Stairway to Heaven

Reviewed by: sukting

July 18, 2005

Rating: four

Knowing this serial causes a storm, I watched it out of curiosity. Many are swept off their feet by Kwon Sang Woo. So am I. Before this, I saw him as Du Wan in 'Love and Ambition'. I only felt that he resembled Ahn Jae Wok in looks at certain angles. This serial can be considered as his one man show. Many thanks to Jing Yi for lending me her vcds and Li Mei for giving me the dual-sound vcds as a Christmas present.

Story/Memorable scenes

The teenage Cheng Jun comes to school to fetch Jing Shu. You Li is jealous upon seeing how he brushes the rain water from her hair and hugs her gently into the car. They play at the beach house, where Jing Shu stayed when her mother was alive. They moved into the new home after Xiu Zhe's remarriage.

They often visit the carousel too. He gives her a dress while she gives him a red knitted cap. The horrible You Li has the cheek to dress in it to meet Cheng Jun. Cheng Jun mistakens that she is Jing Shu when her back is facing him to tap hard on her shoulder to realize his mistake. He is tricked to spend time with her.

The teenage Cheng Jun gives Jing Shu a necklace and he wears the other half before he goes to U.S. to study. Jing Shu heard his confession about loving her in a tape and returns it to him, telling him that she loves him too. I am puzzled how he can wear a suit when he is so young and why he suddenly returns as he is supposed to walk into the customs??? How does he know that she will be there?

The couple arranges to meet at SAFE mall's carousel when Cheng Jun returns from his studies. They wave to each other across the road happily. Cheng Jun rushes down from the balcony to meet her. (IT still beats me why he doesn't wait at the first level so that he can stop the tragedy from happening or witness it with his own eyes.)

Jing Shu is knocked down by You Li who tries to stop her and You Li fakes her death. She sends her to Gong Xiu. Tai Hua's soul returns upon seeing her alive after You Li lies that Jing Shu is dead. Hyun Joon puts up a strong performance here.

Cheng Jun runs to the scene to see the 3 crashed cars with the injured and the bloodstained photograph. He picks it up and is worried. He shouts - is Jing Shu joking with him by hiding herself? Upon knowing from Zhang that Jing Shu is lying in the mortuary, he can't steady himself and sits on the ground. How can they part when they are supposed to reunite? Sang Woo portrays this sorrowful scene well.

Jing Shu's funeral - Mei Luo look so fake with her crying while You Li uses her hand to covers her lips. Xiu Zhe scatters the ashes at sea while Cheng Jun holds Jing Shu's photo tightly. This scene is very tragic - he looks as if his heart has also died with her. He clutches the necklace in his hand and Jing Shu wakes up at this time - losing her memory but holding the pendant in her hand. Has his tears awakened her?

5 years later, Jing Shu appears as Jin Zhi Xiu while Tai Hua assumes the identity as Han Zhe Xiu. Cheng Jun and You Li are back to Korea on the plane from the U.S. He sees a woman's button getting loose. He counts three and bets that it will drop on her lap. It sure does and he fixes it back on her blouse for her. You Li is fuming mad. He walks out with her in his shades and the woman touches his butt. He smiles back at her and You Li knows that he is finding an excuse to go to the beach to 'report' to Jing Shu that he has returned. Cheng Jun displays his playboy nature while You Li shows her fury well.

She guesses right and when the woman asks him where he wants to go with her; he replies heaven but pushes her aside gently to bid her goodbye. He passes his luggage to his servant and gets the car keys from him to drive to the beach immediately. He may look relaxed, swinging the car keys in the air with his fingers. But his expression turns mournful when he recalls the past when driving fast on the expressway. He throws the boomerang - is she happy in heaven? Jing Shu awakens in the van, feeling someone calling her. Tai Hua brings her there for fun and draws her in front of the beach house.

Cheng Jun takes out the photo and plays the piano. Does she hear him now? Jing Shu walks towards the house and sees his face from the window but he is too engrossed to see her. When he looks up, she walks away. Cheng Jun later walks out and envies them playing there. Tai Hua is unhappy that Zhang drives faster than him with Cheng Jun in the back seat and nearly has a commotion with him.

Tai Hua refuses to admit defeat and keeps blocking the road. Cheng Jun frowns and unwinds the car window - you will tear your hair - Jing Shu looks away AGAIN! When she looks back, Cheng Jun closes the car window and doesn't look at her. What kind of bad timing do they have???

Cheng Jun returns for the welcome party. Praise him for his foresight - when asked by Shu Xian what should the management change - he replies with a straight face that ALL should be changed, including Mei Luo as the model to move with the times! Mei Luo is annoyed when You Li backs him to say it's appropriate for the coming group's 30th anniversary. Cheng Jun smiles coldly and Mei Luo curses secretly at his conceitedness. I like that because Cheng Jun should be nasty to her!

Cheng Jun is with You Li at the bar. She asks why he doesn't look at her directly to say he loves her since Jing Shu is dead for 5 years. Can't he just lie to make her happy? He says it in a joking tone and touches her lips before going to the pianist to see how he plays the piano. She is very upset over it.

Cheng Jun goes to SAFE Mall and looks at the carousel. He recalls promising Jing Shu to draw a painting of no suffering or parting - heaven. He chooses a wall facing the carousel to paint the mural. Recent artists have no appeal so he decides to hold a competition. The company gallery will sponsor the artist's artwork and will look beyond qualifications. All can participate in it.

Cheng Jun wishes to manage SAFE Mall. Shu Xian frowns as many refrain from managing it. It is the worst managed among the holdings. He is prepared to take up the challenge. She is worried as the whole company is watching to see how he succeeds. He is icy - he cites they will rather wait to see how long he can hold out! She is alarmed he becomes so crude. He stresses they must change management plans and he will not disappoint her. Shu Xian agrees to let You Li help as she regards her as her future daughter-in-law.

Cheng Jun starts working as SAFE Mall's President and looks at the reports with Piao. The percentage has only reached 66.5% but Piao rounds off to 70%. He spends a lot of money but the target has not been reached - is this a delibreate act? He laughs and throws the file aside haughtily. He demands to see the sales report and says that Piao can work lazily but still earn a salary. The poor man gets very frightened.

Cheng Jun brings forward the meeting time from 5 to 2pm in a joking but serious tone. How fast he changes in a minute - this is scary! Piao gets so tensed to force all to prepare for the report. When Cheng Jun sees him rushing, he decides to stick to the original schedule as he doesn't wish to read an incomplete report.

Cheng Jun decides to survey the sales in the department store. Jing Shu is there choosing a pair of shoes for Tai Hua after getting her pay. I tear my hair to see how many misses that occur between Cheng Jun and Jing Shu although they are in the same place!

Cheng Jun is with his men - he points to better spots to place the goods. I really laugh when he freezes and frowns with his finger upon seeing You Li from far, not seeing that Jing Shu is right in front of him! His displeasure (or disgust?) upon seeing You Li has certainly blurred his vision in noticing Jing Shu's presence.

He asks her in an unconcerned voice on why she is following him. She replies she wants to discuss with Shu Xian regarding their engagement over dinner as this is no simple matter. He laughs it off saying that it should not be as complicated as she thinks and puts it off. All fans will vomit blood as he doesn't notice that Jing Shu is walking right in front of him later! Jing Shu stops at the entrance upon seeing the competition notice and takes down the details. She decides to send in Tai Hua's drawing.

Finally, all fans can stop having all the heartache. Cheng Jun praises the staff working at the first level for doing well and he suddenly notices Jing Shu. His smile freezes on his face and dashes after her. He runs into the MTR station and follows her down the escalator - which is from another storey down that he is heading. Poor chap - he does so much running and is exhausted but he refuses to give up. This is a touching scene to see how his reaction changes - this is so real!

He finally sees her in the train but is unable to get in with her as it goes off. He goes to the carousel. He wonders - he goes everywhere and sees her. Why?? She is no longer beside him but why always appear in front of him? He holds the boomerang and believes that love will finally return. He finds Tai Hua's drawing with Jing Shu in it in front of the beach house and ponders. He decides to select him as the artist.

Shu Xian reminds Cheng Jun to attend the anniversary event where she is going to announce his engagement with You Li. He agrees reluctantly. You Li wants to go with Cheng Jun but Zhang blocks her to annoy her as Cheng Jun wishes to be alone! Zhang has such high authority and guts to reject her. Tai Hua is now at SAFE Mall with Jing Shu and is unhappy with her for putting up the application for him. But he finally agrees as she agrees to marry him if he gets the assignment upon completion.

Another memorable scene here. Cheng Jun sits at a corner near the carousel and removes his necklace to look at it. It is his engagement day and Jing Shu must be tired that he holds her tightly for so long. Now he will let go of her. He will forget her but before that, he hopes to see her again, clutching the necklace tightly in his palm. But can that be possible even though it is only once? He looks up and sees Jing Shu on the carousel. He smiles to himself bitterly - his eyes must be playing tricks on him.

But when he looks up again, she does appear before him a second time waving at him! He runs madly after her in circles outside the carousel but is totally crushed to see her being hugged by Tai Hua to be led away. He runs after them and pushes Tai Hua aside to hug her tightly. He touches her face but Tai Hua drags her to run away and pushes him onto the floor. Zhang helps him up and looks at Cheng Jun pitifully, reminding him of the ceremony. He begs Zhang to let him go and he runs after the only woman he loves all his life.

Cheng Jun catches up with her when she misses Tai Hua on the bus. She denies being Jing Shu but is Zhi Xiu. He removes her cap - why doesn't she recognize him? He hugs her tightly again. She gets on a bus and refusing to give up, he runs after itâ?¦.for a whole bus stop's distance! My colleagues and I melt at this scene. He gets on the bus and shows her the photo. He reminds her what both have done together. But she has no recollection and keeps denying. Cheng Jun is heartbroken - why is she like this, behaving like a stranger? Is she trying to joke with him? She quickly gets off but he follows her on the street.

Doesn't she remember how she likes playing on the carousel and how he teases her? What about the necklace he gives her? How can she forget their date to meet at SAFE Mall? He hugs her again and she screams that he is a molester. Onlookers pull him away from her. He secretly tails her and discovers she opens 'Karus' at Namdaemun market with Zai Xi and is a clothes designer. He drives home and hatches a plan. ALL my colleagues chide her for being stupid - why deny to forgo a good chance to get hugged tightly and long by a handsome hunk? His hug is warm since he is steadfast in love even if he is a stranger!

Cheng Jun goes to the beach house to look at the puppets at Jing Shu leaves there. What is happening - is Jing Shu really dead? He doesn't believe it. He keeps seeing her - is this a dream? Jing Shu is drawing him now at home and recalls his earnest expression. She gets confused too and holds the necklace. He is also doing the same now as he wears it back on his neck.

He discovers You Li's suicide note and saves her from drowning at sea. (This woman sure knows how to act at this time.) He carries her to her home and gets reprimanded by Mei Luo. Mei Luo scolds him - why doesn't he face up to reality that Jing Shu is dead to run after another person to ruin the important event? Even Xiu Zhe feels he should let go. Cheng Jun asks Zhang to get Jing Shu's information.

Another interesting encounter. Cheng Jun comes to Jing Shu's shop and comments her poor attitude to treat customers as thieves. He picks the thread from her chest to give her a shock as she thinks he is going to molest her! He wants to bring her to a place by buying all the clothes so that she can keep him company.

She refuses and he happens to see her sketch. He leans close to her. This shows that she is interested in him. She hastily hides it away and he seriously says that he really needs to be with her. She finds him pitiful clinging to the past. Why can't he forget the woman and he doesn't know what is true love? Those who know how to love will not be persistent over the outlook. She doesn't want him to appear again but he can't guarantee it. He waits for her at the MTR, claiming that it is a coincidental meeting.

She is carrying 2 big bags of clothes and dumps at him. He drags them after her clumsily and is amused when she refuses to sit beside him in the MTR. He has to request twice with others to switch with him. She warns him not to provoke her. He laughs - will she call him a molester again? She looks sternly at him - does he think that she will not do it? He is prepared not to get fixed twice. His glance is fixed on the necklace and wants to lift it to look at it and she screams because she thinks he wants to molest her.

All look at them and he quickly hugs her shoulder, pretending to be a married couple, quarrelling. He hugs her even tighter now. Normally he will not lose out. The more she tries to hide, the worse it becomes. She touches his chest pocket and steals his MTR ticket. Cheng Jun is appalled - where does she touch him? She looks at him playfully when he is being led away to pay the fine. (Ji Woo looks cute here.) He calls Zhang for help as he only has credit cards with him and has no spare change. He isn't angry but smiles heartedly.

Cheng Jun returns to office and Mei Luo apologizes for the outburst. How fast this man changes - he looks serious again at work. He admits that he is in the wrong and is concerned that You Li appears wan. He asks about the deal to reach out to local market designers and sees that 'Karus' is among the 20 shops list for consideration. He smiles devilishly and gives You Li the green light to contact all of them.

Zai Xi rejects You Li's offer. Zhang makes a check - the two are famous in the area and Jing Shu is cohabiting with Tai Hua. He is careful to make the comment as he can see that Cheng Jun is hurt by it. Unknown to them, the two sleep separately and Tai Hua controls himself hard from forcing himself on her. Cheng Jun gets to know that Tai Hua is the artist and sees him at work. He doesn't lose his foresight and gives him his name card. Tai Hua is so furious to know that he employs him that he crushes it. Well done for him as the jealousy is shown so obviously.

Cheng Jun isn't offended and smiles icily. He confesses wanting the mural because of a woman. Although she is dead, she always lives in his heart. Suddenly she appears before him one day. Can he understand his thoughts? He is not going to give her up but still shakes his hand as he looks forward to his work. You Li is appalled to see them together. Tai Hua feels bad keeping the truth from Jing Shu and Cheng Jun feels a pang of jealousy upon seeing how Jing Shu sends a drunken Tai Hua home.

Cheng Jun goes through the list and sees that 'Karus' rejects the offer. He comments - does You Li give up easily when they say no? This is unlike her. This shop might be having more potential than the rest which only agree readily. The designers must be very confident of themselves. After listening to his analysis, she apologizes as her ability really pales a lot in comparison to him. (Yes, he is a professional but there is another main reason behind it. I really laugh at her ignorance.) She is curious to see how the woman looks like Jing Shu. Cheng Jun only gives a cold smile.

The shop owner forces Jing Shu and Zai Xiu to give up their shop. Cheng Jun feels sorry but he has no choice but to force them to come to him. This is the only way he can see Jing Shu daily. Cheng Jun asks Zhang whether his act is comical to him as both sit in the car to observe this. Cheng Jun is unhappy as Jing Shu goes to Tai Hua for consolation as he sees them when sitting in the monorail. Cheng Jun sees the women trying to sell their goods away in a closing sale. They have few customers and Cheng Jun gives Jing Shu a wink when suddenly many women rush to buy her goods. She vows not to see him again as she knows he bribes them but he claims this is not definite.

