Tears in Her Eyes

Reviewed by: sukting

June 30, 2004

Rating: two

How long
16 episodes


This is when Han Jae Suk and Jin Zhi He worked together before ‘Glass Slippers’. Interested to see how both are poor in here? You may watch to find out.


Yong En works in her mother’s lingerie shop and she helps to buy new supplies. She is caught in the rain and all the things are wet. Still, she helps an old woman to move her pots of plants from the rain. To make matters worse, she drops some lingerie because there is a hole in one paper bag all the way out of the MTR station. Xiu Xian helps her to pick them up and shelters her home. (This is sure a classic scene because I have never seen a man holding panties before!)

However, he is not that nice as Yong En has to make the request to shelter her home. Zong Shui is driven out of the shop because he places goods without her mother, Ren Yu’s, permission. All the imitation products are thrown out and he vents his anger on Yong En. Xiu Xian reprimands him to get hit on his lips. He drops his keys but doesn’t notice it. Ren Yu finds the goods dirty and throws them at Yong En, wanting her to wear them and blames her for not bringing an umbrella with her to wet the goods.

The bruise is so visible that the guests at his company function can see it. Dou Shi is angry to see him late but boasts of Xiu Xian getting a scholarship and obtaining a masters in the U.S. Xiu Xian feels sorry to see Yin slogging for his father and fed up with his father for wanting him to marry an associate’s daughter . She is returning to Korea soon. Yong En finds the keys with Xiu Xian’s name.

Zong Shui stays out the shop in the rain. He boasts that Yong En is ignorant for not knowing the value of his goods. Feeling sorry for him, she allows him to place the goods in the shop. But she doesn’t know that he sneaks in and switches on the gas to warm himself. Ren Yu takes food to Jing En who is sitting for the second exam to get into the law faculty. Yong En and Zhi En learn that the shop is on fire but they are helpless. Ren Yu suspects that Yong En forgets to switch off the gas but she denies it. Zong Shui demands Yong En to pay for his loss.

Dou Shi has breakfast with Xiu Xian. He has 12 restaurants and is angry that the shop that Xiu Xian manages gets the 10th position in profit earnings. The first is only a pre-university certificate holder. Xiu Xian replies it doesn’t matter since his father only received primary school education but yet he is the boss. He doesn’t understand why Dou Shi wants to brag about him. In reality, Xiu Xian goes overseas because he can’t get into any Korean university because of his poor results and struggles hard to get an ordinary degree. He decides to stay in the shop and is upset when he finds his keys missing.

Ren Yu tells her two elder daughters not to worry over the money issue. Jing En can still study law while Zhi En can continue her masters in music. Yong En has no choice but to approach her father for help. Ren Yu is angry and beats her. She has wanted to abort her without success and detests her. Yong En is too simple-minded and silly at times to anger her. Shun Qin tells her to treat Yong En better.

Yong En return Xiu Xian the keys. He is overjoyed because it contains the only photo that he has with his mother. She has worked too hard in the kitchen and died of an illness because she did not seek early treatment. Xiu Xian never tells her he owns the restaurant. She wishes to work as a chef since she has a certificate. Xiu Xian leaves her the restaurant’s number and she urges him to pluck up his courage to face difficulties. Although she doesn’t know how it feels without a mother, she tells him not to be discouraged easily. He is touched.

Dou Shi gets a PI to look for Ren Yu. He gets to know that she has 3 daughters and is divorced. He decides to look for her. He dreams of her in the past of being demure and having many suitors. He gets to see her fighting with the landlord who wants to chase her out of the burnt shop. He changes his mind to give her the flowers that he buys and tells his chauffeur to drive away in haste.

Yong En goes to the steak restaurant for the interview. She passes the kitchen and overhears the chefs saying that the restaurant manager has no ability and only depends on his father on the job. This restaurant will close down under his management. She spills ink on the application form and tries to clear it. It becomes darker instead and no one can see the name of the high school which she comes from. While waiting for Xiu Xian, she is hungry and eats a cherry on his cake!

He returns and she is alarmed to see him coming into the office. He is amused to see the cherry missing but says nothing. She asks if the manager is strict and whether he is really so incompetent. He admits that he is new on the job just for a year. She asks him about his salary and he hesitates telling her. She decides not to ask anymore. Xiu Xian goes out and tells his assistant to inform her that she gets the job immediately, lying that the manager has just called to let her know.

She is overjoyed. She gets to work under a chef, Piao Nan Xiu. When she walks out, Xiu Xian runs after her to give her a cake. She lights 2 candles and celebrates it quietly at home. She wonders if Xiu Xian likes her. Many complain that it is unfair for her to get the job as she knows nothing. Xiu Xian has tea with her. She gives him a painting in return and wishes to withdraw her salary in advance.

Xiu Xian hears it. She requests to speak to the manager. She is shocked to know that he is the one! He passes her the envelope and she is touched that he even prepares a welcome party for her with the staff. On her way home, Zong Shui demands for the money and she gives him her pay. He is delighted but Ren Yu is angry. She is angry that Yong En is so stupid to believe that that goods cost Zong Shui only 1000 won instead of 30,000 won which he has claimed.

Xiu Xian removes the light bulbs at the restaurant and Hui Qing comes, feeling amused that he is doing that personally. She has joked that he should not receive her at the airport but never expects him to take it seriously. She tells him how much she misses him. Xiu Xian is uncomfortable and is alarmed to know that they are getting married. Dou Shi has set the date and he is unhappy as he only treats her as his friend. He gets Yin to attend Hui Qing’s art exhibition.

The next day, Yong En is asked to be Xiu Xian’s partner at Hui Qing’s art exhibition. She is so troubled and can’t sleep. Zhi En thinks she is only fawning her good luck and ignores her. The next day, Zong Shui pesters Zhi En for Yong En’s working address. He goes there but Yong En has left with Xiu Xian in his car. Upon seeing her in the old casual shoes, Xiu Xian gets her new high heel shoes.

