Reviewed by: sukting

March 23, 2006

Rating: four-point-five


This serial received good feedback after medical dramas like ‘medical centre’ and also ‘doctors’. It was labeled as the most desired to watch drama with ‘Wish upon a star’, ‘Models’ and ‘Tomato’ in China.. This serial was one of the 5 most watched serial in Korea in 1998. (Sorry but I don’t have the details what the other 4 serials are. But I guess they must be among the list - ‘Love’, ‘Bad Friends’, ‘The person I love most is you’, ‘Fascinate my heart’, ‘If we love’ and ‘Mr Q’ as they were produced in the same year. )


Xian Yu, Xia Qian and Jun Rui graduate in the same year and they work in the same hospital. Xian Yu operates with music on but Xia Qian dislikes music to make a fuss over it when Shang Dao suggests that. Xiu Yan takes care of Xiao Xi and the man beside her asks her to take off her doctor’s robe as Xiao Xi vomits on her. She is shocked to know that he is Xiao Xi’s boyfriend and not her father. Xian Yu pulls the chair beside him but Xia Qian chooses to sit behind him for a meal. Xian Yu gets irritated – why does she need so long to complete the operation – because she is just back? She replies that he uses his hand to operate but she uses her brain.

Xiang Xi scolds Xiu Yan for not wearing her doctor’s robe when attending their meeting. Xiang Xi refuses to believe that Xiao Xi might have a brain tumour to send to the neurology department. Dong Shi’s mother is angry that Dong Shi’s operation ends in failure in Jun Rui’s hands. Nan Jun is angry that Xian Yu and Xia Qian quarrel in front of him. He should open their skulls to see what is wrong with them. Xian Yu notices that her voice is louder after her return from U.S. She replies – not just her voice will be louder – her yearly salary will be higher too.

Ren Can sees Xiang Xi aand Xiu Yan so he greets them. Xiu Yan recalls the past – she feels nausea during an operation to see a person’s body being cut up and runs out of ER. A doctor sees her and asks someone from the anesthetic unit to revive her. Ren Can tends to her and picks the light pen for her. Although Xia Qian is hostile to him, Xian Yu can’t forget her at all.

Xiu Yan tries hard to transfer Xiao Xi in vain. Sheng Dao refuses and keeps smoking in front of her. He isn’t free and is not going for matchmaking. Why does she mention Xiao Xi’s occupation and age to him? Xiang Xi should come as the chief doctor in charge and not the intern to give him orders as he is also the chief doctor. Ren Can is at first sleeping and upon seeing her, tries to look presentable before accepting the x-ray. Shang Dao gets angry to call him a scatterbrain when he runs out to pass the x-ray to Xian Yu.

Xian Yu looks through and agrees to the transfer. He is puzzled when he says thank you to him. Xiao Xi knows that Xiu Yan is hostile to her because she wrecks up a man’s marriage and he has two grown up children. Xian Yu is too angry and pushes Xiu Yan aside and Ren Can holds her. How can Xia Qian discharge his patient? Her reply is ER has no more room. To him, her thinking is shallow and he stares at her. She turns to Ren Can – has he worked longer with him than her?

Does Xian Yu accept gifts from patients? She can pay with money to let bleeding patients lie on the sick bed. Xian Yu suppresses his anger and walks away. Xiu Yan apologises for troubling Ren Can and she tries in vain to remind him what happens to her in the past. Xia Qian doesn’t want Xian Yu to steal her patients. He runs after her and stops her from leaving in her car after she places her unfinished coffee on top of it.

How sweet he is suddenly - he hooks his arm over her shoulder gently. He has thought that she will stay in the U.S. and not return. What happened? (I can bet many women will melt upon seeing how dashing and soft he becomes.) She gets agitated – how can he ask her why? He really doesn’t know. She hates him and now she is back to make sure that her feelings for him has chilled. That is enough for him as the coffee spills on his feet. She drives away but still watches him from far.(How sad he looks!) There is a tear in his eye as he returns to work.

Shang Dao reminds Ren Can of the past and he runs to the library to tell Xiu Yan about it. (Jae Suk looks very cute in here.) Shun Ying tries to snatch the x-ray from Zai Feng to see what is wrong with her brain. Upon knowing that an ex-model mental patient is running around naked, Zai Feng runs and quickly correct his previous comment that the neurology unit is too busy to look at others to it is his responsibility to look after all. Shun Ying messes up the x-rays. Zai Feng returns, sulking as the model is 50 years old!

Xia Qian is angry with Xian Yu using the no. 3 operation room - how can the privilege be given to him? She then realizes that the person is Jun Rui – both look similar with the masks. Jun Rui knows that she is finding Xian Yu’s fault. She is disturbed that Jun Rui separates from his wife as he is still in love with her. Nan Jun finds Xiao Xi too young to have the brain operation at 26. Da Tong at first refuses to be involved but later consents upon knowing that Nan Jun is in charge of a surgery.

Nan Jun often causes him to lose his seniority in front the younger doctors. Ren Can’s teacher is admitted. Dong Shi’s mother decides to sue Jun Rui. Xiao Xi returns Xiu Yan’s doctor robe to her. Xiao Xi’s mother has the same name as Xiu Yan. Xiu Yan apologises for the outburst. Xian Yu wants to explain her condition to her. Xian Yu wants to wait till her family arrives but she is an orphan and thinks highly of Xiu Yan to want her to be around. Xian Yu discloses that Xiao Xi has a brain tumour and it is cancerous.

Xiao Xi is shattered – what can she decide? (This actress really acts well – like it is the end of the world for her.) Xiu Yan is about to tell her that there is hope when Xian Yu interrupts. Xiao Xi must be calm to sort things out. Xiao Xi doesn’t want her boyfriend to know about it and she faints. Xian Yu wants to help but Xiu Yan pushes him aside to prevent him from getting close so he stops. Don’t pretend to act since he is so inhuman. She calls him a jerk but he thinks she can’t be a doctor if she wants to be a human.

Shun Ying claims that there is nothing wrong with her brain as she has seen her x-ray but Zai Feng ignores her to shave her hair away.(What a big sacrifice Jung Eun has made!) Xiao Xi tries to chase her boyfriend away. Xiang Xi scolds Xiu Yan for sticking to patients. Xia Qian doesn’t like her address as Xiu Yan isn’t chewing gum. The next scene is a funny one – Da Tong is puzzled why a patient having a burst blood vessel has so much energy? He has to add double dose to make Shun Ying sleep. (She is so pathetic to close her eyes with tears.)

Xia Qian tells Xian Yu to leave the computer seat if he has finished looking though the x-rays. He still sits to look at Xiao Xi’s x-rays. (Really tense between them.) She claims that it is better to operate than normal treatment. Xian Yu gets fed up – does she think that this will solve the problem? Nan Jun comments the the x-ray is the same as a male patient’s x-ray he has seen earlier. Zai Feng looks at the x-ray and discovers his mistake. You will laugh – he takes over Nan Jun’s scalpel timidly – Shun Ying is not the patient.

Nan Jun gets mad and wants Shang Dao to meet him at the usual place. Shang Dao gets mad and tells Zai Feng the same. Da Tong tells the nurse to wake Shun Ying. Poor her to be bald now. Nan Jun uses judo to punish Shang Dao and Zai Feng. The purpose of parents to name their children is not for others to make mistakes. They are doctors and must treasure patients’ lives and uphold integrity. He will exchange their heads if another mistake like this happens. (Poor Shang Dao to get involved due to Zai Feng’s mistake.)

Dong Shi’s father beat Jun Rui up and Xia Qian tends to his wound. She tells Jun Rui that she leaves to escape. Ren Can’s teacher is happy that he is a doctor now. Nan Jun is shocked to know that their principal is dead. Xia Qian will not give Xiao Yi up if she is in the U.S. Xian Yu interrupts – why return then? Has she done something wrong to escape and return? She should think how Xiao Xi faces problems after the operation – her looks will be different.(This heated argument escalates later.)

Xiu Yan gets into the lift with them. Xia Qian smiles but Xian Yu only nods his head when she bows to them. She feels uneasy standing in front of them. Xian Yu comments Xiu Yan’s temperament is similar to someone so it is best not to provoke her. Xiu Yan apologises but he says it is fine to get lectured by a beauty as it is exciting to him. Xia Qian is annoyed as she knows that he is referring to her. Xiu Yan wants some time from Xian Yu but he says that he has no time for discussion.

Nan Jun warns the two not to quarrel in front of the principal’s altar. The principal has done all when alive except to be their wedding witness. The principal’s son plays his recorded tape all have offered incense. He has left after giving his life to medicine research, his friends and juniors. Now they are grieving for him for a long night and he feels like weeping. (All are silent over it.) He feels sour facing death and wants to use his own hands to open up body to find out what is wrong.

He will wait for them one by one to report to him. All laugh over it. The first must be Nan Jun. He must drink less and look for him with a healthy body. He is afraid that Nan Jun will mess up his life here. He finally reads a touching poem that brings tears to all their eyes. The principal dotes on Xian Yu and Xia Qian most. He likes to tell both to stand in front of him to look at them without talking to make himself happy – he even jokes that the neurology unit exists because of them.

Jun Rui and Xian Yu get drunk. Jun Qi disallows Xia Qian to leave before them. He uses her as a bet and she should switch on her car lights to spur them when playing basketball. She smiles when Xian Yu wins but when reminded of the past, she drives away. Zai Feng chooses a wig for Shun Ying – you will laugh when he wants one not for lunatics but the sissy shop owner never stops bothering him. Zai Feng is remorseful to her when she refuses to remove the bandage from her head to remind his mistake. They challenge in a wheelchair race and he is exhausted after losing 33 times.

Xiu Yan tries in vain to persuade Xian Yu to operate on Xiao Xi. He feels that she and Xiao Xi’s family need persuasion not to go for the operation but Xia Qian offers to take over. Xian Yu nearly bursts when she comments that he isn’t fully devoted to patients to give up. Xiao Xi’s boyfriend’s ex-wife wants Xiao Xi to go for the operation. Maybe she is the one who curses her to get ill and she blames herself. Both hug to cry. Xiu Yan hates Xiao Xi because her parents divorce because of a young woman too. She understands her father now – maybe the person is also pretty like Xiao Xi.

Shang Dao is angry that Ying Zhu snatches his food. She claims to be from neurology unit as a new nurse. Xiu Yan looks for a missing x-ray in vain so Ren Can brings her to a convenience store to get the x-ray unit chief’s favourite ice-cream to make him do the job again. He is puzzled why Ren Can is so eager to help. Xiang Xi complains that Xiu Yan takes too much time when she passes to her. Later we know why it is missing because Xiang Xi keeps it in her drawer!

Xiu Yan gives Xiao Xi encouragement before she gets into the operation room. Xia Qian stops upon seeing the cancerous cells spreading and wants the skull to be stitched again. She does not dare to operate. Music flows from Xian Yu’s operation room and Xian Yu sees her walking out although he still continues operating. His diagnosis is correct then. He gets her coffee and knows it is hard on her. She thanks him for understanding her. But she doesn’t know where his true heart is. Why is he so indifferent to her response?

Before she goes on, Xiu Yan scolds Xia Qian for giving up. Hasn’t she seen the x-ray clearly? Is she afraid that the operation will fail and is afraid to bear responsibility? Xia Qian is unqualified to be a doctor to desert her patients. Xia Qian nearly cries and Xian Yu gets so mad that he slaps Xiu Yan. He has been standing aside to stare at her for a long time.

Xian Yu runs to ER upon getting an urgent case despite having little sleep. He returns and sees Xiu Yan sleeping with the lights on when doing her reading so he switches them off. The next day, he faces Xia Qian again. She tells him that he should not interfere. Nan Jun wants to pass an operation to Xian Yu but he refuses – that is what Xia Qian should do and she accepts it. Zai Feng is scared to face Shun Ying again as she often forces him to play with her.

