The Bali Story

Reviewed by: sukting

July 18, 2005

Rating: four

Memories of Bali

How long
20 episodes

This story is very different from usual dramas. Normally we will have a man as a two-timer but in this case, this is a female. What is her ending of manipulating two men? When a couple regrets marriage, is there any turning back? Many thanks to Josephyne for lending me her vcds.

Introduction on characters

1. Zheng Zai Min - Jo In Sung
He is the promotions manager and is the youngest son in the family. He is irresponsible and selfish. He is also a playboy. Whatever he wants, he gets it.

He is like a flower in the home - proud and cold but he can be fragile and weak. But it is strange that he prefers to stay alone - perhaps to get away from his father? After he loves Shui Jing, he becomes so childish and cute - clumsy but frank.

The first scene of the first serial already shows him sleeping with a woman. He lazes on the job but sometimes he still does his work. You will laugh upon seeing how he often sleeps in his office. He is uninterested in the company but he works to please his father.

But many will be touched by his persistence in love. He has married Ying Zhu but he refuses to touch her. But we understand his misery when Shui Jing is always with Ren Xu. How can he retain his sanity when seeing both naked in bed? He has tried so hard to love her - but why is she always hurting him?

He often bawls or cries but this doesn't make him a weak guy. His actions are justified as he doesn't keep his emotions under wraps. When at work, he is back to normal. He doesn't mix emotions with work. In Sung does remarkably well in this role although certain times he reminds me of his exaggerated acting in 'the Piano'.

In Sung wears suits to work often without a tie but he still looks so presentable. Others will laugh when he carries a backpack instead of bringing a suitcase to work. Wearing white shoes to match his dark clothes should be a complete mismatch but he looks surprisingly good in them. Ji Sup finally finds his match in height. In Sung is taller than him by about 4 cm. So he is convincing as an intimidating boss.

2. Jiang Ren Xu - So Ji Sup
Both men are towers in Shui Jing's life. His result is the top to get into the company but his hard work isn't recognized. He is always the underdog - in love and in work when Zai Min is his superior. Shang Min promotes him - not just recognizing his talents but also wanting him to help his embezzlement of the company funds. Well, he sure does to get all the money by being the middleman. Who tells the brothers to treat him like dirt?!

He doesn't say frankly that he cares for his mother but he plans for her future when he plans to leave Korea. He visits her often and gives her money to spend. Being a clear minded man, he gives up Ying Zhu once knowing that she is engaged to Zai Min. Although she comes repeatedly to harass him, he is unmoved as his feelings are now rooted for Shui Jing.

Unlike Zai Min who shows his feelings openly, he is reserved, independent and is an introvert. His warm heart is beneath the cold exterior. He shows Shui Jing equal concern and love. We always get to see him running after her when she leaves or coming to her aid when she needs help. He doesn't say much or is always cold but we know that he is there for her.

Ji Sup is also well-dressed and with a short haircut, he is so attractive. When he changes his wardrobe, he oozes his charm. I don't consider him the underdog. In fact, I find him acting better than In Sung. It is so unfair that all eyes are on In Sung. It is so much harder to get immersed in this role as Ren Xu can't release his emotions except when alone or drunk.

3. Li Xian Xun - Kim Hyung Bum
He only completes secondary education and gets into all sorts of problems to owe the loansharks money. In the end, Shui Jing has to work as a tour guide to pay off the debt. He is such a good for nothing to ask his younger sister for money. Shui Jing decides that this isn't going to work anymore for him to sponge on her so she asks Zai Min to give him a job in the company.

4. Zheng Shang Min - Kim In Woo
He is the director of the company. But he knows that Mr Zheng favours his younger brother although he is very fierce to him. So when he knows of Ren Xu's past relationship with Ying Zhu, he asks him back to deal with Zai Min. He has agreed to frame Ren Xu after sealing the deal but he is dismayed that Ren Xu has already changed the password and taken all the money away. He is so distressed that he faints.

5. Mr Zheng
This is a typical example of a strict and unreasonable father. When he doesn't get his way, he will use his golf club to hit their heads. It still strikes a terror in Zai Min's heart although his father is shorter than him.

As a result, Zai Min's head often suffers from bruises. He is also ruthless to disregard his son's happiness. It is so sad that the usually proud Zai Min kneels to beg him to let him to be together with Shui Jing, but is rejected. He hates ugly stories and the word 'rumour' so he will listen to none of it.

