Summer Scent

Reviewed by: sukting

December 29, 2004

Rating: three

How long
24 VCDs but I watched 20 episodes on TV

This is the third segment of the four season prologue after "A Tale of Autumn" and "Winter Sonata". Song Seung Hun could have rejected the role if not for the director, Yin Tai Hu. This is his second attempt after "A Tale of Autumn". How does he fare here with a new image and role?


Min Yu is about to marry En Hui when she suddenly dies in a car accident on their wedding day. Devastated, he goes overseas. Upon his return, he gets to know Hui Yuan, who is engaged to Sheng Cai. Sheng Cai's younger sister, Zhen Ya, is interested in Min Yu. Both fall in love although they face strong opposition from the siblings. Hui Yuan's heart beats faster than normal whenever she sees him. Why is it so? Her heart is donated by En Hui. Min Yu is confused and heart-broken - does he really love Hui Yuan or is it because of En Hui's heart which is in her?

Story/Interesting scenes

Hui Yuan walks past Min Yu at the airport upon his return when she receives Sheng Cai at the airport. Although she doesn't see his face directly, her heart beats fast.

Sheng Cai gives Hui Yuan a ring and she accepts it. A romantic sight when both sit under the star-lit sky.

Mei Gui sees Min Yu and is attracted when both women go to the mountains. She snaps a photograph of the two together. Min Yu helps Hui Yuan to drive away the hornets but she is too shocked when her heart beats again that she forgets to thank him. Later, he shouts aloud En Hui's name at the top of the mountain as he still misses her very much.

Hui Yuan injures her ankle and Min Yu uses his handkerchief to bandage her wound. He decides to bring her to a villa as the sky gets dark. Afraid that he has designs on her, she flashes her ring and lies that she is married. He is amused as he doesn't ask her at all. He gives her his jacket and tells her to leave alone as he doesn't want to risk his life getting lost in the woods. She tags along as she is frightened to be alone.

Min Yu and Hui Yuan are in the same room. He is amused again as she turns frantic because she hasn't slept beside a man before. The most hilarious part comes when she wants him to stand outside the toilet to wait for her when she goes there and close his ears. Later, she becomes hysterical when he doesn't answer her. Min Yu is so amused - how to hear her with his ears closed? I think this woman is really paranoid!

The sunshine rain makes Min Yu recall En Hui mentioning that this is a sign of a fox getting married. He is speechless and stares at Hui Yuan when she mentions the same thing. When she hums En Hui's favourite song, he can't suppress himself from triggering his memory and holds her shoulder firmly. She is startled and sees his watery eyes. It takes Min Yu time to get back to normal. Expressive acting from Seung Hun here.

Min Yu meets Zhen Ya. He is her senior overseas. She declares openly that he is her boyfriend, thinking that she is able to help him forget En Hui. She mentions him to Hui Yuan and she makes a yellow rose bouquet for him. Zhen Ya wants to show her affections to him. This is daring but I don't like it. Min Yu realizes that Hui Yuan is Zhen Ya's friend although they have not been formally introduced. Hui Yuan wants to meet him in person but she recalls that Sheng Cai has not had his dinner. Thus she stays back at the resort to get him food. He is touched that she gives up the chance to meet others to be with him.

Hui Yuan looks at the photo she takes with Sheng Cai. Sheng Cai was a university student and visited her at her girls? high school to give her her lunchbox. All her classmates were fascinated by his clean cut looks. She naughtily ran away from him. He got worried that she might have a heart attack and reminded her to walk. He was concerned when she suddenly stopped and was amused when she made faces at him. Ryu Jin looks amazingly young and cute with glasses and a backpack while Ye Jin looks youthful in her high school uniform too. They should have acted in ?Winter Sonata? as Jun Xiang and You Zhen.

Hui Yuan asks whether Sheng Cai has a stronger heartbeat when seeing her. He replies no - he goes for a long lasting relationship. Moreover, they have known each other for so long. It is no longer new to him. Strangely, Hui Yuan doesn't feel thrilled about getting engaged after Sheng Cai suggests it to her. I am puzzled - can someone have a change of heart so soon? Doesn't a long lasting relationship mean anything to her?

Min Yu goes to En Hui's home while Hui Yuan wants to see her benefactor's home secretly too. Min Yu misses En Hui when visiting the tea garden. Mr. Su brews tea for him and places flower petals into it. Min Yu recalls bitterly that it is En Hui's habit. Mr. Song asks him to forget En Hui. On seeing Zhen Ya, Mei Gui is annoyed because her past boyfriends ditched her for Zhen Ya. She calls her a vixen!

Hui Yuan wonders why she finds the place familiar although she has never been here. Min Yu goes into En Hui's room. He takes out the necklace that she wears. Both had visited a stall. The salesman sold them a pair that came from Tibet. They are called the 'soul fragrance? necklaces. One part is said to seal the scent with the other. Each of them holds a piece that signals that both will never part - even if one of them is dead. Min Yu takes out his necklace and joins the two parts together. He recalls sadly - the things are together but why is she not there anymore?

Sheng Cai picks out the same file as his assistant, Chang Xi. Both have the same taste in choosing the same designer - Min Yu. Min Yu gives Hui Yuan his ticket so she can avoid taking the night train home. Both search for their name cards. She is about to give him hers when he exclaims that he has forgotten again.

When she is on the train, he realizes that her camera is still with him. So he gets on it without a ticket. He finds her sleeping and is amused to see her yawning. When the ticket attendant comes to check the tickets, he quickly hides in the toilet. If he gets caught, he needs to pay a fine which is three times the price. Hui Yuan feels bad to owe him again.

Shang Cai and Zhen Ya call both at the same time, wanting to pick them up. They decline. They discuss about trains and love. Hui Yuan thinks trains depict partings and gatherings. People will still meet each other in the end. She is disturbed upon seeing him paying the fine. She is surprised to see Sheng Cai to fetch her. Seeing her startled, he thinks she is happy to see him. Min Yu sees this and is disappointed. Zhen Ya drags him away later.

Sensing that Hui Yuan is distracted, Sheng Cai feels that she should not have gone there. He is worried when she is preoccupied these days. She says sorry to him - does this indicate that she has done something wrong? He suggests that both should forget about it. She should live and feel the heartbeat. He then calls up Chang Xi to get Min Yu to prepare the proposal.

Hui Yuan is taken aback and repeats his name. Sheng Cai is doubtful - how can she remember another man's name since she finds it nice? He says jokingly that his name is better and tells her to go in her home first as he wants to see her leave. Min Yu is happy to get the deal but is furious to know that Zhen Ya's father owns Calla Resort. He talks to her over his handphone and cites that he doesn't need her help.

Sheng Cai recognizes him through his photograph but doesn't say anything and both get into the lift. Zhen Ya is surprised to see them together. They clear the air and she feels maligned. It is not through her for him to get selected. Sheng Cai invites Min Yu to have a meal in the resort. Mei Gui sees Min Yu and is dreamy. He is her dream man but is angered to see Zhen Ya with him. Why is fate toying with her again?

She tells Hui Yuan about it and she drops her handbag in shock. She wonders how to react when she sees him later. Both pretend not to know each other. Min Yu discovers that she is only Sheng Cai's girlfriend and not his wife. This is the third time they meet. No one tells him that he looks so fierce that she lied to him. Anyway, she is forgiven by giving him the bouquet of flowers.

Sheng Cai is happy with Min Yu's proposal of turning the resort into a 'summer scent? concept. The art director and the landscape artist have to work together closely. Seeing that the two look uncomfortable, the siblings help them to break the ice. They decide to visit Min Yu's home orchard. Hui Yuan protests but later gives in. Min Yu comments that Hui Yuan should use her camera to take down the pictures. Sheng Cai doesn't see through the loophole as it is natural for flower lovers to carry a camera all the time so it is not surprising that Min Yu makes a correct guess. Hui Yuan recalls the past on seeing Min Yu's handkerchief. She has not returned to him so she decides to bring it along.

The next day, Hui Yuan nearly gets hysterical upon knowing that she is going to be in the same car with Min Yu. She wants to get down Zhen Ya's car so that Sheng Cai can get her but Zhen Ya laughs at her for being so shy. She sits uneasily at the back when Min Yu gets into the car. Sheng Cai calls Zhen Ya to find out whether Hui Yuan has remembered to bring along her medicine. She jokingly chides him for being overprotective but I think he is very caring to ask this.

Min Yu sees that she forgets her shyness to snap photos upon reaching the place. Sheng Cai's car breaks down and Zhen Ya goes to get him. Hui Yuan is alarmed to be alone with Min Yu. Mrs. Liu sees them and thinks that the quiet Hui Yuan is his girlfriend because she can tell that he likes her. She is dismayed to know she is Sheng Cai's girlfriend but dislikes the talkative Zhen Ya to claim she is his girlfriend instead. This woman is too thick skinned - Min Yu hasn't said anything but she takes matters into her own hands!

The four drink beer in the garden. Hui Yuan tries to return the handkerchief but Zhen Ya discovers her. They play a game - Min Yu says the handkerchief represents affinity while Hui Yuan says it represents missing someone. Zhen Ya's answer is puzzled because she remembers buying the same handkerchief for Min Yu from Italy. Sheng Cai thinks she is oversensitive as it can be found anywhere. His guess is Hui Yuan gets it for him but he will not accept it as it represents a breakup.

Hui Yuan sees Min Yu missing En Hui by the lake and finds the place familiar. He refuses to take the handkerchief back as it is going to look like Zhen Ya's answer. He promises to be her friend so Hui Yuan is no longer trapped when he shakes her hand. Some sand goes into his eye and Hui Yuan blows it away for him. Zhen Ya sees from far and mistakens that they are kissing.

After knowing the mistake, she is happy that they are friends while Sheng Cai even encourages Hui Yuan to get closer to Min Yu because of work. How wrong their decision is... Hui Yuan asks Min Yu what flower he likes. His reply is the yellow rose. When he asks back, her answer is calla which is the same as En Hui's favourite. Min Yu is in tears again.

