Sweet Spy

Reviewed by: sukting

June 12, 2007

Rating: two

This is Dennis O’ Neil’s (caution - he is not Daniel Henney) first drama. How does he fare?


You Ri switches on his handphone on a plane after closing the cap of a pencil that he has obtained from a spy. Shun Ai stops a reckless driver. Jiang Jun is taking over the investigation department and this is his first day. He is first in cadet class and is good in all forms of fights. He is also excellent in shooting, responses quickly and effectively in dealing with cases.

Upon seeing him so young, Na La hands him a glass of water and stands behind him. Shun Ai brings the criminal in and cuts Jun’s speech short. She works on behalf of her late husband, Jin to be in the transport department. Jun meets his uncle, Xuan Zhe. He wants him to release Hong Ji for an important project.

He sarcastically gives him a chance to prove an abandoned son’s worth. Jun rejects the chance as he is stubborn. Xuan Zhe isn’t his real uncle – Jun’s mother is the mistress of Zheng while Xuan Zhe’s sister is the first wife. You Ri drives too fast so Shun Ai books him. She uses his pencil and forgets to return him. You Ri returns to his apartment, frustrated. She is with her shades and he has to go through the whole website to search for her name.

Shun Ai thinks of the past when looking at her wedding photo. She doesn’t have the money to pay the rent so she moves to the police station despite of Sgt Hong’s protest. (She is too thick-skinned.) Na La’s heart pounds fast whenever Jun smiles at her. Jun notices Shun Ai when she arrests a criminal. He sighs and closes his eyes – what should he do? Hong Ji is frustrated with the interrogation and slaps Shun Ai. Jun springs up from his chair and charges out of his office. (This is the first one that anyone has seen him losing his control.) His men have to stop him from hitting Hong Ji.

Jun feels apologetic for being unable to stop it but Shun Ai gets away before he can say much. Shun Ai later seeks her revenge by wearing the motorcycle helmet into the karaoke and hit Hong Ji’s chin. En Zhu is back – she is second from police university. Jun meets her in office as she joins his team. He starts to touch his temples when some criminals think it is nice to get interrogated by a pretty cop. They soon yell in pain and there is complete silence.

En Zhu has not seen Jun for a long time and no one can predict that they will work together. She asks if he still like motorcycles. She wants to find a place to stay near Jun. Jun watches in amusement as En Zhu and Na La argue with each other in jealousy. Hong Ji wants Jun to find the culprit who breaks his nose. Jun gets to the patrol unit to ask why Shun Ai hasn’t knocked off. (There is a warm smile on his face.) He asks if she still remembers him. He is shy – he has attended her wedding and is Jin’s junior from high school.

She can call him if she has any trouble. He sees the red helmet and motorcycle so he smiles. (He gathers what has happened.) But he gets so distracted that he nearly hits his head onto the door. He then rides his own motorcycle away. You Ri looks through every policewoman’s photo and finally kidnaps Shun Ai. Fan Jiu is released from jail and his daughter, Zhen Xiu also loses a place to stay. Fan Jiu stays with his friends who open a boxing gym.

Jun looks through the banquet list with En Zhu. En Zhu gets information from the foreign department to help him. Jun is anxious upon knowing that Shun Ai disappears. Shun Ai is angry that You Ri doesn’t appeal but kidnap her. You Ri replies that he is a spy and she has to swear secrecy till death. He gives her the code koala to search for the pencil. The team looks through the tape at the transport unit and is stunned that Jun has been there to visit Shun Ai. All look at him and he flies to a rage – are they suspecting him?

All lower their heads but are more surprised to know that Shun Ai is back. She lies that she oversleeps in a sauna. Shun Ai starts to look around for the pen to try to recall where she misplaces it. She remembers getting slapped and dropping it at the police station. She searches the dustbin and everywhere. Jun tries so hard not to laugh when he sees her sneaking around as he chairs a meeting.

He later startles her to ask how he can help her. She sees a pen on his file and takes it. His eyes open wide upon seeing many pens on her. Suddenly Zhong Chun calls her and Jun leans behind her to listen, getting suspicious. She gives Zhong Chun and You Ri all the pens she has but none of them is the one. Jun comes to the transport unit and sees them in the car. He notes the car number and follows.

However, he has to stop when You Ri and Shun Ai get into a speedboat. Jun calls the station to find out the owner and also asks her where she is. She lies that she is at home. Jun gets worried when there is no information on the car owner. It is now You Ri’s turn to ask her about the guy on the motorcycle. He tells her that he isn’t from the underworld. Jun looks for Shun Ai the next day – she looks surprised to him. She lies to him that she has slept well. He wants to know if anyone threatens her. She denies.

He doesn’t want her to hide from him if anything happens. Anyway, he is relieved to see that she is at work. Superintendent Wang is angry that Hong Ji’s culprit isn’t caught. Jun is late for the meeting but knows that Wang is in a bad mood so he gets everyone to go out of the meeting room. Laugh when Na La gets close to him to smell his cologne! Jun checks on Jin’s case and wonders why it is closed.

Jin has arrested Fan Jiu and this is suspecting as he has stolen a document from Xuan Zhe. Xuan Zhe knows that Shun Ai is the culprit to hurt Hong Ji. Although En Zhu gets into Seoul university, she also chooses police school to be with Jun. But Jun doesn’t give him a chance so she has to fight for it. She asks about his relationship with Shun Ai. Jun refuses to answer.

Na La is sore towards Shun Ai. Why is Shun Ai only a year younger than Jun – the director of their unit but can’t get promoted? Why does he like such a woman – this is not courage but reckless. Shun Ai decides to learn boxing from the gym. All turn up nicely for the banquet. You Ri is getting Shun Ai to try out clothes at the boutique. He is elegantly dressed too. Jun also appears smartly.

You Ri is completely stunned when Shun Ai walks to him completely dolled up. Jun and En Zhu looks through the preparation. You Ri wants Shun Ai to follow instructions and pretends not to know him. Jun pauses for a while and later sees Shun Ai walking after You Ri. His eyes turn wide to see her so elegantly dressed. She replies someone invites her here. Hong Ji sees Shun Ai and is about to run after her when Jun stops him. All are stunned by the later announcement.

The major shareholder in Xuan Zhe’s company is You Ri. Jun recalls their encounter at the river. En Zhu can’t recall where she has seen him. Jun wants her to investigate him. She then realizes that she has seen him at the airport before. She sulks – is Jun interested in Shun Ai now? He denies. Na La asks why Shun ai is here like a star. Shun Ai hurries to press food on Hong Ji’s face before leaving. Jun has to promise Hong Ji to look into the case to show that he is impartial.

Shun Ai is caught by the black dragon gangsters and they ask her about the pencil. They injure her badly. Fan Jiu and You Ri rescue her out. The team is astonished to see Shun Ai in You Ri’s car. Jun borrows tapes from the hotel to search for surveillance and see how badly bruised Zhen Xiu is by the black dragon clan. Zhen Xiu rejects his concern and doesn’t trust him. He then lets her wear his jacket and drops all the tapes on the floor. When he wants to get out, the doors close as the crowd comes in.

He finds his wallet – his money and his police badge are in it. Shun Ai faints and You Ri helps her to his bed at home. You Ri tends to her wound. She should be responsible for herself although it is his fault to bring her there. She doesn’t know a word of English he says. He doesn’t have to lie in front of her. He says that he isn’t a good spy. He takes her there to save his own life. Now she is in real danger. He doesn’t know if they can meet again so he can tell her about his mother. She promises to look for the pencil. She is not at the police post but hides at the phone booth. All wonder who the car owner to fetch Cinderella is.

