Super Rookie

Reviewed by: sukting

May 28, 2006

Rating: two

20 episodes


How does Eric far in his third drama and first comic role? Will Ga In fare better in here right before her wedding? The answer is seen below.


Jiang Hu is jobless for a long time and goes for an interview. He shows his knowledge – he even knows the wuxia novelists – Jin Yong, Gu Long and Liang Yu Sheng and their works. But this is only his dream. He seems to be a person with backbone but soon he starts to ask Mr Jiang for pocket money. Mei Yu is heartbroken over the breakup with Feng Shan and wants to jump into the river to kill herself.

Hu will not let go a chance to have a free dinner. Feng Shan is his ex-classmate and has a new girlfriend, Xian Ya. Feng Shan looks down on him and his jobless friend, Cheng Tai. So he vows to make it big one day. He manages to save Mei Yu and her crying nearly breaks his heart.

Hu works part time at a dance studio. His good looks win popularity and also disturbance. Many like to peep at him when he changes his clothes! (Guess many will like him bare his chest, though.) One jealous husband, Manager Ju beats him up and he loses his job. Even his girlfriend ditches him for a rich man. Hu decides to go to Feng Shan’s workplace, LK for an interview.

His thinking is simple – even if he is eliminated in the first round, it will not be a disgrace. He is overjoyed to see Mei Yu but she is frightened by him. It is so coincidental that he also meets Xian Ya. Cheng Tai shakes his head – is Hu mad? She treats both guys to coffee. Hu finds her a perfect woman and decides to try to get into LK. Mei Yu misses Feng Shan and wonders why he changes after his studies overseas and getting into LK. She is only a temporary staff while he is a super rookie.

She starts to feel that they are incompatible and cries. Feng Shan is apologetic but he decides to ditch her for his future. Hu has no choice but to become a boxer under Chen Hua’s recommendation. He has agreed to lose but being badly hit changes his mind to be a winner. He buys a pair of shoes for Mr Jiang but he thinks that Hu has gotten the money illegally. So he says that Hu can never be a good employee.

Hu is hurt and gets drunk in a bar. Having no money to pay off, he and Cheng Tai are forced to run on the street in their boxer shorts as Mdm Gao and Mdm Yang strip them (Poor Eric gets to reveal his flesh now and then.) Mei Yu passes and he doesn’t feel ashamed and even goes to greet her!!

(This man sure has low IQ) His wits level is low but he has good luck to be selected for a written test. (Actually an employee misplaced the form into the box after sweeping it across the table.) He is so bored that he draws comics on the exam paper!!

Something goes wrong with the scanning machine and he passes the test! Mr Jiang can’t believe this – is this a mistake? Hu dreams of being a super rookie at a ceremony and is greeted with flowers. But he later stumbles when asking to make a speech in English. He can only say ‘what’ all the time. (This scene nearly made me sprawl on the ground because I laughed until I was nearly breathless. We know how fluent Eric is in the language.) Now Hu worries for the interview.

Mrs Jiang’s overly concern also gives him a lot of pressure. Xian Ya is rich and so are her friends – Feng Shan isn’t having a good time either. Hu comes to the bar and meets Mei Yu who is asked to mend the stand. Hu asks if anything can go wrong with the machine and she denies the possibility. She isn’t interested to tell him her story. Feng Shan suddenly comes in and although she lies that she has nothing to do with Hu, Feng Shan knows that there is something between them.

Feng Shan asks why Hu sends his testimonials to LK. He answers confidently that he wanats to know if a pair of wise eyes can discover talents. Mei Yu announces that Hu has passed the written test and Feng Shan is so shocked that he spits his wine. He says that dogs will laugh if he gets through and he nearly explodes when Hu asks if he is the dog. Feng Shan then asks bitterly if Mei Yu knows Hu after their breakup.

She gets so angry that she wets his face with the wine she has. Hu finally knows the whole story but Feng Shan hits his face. If he gets into LK, Feng Shan will be the CEO. So Hu is determined to get into LK now. Mei Yu runs home and cries – how does she get to love this kind of man? The other interviewees are fluent in Japanese, French and English. One even knows Chinese. Hu starts to know that his chance is slim.

His inspiring speech wins the panel’s approval with a man as his interpreter. His written test gets full marks so Director Jin wants to interview him personally. So he becomes the super rookie and Director Jin even wants to groom him. Manager Ju looks at Hu’s test paper and nearly faints. In fact, all will as he shades 100 in the OAS and yet the scanner gives him 100 when he should get 0 instead!

It is too late to correct the mistake so he decides to keep it a secret with Director Jin. Upon seeing Hu’s name at the top of the list, Feng Shan spits his milk. How can such a joker get into LK? Hu imagines himself to be a swordsman to challenge the despicable pugilistic world chief, Feng Shan. The two have a duel and Hu loses. Just then, Mei Yu appears and he asks her why she helps him.

Her answer is she is willing to do that. Mei Yu then stabs him with a sword. Hu smiles upon dreaming that Mei Yu blows a tune for him while Feng Shan wakes up in cold sweat due to the nightmare. He feels inferior and starts to avoid Xian Ya. Xian Ya spots his weakness and smiles. She mentions that Hu is a strange talent and he gets angrier.

