Sweet 18

Reviewed by: sukting

August 16, 2005

Rating: three-point-five

It is rumoured that Ji Hye and Dong Gan started their romance after this drama. It also soared Dong Gan to stardom after 'Lovers In Paris'.


He Jun is the eldest grandson of a respectable and traditional Quan family clan. Besides juggling his work as a prosecutor, he has to study 'Chu Shi Biao' by Zhuge Liang. Others will just wear the Korean costume for the classes but he wears the traditional cap as well. One windy day, he bumps into Zhen Shu after trying to get back his car from being hauled. Although he hides his face with the fan, she falls madly in love with him. His colleague, Zhong Can laughs non-stop upon hearing the story. (So do I when he describes that a strange wind blows across the sky to cause the trouble.)

But they soon get into serious business to arrest 'Zhuge clan'. This illegal clan claims to settle unrest and makes sure equality is justified. They raid the nightclub but arrest lots of underage entrants instead. It is a hilarious moment when he arrests his fiance, Zhen Shu in the gents. She hides there and demands to know if he is really a cop. He flashes his pass, showing that he is a prosecutor from Seoul to lead his team. He lets them off for once but will inform their schools and families the next round. Zhen Shu is weak in studies and is there to have fun. She often goes shopping with her gang of 4 - known as the 5 mirror princesses.

He Jun's grandfather, Old Quan is ill and gets Mr Quan to look for Zhen Shu. He arranges both families to meet for dinner. The pair is surprised to see each other. Zhen Shu imagines that she opposes to the marriage as He Jun is an 'uncle' and He Jun also points out that she is too wild to his liking to talk back at elders. Her results must be very poor to go to the nightclub. He gets angry when she says that he is an old man. She even punches him in the stomach and the face when he threatens to sue her in court for deframement.

But things don't turn out this way - when the elders do mind them marrying earlier if Old Quan wants to. She asks He Jun but He Jun replies that he is to marry her to teach her manners. And also to learn that men are superior. He gives her an evil grin and she is helpless. Zhong Can reminds him to be careful of Zhuge clan seeking revenge on him. Zhen Shu gets Nan Zhe to impersonate as her boyfriend to bring him to He Jun's workplace. They flash their lovers' rings - only those in love should get married.

Zhong Can has been curious to know whether He Jun's fiance is a beauty but is shocked that she is only a high school student. He Jun goes for the matchmaking session to make Old Quan happy. He Jun dismisses it as a joke but tells Nan Zhe that he must marry Zhen Shu. He even says that Nan Zhe is lucky not to commit adultery in the olden days to get killed for seducing his fiancee. (This scene is sure funny when the two turn pale.) The two leave in a rage. He Jun isn't unhappy even when Zhen Shu mentions to him that she is in love with a 'Chu Shi Biao' scholar.

He Jun is walking home when Zhen Shu looks for him. She is surprised to know that he stays near her place. Thinking that Zhuge clan is after him, he beats the fellows up to know that they are Nan Zhe's gang looking for Zhen Shu. (Dong Gun fights like Keanu Reeves in 'Matrix' to stun her.) But alas, this is too late when they alert the police. You will laugh when all policemen think that the fellows are gangsters because they look like them but they claim their innocence. He Jun tries in vain not to let others know him but Zhen Shu blurts his identity and one policeman recognize him. He covers his face with his hands in despair.

He warns Zhen Shu not to reveal this matter to others by giving her a treat. He doesn't wish to get married soon and tells her that he will settle it with his grandfather. He sends her to the bus-stop and she blushes when he holds her from tripping. (A very sweet moment!) Upon knowing that Old Quan wants to meet them, she rushes to his home but gets to see him in nude when he is in a shower. She runs away in haste and leaves behind her name tag. She is about to get punished by her teacher when he comes to her rescue.

It is a hilarious moment. Her teacher demands to know He Jun's number. Suddenly his voice comes from the back and he hands Zhen Shu her name tag, admitting that he is her fiance. Her friends exclaim he is nice looking and she isn't lying. Upon knowing that coming meeting, he is shocked as he isn't informed of it but tells her to stay. Zhen Shu gets to know that he is her secret lover after finding his robe in the compound, his fan and 'Chu Shi Biao' in his room. She falls for him immediately. She goes personally to meet Old Quan and pleases him. He Jun is displeased as she exaggerates on how she knows Old Quan even as a baby. He meets the other elders and forbids her to see them.

It is sure comical when she imagines him to look charming in the traditional costume. He sends her home and is puzzled on why she comments that he looks better in that than a suit. He Jun tells Zhong Can to forbid the matchmakers to enter the office and Zhong Can jokes that Zhen Shu can't know about this. All his colleagues are spellbound during a meeting when He Jun is presenting. He has a hard time leading her away in embarrassment. (I don't think the legal department is so lax in security to let anyone charge in like her. This scene is very unrealistic.) She kisses him on his cheek before getting into the lift. He is initially angry but later smiles. Zhen Shu fixes a meal for him at his home after dismissing the maid.

He sends her home and will only tolerate her till today. Can't she just study or be with Nan Zhe instead of thinking of marrying him? If she does it again, he will tell Mrs Yin. He later reverses his car - not because he wants to talk to her but he wants his home key back but she has made another copy. She goes there the next day and hits Zhong Can by mistake when she thinks that he is a thief. He Jun sends him back to get an important document for court. He Jun jumps upon knowing Zhen Shu is at his home. Nan Zhe and his gang meet He Jun, saying that he is too old for Zhen Shu and it is a sin to be with her.

Nan Zhe asks him what questions will come out in the law exam but he thinks that Nan Zhe is more suitable to be a poet. He Jun wants to annul the engagement and Mrs Yin agrees to it. Old Quan allows He Jun to go for more matchmaking sessions but Zhen Shu gets her 4 ugly friends to do the work. He grows so sick of the sessions but the last by the matchmaker - Zhen Shu stops it with all her friends and beat her up. The poor old woman laments - how can he allow his girlfriend to do this to her?

He Jun comes and Zhen Shu becomes timid. Will they land up in the girls' home? He tries hard not to laugh and says that she has to be jailed at least 3 years. So it will be 15 years if she takes the rap for them so she leaves Mrs Yin for him to take care then. He punches her softly on the head and brings her to the park. Why is he still so gentle to her? Because she is still a child and he has to use the soft approach - just like how he is dealt with when young. The women must be her friends. Thanks to her - his standard of gauging beauty has risen. She doesn't have to mention about marrying him and should continue her studies.

She wants to marry him because he needs to marry by the end of the year. As for her, she doesn't want to study. Why doesn't he want to marry - can marriage be fun? She suggests a contract marriage to give each other freedom. He is disappointed in her for not having any ambition - she might as well look for another man to marry. Old Quan is angry over the matter and is sent to hospital. He Jun then decides to get married.

He mistakens seeing Zhen Shu on the street and returns home to find a meal fixed by her. She also returns his key to him. He tells her that he agrees to marry her. She doesn't go for the university entrance exam but gets her high school graduation diploma. He comes to fetch her with the gifts given by his colleagues and lets her hook his arm. Is this enough? She wants more so he puts his arm over her. When they are out of school, he releases her. He has said that he wants to marry her but never mentions that he wants to have romance with her but at least the flowers are for her. (This scene really makes me laugh uncontrollably.)

He brings her to their new home - he has rented another place. He doesn't have much money as a civil servant and even a glass window is broken. She knows how to make accessories so she will make sure that he will not suffer or go hungry. He rushes back to office and Zhong Can notices that he is behaving like Zhen Shu's fiance now. He teases him - is he longing to get married after loving Zhen Shu? He replies no - he has thought that marrying her is not bad at all.

Zhong Can agrees - marriage is not built on love but on real life. Shan Ya gives him a slap for not discussing with her. He can't marry a woman whose family which is poor now but He Jun doesn't wish to be controlled like her as in the past. He already decides to get married. Zhen Shu vows to let He Jun love her and laughs when he refuses to enter her home when Mrs Yin isn't around since they are still single.

He wants to introduce an important person to her the next night. He gives her some money to buy some clothes - anyway his money will be hers after marriage. She quarrels with Shan Ya over a hat at the boutique and even calls her 'auntie'. Her other friends tell Shan Ya to stir clear of trouble because she has a prosecutor husband. She tells He Jun about it and is shocked to meet her for dinner.

Shan Ya will tell Old Yuan about it and disagrees to them getting married. He Jun is upset that Zhen Shu is so immature. Shan Yu has just completed her professor stint in China and is back. He Jun tells her not to mind it as she will still pick on other areas. There is tension between the siblings but he will tell her in future. This is will not affect their marriage then. He Jun is still angry that Zhen Shu uses his position to threaten Shan Ya. He is the prosecutor and not her so he will not let her off the next time.

He frowns - doesn't he tell her to dress elegantly? He only says prettily - so the knee length must be covered by 10 cm and not to reveal 20% from the top. He is very conservative. Shan Ya tries in vain to tell Old Quan Zhen Shu is unsuitable. Old Quan wants Shan Ya to teach her. Mr Quan and Mrs Quan say that she should not stop it since they are marrying 2 days later. But she vows that she will make them divorce.

He Jun brings Zhen Shu to attend his friend's wedding. She talks with the food in her mouth and regrets not continuing her studies. He Jun is quite popular in the university and the other sneer at her dressing. Most of them are from the music faculty and are dismayed when Zhen Shu admits that her clothes are from a customer who has claimed them back. She is unable to answer that she has only high school qualifications and brags that she studies singing in Italy. Alas, she is forced to go on stage.

He Jun comes to her aid quickly, lying that she suffers from time jag. He sings on her behalf and all look at him dreamily. (I must say that Dong Gun has a good voice.)She never knows that he is good in studies and also fights or sings well too. He hates her for telling lies. She has no choice as they keep asking her till she feels belittled. He replies - what is there to be shy about? She replies - why help her and not reveal the truth then? She is upset upon knowing that his other colleagues also feel that she isn't good enough for him.