Na La notices that she eats a lot then so she might be stealing a lot of money. Jun sees that En Zhu comes to his window to want a kiss. He looks through You Ri’s incomplete details. Why he has no heritage but big assets? He is born in Japan, attended elementary in Moscow, high school in Swiss, UK and Boston. He attended Harvard U and Yale, studying biochemistry and got MBA in electronics.

The CIA asks for the pencil and wants to kill Fan Jiu but Jun comes to scare them away. Jun sees them bruised but they deny it. His eyes nearly pop out when seeing Shun Ai’s photo – she is a member? Shun Ai recalls how You Ri protects her but recalls Jin. Jun waits for her and puts the helmet over her head before smiling to get on his bike. She looks beautiful to him the last night as the gown fits her well.

Jun asks if she is involved with You Ri. She coughs and he quickly comes to pat her back. She only explains that they are mere acquaintances. She whispers into his ear – he is a spy and she is his assistant. (I can’t believe that she can be so stupid.) Jun looks at her questionably. He gets so angry and wants to leave. You Ri stands outside the patrol station and is concerned when Shun Ai isn’t back. Jun is quiet all the way and he isn’t happy to see them together.

You Ri lifts Shun Ai off Jun’s motorcycle. Jun introduces himself as director of the search department. Jun announces that he doesn’t know their date and leaves. You Ri asks after Shun Ai’s injured arm and she says that she is fine. You Ri writes down his handphone number on her hand to call him when she gets the pencil back. Zhong Chun is angry that You Ri doesn’t tell him where he goes as Shun Ai is dangerous to them. Shun Ai wants to stay in the patrol station but Hong wants her to move soon. (Of course, it is the police quarters to handle cases but not a place to stay!)

Xuan Zhe works with Hong Ji on illegal deals. Zhong Chun shakes his head. How can Shun Ai be a spy if she can’t recall any doubtful characters? Shen uses a pencil to write and Shun Zi wonders if it is the pencil. She keeps it inside her sleeve. You Ri and Zhong Chun get ready. You Ri manages to track down where she is. The 2 sides fight for it and You Ri manages to defeat them. He recalls how startled she looks and smiles. Jun asks Fan Jiu but can get nothing out from him.

You Ri removes the chip from the pencil. Jun finds Shun Ai’s relationship with the boxing house suspicious. Wang is furious with Jun only checking on this case and asks about his connection with Xuan Zhe. Jun replies coldly that he is only a distant relative. Someone sends back his coat with his policeman badge and wallet. Jun looks out of the window and sees Shun Ai so he thinks she sends them back to him.

You Ri meets Xuan Zhe and Hong Ji. Hong Ji gets Zhen Xiu to sit with him. You Ri pours wine for her and sends her home, saving her from Hong Ji’s harassment. She weeps in his car and wants him to send her to the patrol station. You Ri is surprised and helps her out – is this really her home? Shun Ai helps to bring her in. He looks at her wedding photo – so she is married. She sends him out, refusing to explain.

Why does she move here? Shun Ai mumbles that he must have found Zhen Xiu pretty. Shun Ai asks about their relationship. (She is obviously jealous to ask so much.) Wang asks Cao why Fan Xiu is released on both occasions. Cao has no answer although he is in charge of the case in the past. Jun falls asleep at his desk when looking through the files the whole night. Shen tells Jun that the person who knocks Jin down with his car is dead in prison. No one sees the murderer.

Jun goes to the boxing school. He can bring them safety as a member. Why is Shun Ai not around? She comes anytime she wants. Jun wonders if she is here because of Fan Jiu as Jin arrested him in the past. Shun Ai tries avoiding Jun’s stares opposite the table. He asks if she is still You Ri’s assistant. He wants her to do something for him – this time he will be the spy and she is his assistant. She is most suitable for it. She knows of the violence of the boxing school 2 days ago but she isn’t wounded.

She finds it weird when recalling the pencil incident. Are Fan Jiu and his friends also spies? Another thing that Jun concludes – You Ri can be more than she can imagine as he has much to do with their case. (He sure looks very serious here.) The CIA and the black dragon clan meeting is abnormal. It has something to do with Jin’s death. Shun Ai is startled that Jun wants to go to the boxing school with her.

Xuan Zhe wants to check on En Zhu. Zhen Xiu gets interested in You Ri now. Shun Ai calls You Ri but Zhong Chun deletes her message. Then Zhen Xiu calls You Ri and tells Shun Ai that she is meeting him. You Ri knows how to speak a little Korean. She asks him if he is interested to go into a deeper relationship with her. He gets offended and storms out – he isn’t here because he likes her to get a new dress. She should not have worn Shun Ai’s dress to meet him.

She throws his bills back at him. She wants to be his girlfriend and not his mistress. Jun calls Shun Ai at night – has she considered? You Ri nearly calls Shun Ai but stops. Jun gets lost in thought and doesn’t notice that Na La gives him coffee. He thinks if this is their country’s fate and future. En Zhu jumps at the chance and closes all the blinds once she walks in.

Jun demands to know what she does and warns her not to do it again. She kisses on his lips by surprise and he stammers – she is too much! (That is a very daring act!) She declares that Zheng Fan Zhen is Jun’s real father. How can he keep a secret for 10 years? So he adopts his mother’s surname. Jun doesn’t want to talk about private affairs in the office. No wonder she tells him to pay attention to what Xuan Zhe is doing. Jun doesn’t want her to think that he is emotional and yells at her to get out.

If she isn’t leaving, he will. (He is definitely mad at her.) He sweats out again at the boxing school. When seeing Shun Ai making the wrong poses, he teaches her correctly, leaning behind her. You Ri comes and he also joins in. Both guys end up fighting and leave bruises on each others faces. (It is funny to see how they fight over a woman while the rest watch in horror.)

Shun Ai follows You Ri to his car. He starts to fondle her hair and glances at the car mirror. He brings her home – 38th floor which is the rooftop. You Ri monitors her walking. Zhong Chun isn’t happy to see her. Jun sees Xuan Zhe walking in the boxing school and gets suspicious.

Zhong Chun nearly bursts upon knowing that she has told Jun about them. You Ri suggests using her to spread information. From now on, they are lovers, especially in front of Jun. Does she know that? She nods and tells Zhen Xiu that she is sorry for the day. Jun transfers Shun Ai to the search department. Na La sneers at her while Shen shows her the ropes.

They look at each other in disbelief. Everyone is the best among the best. Has Jun thought about that? But they cannot defy him. En Zhu is certainly angry to see this. Wang calls Jun – how can he make such a haste decision to transfer her over? He explains that this is based on a situation. All have seen You Ri with Shun Ai and he buys clothes for her. Wang asks if they have settled about the pencil but he can’t answer.

En Zhu finds Jun fearful but sensitive. He also looks sexy when working. That is why she likes him for 10 years. Shun Xi looks through Jin’s love letters to her for details. Someone lures Shun Ai to the boxing school, lying that there is a fight. Then someone ransacks the police station. Jun rushes over but finds nothing. However, he is glad that Shun Ai is fine.