When reaching there, he looks around for Dou Shi and doesn’t find him there. Still, he introduces Yong En as his girlfriend so Hui Qing is annoyed and furious. She finds out that Yong En only completes high school education and isn’t Xiu Xian’s classmate as he claims. Upon seeing Yong En hiding a small cake with a tissue, she decides to humiliate her by giving her a small box of the other cakes.

Yin tells Yong En the harsh truth of Xiu Xian and Hui Qing getting married. She tries to leave quietly and Xiu Xian runs after her. She tells him to coax Hui Qing instead and takes off the high heel shoes that have tortured her for the evening. She laments of how stupid she is to believe that he likes her. Zhi En is initially upset with her breakup but bursts into laughter upon hearing it.

Yong En ignores Xiu Xian at work. He is depressed when Zong Shui claims he treats Yong En as close as his sister to get the valet job there. He even thanks Xiu Xian for taking good care of her. 3000 won is missing and Yong En’s colleagues suspect her as she has asked for the spare keys to lock up. Xiu Xian dismisses the remark but wonders if she does it. He gives Yong En an envelope of money for being his companion for the night or she can treat it as her bonus. He tells her to get along well with Zong Shui since he is concerned about her.

Yong En already feels humiliated by the cake and now the money. She encourages Jing En to pass the exam but Jing En has an outburst instead. All in the family have pinned all their hopes on her and what happens if she can’t clear her exam? Yong En never knows that she is under so much pressure and gives her the money. She is alarmed that Zong Shui works in the restaurant too.

Being stupid, she believes his pack of lies on the money and agrees to pay him back. I find her brainless - how can she trust him instead of Ren Yu??? Zong Shui teases Yong En for being Xiu Xian’s girlfriend but she denies, not knowing that he is right behind her. Xiu Xian overhears everything and ignores her by driving away. Nan Xiu sees the way Yong En makes the dough and learns that she only has 6 months learning. He comments she has the talent to master it within a year.

Hui Qing drives here and Zong Shui is too eager to drive for her and charges out. He causes her to knock against the wall instead. She is angry with him and gives him money to fix her car before noon. He does the fixing on his own. Dou Shi asks Ren Yu out and she lies about being happily married.

Hui Qing walks in and sees Yong En. Yong En is so uneasy that she drops the plates. She is enraged when Xiu Xian also walks over the mess with Hui Qing to go out together. He feels pressurized with Hui Qing. She threatens to drown herself in the sea. He walks away as he knows that she is just throwing tantrums. Ren Yu is angry that Yong En contacts her father and drives her out. She sneaks back to the restaurant. Xiu Xian is touched to know that she works so hard.

He has not wanted to alarm her but when he leaves, he drops the plates and alerts her. He cooks instant noodles for her, boasting that his cooking skills are better than his studies. She is embarrassed that he has heard her terrible singing. He sings for her. Hui Qing sees them together and gets jealous. Xiu Xian tells Yong En to go back as he doesn't feel that she should apologize. Yong En is touched when her mother opens the door for her as she returns - she still misses her.

The next day, two bottles of brandy are missing and one is found in Yong En's locker. She knows Zong Shui is the culprit. The other employees doubt her and Xiu Xian is in a fix. She decides to resign to use another job's salary to replace the advanced salary. Her colleague says she has nothing against her but she needs to be more careful next time. Zong Shui feels remorseful for making her lose the job.

Dou Shi sneers at Ru Yu for lying to him when he sees her selling fruit. She feels humiliated. Xiu Xian returns home and Hui Qing cooks for him, lying that she feels sorry for Yong En. He says nothing. Xiu Xian gets to work and looks around for Yong En but she isn't around. Nian Xiu brings 2 bottles of brandy in. He informs Xiu Xian Zong Shui has asked his cousin to sell for him so he decides to check on his background. Xiu Xian rushes out upon knowing that Yong En is being framed.

He drives to the lingerie shop to find it closed down. Hui Qing gets Zong Shui to accompany her to the boutiques and discothque. She tells him to keep all the clothes that she buys to give to his girlfriend. Xiu Xian returns to the restaurant, feeling disappointed and looks at the painting that Yong En gives him. He looks through her resume and finds the introduction letter, thanking him for getting her the job. Zong Shui gives Yong En the clothes. He finds her stupid and teaches her to deny even though she may be the thief otherwise she will be bullied.

Upon reaching home, Zhi En tries the clothes as she wants to wear them to her lecturer's concert. Yong En helps her to try on. She can be so stupid to be taken advantage of. Zhi En is very selfish. The next day, Xiu Xian gives Zong Shui a bag, saying that he is bribing him. When he opens it, he sees 2 bottles of wine. Zong Shui knows that his act is revealed so he becomes so angry to smash the bottles against the wall. Xiu Xian looks for Yong En to have dinner.

She gives him the advanced pay. He is upset and suddenly a ball hits her to make her fall on top of him as he sprawls on the grass! Yong En tells him on why Ren Yu treats her badly. Through the waterbag insertion, Ren Yu knows that she is having a baby girl again. She has not wanted to give birth but her father is the only son. She tries to abort her without success so she is born.

He tells her to return to work but she rejects him. Upon returning home, she finds her mother in pain so Xiu Xian drives them to hospital. The doctors claim that it is gastrisis and she must be worried over something. Yong En's 2 sisters get to see Xiu Xian and Zhi En becomes stunned upon knowing that he is her boss.

Yong En's new employer is angry that she takes an advance and demands her to pay back. Xiu Xian gives him the money and drags her away. He has told the restaurant employees about it. He brings her to his hometown and recollects his childhood. Dou Shi opened his first stall here and his mother worked very hard too. Seeing the sisters in hospital reminds him of that. He holds her hand gently.