Jun Rui’s defence lawyer tells Jun Rui to get a doctor to prove his personal relations as witness. Upon seeing Jun Rui still cocky, he comments that Jun Rui doesn’t know that death is approaching his door step. Xian Yu tells Xiao Xi’s boyfriend to pray in church or to scold God since all is futile. Now it is Xia Qian’s turn to get angry. She likes like punishing him but Xian Yu knows that she will not as he has done what she can’t bear to do. He is helping her.

Xian Yu sees that Xiu Yan is hesitant to meet Xiao Xi. He reminds her to face dying patients as a doctor. Ren Can’s teacher is happy to see him looking handsome in the doctor’s robe. Ren Can puts it over him for a day to feel it. He has warmed it for 3 years to get used to it. Ren Can is shocked to know that he refuses to take the operation. Xiao Xi gives Xiu Yan and Xia Qian a cup each to thank them.

She later overhears Xiu Yan’s conversation with Xian Yu over the failure. Jun Rui asks Xian Yu if he is free next week. Xian Yu isn’t happy with the way he asks and says no. He knows that the hearing is starting. He can accompany him but Jun Rui declines. (Who isn’t scared of Xian Yu when he talks like that?!) He wants Xian Yu to stop quarreling with Xia Qian. Zai Feng hears a phone call but gets too sleepy to throw the receiver on Shang Dao’s head as both sleep on a double deck bed.

Shang Dao will not take to heart a trainee nurse’s nonsense to seek revenge when Ying Zhu is too shy to face him at work. But he scolds her for making blunders. She is another Zai Feng from the nursing unit. Ren Can wants to help his teacher as they lack money. But he is alarmed upon knowing that Xian Yu approves them to discharge. Xian Yu looks at him calmly – is Ren Can here to criticize him?

He is a vegetable and Xian Yu saves him from death. They first thank him but now blame him for giving them a tough time. Let them make their own choice then. There is nothing great about the doctor profession and he will respect their decision since money is one factor. Ren Can respects his ruthless decision that makes one shiver and walks away.

Xiao Xi jumps from the building and all try in vain to save her life. Xia Qian is upset but insists of performing another operation although Xian Yu offers to takes over. She operates well but she is wounded. It is more important to treat her now. The operation is ordinary to them but a war to the patient. This is nothing to her and she hasn’t gone wrong before. Her wound will heal once she holds the scalpel. (I admire Xia Qian for her professionalism.) She initially can’t do it but feels better when Shang Dao plays music.

Zai Feng nearly dozes off midway. Xian Yu wants Xiu Yan to cry after removing the white robe. He takes out a handkerchief. She either wipes off the tears or resigns. Don’t get too upset as Xia Qian is a good doctor. Xia Qian leaves Shang Dao and Zai Feng to do the stitching up before she leaves.
Shang Dao tells the nurse to sew Zai Feng’s eyes and mouth as he is so sleepy. Xian Yu checks that everything is fine before leaving Shang Dao.

Zai Feng is too sleepy and inserts the suction tube right into the patient’s brain to cause massive bleeding. They are about to call Xia Qian but calls Xian Yu since he hasn’t walked far. Xian Yu hurries in and tells them not to talk at all as he tries to salvage the situation. He is too angry with them. Shang Dao uses judo to punish Zai Feng. He is a killer. Doctors should save lives and he tells him to leave. He really leaves and throws his pager away. Xia Qian has a drink with Xiu Yan and passes the cup to her.

Xian Yu is about to leave when he sees Xia Qian. He wants to bring her into his car. She hates him but leans on his shoulder. He gives her a warm hug, closing his eyes. Ren Can tries to prevent Xiang Xi from scolding Xiu Yan. Xia Qian is angry to know that someone takes over her operation. Nan Jun asks if she is too tired after 17 operations but says that the operation is well done. She looks at Xian Yu who says nothing. Nan Jun feels weird when Zai Feng isn’t with them.

Jun Rui gathers that he is too upset to hide at a corner. Nan Jun asks if Shang Dao bullies him (this is a good question as he bullies them too.) Shang Dao protests – he uses humane methods to train him. Nan Jun wants him back tonight so he will be on trial. Xia Qian forces the truth out of Shang Dao. Xian Yu has not wanted him to tell her. Shang Dao claims him to be really a man and imitates the way he talks. She is angry – is Shang Dao playing with her? No, because Xian Yu is concerned that she is too tired.

Xiang Xi tells Xiu Yan to marry Ren Can since she is better in seducing men than being a doctor. She accidentally breaks the cup that Xiao Xi gives her and Xiu Yan is mad with her. Shun De is angry that Shang Dao treats Ying Zhu like a hotel receptionist. Must she be there 24 hours a day? Zai Feng returns home. Xian Yu sees that Xian Qian hasn’t touched the hangover medicine he gets for her and asks her why she hasn’t taken it since she drinks too much. She comments that she is also drunk today by his caring nature. Xian Yu can sense the hostility.

She passes the medicine to Xiu Yan. They are hindering her sight and she will not eat it. She is reluctant to throw it away too. Xian Yu closes his eyes for a moment when Xiu Yan walks out with them. Then he stands up and pushes his chair aside, causing Xia Qian to feel the jerk. He gets out to snatch the things back and throws the bottle into the dustbin. (splendid acting from Sung Mi and Jae Wook in here.)

Is this childish? He will let her see more of it according to her style. He tears open the sachet and the powder lands in front of her. Xia Qian cuts up the x-ray of the patient whom he replaces her for the operation. What if he causes death – will she be held responsible? Xian Yu walks out – he has nothing to say. Xiu Yan wants Xia Qian not to make use of her to confirm their love. Xia Qian picks up the x-rays.

Xiu Yan takes out Xian Yu’s handkerchief. Zai Feng returns to hospital after his parents’ advice. Shang Dao wakes Ying Zhu up and sees that she reads medical books. She looks cute to him as he realizes that she is actually hardworking and tells her to continue sleeping when he accidentally wakes her up. Shun Ying presses Zai Feng to see Nan Jun. Zai Feng trembles as he returns to the judo ground with him again. Why is he hesitant to return when he is outside? He will break his bones if he lets him down again. Zai Feng yells when he has another round from Shang Dao. (Why are they so violent?)

Ren Can is dismayed that his teacher has left and goes after them in his motorcycle in vain. (I can assure you that Jae Suk looks very cool here as he goes down the steps on it but I can’t understand why it goes slower than a taxi.) He recalls how the old man gets him a new bicycle during his school days to treat him like a son and bursts into tears. Shang Dao wants Zai Feng to read the hospital rules aloud or he will meet him at the judo ground again.

Shang Dao is troubled – how can a comatose patient sleep for 2 years? He pinches him and jumps when he exclaims that it is painful. All doctors celebrate over it. Xian Yu admits to Ren Can that he is wrong as it is still best to save someone. But he will not change as he has no right to intrude patients’ choices. Xia Qian feels that it is the way he hopes to push responsibility. Xia Qian tells Jun Rui to send her back.

Xian Yu feels a pang of disappointment as he leaves alone upon seeing her hooking Jun Rui’s elbow. Jun Rui’s ex-wife is angry with her. Xiu Yan sees Ren Can bringing food for her and he waits for her to eat together. She sees Xian Yu smoking at the entrance and approaches him as he sits on the bench. She uses his handkerchief to wipe off his sweat upon seeing him unwell and he pulls her to sit on his lap. Don’t touch him as he is dangerous. Ren Can gets angry and walks back into the hospital.

Shang Guo is sent to hospital on the stretcher and Xian Yu does CPR for him on it. Shang Dao comments that he becomes like this to be in a coma because his wife pesters him. Xian Yu stares at him and is frustrated when Shang Guo’s brother-in-law makes noise too. Xian Yu tells Shang Dao off – he should not use his mouth to cure others to gossip.

Nan Jun wants Xia Qian to be the doctor in charge for an actress, En Mei. She is going to marry a hospital director’s son. Although it is claimed that she has insomnia, she is here to have abortion due to adultery. Xiang Xi calls Ren Can her senior and he feels weird as she graduates before him and is younger than him. She learns from him that it is Xian Yu and not Ren Can doing CPR for Xiu Yan. She tells him that she has thought that Xiu Yan loves Ren Can but now she knows that she is only treating him as a life saviour. Xiu Yan wants Xiang Xi to let her go as she keeps finding faults with her.

Shang Dao scolds Xiu Yan a scatter brain for pushing patients to him. Xian Yu tells her not to spray perfume on his handkerchief as he hates that. (How can a man like that?) Seeing him makes her realize that her saviour might be Xian Yu, especially when Ren Can tells her coldly that she can talk to him later. Jun Rui notices that Ren Can is restless – is he ditched? He is an expert as he has gone through it. It seems that he sinks deep into it. Shang Dao comes to Zai Feng’s aid when he can’t handle a hooligan.

He lies to the patient that he has ALS and his muscles will harden in no time. The fellow finally obeys him. Shang Dao doesn’t even know whose x-ray he is looking then to babble nonsense. Xian Yu gets fed up with Shang Guo’s wife and brother-in-law for wanting him to change his will. So he limits their visit to 30 minutes to give him more rest. Shang Guo requests for a puff and Xian Yu gives him a cigarette since he may die anytime despite the head nurse’s opposition.

En Mei’s lover demands to see her and Xia Qian blocks him. The man can’t allow his child to be killed and he pushes her aside. Xian Yu punches him – is she okay? Nan Jun is angry that this happens – this is not a hospital anymore. He asks him why he protects Xia Qian since they often quarrel. He should be responsible for her then. Xian Yu tells her that he will handle it but she doesn’t want him to interfere. He bangs on the table - how can he stand aside to see the jerk beating her? (touching to show how concerned he is!)

She comments that he should do that and he leaves angrily. A girl slips from the stairs and breaks her leg. Xian Yu walks past and is about to go away since Xiu Yan is there when she calls him. All will be swept off their feet when his cold face shows a slight smile. He is about to carry the girl when she tells him to take the x-ray to her office as she knows he is busy. She carries the girl for treatment and he smiles upon putting the x-ray into the envelope. (Sure a rare moment to see him showing warmth for the first time.)

Xia Qian massages Nan Jun’s back as she feels bad for implicating him. Xian Yu reaches the x-ray office to put the x-ray on Xiu Yan’s table. He sees the cups (one is broken but she uses a ribbon to tie it), post-its on medicine names and smiles, finding her diligent. Xiang Xi is shocked to see him – is something wrong? (Who doesn’t think this way when he suddenly appears?) No, he passes the x-rays to her and leaves. Xiu Yan thanks him as she always troubles him. He replies that it is okay to help and smiles again when his back is facing her.(His smile is attractive but I know many will complain for seeing little of that.)

Zai Feng is too frightened to see Shun Ying but is happy that she is leaving. He is forced to take her out and cries upon knowing that he is tricked when she is supposed to return. Xiu Yan is shy when she brings the x-ray to Ren Can and he has just unbuttoned his shirt. It doesn’t matter who does the CPR for her. She has heard it from Xiang Xi. No wonder she doesn’t dislike Xian Yu that much. Maybe her instinct tells her that. Ren Can tells her that he likes her and she leaves in haste, not prepared for it.

Shang Dao’s heart nearly misses a beat when Ying Zhu reads love poems. Another interesting scene again. Xian Yu doesn’t see the x-ray that Ren Can brings for him as he has already seen it. (It is the one that Xiu Yan has at the staircase earlier.) Ren Can is furious – how does he know? Must Xian Yu report to him – that is from Xiu Yan, right? Ren Can is taken aback. He tells him that she is innocent and doesn’t want her to get hurt. When he walks out, Xian Yu sighs – who can he hurt now? (How sad he sounds – Xia Qian must have hurt him repeatedly for him to say that.)

Xian Yu gets call to tend to Shang Guo immediately. He wants a drink this time. You will laugh – although Shun De protests, Xian Yu still smuggles wine in. Shang Guo is a miser in the past and ill-treats his wife so he will leave everything to her. He only realizes his fault when death appears so Xian Yu needs not be nasty to her. Xian Yu can ask anything from him. He wants his organs while his wife wants money.