But he is still a capable businessman. He knows what Shang Min has been doing all his back so that is why he gives Zai Min an important post. But this doesn't stop Shang Min from causing damage.

6. Zhao Sheng Tai
He is initially Shui Jing's boss in Bali to make her work for him. He flees to Korea when he uses and loses all her money for investments. He ends up running on the streets from her to become a beggar. Zai Min lets him work as a storeman in his company so that he can give half his pay to Shui Jing.

7. Assistant Manager Che
We must never keep this snake by our side. He works under Zai Min but feeds Shang Min with his details. I have never seen a male gossiper but he is a deadly one. Actually, he and Shang Min resemble each other more in looks - I mistook both faces in the beginning of the serial.

8. Li Shui Jing - Ha Ji Won
She must be the most unlucky tour guide in the world. Her name means crystal in Chinese. My heart goes all out to her when she gets the wrong tourists in Bali. But it doesn't stop here. Firstly, to be thrown into the pool as she is a non-swimmer. Then she is implicated into a love triangle (recognizes Ren Xu wrongly as Zai Min as the boss's son.) and treated coldly by the three during their Bali stay.

Finally, she gets cheated of her money by Sheng Tai. She is jobless for a long time and has no choice but to look for Zai Min for help. She not only borrows money from him but also gets a job from him.

She often dreams of marrying a rich man to end her misery. Well, it comes true partially when Zai Min gives her material comfort to make her happy for a while. Mrs Zheng makes Shui Jing lose her job and yet Ying Zhu engages her to work in the art gallery. Both women bully her and Ying Zhu even throws the handphone into the pail with the mop to damage it.

Reality wakes her up. She straightens her thoughts to leave the apartment and moves back. She finds work in the billiard centre to be independent. She also decides to be with Ren Xu. But she misses Zai Min.

I have zero sympathy for this woman. She is materialistic and has completely forgotten her role as a mistress. Both men give her unconditional love but they give up their families and careers but what has she given them in return? She is always in a man's arms but misses another.

The character is so inconsistent. I have thought of Shui Jing to be a person to be strong and positive - not to admit failure easily. But why the change when she returns to Korea? Even being a maid should have earned some money somehow. But yet she does acts to hurt herself and others. She has given up her dignity to be Zai Min's mistress - but does she love him? How under-handed to use Ren Xu against him and Ying Zhu!

I am so doubtful of what she will do next - to hurt which guy?! To stay of move out of the 'love nest'/art gallery? Like il-mare, I nearly swear at her going to the different guy at different timings! Sorry but I even doubt her last words to declare her love for Zai Min. Is that the truth? Nothing but the truth?

I feel that Ji Won's crying scenes are too exhaustive and irrelevant. She reminds me of Ji Woo who cries too much. I am so irritated by the noise she makes.

9. Cui Ying Zhu - Park Ye Jin
She is a rich businessman's daughter but has an unhappy life. Her mother despises Ren Xu's background so they have to part unwillingly. But being unable to forget him, she flies all the way to Bali to see him. Zai Min comes to upon discovering their 'affair'. (Actually they have done nothing at all.) Zai Min even gets a tour guide (who turns out to be the unlucky Shui Jing) to lead them on tour.

Ren Xu thinks Ying Zhu only wants to own him - she doesn't love him. But we can tell that she truly loves him and she really suffers. She sincerely wants to call off the marriage but has to agree to it when Mrs Zheng blackmails her with the photos that show her with Ren Xu. She hopes that Ren Xu will become her lover but he turns her down.

She is enraged when both men like Shui Jing instead. She makes her work in the art gallery and tortures her when the time comes. Once even gives her a bruised lip and pulls her hair. You will never expect a cultured woman to do that. After marriage, she still misses Ren Xu and often goes to his new home to pour her woes or to say how much she loves him. (She has been there from the old to the new one - how long lasting but too bad she has no chance at all to be with him.)

We can't blame her to protect her own rights and also losing her love. She just succumbs to circumstances to be an unhappy wife in an arranged marriage although she should not have done so to spite back at Zai Min and Ren Xu. I find Ye Jin's acting only average. She is okay in emotional scenes but how I wish that she could have done better - she is completely overshadowed by Ji Won in here.