Ren Ru wants to return Dou Shi's money upon knowing that he pays for her hospital bills. Zhi En finds a part time job which is only 5000won lesser than Yong En's salary and she is very angry. Xiu Xian returns to work and Nan Xiu scolds Yong En for giving up easily. She promises not to do it again and will work here till death. Xiu Xian smiles at this. She admits wrong but she will not quit.

Zong Shui is angry that she returns to work - doesn't she have any self-esteem? He wants to resign and warns Xiu Xian not to fool her. Xiu Xian tells him the same - Zong Shui can't bully her because he can never forgive him. He allows him to quit. Xiu Xian slips a note inside Yong En's locker, inviting her to go to the same restaurant where he gives her the shop's keys.

Dou Shi wants to transfer Xiu Xian to the main company but he refuses. He doesn't wish to be controlled. Hui Qing invites Yong En to a musical. She changes her uniform without looking at the note. Xiu Xian waits with flowers and a cake. Yong En wears the clothes that Zong Shui gives and Hui Qing tells her everything. Zong Shui must be treating her as his girlfriend. Yong En is unhappy.

Xiu Xian waits in vain for Yong En to turn up so he returns to the restaurant. He sees Hui Qing there instead and she presses him on why he doesn't turn up for their date. She has called him earlier but he hangs up in disgust. He replies that it is not a date because he hasn't agreed to it. He becomes wary when she mentions that she goes out with Yong En. She even tells him that Yong En has a boyfriend, Zong Shui. He is nervous and demands to know her motive. He confesses that he likes Yong En for her sincerity and tells her to find someone who likes her.

Zong Shui wants Yong En and her family to pay him his damages. He sleeps in the living room as a form of protest. Yong En begs him to leave only to get beaten up by Ren Yu. He softens and leaves, saying that he wants the money to be paid the next week. Xiu Xian comes to ask why she doesn't meet him. She replies that she hasn't seen the note and lies that she likes the musical.

He notices that she is crying and tells her that he loves her. He suffers all these days because he has caused so much hurt to her in the past and she will not believe him. Sure enough, she flees and cites that she wants to maintain the way they are now although she is happy that he likes her. Yin comes to see him and informs him that he is going to HQ soon. Xiu Xian informs Yong En that he can't see her often and she is sad.

Xiu Xian moves out and Hui Qing is angry to know about it. He sells his car to give Zong Shui the money to stop him from harassing Yong En. Zong Shui is very angry. Xiu Xian meets Yong En on the bus and she wonders what happens to his car. Xiu Xian brings her to his rented room. He invites her to go on a train trip with him the next day. Yong En sees Zong Shui being beaten up by his debtors and tries to dress his wound. He returns the money to Xiu Xian.

Hui Qing has an overdose of sleeping pills and is hospitalized. Xiu Xian visits her, leaving his handphone at home. Yong En waits and leaves 2 messages. One is chiding him for giving Zong Shui money and another tells him how she misses him. She returns to work. Nan Xiu is the temporary manager and he is overjoyed.

Yin informs Dou Shi of Xiu Xian's present girlfriend and he comes to the outlet. Yong En accidentally sprays water on his suit. He is angry and tells her about Xiu Xian's coming wedding with Hui Qing and her suicide attempt. She is so badly affected that she overturns another glass of water to wet his suit again. This is strange that this old man isn't angry this time because he can joke that he has affinity with water on the day. But Yong En weeps later because she is very upset.

Xiu Xian tells Hui Qing not to do stupid things again and she throws her drip at him. Yong En sees him waiting at her doorstep and avoids meeting him. Dou Shi tells Ren Yu how he misses her all these years. The past meeting is not to humiliate her. He wants to know why she didn't elope with him 30 years ago. Is it because he was her father's servant? He waited in vain for her so in anger, he decided to carve a route for himself. That is why he works hard to own so many restaurants now. She didn't answer but is touched to see that he still keeps the proposal ring. She keeps it.

Yin reminds Xiu Xian not to anger Hui Qing's family as their chain depend future investments on them. Xiu Xian listens to the messages and calls Yong En. Zhi En answers and pretends that she is not back. She reminds Yong En not to get cheated. She says he is tall like a bamboo who pretends to be handsome. Ren Yu discovers that Yong En works at Dou Shi's restaurant and wants her to quit but she refuses. Hui Qing seeks Zong Shui out to give him money to split the couple. He thinks she is despicable and is uneasy when she knows he likes Yong En.

He asks Yong En out and senses she is upset. He guesses she is being ditched. She returns home to find Xiu Xian at the doorstep. Is she angry that he doesn't turn up earlier? She denies and lies that she isn't there. Xiu Xian tries to ask her out to get rejected. He knows that Dou Shi has looked for her. Zong Shui beats him up. Ren Yu returns the ring and tells Dou Shi that she didn't leave with him because she could not bear to part with her father and she is his only daughter. She is unable to forget him but she only wants to live with her daughters now.

Yong En visits him to persuade him to return home. Is he doing it because of her? He answers yes because he wishes to date her openly. She envies him of having Dou Shi who cares for him. They have conflicts but he must take care of the lonely old man. Dou Shi sees them and think they are cohabiting. He chases her out and Xiu Xian demands to know whether he ill-treats his mother because of his first love. He hears from Yin that he is marrying soon. Yong En cries and confesses to Zhi En that she likes Xiu Xian but she thinks that she is joking.

Dou Shi suddenly faints and Xiu Xian sends him home. He decides to listen to Yong En. Dou Shi doesn't give up and gives Ren Yu a handphone so that she will always be his. Nan Xiu is unhappy that he becomes the chef again - is this restaurant making fun of him? He thinks of setting up his own shop and invites Yong En to join him. She is surprised to see Xiu Xian back for the same post. He assures her that he will handle his father's affairs and she doesn't have to worry anymore. What she needs is to believe him.