The greatest highlight of the serial is here. Xia Qian waits for him in the office and he is about to get his jacket to change and thrusts it back into the locker when she wants him to help Jun Rui. (This is the first time I see him so angry.) Why doesn’t he help him? Xian Yu suppresses his anger – this is his own problem and should face it alone. Maybe the problem is there but he doesn’t know since Jun Rui handles everything. She can’t stand him looking down on Jun Rui. He says no – she is the one.

Her act only embarrasses Jun Rui. He does well when she isn’t around. She mentions that he will not be well with Xian Yu around as everything is grabbed by him. Xian Yu looks into her eyes and asks in fury – what is that? The head post, rank and also fame. Xian Yu tells her off – he doesn’t grab them but own them. She says – and also her. She can’t desert Jun Rui and only Xian Yu can protect him.

Jun Rui doesn’t dare to mention it so he has to inform him. What if he rejects? She can kneel in front of him. He crosses his arms and tells her to do that. To his dismay, she does that and gives her a challenging look. Xian Yu gets frustrated and closes his eyes. He then hits his fist hard on the glass table. The glass surface is broken and the glass cuts his hand, making it bleed. She is astonished to see the broken pieces as he walks out. (Splendid acting from the two artistes.)

Xiu Yan sees it and insists of treating it although he tries brushing her hand away. She pulls his hand towards her. She must do it as a doctor. He looks at her in silence. Xiu Yan doesn’t want Ren Can to say those words to her to give her pressure. Xian Yu wants her to help him to get the needles for injection. Shang Dao wants to kill Zai Feng for oversleeping at the nurse station. You must watch this funny part. Zai Feng has a towel over his head. Shang Dao scolds scatterbrain and hits Zai Feng’s head against the door.

Xian Yu is impatient – he wants the church members to leave instead of singing prayers. This will not cure the sick. Only medicine helps. He is angrier when Xian Jun comes – the patient is his church member. He tells him not to bring souls into the hospital. Da Tong is forced to work with Nan Jun as he owes him money. Xian Yu asks Jun Rui when the hearing is. He will tell what he knows but he is angry with him – why can’t he tell him personally? He has to arrange his working schedule because of this.

Yong Guan is back from his vacation – Shang Dao really has a way to punish newcomers. How dare Zai Feng be rude to a doctor in charge? Yong Guan knows Shang Dao’s efforts and wants to hit him with a baseball bat. He wants to bribe with cigarettes in vain and is delighted to escape when Shun Ying’s doctor calls him to think of a solution. She is drunk and wants to see him but vomits on him when trying to kiss Zai Feng. (This is surely unexpected.)

Xian Jun finds Xian Yu locking himself up. Xia Qian comments that Xian Yu is still weak. Xiu Yan passes chocolates from the girl to Xian Yu. He smiles and takes it but throws it back at her upon seeing them together. The 3 have no connection and he is angry to know that Xia Qian belongs to his church. Xian Yu takes Xian Jun away – let’s see what power he has then. Xia Qian tells her the story.

Xian Yu’s father is a pastor who brings up his sons single-handedly. Xian Yu has thought his mother dies because of illness but changes after his father’s death. His father could have survived if he seeks treatment but he refuses, saying that God has a reason for him to get sick and he will not defy God’s will. Xian Yu thinks over it and realizes that his mother has never gone to hospital for treatment too. His father has caused her death so his father has no will to live.

He describes his father as a killer to kill both parents. Xia Qian confesses to Xiu Yan that they have been in love before but hate each other now. Jun Rui is remorseful to see Dong Shi in pain. Xiu Yan is in her casual clothes to send the x-ray to another hospital and doesn’t wish Ren Can to follow her. Xiang Xi tells him that he has no dignity to pester her. (She can be the same too – poor people for not being able to get the lover they wish to.) Xian Yu comments that Xiu Yan looks pretty when seeing her at the entrance.

Shang Dao decides to woo Ying Zhu but is dismayed when she wants him to send her to a matchmaking session. Ying Zhu scolds Shun De’s son without knowing. Xiu Yan’s classmate mumbles that Xiu Yan has stopped her studies in high school temporarily due to mental disorder – how can she be a doctor now? Xiang Xi hears it. Xia Qian discovers that En Mei lies to her and her fiancé is impotent to father the child. She feels sick by her act since she is a good actress.

Shang Guo dies and his wife is remorseful. Xia Qian wants to tell all that Xian Yu is despicable as she can’t stand lies anymore. Xian Yu removes Shang Guo’s organs for donation to another hospital. Before stitching up, he notices Xiu Yan doing some prayers. She isn’t a Christian but she wants to express her gratitude. Xia Qian says that Xian Yu earns the organs and he gets so mad to tell her that they will severe ties for good. He pulls her collar and breaks her necklace.

Xian Yu drinks with Xiu Yan but she senses his anguish when he is quiet and closes his eyes. So is Xia Qian with Jun Rui showing him the broken necklace. Xiu Yan brings a drunk Xian Yu back to hospital. Upon hearing Jun Rui’s voice in the office, she brings Xian Yu into a patient’s room no. 1305 with Ying Zhu’s help. Xia Qian stops Jun Rui from kissing her and weeps with the necklace.

Xian Yu mumbles that he lets Shang Guo down in his sleep and Xiu Yan realizes that she likes him. Jun Rui wants an empty room but Ying Zhu tells him that Xian Yu occupies it. An illegal worker begs Ren Can and Shang Dao to save his colleague. Shang Dao has no heart to turn him away and wants Ren Can to ask Ying Zhu for a room secretly. Ying Zhu is fed up – why are so many doctors asking her that?!

Xian Yu wakes up and sees Xiu Yan leaning beside his bed, holding his hand and sleeping. He puts his hand above hers and ponders. (My colleague melts upon seeing his look but wonders what he has in mind then.) She wakes up, gets shy and retreats her hand. (Now I know why many refer Hee Sun to a vase then – she is really wooden.) Xian Yu clears his mind – why throw him into a ward when he isn’t a patient? He wants to return to office so that she can sleep here and he can return her the favour another day.

Xiu Yan wants him to listen to her and Jun Rui isn’t happy to see them together. Ren Can sees the two walking out one after another. Xiu Yan doesn’t know how to explain to him even though she opens her mouth. (I shake my head – she looks stupid and this is definitely a wrong expression shown to indicate that she really can’t act.) Ren Can gets so mad that he nearly hits Xian Yu. (Xian Yu is truly a rebel without a cause – Ren Can doesn’t offend him but why he has the delight to provoke him – I simply don’t get it.)

Xian Yu adds fuel to fire by telling Xiu Yan that they should find a romantic spot next time and not here. Ren Can tells her not to misuse hospital resources as dating grounds. She apologises to Xian Yu but he suddenly kisses her forcefully in front of Ren Can. Xiang Xi is angry when Xiu Yan doesn’t inform her when a patient has fits. She is sick of her excuses. Xiu Yan’s friend transfers her grandmother out and tells others about Xiu Yan’s past. Xiu Yan is fed up with her.

Shun De demands Ying Zhu to find the missing key for 1305. Shang Dao wants her to stall for more time as his ‘wife’. He is delighted when the worker wakes up. Although he doesn’t talk, both men understand as the worker smiles. Xiu Yan is too troubled when Xian Yu is with the internal surgical chief to discuss over her patient’s condition.

You will laugh – Xian Yu asks her if she feels uneasy facing him. She understands his act but it is not a good habit to do it impulsively. (I agree with her that he is too much.) He says that he wants to kiss her long ago. (I do not know if he is serious or joking, though.) Just then, the lift door opens and 4 doctors overhear this to stare at them. Xiu Yan blushes while Xian Yu still keeps his cool. (That is sure a funny one.)

Shang Dao exclaims that Xia Qian has lots of strength when performing the operation. That is why men get scared of her. Ren Can doesn’t calculate the time taken for the operation. She wants him to get out. Being lost in love doesn’t imply that he should forget patients in ER. She doesn’t need people with no concentration. (She is a definite professional.) Nan Jun is fed up with Da Tong’s talking and doesn’t want to see him within a week or they will meet at his wake. (We know what he implies.)

A Taoist medium is hospitalized and is determined to choose the date of the operation. (The actor is Piao Zhe - Xian Da in ‘All about Eve’) Does Zai Feng have a hard time? He sees a ghost behind him and he has a shock when he sees Shun Ying. Zai Feng is overjoyed - can he tell his future? Zai Feng tells all about it. Shang Dao doesn’t believe in that – the medium’s blood vessel will burst soon and will die without an operation. So he doesn’t even know when he will die.

But Ying Zhu and the head nurse choose to believe Zai Feng to get into the medium’s room. The four are taken aback to see that the medium becomes Shun Ying’s follower. She tells all his illness symptoms and even guesses rightly that it is due to family history. She tells him to accept the operation date that the idiot has mentioned and he agrees. The four are silent upon seeing her becoming the goddess instead. (It can be amusing as we know the two artistes later act as lovers in ‘All About Eve’.)

Jun Rui is aware that all know that Xian Yu is capable and he envies his ability too. But why is he fooling around with a young woman to make Xia Qian pitiful? Xian Yu looks at him – is it so difficult for him to tell Xia Qian about his feelings instead of looking? If it is because of him, he is wrong. He opens the door to see a startled Xia Qian but ignores her.

Shun De suspects that Shang Dao misuses medicine and steals blood supplies so she reports to Nan Jun. Nan Jun asks why he doesn’t let charity organizations handle it. After Shang Dao explains, he shakes his head – how can he leave so much evidence and wants him to discharge the person once he is well. This indicates that he lets him off. Shang Dao is so touched that he grabs his hand like a child. Although Nan Jun tells him to stop being mushy, he is actually amused.

The other patients doubt Xiu Yan’s ability and complain to the internal surgical chief – who is her direct boss. Xiu Yan stops her duties and hands over her patients’ records to Xiang Xi. Xiang Xi is atrocious – she tells other colleagues about her past and Xiu Yan overhears it. But she is still unrepentant. Ren Can denies wanting patients’ records from Xiu Yan – she isn’t’ the only one he can go to.

Xia Qian apologises for being too much on the operation issue. Xian Yu doesn’t want to harp on it. Their relationship ends long ago but she refuses to accept it. Does Xian Yu remember how she takes off the white robe? Xian Yu recalls running after her with it but she still leaves. She has thought that she will not see him again till death but she is curious to know. He is puzzled – what has he done wrong?

If only he is frank to her – she is still waiting. The patient isn’t killed by her but by him. Xian Yu is struck by it. She goes to make a call and he takes over her operation to kill the person. She tells the others not to reveal it to take up the blame. Now she feels better after saying. Xian Yu is speechless as she mentions that he is the knife in her heart but she still wishes to keep it. Now she doesn’t hate him anymore and returns the necklace to him. She has no heart to throw it away. He holds it in his hand but stops going after her.

The real scenario – Jun Rui runs into him when Xian Yu gets the necklace for Xia Qian. Xian Yu smiles and shows it to him – she must be delighted. Seeing him fluttered to run away makes him confused. Now he knows the reason but walks back into the room. (It is an easy guess – he screws up Dong Shi’s operation and can also make the same mistake in the past. Moreover, Xia Qian also thinks Jun Rui is Xian Yu behind the mask. Please allow me to borrow a Cantonese phrase – poor Xian Yu is forced to eat the dead cat.)

Xiu Yan puts her name tag and white robe on her table. Xiang Xi asks why Ren Can is so hostile to Xiu Yan suddenly. Because of her mental illness? She is disappointed but Xiu Yan is really an eyesore to her.
(This woman has a very poisonous tongue to make a secret an open one to make sure Xiu Yan loses her job, patients’ trust towards her and also make Ren Can ‘desert’ her. She is very wicked but she is wrong as Ren Can asks her fiercely where Xiu Yan is.)

Ren Can tries to return the white robe to Xiu Yan. Why doesn’t she find Xian Yu for help? He has no demands from her. If Xian Yu can’t, he will ask the Buddha as he wants her to stay. Sure enough, he pulls her to see Xian Yu. (How open he is to approach his love rival for help although he dislikes it!) Xiu Yan replies that it is hard to make her doctor dream come true.