This is another memorable scene. You Li chooses 'Karus' and wants to go personally to invite them over. She informs Cheng Jun and is surprised to see Cheng Jun lifting the telephone receiver to do the talking personally. He gives a cunning but adorable wink, wanting to show his sincerity. Zai Xi is surprised to be given a contract to sign. She only expects to have a discussion. Cheng Jun asks if it is not agreeable as she looks stunned. Jing Shu's supporters will curse at this scene - because You Li seems to be on cloud nine as Cheng Jun leans from the back of the sofa she is sitting although they are not close!

The positioning can be quite deceiving to the eye. Zai Xi wants to discuss with Jing Shu but Cheng Jun grabs her hand phone away and sits beside her. He has a very authoritative look on his face. He wants it to be done on that day itself so she has to decide now. He stands up, pretending to call the other company. This causes Zai Xi to sign the contract with her thumbprint quickly. I really laugh at him for being so shrewd and forceful! Zai Xi is simply no match for him.

He smiles secretly when Zai Xi asks what happens if she doesn't sign. He responds - who will not sign on for a good deal? Cheng Jun wants her to start work immediately and she opens her mouth wide. Zai Xi wants Jing Shu to come as breaching the contract will cause them to pay 10 times the damage. You Li is stunned to see Jing Shu.

Zhang leads Jing Shu into Cheng Jun's office. You Li guesses both men already know about it and is angry she is deceived. Jing Shu sees Cheng Jun's back facing her.

She decides to leave after he shows no response. She suddenly hears him saying that he deducts 10 marks from her because she has no patience. He turns his chair to look at her. Why doesn't she have any surprise reaction? He throws a playful smile at her. She is annoyed that he is the President of SAFE Mall and is in charge of the project. She wants to breach the contract but he reminds her of the compensation damages. Before she can afford to pay that, he shakes her hand and hope that their cooperation will be a success. She has forced him to do this. I really laugh at their heated exchange here.

She cites that money can't buy her. He replies with a joking expression - what about gambling with his life then? He grips her hand tightly. Her voice, expression and the way she touches him is exactly the same way Jing Shu does to him. Jing Shu's similarity is also dampening spirits at critical moments. He calls Piao in to bring her out to do the proposals for next year's promotion seriously. We can never tell when Cheng Jun is serious and when he is not! When she walks out, he looks at the photo again. Jing Shu hates him to the core for now but he really loves her to the core. Piao asks her to forgive this weird boss as a womanizer.

Jing Shu doesn't understand how such a man can have this post. All female employees drool upon mentioning him even though he is engaged to You Li. She is alarmed - he is engaged and yet enjoys making fun of her? You Li sees Cheng Jun about Jing Shu and Cheng Jun chooses to read a book without looking at her. His reaction shows that he doesn't even want to see her at all. Doesn't Cheng Jun feel surprised? Upon seeing his icy smile, she realizes - is she the one he saw on their engagement day? Does he think that he should treat Zhi Xiu the same way as treating Jing Shu?

He asks in a soft and casual tone - doesn't she think that she is Jing Shu? If she is still alive, he must find her back. You Li is afraid that Cheng Jun starts to suspect her but Mei Luo dismisses her fears. Jing Shu checks out new designs to make the proposals in the shops. She tries the clothes but doesn't buy them. She is puzzled when all are paid and is angry that Cheng Jun follows her. She dumps them at him - she is not touched by his gesture so he must find another way. He dumps everything back at her and insists that she wears them, even adding more handbags on her. She claims that she will get rashes wearing them but he insists that she must wear because he buys them as new samples for the project. What a lame excuse!

Here comes another unexpected moment - he waits by the car but she refuses to let him carry the things for her. Thus he leaves without her since she rejects his lift! Before leaving, he reminds her to be careful with the expensive things! She is annoyed and calls Tai Hua at work, standing at the 2nd storey. Cheng Jun is annoyed when he stands behind her to see this. He is different from others to hide his thoughts.

So he asks - is Tai Hua her boyfriend? She admits and Cheng Jun is jealous because he doesn't want to listen to this answer so he holds her shoulder. He adds casually that she likes this type of men and wants her to get designs ready by 3pm. He makes a quick jump over the plastic bags that she has taken back from the shops. Before walking away, he playfully signals the number 3 with his fingers from the back but his expression is gloomy when you look at him from the front view.

This is another wonderful scene. While doing the sketches in Cheng Jun's office, Jing Shu recalls how he hugs her near the carousel. Cheng Jun returns to sit opposite her and she gets back to work. He looks at the sketches and lowers them to eye level to steal glances at her. He shifts the papers to the side to look at her closely. He puts them down and she looks up, seeing his red eyes. No tears flowing down his cheeks but all can sense his despair well upon seeing his watery eyes. I am very fascinated by this scene on how Cheng Jun's emotions are displayed through Sang Woo.

You Li wants to see Cheng Jun but Zhang stops her by sitting right outside his office. He conveys Cheng Jun's message of not wanting to be disturbed by anyone. She nearly explodes upon seeing Cheng Jun still sitting calmly on the sofa while Jing Shu is drawing the sketches opposite him. She knows that Cheng Jun is using work as an excuse to give himself a chance to examine Jing Shu closely. Tai Hua is surprised to know from You Li that Jing Shu is also working in SAFE Mall and charges in to look for her.

Cheng Jun draws the curtain as the time is up but Jing Shu refuses to leave since she hasn't completed. He sighs - it is the same for him too as she has given him something impossible to be done. He finally waits for someone to appear after missing her for 5 years - does she think that he will give up? He tears off one of her sketches and goes out with her to the accident site. Jing Shu's eyes only had him at that moment and she was oblivious to the cars moving around her.

She is dead but he feels she is only vanishing temporary. That is why he hypothesizes himself daily that she is still alive and will return. Finally she is back. Can she do what he says only for today? Jing Shu can't resist his pleas and gets into his convertible. The siblings can't get them as they speed off. Jing Shu is about to answer Tai Hua's call when Cheng Jun keeps her hand phone. He uses the vanishing act - the same one that he had demonstrated to Jing Shu many years ago. He plays the tape in the car. He also holds her hand when he drives - this is what he has wished to do all along with Jing Shu.

Zhi Xiu learns of Jing Shu's love declaration to Cheng Jun. She admires Jing Shu's courage - what is love to her? She wants him to tell her. Both reach the beach and he throws the boomerang. He lets her try out and believes that love will return. Both have fun together and he looks at her affectionately. That is the smile that Jing Shu often gives him. Both go to the beach house. She looks at the puppets - why are the clothes old? He replies bitterly that they are unchanged for 5 years. They stay the same just like him. They must have missed her. He sounds so sad that one feels like hugging him.

Zai Xi tells Tai Hua that Cheng Jun gives Jing Shu a lot of work but he is handsome, capable and rich. She laments - why not choose her because Jing Shu is attached? Tai Hua drinks in despair. Jing Shu listens to Cheng Jun playing the piano and admits that she doesn't know how to play it. He coaxes her to sit beside him. He is a magician and can make her do it. He places her hands on top of his hands.

He suddenly stops playing - can he hug her? This scene is very heartbreaking. He hugs her tightly towards him and tears roll down his cheeks. He has waited for this moment for a long time. Jing Shu also weeps with him without knowing why. His love has touched her. Ji Woo's presentation can be improved instead of the usual lost expression and it is a pity that she lets go of this chance. She should look moved instead!

She hurries to walk out of the house to see Xiu Zhe outside. Xiu Zhe also misses Jing Shu and touches her hand to have a talk with her. Jing Shu pities both men for losing their closed one. Tai Hua is disturbed upon seeing Jing Shu being sent back in Cheng Jun's car and Cheng Jun even adjusts her sweater for her. Jing Shu decides to resign for Tai Hua's sake. Zai Xi is shocked - how to raise the compensation money? Cheng Jun overhears her and frowns upon seeing Shu Xian, reminding him to have dinner at Xiu Zhe's place.

He declines as he has a meeting but she insists as it is his birthday. She even wants to raise the engagement issue. He walks out feeling frustrated and cancels the meeting. Zhang fetches Jing Shu to meet Cheng Jun in a hotel room. He sits near the window and draws the curtains. He looks at her tenderly when she talks about the resignation. He smiles faintly and holds her shoulders to press her to sit opposite him across a table. He has a birthday cake ready and asks her to place the candles with him.

It is his birthday and he wants to have a meal with the person he loves most. They light the candles together. He doesn't wish her to leave before the candles are blown. It is his birthday and she has to obey him. She looks dreamily at him - it seems that she can't reject him at all.

He gives her a small ornament box - why give it to her although it is his birthday and she hasn't gotten anything for him? He is upset when seeing her blur expression when he gives her the gift and she rejects it initially. He has expected her to smile but she doesn't. He wants to do everything for Jing Shu and give her the best but she is not beside him. This is something he wants to give but he can't give out. All these accumulate in him. Now even this thought makes him tired. Is she worried about Tai Hua? He returns her phone to her so that she can call him. Surprisingly, Jing Shu removes the phone battery and accepts the gift.

Cheng Jun feels the sweetness rising in him. Both blow out the candles. He touches her face tenderly and wants to kiss her. He can control himself no more. She holds his hand and withdraws. His tears land on her hand and her heart turns cold. She has wanted to return his kiss but she is clearheaded. Her rejection makes Cheng Jun hear his own heart breaking.

He gets worked up - why is she so harsh to him? How can she forget him? He presses her on the chair. The first time he sees her he is sure that she is Jing Shu. The thought is unchanged and he is so angry that he pushes all the things to the floor. He kneels in front of her - he is not insane but he feels that he can't live on anymore. What must he do? Can't she help him? She doesn't have a way. He makes a request - someone wants to see her now. Can she go? She is calm - if it doesn't belong to her, will he let her go?

He nods reluctantly. If she can't recover her memory, there is nothing he can do. Tai Hua runs home and is nervous that she is going home. Cheng Jun takes over the phone to inform him that he is bringing her to the place she should belong. He even tells him to join them as he has questions to ask him. Tai Hua chooses to wait outside. Jing Shu has no memories of the house.

You Li freezes upon seeing Cheng Jun with Jing Shu - especially when he is holding her elbow. You will laugh - upon seeing You Li, he presses Jing Shu's elbow tighter when she tries to avoid him! Mei Luo pretends to faint and the other two are shocked. Jing Shu wants to leave but Cheng Jun holds her hand firmly. He is not going to let her leave him. Cheng Jun wants to see if they think she is Jing Shu too. Jing Shu replies she is not going to replace her to stay there. Cheng Jun asks - doesn't Shu Xian like Jing Shu too? He will not give up any hope. You Li demands Jing Shu to leave.

Cheng Jun doesn't want to get engaged. Why choose that day to ruin it? He will give up if all don't think she is Jing Shu. He nearly bursts when Jing Shu replies that she is getting engaged soon too. He holds her back. He wants to prove to others that he is not childish. He wants You Li to take out the photo album. This is not because of her but for all to do this. The three go to the storeroom.

Jing Shu sees a painting that Tai Hua has drawn for her and finds it familiar. You Li waits outside the storeroom sulking, leaving them there. Not that she doesn't want to stay in the storeroom but because Cheng Jun wants her to leave! He still wants to have a moment with Jing Shu alone. Jing Shu looks at the photos that she has taken with Cheng Jun when she was young. He leans close to her to look at them together from her shoulder. He observes her features closely. Isn't she Jing Shu?

This is a touching scene. He has hoped that she can remember something as he looks at her expression. He is in a daze - from any angle, she is his Jing Shu. Isn't she Jing Shu? She meets his attractive and tender eyes but gets fluttered. She apologizes and that means he has to let her go. He closes his eyes in despair and tears begin to form in his eyes. He kisses her forehead as a farewell to his memory.

His tears land on her face and that also lands in her heart. He kisses her on the nose and refrains from kissing her on the lips. It is a parting gift for her and he tries hard to regain his composure. Mei Luo pretends to cry upon seeing Jing Shu leaving. Cheng Jun sends Jing Shu out reluctantly. She hugs Tai Hua and Cheng Jun is devastated. It is a torture for him to see her with another man as she has forgotten him.

She throws the necklace near the sea. Cheng Jun has his bath and touches his necklace. He and the necklace are lonely because they have both lost their precious the other half. All Sang Woo fans don't miss this ONLY scene that he bares his top in the whole serial - he has such a perfect figure! Many fans claim that they are so distracted that they drool upon seeing his figure that they forget to see his expression!

Cheng Jun gets to work the next day and Jing Shu flees upon seeing him with his henchmen at the department store. He praises the staff for choosing the right ties. He is devastated and frowns to see her with the engagement ring when she does the new scarf presentation.

He cuts her out and mentions that the company doesn't stress on appearance for their products. He wants her to re-design before the next day. She demands to know what is wrong and he walks out - hasn't she been in love to choose the design? You Li smiles spitefully upon knowing the rejection. Many spread rumours - maybe Cheng Jun has never been in love or really in love as they find the zip can bind couples together. Piao has no choice but to give in as the king doesn't like it. The next scene is also wonderful.

Cheng Jun waits outside the toilet for Jing Shu and holds her hand to look at the ring. He has not seen it before and congratulates her coldly. Cheng Jun refuses to let go of her hand. Her hand phone rings and be amused to see him showing his anger obviously by pressing it hard on her ear to listen to Tai Hua's call! He follows her into the office and leads You Li out for lunch - to go to the Mall's restaurant where the couple is having their lovers' meal. He congratulates the couple on their engagement and sits in another direction with You Li so that he can see Jing Shu.

He brushes off You Li's hair over her shoulder to make You Li nervous and Jing Shu jealous. Later, You Li notices that Cheng Jun doesn't look at her but looks at Jing Shu. She is unhappy over it. Jing Shu senses that Cheng Jun is observing her and looks up. However, he is a step ahead and looks away to look at You Li. Cheng Jun orders wine for Jing Shu to celebrate their engagement.

Tai Hua also orders the most expensive wine to give the couple. You will be baffled by Cheng Jun's action - he drags You Li to see the couple as it is too expensive to open 2 bottles and insists joining them. He asks Tai Hua about the mural development and sees he is confident. Why hasn't Tai Hua worn the ring? Jing Shu will give him the ring after completion as that is her present. Cheng Jun smiles coldly and cites that this is against the rule. That is his present to Jing Shu and he doesn't want to share with others!

Tai Hua reprimands him for talking about ex-girlfriend in front of You Li but Cheng Jun cites that You Li isn't petty. Poor You Li - she still has to smile although her heart nearly explodes. Tai Hua says sarcastically that Cheng Jun really has a way with women. Cheng Jun replies this depends on individual ability. You Li tries to make Cheng Jun angry by reminding him that Jing Shu and Tai Hua stay together. Cheng Jun is affected but avoids the issue by playing a piano piece for them to congratulate them. Jing Shu recalls how Cheng Jun hugs her in front of the piano at the beach house and flees with Tai Hua.