Hu wishes to ask Director Jin the truth. Xian Ya starts to get interested in Hu. Hu praises her for looking pretty while she denies that she is a couple with Feng Shan. Manager Ju insists that there isn’t a problem and encourages Hu to have more confidence in himself. He knocks into Mei Yu on his first day. Mei Yu gets so terrified that she knocks into a lamppost. She nearly wishes to kill herself when Hu mentions this in the lift to let the others know about it. He wishes to meet her often but she hopes never to see him again.

Xian Ya senses this in the lift and is unhappy over it. She nearly faints with jealousy upon seeing Hu waving Mei Yu goodbye. So she spreads rumours that she is a seductive fox to cling to the super rookie, Hu. During the orientation ceremony, Hu deliberately sits beside Feng Shan - what is the CEO doing here. Feng Shan has nothing to say. He says that Hu can’t stay for long and he will pretend not to know him.

Hu wants to do the same too. Mei Yu wants Hu not to mention their past to Feng Shan. Hu forgets her name and keeps calling her as ‘Feng Shan’s first love’. This hurts her and she cries again. Hu asks after Mei Yu and Xian Yu deliberately stands beside Hu in the lift. How can Feng Shan not get angry? Mei Yu also stares at Xian Ya. Hu starts to feel the chill passing through him. (But how come I don’t sense it? The stare is quite harmless in reality as Go In doesn’t do a good job.)

The rookies’ first lesson is to sell the things they are given. All want to pair up with Xian Ya but Feng Shan goes away alone. The Japanese boxing association head manager is impressed with Hu’s last match and wants to hire him. But he recommends him to buy the bras for his wife instead! He not only sells what he has – he only manages to secure a 2000 piece contract. Many think that he is a big shot when the Japanese manager’s men are so polite to him.

Hu gets the money to eat heartily. Feng Shan can’t sell anything and feels upset. So is Xian Ya. Feng Shan is too hungry – he sells the goods at a low price in exchange for fried chicken wings. This must be a stroke of bad luck for the two men and women to stay in the same rooms for their orientation period. Feng Shan doesn’t look at Xian Ya but she goes to him. Mei Yu is jealous.

Hu calls all his friends to let them know that he gets into LK but all still look down on him. Xian Ya looks down on Mei Yu – why is she still a temporary staff after 5 years. Because she only holds a high school diploma? Mei Yu then sneers at her getting in through connections – which is true. Xian Ya jumps – why is she unhappy with her? The two fight but Mei Yu isn’t happy although she wins as she is a loser in love.

Xian Ya complains to Feng Shan that she doesn’t sleep well because of Mei Yu. Mei Yu and Hu oversleep and rush to the lobby to join the others. Hu trips on Mei Yu in the lift and all are shocked when the lift door is open. They can’t explain that as all have the wrong idea.

All have a drink and ask what faculty they belong. One is from business administration from Korea university. Another studied economics in Seoul University. Feng San tells them that Hu is from Dong Chun sports faculty but he corrects him, saying that he is from Qing Cheng university. Feng Shan is upset when Mei Yu reveals after the fight that Xian Ya has cursed her to be single her whole life and no one will love her. Hu drags her out for a drink.

Xian Ya asks Feng Shan why Mei Yu is so strange. Is she his ex? He doesn’t intend to console her. Feng San is angry to see Hu carrying Mei Yu back into her room when she gets drunk. He feels that he still loves her after all. Hu is finally a permanent employee and you will laugh at the ceremony – he nearly has to snatch his certificate from Director Jin.

Mei Yu decides to forget the past to become pretty. Feng Shan sneers at Hu for being a rookie. How does he get through the test? Hu is still no different from the past. Mei Yu doesn’t dare to show her face at work after Mdm Gao and Mdm Yang apply very thick makeup on her face. Feng Shan and Xian Yu are transferred into her department and she has a hard time.

Director Jin deliberately sends Hu to a place to work alone so that he will not reveal the secret. This silly Hu even asks him how to settle his meals. Hu doesn’t know how to read the English documents. Xian Ya deliberately gets close to Feng Shan to anger Mei Yu at their welcome celebration. Feng Shan says all guys woo Xian Ya but Mei Ya takes that she seduces them.

Feng Shan tells Mei Yu to pinpoint at him and not Xian Ya who knows nothing. He even tells her to resign so that he can find her a new job. She slaps him as he should be the one to resign. Hu’s girlfriend wants to return to him and he deliberately shows that in front of Mei Yu. But he doesn’t know how to console her when she cries. A new rumour is Hu has a powerful backing to get the job.

Cheng Wu is puzzled – Hu has poor learning attitude to sleep 90% and has 0 marks for 2000 questions. How can he be scoring 100? But he was barred from getting his information as it is kept top secret. Later, he hears that one is the daughter of LK hotel owner while another is the CEO’s son. Hu gets the friendship award. Hu himself is also curious – when is he a rich man?! Xian Ya questions about Feng Shan’s past but Mei Yu denies liking him in the past.

