doorstep. Zhi Xiu sorts the photos of Dong Zhu with the orphans and weeps. She pretends to sleep and Qi Tai demands her to open her eyes. He notices that she has changed when back from Japan. He can’t let the person who brings her so much agony. He leaves the teddy bear by her bedside.

Dong Zhu sees Zhi Xiu in the lift but she ignores him. Yun Rui is unhappy with Mrs Piao coming to the art gallery. She tells her to trust Tai Cheng but Mrs Piao sneers that he is like Mr Piao. Mrs Piao then knows that Qi Tai is going overseas. Qi Tai asks Dong Zhu out but Zhi Xiu refuses to go since she is meeting Zhu Qing. She is taken aback to see Tai Xi working there too. She asks her to take photos for her boutique. She agrees to do for her over the weekend. Tai Xi laughs – Qi Tai should not give her the teddy bear.

She has bullied Qi Tai when young and feels bad about it. She urges Zhi Xiu to accept Qi Tai to make him happy as he has been upset for a long time. Qi Tai gets tipsy and tells Dong Zhu about being unhappy in work. He only wants Zhi Xiu to be with him. Why is she tormented to be with him? Dong Zhu lies that Zhi Xiu loves him to assure him. Qi Tai brings Dong Zhu home. Mrs Piao was once a famous actress but she married the wrong man to get a boring life.

Dong Zhu says that his foster mother is a nice lady. Although she doesn’t give birth to him, she bears hardship for him. Dong Zhu is awkward to see Zhi Xiu here – she explains that she is into some trouble. Qi Tai leads him into her room secretly and he sees the bear. Dong Zhu looks at Qi Tai’s room and is relieved that Zhi Shi starts his own business. He asks how Mrs Piao treats her. She lies that she is tired and wants to sleep early. Qi Tai finds both of them odd but shows Dong Zhu all the things he keeps through the years.

The first photo Zhi Xiu takes for them and also her photos. They only know that Zhi Xiu’s father is in Japan. Mrs Piao scolds Qi Tai for defying her. She has given what he wants and why is he not having any hunger? Is Zhi Xiu going overseas because she wants to learn photography? Dong Zhu stops Zhi Xiu from leaving – she really makes him angry – why? He only likes the past her. They are only friends. Qi Tai wants Mrs Piao to face reality – she needs not wait for Mr Piao anymore. Why is the fridge full of his favourite food? He smashes everything in there.

Zhi Xiu sends Dong Zhu out and he recalls the past. The first meeting – she is unreasonable. The second meeting – she has a sharp tongue. The third meeting at the police station – she looks miserable. She can see that he is catching flu and wants him to eat his medicine when back. He can’t turn back his head now or he will not bear to let her leave alone. She bandages Qi Tai’s injured hand. He decides not to implicate her but she wants to go overseas too.

Dong Zhu sees a paper bag at his table – a flask and some food. A note ‘his temper is bad and has a weak physique.’ She has prepared lemon tea for him and he is relieved that she is fine. He asks her out again but she wants a friend’s date – snowing weather is for lovers but he will wait for her at the old place. Qi Tai gets the brochures while Dong Zhu gets to the meeting place with a determined look. He has a designed snow scene and keeps the photo with him.

Mrs Piao decides to go overseas with Qi Tai and prepares a last meal for Mr Piao. There is no point waiting for him since he isn’t coming anymore. Zhi Xiu drags Qi Tai to watch a movie when he returns to prevent seeing his father but he thinks it will be a waste as it is snowing. He brings her to the park. Dong Zhi is delighted to see it snowing and she keeps looking at her watch. Dong Zhu waits alone there with flowers while the two have a meal at a Western restaurant. He uses his umbrella to shelter the flowers. (Stupid Zhi Xiu – is it so hard to give him a call in the toilet? Are these people in the 70s?)

Qi Tai reminds Zhi Xiu to get her resignation letter ready. She lies that she is worried about Zhi Shi and takes the MTR to the venue since there is a traffic jam. Dong Zhu looks at the flowers – is she going to miss their date again? He returns home to see Zhi Shi waiting for Zhi Xiu as Song Er leaves him and he is at a loss. She only sees the flowers there and repeats Dong Zhu’s words. She knows how he feels now being alone. Dong Zhu hides aside and hears her. He charges out and kisses her. (Sorry to say, it really lacks chemistry between the two and I can hardly feel it at all.)

It doesn’t matter if she is not famous. The most important thing is she knows how to take photos. She is pressurized as Dong Zhu is too outstanding. He replies that she doesn’t know how charming she is now. (Really? But why don’t I feel it? I will prefer Chae Lim’s role – Hao Zhen in ‘We’re dating now.’) He apologises for being too far in the Japan hotel to her. She releases his hand, being evasive – is he only pitying her because of her plight?

He looks at her – why is she here when she claims that they should not celebrate as friends. This may be the last time for her as she is studying abroad. She will bring his flowers with her. He wants to send her back and she sleeps in his car. He covers her with his coat and lowers her seat to watch her tenderly. (Dong Gun’s fans will get fascinated.) Qi Tai wonders why she isn’t home. Dong Zhu discovers that Zhi Xiu has a high fever. Since she refuses to go to the hospital, he runs to different places to get medicine for her.
She hides elsewhere before he is back and weeps when hearing him shouting that he loves her. The first time of meeting her at the stationary shop – he likes her. The encounter on the pirate ship is also fascinating for him. Qi Tai doesn’t wish to force Zhi Xiu to leave with him but she cites that she will not change her mind. He hopes it ends when they are overseas upon seeing the flowers. (This woman is terrible to test the men’s patience – by playing with fire, we can forsee what happens later.)

Zhi Xiu slips out of Qi Tai’s house early but he insists giving her a lift. She doesn’t want to waste his time as it isn’t near from his workplace. Qi Tai is bitter – he has done for her for 15 years but yet she still insists of taking the bus. Dong Zhu holds the meeting with the staff. Qi Tai is too angry to answer his call as he drives. Tai Cheng refuses to return so Mr Piao freezes his account. Dong Zhu wants to have lunch with Zhi Xiu but she lies that she has a date. You will laugh at his persistence – without letting her saying further, he knows that she will cancel it for him.

Dong Zhu wants Zhi Xiu to hook his arm when walking out of Kube building. He refuses to listen to her – he is You Yi who doesn’t want to regret all his life. Zhi Xiu thinks Qi Tai is more blissful if Mrs Piao is less greedy as he doesn’t want to be the successor to the company but Mrs Piao still harbours hopes on it. Tai Xi tells Zhi Xiu that she likes a guy but both don’t know that he is Dong Zhu. Zhi Xiu is angry with Zhi Shi for thinking Qi Tai as his brother-in-law to get the model job after selling the shop.

She slaps Zhi Shi but he says she has no right to do that since she is also making use of Qi Tai. (Yes, he can’t be more right for this statement!) Dong Zhu waits for Qi Tai and recalls how he shows him the ring. Zhi Xiu decides to move out. Tai Xi is happy to see Dong Zhu – he asks – has she followed him? Both are taken aback when Qi Tai arrives. Qi Tai jokes that Dong Zhu can be Tai Xi’s boyfriend.

Tai Xi describes this as destiny of the two to share kidneys. If Qi Tai marries Zhi Xiu, he will become their brother-in-law. (Very funny – she doesn’t know that they also love the same woman.) This is too much for Dong Zhu to bear and he storms to leave. (He will be insane to turn miserable if he stays.) He gets to Qi Tai’s home to wait to see Zhi Xiu. Just seeing her face is enough. She notices something amiss when he wants to look at stars. Mrs Piao knows that they don’t share a normal friendship.

Zhi Xiu thanks Qi Tai for helping but doesn’t want him to do it again. He asks – what is he to her? She doesn’t answer. (Zhi Shi is really right as I also feel that she is sponging on him – she could have stayed with Zhu Qing.) Qi Tai talks back at Mrs Piao – she should know that he can’t do without Zhi Xiu. Mrs Piao asks – will Zhi Xiu like him? Zhi Xiu decides not to go overseas or marry Qi Tai. So Mrs Piao should not upset him. (Zhi Shi finally drills sense into her head.)

Qi Tai wishes to give Zhi Xiu red roses at work. He is shocked to see that her boss is Dong Zhu and knows the truth when everything is clear to him. He smashes the flowers and drives away. Zhi Xiu is shocked as he presses her to meet Dong Zhu with him. Dong Zhu is also startled to see them. Qi Tai proposes to Zhi Xiu in front of him. He learns Taekwondo, Kendo, judo and even driving because of her. He even reads her favourite novel and is really happy with her. She retracts her finger and apologises.

Why? She is only his good friend. He wants to hug her but only looking at her is unbearable. Can they part? Does she have someone in her heart? He will never give up and she must stay by his side since he isn’t setting her free. She wants to leave (This is the only way she knows - to escape – I detest this.) but he forces her to sit down. She does not know what to do – Dong Zhu tells her to leave in a fierce tone while the other insists her to stay. Finally she listens to Dong Zhu but can’t help feeling worried. (She deserves it. but the poor guys have to pick up the broken pieces for her.)

Dong Zhu tells Qi Tai that Zhi Xiu is also his first love. If Qi Tai really loves her, he should let her go as she is tired. Qi Tai answers him – isn’t he tired too? (Actually both guys are equally tired by this wishy-washy woman.) He isn’t Dong Zhu’s match who risks his life to get the harmonica. What feelings has he for 15 years – he chooses the best apple for her. Dong Zhu points out that he is blissful just to do that. But he should not give what she can’t accept.

Qi Tai lets him choose love and friendship. Is this that hard when Dong Zhu remains silent? Qi Tai gets drunk and hugs the wrong woman to think that she is Zhi Xiu to get punched by her boyfriend. Dong Zhu rushes to bail him out and sends him home when he refuses to go to the hospital but home. Mrs Piao lets Zhi Shi into the house unwillingly. Zhi Xiu is shocked to know what happens to Qi Tai from her.

Qi Tai has wanted to punch Dong Zhu but he can’t as he can’t stop once started. Will Dong Zhu know how much he misses him? He is always so capable in studies and sports or getting angry with him. He is proud to have him as his fried but wants Dong Zhu to help him to leave Zhi Xiu. They are not ordinary friends but Dong Zhu tells Qi Tai to give up. (This man finally decides to fight for his love.) Qi Tai refuses as he can’t.

Zhi Shi wants to stay in Qi Tai’s home but Zhi Xiu gives him money to leave. (To me, both are feathers of a bird to be dependent on others.) Zhi Xiu is taken aback to see Qi Tai’s state and Qi Tai rests his head on her lap instead of getting his mother to dress his wound. He promises to work hard to make her blissful. She is about to listen to her handphone for a call when he gives it to her – it is from Dong Zhu.

Dong Zhu can see that she has a shock – isn’t she stupid not to let them know that she is tired? He decides it is better to be far away. Now he is so close to her but he can’t help her so life is like hell to him. (Poor Dong Zhu feeling helpless for the first time.) She hangs up quickly and Qi Tai lets her that he has no target in life before knowing her. He is a chauvinistic but he starts to carry her bag and takes her shoes. She resists his kiss and he smashes his things in his room. Mrs Piao wants Mr Piao to visit his son but he refuses.