Cheng Jun returns to office and listens to music. But he gets so frustrated that he smashes the remote on the floor and sits down in despair. He starts his philandering ways again to dance with sexy chicks at the bar before inviting You Li for a dance. She is delighted when both get close for an intimate dance. He is suddenly nice to her and she is insecure. He smiles bitterly - does she want him to be nasty to her? She says no but hopes he doesn't have a change of heart.

He kisses her forehead while she hugs his waist tightly but he refuses to let her kiss his lips. My colleagues are so relieved that he still maintains a clear mind after all. Cheng Jun sends her home and she gives him a kiss on his cheek. She hopes he will do the same to her the next time. She suggests changing another designer if Jing Shu can't produce the result. He agrees and she is delighted. Jing Shu works late on designs at the office. She wakes up and sees Cheng Jun's coat on her.

She walks to the office and sees him sleeping on the sofa. She puts the coat on him and is about to walk away when he suddenly holds her leg! He asks whether she is on diet and tells her to eat something before continuing. He knows that she works hard and misses her dinner so he gets her a pizza and both sit near the carousel. He asks - why does she like Tai Hua? Her reply - there is no reason. He is an artist and is comical. Moreover, he never loses his temper (which I completely disagree.) Cheng Jun can't control his temper and scolds her for being so unhygienic to talk when eating.

She is amused by his childish act - is it that enjoyable to make fun of her? She laughs at Cheng Jun as she finds him adorable but he suddenly gets serious. He wants her not to smile like this as she resembles Jing Shu so much. Both wish to return to office. He decides to slide through the skating ground as it is faster. The warm smile returns to his face and she has a hard time resisting it. She joins him and he mentions he has initially wanted to dance with Jing Shu in front of the mural but it seems more fun this way.

They play and suddenly he hugs her when both fall on the ground. He gets dreamy - she does have Jing Shu's smell. He then touches her shoulder - many of us must be wondering what he is going to do next - is he going to kiss her? But another unexpected outcome again - he suddenly asks - has she changed her design? He shows her the knitting cap and puts on his head. She can try this feeling - this is the only thing in the world. He winks at her to work hard but he wears the cap to lie on the sofa to cry to sleep in the office later. This is a very touching scene. Jing Shu gets the motivation to get a new design.

The next day's presentation, she uses the same scarf and Cheng Jun frowns. But upon seeing that it glows in the dark, he smiles heartedly. She mentions that this is the only scarf as the world's only love as the theme. Cheng Jun gives his approval and others clap too, to You Li's dismay. Cheng Jun decides to report to Shu Xian personally and grabs the file from You Li. The mischievous grin on his face is so obvious! This scene is so hilarious - he slips into the lift with Jing Shu before You Li can get in and the door closes!

Jing Shu thanks Cheng Jun for giving her the idea. He is expressionless but later he holds her hand and smiles - she can design the gloves too. Why are her hands as cold as her heart? You Li reaches the floor when the lift door opens. The two are not holding hands anymore but he PUSHES You Li into the lift to force her to go upstairs while the two get out! This is sure funny! Cheng Jun sits on the monorail to 'spy' on the couple and recalls moments with Jing Shu on his birthday. Tai Hua is prepared to tell Jing Shu the truth after the mural completion - he hopes she will forgive him and still give him the ring after that.

Cheng Jun returns to office after seeing them together. He is in a fury and closes both laptops on his table. You Li reminds him to choose the engagement ring. He closes the door before You Li can walk in. This act annoys her but I believe fans nod at it readily. You Li demands Jing Shu to send the material to the jewelry shop to give to her as it is urgent. You Li wants to remind Jing Shu that Cheng Jun is her fiancé and she shows off the ring to her. Jing Shu is uneasy to see them there.

Jing Shu nearly bursts when You Li says that she is too hasty and eager to show her the materials. Cheng Jun asks calmly - why doesn't Jing Shu choose a ring since the mural is completing soon? She stays to look at the men's rings. Cheng Jun helps her to choose one for Tai Hua but Jing Shu wants an identical one to fit her ring. Cheng Jun puts the ring he chooses hard on the showcase as he is frustrated.

Jing Shu refuses to take a lift from them. You Li only wants to see the materials the next day and Jing Shu is very angry. She throws them on her lap in the car before walking away. Cheng Jun is amused - so am I. The next day, Zhang asks Cheng Jun whether he will attend the GM association meeting at 7pm. He overhears the couple wanting to meet at the art gallery. Upon seeing the couple so close, Cheng Jun feels his heart burning. He waits for Jing Shu to give her a cold glare and walks away. The stare is pretty scary as if he wants to swallow her up so Jing Shu is frightened too when he doesn't respond to her greeting.

Cheng Jun becomes restless at work and throws documents on the floor. How crafty he is - he invites all the staff for a meal and makes it a compulsory gathering so that he can see her openly. During the meal, he can't take his eyes off Jing Shu although You Li sits beside him. Jing Shu tries making a call to Tai Hua but he switches it off in the gallery. Shu Xian asks You Li to join her at the gallery so Cheng Jun tells You Li to drive his car. He then observes Jing Shu dancing with others from the 2nd level. The staff plays the bottle spinning game and Zai Xi frowns when they don't have enough guys.

This is another touching scene. Cheng Jun joins in and coincidentally becomes a pair with Jing Shu. Upon knowing that she will get drunk easily, he drinks for her when they lose. He claims to be the black knight but they describe him as prince charming. He snatches all the glasses for her and drinks though the night. Tai Hua is shocked to see the women and You Li hides from him. Cheng Jun walks unsteadily to the dance floor and nearly collapses on Jing Shu. She holds him and he pleads with her not to desert him.

He can't manage on his own anymore. How sad to see tears flowing down his cheeks! He really misses Jing Shu very much. If he dies, he can meet her. His sincerity touches her. She hugs him voluntarily to offer him consolation and warmth. She suddenly recalls Tai Hua waiting for her and lets him go. He collapses hard on the floor and all surround him, concerned. He only mumbles her name.

When I watch this scene, I really feel like crying with him. My colleagues complained about Jing Shu for being so heartless. You Li nearly knocks Jing Shu down and she regains her memory. She searches frantically for the necklace and finds it. She cries non-stop over it after confirming the truth with Tai Hua. (Ji Woo's crying is the same as bawling which I completely detest - there must be another way to express.)

You Li finds Cheng Jun in the shower. His whole mind is occupied by Zhi Xiu and he survives wearily. He keeps calling Zhi Xiu's name. You Li is frustrated with his harsh treatment because he still calls her Zhi Xiu when hugging her. Cheng Jun is too drunk to tell the difference. You Li leaves in tears and he lies on the floor calling Jing Shu's name non-stop this time. He is completely lost. The next day, Cheng Jun puts the necklace on his hand. He should send Jing Shu to heaven now. Will she accept his last present?

Cheng Jun sits alone in the office and Zhang reminds him that it is time for the official opening of the mural wall. Jing Shu gives Mei Luo a shock in the lift upon showing that she remembers everything. Mei Luo is uncomfortable as she is no longer the weak girl she knows but Jing Shu upsets us by showing us that she is only a paper tiger later. Jing Shu walks near Cheng Jun and his men. She is unable to talk and nearly collapses into his arms. He holds her and asks what has happened.

You Li drags him away and Jing Shu calls 'Brother Cheng Jun'softly. He turns back but thinks that he hears wrongly and walks away in disappointment. Both only look at each other. I nearly swear at her - is it so tough to show him the necklace that explains all even if she can't tell him??? Jing Shu is in despair and sees Tai Hua but she doesn't wish to see him. These people are too wishy-washy.

Cheng Jun looks at the mural fondly but in sadness. This is his last present for Jing Shu - is it possible to give her up? During the gracing ceremony, he wants to give this heaven to others. Many years ago, he made a promise to someone who forever lives in his heart and dedicates this to her. He thanks Tai Hua for his help. To Tai Hua, heaven is a very far country and hopes all love comes true - including unforgiving love. Jing Shu runs to meet Cheng Jun but he doesn't notice her and joins You Li. The vicious You Li forces Cheng Jun to give Jing Shu up by sending her away. Cheng Jun doesn't respond to her.

Jing Shu is led away by Cheng Jun's men when she claims to Shu Xian that she is indeed Jing Shu. This time round, Cheng Jun is immune to this happening. Perhaps it is due to the fact that he is prepared to forget Jing Shu. Cheng Jun meets Tai Hua in office and apologizes to him for liking Zhi Xiu even though she is in love with Tai Hua. He is stunned when Tai Hua sobs to apologise and arranges to meet him at 12 midnight at the mural. Jing Shu meets Cheng Jun there and he holds her hand to see the mural together.

What does she want to say to him earlier - does she like him now? She asks - will he accept her then? Today, he sends Jing Shu away and wants her to forgive him because now his heart moves for another. Jing Shu must be angry that he treats Zhi Xiu as her replacement as he misses her too much. He doesn't know why he thinks it doesn't matter if she is not Jing Shu but Zhi Xiu. He likes everything about her. He leans his head on her shoulder and closes his eyes. There he goes again - he relates that she has Jing Shu's smell.

Now it is her turn to talk. She finds him rude and bad tempered but she can sense his endless tears and sincerity. Moreover she has the feeling that she knows him long ago. If she is Jing Shu, she envies her and wants to know her. Now she really hopes that she is her. He opens his eyes and smiles - that means that they like each other and now they apply to go on a date. He puts a hat on her - does she want to be Cinderella? He gives her a wink and both wear the costumes to sit on a pumpkin carriage.

Cinderella is supposed to return at 12 but he will look for her so she should leave a shoe. He jokes when he takes a shoe - why is it so smelly? She should smile more often. It starts snowing and he carries her down the carriage. Both sit in the carousel and look at the mural. If everyone's fortunate, Jing Shu is too. To him, that mural is Jing Shu - isn't she pretty? He kisses her forehead and they need to go separate ways now. The person who asks him to come is Tai Hua - does she love him? She asks - does he love You Li too?

The newspapers report Jing Shu as Cheng Jun's second princess. Zai Xi fights with colleagues over it. Cheng Jun stops them and sees the report. He apologizes and says that Zhi Xiu has done nothing wrong. It is all his responsibility. He hopes there will be no discussion on it to let her troubled. Shu Xian wants either Jing Shu or Cheng Jun to quit to stop the rumours from spreading. Even her son is not spared.

Jing Shu agrees to resign but hopes Zai Xi can stay. Shu Xian is furious - how can Cheng Jun treat her as Jing Shu? That is not the usual him. He replies indifferently - Shu Xian is still the same person he knows. She answers - how should she treat a look alike? Mei Luo tells her that Zhi Xiu imagines herself to be Jing Shu so it is his entire fault to make her believe it. His expression changes as Zhi Xiu denies being Jing Shu all along. She warns him that it is a few days left to his engagement so he has to watch his behaviour.

Below is another touching moment. Jing Shu thanks him in his office and he doesn't face her. He tells her that she doesn't need to pretend to be Jing Shu as he doesn't mind it. He stands to touch her face. During this period, he treats her like Jing Shu and is rude to her. Will she forgive him? She cries as he bade her goodbye to sit back on his chair and avoids facing her because he is in tears.

Cheng Jun later drives and stops upon seeing her walking on the street to take the bus. He is so COOL - he starts following the bus to take a closer look at her! He is puzzled when she chooses to stay in a small hotel near her present home. The two families have dinner and You Li cooks to please Cheng Jun. Cheng Jun asks Mei Luo whether Zhi Xiu claims to be Jing Shu. She answers yes uneasily and Shu Xian replies that she has never seen someone as shameless as Zhi Xiu. Mei Luo says it is good that she leaves so she can't bully You Li anymore. This is soooo funny - he eyes You Li suspiciously - how can she bully You Li??

Jing Shu opens the door and sees Cheng Jun. He chides her - how can she open the door so easily to others? He asks why she leaves home. He is not the President after work so she can call him by his name. She refuses to let him bring her out. Can you believe that he is so childish at this moment - he takes off his socks and rests on her mattress! He even puts his feet on her lap. She has no choice but to go out with him.

She brings him to the roadside stall. So pathetic - he has a stomach upset and rushes to the ladies as the gents are FULLY occupied. I wonder how this can be as the reverse often happens. She takes his coat and smells it. She sees the necklace that drops out of the pocket. She holds it and he mentions Jing Shu having the other half. She doesn't want him to throw it away and he should do it after he forgets her. Maybe she will return one day. Stupid woman - what is holding her back to reveal the truth now??

He asks - is roadside stall food so unhygienic? She taps her stomach - if not, why is she ok? He is surprised when she demands to drink wine. Does she quarrel with Tai Hua? She replies he lies to her and that is why she leaves home. If Cheng Jun knows that reason, he will be surprised. He wants to send her back but she stops him. Is he sure that he will not regret? Has Cheng Jun forgotten Jing Shu?

He replies love is returning as he can't forget her. She claims to be Jing Shu but he doesn't believe her. He helps the drunk her back to the hotel. He touches her forehead and hears her saying 'Brother Cheng Jun'. He stays with her the whole night, covering himself with his coat and sleeping in the sitting posture. She leaves after touching and kissing his forehead. He wakes up upon hearing his phone rings.

She leaves a sms telling him that she will leave with Tai Hua to hide somewhere. She is happy with moments with Cheng Jun. He runs out to see her running down the bridge to meet Tai Hua. He is upset and returns to work to see her empty table. He gets the scarf that Jing Shu designs from You Li and puts it on him. He is glad to know that sales are good when he supervises the sales at the department store but is down to see couples there. He feels the scarf and recalls the moment he skates with Jing Shu.

He gets a call and runs away, leaving his phone on the ground. You Li picks it up and is startled to know that it is from Tai Hua. He confesses to Cheng Jun that Zhi Xiu is Jing Shu indeed and only he can bring her happiness. He drives quickly to the beach - recalling how she collapses into his arms and declaring to be Jing Shu. He feels the scarf. Tai Hua puts a leaf accessory on the hand phone before leaving a sleeping Jing Shu in the van. She sees Cheng Jun when she wakes up.

He asks - is she Jing Shu? She answers 'Brother Cheng Jun'. This is so predictable when they finish each other's sentences - 2 in love will finally reunite and no matter how rocky the road can be, love will return. This is like exchanging a secret code! They take out their necklaces and Cheng Jun locks them together in his finger. Upon seeing her smile - he says yes - that is the way to smile. They are happily reunited by shouting each other's names but poor Tai Hua has to hide to see them from far. They help each other to wear the necklaces and look at the photos in the beach house. They kiss each other's cheeks.