10. Mrs Zheng - Jin Xiu Mei
She is Zai Min's mother but is the most hideous looking mother I've ever seen. No one will believe she will give birth to such a fine-looking son. She is very protective towards Zai Min and blames Ying Zhu for causing him to look pale and not taking good care of him after marriage.

I always crack up whenever she calls Zai Min 'my baby son' because he is the youngest. She is very nasty to Shui Jing but is very forgiving to Ying Zhu. However, Mrs Cui forces her to show Ying Zhu's kissing photos with Ren Xu to spite her back. Finally for once, she blows up at Mrs Cui.

11. Mrs Cui
She is concerned about preserving the family's reputation so she forces Ying Zhu to marry Zai Min. but she also has an affair with her golf instructor. She is unhappy that Mrs Zheng gets Zai Min's 'mistress' to work in the art gallery with her daughter and creates a fuss. After their marriage, she accuses Shui Jing of still seducing Zai Min and she throws rubbish on her. Serves her right to be taught a lesson. She can be so harsh in fights to leave bruises everywhere. Where has the elegant lady gone to?

12. Mrs Jiang
She owns a small eatery and is still with her lover because she loves him despite being beaten daily. If not for Ren Xu, she could have remarried after leaving his father. She has supported him through university, hoping that he will not be like his father. But she truly loves her son although they stay apart. Seeing that Shui Jing is a two timer, she dislikes her and hopes that Ren Xu doesn't marry her.

13. Fang Mei Xi
She is Shui Jing's only friend. She gives her shelter when she has no place to stay. She can be jealous and bitter of Shui Jing's 'success' to make 2 hunks to fall heads over heels over her. She likes handsome men but they don't like her. Why? She can be so pretentious in the way that she talks to them.

She can be so thick-skinned to claim that Ren Xu is hers - even right in front of Mrs Jiang. She reminds me of the detestable Mrs Xu as Zheng Min's stepmother in 'Phoenix'. But I still admire her - although she is a karaoke singer, she refuses to accept things from others easily. She works hard, hoping to be a superstar in the entertainment circle to spend a lot of time reading the script. And pitying the loser, she stands up for Ren Xu when the need arises to scold Shui Jing for hurting him.

Most favourite character
The two guys - a draw between them. Just that Shui Jing doesn't deserve their love.

Most hated character
Mr Zheng - he is a tyrant. It is a miracle that Zai Min doesn't become an idiot after all his hitting. And to achieve his aim, he can get hold of gangsters to help him to harass Shui Jing to force Zai Min to submit to him. A close second will be Mrs Zheng and Mrs Cui. Both are too protective towards their children to treat Shui Jing like dirt. That is why Shui Jing is left with no more dignity although she has lots in the beginning.

The music is beautifully arranged - reminds me of 'Eve Maria' in 'staircase to Heaven.' The theme song is 'Remember' by Wu Hui Lan (the singer for the ending theme 'You can't say' for 'All about Eve'. I like the subtheme song 'My Love' by Jo In very much - in fact much more. Another masterpiece is 'Arranging to be together till the next life'.

Interesting scenes

The stay in Bali - this shows the complex relationship among the four. Zai Min gets scared by a monkey and Shui Jing is often tripping because of the loose heel in her shoe gives some comic relief.

Zai Min doesn't know how to tie the sarong around his waist and Shui Jing has to do it for him. She wonders why he is so ignorant when the other two know how to do it.

The way that he sleeps on the table and how he gets hit by Mr Zheng when he is not answering his questions properly - shows Zai Min's cute side well. The ways that he tries hard to avoid getting hit in vain by his father's golf clubs are hilarious too.

Ren Xu is totally changed after his makeover in his hairstyle when he is back to work in Seoul. He becomes very confident and has an air of arrogance but no one can deny it as he is very talented.

Shui Jing works as a human signboard for the nightclub to pay off Xian Xun's debt. The two guys come to her aid when seeing her being bullied. But both overestimate themselves to get beaten and the three have to run away. Zai Min buys her an expensive coat to keep her from the cold but she gives it to Mei Xi to pay for her 'rent'. But later, she becomes a bar hostess as she offends the gangsters.