Manager Ju wants Hu to resign automatically but he recommends Feng Shan to cover him so that he can do simple duties. Manager Ju nearly vomits blood upon hearing that. Feng Shan wants Xian Yu to transfer to another department and this confirms her suspicion. She gets drunk and asks Hu why isn’t he attracted to her. He replies that it is because of Feng Shan. Is there really nothing he doesn’t want to ask – you will laugh at his question – will she foot the bill? Mei Yu isn’t happy to see them together.

Mei Yu sees that Hu writes her name many times on a notebook – what does this imply? The two accidentally kiss and he feels shy. She is impressed that Hu is given a super mission. Mr Song who is just back from Japan transfers Hu back to Manager Ju’s department. Mr Song puts the name tab on him properly and Feng San is not happy to see this. Mr Jin grumbles that Mr Song puts him in his department. Mr Song sees that Hu is too free doing reading so he transfers him back.

Many think that Hu is the illegitimate son of a rich man. Cheng Wu sees that Feng San has a new branded car and thinks he is rich. He doesn’t know that he barely makes ends meet to support the car and his stylish apartment. Many construction workers refuse to work if they do not get compensation. Feng San tells Hu’s background to Cheng Wu. Mr Ju gets Hu to settle it so make sure that he loses the job.

Mr Jin is bombarded by directors to let a newcomer handle the commotion. Mr Song has the pleasure of playing with paper frogs at another corner. Hu can’t settle them and calls someone to check on the background. After knowing that Hua knows them, he gets Min and Zheng Tai to come with him.

Both start to look up to him. Zheng Tai explains the contract to them to make them sign. Mr Ju is speechless when the case is closed. All are reluctant as he gets another award. Laugh when Mr Jin is so reluctant to give it to him! They call him LK Jang Dong Gan which is enough to make Feng Shan mad. He asks what Hu’s dream is – Feng Shan wants to be a CEO. He works so hard for his dream but Hu becomes his stumbling block.

He has a sad past. His mother leaves home and his father is a drunkard. He is money-minded as he suffers too much. He asks Hu how he scores 100 marks. Hu is speechless and wants to get an honest answer from Mr Jin. Mr Jin asks if so, how can he get rid of the 2000 bras that has troubled LK for a year? Hu gains his confidence again. His good performance gets the best improvement award. He smiles confidently but Director Jin’s face nearly turns green.

Mei Yu looks at Hu who gives her excitement daily and Xian Ya admires Hu too. Feng Shan can only jump secretly. Hu starts to brag to others - he has not gotten any award during his school days but he gains a lot of awards now at work. Cheng Wu finds out that Hu is from the same university that he has gone to and is closer to him. Hu gets anxious when Xian Ya wants to deal with Mei Yu to cause her lose her job.

The men do not know how to pacify her. Xian Ya doesn’t like the bargirls to cling to Hu when they are drinking with the other staff. He gets drunk and Xian Ya deliberately sings the song ‘I want to seduce you’. When he wakes up, he finds himself naked in bed while Xian Ya is on the floor. Xian Ya discovers a bump on her head. She has wanted to kiss him but he screams and he knocks her out accidentally to make her roll down the bed. Feng Shan isn’t happy to see the two coming to work together.

Xian Ya refuses to help Mei Yu to keep her job. Mei Yu decides to fight for herself. She holds a strike in front of the lifts. Only Hu supports her. Feng Shan is worried to visit her secretly to find her with Hu. He vents his anger on Xian Ya. Why does she want to provoke him? She knows that he is a greedy person by nature. Zheng Tai senses that Hu likes Mei Yu and helps him to look through the law books.

Feng Shan refuses to help Mei Yu openly but he does approach Mr Song for help. Mr Song reminds him not to ruin his future because of a woman. Mei Yu doesn’t want to implicate Hu but he still stays. Manager Ju tells Hu to watch himself but he shouts – what is the point of having an organization then? Xian Ya doesn’t understand why Hu chooses this suicidal act.

Hu feels bad as Mei Yu gets harsh treatment but she thanks him for making her stay at LK for a long time. Mei Yu chooses to resign and Hu hears the truth of how he is selected. He wants to resign but can he let his parents down? Mei Yu wants to start a new life and becomes pretty. All can’t believe their eyes. Hu decides to prove his worth too and his mouth can’t close upon seeing the beautiful Mei Yu. Xian Ya feels threatened and sneers – does she think her contract will be renewed?

Only Mei Yu knows the price of pretending to be pretty. She isn’t used to wearing high heels and Hu sees this. Hu gets his first month pay and wants to give her a treat. She rejects him as she dates Feng Shan. He can forget her since she is doing the same. But he is determined to win her back now – he offers to send her home – can she wear sexily like this the next day? She tells him to take note of Xian Ya’s dressing instead. (This man is hopeless.)

Hu is disappointed to see them back and Mei Yu also regrets her choice. She waits for him to call her but he doesn’t. She returns home, disappointed. Hu works hard and ignores Feng Shan’s sneers. Mei Yu decides to live for herself. Mr Song is interested in Mei Yu and the guys get nervous when she goes for dinner with him. They stare at each other – are they having another love rival?