Zhong Can thinks that Zhen Shu is too young and He Jun should console her. He Jun knows that this happens in future but is shocked to know that she takes it so hard to leave home. Mrs Yin suggest calling off the marriage but he promises to find her. Shan Ya is the one who tells Zhen Shu to leave He Jun but He Jun sets out to search for her after knowing what Shan Ya has done. He still wants to get married. Nan Zhe boxes him upon knowing that she has suffered.

Zhen Shu goes to her grandfather's grave but cries at the wrong grave. (What a dreadful mistake!)He Jun comes to bring her to his An Dong home and apologises on Shan Ya's behalf. She has lied that she doesn't want to marry him. He Jun is sincere but will not force her if she doesn't want to. They have trouble getting out of the snow so they sleep in a hotel room, she on the bed while he on the floor. Why marry her since there're better women around? The recalling of how she makes soup for him makes him feel good.

He falls asleep without answering her if he likes her cooking. The next day, he jumps when she decides to marry but is happy over it but his car can't move! Shan Ya is about to tell all that they are not marrying when the elders decide to wait. They manage to reach there by 12 pm on a motorcycle. He Jun's friends grumble upon knowing that he has not touched Zhen Shu the last night. Just then Zhong Can gets a call and He Jun takes off his robe in the next moment. She gets nervous - is this their first night?

He Jun has to return to work and forgets about their Jiju honeymoon. Shan Ya forces Zhen Shu to wake up to greet the elders. She can't get through to He Jun. Zhong Can can't get anything out from Zhuge clan's head, Piao Dong Zhi and is angry. He Jun then tells his henchman, Qi Zheng not to confess then to make his boss stay longer in jail. Zhen Shu burns the rice and turns it into porridge after talking her way through.

In the end, she comes to look for He Jun and runs away from home without telling the elders. She is tired of the work and he treats her to a meal. She manages to convince Old Quan that she is worried with He Jun alone in Seoul so he is happy that she is young but yet takes good care of He Jun. Mr Quan thinks that Shan Ya is right but Old Quan decides to give Zhen Shu more time. Zhen Shu wants to return to her home and He Jun reminds her that she should stay at his place now.

He gets her to go for a bath and he sleeps on the sofa when she is out. She kisses him on the cheek. She sleeps on the floor and he puts the blanket on her. He leaves a note - the future time to wake up is 6 am and tells her to buy rice home. She is touched when he leaves sandwiches for her. He Jun's curious colleagues ask how he spends the night with her and he is annoyed when Zhong Can wins the bet, saying that he doesn't do anything. Zhong Can says that he is concerned about him.

Zhen Shu imagines to be pregnant and the couple is happy over it. He gets choked when she mentions about marriage. They watch the news and he gets annoyed when she tries sitting close to him. Her friends are too happy to get into university and they come to their place. He Jun finds an excuse to return to office so that they can stay. She feels bored and goes to the discotheque. He Jun's colleagues go there too. One comments that if Zhen Shu is his daughter, he will beat her to death.

Why? She wears a very short t-shirt that reveals her stomach and dances wildly on stage. He Jun is shocked to see Zhen Shu and pulls her aside. She replies that she is too lonely at home and why does he lie? Seeing them quarreling with each other and reluctant to sit with each other, the others push them to dance together (He gets mad when a man wants to get fresh with her and he quickly addresses as her dance partner) and the others later deliberately leave to let them be together.

He gives her a cup to fill juice for him and she accidentally cuts her hand when the cup is broken. He is about to kiss her when she releases air and he bursts into laughter. Can Zhu recognizes He Jun's figurine as one of those Ke Ying plays with the figurine that she keeps (He Jun keeps another.) and is back in Korea. Zhen Shu pretends to be ill to call him and he gets anxious to want to rush home. Thus Ke Ying is too late and doesn't meet him at his office.

On his way home, Zhong Can tricks He Jun that there is a case but gets involved with women again. They even keep his handphone and he is angry to know that one dance hostess is forced by her husband to pay for his debts so he gives her the phone number for help. Shan Ya frowns upon seeing her daring outfit upon meeting the couple. She discovers that they sleep separately and is overjoyed. He Jun will regret for not listening to her. He Jun sees the spread on the table and Zhen Shu is completely drunk to feel bad about it.

Shan Ya complains to old Quan but he oversees it. Ke Ying finally wants to marry He Jun but she has divorced before. Zhong Can returns his handphone to He Jun and He Jun feels bad not doing anything much for Zhen Shu after marriage. Zhong Can tells him that being nice to her will do and recommends a nice restaureant. Zhen Shu calls him. He teases her for lying - to drink when she has a heartache but apologises. She feels that he is too gentle to her as she comes to be prepared to get scolded. He Jun promises to have dinner with her. She is too stunned by his answer but is overjoyed.

She sees the dance hostess hugging him and gets the wrong idea. He seems too experienced to come to the western restaurant for the first time under Zhong Can's advice. She refuses to believe him, slaps him and runs away. The Quans come. Is it because of this that they sleep separately - He Jun can't explain himself and both kneel for a long time. They lie to be in the same room.

She forbids him to sleep in bed but both jump into bed when Old Quan walks in. They stare at each other the next day - he is hugging her and their lips are close. He wants both to reconcile and not to worry the others anymore. But she refuses. Since he goes to be with hot chicks, she will go out with other men. What has he done wrong - he can't afford to be too nice to her. He gets so angry that he goes to the shooting ground. His looks can kill and Zhong Can stops asking him to help him to write the report. He gets scared because He Jun tells him to go aside - wondering he has a stomach upset to become like this.

Zhong Can meets Ke Ying to tell her that He Jun is married. Zhen Shu goes to a matchmaking agency and hits the man who gets fresh with her. She leaves her handphone in haste and the man answers it on her behalf. (This is a must watched comical scene.)

He Jun's expression is classic - he puts down the phone upon knowing that she isn't there. But later he opens his eyes wide and calls back - who is he to answer the telephone? The neighbours are unhappy with Zhen Shu throwing papers anytime she wants. Ke Ying speaks up for her and Zhen Shu invites her in. She is pleased to see the figurine. He Jun is angry to know that Zhen Shu goes for group dating. She rebutes -who says she must stay at home? So she thinks she is right then? He is disappointed in her - he has thought that she only says it and will not do it. She gets mad - what about him then to be late daily?

They only go through the marriage ceremony and he has not given her a ring. Is this marriage? She leaves home and he is too ashamed to face Mrs Yin. She also thinks that Zhen Shu is too immature. He will let her stay for the night as he is helpless in coaxing her. Mrs Yin is angry to know that Zhen Shu goes for group dates - how is she going to raise her head in front of him? Actually he hasn't told her anything about it.

He Jun has a drink at the pub and Zhong Can joins him. He laughs upon knowing the reason - Zhen Shu even tells the man that He Jun is her elder brother sitting for the law entrance exam. Is He Jun jealous? if not, don't get angry over a nobody. Why is marriage more difficult? Zhong Can jokes that He Jun is trying to make a bachelor angry but hesitates telling him that he has met Ke Ying. Why bother him about his ex-love when he is already troubled with his wife. He Jun walks past a goldsmith shop and looks at a pair of rings, recalling Zhen Shu's words complaining about him not giving her a ring.

Mrs Yin tells Zhen Shu to apologise to He Jun. He brings her to the astronomy centre and is being able to see far but not near clearly. He hopes it is not too late to be a serious married man - he takes out the rings. They put on each other and decide to have their first night when they are truly in love with each other.

He Jun is angry to know that Piao Dong Zhi is placed on bail and Ke Ying is his lawyer. They have not met for 5 years. She is the one who suggests the breakup and is disappointed to know that he is married. He Jun wants Zhong Can to appear in court on his behalf. He will still continue the investigations. He is too disturbed with meeting Ke Ying that he forgets that he is supposed to give Zhen Shu's friends a treat.

Zhong Can and Ke Ying meet each other in court. He Jun is too troubled and gets drunk. He doesn't wish to tell Zhen Shu the reason. Ke Ying demands to meet He Jun in vain. He is lying if he says that he isn't moved. But he feels bad venting anger on Zhen Shu when she presses him for an answer. Zhong Can suggests him keeping from Zhen Shu to respect her. He practices saying sorry with the roses that he buys. She gets a play ticket from Ke Ying to practice giving to him. Both hide the things when seeing each other.

He gets annoyed when she describes him as a thief - he is staying alone for 10 years and what is wrong of him not having the habit of pressing the door bell. But when she regrets her attitude and opens the door, she is touched to see the roses. She knows that his job is pressurized but he must not drink again. He is amused upon getting the ticket and tells her to wait till he comes. Ke Ying requests Shan Ya to keep Zhen Shu away so that she can sit beside him. He Jun is shocked to see her in the hall and leaves.

He Jun wants to avoid making his wife angry and hurting her. He doesn't want to see Ke Ying when Zhen Shu isn't around. Zhen Shu freezes in the cold and can't get He Jun as her battery is flat so he can't get her too. He returns home to learn from Shan Ya about Zhen Shu rushing to see him. He rushes there and discovers her still waiting. He scolds - why not return home? Because he tells her to wait and he is touched, putting his coat on her. She asks - is he angry with her?

He thanks her for waiting and also trusting him. What should he do if he keeps on meeting a person he dislikes? She will make her either her friend or foe and not hide from her. Since this person makes him so miserable, she will punish the person for him. He Jun decides to handle the case himself and face Ke Ying. Shan Ya mentions about Ke Ying to the Quans. She isn't married and they think that either Ke Ying or she will make a good match for Zhong Can since he is so outstanding.