Zhi Xiu refuses to tell Dong Zhu her opinion of him and gets to work. The response for their promotion is good but Chang Cai notices that Dong Zhu seems worried but he shakes his head. He asks Chang Cai if he has done anything that breaks the rules. Everyone has something in life that has something to be done so sometimes need to go against the rule. But he thinks Dong Zhu will not do it. The sister is dying and the guys come to see her. Dong Zhu comes after Qi Tai. The sister knows that something happens between them and urges Dong Zhu to give in to Qi Tai as he has given him everything. (This woman is so unfair.) He knows that he isn’t right but he has suffered too much.

Zhi Xiu gives Dong Zhu some medicine. Dong Zhu wants Zhi Xiu to move out – if not, he will get her out. He is stunned when she gives the resignation later. How can she do this without consulting him? He will not accept this. There must be a way out. He doesn’t understand Qi Tai who is stubborn. Mrs Piao wants Zhi Xiu to get engaged to Qi Tai before they go overseas. She will take care of Zhi Shi for her. She is shocked to know that Qi Tai makes such a big sacrifice.

Zhi Xiu decides to move out. Yun Rui wants Mrs Piao to cancel Qi Tai’s engagement since Tai Cheng is getting engaged to her. Mrs Piao warns Yun Rui not to use Mr Piao’s name to threaten her as Mr Piao is past caring what she is doing. Yun Rui is stunned and approaches Tai Xi. Just tell Tai Cheng to marry her then – she will not help. Yun Rui can’t guess what Qi Tai is thinking – even getting angry will not show it on his face. Tai Xi doesn’t understand why she is having undue worrying.

Dong Zhu wants to have a talk with her but she wants a date with him. They are happy eating from the food stall. She asks why he appears so late – should not have come at all. Then she will not be so tired. If You Yi helps her, he will be You Yi and not Dong Zhu then. She keeps thinking of her mother. Dong Zhu makes her tired but she allows him to hug her in the car. Qi Tai is about to look for Zhi Xiu when he gets news that Tai Cheng is dead. He has thought that Mr Piao has wanted to see him and angrily says that he will keep his promise to stay away but is startled to learn that. Dong Zhu knows that something is wrong with her but she refuses to tell him. She gives him the photos she has taken.

For the unanswered question on how she thinks of him at first glance – although he looks perfect, he seems empty. He looks cold but the blood flowing into the heart is hot. They are very similar and she likes him. upon hearing it, there are tears in his eyes. She takes a bus and removes her handphone battery. Mr Piao is sick after the news. Dong Zhu looks at the harmonica which has been Zhi Xiu’s substitute for his 12 years in Japan. He will forget that he is an orphan and he might not see her again although they are in a far place.

He has not given her up in the 12 years. Dong Zhu gets to work but only sees Zhi Xiu’s empty seat so he decides to engage another person. He brings the meeting forward from 2pm to 10am to discuss the different department functions. Qi Tai touches Yun Rui’s shoulder to give her a fright when she is sleeping to tell her to sleep in Tai Xi’s room. Qi Tai tells Mr Piao’s secretary – Mr Jin to look for Zhi Xiu.

There are many accidents since the New Year is approaching. So Kube strengthen their force on compensation and working 24 hours a day. The guys meet and Dong Zhu likes the past Qi Tai who shelters all of them like an umbrella. Qi Tai cites that he has taken care of Zhi Xiu too much till she moves out. Dong Zhu is shocked to know it but maintains that Qi Tai has no right to say that he will held him responsible if something happens to her.

He has never forgotten about Zhi Xiu all these days. Qi Tai has thought that Zhi Xiu is like a choice to
Dong Zhu but survival to him but it is not true. Does he know how he feels giving Zhi Xiu to him? Zhi Xiu isn’t blissful beside him but he has to pretend not to see it. But he will not do it now. Qi Tai warns him that he will regret but Dong Zhu will not. Qi Tai presses his search while Dong Zhu can’t help feeling worried. He returns to office to get help too. (See how much worrying this woman gives the guys!)

Qi Tai sighs in Zhi Xiu’s empty room. Mrs Piao knows that Zhi Xiu must be in love with Dong Zhu. Qi Tai only needs to fly now since he has wings. He can look for prettier and influential women. He protests that he isn’t in love with Zhi Xiu because she is pretty. Dong Zhu rushes for his call in office but is disappointed that it is work-related. Zhi Xiu works happily for a small studio. Song Kui attends Tai Cheng’s funeral and praises Dong Zhu for being capable and nice.

It is a pity to send him back as he is only here temporarily. Qi Tai is happy to hear that. (He has turned nasty now. From now onwards, Qi Tai has the luxury of having Mr Jin as the chauffeur to drive a BMW for him. Dong Zhu is stylish – he drives a black BMW convertible while his other car looks suspiciously the car Qi Zhu drives in ‘Lovers in Paris’.) Dong Zhu gets news of Zhi Xiu’s whereabouts and rushes to the park. Zhi Xiu is going to stay with Zhu Qing. (Finally – she should have done this earlier.) Zhi Xiu stops as he sees a stern-looking Dong Zhu. Why doesn’t she voice out? To her, running away is the best choice.

Dong Zhu has mentioned that he wants to see stars with her. A shiny star which is far away to make someone to get used to the dark to notice it. This is her. (This is definitely overrated.) It is fine for him to stay under the same sky even as friends. She wants to be independent. He recalls how brave she is in the past. Both go cycling and he gets her a soft drink. Both look at the scenery and he even has chewing gum with her. She screams when she touches a cockroach instead. He laughs as she makes him worried so this is her punishment not to do it again.

Mr Piao wants Qi Tai to move in to stay with him. Dong Zhu is happy that Zhi Xiu is moving out. Qi Tai is so tired that he sleeps in the car, making his father’s chauffeur sending him home. He is startled to see Zhi Xiu packing up to leave the next day. She knows that Tai Xi will be upset over Tai Cheng’s death. She will resign and stay with Zhu Qing. He wants her to give him more time. They become like this because of him.

He is angry with himself – not because of them. She is the only thing he is greedy to own all his life. Will they get married if Dong Zhu isn’t back? He will work hard to give her up. But in secret, he crushes a can and is telling a lie. He will satisfy her everything. Song Kui wishes Dong Zhu to stay but conditions don’t allow as he need to manage the business in Japan. Mrs Piao doesn’t allow Yun Rui to resign, citing that it is Mr Piao’s decision. (It seems that she is trying to seek revenge now.)

Chang Cai wants to hold a farewell party for Dong Zhu as he regrets to see him leave. Dong Zhu is surprised to see Qi Tai coming to his office. Qi Tai is glad to know that Zhi Xiu has really resigned or he knows that Dong Zhu will help her. Dong Zhu eyes suspiciously at him – they should wait till Zhi Xiu has settled before they go for her house warming but Qi Tai insists of going first. (He is becoming unreasonable.) But when Qi Tai calls him to tell him that Zhi Xiu is alone at home, he quickly comes over. (He might be frightened that he might be aggressive to her.)

Dong Zhu smiles upon seeing the bear in her home. He is about to hand her his jacket to hang it up when Qi Tai grabs it, citing that people should remain in their present position. But thanks to him, he has a feast. They can toast to him for hid turning point to be a successor. Now he can look up to people and feel delighted. Dong Zhu doesn’t know why they must toast to the dead Tai Cheng

Qi Tai maintains that he should as it is good to have money and power. He must go all out to get the things and woman he wants. The two become uneasy. Qi Tai buys cups only for himself and Zhi Xiu so that she can only brew coffee for him. It is unnecessary for him to get for Dong Zhu since he is returning to Japan. She is stunned by the news. When both leave, Dong Zhu asks if his real reason to ask him here is to show his arrogance. But this can’t buy him love and power.

He hopes Qi Tai can be clear about it but Qi Tai refuses to listen. (He becomes sly now.) Mr Piao wants Qi Tai to work hard but Qi Tai wants to match Dong Zhu with Tai Xi. Dong Zhu is at a promotion with reporters. His warm personality wins popularity. Qi Tai is angry upon reading the newspaper. Dong Zhu gets a letter from Hui Zi, wishing him happy birthday. It comes with a present – a tie from Mr Shen. It is his first to celebrate in Korea with friends.

Zhi Xiu and Qi Tai are too busy with work to have lunch with Dong Zhu so he has dinner with Chang Cai. Chang Cai asks if he is troubled because of Zhi Xiu. The whole company knows about it. It is not fate but destiny for them. Zhi Xiu gives him joy with a birthday cake. She remembers it. Qi Tai comes to visit Zhi Xiu at home and learns from Zhu Qing that it is Qi Tai’s birthday. (He goes woman chasing till he forgets everything about it.) The two blow off the candles and Dong Zhu looks at Zhi Xiu in a trance.

With her, his birthday wish coming true will have a double chance. He then asks her for a dance. She protests that she will step on his feet. He coaxes her as a new try out is part of life. He thanks her for giving him happiness as it is the most painful time for him alone 10 minutes earlier. Qi Tai comes, so pretentious to say that he should have told him his birthday so that he can find time for lunch.

Zhi Xiu wants to take the bus home and rejects Qi Tai’s lift. (She is only capable of escaping but this way is slowly not working!) Qi Tai wants her to say sorry to Dong Zhu so Dong Zhu asks her to stay longer. Qi Tai asks them to get him a present since he is getting a new office. Zhi Xiu feels awkward to get his lift home. Doesn’t Zhi Xiu miss Qi Tai? He misses her when she moves out. Qi Tai is trying hard but still wishes to meet her daily. (Alas – how can this work?!)

Qi Tai then invites Dong Zhu to come to his home to introduce him to his family members. Dong Zhu finds a wallet with some money in it from Zhi Xiu. When buying it, she realizes that women keep getting gifts from guys but she has not bought anything for both of them. She recalls seeing him with an old wallet on the ship in Japan. She has thought the rich has nothing lacking and is overjoyed to get it for him.

It must not be empty so she adds some money so that he will get more in future. If he earns more, it is due to her. They sms to each other. He thanks her for the present while she thanks him for the dance. Dong Zhu is in the news but he is humble to attribute it to Kube’s fame. Chang Cai leaves it in office so that everyone can see how photogenic he is. Mr Shen calls to find out if Dong Zhu has tasted seaweed soup on his birthday. Dong Zhu will report to him on his search of his friends when back in Japan.

Qi Tai is introduced to different shareholders and Zhi Xiu is angry that he wants Mr Jin to send her to his home. She refuses to go and apologises to Tai Xi for not attending Tai Cheng’s funeral as she isn’t in Seoul then. Tai Xi will feel better if she is there and wishes her to marry Qi Tai. Zhi Xiu insists that she will not marry him. Tai Xi asks if she has another boyfriend. She denies. (really a true liar!)

Tai Xi asks Qi Tai how he is with her. He replies that he still holds her tightly. Dong Zhu waits at a shopping centre entrance – does Zhi Xiu remember the incident in Japan? She replies that she isn’t doing shopping with him then with Xiao Ying around then. She gets him to stroll the local markets and he enjoys it. He decides to get lingerie for Hui Zi. Zhi Xiu recalls getting for Mrs Shen when getting her first pay and she is so touched that she cried. Hui Zi must be happy to get it.

Both are happy until Qi Tai reminds him of the dinner invitation. Although Dong Zhu isn’t returning to Japan on the next day, Zhi Xiu hopes to see him more often now to remember his face clearly. They arrange to meet the next evening. Dong Zhu arrives and Tai Xi hints that she will not be tired with him around after Tai Cheng’s death. Zhi Xiu is angry that Zhi Shi is dependent on Qi Tai for lodging.