The two wait impatiently in the car – what are they really doing? They accuse each other for snatching each other’s women. They then quickly lead Mei Yu out and Feng Shan leaves Hu in the cold as he drives off. Xian Ya isn’t happy to see Feng Shan with Mei Yu and gets close to Hu. Hu also does the same to spite Mei Yu. (Don’t these people feel tired doing this repeatedly?!)

The four have a meal and Xian Ya sneers at Mei Yu. Hu then tells her that Feng Shan sent Mei Yu home. Xian Ya is angry and leaves. Mei Yu blames him for telling the truth and also leaves. Hu has no money to foot the bill and frowns. Xian Ya slaps Feng Shan – so he is equally genuine to both women.

Hu asks Xian Ya about the use of cosmetics for a new project. He asks everyone except Mei Yu and she is down. Mr Ju is sarcastic to say that Cheng Wu can never get promoted. Mr Song sees that Hu has done his homework on the cosmetics. It is funny when he lists the cosmetics the female employees use. He even knows that Mei Yu is using testers! Mr Song admires Hu’s talents and wants Feng Shan to carry it out secretly. Feng Shan starts to feel the pressure.

Hu feels handicapped when he can’t speak English during a meeting with foreign clients. (But inside me, I laughed till I nearly burst because we know how fluent Eric is in the language as he grew up in the U.S.) Cheng Wu promises to help in his report to make it come true. Hu sees Feng Shan and Mei Yu together and is upset. Cheng Wu tells Hu that Mr Ju can’t always treat Hu as his chauffeur and he must work hard.

You will laugh when he keeps calling him ‘zero mark’! He has known the story by looking at his OAS too. Mei Yu doesn’t want Feng Shan to touch her shoulder. She gets into the lift but tells Feng San to leave when they reach the ground floor to stay with Hu. But Hu chides her for being a woman with no morals. He wants to apologise to her the next day but he has no courage.

But when he does it, she is cold over it. Xian Ya pretends to be weak and Feng Shan tries to get into her good books again because of his future. But she is upset to see that he makes many calls to Mei Yu. She leaves him again. Feng Shan is shy to be with the two women in the lift and the life saviour Hu comes. Xian Ya tells Mei Yu that Feng Shan is hers now. She doesn’t want to see his ugly face again.

Feng Shan turns pale and Hu sighs – he has already asks him to watch himself and this is his retribution. Feng Shan gets so angry that he beats Hu. Hu gets confused – why does Feng Shan hit him when he does something wrong? Feng Shan begs Xian Ya to change her mind but she says that Mei Yu is his. But tears roll down her cheeks as she truly loves Feng Shan.

Xian Ya’s words reminds Feng Shan how heartless he is to Mei Yu too. He gets drunk in the pub and Mei Yu has to get Hu to help. Will he misunderstand her? Feng Shan wakes up and still proudly refuses to thank Hu after putting up at Hu’s home for the night. Hu gives him a punch on the face. Hu wants to see how the cosmetics work so he applies the makeup on his face. All start to think that he is a monster. (Poor Eric to make this another big sacrifice after baring his flesh. But he looks pretty with big eyes and long eye lashes.)

Hu is now in Mr Song’s office. He is hungry but Mr Song doesn’t want to go out and orders food to lunch in. Hu and Feng Shan feel bad when Mei Yu refuses to leave as her contract isn’t up yet. Xian Ya wants to accompany Hu to work and Mei Yu tags along. She doesn’t want to lose to her anymore. Xian Ya decides to resign and Hu only knows now that she is the daughter of LK Hotel CEO.

But he is still the simple man she knows and she gets interested in him again. Why not woo her as Hu is getting nowhere with Mei Yu? He is shocked. Mei Yu discovers that the US company that they are working with is planning to betray LK. She quickly informs Hu and Hu gives them the wrong information. (It is a pleasure to see how Eric pretends to speak in halting English again.)

But Mr Jin thinks that Mei Yu is out to seek revenge at LK and Mei Yu decides to resign. But the facts are proven correct so she and Hu prevent LK from making losses. Thus Hu gets his third award. Mr Jin is angry when Hu hints to him to keep Mei Yu or he will spill the truth of his results. Mei Yu teaches Feng Shan a lesson – they have to keep a distance from each other. She leaves him and is disappointed that Hu is drunk, missing her perfectly made-up face done just for him. He tells her that he is worried that she might drown herself again. Seeing Hu’s picture in the company magazine nearly blows Feng Shan to pieces. Mei Yu is in tears upon knowing that she gets a new job. She is cold to Feng Shan but warms to Hu to make him mad.

Hu and Mei Yu are in the lift and it is crowded. Someone pushes her towards Hu’s chest and both get shy. How they wish this will go on forever. Mr Lee comes to ask Feng Shan for money but he refuses to see him. The kind Hu lends him some money and tells Feng Shan to treat him better as he is his father but Feng Shan will not listen to him.