Jing Shu gets Tai Hua's message, wishing her happiness. He hopes she can keep the fact that he is You Li's elder brother from Cheng Jun. Cheng Jun decides to bring Jing Shu home. The whole family is reunited. Shu Xian apologizes but Jing Shu replies it is ok since Cheng Jun doesn't believe her at first. He is amused - who is the one who keeps insisting she is not Jing Shu in the first place? Jing Shu is unreasonable - to save her own grace and let Cheng Jun take up the 'blame'? You Li threatens to leave home and Shu Xian wants to carry on the engagement. All are surprised as Cheng Jun also agrees to go ahead with it.

You Li hugs him from behind to thank him. He is unmoved but makes her promise to treat Jing Shu well. Tai Hua watches from outside secretly and Jing Shu misses him when looking at his drawings. Cheng Jun wakes up very early the next day - you will laugh upon seeing how fast he rushes to Jing Shu's house. He wants to go to work with Jing Shu together. Can Jing Shu return to work since response is good? You Li tries to stop by reminding him that she has resigned while Mei Luo lies that Xiu Zhe wants her to rest at home. To their alarm, she wants to work!

When Cheng Jun opens the car door for Jing Shu in the front seat, the detestable Mei Luo pulls her back so that You Li can get in first. But he still opens the car door for her so that she can sit at the back. You Li tells Cheng Jun to tidy his hair but he refuses to let her touch him. I salute to him for showing his disgust openly! You Li must be angry with him for embarrassing her in front of Jing Shu. You Li laments on how to explain to the colleagues as Zhi Xiu. Cheng Jun is determined to let her use back her real name. He will help her to find back what she has lost in the past one by one. His firm tone frightens her.

Cheng Jun is cunning - he stands secretly outside the office to make sure that You Li does the explanation
before smiling to walk away! Another cute scene comes. During lunchtime, he stands beside Jing Shu to get her the utensils and cups. When he sits opposite her at the table, all are speechless to steal glances at him. Cheng Jun has never joined them for lunch before. He adds Jing Shu's favourite food on her plate. All quickly glance away when he looks at them. You Li comes angrily to remind him to prepare the engagement stuffs. She forces Jing Shu to come too.

You Li tries out a lace dress. I must admit that it looks good on her. Laugh at Cheng Jun's neutral reaction - who can tell me why he is wearing shades in the bridal studio although he says that it is ok?? Jing Shu stands at the balcony and he chooses a dress for her. He stresses that it is necessary for her to have it at the party. He takes off his shades when You Li decides to have the lace dress. Jing Shu walks out in the dress saying that it is unsuitable for her although the salesgirl exclaims that she looks stunning in it. You Li comments that it is pretty but too flowery but Cheng Jun decides that she looks good. He tells the salesgirl that he doesn't like to choose clothes so he wants both dresses to be wrapped.

They go to a shoe shop and You Li finds the shoes that Cheng Jun chooses for her are unsuitable. He lets Jing Shu try it. When she refuses, he forces them on her and decides on the pair! She protests in vain and let's see how fast he is. When You Li has chosen the pair to let him examine, he is sitting coldly reading newspapers that Jing Shu reads earlier. You will never believe that both have a struggle earlier. He later suggests a reunion drink at a bar. This is sure another classic scene - You Li sits between them but he stretches his hand to hold Jing Shu's elbow and then her hand.

You Li sneers at Jing Shu not seeing cocktail display before. Jing Shu tries to pull back her hand from Cheng Jun and accidentally causes Jing Shu to spill her drink! You Li is annoyed and cleans herself at the toilet. Jing Shu demands to know what Cheng Jun is trying to do. His answer is unexpected and hilarious - his brain says no but his hand doesn't listen and wants to hold her hand! He waits her for 5 years. Does she want him just to look at her? She is fed up - he hasn't changed - just like the past acting like a child in front of her. (Has he - I don't think I remember any scene at all. He looks mature in every scene.)

She blames him for agreeing to the engagement. He replies that he only wants the engagement but he never says that he wants to be with You Li. She pleads with him not to make things hard for her. He pulls her close to him. He is not having a good time now. She threatens - if he carries on like this, she will not turn up at the party. He knows that she doesn't want to lose him and wants to be his. She can stop lying to him. He drives home but always looks at her sitting at the back. You Li is annoyed and asks if her dress is too flashy. All can sense that Cheng Jun is impatient with her - he replies - why want it since she dislikes it? Her reply will sure let us vomit buckets - because he makes the choice for her!

He gives both a red box and tells them to open them when they reach home. You Li snatches Jing Shu's box and laughs haughtily upon seeing that hers is empty. You Li's box has a set of jewelry in it. You Li tells her mother happily that she lets Jing Shu along to torture her. Cheng Jun calls Jing Shu at work. Has she seen the present? He is not joking with her. He doesn't know what to give her so he promises to fill it up in future. She needs not do anything except to listen to him.

He then sends an mms to her through his laptop to her laptop. He is going to meet a client and will wait for her at the carpark with a wink. He calls her again when she doesn't turn up and she declines to go with him. He goes up to her workplace to look for her. She tries running away from him in vain as he drags her along. He holds her hand when driving when she tries to avoid him. You Li tails them.

Cheng Jun brings Jing Shu to the jewelry shop. He shows her the ring he prepares and wants her to try to see if it fits her. It is slightly big so he gets other designs. He must know her size so that he can buy it. It is not that she wears now but he wants to put it on her finger. It is amusing to see how he forces every ring on her finger before deciding on the last one. He only wants the woman he loves to wear it on that day. You Li accuses her for being shameless and slaps her when Cheng Jun goes to get his car.

Be surprised - Jing Shu slaps her back and both fight together after Jing Shu confesses that she loves Cheng Jun! But when Cheng Jun is back, You Li is so pretentious to adjust Jing Shu's outfit! She and Cheng Jun will make a wonderful pair in competing speed in putting up 'shows'. The three have a meal. You Li gets more food for Cheng Jun. He taps Jing Shu's feet from under the table. (The movie 'Everyone has secrets' must have borrowed the idea from here.)You Li can detect it and is angry again. Jing Shu can take it no more and returns home on her own.

Gong Xiu steals Tai Hua's imitations to sell but he doesn't know that the buyer is Mei Luo. They are imitations of drawings from Shu Xian's art gallery. Mei Luo tells reporters to hunt Tai Hua down. Jing Shu wants Tai Hua to take care. Cheng Jun observes this and leads her aside to give her a hug. She will be the prettiest woman on the engagement day. When she is in tears, he teases her for turning ugly. He tells her that he is not going to let go of her hand when they skate in the ground again. But they sense something amiss when their hands break loose when they fall. He quickly holds her hand and moves towards her.

Tai Hua sees the engagement news and is furious - how can Cheng Jun break his promise? This is the night before the engagement. Jing Shu sits miserably in the garden. Cheng Jun walks out and holds her shoulder, reminding her that she must turn up to be his fiancée the next day. The big day comes. She holds the dress up hesitantly to look into the mirror while Cheng Jun takes the ring out from his pocket to put it back again. He tells the hairdresser to do the hair for Jing Shu before him. He stands aside to observe her.

Mei Luo exclaims You Li is pretty. Even at the venue, Cheng Jun warns Jing Shu not to sneak away. Suddenly the policemen arrest Tai Hua who tries to stop the ceremony. Cheng Jun is about to give the ring to Jing Shu by walking to her - shocking the rest as she timidly closes her eyes. She is delighted when he walks close to her - much to the annoyance of the women except Xiu Zhe. But she runs after Tai Hua and knocks the ring aside on the floor. Cheng Jun is forced to continue the engagement ceremony with You Li. His expression is very solemn as he places the ring he has chosen for You Li on her finger.

Actually the two can change their sad fate. Jing Shu can just slip the ring into her finger, apologises and runs after Tai Hua. Or Cheng Jun can just grab her hand fast to put it quickly on her finger before she gets away. Can't they make full use of the few seconds available? Both are unfair to blame Tai Hua for their misfortunate as they don't know how to make use of the chance themselves! The producer only wants to create heartaches for us��.or to make the two look more pitiful.

He is alert upon seeing Shu Xian walking away. When he learns from Zhang Tai Hua does imitation drawings from their gallery, he walks away too. You Li confronts him - why is he treating her like this? Mei Luo consoles her that what is important is not just getting his shell but also his money. Remember that she is his fiancée now! Cheng Jun requests Zhang to help at the police station. He calls Jing Shu and she congratulates him. She should not turn up as they can't be together. He feels miserable - is he that not trustworthy? Yet he can't stop her and follow her. Even though he is beside her now, he is guilty.

I am puzzled why she is so oblivious that Cheng Jun is just behind her, opposite at the staircase. She assures him that everything is fine but he weeps secretly. She laments that she is pretty and he is handsome. He then asks if the person is so great to let her give him up. If so, he will rather be her friend. Can he help her? She declines but he stays beside her to let her lean on him when she is asleep. He looks at his ring and bails Tai Hua out. Jing Shu blames Tai Hua for ruining her engagement.

If not for him calling her name at the venue, everything will be fine. Why is Tai Hua still wearing her ring on a necklace although he denies still loving her? The desperate Tai Hua throws the necklace on the floor and runs away. Cheng Jun drives close to her but she refuses to get in. The poor man has to move his car to and fro so many times to coax her! Is she going to make him pay the fine? He waits one hour for her till he nearly freezes in the cold. They sit at the carousel. She decides they should not meet so he throws the ring out of anger. He soon regrets his choice.

Friendship is better than love relationships as couples break but friendship is forever. Can she be his best friend? She agrees in tears and he shakes her hand. If so, he can call her anytime and she can by his side when he is tired. When she is tired, he can help her. Now they can do what they can't in the past. He frantically looks for the ring and finds it. It is a pity to throw it away as he tries to act cool earlier. He insists that he should accept it as a friend's present. They go to the skating ground again. She keeps losing to him in a game and gets snapped on the face. This scene shows his cruelty as he really punishes her hard!
My colleagues guess Cheng Jun must be angry with Jing Shu for forsaking him so he is seeking revenge!

She suddenly ends up hugging him and he kisses her forehead and lips. It is an intimate kiss but I feel that Ji Woo's position makes her look more like a ballerina. What is the difference between a friend and a lover? With a friend, they can touch the shoulders, not by hand. The heart beat will not be fast. The promise between friends will not be as important as lovers. Gifts given to friends will not be returned. He flags a cab for her as no one sends friends home. She protests that real friends will do that but she has no money. He lends her money. Upon seeing her leaving, he sighs - it is better to be friends than nothing.

How these two try to lie to each other! You Li tries to search the ring on her upon seeing her not wearing it. Jing Shu brushes her hand away - she should try to win Cheng Jun's heart instead. I am curious but the producer doesn't explain it - where has Jing Shu hidden the ring since she is not wearing it? In her hair?

Tai Hua apologizes to Cheng Jun and he is frustrated to box him. If he tells him early that she loses her memory, this will not happen. Tai Hua is remorseful that his selfish act causes them to part. But I think it is entirely Cheng Jun's fault. He could have said 'no' earlier instead of shifting the blame to Tai Hua. Jing Shu shops for gloves for the engaged couple on the colleagues' behalf. She recalls him holding her hand in the lift. He comes behind her and asks her to go to a 'friend' restaurant with him. The BIG light bulb, You Li forces him to have dinner at home. He decides 'love' is more important so he complies.

Cheng Jun sees the gloves upon opening the box and they fit him perfectly as he feels the warmth. Jing Shu has no umbrella and he shelters her to MTR. He is afraid that she might catch flu. She tries to escape from him as she is angry that he misses their 'date'. Cheng Jun runs after her to wipe the rain off her face with his handkerchief. Why doesn't she wear the ring now? She lies that it doesn't fit her and he offers to buy another one. He also jokes - is it because she doesn't want to be friends with him and wants to be his lover instead? She retorts - must friends wear rings?

He offers to annul the engagement, asking her for friends' advice. She warns him not to since he puts the ring on You Li's finger. He gives her his handkerchief and pushes her to the platform before leaving. She changes her mind and runs out to return it to him as she finds it unbearable to leave him. He also turns back on the escalator to pass her the umbrella. They part reluctantly. Cheng Jun is uneasy at Jing Shu's home as she is usually not back late. He stays to wait for her. This strange reaction angers You Li again.

Jing Shu is actually back but chooses to wait at the bus stop upon seeing his car outside the house. Mei Luo's words prick him when she says that she hopes Jing Shu should marry Tai Hua before You Li since she is the elder sister. Moreover she has cohabited with Tai Hua before. This hurts Cheng Jun.

Thus the longer he waits, the more drunk he becomes since he is so depressed. My colleagues are disgusted - normally Cheng Jun will not allow You Li to touch him but now she seizes the chance to kiss or hug him when she helps him out of the house. Their reaction is heated - they think that she is taking advantage of him and she should keep her hands off him! I pity her though - she is just too desperate.

He is unable to drive and Zhang has to send him home. Zhang sees Jing Shu and leads Cheng Jun to see her. This scene is equally remarkable. He walks to her unsteadily and demands to know why she is so late. He can tell that the gloves are as warm as her hands. Now he is done with his 'lover', he can meet his friend now. She wants to go but he pesters her to wait till he becomes sober. Can't she do a friend's favour? He sings the song that both of them have sung before for her and she sobs. He tries to hold her back before falling on the ground. He pushes her away when she wants to help him up.

Is this what she wants? To be friends? He hugs her but to push her away since friends should not do this and faints. She hugs him and cries. Zhang feels sad upon seeing them reacting like this in the car. The next day, Cheng Jun is in his usual self again and treats her coldly upon seeing her in the lift. She is about to talk to him but he doesn't even look at her. He presents her scarf to the foreign clients. He is distracted to see Jing Shu outside and comes near her. She avoids him and he returns to work, troubled. He plays squash with Zhang. He lies on the ground after the game and Zhang is concerned.

Cheng Jun admits that his heart feels painful. Zhang replies that is why he becomes close friends with Jing Shu. Now everything changes but their feelings never change. Zhang helps him to find Tai Hua and discovers that his hand is nearly ruined when forced to draw imitations for the underworld. Cheng Jun looks at the mural. Now he is insecure. Is Jing Shu thinking of him or Tai Hua? They try to imitate a stork standing. He tells her not to think of him because he is doing the same. He has thought things are ok if he finds her and does everything for her. But now she is back but he can't do anything for her.

She denies so their friendship remains. She will be on a business trip so he recommends lodging by his company car. He has asked someone to take care of her there. The place will give her ideas for creativity. She is touched that he asks her out just for this. He doesn't know if he does it right as he is worried that she will not return. When he is back in office, he looks at her empty desk. You Li smiles at him and is annoyed that he ignores her. He only gets startled when she walks out.

He asks You Li to join his university classmates' gathering. Jing Shu is appalled to see Tai Hua there but gives him the ring she has prepared for him earlier. But she only wants to be his younger sister. This hurts Tai Hua. Cheng Jun has decided to let her be with him. He pretends to be warm to You Li in front of his classmates during the session but the two are icy in the lift when back. These two can sure act. Cheng Jun playfully shows his engagement ring to others and giving You Li warm hugs while she smiles heartily. Within a second, both are hostile to each other. How can they change so fast?