Xian Yu doesn’t want to interfere into others’ lives. Ren Can is fed up – so she is only ‘others’ to him? Can’t he pay responsibility? Xian Yu gets so mad to pin him against the wall - he doesn’t have to believe him but he wronging of Xiu Yan makes him lose his cool. If he doesn’t trust her, there is no significance to like her. Xian Yu is later stunned to know of her past condition – women are really a bother. (I guess he can’t take 2 shocks in one night.) He picks up his coat and briefcase from the ground but passes the white robe to Ren Can to put it back at the same place.

Da Tong asks his debtor if he can remember him. He does to his dismay! Nan Jun wants others to prevent him from getting into the operation room but even if he does, he is professional not to cause any damage. Xian Yu informs the internal surgical chief that he needs Xiu Yan in the operation as she is the doctor in charge. (Xian Yu is actually softhearted – he says he will not help but his action doesn’t tally.) Dong Shi nearly dies and his mother only wants Xia Qian to operate on him although Jun Rui manages to save him.

Nan Jun will not operate on children less than 10 years old because he can’t forget the past. At the same time, Xian Yu is with Xiu Yan in another operation room. Jun Rui stands aside to watch Xia Qian operating. Xian Yu wants Xiu Yan to tell him the patient’s symptoms by moving nearer to him. He chides her in a stern voice when she moves – does her teacher tell her to stand behind the doctor when she wears the operation gown. (He sounds so fierce that can scare anyone.)He later asks her how to cure fits and Ren Can smiles as she gives the correct answer.

So Xian Yu indicates that Ren Can can follow her instruction. Can she elaborate her own condition? She says can and is about to say more when he interrupts her that he needs no explanation and is uninterested to know since he is a neurosurgeon. (Good grief – who knows what he wants – a brief yes or in detail?!) He doesn’t know why some choose to escape. Now she can go out.

Shun Ying interrupts Zai Feng when he is doing stitches on a patient - to comment he causes her to be bald. He gets angry and removes the wig from her. She becomes down and walks away silently with it in her hands, making him feel remorseful. Jun Rui wants to patch up with Xian Yu but he asks if he has done something against his conscience. He will meet him in court the next day. Xiu Yan thanks Ren Can for his help and also apologises for being unable to love him. Poor man to nurse a broken heart.

Ren Can, Shang Dao and Zai Feng have a meal. The guys offers to teach Ren Can’s love rival a lesson – how dare him? Both are silent to know that he is Xian Yu. Shang Dao becomes bold – so what he is a specialist? He isn’t much older than them. (Pardon me but Shang Dao looks older than Xian Yu.) They can call him out to teach him a lesson but he reminds Zai Feng to make sure that no one gets Shun Ying. Zai Feng feels bad for upsetting Shun Ying while Ren Can keeps yelling that he misses Xiu Yan.
The way they talk about their women make him misses Ying Zhu. They are reluctant to return to work.

Shang Dao wonders why they fall for a doctor, nurse and a patient. Zai Feng jokes that he likes Ying Zhu and he nearly digs his eyes. Can they get away from the hospital – the white terror? Dong Shi’s condition is critical although the brain tumour is removed. Xia Qian notices that there are lots of complications as Jun Rui makes the wrong choice for the high risk operation. Nan Jun has taken leave to visit Dong Shi.

Shang Dao holds Ying Zhu’s hand when she bandages his injured ankle. Xiu Yan requests for a patient to be discharged and is reminded of her past of getting mental illness. She contracts it after finding her mother dead due to a slashed wrist in the bathtub after her divorce. The doctors decide to discharge the patient and Xiu Yan is overjoyed but Xiang Xi isn’t happy.

The hearing starts – Jun Rui admits not explaining clearly to the patients’ family. Xian Yu is now at the witness stand. He is recognized in exercising correct judgment and skills because of his adequate experience. The defence lawyer also stresses that he is famous in having conscience too.

Does Jun Rui’s operation have flaws? Xian Yu says no as he operates because of a swollen brain and not due to fever. If he is Jun Rui, will he do the same? Xian Yu will look at the condition. What if it is the same case? Xian Yu ponders – he has told Jun Rui not to do it but he wants to make it perfect. Xian Yu lies that he will do the same. Jun Rui is relieved when pronounced not guilty but Xian Yu isn’t happy and looks stern. In fact, he feels bad for lying in court.

Dong Shi is dead and all are upset. The guys return to know about it. Jun Rui feels bad but Xian Yu doesn’t trust him unless he resigns. Nan Jun punches him. There are rules to follow in front of the dead so tears come before rage. Xian Yu will not believe Jun Rui till death. He goes to Xian Jun’s church and listens to the children singing Christmas carols. Even an unfeeling person like him is touched. But why is the church colder than the hospital? He refuses to get En Zhen’s fruit wine which she has prepared for years for him. He wonders where a liar can go. It seems nowhere.

Jun Rui goes to Dong Shi’s wake. His parents don’t drive him away although they are furious with him. Xia Qian consoles Nan Jun that he isn’t responsible for his son’s death even though he operates on him. Nan Jun has not smoked for years and the habit returns because he is too troubled. He still feels remorseful over it. Ying Zhu damages a machine while putting up Christmas decorations. Shang Dao feels that Nan Jun should not hit Xian Yu. Who will return to work after this happens? Nan Jun tells Shang Dao to walk over to him. The poor chap gets frightened – is he going to hit him?

No, he wants Xian Yu’s pager number. How can he work without a handphone. Shang Dao reminds Nan Jun not to use force to solve problems. He has not recovered from the last injury from him and gets fragile. (His expression is sure classic!) A patient has fits and Xiu Yan saves him after scolding an onlooker. A patient, Piao Can Shi walks away silently.

Ren Can quarrels with a doctor (the actor is Lee Kyu Han - San Shun’s hateful ex in ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’.) as on treatment – he finds it more urgent to go to neurology unit than to go to the bone reconstruction unit to fix the leg bone. Of course, Yong Guan examines the x-ray (but not the MR) and supports his subordinate, saying that Ren Can should build the foundation like a house. When the three go to examine the patient, Shang Dao throws the report at him. The patient loses senses in his left leg and should be sent to them. Yong Guan then realizes the error and agrees to let them treat the patient.

Shang Dao shakes his head and jokes that he can build the foundation. He and Ren Can smile as they win. Shang Dao tells Ren Can that they should treat patients as humans and not a house. (He may joke during other moments but he is serious at work.) Ren Can notices that he has not recovered from the sprain and suggests him to go for treatment. He shakes his head – he will rather let Zai Feng open his brain than to let the jokers from bone reconstruction unit to treat him!

Yong Guan leaves in haste with the doctor and hits him with papers – how can the fellow be wasting his 3 years in hospital to lose to an houseman, Ren Can who is only going to graduate the next year? Zai Feng hides again and sighs – is their unit the bone fixing or breaking unit? (His remark is funny indeed.) Xia Qian is glad that Jun Rui gets to work. He replies that he isn’t as forceful as them but will concentrate immediately. Xian Yu and she are not his match.

Xiang Xi confesses that she still dislikes Xiu Yan and will torture her every now and then. Nan Jun calls Xian Yu – how can he be angry over a punch? Xian Yu is wrong so he must call him back. Who asks him to kick up a fuss in the first place? He presses the wrong button to save the message – should he redo it? Just then, Xian Yu charges in and apologises for being late. His pager rings. He wants to return the page but Nan Jun stops him. He should be in ER now.

Xian Yu looks at it and knows that it is Nan Jun’s number. He grins (his smile can really sweep off your feet) and wants to listen to it right now. Nan Jun chides him for being slow. Xian Yu playfully asks what message he has left. He can listen to it after the operation. He admits wasting his night sleeping in the church which is something that he dislikes most. But he will still listen to the message later. After he gets
out, Nan Jun asks Shang Dao in panic on how to delete the message! (You will laugh at this arrangement.)

Ying Zhu gets Shang Dao to fix the machine and plants a kiss on his forehead. Xian Yu walks into the office wearily after an operation. Xia Qian asks – who is the real culprit. She realizes that Xian Yu has suffered for nothing. Xian Yu replies that it is alright since she knows that he isn’t the one. Because of it, she has lived in hatred for years – can’t he explain it? Xian Yu replies in bitterness – he has also lives through the unknown and puzzling hatred, not knowing why for years too.

When he knows that she only trusts him this much, he is disappointed in her. He closes his eyes to lean on the chair. Da Tong is angry with a visitor for disturbing his patient (his debtor) and is shocked that he wakes up and will press him for payment soon. A girl, Jing Mei is having a serious brain ailment and blood has to be released from the brain every now and then. Ren Can and Xia Qian are sad over it.

Xian Yu stops Jun Rui from treating a patient. He takes over for the injection and wants to handle the operation. (He looks so unfeeling and cold in here.) Nan Jun looks at them and sighs – Jun Rui should give himself more time. Shun Ying forces Zai Feng out of the lift. Xiang Xi doesn’t want Ren Can to forget her face so she must see him once a day. She admits liking him but he can’t accept her. She will persist.

Mr Han wants to see Xiu Yan and Xiang Xi sneers at her for having many men. The man is actually her father and she doesn’t want to see him again. Ren Can sees her crying and Xiang Xi tells him to look for her to know about Xiu Yan’s story although she doesn’t like it. Xiu Yan passes the documents to Xian Yu and he notices that her eyes are swollen. She lies getting tired due to the research and he wishes her to rest more. He wants her to take photos of Can Shi. His fits should be cured after removing the abnormal bone.

She is scared of taking the photos but he believes she can do persuade him to do it. He pauses for a while – he knows that she has cried earlier. Why does she cry so easily? She tells him not to bother about her but he holds her elbow. It must be sorrowful for her. Try crying aloud to forget her troubles. She finally leans on his shoulder to cry as he fondles her hair. (Her crying is so unnatural till I can’t take it.) Xia Qian sees this (Xian Yu is also aware) and walks out.

Xia Qian apologises to Xian Yu for wronging him. Nan Jun pushes Shang Dao to treat his leg. Nan Jun shakes his head upon knowing that Jing Mei will not recover after the operation. Xian Yu becomes stern upon knowing that Xia Qian has not told Jing Mei’s mother about her condition. Shun Ying wants to shave off Zai Feng’s hair and he runs away. She is too involved in playing a nun in a Christmas play.

Ren Can observes Xian Yu explaining things to Jing Mei’s mother. Xia Qian offers a research done by Xian Yu and her in the past for her seminar presentation. Xian Yu frowns but says nothing and still ignores Jun Rui. Xia Qian decides not to quarrel anymore since they are no longer young but he thinks that certain things are unforgiving regardless of age. She stares at him – hasn’t she apologized? She will say again although it is too late. He should forget the pitiful Jun Rui.

Xian Yu is upset – her hatred and misunderstanding for so many years makes her accept her apology but she should not do Jun Rui’s share. Xian Yu asks Xiu Yan to get out of the office for a while. He then tells Xia Qian that he also can’t forgive himself for helping Jun Rui to win the case. Why can’t she hate Jun Rui the same way she treats him? (She is unfair indeed!) She doesn’t want as she doesn’t know why too. Xian Yu wonders if she finds Jun Rui more pitiful after his divorce. Xian Yu only tells Xiu Yan to pass the documents to him before walking away.

The bone reconstruction unit nearly wants to put a cast on Shang Dao’s leg since he refuses to take an x-ray. Seeing the doctors being so violent on their old television, Shang Dao tells them to go to their external neurology unit to watch then. Yong Guan comes in and behaves the same violent way which frightens him too upon seeing the television not working well. Shun Ying’s doctor gets frightened when Shun Ying ties Christmas decorations around him and he calls Zai Feng for help.

Xiang Xi sees Ren Can sleeping and puts a gift n his table. Da Tong is happy that his patient hasn’t woken up. Nan Jun is unhappy to see him and wants Shang Dao to keep an eye on him instead of assisting him. Jing Mei’s mother escapes as it is too tired looking after her. An old man working as a Santa Claus knows that there is a tumour on his spine. Xia Qian blames Xian Yu for asking Jing Mei’s condition late.