Zai Min finds it unbearable to see her working in such a complicated environment. He has thought that she will continue to be the signboard and how things change within a few days. He gives her his name card. Oh my - I can't control myself from laughing upon seeing how he gets ready at home to receive her - wine and everything. He even puts on his 'most attractive' poise to talk to her indifferently. (Just an act.) He lends her the money and gets restless as he doesn't get any reply from her.

Mr Zheng is angry to think that Shui Jing is Miss L upon seeing her to seduce Zai Min as rumoured and sits on Zai Min's chair. It is so hilarious that his feet can't touch the ground as Zai Min is too tall for him. I already tried so hard to control myself from laughing but Zai Min makes me laugh aloud when he can't remember who Shui Jing is when she comes to him to look for a job. He even crushes her card to toss it away to depress her. She deserves such treatment as she is already so cocky to the receptionist earlier, thinking how great it is to know Zai Min.

Zai Min pastes the plaster on his head upon reaching home. He gets another trashing from his father. Only at this time does he realize who Shui Jing is. He calls her but it is Mei Xi's number. Mei Xi scolds him and hangs up. Shui Jing is alarmed and jumps upon knowing this. Ren Xu becomes Shui Jing's neighbour.

Ren Xu and Shui Jing watch a movie together and he is attracted when she mistakens that he has the popcorn and touches his hand instead. Later, in the MTR, she nearly trips and falls into his chest. Both then get attracted to each other. Zai Min gives Shui Jing the receptionist post. You will laugh when seeing how he sneaks to take a look at her at work. The meal that he gives a treat for her first day is supposedly to be romantic but turns to be doomed as she keeps mentioning Ren Xu and he is jealous. So jealous that he even tells her to return home alone!

Zai Min is displeased to know that Ren Xu is preparing his report to present in front of the staff meeting (which his father is also around.) but he is still thick-skinned to use them to get praises from all. Laugh when Ren Xu praises him for doing well and he nearly explodes.

Zai Min brings Sheng Tai to see Shui Jing, wanting to give her a surprise. But she gives him a shock instead by walking out of Ren Xu's house.

Zai Min is late one day to go home and the lift stops working. He goes down by the staircase and hears a scream. Thinking that it is a ghost, he runs down the stairs. (I never expect him to be so timid.) It is actually Shui Jing and both are trapped in the building as it is automatically locked. He is amused that she can still sleep in his office when he gets coffee for her. He throws his fury coat at her, afraid that he may catch a cold. Wow - this woman can really sleep but he protects her by staying awake the whole night.

Shui Jing has mentioned that it is her destiny since Ren Xu is her neighbour, ex-colleague and also sits on the same plane back to Korea. Zai Min then asks if it is his destiny to meet her too.

Zai Min asks Shui Jing to meet him at home so he can bring her to see Sheng Tai. He is shocked that his mother and Ying Zhu at his home but it is too late to stop her from coming. This poor man really changes his clothes quickly but still not fast enough. Mrs Zheng slaps Shui Jing, saying that she is shameless like a beggar. Zai Min is so daring to push his mother aside to lead Shui Jing away.

Shui Jing runs into financial difficulties so her handphone line is no longer in use. Poor Zai Min doesn't wish to stay at home when Ying Zhu wants to sleep at his place. He gets drunk to call Shui Jing and is very depressed when she doesn't answer him. My heart melts when he sleeps outside her home and a tear slips down his cheek. The next day, his heart warms when she cooks breakfast for him.

Zai Min gets a handphone for Shui Jing. It is for free when the manager knows him and he just dumps it into Shui Jing's arms before he leaves. After he leaves, he meekly calls her just to say goodbye.

On the other hand, Ren Xu passes a handphone shop and buys a new handphone for her. His faint smile on his lips freezes and turns cold to leave upon seeing Zai Min's handphone for her.

Zai Min gets drunk and Shui Jing gets Ren Xu to carry him home. (This is a great test to Ji Sup's strength to carry him twice - once to his own home while another occasion is sending him back.) But still, my heart goes all out to him when Zai Min cries and is unable to keep Shui Jing back to stay with him.

Zai Min visits Mrs Zheng and walks past Shui Jing, ignoring her. But he stops after realizing that it is her. He throws the mop aside and gives her bills to spare but she returns them to him. He worries for Shui Jing. He knows very well how scary the women are.