Sheng Cai's parents come to visit their children. Zhen Ya deceives Min Yu to come along and this makes Min Yu unhappy. (So do many fans.)Mr Piao even says that he is attracted to Zhen Ya because of his wealth. Min Yu replies that her background is attractive but he only treats her like his younger sister to walk away furiously. He invites Hui Yuan to watch a musical with him. The two come to the theatre.

Hui Yuan gets Sheng Cai's call. Sheng Cai asks Zhen Ya to get the tickets and wants to ask her along. She lies that she is meeting someone and declines. Sheng Cai gives the ticket to Zhen Ya to watch with Min Yu. Min Yu also rejects her. So the siblings go and see Min Yu at the entrance. Hui Yuan sees them from afar. She quickly calls up Min Yu to apologise that she isn't coming. She feels remorseful towards Sheng Cai for lying to him so she waits for him till he is back. She suddenly hugs him from the back and apologises for rejecting him earlier. Sheng Cai is touched and hugs her. Although he is disappointed earlier, he is glad that she makes time for him. She still feels troubled.

Min Yu and Hui Yuan go around observing the construction works. He sees a car coming towards her and without thinking, he hugs her close to him. She sees the necklace that he wears but is sorry to dig up his sad past although he doesn't tell her the whole story. He has thought that he is unable to accept another relationship but he changes his mind now. He looks deeply into her eyes?but she and the busybody Zhen Ya who hides aside think that she is Zhen Ya! She thinks too highly of herself, isn't it?

Sheng Cai can see that Min Yu can't let go of the past and consoles him. Min Yu feels bad as he is attracted to Hui Yuan. Zhen Ya finds the photo Mei Gui has taken of the two. She flies into a rage and feels cheated that both pretend not to know each other. I feel the same - the more you try to hide, the worse things turn out to be. If there is nothing between them, why try to be so mysterious? It is as if the two are having an affair then.

Hui Yuan plucks up her courage to tell Sheng Cai the truth. She has predicted him to get angry but he is grateful to Min Yu for his help. Zhen Ya finds fault with Hui Yuan during a meeting and Sheng Cai reprimands her, telling her that he has known the truth. He knows that Min Yu doesn't say it to protect Hui Yuan. She then forgives Min Yu.

All notice that Min Yu and Hui Yuan have a lot in common. Hui Yuan loves old records while Min Yu looks for the old record player in the store room at the same time. They also like sweet food. Sheng Cai feels bad that he has nothing in common with Hui Yuan although they know each other longer. He jokes that they still have something in common - that is they are also sincere to their first love. Hui Yuan gets guilty and wants to avoid Min Yu by making Mei Gui to replace her in work.

Min Yu is upset that she does this. He rides on the bicycle back alone in the rain and falls ill. Hui Yuan visits him to cook for him. He requests her not to avoid him as he is treating her as a friend. Hui Yuan learns from Tai Feng that she is the one Min Yu admires. She gets so shocked and rejects his offer of giving him an old record. Min Yu is hurt by her action. This is so depressing??

Sheng Cai discusses the plans with Ming Yu. He has wanted to pull down the old shops but Min Yu suggests retaining some to build warm homes in the resort. Sheng Cai wants a resolution plan from him as he also wants to attract business. It is good if they can have the best of both worlds. Later, he sees that Min Yu and Hui Yuan have conflicts on the plan and tries to be the mediator. He is surprised when she says the same things as Min Yu. Mr Piao arrives to monitor the situation.

Min Yu gets a call from Zhen Ya's phone but hears Hui Yuan's voice. He is annoyed at being tricked when he rushes there to see that he is invited for the family dinner. Hui Yuan recalls how her father caught fireflies for her at the beach when she was young. Min Yu demands to know the reason for the arrangement as he is very uneasy throughout the session. She admits that she wants him to be part of the family - this is not just her wish but also Zhen Ya's wish. How selfish she can be not to ask how he thinks!

Mr Su comes to visit Min Yu. He finds Hui Yuan friendly to give him a brochure. Sheng Cai gets Zhen Ya's call. He asks Min Yu what a younger sister implies to him. She is someone he will nag to for not growing up but will still give in to her. Min Yu goes out and is annoyed when she wants him to cycle around the resort with her. Mr Su sees this and thinks they are in love so he returns home.

Mr Su asks Hui Yuan to make a bouquet of callas for En Hui. He is surprised to see her brewing tea the same way En Hui diud. They feel affinity for each other. Hui Yuan tells Sheng Cai about it - she feels that her late father is alive after seeing Mr Su. Sheng Cai consoles her as she might have missed him too much.

Zhen Ya brings Min Yu to a room in the resort. She is going to call it the house of love professions. This is a direct quote from Hui Yuan. Min Yu nods in agreement as he likes the idea too. He asks Hui Yuan out at 8pm and shows her the fireflies. She is touched but is offended when he asks her what is wrong with his attitude. She points out that Sheng Cai is her first love and he is important to her. Maybe Min Yu treats his first love lightly and doesn't treasure it. Min Yu is hurt by her remark.

Hui Yuan tells Sheng Cai her decision to resign. He is shocked that she needs time to adjust her feelings. Tai Feng overhears this and informs Min Yu. Min Yu rushes there. Sheng Cai always protects her and thinks that she can't do without him. But now, he needs her for his new project. Doesn't she wish to give him strength? He hugs her and she hesitates. But upon seeing Min Yu, she hugs him back. Sigh - can't she stop hiding her true feelings? Min Yu is upset and walks away.

Sheng Cai sends her back and tells her to stop imaging things. She sees Min Yu waiting for her. He demands to know why she is doing this. If he makes her uneasy, he should quit. And sure enough, he leaves in the morning. The others are appalled. Hui Yuan gets so distracted that she walks out late at night to get harassed by a man. Min Yu returns and saves her. He is so angry that he gives the man a punch on his face!

Doesn't she know that it is late and she shouldn't come out at this time to worry him? She retorts that she is too nervous that he resigns so she is not in her normal self. Zhen Ya wants Hui Yuan to help in her love declaration. Hui Yuan agrees reluctantly and decorates it with yellow roses. She doesn't tie her hair when she is doing the job. I must confess that Ye Jin looks amazingly pretty in here. Suddenly she feels someone tying her hair. He is Min Yu and he uses a scarf to do it as this is hindering her work.

All will be touched to see how gentle he is. Sheng Cai comes to bring Hui Yuan breakfast. He is stunned when he hears Min Yu telling Hui Yuan that he loves her. Min Yu even sucks the blood from her hand when she pricks her finger. Sheng Cai is depressed and feels threatened. He leaves quietly and recalls what Min Yu tells him in the office. Zhen Ya answers Hui Yuan's call and answers Hui Yuan that Hui Yuan knows Min Yu's taste better so it is better for her to do the decoration.

Sheng Cai is calm and explains that Min Yu only treats her like a younger sister. So she should give up after giving so many tries. She laughs and says that this happens between Sheng Cai and Hui Yuan too. She tells Sheng Cai that she wants to be the first person to declare love to Min Yu there at the house of profession. This woman is so unbearable that I can hardly stomach.

Sheng Cai meets the rest for a drink. Tai Feng jokes that Mei Gui should be the first to be in the profession house. Min Yu makes a check - they can place candles, flowers and candles. Sheng Cai wants the place not only for new couples but also long time couples. They can reminisce the past so they can add a faded photo, old phone or antiques. All are silent to look at him. This is unlike himself. Tai Feng points out that normally Min Yu and Hui Yuan like the old things while he is the trendy one.

Why is there a change? Sheng Cai smiles uneasily. The two get awkward when he mentions that he has been there earlier and hasn't disturbed them from talking. Later, Tai Feng, Mei Gui, Min Yu and Hui Yuan paint the house. Sheng Cai becomes wary upon seeing that Min Yu and Hui Yuan look happy together. He comes when Hui Yuan decorates the house with the yellow roses. The flowers will not last more than 10 days but Hui Yuan thinks that the blossom time makes them attractive. It doesn't matter if they wither later although Sheng Cai feels using aged dried flowers are better.

Sheng Cai suddenly declares love to her and wants to get engaged. She rejects as she wants to be focused on work. He is dejected and hints to Min Yu that he should destroy unwanted love. He has not wanted to say it directly to hurt him. Min Yu feels dejected and has a bath. He is alarmed that his necklace is missing. He looks for it frantically in the room. Tai Feng chides him upon seeing him reacting like this. En Hui may have wanted him to forget her - how can he accept another woman's love when he still keeps it with him?

Zhen Ya has found it and wants to return to him. She overhears everything and after recalling Hui Yuan's story on the necklace, she throws it away angrily on the green grass. Min Yu nearly faints upon hearing this. He sits in despair when he searches through the whole field and can't find it. There are tears in his eyes upon recalling how En Hui tells him that the necklace is able to trace its way back to him even though it is missing. This is a wonderful scene as all will melt upon seeing that Seung Hun acts sentimentally.

Hui Yuan feels bad over the loss and tries to look for it upon seeing Min Yu spending his days searching for it in vain. He assures her that it will return to him one day. She sits on the grass in despair when she can't find it but is stunned to find it on the grass. When she recalls that Min Yu will not let go of the person's hand who finds it back, she is alarmed but still keeps it.

Sheng Cai is with Hui Yuan at night. When Hui Yuan wants to talk about delaying the engagement, he hugs her gently. He wants to kiss her but she runs away. Min Yu is puzzled. But later when Sheng Cai wants him to discuss with him on how to decorate the place where he will begin a new life with his love on Sunday, he realizes the reason. Min Yu helps her to hang the design and congratulates her coldly.

She confronts Sheng Cai when he is about to apologise to her about the kissing incident. When she angrily asks why she only gets to know about her engagement from another person's mouth, he gathers that Min Yu has told her. Sheng Cai mentions that she has rejected him several times in his proposals. It is about time they get married now. Mr. Piao meets them and he tells Hui Yuan that he makes the arrangement as he feels that they have dragged for too long.

Mr. Piao assures Hui Yuan that he will do the preparations. Hui Yuan realizes that she has wronged Sheng Cai (Poor chap - he has no chance to explain himself earlier). Why must he always make her apologetic? He smiles bitterly and guesses maybe they know each other too well so it is understandable that she can't bring herself to say ?I love you? (How sad - my heart goes all out to him).