Upon seeing this, the Santa Claus asks if Xian Qian is his girlfriend. She must love him very much to hate him. He offers him a pair of gloves to cheer her up. Can Shi refuses to take the photos to be ridiculed and Xiu Yan is unhappy. Da Tong wants the patient to wake up or he has to pay the debt and sure enough, he wakes up to ask for his money. Xian Yu finds it baffling when Zai Feng tells him that a woman has knocked into a lamppost from the back so he gets into the ER. Jun Rui checks first and he knows that she is beaten. He is enraged and charges out to see her husband.

Xian Yu walks in and the woman also refuses to let him look at her. He forces her to face him and he sees her bruised eye too. Jun Rui hits the man – so does Xian Yu together. Both have a smoke together and finally are friends again upon seeing the police arriving to arrest the man. Ren Can helps Xiu Yan to carry her documents to the office and Xiang Xi isn’t happy. Is Xiu Yan trying to make use of him? Ren Can should stop liking her. Zai Feng gives Shun Ying a woolen hat, expecting a kiss but she still remembers how he shaves off her hair so she squeezes his face.

Xia Qian operates on Jing Mei – is Xian Yu walking in to watch a show? How can he tell Jing Mei’s mother the truth before and not after the operation? He is only telling the truth as he doesn’t feel good lying. She is grateful to Jun Rui to make her leave him and tells him to get out. Ren Can also ignores him as he doesn’t like his doing too. Ren Can is puzzled who gives him the present.

Mr Han has no money to pay for his son‘s fee and Xiu Yan pays for him. She doesn’t want to see him again. Xian Yu tells her not to leave for the conference like this. She then gives them some money to take a cab and puts her scarf on her brother’s neck. Ren Can opens the box to find a watch. Xiang Xi leaves a note – even though it is not worn, she isn’t angry as it is common for him not to wear it during operations.

Ying Zhu is shocked to learn that Shang Dao pays with his 3 months salary for her damage. She throws her account book at him and cries. Why is he looking down on her? He denies and they hug together. Shun Ying wants to go home and cries. She recalls how she drops a baby onto the floor to end up killing him and be hated by the baby’s mother. Zai Feng consoles her upon knowing it.

Jun Rui is uneasy in Xia Qian’s car. She belongs to Xian Yu but she describes her love with Xian Yu gives her the most pain. She is devoted to love but once it ends, that’s it. He should not think of Xian Yu anymore as it is over. Xian Yu asks Xiu Yan out for dinner. She asks if he gets nervous giving speeches. He admits so as he isn’t an artiste. She has thought that he is cool and is not scared of anything.

He is and wonders how a pastor does it daily, thinking of Xian Jun. Xian Yu chooses an opposite profession. He frowns now – he is scared to have romance with Xiu Yan. Xiu Yan smiles but her expression freezes when he adds that this will not happen as he is still waiting for Xia Qian. He avoids her looks when she gets upset. There is an announcement for external surgical neurology unit.

All rush there – 2 patients are in danger. Xian Yu watches how Jun Rui saves Jing Mei while he tries to save another patient. He is upset when Jing Mei survives but Xian Yu’s patient dies. All watch him leaving in despair. Nan Jun chides Shang Dao for being late although he staggers there.

A girl, Wu Zhen Ya is from a broken home and now Xian Jun is her guardian. She faints after playing basketball and En Zhen sends her here. Xian Yu looks troubled in office and asks Xia Qian if Jing Mei’s family hasn’t turned up. He wants Jun Rui to leave the hospital. He has thought he will leave before he says that. Jun Rui wants to bet who stays here longer. Must Xian Yu treat him like this? Xian Yu doesn’t answer and puts on his coat to leave. He is about to take out the gloves to give to Xiu Yan.

Seeing her busy, he walks out. She turns around to see him no longer around and comes. Why is she out since she is so busy? Because he comes specially to see her. He is only watching what a doctor should be doing. She has said ‘watch’ and he will know. She asks if a patient dies since he is so moody. He replies that she can be a fortune teller and is hesitant to give them to her. Seeing En Zhen around, he gets anxious – has something happened to Xian Jun? No, it is Zhen Ya.

Shang Dao wants Yong Guan to remove his cast quickly but he puts on another plastic support over it. Shang Dao is shocked that the plastic support is better – why isn’t he given this earlier? Yong Guan replies that he has no knowledge! He must be careful to stand but he notices that he has no strength at all. Yong Guan immediately gets the junior doctor to carry Shang Dao to have an x-ray.

Zai Feng’s parents come to visit him. Zhen Ya drinks and smokes. Xiu Yan asks sternly when she faints in the past. An old woman who keeps having headaches comments that Xian Yu is only scaring her to have treatment. Her son is angry with Xian Yu for refusing to scare her to get treatment and leaves. YongGuan calls Zai Feng scatterbrain and escapes upon seeing Zai Feng’s father getting angry.

Nan Jun draws a watch on Jing Mei’s hand. He is amused that she keeps calling him grandpa and not ‘head of department’. His smile fades when she comments that she can’t see well. Ren Can finishes his work and wants to play with her. Nan Jun wants to keep her longer and lies that she is ok to play with him but she gets out with him. Jun Rui gives Xia Qian a necklace.

Jing Mei says that Nan Jun looks scary but Ren Can tells her that he is very nice. Jing Mei has thought that Xiu Yan is her mother and cries aloud. Yong Guan brings Shang Dao to Xiang Xi for a check up. Xiang Xi suspects that he has ALS. Shang Dao lies that he is fine but he still goes for a checkup. He recalls the past and regrets scaring the patient with ALS although Zai Feng is impressed. He is really too much to frighten them but Zai Feng says they deserve it.

He is startled when Shang Dao puts down his chopsticks to scold him. Xian Yu wants to operate on all Jun Rui’s patients. Both argue when he mentions that Jun Rui is too reliant on Xia Qian. Jun Rui admits so and he feels good about it. The old woman dies and her son is angry that he charges out with a pole to hit at Xian Yu. Xian Yu gets hit on his elbow but the pole lands on Ren Can’s back when he shields him. The man vows not to let Xian Yu off.

Xiu Yan asks who Xian Yu is but Xian Yu asks if Ren Can is fine. Ren Can walks away sadly. (This shows how Xiu Yan feels for Xian Yu but also Xian Yu’s arrogance – he doesn’t thank him personally! But we notice that he is wearing Xiang Xi’s watch now!) Xian Yu feels bad for implicating him. Nan Jun wishes to see Jing Mei’s foster parents. Tai Tong asks since they are not related. Nan Jun is angry that Ren Can doesn’t seem to look concerned as Jing Mei isn’t his child upon knowing that she is missing. Tai Tong shakes his head. Nan Jun’s moods swing again upon seeing little children.

Jing Mei is actually sleeping on Zhen Ya’s bed after talking to her Zhen Ya puts a hair clip on her head bandage before escaping. Xian Yu ponders in the office – is he a cold doctor? Xia Qian answers yes. Shang Dao is confirmed having ALS and is badly shaken. He still applies the bandage on Ren Can’s back – Ren Can should tell Xian Yu to do it. But Ren Can says that he isn’t the one to hit him. Shang Dao laments that he should not be his bodyguard. Why allow Xiu Yan to be snatched? Ren Can replies that they have not even started dating so how to?

Shang Dao reminds Ren Can to know each doctor’s habits. Nan Jun dislikes latecomers. Xia Qian’s scalpel
will fly if her assistants don’t do a good job. Only play music when she asks. Jun Rui wants silence in the Er while although Xian Yu has no demands, he likes cleanliness. Xian Yu has a drink with the man. He can’t detect the old woman having cancer. The man also knows that as she dies on the same day. Can’t Xian Yu be knowing and thinks it is too troublesome to send them back? He really doesn’t know it.

He still holds Xian Yu responsible. The poor don’t trust doctors so he should have tried harder to persuade them. Xian Yu apologises but the man says that he is right to say that his mother doesn’t listen to him. He has no money for the funeral so Xian Yu offers to take the corpse out and help in the expenses. But he rejects as she is a Buddhist and will have to be cremated anyway. He donates it to the hospital for research.

The hospital is grateful and gives him a sum of money. But how is he going to spend it? He only thinks of having a drink with Xian Yu to spend part of it. Xian Yu’s heart sheds tears upon hearing that and stays in the mortuary. Xian Yu then asks if Xia Qian’s patient is still alive. That is the most important since he is fine. Xian Yu sighs when Xiu Yan tells him that Zhen Ya is missing. If he doesn’t care, she might die.

Xiu Yan helps him out to look for Xian Jun. Jun Rui asks why Xia Qian hasn’t worn his necklace. But since she accepts it, there might be a good ending. Jing Mei wishes to stay with him but he is too busy. Is she going to an orphanage? No, she is staying in a convent and Nan Jun hugs her, promising to visit her weekly. Xian Jun blames En Zhen to call Xian Yu back since he is so busy.

Can’t she prepare the church carnival alone? Xian Yu is blunt to reveal that Zhen Ya will die without the operation. Xiu Yan tells Xian Yu to return to the hospital since he is ruining the atmosphere. Xian Jun thinks her tone sounds more like Xian Yu’s superior. Actually, Xian Yu hasn’t given En Zhen a chance to hate him as she is not even meeting him.

He asks why they don’t have children. She asks about a person’s symptoms of having a huge tongue and being anemic. Xian Yu suggests a checkup as it isn’t a small problem. How can a pastor’s home be having so many wine bottles? (He will know the reason later.) Zhen Ya faints on the street and Xiu Yan sends her back. Zai Feng wonders why Shang Dao mentions death all the time. Shang Dao even lies to Ying Zhu that he is toying with her. Xia Qian offers to operate for Xian Yu’s patients since he isn’t in a good mood.

Xian Yu isn’t used to her for treating him so well. He is fine although he can never forget this. She finally wears Jun Rui’s necklace. A couple meets an accident on their wedding day. The bride is upset when her mother-in-law accuses her for being a jinx to cause this to her husband and father-in-law. The men need brain surgery while the bride injures some nerves in her spine. She can recover but it is hard to say for the men. Shang Dao’s right hand feels numb and drops the operation utensils.

He walks out, worrying that his whole body will get numb one day. This is worse than death. A professor who still works before his operation is advised by Jun Rui to stop work. He worries that he will not live long even after the operation. Xian Yu asks why Zhen Ya is outside the room. She lies that she wants a smoke. She is under medication by Xiu Yan now. Xian Yu smiles – Zhen Ya is grateful so she stands there and doesn’t escape. Xian Jun is coming so it is Xian Yu’s turn to run away.

He asks Xiu Yan if she has taken her lunch. He is surprised that she has although the time isn’t even 12pm! He knows it and has to know her better since he has known what is mostly required. It is a miracle that Ren Can thinks living is beautiful although he works in a negative setting. Shang Dao informs Xia Qian that he often calls the nuns to find out how Jing Mei is. Shun De scolds Shang Dao for calling her aunt in front of patients and threaten to tell Nan Jun about it.

Shun Ying’s doctor decides that Shun Ying can be discharged soon since she says that she can see dust under the bed. She hugs Zai Feng but she doesn’t want to leave. Shun Ying’s doctor can understand why Zai Feng is reluctant because he is in love with her although he denies to say that she is still abnormal. He tells Zai Feng that she should not stay with other patients soon. Zai Feng finally sees through her and knows that the doctor is right although she acts in front of him.

Xian Yu is angry that Jun Rui has applied to be a member of the U.S. brain tumor society. This makes him feel like he is pretending. Jun Rui when facing his patients will tremble – that is his first game. Looking out is his new tactic. Isn’t this laughable? Xian Yu frowns at his ‘talent’. Jun Rui is angry – why is he always stepping on him? Xian Yu knows that he will not retaliate in the past. Why the boring fellow turns into a barbarian now? Jun Rui doesn’t know that at first but Xian Yu brings out his nature.