Ying Zhu is very angry with Shui Jing for listening to Ren Xu's call at work and throws the handphone into the water pail to damage it. Ren Xu has called her, wanting to celebrate his promotion with her. Mrs Zheng is angry to know that Zai Min loves Shui Jing. She wants to hit her but he shield her from his mother. All fans will melt upon seeing him getting a slap and yet he declares that he will grow mad if he can't see her for a day. Shui Jing forgets that she is supposed to meet Ren Xu and leaves. I feel like slapping her - how can she be so indecisive, wanting to be with two men at the same time!

Zai Min waits for Shui Jing at the new apartment till he falls asleep. She doesn't arrive for a long time and he wonders if she agrees to be his mistress. He is delighted when she does and is worried upon not seeing her in the living room when he gets in. Has she left him? He opens the closet and is relieved to find her clothes there in the suitcase. But he frowns upon seeing how few clothes she has. Shui Jing is taken aback when she is only in a towel to walk out from the bathroom.

Zai Min brings her shopping to get her new clothes and bags. She tries them happily at home. This creep tries to show these off to Mei Xi but Mei Xi reminds her angrily that she is only a mistress and Zai Min will never marry her. Mei Xi rejects to take a dress from the closet when Shui Jing wants to return one to her. She maintains that she isn't a beggar. Sure enough, he gives her a credit card and wants her not to work at the art gallery anymore. She bursts into tears - she is unhappy now to be a kept woman.

She becomes drunk alone and Ren Xu calls her. Displeased to see this, Zai Min removes the battery and carries her home on his back. He puts her on the bed and kisses her. To remove her hangover, he refers to the cookbook to spice up a few dishes. But his cooking is so horrifying beyond taste! It is such a sweet act.

Zai Min is amused with Shui Jing - he has done a lot for her. He loans her money to pay off her debts and yet she doesn't call to thank him. He also helps Sheng Tai and Xian Xun to have jobs. The last thing he does is to make Sheng Tai see Shui Jing and takes many times to clean his car because Sheng Tai dirties it.

Shui Jing becomes a slut - to apply make-up in front of Ying Zhu and telling Zai Min in front of her face that she is preparing dinner for him at home. When Ying Zhu slaps her, she slaps back - geez - now mistresses and 3rd parties are no longer submissive and suffering anymore. But when she is cooking, she thinks of Ren Xu - sigh - what does she really want?

Zai Min is remorseful upon seeing Shui Jing being slapped and got a bruise from Ying Zhu. She leaves home and he calls her but her handphone rings at home. He bursts into tears upon seeing that the name at the top of the phonebook is not him but Ren Xu.

Ren Xu takes care of Shui Jing when she has a fever and is dejected when Zai Min comes to return her handphone and to apologise. The two guys end up fighting and Zai Min warns him to stay away from his woman. Shui Jing doesn't look grateful to Ren Xu for caring for her - what an ungrateful creature. She breaks two men's hearts in one night.

Shui Jing quits her job. Zai Min changes the sequence in the phonebook of Shui Jing's handphone and later when he gets Shui Jing's call, he gets so nervous that he closes the cover of his handphone! She dresses seductively in a revealing dress to meet him. My blood pressure reaches the top when she tells him to buy a hotel in Bali to let her brother manage it and he obeys her!

Both are drunk when returning to the new apartment and she decides to leave but he holds her hand to beg her to stay. What an unexpected moment when both end up in bed. Ren Xu moves into his new home.

Mr Zheng beats Zai Min up and threatens to harm Shui Jing if he ruins the marriage plans. Frightened, he avoids her and she has to find out the wedding news from the newspapers after she leaves him.

Zai Min returns from his honeymoon and gets Shui Jing's call to meet up. He bursts into tears. Ren Xu gets drunk and calls her 'my beautiful Shui Jing' the first time. Do have fun when Mei Xi touches his 'beautiful' hand when he is asleep and throws the wrong voltage to him.

Zai Min comes to the mall to supervise the business. When he passes the counter selling handphones, he recalls the past bitterly. He washes his face after sleeping in the office for the night and smashes the mirror with his hand. He meets Shui Jing, throwing money at her. She is pissed off - she only wants to congratulate him on the marriage - and runs out. But he stuffs the envelope into her pocket.

She returns the money to Ying Zhu to get slapped. Ren Xu is angry - is this why she rejects his marriage proposal? He gives Zai Min a hard punch before walking away.