Upon returning home, he plays the tape in the car again. Jing Shu suddenly develops a fever in her sleep and calls Cheng Jun's name. Cheng Jun comes to the house unknowingly but feels that he has no right to see her now as he has no right when he sees the two together. Tai Hua gets medicine for her in vain and calls him just in time to tell him that Jing Shu is ill. Cheng Jun can't resist his urge and is alarmed to feel her burning forehead. He apologizes and promises never to let her go. He gets her to a clinic and calls Zhang to arrange an ambulance to bring her to a big hospital for a checkup the next day.

He is in tears - she must wake up - he doesn't want this kind of friend. Jing Shu wakes upon hearing You Li's sms call from his hand phone. She tries to get out of bed but he holds her hand firmly even though he is asleep. Cheng Jun must be having a hard time like her. But if he carries on like this, he will feel worse. She refrains herself from touching his head and tries to look for Tai Hua.

She manages to find him on the train and wants to be with him. The chasing game starts again - Cheng Jun drives to the station to see her on the train. He runs in vain to get her so he drives beside the track! How romantic! Tai Hua sees him and smiles. Cheng Jun is so anxious that he keeps on calling her name in the car. He runs into the entry point to get her and Tai Hua hides aside to wish them well.

Both hug each other and promise never to let each other go. He finally says that he loves her. He gets You Li's call and sends Jing Shu home after throwing his ring to the rear of his car. He holds her hand in the car when driving again. He later holds her hand and walks into the house, refusing to let it go. He admits that he really loves Jing Shu and wants to marry her. He lets You Li down but he has no choice.

You Li tries to change his mind by revealing Tai Hua's identity and their 'cohabitation'. But Cheng Jun isn't a person who is so easily deceived. He closes his eyes in anguish. How long does You Li intend to keep from him? She knows the two and yet pretends not to know them to keep from him. He doesn't care who she stays with before and his thinking will never change. You Li screams that she doesn't mind him to be with any other woman except Jing Shu.

You Li runs after him and vows not to give him up but he only says sorry to her. Xiu Zhe decides to see Tai Hua. This make You Li and Mei Luo worry that he will disclose their misdeed. Although You Li threatens Jing Shu, Jing Shu is firm not to hide anymore. Mei Luo is confident that Cheng Jun will still listen to Shu Xian as he is dependent on her for survival.

Cheng Jun refuses to apologize to her as he is troubled for a long time. Is his happiness more important than Shu Xian's or the company's reputation? He can't live without Jing Shu. He knows that his decision will affect the company so he decides to resign. Shu Xian is angry that he wants to give up everything - even her as a mother. She will not help him in any way then. From now on, both will have nothing. You Li tells Jing Shu about it but Jing Shu doesn't mind. She has nothing more to lose now.

Jing Shu returns to work and sees Cheng Jun standing with his men. He tells her to work hard as her job is interesting. Cheng Jun reviews reports with Zhang. He wants to finish the job at hand. We can see that he is authoritative even though he is simply dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt as he starts becoming busy making phone calls and reading proposals. Zhang is unwilling to see him leave. Cheng Jun hugs his shoulder like a brother. Zhang gives his coat to Jing Shu. Jing Shu feels bad but he can still smile at her. Cheng Jun jokes that he has no time to play with her as he will be busy the whole day.

Zhang blocks the door to stop You Li from entering. Cheng Jun must have found her irritating to appear so often in front of him. She threatens to dismiss him when she becomes Mrs Che. He reminds her that he is not hired by her and he will resign if there is a need. All must be glad that this day never comes.

The men work non-stop in the office while Jing Shu waits for him. He touches her hair and wants her to buy food for him as he is hungry. On the way, she smiles upon seeing a message on the display board 'Jing Shu, you should smile this way.' This is the last privilege that he has. The couple feed each other with the fast food happily. They will have love without power and money but will be happier.

Zhang puts on Cheng Jun's coat on him. He lets Zhang handle the Japan branch set up proposal although he knows it is most likely to get rejected. He gives Zhang all his credit cards and his car key. He will not feel sad giving them up but is reluctant not to see him. He thanks him for his help and both hug. Zhang is like a father and friend to him so he requests him to take care of Shu Xian. He tells Jing Shu that she needs to work the next day so she must envy him for sleeping late the next day. He is reluctant to leave his job but she promises to help him save the company till he is back. Both run on the street happily.

Mei Luo bets that he will give up easily as he doesn't know what poverty is. You Li causes Jing Shu to work overtime but she nearly vomits blood when Jing Shu tells her that she has dates! You Li vows to let Cheng Jun return to her. The next day after work, Cheng Jun hides aside wearing a cap and winks at Jing Shu after work. He is simply dressed and jokes that they match each other now. They play at the baseball field. Does she remember the empty box - he places trust in it. He doesn't wish to know what happens to her in the past with Tai Hua although she wants to explain it. What matters is she is with him now.

He stays in a small hostel and has to wash his own socks. Jing Shu keeps him company - he has 3 dreams. The first is to make his company among the top. The second is to make a playground a place of dreams to be accumulated as a heaven. The third is to find a person who loves him more. His last dream is the most important. Tai Hua is angry with You Li for ruining him after knowing that she is the culprit for the fake paintings. Jing Shu suddenly has blurred vision and is advised to go for further checkups. She can only wear glasses as her corneas are torn by the accident.

Cheng Jun frowns as all companies find him over qualified for their positions. He becomes the newspaper headline everywhere - the successor is now in doubt of taking over. He has little money left and is surprised to see Jing Shu with spectacles. She is scared to get eye cancer like her mother. Both want to get into the amusement park and Cheng Jun is amused to see the new staff so firm to refuse intruders.

The new staff doesn't recognize him and refuses to let him in but he admires her attitude. He has never bought the tickets before. He sees Zhang and Shu Xian with troubled expressions and knows that they can't appease the other directors. He offers to help but Shu Xian still insists him marrying You Li. Cheng Jun is unwilling to give up so he returns to the stalls.

Cheng Jun uses the remaining money to get a pair of cheap rings. Now he is hungry and can't give her treats anymore. He lies that Jing Shu should go on a diet when she wishes to have steak. He is so hungry that he wants to kill himself when he still piggyback her. He is so delighted to find a meal arranged in the hostel. Zhang must have done this. She is amused - doesn't he say earlier that he feels unwell? His answer - how can he reject a friendly gesture? He puts his second present in the box - hope.

He gets her to go to the beach house the next day - the third is a seashell. She opens it up to see the rings. This is love. Each wears one - hers with the red ornament while his with the blue ornament. Jing Shu gets Zhang to drive Cheng Jun's car to the beach. She knows the problem from Zhang. Cheng Jun is angry - does she know that he will be forced to give her up? She reminds him of trust - she will stand beside him to give him strength. He will regret if he doesn't return to assist his mother. So Cheng Jun is in the glass lift again with his men. I don't know whether his subordinates notice that their President wears a cheap ring, though. The entrance staff is pale to see him as she realises his identity but he praises her for working well.

He is cold when You Li holds his hand and Zhang pushes her aside gently. This is so sad - her smile turns to tears again. Shu Xian is relieved that he is back for the meeting. He returns to office and sees You Li arranging flowers in a vase. She wants to do that daily but he tells her his decision stays. He is a sinner but he refuses to lead her on. He doesn't dislike her but he doesn't love her. He is clear how hard she tries but his whole life is already given to Jing Shu. As expected, she goes to complain to Shu Xian about it. To make Cheng Jun change his mind, she calls the reporters.

The newspaper announces that You Li is marrying Cheng Jun. Tai Hua is mad again. Cheng Jun gives all newspapers to his men except one after reading. Jing Shu calls him and he assures her that everything will be settled. She isn't angry and even jokes that the photo make him handsome looking. She is not disturbed but he is! He worries how to love her to make her a beautiful bride in an unforgettable wedding. Shall they choose the gowns that day? She promises to look for him at 4pm at the café since he is busy.

Cheng Jun asks Zhang if he is right to return. He tells the henchmen not to follow him as he is meeting his girlfriend. Suddenly, Jing Shu feels giddy and faints on the street when she tries to run after Cheng Jun upon seeing him on the opposite street. She learns that she is turning blind and might die. Cheng Jun waits outside the bridal shop and smiles. He looks at the models trying the tiaras and gowns. He finds a suitable one for Jing Shu and wants to show her but she cries upon hearing his message on the phone in hospital.

He gets worried when she doesn't turn up or reply his message. Jing Shu learns from Xiu Zhe that Mrs Han rejected surgery as there is a 50% chance so she decides to do the same. She finally goes to the café but can't bring herself to see him. It is past opening hours and can you believe that Cheng Jun has waited for 5 long hours for her?? The staff is unsure whether she will turn up finally but he is adamant to keep on waiting and dishes out his credit card. She is tormented - she is dying and really not worth him waiting. She finally calls him - why doesn't he leave when she doesn't answer him earlier.

He gets angry - why she never turns up or listens to his call? If she is him, will she wait? Is she angry over the newspaper report? She has tears but jokes that she is testing how long he can wait. He is still around so that means he likes her a lot. He demands her to show up. Even if she doesn't come, he will continue waiting. She insists that she will not since he is so fierce. He hangs up angrily but calls her again. He will be angry and wait till she comes to wake him up from his sleep. He pretends to sleep and refuses to open his eyes when she comes. She opens his eyes. This scene shows their great chemistry well.

She looks into his face greedily as she wants to see him within the limited time. He feels something amiss. She discovers how he grows - his eyes are small, his nose is not sharp and has women's red lips. When he smiles, he has wrinkles. He protests as many find him handsome and these few things make him perfect. She closes her eyes and will remember him when she thinks of him. She can see him in her heart. He laughs at her - why must she practice since she can look at him? He sits in front but she misses him. So does him. When she closes her eyes, she can't remember how he looks.

Will he too? These 5 years causes him to practice too much. Now he can even control her angry or happy expressions. She tells him to close his eyes and she feels his face. He gets love coffee for her. Her vision is blurred so she can't see clearly and he is sad that she doesn't get touched. He takes 2 mugs and writes down 'Cheng Jun loves Jing Shu'. He jokes - what happens if the words are erased? She answers sadly that she will remember his looks. Each keeps one. He is disturbed as she sounds like they are parting. Of course, they are but he can't bear to part now. She wants to watch a midnight movie but tickets are sold out now.

She is stunned to see him getting a movie bus from SAFE Mall. It has the words 'can't say sorry to lover'. She cries upon watching a tragedy. He is too sleepy and leans on her shoulder to sleep. He is exhausted from work and the long wait. This scene is very endearing. He wakes upon seeing her crying and jokes that she is sentimental. Doesn't he feel upset? He replies that he will not cry when she dies because they will still meet in heaven. He is about to continue sleeping but is alarmed to find her crying hysterically. He is amused - she still behaves like a child when he thinks that she is mature.

He coaxes her to stop crying and pats her head to clean her tears with his handkerchief. I don't get moved by Ji Woo's tears but is moved by Sang Woo's gentle gesture. He decides not to watch sad movies with her anymore and they should go for comedies next time. She insists she feels better. He kisses her on the forehead and makes her kiss him back by force. Tai Hua reveals the truth. The Hans are upset and Jing Shu hits You Li for causing her in her present state. Tai Hua decides to stay and protect Jing Shu till her marriage day. He is afraid that the two women will come up with plans to harm her. He draws a portrait for Jing Shu and makes her upset by saying that her eyes are the most beautiful.

Tai Hua tails Jing Shu upon seeing that she is becoming blind. He is sad when she chases him away, blaming him for not sending her to hospital on time to prevent her torture. Actually she doesn't wish to give him trouble. She touches Cheng Jun's face before he goes back to work in SAFE Mall. He is puzzled that she is late and teases her that he backs her up from being fired. I don't get it - how can he be so ignorant as there are tears in her eyes? You Li is puzzled when Jing Shu makes her promise that she will make Cheng Jun happy but thinks that she backs out since she knows that she is losing.

Cheng Jun calls Jing Shu to find out whether she enjoys her meal with Xiu Zhe. He misses her so much. How can she eat when he is not with her? He just has dinner with a client and nearly gets indigestion. He is now near her doorstep but she doesn't wish to see him. He senses that she is avoiding him but she denies. She is practicing how to look at him without seeing him. They can meet with each other on Sunday.

Shu Xian wants him to meet Mei Luo and You Li as love can't settle everything. He relates - when Jing Shu was dead, he feels like killing himself as if he is in hell. He regrets everyday why he hasn't joined her. But if he does it, he will regret as she is back. Shu Xian refuses to look at him. He kneels beside her and holds her hand. Can she understand him - no - she must understand him and give her blessing.

Jing Shu goes for a makeover and the beautician is upset to know that she does it because she is going to break up with her boyfriend. She wants to let him see her prettiest image. When meeting her at the carousel, Cheng Jun exclaims that she is different. She proudly says that she is pretty but he mentions she is only looking different. But he later admits she is pretty - even when crying or being angry. He gets someone to take a photo of them. She claims that he looks weird while she is pretty. But Cheng Jun still finds himself handsome. He is amused that she is petty. Why let him keep it, refusing to take another one?

He brings her to the bridal studio and she cries before trying the gown. He is happy to see her in it. Does she look like an angel to him? He says no because his reason is special - angels are naked! Their wedding may not get recognition from others but he promises to make her happy so that she will not regret it. She is truly an angel to him. He adds the tiara on her head and tells her not to cry. They take a photo together and hug each other for the pose. He holds her hand again when driving and brings her to the beach house. When carrying her on his back upon discovering that she has a fever, he jokes that she is very heavy.

Both sprawl on the carpet together to sleep. He holds her hand and hugs her close to him, covering them with a blanket. She stares at him and finds him really handsome. He wakes up to find a letter and the red ring. She had decided to be with Tai Hua and is contented to see him again. She hides at a corner, seeing him frantically searching for her. He is so distressed upon recalling her words. He is trying to make her happy but he is the only one smiling. He stops the car by the roadside and cries. This is so depressing.

Tai Hua moves out of home due to Jing Shu's request. Cheng Jun is desperate and sits on the floor in the storeroom upon knowing that he leaves. They think Jing Shu elopes with him. Tai Hua takes care of Jing Shu because she is frightened. Cheng Jun sits outside their old home and Zhang informs him that they can't be found. He calmly calls off the search as he believes that she will return. Cheng Jun discuss work with Piao when Shu Xian reminds him to meet the Hans. He tells her not to worry because he is not going to give up work and love to make both come true. He touches the cup he buys with Jing Shu, missing her.

Jing Shu yearns to hear his voice and calls him from the beach telephone booth. But she can't bring herself to talk to him. He is anxious and demands to know where she is. Upon seeing the number, he knows that she is at the beach and drives there. (Of course, running takes place frantically before this again.) She hides in the house. He looks from outside and is disappointed not to see her. She hides in the storeroom when he walks in to play the piano. He steps on her hairpin and keeps it, wondering where she is.