He is shocked when she tells him that she is quitting. She has intended to work till the end of the month but since he is back, this will be her last day. He asks why she is avoiding him but she doesn't tell him. Dou Shi visits Ren Yu at her home and has a nice time talking with her and Zhi En. Yong En is about to enter the house when she sees Cheng Yu. She misses the chance of meeting Dou Shi. She senses that he is hesitant but doesn't know what goes wrong.

She has the urge to see Xiu Xian but she only hides at a corner of the shop to see how he walks to work. Upon reaching the restaurant, he is down as he doesn't see her in the kitchen. Nan Xiu tells him his decision to leave and he wishes him all the best. He finds a basket of flowers in his office. Hui Qing wants to congratulate him for getting his post back. He tries calling Yong En but she doesn't answer it.

Yong En goes out to make a call to Cheng Yu. She is dismayed to know that her father's construction company is closed down. Zong Shui tricks her into meeting his so-called younger sister who has a brain tumour. He locks her up and admits that he lies to her. She isn't angry but feels sorry to know that he has a sad past.

His father is in prison, his mother leaves home while his younger sister is given away for adoption. Why are people's lives different? Yong En feels sorry for him and even decides to use the utensils he has to cook a meal for him. Zong Shui is dismayed that she is not scared of him at all even though he has the intention to rape her but is moved by her innocence.

Xiu Xian waits outside Yong En's home and Ren Yu talks to him. She tells him to let go of Yong En since he already has a girlfriend. Xiu Xian thanks her for bringing Yong En up well. He is sincere to Yong En and will work hard to change her mind. She asks him to return, as she doesn’t know when Yong En is returning. Xiu Xian returns to the restaurant and ignores Hui Qing. Hui Qing cooks up a lie, saying that Zong Shui looks for her angrily and wants to know where Yong En is. She hints that Yong En is Zong Shui's girlfriend.

Xiu Xian is at first uninterested but gets worried when she relates how angry Zong Shui is earlier. Fearing that he might harm her, he immediately checks out Zong Shui's address. Sure indeed, he finds them together and drags her out. He gets fed up - why is Yong En so gullible - is she innocent or stupid? Can't she see how bad he is? She quietly returns home to cook up a lie. Ren Yu finds Xiu Xian a good person but warns Yong En to call the police when she sees Zong Shui.

Dou Shi tells Ren Yu about Xiu Xian's girlfriend. He has referred Yong En to a stray dog, which she disagrees. Since he has the same experience, why doesn't he let the couple to be together? Dou Shi opposes to it not because he looks down on Yong En but because Xiu Xian always does things against him. Ren Yu finds out that all her daughters oppose to her remarrying so she keeps quiet.

Hui Qing contacts Zong Shui and is angered to know that Yong En's kidnap attempt has failed. She demands to have her money back but Zong Shui has already spent it. He even tells her to deal with the problem on her own and don't bother him anymore. He apologises to Xiu Xian for the beating and admits forcing Yong En to go to his home. She really likes Xiu Xian so he must treat her well.

Dou Shi threatens to kill himself if Xiu Xian still insists of seeing Yong En. Xiu Xian ignores him and calls Yong En, asking her out the next day. She agrees and admits she has the urge to see him. He is overjoyed. The next day, Yong En goes to Shun Qin's shop and is shocked to find out that Dou Shi is interested in Ren Yu. She gets another shock when her sisters want to meet him with Ren Yu. She lies that she needs to go for a job interview. They insist that she goes with them.

She has no choice but to avoid getting onto the bus and Dou Shi is puzzled not to see her. (To tell the truth, my blood boils - why is she so afraid of seeing him? Having such a low self-esteem brings her to nowhere. Can't he find out from the family photo? The beans will be spilled when Xiu Xian meets Ren Yu too! She is brainless!) She meets Nan Xiu at his new restaurant and agrees to work for him.

Meanwhile, Xiu Xian is annoyed when Yin arranges him to meet Mr Jiang. Yin is uneasy when Hui Qing tells her that she likes Xiu Xian more and more. Mr Jiang apologises for not taking Hui Qing under control. Xiu Xian tells him that he loves someone else and can never forget her. He thanks him for helping to invest in his father's food chain. Mr Jiang is unhappy that Xiu Xian is not changing his mind.

Xiu Xian slips a pager into Yong En's hand. He has remembered Ren Yu complaining that she wasn't at home and didn't know how to contact her. He senses that something is wrong with her as she wants to go for a drink at the discotheque. He is amazed that she holds her liquor well and wishes to visit these places frequently to have fun. He jokes that he will have to save up now.

Suddenly he holds her hand. He has sleepless nights lately - feeling afraid that she will be stolen by someone else when he closes his eyes. He wonders who is the one to give him such a pretty and kind Yong En? He hugs her closely - no matter what happens, she should not hide. She is in tears.

Her sisters tell Ren Yu to accept Dou Shi. Yong En waits in the rain for him to leave before requesting her mother not to remarry as she herself is vent to stay single too. Zhi En is angry with her for damaging her mother's hopes to find happiness, saying that Dou Shi is a good man.

Ren Yu is so angry to know that Yong En looks for Cheng Yu that she drives her out. She decides to stay with him then. Before leaving, she nearly jumps upon getting Dou Shi's call to meet her. She rejects to see him. She later tells her father that Ren Yu has a hard time selling food to bring them up. Business was not good so it trained her to cook well. Till now, she didn't have any new clothes but she will forgive him. Cheng Yu feels guilty over it. She gives him the money.