Tai Xi gets food for Dong Zhu and Qi Tai teases her for not getting for Mr Piao. Mrs Piao isn’t happy to see this too. Tai Xi then asks if its fate for the two to know Zhi Xiu too. Mr Piao asks why Zhi Xiu isn’t present and Qi Tai says that he will introduce her formally next time. Dong Zhu suppresses his anger. (We know what Koreans mean by this. This must be the most uneasy meal that he has all his life.) Tai Xi is dismayed that he is returning to Japan soon.

Qi Tai urges Tai Xi to invite Zhi Xiu home for dinner. He lies that he starts feeling insecure which is natural before marriage. (He begins to become a good liar like Zhi Xiu – has he learned from her?) He tells her to treasure Dong Zhu as he is a rare fine guy. Dong Zhu gives Zhi Xiu a call to remind her of their date – why doesn’t he visit her at home although he parks his car outside? Because Zhi Shi is around?

Yun Rui is informed to get Tai Cheng’s things but she thinks that Qi Tai takes advantage of it. Tai Cheng should be sleeping and not driving at that time. She wants to check it out. Mr Piao also feels suspicious too. Dong Zhu photocopies documents personally and a worker dreams to be the photocopying machine. (This comparison is sure funny!) All single female employee dreams to marry him even though they know that he is close to Zhi Xiu. Qi Tai tricks Dong Zhu and Zhi Xiu to meet Tai Xi.

The two do not know what he is up to. Zhi Xiu jumps upon knowing that Dong Zhu is the one Tai Xi likes. Zhi Xiu wants to leave so Qi Tai also stands up. (See – this way doesn’t work this time.) Dong Zhu wants to follow suit but Tai Xi doesn’t want him to be the light bulb. Qi Tai describes their meeting already arranged and he only knows it recently. Aren’t the two compatible? Mr Piao is also satisfied.

She only wants to go home. Doesn’t he tell her that he will try? (She should know that he will NEVER do it – so silly of her.) Qi Tai gets mad - since she is so concerned about them, she should answer. She turns on the radio volume and refuses to listen to him.(or rather escaping again as she doesn’t want to answer.) Dong Zhu asks if he has sent any wrong signal or offended Tai Xi in any way. (What a description!) His visit to her home is as Qi Tai’s friend and nothing else.

He doesn’t wish her to get hurt and hopes she will find another suitable person. Is it because of the woman who is Zhi Xiu? He doesn’t answer and leaves. (Oh boy – Zhi Xiu is also influencing Dong Zhu too.) Tai Xi confronts Qi Tai – he knows everything and is making use of her. He is scheming and childish. Oi Tai replies that this is only the beginning. She has worshipped him in the past. Where is he now? Doesn’t she want forceful but he wants pure love? She doubts he can have it now.

He asks back – can Tai Xi give up Dong Zhu? She is tongue-tied. They are in the same boat. Zhi Xiu refuses to listen to Dong Zhu’s call and he feels down. (Hey – this is not his fault – why does this petty woman blame him?) Dong Zhu comes to Qi Tai’s workplace the next day. Qi Tai has nothing to say to him. Qi Tai has asked him what he chooses. He will not choose love or friendship but the one which will die when without it. Qi Tai doesn’t need to know but Qi Tai insists that he also wants it.

Zhi Shi is impressed by Qi Tai’s office size but is more surprised to see Dong Zhu. Qi Tai gets nervous when Dong Zhu wants to talk to him after Zhi Xiu signs a 6 month contract to work impulsively. (Stupid brainless woman – with no university education and no fame, how can a famous company engage her without asking?) Zhi Shi doesn’t wish to study even though Dong Zhu offers to finance him. He shows Dong Zhu the gold credit card that Qi Tai gives him – there is no need for him to work.

Dong Zhu controls his resentment and confiscates it. He tells his Japan subordinate to find a boarding school for him quickly. Zhi Xiu is shocked to know that Tai Xi buys the boutique. Dong Zhu jogs fast on the treadmill, recalling his moments with Zhi Xiu. Mrs Piao wants Yun Rui not to come too often to their home but she wants more time to adjust her feelings. Qi Tai wants his own choice to get married. Zhi Shi tells Qi Tai everything and asks why Zhi Xiu hasn’t called him. (This loafer is sure useless to say that Dong Zhu is crazy to do that! Qi Tai is the one spoiling him rotten to make him dependent on him on life.)

Dong Zhu brings Zhi Xiu out for a spin and Tai Xi gets jealous. (Huh – I thought they are having a cold war?! How did they reconcile?) There are no stars in the sky but she is looking at him so there is no need. He asks her to go to Japan with him. She refuses but he isn’t joking with her. But will she be happy as she doesn’t know Japanese? She will be with him the whole week.

Dong Zhu asks – does she know that stars are beautiful in the sky because they can be looked but can’t be touched? But he can’t be the star in her heart. He wants to accompany her at all times. They can be together for a week but later – what can they do? (Obviously - this woman has no planning.) Qi Tai comes to the studio to find Zhi Xiu no longer around. Tai Xi says he should know who she is with now. Anyway, Zhi Xiu is tied 6 months with her.

How Dong Zhu wishes the time will stop. He touches her hand when driving her home and will receive his foster parents at the airport the next day. He wants to introduce her to Hui Zi. He opens the car door for her when she get home, not knowing that Qi Tai is fuming mad at a corner. Zhu Qing complains of Qi Tai calling her repeatedly – is Zhi Xiu in love with Dong Zhu now as she is meeting his foster mother?

Ever since Dong Zhu is in the news, many newspapers want to interview him. Even the woman world magazine eyes him as their target but he can’t manage as he is busy now. Dong Zhu is surprised that Hui Zi learns Korean for the men’s sake. She has the strength to see him and she can walk now. Mr Shen has not met his friends for 12 years and is busy. She has a spin in Dong Zhu’s car – everything has changed.

He hasn’t introduced any woman to her in Japan so she looks forward to meet Zhi Xiu as she must be special to him. Zhi Xiu wants to know if Qi Tai gets her to sign the contract. Tai Xi replies that she buys her time. Don’t fool with Qi Tai – his only target in life is her. She isn’t suitable for Dong Zhu (as if she herself is suitable.) Zhi Shi could have died of hunger if not for Qi Tai.

Why must Zhi Xiu cling on to Dong Zhu? To ditch Qi Tai when she is not making use of him anymore? (This accusation is ungrounded as Qi Tai is as rich as Dong Zhu now, isn’t it? But the part on Zhi Shi is very true.) Zhi Xiu must not disappoint her. Zhi Xiu’s spirits are lowered but she still meets Hui Zi. Hui Zi finds her familiar looking and she is like Mr Shen - allergic to crabs. Hui Zi smiles – this maybe because the two are in love an Dong Zhu wishes to see how she reacts with spots on her face.

Qi Tai waits outside her home. Does she know the feeling of waiting – in office or after work? He often takes the handphone in his hand till he sleeps. Dong Zhu asks how Hui Zi thinks of Zhi Xiu. She knows that she is the one who gives him the harmonica just from looking at her. He shows her photos of Qi Tai – what should he do? He has thought of taking Zhi Xiu with him.

Hui Zi recalls that she also does the wrong thing. Mr Shen also gives up his family to be with her. So he must grab Zhi Xiu. Hui Zi gives Zhi Xiu some pocket money and this makes her feel that she is meeting her mother. She is kind to her. Yun Rui gives drawings of the company’s 50th anniversary. She wants to meet Tai Cheng’s friends and Mrs Piao gets frightened – wanting the men to take their action quickly.

Dong Zhu brings Zhi Xiu to the place where they kiss the first time. Hui Zi has asked him if he wants to marry her – he answers yes. He has thought that Hui Zi will support him. He has a hotel key and will not let her home today. He has no other choice and she is disappointed in him. He laughs – he is only joking. He brings her to the church to propose to her with the harmonica. This is his life and soul for 12 years. Without her by his side, he has no soul. The first time he meets her – he wants to give it to her. But he thinks it is more appropriate for a wedding proposal. He makes a vow.

The female staff exclaims that Dong Zhu is capable to attract a pretty and rich woman – Tai Xi is here with Song Kui. He isn’t returning to Japan that soon since Mr Shen is here. Is he staying because of Zhi Xiu? Does he know her well that she is Qi Tai’s religion? He has no reason to reject seeing his sister to treat her a meal. Zhi Xiu sees Qi Tai in the office and he adjusts his tie.

She is expressionless as she can’t call his name easily anymore. She brings him a gift for him t o hang up. Now he is sitting her and wants to treat her better but she wants him to live for himself. He has thought of her for too long but she doesn’t want him to behave like this anymore. No, his centre and hope is her. She can’t give him up. But she……leaves AGAIN! Oh……….

Tai Xi wants Dong Zhu to eat slowly but he has nothing to say to her so he eats fast. She signals to a photographer to take photos of them. He gets Zhi Xiu’s call and leaves. She allows him to leave or he will not meet her again. He promises to give Zhi Xiu a treat and he finally enjoys his meal now. This is so different from earlier. She agrees to his proposal and he is so overjoyed that he hugs her.

Don’t conceal her feelings anymore – has she seen Qi Tai? She hates herself for hurting Qi Tai and he will wait for her to go to Japan with him. He closes his eyes and feels her warmth. Qi Tai gets mad with them now. She recalls how nice Qi Tai is to her in the past. (This is also her fault not to keep a distance from him.) Zhi Shi helps out at Tai Xi’s shop. Zhu Qing reveals that she might go to Japan and he runs away.

Zhi Xiu will finish her job soon and Dong Zhu decides to tell Qi Tai about them. Qi Tai is shocked to know it from Zhi Shi and confronts Zhi Xiu. (Stupid woman to get into his car.) She doesn’t want him to behave like this and he yells at her not to cry. She knows that he will become mad – he has everything now and can make her happy to get her anything. Dong Zhu waits in vain for his arrival.

She knows that Qi Tai cares for her but he has changed. He insists that she is the one who changed. He wants her to return to the past and so will he. He will go anywhere after her. He will make sure that Dong Zhu will not have her too. Dong Zhu worries when Zhi Xiu isn’t in the photo studio as arranged. He reads the news that has the photo of him and Tai Xi as the headline. He gets into a fury.

Dong Zhu tells Chang Cai to arrange reporters to clarify the matter. Qi Tai begs Zhi Xiu not to leave him in vain. She will not say sorry as this will make what he has done for her insignificant. She will not forget this and will never leave Dong Zhu as she loves him. People say that she isn’t good enough for Dong Zhu but she will not give him up. Qi Tai doesn’t need her but time. She returns the handphone to him.

She later cries in front of Zhu Qing – why is Qi Tai so stupid to have no dignity? She really lets him down but Zhu Qing wishes her to fight for her own happiness. Chang Cai finds it hard to handle the press as someone sends the photos to the media. Dong Zhu decides to handle it himself. Tai Xi shows Qi Tai her work – does he like it? She has helped him. He tells her that this isn’t necessary. Tai Xi snaps that he pulls her into this complicated situation. He has not given Zhi Xiu up as he can’t even stand without her.

Tai Xi insists of doing it. She has her own way. Zhi Xiu goes to the shop to get a new handphone and is shocked to read the papers. Qi Tai decides to go into car insurance. Tai Xi tells Zhi Xiu not to put up a false front – isn’t she jealous of her? Will Qi Tai forgive Dong Zhu? Dong Zhu arrives, telling Tai Xi to let go of Zhi Xiu. She should look into the mirror on how ugly she looks for despising people. He runs after Zhi Xiu, wanting to explain the matter but she doesn’t want to listen to him. (She is so petty – she should know that Dong Zhu shows his sincerity by coming personally during working hours, isn’t it?)