Hui Yuan feels uncomfortable trying the dress although Mrs. Piao and Zhen Ya exclaim that she is beautiful in it. Hui Yuan contacts Min Yu in vain and goes to the field. She puts on the necklace and finds it beautiful. Sheng Cai learns from the women that Hui Yuan looks lovely in the engagement dress and he decides to bring the engagement necklace that she leaves. He also wishes to see how she looks in the dress.

At this time, Min Yu is here looking for it again and is stunned to see it around her neck. She returns it to him and wants him to think that Zhen Ya got it back for him. (How selfish!) He accepts her suggestion and says that he will do it if this is her request but he loves her (Splendid acting from Seung Hun as I can feel his distress when he says the lines).

Hui Yuan runs away and Sheng Cai is there, waiting for her, wondering why she is out at such a late hour. She holds his hand nervously and the diamond on her ring pricks his hand. She turns it round, anxiously and wonders why it is reversed. Sheng Cai senses that something is wrong and suggests that they can postpone the engagement if she is uncomfortable with it. She says no and is determined to carry on with it. (Sigh - this woman can be so untruthful to herself to hurt two men.)

The next day, Sheng Cai is concerned as Hui Yuan looks pale and nervous. He gently wipes off the sweat from her forehead and wonders if she has taken her medicine. She assures him that she is alright but her mind is about Min Yu. She looks into the mirror and as if she sees Min Yu in the suit coming in for her! She is so fickle minded! It turns out to be Sheng Cai returning to give her a glass of water. Unknown to all guests, she has blurred vision and is walking unsteadily. Min Yu watches the ceremony secretly from the outside. Suddenly, she faints and Sheng Cai rushes to her. So does Min Yu too.

They send her to hospital and upon seeing how worried the three are, Min Yu learns that Hui Yuan had a heart transplant before. The doctor tells Sheng Cai that she fainted because she is under a lot of pressure. Upon coming back, he sees Min Yu outside Hui Yuan's room. Min Yu holds her hand and apologises for causing her to fall ill. He draws a sketch of her running and wishes her to run around the world, holding her beloved's hand when she recovers.

Hui Yuan dreams of someone holding her hand at a lake and she feels very peaceful. She wakes up to see Sheng Cai and thinks he is the one talking to her. She notices that he looks tired but he assures her that her health is more important to him than anything else. The doctor finds it strange that she is normal and can be discharged the next day. The earlier day shows that she has a high stress level and maybe she sees something nice or someone she likes to heal naturally. Sheng Cai feels down upon hearing that.

He packs her things for her on her discharge, placing the sketch book in her bag. While driving her back, he wonders whether he pushes her too hard. He makes her promise him not to fall sick again and never leave him as he will never let her go. She laughs and says that this is a big battle with her heart. Upon their arrival, Mei Gui finds Sheng Cai becoming more haggard than on the engagement day.

Does Hui Yuan feel terrible for not being able to get engaged? Sheng Cai invites all to celebrate Hui Yuan's discharge. Tai Feng is puzzled why Min Yu is exceptionally engrossed in jogging these days. Min Yu tries to avoid her but he comes in the end when Sheng Cai urges him. He stresses that the engagement isn't that important. What matters is the promise of the heart. Tai Feng mentions that Min Yu gets hit the hardest as he has the same experience before. Min Yu looks at him sternly to prevent him from continuing. Min Yu apologises and lies that he hasn't been free to visit her.

Sheng Cai invites Min Yu to exercise in the gym with him but he declines as he is uninterested. Sheng Cai says they are so different but he nearly says they have something in common - that is to love the same woman. Min Yu hurries to carry the flower pot for Hui Yuan. He warns her not to over exert herself. Does he stress her so much to make her faint? He hasn't forgotten his promise regarding Zhen Ya in finding the necklace back for him. He confesses that his heart aches when seeing her in pain.

Sheng Cai gets drunk - he asks Min Yu after Zhen Ya leaves - Min Yu treats her like a sister so does he like Hui Yuan? Min Yu doesn't know how to answer. Hui Yuan had a lot of suitors during her university days but she only has him by her side all along. He will never quit halfway and will defeat his opponent in love or business. They try to help him to his room as they walk up the stairs.

He brushes Min Yu's hand away. Sheng Cai is normally cold at this time so Hui Yuan helps him in. She asks him if he is unhappy. He maintains that he likes her the way she is. Even though she loves another man, he will still love her. He hugs her tightly but she runs away from him again. She walks out with Min Yu, telling him that she has never seen Sheng Cai like this before. But she can't control her heart. Sheng Cai sees them leaving and is very depressed.

Both guys jog in the field and Sheng Cai concedes defeat. He is more used to jogging on a machine. Min Yu feels that victory might not necessarily be the best. There is always a reason to lose. Sheng Cai is annoyed so he leaves to Seoul for work without telling Hui Yuan. He even tells Zhen Ya not to call Min Yu since they will be back the next day. Hui Yuan wonders if Sheng Cai is furious over the incident as this has not happened before. She happens to see the sketch book and realizes that Min Yu has visited her.

Sheng Cai informs other shareholders about the project. Hui Yuan runs to Min Yu to confirm what has happened. They go to the lake but their handphones get wet and are out of order. They run in the field to have a competition. After the meeting, the siblings can't get them. Sheng Cai tries calling Tai Feng but he is too busy having a romantic moment with Mei Gui. In the next moment, Sheng Cai is with Zhen Ya in the car. Zhen Ya wonders why they return in the middle of the night. Sheng Cai starts to fear the worst now.

Min Yu notices that Hui Yuan can be both lively and quiet. She explains that she was quiet when young but is bubbly after the transplant. Her donor must be a bubbly person. Min Yu nods as he likes the bubbly her more. Sheng Cai drives fast and Zhen Ya gets alarmed. She chides him for being reckless but he doesn't answer her. Hui Yuan guesses that her heart recognizes someone which is in front of her.

The four wonder where the two have gone and search for them. Tai Feng recalls the two are always together and suspects them liking each other. Both are dancing in the field and Hui Yuan gets so intimate with him to place her feet over his to move together. (Is this what an engaged person should do?) Sheng Cai feels the anguish when seeing them doing this. He recalls the past of how Hui Yuan looks uneasy and keeps on apologizing to him. Thus he waits in Min Yu's room for him to return to give him a shock.

Zhen Ya finds it unbelievable that both people's handphones are out of order. Hui Yuan learns about Sheng Cai's frantic reaction from Zhen Ya and knowing that he has gone to the field to search for her, she gets there to see both guys going for a drink. Sheng Cai asks how Min Yu got back his necklace. Recalling Hui Yuan's words, he replies Zhen Ya got it back for him. To Sheng Cai, it doesn't matter who finds it. What matters is Min Yu can't forget the past.

He understands the nature of first love. Both of them have a similarity - their first love is also their last love. Both will never fall in love again. He wants him to forget Hui Yuan for her sake. Even though Min Yu resigns, his feelings will not go away. Min Yu has to show him his determination as he is watching him. This is a gentleman's pact and he will trust him once. I know many fans will find Sheng Cai unreasonable but who can blame him for doing this when he feels threatened?

When Sheng Cai walks out, he sees Hui Yuan and lies that he had to meet a friend and is unable to get her. She apologises for causing him worry. He is uneasy as she never apologises in the past. Now she is doing it too often and he wants her not to do guilty acts that may upset him. He walks her back and she is in tears. She hugs him from behind and thanks him. He is relieved to feel her warmth again.

The group inspects the final preparations for the fair. Min Yu announces that he will be working on the site so he leaves all decisions to Tai Feng and he will attend the meetings on his behalf. The women are alarmed as they know that Min Yu is often the one who makes the decisions. Hui Yuan is reluctant but to all's amazement, Sheng Cai agrees to it. Tai Feng demands to know who makes Min Yu uneasy. He guesses the answer and laments that he should fall for Zhen Ya - someone who is unattached instead.

Zhen Ya wants to look for a vacation spot for a break after this project. Sheng Cai says no as there isn't enough time as they have more coming up. MinYu avoids Hui Yuan when she wants to discuss the project with him. I don't know myself - I resent the way she is cold to him earlier but I can't help sympathize with her when she turns to walk away in disappointment after his cold treatment. Yet she knows what has happened and understands him. She works unhappily but Sheng Cai drags her to join the fiesta that Zhen Ya has planned. Min Yu declines to dance with Zhen Ya.

Sheng Cai agrees that most Asians only dance on special occasions. Sheng Cai recalls Hui Yuan's high school summer dance. She had envied other classmates because she could not do it. It pained him upon hearing that. Thus he decides to wait till she recovers. It has always been his belief that he can become her only dancer. All have fun except Min Yu.

Sheng Cai wants Hui Yuan to pack since she wants to resign. Mrs. Piao is concerned about her and wishes her to return to Seoul. Hui Yuan protests that she wants to stay now. He then explains that they are going to a beach to check out the place to build another resort. She is uncomfortable of going with him alone but he wants to try to understand her better so she gives in. Zhen Ya is unhappy that Sheng Cai swallows his words. Thus she fixes the journey with the other three. Min Yu is annoyed upon seeing Zhen Ya coming as he thinks only he is checking a spot with Tai Feng and Mei Gui.

Meanwhile, the two are happy in the float but Hui Yuan recalls boating with Min Yu the last night. The following scene shows how Sheng Cai has changed. Hui Yuan wishes to go fishing the next day but she will release them after catching. Sheng Cai will not let go whatever he catches. He will be selfish to hold everything to make sashimi. They walk on the beach. Sheng Cai initially holds her hand but later he links their fingers together. She quickly says that this will lead to separation and he hastily holds her palm again.

They are startled to see Zhen Ya scolding the receptionist for not having extra rooms and others are there. Knowing that this is not a business trip upon seeing the couple, Min Yu gets angry and nearly leaves. Only when Sheng Cai promises to make it look like a work assignment makes him stay. The men share one room while the women share another. All laugh at the couple not staying together in one. Sheng Cai jokes that he doesn't mind sharing one with Hui Yuan while the four can take another.