Yong En thanks Zong Shui for helping her and she will pay him back. He replies that it is the brother's responsibility. Xiu Xian comes in anger to demand to know what is wrong with her since she is using Hui Qing's money? What does he mean to her - why does she do this to him every time? Whatever Zong Shui knows he doesn't know - does she like him? He has a shock when she admits it!

She runs away and Xiu Xian tries in vain to get her to return his pages. This stupid woman dumps the pager on a car and flees. He has a sleepless night. Dou Shi is anxious as he doesn't see Ren Yu at Shun Qin's shop so he comes to her home. It doesn’t matter how she treats him but she must not fall sick. She is touched by his words. Ren Yu has a fever after scolding Yong En. She asks Zhi En what she will do if Cheng Yu becomes poor. She replies that she will ignore him. Dou Shi requests to speak to Yong En so Zhi En gives him the restaurant's address. Yong En returns to the shop and sleeps there.

The next day, Dou Shi goes there and finally knows her identity. Zong Shui apologises to her about the money and promises not to appear before her again. She still gives him a treat and is stunned when he is attacked by his debtors. He is forced to sell the imitation clothes for them and hasn't returned them the damages. Xiu Xian waits outside Yong En's home and is surprised that she has left home.

Ren Yu asks him whether he quarrels with her as she notices that they break up very often. He might not be able to get her because she goes to Chun Chuan to look for Cheng Yu. She asks him to forgive her for not loving her more because she sees that Yong En is independent. Yong En returns home and is surprised to see Xiu Xian. Xiu Xian suddenly hugs her and refuses to let her go. He is past caring that others will look at them as he realises now that she suffers so much. He blames himself for not treating her well enough. (But is it his fault? I feel that the mistake lies on Yong En for keeping so many things from him!)

From now on, she must listen to him. He gives her a train ticket to meet him the next day. He will wait till she comes. Ren Yu tells Yong En to cherish her relationship with Xiu Xian as she can see that he is a nice man. She has decided not to remarry as Dou Shi gives her a lot of pressure. She feelks guilty about it. Zhi En demands to know why she is back right after 2 days. Yong En is worried about the meeting but still lies to Zhi En that she doesn’t get to see Dou Shi.

Zhi En buys sexy lingerie for Ren Yu since she is marrying Dou Shi soon. Cheng Yu meets Ren Yu with the sons to beg her to return to him. She refuses. Dou Shi wants Xiu Xian to meet the Jiang family the next day. Xiu Xian is adamant not to meet them and he threatens to kill himself. Hui Qing meets Yong En and is sarcastic to say that Zong Shui begs her for the money to help her. She mentions that her parents are meeting up with Dou Shi and Xiu Xian to make her miserable.

The Jiangs don't feel like attending the session if not for Dou Shi's insistence. He keeps stressing that Xiu Xian is coming but he doesn't turn up. Yong En is hesitant of going to the train station but later runs there. Xiu Xian waits for her. Nan Xiu observes she is distracted and gives her half day off. Xiu Xian gives Dou Shi a call, telling him that he is with Yong En to visit his mother's grave. Dou Shi gets so angry that he faints. Hui Qing lies that she has already given Xiu Xian up.

She confronts Zong Shui - why he hasn't broken them up after getting her money. She wants to look for them with him to separate the two. Xiu Xian brings Yong En to the top of a hill overlooking the sea. He wants to be than man who stands beside her forever. He kisses her and introduces her to his late mother.

Zhi En wonders what happens to Cheng Yu after getting his call. Ren Yu waits for Dou Shi to call her but he doesn't. After knowing that he is sick, she comes to his home. He jokes he should get sick often. Ren Yu suggests to get married as she is tired of her past. He is happy with her decision. Yong En recalls that she hated her mother. On an occasion, Ren Yu left home and her sisters cried. Yong En was the only one who prayed for her not to return. She was not a good daughter.

But now after having a boyfriend, she starts to smile at her. Xiu Xian is stunned to know that his father is the one. Yong En asks if they can stay on the island and not return but later dismisses the thought. In the meantime, Ren Yu wonders is Dou Shi's son will oppose to them together. He replies no although he is unsure. Xiu Xian is furious to know that Dou Shi already knows the truth but Ren Yu is still unware. He tells Yong En that he will handle it. Since their romance has nothing to do with them, nothing will change.

The last ferry leaves and the two are unable to get it. The two get the same room but end up sleeping by sitting down. Dou Shi calls Xiu Xian in vain and has an over dosage of sleeping pills. (I thought only a woman will resort to do this??) The next day, Xiu Xian waits for Yong En to sit beside him to hold her hand. He urges her to take a nap but both are troubled on the way back. Xiu Xian is shocked to know what happens to Dou Shi and is scolded by Yin in the hospital. Why are the two like enemies now?

Ren Yu rushes to visit Dou Shi too while Yong En just returns to know in horror that Ren Yu is getting married. Zhi En wants to know why she is unhappy over her coming remarriage but she evades from the issue. The Jiangs withdraw their investments so Yin is angry with Xiu Xian. Xiu Xian still thinks that it is not his dault. It is Dou Shi who forces him to do the things he dislikes. He hides from Ren Yu upon seeing her at the entrance. Yin lets her know Dou Shi is unhappy with the company dire straits. Hui Qing scolds Yong En for ruining her chances.

Ren Yu scolds Dou Shi for being impulsive. Dou Shi wants to lecture his son and he will never give her up. He is doing everything for her and will never bow to fate. Cheng Yu brings his sons to Yong En, wanting her to take care of them for 10 days. He wants to look for his wife and has no other choice. She refuses as she doesn't know how to tell Ren Yu. This despicable man deserts the 2 boys at the restaurant entrance, leaving her no choice!

Xiu Xian sees Dou Shi after Ren Yu leaves. The old man threatens to severe ties with him. He lives because of Ren Yu and admits that he ignores his wife because of her. So he will still get married next month. Xiu Xian is devastated to know that. Yong En's two brothers, Jun Shi and En Shi become close to her. She brings them to stay with Zong Shui. He refuses intially but gives in after she pays him.