Jun asks Xuan Zhe out – he will always contact him but not for the good news. Xuan Zhe laughs - he is head of the search department – does he think that he is in a fearful position? Jun lets him foot the bill to seek his revenge! (This is really a good punishment.) Hong Ji makes Zhen Xiu his mistress. Zhen Xiu doesn’t mind as she wants to be a famous actress.

Jun feels regretful of losing the chance to You Ri. He walks to his home – it is still the same. En Zhu asks – she is 29. Does he like Shun Ai or is he only making use of her? He is so outstanding – why must she be Shun Ai? He should like anyone except her as this hurts her pride.

The last time she goes to the hotel in the imported car shows that she is capable to get news on You Ri. When is she going to the boxing school again? He will join her. Zhong Chun thinks that Xuan Zhe plants spies at the boxing school. You Ri gets well dressed to meet Shun Ai there. You Ri isn’t happy to see her with Jun. So what if they work in the same department? So she gets promoted?

You Ri suddenly kisses her on the cheek. Jun stares at them and Shun Ai is forced to smile like a fool. You Ri says that even though he is her boss, he should not ask her about her private life, especially before him. (A war is going to start again….) The guys spar and end up having bruises on their faces. Why does You Ri want to meet her? What should she do between the two? He is so skilful – Jun ponders – he can’t be a normal businessman – why is he here? Did Xuan Zhe want him to watch Fan Jiu?

Does he know about the file? Why is he so close to Shun Ai – is he really her lover? You Ri also thinks that he is equally powerful. Does Jun has some other purpose or is he here just for Shun Ai? Why is CIA and the black dragon clan earlier? When has they fallen in love? Is the pencil problem solved? (The result of Shun Ai not revealing her thoughts to either man makes their imagination run very wild!)

You Ri has planned to tell her about the party. What can she do to help? So she becomes his assistant? She doesn’t answer him. Hong locks the door of the police station so Shun Ai can’t get in. Jun brings her home. He gets his clothes for her to change to sleep on his bed. He sleeps in the living room. Shun Ai sees his uniform, certificates and also post-it notes on cases.

Jun takes a peep to see her changing off her uniform and sleeping. He walks softly to take the notes out. (This shows a rare caring side of him.) Her handphone rings and he puts a blanket over it. He sees the message ‘koala’ – meet at the boxing school at 7pm by You Ri. You Ri smiles to himself. Hong Ji notices that many women are attracted to You Ri. He is born handsome but Hong Ji feels that he never loses out to him in appearance. (Well, sad to say they are miles apart….)

Zhen Xiu apologizes to You Ri. Hong Ji gets jealous and pulls her to join them. You Ri is concerned that she gets drunk again. Seeing her sinking into Hong Ji’s arms, he sighs. Shun Ai wakes up to see Jun preparing breakfast. En Zhu is furious to see Shun Ai in Jun’s car. When she asks, he doesn’t explain. So do the rest. This is an organization so she warns him to watch his behavior. Jun asks if this is a command. No, she is begging him. He sees Shun Ai at her work station and smiles.

Na La reads Shun Ai’s message on her handphone secretly. She wonders why is she always in a handsome man’s car? (Not just that, both guys even go all the way out to make breakfast for her. If the other women who like them get wind of it, they will shred her to pieces.) Shun Ai is enrolled in a special way and always makes mistakes at work. It is a humiliation to others. That is how Na La thinks – which is absolutely right.

Wang also disapproves of it. If anything goes wrong, he holds Jun responsible. Jun sees Fan Jiu’s photos on Wang’s table. Shun Ai recalls Shen’s words and denies having any relationship with Jun. En Zhu is Captain Piao’s daughter from the outer events department. Why does Jun check on him? You Ri meets Xuan Zhe at his office. Shun Ai is about to knock off on the dot when Jun wants a meeting. (I find her sloppy at work now – only eager to leave early. This is different from how daring she goes after a reckless driver initially.)

En Zhu asks why they are checking on a case which happened 2 years ago. Jun explains that Jin gives him a call on the last day he lived. He wants him to help on this big case. They are close although they work in different departments. But Jun was on a business trip then and the appointment was delayed. Before his transfer, he has forgotten about it. But upon seeing Shun Ai on her first day, he did the checking.

Shun Ai cries upon hearing this. He apologises to remind her on her unpleasant encounter. (Actually he need not do so. I feel that she has forgotten completely about Jin. I really despise her!) Jun stands outside the house. The very same one where he nearly froze to death when he failed to persuade Zheng to see his dying mother for the last time as a child. Zheng asks what good he will get for revealing it in public?

Jun should think of the future of their country. Zheng throws him money but he doesn’t accept it. Zhong Chun asks if Shun Ai will tell You Ri everything because of their relationship. Jun asks Shun Ai to go in as she can’t negotiate with Xuan Zhe over the plan as this is too dangerous. But he promises that he will not do anything to You Ri. He says impulsively that she might as well You Ri to take over his position at work. Her plan will surely fail so he must take over.

Jun tells Shun Ai to come to his home if she has not gotten the key from Hong. You Ri isn’t happy although Shun Xi takes a lift from him. He wants her to go to his home if this happens next time. (It is so obvious that he is jealous and angry over her act.)Zhen Xiu is angry to see them returning together and refuses to listen to Shun Ai. Hong wants Zhen Xiu to move out soon.

You Ri looks at Jun’s profile – he is a potential candidate and is Senator Zheng’s abandoned son. Xuan Zhe is Zheng’s brother-in-law. So they are uncle and nephew without blood relation. You Ri uses a boiled egg to nurse his bruises. Jun has high IQ and strong judgment with powerful propulsion. He has a strong ability to solve problems. So that is why he gets promoted fast although he is young. He is a rare talent in the police force. According to action now, his purpose is nabbing Xuan Zhe. So You Ri has to be careful. Especially when he transfers Shun Ai into his department.

Xuan Zhe also wonders why You Ri goes to the boxing school with the two. Wang demands to know why Jun is still checking on the case. He shakes his head to see the bruise over Jun’s eyebrow from You Ri’s blow. How many secrets has Jun kept from him? The enemy might be too powerful for them to handle. Jun looks through the document that Fan Jiu takes from Xuan Zhe. Xuan Zhe might not get it back to kill the men. He allows Shun Ai to look at Jin’s belongings.

You Ri wants Shun Ai to attend a party with him. She must pretend to know what he says. Secondly, don’t show the unnatural smile. (Yes! Her smiles are fake to me.) Thirdly, don’t ask him what he is doing because they are lovers. He pulls off her hairband to let down her hair – she looks so much better this way to him. (But why does this woman only give him a blank look? Oh…..)

Jun smiles upon seeing how Shun Ai asks him questions. Xuan Zhe asks Jun out again. Jun is surprised to see Zhen Xiu with Hong Ji and You Ri with Shun Ai. Zhen Xiu keeps applying powder on her face. She is uneasy to see Jun again when he asks if she is better. Jun has wanted to move but stays when seeing Shun Ai. Zhen Xiu is angry when You Ri hooks Shun Ai’s arm to sit with them.

Shun Ai is shattered to know that she has become Hong Ji’s mistress. You Ri relates to all how Shun Ai books him for illegal parking – he has been to many places for business but it is his first time to see such a charming woman. (This is definitely an overstatement.) He decides that she is his destiny. (But this woman only smiles like a silly idiot because she doesn’t know what he is talking about!)