He walks to his car before giving the house a last look. She walks out to shout his name but he has left. Tai Hua cheers her up after seeing her tripping and almost rolling on the ground. (This act is deliberate and fake - why does the producer introduce it??) Cheng Jun sits in the movie bus and is in tears. Tai Hua is furious to know that You Li causes Jing Shu to go blind and nearly kills her. Tai Hua wants to arrange the couple to meet again the last time but Jing Shu backs out and wishes to see him from far. Jing Shu goes to SAFE Mall on the escalator, not knowing that Cheng Jun is in front of her - with his men behind him. He is also there recalling how he kisses her on the upper storey.

She goes around and doesn't know that he is in front of her. Cheng Jun gives Zhang ideas for improvement and goes to the 2nd floor. There he finally sees her with Tai Hua. He runs across borders but misses them when they get into a cab. He shouts her name and she can hear him. He holds the cup later in the office. Tai Hua sells imitations to raise money for Jing Shu's treatment to get caught by police again. He reveals Jing Shu's sickness to Cheng Jun. Cheng Jun takes it hard but wishes Tai Hua to meet him there after his release after agreeing to bail him out.

Jing Shu trips and becomes totally blind before Cheng Jun arrives. Thinking that he is Tai Hua, she blames him for coming late. Now she can't see Cheng Jun's face again. He hugs her and both weep. He cleans her arms with a towel in the house. She asks why he doesn't talk. She requests to see Cheng Jun but doesn't wish him to know. He bursts into tears and brings her to the café on a bus, wearing Tai Hua's jacket.

She leans on his shoulder but he refrains from holding her hand. He weeps upon changing his jacket at the venue. Jing Shu tells him to forget her since she is happy with Tai Hua and he should marry You Li. He asks - why is she like this? If she wants it, he agrees. He cries and she tells him not to cry. She wants him to be happy but he can't take it anymore and runs out, breaking down there. It is reasonable to see him finally releasing his sorrow openly as he is really clueless on how to face her.

He brings her back to the beach house. She anxiously asks how she fares - is Cheng Jun very upset? It is best not to see his reaction then. He brushes her hand away angrily and Tai Hua returns on time to console her. Both men look at her. Cheng Jun touches her face and she senses a change. Tai Hua admits that Cheng Jun is still handsome although pale. He also discovers that Cheng Jun has longer legs than him. She feels strange as if Cheng Jun is beside her. Tai Jun replies because he is forever beside her.

She suddenly touches Cheng Jun's face and is alarmed that he is present. She tries to chase him away as she doesn't want sympathy from him. Cheng Jun nearly collapses upon walking out. Tai Hua advises him not to take it to heart as she is only venting her frustrations. Shu Xian is angry that her art gallery is completely ruined by the imitation incident. Cheng Jun promises to balance work and love but he doesn't keep his promise. She reminds him that he has only 1 week left to the wedding.

Shu Xian begins to dislike Jing Shu for stirring trouble upon seeing how Cheng Jun is shaken. She is the boss and mother so she will not allow her to obstruct his future. Cheng Jun is disappointed - she never listens to him to finish his talking. He can't bring himself to tell her the sad news. Mei Luo is angry that Tai Hua is released and the police is hunting down the culprit.

Cheng Jun sees Jing Shu's doctor to know that she can see temporary if there is a transplant. He is troubled when driving to see her but pretends to be cheerful. The men decide to cook a meal. This is hilarious - Tai Hua laughs at him for being unable to cook spaghetti with cheese although he has been overseas for a long time while Cheng Jun doubts his ability to cook the miso soup. Jing Shu is puzzled on how spaghetti becomes instant noodles.

Cheng Jun's answer - they are too oily and not good for the health. She knows that they are ruined but still praise their cooking. Both men quarrel again. Tai Hua claims the credit in adding the msg but Cheng Jun stresses on the success in soaking the noodles. They persuade her to go to the hospital for treatment. Why is she scared with 2 men looking after her? When she calls brother, they insist her to address their names so as not to confuse them. They become good buddies. Before admitting into the hospital, Cheng Jun brings her into the movie bus and proposes to her.

She rejects him but he is adamant about it. No matter where she goes, he will chase after her. He has waited for a long time - why make him wait longer? He has heard her answer before so that should not change. She claims that the problem wasn't there then. He kisses her on the lips. Cheng Jun often hurries out from office after working hours when You Li sends documents for him to sign. She wonders what he is up to. She follows him and knows about Jing Shu's condition. She laughs haughtily and it will raise your goose pimples to see how she pretends to be nice to Jing Shu.

Jing Shu wants Cheng Jun to tell her the truth in case it fails. He wants to look at her as they will be separated for 72 hours. Cheng Jun pleads with Xiu Zhe to let him marry Jing Shu. The guys are with her and hold her hands before the operation. Cheng Jun can't concentrate at work and gets to the hospital after getting Tai Hua's call. Cheng Jun prints out invitation cards in his name to give to all a day before the wedding. You Li thinks he is resigned to fate and is happy over it. My guess is after the last disaster, Cheng Jun wants to make sure that nothing goes wrong this time.

Zhang sends the wedding gown to Jing Shu's ward. She feels the tiara and the gloves but wants Tai Hua to send them back. She finally agrees to wear them to let Tai Hua draw her in it. The next day, Cheng Jun is in a wedding suit and gets Zhang to fetch Tai Hua and Jing Shu. He thanks all for coming to the venue and announces the marriage. You Li is shocked - so are the rest except Xiu Zhe. It is unpractical to marry her but Jing Shu is still her despite being blind.

The most important thing is he loves her and has no more time to wait. He doesn't hope to see her leave him again. Tai Hua hugs Jing Shu and weeps before bringing her into the hall. She has gone through a long road to be Cheng Jun's bride. Cheng Jun hopes no one will stop him. Xiu Zhe passes Jing Shu to Cheng Jun - to bring her to the person she loves most and she finally realizes what is happening. Cheng Jun tells her that it is their wedding and all the guests are there.

Mei Luo objects and overturns the table. You Li chides him and declares the wedding void. Both women are not elegant anymore - they are uncivlized. Tai Hua reveals the truth and Gong Xiu comes. You Li lets the cat out of the bag by saying that what she sent over to him is not a corpse as claimed. The security leads them out while Shu Xian finally gives her approval to clap with the others. The wedding is officiated by Zhang as both exchange their rings. Tai Hua smiles in grief - her happiness is also his but his heart still feels painful. This scene is a touching one, showing the different complicated feelings that each has.

The police arrests You Li. Xiu Zhe still drives the same car so the accident evidence might still be there. The police takes her away and Mei Luo becomes mad. How can You Li forget the poor times and how much she invests on her? Cheng Jun carries Jing Shu into their new home. She finds no furniture in it. It is like her to fill the gap but he has what he wants most. They are in bed but fully clothed - sigh��.they should have steamy scenes like Dong Gan with Yeon Ae in 'Doctors'. Hot and passionate!

The police brings Mei Luo for questioning over the paintings' case. She lands up in a mental hospital. The couple wakes up. Cheng Jun jokes that he has a fright and thinks he is dreaming when finding her beside him. He wants to be in bed longer with her and refuses to work. How can she nag at him now? She forces him to work but he kisses her. Now they look like a married couple. He gets Tai Hua to take care of her.

Cheng Jun gets colleagues to his home to celebrate. They raise goose pimples upon seeing Cheng Jun whispering into her ear before they sing a song. Jing Shu suddenly faints and he sends her to hospital. She doesn't wish him to go anywhere to keep her company. Cheng Jun brings her to work the next day so that he can always see her to feel secure. He doesn't wish to waste any second. She senses he hasn't left but is still sitting in front of her. She tries to touch him when he hides. He sneaks from the back to give her a hug.

Cheng Jun informs Tai Hua of her condition. Now he is relieved as he can't bring himself to tell others. Cheng Jun wishes to donate his corneas to Jing Shu but the doctor says he can't do the transplant from a living human. Tai Hua sees his parents for the last time and decides to kill himself to gives his corneas to her. Jing Shu suddenly awakens from sleep from a nightmare, shouting Tai Hua's name.

Cheng Jun is devastated to know that he is the donor. Jing Shu thanks the donor who saves her. Cheng Jun can't control his sorrow upon seeing her touching Tai Hua's photo with the bandages over her eyes. She tells Cheng Jun to look at her as she wants to see his face so much. She regains her sight and she wants to see whether there are letters from Tai Hua. He sends postcards of him with a European girl, claiming her to be his girlfriend to lie that he is enjoying himself overseas. Cheng Jun is heartbroken.

Jing Shu follows him to work and is uneasy to see so many men around him and needs to get used to it. Gong Xiu becomes a security guard at SAFE Mall. Cheng Jun sets up a charity fund under Tai Hua's name to give 10% profits to the handicap and medical organizations. Shu Xian puts Jing Shu in charge. Many praise Cheng Jun for the work. He requests help from others as Jing Shu is inexperienced. All praise them for being compatible but he says that he is in the 'dim' light.

Both get food from the buffet and she suddenly loses balance. Cheng Jun brings her for a brain scan and is devastated to know that the cancerous cells spread to her brain. He weeps, sitting on the floor when observing her to wait for him at a corner. They are back at the café and he breaks the news to her to wish her to go for treatment. He tells her that Tai Hua is the donor.

At first, she cries hysterically but later accepts Tai Hua's gift to cherish the times they have. She can't be too greedy and should be contented to see him again once. She promises Tai Hua to see beautiful things. She doesn't wish to be in despair when she leaves. They must build wonderful memories so this should be the last time they cry. They have fun playing in the snow and he puts her on drip after that in hospital.

She is glad that he is obedient but he chides her for being naughty. He hugs her and both sleep on the same hospital bed. It is bad that he has to do this every time to make her sleep. He sheds a tear and says he likes her so much from young. She forgives You Li and both reconcile. Jing Shu requests Zhang to help her in the cooking. She is relieved to have him beside Cheng Jun so that he will not be lonely. He jokes that she should change into a nightgown.

Cheng Jun returns home to find it in darkness with the Western food. This is the first dinner she prepares for him. She even prepares medicine for him - just in case he has a stomach upset again. He feels guilty for not getting her anything but she says he has given her too much. She tells him to fill the box. It has trust, hope and love. She adds one more - gratitude. She gets the love that one doesn't get and thanks him. He thanks her for letting both to be in love. This is also a touching scene.

She asks him about the food's taste. He asks whether she wants the truth or the lie - he says it tastes good. Tai Hua wins a special award for his drawing - staircase to heaven. The couple looks at it and both are happy for him. They go to the beach house and he senses that she is dying. She says that he is handsome but he replies that is because she is ugly. He forbids her to sleep otherwise he will be sleepy to cause a car accident. He notes that her grip on him loosens and holds her hand.

Both walk to the end of the beach and he asks if she waits for him like how he waits for her? He will wait till the reunion day. I don't understand this - out of so many places they can sit - they choose to sit on the wet sand which is such an unromantic and dirty spot??? And why must they talk for so long??? Cheng Jun carries her on his back after she dies. He plays the piano on another day at the beach. Maybe Tai Hua loves her more than him but that doesn't mean that the love he gives Jing Shu is less. He wonders whether Jing Shu hears him playing the pieces for her.

Introduction on characters

1. Che Cheng Jun - Kwon Sang Woo
He is the only son of a wealthy family who owns Global Holdings. He is perfect as a prince charming. He is cunning (bribes Zhi Xiu's landlord to chase them out and lures Zai Xi to sign the contact but who can blame him?), wise (in managing his family business and outwitting You Li to avoid her pestering), strong with a perfect build (to do all the running and piggybacking), proud (always belittling You Li or Mei Luo) and devoted to love (so insistent to make sure that Zhi Xiu is really Jing Shu).

He is also attractive looking (women disregard the fact that he is engaged), has a talent for business (when at work, he gives constructive suggestions with NO nonsense. The scarf idea changes Jing Shu's idea of him as an incapable playboy), boyish (in front of Jing Shu to discard his cold behaviour that he treats You Li aside to become warm, unreasonable and hilarious), musically inclined (he plays the piano well and has wanted to be a pianist but has to give up his dream to inherit his father's business empire), frank (completely aloof or shows his displeasure/jealousy openly), cheeky (he winks when he is up to something) and also rich (see his horde of man and the cars he owns.) The list can go on and on��

Despite getting drunk or in despair the previous nights, Cheng Jun keeps his composure at work the next day with a level head. This man is mature, firm and serious when he is in his office, not neglecting his job. But he is completely different in front of Jing Shu, wanting her attention and also devotion. The way he shows his despair and jealousy upon seeing Jing Shu and Tai Hua together is so obvious. He can be aggressive, childish, gentle, caring, cute, enchanting and also cheerful. Who doesn't get fascinated by him?

You Zhen in 'Winter Love Song' is similar to Cheng Jun but I find her irritating and detestable. It must have something to do with Ji Woo's presentation although both characters dwell too much on the past. Cheng Jun is even more stubborn as he has seen how Jing Shu's ashes being scattered at sea. Sang Woo's acting makes you go all out for him. When Cheng Jun is happy, you smile with him. When he is sad. you cry with him. When he crack jokes or is up to mischief, you laugh at him. But when he is serious and cold, you get frightened by him. Cheng Jun is too perfect in life so he needs to lose the person he loves.

Like Min Zhe, no one can guess his next move. He makes fun of Jing Shu but suddenly gets serious to talk about work. What makes him different from You Zhen is his youth years are spent with Jing Shu so it is natural that he has deeper feelings. They are separated for 8 years inclusive of 3 years he studied overseas. How little time he has with her together! This is my top favourite role besides Xiang Zhe, Qi Zhu and Min Zhe.

The smiles that he gives others - sometimes they may seem polite but most of the time, they are icy and unfeeling. This is evident when he is facing You Li. When he talks to her, he seldom looks into her eyes. The smiles are so different from the warm or childish way that he shows in front of Jing Shu. Even his winks have different significance - they can be playful or he might be hatching a plot behind them.

Sang Woo is a talented and accomplished actor - he plays this complex/complicated role He has great charisma and a commanding presence. I seldom give so much praise and compliments for an actor. He is exceptional to act just with his eyes and body language - not just with words. He is dashing to look good and acts equally well. I look forward to more works from this outstanding actor.

2, Han Tai Hua/Han Zhe Xiu - Shin Hyun Joon
He is so pathetic. He has been in love with Jing Shu and has enjoyed 8 years with her. But things change when Cheng Jun is back. He becomes unreasonable and fierce to her. He is still fortunate to have Jing Shu's love for 5 years. Later, he has to hide to observe her from far and protect/help her. To the extent of sacrificing himself to regain her sight. I don't think such a thing will happen in real life. Hyun Joon acts naturally although he lacks the clean-cut looks and he overacts in certain scenes to show anger. Who will believe that he had not acted in serials for 5 years as his standard is well maintained?