Xiu Xian wants Yong En to leave Seoul with him. he can never allow her to call him 'elder brother' as he has the urge to hold her hand everytime he sees her. He wants to elope with her the next day at 12pm. He is under Dou Shi's control and he wants to get away for good. The can't be together if they miss this chance. Cheng Yu calls Ren Yu to thank Yong En.

Ren Yu doesn't understand why she is so softhearted to meet Cheng Yu repeatedly. She then cries on why Ren Yu gives birth to her and she is so dumb. Dou Shi discharges himself and returns home, refusing to listen to Xiu Xian. Xiu Xian is angered - Dou Shi's love is precious and so is his. Even if he marries hui Qing, they will divorce. This relationship is also important to him and he is also not giving up. He tells Dou Shi to give up but feels bad when the old man cries.

Zhi En thinks that Yong En is leaving for a few days - just like the last time. She is alarmed when Ren Yu admits to driving her away to be with Cheng Yu. She still checks if she is back at night and is disappointed. This following scene boils my blood to 100 degrees. Dou Shi sees Yong En. She assures him that she has nothing with Xiu Xian and wishes him to give Ren Yu happiness. I look down on him when he agrees eagerly!

Xiu Xian waits at the station in vain so he finds out what has happened from Zhi En. Yong En stays with the boys in an old hostel. Xiu Xian asks Yin out. He hopes that she will not give up his father easily as he doesn't want to have a younger sister. Xiu Xian then sees Yong En leaving with Zong Shui. Zong Shui gets a television set to cheer her brothers up.

Yong En lies to Xiu Xian that she is staying with Cheng Yu. She feels that she is able to call him 'elder brother'. it is nice to have one so that they will not part. Xiu Xian questions why she can say this to be so untrue to herself. She wants him to help her to live the life she wants. He tells her that she need not think too much and he will do it for her.

Ren Yu visits Dou Shi at home and wonders why he quarrels with his son. Xiu Xian doesn't see Ren Yu at the fruit stall so he returns home. He is calm in meeting her but she is shocked to see him. Ren Yu leaves hurriedly and realises why Yong En says those words to her and how Xiu Xian reacts. She has another shock upon seeing Yong En with the boys. She gives her a slap and demands to know where they stay.

Ren Yu reprimands her for totally brainless. If Cheng Yu isn't back, is she going to take care of them all her life? She replies yes. Zong Shui buys toys for the boys and overhears Yong En refusing to send them to the orphanage. Ren Yu demands to know why she keeps her relationship with Xiu Xian from her. Yong En lies that she has no special feelings for him. Ren Yu leaves angrily to leave her to lead her own life.

Zong Shui gives Yong En a blanket. He wants to know why Xiu Xian has not looked for Yong En. Is there anything wrong with their relationship? She only thanks him for caring for her like a younger sister. Xiu Xian tells Ren Yu that he is unwilling to give Yong En up. He can't imagine life will be without her. Ren Yu wants both to part because he defies Dou Shi. He will not get happiness and should get along with Hui Qing instead.

She informs Dou Shi that she is parting with him. She doubts the young will be able to live together under the same roof. Xiu Xian waits for 5 hours for Yong En to knock off. To him, waiting 50 years is also fine. Hui Qing tells Zong Shui about the old getting married and laughs to herself. Zong Shui feels sorry for Yong En and sends En Shi to see a doctor when he is ill. Xiu Xian wants Yong En to stop avoiding from the world.

She is relieved that En Shi is alright after seeing a doctor but wonders where Zong Shui gets the money. Zong Shui works at the construction site now and gives her money to buy a fridge to store food since it is unknown when Cheng Yu will come. He wants to be her boyfriend to stay and take care of the boys.

Zong Shui has a drink with Xiu Xian. He wants xiu Xian to forget the past and he will be with Yong En. Xiu Xian will not mind how he treats her because he is grateful to him. Dou Shi always feel apologetic towards Xiu Xian for ignoring him since young and now he is contented that he is doing well. But fate plays a joke on him. Both men will not fall in love with the women. He suggests Xiu Xian to further his studies for a few years. Seeing him reminds him of Ren Yu. Xiu Xian agrees to it and will leave Korea soon.

Yong En's sisters visit her. Nan Xiu exclaim that they are pretty to brighten his shop. Zhi En is angry that Ren Yu is not seeing Dou Shi anymore because of Yong En. Jing En wants her to return home - Yong En is so stupid not to find out where Cheng Yu is although he agrees to come back a few days later. Ren Yu mops the floor for Yong En and is stunned to see the boys with Zong Shui.

Zong Shui apologises to her and wishes her to forget the past him to accept the new him. She is relieved that they are not cohabiting. He admits that he likes Yong En so she wants to severe ties with Yong En. Zong Shui apologises to Yong En for it and she returns the money to him, reminding him of his debts to clear. Yong En brings the boys home to find an envelope of money left by Ren Yu. She weeps.

Dou Shi declares he will woo Ren Yu after Xiu Xian leaves so that no one will come between them.(He is such a selfish fellow and lier!) Ren Yu can't forgive him as he has called Yong En a stray dog.Yong En is taken aback when Xiu Xian includes her in the trip. She promises to leaves after the boys are taken back by Cheng Yu. Zong Shui lies to Dou Shi that he is Yong En's boyfriend and he needs money to settle with the siblings. In order to make sure that Xiu Xian has a clean break with Yong En, he pays the money. Yong En is chased out of the house and she begs Ren Yu to make them stay with her. Ren Yu scolds but let them stay.

Zong Shui confesses his love but Yong En rejects him and tells him of the coming elope plan. He is upset so when Hui Qing informs him that she is leaving with Xiu Xian, he blurts out of the elope plan and tells her to give up. She is shocked. Zong Shui promises Yong En to take care of her brothers after she leaves.