Cheng Wu uses the dustbin to hit his head. Hu dates Mei Yu but is delayed due to work. Feng Shan comes to the bar instead and she asks if he does this deliberately. He asks where Hu is and she returns home – why are men breaking promises continuously? But she still waits patiently and Hu comes to apologise to her.

Xian Ya asks Hu about his decision – she has been frank to make the first move. But he is shy as he has thought of her to be joking. He doesn’t even know her handphone number and she will call him instead. She tries to get close to Hu during the staff meal and Mei Yu isn’t happy. But Hu only has Mei Yu in his eyes and Xian Ya is mad when he offers Mei Yu wine. She tries to bully her to say that she should not join them as she is no longer a staff but Hu protects her.

Cheng Wu also finds Xian Ya too much. He reminds her that she changes to work in 5 different departments within a year too. Hu can dance and play billiards well – this wins the women’s hearts. Just when the music turns to a slow number, Hu wants to dance with Mei Yu but Xian Ya clings to him like an octopus. Feng Shan also forces Mei Yu to dance with him.

Feng Shan even wants to start anew with her – how can he be so stupid to forget how pretty she is? Hu can’t tolerate this mushy speech and pretends to dance a tango to turn Xian Ya giddy to walk out. He sings a sad love song (another rare chance to see Eric do that in a drama.) The past flashes in his mind and he knows that he loves Mei Yu. Hu sends Mei Yu home and Mei Yu mentions that Xian Ya seems to like him.

Hu gets fed up – is she telling him to like her? Isn’t this all men want – a pretty, rich and smart woman? Hu is disappointed that she sees him this way. He then agrees and suddenly he holds her. Don’t mention another woman in front of him. He kisses her and Feng Shan’s stealing of Hu’s plan affects him. Cheng Wu is mad as he has spent many nights with Hu on it. He threatens to resign.

Hu decides to let Feng Shan off but he must let go of Mei Yu. Feng Shan sneers at him – is it because he feels the pressure of him being her ex? If so, don’t start with her then. Hu is angry and tells him that this is his first warning. Feng Shan is stunned by his chilly eyes. Xian Ya also deals with Feng Shan a hard blow – so he only has the capacity of copying others’ plans.

Hu sees Mei Yu in front of him but still teases her by calling her with his handphone. Feng Shan gets the 10 million award for his stolen project. Hu gets frustrated but Cheng Wu consoles him. Don’t worry since he is zero. Hu starts to apply makeup to think of a nice name for the new product. He also gets the other guys to try them – even the facials! He talks to himself – he feels blissful and pretty with the makeup. (Please don’t worry – Eric has not lost his mind.) It becomes Hu’s habit to call Mei Yu daily before sleep.

LK holds the competition for naming the product and the prize is also 10 million. But it needs English translation. Hu opens his mouth wide in despair (We are sure that this is too simple for Eric in real life but he does a good job here.) Zheng Tai sells him the English tapes to help him improve his English. (Actually he is in need of the job doing sales for his new job.) Xian Ya offers to help him – why is he good in singing , dancing and learning but stumps on English?

He still dates Mei Yu to hurdle her when she gets scared upon watching a horror movie. He confesses to her that he is no highflyer and she replies that no one can hinder them. Hu smiles when she says that zero marks has more appeal to her. But this is only a dream and he can’t be frank to her. Mei Yu mistakens that he is angry because the restaurant is where she has been with Feng Shan. He doesn’t want her to mention another man. Hu has no choice but to seek Xian Ya’s help.

Hu feels uneasy when she touches him here and there. Mei Yu also gets the qualification for the contest. She is about to tell Hu when she sees them together. She rejects Feng Shan’s help and Hu sees this. She wants Hu to help her but he has his difficulties. She mistakens that he wants to be with Xian Ya to reject her. Xian Ya is sneered at others for being an illegitimate child and Hu is there to console her.

Xian Ya kisses him out of gratitude and Hu is shocked. This is her birthday present and he can only smile at it. But too bad Mei Yu sees this and she is mad. She gives up on men. Mei Yu returns to LK temporary because of the contest. Xian Ya isn’t happy to see her. Hu is troubled when she also ignores him – why does this turn out to be like this? He hopes that she hasn’t wronged him.

Feng Shan is happy to know this. Although it is a memorized script and Hu needs Xian Ya for hints, Hu wins the prize. (Eric must have worked very hard to speak halting English – minus the usual American accent that he has.) Mei Yu avoids him and even accepts Feng Shan’s lift home. Hu gives Xian Ya a treat at a small eatery. But thinking of the two together, he makes a move.

Hu buys a pair of lovers necklaces and prepares to apologise to her. He asks what if he knows no English and his result is zero and is unqualified to join LK? Mei Yu doesn’t know why he keeps mentioning this as she is only angry with him seeing Xian Ya. He only realizes this and kisses her – doesn’t he tell her before not to mention another woman in front of him? He explains to her that it is the truth but she doesn’t believe him. But she starts to believe upon reaching home.