3. Han Jing Shu/Jin Zhi Xiu - Choi Ji Woo
The same thing happens to Jing Shu as in other dramas - long-suffering, keeping her sorrow to herself and crying non-stop. But Jing Shu is firm not to give in. She is also cheerful here with Tai Hua or Cheng Jun. The parts where she dances make Tai Hua smile again and dumping the samples on You Li's lap are sure classic! But such a talkative and frank person suddenly becomes evasive to own up that she is Jing Shu - this is what I can't understand! What annoys me is Jing Shu is still weak in the end.

Ji Woo's crying never works on me. She has a blank or lost look as in other serials. Her eyes are empty when Byung Hun or Sang Woo showers her with so much passion. Why? However, the perfect chemistry that she has with Sang Woo makes up for the deficit. The way they are together is funny and natural. This is indeed the first serial that I see her smile and laugh so much. She looks picture-perfect with him too! Sang Woo is younger than she, but she manages to look and behave younger than him.

4. Han Yu Li - Kim Tae Hee
She is Jing Shu's half-sister and is vicious. She will do anything to win Cheng Jun's heart. However, all her efforts are in vain even when they work in the same company. Sometimes, I pity her when he rejects her with a cold look. But my sympathy dies when she bootlicks to Shu Xian to force him to submit to her. That is why I adore scenes where Zhang cause her plans to backfire every now and then.

Although she is young, Tae Hee acts well as the jealous lover. The way she shows You Li's arrogance and haughty nature doesn't show that she is a newcomer. She has a promising future. In fact, she acts better than Ji Woo! However, certain angry scenes are quite repetitive with the same staring expressions. She resembles Hong Kong actress, Chu Yan with her big eyes. But I have complaints over her wardrobe - she looks awful in some totally white business suits and stockings while only the dangling earrings manage to bring out her beauty. Ji Woo's earrings look more like cheap costume jewelry instead.

5. Tae Mi Ra - Lee Hui Hyang
She is You Li's mother who is an actress and model for Global Holdings. Her previous marriage ends because of poverty and violence. That is why she dreads to be poor and remarries Xiu Zhe to ditch Gong Xiu. She only dreams to climb to the top and is hungry over status. That is why she grooms You Li to be the future wife of Cheng Jun, who is the sole successor to the holdings. She is so upset when her hopes are dashed and goes insane. She acts well this time - unlike other superficial roles that I have seen her in other dramas.

6. Min Shu Xian - Kim Ji Sook
She is the Chairman of Global Holdings. What a complicated business chain - they own a golf resort, Safe mall, an art gallery, a hotel and also a skiing ground. Simply too rich! She grooms her only son and future successor, Cheng Jun to send him to the States to train him for business management. He hasn't failed her but he is too adventurous.

She puts in more effort in the gallery as she likes art. But being a practical business woman, she is amazed that Cheng Jun likes challenges to go through the odds - to manage Safe Mall which gives the lowest sales figures. She dissuades him in vain but still lets him try out.

She is Cheng Jun's mother and doesn't care much about his needs. I already find her harsh in sending Cheng Jun overseas alone. She is more concerned with preserving the company's clean image or status - to the extent of forcing him to marry You Li. Not just that, she even forces Cheng Jun to leave when he insists on being with Jing Shu.

She is Xiu Zhe's close friend when he designs Safe Mall for her. Why does she introduce a witch, Mei Luo, to him? She likes a young Jing Shu but why does she detest her so much when she becomes an adult? I simply have no answer.

7. Professor Han Xiu Zhe - as Shan Zai's father in 'Beautiful Days'
He is a successful architect but is also the blind person in the serial - I don't mean the physical handicap. How can he be ignorant of how Jing Shu is ill-treated by Mei Luo and You Li even though they stay under one roof? And not knowing that You Li has driven his car to knock her down? He doesn't help Jing Shu to fight her own happiness and still keeps quiet when Shu Xian insists that You Li marries Cheng Jun. And not angry after knowing the truth? What kind of father is this??

8. Han Gong Xiu
Tai Hua and You Li's father who is an impulsive gambler. If not for him, Tai Hua will not have to draw imitations to earn a living. But he is still softhearted to give in to You Li when she begs him to prevent her from going to jail. He may have done a lot of wrongs but he makes one sensible thing - to reveal the truth and to have a decent job finally.

9. Director Zhang
He may look stern and unfeeling but he has a soft and kind heart. He is Cheng Jun's capable assistant but he takes care of him since young. The first time Cheng Jun sees Jing Shu on the carousel, he holds Cheng Jun back but lets him go. Upon seeing how his young boss suffering from hunger, he gets the couple a romantic meal. He even helps Jing Shu in preparing her final and only meal for Cheng Jun. He is like a father and friend to Cheng Jun. Knowing that Cheng Jun dislikes You Li, he often stays outside his office to prevent her from seeing him. Without him, Cheng Jun will not get things done so easily.

I must compliment the producer for finding this actor. How did he manage to find a man who is taller than Sang Woo??? The way that they hug each other really depict their close relationship well. And a non-Korean to speak Korean - what's more to act too - I must salute to him!

10. Song Zai Xi
Jing Shu's working partner as a clothes designer. She is loud-mouthed but is protective towards her. Let's be thankful to her - if not for her to devise the bottle spinning game, we will miss the unforgettable scene of Cheng Jun showing his unusual weak nature in the drunken scene. I have thought that the producer has planned to pair her up with Director Zhang but this isn't shown in the end - why?

Favourite character
Cheng Jun, he wins hands down with his endearing personality. I can't describe how much I adore this role. Wonderful as the eligible bachelor and devoted lover. How I wish to meet this kind of man in real life!

Most hated character
You Li - she likes to come between Jing Shu and Cheng Jun, always says hurting words to both of them to break them up. The close runner up is Mei Luo for being her accomplice.


There are 3 songs sung by male singer, Mukhahoya - 'thinking of you', 'Heaven's memory' and 'Only belongs to me'. The last two are by the same singer. Other songs include 'My you', 'Forget' and 'For the beautiful you'. The songs are very sad. My top choice is another song 'thinking of you' - it is really sad.

By the end of it, all will know another song 'Ave Maria' by Rebecca Luker so well to memorize in their hearts. It is dutifully played at times when Cheng Jun chases after Jing Shu. It is a perfect combination! I like the upbeat music by the drums and the sorrowful female voice that comes with it. The ost came out with the DVD version of the MVs for the first 3 songs. I wonder why no MV for 'Ave Maria'?

What I detest/feel puzzled

1. The white stockings - the actresses look terrible in them.

2. Obviously the producer hasn't done enough homework. Jing Shu is supposed to be killed. How can all be deceived by the corpse which is completely burned beyond recognition? I don't see any car explosion in the first place! Plus, don't the police feel suspicious as no identification is found initially on the corpse but suddenly the necklace and wallet is on it?

3. Is Cheng Jun that submissive to Shu Xian? He is an obstinate person who stays by his beliefs. I can't believe me own eyes when he agrees to Shu Xian's decision to dismiss Jing Shu although he is reluctant to part with her. And to continue the engagement ceremony?? How can this happen? I thought he is supposedly firm and also assertive???

4. The artistes breaking rules of jumping over the exit/entry points for so many times without getting caught. Is the supervision really so lax??

5. Cheng Jun's home is not shown except the interior. Not able to find a bigger house than Jing Shu's?

6. How does Cheng Jun's family, Global Holdings set up the business chain? SAFE Mall and the art gallery are so different in management style and profit gains.

7. Why Tai Hua's presence isn't revealed to Cheng Jun? How can they not meet when young since he has been to their home before? Just because he hides in the storeroom? And why Mr Han doesn't make an effort to ask about him when he goes missing?!

8. Why Mei Luo dislikes Tai Hua. She only sets to groom You Li to be Craft Holding's successor's wife. If I were her, I will groom Tai Hua too. Why not try to win him over although he is a difficult person? Mei Luo will laugh her way to the bank as he will earn a lot of money since he is so talented in drawing.

9. Cheng Jun says Jing Shu looks exactly like how she looks in her teens but do you think so?

10. Using cancer as a sad ending. I don't understand why Jing Shu must die. It makes us happy for a while when her operation is successful but why let her lose her life later? To earn more tears? To fit the title? Especially to kill Tai Hua for her sake. What a waste of his efforts when she dies soon after him??

What I like

1. Like Il-mare, I am totally won over by how Cheng Jun chases after Jing Shu after all the running and piggybacking. He must be having a great stamina. Sang Woo does have a great body (remember the shower scene where he holds the necklace) and build. All the suits and windbreakers suit him perfectly. He must also have good driving skills too to follow her in buses and trains.

2. The mural drawing is great to depict the heaven theme. Does Sang Woo have a hand in it since he graduates with a degree in art education from Hannam University?

3. How Cheng Jun is persistent to move Jing Shu. I am totally heartbroken when he gets rejected so many times and how jealous he is whenever she is so intimate with Tai Hua in front of him.

4. How he gets away from You Li's pestering. The highlight is how he gets Director Zhang to help him! And I also adore the icy way he treats her. She deserves it!

5. Cheng Jun plays the piano. It is more touching than the other two although this dose is overly used by Shan Zai in 'Beautiful Days' and Jun Xiang in 'Winter Love Song'.

6. Cheng Jun often appears with 5 men behind him, including Zhang. So stylish to make a grand entrance each time although it can be exaggerating. Are the 4 his bodyguards??? I must praise the producer to be so capable of finding men who are close to Cheng Jun's height or taller than him!

7. The monorail is a good spying ground as we can see how Cheng Jun spies on Jing Shu and Tai Hua whenever he has the chance there.

8. Cheng Jun's touching words - 'Yes, this is the smile Jing Shu has.' and 'You have Jing Shu's smell'. All the scenes showing how much he misses Jing Shu are also enchanting. Strangely, all the tears don't tarnish his manly image.

9. The meal that the guys prepare for Jing Shu. It is so hilarious.

10. All scenes of Cheng Jun with Jing Shu. You have to watch it to find out. The leads are really good with fantastic chemistry.

What's similar to other dramas

1. Jing Shu's home looks familiar - is this the same house used as Min Zhe's home in 'Beautiful Days'?

2. Cheng Jun's BMW convertible and car. It suits his personality to switch to both at all times as he can be wild or mature. The blue working car has a striking resemblance to Xiang Zhe's car in 'All about Eve'.

3. I am very biased. I hate You Zhen's treatment towards Min Heng in 'Winter Sonata' - especially when she kisses him and calling him Jun Xiang when drunk. But I forgive Cheng Jun for everything he does despite him witnessing 'Jing Shu's ashes' being scattered into the sea. His pain is obviously greater. Who isn't moved to see how devastated he is?

4. The deliberate arrangement of making Jing Shu suffering from amnesia is similar to Jun Xiang's experience in 'Winter Sonata' and also Yun Xi in 'Glass Shoes'. But without it, how to make Cheng Jun try so hard to win her back? He needs to work much harder than others.

5. Cheng Jun running after someone who resembles in looks as the dead lover on the engagement day is the same as You Zhen's encounter.

6. You Li's role as a ruthless younger sister is the same as Zhi En in 'secret' as Xi Zheng's younger sister. The only difference is they have no blood relations at all.

7. The way Cheng Jun observes Jing Shu when she draws is the same way Min Zhe looks at Lian Xiu when she draws sketches of him in 'Beautiful Days'. The difference is Lian Xiu eyes Min Zhe with curiosity and fear while Cheng Jun has to peep at her secretly, trying hard to fight back his tears.

8. You Li tries to drown herself while Xiang He tries to starve himself to win You Zhen back. You Li leaves a 'suicide' letter to make the act more convincing while Xiang He takes holiday leave. I despise the suicidal arrangements to win the people they love by force. These two do a lot of pre-planning.

9. Cheng Jun coaxes Jing Shu to sit beside him at the piano in the beach house. Just like the way Shan Zai wants Lian Xiu to sit beside him in 'Beautiful Days'. Why is Ji Woo always so lucky?

10. Jing Shu putting a coat on Cheng Jun when he sleeps in the office is similar to how Lian Xiu does the same to Min Zhe in 'Beautiful Days'. You will notice that even their sleeping position is almost the same. Both guys give the women a shock by holding them back - Min Zhe on the hand and Cheng Jun on the leg.

11. Cheng Jun in the shower to get wet when he is very depressed seeing Jing Shu to go away with Tai Hua. Same as what Min Zhe does upon knowing that his father is a murderer. Yin Mei also does it upon knowing You Zhen's death. Why do they like to get wet so much with their clothes on??

12. The way that the couple tries to look for each other at the MTR escalator is like what happens to Lian Xiu and Min Zhe at the airport in 'Beautiful Days'. So do Xiu Xian and Yong En in 'tears in my eyes' too. Can't they think of other methods? Maybe Cheng Jun should go after a plane, ship or a cable carâ?¦

13. I don't understand why so many serials must have teenage artistes in the first few episodes. We have that in 'Beautiful Days', 'tale of Autumn', 'All In' and 'Glass Shoes'. Must it be a must in here too?? This can be so boring and longwinded although some do act quite well.

14. Love coffee - it has the same design as in 'Beautiful Days'. Is the café the same one? Jing Shu can't see clearly to get touched but Lian Xiu is moved as Min Zhe has never done such a mushy act before.

15. All the misses between Cheng Jun and Jing Shu reminds me what happens between Han Ni and Sheng Jun in 'tomato'. Luckily, misses are not frequent otherwise fans will curse and swear or beat their chests.

16. The dominating way that Cheng Jun treats Jing Shu at work is like how Min Zhe does to Lian Xiu and Ying Min does to Xi Zheng. But the methods that he uses are too overbearing! He rejects Jing Shu's idea but later assists her to think of a better way to improve the scarf's design. He offers her a job but gives her a hard time. He leaves her to bring the samples back on her own, tears her designs and makes her work overtime. The other guys are too nice to their girlfriends. Xiang Zhe goes all out to help Shan Mei to do better in her work. So does Xiu Xian in giving her advance pay when she needs the money.

17. Many Cheng Jun's scenes driving - like Xiang Zhe. But Xiang Zhe is happy smiling to himself most of the time but Cheng Jun is often solemn like Ying Min in 'secret'. What a sharp contrast.

18. Lian Xiu and Tai Hua are good in art. Jing Shu draws well in her designs too. Too much a coincidence.

19. The siblings here are like Sheng Cai and Zhen Ya in 'summer Scent' deeply in love with Min Yu and Hui Yuan. It is just that they don't combine forces to break them up.

20. The male leads are very rich to be influential, don't you think so? Cheng Jun gets a movie bus past the cinema's opening hours to make Jing Shu's wish come true. Xiang Zhe gets the reluctant Ying Mei to go to London with You Zhen using his authority to please Shan Mei.