Cheng Yu comes to ask Ren Yu where his sons are. She hastily says that they are not with her. Dou Shi pushes him away for forsaking her but she drives both of them away. Hui Qing tells Dou Shi about the elope plan and Dou Shi nearly faints after confirming it with Xiu Xian.

Ren Yu thinks that Cheng Yu will come again for his sons but Zhi En knows him too well. He is still the same irresponsible man whho only wants to see how they are and not to bring them back. Sure indeed, he never comes later. Ren Yu wants Yong En to part with Xiu Xian. She knows Yong En has misgivings about her and asks for forgiveness. She is not wrong to take care of the boys.

Nan Xiu knows that Yong En is leaving because Zong Shui leaves something for her. She is shocked to see the money in it and goes to visit him. Zong Shui cries over her leaving and gets badly hit on the head by his debtors. Yong En sends him to hospital and frowns upon knowing that the blood clot is going to affect his survival. Zong Shui pleads with her not to leave him by holding her hand andXiu Xian gets to see this.

He wants to know if she is staying forever if he can't recover. His friend has found jobs and lodging for them and they must leave as he has booked the tickets. Zong Shui escapes home and Yong En insists to bring him back for the operation. When he refuses, she leaves the money for the operation expenses.

Ren Yu finds Yong En's passport with the travelling documents and confronts her. This stupid woman still denies of leaving! Ren Yu flares up and says that she leaves everything to her. Xiu Xian wants Zong Shui to go for the operation. What he is doing is to give him trouble, upsetting all and to make Yong En stay back. Zong Shui throws him the money that Dou Shi gives him so that both can spend.

Yogn En brings her brothers to see Zong Shui only to find that he is back in hospital again. The operation has a low chance of success so she lies that he doesn't require the operation. Ren Yu learns from the boys that Yong En visits Zong Shui and is furious so she rushes there.

Zong Shui suddenly remembers his family's faces. He now feels like continuing his studies so that he can wear a tie to work in future. Ren Yu scolds Yong En for being silly. She sees him asleep and also asks about his injury - why is he alone? Is she going to take up responsiblity till he dies? What is he to do with her? Doesn't she remember how he bullies them?

Yong En is silent - I hate this attitude! She leaves reluctantly with her and suddenly Ren Yu allows her to be with Xiu Xian since she likes him. She doens't have to care about her since she forgets Dou Shi. Yong En is touched.
Dou Shi brings Ren Yu back to their hometown. She wants him to give up the thought so that they can be in-laws. Yong En's perfect personality in sacrificing makes her hate her but Xiu Xian loves her so much. She feels ashamed of herself and wants to make up to her. She doesn't wish their children to elope like them but Dou Shi refuses.

Yong En decides to stay in Korea and lies that Zong Shui operation is fine. Xiu Xian decides to comply with Dou Shi's wishes. Cheng Yu asks Yong En where his sons are - doesn't she see them outside the restaurant? Did they get lost? What an irresponsible man! When Yong En asks if he is taking them away, he tries to avoid her glances. He still wants her to take care of them for a few more days.

Yong En tells him, from the past till now, Ren Yu never sends her daughters to him even though they go hungry and times are bad. So she wants him to do the same since they are his sons although she is reluctant to do this. They are not going to stay for even 1 day. She has wanted to send them to the orphanage but since he is here, he may take them away. Cheng Yu starts to feel ashamed of himself and leaves with them.

Xiu Xian understands why Yong En is doing this so he comes to see her. He holds her hand. It is good enough that they are staying in this world. He hugs her close to him while they weep. Zong Shui finds out his condition and leaves the hospital. He bades Hui Qing farewell. He warns her not to bully others and gives her a goodbye hug. Yong En gives Zong Shui a tie. He ties it to show her.

His wish to wear a tie to work is partly fulfilled. His next dream is to go to the Pacific Ocean to sleep under a coconut tree and look at pretty women. The third is to go with her. She promsies to go with him. Ren Yu is glad that Yong En tells Zong shui off to bring the boys away. Yong En lies that she doesn't visit Zong Shui anymore.
Xiu Xian is going to spend 5 years overseas to continue his studies and work parttime for his friend. Dou Shi starts to regret asking him to leave. He is back to work and sees Zong Shui. He wonders why he is being discharged. Zong Shui is returning to his hometown and reminds him to treat Yong En well.

Nan Xiu gives Yong En her pay and wants her to work hard. She finds Zong Shui missing and the tie is still there with a letter. Upon reading the lines to find that he is grateful to her for being the only person to treat him like a human, she bursts into tears. Jing En returns home after the exam to find out what has happened. Zhi En is surprised when Ren Yu is unhappy with her for saying things bad about Yong En now. Hui Qing is bored and is dismayed to find Zong Shui already moved out. She breaks into tears.

Xiu Xian lets Yong En know that he is leaving so she gives him a treat. She tries to hide her unhappiness. Dou Shi starts to feel guilty and gives Ren Yu an air ticket for Yong En to fly with Xiu Xian. This air ticket is considered as their engagement present then. Ren Yu is glad that they have straightened things out and gives it to Yong En. She encourages her to live for herself. The next day, Xiu Xian peeps at her at work for the last time. Dou Shi is reluctant to to see him leave. He asks if he's coming home for his 'wedding' and he replies that he'll consider.

Xiu Xian calls Ren Yu to apologise for the unpleasaness caused. He has no heart to tell Yong En that he is leaving but is delighted to know that she is at the airport. Ren Yu meets Dou Shi and he invites her to visit them in future. Xiu Xian charges down the escalator to look for Yong En ('Beautiful Days' has borrowed the idea too.) but misses her. When he finally sees her, both give each other a tight hug and refuse to let go.