She asks Xian Ya about it and gets the answer. Mr Song wants to control the company and forces Feng Shan to sell the new project to the US company and frame Hu. Xian Ya pesters Hu and Mei Yu comes along. Hu is questioned by LK and he discovers that Feng Shan is the culprit. Feng Shan is calm and threatens to tell the truth of Hu’s marks. But Hu is smart to record their conversation with his handphone.

He even says that it is truly a real LK product to record so clearly. Feng Shan yells that he is despicable. Hu smiles and thanks him for his confession - does he look like a zero mark scorer now? Hu jumps when Feng San comes to his home and asks for forgiveness. Feng San makes himself a fool out of himself when he drags his leg but he still refuses to forgive him. Mr Jiang advises Hu to let him off. Hu contemplates but Feng San uses his score to threaten him. Mr Song laughs at Feng San’s dreadful mistake and tells him to leave his office to avoid giving him trouble.

Mei Yu’s group manager tells Mei Yu to wear her uniform to work as he receives complaints. Mei Yu knows that Xian Ya is the culprit. Xian Ya will not help Hu unless Mei Yu apologises to her and doesn’t get close to Hu. She agrees and all are shocked when Xian Ya confesses that Hu is with her at the night Hu is supposed to betray the company.

Hu is uneasy when he treats Xian Ya to a meal but she still wants to drink with him over dinner. Still, Ju wants Hu to resign. Mei Yu cries in Hu’s arms as her sacrifice is in vain. Zheng Tai is fired when he gambles during work time. Chen Hua and Zheng Tai are angry to know that Hu has taken the rap for Feng San. So what if he is pitiful?

Miyazaki asks for Hu as he wants to see him. If Hu doesn’t come, he will not sign any contract with LK. Ju rushes to the company but can’t find Hu anywhere. Mei Yu brings the guys to the office so that they can disguise as female cleaners. They nearly ransack everything in the office. Zheng Tai is the only one who pretends to sell the English tapes to Feng San. Hu transfers all Mr Song’s information to his handphone.

Hu looks at the information and tells Feng San that he knows that Mr Song is behind this. Feng San has helped him to make a comeback so he has a sum of money from him. Feng San offers half of what he has received but he refuses. He is different from Feng San. He only wants to clear his name although it doesn’t matter that he no longer works in LK as he should not be there in the first place.

He will not reveal to Mei Yu Feng San is the culprit to break her heart. Doesn’t Feng San know that Mr Song is dangerous? He wants Feng San to be their secret weapon. After consideration, Feng San decides to join them. The other guys yell – how can he be trusted?

Miyazaki comes to the bar and nearly bursts upon knowing that Hu is fired, not resigned. He wants to give him a chance to work in Japan for him. Since he isn’t there, he will not work with LK. Hu doesn’t give a thought at all. (This man is brainless and arrogant. He has thought of Miyazaki being an underworld boss and not knowing his name. ) Zheng Tai finds out where Mr Song is meeting the U.S. company. He pretends to be Miyazaki’s henchman and arranges to meet Hu. He takes video of Mr Song’s meeting with the man.

Mr Ju and Mr Jin try to persuade Hu to return which he agrees. Mei Yu becomes a permanent staff. Xian Ya is angry when Hu rejects all her calls but he calls Mei Yu. Hu is shocked to know that Cheng Wu is the one which gets his password and betrays the company when he overhears him talking to the U.S. company. LK decides to recheck Hu’s case. Cheng Wu wants fame so he frames others.

Cheng Wu asks him out for a drink. He has used all his money to buy LK shares and loses. His wife also divorces him and he is poor now. He finds Hu scary to know the way to tie strings. Hu recalls Cheng Wu’s words in the conversation – Mr Song isn’t working now so he will meet Hu who will listen to him. He warns Hu not to retreat when a major event is going to happen.

Mei Yu does research in her presentation and is praised. Suddenly Mr Song is called to the investigation unit. All run to watch the CCTV and are shocked to know that Mr Song is the culprit. The agent lets Mr Song watch the video and he is still calm. But he is unable to suppress his anger when shown his children’s accounts where he has deposited all his money. He is angry that Feng San betrays him. Mr Song will not let him off and Feng San is prepared to face him.

Mr Jin refuses to help Mr Song but Mr Song has kept another copy of his guilty evidence. Mr Jin has no choice but to let him work on. Cheng Wu wants to resign and wishes Hu to join him. There is no point working so hard for LK. Hu decides to stay. Feng San smiles when Hu returns to work. Mei Yu prepares food for the guys but the loansharks are here to capture Zheng Tai.

All fight together. Feng San pays off his debt and all start to get closer to him. Feng San looks at the evidence and his smile freezes upon seeing photos of Mr Song and Cheng Wu together. Xian Ya asks Hu why she is nothing to him and he likes Mei Yu. Feng San is angry as he thinks Hu conspires with Cheng Wu. The LK shares dip and all fight in the office.

Mr Song is pleased with the result and wants to transfer Feng San to Africa. Feng San is angry and so is Mr Ju – he is Feng San’s supervisor and why is he uninformed? Mr Ju and Mr Jin are speechless when Cheng Wu joins the U.S. company to get a higher post. They nearly burst to pieces when the company offers a low price to buy over LK.