All have fun on the beach. Seeing Sheng Cai and Hui Yuan strolling on the beach makes Min Yu unhappy. Mei Gui exclaims that she has not have fun for a long time and Sheng Cai jokes that he must be a domineering boss to her. Upon seeing that they have finished their beer, Zhen Ya drags Min Yu to buy some with her. Mei Gui suddenly gets more beer under the bench and Sheng Cai is confused. Hui Yuan and him are alarmed when Zhen Ya decides to offer herself to Min Yu to capture his heart since he is unmoved by her till now but they try hard to suppress their worry.

Zhen Ya wants to hold Min Yu's arm but he brushes it aside. He is furious to get deceived again. She kisses him but he is still unaffected. He cites that he treats her like a younger sister. She cries - how can she control her heart and can he control his feelings? Pondering over her words, Hui Yuan chides him for hurting Zhen Ya. He should choose someone who will not break anyone's heart. Min Yu is angry that it sounds so easy to her that her feelings are so easily dismissed. It this is what she wants, she will get her wish then. Sheng Cai knows Min Yu's feelings but he doesn't wish Zhen Ya to get hurt like him.

Seeing that Mei Gui and Zhen Ya getting their bikinis ready, Sheng Cai nearly wants to forbid them to swim as Hui Yuan will be bored alone on shore. He gets concerned that Hui Yuan's medicine can only last for one more day and offers to get it for her. He leaves her to enjoy her vacation with the women. He jokes that he is annoyed with all to ruin their chance to be together but he has a business appointment.

Hui Yuan is attracted by a brochure and decides to visit an island to take pictures of the wild flowers. Min Yu learns that Hui Yuan has a big scar after the operation so Sheng Cai is a thoughtful boyfriend, trying to evade the issue of swimming together although he loves the sport. Zhen Ya wants to visit the island too and Min Yu nearly jumps as he thinks that it will be the two of them together only again. But she tells him that Hui Yuan has gone there and they are only going to join her.

Both get anxious upon knowing that a hurricane is coming and they can't get out to sea. She is anxious as Hui Yuan may look brave but she can be timid for being alone too. Upon seeing Min Yu angry and scolding her for letting her going alone, Zhen Ya gets fearful. Min Yu already turns like this - how will Sheng Cai react? Still, she hurries to tell him the news. MinYu nearly turns into a nervous wreck and gets to see a speedboat. Without hesitation, he jumps on it and reaches the island. Hui Yuan is wondering what she should do till she sees Min Yu. She scolds him for being a busybody - what an ungrateful creature!

The boaters refuse to go to the island as the hurricane is coming. The siblings are troubled. Mei Gui is a loudmouth to point out that both are missing as like in the mountains the last time. Sheng Cai becomes unhappy. Hui Yuan is not happy that Min Yu comes and scolds him instead. Yet she is glad in secret that he is here. She wonders what she exactly wants. Tai Feng jumps upon getting his call and lies to Zhen Ya that Min Yu returns to the resort because of work.

Sheng Cai sits near the pool, pondering over Mei Gui's words. He is too worried to sleep. He is relieved to learn from Zhen Ya that Min Yu has returned to the resort. She notices that he is withdrawn upon coming here. Zhen Ya thanks him for showing concern to Min Yu. She has thought that he resents him. Hui Yuan calls Sheng Cai to apologise for worrying him. He is relieved and tells her to take the first ferry back next day. Hui Yuan apologises to Min Yu for scolding him. He replies that seeing her fine makes him happy.

Sheng Cai is about to go to the jetty when he gets a call. He is puzzled when the line is cut off. Hui Yuan promises herself that this is the last time and she will never let him down again. She has taken care of Min Yu in the morning when she finds him sleeping in a hut. The rest initially wish to follow Sheng Cai but tease him for being so eager to see her alone just after being separated for a day. Mei Gui notices that Sheng Cai is worn with worry. So is Tai Feng and she forces the truth out of him.

Sheng Cai waits for her in vain for the jetty. He is puzzled when the man tells him that Hui Yuan doesn't answer him when being asked whether she wants the trip back and walks away instead. He lies to others that she oversleeps and misses the boat. The next trip will be at 6. All are worried and fear for the worst upon seeing him alone. Sheng Cai wants them to take note of the ferry time as he needs to rush to Seoul hospital to get her medicine. He then asks Tai Feng whether he can contact Min Yu now. Tai Feng answers uneasily that it might be hard to find him since his handphone is not working but he may try.

Sheng Cai is in his car and calls the office. He is stunned when the employees tell him that Min Yu doesn't return at all. The two have fun at the beach on the island and build a sandcastle. Sheng Cai gets the medicine from the hospital and is informed that the heart donor's family wishes to see Hui Yuan. He is worried that they might have ill intentions and rejects them. Min Yu happens to see a grave on the island and is very upset as this reminds him of En Hui. He tells Hui Yuan about it and she feels sorry for him.

Zhen Ya is angry upon knowing that Min Yu is with Hui Yuan. She tells Sheng Cai about it and is alarmed that he is calm and not agitated. She is bitter that he knows it all along and keeps it from her. Hui Yuan gives Min Yu a farewell kiss to signify that they part. Min Yu decides to return on the speedboat while she returns by the boat. Zhen Ya slaps Hui Yuan upon seeing her back alone. (This is the scene that creates havoc between the actresses? fans.) Hui Yuan realizes that both know the truth. Mei Gui thinks that Zhen Ya is too harsh to slap her (but I think she deserves it.)

Zhen Ya wants to return to Seoul. Sheng Cai stops her as he believes that Hui Yuan will return to him since they have such a long relationship. Zhen Ya is appalled that he can treat that nothing has happened. She must expose her deeds to her parents. Hui Yuan tries to pacify her too but Zhen Ya accuses her for being a slut. Does she sleep with Min Yu just like the day they are in the mountains?

Sheng Cai can't control himself and slaps Zhen Ya. He has pleaded her to stop but is upset when she continues talking. Zhen Ya storms out while Sheng Cai passes Hui Yuan her medicine. I am puzzled how he can be so calm to care about her at this critical moment!! He tells her to pack her things to return to Seoul with him. Min Yu tries to apologise to him and gets punched instead. Sheng Cai is angry not because Min Yu loves her but he has stopped Hui Yuan from returning to take her medicine daily.

Min Yu will not get to see Hui Yuan at the resort again since Sheng Cai tells her to resign. Hui Yuan sees Sheng Cai's stern face when driving back. He refuses to listen to what she intends to say as he knows. If he is not good enough, he will do better. He is not going to part with her. This holiday is not the kind he wants. Hui Yuan will rather him to get angry with her and is disturbed that he doesn't say much. Sheng Cai hopes she will deny when Zhen Ya asks her earlier whether she loves Min Yu. She keeps quiet and this hurts him. It doesn't matter if she lies to make him happy but she doesn't do it. He wants her to forgive Zhen Ya.

Zhen Ya wants Hui Yuan to initiate the breakup since she knows Sheng Cai will not do it. She warns her not to approach Min Yu. (Who does Zhen Ya think she is to tell her what to do - Min Yu's wife?) Hui Yuan agrees and asks for forgiveness. Zhen Ya always grabs things from Hui Yuan so she never expects her to betray her. (Now I feel that Zhen Ya deserves such treatment too.) Min Yu looks for Zhen Ya to find out how things are. Although she finds out that he loves Hui Yuan, she still hugs him from behind to want him to forget everything. Min Yu states that it is impossible but she still refuses to give up.

Sheng Cai places his work aside to meet Hui Yuan in the garden when he gets her call. This is where they normally reconcile after having quarrels. Hui Yuan asks him not to deceive himself anymore and suggests a breakup. He is stunned and demands to know what Zhen Ya says to her. She is too shameless to stay with him but he pretends not to hear it. But her following explanation strikes him - she deliberately misses the ferry to be with Min Yu. She doesn't know why. Sheng Cai realizes he should not have punched Min Yu as he hasn't done anything and it is Hui Yuan herself to make the choice.

Sheng Cai gets Mei Gui to be with Hui Yuan while he returns to the resort to work. He can only return to Seoul the next day. When Mrs Piao calls him to pick Hui Yuan up to celebrate Mr Piao's birthday in advance, he wants her to visit her instead. Min Yu decides to resign but Sheng Cai objects to it. Does he do this because Hui Yuan is gone? If this is not the reason, he wants him to stay. He has thought of Min Yu to be responsible. He remembers Min Yu's words - there must be a reason to lose. Since the project is given to him, he expects him to complete it. He tears Min Yu's resignation letter.

Sheng Cai can't help worrying and learns from Mei Gui that Hui Yuan takes a long time to get to sleep. Sheng Cai welcomes Hui Yuan into his home but Zhen Ya doesn't. Hui Yuan has made it clear to Sheng Cai but has not told their parents. Sheng Cai announces that he wants to bring forward the wedding and his parents are delighted. Zhen Ya can't put up the act anymore and reveals that both are splitting up. Sheng Cai tries to stop her but she snaps that they will know sooner or later. (Another stupid act by Sheng Cai - does he think that the problem is solved by keeping Hui Yuan beside him?)

The old couple ask Hui Yuan whether Sheng Cai does something wrong. She admits it is her fault but never tell them the reason. Her parents are dead after an accident and both treat her like their daughter. Mr Piao has set up the company with Mr Shen. No matter what happens, this will not change. Sheng Cai scolds Zhen Ya for going to extremes. She rebukes that Hui Yuan should be glad that she doesn't expose her affair? How will their parents feel if they know that she loves Min Yu? Mrs Piao hears it and faints. Zhen Ya blames Hui Yuan for showing up to cause this. Hui Yuan returns to the resort to look at the love declaration room and bade Min Yu goodbye. She lies that Zhen Ya has forgiven her and leaves. Min Yu is later taken aback to know that she has run away from home.