She keeps answering yes as he fondles her hair. The other 2 gulp their wine angrily. Hong Ji will not treat her like this if he knows that they will meet again. Jun asks why You Ri takes Shun Ai out. You Ri asks if he is jealous. Xuan Zhe asks how You Ri is attracted to Shun Ai. She also doesn’t know. How do they communicate with no common language? He arches his body and pastes his face near hers – through gestures. Jun nearly explodes upon seeing this. (This must be the most unbearable meal for him ever.)

Xuan Zhe is angry with Shun Ai for asking him over the files. It is meaningful to her because Jin dies because of it. All leave the table with offence. You Ri looks at her with concern. Jun asks what identity You Ri is. You Ri tells him to find out himself. Shun Ai wonders why You Ri takes her out to put himself in a difficult position. He just wants to be with her. Can’t he? It is a good excuse to date her with this chance. (She is clueless how nice the men are to her – she has zero instinct despite getting married before!)

She wants to know about him – he was caught by her using an American passport. Why is his name Han You Ri? His mother is a Korean and he was born in Japan. He can’t tell her why he works for Korea office. Maybe his father is still in the U.S. as they have not met for a long time. Shun Ai’s parents passed away and were farmers. He leads her for a dance. Laugh when he declares that knowing how to dance is a basic skill for a spy – this is another ploy to date her again.(He definitely dances with ease, unlike the stiff way Ji Hoon dances in ‘Goong’.) Both share a kiss. (She finally shows some response after so long.)

Zhong Chun deliberately tells Shun Ai that You Ri is a playboy. You Ri isn’t happy to hear that. He has not planned to use her but wants to be with her. He has not been like this before and he also feels uneasy. Shen gives Shun Ai lots of reports to do. He takes her to see a corpse and she faints. (Call that a policewoman with no guts.) Xuan Zhe asks Fan Jiu where the document is but he doesn’t know.

Jun knows En Zhu tarnishes Shun Ai’s reputation by posting her photos with You Ri over the net. Wang asks how this happens. Jun can’t take care of Shun Ai’s private affairs or stop her to meet anyone after work. Why can’t she get along with the rich – he rebukes Wang. ( I never know he has such a sharp tongue.) Wang insists that he must make her resign or move out.

Jun announces to all that he is unhappy because a team member betrays their trust. So is the death matter which is still bothering him. He will never allow internal struggles in his team. (He looks so stern here that all bow their heads down.) The next day, he wakes up in office and sees Shun Ai at the table. He gets the files and sits beside her. She should return home to rest but she stays to apologize for everything. He feels that he lets her down for making her feel the pain.

You Ri wonders why Xuan Zhe is so tense over the file – especially when he has the pencil now. Shun Ai moves to stay in the boxing school but the men feel uneasy with her around. Zhong Chun lies to You Ri that Shun Ai doesn’t want to meet him because she is too tired to pretend to be his lover. It is good to get over her. You Ri tells him to get out in rage. (I also think the same way because she fails in everything.)

Jun wonders why En Zhu becomes like this. She should consider for their team. She doesn’t give him face. Now she knows that Jun eats with the rich. She refuses to tell him about her background. Jun sees Shun Ai sneaking to put her things in the station. It is heard that he defends for her. This time, this might not be her problem to resign for Jun might get fired. When seeing that she isn’t there, he comes to her seat but sees nothing. Then he sees her taking a nap in the meeting room in a sleeping bag.

What is she doing here? If seen by Wang, what is he going to do? Why doesn’t she make uses of her rich lover? Her recent photos with You Ri are linked. Jun investigated – the name on the American passport as Steven Lee that she detained then was dead. So she helps You Ri to create a fake identity. He isn’t a spy at all. Jun answers You Ri’s call angrily – his lover is now sleeping on a bench in the police station. What is he doing? You Ri jumps out of bed to rush out. He demands to speak to her but Jun offs the phone.

Shun Ai only shivers but says nothing. Why? She can’t release herself from the sleeping bag! (This is sure funny.) Jun manages to help her and leaves her his house keys. He doesn’t trust You Ri and since he is her chief, he has to be fair to his subordinate. He will not return then to rest her mind. You Ri tracks Shun Ai down. Jun reminds Shun Ai that You Ri is the first shareholder of Xuan Zhe’s company. It is not as easy as they see him. She should check his money source since she is a cop and also his girlfriend.

Jun is curious on why You Ri uses a fake identity. Upon seeing You Ri, Shun Ai demands to see his real documents. He brings her home and she is shocked to see him with lots of licenses with different names. Why so many – he is a spy. She wants his real documents – how can she be sure that he is You Ri? You Ri replies that he is only he. There is no way he can let his woman sleep on a bench. He brings her into the guest room but she can’t be curious to go to other rooms or she will be in danger.

You Ri wakes up early to prepare breakfast. Zhong Chun is angry to see Shun Ai around. He asks how she can find a good catch since she is ordinary. (I can’t agree more with the statement because she is really dull-witted.) Xuan Zhe presses for more information in vain. Shun Ai sneaks into You Ri’s room, wanting to look for details. You Ri pretends to sleep and suddenly opens his eyes to scare her. Isn’t she afraid of him? She feels suspicious. Cao wants to close the case but others are reluctant.

All undergo lots of questioning from the head office staff. Shun Ai is asked why she goes out with high class people. Is it because she wants to blackmail Xuan Zhe? Shun Ai cries as they are too much. Later, the even asks Jun if he blackmails her to do it. Jun leaves in a puff – how can this be possible? All find them unreasonable and want to complain. Jun throws the files in his office and gets Shun Ai to see him. (If this goes on, we will see him flying into a temper very often but who is to blame for this mess?)

He asks her how she uses her skills to find a safe place and if she likes to do research. She cries that she has little money as she has given to her in-laws monthly. Jun’s expression softens. The head office asks Jun why he pays so little for the gym member fee and why is he in the search department. Is Jun related to Wang? Jun flares up. (These people are sure getting impossible.)

They also ask if Shun Ai is in love with You Ri. She denies but You Ri gets lots of gifts for her. He knocks on her door but she isn’t back yet. When hearing her pressing the doorbell, he pretends to lie on his bed, reading. She is stunned to see the boxes – handbags, dresses, necklaces and shoes. You Ri waits for her reaction. She retorts that she doesn’t need them. Why? She is a cop. (She still has dignity which I admire.)

Some call her shameless and she doesn’t know what they will say of her now. You Ri is frustrated – can’t he receive gifts from others then? Why doesn’t she just quit? She refuses and starts to call him a bad guy. Her job is the last gift that Jin gives to her. Jun asks if Shun Ai has slept – he only tells her to investigate but not to do anything impulsively. Is it really good to sleep at his place? Shun Ai looks at the clothes.

The guys discuss – it looks like Jun is in trouble. You Ri goes to work but he feels shadowed. He tells Zhong Chun to leave first. En Zhu is the one to follow him and he watches her from the stairs. He recalls seeing her at the airport. Zhong Chun tells him to be cautious – it is best that Shun Zi stops staying with them. They go out together too often so this happens.

You Ri suspects that the black dragon clan has something to do with this. The headquarters use funds illegally which the search department is angry on being picked on. En Zhu sits at Jun’s desk and wants to know why Shun Ai is so close to You Ri. Jun returns to demand to know what they are doing. En Zhu replies that it is only women’s talk. She then pushes Shun Ai out to lower the blinds.

Wang will investigate everything so Jun will be the director soon. Shun Ai makes delicious food for You Ri and Zhong Chun. She wants to do the housework as she feels bad for imposing them. Their eyes roll as she eats a lot. She searches around for clues and disturbs You Ri from working. He tells her to stop moving to return to her room. (See how she fails as a spy – her actions are too obvious.)