Feng San shows all the photos to Hu. Hu is shocked and tells him to keep them carefully. Hu decides to meet Miyazaki for help as the U.S. company is going to buy them. All burst into laughter as this is quite impossible to work. Hu never expects Mei Yu to take the initiative to kiss him at her home. Mr Song and Hu return to work and Hu is uneasy to be with him in the lift.

Feng San shows Mr Ju the photos. Hu is shocked to know who Miyazaki really is and has to fight with him in order to get the contract. All are overjoyed over his success and Hu is given another medal. One year later, Mei Yu works as a department leader in the cosmetic department. Mr Ju is now taking over Mr Song’s place. Zheng Tai is now a new rookie.

Xian Ya is in the overseas management department. Hu and Feng San are still in the management department. In addressing the new rookies, they tell their posts proudly but Feng San jokes that all are among the best except Hu. Min becomes a security guard while Chen Hua is now a famous boxer going to create a storm in Japan. The group is working on a new project when they see a new rookie coming in. He is like the past Hu and all look doubtfully at him.

Introduction on characters

1. Jiang Hu – Eric Moon Jung Hyuk
Hu is 30 years old and is jobless. By a stroke of good luck, he gets into the prestigious LK and is considered one of the promising staff. He is kind, simple-minded and also forgiving. But he is also naïve and arrogant (remember how he brags to others about his success?) Still, he is daring to admit and declare who he loves and protects her with all his might.

Does Eric do well? I doubt so. I dislike how the producer is out to make his role to be an idiot. He is a fine actor so why did he turn out like this? I doubt many will like this character.

2. Jiang Min – Suh Pong Won
He is 27 years old and is Hu’s younger brother. He knows his brother’s limits and is unable to accept the fact of him getting into LK. He tried in vain to get into Seoul University and chooses to be a security guard in the end. He looks down on him but later supports him. This actor gets the thumbs down – he wears flowery shorts at home and combs an old-fashioned hairstyle. How awful he looks!

3. Zhu Cheng Tai – Jung Jin
He is Hu’s classmate and graduated from Seoul University. But he is very unlucky to be jobless despite getting good grades. We can’t blame him for feeling jealous to see Hu getting the job as he knows Hu’s intelligence level. He should get into LK instead of Hu but fate didn’t allow that. He becomes an impulsive gambler but luckily he becomes a changed man.

4. Li Feng Shan – Oh Ji Ho
He comes from a broken family so he grew up fending himself to be eager to climb to the top. He becomes despicable and is also ruthless to ditch the woman he likes. He likes Mei Yu but woos Xian Ya. But after seeing how pretty she becomes, he makes a u-turn. That means that he likes only the exterior and is very shallow. However, Hu changes him to be a decent person again.

The ways he shows his frustrations over Hu’s success come across as bland. His sad past doesn’t strike a chord with me as well. He doesn’t hit the nail on the head. Unless he shows a change, I will think twice before I watch any more dramas from him.

5. Wen Cheng Wu – Kim Se Joon
He has the qualities but is often neglected. He trains the staff well and is nice to Hu to share his experience with him. But he ends up being the one to set him up. He is at first loyal to the company. But it causes him to lose money and I think the project is the last straw to cause his betrayal to LK. Still, he has the conscience to warn Hu before this happens.

6. Mr Jiang – Park Chol Yong
He is frugal to give all his money to Hu when he lacks it. That is why Hu gets him the pair of shoes upon getting his first paycheck. He is also forgiving to tell Hu to let Feng Shan off.

7. Director Song – Kim Il Woo
This person is a double-edged sword. He seems kind to Hu initially. But he makes use of Feng Shan to steal his ideas. He likes pretty women but luckily Mei Yu doesn’t become his prey. He is scheming to use Feng Shan to make his comeback but also ruthless to leave him when in trouble.

8. Director Jin – Lee Ki Yeol
This stubborn man insists that there is nothing wrong with the company system but it proves him wrong. He is inflexible to changes and I will like to think that he keeps Hu’s matter under wraps to save his own skin as he personally interviewed him. What if others know it? He would have been deemed incompetent.

9. Manager Ju – Yoo Da Young
This man has a very poor memory. I also find him incompetent as he only knows how to throw his weight around. Like Jin, he tries all ways to get rid of Hu by giving him tough assignments, but Hu keeps returning in success. How can he not remember that he hit Hu because of jealousy as his wife has learned dancing from Hu? I can’t believe this as he faces Hu daily but can’t recall where he has seen him. Hu is silly but is smart for once to keep this from him.

10. Chen Hua – Kim Yong Min
He is Hu’s friend who dreams of being a world-class boxer. He is also Hu’s helper in achieving success.

11. Miyazaki – Suh Bun Sit
Who will expect that this boxing craze is also a big Japanese company owner? He looks like a underworld boss but he runs a decent business. Hu is blind to reject his help initially.