Min Yu drives Tai Feng's car to look for Hui Yuan. Mei Gui is worried over Hui Yuan's disappearance and is shocked when Sheng Cai snaps at her that Hui Yuan will not contact him. Mr Su calls Sheng Cai and requests to meet Hui Yuan. Mrs Su is recently discharged and wishes to see her. Sheng Cai declines but promises to get in touch with him again. Mr Su mentions that he feels close to Calla Resort as a person he treats as his son, Min Yu is working here as the art director. Sheng Cai is taken aback.

Sheng Cai returns home and asks Zhen Ya whether she is happy that Hui Yuan is missing now. She suggests that Min Yu might know. He is angered - will she do such a thing? She replies that Hui Yuan is no longer the person she knows. Min Yu recalls Hui Yuan saying that she longs to know who donates the heart to her and hurries to the tea garden. Hui Yuan meets Mr Su and both go for tea.

She is shocked to know that he is the donor's father and decides against telling him because she remembers Sheng Cai's words - her presence might bring sadness to the couple. Sheng Cai also recalls Hui Yuan's words and hurries there. Hui Yuan requests to visit them often and sees En Hui's photographs and necklace. Seeing that she likes it very much, Mr Su gives it to her. She asks - what if she wants it back. He answers that she will approve of him to give to a kind lady. She tells him her name. It is strange that she doesn't get to see the photos that Min Yu has taken with En Hui although they are placed on the table.

Min Yu reaches the tea garden but doesn't see her there but finally finds her at the train station. He manages to persuade her to return. Sheng Cai sees them together and is very worked up. He can't believe that it is a chance meeting between them. Why is Min Yu searching for his fianc? Because he is concerned for her as a colleague? Sheng Cai has always thought that he knows her best but Min Yu gets before him. This is a terrible blow to him and he drags her away.

Mrs Su is angry that Mr Su gives the necklace away and can't accept that En Hui will never be back as she believes that she treasures the necklace. Hui Yuan is in tears in the car and Sheng Cai has to stop the car to calm himself. Why must she torment him and when she is going to stop inflicting pain on him? How long does he have to put up with it? He demands her to return to Seoul and she will have to do what he wants. She says no. it is impossible between them otherwise she will not run away.

She is serious about the breakup. He asks if she no longer loves him. When she doesn't answer, he pulls her into the car. Mei Gui finds Min Yu stupid to search for Hui Yuan. What if he sees Sheng Cai? Tai Feng defends for him - Min Yu is tired searching for her aimlessly - how is he going to concentrate anyway? Can he do nothing? Min Yu admits running into Hui Yuan but fears that Sheng Cai gets the wrong idea. Zhen Ya overhears him and says that he is the limit to meet Hui Yuan. He tells her calmly to hate him then.

Sheng Cai brings Hui Yuan to the family bungalow. He wants to cool off and talk to her. (What a stupid idea and this man becomes mad/insane under the crazy idea of the director). He tells the housekeeper that he will want to stay for days with her. He wants to take time to start anew to recover their relationship. He wants her nto to go out without his permission and locks the door. Until she returns to the past Hui Yuan he knows to forget Min Yu, she is not leaving here. Hui Yuan is shocked.

Zhen Ya cries upon recalling Min Yu's words. She is sad to see him drunk and still apologising to Hui Yuan in his drunken state. Hui Yuan thinks of the past with Sheng Cai. When he opens the door, she is taken aback. He is upset to see that she is afraid of him when he tells her to take her medicine. She begs him to return with him. She did love in the past and betrayed his love. She can't forgive herself and feels terrible but she can't control her feelings. Sheng Cai is furious - she asks him to dump her but how can he?

The next day, the meeting is cancelled as both go missing. Min Yu worries again. Zhen Ya calls Sheng Cai demanding to know where they are. Sheng Cai suddenly asks if Min Yu is worried. Zhen Ya is appalled to know that she is confining Hui Yuan. Min Yu happens to walk in and hears this. He grabs the phone but Sheng Cai hangs up on him. Min Yu is enraged and demands to know from Zhen Ya where they are. She refuses to tell - is he going to save her then? He confesses that he is determined to go because he loves her deeply. Regardless of who she is with now, he can't back down now. Zhen Ya sobs after telling him.

Here comes another unacceptable and crazy arrangement by Director Yin - why is he reprising the same dose as in ?Winter Sonata?? Sheng Cai opens the second bottle of wine to drink. He is ruthless to push in a hornet into the wine to drown. Hui Yuan likes him to be staid and steady so he strives to be so. But she sees him to be weak now. What is he going to do? She asks - is returning to him going to solve all problems after hurting them? He rebukes - must she do something so cruel? So she loves Min Yu and not him then. She admits and he forces himself on her, kissing her fiercely on the floor. This is similar to what Xiang He does to You Zhen in ?Winter Sonata? - sickening, isn't it?

He stops when she cries and commands her to leave. She runs out, pulling her cardigan over her shoulders. Just in time to see Min Yu outside. He hugs her tenderly as he knows what has happened. She wishes her not to leave him again. Zhen Ya chides Sheng Cai for being useless upon finding him alone at the bungalow. She tidies the place and sees En Hui's name on a piece of paper. She is started and wonders how he knows Min Yu's ex-girlfriend's name. Sheng Cai confirms En Hui's identity with the hospital and Tai Feng. He drives to the tea garden, realizing why Mr Su regards Min Yu as his son.

Hui Yuan has a slight fever and Min Yu quickly carries her into his house. He sits beside her the whole night and she is touched. Hui Yuan brings Min Yu to the church where her parents married and she bade them the final farewell after they passed away in a car accident. He brings her to see Mrs. Liu. Mrs. Liu wonders why he chooses a difficult relationship. He replies that he loves Hui Yuan deeply. Mr Su discusses with Sheng Cai and realizes why he has the feeling that Hui Yuan is the acceptant as she is so much like En Hui. The doctor has once told him that the patient might take over the donor's personality.

Sheng Cai confirms that En Hui was Min Yu's fianc? Upon seeing Sheng Cai nervous, Mr. Su gathers that both have met. Are they drawn to each other? Sheng Cai requests to keep from them otherwise both will suffer. Mrs. Liu gathers why Min Yu likes Hui Yuan. She adds petals to her tea just like En Hui. Sheng Cai recalls Hui Yuan relating that her heart doesn't belong to her anymore. He feels the anguish and concludes that she loves Min Yu because she has another person's heart.

Both look at the stars. Hui Yuan wishes Min Yu to build a house with skylight ceiling so she can see stars since he is an architect. They can see them on a bright night or imagine the raindrops vision on rainy days. Min Yu stares at her in shock. He can't control himself from missing En Hui. She reminds him of her.

Sheng Cai returns home and Mr Piao thinks that both have reconciled. It is Hui Yuan's second birthday on 18 August. Sheng Cai lies that Hui Yuan is busy when Mrs Piao tries to tell the truth. (Stupid man to delude himself!) Sheng Cai eyes Mei Gui when her handphone rings during a meeting. He knows that Hui Yuan calls her and drives to Min Yu's home. He can't give her up and asks Min Yu about En Hui.

Why does Min Yu like Hui Yuan? She reminds him of En Hui. Min Yu demands to know what he means. Min Yu told Sheng Cai that he can't forget his first love but he falls for Hui Yuan so easily, refuting his claim. Min Yu hasn't forgotten En Hui but his love for Hui Yuan is real. Sheng Cai can't believe him. Min Yu is firm that they will not split while Sheng Cai is confident that Hui Yuan will return to him although Hui Yuan denies returning. He reminds Hui Yuan of her special day and the whole family will wait for her.

Hui Yuan tells Min Yu about it and he feels bad for knowing so little. Sheng Cai is apologetic but he can't bear to see Hui Yuan suffer in future. Min Yu buys a ring for Hui Yuan and realises that the same day is En Hui's death anniversary. He can't keep Hui Yuan company. She is upset but says he can still join her at night. How can he forget this day? (I also find him heartless now.) He feels remorseful while Hui Yuan thinks she owes En Hui.

Min Yu dresses up on the day and gets a bouquet from Hui Yuan. Sheng Cai fetches Hui Yuan and sees her with another bouquet of flowers. He thinks they are for Min Yu. He rubs on her wound by saying that it is her important day but Min Yu chooses to visit his first love. He still brings her to meet his family while Zhen Ya deliberately hides from her. Mr Piao recalls that Zhen Ya cares more for her than Sheng Cai to stay beside her after her operation. He thinks that both have patched up.

Sheng Cai starts to lie again?in vain when Zhen Ya can't stand his pretence to reveal the truth. Sheng Cai slaps her while Hui Yuan can only sob to say sorry to him. Min Yu drives to the tea garden and thanks Hui Yuan for the flowers when calling her on the way. He wants to call her before leaving but decides against it. He decides to tell En Hui about them. Hui Yuan gets there and Mr Su brings her to En Hui's grave. He doesn't erect a tombstone as he believes that En Hui is always with them.

Min Yu arrives and Mrs Su tells him that En Hui is back. Her heart is with someone else so it is like her living again. Min Yu is badly shaken - he doesn't know that En Hui has donated her heart. Min Yu walks up to the mountain, dazed. He is badly shaken and quickly hides aside upon seeing Hui Yuan. He calls Mr Su and affirms his fear. He weeps in his car when driving back to Seoul. He is too upset to join Mei Gui, Tai Feng and Hui Yuan for her celebration.

The next day, Mrs. Piao scolds Hui Yuan for hurting their whole family. Sheng Cai blames Mrs. Piao for ruining everything as he still wants to marry Hui Yuan. He is sarcastic to Min Yu upon seeing him at Hui Yuan's place. Is Hui Yuan less important than his ex? He forces Min Yu to make a decision since he knows of the donation. Does he love En Hui or Hui Yuan? Min Yu vows to give Hui Yuan happiness.

Sheng Cai informs Mrs. Liu of the affair. Zhen Ya is suspicious upon seeing her outside Sheng Cai's office and he doesn't pester Hui Yuan lately. It is as if he is confident of something. Min Yu destroys all things that he shares with En Hui. Tai Feng feels that he should have done it for Hui Yuan's sake long ago. Hui Yuan wants Min Yu to bring her to his university to know how he knows En Hui. She is unwilling to force him to erase memories of En Hui. Se goes to the art faculty and Min Yu returns to the past.