Ke Ying is puzzled over He Jun's change and is jealous upon knowing that Zhen Shu gives the advice. Why does he do so much for her and changes so much? Ke Ying tricks Zhen Shu to buy an expensive suit for He Jun. Zhong Can is amused that He Jun's credit card can't be used although he is supposed to give a treat. He Jun questions the credit card company and is angry upon knowing that, his wife Zhen Shu has overspent on his sub-card. Ke Ying is happy to predict that both will quarrel.

He Jun demands Zhen Shu to return all the things. (This is so embarrassing for him.) Why is she so daring to buy expensive stuffs? The staff laughs at him in amusement. She replies to maintain his style and taste. He is angered - who says that? The staff announces that one tie is missing and she tries in vain to hide. She has really wanted to get for him and not things for herself. He is angry that she doesn't listen to him and she sits on the floor. She doesn't buy anything for herself so why doesn't he understand her?

He gives in to her in buying the tie - he is totally speechless by her act. But he will take that he has worn it. As long as he knows her intention, this is good enough. She helps him with the tie the next day before he gets to work. Ke Ying sends a tie to Zhen Shu but is angered to know that they reconcile and Nan Zhe returns it to her. She then wants to meet the couple for dinner. He Jun is shocked to see her and Zhen Shu is surprised that they know each other.

Ke Ying tells Zhen Shu about He Jun's university days - although he is studious, he is also athletic and popular with girls. Zhen Shu gets jealous and He Jun tells her to get the bill. He demands to know why Ke Ying gets close to Zhen Shu - is it really coincidental? First the case and then knowing her. Ke Ying pretends to get upset and leaves. She tells Zhen Shu that he is suspicious of her trying to gain something from meeting through the case. So they should not meet anymore.

Zhen Shu insists of meeting her and demands to know if this implies that Ke Ying bribes her? He Jun doesn't mean it so she thinks that it is good to be righteous but don't suspect others. Zhong Can feels sorry for him - does he suspect that Ke Ying is trying to win him back? He Jun also wonders if he is too sensitive. Zhong Can doesn't think that He Jun is that charming and should let the women settle on their own. Ke Ying plans to be He Jun's friend first before moving to the next stage.

He Jun decides not to stop the two from meeting. Zhen Shu ponders over his words and also realizes his sensitive predicament so she promises not to meet her till the case ends. She asks what soup he wants her to fix for dinner. He bursts into laughter - it seems that she only knows how to fix miso soups. She looks at his tie - although it is chosen by her, it still looks good on him. She adjusts for him and tells him to be back early. A claimed ex-convict gives a box of apples to repay He Jun's kindness and leaves. Actually it is Qi Zheng telling his men to place money under the apples to frame He Jun for accepting bribes.

Qi Zheng then makes a call to the police station so He Jun's superior alerts him to be careful. He Jun is about to open the house door with his key but presses the door bell. Zhen Shu opens for him and they watch news on bribes. He Jun shakes his head - these civil servants also cause the others to be in hot soup. He alerts her not to accept anything from strangers after telling her about the anonymous call that he gets and later comments that the apples they are eating are crispy.

Zhen Shu quickly takes a look underneath the apples, discovers the money and gets worried. He wants to get more apples so she tries to trip him and he ends up kissing her on the lips. He decides not to eat them as he becomes shy. Later, the policemen come to check their home and they find the money to arrest him. He still tells her calmly not to worry and she cries.

She wakes up, relieved that it is only a dream and he comes in to check on her. She hugs him to cry and is relieved that he is fine. She then asks why he walks in - he is amused - she keeps calling for him and that is why he is here. She wonders why the dream is so real - is the kissing real too but he denies. She tells Ke Ying about the money and she wants Qi Zheng to get the money back. He is going to give Dong Zhi more trouble for doing that - just humiliating He Jun's wife is good enough.

Zhen Shu forbids Nan Zhe to eat the apples and he puts the box in Ke Ying's car. She returns the money to Qi Zheng and tells her to be frank to He Jun. She worries for him - will he be fine? She will not forgive herself if anything happens. Zhong Can and He Jun are looking through the files when she blurts the matter to him. He Jun tells this to his superior and tells her to stand outside. Later, she becomes impatient to charge in, wanting to admit her mistake but his superior comments that she is so frank to admit accepting a box of apples. She gets confused.

He Jun's superior will still look into it. He feels for He Jun - his wife is so cute - it must be tough to take care of the mess she creates but he hopes that He Jun will not be too fierce to her. He Jun is stern to her at home - didn't he tell her not to accept gifts? She isn't frank to him too to keep it from him - she mentions that it does have money in it. She is still confused - does he kiss her but he denies. He demands her to write an apology letter. She weeps as she knows that she is at fault and her tears wet the paper.

He Jun is puzzled on why she wears dark glasses in the morning. Has she cried? He takes them off and sees her swollen eyes. Why should she cry over it and she just needs to promise him not to keep anything from him anymore. He can't bring himself to tell her not to cry anymore so he only tells her that the dark glasses are unsuitable for her so he doesn't want to see them anymore. She follows him to his car and vows to find the culprit. He tells her to be careful and not worry him anymore.

She confesses to him for discussing with Ke Ying over it. He ponders over it and thanks her. He thinks that he is too much in the past and apologises to her. The elders want to meet Zhen Shu in her traditional clothes. Ke Ying tells Shan Ya over the bribery and she gets angry with Zhen Shu. On her way, Zhen Shu sees the man and runs after him in vain with her friends. He Jun is worried and also embarrassed when Zhen Shu doesn't turn up. The elders leave, having a bad impression of her.

Zhen Shu is late and can't tell the reason. She lies she has forgotten and Shan Ya blurts about the bribery. Old Quan is so disappointed - he has thought she is young but never expects her to be not sensible. She walks alone on the street without telling He Jun. He is worried when she isn't home or at Mrs Yin' place. Xian Zhu tells him the real reason and he is touched, rushing out to look for him.

He becomes angry with himself for not understanding her and looks at his ring. She also looks at hers in the astronomy centre. He comes and asks why she doesn't return or give him a call. Why doesn't she keep her promise to let him know - because she also promises not to worry him. He Jun tells Zhen Shu not to do anything stupid then as her disappearance worries him more. She has tried hard to march up to be his wife. She apologises and he tells her not to cry. He kisses her on the lips and she is stunned to faint.

Old Quan tells Mr Quan to call He Jun as he feels that he is too harsh on a kid, which he does unwillingly. Both are shocked to know that she is in ER. Her heart suddenly stops after the kiss and the doctor claims her to be under a lot of pressure but can be discharged after she wakes. Old Quan blames himself and returns home with Mr Quan as he can't face her. Zhen Shu dreams of He Jun kissing her and he comments that it is only a kiss and why she faints. She is glad that it isn't a dream.

He Jun wonders why he makes her faint as he goes to work. Others will scold him for it. His imagination runs wild - thinking that others scold him for being a lecher and molester in the lift. Zhong Can sees him in a daze and bursts into laughter after knowing it - Zhen Shu is really a child. Should he apologise to her? Zhong Can shakes his head - he should just confess that he likes her but he still denies. Zhong Can then jokes that he must have wanted to be in bed with her then. Might as well go ahead with it to let him win another bet. Zhong Can keeps laughing and He Jun feels his cheeks blushing. (This is sure a big joke.)

Zhen Shu tells Ke Ying about the kissing incident and she gets jealous although she tells Zhen Shu that it means nothing. He Jun and Zhen Shu go for a drink. He wants her to pretend that nothing has happened. He doesn't mean to do it and it is done without reason. Zhen Shu shouts angrily that he is a lecher. He gets mad too - what is wrong of him to kiss his wife? Then don't kiss her then and she even refuses to take a lift in his car to make him trip. Shan Ya discourages Ke Ying from giving up.

Zhen Shu causes He Jun to be unable to concentrate at work. He is about to call her but slams the phone and kicks the table. He wonders what is wrong since he apologises to her. Shan Ya wants to bring Zhen Shu a day home before the ancestors' praying session. He rejects her offer as he can't help worrying for her. Shan Ya asks - is he frightened that she will make her suffer? He still says a firm no that he will bring her home over the weekend but Shan Ya answers that she takes that she can bring her home immediately. Zhen Shu is so mad that he likes to be alone at home and slams the phone. Don't think that he will worry for her then but he still can't stop worrying.

He Jun returns home after work and opens the door himself as no one opens the door for him after he presses the door bell. He remembers that she has left and lies to himself that it is nice to be quiet. He comes to Mrs Yin's home for dinner. He now knows that Zhen Shu learns cooking from her to make miso soups. She often feels apologetic towards him. He shakes his head - she has done something - to let him marry Zhen Shu and Mrs Yin gives him warmth. He doesn't have parents after 12 years old and has no chance to call someone as 'mother'. Now he is so happy to have a mother after marriage. (A very touching scene.)

Old Quan wonders if Zheng Shu suffers a lot as she looks so thin. Zhen Shu hurries to do all the housework and even the fish has Shan Ya's face in her horror. She helps a little child to prevent getting bullied from other children. He isn't happy that she helps him. He is Quan Wu Heng. She says that she is the first of the 5 princesses and he is surprised that she doesn't know her background. She is alarmed to know that the boy is their 5th uncle when Shan Ya tells her to greet him. Ke Ying pretends to keep Zhen Shu company and brings cookies to match with the coffee that He Jun makes for her. She pretends to trip and fall for him. She deliberately wets herself in the shower.

He Jun is about to get her Zhen Shu's clothes but he isn't sure where so she claims that his clothes are fine. He allows her to wear back home and tells her to cover herself with her coat to leave immediately. She insists of returning it after wash although she says pretentiously that she is afraid that Zhen Shu will get the wrong idea. He Jun worries for Zhen Shu and drives to An Dong - why is she not in her room or in the kitchen? He sees her dozing off when cleaning the ancestors' prayer bowls in the storeroom.