Introduction on characters

1. JinYong En - Jin Zhi He
She is the youngest daughter. Her mother detests her but this doesn’t hinder her from becoming a cheerful and warm person. She always thinks that there is hope in life. She does stupid things to make people upset as shown above. She should stop the nonsense and lying as she is such a bad liar.Trying to hide the truth doesn't help at all. Look at how silly she is - how long can she hide? I am so thankful that she reveals the truth to Xiu Xian although this time, it is the selfish Dou Shi who keeps quiet. To conceal her feelings is another stupid act!

This character is dumb and I find it similar to other roles that I've seen - 'Wish upon a star' and 'Tomato'. They are all modern Cinderellas. She also acts the same way as in ‘Law Firm’ too. The only difference is that she is younger here with an air of innocence - or rather pretence because I doubt such a person exists.

2. Jin Zhi En
She is the second sister who is very selfish. She chooses music and has many suitors because of her beauty. But she doesn’t treat Yong En well too as she takes her clothes to wear without permission.

3. Jin Jing En
She is the eldest sister and is considered the brainiest in the family. She clears the first round of exams and is in the second round to get into the law faculty. Her mother pins all the hopes on her. She is close to both sisters.

4. Zhao Xiu Xian - Jin Tai Yu
He is the only son of a restaurant chain owner. He is nice but is of average ability so he gets discouraged easily. However, he believes in seeking his own happiness so he opposes to marriage fixing. He is pitiful - I don't think he should say sorry to Yong En all the time - she should do it instead because she hurts him so many times. It is natural for a man to get upset when his girlfriend keeps on going to another man. He is very nice to her by only chiding her in a soft but unhappy tone and not shouting to her aloud. He is not the handsome man that all have in mind but he gives all a sense of security although he may be lanky.

5. Liu Zong Shui - Han Jae Suk
He is a nasty man who blames others for his misfortune. Your blood will boil upon seeing how he bullies Yong En and keeps on coming between her and Xiu Xian. However, he manages to turn into a better person after Yong En manages to change him. You will know why Jae Suk is chosen to be You Zhen in 'All About Eve'. He loses his will to live upon knowing that Yong En is leaving - just like the way he behaves when Yin Mei ditches him. But still, he is okay as the hooligan.

6. Jiang Hui Qing - Jin Zhen En
She is pretty, knowledgeable and likes Tai Yu. She doesn’t understand why he can’t accept her since she is so perfect. She has an ugly heart to split the couple and her face is totally twisted when she is angry. Her acting is still unnatural here as she still lacks experience.

7. Zhao Dou Shi - Piao Gen Xing - the actor as Li He’s father in ‘Loving You’
You may call him the most irresponsible and selfish father from all Koren dramas. He brings Xiu Xian up on his own after his wife’s death. But he can’t forget his ex-love, Ren Yu and thus ignores his wife. Even though he knows Xiu Xian likes Yong En, he still insists that Xiu Xian apologises to the Jiangs and marry Hui Qing. He only cares for himself to consolidate the business!

After knowing that Yong En and Xiu Xian are a couple, he wants the two to split so that he can marry Ren Yu! He is so inconsiderate! Looking at how eager he is to promise Yong En that he will take care of Ren Yu makes me despise him. Doesn’t he know that the young people are suffering?

8. Pu Ren Yu - the actress as Mrs Zhang in ‘Mother, Sister’
She showers all her attention to her elder daughters and neglects Yong En totally. I find her a stubborn woman who doesn't really know what she wants in life. But she finally realises her mistake to treat her better.

9. Yin
She is Dou Shi’s capable helper in business and has waited for him to love her for a long time. Xiu Xian wonders why Dou Shi drags too and yin is too soft. If she is insistent, he will not have Yong En as a younger sister!

10. Piao Nan Xiu
He is the chef in the restaurant. I am amused that he swallows his words - he says that an employee should stick to a company till the end but I don't think he keeps his promise.

11. Jin Cheng Yu
He is an irresponsible father - definitely top of the list among all Korean dramas. After his divorce, he never gives Ren Yu alimony so she has to fend on her own to bring up their daughters. When his business runs into trouble, he gives the debtors Ren Yu's home telephone number. He also wishes to go back to her.

After Yong En gives him money or takes care of his sons, he still has the cheek to call Ren Yu to thank her for it! Doesn't he know that Yong En is doing this secretly and she will get scolded after his call? I never see such a thick skinned man to abandon his sons to his daughter, forcing her to do the dirty job for him. who isn't happy when Yong En forces him to take his sons back?

12. Shun Qin
She is Ren Yu's friend with a mild temperament. She lets Ren Yu help out at her stall and encourages her to pursue her own happiness.


I wanted to be selective in watching Korean dramas. Sometimes, I wonder whether I will get high blood pressure or heartaches if I get to watch silly arrangements repeatedly. However, since they are shown free on television, I decided not to waste any chances as I might miss a good serial. But this drama makes me scold so much daily -- the Koreans are still so traditional to preserve the close-to-dinosaur-age perception that when the parents married, their no-blood relation children are considered as siblings!

This is a lesser than average drama and there is nothing to rave about the acting. There are lots of crying scenes - usually for nothing. If Yong En is brave enough, she will not have to waste her tears. The couples break and reconcile till you get giddy. Love contributes to 90% of the plot and dialogues are repetitive because of the indecisive leads. Why are these people having fun to waste our time to watch them?

I am sorry to say that I slept as I watched most of the time as I was very tired. I didn't know how to make myself engrossed in the story. It is too predictable and the less-than expected performance make me uninterested. 24 episodes is a torture for me. My suggestion - don't waste your tears or time over it. Only admire the tears/ripple effect on the trailers for the beginning and ending themes. They do reflect the storyline.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ** (Scale of 5)

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