You Ri gets into the police website to check on En Zhu’s background. You Ri plants a tracking device in Shun Ai’s handbag when she sleeps. He sees another on her blouse. He leans towards her but takes the watch away. He plants a tracking device in it too. Jun is surprised to see Zhen Xiu well dressed. He asks if Hong Ji treats her well. She confesses that her father is Fan Jiu. He wants to know what he has stolen.

She brings everything to Jun. Jun calls for a meeting to show the stuff. If they publicize, there is no way to prove it without witness and tape. You Ri listens to the details at home. Jun tells Na La to knock off while she wants him to take care. En Zhu asks if he has thought of arresting his father. He sees Shun Ai working late. She is thinking of a plan. He tells her to continue staying at You Ri’s home.

Jun recalls how he is slapped by Xuan Zhe’s sister for being a police officer. CIA knows about the pencil and calls You Ri. Giving the pencil away will create trouble. Jun decides to go to Japan. You Ri and Shun Ai are hungry. He offers to bring her out but she offers to cook. He doesn’t like her to talk about Jin. He pours water deliberately over her bag to ensure that she takes everything out. It is a bug and she doesn’t know who places it there. He apologizes to her and smashes it.

Shen jumps when hearing the noise – so there is indeed a spy in Korea. En Zhu decides not to join in the case. The rest stick to Jun. They decide to get Fan Jiu to blackmail Xuan Zhe. Zhen Xiu meets Xuan Zhe. You Ri works at home and asks Shun Ai what she is doing. Cook for him since he is hungry. Jun sneaks to Shun Ai’s table but can find nothing. He gets angrier each time he recalls her staying with You Ri. If there are doubts on him, she must call him.

Jun is unhappy that he is related to Xuan Zhe. You Ri is disappointed and drinks. He wonders why he takes on the spy job. He wants to believe Shun Ai and her to stay by his side. Is he too much? But they can’t be together forever. En Zhu asks Jun if he wants to lose his job. Why is he obsessed with a young widow? He pushes her aside and leaves. Zhong Chun wants Shun Ai to move out. Shun Ai accidentally presses the secret button to discover You Ri’s working room.

She sneaks in and looks around. Suddenly You Ri appears with a gunshot at his stomach. He disallows her to call the police or the ambulance and wants her to stitch his wound for him. She drinks whisky to master the courage. Zhong Chun sees blood stains in the lift and tells Shun Ai to leave. Does she want You Ri to die? It sure reminds her how Jin died. Zhong Chun is sure that half the cause must be her.

Jun tells both to return with him. He suspects that villains know their plan to they need to change. Cao is to inform the reporters while the rest to look for more evidence. Jun doesn’t want to bother Wang but he has no choice. Why is Shun Ai so stubborn only to do what she likes? Na La asks Shun Ai if she thinks Jun is handsome. He is also cool and works hard. She is getting attracted to him. Jun wants Shun Ai to bring him to You Ri’s home. It is not that he doesn’t know him.

She replies that he isn’t well. Jun replies that even more he should go now. Zhong Chun thinks that she is heartless and You Ri should go abroad to hide from her. Both see that the two are in the lift and Zhong Chun nearly goes mad. You Ri tells him to help him up from his bed to receive the guest. Shun Ai runs to him who sits on a sofa – is he ok? He winks to her and holds her hand to sit beside him.

Jun apologises for imposing. You Ri says that it is fine as her guest is also his. (He is declaring their relationship openly.) Are there any news about him after watching him and making use of his girlfriend? They are not pretending to be a couple since they stay in the same house. Jun says no – she comes with his order. You Ri still grabs her hand and she notices him in pain. He thanks Jun for caring for Shun Ai.

Jun tolerates till he bangs his fist on the lift door. Shun Ai runs to the lift but she is too late. She later wants to help You Ri to his bed but he brushes her hand away with hostility. (Both guys are fed up with her for being so fickle-minded.) Does she feel good staying with You Ri? When will she move out? Shun Ai asks if You Ri is watching her. It is her watch. She throws it at him. She is sincere to him but she will move out.

You Ri holds the watch in his hand. He comes after her but nearly collapses at the doorway because of his wound. This is his mind. Why does he come out since he is unwell? He hugs her – he can’t afford to lose her. So he brings her back. She dresses his wound. Is she thinking of sleeping on the police bench again – he still takes Jun’s words for it. As long as she is beside him, his wound isn’t painful.(How sweet he is!)

Initially, he is glad that she doesn’t understand his words but not now. He sets the bug on her not because he doubts her. But who sets the bug on her – Jun or others? She goes out as she is angry but she decides to search openly. No matter what people say, he will not let her leave him. But she can go as the time comes. He mumbles his thanks for returning to him.

Jun thinks of Zhong Chun’s words and can’t sleep. Is Shun Ai really You Ri’s spy instead of his? The head office staff searches Jun’s office and home. En Zhu takes on his position temporary and all are unhappy. Zhen Xiu asks to see Xuan Zhe for help. Xuan Zhe says she can approach You Ri and she scolds him for covering the facts. Zhong Chun sees You Ri standing at the window and helps him to sit down.

At first he thinks it is very natural to have him but now he wants to know why he is always with him. Zhong Chun has been with him for 20 over years since he was 5. Zhong Chun replies that his family died for him so he worries that You Ri will end up like him. The black dragon clan is coming – why doesn’t he give the pencil? How can they meet in this state? They hide in the secret room.

You Ri gets anxious - he has to tell Shun Ai because they love each other. Zhong Chun traps the black dragon clan people in the lift. Shun Ai lets them in. The leader thinks they have met before at the banquet. You Ri sees her dressing and his jaw drops – how tempting she is! She lies that You Ri has gone to Japan to meet them. After they leave, she faints because she drinks too much wine. You Ri smiles and fondles her hair. He is sorry to get her into this.

Jun is at the police station. Why does he have so many doubts on the two? Does Xuan Zhe order En Zhu to come? She is Piao’s daughter and seems to be a spy too. She thinks too highly of him. He isn’t as complicated as her. She has no position to reinstate his position so she gets her father to help. He dislikes authority so he becomes a cop. Can’t she work in order? The truth will be out but does he think that it will be so simple? Jun returns and Wang chides him for not reporting everything.

Can, Shen, Na La become his helpers. He allows them to come to his home on the case. Jun salutes to Wang and packs his things in his office but tells all to work hard. He will be back after a good rest and leaves the work to En Zhu. All run after him. Shun Ai is late for work and runs to the bathroom to see You Ri shaving. She hurries to brush her teeth. She asks who the Japanese who come the other day. Are they commercial spies? She is already in spy world with some codes. She can work for them.

CIA’s pencil was stolen by the Russians who have information on SEA organizations. Black dragon clan has gotten You Ri to steal it. Jun wants Shun Ai to go to his home to join the rest on the case. Shun Ai calls Jun to find out about the clan. Jun tells her that they are bad syndicates to control Korea. She tells him how she sees them at the banquet and at You Ri’s home because of the pencil.

Jun gets impatient – does she know that You Ri is a CEO who can allocate millions of people to work for him? How can he just meet anyone? Does he teach her hot to say these? She leaves in a rage as he doesn’t believe her. She then recalls how Fan Jiu and his friends talking about the pencil. You Ri puts the chip into a watch – he is really going to Japan this time. En Zhu packs Jun’s fridge with food. He still doubts her.