The title in the news is Japan’s rich guy and Korean rich gal secretly in love. Qi Tai tells Mr Piao that it isn’t bad publicity after all. Mr Piao doesn’t know Dong Zhu’s impression but Qi Tai adds that they should like each other since they date. (sickening, right?) Mr Shen meets Song Kui and Song Kui blames himself for making the introduction. Zhi Xiu visits her mother’s grave. Mr Shen wants Dong Zhu to handle the case properly before they return to Japan.

Hui Zi hopes Mr Shen can find the people and wonder how the report comes as she can see that Dong Zhu loves Zhi Xiu. Dong Zhu waits at Zhi Xiu’s doorstep and apologises. She has thought what if their photo is shown. No one will say that he and Tai Xi are not compatible. He is alarmed – how can she say that? He is willing to give up everything for her. She should know his feelings and they must work hard together. (That is sure touching!) Qi Tai parks his car and sees Dong Zhu’s car there. (So you can gather his reaction.)

All people keep calling to find the truth of the rumour and Chang Cai becomes busy. Dong Zhu frowns during the meeting – so does Qi Tai as he starts the new project. Zhi Shi refuses to go to Japan as he has treated Qi Tai as his brother – not because he is rich. He helps him and not Zhi Xiu. He doesn’t know why Dong Zhu snatches his card. Can she talk aloud in front of Dong Zhu as like to Qi Tai? (This brother is a scum who doesn’t know what he really needs - discipline.)

Zhi Xiu has to start afresh in Japan when this happens – will she like it? Mr Shen doesn’t wish to see Zhi Xiu and doesn’t wish Dong Zhu to waste time on love. He has given up love because of his ambition. Dong Zhu is displeased as Hui Zi will be disappointed to know that. Mr Shen is meeting Mr Piao but Dong Zhu snaps that he has no time – he is simply too angry with his foster father.

Dong Zhu is with Zhi Xiu while Qi Tai is switching the lights on and off in his room, thinking of her. Mr Piao praises him for doing a good job and will let him manage the 50th anniversary dinner. This is his first time appearing in public so he must do well. Dong Zhu goes to his press conference. Chang Cai can’t understand why an outstanding Dong Zhu is not doing any counterattack. Enduring might not work.

Yun Rui wants to introduce Tai Cheng’s friends to Mr Piao and Mrs Piao gets nervous. Dong Zhu talks to Qi Tai – why do they become like this? Is Qi Tai the culprit for the newspaper report? Qi Tai answers yes impulsively. And Dong Zhu’s staff is leaving in numbers too. He tells Qi Tai not to damage their companies’ interest because of their feud.

Qi Tai snaps - responsibility? Qi Tai is born out of wedlock – what to say then? Dong Zhu asks – can’t he let them go? Qi Tai tells him to tell the nun then. Tai Xi gives Zhi Xiu the anniversary invitation card – Qi Tai wants her to pass it to her. What good it is to provoke Qi Tai? To be with Dong Zhu and do nothing? Zhi Xiu decides not to go. Dong Zhu doesn’t want to be Qi Tai’s enemy but he changes so much.

Qi Tai is poor in the past but not despicable. He replies so is Dong Zhu – poor but will not grab other people’s ownings. Dong Zhu jumps – others?! By saying this, is Qi Tai implying that Zhi Xiu is his? Dong Zhu is always the underdog because of Qi Tai’s kidney but they are wrong. Qi Tai reminds Dong Zhu that he starts the war. Dong Zhu is fed up – since he wants, he will accompany him then.

Tai Xi suggests letting Zhi Shi attending the dinner and Qi Tai isn’t happy to know that Zhi Xiu isn’t sure if she is coming. Dong Zhu gives Zhi Xiu some chocolates to cheer her up. Dong Zhu wants Zhi Xiu to go to the dinner as his companion. This isn’t acceptable to many, especially the Piaos but they are not sinners. He wants to introduce her to Mr Shen. But is this too much? He holds her hand – this is their unescapable path.
If they don’t go, there isn’t any chance anymore so she agrees.

Zhu Qing lends her the clothes. She worries of making mistakes to land Dong Zhu in trouble. Dong Zhu comes to the dinner with Mr Shen. Mr Shen exclaims that Tai Xi is as pretty as her mother and the atmosphere gets embarrassing. Zhi Shi arrives and is displeased to see Dong Zhu sitting at Tai Xi’s table. (Please don’t worry – there is still an empty seat between them.)

Dong Zhu sees Zhi Shi drinking wine and is about to walk to him but Qi Tai talks to him so he stops. Tai Xi wonders why Dong Zhu looks distracted and he walks out. He goes out to get Zhi Xiu and is attracted by her beauty (She still looks normal to me.) Zhi Shi drinks too much (this man is only capable of getting into trouble.) Tai Xi introduces herself to Zhi Shi.

She gets offended when he says that she is different from Qi Tai who is handsome. She reminds him they will be in-laws if Zhi Xiu marries Qi Tai. He doubts so. Tai Xi insists that he will marry Dong Zhu and is scared that Zhi Xiu will get hurt. (The stupid siblings – Zhi Xiu doesn’t tell Zhi Shi the whole story while Zhi Shi is so gullible to believe Tai Xi.)

The two walk into the venue, holding hands. Qi Tai goes cold – how can she face him in future? Hasn’t he said that he wants her to return to him? (This man still has one track mind.) Dong Zhu tells him that this will never happen. Zhi Shi gets drunk and creates a scene when Mr Piao and Qi Tai are about to cut the cake so Zhi Xiu drags him out. Dong Zhu hurries to the lift to offer to send them back but she refuses.

Dong Zhu ignores Qi Tai when back – he will not part with her because of this. He asks Qi Tai back – does he invite Zhi Shi? Qi Tai replies why can’t? Dong Zhu replies he has his revenge then – isn’t this what he wants. Dong Zhu is grateful to him to let him know his true colours. Zhi Xiu is fed up - what does Zhi Shi wants? Zhi Shi shouts – doesn’t she read the news? Dong Zhu is a two-timer.

Marriage needs status and she has nothing. (As if she doesn’t need that if she is with Qi Tai.) He refuses to listen to her. Mr Shen will not meet Zhi Xiu again. Qi Tai asks if that is Tai Xi’s deliberate attempt. She says that Zhi Shi is too stupid to believe her. Zhi Shi is like his real brother so Qi Tai doesn’t want him to get hurt. She gets angry as she isn’t getting appreciated.

Dong Zhu asks Zhi Xiu how it is and she lies that she is fine. She feels like a burden to him. He shakes his head – she should not say that as he feels the reverse. He is so worried after their departure and he should accompany them then. Now he hugs her and is rest assured. Mr Shen must be angry but he will explain to him. She notices that he looks terrible – is it that bad? He dismisses it – is this her way to praise others?

He is attracted when she gets tea for him. Mr Piao learns that the culprit is Zhi Shi but Mrs Piao maintains that they are only friends. Mrs Piao decides to match Qi Tai with a rich girl. Zhi Xiu returns to find Dong Zhu asleep. She loosens his tie for him. (All Dong Gun’s fans will be attracted by the way he sleeps.) The next day, she cooks him breakfast. The feeling is great – they should live together as hotel food is terrible.
She can fix his tie daily since she loosens it the other day. (This phrase is cute!)

Qi Tai refuses to change into the clothes that Mrs Piao gets for him. Mrs Piao stresses the need as he is no longer the Qi Tai in the past to be a famous figure now. She thinks Zhi Xiu is mad to hold Dong Zhu’s hand during the dinner and she will make her regret her choice. Qi Tai avoids her to leave for work. Chang Cai tells Dong Zhu that their system is slowing down because of hackers from Da Han company. They even put Dong Zhu’s private life news on the net. Dong Zhu flares up over it.

Qi Tai is pleased with the result to want to crush him at one go. Dong Zhu can’t allow them to bully but they must work out the clients’ welfare now. Mr Piao is pleased that the dinner ends well and he will not interfere in Qi Tai doing car insurance. But Kube has working ties with them. Qi Tai may be too harsh to Dong Zhu but Qi Tai wants to separate work from personal life. Mr Piao suspects that they have a feud so he warns him not to be too merciless.

Qi Tai glows as their rates go up while Dong Zhu frowns as the rates go down. Mr Shen is still searching for hischildren. Dong Zhu asks what is the matter with him. Although he doesn’t know t he reason but he has grown up. Why doesn’t he tell him when something goes wrong? Mr Shen wants him to finish his job and return to Japan soon but still rejects meeting Zhi Xiu. Dong Zhu will not change his stand.

Tai Xi sneers at Zhi Xiu (this woman also turns nasty now.) How can she still look good by making the guys miserable? Zhi Xiu doesn’t wish their relationship to strain but Tai Xi snaps that it has been worse. She doesn’t know how Dong Zhu’s company is doing now. She knows that he will not tell Zhi Xiu his troubles so she reminds Zhi Xiu that Dong Zhu suffers blows because of her. How badly does she want him to be? Zhi Xiu asks Chang Cai to discover that Dong Zhu is really tired these days.

Zhi Xiu looks at the harmonica and comes to Kube to see him fast sleep on his chair. She covers him with his coat and leaves a note telling him that she loves him. He wakes up to feel the coat and also the food she prepares. Why doesn’t she wake him up? She can see that he is tired and he likes the delicious food. He takes her out for a spin and she can’t help smiling upon seeing him in casual wear the first time. (actually partially casual because he wears a turtle-neck shirt with a coat plus torn jeans.)

She wants to play in the park and sing at KTV. They can also eat ice-cream and he can wait for her outside the female toilet with her bag. Can you believe that he does the last act to attract stares from women? He even takes her coat and covers her with it openly when she walks out. But alas – he has to return to the office to settle Da Han’s threat. Tai Xi finds Qi Tai hopeless to stand outside her office and not daring to see Zhi Xiu. He leaves in haste.

Mrs Piao forces Qi Tai to meet a rich woman and threatens to die if he goes on like this. Qi Tai gets drunk and orders a hotel room, hinting that both should go to bed. We know the result as the woman splashes water onto his face. Tai Xi refuses to end the contract. She prefers to see Zhi Xiu in court as she can’t let them be together. Qi Tai comes to Zhi Xiu’s home but she isn’t in. He returns home and develops a fever.

Chang Cai is glad the situation is under control and Da Han’s pace slows down. He is unsure if this is their new strategy. (Qi Tai isn’t forgiving but he is just too sick to manage that.) Dong Zhu brings Zhi Xiu to Mrs Shen’s grave. She is confused as a bouquet of lilies is there. They can’t be from Zhi Shi as he will normally give roses. Dong Zhu makes 3 formal kneels – does Mrs Shen remember him? He is sorry only to meet her now. She needs not worry about Zhi Xiu as he will take care of her.

Zhi Xiu thinks that she will not have hard time if her parents are around. Dong Zhu resembles Mr Shen in supporting her interest. Mr Shen gets her a camera upon knowing her wish to be a photographer. Since Zhi Shi refuses to leave with them, they decide to have a meal with him and Zhu Qing before they leave. She has no courage to leave a sms on Qi Tai’s handphone. He mumbles her name in his sleep so Mrs Piao forces Zhi Xiu to see him.