The two tried to avoid the rain here and both play a piano piece. Min Yu suggested having twins after marriage. One will be a girl who loves to play the piano and joy like En Hui while another will be a son who loves her very much. En Hui objects to making the vow as if one can't fulfil it, the other will be upset. Hui Yuan mentions that the two women can become friends here.

This pricks Min Yu, who shouts that En Hui is dead and she can never know how she thinks. Hui Yuan has no connection with her at all. Hui Yuan feels she overestimates herself and sobs. Mrs Liu tells Min Yu that she can't accept Hui Yuan as she is En Hui's shadow - so is Min Yu who treats her the same way. Min Yu is worried when Hui Yuan doesn't return home. He finds her at the arts faculty and hugs her, blaming himself. She promises not to upset him again.

Both buy rings for the love declaration ceremony. At night, Min Yu still can't make up his mind by holding the necklace. He can't make Hui Yuan upset as she has gone this far with him but he feels apologetic towards En Hui. Sheng Cai gets Mrs Liu's call to know about it and rushes to the church. Zhen Ya searches his table in the office and finds the donation document. Zhen Ya happens to know about it from Mei Gui

She sneers at her at the church while Sheng Cai forces Min Yu to stay at home. He reluctantly agrees as he doesn't wish Hui Yuan to know about the donation issue. Hui Yuan refuses to believe this and stays outside his home in vain the whole day. Sheng Cai has to drag her home. Tai Feng comes to know about it and also keeps it a secret. Min Yu decides to break up with Hui Yuan as he can't forget En Hui. She is shattered and still looks for him although she is unwell.

However, she sees that he has taken down the necklace to keep. She talks about her heart recognizing her previous owner. Sheng Cai is angry that Min Yu still sees Hui Yuan. What happens if she gets to know the truth and can't withstand the shock. However, Zhen Ya disregards his warning and still hints to Hui Yuan her donor is a woman. She goes to Mr Su's place and discovers En Hui's photo taken with Min Yu. She leaves in tears. No wonder Min Yu behaves weirdly after the discovery. Is this why her heart beats so fast because it recognizes him? Does Min Yu only like En Hui and not her?

She wants to meet Sheng Cai but is appalled to know that Zhen Ya is finding a college for Min Yu to do his masters and she is going to complete her degree too. She plans to settle with Min Yu in Italy - without Hui Yuan there. She later asks Sheng Cai out to tell him that she knows the truth. Sheng Cai doesn't have enough courage to tell her that he threatens Min Yu not to see her again so he gets himself drunk.

Min Yu becomes indecisive. He reaches home and is annoyed to find Zhen Ya in his home. She comes in as he forgets to lock it and even plays En Hui's favourite song on the disc. This woman is so irritating to ask him who reminds him now she plays it! She shows the college brochures to him and smiles when he comments that it is a good idea. But her smile freezes when he considers that this is the right time to get Hui Yuan to leave with him to Italy to forget the sad past! Hui Yuan returns the necklace to Mr Su.

Min Yu meets Hui Yuan. He once detested summer as it took En Hui away from him but now he begins to like it after he met Hui Yuan. To her, it is a second chance of survival too. Min Yu is about to throw the necklace away but Hui Yuan stops him. Even though he has straightened his thoughts to be with her, she is the one unable to accept him now. She suggests a break up and this shocks him. She claims that she doesn't wish to be En Hui's substitute as wants to be herself - she isn't as cheerful as En Hui.

Sheng Cai senses that she is moody when back but she refuses to tell him what has happened. She later faints and is admitted to hospital. Her doctor informs Sheng Cai and he comes just to listen to her murmuring Min Yu's name in her sleep. Sheng Cai sleeps beside her the whole night. He is depressed when she says sorry and thank you to him. He doesn't wish to listen to this as this reminds him how she lets him down. Her doctor asks Sheng Cai whether something upsets her as her health worsens.

Her health is under strain, heart beat irregular and the blood pressure is low. Sheng Cai brings Hui Yuan to the harbour, He was upset that she didn't accept his proposal there the last time. Now they are at the same spot. If she feels bad for rejecting him the last time, they can start afresh now. It doesn't matter if she can't forget Min Yu as he can wait. He knows she is worried that Min Yu will be anguished to know that she knows the truth. So she keeps the truth to herself.

Sheng Cai knows Min Yu. He will linger around her and wait till she is married. Zhen Ya plans the next resort event. Mrs Piao objects to Sheng Cai marrying Hui Yuan. I detest Zhen Ya to look so eager to agree to it! Sheng Cai meets Hui Yuan and she knows that he is troubled because this happens when he talks fast. He tries to deny it. Hui Yuan meets his parents and apologises. Mrs Piao forgives her reluctantly and wants her not to break their hearts or torment Sheng Cai anymore.

Min Yu and others turn up at the resort event and are shocked to know that the pair is getting married at the end o f the month. The pretentious Zhen Ya lies to Min Yu that she only knows about it in the morning. She stresses that this fact will not change - these words stab Min Yu's heart. He really looks as if he will collapse any moment as he stares at Hui Yuan.

He later confronts Hui Yuan to demand to know if it is true. She replies it is natural as she is supposed to marry Sheng Cai. He is in tears - he recalls Hui Yuan telling him that he is not good enough but she still loves him. Her heart beats for him ?why the sudden change? She runs away and Sheng Cai puts a ring on her finger. Min Yu will forget her if she forgets him too.

Mr Su decides to bury En Hui's necklace beside her. Mrs Su objects - how can this be fair to En Hui as this is the same as forgetting her? She mails En Hui's necklace to Min Yu and calls him, wanting him to remember her. She mentions Hui Yuan returning the necklace to them. Min Yu is shocked to learn that Hui Yuan knows that he and En Hui shared the necklaces. He confronts Hui Yuan. Is this why she wants to leave him? How can prove that he loves her?

He has no proof but his heart never lies. The sight of her moves his heart and makes him warm. She still refuses to be Hui Yuan's substitute. Sheng Cai is disturbed but acts as if nothing happens. Both go to the wedding studio and he is stunned to see her in the wedding gown. He promises to make her happy. He needs to rush back to work but warns Zhen Ya not to upset Hui Yuan. She reminds Hui Yuan to set things right so that she can leave with Min Yu soon. Min Yu decides to leave for Italy to continue his studies on their wedding day. He visits Mr Su after Hui Yuan.

Hui Yuan feels her heartbeat - is this En Hui recognizing Min Yu again? She hides at one corner. Min Yu also feels queer but turns around to see no one. Zhen Ya sees that Sheng Cai looks glum and warns him that the couple share an affinity which no one can break even if they split. Sheng Cai doesn't believe fate as he is changing it. (How sad of him to deceive himself again.) Hui Yuan visits En Hui's grave, telling her to forgive her for not marrying Min Yu. Upon knowing that Hui Yuan is leaving, Min Yu tries in vain to run after the bus. He puts the necklace back on En Hui's grave to bade her goodbye.

On the wedding day, Sheng Cai recalls Zhen Ya's words but dismisses it. Mei Gui exclaims that he is a dashing prince charming. He takes a glimpse of Hui Yuan. Before going to meet the guests, he suddenly returns to hug her from behind. It is a joyous occasion but why is she looking sad? She smiles forcefully - such vulnerability is unlike him and she is grateful to him.

Min Yu packs the ring he buys for Hui Yuan into his luggage. Mrs Liu regrets upsetting him upon seeing him and Hui Yuan so much in love. Hui Yuan is shocked to know that he might leave for good. On the way to the hotel, she recalls how he misses her at the tea garden. Min Yu requests Tai Feng to bring him to the garden to see Hui Yuan for the last time. Upon seeing her at the entrance, he smiles to himself.

Her smile and look will remain in his memory. Hui Yuan's heart starts racing and senses his presence. She sees his reflection in the glass panel. She begs En Hui to help her find him. She wants to see him again. Sure enough, although Min Yu tries to leave quietly, she sees him in the car and runs after it. Min Yu is later shocked upon seeing her fainting on the road. Sheng Cai drops his handphone upon knowing the bad news. Min Yu recalls how En Hui is sent to hospital on their wedding day and how Sheng Cai rushes to the same place when Hui Yuan is dying too. Now the operation doors close on him again.

Sheng Cai arrives, demanding to know what he has done to Hui Yuan. He will save her just the way he uses to. Her doctor notifies him that he has to prepare for the worst. Zhen Ya comes and tries to stop Sheng Cai in chasing Min Yu away - Sheng Cai thinks he is the reason for Hui Yuan's state to torment her.

Tai Feng defends Min Yu. Min Yu has trusted Sheng Cai to give Hui Yuan happiness to suffer in silence to leave. Min Yu begs him to let him stay till she comes to but he says no. Sheng Cai holds her hand. He and Zhen Ya lean beside her. He is crushed when she calls Min Yu's name in her coma. So he tells Min Yu to keep his promise to leave. He doesn't allow him to see her again to stop tormenting him. Hui Yuan wakes up - Sheng Cai smiles bitterly. He seems to cause her a lot of strain for the engagement and the wedding. Zhen Ya cries for Hui Yuan's forgiveness for being terrible to her.

Hui Yuan needs another surgery but Sheng Cai is alarmed that it might not save her. She leans against him to look at the sunshine. She refuses surgery as it may not save her. She is not afraid of death but one transplant is enough and another will not happen again. Sheng Cai is at home looking at the photos and pondering over the past with Hui Yuan. Hui Yuan is determined not to let Min Yu go through the same fate again. She knows the cold facts and he should not suffer again. Sheng Cai sees her sleeping face and tells Min Yu to save her. Only he can persuade her now.

Sheng Cai brings her to the ?love profession room?. It doesn't matter who is beside her now. What matters is she should be alive. He walks out so that Min Yu can be with her. Min Yu leaves with her memories so he often comes. He lights the candles and tells her that he will leave for Italy soon. She smiles at him. later, Sheng Cai informs him that the operation fails and she dies so he leaves Korea.