Xian Yu wants Jun Rui to return to his old self. He likes the him better – even though he can be boring and uninteresting. No, he doesn’t want to get stepped again. Yong Guan sits opposite Tai Tong and is in a bad mood. He complains of the young doctor giving him too much water to cause his soup to turn bland. Tai Tong is puzzled why he is so furious. He later storms out and the young doctor sighs that he really likes Shang Dao although he often picks on him.

Tai Tong is interested - why isn’t he informed that they are homosexuals? The young doctor nearly spits all the rice onto his face. Shang Dao is concerned when Ying Zhu is ill and tells Shun De to take care of her in future. He calls Ying Shu, pretending to be Shun De. Yong Guan comes in – he knows everything from Xiang Xi and his doctor. He gives him cigarettes and walks out unhappily.

Xian Yu scolds Jun Rui for wanting to keep the side tumour in the professor’s brain after removing another big tumour in the front. He maintains that the professor has refused to live like an idiot. Xian Yu thinks that this endangers lives. Nan Jun wonders why the quarreling parties change – has Jun Rui replaced Xia Qian? Both doctors have their own thoughts and they can consider it but Jun Rui makes the final decision. Xian Yu wants to remove the side tumour while Jun Rui cuts the front tumour.

Xia Qian asks why Xian Yu can’t respect Jun Rui. Jun Rui predicts that Xia Qian will support Xian Yu and walks out. Xian Yu replies – that is a fact since Jun Rui’s idea will not work. Why? Neurosurgeons operate to save lives. Xia Qian continues – can’t they give patients dignity? Xian Yu says that they should save and the recovery part should leave to others. That is their problem. (This man really has his mind set!)

Xia Qian feels that giving them hope in life is more important than prolonging torture. Jun Rui is more humane to her now to hope to let the professor live happily with a clear mind with a shorter life. Xian Yu replies that he is clear about that as love is short. What can a person do when a life is lost? Shang Dao starts to pity others as he is dying. Ren Can is puzzled why he thinks this way.

Xiu Yan is happy that Xiang Xi is no longer angry with her. She replies that she is tired with them and tells Ren Can to approach Xiu Yan with any medical information required if he can’t get her. Ren Can plans to let the accident couple stay in the same room. Xiu Yan hopes she will have a caring son like him. He is like a patient in the past to wait for her love but hopes this will not give her burden.

Da Tong finally blurts to Nan Jun that Shang Dao has ALS although he hurries out of the office before he can stop him. How can Nan Jun be so ignorant? Xia Qian laughs – Ren Can is single but he knows how to prepare a ‘nuptial chamber’ for the couple. He is really cute and he is amused to be said cute by two women on the same day. The couple sleeps side by side and the three are touched. Xia Qian tells Ren Can to get colourful candles to create the atmosphere.

Xiang Xi tells Ren Can that Shang Dao has ALS. Ren Can rushes to him. Shang Dao is angry that he buys dumbbells for the guys but they place them under the bed to collect dust. Shang Dao tells Zai Feng that he will be back after 1 year. He gives him the special room key – he often sleeps there comfortably as no one disturbs him there. Zai Feng isso happy – Shang Dao has changed so much nicer when he isn’t working. ( I can’t stop laughing despite feeling sad – he really knows Zai Feng is a sleepy head to need that.)

Shang Dao loses his grip over the dumbbell and Ren Can demands Zai Feng not to apply too much force on Shang Dao. Why doesn’t Shang Dao tell them? Are they nothing to him? Can’t they discuss and share the burden? Shang Dao asks – how? Can they give a solution? Ren Can is silent to see him walking out. Zai Feng asks nervously – is Shang Dao in trouble because of the key?

Jun Rui is upset after the professor’s operation. He doesn’t know if he is right or wrong to remove both tumours. Why is it so hard to get away from Xian Yu? Xian Yu is about to return home when the ER pages him. He rushes there upon knowing that Xian Jun has a stroke. Xian Yu sends Xian Jun for a brain scan but he can’t stay on to look to get Xia Qian to take over. How can Xian Jun be ok? He looks sternly at En Zhen. So the person she mentions is Xian Jun. She has thought that he will be fine. (She should know as a doctor’s sister-in-law. I can’t believe this!) He gets angry – why ask him and not God?!

Zhen Ya demands to see Xian Jun but Xiu Yan stops her. She is a patient herself. Xian Yu takes out a book to read and sees Xian Jun’s wedding photo and the photo that both brothers have taken. He has watched the wedding ceremony but left early. Xia Qian gave him the photo but he threw it into the dustbin. He sighed and walked away but she placed them into the book. Xia Qian informs him that Xian Jun has an abnormal artery that affects his speech but luckily there is no hemorrhage.

She decides to give him an operation and Xian Yu looks at the x-ray. He says no. She can’t accept this case? Why does she feel he is unfair to Xian Jun? He is not an outsider but his brother. She likes him more than Xian Yu. Good, he will not need to worry for Xian Jun then. (Xian Yu is very harsh in here.) Ren Can discovers that the husband involved in the accident has symptoms beforehand and plans to explain to the family but the mother-in-law refuses to believe him.

Ren Can tells Shang Dao not to move around but he wants to look for Ying Zhu. Zai Feng finally knows about Shang Dao’s condition. All have said that Zai Feng is stupid to be like Shun Ying. He gets angry with himself for being rude to Shang Dao in the past. Shun Ying tells him not to show his feelings on his face as Shang Dao needs time to adjust to this.

Ying Zhu commits a mistake. Although she is absent, she still puts a patient on drip although this is not required. Nan Jun is angry to question her and Shun De why the hospital isn’t informed. How can she not do her job well as a nurse? Shang Dao hurries with an x-tay – he tells the two to rush off since they are busy. The women are amused but leave quickly. Nan Jun tells t he three to be responsible to patients till the moment they die. They learn it now.

Shang Dao frowns as he is taking an x-ray of a recovered patient. Nan Jun knows that he is scared that he will make Ying Zhu cry. He can’t get away from his hand before getting Ying Zhu to be a good nurse. His muscles are not working properly so Nan Jun insists that he sits down to massage his legs for him. He has not told others because they will lose control. (Still a few know it through Xiang Xi.)

Shang Dao still has to face the problem himself. Shun De laughs – how can she be so free to call Ying Zhu to show concern when her attention is only on her husband? The professor wakes up not to write thesis but draws circles now and refuses to stop. His wife still feels that he is finally resting now before death. Jun Rui holds h is hand, not knowing what to say. He turns to Xian Yu – can he continue watching now?

Ying Zhu puts a warm bag on Shang Dao’s leg. What has happened? He isn’t the type to toy with others as she is the likely one. He admits liking her in the past and she can’t be like this. He lies that he is going to study overseas. She thinks that she hinders his future but wishes him well. Zhen Ya hopes Xian Jun will get well soon. Xiu Yan comments that Xian Yu isn’t a good doctor since he can’t face patients upon seeing him outside Xian Jun’s room. (It is so easy to criticize others but hard to show a good example himself.)

Xian Yu makes his rounds but ignores Xian Jun – since he is Xia Qian’s patient. Even Ren Can is fed up with him. En Zhen is upset. She is not asking much but for him to care more for Xian Jun. he can touch his hand, look into his eyes to see what is wrong. Just like how he treats other patients. Why is he not willing to do that? She cries and runs out. Xian Yu turns his back towards Xian Jun.

Xian Jun wants Xian Yu to operate on him. No, he can’t. If not, he will be like their father to refuse treatment. After this, he hopes that Xian Yu treats this as operating on both of them to forgive their father. Xian Yu walks away although Xian Yu calls his name together with the surname angrily with tears in his eyes. (How sad – Xian Yu is really a man with a heart of stone here.) Xian Yu goes to the rooftop.

Shang Dao is puzzled – Nan Jun has no operation but why ask him to go to ER. He replies that Shang Dao is going to be the doctor in charge this time and Tai Tong is present to assist with him. Shang Dao is afraid – they can’t joke with the patient. It is a corpse dead for 4 months and the CT belongs to Nan Jun’s son. They are doing research He has wished to see Shang Dao to lead and he will watch from far when old.

This comes true now and he must fulfill his dream. Shang Dao gets teary as he o[erates but drops the scalpel to cry. Xia Qian sees Xian Yu’s photos and also the necklace in the book. Is it so hard to throw it? Xian Yu asks – does she think that it represents her? it is not her. He gives up his brother and loses her. The most important things in life are now left here. Throwing it is throwing half of his life away.

The necklace is himself but Xia Qian tells him that he has better things now. Xiu Yan and his brother are alive. He should hold on to something real. He finally throws the necklace into the dustbin and rushes out when ER needs him again. Xian Yu can’t bear to fix the date for Xian Jun’s operation. Nan Jun tells Jun Rui to operate and he is stunned. Will Xian Yu ever allow it?! Jun Rui pushes to Xia Qian for an operation but she says Jun Rui is more careful. (Er – is she sure about that? He must have improved now. ) He asks – is she sure that it will be better since he has turned a patient into an idiot. He doesn’t want to do it.

Xia Qian is fed up – he might as well say he has no confidence. Xian Yu also looks for her to operate on Xian Jun. She gets angry – they are two of a kind. They might as well let her operate on everyone. They can frown and continue quarrel in the office. Jun Rui asks why Xian Yu doesn’t operate and he replies that Xian Jun isn’t his patient. Jun Rui answers – Xian Yu has snatched his patients and what right he to say this? (HE really sees through him well.) Is he afraid that patients will become vegetables?

Xian Yu asks Jun Rui – does he think he is like him? He replies - Xia Qian has said that both are the same. When facing his family, even the cool Xian Yu is helpless. He has seen for himself his hesitance. His insistence of staying finally pays off. Is Jun Rui so upset over the professor’s plight? How does he gets over Dong Shi’s death? Jun Rui has thought that he will be ok after some time but now his heart still insists that he is ok in order to win Xian Yu.

Shang Dao cleans the quarters on his off day. Ren Can and Zai Feng forbid him to do it. Zai Feng sucks Shang Dao’s finger when he is pricked by a rose. Shang Dao overreacts – what if he gets infected? The guys are stunned and look at him. (Poor man – it is getting on his nerves now.) Zai Feng is astonished that Shun Ying goes out in a man’s car. This man even fasterns the seatbelt for her! So Shun Ying ditches him.
Ying Zhu finally learns the truth of Shang Dao’s condition as he wants her to treat him better.

Shang Dao never mentions to Ren Can that Xia Qian shivers every time she operates. There was once he wanted to stop 5 minutes for a toilet break but it was actually for her as she had sweat all over her neck and forehead. He is so nice not to hurt her dignity. But still anyone can replace him. She can do without him to be independent as there is no time and Ren Can is his replacement. Xian Yu is better last time to be more passionate than now.

Xian Yu asks Xiu Yan if she is still angry with him. Yes. He asks her here not to cheer her up as he is in a bad mood. He wants her to get Zhen Ya to walk around to see how lucky she is but she thinks he has no right to say that. He has no courage to visit Xian Jun but tells others to. (He deserves such treatment from everyone as he is too cocky in the past.) Xian Yu has not talked to En Zhen too. He doesn’t care about patients and their families.

Xian Yu smiles bitterly – this person only knows how to pray to God and how much can he change his fate? Will he recover? Xiu Yan replies – this is to help Xian Yu recover. He has Xian Jun in his heart and he should let him know. Maybe he is joking with her but she is not. She is serious about him. Xian Yu asks over Mr Han. She explains t hat her situation is different. To him, everyone is different but something is alike. Her heart has Mr Han too. So she has to solve her problem first. (This man fights back but…..)

She rebukes – if Xian Yu visits Xian Jun, will he visit him secretly? Mr Han is like that to her – to tell her not to visit again. She is one who can’t think of her father. But Xian Yu chooses to reject his brother and father. She is a rejected child and their fathers are different. Xian Yu realizes how lucky he is. Xia Qian removes the necklace – Jun Rui should give it to someone else. Xian Yu is r ight to say that Jun Rui is unqualified to say. It is understandable that Xian Yu can’t operate on Xian Jun because of Nan Jun’s failure but Jun Rui can’t be a doctor if he can’t operate at all.