The most touching line in the whole serial is by Zai Min - I have wanted to endure this. There are other things that I can endure. I can also tolerate you being angry with me. But I can't tolerate you ignoring me. So I beg you - please wait for me. Don't go anywhere else. I can't remember how many times he says this but I melt upon hearing him saying that.

Mr Zheng sits on Zai Min's chair again, to be nearly tripped as he is unable to put his leg on the window edge. He demands to know why Zai Min withdraws so much money to give Shui Jing. Zai Min kneels to his father, begging him to allow him to divorce Ying Zhu. He will not care about the result as he loves Shui Jing. Poor man - he has tried to have a life with Ying Zhu but fails. He holds his legs to get hit - he only wants to be with her. But when he threatens to harm Shui Jing, Zai Min quickly replies he will reconsider.

Ren Xu overhears the story and realizes that Shui Jing returns the 1 billion and regrets doubting her. Zai Min tells Mrs Zheng not to bother him as he has tried hard now. The woman's voice is very loud as we can see how he moves the earpiece away. He asks why Mrs Cui goes to provoke Shui Jing to get hit by the rubbish. He doesn't imply that Shui Jing is right but he hangs up his phone quickly. His temperature rises upon knowing that Ren Xu and Shui Jing are together so he goes to look for her.

Ren Xu meets Shui Jing even though it is late at night, coming all the way from his new home in a taxi. He kisses her and Zai Min hides aside to cry. This is so sad. He cries even harder at home when Mr Zheng threatens to harm Shui Jing and he is forced to keep a distance from her.

Zai Min raises the issue of divorce in front of his father but tries to get to Shui Jing's place in the fastest time. Luckily Ren Xu gets her first to bring her to his home. Zai Min gets frightened when he calls her not finding her there to see Shui Jing's bag on the floor in the billiard centre. He carries it to home, demanding to know what has happened to her.

He is oblivious to what his father will do to him - to cancel his cards or accounts but is down when he refuses to tell him anything. He takes everything out from her handbag and cries again upon seeing the name at the top of her handphone list is Ren Xu again.

After the scam is revealed, Zai Min recalls that Ren Xu has a motive in coming back all along. Is Shui Jing his accomplice as she is his neighbour and she leaves with him to Bali. In his rage, he follows suit.

Zai Min kills Shui Jing and Ren Xu with his gun after seeing both naked in bed. How scary to see them dead with their eyes opened. Ren Xu figures out why Shui Jing is unhappy after a long time. She has left her heart behind in Korea. This is ridiculous - she only knows who she likes after being in bed with another! And this confession makes Zai Min regret his act and blows his own head with the gun at the beach. Can we still trust her?

Interesting facts - I am sorry most reports are on In Sung because the rest kept a very low profile.

Many are upset by the ending. Must Zai Min kill himself in despair? But it is logical as no one can tolerate his own woman to be naked with his love rival in bed. Some fans were pacified when In Sung and Ji Won took up a commercial contract to act as lovers there again.

Within a few months, In Sung's status rose from the 'worst' actor to an actor who has proved his ability. He has learned a lot - besides spending 3 months to rest, he also acted in 2 works to gain experience. He is a typical 'B' blood group man. He dislikes rude people. His rule is to respect elders and also give the same treatment to his same generation. Many like him for this - he will tell everyone - from the producer to the youngest artiste - that he is leaving for home.

Many are amused to see In Sung always pairing up with older female co-stars. He wonders why can't they get him younger women so that he can have younger sisters? Is it because he is too mature looking? All actresses treat him well as a younger brother but he wishes to be an elder brother for once.

But no, he can never accept an older girlfriend. He has never tried it before and will never consider it in future. He finds them more mature than him. He has no criteria to choose a girlfriend - his eyes will be the judge. The height and face has no significance to him and he hates these questions. He wants the feeling - as long as she is pretty in his eyes, other factors are secondary.

In Sung went Taiwan to promote the serial. After many interviews and it was late afternoon, many could hear his stomach growling. He still said it was fine and continued his promotions. When he sat down to have lunch - his very first meal in Taiwan, he saw that all were present except the driver. He asked where he was and was apologetic to know that he was waiting for him downstairs. In Sung felt so bad and gave him a treat the next meal. Isn't this touching? But many were taken aback by his look - he had a goatee and looked very dark. When all reporters wanted to have a picture with him, he agreed.