5 years later, Hui Yuan runs to get Zhen Ya her bouquet of flowers on her wedding day. Sheng Cai and Hui Yuan send the couple off for their honeymoon and Tai Feng is also here to receive Min Yu. He exclaims that Italy is good for Min Yu to preserve his looks. He marries Mei Gui and Min Yu can't forget Hui Yuan to let her down. His student recommends him to renovate the art museum so he is back. When he is there with the architects, he sees someone looking like Hui Yuan but misses her.

Min Yu asks Sheng Cai whether Hui Yuan has the peaceful smile when she leaves in peace. Sheng Cai is guilty - they should not have lied to him. He asks Hui Yuan whether she is happy on Min Yu's behalf - they should meet before he leaves Korea. She goes for 2 successful operations for an artificial heart and a long time before she recovers. How can she drag him into this? He has his own life. Sheng Cai doesn't understand why she is afraid since they love each other?

She worries - what happens when her heart doesn't race when she sees him? Her feelings and love will be a lie. She will wait for a man who gives her this feeling. Please forgive me but I feel like slapping her upon hearing this - what kind of logic does she have? Does this matter her so much - she has let the poor chap suffer because of her stupid reasoning. The next day, both are in the crowd at the art museum in the rain. Her heart races so she stays after the crowd leaves to meet him and Min Yu is delighted to see her again. But sorry to disappoint fans - no hugs or kisses - just looking at each other from far.

Introduction on characters

1. Liu Min Yu - Song Seung Hun
He is an interior designer and landscape artist. He is so talented that Tai Feng has to ask him for advice. He used to be very open but after En Hui's death, there is a pang of sadness surrounding him. He likes freedom and is easily emotional. He is very devoted to En Hui, keeping her things for a long time after her death. What I dislike about him is not being firm and clear enough to Zhen Ya to reject her love so that she will stop carrying a torch for him. I also wonder whether Hui Yuan has influenced him to be a liar too to lie to everyone that nothing has happened between them.

Seung Hun has proved to be an actor of tears. He displays his skills in crying scenes, scaling better heights than in "A tale of Autumn". He has shed his scholarly image completely. Many adore his new yuppie look and strong biceps. But his style reminds me of Jun Xiang in "Winter Sonata" with the copper colour hair.

2. Piao Sheng Cai - Ryu Jin
He is a holiday resort's planning director. (Why do most guys become planning directors in so many dramas - is there any reason for this?) He is tall, handsome, mature and also gentle. He is devoted in love and is a perfectionist. He is also capable at work. Although he attracts many women and female employees, Hui Yuan is the only one in his eyes. He doesn't admit defeat easily and can guess others? thoughts.

The character is more suitable to wear business suits and drive big cars. My whole heart goes out to him. He worries about Hui Yuan's health constantly and protects her. But does he deserve this ending and treatment? This character will invite praises and it poses no problem to Ryu Jin who is tall and strong. I practically melt at the sight of him. He proves to be a fierce contender in this serial.

3. Shen Hui Yuan - Son Ye Jin
She is a flower art designer. Before her heart operation, she is very quiet. After it, she becomes cheerful but still timid (remember how frightened she is on the island by herself?) She is indecisive over who she should love and keeps on seeing Min Yu behind Sheng Cai's back. I dislike her - if they are married, isn't this the same as cheating on the husband too by having an affair as a two-timer?

Looking sweet, sickly and gentle doesn't imply that we should forgive her. Moreover, she causes so much heartache to the two men who love her so much! What she only knows is to cry and ask for forgiveness all the time. I am sorry but I simply can't bring myself to like this fickle-minded woman.

Ye Jin's acting is only mediocre. I find her lacking chemistry with Seung Hun but surprisingly, she is more at ease with Ryu Jin. But she is certainly the prettiest female lead found so far.

4. Su En Hui - Shin Ae
She is pretty and cheerful. She knows Min Yu on a sunny rain afternoon and they start their romance. She likes trees so she resigns her teacher job to be a tree conservationist. She is rich but she often gets involved in earth conservation activities and community services. She keeps from her mother and only her father knows that she signed a donor form to donate her organs after her death. I don't understand why she keeps it from Min Yu too. She becomes the string to tie Min Yu and Hui Yuan together. Unlike Hui Yuan who is accommodating, she fights all out to get what she wants.

This actress is good. Director Yin has gotten the right person to make us know why Min Yu is unable to forget his wife-to-be after so long.

5. Piao Zhen Ya - Han Ji Hye
She is Sheng Cai's younger sister and also works in the resort as an activity planner. She is over confident or conceited. She makes use of every opportunity to get close to him. She becomes dejected over his rejection when he deliberately avoids her and stubbornly refuses to give up although he loves Hui Yuan. Becoming unreasonable and arrogant causes her downfall as all give in to her all the time except Min Yu.

Do all jealous women share the same look? When Ji Hye first appeared, I was so shocked that she resembles so much like Lee Jung Hyun. They share the same hair, eyes and even face! Her attitude sickens me. To me, Shi Na in ?Beautiful Days? is a bother but Zhen Ya is an eyesore. The way she deceives Min Yu trying to win him or taking matters into her own hands also anger me. At least, You Li in 'staircase to heaven? knows that no one replaces Jing Shu's position in Cheng Jun's heart. But this irritating Zhen Ya deludes herself that Min Yu likes her all along - this is so unbearable.

6. Wu Mei Gui - Zhao En Shu
She is a florist and also a flower art designer. She is Hui Yuan's senior and is never selfish to share her experiences with her. She is kind but vain. Her dream is to marry a handsome man like Min Yu. But later, she wakes up from the dream to be with Tai Feng. Her loud mouth nature reminds me of You Zhen's friend, Cheng Shu too. Director Yin is sure lazy.

7. Chi Tai Feng - An Zheng Xun ( Do you recognize him - he is Jun Mao in "All About Eve"!)
He is a cheerful and comical interior designer. He has the same weakness as Mei Gui - to love himself too much. He often gives Min Yu his suggestions. He knows Min Yu and En Hui well so he is always there to give him support when he is down. He thinks he is as handsome as Leonardo DiCaprio. Director Yin has created another undesirable joker who doesn't bring me pleasure with his sick jokes.

8. Mr Su (he is the same actor as Xuan Zai's natural father in "Beautiful Days")
He is En Hui's father who supports En Hui's decision to donate her organs after death. He never expects her to leave this world so young and is very upset over her death. It must be telepathy when he meets Hui Yuan as he feels En Hui's heartbeat in her. He is such a loving father who doesn't deserve the sad fate.

9. Mrs Liu- she acts as You Zhen's mother in ?Winter Sonata?
She is Min Yu's mother who is very concerned about him when he sinks into despair after En Hui's death. Afraid that he will get hurt again for loving a woman who is engaged, she opposes to it.

When I see her face, I know she will oppose to Min Yu to be together with Hui Yuan - just like how she protests against You Zhen to be with Jun Xiang in ?Winter Sonata?. A boring arrangement.

10. Mr and Mrs Piao
They are very understanding parents of the siblings. They are forgiving as not to blame Hui Yuan for having a change of heart repeatedly. Actually Mrs Piao should be more firm with her to disallow her to marry Sheng Cai when he is so stubborn to stick to his decision. I don't doubt Mr Piao's concern for doubting Min Yu. He just wants to protect his daughter. It still beats me how they can give birth to an unreasonable daughter like Zhen Ya!

Favourite character
Sheng Cai - he makes so many sacrifices to be with Hui Yuan but she hurts him repeatedly with her lies and change of heart. He may be successful in career but is vulnerable and thoughtful when coming to love affairs. Moreover he also worries for her health. He is one of the best boyfriends ever around. The runner up is Min Yu. He is caring and responsible. He knows that he is wrong and is not afraid to make amends.

Most hated character
Hui Yuan. She blows hot and cold to make the two men so upset. Poor Min Yu for being treated harshly for looking for her on the island. Sheng Cai is worried sick when she becomes a totally different person after being with Min Yu. They do so much for her - what do they see in her? A close second is Zhen Ya who is so irritating and unlikeable to think that Min Yu should like her since she loves him.

The recording company let Director Yin examine the lyrics. The company did not believe that only popular singers can bring out the songs? feel. The singer for "Winter Sonata", Ryu wrote all the 4 songs for this serial - the lyrics together with the music. Many said all could become the themesongs and admired his talent. They don't mind giving newcomers a try. The theme song is "say yes". There is another song "Secret" by Zheng Ren Hao. It tells of Min Yu's heart. Seung Hun even recorded his voice in it. I like this great song!

Another song, "Indecisive" is sung by Xu Zhen Ying. This song belongs to Hui Yuan, who doesn't know what to do with the two men. The third is "Your scent" by Zheng Ren Hao. This song often appears when the two are in the tea garden or orchard. The last was 'second romance? by Xu Zhen Ying - which is true for both of them. There was a piano piece that went along with it.

Who is Ren Hao? He was born in 1981 and only released 2 albums from 2001 to 2002. This ost is his third album but it became the no.1 on the Korean song list.

Interesting facts

Many fought for the roles as they wished to work with Director Yin. Who will doubt his ability after his successes in "A Tale of Autumn" and "Winter Sonata"? Here came the list - Seung Hun, Jae Won and Jang Hak were close contenders for the male roles. Jeon Ji Hyun, Ye Jin, Kim Hun Joo and Song Hae Gyo were also considered. All these artistes were box office assurances. The on-line selection caused the website to break down because more than 100,000 tried to vote for their favourite artistes.

It was said that Hae Gyo even called Director Yin personally. She was prepared to act in here after "All In". However, he didn't want it to look like "A Tale of Autumn 2" so he rejected her. He felt that Ye Jin fitted the bill because she looked demure and sweet. She was also willing to reject movie offers to act in here. Ryu Jin was used to be the lead in other serial but he was willing to be the supporting role. But no one rejected him as No. 2 in here. Many were surprised that Ji Hye was chosen as she was a newcomer.

There was a day when Ye Jin was supposed to film in the tea garden. A 10 minute drive became an hour traffic jam and she was trapped. She quickly asked for help. The deputy director had a motorcycle and came to fetch her. She was past caring about her image and sat on the second seat on the motorcycle in order to save time. They then realized that it was a public holiday and the crowd had wanted to watch the filming process.