Dong Zhu returns to the hotel and looks at his old shoes. Qi Tai has been ill for 3 days but still has the energy to chase Zhi Xiu out of his room. Does she know the feeling of being abandoned? She cries outside his door. Dong Zhu refuses to return to Japan as he can’t give up everything because of ambition and he can adapt a simple life. He isn’t forcing Mr Shen but he is making his decision. Mrs Piao wants Zhi Xiu to save Qi Tai by returning to him.

Dong Zhu is excited when Mr Shen agrees to meet Zhi Xiu for lunch. He tells her not to be nervous. He notices she looks pale and asks if she is sick. She replies that she doesn’t sleep well the last night. He apologises for not making her happy (It is more like the other way round.) Both talk about their fathers. Dong Zhu finds Mr Shen distant while Zhi Xiu says her father is kind like a friend. If only her father is alive, both fathers can meet. (What a joke! ) They meet and Mr Shen is shocked to know her name.

Mr Shen suddenly leaves in haste and tells the two to have it on their own. Zhi Xiu is in tears and begs Dong Zhu to let her leave. She feels tired and he tells her not to be mistakened as he will talk to Mr shen. Zhi Xiu suddenly recalls Hui Zi’s words on her skin allergy and realizes who Mr Shen is. DongZhu opens Mr Shen’s envelope and is taken aback to see the siblings’ photos. Zhi Xiu hurries home to search for Mr Shen’s photo and there is their family photo to confirm her suspicion.

Dong Zhu is upset over what has happened and is stern when facing Mr Shen. He is too disappointed in Mr Shen. Why doesn’t Mr Shen trust him to check on the siblings? He is grateful to him for giving him a life but Zhi Xiu is the first person he loves and he wants his foster parents to accept her. Mr Shen wants him to remember his name – You Yi and not to use Dong Zhu again. Dong Zhu will not be like him to forget his name – Shen Jie Min. (This old man is so selfish to hide his past.)

Dong Zhu storms out while Zhi Xiu weeps at home, deciding not to go to Japan. Dong Zhu calls below her apartment. She should just remember that it is Dong Zhu, not You Yi to call her. Zhi Xiu sends the ring back to Dong Zhu and he gets angry with Mr Shen – is this what he wants? Mr Piao is worried when Qi Tai isn’t well after a few days. Is there anything can’t be solved – he can tell him? He must have lots of words to tell him. His mother and him are a paper with lots of questions which he wants to avoid.

So he must not live like him. Don’t fall ill again after this time. He holds Qi Tai’s hand before getting to work. Mr Piao asks Mrs Piao why she stops Yun Rui from meeting him. The ship that Tai Cheng takes
has a CCTV so he wants to check it out. Dong Zhu tells Zhi Xiu that he isn’t leaving but she tells him to. He has not regarded the air ticket as one but a bond to link each other. This is the present that he has been waiting for. Why can’t they leave together?

She has expected Mr Shen not to like her but the reality makes her face up to the truth. He is too strong for her. To Dong Zhu, the silliest person is the one who regards oneself as most unfortunate. She is not just a person – what is the matter with her? She lies that she is tired to be with him – maybe she may not feel so if she hasn’t seen the You Yi. You Yi is more suitable for him as the life in Japan. He explains that he is immature in the past but she has changed him. Without him, can she live? He can’t.

She tells him to work hard to forget but he hugs her from the back. They have taken so much trouble to be together – they should not do regretful things again. She pulls his hands away and cites that she will regret more if with him. (How ruthless this woman is – what harm will it make to tell the truth?! I guess guys will not take it so hard – he will only faint if they are real siblings.)

Tai Xi is surprised that Zhi Xiu isn’t at the airport. Zhi Xiu wants to forget the past and make up with her. Is she having any problem with Dong Zhu? Qi Tai is also surprised to know that and gets well. Mr Shen asks Zhu Qing to choose a coat for his son. He realizes how little he understands him. Dong Zhu decides not to return to Japan. He tells Zhu Qing to hand it to Zhi Shi as he is his relative. Tai Xi suspects it.

The female staff laments that her heart turns empty since Dong Zhu’s office is empty. Chang Cai is overjoyed that Dong Zhu returns as Da Han Group is up to nonsense again. He doesn’t know how to explain to clients about the bad things Da Han says to them. Dong Zhu finally gets angry. Qi Tai is back to work and learns that Kube only strengthens working attitude. Qi Tai decides not to take further action.

Qi Tai apologises to the woman whom he offends the last time. Tai Xi offers to take the shirt to Zhi Shi as she has something to tell him. Some kind of lousy timing again – Zhi Xiu waits for Mr Shen at his hotel while he waits under her flat. He returns to see her. Mrs Shen lies that he is dead to leave the siblings a good impression. Now it seems that Mrs Shen dies of rage while she doesn’t know it.

She even has a meal with the woman who drives her mother to the grave and accepts her money. Even nearly marries her son. She is here to tell him that they have reached this stage so he must continue to Dong Zhu’s father to keep their relationship a secret so that he and Zhi Shi will be fortunate. He is never concerned about her but Mr Shen knows that she loves Dong Zhu. Dong Zhu returns to see her coming out and hurries to her – does Mr Shen ask her to come? What has he said to him?

Zhi Xiu doesn’t like him and doesn’t like to see Mr Shen again. Why is he not treating others like his own children? Mr Shen is too selfish till she can’t tolerate him. She will cherish their moments together and have memories now. They should return to the past. He stares at her and leads her to the bridal studio. He wants her to wear the wedding dress. There is no other way and he doesn’t wish to force her if she doesn’t want to go to the church. He will return to Japan so don’t reject him.

She looks hesitantly at the wedding gown and wears it with him. (The two do look compatible.) Zhi Xiu’s beauty stuns him and both look into the mirror. Zhi Shi wants to know why Zhi Xiu can’t go to Japan – because he slams her at the dinner? Zhu Qing mentions about the clothes incident and he is confused. Zhi Xiu confesses to Qi Tai that she stays not because of him and there is no problem between her and Dong Zhu. If so, he is here to buy the air ticket for her.

Qi Tai doesn’t force her to tell him and apologises for giving her trouble for loving her too much. They should be friends now. They shake each other’s hands. Tai Xi notices that he is in a good mood when back from the meeting with the woman. She is shocked that they are getting married. Mrs Piao also thinks something is wrong with him – he can’t marry because she has a better background than Zhi Xiu.

Mr Shen presses Dong Zhu to return to the Japan company. He asks why Mr Shen why he dislikes Zhi Xiu. Mr Shen describes someone making the worng choice and turns out to be lonely – a good example is Hui Zi. Hui Zi has loved him as she isn’t aware of him being a married Korean. Although many persuade her not to, she starts learning Korean to know him. Now he is like Hui Zi. Is he going to give up everything?

Mr Shen says definitely no to marry Zhi Xiu and he becomes desperate. Dong Zhu wants to hold the wedding for the two of them the next day. She only needs to think that he loves her. Mrs Piao stops
Yun Rui from showing the tape – she insists that she hasn’t planned to murder Tai Cheng and all look at her. This is only a dream when she wakes up. Yun Rui tells Tai Xi that something major might happen after she confirms the truth. Tai Xi asks Qi Tai is able to marry a business deal. Mrs Piao wants Zhi Xiu to dissuade Qi Tai. She refuses as this is something that she can’t solve.

Zhi Xiu gets suspicious as Mrs Piao mentions about leaving Qi Tai. If so, there will not be anyone beside Qi Tai. Tai Xi wants Qi Tai to be responsible for his action and not to avoid reality. She will hate Zhi Xiu even more then. Dong Zhu goes to the church at 6pm while Zhi Xiu is still at home. Qi Tai also wants to meet Zhi Xiu at 6pm. She is stuck. (Well, she is always stuck.)

She passes the church but doesn’t stop there upon seeing Dong Zhu’s car. Qi Tai is about to leave when she arrives (I nearly swear here – I expect her to hide – not to show her face at the wrong time. ) He knows that she isn’t in a good mood when she wants to order nice food. She wants him not to marry just because of her to get lonely. He will live well and hopes she will be the same as Dong Zhu has no once close to him. So Zhi Xiu must take care of him. Dong Zhu gives up waiting.

Qi Tai wonders when they can meet when she goes to Japan. She drinks fast and he hopes she does that because he is marrying and is scared that she will not see him again. (Really wishful thinking on his part.) She gets drunk but forbids him to call Dong Zhu as she doesn’t want him to see her like this. Why does she only want to give the most beautiful side to Dong Zhu? She realizes that she lets many people down.

Dong Zhu leaves the church solemnly and isn’t happy to see Zhi Xiu at her doorstep when she ignores him. She doesn’t go or she can’t make it? She replies it is the first reason and she has nothing to hide. She loses confidence in everything and it is better to be in the past. He hugs her from behind – he loves herand she id telling a lie as she can’t look into his eyes. She lies that she doesn’t wish to be beside him anymore.

He asks one last time. Does she really want to leave him? She opens the door for him – that is her answer. He leaves, heartbroken and driving home. Mr Shen has told him to forget his Korean name. Dong Zhu looks at the childhood photos – both of them are his friends, his kin, his everything. They share the joy and pain together which he can never forget. He bades them goodbye.

Mr Shen wants to take back the coat but Zhu Qing has given it away. (really a coward!) Dong Zhu cancels his and Zhi Xiu’s air tickets. He wants the meeting to carry on as usual. Da Han is skeptical of their action but Song Kui praises Dogn Zhu for his foresight as the market is getting steady now. Zhi Xiu gets Mr Shen’s clothes for Zhi Shi. She immediately calls him – Mr Shen is returning to Japan the next day and wants to have a meal with her as he might not come again.

She refuses to meet him – that is the choice he has made and he should not turn back. Mr Shen has seen Zhi Shi – he will not turn out to be like this if Mr Shen is around. She cries again and Tai Xi makes lousy wrong guesses. Mrs Piao wants to stop Yun Rui from checking but she refuses. She wants Mrs Piao to be frank to all. Dong Zhu leaves a message for Mr Shen on the family park graveyard. Dong Zhu isn’t happy that he even checks on Mrs Shen. Mr Shen lowers his head. Dong Zhu finally decides to set Zhi Xiu free.

He will not send Mr Shen to the airport so they will meet in Japan. Mr Shen apologises to him. He can’t comprehend what is going on so he will not forgive him. This is not the life he chooses but he chooses Zhi Xi. He will not let Mr Shen worry again. Kube is expanding the market and the clients are happy with the promotions. It has increased by 15%. Dong Zhu wants his staff to concentrate on personal service.

He sees the note that Zhi Xiu writes on ‘she loves her’ and comes to South mountain – their dating spot. He sits beside the tree and recalls the past. Mr Shen leaves and Zhi Xiu cries as she doesn’t send him off. (It seems that she only knows how to cry throughout.) Qi Tai recalls Zhi Xiu’s weird behaviour and is shocked to know from Tai Xi that Mr Shen opposes to the pair together.

He runs out of the house and Tai Xi tells Mr Jin to check on Mr Shen’s Korean name. Qi Tai drives fast hasn’t she said that she will not give Dong Zhu up? Dong Zhu really can’t delay his flight anymore although all goes well and he meets up with Qi Tai. Qi Tai demands to know if the two have parted. Hoe can they do this – he has given up because Zhi Xiu doesn’t love him but Dong Zhu should know it better. He punches him – why is Dong Zhu back? Dong Zhu doesn’t even strike back at him – is he guilty?