In Sung comes from an ordinary family. He had wished to portray a rich man after playing a poor guy in many serials - even an illiterate man in 'shooting star'. He wanted to drive a huge car and wear stylish clothes. When his wish came true in here, he was so happy to have a car to himself for the first time.

In Sung believes that it is tough to buy love with money. He will not do that but he will use sincerity. If someone wants to 'book' him through money, he will reject immediately. He is a public figure and will not do something to tarnish his image or disgrace Korea. He likes to take care of women so only normal women will win his heart. Rich women will make him feel unbearable. But till now, no actress has express interest in him - which is unbelievable to all.

If asked to choose the woman to love in the serial, he chooses Shui Jing. Shui Jing is kind and lively - also ordinary but attractive. Ying Zhu is a rich girl - proud and doesn't need to be taken care of. She is also hard to get along and is quite unacceptable. He wants to care and hug a small sized female near his chest - this is more at ease for him. He is a man so he likes to look at sexy girls but he can't accept his future girlfriend to wear mini skirts or wear revealing clothes. What a contrast! He wants a caring girlfriend - if he gets into a place and she knows what he needs immediately - this person will capture his heart at once.

He has little contact with Kim Ha Neul after 'Piano' and Ye Jin after this serial. But he has lots of chances to chat with Ji Won. He wants to work with her in future. But Ji Won isn't sexy in his eyes. He doesn't understand why the public view her sexy. She is nice but is tomboyish. He wants to laugh whenever he sees her. Whenever all laugh at jokes, she is the only one eating her lunchbox seriously. Only when they stop laughing, she will start laughing, saying that she understands now. She can be so slow at times.

In Sung doesn't get seasick easily. He is so happy to go out to sea. He often plays golf, drinks beer or the gym often. If not given the chance to shoot a commercial, he seldom has the chance to go out at sea because he is a public figure. Many wonder if he is scared to be caught in his swimming trunks. He shakes his head. What is there to be shy about? He just doesn't have the time.

Isn't he afraid of the strong waves? He laughs - he knows how to swim and can swim back to the shore. He doesn't look forward to have his own yacht because there are 4 seasons in Korea and it can only be used in summer. That will be a waste of money. How will he woo his girl? He would stuff a lot of balloons into a box to let her open it to see them fly into the air. This is so romantic and can help to save money. He might add a ring on a cake or inside a drink for her to discover it but he will not be held responsible if she swallows it by mistake. Are you amused by his answer?

Who is the actor who gives the most touching acting? Surprise - Si Sup is first. The way that Ren Xu can't handle the pressure sends tears into the viewers' eyes. 'the most moving actor' award also goes to him - out of 44704 votes, he won 3396.

In Sung feels that acting is to act what is given. He only tries his best. Since others choose him, he can't be too sensitive to vent frustrations. He should handle it tactfully. Many like the way he presents - even have the urge to bite his cheek. When he cries, many cry with him. He is the sort who is unable to make others hate him. Many finally know In Sung and recognize him as an actor now and is not a forgettable face. He personally feels that he is still not up to standard but is grateful to others for giving him praises.

He feels that he is lucky - many might find Zai Min cute and also pitiful to like this character. The last scene cause many to cry but he worries initially. Is this the real ending? (We know how the producers like to change stories.) Actually he shoots this scene together with the beginning scenes. Of course, it will be better if he really shoots it at the end. But he admits that he has injected 200% of his feelings into it.

Some had thought before the filming that it would be better if both actors switch their roles. But many agreed that the producer made the correct choice. In Sung really liked the role after reading the script. Zai Min doesn't know where to release his uneasiness. He kept asking others how a 27 year old should behave. (He was only 23 when taking up the role.) In Sung even bought his own clothes for this serial. He also asked friends and also fans' advice.

The serial took Korea by storm. Both actors' stylish dressings catch the eyes of all. Ji Sup's traditional dark suits, turtle neck shirts and coats come in great demand. As for In Sung, his dressing is unique. He will dress appropriately with baggy pants. He uses travel shoes (which looks like low cut track shoes to me) to replace leather shoes. He also adds a backpack. Most shirts are flowery of Hawaiian style or with a vest. He seldom wears ties. Even if he wears ties, he will not wear traditional working pants but jeans. This is a kind of New York dressing and that shows Zai Min longs for freedom.

