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The Bali Story

Reviewed by: sukting July 18, 2005

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Memories of Bali How long 20 episodes Foreword This story is very different from usual dramas. Normally we will have a man as a two-timer but in this case, this is a female. What is her ending of manipulating two men? When a couple regrets marriage, is there any turning back? Many thanks to Josephyne for lending me her vcds. Introduction on characters 1. Zheng Zai Min - Jo In Sung He is the promotions manager and is the...

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The Bali Story

Reviewed by: il_mare June 15, 2004

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Ballieseo Saengkin il a.k.a. The Bali Story SBS drama (2004) - 20 episodes For SBS homepage for this drama (in Korean), go to: Aired in Korea: January 3, 2004- March 7, 2004 on SBS Saturday & Sunday nights. Cast: Lee Soo-jung (25): Ha Ji Won (Damo/Beautiful Life/Secret) Kang In-wook (29): So Ji Sup (Glass Slipper/Delicious Proposal) Jung Jae-min (27): Jo In Sung (Shoot for the Stars/Piano) Choi Young-joo (25): Park Ye Jin (Since We Met/Four...

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06-28-2009 06:45 AM


The ending of this movie was so freak. Jo In Sung came to Bali then killed Ha Ji Won and Su Ji Sub and eventually killed himself. That was freak.


06-08-2008 03:08 PM


This story is painfully slow, but the producer did a good job in keeping the tension going from start to finish. I did a lot of fast forwarding every time it plays a long song. They do that two to three times in every episode. I am surprised to see such parental power over people in their late 20's. I mean, the whole tragedy would not have happened if not because of parental intervention. Jae Min's tyrant father has full control of his bank accounts, credit cards, what house he owns, whom he can marry, and how he should speak and behave. That doesn't sound realistic to me. Young Joo couldn't marry In wook when they first dated because her mother didn't approve. I also found it not convincing that Soo Jung is not able to find ANY job besides karaoke hostess and maid at an art gallery. These are all just elements used by the script writer to keep the story tragic. It's set up to be tragic from the beginning. If there was any confusion in the beginning who Soo Jung loves, it all becomes quite apparent during the last five episodes that she loves Jae Min. If not because of that, she would have accepted In Wook's proposal of marriage right away. If you really want to watch this series, make sure you have a good DVD player handy, because you might do a lot of fast forwarding with the long 20-episodes and that could age your DVD player very fast.


02-10-2008 09:52 AM


Oh my god what an unexpected ending! Jo In Seong and So Ji Sub are both so awesome. I think JIS did a spectacular job of portraying the insane jealousy of love gone wrong.


12-25-2006 12:00 AM


Ah! This kdrama reminded me of the song titled "Torn between 2 lovers". JIS gave such an excellent performance with such intense passion and emotion. One could not help but sympathize with Jae-min and fall in love with the character. SJS also played his role well, but I believe audiences only have Jae-min (JIS) revolving in their mind, right.

I totally agree with the critic that the actress should be played by someone else. An actress that is beautiful and sexy. She have to be able to portray a materialistic, alluring and vulnerable character in order for these men to die for.

I normally does not like sad ending, however this is acceptable as it is inevitable.

Zhen Yin

12-21-2006 12:00 AM


WHIB revolved around the complicated love triangle of Jae Min, Soo Jung and In Wook. Their chance encounter in Bali marked the beginning of a series of unexpected events, which was set to change the course of their lives forever. They became embroidered into a web of hatred, jealousy, pain and heartache, which traumatized their emotions immensely.

Soo Jung was torn between the two eligible men, In Wook and Jae Min. One was caring and sensitive, while the other was rich and influential. Both men possessed the qualities of the man of her dreams, yet she could not have the best of both worlds. Whenever she was with either one of them, her heart would miss the other. This agonized her immensely. If only the two men could merge into one, then she would not have to make the tough choice between them.

As a result of her indecisiveness, tragedy occurred.

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