What does he know about You Ri? He replies that he is a spy. En Zhu is surprised that he knows. Then what does she know about him? She replies that he is a double agent. What is En Zhu then? He wonders. You Ri is in a hotel to open the pencil to let all know his arrival. The Japanese organization wants to write over the information. Suddenly viruses appear as they try to download the files.

You Ri takes away the chip and gets out of the hotel. He meets his ex-assistant and kisses her. Zhong Chun teaches Shun Ai English besides tracking. He describes You Ri as unlucky. He is a spy since birth. His grandfather attends independent activities and is kidnapped by the Russians. They move to Mexico and his mother works for the police. Then they transfer to work in Japan for CIA. They give up their jobs for You Ri but both sides want to kill them as they know too much.

His father stays in America. Soon he grows up and is number 1 in everything. You Ri hates his father for not protecting his mother to make her so through so much. So he works hard to earn money for his ailing mother. Besides doing business, he sometimes becomes aspy as the payment rate is very high. Doesn’t Shun Ai feel sorry for hearing this? It is Christmas and You Ri sets up a tree with Shun Ai. He gives her a watch – it has no bug and he puts it on her hand. Zhong Chun continues his training on her.

He kisses her on her cheek as he misses her when in Japan. He confesses that he becomes a spy as fighting is also his interest. Jun lists down all the connections – so many people know about the file. Is this really inside the pencil? Fan Jiu looks for him but is evasive. En Zhu sees that Shun Ai only draws comics at work and how can she wear such an expensive watch? She gathers that it is from You Ri.

It is nice to get a rich boyfriend to give a 1000 million watch. Shun Ai gasps in amazement. En Zhu snaps that she can’t be staying at his home not knowing anything so she must report to her. (Although I dislike this woman, I must agree with her that Shun Ai is lazy.) Shun Ai asks Jun why he tells En Zhu that You Ri is a spy. She doesn’t know that they are so close but secrets should be kept.

Jun asks if she loves You Ri - then why ask him about En Zhu? She apologises but hopes this will not happen again. (Huh – is this the kind of tone to talk back at her superior? She is getting out of hand.) How much does Xuan Zhe know about Shun Ai? It is fate but he has to be careful of her. Jun looks at the tape on Zhen Xiu. Then on You Ri and Shun Ai at the banquet. He closes his eyes in weariness.

Shen asks Zhen Xiu how she knows Hong Ji. She is angry upon seeing the tape. He is in love with her and wants to help her. Zhong Chun knows that something is amiss when You Ri plays with guns. Wang wants Cao to take Jin’s things to Jun. The team discusses the case at night. Jun points out that Shun Ai should not join their team anymore since she has forgotten about Jin. No one will blame her. She leaves in tears. (I don’t pity her as she doesn’t seem to work hard at all.)

She gets drunk and apologises to You Ri – if she doesn’t reveal his ID, he doesn’t have to stay here or pretend to be her lover. No one believes that they are lovers. She feels sad as she is attracted to him. She starts to like him without thinking. Are they lovers – You Ri replies that depends how she thinks. He wants her to pen the happy door for him. Can’t she feel it? She isn’t sure so he kisses her to show it.

He starts to unloosen her buttons but she isn’t ready. You Ri still cooks her breakfast the next day but she decides to move out. Zhong Chun refuses to let her leave as she will report all to Jun and others. Now they are going to have a party to prove her ability of a spy to check on En Zhu. You Ri wonders where Shun Ai stands – is she his partner? You Ri invites many to his home.

He jokes that the police force uses beauty to choose cops. You Ri recharges En Zhu’s handphone and copies all the data. Shun Ai asks if En Zhu is a government spy. Does she care about You Ri? You Ri leads Shun Ai for a dance and En Zhu mentions that they look like a couple. She deliberately asks Jun why he isn’t invited since he is Zheng’s son. Jun knows she has nothing to do except to stop her at work.

You Ri never fails in investments. Where does his money come from? How does En Zhu know that he is a spy? This is top information. Does she know about the pencil? Jun finds these questions in his head. Shun Ai asks how You Ri knows so many people. Do a lot of women seduce him? He smiles. She doesn’t find En Zhu suspicious except she might like him. (Excuse me – a whole night like this only makes her come to this conclusion?! She is definitely a moron!)

Soon You Ri and Shun Ai hears from Xuan Zhe’s conversation with En Zhu that Shun Ai is foolish and not pretty. Shun Ai gets offended. En Zhu transfers her back to the patrol station. (I also feel that she is more suitable here as she does more harm than good.) Jun visits her and promises to help her. The checking goes well so she is at ease. He only hopes that You Ri will not hurt her.

Jun discovers that En Zhu has never given Zhen Xiu anything as claimed. You Ri flares up when Shun Ai wants to know about the pencil. He drinks wine and asks if he is right. He wants a rest. En Zhu wants to work with Jun all along and she shows him the photos of YouRi kissing his ex-assistant in Japan. She claims to obtain them from CIA. Jun stops You Ri’s car. Both end up fighting at the rooftop.

You Ri refuses to tell Jun why he goes to Japan. He even snaps that Jun is always staying at home doing nothing now. Jun asks if he is sincere to Shun Ai. Both chide each other for being cold-blooded. Zhong Chun has to stop them but You Ri’s wound tears again. Jun has a headache - why do so many people want the pencil for? What does it have? What is You Ri’s real identity?

Shun Ai steals Xuan Zhe’s handphone to copy all the data over. She tells You Ri that Xuan Zhe is also looking for the pencil. He is not happy that she isn’t wearing his watch. This is his mind and Zhong Chun wants to look at the watch. He goes out when You Ri comes into her room. En Zhu shows Shun Ai the intimate photos. If You Ri worries about Shun Ai, the enemies are also watching her now. Zhen Xiu asks You Ri out but he is still cold to her. Shun Ai asks Jun why he thinks the boxing school gets ransacked.

Zhong Chun tells Xuan Zhe not to be rude to You Ri’s girlfriend to comment her as foolish. He has learned what happens from him. You Ri might refund his investment. You Ri calls Shun Ai when she isn’t back yet. She comes to sleep at the boxing school and cries that she has parted with You Ri. Xuan Zhe’s men beat them up and Zhen Xiu asks why You Ri is so cold to other women but not Shun Ai.

Xuan Zhe wants him to work with him or he will destroy Zhen Xiu’s career. You Ri knows her motive and wants to leave. If Xuan Zhe ends this, so is he. Shun Ai calls Jun for help at the boxing school. You Ri demands to know where Shun Ai has gone. You Ri doesn’t get her calls the whole night. What goes wrong? She shows the photos – can he treat anyone like this? He can check the source since he is a spy.

Jun is surprised that Shun Ai knows a lot of copying data. Shen tells Fan Jiu not to worry on the case as he will take care of Zhen Xiu. You Ri discusses work with his subordinates. Xuan Zhe tells him not to move emotions just over women. He replies that Xuan Zhe views him wrongly – he is just the kind of person. He ignores him to go for another meeting.

Zheng is angry that the support rate for him drops because of Shun Ai. Why does En Zhu check his office – what if the files are open to the public? When does You Ri approach them? He must be having an evil plan to eliminate them. Hong Ji must check on his background. You Ri meets En Zhu in the lift. She is meeting her father. He gives her an envelope for memory. It contains photos of her in a shower. She jumps and swears at him. (It must be sweet revenge for him.)