Dong Zhu drinks in the bar – how much must he drink to forget everything? Zhi Xiu recalls cooking breakfast for him the other day. Dong Zhu gets drunk when back in his hotel room. Tai Xi congratulates Qi Tai for being the winner. Zhi Xiu is lost in love but he can woo her now. Their father is the same person. Even though Dong Zhu is adopted, this has violated the morals. Zhi Xiu doesn’t wish Dong Zhu to get hurt so this is impossible between them. (Good grief – are Koreans staying in the stone age?! His surname is different, isn’t it? Does this really matter? )

Qi Tai gets affected and tries hard to suppress himself – he has said to protect her. But since his chance is here, he isn’t being despicable. Dong Zhu recalls the lemon tea incident and Tai Xi asks if he wants to forget the past. He wants to remember and also forget it. She is unwilling to let him leave and he doesn’t wish to stay with her in the bar. Qi Tai and Zhi Xiu sit on the swings.

He wants to get married to prevent being her burden but can they start again? She tells him not to like her to get injured so many times in future. He jokes that he can’t pull up the tree so he has to continue liking her. Dong Zhu is sending her back the first time but he harps that this is the last time. (How eager he seems to get rid of her!) Tai Xi cites that she understands that the elders have a reason in opposing. He wonders how she knows Mrs Shen’s Korean name.

Qi Tai has thought to be the most unlucky person on earth but Mrs Piao appears. When he thinks that he has the chance to marry Zhi Xiu, Dong Zhu comes. Now they part and he has a last chance again. He needs Mrs Piao to give him support. Both mother and son dress up to have a meal together the next day. Dong Zhu smells a fish upon seeing Tai Xi’s reaction. Dong Zhu’s friend jokes that the female staffs eyes lit up when mentioning Dong Zhu’s name. He later becomes serious and informs that Da Han wants to persuade shareholders to grasp the management power. It is better for Dong Zhu to return to Japan.

Qi Tai wonders what is the occasion to dress up. She tells him to take care of himself as she is going away. She takes a photo with him and he keeps the photo in his handphone. Dong Zhu packs up to leave and Chang Cai wishes to send him off but Dong Zhu wishes him to stay back and looks after the business. He notices that the pair are not together and feels sad for them.

Dong Zhu doesn’t regret loving a person – it is really worth it. He only regrets giving her up even though he can never forget. Tai Xi finds Zhi Xiu scary that she is not visiting Dong Zhu before he leaves. Mrs Piao
gives Zhi Xiu money – even though all leave Qi Tai, she mustn’t leave him. She denies that something is wrong. (These people are stupid not to know she is doing next.) Mrs Piao apologises for making her suffer.

Someone sends things to their home. Dong Zhu has remembered that she lacks these things. The coffee maker and the fridge are not for her so she can’t destroy them. Dong Zhu is returning to Japan so he hopes not to be too far from her. They must be together although he is a rich man’s son and she is a poor woman. She runs to the hotel and gets into the lift. She sends sms to thank him and he also thanks her.

He lies that he is at the hotel while she lies that she is at home. (Both of them are at the places the other is.)
They bade farewell and hope each other will not get sick. Both are happy to meet each other. Dong Zhu is about to leave the room when he recalls how he celebrates his birthday. He gets to the airport. On the way, he pays Mr Shen’s credit card bills. Upon seeing his name on the bills and recalling the photos, he calls Japan and demands to speak to Mr Shen immediately although he is having a meeting. Tai Xi allows Zhi Xiu to send Dong Zhu off but she refuses – so she reminds her that Qi Tai is coming.

He wants the driver to turn back and stops the car on the highway. He realizes the truth and asks Mr Shen why he doesn’t tell him the truth. The old man chooses to keep quiet. So this is why Zhi Xiu hates Mr Shen. He starts weeping – how long has she suffered? He gets his chauffeur to drive to her workplace. Zhi Xiu recalls how Dong Zhu describing his time to be hers in future and weeps too.

Tai Xi is shocked to see Dong Zhu so she asks what difference will it make even though he sees her? He doesn’t give up and starts calling her in the car. Dong Zhu can’t find her at their first meeting place. (The poor driver must be tired driving in circles.) Zhi Xiu is in the park and Dong Zhu finally sees her there. Why doesn’t she tell him and lies to him? Can she understand how she feels now?

He isn’t adopted and she isn’t anyone’s child. They can still be together. She doesn’t wish him to give up his career. He is the one that Mr Shen has chosen after abandoning their family. He only wants to live fore her despite making others miserable. She reminds him of Hui Zi – does he want to upset her? She can never forgive Hui Zi for causing Mrs Shen’s death and seeing him reminds her of this. He has promised Hui Zi not to let her sad so he will wait for her.

He puts his hand over her eyes – can this cover the sky? Don’t deny their love as he can never leave her. She must believe that he is sincere to her. She doesn’t want him to wait for her. Qi Tai wants to know Zhi Xiu’s whereabouts. Tai Xi tells him why she likes Dong Zhu – he is the only one who ignores her while all suck up to her. She wants him and since Dong Zhu is still staying, she will not give up.

Tai Xi should not get nervous as the two can’t be together. Dong Zhu returns to office and Chang Cai is tongue-tied. He decides not to leave and he is happy. (This poor man must feel confused that he is always staying and leaving.) He requests Chang Cai to look for an apartment instead of a hotel room for him as he is staying longer this time. Yun Rui affirms the truth.

Mr Piao wants to expose the fellow who causes Tai Cheng’s death – this scares Mrs Piao. Dong Zhu is satisfied with the new home and feels bad for troubling Chang Cai. He gives him charcoal so that his life will burn into sparks. Chang Cai notices that he is down – they can’t escape from love and mishaps. Another is loneliness – there are people who are in love t o get married but also couples forced to get married. He tells Dong Zhu not to give up and marry because of loneliness.

Dong Zhu isn’t confident now. Qi Tai brings Zhi Xiu her favourite cake and informs her of Zhi Shi’s new address. Zhi Shi is now working at his friend’s skiing ground. Qi Tai also reveals that the bear isn’t from him. It must be from Dong Zhu as he finds it at his old home’s doorstep. She recalls the past when she can’t afford it – that means that Dong Zhu has been following her then. Dong Zhu opens the box that contains the ring and also the photo album. He finally looks at the photo that both have taken together.

He places it on his home work desk, hoping that she will wait for him. He piles matchsticks in front of it. Chang Cai persuades Mei Shan to look for Zhi Xiu to complete the photo taking for their commercial. But will Dong Zhu agree – she hesitates. Chang Cai promises to do the talking while she can talk to Zhi Xiu. Mrs Piao suddenly gives Tai Xi some pocket money but she will accept it only some other time.

Qi Tai senses something amiss but she only tells him that she is going on a long trip. Chang Cai tells Dong Zhu about the assignment to meet the person in charge at 4pm. Dong Zhu agrees. Tai Xi wants to know if the two have really broken up. She refuses to answer so she takes it as a ‘yes’. She is goingto propose to Dong Zhu as he is important to her. Can’t see him, she will miss him. Even if he ignores her, she thinks of him. She really loves Dong Zhu.

Zhi Xiu is badly affected. (She really deserves it!) Since they part, she will go for him! Mrs Piao has lunch with Mr Piao and he treats her extremely well. They can come here often when she is back. She has tears in her eyes. Zhi Xiu can’t reject the job and Dong Zhu walks in, stunned to see her. He doesn’t even know that she is here. She is puzzled – isn’t he on holiday? She refuses to take it. He asks – because of him?

He thinks that she has settled down – can’t they work together? So the other two have thought too much. So her heart still has him? He can tell the two she doesn’t want it. She wants – to make sure he will no longer wait for her. (How ruthless can she be!) Mrs Piao is really responsible for Tai Cheng’s death. She can give Yun Rui anything in order not to hurt Qi Tai. She loses her senses when Mr Piao neglects QiTai then.

Qi Tai recalls Mrs Piao’s words and can’t concentrate on his work. He blames Tai Xi for being cruel to Zhi Xiu – why does she upset her? She tells him not to let go of the chance to win Zhi Xiu’s heart. Dong Zhu sits in the bar, looking troubled but Tai Xi disturbs him. She tells him to marry her – he has said that he will not so anything for her but she will wait. (This woman is too open till she scares him away.)
Qi Tai asks Zhi Xiu out for dinner. This is like dating Zhi Xiu – no, he will kidnap her if she rejects. She smiles at the joke. Dong Zhu gets impatient with Tai Xi. (He has lost his patience since he can’t drill sense into her head.) She has known of his relationship with Zhi Xiu ever since she knows Mr Shen’s name. Zhi Xiu and Qi Tai should have known too. All of them keep from him. Does she know how miserable he is now to be trapped? She should have told him as a friend.

To her, it doesn’t make a difference as they are torturing themselves now. He has nothing more to say to her and leaves. Qi Tai feels fortunate to be with Zhi Xiu. His parents are getting along well and he is happy now and dares not ask for more. She decides to contact him when necessary as she doesn’t wish him to wait for her outside her home. He agrees to it.

Dong Zhu sits alone – Tai Xi has told him not to give up his life. Yun Rui finds it hard to talk to Qi Tai about it. She hopes that he is fortunate but Mr Piao storms in to scold him. Dong Zhu returns to office and sees her still working. Then what happens to Qi Tai? She insists of following him to visit Qi Tai when he gets Tai Xi’s call. Qi Tai’s mind is blank – Mr Piao has scolded him for causing Tai Cheng’s death and wants him to vanish. He should not have met Mrs Piao.

Qi Tai cries while driving and Dong Zhu rushes to search for him after learning it from Tai Xi. Tai Xi demands Qi Tai to leave – does he also plot her mother’s death and is now going to harm her? He has never regretted having her as a sister as no one trusts him in the past. Tai Xi cries after he leaves. Zhi Xiu leaves a message on Qi Tai’s handphone – why does he hang up like her? Qi Tai is scared of facing her.

Dong Zhu rushes to Mr Piao’s home and Tai Xi insists that Qi Tai is the culprit. Mrs Piao must be escaping and not on holiday as claimed. Dong Zhu scolds her – how can she doubt Qi Tai? Dong Zhu lies to Zhi Xiu that the siblings are only having a quarrel and she must call him if Qi Tai contacts her. Tai Xi knows that Qi Tai is only a scapegoat and Dong Zhu assures her that Qi Tai will not blame her.

Dong Zhu wants her to keep the news from Zhi Xiu to stop her from worrying. Dong Zhu is sure Qi Tai will not do it as he only wants a complete home. Qi Tai has sympathsized the orphans and hopes not to be like them. Zhi Xiu is unable to sleep and Zhu Qing reveals that Tai Xi is sick. Dong Zhu has found a lawyer to settle Qi Tai’s case. Qi Tai finds out from Yun Rui that Mrs Piao is behind it. Yun Rui is apologetic to Qi Tai but her own life is ruined by Mrs Piao so she can never forgive her.

Qi Tai shouts at the beach – how can Mrs Piao do it? Dong Zhu gets more worried when Qi Tai is mssing for a day for he gets a PI. Mei Shan tells Zhi Xiu that Da Han branch company is closing down because of some will dispute. Dong Zhu manages to put his energy back to work. Tai Xi scolds Zhi Xiu for loving Dong Zhu and only leaving her shell for Qi Tai. Despite Dong Zhu telling her to keep the secret, she blurts the truth. Now Tai Xi worries about Qi Tai for taking the rap for Mrs Piao.