She cries as he doesn't know how she suffers. She is overjoyed to see him and hugs him. He hugs her back and he teaches her how to use the grass to clean with charcoal to make them shiny. Not everyone can be the clan grandson. Why is he back so soon and not the next day? He worries for her so he is here - he touches her face - so is she happy? She remembers her promise and says he can't touch her. Then why hug him earlier? Don't let him do it and he will touch her more. Both dirty each other's faces. (They are so cute!)

Shan Ya is angry to see both leaning close to each other to sleep the next day. She demands to know if she asks him to return early? She denies as he worries for her and Shan Ya is mad to see t he shiny plates. He Jun introduces Zhen Shu to 5th uncle and he wants to grow taller than him. He comments that she has strong hands and this is their secret. He Jun is puzzled over what happens. The elders want to see Zhen Shu. They test her and shake their heads when she has no knowledge on ancient poetry.

But she memorizes 'Chu Shi Biao' to impress them. At first, He Jun is worried but the smile returns to his face when she recites correctly and Shan Ya is annoyed. Old Quan is also happy with her. The elders have not seen others who can recite as well as her. Zhen Shu hangs the clothes to dry. 5th uncle is also impressed with her, commenting that Zhen Shu has pretty eyes and He Jun must make her fortunate. If he is older, he will make her his wife. He Jun decides to bring Zhen Shu out but Shan Ya forbids it.

Shan Ya wants her to stay and work. 5th uncle is unhappy that she is so rude and wants to tell the elders about it. It is so hilarious to see how she tries to stop him. The couple plays in the snow and he wants to introduce her to his parents. They are cremated so they have no graves. His father refused to be the clan grandson so he left the family. So they don't pray to him. They should be able to feel his voice and see him when he comes here yearly. This time, they must be happier as he isn't alone.

Zhen Shu is touched and shouts that she is their daughter-in-law. He Jun always bullies her but she will tolerate so they must support her. Both kneel to pay respects to them. The whole ceremony takes place at night and the elders remind He Jun to continue the family line. He blushes when Old Quan also coaxes him to rest early to be with his wife. Zhen Shu hasn't finished dressing when he opens the door so he quickly closes the door. She leans close to him and wants him to massage her shoulders. He is about to talk to her when she falls asleep. He sleeps outside the mattress to let her sleep comfortably.

The next day, Old Quan is happy because all envy him for having a good granddaughter-in-law. He Jun praises her for doing well. Does she learn 'Chu Shi Biao' because of her first love? Since He Jun knows, she must also know it. But what to do now since she is already married to him? Why is he not eager to know who her first love is? He isn't as he isn't someone he knows. He wants her to forget her first love because it is destined that it will not work out.

The next day, Zhen Shu breaks the figurine and finds a note that Ke Ying writes to He Jun. If he breaks it, he will get to see the note and she will forgive him if he apologises to her. Zhen Shu is stunned by it. She also notices that Ke Ying knows Mr and Mrs Quan so Ke Ying lies that she lives in his place before with his other classmates for planting. It must be tough on Zhen Shu to get involved with the clan activities and Ke Ying will not consider as it is too tough. Zhen Shu tells her that she knows that He Jun is her first love. She also suspects that Ke Ying has motives to get close to her but doesn't wish to think about it.

She will not tell He Jun that she knows about his past and still thanks her for helping her. But they must not meet again. He Jun is puzzled that the lights are not on when he gets home and wonders if she is asleep. How can she ignore him when he is back? Is she unwell? He buys sweet potatoes for her and has placed them close to his chest to warm them to rush back home. He peels the best one for her and wants her to eat quickly. He can even prove that his clothes have the smell.

She is suddenly in tears and this shocks him. He demands to know what is wrong but she assures him that nothing is wrong but she is too grateful to him. Zhong Can analyses that she might have depression. She is married too young and is coped up at home. How can she not be sick because those at her age either go to university or have boyfriends. Zhen Shu is married but her bridegroom is too busy with work. So this is all his fault and he must do something.

He tries to find out what she likes from her friends but get no answer. He only affirms that she really has a 'Chu Shi Biao' first love. But they decide not to tell him so that he can find out from Zhen Shu herself. He asks her what she wants to do most but she shakes her head and smiles. She has not thought about it but he agrees to any of her requests. He has set up his mind to ask her - he lose face if gets rejected. He never expects her to want him to dress in traditional costume for a day and brings him around to snap photos!

Even tourists want to take photos with him although he tries to hide from them. Poor man - what has he done to deserve this. But she gets jealous when European women get close to him. She bursts into laughter when he is mistakened as an extra to film a period drama. So does she feel better now? He says he knows why she suffers and she thinks that he knows her secret.

She laughs when he thinks that she has depression. It must be hard on her since she is alone at home for long hours. So he should treat her better. He knows he hasn't been treating her well enough. What can she do since he is a boring person? It is too late - no matter good or bad, he is her husband and she is her wife.

But he will try to be a good husband so she needs to understand him. She is touched and bursts into tears and he knows it. Ke Ying and Nan Zhe know each other's feelings for the couple. The Korean university invites the alma tar to participate in a sports event. Zhong Can knows that He Jun will not go again like the past 5 years but reminds him to pay the member fees. He decides to go this time to go with Zhen Shu.

Zhong Can notices that he has improved to be a caring husband. He is preventing her to have depression. Shan Ya doesn't get to see He Jun who is on an assignment so she passes the tea leaves to Zhong Can to hand over to him. Zhong Can comments that she is pretty every time he sees her except that she should wear shorter skirts as not to cover her shapy legs. She gets offended but later agrees with him. He Jun brings Zhen Shu to the event and play the game together. Too bad they lose and fall.

She sees the students studying and envies them. He Jun's juniors are interested in her and want to woo her but are dismayed that she is married. They think that she is joking and she is too proud. Who is she with then? He Jun punishes them to do frog jumps and they regret joking with their senior's wife. (This scene is quite hilarious as he is obviously bullying them and later he shows his jealousy so openly.) He Jun walks out to see Zhen Shu talking with other guys and laughing. Are they mad - she doesn't know anything and does she looks cute to them? But later he finds himself attracted to her.

Still, he warns her not to laugh like that and must stay beside him because the campus is too huge to look for her. She asks - why not use the handphone? He still insists of her following his instructions. Ke Ying calls him, wanting to return his shirt to him in the club classroom. She laments that all still look the same and wants to return to 20 years old when both are in love. Ke Ying hugs him from behind when he wants to leave. Zhen Shu is shocked upon seeing a couple kissing and Zhong Can is displeased to see them hugging, reminding him that Zhen Shu is looking for him.

He Jun will be happy if she tells him 5 years ago but now he takes that he hasn't heard it. Zhong Can warns him not to let Zhen Shu know it. Ke Ying admits having a motive to get close to her and still likes him. So what is he is married - she is his first love - if he can't throw the figurine away, that means he still feels for her. She is shocked when she returns the shirt to him and he explains to her. She lies that she hasn't said anything to her. The eatery owner is surprised that he marries a young wife.

Zhen Shu asks why he hasn't been back for 5 years. She should eat more - if not, many will say that he is with a kid. He is under a lot of pressure. She is like a child who gets into trouble - when will she grow up? She keeps stressing that she is an adult and is allowed to go to the nightclub now. He then lets her cry but apologises as he doesn't mean to hurt her. He only takes it as a joke and promises not to do it again.

She is about to ask him if he still likes Ke Ying. He gets a call to catch Zhuge clan members and she gets worried. He will tell her everything when back home. Zhong Can has news that the clan is also having illegal drug trafficking deals so they rush to arrest them. Zhen Shu gets a call from Old Quan. He assures her that he will never go womanizing. Zhen Shu is worried that the bad guys are arrested but He Jun isn't back - is he injured? She waits in the rain. He Jun finds it suspicious to get the call so timely but still rushes home. He is touched t o see her and she faints as she gets a fever from the wait.

She apologises for the matter when he takes care of her. She isn't angry because he says that she is a kid. She will tell him in future 30 years later - that means that she has forgiven him. She wakes to see him sleeping beside her bed. He tells her not to wait for him at the door next time because he will definitely return to their home. She will not throw the shirt away although it has a whole as it has his memories. Mrs Yin reminds Zhen Shu that it is He Jun's birthday so she prepares seaweed soup for him.

Zhen Shu insists that He Jun returns early - he is amused - is her sickness considered an important day? But he agrees to it while she does out to get a present for him. He only realizes it when his colleague reminds him. Zhong Can checks out that the informer is Ke Ying. Zhen Shu gets a telescope for him. Nan Zhe informs Zhong Can and He Jun to go to Ke Ying's office which is in a mess.

Zhen Shu sees a shooting star and wishes He Jun happy birthday. The two send her to hospital and she holds He Jun's hand tightly. He calls to say that he can't return. She doesn't get to say happy birthday and she likes him. The people must have come for revenge. Zhong Can knows that Ke Ying does it for He Jun but still applies for personal protection order for her. He feels bad seeing her on the bed.

He returns to see Zhen Shu just waking up. She knows that he is tired and massages his shoulders for him but he hugs her. Zhong Can finds Ke Ying scary but He Jun finds her pitiful. He must be better than expected - if not, why does she return for him? Shan Ya knows about it and tells him to consider Ke Ying. He is angry and refuses to talk to her. Zhong Can is disappointed in her - doesn't she feel shameful over her act? She shouldn't hurt her only brother.

The guys are relieved that Ke Ying is fine and should be discharged soon. Zhong Can reminds him to keep it from Zhen Shu. He Jun should not have let them met. But he still decides to tell her everything since she is strong. She tells him to enter on his own and offs the lights - he is amused - who is the one who tells him to ring the doorbell? He groves in the dark and is amused that she doesn't faint this time upon seeing him. He suddenly mentions about 'Chu Shi Biao' youth - she doesn't know his name and looks.