21. Cheng Jun insists on marrying Jing Shu although she has cancer - just like Min Zhe towards Lian Xiu.

22. Cheng Jun is rich - just like the others in inheriting the family businesses or holding important posts. All are educated in the U.S. except Xiang Zhe in England. This makes him having more tolerance but is less direct to show his love than the others. But Cheng Jun doesn't even say he likes her even though both have acknowledged each other. It takes him an even longer time to say 'I love you' to her. Maybe to him, he believes that she should know it all along. Xiang Zhe might be afraid to say these 3 words because the first time he says he likes Shan Mei, she doesn't believe him!

No one likes Cindefellas but prefers Cinderellas. All are devoted to their lovers and will never look at other women. How many prince charmings like them will exist in the real world?

23. Have you noticed that Cheng Jun likes to work without his suit jacket at times in his SAFE Mall office? The simple white shirt still brings out his entrepreneur airs and authority - just like Min Zhe in 'Victory'.

24. Jing Shu is blind like Jun Xiang. She also dies due to cancer - just like other heroes or heroines in other Korean dramas. Korean producers - please cut out the act��..

25. Do you notice that almost all the female leads work for the guys? Hui Yuan, Yong En, You Zhen, Shan Mei and Jing Shu - all of them are working under the guys or drawing a salary from Sheng Cai, Xiu Xian, Min Heng, Xiang Zhe and Cheng Jun. Are they that dependent on the guys for a living?

26. Most guys are athletic. Cheng Jun plays squash, Dong Xian in 'Hotelier' jogs or swims. Xiang Zhe jogs or cycles. Ying Min exercises in the gym. Oh yes - Min Zhe and Shan Zai play tennis too.

27. Cheng Jun likes to peep at Jing Shu at work but most of the time, he only gets to see her empty table in the office. Xiang Zhe is luckier - he can see Shan Mei's face on television, in the television studio or the radio station whenever he wants to although secretly.

28. Jing Shu being forced to resign is similar to Xi Zheng's and Lian Xiu's encounters. Their prince charmings have to coax or persuade them to return to their posts so that they can see them daily again.

29. Cheng Jun gives up his President status to be with Jing Shu��.as a form of protest or to show that love matters to them more? Xiu Xian also leaves his restaurant manager post for Yong En. So does Ying Min for Xi Zheng in 'secret'. And later the companies can't do without them so they have to return. This is sure a big sacrifice to make. I wonder why the opposition is so great - can't bread go along with love?

30. I notice all actresses seem to like piggybacking in all dramas - are they too heavy? Please take it as a joke. So far, I have only seen Xiang Zhe carrying Shan Mei in his arms when he rushes her to hospital upon seeing her fainting at work. Don't they feel comfortable and closer this way?

Interesting facts

In April 2004, Sang Woo and Ji Woo went Shanghai for a fashion show. Both were busy for other work commitments and did not meet each other after the serial. Thus they looked forward to this event. Even Tai Hee came. The audience watched eagerly (or rather greedily) at how they displayed marriage costumes. It was like a replay of it and many wondered whether she would act as You Li again. Both did not work after the serial when both look blissful for the 'wedding ceremony'. It was said Sang Woo was tired during the rehearsal. But upon seeing pins behind Ji Woo's wedding veil, he forgot his weariness and quickly removed them for her. What a careful and thoughtful gesture!

As for the fashion show, they displayed the wonderful costumes. At first, they replayed the scene when both could not be together. Later, they said the classic sentence 'love will return'. The last had Ji Woo wearing a wedding gown and veil to walk with the red carpet with Sang Woo. When he planted a kiss on her forehead, the whole crowd went mad and when all bow at the audience, Ji Woo smiled like a bride.

Can you believe that after the show, both were so tired that they sat on the floor back stage??? Reporters asked what Sang Woo thought of upon seeing Ji Woo in the wedding gown. He replied she looked so pretty that he was 'electrocuted'. As for Ji Woo, the sad scene left her touched. She also joked that she finally got to watch him closely. When both worked on the television serial, she didn't sense it as she was too tired.

The shooting spots were 'Lotte World Amusement park', Namdamun market (Jing Shu's shop) , Muuido (where the white house is) house and Save Zone Shopping Mall (where Cheng Jun first meets Jing Shu buying shoes there which were busy spots. 'Lotte World' has a shopping mall and is also an entertainment complex with the skating ground to attract thousands of tourists daily.

Everyday, there would be fans surrounding to watch the shoots. Not forgetting to mention about Café Pascucci where the couple meet regularly. To prevent tragedies from taking place, SBS often changed filming spots. But the informative fans were already there. Ji Woo and Sang Woo had no choice but to hide in the changing rooms or small shops. Ji Woo yearned to be You Li to dress classy clothes as she was worried that she would be stereotyped to be weaklings all the time.

Ji Woo answered reporters that she addressed Sang Woo as 'sang Woo Xi'. Sang Woo wasn't satisfied - he joked he would not let her so easily by giving him such a formal address. Ji Woo said she would never call him 'oppa' - elder brother. Sang Woo knew that his tongue is 'short' - Ji Woo has the same problem so many viewers had problems listening to them talking. He didn't evade from the issue and he tried talking slowly to reduce the effect. He tried to distress most of the time too.

What was the scene they love most - to Sang Woo, it was the MTR scene where Cheng Jun ran madly after Jing Shu when he first saw her. Ji Woo added it was the scene where they hit each other in the MTR. Sang Woo recalled that this was the first time where he got so close to her and he was shy. (Does he look like this to you in the serial???) Both talked little to each other off screen then. The most embarrassing part for him was during all those running, he kept dropping his shoes!

On 19.12.03, they shot from midnight to 6 am in the morning with the temperature under 10 degrees. However, they could still joke. They were supposed to shoot the scene where Jing Shu went to the beach to reunite with Cheng Jun. Il_mare wondered why there wasn't any kissing scene. The answer - the two were unable to immerse into the roles because it was too cold. There was a scene where both of them kept each other warm in the blankets in the house. This was the scene which both looked forward to most for the day.

When the producer shouted 'start', they quickly ran together to the fireplace. Even after filming, they were unwilling to join them. Both felt it was bad that the kissing scene was postponed. Ji Woo said she didn't reject it. Sang Woo said this too and it must be Hyun Joon to change the script. Hyun Joon joked if given the choice, he would ask the producer to arrange them to swim in the sea instead to torture them! On that day itself, the director gave them monetary rewards. This was not just to celebrate the serial breaking 30% viewership but also to thank the filming crew to shoot the scenes under such harsh weather.

The lovers' necklace became a hot collector's item. Jing Shu's necklace was heart shaped with small diamonds surrounding it. This could be locked with Cheng Jun's necklace to signify that they were together. Even primary school children wanted them! They were made by a famous precious stone outlet. In French, it means 'forever love'. The owner saw Ji Woo's appeal and sponsored all her jewels in the serial. The popularity showed that they had foresight.

The frequent falling scenes at the beach with Hyun Joon caused Ji Woo's kneecap to get seriously injured again. Her left kneecap was injured before in 'Winter Sonata' after riding a bicycle. She had a first aid kit beside her but sad to say, it didn't work because the tight filming schedule didn't allow her to rest much.

Right after the celebration, the producer decided to end it with a tragic ending. When this was on the net, many left messages on the website. They protest but Ji Woo and the producer felt that it would divert from the theme to have a happy ending. Even though they were firm in their choice, many fans still want to persuade them ��in vain since even the actress herself chose 'death' but she was happy to have 2 handsome men loving her in it - just like other serials!

The cast were so happy on their last shooting day. Only when they reached 'Lotte World Amusement park', they saw an ambulance and a police car. Ji Woo and Sang Woo were appalled that a woman was tied and knifed to death. Ji Woo's lips turned pale while Sang Woo became serious. Ji Woo recalled someone hung himself to death at the filming scene for 'Winter Sonata' in 2002. Although they worried that it might bring them bad luck, they were relieved the viewership was higher than 'Winter Sonata'.

Sang Woo hoped to feel the kind of love present in real life. Even if others may oppose to it, he will try his best to protect the relationship. Many noticed that Sang Woo's hands in the serial don't match with his flawless face. They are ugly looking, big and full of scars, signifying his difficult childhood and how he suffered from action movies. The beautician joked she had to use twice the effort to apply foundation on his hands than his face. His father died of cancer when he was 6 months old and his mother single-handedly brought him and his elder brother up. He also had a hard time to do modeling too.

There was a scene where Jing Shu called Cheng Jun and many thought the number displayed on Cheng Jun's phone was Ji Woo's number. Fans kept sending sms or made calls. The owner was a jewelry shop owner and he wanted Ji Woo to clear the air for him. Everyday he got more than 100 calls.

Sang Woo attended a Korean variety show 'together'. When the theme music 'Ave Maria' from the serial was played, many thought of the touching scenes. But Sang Woo joked that he only felt like escaping whenever listening to it as he got sick of it. Although he looked professional and refined in front of the piano, he didn't know how to play it! He only hit the pieces and wanted to get immersed into the role. But when he started hitting for every scene, the whole crew laughed and found hard to concentrate on filming!

Sang Woo wasn't happy of getting You Li to marry Cheng Jun. He was firm - if he were him, he would marry Jing Shu because of love. He could not imagine himself marrying just to show sincerity. He confesses that Tae Hee was the prettiest actress that he had worked with so far. After this serial was shown, he was labeled as a prince. Ji Woo described him as being more capable to cry than women. He looked as if he was restless and didn't care much about appearance in real life. This is the part that made him most attractive. Plus his perfect physique - many dreamt to be his lover.

The bathing scene made lots of female fans leaving messages on the SBS board, praising him for being handsome. But some unscrupulous people downloaded Sang Woo's bathing scene from the serial and did some 'special effects' to make him look completely nude to post on the net. Sang Woo is unhappy and his managing company is enraged - they vow to catch the culprits for tarnishing his healthy image. I wonder if they manage to find these people now.

Many could have been fascinated by the romantic scene of Cheng Jun playing the piano by the sea. Sang Woo was too engrossed and didn't know that the waves were rising. In the end, he was trapped with the piano in the water. 10 over working crew quickly came to remove the piano. Sang Woo was worried that his clothes sponsored by the fashion company would be ruined.

Earlier, he had a scene of carrying Ji Woo on his back at the beach. A lot of sand got into this shoes. When the director shouted 'cut', he quickly threw her aside and removed his shoes to release the sand! Ji Woo was jealous that she could not be compared to his shoes. Sang Woo was chosen to be the top favourite male artiste whom most married couples would wish to invite to attend their weddings.

The first episode scored 15.1%, the third episode rose to 22%. By the time it reached the 6th episode, it had reached 33.8%. It became the highest rated drama for that day. When it came to the 3rd week, it broke 30%. Many pointed out that this case was rare - even Lee Yeon Ae's period drama 'Da Chang Jin' only reached 30% in the 3rd week of showing. Many were concerned whether it could break 'All In' record. The viewership of this serial was about 40% for most of the episodes. The last had 42.4%. In general, it became the 3rd most watched serial in 2004 with an average viewership of 38.4%, the first being 'Da Chang Jin' (47.8%) and the second being 'Paris Lovers'( 41.5%).

SBS president gave Sang Woo and others monetary rewards on the celebration day. 'Lotte World' even gave him 'lifetime membership' tickets so that he could go there anytime free of charge. (I think Ji Woo also deserved the credit but it seemed that the amusement park might think that Sang Woo projected the entrepreneur image too well so they forgot about her.) Many joked that he could date his future girlfriend there. This was his first time attending such a grand celebration dinner. He heard that Ji Woo was a guarantee for viewership success. He suddenly gave her a playful wink.

The venue suddenly showed the n.g. scenes. San Woo dragged Ji Woo and Tae Hee to re-search the memory. There was an n.g. shot that had Cheng Jun looking at Jing Shu resting on his lap, having a nose bleed and he spilled food on her. But Jing Woo had to pretend that Jing Shu was dead. Sang Woo was so happy and when he started clapping, she knew the shot was over and they started playing together.

Sang Woo enjoyed working with both actresses. He chose to work in this serial 'to try out gentle parts'. He commented that they were beautiful and treated him very well. So well that he didn't know what to do with them. Most serials tire the artistes out but this one was different. Although they were busy, all were close-knitted like a family. He really missed the moments with them together. All agreed with him - because Sang Woo only made fun of them and brought them happiness although he cried very hard in the serial. Sang Woo had often dreamed of becoming famous after shooting a drama. He was in showbuzz for 3 years but he didn't have a satisfied work representation. His wish came true now!

Sang Woo dislikes getting the script a day before filming 'sometimes he gets it on filming day itself. This caused him unable to immerse into the role totally, unlike the movies. So his main focus will still be making movies. This decision definitely breaks his fans' hearts but they should be happy that he shot a serial, 'sad Sonata' with Hee Sun in 2004 right after a few months of this declaration.

Many advertisers looked for Sang Woo to advertise their products. He said no to a 20 billion won deal to protect his 'entrepreneur' image. The rejects included tidbits and iced drinks. But the business suits, casual clothing and wine commercials earned him 30 billion won. He quickly bought a big house for his mother.

This serial set Singapore ablaze. It sold an impressive 5000 vcd box sets within 2 months. Sang Woo also won SBS best acting/popularity award among actors in 2003 and 2004 due to this serial. This serial was shown in Japan after 'Beautiful Days'. He created a storm when he visited Japan in Dec 2004 - about the same time this serial was aired. He was nearly mobbed by 3000 fans there.

The Taiwanese station which aired it produced a vcd on a special edition on the serial with 8 postcards and dozens of table pictures. I bought it but felt cheated. It didn't really collect all the scenes as claimed. And this cost me S$13. It is better to get the ost MVs as they have most of the memorable scenes in them.


This serial becomes one of my favourite dramas. The love between Jing Shu and Cheng Jun is like the carousel - spinning here and there but they work hard to fight for their own happiness. But I detest the excessive talking and unnecessary ending - my whole patience is totally exhausted completely.

'Beautiful Days' producer is seeking revenge after his reluctance to make Lian Xiu survive instead of dying due to audience pressure. However, he still marries the two - if not, complaints will flood in for the lack of happy moments. The success here is mostly due to Sang Woo's star appeal to save a watery plot with his remarkable ability. No wonder he becomes a direct hit with the viewers. Ji Woo is only like his stepping stone to success as his second fiddle here.

The producer is running dry in the last 3 episodes. The plot becomes redundant with excessive crying and deliberate arrangements. If not for Sang Woo's pale and wan look which looks so pathetic to charm me, I could have stopped watching. It spells trouble - it is about time that Korean writers go for courses or workshops to give us better endings.

Is there a sequel? I don't mind if they use the old ingredient to get Ji Woo to be Jing Shu's substitute again since they look great here. Or let us know how Cheng Jun copes with life without Jing Shu? I agree with Il-mare - this will be a big challenge to see if the sequel can surpass the former. But since there is none for 'All About Eve' and 'Beautiful Days', the possibility for this is quite small too.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : **** (Scale of 5)

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