You Ri drives and gets a call. He tells the caller not to worry about the money and just get it. He gets into a handphone shop and picks up a phone. Jun knows that Shun Ai quarrels with You Ri to stay at the boxing school. Both are now in a surveillance van, listening to Xuan Zhe’s conversations. She asks him how En Zhu gets the photos – by chasing all the way to Japan?

Suddenly You Ri opens the van door. He bursts seeing the two together and drags her out. Jun pulls her back – they are now doing a task. You Ri has something important to tell her but has no chance to do it. Jun reminds him that Shun Ai is a cop and how does he know that she is here. You Ri reopens the door to allow her to return to Jun as he will wait for her at home.

Jun decides to get plainclothes policemen to protect Fan Jiu and his friends secretly. Jun drinks alone at the bar and recalls how En Zhu joins the force. She gives him the photos and he has found out that Hong Ji is her cousin. They know each other for 10 years. She has declared to marry him since high school. He suddenly discovers that he doesn’t know her at all.

En Zhu admits that Hong Ji is her cousin. She doesn’t tell him since he doesn’t ask. Jun is Zheng’s son and En Zhu sees her father’s information book to know about that. So Jun’s private life comes in. He wants her to help him to work again. He will go crazy if he keeps staying at home and decides to listen to her. She is overjoyed and decides to make use of her father’s power. (Jun is calm at this moment to see how she is. He is flexible to bend his rules to check her out. )

You Ri checks his account to make sure that the money goes in. When seeing Shun Ai in the lift, he smiles but comes out of the secret room to pretend to read his book. She is here to move her luggage. He has nothing to tell her and gets furious. She should understand him and En Zhu is also a spy. The ex-assistant in Japan is just his colleague and there is nothing more between them.

Shun Ai asks – is she also only an assistant to him? So she only works like her? He admits but he doesn’t love that woman. Does Shun Ai love him? She can’t answer – does she think he doesn’t love her? The spies decide to capture You Ri. He asks Shun Ai if she remembers being captured by the black dragon clan. He doesn’t know they will love like this. Actually he has little collection of her - like her hair - soft, black and beautiful. She often cries but can’t forget the scene where they have to part.

So he also feels hurt when recalling her. Since meeting her, he wants to fend for her. Both end up sleeping together. He suddenly misses his mother – how is she now? When sleeping, he feels someone watching him so he pulls his gun. It is Zhong Chun who wants to talk to him. The assistant director of CIA dies early morning and all are checking on the secret organization.

They have meetings in Washington and Zhong Chun wants the pencil for the boss as the only way out. He asks if You Ri is going to bring Shun Ai to Beijing. You Ri’s mother is missing so they can’t ignore the fact that their boss is checking on them. You Ri brings Shun Ai in the secret room. Now even this place is unsafe – does she want to leave with him? He writes words on the computer to ask her.

Jun is asleep at home and answers En Zhu’s call. He can return to work now. He now wonders if someone recommends him to the search department. He wants to thank the person. Wang mumbles that he works hard from patrol to this position. If he knows a good woman, he doesn’t need to work so hard. It seems that someone helps Jun. Jun is back to work and all are delighted. Na La hugs him in joy. Jun discovers that the weapon earnings will change to Zheng’s political finance. All worry about their stocks.

Na La also thinks that You Ri is involved. What will Shun Ai do? En Zhu looks at You Ri’s particulars. His father is French and mother Korean. He receives special spy training since young to learn how to kill and sell weapons. She tells all that You Ri has the money and ability to kill Jin. You Ri changes the meeting place to Qing Dao. Zhong Chun is angry that he is going to the airport. You Ri has pondered who will kill him but he doesn’t mind Zhong Chun to do that.

Hasn’t Zhong Chun taught him that killers can’t be soft? He knows everything from him. He will look for him and they can settle then. Shun Ai is disturbed by En Zhu’s words. You Ri arranges to meet her at 2pm at the park as he will probably be followed. She should stay till 4pm. It is up to her to decide but he hopes that she will come. He needs/wants/loves her.

The killer finds You Ri but gets hit. Shun Ai can’t find You Ri at his home and his handphone is on the floor midst the fight. En Zhu is pleased that Jun returns to work. He notices that she is something. She smiles – doesn’t he want a capable wife? What gift is for her? She wants him to kiss her. (I have wondered why she doesn’t take Jun’s position all along since she is so influential.)

Jun only asks – is You Ri a killer? She smiles as it is possible since he might belong to a brutal organization. How does she know it? The news is from CIA. Cao informs that he can’t contact Shun Ai. She waits at the park but others drag her away. So You Ri can’t find her when he is there. Jun and En Zhu check out his position. You Ri drives to the harbour and sees the cops.

Shun Ai asks if he has killed Jin. (Stupid woman – why ask this question at this time?) He holds her hostage – does she get them to come? If don’t trust him, he will not bother to answer. She doesn’t think he kills him. He also doesn’t think she lures the cops here. Shun Ai shields You Ri from getting shot by En Zhu but Jun shoots him in the leg. En Zhu shoots him in the chest and he falls into the sea.

Jun brings Shun Ai to hospital and she goes to You Ri’s home. It is cordoned by the police and she recalls the times they are together. She enters the secret room and sees the tape. He is in it – he should be with his mother or not in this world if she plays it. He doesn’t want her to be alone but hopes that she knows that he loves her even in death. Shun Ai sobs after watching it.

She suddenly sees Hong Ji and En Zhu walking into the home. Hong Ji comments that You Ri’s apartment is unique but where is the pencil? Will Shun Ai still have it? En Zhu laughs haughtily – You Ri will not pass it to a stupid woman. Shun Ai watches in hatred. The department is unhappy for being made used of. This is a biggest shock for Jun. Wang doesn’t manage to lift their spirits with his praises.

Shun Ai gives En Zhu a bouquet of roses and they prick her fingers. Jun looks through the photos. If the document isn’t in Zhen Xiu’s hands in the first place, Hong Ji must be the one to pass to her. Then this leads En Zhu to go for a political reason. Who is the prime suspect? He wishes to reopen the case. You Ri’s body isn’t found as the police calls off the search due to cold weather.

Xuan Zhe is under investigation and Na La pulls his car away for illegal parking so he can’t hide from reporters. Hong Ji still keeps Zhen Xiu as his mistress. Then he is discovered and hit by a woman wearing a helmet in the carpark. He thinks that she is Shun Ai but she turns out to be his wife! Shun Ai is still waiting for You Ri at his home. Xuan Zhe and Hong Ji are deserted by the citizens and their companies do badly.

Jun knows that Shun Ai is disappointed and hurt. En Zhu tells him that the pencil can help to control the world. You Ri doesn’t give so they kill him. She leans towards Jun. Jun knows that this is illegal information and he cannot rely on this to arrest You Ri. En Zhu has initiated the action in his name. They kill Jin and to satisfy someone else to kill You Ri. Jun tells Shun Ai not to bury her knowledge on spies.

She can be his agent and make it legal for their country. The team starts napping suspects and Shun Ai seeks her revenge by slapping En Zhu. She vows to capture her one day. Shun Ai recalls how she meets You Ri on the highway in the past. Suddenly You Ri calls her and she answers ‘koala’ in joy. (We can just assume that they are together again.)