She cuts him out when he wants to tell her about Ke Ying. She has forgotten about her first love so he should do the same. He places her back on the bed when the lights are back and decides not to tell her.
His colleagues is about to reveal Ke Ying's informer identity when He Jun returns. She is here to bring his handphone to him. She pities the informer, not knowing who she is. She wants him to return early but doesn't tell him that she needs to go for her dead grandfather's death anniversary.

Nan He tells the truth to her. He Jun is disturbed that Ke Ying is giving the news as his best birthday present. He doesn't like owing her and can't return to her to repay her. He discovers that she hasn't changed - he likes the selfish her in the past. But now no more. He has changed a lot after marriage - he will repay the debt unwillingly but definitely not her request. Zhen Shu hides from He Jun to finalise that Ke Ying in the hospital. Both try to hide from each other that they know about it when he is back. He praises that her cooking improves daily. She feels that it is alright for them to hide some secrets from each other. He is puzzled over her suggestion. He becomes distracted at work.

Old Quan meets Zhen Shu for her grandfather's death anniversary. She brings him out and forces a person to let him have a seat in the MTR. She nearly drops her jaw when he wants to go to KTV. He sings an old song and she recalls her moments with He Jun - when he sings to help her, how they are at the astronomy club and how they are together in the snow. He Jun is about to leave the office when he gets a call that Ke Ying is missing so he rushes to the hospital.

How can two policemen standing outside not know where she has gone to? But he deduces that she can't be kidnapped and she must be somewhere nearby. Old Quan is impatient when he hasn't arrived and Zhen Shu can't get him. He later calls her to tell that he can't come. He Jun drives to a resort to find Ke Ying drinking there. She refuses to return to Seoul with him and requests him to keep her company for a day. He refuses and she chides him for being heartless.

Old Quan feels bad that He Jun can't come because of work. He Jun requests his team to send 2 people over to protect Ke Ying since she doesn't wish to leave. She still insists that he stays to protect her since he doesn't love Zhen Shu. He denies that - Zhen Shu is most important to him than anyone else. He may not know what love is but the moment he thinks of how he keeps their past from her makes him feel bad. She should know how sad he is. Ke Ying never knows that he cares so much for her.

Ke Ying tells Zhen Shu that she is with He Jun. She then decides to return to her Seoul home with the policemen. He jumps when knowing what she has done and Zhen Shu even knows their past. He Jun recalls how she suffers. He rushes home and presses the door bell. She opens the door for him and he asks her why she doesn't tell him. Zhen Shu has blamed and also suspected him but not anymore. She even prepares dinner for him. He thanks her for waiting and trusting him. She also thanks him for returning home.

Nan Zhe tells Ke Ying to forget the past but gets scolded. Ke Ying will never apologise to him but he apologises to her. He hopes that she can find happiness but she doesn't believe him and gets slapped since he ditches her. Since he has given up on the best her, he will regret. He still nods and says that this is her. He Jun goes to the arcade with Zhen Shu and they play together to score well.

She gets her the telescope to look at the stars. It is his belated birthday present and he is touched. He is puzzled when he suddenly sees her face and starts slapping his face to run home later. His heart suddenly beats fast. He is 28 years and has not believed in love after his first love relationship fails. But lately, he thinks of Zhen Shu to make his heart beat again. He suddenly imagines Zhong Can flashing Zhen Shu's profile to all during the meeting. Her crime is to steal her husband's heart. (This scene is hilarious.)

He realizes that he loves his wife deeply. Upon seeing her face at the home door, he becomes stunned. He sees her drying her wet hair and sitting beside him to watch a couple hug scene on television. He feels that she dresses poorly in the bathrobe. She demands to know why he loses his temper and he knows that it is true that he loves her. Zhong Can is glad that their problem is solved but worries whether he is too much to scold Shan Ya the last time. Should he say sorry to her but he will lose his face?

He Jun also hesitates whether he should tell Zhen Shu that he loves her. Zhong Can also decides to get Shan Ya's telephone number to say sorry to her. Zhen Shu meets Ke Ying after having lunch with Nan He. Ke Ying despises her low qualifications and parentage. He Jun prepares a romantic candlelight dinner at home and he consults the love guide to discover that he has forgotten about the music.

Zhen Shu is in a bad mood and wants him to off the music. She even drinks a whole bottle of beer by herself. He mentions of how they meet each other the first time - she thinks of the 'Chu Shi Biao' incident but he finds her saddening - no - it is adorable in the toilet. She tries to remind him of how he wears the traditional robe to walk around. He mentions that she is fierce and is weird so it must be frightening to dream of her. He suddenly gets jealous - does she ask him to wear it the last time because of him?

He demands to know who he is and what he does. She refuses to tell him and gets angry, deciding to keep it a secret. He also vows not to tell her that he loves her and dumps all the books in the dustbin. (It is funny on how she spoils the evening.) Zhong Can apologises to Shan Ya and she forgives him. He hopes that she treats the couple well and reveals that Zhen Shu knows the past all along. Since she is pretty, she should look at Zhen Shu's good points. Zhong Can offers to introduce boyfriends to her but she gets offended.

Zhen Shu sees all the roses, candles and glasses in the dustbin and recalls how she does the same. He Jun is angry when recalling Zhen Shu's words - the youth is so handsome that he can't match? He must be blind to like her. Zhen Shu appears before him. He denies that the things are for her but for his own birthday. It is impossible for him to like her - can it be that she likes him? She gets mad - why must she give up the youth to like a boring him? He claims that it is ridiculous to say this in front of her husband.

She reminds him of their deal - not to interfere in each other's lives. As long as she doesn't commit adultery, she isn't committing any offence. They quarrel and part. Shan Ya meets Zhen Shu and also asks Ke Ying along to humiliate her. She even comments that Zhen Shu's hairstyle is ugly and Zhen Shu calls her a bitch. Both end up fighting. It is hilarious when the two policemen decide to let them fight and return later after they finish. They can't bear with Ke Ying's haughtiness.

When the Zhuge clan comes to kidnap Ke Ying, Zhen Shu helps her instead and Ke Ying tries in vain to get the policemen for help. The poor gangsters have a hard time to drag her into the car as she is so strong. He Jun wonders what is wrong with him - just tell Zhen Shu his feelings directly and that's it. Upon knowing what has happened to her, he nearly becomes mad to rush out alone - how can Zhong Can ask him to wait? He Jun finally shows his affections for her openly. Zhong Can manages to calm him down. Qi Zheng is surprised that Zhen Shu is kidnapped and slaps his men - how can they think that she is Ke Ying's younger sister and not know that she is He Jun's wife? Zhen Shu recognizes him and screams.

He Jun worries for Zhen Shu's safety and Zhong Can consoles him. He Jun gets a call from Qi Zheng and rushes out alone after knowing where they are through the tracking device. Zhen Shu finds a chance to escape to come to He Jun. He tells her to escape alone and he will deal with them. He admits that he loves her very much. Zhong Can is angry that the police refuses to back him up and is overjoyed when he gets enlistment from the top. Zhen Shu manages to stop a van of wrestling students to help her.

He Jun and Zhen Shu are reunited but upon seeing how Qi Zheng's man try to run them down with a car, he quickly pushes her aside. She wakes up, anxiously looking around for him, He Jun only needs to be hospitalized for a few days and decides to scare her by covering the blanket over him. She thinks that he is dead and cries - she hasn't told him how she loves him and her first love is him. She is annoyed to know that he is only making fun of her. He apologises for not recognizing her then.

The superintendent chides He Jun for not following the procedures. His superior explains that he can't make cool judgment as his wife is kidnapped. The elders chide the superintendent for not praising their clan grandson instead. Shan Yu blames Zhen Shu for it and He Jun speaks up for her. He cites that Shan Ya is overly concerned over his married life so she should get married soon. Shan Ya vows to seek revenge.

He Jun is discharged and the doctor advises him to avoid vigorous exercises. Ke Ying offers her congratulations but Zhen Shu is annoyed to know that she is only pretending - she even wishes to be the one kidnapped so that He Jun can save her! The couple smile as a real married couple now. She allows him to sleep with him but Shan Ya interferes - saying that she is here to take care of He Jun till he recovers.

One night he comes secretly to lead Zhen Shu out and is about to kiss her when Shan Ya switches on the lights. He looks at Zhen Shu reluctantly as he goes to work. Shan Ya pretends to be sad when he suggests her to leave. Zhong Can frowns upon knowing what happens but still congratulates him for making up with Zhen Shu. He agrees to get rid of Shan Ya for him and follows him for dinner. Shan Ya is shocked to see him as she is having a face mask. Zhong Can drags her out and He Jun wonders if he has a motive.

The married couple finally has time for themselves. Shan Ya claims to have high expectations of men and seeing that she has no intention to stay long for the art exhibition, Zhong Can tells He Jun to bring Zhen Shu to a hotel. This is so hilarious - after drinking several glasses of wine (which he does too), she kicks him upon seeing his eyes turning red. Shan Ya is pleased to see them quarreling when they return home.

Zhong Can laughs again - it is natural that she is frightened but what is He Jun going to do except to wait? He Jun feels sorry for her - he should let her be a kid and can't let her go into an adult's world because of him. Her teacher now has a boyfriend and teaches her how to love He Jun. Mrs Yin also gives the same advice. He Jun buys a present for Zhen Shu and agrees to wait for her. He will buy her something after each quarrel. She finds an hour glass in the box - it signifies time between them. (What a special present!)

She goes to the study and suggests that they should sleep together. He awakens to see her face beside him and is overjoyed. Zhen Shu adjusts his tie and both look at each other tenderly. He suddenly returns to give her a kiss. He gets caught for committing a traffic offence but he doesn't mind. He even sneaks out during a meeting to give her a call as he misses her. She can't hear him and tells him to say louder - which causes Zhong Can and the others to tease him. (It is very easy to laugh at this scene.)