She asks Dong Zhu to look for Qi Tai as she lets him down. She nearly faints and he helps her to his bed. She finally cries and he takes care of her as she develops a fever. Mr Piao learns from Yun Rui that Qi Tai is innocent and realizes that he has wronged him. Mr Piao should not look down on the two long ago. Zhi Xiu doesn’t feel like eating so Dong Zhu has to coax her. She wants to leave as he might wait at her doorstep. She should not have told him not to do that again.

Dong Zhu wants to let Qi Tai’s family know that Qi Tai still has them. Qi Tai is not at the park where he is with her. Dong Zhu recalls the first celebration that they have and feels his temples. He has a headache now. Chang Cai informs Dong Zhu that Mr Piao drops his charges against Qi Tai. Dong Zhu has two people to protect – Qi Tai and Zhi Xiu. So he has a hard time.

Mrs Piao sends Zhi Xiu Qi Tai’s baby clothes, her bank accounts and also her letter. She wants her to pass to Qi Tai. She is wrong not to listen to her so she can take care of Qi Tai for her. Both are thinking of Qi Tai and they can’t sleep since he is missing fro a month. She tells him not to come over. Dong Zhu is overjoyed to know Qi Tai’s whereabouts and rushes out of the office to arrive at a small motel. But he has left in the morning. He has to search all over again.

Dong Zhu finally finds him staying at a warehouse and becomes a drunkard. How can he be so weak t o worry others? He will run after him wherever he goes. Both guys do not wish to let Zhi Xiu see him in this state so Dong Zhu has to lie that he hasn’t found him. Dong Zhu lets him listen to her voice but Qi Tai returns it to him. Remember how they make the wish together? Dong Zhu wish to have parents when young and his wish comes true. Qi Tai is stronger – he has real parents and a sister.

Families normally forgive members easily. Qi Tai has wished to be a good son but he often throws tantrums at her. He has not said how he loves her – is he too much? He looks at their photo – they don’t have the chance anymore. Qi Tai sobs and Dong Zhu finds the real him back. He has thought of Qi Tai to be strong but never expects this. He needs friends but Dong Zhu has not done his part. He will stay by him to be his friend forever. Zhi Xiu is happy that Qi Tai is found when Dong Zhu calls her again.

She wants to see him immediately and Dong Zhu leaves them to talk to each other. She tells him not to do it again but he only wants to see Dong Zhu. He wants both to be back but they want to bring him back to see Mr Piao. She takes out the things that Mrs Piao gives her. Mrs Piao values him so he should also value himself. Qi Tai promises to return but he wants them to get married. This is fair to them. why bother how others look at this? He will wish them well.

She refuses to listen to him so he wants them to leave as he will take care of himself. He is here because he can’t face others. Dong Zhu tries to persuade him to go to the hospital but he tells them not to care about upsetting him since they can’t return to the past. He is tired of facing Mr Piao but will settle it after being their wedding’s witness. Zhi Xiu admits that it is her mistake but it is impossible between her and Dong Zhu. Qi Tai tells her to choose her own road so that he can also decide on his own.

Why have they changed when they grow up? Dong Zhu knows Qi Tai is right to tell them to make a decision. If she refuses to marry him, she should return to Seoul and he will stay with Qi Tai. HE will respect her decision and wait but they should think for Qi Tai. Zhi Xiu realizes that he is right – it is unable to cover the sky. They can just follow Qi Tai’s instruction. Dong Zhu is overjoyed and hugs her.

Qi Tai gives them the best present so he puts on the necklace on her neck. The two tell him of their choice and he is happy for them. He will not let Dong Zhu off if she gets bullied. Tai Xi blames Mr Piao for ignoring Qi Tai. She often dreams of him and Mr Piao doesn’t dare to sue Qi Tai. Dong Zhu gets call from Tai Xi and tells her that he has found Qi Tai but Qi Tai needs time as he doesn’t wish to see anyone.

Qi Tai knows that it is her but evades the issue. He has arranged them to get married on Friday at 9am. Zhi Xiu takes out the group photo and smiles. Mei Shan notices that Dong Zhu and Zhi Xiu place their work aside to look for Qi Tai – what secret do they share? Chang Cai can’t answer that. Dong Zhu comes to the church and likes the atmosphere. The three have a meal and take a group photo together with Qi Tai’s handphone. He later throws the ring that he has prepared into the sea.

Qi Tai has no news from Mrs Piao and doesn’t wish to hear news on Mr Piao from Yun Rui. He suddenly coughs blood and she is shocked. Isn’t this what she wants to see him dying soon? Tai Xi has told her that his heart is weak. He replies that he is dead from the day Mr Piao suspects him and doesn’t want her to tell his family. He also refuses to Zhi Xiu’s same advice.

Dong Zhu finally works with Chang Cai and Mei Shan from his laptop – they have finished all their plans and he is glad. Dong Zhu wants Chang Cai to arrange a doctor’s appointment for him and Chang Cai knows that it is for Qi Tai. He informs Dong Zhu that Japan wants him to return soon. Dong Zhu sees Qi Tai unwell and takes his medicine to check the contents. Yun Rui tells Mr Piao about Qi Tai. Qi Tai is startled to see how haggard he looks in the mirror.

He thanks Zhi Xiu for everything. He wishes to keep her beside him to heal his wound but he can’t because he can’t see her getting upset. He doesn’t regret giving her up. He now knows how good Dong Zhu is and how strong he himself is. Now it is on Zhi Xiu to get her happiness. He coughs again but struggles to the beach. Both are waiting for him at the church. They must not cry to upset him. Qi Tai gives Dong Zhu too much – firstly, his life and now something more important than his life. (I still don’t understand why Qi Tai chooses to kill himself oh their big day. To make sure they are remorseful all their lives?!)

They worry that something happens to Qi Tai and come out of the church. He walks down to the sea…we know what happens later. Mr Piao and Tai Xi finally come but they can’t find him. Upon their return, the policeman passes Qi Tai’s belongings to them and they finally know what has happened. They cry at the beach – Dong Zhu insists that the things don’t belong to Qi Tai and breaks down.

Both put up a small grave as his body isn’t found and Zhi Xiu blames herself for not noticing what has happened. Qi Tai never has the intention to return with them. Both feel that he can still appear before them anytime. Qi Tai doesn’t wish to show them his weak side. Dong Zhu is back at work and decides to leave Korea the next day. He can’t delay anymore since Mr Shen is weak. He thanks Chang Cai for his help.

He tells Mr Piao about it and Mr Piao wants him to tell him more about Qi Tai – even his childhood. He keeps on dreaming about him but doesn’t know how to make up to him. Tai Xi bades him farewell – when she thinks of Qi Tai, she can give him a call. Zhi Xiu is leaving and leaves Zhu Qing some money. Dong Zhu packs his luggage and he looks at the stack of matchsticks. Both arrive at the airport and he sends her off (sorry folks but they don’t go to the same place. Stupid arrangement again – I nearly curse again.)

Dong Zhu hugs her and she gets into the custom. She walks out to wave at him before entering again. Qi Tai and Zhi Xiu will look at the sea or get themselves drunk when they miss him when young. Why? Zhi Xiu has thought that he is looking at them somewhere – just like Qi Tai now. They can return 11 years later – hopefully Qi Tai appears 11 years later. They seal the promise. (They are fools having false hopes – Dong Zhu is lost in a stream with strong currents but Qi Tai is engulfed by the sea waves! How can he survive?!) Dong Zhu stands alone at the airport and sighs. He gets into the custom later for his Japan flight. (What kind of stupid ending is this?! I am misled that they are together! )

Introduction on characters

1. Han Dong Zhu - Lee Dong Gun
He is the heir of a big Japanese car insurance company, 7-star holdings. Handsome, young and impressionable, he is outstanding in his work. He is also filial to his foster parents, especially to Hui Zi. But he can be so blind in love to like the materialistic Xiao Ying. After seeing her true colours, he begins to admire Zhi Xiu’s professionalism to promise to keep his romance under wraps. Thus he flies all the way to Korea – not only to work but also to woo her!

What a romantic! He is firm in rejecting Tai Xi. But unfortunately, Zhi Xiu doesn’t live up to his expectations to upset or torture him continuously. I disagree with him for giving Zhi Xiu up to Qi Tai initially but he later fights for her. But Qi Tai’s suicide affects him badly and he does not dare to accept her.

He acts better than in ‘Lovers in Paris’. He oozes his charm throughout with touching lines and earnest expressions. The scenes where he waits patiently for Zhi Xiu in the snow or rain will definitely melt your heart too. With a wide wardrobe of business suits, he really has the makings of a successful businessman.

2. Piao Qi Tai - Kim Sung Soo
He is the illegitimate son of Chairman Piao, Da Han’s Holdings. But the whole family treats him like dirt at work and he endures it. How can he be a weakling with no dignity? Mr Piao neglects him and his mother – considering them shameful. If Tai Cheng is alive, he can never make a mark in life. His love for Zhi Xiu is stubborn. He learns everything for her sake – this is very scary as this shows that she is his only aim in life. He also provides for Zhi Shi, treating him like his younger brother but spoiling him rotten.

He should have given up on her long ago. She has cited that she only treats him as a friend but he still harbours hopes. Without her, he will collapse. After knowing their ‘love betrayal’, he becomes ambitious and ruthless to try to ruin Dong Zhu’s company. He even forces Dong Zhu to come to his home, treating him like his brother-in-law, having to fix him and Tai Xi in mind.

Zhi Xiu has declared openly that her heart lies with Dong Zhu when both turn up for his company anniversary dinner. Yet, he follows her like a puppy. Upon knowing the real cause of Tai Cheng’s death, he loses confidence in living and chooses to end his own life.

Seeing him like this is like seeing a prince charming being turned into a servant. He only shines in looks after becoming Mr Piao’s successor. Sung Soo also improves after winning a best newcomer award from ‘Full House’. But seeing how weak Qi Tai is makes me frustrated and dislike this role so much. The coughing blood scenes are just too dramatic for me to accept.

3. Shen Zhi Shi – Shim Ji Ho
This scumbag not only lives on his sister but also Qi Tai. He is sure shameless. Qi Tai provides him with credit cards and he relies on him to get a job. I really cheer when Dong Zhu confiscates the cards and wants to force him to study for his own good. This man is a true parasite.

4. Shen Jie Min – Han In Joo
He is Japan’s 7-star holdings chairman. He can be an overbearing father to Dong Zhu to push him to work hard in business. Yet, he is nice to his two own children when they are young. But he chooses to forsake his family for his ambition. I am not sure if he loves Hui Zi. Upon recognizing Zhi Xiu, he keeps quiet – too guilty over the past, perhaps? He is sure irresponsible and doesn’t have the guts to acknowledge his son.

What he only knows is to hide in Japan. Zhi Xiu has not just inherited his skin allergy genes but also his capability from others to hide from him. Dong Zhu is so angry for him for keeping the truth from him that he reprimands him over the phone upon knowing it! He still has to face the music.

5. Mr Piao – No Joo Hyun
He is Da Han’s Holdings chairman. He is also another father failure in handling his children. He detests Qi Tai from young but slowly learns to accept him after Tai Cheng’s death. He also treats Mrs Piao better too. He thinks that Qi Tai is in cahoots with Mrs Piao to cause Tai Cheng’s death to drive him away. He has to live in agony after Qi Tai’s death.

6. Zheng Chang Cai
He is Dong Zhu’s capable assistant. He not only finds him lodging but is also his close confidante to listen to his troubles and to provide advice in love.