Zai Feng is happy that his cute Shun Ying has knitted a sweater for him. He wears it to see her and jumps upon knowing that she is discharged. Ren Can is touched to see the accident couple together. Xiang Xi is angry that Xiu Yan has left the wife to care for the husband – how can she left patients to do the job? Ren Can tells Xiu Yan why she needed treatment in the past. If she wants to hate, hate openly. If not, how can she learn to love Xian Yu? Her sickness is still there till now.

Zai Feng is sad over Shun Ying’s departure and doesn’t notice that Shang Dao is leaving. Ying Shu hugs Shang Dao from the back. She will wait for her forever till the day he says that they are not compatible. Xian Yu may not be able to become a pastor again after the operation if he gets slow in speech. But En Zhen is determined to overcome this hurdle. The hatred towards her can be buried and hopes that his eyes has Xian Jun now. He replies that he has attended their wedding.

He envies Xian Jun as she was so beautiful then. He still thinks that way now. She smiles in tears. Xian Yu reads the bible verses to Xian Jun and Xian Jun smiles to him. His brother is finally back. Ren Can is alarmed to see Shang Dao’s doctor’s robe on the table and the empty drawers. Ren Can forbids him to leave. He and Zai Feng can’t do anything without him. They have been as close as brothers. He should teach them everything but Shang Dao must leave.

He can’t stay to cry daily since he can’t move well now. He is scared – not of death but to be a weakling before them. Give him the last dignity from here. If he is beside him, he has to bear with the sadness. Don’t remember how he looks today. Ren Can weeps while Da Tong and Nan Jun watch Shang Dao leaving from the second floor.

Xian Jun’s heart stops and Xian Yu panicks. He offers to take over the CPR session from Jun Rui but Jun Rui says that Xian Jun is his patient. Xia Qian tells Xian Yu to calm his nerves. Xian Yu says he will operate on him as long as he wakes up to save him. The heart beat returns and all think he must have heard him. Xiu Yan meets Mr Han to have a long talk. Jun Rui asks Xian Yu – will he feel safe to let him do it?

Xian Yu says Jun Rui MUST do it. He often fights with feelings to complete every operation. He will do the same to Xian Jun. He often makes full analysis of patients’ condition after the operations which he or Xia Qian will not do to care for his patients. Besides curing Xian Jun, he can’t turn him into an idiot. He knows that Jun Rui will never ignore his unreasonable request. So he needs Jun Rui.

Jun Rui sighs and suggests going in OR together. No, Xian Jun will stay out – is he pitiful? Xia Qian thinks he is braver this way. Xian Jun should be fine and Xiu Tan returns to give him support as he leans beside her to let her touch his hand. Three months later, Xian Yu visits Xian Jun in his church. His recovery is fast and must exercise often. Xian Jun gets him to stay for a meal.

He gives them a clock – he hopes the time has not stopped for ten years. Xian Jun realizes that it was meant to be their wedding gift and is overjoyed. Xian Yu resembles his father – always thinking that he is right and is very stubborn. One day he looks into the mirror and sees his father’s face. Xian Jun has replaced Xian Yu to win their father so he should do something for him. Xian Jun insists that he should taste the apple wine that En Zhen has prepared for him long ago.

Jun Rui now works in the village clinic. Zai Feng, Ren Can and Xiu Yan are qualified doctors now. Xiu Yan scolds the intern for being late. Remember the accident couple? Ren Can realizes that the mother-in-law is going to meet her daughter-in-law in the father-in-law’s room and runs to stop them from fighting. Zai Feng sees Shun Ying coming for her check-up with the man again. He peeps from a corner and she confronts her. She sees him wearing the sweater and says he must be mad to wear it on a hot day.

He has worn it almost daily, hoping to show her when she comes. She replies that she is 27 and can be his elder sister. She is 27 and he is 25 although he lies that he is 26! Why does the sweater smell of kimchi? She has looked for expensive wool to go along with his dark skin colour. She can’t forget him although she has recovered. He asks why she looks for a man who behaves like a pimp?

The man is her elder brother. He notices Zai Feng is just what she has mentioned – he looks silly. (It amuses me more as this actor acts as her lover instead of elder brother in ‘Princess Lulu’.) He is Wen Shun Nan and Zai Feng asks him to take a longer time to call his friend so that he can talk longer to Shun Ying. Shun Nan is handsome – so is he. (How funny!) Nan Jun falls from the stairs so Ren Can and Xian Yu rush to see him. Yong Guan is glad that he hasn’t broken his bone.

Nan Jun tells Xian Yu to go to OR to operate on a child. Ren Can is angry with intern who dozes during the operation and demands him to stand aside to pray at a corner. The patient is 8 years old and is supposed to be Nan Jun’s first patient for years. He often has trouble operating little children as something crops up. (Now I suspect he also finds way to get away from it.) Ren Can respects Xian Yu for not operating on Xian Jun but tries his best for other patients.

On the other hand, Xia Qian dislikes Dr Wen who replaces Jun Rui. He is talkative during her operation to stress to play French music and use French equipment to operate. Xia Qian drives him out to switch off the music and insists using U.S. products since she returns from there. She smiles as she is equally stubborn – Dr Wen has studied in the French language faculty before switching to medicine. Xia Qian dislikes him so much but Xian Yu protests that he doesn’t drive Jun Rui away.

When he wants him to leave, he stays. When he wants him to stay, he leaves! What is Jun Rui doing as he wants to repay his favour for saving Xian Jun? He keeps scolding Jun Rui but he himself lets Xian Jun and En Zhen down. Isn’t this ridiculous? The silly things are not just one that they have committed but they have one thing in common – using a scalpel to save others. They really miss Jun Rui.

Shang Dao should be doing well in the U.S. Zai Feng scolds the interns at the nurse station – where has the interns go? Shun De scolds him – why mention the phrase – Shang Dao often uses ‘bu shang dao’ to describe Ying Zhu in the past. YingZhu cries and Shun De consoles her that Shang Dao should be back soon. It is Xiu Yan’s birthday and Xian Yu tells her to come to the office. He tells her to take her gift from the table and to look at it outside. What a man – is this a way to give a present to his girlfriend?!

She finds that it is a ring. He asks if she is touched with his back facing her, still looking at the computer screen. She starts saying Dr Zhang….he cuts her off – ok, it’s enough, he knows it. (This is really funny – you have to watch it yourself.) Xiu Yan asks why he can’t give her a birthday present personally? Is he happy still wanting to be cool – he is weird! But since he gives, she accepts.

Upon seeing her going to walk out, he turns to stand and holds her elbow. It is only at this ‘old’ age when he starts to like someone. He really feels shy so she must not be calculative with him. (I will salute to those who don’t laugh at this line. Does he look old?! He is so youthful looking!) She is happy because he is the first person to give her a present besides her mother. Xian Yu is grateful to her – on the say she is born.

He makes a rough estimation – he might like her till 100 years old although it is hard to say what will happen after that. (It is so rare to see him joke like this but isn’t this touching?) She is shy and never expects him to say this. He takes the ring and puts in on her finger. They smile at each other as he holds her hand to look at the ring tenderly. (This is so romantic and is a highlight of the serial.)

Nan Jun gets a letter from Shang Dao. He has left the hospital for 3 months and his new habit is to count the time. He is now hospitalized. Xian Yu comes to ER and Ren Can reports a man faints while running and his doctor thinks that Dr Zhang is a nice doctor to send him here. Xian Yu is surprised to see Jun Rui and chides Ren Can and Zai Feng to pretend t o look serious. Jun Rui talks behind his back to mention that the patient’s blood pressure is always high to surprise him!

The guys give each other a tight hug and he also does the same to Xia Qian later. Xiu Yan congratulates Xiang Xi for getting the specialist qualification. She replies that she must since Ren Can is here. (Kim Ji Yeon really looks so much prettier and younger with her hair let down although it is not very long. She looks more approachable too.) No wonder she can comment that Xiu Yan looks old!

Da Tong plucks Nan Jun’s white hair and Nan Jun complains that Shang Dao often does it nicely for him. Both start to miss him as Da Tong pretends to be angry with Shang Dao for not mentioning him in his letter. Shang Dao only takes out the operation utensils to look at them and dreams of wearing the white robe to walk around in the hospital. He is now sitting on a hospital bed.

Ren Can operates a patient with Xiu Yan and tells her to remove the ring because it might tear the glove. He comments that the ring is nice. It must be her birthday present. Xian Yu really has good taste. (I pity this guy – is he still loving her but has to hide his feelings?) Shang Dao admires those lucky people who believe that time can cure everything. Shang Dao never expects to be saved upon knowing the verdict.

He is facing death so he hopes that doctors should hold the patients’ hands to let them know that they are not alone. He wishes to return to be a doctor again his next life. Doctors replace weak patients to give them blood and get the scalpel to tell heaven to give them more time. Doctors are like sunflowers – sad and need to look into the sky. He finally knows why he is a doctor. (Shang Dao is calm towards life to come up with this conclusion.) Nan Jun feels sad after reading it.

The child gets better after Xian Yu’s operation. Nan Jun tells Dr Wen to take a group photo for them to give to Shang Dao. The group of nurses and doctors have lined up nicely for their shot. You will laugh when he wants to be in but Nan Jun tells him that he isn’t required as Shang Dao will definitely dislike him. ALL of them don’t want him to be in the photo at all!

Introduction on characters

1. Dr Zhang Xian Yu – Ahn Jae Wok
He is a specialist and is head of the surgical neurology unit. He has outstanding skills. Being wise, calm and observant, he saves many lives but he is very cold like ice. He is very arrogant too. This is due to his sad past. He only regards saving lives important and ignores the recovery sector. He has a headache on how to deal with Xia Qian who is always against him. It is sad that he only discovers that it is a misunderstanding all along and he can’t return to the past so he chooses to be with Xiu Yan. Sorry but I don’t understand what he sees in her – because she causes him to make up with his family?

He will not admit that he is concerned about Xiu Yan. Seeing how he comes up with a beautiful reason to make her to assist him in an operation makes me laugh. Being strict with others makes me shiver. Being harsh to Jun Rui to show his frustrations is another……This doctor is sure having many negative faces…..

His conscience is pricked after helping Jun Rui to lie in court. His belief in his medical skills is also shaken when he can’t detect cancer in a patient and she dies on the same day. He starts to become more humane when Xian Jun gets ill – to face himself once again. Xiu Yan has changed him completely.

Jae Wok fits this role perfectly! I thought he looked like Ekin at first glance. The way he gives orders to show his arrogance is superb! The tension between him and Sung Mi creates so many sparks flying in the air. He surely looks attractive in the doctor’s robe, especially when he runs around in it.

The transition of him turning from cold is hot is amazing. The depression he shows when Xia Qian kneels to him in order to help Jun Rui. And the smiles he shows whenever he sees Xiu Yan are valuable and charming! You will never expect he can be so approachable when declaring his love to Xiu Yan. Hee Sun matches him well in looks. No wonder, the two act together again in ‘Goodbye, my love’ after this serial.

2. Dr Quan Ren Can – Han Jae Suk
He is a 3rd year houseman of neurology. He is warm and caring to everyone, including his patients. Who isn’t touched when he calls Jing Mei repeatedly to find out how he is and how he arranges the accident couple to stay in the same ward? Many are won over by his positive attitude towards life although he works in a negative setting. And till now, he has not made any wrong analysis.

Poor man – he is often stepped on by Xian Yu. They quarrel when Xian Yu lets his sick teacher leave the hospital because he is poor. Many have said that he looks cute when offering the doctor’s robe to let him wear. Too bad such a nice guy isn’t appreciated by Xiu Yan and she hurts him continuously. He is unmoved when Xiang Xi shows her affections to him and badmouthing Xiu Yan.