Shan Ya is troubled on how to ask Ke Ying to give up. Ke Ying is out meeting Zhen Shu and her friend comes, wanting to give her a present for not attending her wedding in the U.S. Shan Ya jumps after knowing that she is divorced. She confronts her and Zhen Shu tries in vain to stop both from quarreling. Ke Ying claims that she has never deceived her - she only doesn't tell her. She can sue Shan Ya for damages and she is also wrong to try to break up a married couple.

He Jun is angry that he has to work overtime and rushes home to see Zhen Shu for a while before returning to work. He tells her to be wary and not to open the door to strangers. She knows that he is back through the footsteps and can even tell that he is happy. The elders pass the medicine to her through Shan Ya and she passes them to He Jun. He hugs her to thank her but the carpark attendant comes again to scold him for not parking his car properly. Shan Ya tells He Jun about Ke Ying's divorce. He also thinks that Zhen Shu is right to stop Shan Ya from fighting with Ke Ying. Shan Ya sees the medicine with him and is angry.

Zhong Can wonders why Shan Ya ignores him and tells the elders about it. The old men are angry and hold a daughter-in-laws meeting session with other clans. He Jun wants both to call each other - he will miss her if he doesn't hear her voice. She sits in the bus and weeps. She realises that the meeting is due to her mistake and doesn't mind Shan Ya telling it as she is wrong. Shan Ya tells her that she must cook all Quan clan dishes but is enraged when she can't handle.

Zhong Can wonders why He Jun isn't drinking his favourite miso soup. He should call Zhen Shu then but to his amazement, he drives to An Dong to see her! Shan Ya tells Zhen Shu to memorize the procedures while she will do the cooking. This is cheating but she has no choice. Zhen Shu is overjoyed to see that He Jun comes specially for her and even misses his dinner. He feels sorry to make her go through all the suffering so he gives her his childhood toy to give her strength.

There are 10 minutes left before he returns to Seoul so he sings for her. He will not mind the result as long as she tries her best. The different clan daughters-in-law arrive and she offends one who hasn't have a child as yet. They test her on the cooking and the woman sneers at her for being unable to make the sauce so how will she be able to come up with the dishes? Qld Quan is angry with them - she can just offer whatever she knows but he will never agree to cheating. His main concern is she learns virtues from them.

Shan Ya places high hopes as this is the first gathering in 16 years. But this happens and she loses all confidence in Zhen Shu. He Jun calls Zhen Shu when she doesn't call him. He is alarmed to know that things don't work well for her. Zhen Shu sleeps and he wipes the tears from her face to wake her. How can he sleep when she cries so hard? Old Quan thinks that he is overly worried to come all the way. The elders chide Zhen Shu for disgracing their clan and decide that she should stay and learn from them.

He Jun can't agree to it but Qld Quan also agrees with them to make Zhen Shu stay with them. Shan Ya puts the breakfast and Zhen Shu suddenly feels like vomiting when trying to offer the fish soup to them. The elders think that she is pregnant and Shan Ya laughs - how can it be possible since they don't sleep together? Upon seeing Zhen Shu's blushed face, she realises that both have indeed but when all are happy over it, He Jun thinks it's impossible. (I am starting to think that the story gets ridiculous here too.) I really crack up when the elders congratulate He Jun - he is so busy with state affairs but still has the time to groom future generations - that is a great achievement!

Shan Ya tells Zhen Shu that her torturing days are almost over since the elders will not ask much about it. But if she doesn't give birth to a son, she will still be in trouble. Zhen Shu imagines them to be happy being parents. She tells He Jun that she isn't good enough but will try to be a good mother. The elders are excited now on how to train the future 'son'. He Jun is too troubled to smile - how long can they hide from them?

On their way home, Zhen Shu talks excitedly about her being a mother. He Jun reminds her - isn't it strange - they are only together a few days ago - how can they have a baby so soon? No one will suffer from nausea so soon. She gets angry and scolds him - is he unhappy to be a father? (I also think that Zhen Shu has no common sense - or rather no brain.)She throws all the junk food away for the sake of the 'child'. She starts to listen to all sorts of classical music and pins up all the idols' photos. You will laugh to see photos of Jang Dong Gan, Won Bin, Kim Nam Joo and Chae Lim. The last is He Jun's photo.

Seeing her so happy, he has no heart to tell her that she isn't pregnant. What should he do? She even thinks of the child's name. Actually he feels fortunate to have her alone. But she decides that having a baby is better - is he jealous? He consults his senior who is a doctor and he laughs too - it might be possible if it is a month later. But it may be that she feels nausea once pregnant if she is oversensitive. Maybe she is under a lot of pressure - she might be having gastric problems and he suggests to He Jun taking her to see a specialist but not him, a gynecologist.

He Jun jumps and forbids Zhen Shu to see a doctor on her own. He insists of going with her - how can she remove his rights as the father? He asks Zhong Can what he should do to avoid upsetting her. Zhong Can tells him not to say and he should try to produce a baby. Do it quickly now. He chides Zhong Can for talking nonsense but later realizes what he means. Now he thinks that he is right. But Zhen Shu refuses to drink wine and even chases him out of the room, wanting to sleep in separate rooms.

He decides to bring her to the doctor. Mrs Yin notices that she isn't having nausea now and not having the same symptoms as her. Mrs Ying scolds her for not going to the hospital. Although it is impossible, what happens if she isn't pregnant? She tries to deny it and recalls He Jun's words. The doctor says that it is gastritis but isn't serious. She just needs to keep away from spicy food.

She cries as she is disappointed. He Jun tries his best to console her. The doctor says that Zhen Shu is too impatient - the symptoms will not show in the beginning stage - it will take at least 2 months. He Jun is stunned this time - she is really pregnant! They hug in joy and they share the news with all - not knowing they already know the truth. Zhen Shu's friends even yell at her - what else does she want since they have already gotten her a present?! Except Zhong Can - has He Jun followed his instructions so it works?

He Jun carries Zhen Shu on his back - they are not heavy at all. He really worries for her - she gets too happy without confirmation. He only calls his parents for a short while but he is sure that he will get used to the 'father' address - just like how he gets used to the 'husband' address. He will make sure that he stays beside them for a long time - unlike their fathers who leave them early.

She reminds him that they have not gone to Jiju island for their honeymoon. They can go together with their child. She decides to start writing a diary. Old Quan wants Shan Ya to bring fruits for Zhen Shu. The elders still worry over Zhen Shu's education. Shan Ya gives to He Jun instead and doesn't give Zhen Shu because she wants to see Zhong Can. Ke Ying is here to see Zhong Can on a case. Shan Ya is unhappy to see them together. She tells Ke Ying that Zhen Shu is pregnant to upset her.

Ke Ying then asks when Shan Ya is getting married to spite back. Shan Ya deliberately trips Zhong Can to stop him from following Ke Ying. Zhen Shu wonders why they should eat out. He Jun claims that he works too hard in the day. They get into the restaurant to see that Shan Ya is there with Zhong Can. He Jun feels that she isn't one to repay another person's favour although she claims that this is to reward Zhong Can for bringing her to the exhibition the last time. Zhong Can agrees with Zhen Shu that they should not look for people away from their circle and asks Shan Ya what type of men she prefers.

Shan Ya gets so angry with him - she is interested in him but he doesn't know it. She gets angry and the guys are puzzled. Zhen Shu knows her feelings and decides to help her. They go to the KTV and the two pairs sing well. Zhong Can even dances with Shan Ya but he releases her hand upon hearing He Jun's voice. He Jun disapproves of them together but is surprised to know that his sister likes Zhong Can more.

Zhen Shu tries to hide the diary from He Jun and he gets curious to get up in the middle of the night to read it. She wants to give their baby his big eyes, her everlasting love for He Jun, a gentle voice and a bright smile. She welcomes it into their family. He Jun tries giving her all sorts of food and goes shopping with her the baby's things. Ke Ying gets her a hair band - wanting her to lose her weight after giving birth or she will lose He Jun to other women.

Ke Ying wonders why He Jun is so selfish to keep Zhen Shu alone at home. She says that it is her own choice and her only aim is to marry him. Is she going to be only the daughter-in-law all her life? She ponders Ke Ying's words - is it that important to have dreams? He Jun is amused that she looks for him just to have lunch with him. He Jun has wanted to be a prosecutor when young but has no explanation for it. It is fine that she has no dreams as she has him and is going to be a mother soon.

He tells her to read books and not think of him all the time. She is angry - at first calls her a child and now tells her to be a housewife. He wonders what is wrong with her. He Jun recalls her words and waits for her outside their home - does she want to go for their honeymoon? How can she lose her temper and walks away like that? She apologises - he nearly bursts as he is already so tired from work.

What should she do then? Go on a honeymoon then - but they can only go to the beach as he decides this in the last minute. Does he come here to console her? Zhong Can finds it strange that Shan Ya always visits He Jun without calling him. She gets angry - does he sound that she has another reason? He tries to appease her. Ke Ying sees them together and knows what she is up to.

She deliberately tells her that she is wasting Zhong Can's time. She then touches his shoulder, pitying him. Shan Ya then asks if they are going steady - Zhong Can denies and wonders why the women always quarrel. Ke Ying isn't as free as her and she spites her back saying that the couple is on honeymoon. Ke Ying clings to Zhong Can's elbow, wanting to talk to him. The women then fight over him.

He Jun sees a couple quarreling and vows not to be like them. Zhen Shu still worries that the day will come when they fight over how to educate their child. She worries - will she regret loving him or he and their child don't like her for being incapable. Zhen Shu scolds a couple for wanting to kill themselves as the woman is pregnant and they are jobless. He Jun tells her that she will find her dream one day. He Jun discovers that they have been tricked - the couple are pickpockets but the woman is truly pregnant.

They grumble on how little the owner earns and are shocked to know that he is a prosecutor. He Jun is enraged - how dare they steal a prosecutor's wallet and he has to depend on Zhen Shu to give him the treat. Zhen Shu knows the part on the pregnancy is true as she can detect it. He finds his wallet on his car. The couple writes a note, telling him to bring more money next time. They don't want to be on the run just because of a miserable 30,000 won. They decide to keep the child too.