Introduction on characters

1. Li Shun Ai: Nam Sang Mi
She is a widow who has no police training. She just takes over Jin’s job after his death. Initially I have thought of her to be a dedicated cop as she risks her life to stop a reckless driver. But later I detest her for not treating her work seriously. No wonder this invites gossips when she joins the team.

She lacks three bs – beauty, brawn and brain. I don’t know why the men see in her. Love is blind and you will be alarmed to see how she screws things up to make them set things back on the right track. She is a nerd who is annoying and stubborn. You Ri doesn’t call her by her name but by her nickname ‘koala’.

She is one of the worst actresses that I have ever seen. She is a whining queen. She tries to act pitiful or likeable but fails miserably. Her crying scenes are terrible. Maybe it is not entirely her fault as the script is also inconsistent to make her detestable.

2. Capt. Jiang Jun: Lee Joo Hyun
Being young, suave and capable, he becomes the centre of attraction as the director of the search unit. He shows his ability well to win over his team’s trust. He loves Shun Ai deeply and all will sure melt at his gestures. Although he is disappointed for not being chosen, he is analytical in induction and never lets emotions rule his head. He only loses his cool when being wronged.

Joo Hyun proves to be a competent actor. He is good in action scenes and shows authority well. He is also natural in love scenes. I must admit that I continue watching this drama because of him.

3. Piao En Zhu : Yoo Sun
She is pretty and intelligent. That is why she also gets promoted fast. She falls for Jun and does everything to get his attention. She is not afraid to bare her feelings for him openly. But alas, he only has eyes on Shun Ai to make her go on the wrong track to betray their team. I find her cool! In fact, her acting is so much better than Sang Mi but why does she has limited screen time?

4. Han You Ri : Dennis Oh (Dennis O’ Neil)
He is a successful businessman who doesn’t make any wrong investment and does spy work part-time. He is well-trained since young but I don’t understand why he chooses a silly Shun Ai to be his ally. She ruins most of his plans and takes so long to know what he wants. All electrical currents are wasted on this woman as you will feel so sorry to try so hard to reach out to her.

Dennis’s acting is only passable as he is still new. There is no chemistry between him and Sang Mi as each says own language. How to believe that they are lovers?

5. Detective Shen: Kim Bo Sung
He is a committed cop but his efforts are seldom recognised. Still, he works hard on the job.

6. Cui Fan Jiu : Choi Bool Am
He is Zhen Xiu’s father who tries to turn over a new leaf to be a boxing instructor after his release from jail. It is sad that Zhen Xiu doesn’t improve her ties with him.

7. Superintendent Wang Sa-bal: Lee Ki Yeol
This poor superior doesn’t look like one as Jun often bypasses him in dealing with cases. He has to settle everything for him when things go wrong. But why does he seem to be afraid of En Zhu?

8. Zheng Fan Zhen : Kim Joon Ho
He is Jun’s natural father but nothing matters to him more than his business. He has abandoned him since young so there is bad blood between them. He is vicious to hit Xuan Zhe when things do not work his way.

9. Lt. Cao: Kim Ha Kyoon
This detective is obsessed with food but none of the colleagues heed to his suggestions in having gatherings. However, he tries his best to help Jun wherever he can.

10. Sgt. Hong: Jun Jong Joon
He is Shun Ai’s superior at the patrol station but he is like a father figure to her. Knowing that she should not stay in the police quarters, he still covers up for her.

11. Officer Wu Na La: Ahn Yeon Hong
She loves to gossip and adores Jun for his looks and capability. But unlike Shun Ai who knows nothing, she does her job well. It puzzles me how Jun can neglect her to like Shun Ai too.

12. Cui Zhen Xiu (actress): Sung Eun
She has gone through bad times so she doesn’t want to be poor anymore. She likes You Ri but he treats her only as a normal friend. Thus, she gives up on him to become Hong Ji’s mistress. Even so, she isn’t satisfied because she doesn’t have a decent status.

13. Song Xuan Zhe: Kim Il Woo
He is You Ri’s business partner and also Jun’s no-blood relation uncle. He is arrogant and looks down on cops. Jun often crosses swords with him.

14. Zhong Chun – You Ri's bodyguard: Ki Koo-bong
He is like a teacher and guardian to You Ri, taking care of his daily life. He acts like a samurai, often guarding beside him and alerting him when he senses danger. He dislikes Shun Ai and tries all ways to break them up in vain. He gives them his blessings in the end.

15. Piao Hong Ji: Kim Yong Hee
He is Xuan Zhe’s business partner and is a very nasty man who resorts to violence to resolve matters. However, he is afraid of his ferocious wife. His encounter with Shun Ai can be hilarious when she breaks his bridge that damage his self-claimed good looks.

Favourite character
Jun, he oozes the screen with his determination at work. A close second is You Ri in his persistence in love.

Most hated character
Shun Ai for being a moron who needs to be taken care of all the time. What she knows is only to wrong others or to cry. She is among my most hated drama roles.

Interesting facts
Born to a Korean mother and a former GI father, O'Neil has consolidated his top model status, appearing in 15 commercials across Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. O'Neil started modeling at the age of 16, but because of his studies was unable to devote all his energy to it. In college he majored in photography, a subject he remains attached to in his spare time. He is thinking about becoming a professional photographer when he retires from the entertainment industry.

Nam Sang Mi got a best newcomer award for her role in the 2006 drama awards. (My vision turned blur upon knowing it. There must be a mistake - how can she win with her less than desired performance?!)


It is a mockery to the spy system. It doesn’t depict the true picture. Spies will never declare their identities openly. Seeing how You Ri reveals his identity to Shun Ai makes me shake my head. She is an idiot who can’t keep secrets. She scolds others for not keeping secrets but she is the one to tell Jun about You Ri’s identity! If Jun isn’t trustworthy, You Ri could have been arrested right from the start.

You Ri claims that Shun Ai has the makings of a spy…but have we seen her qualities at all? Absolutely none! The way that she sneaks around in You Ri’s home trying to look for information is so deliberate. Anyone can see what she is trying to do. Moreover, she can be so careless to misplace the pencil! Is You Ri sure that she can be a successful one?!

The actors have done their part on how they care for the woman they love. But Shun Ai has not reciprocated any of them. She doesn’t trust them and also keeps asking them silly questions. She has done more harm than good. I will prefer the guys to choose the other 2 policewomen who are competent on the job. But why aren’t they chosen? Just because love is very blind?

I don’t see how Fan Jiu and his friends can contribute to the plot. They also don’t look like spies at all. Yet, they want to deceive Xuan Zhe with their empty talk. It seems that their boxing school is only a place for the two guys to have a cockfight to compete for their love for Shun Ai. They have been talking about the pencil most of the time but the whereabouts of it isn’t explained in the end. Why?

It is very weird to see a pair of lovers speaking in different languages and declaring love to each other. This is present in You Ri’s case to make up 95% of the serial. This sends a signal to the Korean artistes and Dennis – it is about time that the Koreans brush their English to manage a few English lines. Dennis must also learn Korean if he stays in Korea too.

The script writer doesn’t seem to know what to do with the plot. It is an insult to our intelligence. I do not know what is going on most of the time. If not for the presence of the two actors, I could have stopped midway. Only watch this drama if you are curious to know how different Dennis is from Daniel. Also give yourself a chance to know Joo Hyun who proves himself to be consistent in acting. The script is among the worst that I have come across. It is very painful for me to finish the drama to give a fair rating.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ** (Scale of 5)

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