7. Shen Zhi Xiu - Kim Ha Neul
She is a photographer who supports Zhi Shi after dropping out of university. But this insensible brother causes her to lose money and the house. Thus, she has to stay in Qi Tai’s house. (Still think it is a better idea to stay with Zhu Qing to avoid all this trouble.) She initially rejects all help from him but later accepts him – eating up all her words. I detest this!

She tries hard to avoid Dong Zhu’s courtship – low inferiority complex perhaps? I am not that sure. But seeing how she breaks his heart by getting into Qi Tai’s car and leaving him standing stunned in the rain baffles me. How can she be so insensitive? Knowing how much the two guys love her, she chooses to leave – making them worry and is so irresponsible to quit without a word. Can’t she just tell Qi Tai that she only loves Dong Zhu? But maybe she knows that he is too obstinate to accept it.

I am very disappointed with Ha Neul. She is still the boring person we know. Always the long-suffering party to cry and laugh with the same expression. By right, she should look more hateful to Hui Zi who caused her mother’s death but she doesn’t. She should look angrier upon realising she was tricked by Tai Xi but she also doesn’t. Where is the fury?! Although she has improved, it isn’t in depth to give any surprises. The only consolation is both are compatible in their looks.

8. Zhang Xiao Ying – Yoo Min
Why is she given a slut role again? But she does well although she is only making a guest appearance – in being unbearable and proud. Her short hair gives her a sexy look – to show why Dong Zhu can’t resist falling for her when her hands are all over him. She should be given a meater role.

9. Yin Zhu Qing – Ahn Hye Ran
It is too coincidental that she works in Tai Xi’s boutique. She is Zhi Xiu’s friend who believes that she should look for her own happiness. She isn’t like Zhi Shi who is Qi Tai’s strong supporter to give in to him.

10. Piao Tai Xi – Jo Yi Jin
She is Qi Tai’s half-sister. She opens a boutique. She is initially gentle and nice to Zhi Xiu. Still, they are close siblings and she will not seek to stop to separate Dong Zhu and Zhi Xiu. Not only for Qi Tai’s sake but also for her own interest as she loves Dong Zhu. The way she tricks Zhi Xiu to sign the contract to work for her shows how crafty she can be. She is sure steadfast in love to be so frank to Dong Zhu to surprise him at the pub frequently.

This actress looks like Lo May May, popular singer, Cheung Hok Yau’s wife. She acts well in here, depicting her anger upon knowing Qi Tai’s motive in making use of her and her jealousy towards Zhi Xiu well. Ha Neul should learn from her on how to act.

11. Cui Yun Rui – Kim Se Ah
She is only Tai Cheng’s fiancée, but has already starting to throw her weight around. She manages an art gallery – which also belongs to Mr Piao. She despises Qi Tai and always hurts him with her nasty remarks. Tai Xi is also annoyed with her trying to introduce different men to her using Mr Piao’s influence. But she mellows after Tai Cheng’s death. She also believes that he is murdered and sure enough, due to her persistence, she discovers that Mrs Piao is the mastermind. But she becomes forgiving this time and allows Mr Piao to find the truth on his own.

12. Mrs Piao – Lee Eun Kyung
She is Qi Tai’s mother who is never satisfied being a mistress. She is unhappy of being neglected and is angry with Mr Piao who doesn’t visit Qi Tai even though he is ill. She does not like Qi Tai for being a small pawn in the company so she plans Tai Cheng’s murder. After this, she is pleased to stay in the big house and Qi Tai gets what he deserves. She initially disapproves Qi Tai to be with Zhi Xiu but later gives in upon seeing how deeply he is with her.

Her worry comes when Yun Rui never gives up finding the truth. Knowing that the truth will come to light one day, she goes into hiding – only leaving Qi Tai her money but him to face a horrifying fate by himself. How selfish she can be to leave him alone in the mess! I never expect her to take up a mother’s role within a few years time after being a lead actress although she does well. Is this common in Korean dramas?

13. Hui Zi – Kuroda Fukumi
It is also too coincidental that she and Mr Shen save Dong Zhu by the stream. Being childless, she gives him all her unconditional love so he is very filial to him. She also likes Zhi Xiu but never expects her to be her love rival’s child. She is a kind lady so no one has the heart to tell her the truth.

Favourite character
Dong Zhu. Oh – how can you not like him?! He is so caring, cheerful and warm towards all despite being an orphan. Even though he is rich, he isn’t a snob. He is also faithful to love. He seldom lets emotions rule his head and is concentrated on work although Zhi Xiu often gives him worries or troubles.

Most hated character
Qi Tai, he is unhappy to work under Mr Piao but he still works to please his mother. He is too stubborn to let go of Zhi Xiu. Thinking that he isn’t accepted before because he has little to provide but later being the successor can give her anything should change her mind is a wrong misconception. He simply refuses to face the facts. And to kill himself to upset the couple and his family is a lowly act!

I must compliment the music and songs – especially the theme. The songs ‘Chingo’, ‘Once in my lifetime’, ‘Only you’ and ‘The song for you’ are very well arranged and planned. Do get the ost!

Interesting facts
This is a joint production with a Japan’s TBS. Dong Gun was required to speak many lines in Japanese. This was a big challenge to him. His dictation was clear with a clear Korean stint but the Japanese fans who were unfamiliar with him started asking who he was. They thought that he was fluent in the language but didn’t know that he only memorized the lines.

They were captivated by his sub-theme song, "Friend". They thought he was studious to learn singing, acting and hosting besides taking time to learn another language. Thus, they labeled him as ‘the artiste who can be the most studious in learning’ – not knowing that he was naughty when young. It was said that many hid his photos - saying that he was in their hearts daily! (This line was said by him in ‘Lovers in Paris’.)

When Dong Gun was busy shooting a movie, temptations still came along. MBC approached Dong Gun to act as Jian Yu in Sad Love Song to replace Song Seung Hun. He immediately rejected the role, citing that he didn’t want to do 2 things at a time. But when he saw the script for ‘Stained Glass’, he accepted it straightaway. He would not be bothered on how hot ‘Sad Love Song’ will be as he found Dong Zhu’s role more challenging. (Both serials don’t end well, though.)

Dong Zhu made him know what should not be regretful in life. He has thought that the role brought out his speciality. Roles that signify getting hurt or being tormented can bring out the inner feelings well. What can be the major changes in life? It must be the kind of love which requires no conditions. When a person starts loving another, he will understand his lover’s stand to consider everything for him. But what can we say in this generation where love becomes ‘cheap’? How can we get our true love?

Why is the title "Stained Glass"? The director explained that stained glass is the glass used in churches. It is made up of different colours for different shapes. Since the 3 leads have different characteristics, they can’t be separated. The crew went to Japan to shoot many scenes. Dong Gun’s ‘Bride at 18’ was shown then so he was surrounded by 500 fans at the airport upon arrival. He squeezed through the crowd, thinking that he would have some peace at the hotel.

Another surprise was there – 100 over fans ranging from 30 to 40 years old were already at the hotel lobby. All flooded him with their letters and gifts. The next day, he was surrounded by cars when shooting the street scenes. Their screams caused him to have lots of n.g.s. He didn’t get angry but were amused in their fluent Korean speech, even citing that their Korean handwriting was neater than his!

The serial was shown over TBS in December 2004. Dong Gun only slept 1 hour in 3 days but his appetite was still good. To him, Dong Zhu is similar to Xiu He in ‘Lovers in Paris’ for having painful memories. He loved pitiful characters (does he like to be tortured?) but he found it hard to jump out of Xiu He’s shadow. But the director only requested his best acting to make him walk out of his misery. He can only do better by forgetting the past. The crew had a promotion on Nov 23 in SBS, showing the clips for 30 minutes. Many thought that Dong Gun WAS Dong Zhu. So his efforts paid off.

The first few episodes’ viewership went up because many liked him. Many got giddy upon the mushy lines he said in there. Dong Gun confessed that he was so nervous in there and he was only pretending to be eloquent in it. But green rose means things can’t come true in Japan. So that is why ‘Stained Glass’ still has a sad ending in the end.

The serial was shown in Japan at 10 pm – the popular slots when ‘Jewel in the Palace’, ‘All In’ and ‘Winter Sonata’ were shown. This was considered a miracle. It also broke another rule. Normally a Korean drama would wait till the whole serial was shown to decide if it was exported elsewhere. But it was done midway. Probably because the first half has Tokyo as the background and Japanese stars were involved.

This was the first time the two countries showed the serial within a gap of 2 weeks. Many thought that there wasn’t a reason not to get well received. Ha Neul has not acted in dramas for 2 years. Dong Gun and Sung Soo were considered as new heavenly kings after their success in ‘Lovers in Paris’ and ‘Full House’. Why hadn’t it done well in Korea?

Dong Gun is shy and doesn’t know how to communicate with his co-stars. Luckily, his female co-stars take the initiative to know him better. He has thought of Ha Neul to be professional and hard to get along but the shooting scene on Dec 12 2004 changed his impression. They had passionate kissing scenes for 6 long hours!! The scene described how the two were indecisive in their love but only knew about it after Dong Zhu’s declaration. It was shot at midnight near Seoul Nan San botanic garden’s water fountain. The crew prepared artificial snow to suit the mood.

Because both belong to the shy type, they took 9 n.g.s before getting into the right mood. It was very cold but they didn’t complain about it. The crew had high standards and only stopped after 6 hours. They told others later that they thought they were kissing ice after that because it was too cold!

I don’t think Zhi Xiu is tired – the 2 guys are. They have to track her down when she is missing. They also have to help her out when she is in trouble. Zhi Shi is also a terrible brat like his sister. No wonder Qi Tai becomes ill and Dong Zhu frustrated. No wonder the serial only went to 1 digit ratings in Korea when shown at times because of its predictable and lousy development.

I like the lines – I want to pass you my heart which thinks of you – when Dong Zhu runs after Zhi Xiu in the bus. Another scene is he has dinner with her – when looking at the green rose on the table, he tells her – green rose is like you who is so different from others. They are so special but too bad, he has a poor opponent who wastes his electric currents. If not for Dong Gun, I might have stopped watching.

Personally I like the first 6 episodes. Zhi Xiu was forced to be paparazzi to take photos of You Yi regarding his secret love life. She was ridiculed later by him – I can’t describe how I like this part upon seeing how he throws the negatives away! After an improvement in their awkward relationship, they like each other and the prince charming even goes from Japan to Korea in search of his Cinderella – isn’t this sweet?

But the story goes downhill after that to get killed in the love triangle – or rather rectangle if we add Tai Xi into the picture. The story sucks but some do act good, especially Yi Jun and Se Ah. It is like transferring their roles. One becomes nastier but another turns nicer. Dong Gun puts up a strong and credible performance. Who can resist his charm – he can be indifferent to be a playboy. He can also be gentle and loving. His strong volts can send many sprawling at his feet, asking for attention.

But really, I am appalled at how conservative the Koreans are. Why can't an adopted son marry his foster's father daughter? Are they really considered siblings even though they have different surnames and have no blood relations at all? Why??? I really don't get it as even the Chinese will not think it this way - many even adopted child brides at birth for their sons in the past!

I can’t understand the last part. Qi Tai is having a serious heart condition but this equation is puzzling. Coughing blood = heart trouble???? The last few episodes drag because of it. It is like watching an old Qiong Yao drama in a new wine bottle. Korean drama scriptwriters need to crack their brains to write a better plot next time or the ratings might dip further.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On songs : ***** (Scale of 5)

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