The scene where Seung Hun bared his top made many fans go crazy over him but unfortunately, it didn't help much in the viewership. Seung Hun was selected because he was most suitable in looks, acting and character. Why was Seung Hun willing to work for him after leaving the small screen for 2 years? He was grateful to him for making him famous. His manager also thought that this serial would help him to get more commercial offers.

It was rumoured that Seung Hun was interested in Ji Hye. In an interview, Ji Hye even said that she finally knew why Byun Hun and Hae Gyo fell in love after shooting "All In". Seung Hun was angry with this and together with Ji Hye, they cleared the air by saying that their relationship was solely on a senior-junior relationship. Because of this, both were embarrassed and tried to avoid each other off the set. This gave both the cast and the shooting crew a bad impact on how to shoot the scenes naturally.

Seung Hun was at first shocked when he read the script. He had numerous kissing scenes with Ji Hye and Ye Jin. Plus with the rumour between him and Ji Hye, he was afraid that shooting more would cause more misunderstandings. However, Director Yin didn't wish to change the script so he was very troubled.

Seung Hun and Ye Jin went to Jeju island. Ye Jin was too nervous and had lots of N.G.s when she was supposed to kiss Seung Hun. Even Director Yin shook his head and Seung Hun joked that she might as well kiss his feet. She then shot the scene successfully. This serial brought about 2 billion earnings for the tourism trade.

Seung Hun once expressed that he wished to fall in love with Ye Jin and Ji Hye. The whole shooting crew became nervous. But later he explained that he wanted to have a real feel so that he would be natural. This was what Director Yin expected from him. But he didn't wish to mix this with real life.

Many had thought that is was romantic for Min Yu to shout for En Hui on the mountain top. He looked relaxed but in reality, the temperature was cold for him even though it was early summer. Because he was only wearing a sleeveless t-shirt! He nearly fell sick because it often rained and they had to wait for the rain to stop. They kept changing places to shoot scenes when Director Yin was unsatisfied. No one complained as they knew his view was always correct.

This serial attracted attention as both returned to the small screen after filming movies. However, it was unlucky to pit against "Attic Cat". The start viewership didn't reach 10%. Only when "Attic Cat" ended then the viewership rose to 19.2%. Seung Hun felt bad as he felt responsible for it but yet he got many commercial offers.

Ryu Jin, Seung Hun and Ye Jin were asked to create their own ending. Seung Hun wished that Hui Yuan's heart attack makes Min Yu realize that it happens to her because of him. So he decides to give her to Sheng Cai and leaves. Many years later, Sheng Cai has a daughter and the three visit Hui Yuan's grave with her favourite flowers. (How sad - this is a reprise of "Endless Love")

Ryu Jin hoped that Sheng Cai kneels down in front of Min Yu to make him promise to let Hui Yuan live happily. Then he will leave so that they can have their own life (a big sacrifice made but it seems this version is accepted in the end). Ye Jin is torn in between as she felt both leads were good. She wanted Hui Yuan to die so that she would not end up with anyone. (This ending is as bad as ?Endless Love?).

The cast's appearance raised a big wave again. First, they permed Seung Hun's hair and dyed it using a coffee colour for a wild look. He was initially not used to it as this was the first time he dyed his hair. But since many said it looked nice in it, he was relieved.

It took him 4-6 hours. He wore light coloured clothes with noticeable designs - with decorations on the top. And he would not tuck in the shirts or leave some buttons unbuttoned. He felt very at ease with the wardrobe while many joked he was showing off his strong chest and big biceps. His most daring try was to wear a pink shirt with white trousers which many found it romantic. This was what many actors would not dare to attempt. The Nike shoes he wore also went out of stock.

Many were attracted by the summer scent necklace. Even imitations started to appear in the market - this didn't lose out to the polaris necklace sold in 2002. His watches that came in many designs was a famous Italy brand Ritmo Mvndo and the business was brisk when many asked for them. The hair accessories that Ye Jin used became expensive overnight. Many adored the dresses she wore that came in a piece. She also used very little make-up to bring out her natural beauty. Ji Hye's dressing was more daring. She matched Indian or Chinese belts with jade ornaments.

Ryu Jin's dressing made him a celebrity overnight too. His image was totally different to look mature in business suits. Thus, whenever he appears, he only needs to place his hand into his pocket and all office ladies will be attracted. You will notice that almost all young businessmen would gel their hair but because Sheng Cai's job involves creation and challenges, he had to look young. Ryu Jin cut a short hairstyle and with mousse, the hair is easier to take care of than Seung Hun. But those with natural curly hair complained that their hair would not be fixed properly.

His suits were not of the traditional colours. He wore light coloured suits in many scenes. He didn't wear any tie and would not fix the first button too. He is 185 cm tall and with this dressing, he looked like a model coming out from a magazine. By putting a small handkerchief in the jacket, it showed Sheng Cai's yuppie style to match with the summer theme. Sometimes, he even added an earring. Strangely, it didn't look out of place with a bracelet. No wonder, he won praises even from fashion designers.

Many also liked the casual wear. He also untuck his shirt to match with light coloured jackets. Suitable colours for women are also attractive for me. We can see from this example. Some called this a fierce dressing war between him and Seung Hun. Both pit the products evenly - it is not only a challenge to win Hui Yuan's love now. They were also competing in stylish dressing too.

Their image consultant, Hong En Jing was also responsible for the dressing in 'tale of Autumn? and ?Winter Sonata?. When she prepared the white trousers for Ryu Jin, Director Yin happened to walk pass and suggested that Seung Hun should wear it and Ryu Jin can wear other colours. The guys didn't mind about it as it was best to bring out the specialty in them. There was actually no competition between themselves so it was smooth sailing.

She worked with Yong Jun for 9 years, Ryu Jin 5 years and 3 years. They treated her well like their own family so she tried her best to do for them. She was initially hesitant on how to design their wardrobe. Both appeared in the same serial and she didn't know who to start with. She treats both the same and does not wish them to think that she shows one of them favouritism. She lost sleep over it.

The scene where Ji Hye slapped Ye Jin caused their fans to have a heated war besides a heated up viewership. Ye Jin found that Ji Hye slapped too hard - did it indicate that she had mixed her likeness towards Seung Hun to seek revenge here? They could not forgive her. Ji Hye's supporters retorted that Ye Jin's Hui Yuan was toying with the 2 men's feelings so she deserved it. In the end, the two actresses had to settle the dispute as they were very close all along.

Ryu Jin is older than others to be their elder brother and took good care of them. But when it comes to work, he learned a lot from them. He had acted in 8 Korean dramas and even took home the most popular KBS actor award in 2001. He graduated from the tourism faculty as he dreamt of doing hotel management. However, his friend signed him up for an acting contest in secret. He was then spotted and started acting. He was at first indecisive of which to choose from but grew to like the job.

Ye Jin did not believe in having fate to arrange love but she believed in it after filming this serial. She would choose Sheng Cai's love as she is more down to earth. Her dream partner has to be firm, confident in work and having strong endurance. Hey - doesn't this match Sheng Cai in the serial?? As for Ryu Jin, he felt Sheng Cai was too stubborn. If Sheng Cai truly loves Hui Yuan, he should let her go and not cling onto her tightly. His dream partner is to be able to get along. It is nice to have someone like Hui Yuan but it is best if she is understanding. It seems that he likes cheerful women more than quiet ones.

Seung Hun would not hesitate to marry immediately if he meets the right person. He likes someone who is quiet, feminine and shy. Thus many joked that Ye Jin fits his expectations. He didn't really answer and only said that she had very attractive eyes. Ji Hye is still young at 19 years old and wishes to focus on her studies. But if she meets the right person, she doesn't mind trying to love.


I don't like this segment as Mr Yin has run out of ideas. The plot of having the heart transplanted to another person by his first love is in another serial, "Her Memories" by Jin Tai Yu and Jeon Du Wan. I dislike the weak ways that the actresses present. Please??we?re no longer in the dinosaur age. What is wrong to get a new love when the time comes? Director Yin may have changed the dressing, hairstyle and the setting but there is no change to the story. How is this going to look appealing to the fans?

I condemn Hui Yuan and Min Yu. It stresses too much on the heartbeat telepathy. Can this be reliable? Can they be only acting on impulse? What happens if they know each other only after Hui Yuan is married to Sheng Cai. Sheng Cai is so pathetic - not because he hasn't tried hard enough but simply because he lacks this? He is different from Hui Yuan in many ways but this doesn't mean that he doesn't love her as deeply as Min Yu. Just like the way that he makes You Zhen run to Jun Xiang from Xiang He in ?Winter Sonata?.

I can never forgive the couple. The change in him to be unreasonable, selfish and despicable is unbelievable. He lies to his parents and also to himself. Director Yin is so unfair to turn him to be like Xiang He in "Winter Sonata". Being blinded by love is such a lame excuse to use repeatedly. This is just to find an excuse to make Hui Yuan run to Min Yu or to make Min Yu likeable. Director Yin sides with Min Yu and Hui Yuan completely, ignoring the harm that both have caused to Sheng Cai and Zhen Ya.

The cast is fine but I feel that Ye Jin isn't close to Seung Hun. It seems that she is very distant from him. Thus the ending although the rain indicates their reunion? I am not that sure. But she starts to instill chemistry in the later scenes. It is a right move to get Ryu Jin in this serial. Unlike Yong Ha who is a complete knock out in ?Winter Sonata?, he portrays his caring but possessive nature well.

I dread to think how Director Yin will come up for the 4th segment. This third segment is so boring with the repetitive parts. What makes it worse is the unappealing acting of the actresses. The actors have done their part but somehow, you think that there is either low or zero chemistry with their female counterparts. So many supposedly touching scenes turn out to be VERY normal. I simply feel nothing. He has to plan properly otherwise he will have nothing to offer us. This segment is considered the weakest among the 3. Only watch it for the sake of the scenery or if you are faithful fans of the cast.

Sukting's ratings :

On songs : ***1/2(Scale of 5) (I only like the catchy themesong more)

On acting : *** (Scale of 5) (Credits to the 2 lead actors. The actresses must work harder.)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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