Zhen Shu decides to look for a job but he disallows her to wear short skirts as a promoter. Becoming a bodyguard is too dangerous. Being a barter is out of the question too. He says 'no' to everything. Zhen Shu gets angry - is he really keen to help her? He ends up sleeping in the study again and discovers that she goes out to find her dream in the morning. She decides to find her dream herself. En Zhu is working part time at a fast food outlet and doesn't understand why she wants to work since He Jun can support her.

He Jun starts to think that he is selfish to keep her at home. Zhong Can will also do the same unless his wife can earn a lot of money. Will she stop loving him? He will not stop her decision - even if it is absurd. Zhong Can suggests a present for her - to watch a play to reconcile. Zhong Can even gets Shan Ya along. He Jun apologises for being selfish and gives the play ticket. It is to make up for him hurting and upsetting her. She should throw it into the dustbin after it. He Jun claims that Zhen Shu sings and dances best so she decides that she should become an entertainer. He Jun tells her to reconsider since she is pregnant now. He doesn't stop her to go for the audition process.

Mrs Yin thinks that Zhen Shu is mad. He Jun sees her sewing her stage costume and is disturbed when she doesn't sleep at night. She sews it nicely - she has the sewing skill since they own a laundry. She must not ignore him if she becomes a superstar. She feels out of place as her dressing is too loud upon arrival. The interviewers think she doesn't have enough passion for the job - only interest for it. She can't bring herself to tell He Jun about it since he pins hopes on her. He Jun is puzzled why she doesn't pick up his call.

The elders are unhappy that Zhen Shu isn't home yet when they visit them. They are shocked to see her loud dressing. They oppose to her being a clown. He Jun supports her as she has the potential. They feel that they lack consideration. Zhen Shu reveals that she wants to do something. Old Quan asks - is it too much of him to ask her to be a granddaughter-in-law? She must also remember that she is a mother soon.

Mr Quan reveals that Old Quan isn't feeling well and they should not do such stupid acts to affect him again. She decides to give up not because of their opposition. Does he love his job so that he gets to be a good prosecutor? She feels ashamed to admit that she can't have enough passion on being an entertainer. He promises to help her find her dream - might be late to discover it but it is fine. Old Quan refuses to let He Jun take over his post since he is still able to handle it. (I don't understand - why doesn't Mr Quan take over since he is the eldest son?!)

Zhong Can sends Shan Ya to the bus stop and she is jealous when he gets Ke Ying's call. Ke Ying is angry to learn that Shan Ya is with her - warns him not to let her seduce him and he should meet her now. She can tell him lots of her secrets to let him know how she fails to be a prosecutor's wife. Shan Ya declares that Zhong Can is hers and Ke Ying should not call him. Zhong Can asks why is he hers. She gets off the car in embarrassment so he should not contact her in future.

Zhong Can stops her from leaving and looks at her. He gets close to her - does she think that he will kiss her? She gets annoyed and hits him but he quickly plants a kiss on her lips. Ke Ying tells Zhen Shu that the two are dating but she is happy over it. She encourages Ke Ying to reconcile with Shan Ya but she says no. She thanks Ke Ying for reminding her that she should have a dream. Ke Ying vows to break up the two.

Zhong Can asks the couple out for lunch and He Jun wonders why but Zhen Shu knows the answer. Zhong Can has wanted to tell them about their romance. Shan Ya is happy that she can finally get married. He Jun coughs upon knowing that they are getting married and drinks a whole glass of water. He vows to make his brother-in-law suffer - he gives his consent. Old Quan suddenly faints and Zhen Shu breaks a glass. He Jun is shocked upon getting Shan Ya's call to know that he is ill.

(From now onwards, the comical essence is gone and is surrounded by the sad atmosphere. Why must Korean producers always like to spoil all the fun to produce tragedies instead?!) They rush to An Dong but Old Quan claims that he is alright. He Jun wants to bring Old Quan to the hospital for a thorough checkup but he refuses. He gathers that He Jun doesn't treat Zhen Shu that well since he is as boring as him.

He Jun puts Old Quan's shoes properly when he gets out of his room. Zhen Shu finds He Jun standing in the cold by himself, worrying over Old Quan. She assures him that he is strong but it worries him more. He Jun has seen Old Quan crying after chasing his father out. At first, he hates Old Quan for making him the clan grandson but after seeing his weak side, he is unable to hate him. He is afraid that he is putting a forced front like the last time to bear with the pain alone.

Zhong Can comes with flowers to woo Shan Ya. She denies asking him to come and he requests Old Quan to entrust her to him. He agrees and Mr Quan tells He Jun secretly to get prepared to take over Old Quan's duties when they get to meet the other elders in the next meeting. Old Quan wants Zhen Shu to sew clothes for him. He Jun mentioning on staying in An Dong but the ignorant Zhen Shu cites that she will need time as she has no friends and is strange to the place.

Zhong Can jumps upon knowing that He Jun wishes to resign. Can't he juggle two jobs? He Jun decides not to let Old Quan work so hard. Can He Jun really do it since he loves his job so much? It doesn't matter to him since he has tried but he worries for Zhen Shu who still doesn't know what she wants in life. There must be a way out. Zhen Shu chats with Mrs Yin and realizes that He Jun may have to sacrifice his job. He decides to let her study again so that she can get into a university.

She asks - what is his dream then - to return to An Dong alone? He doesn't need to feel remorseful as she is his wife. He jokes that he will not bother if she regrets but shouts aloud that he owes her. They are upset that Old Quan is critically ill and hasn't wake up since last night. Mr Quan keeps it from them as He Jun is returning the next day but he is still angry. His rage accelerates when the elders discuss on how to make Old Quan's funeral a grand affair although he agrees to take over Old Quan's duties.

Shouldn't they pray that he stays longer with them? Zhen Shu understands his feelings but he should consider the elders' feelings too. He begs Old Quan to wake up and Zhen Shu stays beside them. The next day, He Jun is alarmed to find Old Quan's blanket on Zhen Shu and he is missing. He is relieved that he is better. Old Quan dissuades him from staying. It is not just guarding the house and following the rules. It is how to maintain the spirit. He only allows He Jun to take over after his death. They return to Seoul.

Zhong Can congratulates him for staying but jokes that he has hoped that he will resign. He Jun replies that he is really doing it and he jumps. He Jun isn't sure if he is doing the right thing but he wants to be with Old Quan. He Jun wants Zhong Can to pass his resignation letter to the top for him when he is away. He Jun keeps all his things but still smiles as he leaves his work pass and his name plaque behind. Zhen Shu finishes making the traditional clothes for Old Quan. This may be her dream to sew and imagines how surprised he will be if they decide to stay with him for good.

He Jun can't sleep and Zhen Shu has a nightmare so both rush home but he dies upon seeing them. Zhen Shu wants He Jun to cry to make himself feel better but he assures her that he is fine. Later, he hides in a corner to cry upon seeing his shoes. Mr Quan decides to take over the duties - he knows that Old Quan will not want to see them staying and wants He Jun to reconsider. Zhong Can returns the resignation letter to He Jun. He can't bring himself to do it. If he wants, he should do it himself but he will definitely help him.

He Jun decides to return to Seoul to bring a true heart back to An Dong. They get a letter from Old Quan. He had dreamt of both being engaged and getting married. He still thinks that they are married well and not to forget to give the true feelings to the next generation. They pray to Old Quan at the balcony. Zhen Shu stops other girls to bully some girls but gets bullied instead so He Jun has to step in, revealing his identity.

Both of them are carrying babies on their backs (I presume they are twins.) They look at their watches and realize that they are late. He Jun starts blaming Zhen Shu for knocking off late as an assistant seamstress. They rush to the airport to go to Jiju island. Although she mentions about marriage first, he declares his love for her first. They hold their hands together to face their future together.

Introduction on characters

1. Quan He Jun - Lee Dong Gun
He Jun is 28 years old and is a public prosecutor. Although he needs not hold a gun, he often goes for shooting practices just in case the need arises. You will laugh at this prosecutor for always parking his car at the wrong place. He also has to clear all the mess for his very young wife. Although he is mature, he becomes childish in front of Zhen Shu. Things become complicated when his ex-lover comes. He initially still has feelings for Ke Ying but later becomes devoted to Zhen Shu. He respects her and thus avoids to be alone with Ke Ying to prevent any misunderstanding. How sweet he is!

Dong Gun is in top form here - he looks refreshed and his acting is better than in 'Lovers In Paris'. It must be tough for him to act as a no-nonsense and conservative man (He Jun condemns Zhen Shu's revealing dressing at all times.). He expresses the feelings and affections for Zhen Shu well. Especially the jealousy (when the guy picks up Zhen Shu's phone to answer his call.)

2. Xu Zhong Can - Piao Heng Cai
He is He Jun's senior, pal and colleague who gives him lots of ideas to woo his wife but very few of them turn out to be constructive. This actor can be a comedian because when he laughs, I also laugh with him. in fact, I think he is even better than Ji Hye as his laughter is very infectious.

3. Chi Nan Zhe - Li Jun
Nan Zhe carries a torch for Zhen Shu all along and Ke Ying has hoped that he will become a third party into Zhen Shu's marriage. He works as Ke Ying's assistant in the attorney firm and but he knows his limits since she is married. Upon looking at him, you know that he will lose to He Jun immediately because he really lacks the ability to compete with him but he is still a nice guy.

4. Quan Jung Shi - Li Shun Cai
He is He Jun's grandfather and is the head of the clan. He is old and tired of the duties given to him but still holds on to it because he knows that He Jun is more suitable to be a prosecutor. He doesn't wish him to be tied down with the traditional duties and is very tolerant to Zhen Shu.