Many have mistakened that In Sung only likes wearing branded stuff after watching this serial. He denies - he has imagined what a person will do if he has too many money to spare after owning a big house and car. This is what Zai Min will do - wear leather jackets. But he also worried - many dislike the snobbish rich - what happens if he goes in the wrong direction and all blame him? Luckily this doesn't happen.

The cast had a celebration with the film crew in SBS new building. The actress as In Sung's mother kept calling him 'her son'. In Sung thanked all for loving Zai Min for 2 long months. Ji Won looked as if they would continue filming at Bali. It was so blissful if such a comical man exist in real life. Ji Sup was confused with his identity - seemed to have a crisis too. Ye Jin's clothes looked like lovers' wear with In Sung. Many joked that she was jealous of In Sung's love journey in the serial. The four were reluctant to call it the end - yes - how nice if they have a sequel, isn't it?

Ji Sup was unused to the new found fame after this serial as he liked to keep a low profile and enjoyed his freedom all along. In 'Cheers for the woman', many have criticized him for not being good looking enough for Chae Lim. But after 'Law Firm' and 'Glass Slippers' , they began to like him more and more.

It took him a long time to adjust to the change before starting a new serial. Many drooled at his perfect build in the swimming scenes. In reality, he was so good in the sport that he won a scholarship in the university.

In Sung took the best in acting male award while Ji Won got the best in acting female award in the SBS television awards 2004. (Although many thought Ji Won was better in 'Damo' though.) Both also took 2 positions in the 10 popular stars category.

Why wasn't Ji Sup included? Not because he was too lousy but he was already in KBS and could not participate in the nomination categories. He also obtained most outstanding actor, most popular male, best couple, Retizen acting (I heard it was the highest recognition for best acting) awards in KBS television awards. He won the most awards among them which he rightfully deserves before his enlistment into the army in 2005. Congratulations to the three who have done so well.


The two actors are not only charming looking but in addition, their acting is terrific. Being tall, they are convincing as love and working rivals. But why such horrifying and sad endings for both? And they don't deserve such harsh treatment from the indecisive Shui Jing. Both are outstanding and it is understandable that she can't make up her mind but is there a need to toy with their feelings?

SBS really know how to dress their men - who doesn't like the wardrobe provided in here? The guys are already stunning looking and look even more when in the clothes. Without the credible performances from them, how will this serial become? It is certainly a fierce competition between them.

The serial is on the complicated love-hate relationship but I will say that the rivalry between the guys attract me most. It is such a delight to see both pitting their acting powers. This serial also shows how the three mothers treat their children differently. Shui Jing being an orphan and Ren Xu having a single parent grow to be independent. Zai Min and Ying Zhu are spoilt rotten and care more for themselves. But the main concentration is greed in different aspects.

Unlike many, my heart goes out to both guys - and more for Ren Xu. He doesn't want to be a pawn in the conflict and he has to save himself from being framed by Shang Min. To pay him back with his own coin through illegal means is wrong but he has to do it. And his love for Shui Jing is no less than Zai Min's even though he is a man of few words.

On the other hand, Zai Min sinks hopelessly in love with Shui Jing. He has thought everything is possible with money. When the first time comes when this doesn't work on her, he is terrified. When she leaves him, he becomes so miserable. The way he shows how frightened he is of his father is sure comical and realistic. His love for her is strong too - that can melt you any moment when he misses her in the office, at home, at the bar...everywhere...

Although I am not satisfied with Shui Jing's character's development, I must admit that Ji Won matches very well with In Sung and Ji Sup in looks. There is chemistry between them too. It must be hard on her to act with such tall actors. I can understand that because I don't reach 1.6m in height myself. However, the conversations between her and Mei Xi can be very boring although realistic. I don't find Mei Xi her close friend although they stay together.

What a sickening sad tragedy. Yes - I longed for a sequel. And like il-mare, please don't kill the leads. It is enough for us to see it the previous time when the 3 are killed just in 10 minutes in one episode. This is already too much for us to bear. Please spare us from going through the heartache again!

Sukting's ratings :

On songs : **** (Scale of 5)

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5) (The ending ends too abruptly)

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