Jae Suk is stylish in the doctor’s robe. He also acts with sincerity. I also like the brotherly ties and chemistry he has with Jung Hoon and Tae Hyun. But the poor loser here still ends up without a lover in ‘All About Eve’ after this. This is so unfair to him.

3. Dr Xia Jun Rui – Nam Sung Jin
He is a doctor working in the same neurology unit as Xian Yu. I don’t know if he is unlucky as it seems that most of his operations end up in failure. Actually, Xia Qian should know that he is the culprit for her failure in the past since he also screws up Dong Shi’s operation. But he is a strong man to forget the pain to continue living. This proves that he has a strong determination. Like Xian Yu, he is also righteous – remember the scene where both bash up the wife beater?

I do pity him at times as he wants to prove himself but Xian Yu always picks on him. The rivalry between them is another attractive factor to watch as they keep crossing swords with each other. Many will not understand why he leaves the hospital in the end but I gather that he wants more time for himself – to know his patients better – this is what Xia Qian and Xian Yu want him to do but why do they regret later? It is a happy ending as the guys reconcile when he cures Xian Jun.

Sung Jin acts well as the underdog who lives under Xian Yu’s shadow. This is so sad that he has tried to be a better doctor but Xian Yu belittles him. He shows his frustrations well.

4. Dr Gao Shang Dao – Ahn Jung Hoon (as You Zhen’s photography friend and Yin Mei’s initial target in ‘All About Eve’)
He is the chief neurology resident. He likes to joke and although he is harsh to his juniors, they look up to him as their elder brother. But his manner turns serious whenever he treats a patient. Oh – how I like this role – he loves Ying Zhu but keeps his ALS illness from her and makes so many sacrifices for her. Through his illness, he realizes the importance of life and is the one to lead to the name of this serial. He likes his work but he has to give it up due to his illness. How depressing!

Jung Hoon is so natural in the role. He really acts out Shang Dao’s ups and downs well. The way he walks with a limp after his sprain is so convincing. You will like all the jokes created by him. He is the one who comes with the phrase ‘bu shang dao’ – which means scatterbrain to use it on Zai Feng and Ying Zhu because they make so many blunders on their job.

5. Dr Xu Tai Feng – Cha Tae Hyun
He is a 3rd year intern of neurology. He is funny as he keeps creating lots of mistakes and humour. But poor man – he gets bullied by all the seniors and also the patient, Shun Ying. You will empathesize his pitiful
plight when he keeps dozing and gets punished by Shang Dao. Tae Hyun shows his comical talent here although he can do harder for sad scenes. He really matches well with Jung Eun. Both are compatible too.

6. Dr Yin Da Tong – Lee Geun Hee (as Shen Qi Zhong in ‘All About Eve’)
You will not believe that he is an anesthetist. He is often in debt and at loggerheads with Nan Jun. He doesn’t look serious but he is serious when on the job.

7. Dr Xu Nan Jun – Jo Kyung Hwan (as the Zhangs’ father in ‘Mother, sister’)
He is the head of department of the neurology department. He is very strict with the juniors and has such a strong authority that they do not dare to argue with him. Especially when he punishes the doctors at the judo ground, they can only be defeated by him endlessly. Shang Dao imitates him to test this on Zai Feng repeatedly too to reflect their mistakes. But he has a soft spot with children because he loses his son during his own operation. The juniors actually get along well with him as he gives them advice. We can see that he shows a lot of attention to them, wanting them to show their best.

8. Zhang Xian Jun – Jun In Taek
He is Xian Yu’s elder brother and takes over his father’s job as a pastor. He has tried very hard to reconcile with Xian Yu. I do feel strange when seeing the wine bottles at his home too – are they tonics for his own treatment as he also avoids seeing a doctor even though he knows that he is unwell? No wonder Xian Yu gets so frustrated with him and his father to leave home.

9. Li Yong Guan – Cui Yong Jun (as Pei Ren Xiu in ‘All About Eve’)
He is the chief of bone reconstruction unit. He may quarrel with Shang Dao to be from a rival unit but he is actually nice to the guys from neurology unit. He picks up Shang Dao’s habit to call Zai Feng ‘bu shang dao’ – you will laugh at this one. See how concerned he is to force Shang Dao to see Xiang Xi and also get upset to know that he suffers from ALS? They are close friends after all.

9. Han Xiu Yan – Kim Hee Sun
She is the 3rd year intern in the internal neurological unit. Her past of having mental illness of her parents’ divorce and her mother’s suicide haunts her but she tries to overcome it. She is caring towards her patients.
I dislike her to be so harsh to Ren Can and showing her likeness towards Xian Yu in front of him! How can she be so insensitive? Luckily she listens to Xian Yu’s advice to improve her ties with her father later.

This serial shows how lousy Hee Sun’s acting is. Her crying looks fake and she is so unnatural in showing her shock. Her way of trying to look cheerful also looks superficial. I can’t stomach this at all and this doctor has such long hair that she doesn’t tie up when working. The only consolation is Jaw Wok manages to make her improve in the scenes with him. She should learn from him on how to show her despair better.

10. Cui Xia Qian - Park Sung Mi
She is a pretty doctor who leaves because of a mistake. She can’t forget Xian Yu but upon recalling how harsh he is to her in the past, she becomes revengeful to go against him all the time. The poor chap gets attacked so many times without knowing why. Why doesn’t she ask him to waste so many years? No wonder Xian Yu is so upset that her understanding of him is only minimal. Although they finally make up, they can never return to the past. This is sad as Xian Yu is actually initially hoping for a chance.

Xia Qian works like a man in the OR, getting Shang Dao as her assistant. The guys laugh at her for having so much strength as she is the only female surgeon among them in the surgical neurology unit. She has good skills and is willing to share her expertise with Jun Rui when she is back from the U.S. But she is unable to accept him at all as she can’t forget Xian Yu.

Sung Mi also delivers her lines dutifully here with a splendid performance. In fact, I feel she has a lot of chemistry with Jae Wok in the feud scenes although she isn’t as fitting in appearance as Hee Sun as Xian Yu’s ex-girlfriend. She shows Xia Qian’s professionalism and independent nature well in depicting what she wants in life and how to get over a patient’s suicide to operate on another patient on the same day.

11. Dr Piao Xiang Xi – Kim Ji Yeon
She is in charge of internal neurological unit. She is jealous that Ren Can likes Xiu Yan so she makes life VERY difficult for her. She often passes sarcastic remarks about her wanting to marry a doctor. I really dislike her to spread the word around regarding Xiu Yan’s past. But she turns into a better person to forgive her after her announced relationship with Xian Yu. Maybe she thinks she stands a better chance to get Ren Can? Still, she is a dedicated doctor who cares for her colleagues and patients.

It is right of her to scold Xiu Yan when she allows the wife patient to take care of her bed-ridden husband. And also to alert Shang Dao’s colleagues that he has ALS so that he is well taken care of. (Although you may blame her for being so big-mouthed to reveal the news to Yong Guan and Ren Can. But I think she is right as she knows that he can never bring himself to tell them. At least they don’t suffer from a shock when he suddenly disappears from the hospital.) She seeks to work hard to get her specialist license – probably to impress Ren Can?! I hope she stands a chance since she becomes a better person.

Ji Yeon does a good job as an observant doctor although she has more scenes of showing her distaste towards Xiu Yan. She looks so feminine and not as threatening as she looks earlier with her hair tied up.

12. Wen Shun Ying – Kim Jung Eun
She is Zai Feng’s ‘dear’. This must be a shocking experience to lose all the hair in a night. She is very forgetful as a mental patient but it is strange that she always remembers Zai Feng as the culprit. Many scenes of her torturing Zai Feng are hilarious. You will never stop laughing at them. But she has a sad past of killing a baby unintentionally when she works as a nurse. Luckily, she recovers and has a happy life because his sunshine nature warms her while she gives her encouragement in work.

Jung Eun shows her comic talent to reveal why she gets another funny role in ‘Lovers in Paris’. Actually, she acts better in here as she is younger and more natural. Tae Hyun compliments her well too.

13. Nurse Li Ying Zhu – Choi Kang Hee
She is a 1st year student. She is the female Zai Feng in the nurse unit so Shang Dao compares her to him. But she is actually diligent to do her own research when free. She always dreams of marrying a rich man but Shang Dao helps her to change her mind. When knowing his real reason for ditching her, she nearly breaks down but decides not to see through his scheme. It is heartbreaking when she bade him goodbye. This actress is quite good in her acting too although she has few scenes.

14. Mrs Zhang/Jin En Zhen – Park Soon Chun (as Shan Mei’s senior, Li Qing Xi in ‘All About Eve’)
She is Xian Jun’s wife and is a good volunteer in looking after troubled teenagers but I still find her stupid to overlook Xian Jun’s condition. If she has been more frank to tell Xian Yu about it, he might not have the stroke. Luckily Xian Yu doesn’t hate her for it…..

15, Song Shun De
She is the head nurse who is strict but cares for the nurses. Whenever she sees anything amiss, she will inform Nan Jun. She protests to Xian Jun to offer cigarettes and wine to a dying patient so he has to do it secretly. You will laugh when Shang Dao is frightened of her. He is rude indeed to call her an auntie but later she melts when he addresses her as his ‘elder sister’. It is very easy to disperse her anger easily.

Favourite character
Xian Yu, he is cold but I can’t resist his charm as he is still a dedicated doctor after all. A close second will be Shang Dao to share all his experiences with the juniors.

Most hated character
Jun Rui – he comes between Xian Yu and Xia Qian. To think how he hides the truth from her and even attempts to kiss her….but still I forgive him in the end. A close second will be Xian Yu’s family. How can they ignore the illness like their father? Leaving their fate to God isn’t a good idea to me. Any illness should be cured early than to delay. This is a good lesson to be learned.

The theme song ‘sunflower’ is sung by Lim Gang Goo. The subtheme theme song ‘the faraway you’ is by Ah Jae Wok. Another song ‘you are my continuity’ is by Kim shi Won. I like the last song best ‘love deep with a deep wound’ by Lim Jae Bum. He has a very powerful and husky voice. I am sure that you will like the catchy theme music by guitar.

Interesting scenes
ALL of them, you have to watch them yourself.

Interesting facts
Tae Hyun and Jae Wook became great pals after filming. They cut albums together and often go out for dinners till now. How different as Xian Yu is so strict with Zai Feng at work in the serial! Jae Wook had wished to be a doctor since young but upon seeing how difficult the job was when doctors treat his ailing grandmother, he knew it wasn’t suitable for him. So this serial helped to fulfill his dream instead.

Jung Eun made a big sacrifice of shaving her long hair for Shun Ying’s role. She had hoped for a big through after that. She was lucky to act in ‘All About Eve’ after that although as a second fiddle. Her mother cried upon watching the serial. To a woman, what matters most to them besides the face?

Jae Suk, Sung Mi and Jung Hoon had the advantage over others. The others only spent 2 months to watch how the doctors work. But the three had doctor relatives to ask – some are even their own siblings. All were stressed as Jung Hoon had the most experience as he has been a child actor since young.

I spent $30 o n this serial on the big box version before smaller versions are out. But I do not regret my choice as it is a great drama. I watched it on tv and got hooked by it at the first instance.


This is one of my favourite serials and memorable for me as it is the second Korean drama that I have watched. It is very highly entertaining with its deep-in-thought dialogues. It manages to make all characters come alive with its well-developed plot. They get enough exposure – talking about the importance of lives and also the value of saving lives. How does a doctor face death and failures? It is very seriously dealt with in detail. Although it shows some entertaining parts, I do believe that some doctors don’t lose their sense of humour but they might not create as serious mistakes as the interns in here.

You will not be disappointed by it if you are longing to watch a serious drama. The cast put up a powerful performance and so do the extras. The title ‘sunflower’ shows the positive attitude towards life. What Shang Dao mentions in his last words truly reflect the doctors’ profession. It was also a test to the cast’s acting ability before most moved on to show their talents in the blockbuster ‘ All about Eve’.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ****1/2 (Scale of 5) (I have to cut down by ½ because of Hee Sun’s rocky performance.)

On story : ****1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : ****1/2(Scale of 5)

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