5. Mr Quan
He is He Jun's first uncle and is Old Quan's capable assistant. Actually he should take over the clan duties so as not to worry He Jun. Why? I have no answer for this. Unlike the chatty Old Quan, he is quiet and stricter with He Jun than him. Although he may be shorter and thinner, he has a strict figure that commands respect so the young ones never dare to joke with him.

6. Yin Zhen Shu - Han Ji Hye
She is He Jun's young and immature wife at 18 years old. She often lands He Jun into trouble by bragging to everyone that he is a prosecutor when she is in dire straits. Being cute, naïve (easily deceived by Ke Ying), cheerful and also obstinate (refusing to change her ways and only to do it after learning the hard way), she gives He Jun lots of headaches. She tries very hard to be one of He Jun's wife, coping with the traditional household duties. One highlight will be how Shan Ya tortures her with the learning.

I never know that Ji Hye has such a flair for comedy. Many scenes are unbelievable but she pulls off quite well at her age. But certain times, the arrangement makes Zhen Shu to be so stupid and ignorant. She was young at 19 when getting this role so she needed no extra effort to work as hard as in 'Summer Scent'. But her hairstyle here can be very childish - will a person still do this at her age?

7. Quan Shan Ya - Liu Hui Jin
She is the proud and picky elder sister to probe into He Jun's affairs. She looks down on Zhen Shu and wants to break the couple up by pulling Ke Ying in or by insisting to stay with them. Luckily she changes for the better after being Ji Can's girlfriend. This actress has a striking resemblance to Kim Nam Joo in looks and her acting is only okay. She is quite artificial in acting in many moments.

8. Zheng Shu Nu - Jin Hui Shu
She is Zhen Shu's mother and owns a laundry. Knowing that Zhen Shu is wild, rebellious and immature, she is very strict with her. She feels inferior when Zhen Shu refuses to go into university to match He Jun's qualification. She is apologetic as Zhen Shu to always giving He Jun trouble but is touched when He Jun confesses to her that he is really overjoyed to have her as his mother as he loses his parents at a young age.

9. Min Ke Ying - Li Duo Hui
She is He Jun's ex-girlfriend and vows to win him back regardless of all nasty methods used. She is as proud as Shan Ya so they get along very well. See how scheming she is to befriend Zhen Shu, gains her trust and later betrays her. Even after Zhen Shu saves her, she isn't grateful to her. Upon seeing how strong their bond is, she decides to give up. It is quite rare that she has a beautiful exterior but her actions simply don't match it. However, I am still moved by how she tries to help He Jun by risking her life. Duo Hui acts fairly well although her long wig can be so unreal at first glance as the Ke Ying just back from the U.S.

10. Mrs Quan
She is He Jun's aunt who is a gentle and traditional woman. Knowing that He Jun is busy with work, she helps to take good care of Old Quan.

11. Cui Qi Zheng
This man is always against Zhong Can and He Jun by setting up 'Zhuge clan' with his boss. Engaging Ke Ying as his lawyer makes him aloof but the guys manage to nap him and arrest him.

12. Xu Bao Zhu -
One of the 5 princesses. Zhen Shu's friend who gives Zhen Shu a lot of ideas to win He Jun's heart.

13. Xu En Zhu -
One of the 5 princesses. She is Bao Zhu's twin sister and I still can't tell the two apart even after watching the serial. She also gives her a lot of ideas too.

14. Zhi Shan -
One of the 5 princesses. Zhen Shu's friend who always arranges the gatherings.

15. Rong Yan -
One of the 5 princesses. Zhen Shu's friend who often suggests to play truant.

16. The elders
These people are a group of scary over-traditional lot. Old Quan moves with the times but they don't - insisting women to stay at home and learn all the virtues. Even He Jun's superior is scared of them.

Most favourite character
He Jun - he is so nice to Zhen Shu. He can wait for her to grow mature. The second is Zhong Can who helps him as much as he can.

Most hated character
A tie between Shan Ya and Ke Ying for coming in between the couple.

Interesting facts

Many Korean dramas have different 'titles' for the leads to address each other. The normal one will be 'opah' - which means elder brother or the name directly. Shan Mei addresses Xiang Zhe as 'senior' even after they go steady in 'All about Eve' but Yong Xi calls him by his name - which indicates that she is closer to him. Tai Ling calls Qi Zhu 'CEO Han' in 'Lovers in Paris' - a very distant address although they are close and he will call her with the surname at most moments. But we don't blame him for telling her not to address him as 'opah' as she really sounds weird. Xian Hua calls Heng Jun 'teacher' after marriage in 'I'm still loving you'. Zhen Shu's the most hilarious so far - to address He Jun as uncle. When Dong Gun came to Singapore, some children who recognized him really called him 'uncle' at the airport!

Dong Gun was a bit worried when he took up the role. He was only 24 but to act as a 28 year old was very challenging to him. He asked others for opinion and also did a lot of homework. Not to mention that he had to observe how attorneys work too.

His role as 'He Jun' won the hearts of many because he was an upright man. Many described him as one of the younger actors who possesses powerful acting. The signboard warm and caring smiles were likeable to make female fans go crazy over him. After it was shown in Japan, 500 fans went to the airport to receive him when he went to film 'stained glass'. 100 fans surrounded the restaurant he stayed.

It is said that this serial brought Ji Hye and Dong Gun together as a couple in real life. Dong Gun is about 5 years older than her. Dong Gun described himself having a fiery temper but she managed to console him while she claimed that he cared like an older brother to her. They gave each other comments in acting after each scene. He liked to joke with her and as they belong to blood A, they clicked well. However, she found him very childish looking and beautiful - Dong Gun interrupted her - did she imply that he looked girly?!

She ignored him and said that he is really like a boy. But when they really filmed, he made a 180 degree change and became so mature. He is upright and also gentle but he said that she was wrong. She continued to say that he can be reckless but he is no cassava - not even 1%. The Ji Hye in his eyes is not weak or simple. She can be cool and calm. When he blew up matters and didn't know how to solve it, she would do it for him to make others feel comfortable.

Dong Gun may look romantic on the screen but he is an introvert - many said him cold. He will not smile to everyone but to closed ones. He will not force himself to do it if he is not in the mood. He will not pretend to get close to someone too. But he is polite to all - that might send the wrong message. Dong Gun said that no one is prettier than her when she smiles. She has eliminated all the demerits of being an A type woman. She isn't as gloomy as supposed to be. She made him feel blissful. Even though she was tired, her smiles never left her face and was tolerant to everyone.

Ji Gye knew Dong Gun is observant and caring but can be stubborn. A pair of sports shoes he likes can be worn till they are torn. No one can change his mind which is different from his weak outlook. He will try his best to be perfect. But when it comes to love, he will be willing to make sacrifices. Dong Gun praised her acting - if Ji Hye isn't that perfect, she will make Zhen Shu to look like a brainless woman.

When they first met each other to practice the script, Dong Gun was so surprised. She wore sunglasses and a sports suit. He was thinking - actresses like to doll up but why was she like this? She also lamented that she was disappointed too - he was also the same and even used a cap that covered half his face. Dong Gun knew that she was polite to all but she was shy. So when she called him 'elder brother', he was so happy. Even after filming, both stayed back to chat. This was quite exceptional as he is a quiet man.

Ji Hye's description - a person who dressed casually suddenly looked smart in the business suit. He often called her 'Miss Zhen Shu' for a long time. When he was supposed to knock off, he stayed back wearing the sports suit to wait for others to finish filming. Ji Hye decided to learn more from him. They were together for 90% in the serial. Normally it was hard to film this kind of serial. Dong Gun should have thoughts of sneaking away when it was reaching an end 2 weeks later but he felt reluctant instead.

The audience wanted the serial to have a sequel - the two were also hoping for that but the television station didn't want it. Dong Gun then starred in 'Lovers in Paris' that soar his popularity. When asked if they could become a real couple, Dong Gun evaded the question - he only thanked his fans and the producer for finding a good partner for him. But if they get married, they might quarrel as in the serial. Many question if he is only hiding a fact!

The serial's highest viewership rate was 37% which was considered overwheming. Many liked the way it touches on traditional culture.

In the 2004 KBS drama awards, Ji Hye and Dong Gun won the popularity awards together. All are happy for them and they were obviously overjoyed too. Ji Hye also won the best newcomer award in BAksung awards.


How does it feel to grow up in a clan? I come from a very traditional and extended family. So many scenes are familiar to me although I don't know Korean culture in following every single detail. So I can feel He Jun's pressure when the clan is dependent on him to prosper. But he loves his prosecutor job so much so it is hard to make a balance. No wonder his father rejects the post. But why is he selected instead of Mr Quan - just because he has a son to continue the family line?

The couple might bicker and fight under the same roof but slowly, they learn to love and give in to each other. They are a mismatch at first - he thinks of her as a brat as she thinks of him as a boring 'old' guy. That is why she calls him '€˜uncle' and not his name - to depict him as old.

Credits should be given to the supporting cast for making this serial work miracles. I like Heng Cai as He Jun's close buddy and also Duo Hui as the ex-lover who creates so much trouble. Without them, this will be an average drama. However, the four other 4 princesses look too old as Zhen Shu's high school classmates. The twins even look too old to be university students with their extremely thick make-up.

The plot is well developed and jokes are sufficient to keep you watching. This is so different from the tragic dramas. But I do find certain scenes childish and foolish. It is unbelievable that Old Quan can put up with Zhen Shu's nonsense. Doting on her is one thing but training her to be a clan's daughter-in-law is real hard work. No wonder she fails miserably in the competition due to lack of lessons. I don't blame Shan Ya for feeling that Old Quan is unfair to spoil her rotten.

The last two sad episodes can be a minor drawback too, wanting to create a sad atmosphere which isn't consistent with the funny element present throughout the serial. It takes time to make a marriage work but there are also many things to look into - the duties to all in a household and also the choice in making a decision that seals their future. Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices to give up our own ambitions.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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