12. Li Mei Yu – Han Ga In
She gets a scholarship and works hard to get her degree through night classes. But she is neglected in LK so she is still a temporary staff after 5 years. She is initially lacking confidence and she becomes a changed person after knowing Hu. I find her impulsive to accept any other man that comes by when she is angry with men. That is why she keeps putting herself in danger. Ga In claims this to be her breakthrough but I doubt so. The many crying scenes still portray her weak nature. I don’t really like it.

13. Su Xian Ya – Lee So Yeon (She acted as Jo In Sung’s secret admirer in ‘Spring Days’)
She is the illegitimate child of LK’s hotel CEO. Being jealous of Mei Yu, she tries to get rid of her if she has the chance. It seems that she likes both men but her fickle-minded nature causes her to be with no one in the end. This role is too one-dimensional – snobbish, selfish and also wilful. The actress only puts up a passable performance.

14. Mrs Jiang – Park Hye Sook
She demands a lot from Hu and wants him to succeed in life. Every mother will react this way.

15. Mdm Gao – Kwon Ki Sun
She is the plump lady who owns the bar but treats Mei Yu like her own daughter.

16. Mdm Yang – Yung Hee Kyung
She is the co-owner of the bar. Same as Mdm Gao, she gives Mei Yu support whenever she is down. She also takes part in the strike with her and Mdm Gao upon knowing that she is going to be dismissed soon.

Favourite character
None, they annoy me with their over rubbery expressions and excessive tears.

Most hated character
Xian Ya, she thinks that she is a big shot to belittle others but is too much to the extent to want to cause Mei Yu to lose her job. She doesn’t get her job through her own ability in the first place.

Shin Hye Sung sang the theme song well. Shinhwa members helped out with the singing of the sub-theme song ‘Till that day’. The same music producer who was in charge of ‘Lovers in Paris’ and ‘Phoenix’ also had a hand in this. It is a fast-paced song to give sad youths more courage to face life. Eric thanked them for their help and promised to work hard for this serial.

Interesting facts

This is Eric’s third drama so he had high hopes on it. Ji Ho treated him like a younger brother and he liked it. The tango scenes nearly killed him as he doesn’t know how to dance. Ga In found the suicide scene memorable as the weather was very cold. Ji Ho was a mature and humorous companion. He also enjoyed his first time acting as a warrior.

The past serials that Eric acted were tragedies and he was glad to act in a comedy for a breakthrough. He announced that he wanted to use his real name, Moon Jung Hyuk, for assignments outside Shinhwa. He had given up his US citizenship so he didn’t need any English name now.

Can you believe that Eric actually asked for the beating up scenes to be done repeatedly to make them realistic? At first, the producer was afraid to ruin his handsome face, but Eric didn’t mind it. With his good dance background, many rumoured that the viewership soared whenever he was beaten.

Eric made a big sacrifice in applying makeup and eye lashes. Along with the lipstick, it turned the big-eyed Eric into a beauty. MBC website had 30,000 messages on the night this was broadcast. The women commented that his procedures were correct and he is even prettier than a woman. They joked that his model girlfriend must have guided him in this.

The biggest sacrifice is to bare his top and wear the boxer shorts. It is said that Ji Ho and Ga In were tongue-tied to see him like this on the filming day. They laughed so hard they had to take time out to rest. They could not imagine the sexy Eric in such conservative undergarments. Eric joked that he was scared of the cold but didn’t mind letting others tease him.

The first episode scored 14.3% and all thought he had cast away his Zheng Min role in ‘Phoenix’ successfully to become a comical character. It rose to 16% and the later part even went over 20%.
(Are the viewers sure that it deserves this?) This gave MBC chance to boost its morale after their disasters in ‘Ireland’ and ‘Sad Love Song’ which never went beyond 20%. MBC quickly got Eric to sign a contract for its next drama. A Japanese station bought this drama and MBC held a celebration dinner for the cast. Eric announced that he would defer his NS to act in dramas. This must be good news for all fans.

Eric won the top excellence award for best actor and Ga In for excellence award in the MBC awards. I definitely think that this is overrated as they did not put in their best at all. The serial is a big let down to me.

This serial was shot before Ga In was married. She had played numerous crying roles and liked the new role that provided laughs.(Is she sure about that? I agree laughter comes from the rest but not from her.) She had kissing scenes with Ji Ho and her husband wasn’t that happy. The cast attended Ga In’s wedding and shared her happiness.


This is an insult to the audience’s intelligence. Can a person who scored zero become a jewel? Hu is too lucky all the way – can this be possible? Seeing him getting medals repeatedly makes me shake my head continuously. Plus the ever whining Mei Yu, Feng Shan who doesn’t know how to depict his anger properly, and Xian Ya who only knows how to seduce men – this drama is one of the worst that I’ve come across as I forwarded or skipped the discs quickly.

The love rectangle is not appealing as the four can’t act well. You can’t see sparks but yet they keep appearing in front of you to annoy you with their tantrums and antics. Please give me a break... especially when Ji Ho’s restricted acting is a confirmed disaster. I hope it is not poking fun at a famous Korean brand that we know well as it is quite coincidental. This serial is certainly not a good choice to spend time on as the storyline is silly and lengthy. I have wasted 20 precious hours on it.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ** (Scale of 5)

On story : * (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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